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The Adams Express Company places ui daily
uuder obligations to it for the Tory latest papers
from tbe eastern cities. -,,, , ,
Tbe 'American Express Company has our
thanks for lti dally faroM in the shape of the
. eery latest eastern paperi. -
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice la hereby given to the Union Pemoo.
racy of Franklin county, to meet on Friday!
August 30, 18G1, between the hour of thm and
si o'clock P. M, in the townships, and fix and
tijht o'clock P. M.i'In the Wards, at the usual
places of holding elections (excepting Norwich
township, which will be held at BchoQeld's
School House, and the Fourth Ward at Gaver's
Ware Room, and tbe First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend the Coun
ty Convention, to meet at the. City Hall, Injlhe
city of Columbus, on Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 18C1, at fen o'clock A. M., for the pur
pose of putting In nomination two Representa
tives in the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one County Commissioner, and one
Infirmary Director. ; ,
At the same time and place one delegate
ft each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holdine- the Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed here
after. ' '
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each Waid and TownBblp, based upon
the vote cast for Supreme Judge in I860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five votes so cast.
1st Ward,
24 ii
4th "
5th "
Montgomery To.
Truro "
Prairie "
Pleasant " ,
, 6
Jackson -
Franklin . .,
- j
Wm. Domioan,
Jacob Reinhabt,
Sah'l DoTtiaV,
H. W. MiLiii,
A tlx. Thommon,
Wm. Cooks,
John M. Poor,
J. Bolcn,
Jambs Hosloceer,
II. S. High,
County Central Committee.
The regular quarterly neettog of the Board of Mat'
agera of the Orphana' Home of Columbui, will be held
at the Home on Taeadiy, the 6th of Anguit, at 3 o'clock.
BuitoeHof much importance will be brought before tbe
Hoard, anil a large attendant la moat earnestly desired.
By order of the Exeoutlve Board, .
Mrs. S. A. FELL, Sec'y.
Council Prociidinus. At tbe meeting of the
City Council, on Monday evening, August 5th,
1861, the City Clerk and City Treasurer pre
sented the following -' ;
Statement of the Receipt and DtibwummU of tho
City of Ootvmlnt from July let to JvyuttS, 8Sl,
Balance In Treasury, July 1. 1 3,316 18
Wry Thomas, fines and licenses for
June 1611
Ublo Penitentiary, wood from flood
ale Park . '5 6i
J. ii. Thompson, on account of Jane
UX 5 000 00
game do du .... 3,500 00
Wray Tbomai, fine and licenaes
fur July 76 50
Joa. P. Martin, Market lioute rents
. for July 1
8.733 73
City Police
Market Houie,eto..... ....
Sewere and Drainage
Gas Repairs, etc '
...1,018 37
... 13 65
... 103 09 .
,...1,13101 .
.... 51 67
...5,000 00
...S9i SO
3 00
... 15 it
... 14 04 .
... 34 44
... 34 05 10,692 09
, 1.448 84
rilntlng, stationery, eto
Temporary Loana
BHeby, Uyndera 4a Co
Belief fund
Klrst Ward Improvements..
Third " "
Ptflh " '
Balance in Treasury, Aug, S
18,148 91
The Street Commissioner stated in bis report
for July, 186h that there had been employed by
him horses and carts of Hinrt Jones for 49
days at $1 25 per .day, amounting to $55; of
Charles Lontz one horse and curt for 10 days,
at $1 25 $12 50. Number of days' work by
Chain-gang, 265.
Dr. Blair, to whom was referred' the petition
ol the Superintendent of the Central Lunatlo
Asylum, in referenoe to drainage and gas, re
ported a resolution, which was adopted, instruct
ing the committee on Gas and Gas Ltghts to
cause to be put up two lamp posts and lamps,
and to furnish them with gas, whenever the of
ficers of the Institution shall have paved the
gutters, graveled, curbed and pivedtJthe side
walks, in front of their premises from the west
line of said premises to the main entrance gate.
An ordinance was passed, to amend section
three of an ordinance to provide for the im
provement of streets, alleys and sidewalks,
passed July 11, 1859. ',' . '" .. '
Mr. Bottles offered a resolution, which was
adopted, authorizing the- committee of Ways
and Means to borrow front the Franklin Branch
Bank of the State Bank of Ohio, at Columbus,
"five thousand dollars for sixty days.
Several resolutions were adopted,' instructing
the City Civil Engineer to prepare plats and es
timates for grading and paying different streets
and alleys. .-ii'njS, ..''
William Armstrong's bill for six dollars
jury fees in the case of. The Clty e. James
Rebec was referred to the committee of Ways
and Means, with instructions to pay- the ' same.
Tbe Council then adjourned. .-..' j-! ".,,'
:J :r i - - . i
The SirJBT.Tho'ao'. whose eyes 1 need arti
ficial helD. cannot be too careful In the selec
tion of glasses. With. Rood glasses, adapted
with scientifio skill and judgment to the condl
tion of the eyes, defects may be remedied, and
diseases tmred whereas these win be aggravat
ed by the W of Improper or unsuitable glasses.
We call the attention of those needing aids
to the sight to the advertisement of Mf.JosErR
S. PCRLtr, who la recommended by a praotlcal
and scientlflo optician. He his everj- vwiety
or glasses, salted to any condition of the 'eyes,
He will be found at the Muslo Store of Messrs.
Seltzer WtBsm.on rotate streetcar; As
fostomce. .;.:rf9 !'.), t ,-, v j.,rf.; - it .'?
Peaches. We are indebted to MMtrt. lm
dev an, Rire & Co.r Confectioners, Fruiters,
oto , la Ambos Building,' fot it'qnaatltj pjf moot
delioious peaohe.s There Is no fruit tijual, to
these peaches. LinDKauN,.RiTH 4t CevVwe
re informed, will,; ha,Te fiem',conitshtIy, on
nana. , I -m -v ' '.'" Si e.r.iX
' u. I "in.--.
DJ Op Saturday afternoon last, two trains
In oharge-of theAdmitrrXoTHpiBj-j
numbering thirty nvfl car loads of caBHoh.pow.
der, shot and shell, passed through -this city,
from Pittsburgh, 'desUned for Cairo, oa Tkhe or.
der of General Faiwoirrr
V . b ' ia li. gl r'oa r.r.ff aW
The WESTumsTEa REvw.There are two
articles In tbe Westmlnstsr Review for July
1861, that cannot fail to arrest the attention of
the poUtioal ehliosopher. One Is a review of
a late work of John Btuast Mill, oa "Repre
sentattre Government," and the other presents
an outline of the current of thought In Mr.
Bccile's second volume of the "History of
ClvlUiatloa in England." , i '
The speculative theologian will find food for
thought and reflection in the article on the
"Life and Letters of Bchleiermacher," and In
that on "Christian Creeds and, their Defend
ers." The latter has some pretty severe, and
sometimes rather biting remarks on those who
have decried tbe "Essays and Reviews."
The "Salmon FUharlaa of -Enaiana and
Wales," and "Equatorial Africa and Its Iobab
itants," contain much valuable Information.
The latter containing," as it does, a summary of
tbe most recent explorations, is deeply Interest
log to those who are fond of researches Into the
condition of the earth and Its inhabitants, in
regions hitherto unvislted by civilized man. '
The article headed " Cotemporary Lltera
ture,", in the Westminster, spreads a rlcn least
for all comers. In which every oue will Una
something to' bis likiog.
Tbe Westminster Is re-publlssed by Leonard
Scott & Co., New York, who also re-publish
tbe London Quarterly, the Edinburgh Review,
the North British Review, and Blackwood's
Magazine; eaoh singly at $3 a year; any two at
15, and the whole at $10 a year. Each com
menced a new volume with the number for July
AroLLo Hall Ahosements. This Hall is in
Kanmaoher's building, on the west side of
High street between Rich and Friend streets.
On Saturday evening last, Messrs. McChesnet
and BaiGoi opened at the Hall a series of en
tertainments by some of tbe best performers in
the country, which will be continued, we under-
stand, through this week . The songs, dances
and other performances are highly amusing to
all who are good natured enough to be willing
to be amnsed.
O Tbe following is from the Bull Run cor
respondent of the Aftiiiiijia; '
While Joe. a servant of Ersklne Watklns,
was cooking a chicken in a ki When near the hos
pital, a ball passed near him and struck bis skil
let. In bis report he said: "Bless God! Massa,
I never saw de chicken after dat!"
Call at Kennedt's. The reader will find at
Kennedy's, near the Postoffice, Harper's Week
ly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated, the Rebellion
Record, and other popular papers and periodi
cals, together with maps, charts and pictures
illustrative of the war and war scenes.
IT Tbe Dayton Artillery Company received
orders to leave Camp Chase last night, in order
to join General Rosecaans's command in West
ern Virginia. '
ST Within ' the last few day?, several per
sons have died In Cincinnati from sun stroke.
Militart ArroiNTMENTS. Gevernor Denni
son has commissioned the following officers for
be new regiments: - , .
Joshua W. Sill,' Colonel 33d Reg'6 of Chilli
eothe. r' if t .. . . .
Oscar F. Moore. Lieut. Colooel 33d Ree't, of
J. V. Robinson, Jr., Major 'Hi Reg't, of
Portsmouth.' ''
Edwin D. Bradley, Colonel 3Btb Reg't,' of
Perrysburg. - . . : - ; . --. -
Ed. warn H. meips, Major now jtegitneni,
of Perrysburg, now Paymaster-General of
John W. Fuller, Colonel 27th Reg't, of To
ledo, now on Gen. Hill's staff, i
Thos. 8. Paddock, Uolonel ma Keg't, oi
Cleveland, late Captain of Greys;
John rerguson, Major JUtn Keg t ot cam
bridee. 1 ' . i . .. ' .- . ' j '.
A. Sanders Piatt, Colonel 34th Regiment, of
West Liberty.
J.T.Toland, Lieut. Colonel, 34th Reg't of
Cincinnati. ;
Charles KinRaburv, Jr.. Major 40th Reg't, of
ironton.- '
Charles Ankele, Major. 37th Reg't of Cleve
land. --
D" Scorbutio diseases are' the parent stock
from which arises a large propqrtion of the fat.
a) maladies that afflict mankind, j .They, are, as
It were, a species of potato' rot in tbe human
constitution, which undermines and corrupts all
the sources of its vitality and hastens its decay.
Tbey are the germ from which spring Consump
tion, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Liver Com
plaints, and Eruptive Diseases, whioh will be
recognized as among those most fatal and de
structive to the hoes of men. So dreadful are
Its consequences to human life, that it la hafdly
possible to overestimate the Importance of an
actual, reliable remedy, that can sweep out this
Sorofulous contamination. We know, then, we
shall proclaim welcome news to our leaders of
one from such a '.quarter as will leave little
doubt of its effioacy and still more welcome,
when we tell them that it surely does accom
plish tbe end desired. We mean Ater's Bar-
SArARiLLA, and It is certainly worthy the atten
tion of those who are afflicted with Scroful or
Sorofulous complaints. Rtjitttr, Alba, N.
Rail Road Time Table.
LirriMit;Oetcirar;a XtxuB B, ,
Xewea. v.'. . Arrives
OlBclnnaU Aooommodatlea. 5 00 A. U. :10 1, M.
" Xzpreaa. 11:40 A. M, - H uSA.M.
Hall and Aooommodatloa.. 9:10 P. at. 9:00 t. U,
lghtipreaa.vla Dayton. :0B Btdalght. 3:20 A. Al.
" t 7m. W. Doiiitv, Agent.
Ooldnios OLraLAXB K. B.'
Right lzpnaa.....X4a A. M. ll:U P. M.
Hew York Bipreae ..il.lOA.M. 10:50 A.M.
O.O.aO. WayExpreu.... StJO P.M; . 7.5 P.M.
t ; ' i-' Jis PatTntdn, Agent.
OawTRALOaiet. K. ' ' ' '
JTe. 3 Ixpreia 3:30 A. M.. v 11 25 A. M.
Mo. i do )l:15 P.Al 11:45 A.M.
W. i,Fau,AgtmU
- Prmirjaaa, Oouaaoa .Oidcuixati B. B.
Kail Train 3 30 A.M. 11:25 A. M
Bxpraae Train.
....... v
.11:53 A.J4., 8:45 P. M.
', Jv. Eoilxion. Agnt
CoLUMeoi Ihdunomui. R. R. ' ' ' rl "
(OoLonaoa PiqrM InouHa R. R )
No. 1 Xxpnas S:30 A.M. 300 P, M .
3.UO P. U. :4J r. M
100 A. M.
;MfV,Y ,jr-'
W. tuvtm. Agent; 1
Wholesale and detail Dealer la '
1 - 1 1 - 11 ' 11 -1
' Baltimpre , Clothing House. H
' auirorAcrcacM axp waoursAusejasasnt j,--,--
'j SI .1.0.
1 LeJt,A4ortent ol Pltee aad furaUhlni
I flmfll raTCSfftTitTT oa SaiAI
(r u
,twitii1!,v .ii
TELEGRAPHIC. Position of Rebel and Condition of
Union Troops.
Sandt Hook, Md., Aug. 3. We learn from
rahni anout that tbe enemy hu bnt four real-
m.nta At Laeaburff. but have large bodies of
troops north of there ana east or. ine Aitegoa
nlca. ' . ,
Good order and good health prevail v our
camps, weatner very not. , -
Pennsylvania Troops.
Harrisboro. Aug. 4. The First Artillery, U
S. volunteer regiment, Col. Rush, march to
morrow, . ..
Twelve regiments of the Pennsylvania re
serve, leave for Washington oo Tuesday. .
More about Col. Cameron's Body--
How Members of Congress have
been Paid.
left Washington on Thursday, with a commu
nication from the Secretary of War, to recover
toe body or tJoi. uameron, nas returnea unsuc
cessfullv. In oonseauenoe of the letter being ad'
dressed "To whom it may concern," Instead of
some partioular officer. When tms oojeonon
is removed, no doubt the body will be recover
ed. '
Members of Congress have been paid laat
month's salary with fifty dollars In gold and
two hundred and fllty in Treasury notes.:
The employees of tbe Government will
hereafter be nald in this description of paper.
It is understood that one of tbe recent flags
of truce sent here from General Johnston,
was relative to tbe report wbloh reaobed tbe
Confederates, tbat we bad hung some of our
Rumored Blockade of the Potomac.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Washinoton. August 3. It Is rumored that
the river Is blocked by tbe rebel batteries at
Matbias Point and Acuula Creek. The master
of one of the transports says he is afraid to at
tempt to ooms up.
[Special to the Post.]
A flag of truce arrived here last night from
the enemy's camp, bnt its purport is unknown.
The Plan of the Missouri Rebels.
St. Louis, Aug. 3. The Evening News
learns from a well Informed citizen of South
western Mlssonri, who possesses a peculiar facul
ty lor acquiring knowledge or tbe plans or tbe
secessionists in tbat region, that their real ob-
eot is not to attack Cairo or Bird's roint, but to
make a desperate attempt to secure possession
of St. Louis. - . . -
There Is a strong rebel force under General
Pillow at New Madrid, Missouri, another at
Pocahontas. Arkansas, believed to be under
command of MoCulloch, and another In Missis
sippi county, Missouri, undsr Jeff. Thompson.
The plan Is to keep up a constant toreat ot an
attack on Cairo and Bird's Point, so as to keep
the Federal troops there employed: menace
General Lyon In tbe Southwest by threats of an
attack: from rrlce and Kains, while tbe forces at
New Madrid and Pocahontas will effect a junc
tion at Pilot Knob, and from there march on
St. Louis, take it, reinstate Jackson, and with
this city as a basis of operations, wrest Missouri
from the Union. .
From Louisville and the South.
LomsTiLLE, August 3. A reliable gentle
man, just arrived, says iseven boats just lelt
Mempbta last night, conveying troops to new
Madrid, and says not less than 25,000 Ten
nessee troops have been landed la Missouri.
Gov. Harris has probably been re-elected
Governor of Tennessee.
Gen. Flournoy died here yesterday.
A drafting for troops has already begun In
Virginia. The Adjutant-General orders the
militia to repair to the court houses in their re
spective counties without delay.. About 30,000
are wanted.
Roger A. Pryoe Is In command of tbe 3d Vir
glola, in Isle of Wight county.
The Richmond Examiner says; Among the
prisoners here is a tree negro, woo came as
Chaplain ot one of the Connecticut regiments
Tbe same paper authoritatively states the num
ber in the Federal regiment which surrendered
tbe day alter toe battle at null Koo, as tuu,
Tbev are said to belong to Pennsylvania. -
Henry A. Wise Is reported to be In need of
reinforcements, we nave no dates subsequent
to tbe Buiitown aiiair.
We understand Beauregard has hong three
traitors; one, engineer of the Manassas Gap
railroad, another a preacher, and the third was
a farmer. ,
A dispatoli to the Knoxville Register, 31st.
says preparations of an extensive character are
in progress, and beiore a great while may con'
fldently expect active movements.
Our olckets extend beyond Fall's Church.
The Confederate troops are divided Into two
corps, the first tnder Johnston, occupying tbe
aavancea post, ana toe wecona under lieaure
There is no doubt or the fact tbat there was
treachery practiced on the Manassas Gap rail
road, to prevent a Junction between tbe forces
of Johnston and Beauregard. . s -
The conductor was shot, having acknowledg
ed receiving a bribe to defeat a anion of tbe
force. . The same treatment was meted Out to
a recreant Georgian caught piloting the enemy
la the march. '
Tbe Richmond Examiner of the 30ih savsi
Our army under Johnston, is now encamped in
the vicinity of Fairfax C. H. From what we
oanlearo wo think It improbable that,.fchere
win do any alteration in toe position or troops
at present.-' iu-.t.-t
Tbe Richmond Examiner s Portsmouth cor
respondent says that Col. Smith, of tbe Lex
ington Military Institute, will take command at
Craney Island. 1
Marshall Parks, navy agent of North Caro
lina at Portsmouth, has transferred to the Con
federacy a fleet of five steamers, already man
ned ana armed, . :
It has been most oppressively hot for tho last
three days, and almost suspends business .
A wagon toad or leans, destined for the South,
was Intercepted to-day, . . . . r
The Blockade.
New York, August 3 The bark Golden
Era arrived, reports July 31st, with Cape Hat.
teras bearing oast by south thirty five miles,
was boarded by aa offleer from the D. S. steam
er Union, who informed ns of the existing block
ade, ana oiso tnai tney leu in with, on tue ;mui,
the brig B. F. Martin of Boston, with a prlis
crew on board, ron her ashore twenty miles
north of Cape Hatteras, aad burned ber. Austin
E. Smith, late navy agent at Ban trancisoo,
was arrested for treasonable oondnot, and con
fined in Fort Lafayette. ' ,
Tbe Washington special to the Post save all
is quiet te day. , ,-1 .
Gen. Wool Going to Fortress Monroe.
Waihinotow.Adp. 3. Geo. Wool will as
sume command of Fortress Monroe next week.
Isaao Newton, of Pennsylvania Is appointed
Chief of the Agricultural Bureau of the Patent
Office.., ... . '":' f .. 7. i-'!:t
m 1 ii..
Washinoton, Ao 1. 3. Prince Napoleon Was
formally presented to the President .this morn
ing by Secretary Seward. - . -'
A great etate dinner win oe given at tne tt
eeutlvo mansion at six o'clock this afternoon.
The members of the Cabinet and the Diplomatic
Corps win be present. vi' " -
wen. uutier amvea to-aay irom fortress
Monroe, on a short visit of business to head
quarters. .
An arrangement nas been made by which the
remains of Col. Cameron are secured. - -'
Eaeraetlo measures will at oooe be taken to
prevent the transmission of tetters from here te
tbe sown, tdis Business nas, in various ways,
been briskly conduoted here, aqd U is full time
tbat a stop was put to it, -. i i
Proclamation of the Governor of
Jcrrtason Citt, Aug. 6.-i-Go. Gamble ban
issued a proclamation to the people of .Missou
ri, the principal features ef which are as fol
lows! .'!; ' -.
. I do hereby strictly shares, and enioln noon
all sheriffs aid other magistrates who are oon
eervatoro of the peaoe, to "me all the power
oonferred upon them by law Is arresting and
bringing to punlsbrient all pereone whadinnrb
the nubile eeace- bi aslnar .t4olenoceffloM
Uey ef their tel low-el tliene, "end especially.
are yon onargea , to bring to , justice all
who combine te - praotlc rlelenoe agalaet
other persons on' aeoount of tbelr politloal
opinions and If foroe should be employed to
railst tori la thi dlschartts of vrtnr dutlaa la an
UMo&f jthAt, lon.oanqi 9Tcrwma Pj ftv&ewt
provided by law, you are eharged to make
known that faot to this department, that pro
ptr measures may he taken in such oases. It
eojoyoed upon all citizens thot tbey perform the
duty or giving information or deposits or mu
nltions or war belonging to tbe State, that they
mav come to the possession or tne state witn
out being captured by the troops of the United
States. It is further enjoined upon all citizens
or suitable age to enroll themselves la military
organizations tbat they may take part in the
aeiense of tbe State. All citizens woo are em
bodied under tbe act of tbe last session of the
General Assembly, popularly called the Mili
tary Law, are notified that the law has been
abrogated, and the troops disbanded. The co a
missions issued under it as well aa the commia
tion under the aot of the same session for ap
polotment of a Maior-General have been an
nulled, and all soldiers and officers are enjoined
to oease action In a military capacity, if those
citizens who at the call of the late Governor
have taken un arms choose to return voluntari
ly to tbelr. homes and to tbe peaceful pursuit of
their occupations, tbey will nnd in the present
Executive a determination to afford them all
the security In his power, and there is no doubt
entertained that thev will be unmolested.
1 be ollicera and their troops belonging to tbe
ionieae.iate States, who have invaded Mibbou
rl, are notified that h is against the will of the
people of Missouri that they should continue
upon tbe soil of this State, and tbat tbeir con
tionance in Missouri will be considered an ' aot
of war, designed to brio upon our State the
norrors ot war, which Missouri desires to avoid:
they are, therefore, notified to depart at once
Since the Governor's proclamation was writ
ten, tbe following dispatch has been received:
T hit Excellency, II. R. Gamble, Qowrnor of
In reply to vour message, addressed to ' the
rresment, x am directed to say mat, 11, oy a
proclamation, you promise security to persons
w - ... ...
in arms who voluntarily return to their alle
giance and become peaceable and loyal, this
Government will cause the promise to be re
Secretary of War.
Thirtyseventh Congress--Extra Session.
sion -
WASHINGTON, August 3, 1861.
offered the following reiolo
tion from the Marylind Leirlilatnre:
" Wrrueaa. Roaa Wlnana. while In the dlachanre of hla
omciai amy, wat arouraniy and Illegally arreated on
the highway by force of arms, by the Federal Oorrrn
menl, and sundry other eltlzena of Maryland were eeirt d
ly the earn dcapotlo authority, in violation of ail their
pononal rlahte aa citlzene of Maryland: and.
"WHeatAe, The nncoDatitatlonal and arbitrary acta of
toe uoyernmeDt are not confined, the properly of no
man la aafe, the eanolity of no dwelling la reipecled, and
the lacredneee of private eorret pondence no longer ex
lita; whereat, the Home of Delegatea doea not with hla-
lory to record tbe oyerlnrow or all public rtghta without
the record of their Indlirnant proleal and reatntment
against auch acta of Presidential tyranny, niarpatlont
aud outrages by the federal Government."
After a long dltcnwlon at to whether the resolution
should be received. It was flnallv ordered to be nrinted.
Mr. King offered a resolution that the Secretary of
nar be iracommonded to pay the volunteers monthly,
whenever practicable. Aareed to.
The resolution fixing the time of adjournment was
tasea up.
Air. Collamer moved to fix the time Tuesday, August
6, at twelve M. Agreed to.
A resolution wat then pastel to sdjonrn on that day,
at that hoar.
On motion of Hr. Wilton, the bill to increase the En
gineer Corps, waa taken no and naned.
Mr. Morrill moved to take up the bill supplementary
to the act to protect the commerce of the United Stales.
Agreed to. and the bill mated. -
Mr. Trumbull repotted from the Judic'ary Committee
0111 mauogio ue juuicutl tliatriolaor Missouri and
ceuiucny, witn a mbilun w postpone until next Decern'
This led to a long discussion in regard to the loyalty
of Judge M or. roe. in Kentucky, in which Messrs. Lane
or lad., Powell, Btker, Breckinridge, McDougall, Polk,
oarru anu omera participated. Adjourned.
noon. Mr. Blair, from tbe oommlttee on Military
Affaire, reported a bill to increase the efficiency of the
lopogiaimicai engineer uorpa.. raaaed. it empowers
tbe President to add to thatcarpe two lieutenant-Colo,
nelt and four Majore and one company of soldiers, to be
commanded by a competent officer.
Mr. OUn, from the same oommlttee, reported back
the hill to promote the efficiency of volunteer forces, and
authorizing the President to discharge from the aervice
any oominissioneu volunteer omoer lor incapacity, inem
oleney, mieoonduot, or neglect of doty. The oommlttee
reported a eubttitute. and apply the principles also to
the officers of the regular army. .
In tbe oourae of debate o this bill, after tome remarks
of Mr. Burnett, of Ky., Mr. Oliu said Mr. Burnett wat
known to be a warm aympathUer with those la rebel
Mr. Burnett responded that it the gentleman wanted
to know whether heaympathited with those amoni whom
ha waa born, and who regard the war aa having been
forced upon them, and would make peace to morrow, he
answered la the aiUnaative, and they rould make- the
most of it.
The bill authorizing the President to discharge army
and military officers for incompetency, etc,, waa laid on
the table. .
The House took up the Senate resolution providing
for a joint oommlttee of both Houaea to wait on the
President and request hint to set apart a day for publlo
cumulation, tasting and prayer artel supplications tor toe
auceese of our arms and the restoration of peace.
Mr. Stevens, from the committee on Ways and Mean a,
reported back tbe Senate amendments to the bill making
appropriations for the enrollment and orgenlelng of
volunteer, ate., with an amendment thereto appropri
atlng SmouO.OUO.
Mr. Bingham, from the Judiciary Committee, reported
naoa the Senate bill to eonatcate property used for In
surrectionary purposes, with an amendment. In sub
stance, that, whenever, during this present Insurrection,
any pereoa held to servioe or labor ttuli be employed lp
military or naval lutraockments, eto.. the peieon to
whom snob, aervice or labor is due; anall forfeit bis claim
to tbe seme. . . , .
Mr. Uounaa moved to lay the bill on the table. - Ne
atlred by 47 against id. 1. . ... ...
The Uousa concurred la the genat&'e amendment to
the lioute resolutions) fixing Tuesday next for the ad
journment of Congress. . .
xne consideration of the confiscation bill waa then re
turned, and the question stood on agreeing to tbe amend
ment reported by Mr. Bingham. The bill waa thee
fasted by 60 agaiotl 43.
xne ipeakor laid berore tne Bouse a message rrom tne
President In answer to tbe resolution adopted yesterday,
Inoloslng a dispatch received at the United Butts Mili
tary Telegraph Office,. August 1, from Hon. Alfred Kly,
dated Richmond, saying he waa a prisoner at Blchmood.
Mr. Oonklin offered a resolution requesting inquiry
Into charges against James Harvey, and read a letter
from him dated Libson, July 14, denying the cbargea
made against biro.
Tha resolution was adopted. Adjourned. ..
SxlfaTi. Hr. Stultbury moved to take up the resolu
tions offered by htm some time since, proposing certain
amendments to the Constitution for an adjustment of
ine present uimcmuca. -
Tne motion wat disagreed to yea 11, carsxe.
Mr. Breckinridge moved to take np the confiscation
Mllaa returned from the House, and moved to concur In
the amendments of the House. The motion wsj agreed
to. ........ .
Mr. Breckmrlde aaked for the yeas and nays on the
amendment of theUoate." Tbe amendment waa agreed
to yeaa M, nays 11.
Bay Breckinridge, aright, Canute. Corvan. John-
son of Mo., Latham, Pearce, Polk, Powell, Rice and
Mr. Hale reported the bill orovldlut for further en
listment In tho army ptaaed. ""
Mr. Wilson moved to take up the House bill to pro
vide for the efficiency of the engineer corps agreed to.
neveru amendments were maae, eou tne Dill passea.
Bocae. Mr. Phelna. of Ma- appeared In his aeat for
the Bret time this session.
The Sneaker laid before tbe Honte a letter from Mr.
Curtis, anting that he had aent to the Oo verier of low
bla resignation aa a Representative from tbat State, do
llesof a military character prompting him te this court,
ne having been appointed a Brlgadler-Ueneral
Army Appointments Confirmed.
Washinoton, Auir, 3. The Senate confirm
ed numerous army appointments. Among them
are Major-Generala AlcClellan, Fremont, Dix
and Banks; and Brigadier-Generals Hooker,
Curtis, MoCall, Sherman, Lander, Kelly,
Kearney, rope, Ilelntzelman, Forter, Stone,
Reynolds, Kanter, Franklin, Rosecrans, Buell,
Mansfield, McDowell and Meigs.
Gen. Butler and the Contrabands.
. Niw Yosa, August 5.The Tribune printal
letter from Uen. to Butler the Secretary of War,
la which he states that at the time of receiving
orders to forward troops to Washington, ha was
preparing for an advance .movement on York
town, hoping to cripple the resources ef the en
emy there, especially by seising a large quanti
ty of negroes who were being Impressed into
their service, making entrenchments, eto.
, Gen. B. states that ha has now en this side
of Hampton 900 negroes, 300 being able-bodied
men, and desires Instructions from the depart
ment rcrardlng them. . .... '.,,.. "..
- After discussing the status upon- whioh the
slave- women ana' emiuren thus freed rrom
their masters are to be considered, he was
compelled by ' b's own reasoning look open
them as men and women. Mot freeborn, yet
tree maoumiteo, ana sens xortn irom tne laea
tbat held tbem never to be reclaimed. He oonld
hare no doubts how to proceed had ha aot
seen an order front Gen.vMeDowell, forbidding
all fugitive siares to oe oaroorea within the
lines. If the InforolDg of that .order ia tbe
policy of Government, if a soldier he le bound
to eoforelt eteadfaetly-tf-irOT- cheerfttllvrtrat
should take a widely dUTerentVone .1? iUffJ t
hia own discretion. wTbe General coneludee aa
follows t In a loyal State! wo4d rat dowa a
servile Insurrection In e ,Bt,te M( rebelliTO,
would confiscate that whlelt waa used te oppoae
my arm;,aal tat kU wat Troptrtyrwco on
Stltoted the wealth of tbat State, and fiirnlahed
the means by whlclutha-war U prosecuted, jp
sides the oause ol the war, and If In so doing it
shonld be objected, and tbat human beings were
Drought to tbe free enjoyment of life, liberty.
aaq sue pursuit' 01 oappinees, sucn ;jODjectieu
nvgiii aoa require mucn eonslderatlon., : j
ik eBaajaBaeswaaei
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 3.
ABHEB Continue steadv. with amall ni,. mt or
lur rota, auv tor rearia. . . ,.
COTTON firm: aakav l.iOO balaaai 1UV. (. IfM
dling Uplanda.
ILOUH A ihtdo firmer, with a fair export
Bales ef a 700 bbla at a4 lOtaM IS for Snnarfln. a,.,..
4 iOm 'i$ tot extra State: choice. 4 40: S3 O&ai ui
lor superfine Western; ti 45 fereommon to m
dlura extra Weetenii S4 OUmi- 00 let shipping brands
extra round hoop Ohio; o4 ! 104(16 10 for trada
brands do : market cloeine firm . Canadian floor a hU
nrmer.wun aaiee of ow stole at ft 06(94 10 rornper-
nne; and f 4 7mi 50 tot common to choice extra, kye
flonrqnlet and steady at 9 SSiSS 90.
CORN MBAL-UnchaDged; sales of 530 bbla. at S3 Si
rWrnlly".,!?Ie, flrm,r with ""aand; sales
WH AT Supply limited, with a fair export demand,
In part for Prance, tbe market advanced Is per bushel;
sales ef 18,400 bashcla Milwaukee club- at &N:(31S1 00:
i,xw nasnei Canadian club at at 03; 8,000 buhels
Amber Iowa atbl 03; 9 850 bushela very eholcw do at
Ski a Al.' n ama . . .
, an Dusucis oreen nay at 1 osl 03;
w iwiu.1, wiuirr rcu ireaurn ai mi ivoii ini.
1,400 bnthela white Miehiran at at 2r,i)l SO: and 1 9(H)
vu.uoia wiine iveniucay t ej l ao. -
Ri FLODR -Quiet, and without material change;
tales of 1.200 bushels Western at 47e. i i
BAKi.Kiuontlntee nominal. it' '
CORN Scarce, and lo bettor, with
mand; salea of 8.400 buthela at 4040X for ahipping
mixed Western; 43845o lor lattern do; S42o for an
aound do; and '4250o.for interior to good Western
yellow. ... -
OATB-Dull at8328c for Canada; and 3IJ32Jic
iwi nwni auu oiaio , . y
PORK Less dolnir. and market acarralv an Arm
sales of 100 bblt at 15 75 for meas; and S.I0 6210 75
for prime.
BGr The market continues Brm. with ..In. nr Sno
bblt at 494 50 for country prime; (V35 60 for count
ry meat: StkSlO SO for repacked mess: ail Mtfaii 50
for extra meas. Prime mesa beef aod beet hama quiet
uu uncnanffeu. . . -
CUT MEATS ConliDue dull; shoulders, 4,'5!ic:
hams, 5Bc. ,
BACON Quiet,
LARD Firm, with a moderate demand : tut. a of 3tn
barrels at ho, th latter for choice, i .
BUTTER Selllnr at 7rS'inw rw Ohln- .n.l tin,
for Bute.
CUEBBE-Is In ftlr request at &5To. : '' .
Cincinnati Market.
creased by the exceeding severity ot the hot weather, and
matters are nnuiually quiet. , . -
riiOUR Remains as dull aa ever, and aellcra wnrlr tn
a decided disadvantage at th quotation. $3 60 lot Bu-
pernoej J ia to f J lu lot extra, and f 4 25 to It 50
for ftmily. .
W11BAI Is Ion active to-day, though not quotably
CORK Ie held, e-enerallr . at COo. tat will not mm.
maud over S8o. from UlttilUr.
OATS-Were sold at 13c, but tellers hold, generally,
forS4e. -
RYE Cannot be sold at more than 40j. - .
BARLEY Is without any quotable market. '
WHISKY Achieved another advanea nf b
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 3, 1861.
f LOUR Th market is auiet. with a damand for amall
lots only. Xxtras and double extras from red wheat,
range 'at It (I04 90. White double extras, country
ground, sell at i 00.
nnssi--mere u no on an ire in prices. ' Tbe receipte
to day were very light, and aalea were limited to 1 car
old red at 80c, and 1 car new white at 95c. The market
closes witn urm tone.
CORN le steady at 31o on the track.
OATS Are steady at 22c.
BARLEY Not quotable; notbtrg doing. '
RYB-NotouoUbl. .
UIQUWINM Have further advanced, and sales are
reported at Mia.
BUTTE B Remains dull, and saleable in amall lots
oniy at o-atvo tne tatter being an extreme price.
ODEEoE Dealera quote it all the way from 37c,
according to quality.
LARD Dull at 78c;- Sale 1100 ibis, good at the
EG08-Quiet at 8c.
FORK No demand and prices nominal. One holder
quotes at si eu.- .,
BALT-Unehsnged, and silling ttil 45 for fine, and
rRCITS Th stock of dried apple haa been reduced
by the large sales of the past week or two, and holders
- -
0? TUB '
Hon. Joseph R. Swan,
Contained in twenty-nine volnmea ot the Ohio aod Ohio
'State Reports,) -AND
la Two Royal 8ro. Volumes. Price $10 00.
No car or expense haa bees snared to maka the work
perfect and reliable in U respects.
It baa now the Legislative aanction, havrnir- been an-
provtd by nearly the nnanimou vol of both House,
and waa ordered to be distributed to the foUowru Btata
Sad County olfioara: - -. -1 ". -., -
Uovernor, Attorney General. Buorem Judse. Been
lary, Oomptroiler, Treasures and Auditor of state, aad
to th Probata Courts, Court of Common Pleas, Super
ior aod Police Courts, Auditor, and th Clerk of the
various Courts in ach county, to th Member of tbe
Senate and House ol Representatives of thi But) and
w uovemer oi ue several nates or tn union. ' 1 -
Tbit nook, eontatnlng, aa It doea. all of th Statutes
aow In force, and the authoritative construction of them
and of the New Constitution, will be found te be apeci-
ty usemi in tue psnonnanco oi tneir amies, to all
; .( (( rr; CITY OFflCERS. - jjj
Inasmuch as Very many chants have been made in the
Statutee tince the publication of tbe last edition, byre
peal, alterations aad additions, aad many tmnortant de
cisions bav been given by th Supreme Court un con-
troverteupoinis.au - . . . .
AXIUKNGia AT liAW, ' ' ' - '
Will And this as) ItrvalnaMa Work.'- i n !". V; 1
ivx Koyeu wk. Yoltm of n JHntteeii BunJrti
In Strong Law Binding. Price i 10. 1)0.
Publbhed by , .
Law Publishers. Booksellers; Stationers end Importer.
. . o. 65 West fourth street.
ftbl8:d3a:l - . i . Olnornnatl 0.
CLOAK CLOTHS. Also, other make of Spring
0 loak Cloth, In all desirable mixture Bindings, Taa
sels and Buttons to match. BAIN Sc BON,
aprilS , -. t tto. St Boutb. High atree
This splendid Hair Bye ha ne equal instantaneous to
effect Beautiful Black er Natural Brown ad staining
the st(h Vtuioring til Hair rem eAiee trie aneur an '
effect Of Bad By, and ' Invigorate the hair for life.
None are genuine anleat signed "W. A. Batcbelor."
Boiaerywttre.l'-!-' ' " ' - ' .: - i
- M; :iu c OHAB. BATCHBLOR, Proprietor,
JylifcWll 'j w ii! , : . 81 Barclay grtiw, Hew Ton.t-.
HAIR : : DYE-nAm:; DIE. T;
J Wm; At Batchelor'i Hair Dye! '
tbe Original and ' Best In . tne ; World! I
All other are mere' imitations, and should lie avoided
ffyeuwithtoejseaperhlietilei '''"f '1" t'-v
GRAY, BED OR BUSTY HAIR Dyed Instantly te'
beaatiful and Natural Browa Sleek, wttheeit Injury U
HalrorBkln. 'it.'.i i
awarded stWrA. A. Batch k tinoe IBSS, tant ever 8S,oe
applications hay been mad to the Hair ot hi patrons
ofhlalkmowidym ' ? 'pr VTf ( I I f. 'V.-fv.
WM: A. BATCHELOR'B HAIB DTI prodnoes a wr
ot not to b dltllngnlihed front nature aid Is warranted
not to Injure in the least, however long It may be eontln
eed.and.the U effects ,J Dye remedied; the Half
invigorated (or life by this spkeadid Dyn
: Bold ta all el tie anl towns of the United I We. -
prnggttts a4Ieo doods Dealera. "
nj The Oeaulne kaa to aaaataad aMtuoiteel
plat eDtvtng on four bide of eaea , of WTLLIA1
A.RAT0UBLOR, AMrea ' :
T " OHARt.BB BATCrTBTH, llprlert-,i
jytit erf" v,' Barclay trr, new xr:-
I ... -a?. .' BAIK at lOW.
L-aprilS . - - Wo. te South High seraei.
O (NSW STtI, HattttAc , N. eSoth
UlgrJ atree. hav tuSiopweS nw style ef Citw Ont
otiLakuBaeqerui ami BaCc, made tw the neweet and
most etylliU - aaann. - aam, Kuper artmtsi
I lllstela bilks, vary hearrr, leeigned (xpreeary tori
tanUllsiitodaMulnei.-' 1 5 - v - -i fapriB
;"?c..i i.iv.
As experienced Nan and lemal FfayeVlan, prtseau
it to the attaatloa of mothers, km, ..
so o't ja:Ki(4:ajKup,
which greatly facilitate th process of tee thing, ky soft
ening the gumi, reducing all rnnammaUoa wU I Allay
AT,!. PaTl unJan..mnHlnanftnn anil ( - ' ' "
Depeetil upoo It. ate there. It trill el we cast te roaraelvaa
ac ..-c. a. c;-j a a c i- .: . n i
: we have cat n D anil aoM thla artu-Ta fnr Avar tan vaara.
wu. nave never ueen arjia id aav oi hit oinar maul.
ANCB, TO KFriCT A t'URK. when timely used. Nev
er did we know an Instance of dlsaatlsfaatiOD bv any on
who used it. On th contrary, all are dellzhted with Ita
uparauona, ana tpeajt in terms or commendation or ita
magical effects and medical virtues. We speak In this
matbtr 'WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten year' tlpe-
nt.,anii rLillue UUK rtBf UTAT 1UH
almost every Instance when the Infant u suffering free
'" "J Miiauaiiun, reuer will DO round in nttcen or
wenty minutes after theSyraple administered. -"
Thi valuable Drenanatiim la th Bwmrinttn. aShm aS
tit moat KXraRIeUiORII and BMULLyOL NCRB1S Is
New ICneland. and has baaai naed with alKVKn. wan- .
It sot only relleree tbe child frost vain, -bnt fcniinnT
atea Uia stomaoh and bowels, eorreets acidity, and sires
tone and enera-r to the whole avstem. It will almoat Inl
lntl Hit... "
and overcome convulsions, which. If sot speedily reme
oicii, jna in aesin. ne oeneve n tn bkbt and SUB
K8T RBMKDY IrT THI WORLD, In all ease ofDY
it a rite from teething, or from any other eause. Wa
would say to every mother who hM a child suffering from
any or tne foregoing complaints IX) WOT LIT YOUB
stand between you and your suffering child, and the re
lief that will be SUKByee, ABBOCUTBLY SURB to
follow tbe us of thltmedicin, if timely used. lull di
rections for using trill accompany each bottle. Nop
mums unifies uie rao-eimue oi vunxioer, rattniMsi
ew York, ia on the outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggiats throughout the world. . n .
PrleclpctlOfflcef 13 Ceetsr Street N.T.
0tS7-dkwly. . , i-w,- .' .i
An Effective Safe Imd ' Economical
To ita original color without dyeing, and preventing
nair irom turning gray.
And curing It, when there I the least particle eg Tlta.lt
or recuperative energy remaining.
Andallcutaneousaffeotlons of the Bealp.
Imparting to It an nneqaled gloee and brilliancy, making
It aoft and tiiky in its. texture, and causing it to cur'
readily. -
th great celebrity and Increasing demand for this un
eqnaleu preparation, convinces the proprietor that one
trial le only necessary to aauary a discerning public of Its
superior qualities over any other preparation in us. It
cleanses the head and acalp from dandruff and othar
cutaneous diseaees, causing to hair to grow luxuriantly
aivinK It a rich, eoft, glossy and Sexible appearance, and
also, where the hair is loonnisgand thinning, it will gtv
strength and vigor to th root and restore the growth to
koae parts which have btoom bald, causing it to yield a
resn covering or nair. - -i ,- .
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen, la New
York who have had their hair restored by the use of thi
Invigorator. when all other preparations hare failed. L.
M. ha ia hla possession letters Innumerable testifying
to the above facta, from persons of the highest reilaec la
bility. It will effectually prevent the hair from turnlni
until the latest period ot life; and Incases where'the hail
ha already changed Itecoior, the use ot the Invigorator
will witn certainty restore it to it to it original no, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appearanoo. As a ptrfum for th
toilet and a Hair aeetorauv u is particularly recom
mended, having an agraeabl fragrance; and aha great fa
cilities it afford in dressing the hair, which, when moist
with the Invigorator, can be dressed In any required
form so a to preserve it plane-whether plaislortn curia;
hence the greae demand for it ky th ladi a a standard
toilet article which none oaght to b without, th price
place it within in reaen oi au, seieg
Only Twenty-Fir Cents
per bottle, tone bad at all lespoetabl Druggist and
Pert amen.
Ii. MILLER would call the attention of Parents and
Ouardiana to the use of hit Invigorator, in cases where
th children's hair incline to be weak. The at of It
lay th foundation for a pood k4a& of hair, as It re
moves any impurities that may hav beoom ooaneotod
with the acalu. th removal of which la necessary both
for the health of th child, and th future appearance of
lutsatr. -ii ,:.... ' , -,r-
OaoTiowr None genuine without th fac-elmll LOUTS'
HILLER being on th outer wrapper; also, L. MIL
LER'S HAIR INYItiORATOR, N. Y., blows In th
glta. - 1 1 11
Wholesale Depot, IS Dey street, and sold by all th
principal Merchants ana vrnggists throughout the world
Liberal discount to purchasers by the quantity.
-1 also del Ire to present to th American Pablla my .
which, after years ot tclenUno experimenting, I hav
brought to perfection. ' It dye Black or Brown Instantly
withoutintury to the Hair or Skin; warranted the best
article of U kind in ejuManee. .
.'. PRICE ONLY". 50 CENTS. '
Depot," Dey, St., New 'York.
oott28:dtwty. ' " .
NBWARlOHIOt , -u T-f'
triMiinracrarereeraii kinris er Poy;
tmble etnet Ntatlcnarr tsseam Ett
. ajtsiewy sw millet Urlet itmill, '
. ! - ..... vct oVc. " " -
LANS A MOMZSl BtaUnl S. at 1. BLAND X&taiml
! I ' 'd Oo. Biamih'tt" . r
; Oar Portable Xofftne and law KiQ
Was awarded th first premium, ot 950 ai. the Xudiana
State Fair for 1980 over Lane JtBodley1 on aooouutot
Price, lightness, simplicity, econopjj of Juel
3. and snoerior character ef Inaber sawetl.
, Ohr Stationary Engine was awarded' at th same fail
the first premium ot fSOO. .'t. -v..?! uf
- Our Portable Engine was awarded thSret rmenltnw ol
Wiw a. ui rair at mempnis. inai. wtwt aannj i us
vall'a, Columbus Machine Oo'., and Bradford Ai Oo.
by a committee of praotlcal Railroad angineertt - - -,
lor prioe end terms addroas ,. ' - .
( W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer, ,
decS-dkwlyeolt,.. , Newark, Ohio '
! Corner SprIW!erSU,
QolxxjxiToxxjg, OHlo.
WB POTTO 3 5. Vp.,
aS JlMUfaotarers of Btaa and Oottpotltlea tTSHaje
. . I rinla&eu raa nor a oi aa inscription xsn'..
tri t x iiai.bl'ms'U t.-it-w
wbi "si-dir;
a a
A tww-
jlHO W.MSt. - HO 'knSBl6wtD
or Seminal Weakneea, Sx PeblHty, Hrvuaae, t
Imrwtsticy, resulting free
atrll, U. O. aeat
MMWe any addrs,n
Votnatary amission mm - iwirwvsncy.
a.i..v.u a.M n Baa. J,
unoetsoal, lava'plaia oTlrBveo any adAreeo,? J
rmidJ oa reoelpt of two Wairro r Dr. 0A. l.O T
lor H.. atBtr Tarav- r Pas OAaa Mnw. N I
t. i; li-MUiut -aaarJI:Jmd '
it i-i ii
tMvsifjia :f!ejt'-B!
' They go EiglttU the Spat.'
V f- :t i. &
I Mi's . T
luetsuat Hellel!
year sjengKi
h !
Psirlff fuw Breattkt
' V't '.:( v i i-:r- i i-'ii
Bfretisxtkesi fut Vetcet
i' eT.'a-i.ri r. nr
doPAZiizxa'0 ,
..,...-... ,-.., .
GOOD FOR 8INGER8, , , . .
They relieve a Coorh instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They give streoeth and volume to the roic.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one.
7. .- ' . - ., . ...
I advita every one who has a Cough or a husky Vole
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throat, to gat '
a package of my Throat Confection; they will relieve
you Instantly, and yon will agree with m thai "they ..
go right to th spot." Yon will find tbem very useful
and pleasant whir traveling or attending publi meet
ing! for ttlilingyour Ooogh or allaying your thirst. If . .
yon try on package, I am aafe In saying that yon will '
ever afterward consider them indispensable.
Yon will find them at tte Druggists and Dealers in
Medicines. ; . . .. '.;t;
lty signature Is cn each package. Ail others are
counterfeit. . j
A package will be aent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cents. . ' ' ; ' - ! '; f .
Henry O. Spaldiag,5,.; :
Nervous Head ache
Ey the use of theee Pills th periodic attack ot Abr
eons or Ski Btadaeto may be prevented; and If taken
at th oommeneement ( an attack Immediate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fail In removing th Sauna and
ocAe to which females are so subject.
. They set gentry upon the bowel -removing OotU
fffff !c v. .. . .
toi''ldlerart Xtn, BtuimU, Dallcat remale
and all persona of sedentary kabtti, they are valaa '
u ZaexsNe. Improving th appttUo, giving foeu
tiger to th digestive organs, and mtorlng th aatur
elasticity aad strength of th who! system.
TBI CEPHALIC PILLS sre th result of long Inyo
ligation and carefully eondaeted experiment, kavtag ,
beta te nee many years, during which that thy hav
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
Ing from Headache, whether originating ia the Mrwut
system or from a deranged state ot th tttmach.
t They are entirely vegetable la their eompoeitten, aa
may be takes at all tun with perfect safety wltlwal
making any change of diet, mI I A alum of any
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Thsgennin have fiv slgnataie of Henry 0 Spalding .
on each Box. . ... .;,V.-
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers ta Medietas. 1
A Bos will be ml by mail, prepaid, oa receipt ot the 1
Ixioo, QS Oozxtav. :
All orders ehoald b addreeeed to
- 4S OcMtstr Street, Raw fork.
f root th Examlnar, Norfolk, Va.V ' . f- "
Oephalle Pills aoeompllah th object for which by
were made, vi. Our of headache ia all It form. :
i ...
. trom lb Examlnar, Norfolk, Tav , ,. ,
- They hav been tested In kure than a Ihaauaad ;
with entire sue cats. . .
Prom the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Aflnn. .' , .
It you ar. er hav bae. troubled with th haodanh
end for a box, (Oephalle Pill,) o that yea auy hav
tbem In case of an attack.
, , r .i - " s t ;i
i rroaa the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. . ,
The Oephalle Pill are said to be a remarkably ecTaerlr '
remedy for th headache, and on of th verv bnt for
that very frequent ootaplalnt.waioh bee ever been die
00 Tared.
rrom th Western 1VR. Gtaette, Ohkage, III.' T '''
W heartily endorse Mr. Briaaldlni. and hla nnrlvalad
Oephalle Fills.
- j BJ ; ywl
I v.. -
',.. fro Kanawha Valley Saw, Kasmwka, Ta. ' -W
ai snr that parsons tuffnlnf With th headache J :I &
whotry them, will sUck to them. " ""?'" '--V'ii
from th Southern Path rimhtr, Hew Orleans, la. 1 ,"
-Try them I yoa that an afflicted, and w are sore that , q
2ur teetuaonyean be added to the already nauseam,
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produce. . . . .1. ,
: . , Prom the it Iu4iDnteri., ., , .,
The Immenae demand for th article vCsphhc Ptlia
it rapidly Increaaing. ., .i.IH1
i rroet the Qaaette, Davenport. Iowa.
Hr. Spalding Would aot connect hi naaa wltk aa ar-
tkibdldnot vtwtonoasmrelBMrlUr . ,jtt
CjA single bottle of BPAIiMltai1 PltrAtBD
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tA)G?REPARroOtW It .Vow
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' V. B. A Broth ecoopan each aattat.i-
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