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Zl)t (Dijur Statesman
xunnonrr miuzs, rabiuun. t
tWO. W. MAN If " KNH Ve EHar
TheJtto .Statesman! Newspaper
'4hiIiidri1nie4lHiriin feii" ieptideiw"ljr U
Ohio ItotMmaa Hews-asar Offict-'AaMMnl diaealty
between th Publlihrsot th Statesman aod ths Tele-
gMpl(.l4. ft tyra-l not axerolied toward t,
hlTttfflr'wnt sonllnu to impair th usefulMii of tht
n.lW tan. while in am hudl. Th Inlary to B per-
tonally, ay, perbspt, ye aatUOed throagh the law, but
not without delay... "Cos -ajary in JW ""
pttncrpl-4 wtlch jb.e SluUtman etpw-ai, and for whlth
t eta, uaj to adjudicated ta t torn ft of law a
tear4 by dollar n cents; but yst thet art aot to
U Warrant that nothing ibeald tmUrraat tbe clrcula
ii k- nM mr,A CitiMlined Democratic Journal;
aoilvieiai iaposs-M r ,U ftnvA propriet-to
hev.taafelUtla nweeaeary forth complete! iuoeett
of tb daily Itsus of th paparthay "lav tboegniH au
.vltablt to offer H for slY , :j :- "i '
Aa additional raataa for oVcring the paper for ule, U
tni in tht cut. that n cannot air th Deeeaaary per
ianal attention to th hmtoow or editorial department,
wlkAbild.towed by th owner of the ettao-
Aug. 1, IdGt- ,7 Tub. Onto Statesman
Democratic State Convention.
At a meettnit of the Democratic State Ceo
tral Committee bld in Colunibm, ou the 6tb
day. of July, J6E1, A wu . j r --' -Rt$oM,
That lti eapedieut to bold a Demo
credo State Convention at Columbus, on ' '
Wnlaiadari Autult Ttfee 1861i
.. - i ...... . n.mnrrtia State Ticket, to be
w uvuiiumv
.... j -. .i, . Affirthu niMdon. I
jLw. t,,JhS. That all the electors of the
State of Ohio, who are In favor of perpetuating
the prlnolplea upon woion our uuiu --""
ed, Ind are JoDlnced that the present State
and National AdmiBistrAtioM ere wholly In
competent to' uaoge the government in lie
. . A 1 . m mm a11 aa b A I a WAV nA AMI
present critical conaitiou, m w -
opposed to the gross extraragance and corrnp
tion now so alarmingly prevalent in publio Af
fairs, be earnestly Invited to unite with the
Democracy in this hour of oor country t peril,
and thus redeem the State, end plaoe its Ad
ministration in competent hands. -Rvlrxi,
further, that the basis or represen
i ..ij rrwantlnn ho one deleeate for
every 500 votea, and an additional delejatA for
a traction of u ana npwaxaa,
J, 8. Bmitb, for Supreme Judge At the October
i isRit .n) that It ha recommended
that the counties lect 1helr delegates on this
basis. f , t ! ;r:i:-,t
The Democracy of Ohio and all other Son-
.dn.llt. Hnlnn taien' kho Are wilUflE tO CO-OPOT-
ate with them, on lbe above basis, ate requested
to meet in their respective countlesjUsnohtlmA
at th local comniitieAS mav designAte, and ap
plnt delcgate if th ;0emocrAtcConvenUon
on the 7th of Angnsti to nominate a oww
tiVt to h aunnortedt the October election.
Tk ta presumed 'ftat no lover of his country
will require prompTpifat this time to Induce
him to' di4ciree-n1sd"tt;and:tberefore the
Committee ls'lmiaedwitbJbe belief that the
counties will geclyreepood to tnu can. ao
that an impos'iDg Co.njentloo TH, assemble in
Columbus at -the- Vinw designatedf above, and
put in nomination v ticket of good and true
men, to be supported tor tne Tanuua ui.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
County Convention.
. B. tU call of tht Union Democratio Cmtty
Central Committee, in another .column, it will
...n tht Fimiv-rAwcuBt 30. is the day fixed
for holding sbe" priaAty elections In the WArdi
And. townships for th election of delegAtet to
i tbeConveatioA to nominate a loaniy ticxeb
The Convention to be held la the City Hell en
itiTiiniy. th SUfdav of Adenst.' -
The time of noiaibc the Senatorial and JodI
ulal Convention ha not been agreed upon,. Pne
. noUce will be give of the tim."-r' , J :' i
1 ' '
The Election for Justice of the Peace.
.ThaoUowlBB fienrestiveLlbefeeultof the
-eleution i WTy-yeterdAy4e-Jitice of
tbreA0eVCU 1L-M TlZZV.
U; (it""" -! l ao a.-' b', '
.Alt) ijJ f.!.-Wl3-r
'. 31
wja u-. '. 119U
jn.. 4tir (.) s W-;'-' .J !'
iktonenbltter'a tuaj ority. 346 ;. i a . . , .'. i. 1
yit. TtiONiNarrnAi til Democrafio nominee,
Vs elewted by 846 majority'-" :..-..) . ;
geme perabM'iaaj learn a lesson, by this re-
. Wan Mr. Koi(i3iiTTaa wa Dowuot0,tli
' jeii coaiiaeuwcl' tlasir hc.wl.'at te wai a
:ieeefionIst, As they choose to do when say
. Damoorat ie nominated. But' it recoiled npoa
the autbors.'as It will continue to "do. ; Mr.
-KaowwwmtA ie a good Union Demoerat, ai I are
'.the men who elected him.,. V 'i i-'r .-'
-; Eiq.;.Hxrtj his -opponwtj! fe an estimable
gentleman, and a good Justice; And grtAt dam-
age was dauti hlo by this, try thaV was raiaed
iagalsst Mr. KaonsxarrTna.' - t'- !
.L'Jlei'will fearn'taiori Vngthat.'bhjo?rAU
Ar,not to be howjed . down by the cry of eeees-
e'iooj' Colambas ks a .loyalDaiooratio, tnlon
;.cIty7afidV guise tbtof n jtef, parei, new
names or-aieknamee," an deeietben.i -,
rtAero.Are eever4 Republic 'paper in
tbe State publishlpg eolnmn after kolumn toAt
Ufy -the Demooracy tbAt it is right and proper
.to.'suftaii'ljeIr jContral.jCammlttee Id Ihelt'-ao-'trondl'sbaridin.
the Ropobllean prtl tTh6r",ta
h.xi ml liw.tha lnrocraev. arevperfectly
"aaasfied that the ccfttralttee did right.. Jt . ought
to he disbandedi Wjbt rieVer have been orgAniJ
ralitkLain 'wil tnto'-ftaf Mm aWatt
tkn Ii.m Annn the eonntrv It would be Still
belter.' If we bad eeea aeoeivea into ww wappvn
f r if,.t hart a would molt ttnauestlonably be
W f aVfr;ef. f'PS f?1' ''.''r' .5
eooner.'vyj' vi ta ? i - t '.a: r.
sbrfjit) Cincinnati CrawmfeUl Tiolen'tly
Aboalve of. tie Union Democrats for daring to
l,4)li&V?ttpn j; It is nearly as abualve of
the Democrat, at it hu been of tbe Admlnia
tratioa 'aadt iSov'.HiiisoN, It talks about
thieve;;" does the editor mean thenhleves"
ft said were in thTlSommlssaryepartment?
Keepyoor temper! P-M t'
Eric County.
TliiiioB :.J5imocto;r JEHa county have
appeluted friita OitoHTA, C. P. Paasoks, A.
' W. PaouV.a.'.'E;, Wooproan, Johw SoamiM,
W.O. sTaTsTiwoCi : trryl Col. KiasH
ma dalegalee to -the Stat Convention, and
stf the loiiowi'ug teaoluUdnt
"T.'Hilval, As"fe deliberate opinion of this
r . , .r ,,n.-tr.4t ttia orB&nlMtlon of tbe Demo
. . ..... .. Irf l c fctixtr nt OiilA aiiiat AA flrml
and a.ily luaiataioed.". V . r it .2
Th SanduekV'Ifatrr don't like- it. ' We
''heuldul wonder. w'-"i tit m.m X '
' . ..';''.;t'.iit.jiii'iov.:i
Eric County. Sympathizing With the South.
Of every true Demooral And Union man, the
DlsuloaisU In the North say: V K. .
"He la ASKeMtonlat, and sympatuiaas wbb
the SonOi.t r"
i) Of every' uch uae the Beceaslouldts Ju ue
aodtusah.H.. n1'' '
H la an Abolitionist, and sympaUutes wim
Tl.i.T. " ...... .
HTiV oliiFM Imnlled Is as ud lust and laue in
the one case as the other. A trne Unionist is
no more a Secessions! in the North than he is
an Abolitionist in the Booth, And
-TT. t... n nnr. aimnathv wlw renejuoa IB
tie outh than bo au with dlannlonlsm In th
North, and tW .. v " "
Naturally thd DetnocraV ana unionw
r.i. nn imnUdiaU simuAthy with and for
his own section; bnt he ks a deep and Abiding
sympathy for every section and every State in
,.TTniftn. As Ions! as ths loyal Statea treat
the so-called seceded States as members of the
one great Union-family, And will not permit
th.t mnmberahln to be severed, so long every
true Union man will .feel tie same sympathy
and tender regard for the people ot eaon 01 woe
Statea In their collective oapaolty, that hi would
feellor an" erring brother or Aister whom the
family were seeking . to call bacH to toveana
' "He is a sympathizer with the SoutD,", says
the Northern fanatic, with eyes glaring veu
f...tn last hia aehema of effecting a
n.m.nu.i itlarnntton of the Union. OT the AOnl
hilation of the white race In the 8onth, should
ha thwarted bv the reaction of just, humane,
and traa Demooratio And Union' sentiments in
both North end South. . ''.""" ' ' ' t '
Mind, your Northern fanatic does not accuse
.nn if 'atmnathiztne: with rebels. ; That he
is too wary and conning to do; it would not in
r.. t.t. ntmM. hut he eavs you iym-
... t.v i..e...tl.. k. tnnnirh'lt wara a
orlme for en American to sympathize with Any
a II- X 1 1 mm A MWtAAtsallfJ tjfltal
ai iUaaaaa MA ' a11 fftnfl Bntl IMTtim
men-, but lifing In another end of the family
. ' ... . ,
mansion., . -ni.: i
. an. t.a. IhU ela a aeaHW &AHftl. m.TtA nn will
W UUffU lUlU IUB BHUUI f ' ,
find the 'fire-eaters playing the same game as
the Northern Uisui.ion lanauoi omy wimi
MM.aa jMhaMtt. fiUkA. Bat hii
g rWJBAf2(7 Al'IM . aUVI a.Vw -
chief object Is to cut off all sympathy with the
ivnrth. a onr iNoruiern lanauo wuuiu uwum
us against all sympathy with the South. .
As loot as there remains a sympathy between
the parts, there Is a prospect a hope that the
wound may be healed; and the more genial and
healthy that sympathy becomes, the brighter
the prospect, the more oertaln tbe hope lor tne
re-nnton of the dissevered parte. , ' ,
This the fanatical Dlsuniontste at the ixortn
and the fire-eating Secessionists at the South
tinderetand foil well, and hence they labor jolnt-
And earnestly to cut off all sympathy be
. .1 ... ku1tha TTnlnnl
. . .v.
to render then oaiiowa to eaon inner, bu un
nm" .
seprajTOD, bdo uuauj miv.
of the entire system msy ensue. '. -
m. .v.. . KT..,fc.M M.n flvtn naui 1 7Mi
pie as a whole, or to say that a Southern man
sympathizes wiut the Wortn, mat is, witn tnei
Northern rpler.i.the . .a,Ug that h.
f. . TT,inn -I. a 4. .tame Union-faTei o
a vaiivu
frmn nan hn rennlse Onion man without inch
" vmmm -r 0 r-T ,
sympathy, nor can "tbe Union ever be saved
without -its .OQutant, free d full exercise.
T " : aiMMina. arm-
arm may l-cuuii B
ed rebellion as well is in 4efendlng tights vlo-
lently ASBailedVbul, $heyJCAnnet restore confl-
dence where it ha been impaired, or rekindle
love where it has betfl lost. This can only be
done by nintual good offices cy tne mamieetvi
tion to the" North of real sympathy tor. the
South,, and by the lik roanifeatation in the
a..,tk n...it ilia North. In this wav, and
WUUIU nwnwua vw , . - ,
thia ohly.can the Unlonbe saved. ' .
The Cincinnati Times Suspected.
WannnT tha fnllowinff article1 ixom tbe Cin
cinnati W, one of the leading organs of the
new "Union" or No-party party. The talk te
"Uncle Abe" is to the point, and might be re
gardedif in a Democratio paper --a bigb
vreaaoo cwo aiautmtn. , . .-
w franaantl aea such notices In Dasers lik
the Stalwwua And the eflw'rr. Why abould
it be any more treason in meir coiumu uiau ,u
oars? There is bat one reatoa. We are labor-
in. in. nn.lflnatlnn of voTernment thev P
change one set of politloiana for another not a
bit better. uertAiiuy no paper is huiju.cu u
treaeon that does not aid In some way the - teb
i. Ami mm im anra that no Daoer. Democrat
io or otherwise. Is suspected of Ueason without
good cause.t7f. Tiaws- V ' , . r . ;
- To'ohanra a elaixsn with treason or with be
ing a "trAltor to his eouatry, h a pretty serious
matter, and should not be done on suipicion.--In
fact, they are termi we scarcely, if ever,
Apply to any person. . Treason k. well de
fined by lew the penalty is severe and we
shonld not charge any , man with, such an In
famous crime, unless we werajrepared to fave
him Arrested And pnlshd..- t. .1 v A
If "wa ahnnld chare the editor "of the Timtt
with' being a traitor, or giving "aid 'and , com
fort" to the rebels, we should have no difficulty
in eutainutf thd eharce, if attacking Mr. Li
col And thd Cabinet constituted treason, a it
is construed bj the Republican presa jiDAi tne
Timet bas been -suspeetea"' oy sqme, j
denoed by An Article la th same paper from
which we take the Above paragraph: ,f..p
, "A day or two ago. an influential citizen ask-
.il n. In . wlilnuw. if th OODraA the TiWf OUT
sued toward dlahoaeat and -anwortby2memberl
of tne uovernment was not oaiomawu u uo
a bad effect? He responded, to our astonisa-
fnant ! .vn.ainrr tha faar that AHlf article
would fall into the handa of tbe rebels and
treagtbea their cause He was very icanui
onthiscore,",;.;2 . , . .,' ;
From this it would appear that our ootevpo-
rarv of the' Time has be-ea wsusMCted,n and
thoush this "influential citizen" only "whisper
d" in the ear of the writer, it was sufficiently
diW to convey the Idea that some one 'lut-
Meted the TimM. - - : ' .
Now. we respectfully submit to the Tie
wu this "whit" of suspioion without "good
cause?" Or was the rnla laid dowa by that
nana aale latabdea Rr VtaeraTT,''.r. T
rr , ... .
If It i treasonable' ' to expose tne weakness
ot. corruption of, tbe Administration, then are
the 2mr the Vmmtreua, too varu, ana
many . other Republican - journals, the very
ware- "traitor. T" l.Jt U giving "aid and
itamfortwtotha rebels to expose tne weaxnessi
end ofVupi4osJ 'of the Adminitrtlon, And to
oharge our officer! of tbe amy with drnnkan-
... . . m . ... i . I u .1 .
ners, "inoompeiency, - ana "miwraar
the CinoiDBaU Tmtt Cmmmtul
t!t,iu imUtT' of 'Ihe'thArg -Ndt Jobg'sfnoe
tbe Catw-w1. said there were fools" t at
the head of AffAira,An thieves' In the commis-
itry acTpartmonl." - ."r..;V '
..-I Tf- -the rebel are advised ot this, tbey will
mexe up tbei minds that the "fools" will be
...II. whtneed. and tbAt tbe -'tblevee" will
....,. ..' .,..,
aoon Tirwwo-dir--e-ew -vauone. -wu1
this encourage tbem to persistT . ( j
yoij I u'" ". ' ' '
..- i. ... I. ... nnt r.nlt. Tlnala Aha
a t .n, Aaat Ilea the trim.' Before God and
man yonarerwrptmaiwe. ion rewtn jon per-
Ul ID rCiistllil"B.f ' aw-p-
noUtlolan wbo rolls In corruption.1
--... . ' : '
u. l.. hla frlanda In the furnlshlnc
department of the Army, and, like master like
man, they rob the gallant, soldier f his food
even upon the fieli of battle. For heaven's
sake, Uncle Abe, open your eyes, did a: ait wa
politician into the patriot, oast party to the dogs,
and drive these heartless thieves out of ths
Temple of the Republic. , Yo mutt do It,
uncte ado. . it you oo noi, toe oiuw ' ""
audi will be upon your hands, ahdjhe walls of
milllhna at fraaman alll read voat'ears AS thl
great Republlo falls Into ruin!'5
This. Aceordint to Republisau authority,
would verj justly cause ai papet to be "suspect
ed," and some "Influential citlaen". to "whlsp
er" In the ear of the editor. "It Is not our pur
pose to Intimate that the Timtt is a traitor sheet
because it Is gallantly exposing the corruption
of the Adalnltti Atlort; -hor do w think "It la
good cause" to suspect It, but we see a "spider
caught in its own web." .
Some of the Republicans will, according to
their rule, further suapeol lhe, Tim when they
read the followinglfrom that paper of the 3d:
"There Is another class, ambitious for distinc
tion, who are endeavoring to pave the way for
future honors by distributing official gifts to
politicians, to the great aacrlflceof the public
Interests. AU this is as well known as the fact
that the nation Is in civil war. The result has
been that millions have been squandered in put
ting the republlo In a stste of defense. The
movement of the people in behalf of the Gov
ernment has been greatly nentraliied by the
mismanagement of the military affairs of the
nation. Of the thousands of three months
volunteers who so nobly rushed to arms at the
first call, there is scarcely a regiment that has
not been more or less robbed by thieving poli
ticians conneoted with the War Department.
Where large camps, like the one near this city'
have existed, the scenes daily plc"d Bie
the patriot's heart sick. Bad clothing, bad food,
bad offiaers, for the gallant volunteers!
We., rather suspect that "influential citizen"
will again "whisper" in the editor's ear.
Patterson—The Cincinnati
aitne piratee 01 wew. xuia. uw uu ujwb.
I A smaint ttma tA rnfiitft luoh outraffeona attack!
fnu. ..,. r.( thoDnrinnatl Timet and Other
Republican papers towards Gen. PaTriasoit is
ft.. - 1 - k A.. TtlCA mAiE Ull
1 !iL.t. ... f.1w nni1tal(1 nrVtll thll bfftTfi bid
Generals The Time$ eaja: "The conviction !
I . . . . . . n f. . ! anaa.ll anil
I irrMistiDie inai rATTun i wt.trwi,
I . mm.ai ia f pATTEtfioa haa bfitraT
I UCU fCWCSUB vw wfwj v .
hi, country, he deserves hanging 'more than
IV Bpu aaaaaiv - ---i t
npon Qen, Patitasow, bat merely put it on
rnsra. ' ...
I. On Wedoeoday night last a large number of
. friends of Gen. Pattmsou complimented
hjm w;th a serenade, at his residence in Pblla-
par, of
Mr. Batwrria addressed him on, the
the citizens, to which the General
replied: .:. i :
t,M r.iin.. T am fn0&tT Inriphtad to YOU
In Vi. luimnltmAnt vim havA natd me to nleht.
and for the approbation yon have been pleased
. . . t . V . 1 J ...
to Destow. 1 snow mat i nare euueurcu w
do my duty, and I believe I have handled my
column as well as any oiner m toe ueiu.
k.v. ham hnnnrahl Hiw-harfffd bV HI V BUDfirlor
.In.... and II h makca no comolalnt. and It
w-.-v., - -- - .
i ,k... .h. nnitv ma maka none. What
i-i.i,. hr nthpra to constitute tnemseives
I military star -obamber to decide on my merits
i rm rtAifiri ta aa a aninier i i nm us smi hi-
m Jna.ement 0 tne ,rmy nnder my command.
These gentlemen are competent juages, ana
v!""" v . """iv:
i avr.Ti!flattfi th cMi int ill Lnn in uier. IDQ UT
I ...i i .m ..iiinip tn tand ai full. ' Ta voa.
lUAl ICDI Tf aaAJQ ww waa ----- t
my fellow-townsmen, I can but extend my most
gTAteful thanks j.ewed evidence of
your friendship and confidence." , .
"Three cheers were here given lor wen. rat
noa. and the crowd dispersed.'- !
J Any office. j, rutble to make mistakes-in
j f.ot -. ... (atigfied that great, mistakes have
mtlit. Dnt tba everyday fashion of the
j- 0hirgiDg our officers with being "trait
ors," is infamous in the last degree. It is only
eonaled bv the course that paper pursued in get
ting np riots against naturalized citizens and
Catholics, In 1854-5, when it was the State or
gan of the Enow-Nothings."
Harvey's Connection with the Government.
Mr. Vallanoiohaic offered tbe following res
olution of inquiry in the House of Representa
tives: :.. ' -V
iiWtn.,., I.mu P fT.r. M!nia(ir ta
Portugal, did, in the months of March and
April last, convey confidential and Important
information, from time to time, to tbe rebel
authorities of South Carolina, in regard to tbe
movement of tbe United States Government
for tbe suppression of tbe rebellion, in saia
State: and - .: '. ' '' ' -'
nW.n.1,. Tha aiM Tamaa F..' Hanav has
subsequently declared, In a public' communica
tion, tnat an oi tne aupaKnes.Dy mm sent tu
tbe rebels In South Carolina were first shown to
tbe Administration; therefore,
" Jiesoiiinf,. That tbe Resident or tne unicea
Rt.tM h. rwitiutnd toaaeartaln what members
of h. A1mlnlhtlnn mmr thna cnnGMned in
aiding and abetting treasonable communications
with the rebels; Ana, u not incompatioie witn
h. nnhlli. Inraata. tn fnrthwtth raninva anch
persons from Authority under him, end to recall
th said James E. Harvey." ;
Msrs. LovrJor and Wajhbuini objeoted to
the introduction of tbe resolution.
Mr. Hiavtr has been chareed by the New
fork Republican press with being guilty of con
veying information to the ebela, which was
treasonable.. Mr. Baavkt avers that the Ad
ministration knew all about his doings with the
rebels.' If this Is so, let the country know what
It .moans end who is guilty. .
AtMviiuva Nim nu nna Knanaa Pomi,.rioit
Th nMi TrMMrinl of WAdnsada. aaa
that on Tuesday last more than fifty men, me
ekanios and laborers, were aiecnargea irom tne
Dane town n avy x aro, oeoaase oey were ior-
n .m I nA . th.1. nlaAa AltMt. hv iialivaa.
Among thoaw removed' Were several who had
taken out their first naturaii ration papers, me
discharged mn, however, ha-n one privilege,
(a wit. than, ma antav tha vanka of tha arm.
and na aueatlooa will there be aaked. '
It hu been our lot for years to protest against
this' proscription of tnen on account of their
birth. We regard this as cruel. Employ men
in eenslderation bf their' Ability to perform the
work for rhich they are employed
Pike County.
' The Union Democracy of Pikd- county hard
appointed the following delegates to the State
Convention: i r. a r.-v.- t.1: :.' w ;
"George Wolfe, Jacob Vallery And , George
Corwlne. Three Alternates werw appointed
Joseph J. Green, George D, Cole and John
.AndlT-."-- . tm.' r t"
w ... . .. .
a. i
Saturday was. All thing eonaidered, a very good
ene. Every man from the country wu aooom-
.!.. I 4nrl Annnaail tn in ahuiAnnfiiMl nf th.
i ' rr j , ",.
Jamea Moor, Jr., flnt rate mm, were appoint
A 4 1 - A.. f au. flt.a.laa '1 turt 1 ,;
a m ii ii ! mi uss ii urA.awaa - -
Ho! For Columbus.
1 V'.r .i t . rl
...n I na 'tha whnla -nad with artontia
tM. - ill. -!it,. ...
to Colnmbus In wagons. Mike Funk, Uriah
Marquis, John SnUon, and others, will be
L.-J -1.1. . Wm l.nn..r..r.l.nJ.
nana wim imn -1""' , " "ur-
tbe ctontry, generally, will Adopt this mode
the Convention Is io be held od Wednesday
I next, ana rtionaav is -" mo "t oi iihuuii
I ... ' t v.
I - 1 ' -' -' -
Onr LogAn .friends, It would Appear, Ignore
the railroad
T--i a:
[For the Ohio
Muskingum County.
Ma. Eoitoa: The Democracy o( Old lus
klngnm met In Convention to-day( contrary to
tbe entreaties and threats of mob.vlolenc . by
the tUibli admlxturt editor ot the (hurltr,
and such en outpouring or the tlms-honored De
mocracy of this county entirely surpassed? our
jBOstsABgulneexpMUUaos. v The Convention
was soon orgaDlied.'and'tbe delegates chosen
in a very short fpaod of Xmt; the utmost bar
mony prevailing throughout the entire proceed
ings, and every one showing, a disposition to
lay aside , all past differences," and to. work
shoulder to shoulder to redeem the State from
Abolition rule. "' 7 -1 j ; y
. The good effect of thd action or the Conven
tion is already visible In this city. A number
of eonservetlve men, who voted the Republican
ticket last fall, have already been heard to de
clare that, if Ua Demooracy nominated good
men at lb State Convention, they would give
them their support.: Tbe faot la, they nave be
come disgusted with their party and their party
leaders, and the Demooracy have only to nomi
nate good, honest, straight-forward men, and
their success is sure; and of this class Is the
Hon. H. J. Jewett, of whom no one speaks bnt
to praise. The Convention was unanimous -in
their choice of him or our next Governor, and
he Appears to be tbe unanimous choice or the
hnia naonl about this seotion of the State.
The volunteers are loud in their demands for
kin. tha next Governor: the well known
character and integrity of the man assures them
that under him there would be no more, swind
ling or robbing of the brave and noble men who
first responded to their country's call in the time
of need- " V ; V ' ' .. ' ".
And f. in the -wisdom oi tne Vonveniion,
they choose to place him at the bead of the
State ticket, then the victory will be already
hair won. and there will be bnt one party, in
deed, in this section of the State, and its entire
vote will be cast lor mm wnom tney uaugui hi
Aa all are desirous of attending, tbere will di
an unusually large delegation from this county
7th. Look out for Old Muskingum!
ZANESVILLE, August 3, 1861.
Coshocton County.
A iarce and enthusiastic meeting of the De
mocracy of Coshooton connty, was bold at the
P.nnrt Hnnan. on tha 3d Inst.
'Hon C. r. Lao ester was chosen rresiaent
AUx. Hanlon and Geora-e Beaver, Vice Prest
dents, and James Foster and Aaron Loder, jr.,
On motion, the President appointed A. u
Dimmlck. Dr. A. L. Cass, Lewis Swigert, Dr.
H. Blackman and Jacob Hevlin, a committee to
report the names of Delegates to tne a tale con
vention; who, after consultation, reported tbe
following: -
Delegates Hon. wm. oampie, ur. a. ju.
Casa.F. W. Thornhill, Lewis Demon, C. r
T.anmtar. - I
D . . ml n . t s. r .
Alternates i nos. iarung, j. v. romerine,
A. G. Dimmoek, Samuel Gardner, Dr. H. Wll
Which wa unanimonalv adooted.
On motion, the President, appointed James
Gamble. Ja. M. Bart and Dr. fellows, a com'
mittee to draft resolutions expressive of tbe
eense of the Convention, who made tbe follow
In if report. . . .
tittHwa, l nai ine lyemocraoy m viosnocwo,
are ie tavor of auatainbg the Government of
the United States, and pledge their support to
all constitutional measures to put down tbis re
. Ml. . ... T 1 - 1 .
bellion. "
i Boohed. That we hare unabated confidence
In the Principle and organisation of the Demo
cratio party, as beat calculated to Tromote and
preserve tbe union, peace ana prosperity oi inie
great country; and are opposed to any coalition
with the Republicans as a party, of this State; as
we are convinced tney ere not, as a party, friend
ly to a constitutional Union of these States;
and that mere nas neen corruption in tneir man
agement of tbe publio works, benerolent Insti
tutions, ana in an in aepariment oi we state
government; aa-waU a wicked-and nefareous
frauds in tbe contracta for army snpplles; all
of which their leaders now seek to cover up by
a fusion -of all parties on the hypocritical pre
tense of preserving th Union. w . i
RttoM, That whatever differences of opin
ion mav exist among the people in regard to tbe
justness and propriety of tbe President's war
proclamation, wiiuout lunoer legislative ef
forts at pacification, ell-mutt cheerfully accord
the meed of praiae to our brave volunteers, for
tbe alacrity with which tbey rushed to the battle
field in defense ot oar national capital And to
oroteot our own State frontiers; and that tbe gal
lantry displayed by them in their heroio endur.
Aoce of the toils and hardships of the campaign;
and the patience wittfwhich tbey have endured
the neelectof tbe State Government to efficient
ly and promptly provide for their wants and com
forts, entitles them to the thanks of the people
of this country, whom tbey nave honored by
their conduot while in the servioe of their coun
try. '
Mr. Isaac STArroko and Iflo STarroao, jr.,
spoke against tbe adoption of lb second resolu
tion in Its present shape, and Mr. Dihmick and
Judge Simmons advocated -its adoption. After
which they were an aaoptea witn an entnuaias
tie response only two votes against them: i
.Thus has opened tbe ball in old Coshocton;
onr party were never batter united more en
thnslaatio or determined, and unless .'paralysed
by adverse action at the Stats Convention, this
county will give 800 Democratio - majorttyln
October. ,. ;-.
Col. Catrington nnd. Ili,Begiiucnt.
6ome of our city cotemporaries have manu
factured or improved tbe story of the capture
of Col. Carrlngton, late Adjutant General of
Ohio, in order to make it an occasion to dispar
age him with a little newspaper smartness.
Col. Carrlngton Is at Columbus making flue
progress in enlisting and drilling his regiment.
He bas about two hundred and fifty men already
enlisted, wbo are spoken of as a very fine body
of men, and he has them and all his officers
under discipline and drill, with, tbe Govern
meat allowance for rations he bas arranged for
tne anbalateoce of the 'men In such a way that
they are well fed And contented. And Lhelr satii
faction with their Colonel and, his thorough
military qualiBoationa romlae a spirited and
disciplined regiment for early service.
Col. Cerriogton is a mas entirely devoted to
the military profession .Duririg. the peace, it
was the custom of the country to ridicule all
military spirit and preparation, and hia exertions
to rellevd thd military establishment of Ohio
from Its disgraceful condition, had to be made
in tbe face of this spirit ot iridlcule and of de
termined opposition in tbe Legislature. Tbe
progress that wu made, was due chiefly to his
exertions. That no more-was made during the
peace, was from tbe opposition to bis plans, and
these very plans now meet general approval.
a a
CoL Carrineton's cenlua runs entirely to mil'
itary affairs. He bas a thorough understand
ing or the tactics and practical aetaus ot tne
profession, and no one doubts his spirit, energy
and courage. That be Will turn out a fine reg
iment which will distinguish Itself in the service
we have the utmost confidence ' And, further
more, neither this nor the next generation will
see the peace military establishment ol Ohio
reduced to the helpless condition that It was be
fore Col. Carrlngton took hold of it. W may
expect, alter the lesson learned from tMa expe
rience, that tha safety and honor of the country
will depend npon its power end readiness to de
fend It, and not npoa Its neipieasneaa ana sup.
posed espsolty for submission sod surrender. .
That Col. Caaimton haa devoted : much
time to military affairs, no one1; f ill question.
Whether he will prove a snocessfnt officer at
the head of a command la battf Sf course
cannot be' determined until he has an pppor
Scioto County.
The Union Democracy' Of Soldto fonnty have
appointed twenty delegates to the State Conven-
Brown County.
TheUcloo pOTn-toraby of Brown connty have
appointod th foUowieg geatlemea delegates to
the 8tate Convention i"' e-j.i i.-A I
Doiegatee-N; Ai' Devotw,' W. H. Nobjo,
John Saarlght, ThomM Mefford, JWj Purdunt,
J. F. Thorn won. . '.
AltertiAtaia-Di TArbellt'AJJJallee, W. W.
Elsbnry, J,j M; Abbott, J. McColgln, P. E.
Hare; tetitwf.nji'.
.tvi-A 1. H.w.tT "'". f"0 at
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Washington.
Tha Senate halho raanlved to Adiourn 00.
Tnaadav. thora would seam little doubt of the
session being brought to a close speedily : Tbe
proceedings oaturaey were nnimporwni, ciubh
the passage of thex confiscation bill . in the
House, oauilog some ill feeling." "
The new tariff modification will take cfi'eot
In twenty days. Ha: part nf theillrect H"i
Imposed become due before April next.
Senator Stanton, of Kansas, bu been award
ed Lane's seat by the Judiciary committee of
the Senate. aa
Crafts J. WrlRUt.of Cincinnati, Is offered ttJ
Immediate command of a Missouri reglmopt
now in the field.. It la hoped be will acoept.
Daily realenat ions of such army officers as have
proved criminally worthless and Inefficient, oo
eur. It Is a good way for devellsh clever fal
lows, who have no other qualifications tor ser
vice to escape court-martial. Officers found
parading Washington streets, and without passes
or lmparatlvo business, are now Arrested, by pa
trols tne same u privates, ty oruer ot uenerai
MoCleilah.-d ' - ' ' I
Prince Napoleon will visit tho Went oo leav-
IngWAshington.j; ' . .-. : .: .... 3 I
. The Potomao army is being thoroughly or
ganised Into brigades. Such extraordinary drill
and discipline as is now Introduced is unexam
pled here, aod cannot fall to make one of th
finest armies in the world. :, s, r; -
Gen. Lee is said to have moved to reinforce
Wise. .- SIGMA, ,
[Correspondence the Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Cairo.
CAIRO, Ill., Aug. 3.
Gen. Fremont lias been busily engaged, since
his arrival, arraneln? military matters. The
troops brought down are all encamped at Bird's
Point, irsmont returnea to si. louis lo-nigns,
on tbe City of Alton. ...
: II Is said tnat Jen. mompson is marcmcg nia
force on Bird's Point with the intention to make
an Attack to-morrow in conjunction with Gen.
Pillow. . We do not place much confidence in
th report. A number of the three months'
volunteers were paid off and discharged, and
D4 98,
CAIRO, Aug. 4.
Gen. Fremont returned to St. Louis lut night.
Tbe rebels burned two bridges of tbe Cairo
aod Fulton railroad, near Charleston, Hlo., on
Satnrdav. . t - . - ' '
The steamer Liacotan, bouna Jrom at. iouis
for Cincinnati, was brought to near Cape Gl
rardeau to-dav. by Campbell's Ottawa artillery
on the steamer war bagie, on a cnarge oi
transoartine rebel -force (1UU men aod 4U
horse) to Vancel's Undine. The report prov
ing unfounded, the Dacotah proceeded to Cli)-
oinnatl to nignt. - .
Kentucky secessionists' are committing out
rages In Bullard connty; In an affray with
Unionists, on Friday, two secessionists were
killed and one mortally wounded.
Tbe force at Cairo, Mound City, Bird's Point,
Cape Girardeau and vicinity, Is over niteen
thousand. . -
There is plenty of water to let out the gun
boats. There are seventy-two inches station
ary on Scuffletown Bar; eight feet from Evans
wiild to Cairo. ... .'
Positive Information from scouts reports seven
thousand rebels under Pillow at New Madrid,
thousand under Gen. Jeff. Thompson
C. D. M.
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
No movements In military" matters. The
eltv is verv nniet. '
The Senate committee have decided that Mr.
Stanton la entitled to his seat from Kansas, In
place of Mr. Lane, thus deciding that a "mill
tary man holding a' commission cannot be a
member of Coneress. i
Large numbers ot commissioned officers are
resienmg to save themselves from court-mar
tial. --
It hu been decided in the Land Office that
the pre-emption shall be secured to the soldier,
provided be nies a declaratory statement. I
Richmond papers.' received via Baltimore,
state that on Monday lut the bodies of all the
slain In battle on the 2lst had been bnrled, both
Southern and Northern, i , -.-.'-. ; j
Tbe Confederate Congress, on Tuesday last,
brevetted General Beauregard, tbe commission
to date from July 21. - - -.
Tbe encineer that brought the train with
Johnson's forces on the day of tha battle wu
shot by order of Beauregard. He run the train
off the track, and afterwards confessed that be
was to receive eight hundred dollars for causing
a delav. " . ' " .
Howell Cobb is soon to take the field at liie
bead of a regiment. - ..-
Gen. Lee left for Western Virginia on Sua
day last. '. . . . - .j'J
The Confederate force Is being divided into
two corps d'armre the first under Johnston,
and the second nnder Beauregard. Johnston Is
to occupy an advanced position.'"."
Gen. Tochman, of the Looliiana Brigade,
nu resiguea. ;..;, -'
Two hundred and eighty-three wouuded Fed
eral soldiers are in the hospital at Richmond.
Tbe Examiner states that the secret seeeion
of tho Congress Is occupied with the maturing
of the financial policy ol the uovernmeot
The byraense Journal (Abolition) says it Can
nnderstand why the troopi ran away at Manas-
saa, aince it is assured tbe great majority of
them are Democrats. The aneerwill not stand
in face of the fact that the flight was comment
ed by Republican Congressmen and politicians
and by officers who owe their appointments to
political management and favoritism.-. " i
i '" i
The New Bedford Standard", unable to forget
its narrow politics even In tbis crisis of our glo
rious country, whines in hackneyed style! the
"ouslanghu" in Boston papers npon Senators
Wilson and Sumner, whom it styles "leader
of the Republican party," and ol the BnH Run
stampede, It abould bave acded. t
Headquarters Ohio Militia,
Columbus, Aug. 1, 1861.
A general leave Of absnceVlll be given to
the troops composing the 10th, IGth, 17ih, 18th,
latb, uutb, Vlst and 'Xit regiments Ublo volun
teers. under the directioh ol their several com
manding offlcera- .This leave of absence will
be granted nntll such time as the troops are to
be re-assembled for being mustered out of lbs
servioe and paid off. The time nod place ol
mustering out will be given by the command
ing officer Of each "roglment to their respective
captains, wbo will see that the men are properly
nouueu. - , . , . . ; a (
- No commissioned officer. will be paid until
every man on tbe original muster roll has been
orooerlv accounted for. ' ' i
The commanding officer of each ' regiment Is
authorized to pass tho men of his command td
their respective pLacea of enlistment at. the ex
pense of the State. - " - j
All arms, Aooontremeut And equipAid of ev
ery kind will b tnrnsd over to the Depot Quar
ter-MaetCT.wnere tner is one, and in au other
eases the Regimental Quarter-Muter will take
charge of them, and cause them to be safely
apt uotu lurmer oraer, nporung immeaiateiy
io toe HuarMr-uiasior-veawra vt AjiiRf. .
Af soon as this order 1 cotnolled with; tba
commanding officer of each regiment will report
in person at uoiumbns fortbwitn, in order war
rang with the mustefin-f etBoerd And pay mas
ters the details of mustering on t and paying ths
men. mis order win tax. nxci wiUk eacn reg
imnt as soon a it arrive at: ih nlaoo of tea-
desvous Indicated Id Special Order No, 638, or
at any other convenient point. ;c ... ,' v
r g yruH u. . UVWIU.UUDI-IH-VUICI.
C. P.
Adj't General Ohio.
Examinations of Snrgoon.
tbe pnrpoM of exaolnlnf Sargeoni and Boj-ieon's
I nrntattree,' In th etty of Oolaabw,-n tUHSBAX.
l.mlll uaaudviHi'iMa.
am io in v. t . n., m un nan oi ijn uoaaeaf a.n.
Hone bat SneB in food fcMlth and tm Derate haMti
Med ap7 i Sunaon nM at own f IV and Snrjeo',
atataaotayaan' experienoa. All are tolrrt, to ha
Mauai eraaiwn. id sow -uuuiof anenf nrdical BiB.
In eatlatatlof azparleoce, two ytan are alid for ere
ry yar of bMpital attendaaear Oerllficatae OOTtltir
iitau praraqaUite ainU ta filed wllk Uu Beoroia-ijby-for
the candidate will headoiucd to exanloatlon.
It It hoped tbte node will be teoelrwi as aa answer
H amenoi laauiry.-. f -- v;.l
ii.. wi ,ih;ti s ill, W.-HAI1ILTOS. i-"r.
i n m'i x 1
u-4 ,cm.-.'3 f
'I't .i.-i.i .'''-f'lJ IL."i!-rf nil III
-I:!J t.' Blenli r,'.- j.
Adj't General Ohio. REPRESENTATIVE.
in. flum a-FA-mtf4ab.Plaua announce in your pa
per that many of th votars of th northern part of this
eoanty deilr to bav Qen. Ortowold, of BharoA ton
ablp, for our next BeprestDtaUve. . j ) '', 1 ,
Yours, truly, 1 ' ' '
Tto Beat Artlliciai aaeip
to tba
r . ilnn-a-a nlgiit exeur Isawesite. v.T
, JOSEPH S." PEELEY, t t..
-rrv.v.V Till! LARGEST . ASSOUTa
IV aiantof tha moai Imp-ova kiads of Bpectaclei.
an ku " wh.ih.rior near or far-lighted, are
..nnnd in Aonr.vo convex rarm wiui n ,rwim viv
mnmm tt. .nit tha ltM of all cue! . eurlui Weaanen.
Diitlntu or Ioaammalloa of the lyes, and Imparling
strength fnr long reading or fine sawing. ' ' ...
OBoe. 13 Bait Slate street, at Bellter Tfelxter'l
MniloStor. -
k5 OH1V SD at tha oS3o of th Oonmla-ary Oanaral of
Ohio until THU&BDAY. August HIA. IBtil. at W o'clock,
A. at., for dally ratlooa to be furnUbed to the troop now
or oereatier to be stauonea ai or near eacn oi ue ioiio.
Im Dlacei. Tit: HaDi&eld. In Richland county ! Ports
Doaih, la Scioto county I Camp Scott, near Batavla, I
Clermont connty t Hamilton, in Butler county; Oleva-
land, In Coyahogaeouniy , xoieao, in i.acaioouniy ; an
Defiance, In Defiance county. '
The dally ration to ooniiit of one and one-fourth
pounds of fmh Beef or thrae-fonrihj of ponnd of
Salted Pork, eiihleen onnee of Bread, one ponnd of P
tatoei, and at the rate of eight quarts of whit Beans, lia
d Dirndl of Coffee, roatted aad erouad. twelve pounda N.
O. Sugar, four quarts of Vinegar, one and one-half
pounds of Bummer Preited Tallow Oaodles, four and a
hall pounds tnrown; jiaru pvmy, auu wu4u.tib w utw
gait, to each 100 rations, '
Vreah baef to be lamed twice m each week u requirea
k. h Mmni.nillnv Afilcr. -' i
All the above specified provisions to M of th best
Honna Wlin ampia rnmniy lur tu, i.iuuu, uvriurn,'
nr. of tha contract will be required. - It is expected
that at leait an full Regiment will be eollited at each
or tha above named places, and be tubilited under the
contract her contemplated until mastered Into Ih set-
tIc nf tha Unite Btaleo. aacn eoairaci lor suosiaienca
under this notice te eontlaue during the pleasure of the
Separata bids for eacn place are require .
O. DELANO, Com. Oen.
Clambua. 0.. Auc.S. 18fll-ua4-3t.-" i
' Toledo Blade and Olevelaad llerald each Insert three
O CK1YSD at th Office at tbe Secretary .of State,
until K .
Monday,; the Sd day of September' next, At
noon, . "i
for furnishing paper for the use of the State ot Ohio,
follows: . - -- ' .
ff.nno Beams Double Super Boyal Printing Paper, 27 X
by 41 inches, to weigh not lees than SS pounds'to the
ream. i
100 Beams Double Jlat Cap, 10 by 27 laches, to weigh
mi le..t xe Dounda to tba ream
100 Reams Brochure Cover Paper, assorted colors, SO
by 37 inches, to weiga at, least xt pounds v ue ream.
Tbe quantities above named to be Increased at the op
tion of tha Becretarr of Btate. ' ' . 1
Bids muit b accompanied ty samples of the paper,
and mnit ipeclly tbe prloa at which each kind and quail,
tv will be delivered at the Btate House In Columbu.
Mo -ample of aa tartilor article need be presented ; (or
paper mutt be of thebeat quality."- - - 1 ' -'
Tbe delivery of the Super Boyal ud Cover Paper to
ooanaeneson tn nrstor -loveatoarnexi-eoautng, ana
continue as the paper aball be needed. '
lbe delivery of tha Double Hal Cap to commence o
the first da of Daseatbarnaxt. and eoottone aa above. I
Bonds, with approved security In double the amount of
the contract, will be required (accoraing ro law;, conaf-
Uonea ror tn laitniui penormanc oi eacn coniraci
Tha Mda to be made and the contracta awarded In ao
cordanc with the terms of th "act to provide for the
pure hae or Stationery, raeu ana otnes arneie ror in
General Aese-ably and Bute OfBoare," paatad starch II,
1S53. -Be uurw. wmi swan a otai. ew.
Bide to be Indorsed oo the envelopes, "Proposal! fof
nmuhln mm tt.9 thm ktata ' 1
- BMdara are aaaured that M paper will be receive!
nleee ai eoarorm la every raepecc wim tne aampiee,
Thil vrovltionvUl itUricUy adktrtd to. 1
. ... . . i .. A. P. RUBBBLTm
.: 7 Secretary of State!
Cslomboi, Ohio, Aqgnit 3, lElil-dtd .... ..
O CEITED at tha Ofiue of the SecreUry of Btate,
Monday, ibe'Si day of September uexl, at J2
!' '.v4?. 'clock M. ' " I
for furnithiDg the Bute of Ohio with 'fuel, a follows:
30,000 Buabals f Coke, t weigh sot lea than 46
pounds to th btunei.
10,000 Buihels Coal, to be of the belt quality-equal
at least to the lower vein Of Socking Coal, and free
from slate, alack and dirt. ' S ;
The fuel to be delivered, without charge for such de
livery, at th Bute Bouse la Owtaabus. - ' . i
Proposals to be accompanied by camples, and to speci
fy the kind, quality and price of th fuel proposed to be
InralihaA -. . is', - i r -
Sacataoatractor will be required to give hoods, with
aniMawaA eenrltv. In double tha amount of tha con
tract, conditioned for th faithfal performance of hi
contract. i , - - - .. . . -
Th bide to be mad aod th eoatnet to be awarded la
accordance with th terma ot th act entitled "An aot to
provide for tbe pnreaaaa of Btatwoery, foe", and ether
article for- tba Oeneral Aeeembly and 8 tat olhoera,!
patted March. 4I.loiS Saw Bwane Bev. BUI. SbS;
Cnnr. SlWIj- , r- --.
Bids to be Indorsed on Ih envelope, ''Propotil for
furnlahlng fuel for the Btate." i
- Pue 1 famished by the contractor mast tn all eaie
be equal In quality; to the (ample. TMi nilt will tt
rigidly enoreta -: - J
" fk. P. RTJBBELL,' J l
Secretary of Stat. '
Coltuabus, Ohio, Augusts, 18ai-dtd.. ,-a
eziba ivoab ctrso uim.k .
..-. - . ' ' - - ' :
, . 'WHITE WHEAT TLOVt (Best Brands.)
French and TarkUh Prunes, Figs,1'. .
Zante Carranti and Eaiiins
foeaala whole-ale and jetaU by ; , :
jl,31 . 10S South High Street.
UE AliTIIt The blood most be purified, and all med-
lcloes are nsslcss which do not pa Mill th quality of
timutatlng th blood to discharge It Imparities Into the
bewolsK BArUTa's Polls poassss thl quality la.a
high degree, and ahould b la every family. Tbey are
equally useful for children end adults adapted to both
seats, and are as innocent as bread, yet most irrscrivi
ai a Ktstcna. -I .' ' :na-'-M r--;
Th Boo.. Jacob Beyers, of Sprtogvill, iqd.,' Wfte
to Dr. Brandreth, under data of Hay 11, 1861. -'.- mt
"I have need your Invaluable Vega table Universal'
Pills Io my anally sine lc3c)) tbey hav always cured,
even when ether media Inee were or no avail, t nave
been the meant of my neighbors uting haaarsds f dol
lars worth, and I am aatianea they nave" reeetveA
thooeand par cent. In bleated health, through -ihelr at
Thev are uted In thia reatoa for Bllkrat and Liver Pit
eaiet, lever and Ague, and all rheomatio oaaei with the
moot peneci enceeta. xn iao,auey ara-ine great reli
ance In atckneea, and I trust your ventral ! life may be
long spared to prepare so excellent a medicine for the
ate of man. !,...,
. Pleat tend m th lowest price by the gTt."
Bold by John B. Cook, Drugglit, Colnnftiai, aid by
all MMMttbl, dtwlfln In medicine..
M Im maH nal ' "
fTJiylWawlmo. ;
jnorrATff "lims pii.i.8, ...
Io all esses of ooeUveneai, dyspepsia, blllioat aad Uver
affections, piles, rherunatiasa, fevtrs aad e-rua, n
at head achat, tod all general derangement gf bfelt
the FIIU hav Invariably proved a eartala pd avn
remedy. A tingle trial will place lb Us tuts bay-rod
the reach ofcomptUUoa la the stratt efry ft
Unt.' " Z't' a..a at n-i.fnll
Br. Mof afs Phornti BItUn wiU fee foaad trall-rI
ooadoria in alliaat ufwvoos debility, djnpeptia,.head
fche. Jhi elcbiei Incident to female Indelicate health,
yn hind of weatoas of tha 1awHv argaaf.
Io hiw r. W.I.OIlAl8J5,-wflw
aad by alt Pwayl. .' V -'' 1 1 ,M,
j-v IWllmnHn- ta atn ttXtTaflt frOIIl 'a
JetUr wrltton' try th ItevXj. Ilotaa. paster 1V 4h
f lan iwStoVStset WmAUt vnarotv ar-maiya, jm a .,v
tha'Joamal and MeesenAeh'' Otodhsatt, Q.,aAil apeaki
volamag la' favor of that world-unowned aedlotna, Ma
WaaLow't Ikmr-Eov Sraow foA Oanaaaw TawTarwdt
We ere aa . advertlttaant ta your .columns or mnw
Wontow'e BoOTHina Brao. Now w never taid a wora
In favor of a patent medicine before In lo. - w
feel aompellM to aay to your readers that thltleno ham
bar wi v -ratio rr, am- ow rr to au, rr
cLanae. li ft probably one of the moat ancoeeifnl medl
elnea af th day, beoaae It ta one of the beet. And thott
rrf vrT-arrera-rho bay babte eaut do better than
Ja7taaftB?ply.t ti 3tv ft Juf?im,wi
Jaytaaftajp.: TI JS"t , IU,wT.i,W
. m-" t k" '- iw w 6 m ,v!r l -Jvt:;--.
:k K.A-1
J3 AI N & son,
Ho. 29 Soatli High Street, Columbus,
.(000 yards iraveiiDi vre-a vooum ai ,t '-
'i- 1SX cunts. - .. ....
tSOO yards Travellnf Dreat Ooodt at va'ne w cu.
WK)0 yards EnjIUh Baragee at WX, value 83 ' cente.
1000 yards Irenon urganaiw nui vaiu. ii.
Soon vatdt fast Oolored liawne ai iu, vam laoaou.
'TrV. aiu. "". .Ml,.., friz ..In. SO .-Kill..
1500 Varus SnperP a n u ic oiia ai ai w. mm
BXrot 0rgdi. Borage, and AlngHah Berage, at on..
bait their value, i ;
S9 South liigb Street.
Elegant Lace , rtlantillas.
Ko; Q9:SoutH Higli St.',
HAVI Jut opened ao luvoic of very large aim
handMiaa . . . v - '
Wide Fbench' Iaces for Shawls,
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces. , -.
RealiThread, Frenoh, Chantllla & Geneves
"-i: ; VEILS. '
Valenciennei, Point do Gaze, Brussels
and Thread Laoes and Collars.
Valenciennes trimmed ii-dkfs,
r - In new Shapes,
, . For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
The best and moat fashionable styles In the city,
; ,.".".', .,. - - BAIlfatSOM, .
jeSl . . S9 South High Street.
Groceries, '
1 '' Producc,
..ZZT-Z " . ."'. "'Provisions,
" t'orcign and JJoinestio Liquorsj
- ' Fruits, etc. etc.,
No. 106, jSouth High Street,
The old tUnd recently occupied byJVM, McDOKALD
- . Be is io dally receipt of- . .
-" ' Which he will tell
- ' i .
Cheap for Casta or Country Produce.
JO floods delivered to City trad free'of charge cQI
JlyH -.
.No. IOC, South High Street,
:;.OoLUMBUS, - -
x - .' . - DIALER VS "
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Jlyl2 ; ,
i 1 ' i
Steam Between Ireland and America,
Ir, ejjaSj1 " a, ' "' ' T - ."1".
' The following new and magnificent flrtt-clait paddle
wheel Bttamehlps compose the above line:
ABBIATO, . 5,888 tons burthen, . Cspt, j. Mioav
l " , . (formerly of the Collins Lias.) -HIBERNIa,
4,400 tons bortben.Ctpt. NT. Paowac.'.
COLUMBIA,' 4,400 ' M. LaiTCB.
ANOLIA, 4,400 ". '. i Nicholson.
paoiho, . s.iiou, ... v a-- 1.8mm.
PIUNCK ALBERT. (Screw.) -.
..."-. -s , " " - i.WalAta.
. On of th above thfps will leave Ntw York or Botton
alternately, every Tuesday fortnight, for dalway. car
rying the government maile, touching at Bt. Johnt,
hi, w. . . ' ' "' ..
- 5h Iteaaurs of this line hav been eonitraoted with
the greateet care, under tha supervision ef the govern
ment, bav water-tight compartment, and are unexcel
led foroomfort, safety and apeed by any tteamert afloat.
Tbey are commanded by able and experienced officer,
and every exertion will be mad to promote tha oomfort
of passenger.
An'experienoed Surgeon stitched to each ship. . t '.t
Ftrtt-clatt N. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool tlOO
Bccond-clats, " - ' " ,: Vi
rirstrclaaa, ,1" ' toBt John 3i
Third-clasa,' " " to Qalway or Liverpool.
or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 30
Third-claat paatangera are liberally supplied with pro
tliiont of tbe best quality, cooked and served bp the lr
vanU of tha Oompaay.-' u,. ... i.. . - .
Parties wishing to send for their friends from the old
country can-obtain ticket from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or from the principal otties of England and boot
land, at very low ratee. - V
Pattengera for New York, arriving by tht Botton
Steamers, will be forwarded to Mew York free of charge.
Por pat-age or further Information, apply to '
'V " Wk. H. WIOKHASf ,
At Ih offloeof the Oompany, on th wharf, foot jt
Oaual street. NewYork-,,. - .-. '
, .HOWUlfO fc iKTOWAXI,, Agents. - f, ,
"aprinftd6ni .. T.... ' V .
--Or S" 80TJTH (JHia8 " BTKHTr
ltOOO yardi BaperPUIn Blac Bilk at 6o-vsie
t'sOperyard."" - Z", --: .
f ,500 yM Traveling Ureas and Mantle Ooodt at
It l- eents-valas 80 cents, per yard." ; , -3,000
yard Whit Brllllantes at 19 1-S vents
value SO cents per yard. ZCH'.Zi 'i' J:.i
3 ,000 yards Pin and Domestic Ginghams greatly nn-
iv.uvjl'.-k i ioi- yy.i
tSQtlSa BABE0E8, lATEllAB,
"7N D "ALtT.OTH ER ;
New and' "a-jh-lxmabla lOrem Good
In th most deslrabl styles and at very lowers prices, j
Of all materials, mads la th most ttyllih manner after
th totett Pari Psthlons-ths molt elegant ttyTei In
th eltv.' : '"'
.n usii . baiw at soivy-
"may 30" . " "" sToTSJ Booth Hlgn Itrtitf"
C&&toa Mattingo.''
ttiiMr"VMt and Keel aat
X..rTWt Oiieeked of aprlor quality, for sal by.
U.;au U'.-i i. w - - - omAn ta OVCT, y
I mi.qi.lal mil"
At, YTiJ.riH;':"

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