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Okie Btatnman Mewipaper Office. The recent difficulty
betweeelhi fuMlabenot the Btattaman "4 i tht Telt-
kail (ha brannleal conduct eereliea tevard It,
h atd' will eontinne tb taptir tht aiefalnsil of
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not without delay. Tht Injury to Mil pervy
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ltooDkm, aaanot bt adjudicated la a court of Uw lad
v ,ilre and centi: but tt thtlt art not to
v.,lookd or loat -sight of. At hb
li Important that nothing ihould embarrass tht (Biwlor
tlou of thla Old and Itttbllihed Democratic Journal;
and It being Impoeeiblt tor lhe preot proprietors to
v tuiitiitea. neoenarj for tho complete weem
of thedally ttrao pf tho paper, they have thought It ad-
viiable to offer it for sale.
i additional ration for ofloring tho paper for salt,
found In tho fact, that Wt oannot giro tht aetnoary P
eooal attontloB to tho builMeS or editorial department,
which atuml4. b pMtowd by tho ownon of tho eitab-
Aug. ai 1861. "
Pub. Ohio Btatetman.
Democratic State Convention.
At a meeting of .the Demoeratio Skate Cen
tral Committee held In Colombue, on the 5th
hvof Julv. 186l. lt was -
Rttolvtd, That it U expedient to hold a Demo-
oratio State Convention at uoiuuuaat u
n.j.aarfA. Atja-uet Ttl 1861
... tn,. . nmocratio 8tate Ticket, to be
8UP&: tei7TWll theeleetoreofth
a j wA nAfnhop Aipction.
State of Ohio, who are In favor of perpeiuaiiDg
the pMocipT . upon which onr Unloia.wa tou-d.
od.and are convinced that the present S ta te
and National AdmintetraHOM are wno, , ,
competent to manage the
oppoeea to me gTO."""T"?Tr7 kii
tion now to alarminglr J Pb" f:
faire. b eareBUt Invited to unite with the
Wte thie'honr of our cuntry'j perU,
and tbn redeem the State, and place Iti ad
ministration in competent hands. .
Rttolvtd. farther, thai the bast of repreien
tation in taid ConTention be one delegaW for
etery 600 rotes, and an dd!uonfc!LeR,t!w !
a fraction of 250 and upwards, cast for Tawu
J. S. Smith, for Bnpreme Judge at the October
election la I860and that "Be receded,
that the counties elect their . delegate IMi
basis. . ,,, .; , ...... ., -
The Pemocrscj of Ohio and all other con
a erratiTe Union men, who are willing to co-oper.
ate with them on the above basis, are requested
to meet In their respective counties at mob time
as the local eommiueea may designate, and ap.
plnt delegates to the Democratic Convention
oa the 7th of Augnsi tot. nominal. Bute
ticket to be support af th.e pLctober elecUon.
t, t. ..Mnm. UiikAiLJoTat of his country
wiU require pmmpting. a4 that time to induce
him ta diacharee his duty, and. therefore the
Committee ta impressed with the belief that the
counties will eagerly lespond" to this call, and
that an imposing .Convention, 111 assemble J
Columbus at the' time" designated above, and
pat in nomination' VHicket of good, ana tree
men, to be supported lor tne janon.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
Ignoring the Constitution.
In the ukase of the Republics State
r.ftmn..itee. Usned on the 85 ulUU li or-
dd. that in case, the Demoorati State Can.
tral Committee do not within fifteen days agree
to the proposition for a' fusion, tne-Repnoiican
Ernt!a Committee shall" Usde , a" alitor
nonvlnaiing-Convention of delegates, .,', 'to be
choeea npoa the simple basis of the maintenance
of the GovemmCTtraJ the suppression of the
tjbeuion.agauiaf v -.-
It wilLbe observed that in the foregoingi and
sach to the case with altthe reeolotiooeaaoptea
.u- o nhiin.1v Can'trai Committee' on the
25tb tilt.', thtro rsi 10 relerenee io. tbe Consti
tution, or to the principles ope which our
Union Government. was founded. , , , .,
Such an omission wUl'appesrto most earn-
Union uppn fhd simple bwis o the Constitution,
asvratfa'es designed than accidental, especially at
thU tlmeV when a Urge sectloh'nf the Repttbll
can party are known to bold : in. utter contempt
those provisions of the Cohsitfutlpn which ttand
in the way pf the rwKxitton; of, .their poHtlwl
programme. . .i; wv.- -rfT
In the preamble and Resolutions, adopted by
the Republican State Committee, the malnU
nance of the Government is spoken of repeatoi
lyi that or the 'Constitotlon nofiU." T
Democrats at to all sound Onion men, the main,
tenance of the Government implies the defense
and maintenance of the Constitution; for from
thai instrument alone, the Government derives
all Ita legitimate noweri
Bat the Republiosn State organ of this city
puts oYdiffer nt construction npoa the term .Gov
ernment, and Insists that the jumcpuiyianiia.
istration ia 4i Gownmenl. i It goee further
and charges th aU -w ho oppose the measures
of that " Administration, whether 'consrttntfoiial
or not. are eeeesaiomsU and Iraitoravt vnn j.
In vlewnf thls fact, it , was tawtenj(ftr the
Republican committee, when making a pro?
tion for XonsUtaUonal Umou, Democrats to
unite with them in makg up'S State, ticket,
haveitoted in explicit ternrs, whether by the
Government they meant a, povrnnieni admin
Utersd solelv noon the basU f the CetittiW.
tion, r a Government' atoiaUteeea i aa-tae
President and hli CPi may tfnPxpfldV
eucy nnd the necessities of th caso fcqoiro,
without p'aylnV very strict regard to the litoHa-
.f.utUr,'nf ' tin, rn'nndtntion. bul
HWI WJUW twwwiwv i T , . '
occasionally , breaking, in pressing ctigenoiea,
some of ts proTisions. in order to preserve', the
remainderi, m M"h J'l
Democrats are' far .'saauuaioiBg Constita-
tional Government and a Consfitution'ir admiO'
titration of the Government. Upon that sim
ple basis,, they invite all good patriotic eittaent
in Ohio and elsewhere in all the thirty-lour
States, to unite with them in saving the Union
from .the. assaultpf.tbpse.who, Ignorfng the
Constitution, are, seeking, under various pre
tenses and disguise, to destroy the Union and
the Constitution .together'
jr. a w i
The Democratic County Convention.
mmV' e4TiM
Tbe PemocraUo County Convention wu wan
attended better. Weed than We have seen for
years for tie purpM p( appointing delegate
to a 8tat Convention;: Wiirweiff'gladtOMe
so many el th old and reliable me of the
Tea sellable and srabstantial tMovaua wer
appointed; wbiito- na'aias' wlO W fiamcia-lhe
proceedings of the Conebt5'on?0TTk
Tbo Convention pa a tewluliotir naa'alH
nously, fawtraeting fh, delcsp Wjibniftati-a
fall Demoeratio State ticket.' '.. " "ei'it
Mr. Cox's Resolutions.
Our neighbor j( , tl Jimraal, the : TuledJ
Zlait, and often of 'At lrrpret. ;ibla abolition
irlpe, are In s t ogetoua s.ate f p-srsplratl
Over the resolutions offered by Mr. Coxand are
at the same time delated thai tso.RepublicaM
voted them down. As a gsoeral rule, it la good
evidence that a proposition has some merit, wnei
such papen oppose it. Tho JTejaltV la !h
worried because J every pemooratle. member
from Ohio votedj to receive ihemtjWf jethor
suspect their trouble to eocasioBed froas the fact
lhal . the Jtepttblicana were brought to vote o
iWe have beard a greet clamor recently by tne
abolition press about ending troops to Tennes
see, Kentacky and Missouri to protect the Union
men Of those loyal States. We. fuppoee as
CaimjiDaw and every Union member frenr.tne
border States voted with the Democrats from
Ohio for the reception of Mr. Cot t resolutions
they, will tot besoenxiqos to protect them
from the seeesslonita, vM V
jThe Jryitfef aaya b'w,-i. -
ThcT want tho Union saved, it may be, but
in such a way that they shall be tare of the po
litical sapport of the rebels whom tbey now de
sire to propitiate, while those now in the way of
tbeir ambition shall do overthrown. . , ,
yV Ibis Is a fair presumption, let at take the
converse of the proposition. If we want to save
tho Union, o that wo can have the pollUcal sup.
port Of. tho 'southern people, the Abolitionists
want to dlvl'de the Union, so' that wo shall not
have that tUDoort. la this llloeloal f - Tho truth
is, we were not ealouUllDg how tbey would vote.
That to further along1. We want to save, (he
Union first, and 'then let them vote as they
please.i .- . i : -
- Tho Rtgitttr has lot us into its secret
thoughts. " It U fearful if tho Union is aaaln
lalned.the Southern people wUl not vote the
Republican ticket with tho Chicago platform
annexed. Wo nave nb Idea they would, 'and
that Is just our opinion In relation to the North,
if we could vote this day. Wo have not the
least idea that snuh papers ssthe Jnrntl and
Rigiittr, or their abolition supporters, have any
hope or desire to save tbla Union., Their sup
port of this war arises from v indie tivenees' and
hatred to slavery and tho Southern people.
They are for the pros ecu tion pf the war.becanso
they believe it will end in the dissolution of the
Union, and, with is, tho abolition of slavery.
For this reason, and this alone, the support the
war. ' Tho secessionist of the 8onth ..and tho
abolitionists of thf North, each desirt too de
struction of tho Democratic partji They each
regarded it as the last ligament that held the
Union together ; when It was defeated and bro
ken up the days of tho Union were eambered.
Tho secessionists of tho South were never suc
cessful to their efforts, until they found abolition
tools wherewith, to work accomplish their in
faaaona BBraoaa r l : -; 1" r. : ' f - " '
' -.i 'i; 1 I
E7 The Jmrwl of yesterday notices tho fsot
that Jossth Mcamof Jeffenoa ooimty.thtnks
it better nol to appoint delegates to the union
Demoeratio State Convention." .Thereupon it
reaches out iu hand to Jonm in this wlaot
"Good! Grvt -Yoc CPTWs hare no
doubt but that tho ' Jsttriast Is rejoiced M Into.
Of course Mr. Mtam capitulates, oa the plat
form published la tho Jaaraal tome time since.
"Is a heteroreneoo Union Vhich has gone
to tho ooontry to be paased on, and which fall-ins-
to farther subserve tbo ends of Its creation,
is about te be east iaidO like the body which an
immortal soul has worn Oat and thrown off, to
seek anew and more. lasting tenement. The
Pemooratto Idea ta America baa outlived the
rri n... . .11 nr. -1.
HMHnflHV .11111 mi - ni am mix t 1 in um v."
tality, tho soul of this Idea, is about to burst
from ill ehrvsslls shell, and takinr on a new
form - Investing some nbr effective vehicle of
action will ran inas oareer or power m mvu
iams- and refinm( a orado world, which We bo
ltove Is its destiny vndef Haavta. f ollHolane
and dotarda mav rabble and ween tears of im
beoillty over the breaking ap of an nonatural
compact, bat reason, JnaUoe and hnmanlty will
gladly accept It as one of those cheering eri
oenoas that Provtdenoo to working, good to the
ereatsrei of the earth throagh the process of
vanH," ' -
"A rielsT analysis of Americaa patriotlsai dis
covers bat little goia. "-tbo ontnnsissm r us
matass for tbo Union to bom or. leas factions.
The Union has been apotheoafsed by politicians
for their ewa telflsk anrraneMaemftnt. It has
been made their rallTihr erv, until tho anthlnk
Ing had become to invest it with a certain dot
rree of sacredneea.' Bat tho truth has reached
the popalav heart, and tateDlgeneo tho popular
mind, and tho masses see that tho natural giant
Strength of physicial America, and tho measure
of freedom enjoyed by oat people under tho
Constitution, properly directed, have made us
Waal wo are ta spite of us union, ins rreo
labor -and free .bought that nave made the
American Union illustrious, and not, the Union
which has developed tboMfeatarel of Democ
racy. And now that thM rreo labor ana tns
restless, tbrobbint free thought are an trammel-
d by tho Union, tho embarrassment will bo re
moved. The young giant vefnss lobe nan
Mot." !';" . ' " " '' ,(,)" '
The Democracy of Jtffeito. ylM netitate to
follow Mr, MaiNs, and siajp tho IT of. the
editor of a paper who ooaid write snoh slander
against tho Americaa Union ' This ft the feast
they are invited to.
The Confiscation Bill.
We learn from' the special Washington cor
respondent of the Cincinnati Guettt that tho
Dill to conflscat slava property daring tbo pro
gress of tho war, wu defeated la the Bona of
Representatives, after an effective speech from
Mr. CajTntNOM against Q. 'So another Admin
Istratioa meuare wu defeated. -1 . , .
'4;- ).T II l1 III I i li: M!; ?J 1,
The truth retarding killed and wounded to
(uppraased, e far a there to any possibility of
doing so. : Whoa tho wboto story ot Manassas
is told, H oven tt will prove estoauamg.' ureal
die trees prevail among tho Southern troops.
They are not only destitute of eomforts, but Of
the absolute neoessitiet of subsistence. Clothes,
shoos, food, war ammunition, ail are lamenta
bly scare, u ia money alea
The above ia from a correspondent of the Phlla
dolphiaJEavprfm. Caa this be trneT Can It bo
poulbl that h rsbela thai fought at Bull Hon
art 1 dettituta of tho tbsoltrte necessities of Wb
ststeooe," and that " othu, aeoea, food, war
ammunitions, all are" lamentably scarce.w; II
men, destitute of all thoso thing; tight as they
did at Boll RutHTrhat would tbey do if they
were welj provided ioVand ad plenty of'' wu
munitions t -"'-
Wo intMBitled tho above to on of oar volan-
teeri'iiho wu at th. battle,W h uy th
writer to a fool i' from all he eoold oeend
W, there vu no aoaroity of pewde tsA b$
at that plana, and that .they fere a fell cloth
ed u oar boys were." Why deceive eaMeise
by uc& representation Y,' Jf egarJ ti.i'.
dlroot insult te oar owa emyv- It to aot Mr a
moment, to be pnioe4 that oof brave man
ssffored repulse' from ha' tray nfiprovjdcd,
u this eorrespoadent atatea, f, with tho abaolato
noNMltlw of sabsisUaee: 1 Y itJ 1
. ..r-.. .u. .
Tax Wnrrw To-tuT-T preveat t mto
anaersuaaing snas aaasas ooatmao, we weald
say that wa know of bo military meetinr hero la
day. Thereto ejecting, which wa ailjoaraod
from Rome, thro weks ago, which Is aa anti
slavery moetioc. We know of ao otheroaa-
Ubul Sntiml. Vi ,U!'('M,;:i,
ilTh'buItIotJ8ta of Ahtaula giro fearful
tne c6!a.
.ii.-K) ti-'ni'ieSjnJtiiU
Thurlow Weed and Frank Blair.
TMoatow.Wwa ! i a 1 -r f:u'WaahlDgtoa,'
ovuf his owa t'jna'. ve, epeare to' "let tho oat
out of tk bag.'Ia aaya! . '. - 1
"While widely spread newspspersVere thus
weakening the A'JlnUtmtlou by assaults apoa
ItaCoinaiaadiug General, his embarrassments
were aggravated by the persistent hostility and;'
every-day .aspersions of the Toetmastee Qebt
erai, wnesex oroiGer, a1 prominmiT nnawr i
Congress, assailed him Irom the stamp, .mean
while, Congrese assembled. ' Senators and Rap-
resentatlves, with more aeal ;tha knowledge,
caught opand teiteraud tbo cry, 'Oa to Rioh
tnond.' Tbo Impatient Congressmen were lead
ln and lafiuentlal. Thev waited npoa tho Pres
ident to complain of the inactivity of tho army;
and upon Gen. Scott, arglng him 'On to Rich
mond ' Armv bills. Drenared with deliberation
bv Senator Wilson (In accordance with the
views of the1 Government), were emeeoulated
by the House" Military, Committee, jof whioh
Mr. Blilr is cbairmaa. .The Prealdant and bis
Cabinet bad twaeoa to .apprehend if not the
eenaare of Coogreas the failure of measures
essential to the prosecution. ot tho war, unless
the 7Vis' order of "Un to Ktobmona' wu
obeyed." !" 1'
' We ha? not had the pleasure of reading the
above In ibf colnmos .of the JttmaU Our
neighbor, we (appose, doea sot want to say any
thing that 'might' wake op tho Blum. The
are ea"lmportant pah of the Republican party,
and it migbt'.oreate trouble among tho politl-
cian. It much more aafo, politically, to
attack an offioe of the army. ' 1 1 1
...Wa ate in a number of newspapers treat
praise on the gallantry of tbo Irish oltisen at
tho reoenl battles in Virginia, .inesamenewa
nanara hava beaa ensartd for vears fal nubllih-
log lb moat atrooioue calumnies on - the Irish
and doing everything in their power to subject
them to eon tempt on account of their religion.
CttMbe Ttlegrtph. ; ."'';' -J,
' In 1854 5, it was daogeroui for a man or pa
per to resist Uj,atUcks of anatlc on the oon
stitntlonal right of religious liberty. A a peo
imea of tho feeling exlstiog at that time,
republish the following 'from the SWirmc of
1855j "ts a , . . ;i .v ' 1 1, . .o i u:,
RotRTLVANia Sept 9 .
Editor oi th Stateenlaa .? .
v , '' fr.r Sir i knowtis in? your
ae oar of this week thai the know Botninsa a
going to Rise and take th Catholics tbey ought
to whip an yon iamuaoie oaiaouo.isviia us a
Ns never said so f on are Darned liar your
paper to full of Urn it to not fit for a deoent
man to read yea Know yon. are a aiar ana i
know voa are a ettbolie 1 sat you Damd Cath
olio ought to Bo Shot Jf yon continue to writ
such lies yon are not safe sons of your good
Dsmocrat Subscribers Is aUtnsted at the Ue
la vour canst voa are a (trait catholic voa aeon
not try to aide It behind tho vale of Democracy
Recollect you are cot aafe even in your own et
floe if yon eontioae to print ach abases i . i
not xouro, a ' '.7
It to aot ancommon now days 10 see letter of
tbo ism spirit, address ed to Democrats and all
other who do not subscribe ia tors to the poller
of Ltiroouh Camxhjb: sa Co. - . -1 -
of Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Washington.
1 MUltarr order to oein rapidly brought out of
the ebaos which prevailed before the arrival of
uoa. Hcuoiiaa- Troops so longer rovo aoout
the city at all boors, and drinking saloons, no
de tho Operation of law, are closed to soldiers.
Reliable advices (so sailed) from Manassas,
tot that Beauregard I gone to Charleston;
. : A lag of trace, bearing dlspatchu from John
stoa to McDowell , earns Within ar lines, 'five
miles from -Waihlngtoni last night.- Contents
anknowa.' 0 fc-r. , ..! ?nn.-'j.- r.
Cootros moot an sxMdt edit wkked op to day,
and both' Boaaoa passed a aew tariff and loan
bill.1 The to nor cent, addition to th Morrill
tariff is alanghtored Th duty on eoffeo 1
fixed at four eenta, raw sugar two oenta, tea ir
toon, other artloto at they are, with few azcep
Tho twenty mil Uoa tax oa real estate, with ex
cise and income tan pledged to th payment of
loaa Interests. AU Incomes, profits and salaries,
ewer oicnt aaaarea ooiiara a year, ere taxed
three per cent, oa tho excees over eight hnn
drod. This croat essential measure for supply
ing th credit of th Government bu passed
both Houses ef Cearrses. and will receive the tie
nature of tbo Praaideat to-morrow and become a
law. -The estimated total revenue which will
be raised andor this law amounts to on hun.
dred millions. - i---I
Congress can now adjourn on Monday, no
lens unforeseen difficulties arias oa other meat
Thore wu another exciting episode oa the
Senate floor to-day. - MoDoogal questioned Pow-1
right to a (eat la tho Senate, Implying that
be wu aa enemy to the Government. By ex-1
traordlaary vigilaBce la calling "order," a per. I
aoaal diffloaltr wu prevented
-The Boose had bard strurtls over th
W oonnjoauoa or reftw property'. u'
(Mttendoa orneee the conntoation oraiavea,
Be didn't waat to taint this aabie traggt fcr
the Union with oeetfooei issnu j '.. ,nr
Pendletoa opwoed it. oa tho iroand that Ue
bill wu too (wwplng and unjust, offered an
amendment, and sueceedea.ln gettiog the bill
referred ba6k to the Judicdarv Commhtea. 1 . n
. Ohio's share In the direct tax oa real estate to
sne million nra hundred and, sixty seven thou
ad dollars. Indiana's 1 nine hundred and four
thousand, and Kentucky's (even hundred and
thirteen thousand. , Only eleht veto in the
Senate and thirty-nine in the Houm against th
measure. r ..... . biuma.,:,
tfttrrawajrr-Govxiwoa. An article copied In
to tb Geauga Demarret, from the Salem Jbeus-
Iiai recommends Hon. Peter Bitchcock of
Geauga, as a candidate for' Lieutenant Gover
nor. ThatDewioeraf Indorse the article of course,
would be expected where Mr. H 1 known.
W most heartilv loin In the Indorsement, and
do to from an Intimate acquaintance with him
u a legislator.';';;: V ' 'l
n c oopy the above front toe Ashtabula oVa
(tad, to anggwt that Ms. llircwoocx would
makt aa admirable candidal. for "vltlblsl ad
mixture. Befotod against the' adoption pf
too coawm amendment to too ConatltatloB, ana
did his best to defeat it by bit tohnen u speak
or, after a majority of tho Bona of Represen
tatives bad adopted it. .'.Peter will represent the
GiODiras, wing . pf the jew "Uolen" , party
Black (pirlt and Whit," etc J
' '
Vote in Congress on the Tax Bill.
The veto aa the passage of 4h bill to leyj
direct taxes wa, 77' for the bill and 60 against
It. . The you were 73 Republicans and 6 Dem
ocraU; against th bill were 45 Democrat and
Border Stat fUnion" bob aad II Republican
lew York Meesrs. Smith OdelJfi Wood.
Ward, Height and Vlbbard. ! ; .. . . '...
1 Wsw JeraevMeseTS. Steeid and Parry. ' .
"Tennsylvania- Measrt, ;Lhman,', Aacona,
vrngntana joanson; ' , . ...
! Maryland Meears. Crts field, WebsUr.teary
and May.-;' ;- ' - ' '-"-
1 Kentuoky Mesar.''GrideV, Harding, Wick-
Kffe, Danlap, Mallory, Crlttender, Wadsworth,
Meeslee, Jackton ud Bornett. ,. ' 1 , ,
1 Ohio-Messrs. Pendleton, Vallandlghani, Air
la,Whlt,Nobl,Cox and MorrtoT ' , ..V
inoiaaa Meters. Law, Cravens and Bolaaa,
Illinois Meters. Robinson; Fook and, Xo-rMlsotwl-Msr'.orton'ind'Rol4.',la
- r ,uo cl.il.M s
' Massachusetts Mr. Bufflngioa ,i iu;.i 91
; Pennsylvania Mr. Balevx 14 tioitt I f-r.
fiblo Air. Edgertea aH 0-!'.) o: u
sdUnaMaeam ColfasvShanka and Porter.
1 lllnlwMeaara.;svr)oy aad Araold- ,!"
j ft ' icbigaaMeaw.iaUltogg aad Beaetni-i
I V. liioaQaia-rMr.aXaochaia b-o-.w, r'.--rt
' (lionarota Massra..Aldhcb aad Wladott.'"
' lowaMrTudeworuoj'jriiil .10'J ,xmiifi
jtJjBpnmi-f.iaal ;U Ml t i
I let to fbonght' Bar thd0 RSrubltctnV.i' the
tae rit i4 c gaam (ij
xooUiaot'tsadtl first ic
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Cairo, Ill.
CAIRO, ILL., August 2.
loaded with soldiers, arrived here ati Volook
this morning. aii. , -
It wu a splendid light, and there wan-grant
enthusiasm guns nriog and soldiers cheering;,
r Tho steamer Cheney oral eantpred at Colum-i
tns lut Aight by therebels Jlttfctew were
allowed to walk beck There I no tobnneotion
now between here and Columbus. VJy,i, ;,; v.
'Look out for important news in a few. days.
Colored Military.
, ;To-day,for tho flreltlmelnthe hlslonrtl or
country, the colored people will hold a MiJU.ry
Celebration! - This event ls transpiring In
Springfield. It ie the beginning of a new era'
In the hlatorv of tha nlack' race oa this conti
nent, warranted by the unparalelled condition!
01 we country toe license. 01 tnose navmg u
charge the exeontion of the laws, and the direc
tion of pobllo affaire, and must ultimate ia an
"Irrepressible conflict" between the white and
black race. " Th programme is inaugurated;
Springfield, where the freedom of speech and of
the pren Is not permitted, has the Aonor of la
stltnting the "beginning of the en4.1VAiyfca
Ewfirt. .
[From the Newark Advocate.]
The Republicans and their Masked
' The otucas of Republican taotipians at Co-j
lumbus on Thursday of laet veek decided that
it was inexpedient to nominate a full and avow
ed Republican State ticket for- the October
election. ,. It wa resolved that a proposltioa
should be made to Democrats to unite with
them, and divide th offices. ' The leading man
in getting no this movement among th Repub
licans it Judge , Spalding, of Clevalaad, onoi of
tho atest altra anti-ala very agitator iri -Oblo;
Tho oroiessed purpose in advocating thi more
ment, 1 to secure a united voice in the North
In favor of preserving the Union and prosecut
ing the war to a successful Utuec But the teal
motive, as we are constrained to believe,' it- to
gel the total people of the North; to occupy a
position where tbey will seem to be yielding a
rfbanimous acquiescence In administering . the
government according to the sectional, policy
01 the parry in powers it-jo. 1 ;.m .'. .
It Judge Spalding and his; party'have aban
doned their anti-slavery crusade ,egainst the
Constitution and peace c. iM . UaaMi,4ot them
anooonce it publicly and. without reserve. It
were vain to hope that wo will ever again "tare
a peaceful and nappy union anieas tne North
shall take its stand. unequivocally, not alone
against the mad and revolutionary design of
tne secessionists, out aiso against tne agitatort
who have made a clamorous hostility to the
South and Its domestic institutions, a test of
fltneu for office : To ascertain what kind of
god father hat ushered this new "Union" move
ment into existence, read the following publica
tions, over bis own name, written barely two
years ago t t
[From the Cleveland "Rescuer" June, 1859.]
Musts. EniToas: In the Washington Citv
RepulUe, of the 35th inst , msv be found the
following commentary on the recent action of
our Republican Bute Convention, In the notnl-
natioa of a Supreme Judge: , ., ...
"The failure of Judge Swan" to1 reoelve the
nomination doe no prov that the decitlon of
the Supremo Court 01 Ohio, deli voted by him,
in the late babeu corpus eate, to condemned by
th Republican party of Ohio. Judge Gholaon,
who did receive tne nomination, would . have
made the esmo decision, and - this wu well
understood by every member of the Convention,
u the umvention naaintenaea to reDUK Judge
Swan for making that deotalon, it would hare
aominated Judge Spalding, or soma other man
entertaining opinions in eonfllo with' It. e a e
Locality had mart more- Inflaenoo m decidlne
the oon test than the opinion of th candidates on
the merits of the aebeu eorpu case."
. reelinr proud of tbo distinction, utlened to
my humble same by the commentator, and be
ing aemowbat familiar with the hlatoryof the
Republican Organization in Ohio np to the oloee
r the recent Bute Convention, I. ventured to
address the senior editor oi the Republic the fol
lowing letter which you are at liberty to insert
in the columns ol the Rt$euer., ..,' ':. 's
It I rJain talk. but not nlainor than the time
) ' ' -
CLEVELAND, O., June 28, 1859.
time. We do not recognize men to be Repnb
ell's Itoans, here, in Northern Ohio, who will, foe a
-GaoiaK W- Waero.liitf-la- fitri 'I beg
leave, w oaii your attention to an ."odiiorial
la your paper (weakjj) of the 85th InetaoW ai
der the title or beading of Judge 6wan of
Ohio," and in doing a to tay thu the writer ia
deceived If betuppoeH that Judge Swan was
left off the ticket on account of his residence in
Columbot. He wu dropped for the reason that
he, u a judioial officer, recognised the iuzltlve
(lave enactment ot 1850 to be of binding force
la Ohio; and the other two lodges, who were
with him in opinion, will be dropped in tbo same
7 ?ooo u they arc reached in tho order of
"oment, suitan that miserable enactment.
not so recognised at rmiadelpbia, In
I know there are. politicians In our ranks
woo aim to emasculate too Kepanneaa urgan-
Isatlen with a view to their individual areran
dltement. Let them beware; and If t as beware
of them. Take from the Republican party its
Anti-slavery element, and yon leave It a bless
P i- -
, If it wer posalbl to acoomplisn a victory by
any suoh "getting dowa stairs' I should great
ly prefer a defeat, and thoasands and "tens oi
thousands, who, like yon and I, cam from th
line of the Old Democratic ilVty, would bow
their head with shame if they foand tbey had
aided in restoring the old Whig party at the exi
peose of freedom.' ;..Z
i I pray yoa to publish thl oommanieation tn
your next paper. a : :ui
T t , 1
Arrival of the Prince Napoleon and
Wife at New York.
I The French ganboat Jerome Napoleon arriv
ed at New York on Saturday afternoon, havinc
as puMnger Prince Nspoleon, Aral ooualn of
too rrencn unperor, ana nis consort the rrin
ceu Clotilde, daughter of Victor, Emmanuel,
King of Italy i The imperial party nomprlses
the following persona 1
j Princess Clotilda.
. Duouease d'Alrantee.'
' Cot. Ferri Pliant, Col, Ragoa, aides de-camp.
; Captain Dubbisson, commander of the Jerome
Napoleon. ' 4 :.t
Count do Medun, Messrs. Becqaet, Arago,
urunat, iguerroniere, uenienanu in tn. navy.
After patting a few hours at the New York
Hotel, inoognlto, the party returned to the
(toamahlp. On Sunday they attended) at St.
Stephen's church, and id tb afternoon visited
Camp Sooti. Tho late enraKemenl at Bull
Run having been introdooed in the course of
conversation, tho Prince observed that be could
not understand bow such a panio could have
oconrred. Some of his snltc (aid Ihtt iher
wu no decisive feeling in regard to the itruggle
oa the Other tide of th Atlantic; thu the ques
tloa wu not yet thoroughly anderstood, but
that there was a general desire to be rightly in
brmod. -
Th Prrno 1 th (ecdh'S Ion of rerdinTNa"
poleon, ex-King of Westphalia. - B was born
U Trieste, Sept.. 9 th, J823.; He Bvsd after
ward In Roma, in .FJorcnee Geneva, and en
tared the military college na Lottlsburg War
temborg, but at th end of bis, term ratutea go
bear arm for that gorernmeoi. .. Th next ve
years be traveled in Germany, EnRlaadTatid
Spain. Ia 1845, fluhrot obtained termiielon for
him to enter, France. Before th marriage of
too emperor, be wu the next beir to the throne.
ana wu.deateod-a t lonoa- Prists. Ho-hu
eorved la both wrenches of th X-eetal Aor tlbos
the overthrow of Lou Phlllippo, and as an am
bassador and In the mtnlstix. It was against
blot that Mrs. Patterson brought bar sail f ot-the
recognition or, bar ,mtiui rignte,-4aronse-
queooe or bet jnatrtojr with Princ Jerome in
this country, without tb consent of his family.
u required oy ins r ranch jaw rW.7.isw
tt D.ml.Mn.1, f iht A diwfVat Inn ia
ttaaee by tbeer . aecrleol after !llfipM,'or: borne
otner aernpotary draia spin tn ioi;icioi at ta
root or tne Hair. ..Vt. iioJllncuoii iooaoo.
hat loentifled bit treat name with fJHimM.
f vnettcwv, uronted tt atot xpressiy to
tot an on cmerrenetct. jSJeft. t-'"-aa
tt Co., of Kew York, now hive the1 entire
tgeney for the Americtn .continent, it It
quite a" ahiBeieat Indftiwmerit of he miivertal
tepautloa of th artieie,'- Be their' advertise'
aeat-.wtVA3 .1 .IT . Ua"
Ross County Nominations.
. Th Union Den ooraci! of (Roat'obantji hi Id
their County Conv .'ntjrvoq thoUfsoL Jttly
of which the 'dwrse sayst . v ; " '
"Never In the bintory ot this oount J did these,
useubloa Delegate ConveD tion" composed of
more worthy men than tha Convention that as
setnbted In this bit J dn AVadnesday. It wa ons
4f 4b largest; Do-of the most reepecUble and
most enthusiastic Convention wo bavo .ever
witnessed. " Th utmost harmony oharaoteriaed
It deliberations, and the delegates alt returned
to their homes la the InestsDirita.'f Front erery
part Of the county Uhey- brought fteoieormg
word that the Democrat will stand nnfaltwrlng
ly by their organisation vat at fewdetigmo,
men, who beretotoro have cdalmod 10 oc uemo
crats in this oitv. cannot succeed ia transferrin
them to Abolitionism.-ander. the bretoao thai
party Use should now be abandoned, and a par
ty formed called tho Union artsv'tiXaey lael
anat mere never wu a mora unparioau. nam
ty for tbo preservation of the-Demooratlo pert;
than now, and they ire determined to do . wha
the? can to uphold lt.,i Person who Witn
their sntbualu ia and the determination cwritte
pn, tbeir count mncssj, would oat for a.momcoi
doubt !thla. K'.hlle ,thiv , are , uaoondi lions
Union men. as thev atwtTS hare been hey-d
not subscribe to the sentiment .that patrlotitnl
demands that they should, even by Indirection,
sanction the incompetency that has prevailed in
V. - 1?.Mntl.. nnnaMmAn, r.f inm Utal a 'anil that
raacality thM tm. to be a prpminen Jeatur
of the War Deptrtment lt .y"
i The Xonventioh nominated the - following
UekettV -'jfI ,-4wp:v.t wi. a?s j
For RepFeaentaifvo In'thVOeherarAssemMyj
E. B. Eshelman;for Treasurer, Levi' Jones j
for Recorder, Stephen 0. Hand; for Commit
sioner, 8amurMcAdowi for Inflrmsiy Direct
or, James Dunlant for County" SurveyorV John
surveyor! jonn
Ji we ...hvo.nd
Smythe.1'' ' "' V Jt-.'.t IfW s. i
' Mr. EBHtuiiii islbe tbleltdilor;
oerfisff. and if eWeted.'.of which
doubt, will bo.one of the mos useful a
of the Legislature., 'l'j -"i-
". The followlne eentlemen were 'v atoidel-.
- .....
(gate to the State Convention:- '
Simon Ratoliffe,. Taylor W-Mro, Jlenben
Betaer, John S. Mace, Samuel . Adams, Anton
Albertl and Edward Adam.,- A,wujvi',:cv4
-.Delegate wore also appbintedto the Sena
torlal. -and ' Judicial fConvhtldn'; to ;rneet, it
Greenfield Od the 13th of Augait. nd.w
. After sptechet Irom, Mr, EfHimus Colonel
Tatlob, STxvxwok, Hoaax, add Judge Kirre,
the Convention adJiJuTnedi WitB tore cheer for
the rjag'othe' Union which floated above
the chair of -.tbo. Fresident throe -cheers, for
the Old Democracy, and- tare -cheer for? the
Democratic ticket. f-"1 f'l.iw.wi
Ross County Nominations. [Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
CHICAGO, Aug. 2.
Twentv car of ordnance, eohststinif of
shell, shot, etc., left here for uen.'rremont, at
St. Lonis, to-day and yesterday. c' i " '"' 1 i
.' The rebels seised th steamer B. H. Cheney
last night, at Columbus, Kentucky, i Tbey
were within fifteen miles of Cairo', on the' Mis-!
sonrt shore, lait night, from oeveoteon to twen
ty thousand strong, Gen." Pillow: lb com to tnd,
aad evidently .moving oa Etro's roint.
Gen; rremont arrlrat at Cairo to nigm, witn
tho steamera Graham.' Looitiana, Alton. Illi
nois, fiawkcyo State and one other, from St.
Louis, with six regiments, including-artillery,
making th force at Cairo twelve thousands1 ?
Five additional oars of-ordnance. leave Chioa-
gi to-dy tor St. luier l.llllnoie -Central
sllroad.-a ,a'i srTr fiaoqmo t'-.' l.'.ww
SBAE.B0 rtOPOAl fntI. Bit RE
OKIVXD at ttaooffiot of tho Oomaibtur Gantral ef
Ohio BAtil THUB8DAX. Anguat Btn, lMol. at i a'elook.
A. tl., for daily ratione to be rarniinea to tne troopenow
or hem! tor to be Uuod4 at ot nnr mtcb or the follow
lnc placeo. Tit: kUnt&ald, In Kirhland eounty I Porte
mouth, in Boloto eoaaty ; Oaarp Boo It, near Batarla, in
Clermont county ; .Hamilton, in Butler eoootx) Olero-
iano, in uaTaQogacviinir xoreao, in x,noai ooantj , ana
Denanco, In iMnanoe oountyt 7 kj, i
Tho dalle ration io eonilat of. eoo aad ano-fetum
poundl of fruh Beef or three-fourths of a pound of
baited Port, eighteen ouneei or Breaa, one pound of po
tato, and at the rate of eight Ojuartaofwhito eaae,4lx
pounda ot Coffee, roaated and ground, telre pound, N.
0. Sugar, four quarts of Vinegar, oat and-one-half
poundl of Bummer Fretted Tallow Candle foar ant a
hall poundl (Brown) HaraBoap,aoa twoo.aartof dry
Bait, to each 100 ratione. , . r,, i, n;-uliv,
freah beef to be letued twice In each week if roju)r4
Dj umoonunanouip; ouiosr. . .4,.
1 AH tho tboTO epedlled provitioot to be of the bett
aaaltlw.' u vi.i. t. ' t-.t - --
, Boade with eeepla security for the faithful perform
ansa of theoontraot will bo required. It Io oipeeted
that at leaitono full Regiment will be enllited at each
of tho abort aamed place, and be eubaiited nndai the
contract bore contemplated an til maitered into the ear
vloo of the United Statu. Bach ooatraot for eubtiettnee
under this notice to continue during the pleasure of the
Commleaary-GeneraU . r-i , ., v .
separate bide for each place are required.- .-"x ".iU
C. SILANO, Cota. Oen.'n
Onlumbno, 0., Aug. 3, 18tl-ug4-d3l. ,
f Toledo Blade and Olereland Herald eaoh tneert three
umet.j ,',.., .. ... .1 ,!. -..s'
BIMOIOM, la the (lata of Kanaaa, will take n'
(lee that Bobert Bona Qriffln did, on the 18eh day of
May, A. P. lStil, file hU petltloa in the Sopertoe Court
or vrantiin eouniy, unto, agaun tne earn n icnoiai.uar
rinrton. Dtlllah Harrington. Paler Harriot-ton aad
then, setting forth, that the eaid Nfoholai and Delilah
Harrington executed a mortgage to the taM Ji. n. Orir
n oa lota Hot. 4 an t la do towa of Alton, frank.
Ha eounty. Ohio, to seeur tbo peormeBt ot a sou tare-
euted by said Mcholaa and Peter Barrington to taM Jt.
B. OriOn. on tbo out day of January, liuv, for awe 30.
payable two yeare after date, aad praying that eald mort
gage may be foreclosed, the mortgaged premleee told,
and the proceed! applied to "tho payment of the taid In
tebUdneM. Bald Nicholas and Delilah Barrington are
notified that they are required to appear and eotwer
laid petition on or before the M BataaUr alter the Slit
day of Auguat, .JD.W. --L , .--v ;! i
j Oolumbui, 0., July 10, loGl-rfwwatUt A last In dally.
CIITKD jU tht Offlot of th Btcfotary f Slats,
Until . . . . .-r.
Monday, the SJ day 'ol September hext, at 12
j " - , i-O'clock M.,- " 1
for furolahlBl the State of Qf4oituTrul. f(iHowi;
oounda to the buineUM . t T I W .i.'i iT fVUl
IO.OOO Bojhelt Coal, to be of the bait qualltyqual
at least to the lower vein of llocklog Coal, and free
from tlato, slack and dirt, r- X'.''TT
Tht fast to be delivered, without charge for inch de
lirarr. at the Bute Honaa in Oolumbui. i ' .'
'. ProMtaJt at be aooeumnted br lamplce. aa to saeei-
ry tht kind, quality aad price at thtfuaJ propoaedeobt
ta. 1.1 1 ... ... ,..!
i Bach conlraotor will be required to give feonda, with
approved teoarlty, lu double the amount of the eon
tract, oondltloaed fot the faithful performance of hit
contract. . - MM -
The bidi to be made and the contracti to be awarded In
aeoardanoe with the termi of the act entitled "An act to
provide for the purchase of Stationery, fuel, and other
articles for tna uenera! amtmoiy ana ntaui omctra,1:
patted Wtrch 11, 1U53. See Bvanj er. But, bo8;
Onnr. BlB8iyvc-jI .- 1Q oJ
Bid! to be Indoreed oa the ewveloos. J'ProDoaiU for
. l i ii ni. . II 1
ivnsianiog luei tor uit oiaie. . ,..,..1. v. .jf.r.. -i.
, Pue I f urn lined by tht contractor mail In nil caaea
be equal In rjtumy to the twuDlt,,, ITlle ntit vHU U
t'" . "' " Becreutry of.BlataH
ColumWi, Oifio7iuguj't' ifrf-titq:,
Examinationa of Gnrgcocn
rpnBKEWkLitii fE5t'Wci:rbn
M. the purpote of examining Surgeoni and Burgeon'a
Malee to the 0, V. M , tt the Ball of the House of Bep-'
rtumtatlret, la tne city of Colnmbut, ,on DJaDAjt,
aon to. comnieaoing at a o cioct p. w. ,
Mono but men In food health Und tem Derate habit!
aeed apply.' lurgeoni muit he men of luand borgton't
Mateo of yean' experience:- All' arc. required b
modlctStmuattS,1a good lutnaingamong medloalaitDt
Ia cetlmalhit experttoeo, two yeart art allowed for eve
ry year of httpltal- atteadaHoe. '- Oortiucates covering
pnrMuttttto aiuat be AioS vttb tbo BaorawtrZbtw
fore the candidate wUl bt admUtad to axamlmiUoa.' i '
t le hoped thle noUoe will be received taaatwrwtrt
?ff?OT.l A Willfatoi: BecV.
.r jor tna ianTAHTjuuar
end PXBJf ANBNr OtrBI of tb t
UnajtWiAg- ednq,Uit at,-ft
J'i1L IU Ji li lit- aJUAlaot
i r.-.JBrf BT', in. lUvrdoldwH
aaxi at v.v
.il il.i W li
; IpriS oiiiit M
; BE OK 01
, Prlot 1
I torn Ain
pataoai at si. 1m ay yesU
v., j
U.W AVr;9tlttl-
.arhranS CiiiiabI iief ,n t;'
Li atavt-dtEwUMI
OL0&,CUiU1h Aatttthtiiinalreaorf-v
0 kk Ol.iti taU dlraWai3itaJart--BtBulr-.1 1 , ,.
ewat amu pnwot w awtcn. BAIN Ot tkiW."
it'ti in
aprllS BO. Booth High itrt
pot that many of tht voters of tho Sorthara bt-H
axuv atilrt lo have flea. Oritwoiai Bb"n
Id. Omo TTarai-Pleat aanoUinjt Is W
' . . . . .... j ,vA ,u.than r. A tn
Justice of the Peace.
Ibitob IriTnaiii: ... - -. ,.iri:.i.,i"i'
' Plenae aanoupcM pie ae t ctadldtU f 9XJO) alaplloa
tht g0ao t & ;tha
I 'Jeaoe at ifonCioinsry low
Justice of the Peace. WM. I. HEYL.
To Pavers. J
tilDS BE llTEltlIVED ATfllE
15 Central Ohio lunatk) aiflum nntll noon, of HON
DAfT AVQi eth, for finoInK materlale, and radlo.
mrMha tad pantos the tlaovalk ha front of the Aeylun
!r7..Rr.r .treat. The iradlof to bo to the lint
naatred r the Olt Oounell. ' The onrtdng to bo of
loid sound Hmeitcne, four Inchot thlot, ana namnier.
dtcwed. taoh atone to bo at leaat two feet long and 1
imcbt 9im M atimt .UnM-foortbl of IU leniini ine
brlek to to bar and well wirnw ".'
ZbrriOTxxwaiJikwv lha work to ke Wwploted by th
Aral of Ootobor aoxt, and when done inhjeot to tho ln
rnmmaUmn .nd uMDtanoa of tho Betldant Irueteei. Tht
Ude to epoeirjr price of curbing per foot, running mu
art, and th. MTlacper tquar ard, iDoludlng f radtagl
'H,Mt4iff f HIWiS, aapt.
CX1XJ t tht Office of the Beorttarr.ot State
until 1 "f ..vt
A, 000 Beams Double Super JtoytlPrlnUng Pper,27(
by 41 lncne,, to weign noi wea man 00 poanae;M u
reetm, . v . ir'nT i"in .1 Twr-.i
IOO Reami Doable flat 0 rt 16 by S7Jimhea, to weigh
at leaat wpouadato Ibe ream.
IOO Beoata Broehurs Oovor Paper, laeorUd tolori, u
by 87 Inchei, to weigh at least 26 ponndi to tho rtaan,.
The quantities tbort) fiatned to be inereaied at the op.
uon 01 tne beoretarj 01 oiaioi 1 ;
Bidt muat be atoempanled by aamplee of the paper,
and mnet enmlfy tho' price aitwhicheaeh kind and quail,
ty will bo delivered at the Slate Boon In Columtnu.
No aamplee of an Inferior article need bo preiented ;. the
paper muit be oi the beet quality.
The delivery of the Saner Boyal and Cover Paper to
eommenoe on tha rit of Movembor next eniulng, andi
continue ao tne paper enau no needed.
Tho delivery of tht Doublo flat Cap to eontaence on
tht nret day of Seoember aoxt, aad aooMaaa ae-obova.
Boodi, with approved eoourlty in double the amount of
ta oontraet.-wui be reqaina (aooorauir to law), condi
tioned for tho faithful performance of eaoh oontrtol.
The bidt to be made and the contract! awarded is ac
cordance with tho termi of tho "aot to provide for the
S arena te of stationery, jroei, ana 0 tner articles tor the
eneral Aeoembly and State Officers," pasted March 11,
una. .Bee garw. xiw; Bwan't ant. bod. -
Bidi to be Indoreed on the envelope!, 'Propoaalt for
furnhihlnf vaoer for the State." .mdh.)
Bidden are uiured that no paper will be received
unieae it oonrorua in every respect wita tn aampMi.
TprovitionvMlt4KricllvadArt4to.- . ,
Oolumbui, Ohloi Auiiiit 4, lfOI-dld
.,11.' !Be"tt' OltaJst .liiJ . id. -... 4 A
!'4 1 ''.VTBXTB 'vHIAT. JlOflB (BesT ffrWdsO
I . ,t rf m-m m- VnWeiTT' ' . CTrl1 nffVt . Jn .
.0 ;on- Zant tTnrTanti md Eaiilnl
tor tale Wholetalt and
n.K ji ua 1'' WM..H MBniAua;;.
Jl31 J4-t,.riioj Bohth High Btreeti "
Baltimore 1 Clotliiiis fiotisfiH
:( el 3 c ntU t- ' 14-:0 rmtkA
tn -10,'M,TCIBW, " "WV r'tAeas; m ar' '
i ,t .iNirtMl liat'sa
(tarwan inaaTT ahs aowaajt. jtMj
A Urs'Asaortamt al 71m aid tahtlsfiln?
a J,.1 'l-' ' X
aoous vouavunuy pB .xuut; .lft ,
Ci'lM ,ll 0 TirttJCI i -n
Wholeaalo tixaqt itetmll Sealer 1m
! Wa OK'TWAi.'' C3. a.
K.eea onatatntly oat bsiti4 all alio Ttt-
ii,irmriaj r.toaia VttAfll Ofj ..
I 1 Oct. 86-lyd ' " "'luv s 1 . f1
l. . m. MtTHATM IH7 A -W alhTStttyr-u k.Tj
:The anmertroi hlndi of adulierated and ipurloui',at!
eratai lorawtinme tnarttt, antk eapuvatlaa; aataeo,
trtsMM thau" nteltae whUe'ttrthKU and imrTty are
Wanting. James Ftle't Dietetic hat both itren.th end
purlry, ana I truly valuable,' Depot 845 tftthlngtoa
taraea,newycri' Boidtranetrt tvtrytrfeere.'
HEALTH, The blood muit bt purified, tnd all Bad-
Iclnct are attlcta which do not poateti the Quality of
iiuiuuiiag iub uiuvu w uiKuaravlia ucpariuc UllO. LUC
bowelt,, BtAirtawn't Puis voueu thai quality In' a
high degree, and should bt hv every family. - They are
tqually uteful for children tad adultt-vdapted to both
aexec. sad ars.as.fnaoeent u httadyyat toar awscatva
AS a ionra.-'..; '?,.. -n .'".'t:'.-74?a. l-f .i.
The lion. Jacob Beycrt, of Bprlngville, Ind., writte
to Dr. Brandreth, under date of May 11, 1861.
I "I have need your Invaluable Vegetable TJoiveraal
till! In nry fiuully linct 183U; they have alwavi euted.
oven whoa other medioinei were of no avail. I have
teen tht aieaai of ay neighbor! nting hundrtdi of dol
jan worth, ind I am aaOtfltd they hava received a
Tbey arc uaed in thil realon for Billom and Liver lilt.
moutano per cent, in Diet tea ncaitn. tnrontb uiair ni
tatea, lever and Ague, and all rheumatic cuee with the
aioet penootiaooeee. ia tact, toey arc tin great reu
toot In aickntaa, and I trait your venerable life may be
long t pared t prepare to taotllent a medieioa for tho
ate of nan.
,-VF.(ttjttscnd Bt tht lowest price by tht groee."
I Sold by Jotw R.. Otoa, Smggitt, Oolumbus,' and by
ii ivipeciaoie aewere in meuicince.
' jlylSdawlmo. '.
I'l ' II .'I
Ia all caaea of SoCfrrerjeat, dytpopein, klUloat and UVef
affection a. plles."rWnnitUa1a. fevers, sad sines, cbtft
eatt head achea, and all general derangenMsIa tf health
these Fllli have Invariably proved a oertain and tpctdy
remedy. A tingll trial wlU plao the Lift VI1U Beyond
the reach ofoom petition In the cttlmaUoa of avery pa-
tatnt. . . Jtr,
i Dr. Hoffat's Photnlx Bitten trill be found equally if,
Boadout In all oaeee of aervont debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, tht Hckneea Incident te fenaJeo U dtlkaM aealth.
tad every kind of weakneea of the dlgettlrt ergtnl.
yptjaleJ.Eo W. B. MOFIAT, 835, Broadway, tT. T.
aadbytUDrnggitte r i irt vr' attySS-dAoly .
The fbllovlng li an extract from;, a
Utter written by the Bev. J. B,,lT6hht;'puteHsr fte
Plerrepolnt-ltrect BapUat Okurch, Brooklyn. Bf. ,T..to
JBt "Journal and ateaeengtr," Olnolnnatl) 0,amd tpcaks-
vtlaaMt ta raver of that world-renowned medldbt, Mat'.
Vfraw'tBOTBiaroa0nTiwJaTiaurat 1.
"Weeeeaa advtrUiment la rww .Mlunmr egafat
Wnnurw'! Boorama Bracr. How wt Hw raid a word
In favor of a patent aMdleint befort hi aew lire, feat cm
maompeiiea wtay w yout reacurt Utat tbla ta ae aunt
bua-wa BAvaman rr. ab ia n troaau aaa n
oaaina. It laniohablv ant of tha naal aoraaaarnl niedl-
oineaof the day, btaaoeo it It oaa af the be.- And laoat
ot your raadon wwaave liiblot oau't do, bit-r 4hir
" "K,.,. ",.iJ
l mi a:Tj.iTe rjtaiiriwa.'i:c 1 fh"'J'
III II llMM II '"'1
lb Adrtbef, ttvfcj beta tutored t fcoaJlA la (oy
VttKt h fcveri almpU getaedy, aOtraiaftoti(ev
tral yaatltt sovwrt tang a(t6tt,' and Oit, drA-I
dlaeait, CotununpHon It anxloua tfi mail known,tkl
fellow luflerenl tht t oartA bo .ultimata ,
f TaaUwhodeelaU,owffl otnd a'omerCfcpreaorii-
Voa aaed (free of rtarj(e),.wl t the dincdoos for preptr-
3 and uaing tha pwa, Mb tbay will And t tots Oia
Oomoamoa, ArrwaTMkSriTltVeIhe only
tbjtotof At 'adWflio In teadlak' Ihtrestrlptioa It tt
benefit the i 'm ed, and spread tofonaatloa which hcijwt'
eatvet to be i.. v;ual'le, todlkt he pee avciy italeecsattU
Monday the Si day of September next
tieoiK iihi noon, !' ;
forVunbhlog paper'io' tht utflof the Btole of 'Ohio,
i jmmi a.T; I.v.-VAJU' A. Wi.tlN"
I .AS'''1.-, .-. WUUaaatBuvgh,.-.,
,w;it fifUl M extAatj Coaaty.ltirw
' csttwip - ...',-. , ...
ffdja 29 South Wgh 8tret, Oolumbui,
kb how Of t una . , mi, ,
l COOO yarde Iiavtling Brett Ooodt at BHi. value
mm vardt Traveling Dretl Ooodt at IXX. yawo v eui.
tnofl ;mli Ireneh Organdloi at lil, value S ooata)
aiuui ..Mia VnHl& BOramO ai IV M. mm Mm mum
T " . .... rt-i . r . . in
wdt Fatt Colored Ltwm at 10, value U ccnii.
i. ,y. I". s.-i.a n.... Rillra at S7U. nine 50 Mntl.
1RW Tarda onper nut v- w
pUbiaof Onudle Berafe, and InglUh Berago, at one-
'rr aU BAII tHM, i
Elegaiitiaca Mantillas.
33ii:iTa"ucto SON,
No. 29 South High St.,
H ATI juA opened kn 'Involet of very large ud
handaomo; -i. y."-tii i'-". ' " '
pu$her, french, and chantilla
' lace mantillas and pointed
Wide' French Lace3 foe Shawls.
Very Deep French Flouncing Ltce. ... r.
'Real Thread, French, Chantlila & Geneves
valenoiennet, Point de Gaze, Brussels
trand Thread; laces and Collars,
tut .-. ..'..'. -i ; In new Shapes,
" For traveling.
- , . ," . ?
. Traveling Dress Goods.
mozabbi(,t;ss, poplinb, bbbpbbrd'b checks,
a bilks, toil sb ohbtebs, '. .
. Tht hetttndtoetfaahlonable stylet In tht elty,
, oAT.-.VEflV. IXJW1 PRICKS." 4
Ml am
' 89 Bouth High Btrett.
R.Hv r.TO V A L. ,
Groceriesr"'';" "
Eoreigii and Domestiq Liquors,' '
. ... . Fruits, etc. etc.,
, i ' ' '.-
TO 2,
0C,'fiouth :High Street,'
Theold itaud rtcently'occupied by WM. McDONALD.
;jaJJ.HlilladtJlyiooelptof i i.
Which ht will tell
-f.r , .t-i v-
Ckeap lor Caah or Country- Produce.
Uj Ooodt delivered to City trade freef chargt.r
a t'Ll i
KlOe.'iihl'High" StreeV
Wfu- Jlii. tin
"F6reign.'f.and y'lmestio 'Fruils,
F L d U R Br A tf 3 1 fo V 0 RS; ETC.
Bteam getween Ireland and America!!
I -l.tif. '.M , ' -i , , ,
I The ftllewlng new and magnificent fint-elaiaj paddlt
wheel Btaemahlpt compote the above line;
ADRIATIC, 5,888 tons burthen,' Capt, J. Hacsv
j..lil ! (formerly of the Colling Line).
i' - tronncviy oftheColIlnSLine.). , ,
!RNl A, ' ' 4,400 torn burthen, Capt. N. Paowea. ii
JMBIA, 4,40 Lf M ' , , i B.LiiTca.
'AkA'ia ino '.' 5 "'i , i Nicaouoa.,
fiO, ".,',u0 ' ''i'"T'. Liana. w .,
I S.300 " - J.WAtaaa.
IOne of tht above ehipe will leave New York or Boiton
llcrnately every Tueaday fortnight, for Oalway, car
rying the government malli touching at Bt. Johns, .
i Tho Bteanwrt f fhlt lint have been eonitructed with'
the greatest care, under the tupcrvtalon of tha govern-,
ment, have Water-tight compartment!, and art unexcel
led fareetnfort, ttfety tnd ipeed by Bay iteuatn afloat. ,
Tbey aw commanded by able tnd experienced officer!. ,
tnd every evenlo will bt made to promo tt tha comfort .
AnLexpcrlenced Burgeon attached to etch ahlp. " '
(rr . HATES ejf PASSAGE. C ar-ltjt
I Int'clan N. y.or Botton to Oal way or Liverpool B 1 00
Beoond-otatt,; '-:i'? t 'ji1- ; 75
flrtHjuui, "'. toll John'l 35
Third-clan, d'Oa ' to Oalway or Liverpool. '
j v or any towa In-1 Mian d, an a Ballway, - - - 30
I Third-claia pattengert are liberal ly aupplied with pro
Viilone of the beat auaUly, cooked and aarvtd by the eer
vantl of the Company. r ... r. ,, , . ,
BETtBlr Tickets.
ParUee wiahtag tt aend for ihelr friend! front (he eld
Country can obtain tlokete from any town en t railway, la
Ireland, front aba principal ottiei of England and Boot- ,
land, at very low ratet. i
I Patten gert for Mew Tort, arriving by the Bottoa..
Bteamera, will bt forwarded to Mew Tort fret of charge.
I lor pataage or further Information, apply to- .
.. W-.iv..... .. yn. H. WIOKHABt,
I At tht offloe of -tha Oompany, on tht wharf, foot of
Canal itreet. New York J
'" HOWLAMD A AtPInVf ALL, Agents.
aprill9;d0m..if i i i , u f ,
1 jOOO yardi Buptr flain Black Bllki at 1 OO-valae
iMBSperrard. ...UC-l .
SaBOO yards Traveling Drttt ana. Mantle Ooodt at
it 19 ecntt raise ?0 centt pet ytrd," . r
8,000 Tlfdi Whin Brilliant! at 19 18 etatt '
Valt0ointparj8Tdr-, - -'
BtOOO rardi f ins aa Dot title OlogranuTgreatly an
f .ar valoa., r fTTsT f 50
'CfiAUIoOtttATIil "f 7
"vnrnrvoT'.taT'ftws,v ie,vir't
juiuuta saAiwat, ax.iiidua.
umn, calicoes, t jophth, ' (JL
Iftrpr tvnd FaahlonaUo Dree idrodd1 '
In'tht Mtctlrabltityle! and at wry lot art priott."'! -
Of aU material!, made i'4aa taotvtiyaih' Wanner'tier A
' .i-jriTTs veil iaja.ta.Bwrt, ...
LHgfwecrvr-t. m 88 " fl,
I Offtfn TTtf.trt
TTWhttt Cbedudar goperlor aeslltv. t(waJab-?Sn
htt " ,Bt.nWtaBkan

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