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The Adams Emeu Company plaoei ui dally
under obligations to It for the very latest papers
irom tbe eastern cities. .
, ! :
The American Express Com(oj has our
ibanksfor its daily iavors in tbe snaps of tut
very latest eastern papen. . ;
For Justice of the Peace
Rail Road Time Table.
LinL Miami Oeitmsot XmA R. B,
LmtMi - Arrivs
M.inw.ti AnumolatUm. 5:00 A. Mr. : 9:10 P. M
""7. Kipreas U:40A.M. 11:10 A.M.,
Mnilind Accommodation.. 9:10 P. M, 8:00 P. M
Nioht KmrcH Tla Dai ton. 12:00 midnight 8:20 A. M
" '. 'Jtm. W. DomaTt, Agent,
Murht Einreaa 3:40 A. U. 11:15 P. H.
n7. YnrkKxnraia. 11:10 A.M. 10:30A.M.
n.O.A.0. WavKiDrrM....:3Q P.M. 7:40 P. M.
' Jiiin Patterson, Agent.
OErrajaOmo B. K.
No. 3 Rxprets 3:30 A. M. 11:86 A. M.
No. S do ...8:13 P. M. 11:49 A. U,
W. 1. fox, Agent.
PiTTimaaBt UuLOHBce A Oukurati B. B.
MailTraln 330A.M. 1183A.M.
Express Train ll:SA.M. 8:4JP.M
,' Joe. Bosirisos, Agent. '
lUMoue fc iRDUMoroLu, B. R.
(Coujaaut Ptuoa A. IkdiahaR. B.)
No. 1 Eipr.il 0:30 A. M. ' 8:00 P. M
No. 8 " 300 P. M. 8; P. M,
Accommodation W:S "
0. W. Bam, Agent.
At tbe several ward meetings beld In the city
last evening, the following persons were chosen
delegates to the Democratic County Conven
tion, which meets to day at the City Hall to
this city, for the purpose of eleotlng delegates
to the Democratic State Convention, to be beld
in this city on Wednesday next, August 7:
Firat WardGeorge Riordtn, E. P. Belief,
John Brown, Michael ConUn, Richard Walsh,
Frank Howard, S.W.Andrews. t.
Second Ward John M.' Koerner, Thomaa
Arnold, -John W. Thompson, A. B. Williams,
H. B. Albery. '
Third Ward John Stone, V. Hottesheimer,
L. G. Prentiss, Josiah Barber, A. E. Senter.
Fourth Ward O. P. Bines, J. P. Brack,
C. H. Friable, J G. Bickel, S. J. Foster, Otto
Fifth Ward F. Hanewald, D. R. Law
rence, F. Beck, N.Manrer, F. Bader, John
Ender.B. Steinlein, J.J. Schultz, J. H. Stau
ring, John Hartman, David Koe J. Bllverna
gel, Jmes A. Gillespie. V, .
Probate Court.
Items of business' transacted in the Probate
Court of Franklin county, during the week
ending Friday, August 2, 1861:
Isaac J. Adams and Sarah Dennis; Henry
Hubbs and Amanda Monroe; Evan Humphrey
and Margaret Blackwell; Eii A. Rogers and
Rachel Ann O'Harra. . ... ,., . ,
Simuel J. Dick was appointed guardian for
Thomas Keller and Valentine Schleffer, to en
able them to enlist in Col. Carrington's. Regiment.
Letters of administration, with the will an
nexed, were granted to Mrs. Helen C. Winches
tei of Columbus, on the estate of her late hus
band, David D. Winchester.
A Card. Company K, of tbe First Regi
ment, O.V. M., through their Captain, desire
to make this public expression of their gratitude
to Governor Dknnuom and R. Fairland for the
complimentary supper served to their company
last evening by F. C. Dornaldly. Inasmuch
as they had been unprovided for all day yester
day, the supper was done ample justice to, and
duly appreciated." At tbe close of the feast,
each member of the company received a rega
lia, wlth'hearty thanks to the Governor, whose
kindnees, in providing -so sumptuous a feast,
will be long remembered. .
ST Tbe Twenty-sixth Regiment, Col. Fmi,
arrived at Cincinnati on Thursday night, and
went up the river on steamers for the Kanawha
Valley. -
O We stated yesterday a report .bat two
soldiers belonging to tbe Sixteenth Regiment
were killed on Wednesday on tbe Central Road.
It appears by the Zinesrllle Courier, at which
place tbe regiment went Into oamp, that only
one soldier was killed. He belonged to Coshoo
ton county, and was knocked off tbe top of a
car near Gibson station, by coming in contact
with a bridge. a. -
ST A Republican editor in a neighboring town
said the other day that Democrats were al) Se
cessionists.'' Whereupon a Democratic journal
1st in the same town put this question to him:
' 'Do you want to fnse with Secessionists T" '-
' 1 '. ' " -"a
Removal or .tub PosTerriot.. A new Post
office building is to be erected in the rear of the
store-room formerly ooeupled by Jonn Class:,
in the old Qdeon building, and next door north
of Bltnn's i jewelry establishment. The con
tract for building requires it to be completed by
tbe25th iotV '- ;'- ;TV., : '.V
17 "014 Ebony" tells the following Quaker
story: A venerable and strict Friend, seeing a
volume, lettered HorqtU Optra, on the table ol
one of his lexer brethren, shook his head grave
ly, and said; "Thou knowest, friend, that we
have a testimony against all operas.',' . j'
ST The Nineteenth Regiment, Col. BtAm,
left Camp Chase .yesterday on furlougV.,' .The
companies will be mastered out of service and
t n
paia our at some mture aty. . r--. -.-.a, i
ST The Cft; Gdards, CapWui.uit Wat1
laci, from Portsmouth, arrived at Camp Chase
yesterday The company consiste of eighty-two
men. :l
BT Mayor Thomas yesterday aenUaced sol
dier, said te be a prinoipal In the rets in - Mr
Waqnir's eiublisbment, to a term on theohaln-
. - :.-.:! w i 1 e;
' '. iiru 19.
O" The heated term still continues.- Yes
terday was almost' as hot as the day precedlngt
We fanoy some of oaf eltliens wonld like to pass
a few hoars Is the middle of the day with the
Third RegtmenVat Cheat Mountain Pass.ror
an account of the cool timee Col. Marrow and
his men enjoy,' see snothet' article undei ' bur lo.
cathead.: i '' "''"v'.-- 9toJii
e i :
Death er Cbarles 6, MittER. By a fatai
casualty which occurred oa Thursdsy ailernoon,
near Altoona,. on the Pennsylvania: Central
Railroad, Charles B. Muxia, brother of H.
W. Miller, of this oily, lort-his life,- The de
csaed was returning home frbM .Wathbgfoa
whither he htd been with a lei of horsse pop.
chased for the Oovertnaetrt.'- - Mr. THatiV was
sta estimable young mas, whose euddeo tad .
expected lose will eaast deeb" tsgret la targe
slrle of friends and wquRiAUOtee.
'Tbi Third Ohio Rioimknt Thiir Wbiu
asoots, Etc The following from tie Cincin
natt Enquirtr of yesterday morntog, August 9,
Will interest onr readers:. , .
We bad the pleasure yesterday of a visit from
tnat exoellsnt soldier and officer, Colonel I. U
Marrow, of the Third Ohio Regiment, now
stationed near New Monterey, V., which it on
the east side of tbe Lanrei range of mountains,
ana aoous sixty miles from otaunton. it is an
out-of-the-way place, where, in oase of sudden
emergency, relief oould nnt be readily obtained
Colonel Marrow does not give us a very favor
able account of the intelligence of tbe inhabi
tants thereabouts. They expressed the greatest
eurpriee at ine numner or tbe troops, wan tea to
Know wnere so manv men oame from, ana wny
they had some there to make war on them,
woo bad never seen them or done them barm.
The females were very much alarmed, and were
wim aimeuity maae to believe mas no narm
was intended them, t They-had been made to
believe that tbe "Abolition Army," as it was
called, would ravish them and then expose
them naked In the fence corners. In some in
stances troops bad to be sent aronnd through
the woods and fields, where tbe women with
the children had gone and were subsisting on
berries, and foroed them to return to their
homes. Tbe villages and farm houses are be
ing; again tenanted bv thoir former occupants.
under the kind assurances of our officers and
troops, - Colonel Marrow says that it was under
stood that within a short time General Johnston
or General Lee would march inta Western Vir
ginia with a force of ten thousand men. The
Colonel thinks that will give lively employment
to our boys, who are eager for fighting. The
Colonel speaks in tbe highest terms of tbe pluck
and daring of tbe rebel troops at Rich Htll and
Cheat River; The position of the Third Regi
ment in the Cheat Mountain Pass is such that
tbe sun never rises to them until about eleven
o'clock, and sett at four. Tbe weather is eo
cold that the Quartermaster has been applied to
by the Colonel for overcoats and blankets to
keep the troope from perishing. Owing to the
severe cold, two hundred and eixty of his regi
ment are in tbe Hospital. . . -
LO Capt. Hookbr commands the new Lan.
caster company at Camp Chase. ,
The Arht Worm at Woostir. TheWooster
Rffubllein has the following in its issue of the
1st Inst; "' " 1 "
For two or three days past,' there has been
no little exoltement in Wooster, on account of
the discovery of the army worm, by tens of
thousands in the fields about town. : They are
from an inch to two Inches in length, and in
general appearance resemble the grub worm.
Their course seems to be north, but they appear
ana disappear so suddenly in tbe same Held,
that it is difficult to tell where thev coma from
or whenoe they go. Neither grass, oats, corn,
or any other vegetable, seems to escape com
plete destruction where they are, but as yet we
have heard of no great damage from tbem. ,
ST General Roseosans has ordered all three
months' men, absent, on furlough from their
place of reodexvous, to 'report In' this city, to
Col. Carriroton, to bs mustered out of service
by him... ,
A Ribil Drowned. An old man by the
name of Charles Rebel committed suicide in
Cincinnati, on Wednesday evening, by drown
ing himself in a cistern. - '
"A Jost TaiBDTE to a Mam or Worth."
If ever tbe gratitude of a community should be
bestowed upon an Individual, or the laurel
wreath of the eoaqnerer plaoed upon the brow
of a man, It Is Dob aid Kenridt, of Roxbury,
Mass., the founder of the "Medical Discovery,"
that has conquered disease wherever it has met
it, and restored to the family circle many a
father, mother, brother or sister, who but for
its timely aid would now' be slumbering in the
grave. 1 nose filled wltn bamors, II Dae made
clean; the man crippled by Rheumatism, it has
made to walk with elasticity and uprightness.
This statement may surprise some as it did ns
when we first heard .it, hot every word can be
provedrand tbe individuals eared be produced
If required. A ' -
07 Soorbutio diseases are tbe parent stock
from which arises a large proportion of the fat
al maladies that afflict mankind. They are, as
it were, a species of potato rot in the human
constitution, which undermines and corrupts all
tbe sources of its vitality and hastens its decay.
They are the germ from which spring Consump
tion, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, , Liver Com
plaints, aad Eruptive Diseases, .whioh will be
recognized as amoog those most fatal and de
structive to the races of men.. Bo dreadful are
Its consequences to human life, that it Is hardly
possible to overestimate the importance of an
actual, reliable remedy, that oan sweep ont this
Scrofulous contaminathn. We know, then, we
shall proclaim welcome news to our readers of
one from sneh a quarter as' will leave little
doubt of its effloacy and still more weloome,
when we tell tbem that it surely does accom
plish the end desired. We mean Aire's Bar-
sap arilla, and it Is certainly worthy the atten.
tloo of those who ar afflicted with Scrofula or
Scrofulous complaints. Regtittr, : Albany, If.
Y.-,' I ang3-lw
Mills for New York Oitr. Bolton. Albany. Buffalo,
PitUburgh, eteabenrtlle wr, Cleveland, Zuiei-lllo,
Hemrk. aruTllla, Wuhuwton Oitr. Baltimore. Phlla
delpblr. and New Orleans, gIom daily (Bandars except
ed) it$ o'clock p. m.
- A throcgh mail for New York and Cleveland clotee
dally (Bandkye excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
0. 0. St 0. B. K. Way Mall closes dally (Bondayi ex
cepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Way Mall closes dally (Sandays sxcepttd)
at 10 o'clock a. m. . ..
Cincinnati Way Mall olORi dally (Sundays excepted) at
nVlnnfe a. m-
Ohleaso, Dubaqoe, Delaware. Marion and Wortblnr-
ton, Mails oloees dally (Sundays excepted) at o'clock
D. ra. '
- maiieiorAenia, oprugneia, aayura, 'xoieao, vincm
natl, Indianapolis, Looleville, 8a. LouU, and Detroit,
Cloaes dally (Holidays excepted) at 8 o'clock p. n.
A Uiroogh Ball to Xenia, Bprinrfield and Cincinnati
ekeea dally (Sondaye excepted) at 10 o'olock a. m.
Urtaoa, Plqna, Tiffin aad Union City mail oloees daily
(Bandars exoepled) at 8 o'clock p. m.
lncater, Logan, Netaonrllle, Clrcleville, Chlllleothe,
Portamoath, Waahlngton 0. U-. Athena, Marietta aad
HllltAOfoain nulla close daily (Bonoays sxoepteaiate
o'clock p. a.
Beat War Mall bv National Road to Zanerfllle eloies
dally (Sondaye excepted) at Uo'alocka. :-.j.-
' Harrtaoarin StaUonieei da ilf imkmt exoepteaj u x
o'olock p. n. - ' '
Ml. Vernon Mall, bv way of Weiterrllle and Banbury,
cloees daily (Sondaye excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
voounMail olooes aalif(Bandays exeeptaajat a 0 cioca
p. t. .: ,-i
taaeaater Way Mall cloeea daily (Sundays excepted) at
O'otoekpi as. , . ..--j
tails from New York. PlilllnhlA. Buffalo.
Albany, PUUbonrh, Olerelaad, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, gprlngtUid, Cincinnati, CbUUeotbo,-gU Xoola,
and alt Baa them oiUee, arrlvo between the boors of 8
o'clock D-m. and 4 o'olock a. ra. - -
aiiiiroianuiaopoua,untcago ana unnaqas amve
aia.tva.ai. -- - - -
Main from Waahlnrtcn OltV. HMttaore. Wneellni.
Zaneevllla, Meworir, BueobenTliie, Mt. Vernon, and the
v. v. a. a. nw buu""ih t.mocia.
way Mau rrom vinouuian antTeo at 1 o'clock p. m:
LancMlar Mall arrlvae at 8 o'olock p. m. '
Kaet Way Mall over the NaUonal ftoad arrives al 11
6 'clock a. m. - -- - --
Mt. Vernon Way Mall antra as ll e a .r- ,rr
' MaUfrom Dublin arrive at 18 o'olock ra. v Y L. U.
; TJrnana Way Mall arrive at 80'clookp. m.-i-;.;, ,v
Iarrlfbarh Mall arrive at 11 o'clock a. m. ,
Lancuier Way Mall arrives at 18 o'clock m. h ,
1 OH: o deUrorv oven every day (except Bandar) from
T o'olock a, ra. to 8 o'clock p. m- Open on Bandaya
from in to 8 o'clock la toe moraine, sad from s to e
'""'lor tbe INSTANT MI4IP
and PWRM AWWNT flTTRl of It
1 v3
dlt treating complaint at
t A
al by 0. tTTMOtni sr CO, JOT Kaawrt 01, .
1 rrx O1 P a Bent ire cy pt. -
'?0 All Jit all Btuaaiiti
, frayS-dawlroi , , ,, . -.
BtH RRI S)-rHIBt-tSaABY4ajVl
VRUQl(BWStll,ittpft.w- . - j-, ?
-"- i m V. Va 9nXk Bt street.
Slaves set to Work—Col. Cameron.
Slaves set to Work—Col. Cameron. [Special to the Tribune.]
Washikotow, August 2. The Senate has
confirmed tbe nomination or uapi. unstavas v.
Fox, of Massaohasetts, heretofore chief clerk
the Navy Department, as Assistant Secretary
tbe HavV. mo piaoe wnicn ne vacates is ansa
by Wm. Faxon, of Cincinnati, who has hitherto
. . . n 1 1 1 a . . 1 . ...
oeen ine oonuaeotiai oeoretary sua Aesuiam
secretary of Mr. weiiee.
- Thos. J. D. Fuller, Auditor of the Treasury,
has resigned. ' " .
Tbe Seoretarv of War yesterday directed the
oommandanl of the foroes at Alexandria that
from this day all the slaves now in prison
that noint be liberated, and that they be em
ployed on tbe fortifications and military works
and be paid for as day laborers in the service
of the Government. All other slaves escap
ing hereafter shall be treated in a similar man
ner. .....
From a trust worths source we learn that Col.
Cameron was shot by Col. Wade Hampton, of
South Carolina. .,'.'.'., ..
Oen. Beauregard's force at Bull Run was
37,000, which was Increased by 8,000 of John
eton's the day before, and 5,000 more during
tbe engagement.' . ' ' - ;
Hen A. B. Ely—Information.
[Special to Herald]
WiSHiNorow, Ansust 1. It Is suspected here
the army of the Potomao will not be left idle as
long as has been generally predicted. Its reor
ganization proceeds with great rapidity. ' At
farthest a few weeks will be required at the
present progress to make a forward movement
more successful tbsn the last. No doubt is en
tertained that Gen. McClellan will strike as
soon as be is ready without waiting tor tne
weatner. '
Julius Bine, a Prussian, but a naturaliz'g
British subject, who was taken prisoner at Bull
Run, returned here to night. He does not feel
at liberty to give any information, except the
simple narration of his own adventures) be went
opoa the battle field on Sunday, in company
with lion. A. B. Ely; be was taken prisoner near
the Warrentown Bridge, about six P. M.j be
was recognised immediately by Col. Lav.
formerly aid or uen. eoott, now an officer in
the rebel army. On Monday night, he wes sent
on to Manassas, and placed under gurad w itb
70 other prisoners. He obtained an interview
with Beauregard, and was dismissed and fur
nished with a pass through the lines.
II was bis Intention to come back via Centre-
llle, but was advised by Gen. Beauregard that
the route would be dangerous, and he bad bet
ter go by way of Richmond and Matbias Point,
whence he coold oross to the Maryland side.
Mr. Biog was obliged to remain in Richmond
until be was furnished bv the British Vice Con
sul with dispatches to Lord Lyons, and in that
capacity be was enabled to proceed.
He reports that Col. Corcoran is not wounded
but in 111 health. Mr. Ely is confined In Jail.
His conduot on the field encouraging the sol
diers from his State, elicited admiration, even
of tbe rebels. They quote their lose in killed
as about equal to ours. This shows that their
loss was at least three times greater then ours.
Mr. JUing says large numbers of troons are
continually pouring into Richmond from the
Tbe Conference Committee of the two Houses
have been in session to-day 24 hours on the
raor.iu tariff and tax bills beiore tbem. Tbey
have finally agreed upon a general bill which
will be reported to-morrow morning. They
take the House tariff bill, changing the duty on
liquors and silks. The latter an Increase of
ten per cent, on the Morrill bill, brandy an in
crease of twenty fire per cent., Other liquors
ten per cent., and wine irom tortv to flftv ner
oent. ad valortm. They adopt tbe House tax
bill. They then adopted tbe Senate's income
Din, wun a reduction ot from fire to three ner
oent. on all Incomes over $800. - v.
1 be committee are of opinion that (bis bill
win be to both Houses, i
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Col. Miles Dub'.ldbes a card and declares he
has been the victim of personal spite; that be
directed the movement of his troops on tbe
field, and that he never gave some of the orders
attributed to him. tie says be baa called for a
court of Inquiry.
Who is to Blame for the Bull Run
[Times Dispatch.]
Wachinoton, August 2. Official disoatches
to Gen. FatterBon will show that tbe entire
blame for tbe defeat of our forces at Bull Run
is due entirely to bis neglect of positive orders
tie was directed, Mrst, to engage and defeat
jonnetoo: second, it nnanie to engage John
ston, to get between blm knd Manassas, and
prevent a junction of bis force with Beaure
gard's; third, if unable to fulfill either of these
orders, he was to harass Johnston in front and
keep blm before Winchester; fourth, if be
could do neither of these things, then be was
to mace an naste to Washington and join Mo
Doweli as soon as Johnston could loin Beaure
it will be seen that uen. ratterson disregard
ed each of these orders, and that, had be obeyed
either, be would have prevented thejdieaster at
Buiiitun, ana at once nave entirely destroyed
the rebellion, or removed tbe seat of war beyond
tne eonnnesot Virginia.
Loyal Citizens Fleeing from Texas
and Arkansas.
SrRiNoyiELD, Mo., July S3. Hundreds of
people are coming into this state almost dally,
who have been driven out of Texae and Ar
kansas by the rebels. They represent that, if
me federal uovernment would send a force
and arms to arm the people, more than one-half
in both States wonld fight for the Union.
The strength or tbe Missouri Stale foroes
south of ns is stated to be about 7000, includ
ing Xouu Arkansas troops. There are nearly
300 slaves doing military duty in one of Ben.
Mduiiocrrs regiments. , , . . .
and Arkansas. Thirty-seventh Congress--Extra Session.
atm .
WASHINGTON, August 1, 1861.
sav In
troduce a bill deolarlng nneonttitotlonal Ihe act maklnr
retrooeislon of a part of tbe District of Colombia to the
Stat of Virginia.
Mr. Banlabary oved to take up the resolution of In
qniiy In reference to the sending of arms to the Slat of
Delaware. He said that Delaware to al loyal as any
Btata In the Union, bat person! attempted to make It ap
pear that they were dieloyal thereto. Parsed. .
- Mr. Wilson lnlrodoced a bill for making fortification..
Tbe bill provide for 100,000, and alto prohibit) Bogging
in the army.' Paiied.
lb bill to promote the efficiency of (he volunteer
forces of th Colled State was tiken up, and patted.
The bill to punlih fraud on the part of officer, making
commit for th Sovcrnment, which wa returned from
the Hoate with ameudmonte, wat taken np. ......... .
Mr, WIMOD morea a reconeioeratioo.
After wmodlecotiton, Mr. Wilton withdrew bit motion,
and the bill paated. -
Mr. Wilton made a report from the committee of Con
ference on the bill for Ihe better ortanliatlon of the army.
After torn ditcuMioa, the report wu agreed to and the
bill patted.
Tne mil ror in tappreenon er iniarrtouoa was taken
P-. . ...... ... .
nr. vetatnaen meats report mm in committee or
Conference on tbe Loan bill, th report was agreed to,
and th bill itandt patted. . - . 1 . 1
Th consideration of th Inaurreotlon bill was r;
turned. - . '.-4 " -
Benat : r -' ' i i' ' -- 'J .-i 1
Hones. On motion of Mr. Cox It wat reaolred by tbe
Senate and Houte, that w acknowledge the mlihful ttr
Ticet and loyal devotion of our toldlert who have fought
and fallen defending our flag, aad In vindicating the u
premaoy and majetty of th Hepublio. Wo eomoend to
a genwroua people and the army which I now eager for
th ooatnt with unyielding courage, th imptrbhabl
honor of their example. - - - - "
Senate bill to retain the revenue tarviro was taken np.
It provide that th Secretary of th Navy may thartar
orparchat additional reiKli for th revenue eerric.
Mr. Hall, from the Naval eoomltte, reported back
fh billaothorialng the oontti action of twelt mull iid
wheel iteemere. Patted.
lb report of tht commutes of Conference on the res
olutions to pay th widow of Stephen A. Douglas, wu
read and agreed to, anil th bin paited. . i -Mr.
Simmon e moved to take no th resolutions tot ad
journment.-Anted to. - '
Mr. Simmon, mortd to amend so as to permit to
Hoot to adloorn Saturday. Laid over.
Mr. Bknmone mored that the Senate meet hereafter at
11 o'clock. Agreed, to. .
Colonels Sigel and Solomon's Command.
a"". . , . ". t .
' St. Louie, Aartul 9.--C6Ionel Solomon's
Regiment and oars of Colonel Eft-el's arrived
from tbe soathwest, yesterday, end tbe balance
oi Digers ano two Iowa regiments will prooa
bit arrive to-day. Tbese troona will b dla
banded hsrs,, their time having expired, but
neariy au ui iwo regiments will enlist ror tne
war.-, "'
Efforte belns maJe To oohtlnno'thtv or-
caniiatloiv of tbe Reserve Corps or Bt. Lools
Borne Gnsrd beyond the tint of their regular
British Vessels Aiding the Rebels.
whioh was captured July 16th, and taken to
Philadelphia for attempting to ran the blockade,
as reported yesterday, cleared lor i)ostonruay
mn, ostensibly ror I urcs isiana, ont was tnen
chartered by parties in New York, for Beaufort,
North Carolina, with the intent to try the ex
periment of running tbe blockade. It Is well
known in this oitv and tbe city of New York.
that other British vessels have left these ports
within 30 davs for Wilmington and other porta
In North Carolina, to take oargoes for England
and tbe British Provinces. '.
Cincinnati Retail Market.
FRIDAY, August 2, 1861.
are th ouotatlonf b.
Wm. H. Reitieaux, wholeial and retail grocer, No.
100 Booth High Street. X 7 j,, i : ; .,.'
Oata bu . ,
3 O.flagar R....ex&9e
Maplt do 9(4100
- -
Oornt oo.
Molaite V'gal 4O50c
Batter ft,.
Lard f .
Syrop gal S(KS75e
Tea S fc....W)o.,80o.aUOO
Tallow r
. 9OI0c!
Yeddo Tea.. a I oo
Rio Ooffoa. f .... lffvlSe
Dried Applet V bn.. $100
uned Peacbei... B 7M3 00
laTo,...... mksivs
White bean, bo.l 01K1 S3
Bice Sj 8c
Broom dos.91 00O17S
Bay ton. .,.,.$ 00
routoet, new f oo.sowooc
Ball In taok
Salt bbl......
Soap (dox) V I,.... txasc
Beer cwt
H ami
Bhoaldert fc.
Wood e oord...
. teoi:
rioar bbl S4 xwa uu
White Wheat do 5 355 SO
By flour bbl.'.. 4 00
Candlee.Tallow.hi.- lSKc
OandletvOpal. bo.."' lHc
Mackerel Mo.lhfbbl
Oheete ft....... B&ISX
Mackerel Nolqrbbl
Hominy perbuth'.' II uu
Whliky per. gait, S5(St 00
Haiti ot, MR. Box....
mackerel no Ikltt.
9 50
Whit Puhoerh't bbl S3 SO
White Pith per qr bbl $i 10
OodPlth a...... 6c
Layers ra
Bultan 9 ft 12 He
Herrlne bbl as 00
Cora Meal m.A.3i4W
Francs 9 ft.'
Kggt dot.
Dried Beef..
bo wool Twine .
wixklt aavinr. .
Ifeoa tale, a 4)4 0094 iS for hen red.
$4 N forwbice;j ket untettled, ' -WaaaT
dmiat,,i?t7ec. :. -.
as tale at He " ' '' '
OawalMdaMat t10c. . ' ' '
ns'" met mmsoc-
Hay m 1' at tssj-O.
PoTiTorj -alet at iMlSSc. '
Btant-talet at 67c $123.
BaLT rulet at $1 SO per bbl.
Whits Ria rale at 89 5037 00 ner bbl. '
Sugar,, Teat and Coffee adranemg. .
and S4 25
New York Cattle Market.
total RscDrn or cattls or ail birds, roa trs wiu.
According to th report from th lereral market
place In tbe city, there have been received thltweek:
oneep ana
B'vet. Cowl.
At Allerton'l, 4,500 13
Browning'i.... 62 24
O'Brien'!, 14 30
Ohamberlin't.. 33 28
Rec'ed Sunday
Boldbu'n, Ber. 400 ..
Lambt Swine. Total
850 ....
83 3.869
109 2.73
47 3,611
Total 5,008
T'lpr'sweek 3,386
Av. number
w'M'ty'r. 4,304
600 11,005 '
9 509
855 : 349 0.709 " 7,696 12,968
antva raoic Dirrmurr itatbi.
A.M. Alltrton 4k Co., Proprietor! of Ihe Wathington
Drove-yarda, 44th-tt, report th OattI in Market from
the following State,'.
HewYork S39;Eentocky
Onto 8 18' Iowa
Indiana 3(16 Michigan ........... .
lllluol, Mlitourl
Number reported for this market at Forty fourth
street, 4.0UU
The prices to-diy are qaoted it follow,:
Pint quality 8 88 I Ordinary 6K7
Medium.....; 77k Some extra good. .8..
' The general avtngs of the market it 7c. .
Wednesday, July 31. The opening thil morting it
wortt than th nlui yetterdaf. Bom ballockt taken
out latt night will not come lu again to day , and arrtDg.
mentt began to be made early to tend other, out. One
lot of Are Kentucky Uurhamt are to be tent ti the Bol
ton market. In the meantime three freah droret have
trrlvtd to that we can bar 700 to 1,000 head for ml to
day, and with inch until talet all tht forenoon that there
la no probability that all can b told, t Wedneeday af
ternoon la not utoally a time for much bnalnett, and It
alwa-i hard for ownera when the market It glatttd. It
It very bird thlt week, the hardett of thtteaaoD. It it
anerted that bull. ok oan be bought to-dy at (lSSlS a
head leal thtn Justtuch enet told at on Monday, and I0
a head lei, than they would have told at yetten.ay morn
Int. Borne of the lota that arrlted to-day bar been par
ticularly unfortunate, Tbe beat will hardly ararage price
equal to 7o. a pound for the net weight ol meat. Un let
tomt tntlrely unexpected demaad aritet after w clot
thlt report, we think that tome SJU head matt remain
over untold, and that will have a depreiilng effect upon
next week. Really It doet appear at though we might
drop one week, and get along very well with the 5,000
- Receipts thlt week. 11,212. "
There It certainly en Improvement intbeabeep mar
ket, though tbe arrlvali are a trifle larger. - We f und
that all the theep in Sixth ttreet on Monday sold out at
an early hour, at an adrance of full US cents a head
buveri tat 50 oentl. The talet of Monday, at Brown
Ing't, went about 1,100 bead. Taeaday morning 1,190
head same in, and thete were held itlff at tbe prlcet of
Monday una oujer cauea oar attennoa to a lot held
at C4, which wo could not ettlmato at 100 ftt each, and
laid ha had offered $3 75, and did not think ihe avarage
of the drove at good nor at beery at on bought latt
TneadaT at A3 50. There it not at much adranoe idob
umbe at upon old thtep, that la per pound, though there
may do per ueaa; our, me arerage weignt it greater, xne
tupply keept up well, tail Slate nowiuralthlng lit quo
te. Mutton in Waihington Market on Tueaday wu report
ed at 7 cenia t pound by the carcatt, and lambt about one
centhigher. ltit learedby theaheep men that tbe da
preaiion in the beef cattle market, whioh commenced on
Tueaday, will affect th price of mutton, to that the re
port ot next week will be very likely to show a decline.
We belwva the market to day ahewi it. Lambt at forty
fourth ttreet thu morning were not telling to well at
they did yeiterday la Sixth ttreet, and oertainly buiineit
did not look llvily In th latter itreet this morning. It
will be teen by our account ot tale of theep and lambt
that the average prlot per bead It now very near even,
the Iambi holding the lead. Thlt la beoaute their pelt
are th most valuable.
, Becelpta Ihit week, 8,499. . . .
Henry D. Grant, Superintendent of the Market, re
port the following figure at th current ratet to-day :
- Corn-fed Hogt, S) ft, gross. 4 34c
Distillery Bogs, ? ft, groat 33c.
Till It a decline of fall 1 oent a pound from the quota
tions given this day week, with 1,500 la the pens thlt
morning, with (vary protptot of a further deoline; th
market being tntlrely otentoeked, th weather warm,
and beef cheap, to. that th pig atand a poor chance to
hold their position. v
ueo. w. norma giT tne louowing as th i . . . .
''.''.'.' live. ' Dead weight.
Pint duality, corn fed, large site. .4 24U 5 iH
Second quality corn-fed 4 i ' 5 5X
Vint quality small lite fat t prima, ..
. for marketbutchert 3iV .' 55K
Urge tlie,itill-fed, fat 3i(9l3X .4 &i!4
Second quality ttUl-fed, fat... 33 4 mH
Small lire, choice stock hogt not wanted.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug 1.
AiREi Continue steady, with sales of 50 bblt at 15
25 for Pots, and 5 37 X for Pearls.
COTTON Still rulet rery firm, with sales Of 000 bales
atltJM for middling Uplands.
PLOUR Market heavy and a lhade lower, with only
a moderate butlneii doing for export and home consump
tion; talet of 111,000 bblt at am a ror bupernoe state;
S4 20(S4 30 for extra State, the latter price for very
choice; 3 8034 lor luperflne Wettern; 4 65 4 05
for thlpplng branda extra round hoop Ohio; and S5 OS
0 10 for trad brand do; market doling dull with a
downward tendency, uanaaian nour ruiei neavy; tale
of 900 bblt at (3 54 for luperflne; and B4 75 5 for
common to choice extra, Ky flour steady at S'4 WW
a so: .. . . ,-i r
CORN MIAL-bluiet; tales oi nuu dou at J lu roc
Brandywin. . - -
WHISKY Without material changei tals of . 1300
bblsat 16H817o. . ;;
WHEAT May be quoted a shade firmer; with a good
exnort demand, bat transaction! an materially restrict
ed bt th limited aapply of good shipping pircelt; tale
of Ibuo baih (yhicago spring at jic; ix.xw ao sta
Mnt, Snrlnr at 0Ki!'J7o; 75.00U do Mllwtokt Club at 80
Wo; lfl.eoO do toft do at 82c; 18,1)00 do Amber Iowa
at Wctf 11; woo do interior rea uanaaa aoot iwu ao
white do on private termi; 12.000 do prim Green Bay
,i. RS arm dawlnt.p ttd Wttltn at II lOool 14:
and2800dowhitWtttmatll-47,aU 20fot lnforlor
to prim. r ".: i w,
RYRrrQalet, with tales of 1500 bashels Western at
v. i :
bABJLEY tontmues ami, ana price entirely noi
In. I. ... ..... . O...,
nntiW mi market inlet firm, with an actlra dmnnj
for export and horn coniumptlou tale of 14,000 both
at 44W45KC tor gooa to airwuy prim impping murea
Weitern; 4IXflX for eastern uo; txvt rot ma
toandde; 40 jltb for Wtstern yUowi and 52a foryel
In. Hnnthftrn.
OATS Dull atSf8t8o for Oanada; and 32B33e for
TAMrn UMl Htata . . I i - i ' - '. "5 A.
. PORK Atttv and ftrmen talis of 1000. fcbW si !
75(a118formeti f 10 e'4(iu vsior prim, aoiai tttok
a, id and new. Aonat lit. 1801. 54,088 bblt; (am data
tail month, OOaiS do tamo oat latt ytar,,!) bar
ren. - i . -i .c r - t s r r-
- BIEr The market rulet aoltt and stady, with sales
Sf ISC bblt at 94(94 10 for oountry ptlrqel $S5 SO for
country man; sS1S 50 for repacked meaei latOl
IS SO for tr men. Total ttock of out a a. -a
lat. l861.S4Jt7kl Sam tlm tut snanth. -Hi
400 4 , tame data latt ar, k8.709 pkf Prime met
beef doll and nominal, ileel nun quits at Mu
-est 4kA i "
L-OUt laATMuMT'saoaiatrs, 4XkH am7i
. BACON Quiet. . -'.'.-il'.!TT3AT;pI
; J.ABO rirmert saiss or soo odii at ewvet
BOTIM (Hlllni M T10X I Que; and 1140
ar ArmtAA.
V Fwm
ntEEgl StnHv. at StmBx.
SliaAH-Raweentlnnaaarmwllhan nmrard tencVn
cy; aaletof 3lShhdi Oubaat oKSSOXo, Including 30
ono rorto -.too ataiasoxo, ana w ntaet utwa a pu
vatetennt.- . 1 v i ... w . .
MOLASSRS Quiet and trm. and we 1'ttr of only
mall mleaof OubaMatooTadoatltlKc. V1
BTOOES A Htd. better; Chicago and Bock bland 40
Olertland and ToMoSiV; Galena sndObloago Cifii
flllniia Central Bcrlv Mlehl.an Southern 14;
Harlem, preferred. SiXf-nnim U New Tor Oeotral
70; Canton 9. Paciao Mall 71; Olty 6't, I6S7, SoX
VimlBlaS', j'j. Irtralilanna 6't OOi Tnnete S't 9H
forth CatolioaU', 81; Tnatory S t OCX; do ' MM;
United Btatea 6't of SI. coupopj,MVidarllJtered
SOi Unlled Utti OJ.OU.. . . -Y
in i - A J
Philadelphia Market.
PLOtJR--dalt.':i j i. J . ... !''
WHEAT Hat adcclisisz tendency jalei at Al 153
I Id for white, 1 1U1 J3 for red.. . , ,
CORN Steady.
WHISKY Scarce at Stto.
x cr
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati Market. CINCINNATI, August 2.
Mercantile boiioett- hai tcarcely any Hfe; even the
Grocer, are now but lightly engaged, and the thorough
faret are threaded by much fewer people daring Dili
Rery hot weather. - - .....
FLOOa Very weak, luneiflne, of fair gradea, can
eailiy behad at 3 59; fxtrat are qaoted at 13 75 to
e vu. . ,..-
WUE AT Tolerably active, thoutb not chanted In
price, and tbe market It, for one again, in tomething
like fair working condition.. Prime new led ttlliat 70o,
and white at 80c. r . -CORN
Hard to but at 28c. '
OATS Kept quite firm by light reoeiptt : and are held
ny lomeatoeo. user are not maae aoov xjc m doik
BARLEY Salet of new reported to day at4547a
Then however, mtv be retarded at extreme price,.
RII Sold la bulkat40c.bat It hard to gtt at that
figure. Tbe demand, however, amount, to but nine.
i,. . vommtrctcu.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 2. 1861.
PTiOlTR Nothinir dolnt.
WHEAT Bale, 3 cart red on track at rTOe 4 do at
(7Ke; 1 car eld from ttor at 88e; and 1 car do et SOo.
CORN Sales ot 2000 buih corn Irom itnre at 3M; 1VUO
both prim jellewfrom atore at same, and 10W buioelt
afloat at 31e. - -' .
OATS Salet lcsratZlc.
HiaHWINB8-Salee50bbltatl5c. ' , ...
BDTi'ER Selling la a totall way at fi&Qoi J
. , , . Uadtr.
W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
Thlt splendid Dalr Dye hat no qual lnttantantoas.n
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
the akin erlnj tiling t'.ia Hair reoediettaoaotar on' J
effect of Bid Dyet, and Invigorate! tbe hair for life.
None are genuine unlets signed "W. -A. Batohelor."
Bold everywhere. .. ,. .
' . , . JHA8, BATOHELOR, Proprietor,
Jyl2:wly . 'i -81 Barclay Street, Sew Tort. '
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
Tbe Original and Best In the Worldl '
All others an men Imitations, and ahould bt svoided
If yea with to etctpe ridicule.
GRAY, RID OS RU8TT HAIR Dyed Instantly to
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
Hair or Skin. .
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor tine 1839, and over 80,00
appllcatloni bar been made to the Hair of bit patrons
of hit famona dyei - .
WM. A. BATOBKLOR'B HAIR DYE produces tool
or not to be distinguished from nature, and It warranted
not to In un In the tout, however long It may be contin
ued, and the 111 effect of Bad Dyet remedied; the Hall
bnrigorated for life by thlt splendid Dye.
Bold in all dties and town of the United States
Drugglttt and Pancy Goods Dealcrt. .. --
TThe Genuine hat the name and address apon a steel
plate engraving m four tide of each box, cf WILLIAM
A, BAXUllKbUH, Addreta
Jyl2 Wlv . jf i SI Barclay ttreet, Niw fork
'Baltimore Clothins Honse.
: : No.'608Wt,Baltimore-3tree.ta.
A Largs Assortment ol Flees ana Farnlinln
3oods Constantly oa Hand
; - from th New i ork Observer. 1 ' ' '
' At all parties manufactnrtDi Sewlnt Machines an ob
liged lo pay Mr. Howe a license on each machine told.
and an a to compelled to make returns to blm, under
oath, as to the number told, hit books give a correct state
ment. Prom this reliable touroe we have obtained the
following tutiatict. Of the machine made in the year
1859, there wen sold, . ... . ....... .
By Wheeler At Wilson...;....'. .31,305
" I. M. Singer St Co.. 10,953
.. " Grover fc Baker ..10,380
Showlne the talet of Wheeler 4t Wilton to be double
those of any other Company."
Awarded tht highest premium at the
United States Patrt of 1838, 1839 and I860;
alto at tbe r
' Ohio State Iain of 1859 and 18ri '
and at nearly all the County Pain in the Stare.
Oar prices, at Ihe late rednotlon. art at tote as ami
look tticA machine now told, and but a trifle higher than
tne interior two inrtaa eaatn Meat macAirwt, now
forced upon tbe market.
Locs Btiob the only one which cannot be raveled. It
it Auk on Both Bintt of th good, leavint no rda or
oAafnonfA ti4aar.stu!a " t ,
Ml macAtne warrantta 3 war, ana iiutrueUon
given In their nse, free of charge.
: , . a. UBAiiY.Bl High ooiambot, o.
4ec3-2awd3mStw6m Pike's Opera Hoot. Cincinnati.
PERSONAL property belonging to the estate or Prank
Craven, deceased, ewslitlna- ohleflr of a HORSR
and DRAY, will be told at publio vendue, at the corner
oi mgn ana unerry ttreett, la Uelumuas, on the voth
aiy ot July, A. v. ltoi, commencing at 10 o clock in
tne lorenooo. . , ;
Warden St Drctel, Att'ia. , r'- c Administrator.
Jell- . wit :i.tQ:J"JJ. AV.'
X tor existing between the undersigned, under the
firm namaof ARMSTRONG as THOMPSON, wat distolv-
a by mutual oonrMnt on tne orat aay ot April, loot.
Th builneas of lb late firm will be aettled by S. B.
AatrjTao), who continues th builrMt at th old ttand,
-! . L .1 v.-i B. ARMBTRONS.;
mayl8-d3w. . 8 THOMPSON.
ATOTICi is hereby clvtn that f navs been duly s'n
ll pointed admlnittratop of the wtat of Charles
Clark, late of Vraaklln otunty, deceased, r
.r , ... ttAUitl.uLl.AIAh..
J.kB. Chittenden, Attorneyi. - 1
)eil-3ww ir t-r-.y r
XI, CLOAK CLOTHS. Alto, other maket of Spring
V teak Clotnt, in an aeiiraoie mixturea uinaingt, ill
SSI and BottormSomatetn BAIN It SON,
aprilS No. 2S Booth. High ttre
tVliolcsale and He tail J
. i: "' i . a' i 7i.'; fj
Keep 1 Ottatantlf Wm hani all tbi iia
Iixiipoirtodl Olcarja.
,.Pt,"VS lyd ' J- :"- v-t Dti-t.iiuit
Margaret ti PMllips
ta nnderrltned haa be duly appointed by the
Probata Oourt of Pranklia oounty, Oblo, Administratrix
of tbe estate of MargaratJ. fhilUpa, lata ot tarn county.
oeaid.' t ' .i :lr.
Hated Jen 5, lBBll.i -.jio i"iMaiitAiiir..D
47W3W ,')! m M 1 vi ,'
t Ac Kem, No. na South
B ign street, bar )ua t epoaed aew Myla of Oaon fla
seuas. lUaaoA atM bamd, bw aw au rwww. ana
maat. atrllth raaoiar i A1M, Superb flairt
Ulaca SJIIka, voir heavy, weaignod eipmsly for
MaaUllat tad batqulnea. apnu
'-fA I v-. v i . I ' a v-
rf,)Mns, wmsLom
' . I i, ' Ofil I IJ lf " I
An experienced Nun and female Physician, prtionO
k. to the atteaiUoaet atgttten.aat
S 0 6 H I N 0."S YR P j
which m-atlr facilitate She sroee of teething, by tofl-
enlng the rums, reducing all toflanrmatlen wll I alio
ALL PAIN andipatmodlc action, and It - '
Depend upon U, matters, It will give, rest to yoarHlvtt
We hare put up and tM this artle for evwr ten yean,
what we hare nerer brn-n able to rayof any other medr
AHCB, TO RPPUOT A OITRK. when timely need. Mer
er did we know an iDstanc of ditmtlsfattloD by any on
who used it. On the contrary, all ar delighted with Its
operations, ana speak in terms or commenaation oi its
magical efjecti ana medical rtrtues- w Speak ta this
mailer -wu a i' ivt uu H.NUW;" arter ten yean" expe
almotl evry iottance wher tbe infant It tuCeringfrom
pain and txbauation, relief will be found in fifteen, or
twenty minute, alter tht-Byrup it administered. .
- inis Tamable preparation li the prescription or one of
NewHngland. aad ha been aaMi witA SiKVlta IA4a4
It not only re litre, tht child from pain, bat Inritor
a tee tbe stomach and bo welt, aorrettt acidity, and rive.
tooe od mere to th whole Bitea. It will aimoit IeI
awi.Lj iwuer
and overcome eonvuinon, which, if not speedily rem
died, end in death. W belrare It th BBST and SUB
it arises from teethtntt, or from any other eaoee. Wa
would say to every mother who ha a ohlld tulTerinr from
any of the foregoing eomplalnti DO NOT LET VOWU
ttand between yon and your lufferlng child, and the re
lief that will be SCRK yea, ABSOLDTBLI SURI to
lollow the um or till, medicine, If timely used, roll di
rections for ualnt will accompany each bottle. Nona
genuine unless the fac-ilmll of CURl'lS PRREINS,
New York, it on the outtida wrapper. , ; . . .
sold by all JJruggUtt urooghout tut woria. . .
Principal Of rice, 13 Cettar Street is.Tf.
oct27dwly. . -
An Effeotire, - Safe and Economical
Compound, .: : : .
To its original color without dyeing, and preventinji
ii air irom turning gray.
And curing It, when there Is ths least particle of vital!
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all ootantooi affection of the Scalp.
Imparting to It an nneqaled gloat and brilliancy, maVlng
It toft and silky In it tenure, and canting It to cor'
Iht great celebrity and Increasing demand for tLli on
coaled preparation, conrtncei the proprietor that ont
trial it only necessary to satisfy a discerning public of Its
tuptrlor qualities over any other preparation In use. It
clean Mt tbe head and tcalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseases, causing the bair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
alto, where tbe hair it loosening aad thinning, It will gire
strength and vigor lo the roots and restore the growth to
hose parte which bare become bald, causing it to yield a
resn covering oi nair.
There are handredt of ladles and gentlemen In Hew
fork who have bad their hair restored by the ate of this
Inrigorator. when all other preventions hare failed. L.
M. hat In bis possession letter Innumerable testifying
to the aboT facts, from persona of the highest recited
bllity. It will effectually prarent th hair from turning
until the latest period of life; and la eatea where' th bair
ha already changed it color, tht ore or the Inn go ra tot
will with certainty rettor it to it to III original hue, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appearance. Aa a perfume for the
toilet and a Hair Rettoratire it it particularly recom
mended, baring an agreeable frwrraocet aad Urn great ta
eilitica it afford! in dreaalng th hair, which, when molit
with the Invigontor, can be dressed In any required
form to aa topreterv Its place, whether putln)orln earla;
hence the great demand for It by the ladle at a standard
toilet article which non ought to b without, a the prict
placet It wiuiin tne reacn oi an, oeing
Only Twenty-Five Cents
per bottle, to be bad at all retpeetable Droggitd and
L. MILLER would call the attention of Parents and
Guardians to the use of his Invlgorator, in caaei where
the children'i hair Incline to be weak. The nie of it
bu the foundation for a good Atad of hair, a It n-
move any impurities that may hare become connected
with the actio, th removal of which It aecemarr both
for the health of th child, and th future .appearance of
Its Hair. .........
Oactios. None genuine without the fec-stmlle LOOTS
MILLER being on the outer wrapper; alio,"!. 'MIL"
LRU'S HAIR INVIOORATOR, fi. X., blown In the
Wholesale Depot, 50 Dey street, and told by all the
principal Merchant and Dmggiata throughout th world
Liberal discount to purchaser! by the quantity. .
I alto desire to present to the American Public my
which, attar yean of sdentiflo experimenting, I have
brooght to perfection. It diet Black or Brown Instantly
withoutlnjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted the best
article or tne una in exisrnnce.
Depot, 5G Dey - St, New York.
v.-. - .:. MKWARS OHIO, . ; .; V
nannfactnrera of all kinds ol Por
table and stationary steam En
gines, saw Mills, Urist Nills,
&C, oVC
JUMSA BODLTi Btetmt B. et Js&A2fD TSealtnl
et J. B. DUYALt Btatmltt OOLUBBVS
A CO. BiatmtlUl
Onr Portable EDwlnt and Saw Kill
Wat awarded tht first premium ot 130 at tht Indiana
Stat Pair for 1-60 over Lane St Boiley on account ol
Price,' lightness, simplicity, eoonomy of. fuel
'' and snrterior charaoter of 1 timber sawexi.
Onr Stationary Engine wu awarded at the same fall
th first premium of 200.
rOur Portable Knglne wat awarded the lint premlrxn ol
rail's, Oolumbos Machine fjo'e., and Bradford St Oe'tJt
by a committee of practical Railroad logtneera.
ror price ana wrma aoareta
W1LLA&D WARIfIR, Treasurer,
dc5-dfcwly0ti. Newark, Ohio
iVi roomer Sptlag Water Ste., ;
OolnatoxiJP, Oblo.
Wl I B,;OTT3 & : CO.,
lad Ufannfactorert of Brass and OonrpotlUoa Outings,
tinuuiea srar. rrvre vi bu vnuuHviuii
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Electrfl " PlaLtiiirl : and Oilding ! I
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B0V7 LOST, HOW isstoaau
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... . . . . tm . n.a.A, T S-.alu.AH U Tt Bl
WH"snl)aW Mp-' MJ iwvw vwiiviwiur " hmi
wader teal, ma pitta eorelope, to any -addrjse.pjti
paid, on recllt ol two. ttamjia, by Dr. OUAS. J.fl .
kLlSB, 1S7 ltv, MtW Xk. :Pot Offlo Box. No
4J8e. mar31:3mdfc
" They j go; Right to the Spot.
Instant Belief 1
tep jronr Conp;bI
: 3 "
Pnrlff year Breath!
Strengtlten ponr Velcel .'
. 'i .;
., SPAlsDINa'S
.; --. ' . Aat . -
" . ...
They relieve a Cough instantly
Tbey clear tbe Tbesat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
Tbey Impart a delicious aroma to the breath,
Tbey are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
barm anyone.
I adviie every one who has a Cough or a huiky Vole
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Tbroa t, to get
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
you Instantly, and you wilt agree with me that "they
go right to the spot." You will find them very useful
and pleasant while traveling or attending pabllo meet
tags for stilling yoar Cough or allaying your Uilit. If
you try one package, I am ufe In saying that yoa will
ever afterward consider them Indiiptnstbl.
You will find them at the DroggliU and Dealer! In
Sfy lignatura it cn each package. Alt others ro
A package will be tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Oentl.
Henry C. Spalding,
Py the ose of thete Pills th periodic attack of AVr
tout or Sick Btadaehi may be prevented; end If taken
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
pain and alcknem will be obtained .
They seldom fall In removing the Xautta and
acis to which females are o t object.
They sot gently open tbe bowel removing Cotti
tot Literary Men, S.-Jdtntt, Delicate Pemale
and tU person, of tedentary habit; they are value
at Laxative, Improving the appetite, riving tone
et0or to tht dlrrettire organs, and restoring the natur
elasticity and strength of tht whole system.
THB CirHALIO FILLS trs th remit of long loves
Ugatloa and carefully conducted experiments, harlng
been In ate many year, during which tlm they bare
prevented and rellered a vast amount of pain and suffer
Ing from Headache, whether originating in the nmtoui
system or from a deranged state of the ttomaeh .
Tbey are entirely vegetable In their composition, aa
may be taken at all timet with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, and theabeenu ot any
tiengretabUtattereniUriUeaiy to adminUftr (Asm
Tee genuine have fire tlgnataiet of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box.
Sold by Drnggiitt and all other Dealers In Medicines.
A Box will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
IPrloo, QO Oonta.
All orders should be addressed to
49 Ceaar Street, New York.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalic Pills accompllih the object for which tbey
ware made, via.: Cure of headache in all its forma.
Prom the Kxaminar, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been tested m more than a thousand cases
with entire i
Prom the Democrat, St. Cloud, Kinn.
If you are, or have been, troubled with the headache
m,A ror a hn. fCnhalle Pilia.1 so that roa ruv bare
them in cat of an attack.
from th Adrertittr, Providence, R. I.
ADV UC,UIIO . Ill alV JM IV uj railM.WJl, VUW.I.V
remeu J lur uiv uohikiw, .uu uu, vi mi vary u. ,ur
that rem freonant complaint which hat trer been dls-
from the Weitern R. R, Otxette, Chicago, 111.
We heartily endorse Hr. Bpauldlng, and hit nnrivoled
Oephalio Prill.
--fro Kanawha Valley Btar, Kanawha, Ta.
We ai lure that pertoni suffering with th htadacbt
Who try tliem, will (tick to them.
Prom th Southern Path Pindar, New Orleans, La.
Try them! yoa that art afflicted, and wa ar tare that
your testimony can be added to the already numerous
lilt that hat received benefit that no other medicine can
produce. . ;' ' .'. "
Prom tbe St. Load Democrat. ' .'"
She immena demand for tht artlci vOephallo PUlt
I rapidly Increasing. '
. Prom thtOaatttt, Davtnport. Io, ....
Mr. Spalding would not connect hit namt with aa ar
licit bt did not tnow lonoatta real meriu . , .
0A single bottl ot SPALDINQ8 PR1PARID ' ,
.. Ui.ua will ar i lime iaooeanjiaaiiy.jx -,r
'.'.J - ' SaV TBM PI10BBI
. . aoynoMTi dibpatOhi
i - JJj"A BTtroa w Tms Bavss HtB.,2 . 'l i
' At aootdtoti will happen, ren m well regulated faa ' i j
lllea. It I Terr dtalrabi to bar aora ebsap aad eo ' . . V
roawnl way for repairing forsitor. Toys, OrooA-erj
aeeti all such mergraolt. aad oo heoMkold eaa afford
t b without It. It ii always redy, aad tpt tbe Mick
Imf point. - i '
, ,"TJBfPOt. IN TBRYH0CM." . . ... V v,
It. u.-ABrosfc spmiti em bolth.' ' ;
i I ..' aoarett,
I J ; . ' UHnrar v. rsraiivina,
I . Na.ea,Oedar Street, NtW fort.
" At eermla oupribclpled parsons ar attempting t , ,.
palm ' ta tht nta.ptlog public, imitations of a i c
f KB PA USD tiLTJK, I would eautlon all pertcaa lot i, i
train befnr purrJaaain, and me that lb full am, .: 1
ft oa tbe outtld wnpptrt all ether ar swindling cos
Uriel t. no

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