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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 04, 1861, Image 3

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The Adams Express Company plade u dally
.""V'TnEI. ?A?TW"I,!??
Th A morgan Exnress Company dm oat
thank for its dally favor In the shape of the
very latest eastern paper. , ?,
r, For Jul tic of lie Peaet, v
Rail Road Time Table.
Littl Mim 4t QuLtmiot Xxau Ba B.
-. ii' Si t. . Leaves. .','., Arrives
ninnlnn.tl livuHiimodntloii. 1:00 A. M. . B:10 P. M
Bxpres ...11:40 A.M. HMOA. M.
Hall and Accommodation.. :10 P. M. 8:00 r. H,
Night Expres yi Dayton.lx:00 mtdntgbi. a:w. a
.- , ! ."Jk, W. Dobirtt, Agent
OoLOetan A Ouvnm B. ft..'
Nliht Express 3:40 A. M. .' 11:15 P. U.
New York Express
0.0. AtO. WiyBxpreas.
.11:10 A.M.
.. S:30 P. M.
10:50 A.M.
i 7:40 P.M.
JaM FrrnioN, Agent.
No. 3 Express.
, 3:30 A. M. 11:21 A. af.
8:15 P. at. 11:49 A. M.
,,.. .: ' , ' W. J. Agent,
Prrnarjaoa, Oouman It OixcwXATt B. ft. .'
Mall Train ..v.. S3UA.K. 11:25 A.M.
CouiMan ft ImrtiiioFotM. ft. B. -
(OoLoaasi Vwa Ikduii B. B.) : .-
H. 1 .......... e:M A. M. 9:00 P. M
No. 8 .00 P. M. 8:45 P. M.
Aocommodatloa .......... i - . .. 10:60 A. M.
v .i . . o; yf., ttmu, Aint.
Attention! Columbus Guards.
v.. 1 i.-a I. MMk. mhniIui At th Armor
No. i dwynne Block, Mond ibt, Auguti 5U,at7),
o'clock. ' .
It li ptrtlcularlx deilred thaltrery memMr of u
Oonpany shall b pretent.' ;', .?
Br order of the Oommandanl. 'i
Democratic County Convention.
The Democratic Convention for Franklin
County, to appoint 'delegates f rom (aid county
to the Democratio State Convention, to be beld
on Wednesday, August 7, 18G1, met In the City
Hall In Columbus, on Saturday; August 3, 1861.
The Convention we called to order at half
.past ten o'olock A. M., and on motion of 8. W.
Andiiws, Orro DatsiL waa chosen President.
On motion of B. C. Ksnnv, S. W.-Andmw was
apuointed Secretarv.
S. W. Anoiws offered the following resolu
tion, which was adopted i
fleeoIW., Thit the delegates annelnted bv
this Convention to the State Convention, be,
ana tney-are nereoy instructed to put innomin-1
i on eiu.ioww Hcxei. compoeea ot iru, a
reliable Denworate.. t
motion W. mmpson, V
cveieiBtiDg ui one aeieEaie irom huu warn uu
to-nship, wa appointed to nominate nine dele-
gate to represent Franklin county in th State
Convention, as follows t Firat Ward, E. P. Bel
ler; Second Ward, H. B..Albery; Third Ward,
A. E. Hetidley; Fifth Ward N.Maurerj Mont
gomery Township, Alex'.' Mooberry; Clinton, P.
Hess; Sharon, Cbas. Marten I Blendon, H. M
Oeborns Mifflio, Jesse Baughmaa: Plain, Joea-
.i tV-I'. ' rf ' ' - f .( a ' rr.
inau iy.s ,inersoD, v.oiawenuirj.. Aiure,i
Jacob Powell i Madlion, John Cheney ; Hamilton,
Henry Miller'; Prairie, Jaa. McWiUUmi; Frank
lln, John' Hpffmanj- Norwich, John V.iArm
vruugj rerrJ( D.o.n.onQOT. .:.,
The Convention lb en adlonrned to two o'clock
P. M.
. . .3 . c -a i i
Oa tbej re assembling of the Convention la
the afternoon, Judge Ai.ir.ar, on behalf of the
nominating commUtoe, submitted the following
ai the name of the delegate to th Stat Con
vention: .... . . ' '":
Horaoe Wilsoa, Columbuj; 6lto Dresel', do.;
II. B, Albery, do-i Thomas Arnold, do.; Jaoob
Relnhard. do.i W. B.VPreeton, Frankllq town
ship; John Chsneyi Madison; Godfrey Nel
wender,- Jefferson i David L. Hilton, Blendon,
Geo. EarharLTruro:1" ' ' " " '
The report was adopted, and th Convention
adjourned. V H ."' '.' "
OTTO Pres't.
S. W. ANDREWS, Secretary.
STTbe soldier who wa put on the chain
gang tha other day, "deserted the gang yester
day morning, and has not since been beard of.
TWV ii'(-' . . ' a a,
n aicojnc tfivoriDie oPDorwnitv. ne knocked I
Zll ViTlZ?
uuuH aj w a uuumg aaruuB wuu uuui I
v . , .
a-Ta m ,f f. . . T , j S . . I
u t . ,01 vuuutm, AV.f ,iaw
sergeant Major in the 17th Ohio Regiment, hu
been appointed, Drill-Mast I Cavalry at
Camp Chase, intiead of T.'W, Votsmi. hereto
fore named, .
JO.''. (;
CP Tbe ".Madison Boja. Is the name of a
company which came to Camp Chaso on Tues
day last',1 Tbey are mostly young men, native
of Madlaoq county. ' Their officer are i'.Cap-
ttin, JaooB.'Pimi t y lt Lieutenant,- Jams
Watjon ; Si Lieut,. Jcsbh Duo Tbia Is tb
Luith company (hat Madison coatty has placed j
in the service of tb United State
-'I ' I
i i i.i i , i i
CT SomO .membeta et ComDanv I.CaDtalar
MoLACoHtiKi Of tbe First Regiment, belnlf nn-
; ciHii na aooouoi : ot ineir pay not oeing
forthcoming, 'on .Friday "'night' ..last, committed
an assanlt- on PiymaBter MoDowll, at the
Capitol, in wh!filh waa alightly lnjured."..The
Vedettes ahd Fehclble were called opt and ar
rived at tb scene of actio in time to prevent
more serlou eonse'quenceeComptpy. 1 were
paid off in the eours ef the hleht k
J " ''''.' a ' ' "'-:'' t--'
D" All the companlea of the First lieeiment
have Received' tholr pay', and. the' Fenclbled and,
vedette of ta Boono 1
il v
' D John Jiwitt, Bon of H. Js Jcwcnv of
I. I
Ztneeyllle," President of the Central Ohio Rall
road. was aooldaotally ehot at Clarksburgi V.,
on Wedneeday laat, . The; father immediately
repaired to Clarksburg,'- toV remove bis son, if
possible, to Wheeling. iC'aTe? ikifW.'.M- V-.
'i 'i'i ill 'I iaia V 'J ii ' ';' ' ' ' '"
EtictfoN ,, omtiBTh. .eltotjoriof 'A 'i
JnsUq of-thePeaoe op Montgomery towbehlp
Ukea place, to-morrow,. Monday,, August. 5. 1
The election, in' the- dlfferenl werd of M city
and la" the township will 'b: held at th usual
place of,; holding. lcclopii';';:TACoaV!ttN.
mma ta the Democratio eandldat for Justlc.
Amt BoBjwTkngarParwns Jntciejted'.wlU
find In' our vertlalng'himrit 'the; ad.t'ertUOk
ment of the Commlwary-Qmeral, DaxaNO,
tor prOpoaais ,ip( rilmlshJog dally rations to the
troops ak t-'fj0 ctmp in this State. Tb pro
possl maal'y.bBded. In. by Tbaraday next,
th8J,Li.1f.',k ti1'
tott b w evlt.i
1 1 . -
' !
J- il.. i 'I I I I mm I
Anvtwrnsi 'AewatTiatt AnvimUf hat
is tbfchf U d,'an4 etandltig naverUee
ent,Mo,UUM;will -pm the tnOt
aiBnraflvtatJeMt T have fbnnd It to during
my burnMS CarerrrTt)r should von
withdraw but 'lrtel-w.et'k;f.nriilh nr"r In
'iVf .
which jgu sjtA aqp.uetomed.to advertise I
on that would ba th tim- wb com, wouid-b-nw
wostoaer frill look kite th raner
your Irai!ninrd6wind"ertlndinr
Will NH VCTST jmH.taMWluei.WH ILUAa
rinT. 4liili.. I "(! amir.. i9 tMCMieir
1 1
more bad Mws, ftr jverjbcdy jt klrdy In J
Editing mood, , 3 1 f . ;
". '".a, .
HT Th prloes paid for wool at London. 0.,
rang from 29 to J8 eeote.'t TtYT ' ij
; in. in u. . , -
Cowonmoii.--Hoir often do w heAV the
J friend by the hand of thl f.1f.fe
Mwerv oftea U t-iM They bad kauonlt eeU
tied on their lunge end the died.'' iCeri then'
it 1 admitted thatbomor waa the primary caoew
ui tunir uidcuo, ii ii inee nuinore apoa woicn
we wish to ipeak. Kennedy's Medloal DIboot
en baa been before the oiiblio for some twelre
years, and 'In"tbi time ,1' lera been
thoroughly teeted 'eertiflestef nr'f dally being
recjeived by lie Froprietoa 'Wbe11 diieeUona, of
persona ouxad ol, hnmotooe diaeases f now, If
ueee persons bad suffered these humors to re
main Jo their system, they might i this hare
been tbrown into a, consumptjoo or 6th e fatal
miiaay. ieiayi are dangerons. ..'.isnta.M
OT Boorbntlo diseases are ,the street slock
from which arises a large prpWr'tfob of the Tat;
al maladies that afflict mankind. Tbey are, M
It were, a speoles of potato rt, in the hurnar
constitution, which nndermlnee and corrupt all
. u .n - r ti i. .11. t ' . i
ug suuruva u& lis Tiiauij BDtt Qaeieu Itft.UejQa
They are the germ from which eprlrigCbntamp
Hon, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Llrer Com
plaints, and Eruptire Diseases, whioh, will
recognized a among those moat fatal and de
struotire to the races of men. , So dreadful are
It consequences to human life, thai 11 1 hardly
poeaible to orereatlmate the Importance of a
actual, reliable remedy, that can iweep out, this
SorofuloMConUminiMon. ! We know, then, we
j obeli proclaim welcome news to bur reader of
one from such a quarter as ,VIH leave llle
doubt of Its efficacy and still more' welcome.
when we tell them that it eurelr doe a room
plieh the end desired,,'. We mean Affa'it6jtT
SAfABiLLA, and It 1 certainly worthy the atteff
tion of those who are afflicted with SenfuU er
Scrofulous complaint. Resitttr,' Albany, Jf,
Y. ' . 'raut3-lw
Mailt for New Tor oitv. Boatan. Aiw. ff.in.
PIttaburah. tteubenTille nr. Olmbuiil. Zuumllla.
oowirK. uiutu a. nuniniiDnu tr. HiuunnM. nil..
delpbla and New Orleans, dot dAUr (Bandayt except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. ft. , 7 Tr. TT-
A thromh mill for Ne TnrV ml.nA ' ia.
oiijipona7eieeptd) at o'clock p.m. -.
.v. ku. n. a. wav auuoioses aaiweanaavsax'
I etpted) at 9 o'clock r. m.
Olnclnnau Way Mall elotes daily (Bandars exoepted) at
'J r'' r '
jo, Mui. elom Wl, (So. M S Vciock
lem. . .T; IT7T . . T rrv
wmm w AHaraaya ranaai at o'eMetx . ta.
,ioTOTUa? 13.:
- vrnoa, ftq.ua, tubb ao UBloo OU anil ulnaes dally
BHIHU7I aXOapWOj M O OWeC p. at. 1;;if. .
Uaouter, Loaan, Netonvtlte, Olrclovtll, ChllUcotbe
" . I. TIT - ... I . . t . . I . r .....
iviimoovui, nvumgiun v. n.. cnne, aianeita ana
HllltMnQth MaUev.t lei daily (Siwdaye txoeptad) at 8
e'oloek p. Mi - If.w V r-: .'...,,, r , I
, aaet waynau byiratioaal Boad ta reattTllle ofcieai
auy tBtuuian raeeptM) at l o'oioek ax
BarrUbargli lUlleloeei dally (dandan jtedl 8
o oloek pi a.' '' '-' ' " -' j'f-iA (K.
Mt. Temo Mall, by Way of Werrllle'and BanborV,
oaet dally (londayi szotptod) at 8 o'clock p.m. -
. Babllii Mail eloWs dalJyfSimd exrtrt5at 8 o'olock
' r' 1
tfalli hmm Ne Yor. Bn.t m.' HruAth.iia 'fcnff.in.
Aniany, PltUborgh. OlrreUnd, Ilntoii Toledo, Xenla,
-lf wA",.l-"r,"3
cpnugueia, vmeinnau, umuicotna, It. ijonia.
o'clock p. . and 4 o'ciook a. nv : '
Mall, mm Indlananolla. nhln anil Tlnhnnn .w.
at 3:40 a. m.;,, r
. Malls from Washington City, Baltimore,' WlMennV,
ttaeevllle, Newark, ft Ma ban tu la. Ml. Vernon, and the
tt aj vail, mn pa IS O C10CK m
nay aiau urora uinotnnatl arrVrea at I o'clock ; p.
Uncaetar MaU arrive at 8 o'eiook n. . i J X .
Bait Way Mall omr tha NatlAnai RaaA urtniiill
v 'ciook a. at. . .
Mt.TeraoaWaylbnafTrmallrMa.ii. -'
Mall from Dublin urine at 19 a'slimk a.
TJrbana Way Mall arrives at 8 o'clock p at. ' jl i'f
Barrlibargh Mail arrivee at 11 o'olock a. m.
Laooaater Way Mall arrives ad 18 o'clock m. 1
' Office deliTlrv onan arar d.v I..Mnt flnn.Uw WAM.
7 o'clock a. a. to 8 o'eldok . m. Opea a Snndayi
from m to 9 o'clock la the morning, and from S to
ti m ua u, evening. . . .
j . V A.atchojor'r Eftjr Pyet. J
This splendid Hair Dye has no aaoal butantanaou'k)
effoot Beautiful Blaokor Natnral Brown no staintag
tUsktaerliOaimgtha&air -mefflesaMaMar an
elfeet of Bid pyea, asd jhivlgoratas ihe.aalr for lib.
Bone are (enolno aaiem Hgne "W. 'jk. Batohetor'
old everywhere.1 1 ' '" ii:. ;
0HA8. BATOHBIaOB, Proprietor, '
B1 Barclay Street, New font.
HAlix 4 JDTIr HAIR 1 DTE.'
.wm. a.. Bfttoneion aaix vjt
lha Oriirlnal and aai ' la ' tha Wfl
. ArJ others are mere Imitations, and should be avoided
QBAT, BSD OB RCBTT. HAIR Dyed Instantly to
beautiful and Natural Brom of Black, wlthqut ,lnt l
HatrorBUn. -J' ".lwi..m'i-
awarded to Wm. A. Batehelostnoe 1839, and over 80.00 r
ap plication have been made t the. Hair ot his patroae
etbillkmoaidyet i --n r. j .u i.
WM. A. BATOnBLOB9 fiAXB BTB rodaceMeol
or sot to be distinguished froaj nature, and is wamutsd
not to Injur la the toast, however long ltmeyieeaasla
ned, and the III effects of Bad ys remedied; '(hsflflt
i i . ... . ii.. i. in . ..... ' ' 'IK...
UTigorated far Uf by this splendid Bye,
0o la m ell ettlee and towns of the United State I
Drtlf rttl and fane Ootxtt naalflra.- :' "
Plennrft)g on tour etdeeof each ties, r WILLIAM
81 Barabvy street. New York
..jmiMjimi Liwi'a' a.
iLi.AWw T
'ft l.'t i
si v.v."J
t'"Mliit 't:
' .
fyrom tb Mewkork Obsarvsr.1
111 parties anhnfaetoriDg Sewing Machine are ob
lira so pay Mr. Mow a Uoena on h aaaohiaw aald,
and ar a'o compel lad to maka returns aimvrdT
oath, aa te the number old, hie book gin aeonwetatuaa
ment. Prom thli reliable soaro we IuN obkauMd th
:L'W1B s"" Of ths machines mad la that yea
1859, (her were sold, ,
y I B Wheeler At Wlhwa ,l,3( ., ,
j . j I. M. Singer a .Co.'lO.ftJL - r '
jS(rlgtb sales of WWies h WUn, ,4osfJn
thoas f aoy ether Oaawaw -r ,,,TjJ ii
I Awarded th hlgbert ax!nr)i ttay-"! V. n 3n.-
tl I . Volt State f tr of SbaS, ISM ariBt .f
jp , .".!.. . .also at th .m:Ii .uoiuni)i
' -Ohio Stat Valra f KB nd lMf .tir
, aad at Marly aU tha- Ooemty fair ta ta Stan. .
'! Oxr price, at the lata ndscttot. art aw turn wm my
took smcA miaehia now sold, ana bat s trine bih.thaa
th tntarior it dtraa ttaw aMoA wailtaa, now
bread noon th market. .
I Tit WBBBLKA at W1XI01I KA0B1SB avaxtllS
torrt Btiow thoonlyOMWhlchoannot b raveled. At
IsAux oBwnSinaao(tewwdk1MM
aiott wuUrMtin
AU maeMntt warranted t tMrv, and tMrwMoA
gtrq m tntu . we of ernnr. . j T-r! (v-rj
, i i HTeBABI, SI High St., Coraabas, O.
T nu.BUuiuavv
lecl-lkweBaWkwsm IMtalsOpeaaataawv
8hi;i'ji f
'' . . T""i.lweli i 3 a . rv
:a 1" - " l AWwwUAtoWwaar1'' ' - "
nfan co-pa rit'jrf -is jt 1' iritBETi.
JL -tor (rtatrn twa tb Dndorvlmcd. WB4er thd
BjnaaaMolAKUalUOJia At IIlOtfPaON, waa AiMnlvi
dy mutual aooMn ton th flit day of AprlLlBel,
!. blnlof lb b-iotrmwul t aMtIM tor 111 B.
AxMstboiioj Who eontinat, ths hmhios W iht eld r"ld.
,,H . ?J IVa'a' ' AsrB)ll.'"
r " f , VH I
. W.tl't.J
- " -
Jra-IA; mv
.rvn'ittiiattB ,
i . i (
ns ju aiiB Mwr?
iliB iKtae
TELEGRAPHIC. The Civil War in Missouri.
' Srtw4niu'W'Anj08 S.-Gn.' Steo-a-a-nt'
neyWiraand bar teturned frdttt Fpnythe.
Gen. Lyoa prabi high sp
proUtlon of thd generalship displayed by Col.
Slgel In 4b battll near Carthage, and of the
soldierlike o nail ties 01 nis einoer ana men, ex
Jhibited In tbw wpigemani; Coi Coffee has
oven reiowca uu wniug wa mi v uiii.iki,
MoColloch and Jackson' forces; having
daraatated . the eonntrv where they were ea-
oamped, are slowly moTlog northward in three
divisions,, for the, better subsistence of, the
NVUtr y" t - " ' V -.
W are auUMv awaltlne their approMh.' enr
trooD beine readv for a battle, th unfavorable
new front Virginia having inspired them with
a fresh deeir to recover lu the treet whatever
prestige may have been lost in the eet. ben.
Lyon's command il now only about 6000 strong
A eonaidarabla number of th three' month
mm have gone te St. Lout to receive their pay
and be moetered ont4( lervlee, a great majori
ty of whom will1 undoubtedly re-euiut ana re
"The moot outrageou falsehoods are being
circulated in Arkansas and, Texas to indue men.
to nliatUtheblUon. ; ;.. ,,.,, i.
An to
Washington—A German Regiment
to be Raised.
InDiAHArOLis.' Anensi -Tte Twentieth In
diana Regiment,. CoL, Brown, fully- equipped,
left here this evening, via Crestline and Pitti-
burch. for Washlneton
', Governor Morton ha authorized th railing
ot a regiment oompceed entirely of German;'
companlea of Lawrancebarg, Aurora, n ew Aioa
nr. Evanivllle. Terre Haute, Lafavette,' Pern,
Fort Wayne, Brookville and IndianapoliB, are
expected to compose tne regiment. , . "
An Old Man Shot.
St. Joiiph, Mo.. Anenat 3. A gentleman
jut from Lexington, Missouri, report that one
of the oldest citizen In Latayette county, jis.
S. Llehtner. was shot in attemntine to pass tha
cuarda cut oat by Col. White' command. Th
eitisen of Lexington and vicinity are much ex
cited over his death. ; - . - .
Arrival of the Fulton.
St. John. N. F.. Aueuet 8 The steamship
Fulton from Havre on the 23d, via Southampton
on the 24th, arrived off Cape Race this morn
ing. ; ." . ' n
The Pulton's advices are three days later.
In the London discount market, the minimum
rate wa 5 percent.
Amerioan securities advanced.
! Sojrar. Coffee tnd Rice ateady ; Tea and Tal
low quiet. ''-- - t
uenMls advanced to Ba,(gau lor money ; ao
90 .or account. ,.. .." , . , ..
[Special to Commercial.]
" WaaaiNaTON. Aueut S Souroee wbioh are
thought reliable pay tb Hons of Representa
tive will b adverse to the proposed Increase of
10 per cent on th present tariff, ,ll la believed
to have been ascertained that a considerable
mority wlU rote promptly for it rejection.
. Th Senate Military committee are rigidly
scrutinizing the army nomination sent into
tnem. . it 1 not probable that Major imory, or
any others that have wavered at a critical mo
ment, will b confirmed. -,"-?
Another Riot in Baltimore.
Niw Yoax. Ana.. 9. It aooears the New
York Fifth .Regiment, en route home, was
stoned whll oassino threns-tr tb Sixth Ward
in Maltlmore, on Wednesday night', by a crowd
wh cheered for Jeff. Davis. The nncg was
returned wttn bullet, nrinotpauv at one uous
Citizen professing' to be Unionist begged them
Another report save the soldiers charged bay
onets on the men lining the sidewalk . Several
hot ware fired, but nobody, was hurt but an of-
noer "who, in endeavoring to arreat a rioter,
wa alightly (tabbed. Several arrests were
made, bat all were released on taking the oath
ei allegiance to the united state.
Another Riot in Baltimore. The Reserves of Pennsylvania.
HAiansntoj Pa.; Aug. 2. Tbe entire force
of the reserve regiment of Pennsylvania wa
plaotd nndr th command of Gen. McCall, by
order of Gen. McClallan, Eleven thousand of
the reserve will be sent furw&rd.
Steamers in
An'gnst2The BaltimorO Ex
change aays three federal steamers which left
rortr Monro on Wednesday, reached tbe
month of the Pocomote river tbe same evening!
and in attempting to asoend tbey were repulsed,
and fn retreating tbey ran aground. " The
Virginian sent for' reinforcements, and tbe
capture and destruction of .the vessels, was ex
peoieOVrn .. . ; -i,!t tr;.. :,.. ,., eri'i ft
Baltimoxk. August 8. The three gon-boita
which went up the Pocomote are now aacbered
off the month of that river.' They went up tbe
river six anile, and lound th report of battery
at sneiitown, ma., erreaeoas, ;. .; - - .-
VVashimqton, August 2-rTh appropri'alions
aireaay made by vongres amouot to wxw.wu,
000. : The 6ecretry of War ask for $200,000,-
uuu mor for tbe new volunteers., Jit it thought
not more man eu.uuo. volunteers will b ac-
oepted. 1 - i --- .fi.'-i".-(..
OongresB will probably adjourn MondaJ.;,
' -
Gen. Fremont at Cairo.
; Caiao, August 3. Gen. Fremont.' atafil and
fleet of eight eteamer and four regiment ot
miantry, several aetoneq companies of Jnlan-i
', ana two compamee ci light, aruiiery, ail
ly eaalnned. trrived here at five o'clock this
afternoon. ."'u.t . ion ,wa.i4;j
They were enthutlaattcaiit received v the
soldiera and oitiaeaa. - v . ' r v. - ij ' ir--; i
A salnte was nred bv th -Mtterw 'at Fork
rrennss. , 1 "":' ::. " , - "; - -
"The- trooM .wdraJanded at Bird's Porot. swell-
Ingth itweavat that eamp to abent 6,000.-. -.-
t here is do new from ' the rebel camp to-
il ; V-V , ' Jt)... .u t4 Oil it c.
The steamer B. P.' Cheney. intnff Jn. con-
nection with the Illinois Central -aad Mobile
and Ohio Railroads, was Mired at' Columbus,
KentqckyV.yCTtrd.y, by rebels from Tenneaeee.
mm a
Additional by the Fulton.
Th Pop ha received fresh assurances that
the freufin army will remain la Rome.,- -', .
JLivmroout-l:iour, qiioUlion easier. Wheat
hu dewtiward tendency. Beef dulf. .Pork
AJgt'J v . wfi :x i.- ..... i . .... r.
n l-'U'i i i .i i " hi n j ., iSfu a ,
Chasing a Suspicious Craft.
BostonV' Aigut 3, Letter received litre
from on board tb United 8tate ship Savannah,
off Cap Hktteras, Say ahe gave chase three or
four boor to a tutplolon vessel, when appa
rently to avoid biog captured, she ran over the
shoal and is high and dry on tb beach. .' Th
a made a dean breach over her. : be Wa a
full Pigged brig ef about 800 tons burden, end
her conduct ws most singular ,; throughout tb
chaaes'i She was out of gua ranger.be might
have got a ten inch shell Into her. W attempt
ed t gefHeefV enough M ascertaWjief true
character ,.bnt A dangerous dm kept'. away,
Th oouaUy wonadJe-.aniBhabjtabla.o-. The
aid bark la fifteen miles north of CsneHat-
tra, and4h 1 so rough that It- i impe-4
tlble to latrdr. W IhlbK sb may bath ptiva
test Jtff. Dtvis, or mm vessel captured by her
making for tome tplet on" tM rjoasttjf Worth
0 '.-.'" ijiJ-nir.
1i4 lni,a C-
taul WM,
FwiLADBLFRia, Aug. 2, Advice 4omc:th
Soatheay, at WjrjmthgtoB, 'North Carol ln;tb
towbeat Marin, cany log S3 men and) 3 goo,
went out on Thursday after the- Mtli t Mw
aawa, With k letter rf marque."1; Tbporltd
not ' lean- .-hlockaJicd.' and British vastels dame
almost oJly ;taliontisviM
(jtOrer',bcl umu m.7 nous 'qti. vol bvw
Tb flrardiitfti fof troops will beibadeWtbe
sodd Eutcs In a week or twot there is great
quaking among , th civilians la consequences
l.Ajsi. ilium, i iinittjtaB
NkV VoA. Anii'a irja(?fr..'wirtrnA W
inaV UC3, lrn j- ,,f, ,,iwa Ian,, .,,li
VB awlg hi Cs ttt retmPavwsbwswwe
poru tb'tliews tamrmed off Betmtida.tia
SStbvTff ' "f.tbat th John Elliott
had loeinjckasiA is a rMm brliTht
ohHd.ea th,i .a. k a I'-tIs en ,tb.&.7thl
- a uvorf bat wati-
I L "L - T
VNiirv 4
Thirty-Seventh Congress—Extra Session.
-The eiureistinc w ua rerenui kit tea ana
taken op.' It prof Wee that th Secretary of the Nary
may enarcor or parcuaeo aaaiuonat veaieu lortnarov
onueiervlo'. fatied. t,.. '
- Mr, Hal, from th Narali Committee i reported back
tbe Ull authorlalng the. eonstrncUoq ,of twelve mall
aide-wheel ateamerev Paeaed. u. iS
The raparl of the committee of Coorermoe'en th
raeolatloh to pay the widow ad Stephen A. Donglas,wae
read and aereed to, and the bill paeaed, -.
Mr, Blauaoaa moved to take np th resolution tor ad-
jeurameat. Agreed to.
nr. eimmone morea to amena, so as to perant in
Hoeat to adjonra oa Batnrday. Laid over. -Mr.
Bimmons moved that 0i Benata meet hereafter at
eleven o'eteok. Agreed to. ' .
Mr. Wilson moved to take op the reeolntion approv
ing the aoti of the Pneldent. Agreed to.
Mr. Breoklnrldge mid ho shoold not believe tbe Senate
ever Intended to take a vote on the reeolatloo; he
thought benators were willing to let it have the go by, ,
Mr. Doollttla moved to refer the roooiution to the Ju
diciary Committee . -loot you 17, nays S3.
Mr. Sherman spoke at length. Be approved of all tbe
President' ete, axeeptoao aathoriiiag the Lient. Gen
eral to eiupend the writ of habeas eorpaa, aad for tkis
reaion he cool not yoto'or inia resotaiion. , . i
Mr. Blmmone. bviiOBsent. mad a reoort frara the
oommittes of Oonferenoa on tbe tax bill. The bill re
ported by tha committee of Conference Is eatentlilly the
llouie tariff Mil. Cue 10 per eon, advalorem h striok-1
en oat. The doty raised on spirit, wines, liquors and
silks. The income tax Is placed at 3 per cent, on sums
over 8800. .Xhdntfontugaris8e.toneoffe3Mo.and
en taUe..andtwnty ml II lone of direct tax. jJ i- - I
Mr Johnson, of Tea., said ke should vols forth bill
to carry on ths war.
Tne report was aereea to yeas h, nays o. i .v .r T1
The joint reaoinUon from ttioHoueezDreeainiinnDai-
toy with the bereaved (amines or soldiers who had fallen
In defenie of ths Republic, was taken np and pined.
Ms. Wilson offered an amendment anproDriitlot 830.
000,000 for the oolleeMo and orgaeliitioB of the volun
teer, provided for 1 tne mu to inoreaso tee army and
navy. At was reauceir rrom w,w,wi to vxv,uw,wu,
adtlkMllMaad.-' tam- -
- The eommnieo on Judiciary reported beck the-meta at
rial ef f Stanton of Kan. ' - -'
Mr. Lac vroteated. aad said the people of Kanias
wouia Boteonseni to kls giving np au seat to accept a
Brindler-Goneralihrn. . . ",T.::. t.cj if. S.
The Ull confiscating rebel- propvefty tra recommitted
to tlio oommittes on Judiciary - -1 " ' 1 -The
Senate took op tha tariff Mil as amended1 by the
aouie, and alio tnediraet tax MM. - 1 , "
The Benata committee wero or the ODlnlon-tne'two had
bettor be united; they therefore took up the direct1 tax
mn a us uouas panes It, wttn nnenential alteration,
and then the Income tax nroooiition of the Senate. The
report of th eoamlttaw ot oonferenoa was concurred
in. ' ,... , ... -... . . j. .. .
Mr. Krnahaa.4 f.ocn the Jadlelan Oommlttac Mnnitc
thebllltopnlMiortln crime. It DrODoaaa tkatn.
oiuiiiog In any Slat er Territory for seme In an army
noauia w-Hia uniiea niaw, oa oonaiaena a big! mndoi
meaaov, paniahable with a flna ot from tX) to 81,000,
and impruonuont of from one to five reari.:. Tne.MII
panUhes limilarly tboie who thus enlist, and thoi who
oj worn, wnunr or pnoueauon onoeuraaw nob nuit
ments. 1 fci.t..: j' ....... i -a .- ir. i-iii
The bill Daaaad.-r.'t v i,v. -. i ,,i n i,- sa: 1
' The 8ni t the adjourned, v . ; n t- .vjr
Hoc. On motion of Mr. Cox, It wes' .L
Buolvtd by ii SmoU and Hautt. That wa.acknowl.
edge the faithful aervlcee and loyal devotion ot our aoldUr
who hare fonght and fallen defending ear flag and vindi
cating the supremacy and majeaty ot tha republic Wo
commend to a generous people and to the army, which I
nowaanrfor thaeonUatwith-nnyiekling courage, th
unptrianiblo honor of their example.
Home lima was occupied In a diicunlon of th bill to
oonflicato the property of those found in rebellion.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2. Nominations for General Officers---
Rebel Loss at Bull Run
to be Six Thousand Killed and
to be Six Thousand Killed and Wounded---Rumored Capture of a
Company of Rebel
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
WASHmoTon, Ang. 2. Tha"ftllointf noml.
natloni -for general officer of the volunteer
force war cent to th Senate to-day: - Briga
diet Generals to rank from May 17, 1861. Col '.
uavia nuniw,. ihlra uavalry ; Col. w." j,
Sherman, Thirteenth Infantry j Cha. S, Ham
ilton, of 1 Wisconsin v Lieutenant Don Carlo
Bueii, Adjatant-tienerar Offlco ; TWaor Jme
Oaks, Second. Cavalry pf Quartermaster's D
part meot . .-. n j i jii i ,i ; :lu j ,,., .,-... k
Assistant Quartermasters, with radk 'of Cap
tain Jis. A. Swayno,', of .Wisconsin;'; Justin
Uodgew or . Connecticut; John Mc Haver, of
New York; Robt. M. Lambrol Indiana; Sam'l
Chidwlckj.of Micblgan,-M D. N. Lewls.of
ww; wm. k. Mopkinsof i?ew York1""
The' commissions; of Brlgadier-GeneraU 'so
far appointed. All date May -11th, Jtiut it should
be understood thatthe'old offleers oVtbe rmy
rank as civilians, and that among civilians it I
intended that West Pointer should have prece
dence. "
' Col. Hunter, to day appointed Brigadier
General, has been recommended as Major-General
of the. Illinois volunteers by a delegation
irvm him owe. t tt.-u.'ia- . L,.n.llj iA
juetter nav been received trom Commodore
EngW, ..from Hong Kong:,f The COiBmodore
went out by the Overland route jrith order to
bring home the fleet now in China, under com
mand ot Commodore Stribbllng, of South Car
ollna. ' .The fleet was not at Hong Kong when
Commodore Engle. arrived there, but was be
lieved to be not far off.
Thomas A- Scott bat been appointed Acting
secretary ol w ar curing- - tne- aosence ol lien.
Cameron, who goes- to Pennsylvania to -rcrnit
bi health,, ' - 'rh v
C&pt. W. G. Sherwin of the Cinoinnarf fly
ing Artillery, bas been appointed Colonel, end
will organise a regiment consisting of ten bat
teries Of six pieces each.. He baa invented
rill cannon with which one battery at, least will
oe supplied. ' -si b t,-.ii
[Herald's Dispatch.]
It ha been observed foe several day past
tnat in reoei engineer nave been making ob
servations in tbe vicinity of tbe Chain Bridge.
with so much of detail as to merit particular
attention, .. This has been- given by General
McClellan la peron:- He ha visited the neleh-
oornooa aauy, ana postea mmseit in regard
to their movements. , , There is no danger of an
attack from that quarter. Unquestionably the
enemy has been making vigilant reconnois
sauces there to ascertain it th position may be
turned .or tried, ''.Tbey Cannot afford t9u cross
the Potomao higber tip, and tbey will pai cross
MrtM.dd Mtr ' l ui' '! .vi . u ac.'-.l-i
Awweo ln tne rebel army has written to
me to Winchester.' va.. that tbe lossoftheri-h
els at Bult Ruu iSBOtJeea than P.000 kUled apd
5 In addition to tb Kentucky reetment oi eav-
alrr nnder CoU Young, tb Secretary ef War
basj tnthorixe the Organlsatloq of two addition
al efralry regiments under Colonel McRaynOtds
and Warren. CoL i Young' 'regiment. 1.200
strong, wilt ail be mustered in to service .in a few
UyBi;l,r wiotHaws tt-ias m ''.in .) iu l. v
Capt;iSamueI W"OwenV"lbrmerlj of, the
rresiaent mount eauuaras, na been, elected
Liautenut-ColoBel, and Ernest M. Bennett Ma-
IorofthS regiment..' i J - " ' o-
[World's Dispatch.]
It' Wrutabred that a company of 100 Confed
erate oavalry: was ; captured bv our troooS St
Bpriagaeld Mtioa, n th Orange k Alexandria
Kaiiroaa yeneraay. "3 ,. -oj f u
f'A lady school teacher reached, Washington tb
bight from Manassas, Where eh 'las been ' de
tained three day. She confirms all the pre
vious report of the immense number ot killed
abd woaoded there, and say it i; manifest in
her judgment that the troops are In no esudlUoQ
to. move front their present entrenchment. 1
Our Army in the South.
lished his headquarter herd for tbe present.
Col. Grant's and a portion of Col. Turney'a reg
iment, and four companies of Col. Marshall's
cavalry, are quartered here, Water is both In
convenient and Impure, and a change of rendes-
wous will be made as soon aa arrangemennioaa
be perfected for an encampment.
. .Brigadier- General jHurlburtj was ; detected
rem bera to-day to select oamnins erewnd netr
JfferTjn City, where 3.80O trorjM,wlll;be;TrTD
greeated -under' GeberAl Pope's command.
i.umi rnra, ainnn in urn rnmminn m
r . . i i . . . .l !. . . . . . . . . i
ail th force north of St, Loiifs'.' 'These troops
Will consist principally of Illinois regiments,
together by themselves, aad the torm-.eo
Brand arm of the Western araayATsia division
will b ready,, after thorough drilling and
TlorOrouaidisdlDlln In eamp, for an advanoe
rjtibTmnt through Arkanua andTezulowaidl
McW Orleans, aa ooa -tbe .aoesiwrti.iit
weather abate sufficiently to warrant th health
df the troops jaitbatenroete'. A.TpBtt'..,of. these
troop v to b mad up of tb ty)w, reim.ct(tA
tatjlpceved.oa utno.o nu.ni ut ..-t,)
1 ()m; PanahMartW' rinlPVia'tW' Viitrral van
Bior'sc6ttaBndeemidg ltfn lurtqbd'e
fioiency. ot thd troeps fet service. "The peopj.,
win be heiiAtnctly respoflsibie.ioraepteflatlpo
committed, It boetilitieeoaaBJd troor aye
caJi t tne teller, tbey wm a nun so.iue.ent
numbetalo take poMeselon ol tne TUurgcsw
villagevlts th ritflS may be, making; quarter
.L. -r4-j..:; ..it, r.i. ;i,.-.tr-l
Kn. Ania,iagyvyAi, v"V jui,jBeB
M 'makkieaad keeolo th peonUduIv vigilant
in tHa4a-aarai-aul ha Baaaa'a laturaaS, 1 1 . ,i I
Arrest of a Traitor.
WsttalGerman. a erivwps lelonslni tort!sBiTBt!t
.FTkII MOMBOB, AugurtI aVrW dUwAl
tvnentor new larWMramyMiiaaiy to
erordr7Whkv.'U caiy57fArb.ttf te
rvanaraJ LjtA waA fbnnd oa hi BvaMat 4eat.
, . M
' "'' " tv-m UA t-.m -J
BiwmanjL&tauiii.rlBsr Itetel
BiLnwoaf , Jul v 3. The steamer which
brodeht r Ged. Butler th'i riornlngi who
mt lot Waihlntrton. eais-A x 4 of tlie tain-
rt ft Lieut.) Crosluv'g- xpeuitlon, Lieut C,
reported hut bad burnt two feiaols, and that lie,
had 1 cap tired a thisd, And- Jthat hi xtdklonJ
was an sale. y Tr..
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 2.
S ioi Pot, and 4 VJH for Pearls.
OOtTOMWfflrm, with rather a dobw;.aalasr 2.00Q
hnlesat Vij tat mkldUng TJplaid4 8 T , ') J v
, VLOLTB-i-Iq roodi-rat demand fornpoi'tlantthe mat1..
bet far common aride bit vlvsnced S cent Per barrel.
Sale of S3.000 bbl at 81 Q54 10 for SnperHo State
we use oa lor extra mum, mt cue s ior sunamaa
Wetrn; ft iSOH 40 for common to medium extra
Western; It 005 OOfnr thtpping braad extra round
hoop Obioi and 85 7U8 Bi for trad beaad do; market
closing firm. Oanadiaa Boar a (hade firmer, with ale
of SM bbl at 84S4 OS for superBm; and 4 S57 50 for
eommoa to cboice axtra. . tiie.noar stadat x ivm
8J.I --. - i.
CORN MBAL Unchanged: sAlef JU0 t
fer .Ferae v: 3d3 0S for KranJvwiue.
WElHK,I-Ia good reaueet at full Mi; sale of fOUp
kkl. i, 1C .1 .1'. I f : . . . 1 T i
w. w TT' J ' J I I f I I If"
iilvincft net Wshii: wluV a mod-
erato supply, andailodtrporl dansnd.l Bales of !
TOO bush Chicago Spring at el&Klo; S'J.txiO both North.
westrn cmuatvaawo; ev,uos pusnet Miiwsuaee ciso
at 9UC1 00; 320 bushels extra do at 81 Cj; 13,tt0 busb
Amber Iowa at 11 011 W; 3,000. buhela vary cholc
Oreen Bay at 81 Ort; 9,500 bushel winter red 'Western
at 81 15-! 10! 150 bushels common White California
atsi 10;TU0 bushal White Oannrta at81 13 ; S00 buslul
new Ked Delawarateixu;l,ouu uakl Whit do at
81 33; and aOtt bosh. White Michigan at 81 84.-.
- BTf Unchtngtd, with sale of 11,00 bailwt Western
St47(48o. . i - - -
, liAULKY Continues dull, and prices entirely nom
inal, ...i . - . i .
CORN Then is only a moderate rapply. with good
export demand, end the market ha advanced lo per
bushel; aalea of 73,000 bushel at 4&$46 for good sou od
hoping mixed Western; 4iai44o lor Baatern do; 2331
tlufor unsound do; 47.4)5 lor Wetrn yellow..
.OATS Dull at2?02dc for Canada; nd 3333c '"for
Weatern -and State ,,,'. v .... ..
. POttK-larkt lesa'actlv and (earcely o flrm;1e
ot 7U bbl at 15 75 18 for mesa; 810 403110 75 for
prime - - -y .. - . -
BSE' The market rule unlet and firm, with sal
of 100 bbl at 84S4 SO for country prime; eVSlSSO for
country mess; ftmui so for repacked mese; ll SO
12 SO for extra mew. Prime met -beef dull and aoml-
-BBR DAMS-Are ateady at M 00315 00. . ,. .
001 MBATS BuU; shoalderj.XXc; bams, S
.. BACON Quiet and hnohaoged.rT -r, ' " '
' lABI) Bute ouwt and brm;.ale of SO bbl atS(B
Sc.-.' t. i.,. i v (. , ,. : ? i a i i
BUTTER Cull, while choice is teady, at 710,;e
fpf Ohio; and &31to for State. .
', CHKkSK-aloredomgforeiport.atfr3.7c. 5 W. V ,
- COlf l ak Hio ha been decidedly mor active (ince
our last, and the nukt Mmtlnue firm; salss-of 10,100
bag at 1314. iaoluding SrSOO bag on crtvals term.
In Other deadrlntlolia aa. noliea uu.. a, AOA Ian at.
Domingo at l,.ii -t.' ..ta.-w-
ifirm, but not much doing.
SCOAb Uawsonilauev in good request at ruf pre
vious Brisks: ulaa of ONS hhda Innlnrllmr Pn.th RIm .t
e.HoX; OnbaatSKtaUSr New Orleans SXo, sad 33
boxes Havana on private terms. - -.- , .
VBtOOKS Dull and lower this afternoon. ' Chicago
and Rock Island 40 Olaveland and To4kio V: Galena
. n . L. : n ...... . . - . .
and Chicago 03; Panama 107; Harlem 16V; Misaouri
'48r $e1. L. W. 1', 9; Paeifio Mall TJX. New
York Centraf 7; Erl It. B 44V; Hudson 34; Ten
nessc 6's43: Ohio 6 a of '60 90u- Nnrth n.rniin. '.
61; Kentucky 0'7J; Treuury It's lOOXido H's 10S;
ITii.rf a..,., a- . o, c- . ,
" w- wpw.,WJBl, , , .'.
Cincinnati Market.
th. fining ol ordenr. tries of Bagar, Molasma and
Ocvce remain as lut quoted, with a very firm market
; t,uuB Ua scarcely ooymirket in a Urge way. In
th present atagnant oondlUon of trad miliar do not
cars to "run" upon new Wheat far mor than th-eur-
reei demand, and consequmlly the (took la kept light.
Seller are, however, free in their ofltxiag, and good sa
oerflnecan be hid at 83 50.
' WHEAT Wat heavier tc-dsyTaflhough Oiero is still
S demand from abroad tor Kentucky. Prime ked would
with difficulty bring" 70o, or Whit 80a. Th offering
are tt 68.378a for th beat, .
CORN Bemainaaa oa yesterday firm txae.lt I
gcuaniiiyasiaBixu. ab.- t-. a
i OATS Are selling at 24c, but with a dull market,
v RYE AND BAKLaYaraneilaetad.. ' C ...
' WHISKY Was advanced to MXo to-day, and sold
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 3, 1861.
rmnn rraohsnrrilaiil (Ulat 1 1 r w-i i mw la
WHEAT Bale 1 car Inferior red at 83: XaaH-aw
tract a B8e: a earn do at B7et 4 Oar. Vroaa atnra aa-aaa,-.
4.000 bamhlafioatataaatand 8.000 hu.helsat aama:
t ear ted and whit at 88 and 83c; 1,000 bushel inferior
White at B3c: 1 oar white at 95c: and 100U buahalada
from store at 98c. :' ("1 11 Yijxhi L ' '
CORN Sale of 1050 buiheli ifloat at 31o: and 1.200
nwi,i, ins ,i mm sijpx , i .- a
- vAia yam aixYc. -t t- r,. f
HIQHWINES Hav adVaneedV' Sale 3B bhla. and
wm. ai lao; ano ou ooia ana a rat somo
vans a. I.. .. a. .. .. .
cd I
i t i--v ti: cti. ttj t,,:taiu a
. , tU.,rr..c Of THB-fV( .Itfit.
coiiTKrraEfx .'.V,
Hon. Joseph It' Swaoi!,!:
with xvTxq or. tws McimJrfdfjTprt ifp-
' ! li,,. n-' ,4 . J-MJiJLB UUiliii, I .ii Si! ,o;lw
.-",1 1-C .INIW
I 'of'h 6iuo aid Ohio
.) y i iju . -jl -Uncli
(.Oontatned in twenty-nio volume
- ' ui . i But Baparts.)
T .. AN DEB J.CBI'lHlFl.B,ESii
5 i ? V mtArTB'',tjrm
In Two' Rojai 8vo.':Volamea Price tlQ '(k).'
NoooreipMehaebeOTrrod bj mall til? work
rrfectarllabwlSlliwatiUVvi ef
It ha now ths Legislative, aanctloo,, having heea an
roved by nearly the aaanhhoa-' vota ot both -Uanaeat
ml wa ardarad to b disuyated to the following Bute
tml County officers: . .Lj
Uovernor, Attorney tjeneral, Buprvm Judge, 6 core
tary, Comptroller, Treasurer and Andltorof atatc an
tb Probate Courts, Oourts t Common Plas, Sutr-i---ior
and Polio Courts, Auditors,, and tha Oknk. of 'tholf
T.riuu. vnurwis men cuuoir. Ml ui memoer OI uie
Sanat and Heata of BnntaUve of rfhi Stt, and
luo viuTvruvra w .ua htqibi cuwiaoi iu) union.
This book, containing, a tt doe, all of tha Statute
daw in force, and th authoritative construction of them
and ofth NewConstltotlon, will be found to be especial
ly aeeim in uio pvriornuuic oi ucir ouiiea, 10 au
aaniiw nwrnwna
AurfcicmArAiiuBrj-jr-i . . r,
, , ...... .
Tn..mfi .. van m.fi nl-.n.u W.m ha mJ. i . v. .
- " - - vmm.fivm V IWW. IU u..
Statutes lino the publication of tha hut edition, by re
peal, alteratlona and addition, aad man lmnortant il.
cislon hav bca glvea by the BipteKj Court on eoa-
tronrlml THllnMall' ' ' 1 ' T-'-i-Tr .1 u...
Will find thia ah fnvalnabl Work. ' 1 '
1roXoyl 8o. Voivnf o Wr AYmaam Mimirtd
In Strong Law Blsdl4. .'Trto f u.oo.
pnblUhedby . .
ROBgRTV CTiAHKror. te CO..
Law Publisher,, Booluellen;. 8tUoers and' Import!.
fbl8:dm;t 7 Qlnelnnatj- K
iE.'M.WILlIAMS ft' 00..'
Ji ft
Jroat JPfcrpt3t,J3etweeri jS,Ute BjilXowri.
1 BHOP i still running, and although Pr JVV
pruHl lata year ha st bewrtiy
npea asi ruauag iraar, sna i atm tnrn.
M out tha snlenilid PHXTONS. ROCKAWAY9. and
BUSES and HACKS. Twenty, yean itesdy mtnufae
turinc ha livao oar"work a wlde-tnerad StDatarJon
through th Soufh Weak.':' t--.-r..T
W tbtrefov deem nnneoeasary to say any thing mor
In. renrd t rheadaUty of our work. WWiiiaajr
Dealers oaa oe lurnisnta win saw amount ef work at
short BoUn,nd ai swiomStwet feaa aan bebeahdvaan
whar in itb Wt.w attxsoftd. lead BlUgtesj.tvt iaej, J
XLrKepatrtng don neatly and at short notice. lao
tfrpAll eoaiaiaatoatloni mill reeelve prompt attention,
Aag. i wiyt CUT wii.Ij1AMB a OO
ISRSONAIi ttrtwrttt nelonirlnr to the estafa ifWmnV
XT iCrnvenf, dooeaaed, ooDslstlng' cbrefly ti jlOHb8
ant DRAT, will be told it public Tehdve, the eomer
High and Oherry trrec,t, In Columbn. on th tGth
iy bf jnl A; D. DJOl, po9nhtfri at W o'clock
NfviWawW wrrvrr s v.v
rAtt'ys.'Jj'" Adininllrto,)
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WATI5 V W&WhW iswm
n T TT f tr.
it, that-it. ..)..
' Obarlei
IJLW Ipoiotaa.aaawHtsaWr af the eatate of Obarlea
Clark. liawtakslallahW.deoeMid
i 1
RHII1 41 OAKS -AS lr s( I t m i
O NW HfTLE (iswlrt A v.-e.'H-'iitb
1 atrvef, Y " 1rt0!-9ite ef'vi- fVt Cm-
a. fHi u'iN" :' and l-ieT', p-i'! In til pewt o
ll.tr" V- ;,r,-i Al-C," r-ifffb r m)
-vWrWrVrBwiiin esutnulV fatf!
U..UIIUM . .........
. (aprlU
i -i.ji ir vin
"""."' " " "La ro mm
.M.,a w .ar. rw
tkyaaTMswrm -mmtmnmtew
-t r""' 1 i " r rr
-l''.: e5j
Jl'. t AA . U. ,1 i:. l -
Ae'arperienned Narsa4 FemiVe Phjvtcltrk) peeseoi
T . t vX Uf aMas) ttim et asiithee, hm J. i.
8 Q (LWMHfE,
- I
.for cmum'i2tr&tN&.
whfch imallr facilitates ths proeeas of teethiaa. bt aofb
ning th gams, jreducia ail Inllaaraitlon-aiill al
Ji rXtr apaamoQia tfjuim, oa vl, ,,,;,.
Dcta jy m, wrtlt 4mt?dnfr
We haw put up ami avid Uiie atkW for over im jeaj.
" AA..-ii riuatiuM,mmAau t-uxu,aiim,
- iiava.uvvua, uvea i.a n aar i apj puiar matu
ANCE, TO BVVKClut CCAB. wh tlm.ly MdZw
wwi My. m, ujauuJva i luwmiwm kij vra,
wh ased.it.. flu lb contrary, Mtr doligbted with it
operaUaa,a4; spoilt in termf oominendilloa of It
magical etfecta and medUl virtuea. W ipeak In thia
matter "WHAT WK DO KNOW;" after ten year' expe
almost every Instance where .the infant I suffering from
.uu oAiisuaiiuo, renei win ne louna in nueen or
wenty mlnatee after tbettyrdf. le administered.- -i-. '
This valuable (rn('i.M th pteecriiitteti ef otl f
tb most BAiBaUllNplDand SbULLrub iUBBin-t
new inpuua. ano na Been used with NSVEB SAIlr
It notenlv relieve th child from Palo, but ln.n..
ate the stomach and towel, correct acidity, and alves
tone and energy to the whole aystn.- It will almost lot
souuy rtuev . st x ! i- s ihm.k.
and vercomeeohvnuion(; Which, If not tpvedlly rem
unen, era in orain. ; we believe It tne UKBT and SUB
E8T BFMBDY JN TUB WOBiD, in all cue of DTt
It arises from teethtne. or from ana other eann. w.
would 3 to every mother who ha a child aufferlng from
any af the foregoing complaint IX) NOT LET YOTJB
tand between yon and your suffering child, and th re
lief that will be STJKEves. ABBOLITTCLT RfTRlu
follow the use of thismedlcin, If timely used. Full di
rections for uilnir will sccomnanr each bottln. Mm.
KvuHiuv nuicaaui lao-aimue oi uuniioet rAKrimgj
New- York, I on taooutsld wnspper , t .
Bold by til Drnwghrta throngboat to world. r- ;-.;n
Prl nclBat Of flew, la( Cedar street .T.
octS7-dfcwly. ,
An' Effeotlre, Tt Safe knfl ' Economical
To It original color without dyeing, and preventing
.i .... iiair irom inrnug gray.
And curing It, when there Is th lout particle ot vitall
I or recuperitrve energy remaining.
Imparting to It an nneqalectglo andbrUllancy, making
It soft and silky in its texture, and' causing It to cur'
reachlyvj ,,..-.
Tb great celebrity and increasing demand for this nn
equaled preparation, convinces the proprietor that on
. total 1 on ly necenary to aitl.fy a discerning public of It
uprtorqualitieoTeTany other preparation In w. - Il
oieanaea the head and soahy from dandratT and other
cutaneooi diseases, causing the hair to grow luxuriantly
aivintr it a rich, soft, cloasv aad flexible appMranoa.aal
also when the hair is Isosoaincand thinning, It will grew
. nvepgin nu vigor tow Boot aaa resioro ue growu, so
ho parts which hav aaoam bald, oauslng It ta yield a
neb covering of hair. i'-.wa.. .-..V ;?-i-
-Then ar hundred of ladJeeand geatlemen in New
Tort; who have had their hair restored by th aae of thi
Inviirorator, when all other preparations htre failed . L.
at. baa hi his pcnannlaa lettmi innumerabl astifylng
to th above fact, fro peraoo of the higheet rsdaecta
billty. It will etTectually prvn4 th hair from turning
antll th Itteat period of life; ai d Inca wlMre'th hair
ha already changed ttaoolor, tb wa of to Inrtgo rater
will with certainty restor it to It. to Us ng'aal hua, rlr
ing It a dark, gloaay appauane. j, Aa parfuaio for th
tolttt and a Ualr BewMrattr It la partioalarty recom
mended, hiring aa agraeabl fragranc; and the great ts
eiHttltgidtadnmln tha haU. which. whan ntolat
with th Invigoratot can b dreeaed in aay required
form so ll topreaerv lot plao. whet her plate (or In curls;
honos the great demand tor it by th ladle a a standard
toil. article which nan ought a b without, the price
place it within th reach ol all, being;. , . j . . ,
Only Twenty-FiVrX !.CiBnt
r bottle, to be had at aU ' respectable Druggist and
i I iwviParfawtarau. '-r v . ..-i
U IUXLBB waaldoaU tha attention Parents aad
Guardian to th a of hit Invigorator, in cue wbre
tee children's blr incline to be weak. The nse of it
lay tb fountia tor tffooa Atatt Of; Mtr, as It ra
moye any fanynrlUe that may have btoome connected
with th sct!p,the removal of-which if necemaiv both
for tha aaalJs of tha chlkisacd to. future Sappearaoc of
tMatSaValW l .,l-f.i-K4 ttUZ ti 'SOJI ,J(s'i 1 j
OaoTtowi None gettahW without the fae-amfle tOTJtS
MILLEB being on the outer wrapper; also, L. MIL
LEK'S HAIR INTIOORATOB, .-Y.,- bloww r the
ft. . r 3 ' " f r ' v -'- I
i Wbolaaal Depot, 5S Sey street, and iold by all th
prtacipai aertnaou aa xirnggiK tnrougnout tb world
ioejaajMOmtiBWiu f y
.lialao detr ptwatnt to th Aaastlcaa Publl my - i
which, after year of fcltntLas nperlmahtlng, 1 hive
bronsht to nerfectioa. It die Black or Brown Instantlv
wtthoatlnjory to the Hair or Bkrn; warranted ths beat
article or the xind uxrrane. -. ' .
'., ,V;. PRICE, ONLYj, 50 .CENTS, ?!
Depot. 6tJ:' DeVr SCNew : York.
cti:dwiy," " T-
naBtifacttirerVaf alfklviu af
takle aad Ntattoaafy wteava
; srlnewt Maw Mill., Uritl WttHa, '"
vct ve
ImtjnfA BODLSX SotHtnl ft. B14N0 YBeattnl.
iTi"'.' XDOrAlL BnimUl' COlVlfBDS-
t CO. StdtektHrt ,' J
Onr Portable XntUn. and BawHUI '
Wat awarded tha first premium of. (50 at the Indiana
State Fair for 1840 over Ian 4t BedUjy a- account ol
Pljioe, lightaeM.'slnipIicifrjTjm xt luel
. Lnd aunerlor charaotar-rjfi -tWrWaewwrl
, .Dr Btationiry Engine wail warded ar th aamw Bali
rrheAratnreminmof 2O0. ia,ivi iv' J
Our Portabl Engine waa awarScI the rt prawrtati ol
10 at ths lair at Memphis, Term., over 'Blandy Da
valV. Columbus Machine Co's., aa Bradford 4 Oc1.
by aommlttee of practical Railroad Bnlneer iM
Bar price and term addre . .
, . WLLLARD WARNER, Treasurer? 1
dc5-dAWryeoi-Jid . Ntwark.Ohie
-jl Ceraersprlae; At Water SuM
I lliWl D , f ' I,1'. M. IV I
-- wy-'rTTTTT4aTWfi-J jii
I v- . " . V . .... i -i ,t, .. .j ..". ,
hwdlManumcmm of Bras and Composition OsaHiagaJ
an, l suiues uraaa TT wrmvw wis a aaaiuiaalUi rm-. t
vi MicttAa tir mc,T 'M
.tstinsT i.:rl ml jjj
1M"I -Saul at) .TTAJx ii - .tib-t.bw u
RlPrvtrn-P latiTtw writl.WMg
tetYM W Jn"3 ttT.?aT4Vt 01 4rMa 1
ia'iwrrLr1'Pa- .1-'
or aemtnal Weakneaa, SMraalBwMtity, Nerrneea.te
voluntary Emission aaai topataboy, nawtiiag Iroei
ri.-lt-e.bswe, aax.' Ky '. Oatwrwall, Ah D. Seat
Umler aaal, In a plain awe I t ) any arh?.Tipjaa
I' u II on- ranai ftivmywwmim3fvr'ixr i-vujt a. ,j .w
kLUOt. Uowwvl atW:la)kMlslr4)dlc lo. He-
tjsai. lUafcut . martlamiiawiKi
.lml ftyiU tl PS t
JnaUnt Bellelf
Btea wear Cenga!
rmmrymnx Breath!
A .1 A, i ... , ,i ,
ll n
trenw then wear Waieal
throat coNrecTfONg
JfIT j-. Asm IMii 'nrtn. . a V
rh!rwu' run- ruuLitU orr.AK.GKs,
1 I 4 ' -' V-wm W l. ar ;.-;
They relieve a Cough instantly
, i I- r : - I - a
Tbey clear tbe Throat.
Tllcy give strength tnd" volume to Ac voice.'
They impart a dellcioas aroma to tbe breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
T&ey r mad of simple herbs and cannot
" harm any one.
'! '...: . : -
I Advise every on who hu a Oongb or a hutky Yolo
or Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throat, to gat
piekige of my Throat Confection; they will relieve
ytm IniUntly, and yoa will agree with me that "they '
f? right to ths spot.'. Tau will find them very nsfI
and Jpleasant whll traveling or attending public meet
ing for sUIIIngyour Cough or alliylog yonrthhat Y
you ry on package, I am sat In tying that yoa will
svwr' afterwards consider them Indispensable.
,. Ja will find them at tb Druggists sod Dealers In
! 'V -. aiinr
i W-jT . . VU tC
. . . . .... .. - i ..i 1 . ;
MV signature ia cn aacb package. ' All other are '
conatarfelt. - .
tacaagewlllbetirt by maifpreniid,' roit of
" Henry C. Spalding:
r. , NO.
, Br th oat of the Pill th periodic attack of i'tr '
wtt or Biol EtaitxM may b preverrUd; auil if taker,
at t commencement ef oa attack Immediate relief from
pal and ickoss will be obtained,
Thy seldoea fall I removing the jiauua aad
oUwJUohJtaalesar si subject. i J , ,
; TJiaaaat -gently apes tha kowuv-movlng OotHf. .
lSV,':K"- ' " ' -!. I .-..'. ...,l..,. cr;.i-
'Tor JUierary Mm, Studmtt, Delicate " femaiy. . -i ;
end all penoni of ttdentary Habit, they. are value
u ) &sxsMs, bnprovint th oppttif, giving ton
vspev to-the digMtlve organs, and restoring th natur
elasticity 'and strength of tha whole system.
THE CEPHALIC PILLS ire the remit of long inve'
tlgjtton and earefblly conducted experiment,' having '
beefe in na manyyeare, during Which tim they have
rmnrecsbd andralleved avail amoant of pain and sutler -lag
from Beadacha, whether originating in the smtsmmi
system or from deranged state of thr A?qA. 7
' They Ar ntlnly vngehtbl in. their oompo.rtittn, an
may be taken at all times With perfect safety without
ssaking any change of diet, and th abttni of owy
diarMibi laUt rmdir a OJV adnaanraasiAa.
tjia genuine havsfiveslgnatsHeaof Henry 0 Spalding- '''
Bald by DraggBM and ail other Dealers Is Miitiralin. ,;i
A' Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt of-the '
Prico, QQ Oema."
All orders should be addreated to r
. I 48 Cedar Streat New rem.
! From th Bxamlner, Norfolk, Va. 4'
Cephalic PIU accompli) th object for which they "
were made, vis.: Oar of headach ia all its farm.. .
i i I ' From ah'Bxamiaer, NorfolBT f CO'J.
They have been tested In bore than thousand
with entire success. ' ... . '
' I
j From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If yoa are, or hav been, troubled with th beadacha
send fur a box, (Cephalio Pills,) so that yoa may have
them too of aa attack, i t.l,:injr . .4. -.
I .yroot ih AdrerUsei, Providence, B. I. ''',.
, The Oephalle Fill ar said to he a ramarkahlt. ar tin
remedy for the headache, and one of the very beat for
that very frequent complaint which haa mm bean lu,
cowrea. ,
i t 'r '
From the We4rb'a,-4vetxette, fjhloago, 111.'-
, , i
We heartllv endorse Mn SnadMinw. and tita aWMt.J
Oephalle Pill.
Fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Ve.u. ' j Xt
W ai rare that poraoas raffsrUic with tb hiaaulm M .
Who try them, will stick to them. nvcu:'
i.- . . .I II.' i. 1 1 V ! 11 '10
,f rom the Sou there Path finder, New Orleans, La.Si' r
Try them I yoa that are afllletedi and we are sura thai
Vonr testimony can be added to tha already aumerou ,' ,
list that 1ra received bsneflM that no other medicine cea
prodaoa. ' ' -
Fn.hBt;t4ai)K ',; i, :,
The Immen demand for th arttol .OeahiheWrlla f rv-
ls rapidly Increasing, .rrrj-f-..
I lW Qaetta, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. Spsrldlnr esoald not connect hla nam art an aa. .
Hoi b did aacti Anoer toiiaamlMraj 4 )
' : jt.L.u' Ki -i. . ,z.Hci.r
iTJA stngU bottle, of SPALDLMQ'S PBEfABEB
ruu a win v nn nan its oust annually .JJl
i "- - - i.l.jit;.i, i-a
$rmw WARE?
s WteVrJoio't'K""1
tvat . ,4vbu ',. rrTZ T. '
TJ Jt Ifi 3 J -.1
'tfavi Tici riBOBsr
fITA Srma m Tut tAmWrjrr.jnr"
-sUaecldents will titiMsCT m wVWrlaief faa.
lllaa.it tt very Sedraol to hare tons cheap andooa...
awniint way for repairing Farad, toys, rookery'1' I
s.1 r.i: i i .ya i'. v f..-. ri-.' "s v
t rAb.iBW'arrAJisDwii(iajT
IiSet hi! wash tawsrgawtea, aa n aoaMnoM oaef atfbroT
to ba-wlthoat It. It I always toady, aMp to tin stk It'
in rjpraajo fiKimi - ..- -i. iuml A
T'V'.JJlBFTri, IN-BV.8BT aTCTSB. J . . t
Oa AB. BtraBW BTOraJtTLAJIOp 'lljjj j t-pf e
atrtaia ejiprlacipled sjrMTrtfT(i.a
off on tb menatasekiat PbH,-lraltr
n9t m'-uA
mink before ar ;, aaasa tt,. t. ft, u r .. 1 . S
Amjaiar wi.ua. i would aaariA alt iu-.,,,,. ,A tt
I ltjfSPALDlN0'8 PltECAnKl)
ti e
etitntu1emrt)artaAaaceje swmi
, Ja5jM3
aw vers
Vim .
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