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SI) (Dljxo Btaksman
AXlfXHST MILLEB, Publisher
SJKO. W. WAWYlrKWWVt Eelltsjr.
WEDNESltfY' MtkNtrWAUQ. 1861,
Theittolenigaed will sell to KeepleWe party the
Oblo'SUteimta'Rcwiptper Crfic., 'h recnt difficulty
between the Publishers of th . BUtasms tqi th Tele
graph, lid'. lb tyreeieal eeudOcI exeat-teed toward it.
have suit wllcoutfOH tq lmjll lbs, sfutoe of t
dalls U,ve.w)UIi badsi Th Injury M nt per-
3DUn tMrpmtaP'MHfl tbrougn uie lew, u
not wlfhou,t "delay,' The Injur to to, party wl U
principles wbicii in aeeriMf espoassv for walee
It ooateaals, sauna M adjudicated Id court of law aad
moaesrrcd jr dollar ud cents; but yt thsa ar i t
be overlooked U sight of. Al tbeireswdt tin, B
U Important Hut nothing should utotiw bt circuit
lion ( this Old tod stabUsee esr.tlo, Journal)
and it being lmposssbl for.tb rm' rnf rieton to
bar tboM facilities, necessary for the tonjplet success
of tbe dally mat of lb pap, they asv thought It ed
vUabl paOtar.lt for al4 l ill
Aa addltltoat reason for offering the paper for ule, U
found In the fact, that we cannot fire tbe nsceesery Pr
tonal attention to the business or editorial department,
whleh should ba bestowed by the owners of the establishment.-!
-V"' -JK
Aag.HlSflL .1 . : -l Pub. Ohio Statesman.
The Democratic State Convention.
The Democratic State Convention will asset
ble thia'anoroiD? at 11 o'clock, In Armory Hall.
In all tbe hiatorof the past there never tu
time when theintereste o( tbepeppleof Ohio,
whether the State irst viewed tocifly brie t
member of tbe Federal Union, elostered so com
pletely ervend) k political organization they
do at thil, moment aronail tbe old National
Unioo Deaworatio party. , .J'VcU'i i '
Ita former supporters cling to tbe old party
with unusual tenacity, and many thinking men
who haver heretofore battled in the opposing or
ganizations of the day, now admit that tbe only
saltation there la for our Union, the 'Constitu
tion and Government, tie to be found in the
preservation end ascendency of the Democratic
party, and hence they are extremely tolioitoni
for ita thorough organization and complete tri
umph at the ballot-box.
Tbe Delegate to tbe Democratic (Convention
of tp-day, have a high duty to perform, and we
ahal. be much mistaken if they be not .found
equal Uf the? emergenpy. " A ff a we have
teen and conversed with the Delegatce, all ap
pear to De animated jrith the right spirit, Tbe
irlumpbTof Democratic principles, alwaye te
g irded aa essential to the) just and faithful ad
ministration of the Goverament, the harmony
of ita several parts, and the equality of the
States under the Federal Constitution, are now
deemed absolutely necessary to aave the country
from anarchy and total" rufn. Impressed with
this view tbe Delegatea'wllUeoW upon their
labor resolved to blaae aioew the old laadmarka
of the only real. Union party now in existence,
titid wilt tender to the people of Ohio a! ticket
composed of able and, loyal oitizena, who are
alike opposed to. Sou beru Seceeaioa and North
ern Abolition;' a ticket' of honeet men, with
ability to' discharge welt the Important trusts
devolved Jupba the ncombenta of (he various
btate emcee to ee electee, ue eomiog iau
HappUy .tko Delegates will ba left without
importunity, to select such a ticket from tbe
boats of able men in the rtnka of the party.
within our State, and we have no doubt but the
labors of the Convention will result in present
iog bo Ihe ejleotors f the State, a 'ticket of nn'
Tfie uooniuatlons of to day we regard, as
equivalent to the election of tbe various gentle
men aeleoted; for front- this time forward the
battle-ery Will' be for the Integrity of the old
UnioriDemocra1ic'" party, "and the success of
Democratic principles' And Demeoratic states
men, astheonlf ctVtaifi means of restoring the
GoverntnWtrW&WlrniDg lhe"TTniduin4. tbe
Constilu'tloWaad prcservlns; tbe liberties tf tbe
The Election of Justice.
, ...... .. - , ' . ,, ,
OtnjMfgbbor Of (be. Journal need cot aLow
auch oomletakable slgtir of soreness Over the
election, of a' Demooratio Unioa . candidate tor
Justice Of the Peace. cV'e had no Idea of say
ing anything calculated, in the most remote de
gree, to cause any eoreneea. -; : -. , '. '
The JevriMl sayat very small vote was
polled. True, U waa'not a full vote, but still
there were' bout 2,300, which Is a large rot
to be ealied out to eleet a Juatlce of the Peace.
One would stippoee,'Xroai the large majority
Mr. Kebxtxarrrra received In so imall a vote,
that the Jtwrnal would be glad that there were
no more polled. If tbe lull vote- bad beea out,
our majority would, no doubt, bo six Afrf.
As to arty lines being drawn, it is true there
was only one. party (bat, made a, nomination;
but la that, the J our nil suppose, was our weak
ness. Tbe vote in the 3d and 5th Wards look
ed a liltU like tberr, was some party voting.
Our neighbor seems to intieipit what we would
do, doubtless judging from what it would bar
done bad tbe result been otherwise. It says
"Wo presume that the SuUtwutn . wiU, as
uaual e such occasions, proclaim a great Dem
ocratic victory, wben nine-tenths of tbe electors
never', dreamed ot drawing the party lines la
this eonteei.'r ' - ' .. .
The Journal was mistaken. The only grati
ficatlou w feel, la to know bow little effect Its
bowling about Meeoesaiooists" ba had upon the
enaible and Uoton lqWng people of ,tb capital
city. We are rather pleased at this, tbougb we
by no mean feel iiii.- This is merely a
taste ol what yon will hare before bard winter
sett Ioj ' '.' ;'
"L r "
Kentucky Election.
From tbe return received, there can be no
doubt but Kentucky te soaad for th Ualoa-
Tbe Peglklaturo will be Wgely agaluet aecaa-
lon. -New let the North kick over th Chlca
go platform and rally around Ltb old
Union Democratic flag,, and meet tbe Union
men of Kentucky en common ground, and
there mey!etili -be hope. If the North elect
Chicago platform men, Iiocom men, to meet
our Xentueky Union men, wo will atand juat
wbero we were after LmcfW election. 1 What
bop I there, if tbe tarn ejemept r brought
together, that oauaed tb trouble, Seoeeaionlate
and Abolitionist! Pal the Union men of Ken
tucy, and tho Republlcac Of Ohio in a Conven
tion, od the rebel with their arm grounded
and w would b tbe same result ts witness
ed, when Gov. DtRNiaow tent Cnasi and Wot
oott to confer with tb border State. Republicanism-
arid' Dolohism are clearly incompati-
.v'v', . ' . ' 17 '"'
CT Lookuig over theappolotments, made by
Mr. Liacotn, a Demooralie frieodsaytb nda
som Demoorata appointed to the army, to take
their chance of getting killed, but la th whole
list b ean'l find a alngl' on appointed W a
civil office. v7
The Two Parties.
From tb M period wlenc authentic blato-
ry a.tea ft chronlol, txdlUc P"""
existed, and a long u Mmasi ww
what It has beea and is, Ihsy wiU conunue w
exiBt, under overy forutpl otimb h'
eolutely deapotio. They ariae, aa does govern-
iuif. from nrtmarv and original leguMw
uvu r 9 4rfL la
deaiies and paaalona in our nature. "There m
always a truggle betweeaj. tbeaft who vosdd
eraaDPCwer and. exercise it iegaru.. -
.vt. .nd those waa resist Ue" aa
sumptions and oppression, had strive to retain
a. much power possible th Udt; of ,Jhe
ma uf tha people, mtlt "om,
goremment, it I. aeknowWged .U ov.
..i ...ttinliv hrlfflnate. ' .
ThU realatance to oppression and aaserUoq or
the right to freedom may be aUenced, and appa
rently eruabed out, under aa '
i..' n,it with everv progreaaive people, it ex
ur navertheleas. Uk a smouldering fire, ready
to burst into flame, as oon a it cornea in cou
Ucl with breath of free air. - As a country
.dTancaa in freedom and civilization, partte
become more dafiued and regular to their ao
tion, appealing lea to phyeloal force, and more
intellltence and virtue of the
people. .' . .,
Whatever namee or form tbey may atume,
there f In every progreaaive commuuny or
neonle. esaentlalllr but two elements or parties
tbe arlatocratio and th democratic tbe one
aeeklng to abaotb a muoh power a posaible
into iu own hands, and the other striving to
retain it as far aa possible In the masa of the
Ae the eotmlef mind becomes imbued With
democratic Idea and favor free institutions
for, the whole and for the separate communities
Into which tbe cauntry may be divided, It be-
comes neoessary tor ne tikim - v
disguise Itself under various names, and affect
to fall in with. the popular current.- In thi
country, It ba eaeumeei at oiuereni pmoa.
our political bletorjf different appeiiationa,
changing one or another, aa tho former be
came unpopular or odious.- Iu like Banner, it
has ehaoeed its Trailer from tlm to time, repu
dieting measures which it one favored, and
professing friendship lor those it once vioiena.y
opposed; yet all tho time true to Its instinct
for promoting, enlarging and establishing claaa
interests, contending clamorously for personal
right and freedom of thought and action,
while laborine to restrict those rignt ana re
strain that freedom to tbe utmost extent of its
On of th expedients resorted to by loose
who are eonsoioualy or unconsciously inclined to
favor the aristocratic element, or th itroog
government party in thi counUyr Is to persuade
the mass of th people, who are naturany nemo-
cratlc, to forego party for the time being, ow
ing to some great public exigency which re
quire concert and union of action. Th object
ii to' elevate some favorite of their own ana oi
course the "better sort," to power, or to enable
certain other favorite to retain th bold on
power tbey have already got, and may be In
great danger of losing, If democratic principles
are allowed to exert their normal iway over the
popular mind, and th people organize and vote
for the defense and maintenance of those prin
ciples . ' ' "7 " ' ' ' . -
Falsifying History.
'A writer in thfl Jettraei of jtsterdey morn
ing, arguing for M-yrf war party, make
the following historical blunder, wblcb every
schoolboy and schoolgirl iu th city a dot
ears aid is or should be able to correct., He
, "When tha war of 1812 began, th booming
of boatil cannon silenced th peUy squib of
partisan and political debater outsia press
ure joined in a moment internal fractures, aud
the body politic waa a firm and united as tbougb
but one mm a ana nean nag cooiroura us
tioit''- . , !
In Goodrich's History of tbe United States,
a work oaed a text book la th publio schools
of this dtv, on page 241, w find th following
"Against th declaration of war in 1812 tb
representative in Congress belonging to th
f ederal party present eo, a aotemu protest, wiugu
was written with distinguished ability, and
which denied tbe war to be 'necessary or re
quired by any moral duty or political expe
dieaey.'" ,,'..) ...... -n . .
Again, oo page 247 of tb earn work, we
read:. - " ' ' : ' ';
" On th 4th of March, 1813, Mr. Madison
entered upon hit lecood term of office is Presi
dent, having been elected by a considerable ma
jority over De Witt Clinton, of New York, who
was supported by tbo Federal electors. " ,
: Again, on peg 226 of tbe earn sobool-book,
written by a Nov Eoglander, is tb following t
"The oeoole of New Eneland wer generally
opposed to tb war of 1812, and during It
progress tnat opposition became eonnrmea."
Appleton' New American locyclopedia, a
standard acientifio and historical work wow ia
course of publication, In tb article Madison,
James," has the following passage !' , '
' On March 4. 1813. Mr.. Madison entered
upon bis second term of service. Hi received
12a electoral votes hi opponent. Da Witt Clin
ton. 89 vote. . Tho eonirreaeioQel election re
sulted in a largo majority in favor of tbo Ad
ministration, and tbo war ooucv una eppearea
to be aeoeoteble to th treat body of th people,
though a strong party were eiUrry apsoaei to it,
ana enaeavorea w eownia we maveura acvea
sary for the proseeutioaoi boetilltiee." t .
1 1 i
ST We call atteuUoa to the remarks of Hon
John J. Ciuttwd-, oo our first page, on the
bill to eoufiacate slave property, with tbe vote
to lay th bill on tbo table. It I interesting,
Ca.pt. Theatr Jeate.
Capt. Josta, of thi city, ba been commi
aioned aa LisaUoaut Colonel of tb 30th Regi
ment. Thilanappointmnt"fittobmade,
h Id ne an excellent officer, and will distin
guish himself should tbe opportunity be present
ed. '.. ,''.' . ..? . ,
JCT Tb Cincinnati OuutU head an article,
"Tbe Democratic Convention A Word to th
Demoeratle Mae.Mv If thi i not Impudence
unparalleled, then w don't know wbero to find
it. Oae of th moat violent AbellUoa paper
in Ohio that baa don more to bring about tbl
war that ba abused Democrats more vilely,
than almost any paper in Ohio presumes to
dictate to th Democratic .masses what they
should do. That paper would certainly run our
train Into a "masked battery," stem loremoet
We want no auch Abolition engineers th
... r I S I
. llTTb Jaurnei ujr. 'f0 prominent mem
bere of tb Convontioa (a Coahoetoa) with'
drew, disgaated with the resolution." If they
bad not don toamblng fooliab tbey would
never b mad ,'projninen" by th Jturntl.
ThU remind u ot a remark of a Deaaeorat,
aom day since, wbo declared be bad deter
mined to join the new party, a thty war look
log for som man for a candidate foe Gov
who had not been tinctured ia th least with
Republicanism, - H declared h could glvtb
boat of evidence of that, ..-,.
' ST Mr. II. pJnsUcr, Ei-Oressmai from
th Housed! District, PennsylTaoIa, died on
I the 2d day of August.
The Direct Tax and Tariff Bills.
!w bar not yet received tbe bill as agreed
upon by th Conference Committee', and pass
ed. .The sreteeted intereataof New England
aud Pennsylvania, bang on to theitjHjund of
fieak .JT .ototec them,-tb revenue" win be
greatly dimlolahad, which must b aupplled by
taxing the eaj offee and fugar Income, ana
Bronertvbf' the weetern agrleulturat Interest.
W bile every other intereat la require to yiew
. ... ...j
up every thing for the war, tbey are not only
Dermitted te bold on' to what tbe) bare, but
more 1 added to their gains, from w looas
of thiaga now.'th great Vt U to be made trib
utary to New England and Pennsylvania. . Wo
take the following from the New Tors: journm
ef CeaMr; -
Th. New. Tiairr Bill-inonewtarin uui,
iv,. nt tha ioint Committee of CoBfcr
.nn..lntarf nn tha nart of each of the two
Houses of Congreee, passed on Friday by a
i..rV:?n.n. '.The House Bill waa taken aa
.(..v.... r iv,o fnmnromlae. but some very ia-
portant changes were made in a few words.
Sugar wae reduced to half a cent, and the duty
now stands at two cent per pound. Coffe wa
reduced to one cent, and now (tend at four
centt per pound. In the report of the Senate
proceeding the new duty i erroneooaly tatad
It h and a half cents: a private telegram
rm Hnn. M. .F. Odelli to whomweaiain-
i-kt.ii tn. nthr IntaraatioB particulars, fixes
UVVSWI avs - b m ,
the duty at four cente. The duty on coco ia
three cent per pound; on crude ebloory root
one cent, and ou ground eblcory It U reduced
from four to two cents. On brandy the duty is
fixed at one dollar and twenty-five cent per gai
i... .v.. ,v,. .niriui at filiv cente per eal
loo-on wine fifty per cant, ad valorem; and
nn ... fif...n mu ner oouod. Silka are raiaed
to fortv per cent, ad valorem, which la a great
advance Irom tbe preaent rale. 1 hi Heavy aa
vance on Frenoh produce (ailka and wlnea) la
not without very grave i pplitica.1 aignlficance,
and the reasons for it will be developed In due
Tk."m.t tmnnrtant cart of th bill is DOt
t... in i. (ainspanhic reoorta. but private tel
"grams to tbe editors of tbia paper enable us to
supply tbeomiaaion. Mr. Simmona'a bill, it wiU
k. .wiii.ot.il. made no urovision for. the good
h. in nor nort (with th SlUlfi
exeeotion of coffee from beyond the Cspe of
Good Hope!), and tbuaaU tbe good arriving at
tb data nia bin nouia t vj
tb new duty. The biU, u paeeed, exceptt from
It operation all goode in bond aod; actually on
hin-ruurd hound to the United taUa; and all
ueu good will b ubjwt to tb rates current
before tne passage oi ue - - -
ICOt, a W unaerswou, -m" r- o-
Knt it .ill hiinmi time before aovtbiog now
afloat can arrive and be enteredj and, if we are
mi.t.tfin.it will be a very distant
day before any considerable revenue will be de
rived from Its exiraoruiaarj jni..v.
af.n. f nn, raadera who have kept watcn
over tb variou amendment to th two bill
originating in the House and Senate reapecUye
i .in h. mirrld to understand tbe lingular
discussion in relation to th direct tax in. eucb
a connection. Tbo explanation oi una nem
in ! will ba found in tbe fact that the
tax bill, wnion started a an Independent meas
ure, bung upon amenumente oeiwrea wo i
Houses, and was finally referred to the Confer
ence Committee having tbe tariff bill in charge.
After a spirited diecuaaioo, and much difficulty
in coming to any agreement, it was finaUy tack
ed on tbe tariff bill aa a make weight, aud thus
both were thrown into tbe scale together. This
tax bill, howsver, is now an emasculated affair;
and although retaining iu more odious feature,.
Is shorn oX it more senaim sou uwuif
provisions, it retains tbe income cruelty, out
otherwise toucbee lightly upon property, end
will Drove a lasting disgrace to tte promoters
and defenders. ':
A Washington letter sa;s Mr. Holt will not
be called to tne War Department, as b 1 not
aanmaad to atand sauare on tn cnicaio riav
form. and would not look to much to tb support
of tbe Chicago party at to tn preservation oi
tk Government.
' Wo copy tb above from tbe Boston feat.
Man may talk aa much about "Union" par
tie as they pleaee, but the leaders of th Re
publican party. wiU recognize no man aa fit
for such a position wbo I not in favor of th
principles announced in the Chicago Platform,
and those who join Iu the concern will learn too
late, that thev are caught la th Abolition
' :- 5"-
Minnesota Hard Up.
Wben tbe bill to levy direct taxes to lupport
tbe war wa under consideration In the Senate,
Mr. WlLKixaoa, a Republican Senator from
Minnesota, eaid "h did not tee bow tbo money
taiDoaed bv a direct tax on tbe State orMInne-
tota could bs collected, 'mere is no money
T im
There are more Senator wbo could say tb
sera thing. If tb farmer cannot sell hi pro
ducev bow will bo tret money to pay tb text It
is vary easy for aaaabn of tb Legislature to
appropriate money, aud to levy taxes on tn
people, but the d 1 la for tb people to raise the
money to pay them.
ST Wo commend tbe following article from
tho New York Tim to theconeideration of tbe
Ohio State Journal W abould tuppo our
nelibbor would feel decidedly mean oier its
false chare of M drunken stupidity " agalnr
Gen. McDowiix: ' '
Gin. McDowell. Very bigb expectatiooa
are entertained by the people from tbe accession
of Mej.-Gen. McClellau to tbe command of the
fbreee at waauingion. no oringa energy, ex
perience, a reaolut character, and abov all,
tb ereritM or nniiiant euoceea, to tu eniarsed
field on which be I to act hereafter, and these
ar th Qualities which command and deserve
th confidence or tne public We ahare these
hope to the fulleat extent, and trust that every
poesible facility which tbe Government, aa well
aa tbe people, can anoio, win do given mm in
the dlecharie of bla dutiee.
Muoh or tb praise bestowed upon Maj.-Uen.
MoClellan aeeme, however, to involve wbat we
consider a very unjust diaparagemeut of Brie
Ueu. McUowell, wnoae comaiand la tobeab
sorbed In that of bis superior officer. Geo. Mc
Dowell, it is true, lost tbe battle of tbe Slat
but there Is not an officer In tbe American aer-
vice who, under the earns circumstances, could
have escaped tbe aame result. Tbe battle waa
planned with admirable skill aid wae fought
with unquestionable ability and courage, on the
Kirt both of commander and men. Gen. Mo
owell baa received, as ho deserves, the high
est encomiume fdr tb bleb military skill
evinced ia his plan of turning tb enemy's flank
under cover or two reigned attacks upon bi
front: and it failure wa due, not to any lack
of visor or ability en ble part, but to tb treach
ery wnicn mane in enemy acquainiea who lie
desnile, in tbo drat place; and next, to the over
whelming superiority ot the rebels, in numbers
aad naeitioii.
- Tnere Is not a more thorough soldier in the
service than Gen. McDowell oor was there oae
who, oa that disastrous day, behaved with
steadier course, or labored with more untiring
assiduity, to win euoeeee for tbo army under hi
command. The battle wa determined upon
against bi anvlot!ouo of policy; but wben com
manded to fight, he did everything that man
could do to secure a victory. That b failed
wa certainly a misfortune but It certainly
tbould not be visum upon bim as a Uult,
IT Tbo Southern Confederacy is a failure.
clear failure, a dlfgraoefut failure. Tbey won
a bloody battla at Manassas, killed a great
many bravo men, but didn't kill Lovcjoy, the
notorious Abolitionist. Such neglect of an op
portuuity, ahows tbey ar unfit to be trusted.
Ijuinuuvem. ..
"it ietanested that tbe "obstetrical Inatro-
mente" purchased oa behalf of tho State recent
ly, by the Governor aud Surgeon -General, be
uaed for tb purpose of delivering our people
from tb bigb taxes which , will aoon oppreea
them . aveytaa) Jsatpira '.
The Republican State Central CbmmiUee 1
lug them at mi urn to oeiiver its party irom
h odium that tb mal-admlalstratlon of Dsn-
nison baa cast ppon It. Several old Democrat
ar (taoding by, acting tb part of mldwir.
Col. Lowe.
Soma time alttoe the Cincinnati Vmmrcui
tlooe i
publlahed an. artiole oharglng Col. lofa with
eowardlce. Several gentlemen ,nav puuiwwia
card, oontradlotlng tbe charge moat clearly.
The ClnoiouaH jPraati alludlnrw WO-enMgo
of tbo Cwunvreialr aptly tad,wellye (
W admit Hhetorce of the Inducement- The
Commercial seldom attract attention, eunoriai
I. TP.ent whn it neroetratea a slander; and
slanders, especially against men" of standing
and character, being Invariably ensattonal th
temptation to indulge in tnem ia very grcas.
Wo do not blame tne iommerciai u
than th. T.nnt hlaHiad the UBIUSt ItrVtUl it:t-
lug, aa it doea, under the impulsion of the high
er law of neoeaalty. , When man is down, or
is supposed to be down, th Cemmereial never
fails to jump on bim; thereby signalizing, with
out danger ot loas, its watohfulneas of the pub
lic Inter seta and Its baked of transgressors.
We, therefore, have no desire to uetract irom
it value aa aa Important sentinel upon tbesooial
wfttah.tnwAr hpraahonts
Upon tbe strength of certain vague, and
what arc equivalent to anonymous report, tbe
Cemmrreial ha been making free with the
oharacter of Colonel Lowe, of tb Twelfth Ohio
Regiment, a oltlzen of Dayton cbergiog mai
gentleman with cowardice exhibited at a ekir
niah noon the Kanawha. Wa bar known
Colonel Lowe, not intimately, but pereooelly
and h nmraaantation for years. He is a re-
tpeetable gentleman, and ooo who would not
have accented the nost of Colonel had be been
conscious of any want of tho necessary courage
to fill it properly. ; We do not oeneve toe story,
not have we found any but such as accept with
out reflection whatever tbey bear or ae ia the
newspapers, who give it eny credit whatsoever.
This style of trying and puniehing people, of
gibbetting them in tbe newspapers upon rumor
and ex-isrre testimony, is wrung auu
is especially so in tbia case, where the party
charged ie absent; and we venture to say, bad
Colonel Lowe been known to be in this city, the
CwrmwrcieZ would not have dared to give utter,
ance to the slander.
and New York
The Boston Courier , a paper of long standing
and conducted with great ability, makea an ap
peal to its frleoda for "some extraordinary aid,"
"to aav it lor auch public aerviocs aa it may be
hia tn render in future." The necessity (or
thi appeal i cauaed by tha "pressure of the
tlmee, and tbe consequent aiminuuunoi um-
Using; business." .
Wo eincerely lope that tho people of Masaa-
chnsetta will not allow this very able and patrl
otlo paper to langulah for want of material
I The New York World rather rcjolcea at the
pecuniary troubles of the Ciuritr ' .The Courier
siya: , " i"7 :-',m 'i ,
The New Vork World, which becao by pre
tending to religion, but bae dropped that cloak
some time since, uoder the hooest auspices,
shall we as; 7 of Mr. Secretary. Cameron, baa
made a last, but perbapa not unexpecteo, ue
ateot to' sheer blackguardism. ...
W tbould regard th suspension of the Cour-
... . .. IM. .L. TTf tl
itr aa a public calamity, wnue - toe rrviiu
would only be a loss to Secretary Caheron.
New Post Office.
A new Poat Office baa been established oo the
Clinton and fileudon Plank .Road, six miles
from Columbus, in Mifflin township. . Tbe name
of the office i Mifflinvill Poat Office; postmaa
ter, NaroLion . Pinnit. Tho .maila will be
opened tri weekly, commencing tbia day.i-
Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, said be believed that
the President had the right to iaaue bis procla
mation of April, and to declare tne Diocneue,
but be did cot believe that tbe President bad the
riirht to suspend the writ of babeae corpus or in-
eraasa tha recular armv: vet be believed that
tbo President did rigbt, and ne approved oi
what tbe President did, but be could not, in bit
. u i
elace. eav that all tbe acta oi.tne rreetuent
were strictly legal. . v . ' '
, John could not stand tbe pill. It was asking
too much. He believed "the President bad not
the rigbt" to do these tbinge-jet ba believed
the Preeident did right in doing wbat be bad no
legal right to do. That will do, Jobn. -
Sumner and Breckinridge Sparring.
There was a sharp debate in tbe United
States Senate on Thursday, iu which Mr. Breck
lnridge of Kentucky, aad Col. Baker of Oregon,
both game gentlemen, took the chief part.
Mr. Sumner, of Massachusetts, ventured in with
bis classics; but tbe retort or tbe angry &en
tneklan wae keen. Col. Baker had asked Mr
Breckinridge, "wbat would have been thought
if. after tho battle of Canote, a Senator bad
risen in hla place and deoounced every freeh
levy of troops, every expenditure or treasure,
and every measure inn or recoiiectione oi tne
old glory V Mr. Sumner of Maasachuaetta (iu
hla seat, sotto voice) answered "ne wouia
Mr. Breckinridge' retort upon Mr. Sumner was
in thee word: "Sir, a Senator on thie floor,
whose courage ba yet to be teetea, nae aaio
that in Rom I would bav beeo burled from
the Taroeian fioek. Sir, it ever wo nave
Taroeian Rock, and a auitabl vlotim i needed.
it will be that man oho, according to tbe meat-
ur of hi intellect aud heart, has been the chief
author of tbo publio mlafortune. He, and tbe
men lik bim, bav brought th country to tbia
condition of thinn. and i reply with all tbe
inat Indignation wblcb I ought to feel at aucb
an loiult onereo on toe boot oi toe dcubio Dy
. . n . . i . n ...
Senator in bi place." It will be eeen by
glanoe at tbe full report of the debate, which
we print, mat oir. sumnor uia not repiy. cos
ton Couriir. i . i
Unsound Political Doctrines that
should be Condemned.
' The Dtmocratic State Convention will hardly
fall, if it represents tbe real Democratic sent!
ment of Ohio, to condemn in tbe strongest lan
guage the doctrine contended for by the Repub
licans, that tbo President of the United Statea
may violate tbe Conatitutlon; may aet it aside
whenever ha cooceivee it to be miccssart to do
so. A more pernicious and dangeroue heresy
was never uttered. It renders our Constitution
a mere iisnJt pint of paper, and converts tbe
President into aa aeeoLtm Dnr-or. He takea
an oath to auooort tha Conatitutlon when he en
tera noon the dutiee of tbo office, yet tbe Repub-
lioana tell us he can violet it when be thinks
wicxasatT! What logic! .. What morality'.-"
When danouncibg tbia necessary doctrine, tbe
Convention ebould also brand ae false that part
of Preeident Lincoln' message which aeaaila
the old cardinal Democratic priaclplo of State
rlgbta, and lneiata that aovereign State occupy
toe aame relation to tue rcuerai wuiuu m
counties do to btatee, thus overturning the
whole structure of our Government, and mak
ing of it a centralised despotism. Btate rights
and a etrlot construction oi tne uonatuuuon
constitute the living, vital principle of Ameri
can liberty. Preeident Llnoolo aud bla friend
ar arrayed againat both. Oi. Enquirer.
[From the Ohio Statesman.]
Eorroi: The Cincinnati Dailf Prei
a late date aum up come remark on "1 rea
son,' by deciding tuat tion. v. u., vaiianaig
bem is e traitor!
But tbere is no evideno In all it says, to con
vict the Honorable gentleman of treason. Mr.
Vallandigbam Is a representative of tbo people,
and if ha thinks that tbia terrible war might
have been avoided by tbo earlier and more de
cisive action of tbo Executive toward South
Carolina (who was the first argreeeor),ha
not the rigbt to ear aoJ . jjia any esse man
think of calling Henry Clay a traitor, when
with all hie vehement eloquence b denounced
the Administration of Jacksoo, even after that
old hero had bean elected by an overwhelming
vote, on the question of the Bank of th Unit
ed State, which had beea hrlrt4 by pee Coo
mass, and waa east chartered by another! Did
not Mr. Clay thunder forth lis Invective againat
Jackson, 'as tbe man who bad concentrated
within bis own grasp tba "purse and the iword
ol tbe nation '(V Thero Is little to palliate th
conduct of 8utb CaroUea, but all tha South
nt than aha! And tbl war wilt only leavk,
the end, the aame trouble unsettled thai existed
at fust, and with a hundredfold more Inflamma
tion. It ie eaay to talk (ot write), but not
oaay to undo the mUchief . whiga torn ooliah
mat in mat way
An Act to Confiscate Property Used
for Insurrectionary Purposes.
R il l Km KmmU aud fSUSS "of -Uf'
rmntativa f tha Un ltd Statta of AsmHc ia
Cangroaa at-mbitd, That If, during th present
or any future ioeurrectipn againat the Govern
ment or tbe united btatea, alter tne rrw
oHbCUnlted SUtarihair navr declared, by
proclamation, tb&t the laws of tba United States
tee toppoasd. ni th eiecattDn' thereof ob
Itructed, by1 Icomblnatlon' too powerful to be
tuppreesed by tbe ordinary course of judicial
proceeding, or by tb power vested la the mar
shals, by law, any person or persons, hia belr or
their agent; attorney or employees, shall pur
chase or acquire, tell or give, any property of
Whatsoever kind or description, with Intent to
uae or employ the Same, or suffer the same to
be used or employed,' in aiding, abetting or pro
moting such insurrection or resistance to the
laws, or any person or persons engaged therein;
or If any person or persons, being therowner or
owners of any suoh property, shall knowingly
use or employ, or - consent td- th uae or em
Dlnvmant of tba .same at aforesaid, all auch
property ia hereby declared to ba lawful subject
of prize and 'capture wherever found; and it
aball bo tha duty of tbe Preeident of tbo Unit-
ed d la tea to cause tne aame to m aeiseu, u
natnd and Rnhdmnil.: mi :. ; T fata f ':: i : 'lt "
' Sxo. 2 And ts it furtlet enatUd, That auch
nrlzea and caoture shall be condemned In be
District or Circuit Court of tbe United States
havlna? iuriadiotion of tbe amount, or in dml-
nit in anv diatrlet which- the same may be
.seized, or into wblcb tbey may oo taaeu auu pro
MmAintrm flnat InatltntM. - r , -
Bio, 3. And be it furlhir anacltd, That tb
Attorney General, or any Viatriot Attorney oi
the United Statea in which aaid property may at
the time be, may institute tbe proceedings of con
demnation, and in such case they shall be
wholly for tbe benefit of tbe United States; or
an neraon mav file an information with auch
attorney, In which caae the proceedlnga shall be
for the nae of such ltformer and tbe United
States In equal parts. -
Sio. 4. And be il further enacted, That when
ever any person claiming to bo entitled to tbe
service or labor of any other person under tbe
laws of any State, shall employ snch person In
aiding or promoting any itsurrection, or In re
sisting tbe liws of tbe United States, or shall
permit bim to be so employed, be ehall forfeit
all right to such service or labor, and tha person
whose labor or service la thus claimed shall be
thenceforth discharged therefrom, any law to the
contrary notwithstanding. ;t . ' ' . ,
i m ' ' '
St. Louis Aug. 3d.]
Affairs in Missouri.
There is no longer any reason to doubt that
several thousand troops from tha Southern Con
federacy bare concentrated .on our. Southern
border for purposes that are very well known.
Tha ateamera John Walsh. Prince of Wales,
Ohio Belle. John Simonds, Kentucky, Ingomar
aud We M. Morrison, left Memphis on Friday
for New Madrid. Stopping at Union City, tbe
fleet took reinforcement on board, so that the
encampment at New Madrid now numbers about
17,000 men. They are, it Is said, provided with
twenty-seven cannon, and aounoanceoi ammu
nition and subsistence stores. ' Jeff. Thompson
Is reported to be near Cbarlestown, Mississippi
county, with 5,000 troops, which we take to be
a part of the Tennessee forces. Geu. Pillow Is
stated to be In command of this division, and a
proclamation purporting to be from bim is pub
lished, lu wnicn no eays tnat nis mission is w
"place our down-trodden sister on her feet, and
enable ber to breathe after the heavy tread of
the tyrant'e foot," with much other or tbe cus
tomary war-eloquence ot suoh documents. '
' Onr last accounts of McCullocb, Price, Ralna
and Peraoo left tbera teaching tactic In a camp
of Instruction at Mayavllle, Arkansas, not far
from the Southwestern border. Some aenaation
gentleman baa telegraphed from Naabvillo to
tbe Louisville Cawitr that their army has again
attacked Lyon and Sigel, killing the moderate
number of 9,000,. and ouly losing 600 themselves.-
Of course this is wholly fabulous, with
out even the probability of It being prema
ture." Lyon ia still at Springfield, prepared to
resist any attack, however formidable. His
force has lately been considerably thinned out
by tbe return of three regiments (Including
two Iowa , regiment), and a part of another.
Nevertheless, tbere baa been a good deal of re
cruiting going oo in the neighborhood, and ma
ny ot tbe three momns men wnose time oas
expired, will re-enlist and go back, particu
larly If the prospect of a fight Is at all enconr-
acin. ' ' '
Tbere continues to be some trouble in our
northern tier of counties. A dispatch from
Qnlnov to a Chlcaeo cancr sjis that a eentle-
man irom Schnvler countv. on his way to Ohio,
report 800 secessionist in camp thirty mile
west of Canton, where they overhauled the
stage in which he waa traveling. 1 ne paten
ters were allowed to pass on by taking the pre
acribed oath. The aame dispatch says that forty
secessionists encamped at New Boston, Linn
county, were captured on Saturday by a compa
nv under Cant. Johnston, with all their arms
and ammunition. Soma arms and accoutre
ments were also taken at Brookfield, Chariton
oonntv. on Sundav.- .; . ' ' "
It ia evident to us, notwithstanding all the
reports, that verv little disturbance ia to be ap
prehended in the northern part of the State, if
tho disunion forces in tbe south-east and south
west can be vigorously opposed. W presume
that It ia the purpose of Gen. S remont'a expe
dition to attend to this. . ,
CoirisoTioii w Viboinia. Llent.-Gn. Scott
i eaid to own property in Virginia, and uoder
the ordinance of that State, which took effect
yetterdayt it will be confiscated to the public
treasury of the commonwealth. .
In this city, yesterdsy, First lieutenant Jostra B.
McDonald, of Co. K, WJ.h itegiment 0. V. At., in tb
28th year of his aga- '
Bit funeral will tae place at 4 o'clock this (Wednes
day) afternoon from the residence of Ms mother, Mrs.
Bakes, No. 70 High street, between Gay And Ing. The
friends and acquaintances of rhefamllyars kindly invited
toattend. ' 'J ' ' "' " . ' V". ',' !
Establishea in 1840.'
Incorporated by the Legislature of Pennsylvania,
Being the oaly Commercial College In tb csuotry eon
ducted by a Practical Merchant. Over ,
0,000 ' atAdonts,
From thirty States, hsve hero earned a bnslness repute'
tion equal to that or West roinx graoustee ror ine araji
van's systems or .- i-m ,- .--r, .-, -i.-
. ..... ; I- I IT w,.-- '1
Mercantile 'JBookffceeping
Awarded FOUR BliVEll MIDAIJI and the sanction
Special Oommlttees of tu American inHuuwasa yumm-
ber 01 Uoasmeroe oi jnew iutk
Also, Dua 's Bysum of - , , .
Steamboat . Book-keeping,
OuwamwaOsI Vm that Ufa whtl f fllll llf Wt btQaft,
narfaal awalem for SaCD, books and aoCOSUltS," AlSO,
DuO's new Bystem of---- .. . ? a "
..... t .1 . 1 . 1 r . -1 J--. . .
Railroad Book-keeping,'.
rr. .nnu.rinii. tha on W at stem of this branch or so
eeunts teugbt In the ety, , Also, JJolf s new Bystemof
; Bank Book-keeping
(In manasoript), tb only on la see practically adapted
to Private Banking. Ibese systems of acoonnts ar bere
taught under tne auy ewpecvanesi er ineenuor, wiiu
bis dally leetuiee drawn froea nearly forty years' sxps
rieace In business. Ihs last United States and Pitts
bargh Fsirs swarded oar Professors of tsnjanshlp
I all Jepartinanta ef'.;,' .. , -!,V
Business & Orname'uUl Penmanshap
Over all ths best penmen' Ih'lhe oiuitry.''- i,t
forruU pntionlara, send forewessjpntrieWefreriUv,
pp. 8, which, with a spleodM sngravlBg ef tb Iro
BuHaHinm. 80 by M laches, aad temples ot Mean. Waa.
H. eC aw Oeehrso's Basinets an Ornamental Pe
manaalp, as mailed, post pass, am reeetpl at U cents
Stamps, tare. un i ,.i J ' "
p. urrF soTf,-1
augTdacwlt , Principals.
n. n.te tTwstnaJli-Pleaa announfe m yont Mr
pet that many of th voters ol ths northern ' f
ntyeitrstoaavs flea. OrlswoW, of Bbaren on
ship, tor our neit BepresenlsUve. ,J" Vi.
-" Tours, truly,
rise Best Artificial - Help to too
uittaat, Slfbt yoraaTpaieeJ.j y
K V!LJ imtTrnved kinds of Bpectacles.
AAhOLilar iiau or far-slghtsd, ars
t l tZZ2ai fer-wlm.ttojt
.w. Mi .ii ontina Weaaneea,
DlBlneM or Inflammation of the ves.enS imparllnf
: ukj-Q)J . . . . ..
BSivniniitiona.of urgeoa3
KlantatlTM. in th eltV Of ColumDUS, on 1UJSBU,
Aaut 13. commenoiog at 8 o'clock p. m. . .
j . v,n nn in nnil health and temperate nstjiti
need apply, fiurieonsmnstbemen f 10 and Surgeon's
Mats. " ' MIH- .TmrUflEBi All . V .tuui.wu
in vnnd ttanditiff amone medicalmen
In estlmaUng nrperlence, two years are allowed for eve
nr vear of hospital attendance. CertlBcates covering
these prerequisites must be Bled with the Secretary, De
r.. th. .riMu he admitted to examination.
It la hoped this notice will be received as an answer
te.U letter. of Inquiry. g fcAMTXt0li
aug2-5t .
ft GE1Y1D at the Office of the Secretary of Bta te,
until ,- . :
Monday,, the 21 day of September next,
: noon,
for furnishing paper for th us of the Btate of Ohio, as
follows: ... - - -'.I " - '
3 .OOO Beams Double Super Royal Printing Paper, S7X
( by 41 Inches, to weigh not less then 08 pounds to ths
100 Resins Double flat 0 sp, 16 by 7 inohes, to weigh
at lent w pounoawui" to- ... . ... r -
100 Reams Brocbnr Cover Paper, assorted colors, SO
b 97 Inches, to weigh at least M pounds to the ream.
The qnantltles above named to bs IncretsU at in op-
Bide most h accompanied'bv samples or tne paper
and most specify tbe price at wnicn eaon aino ana qumu
m h. ri.iinmd at ilia Btate Bouse In Columbus.
No samples or an Inraiior article need be presented; (he
paper mnstbeof the best qos'liy- ' ; . ,
Xhe delivery of the Boper Royal and Cover Paper to
MmmanMAD tba nnic 01 naTeinoer nw ou.uiui, iu.
continue as the paper shall lay needeo f ! '
IM delivery ot tha Iloabla flat Cap to commence oa
M, Am nt T)i-jiinhar nexL and eootinne as above.
liunds, with approvea seenruy in oouuie uio mhuui ui
tne contract, win e requirea laccomins iu iw;, uuuui
er tha faltbfal Derfoimanoe or each contract.
Tv. a km. m hmu4, and i he eontreat awarded ia ac
cordance with he terms or tne "-aetioprovia ior in.
arc base of Stationery, irnei, anaoiner arirciraior m
leaeral Assembly and Btate umoers," psatea jaarca 11
ifKa. . fUm iinr. BluSi awan'a Btat. Boa.
Bids to bs Indorsed on th envelopes,! "Proposals for
fnM.l.KJn Mn,r for tha htata." , .1 . .,-.
. Bidders are assured that no paper will be restive
unless It oonionna in cti j rcapvu w.u. u. mwciw
ThU proviHorncUi Ot urtmyflaner f "'
! -f'.-A' ' ' a.-Jc:.e-. . Secretary of -Btate
' ppltuntnt.Ohio, Angntta, jeni-aie , .
O CEIVKD at the Office of the Becretary ol 'State,
Monday, the 3d day of September next, at 12
o'clock M'i
forfurnishlnjthaBUIeof Ohio with fuel, aa follows-'
80.000 Bushels of Colw.'to weigh not lets thai. 40
ponods to the bnsbet. - -
lOtOOO Bushels Coal, to be of the best quality-equal
at least to the lower vein of Hockiog Coal, and free
' Iron slate, alsckanddlrt. - - . ,.
Th fuel to be delivered, without charge for snch de
livery, at th Bute Bouse In Columbus.
Proposals to be accompanied by eamples, and to sped
fy the kind, quality and Price of th fuel proposed to be
furnished. t - ' - . ,.t
Each contractor will be required to give boode.wlth
approved seearity, in doable the emosnt of the con
tract, conditioned for the faithful performance of hie
sontract. - ---v ' i' '!
The bids to be made aad the contracts to be awarded In
accordance with tb terms ot the act entitled "An act to
provide for the purchase of Stationery, Fuel, and other
articles for tbe General Assembly and State officers,''
passed March 11, 1853. Be Bwana Bev. Btat. 868;
Car. SltB. i ' r ; -fv. : - f ,' I
Bids to be Indorsed on the envelope, "Proosils for
furnishing fuel forth Btate." - -
Pue 1 famished by the contractor muat In all cases
be equal In quality to the sample. . JMt rws viH ba
Hffwrd. ..,.,.. A:P.iBgEI,I:,,.;
- ! - rt- -I ' Beorstsry of State.:;
Colambus, Ohio, Augusts, 1661dtd. i
Franca and Turkiili Prunes', Figs, '
Zante Carranti and Baiiins
I. - - - .- 1 i-:. ' -,' , ';,-,i
For sale wholesale and retail by t ,, , . ...
' 108 Bonth High Street.
PV - fm IT Oil A4X. O Am.ai Pa saw wa( " "
VilV a V.M lM.s .na.. naav esttrlel nt flfATaf fill-
ccTLeiu. lUfQPUt-s and 8tcqou, vde In the neveit and
. . . i asnnaiifh aVIamlM
Black Mllkv, very Tieaty, deflgned txmuy for
- The numerous Utdt ot adulterated snd spurious Bal-
ratns for tale in the market, with captivating names,
art wots fhaa baelesa while strength and parity
wanting. James Pyle's Dietetic has both strength and
purity, and la truly valuable, Depot 345 Washington
Street, New Tort. Bold by Grooers everywhere.
HEALTH The blood must bs purified, and all med
Iclnes are useless which do not possess ths quality
atkuulatlng tbe blood to discharge Its Imparities Into
bowels.' BaantatTB'e Ptua possess this quality tn
high degree, and should bs In very family- . 'hey are
equally useful for children and dult-dapted to both
Kiel, and ars ss innocent as bread, yet atotw irraonva
as a xsniciirs. "V""."
Th tion. Jacob Severs, oi BprlncvIHe, Ind., writes
to Dr. Brandreth. under date of slay 11, 1801. -. a
'' 'I have need your Invaluable Vegetable Universal
Pills In my family sines 1838; they have alwsys eured,
.n whan other mediclnee were of no avail. I have
been the mean of my neighbors using hundreds of dot
lars worth, and I am satisfied they bav received
,k..,i Mni. In bleaaed health, through their nee
Th.w mrm nmmA in this reaion for Billons snd Liver Dis
eases, lever and Ague, aad all rheumatic eases with
' . . T . .k - 1
most -peneos suooeas, an w uiitm
anea In aleknsss. and I trust your venerable life mar
loag spared to prepare so excellent a medicine for the
use of man.
t , Please send me ths lowest price by the gross."
Bold by John B. Cool, Praggist, Columbus, and
all respectable dealers In medicines. ... . ..... .
t flylSdawltM. " 'J
i morrAT's liirB niM"' "
la all eases of coatlvenees, dyspepslablUloaa sod lives
affections, piles, rheumatism, fever snd agues, bsa
nit head aches, snd all general derantaaent of b salts.
thee PUls bav Invariably proved satiate sad speedy
remedy. A single trial will place ths Lit Pills beyond
th reach orcom petition In the estimation of every pa
tient. .... . , f.u. I s'i - tl-s ! t-
. Br. Moffat's Phetals Bitters wiU f tallirl
Acscieus In all ease, of psrvwas debility, jtf eysat, bead
achs, ths stcknese taoideat t KnaMt taiasiicai aeaiia,
and every Bind of weakness" of the (dlgesHv organs.
For tale by Dr. W.B. MOFFAT, 1KB, Broadway,, t.
and b all DranrtX. gx0'",;
Tn following H a itracti from
sitter wrlttsa by th Bv. J i. sbarttit el th
Pltrrepolnt-Btrest Baptist Cburca, BreoklvB, If. T.,to
th "Journal end Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volame la favor of that world-rsssowno attdislaa, Ma.
Wcwxiw's rM4ws Krt?v rot Ctitsusi TsrrBimi
Wsseeaa' adrertlsmsnt b your ooluant- of Ms
W ensLOw't Bootbim Bvsor. ow w pever said k Word
in favor of a patent medicine before In our life, nut
(est eoorp iki ear U your readers tliat SbU It s kuas
bvt--a sn.va -ntuat) rr, aaw saw tr u at
oaluss. Isle rbably of tb awS si'Sttsfal asealt
etnes ot tb days teesase It on ef th beat. And those
ofyone-teartwlMsamltaMMoaa'td brtb" than
latoe turply.". cS7;lydj
w i
BAIN & son
29 'tfoutli High Street, Columbus,
A!0.'""", Pres. flood, at W.T.IU.
un JiVrSam Dress flood, at ?, ue SO els-
2ui6 '.inl t BBlUh Barmos at WK, vain. "-
89 Booth High Btreet.
lace Mantillas.
NoJ 29 -South High St.,
HATS Just opened an 'Invoice -of very large anu
Wipe. Feecd: Laces fob Shawls.
Very Deep Freneh Flouncing Laces,
Real Thread, French, Cbantllla & Uenevese
! V,' J .'vrVEILS.
Valenciennei, Point de Gaze, Brussels
and Thread laces and collars,
In new Shapes,
' For traveling.
1 11 a an 1 sp 1
TraveUng Dress Gpods.
j the best and most fashionable styles in the city,
! .-.-vr.fw' BAWssBON,
jcSl - - - 89 South High Bireet.
mum M; nnsTtEAux,
Groceries) yui-' c
,v, '. ..T 'c j Produce,
.; il . . .Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
; ' V " Fruits, etc. etc ,
O. 34, N
j No:40ff, South High Street,
Te old stand recently occupied bjr.WM. McDONALD
A 1 . ) . i . He Is In dally receipt of
'Heap for V
Which he will sell
aab or Country a?rodaco.
&? Oootli delivered ts City trade freef charge. JUL
atjocis3oa 10 mckee a rgsiieaux)
jtio. 10(5, South High Street,
, J..-. , i DIALEB IN .. .
j Foreign . au J Domestic . Fruita,
l. ' :
Steam Between Ireland and America.
Thefollowlnr new snd marailleent first-class paddle-
wkeel Btsamebips compose the above line:
ADRIATIC, 5,888 tons burthen, Capt, J. Mtrjav
(Formerly of tbe Collins Line.)
UIBERNTA, . '; 4,400 tont burthen. Oapt.N.Paowsi.
COLtJUBIA, 4,400 " " " B. Iiitcb.
AMQLIA, : ;.4,40O ." " ' " , . NicHoisoH.
PioiflO. 8 ,600 " . I. BaiiH.
J. Willis.
9nrn iirds fast Oolond Utrns at 10. value is eenu.
Mlrtsl7ulare Pres. Bilks at 37M, valns W seats.
vdj Super Plain Blsek Silk at $ I Oil. value I M
LtJ of OrJi. Berage. aui nnglUb B.r.,e, at oo.
liklMl tratviel aTrBDUU Vla - . . .
ni la at I'ZU. YBIDnXVVOUtoi
One of the above ships will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Galway, car
rying the government malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
aii F.
the Steamers of tbia line have been constructed with .
ths greatest care, under ths supervision of ths govern
ment, have water-tight compartments, and are unexcel
led foreomfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
Tbey are commanded by able and experienced officers,
snd every exertion will be mads to promote tbe comfort
of passengers. ...
. Anlexperlenced Burgeon attached to each ship.
Firsbclass N. Y. or Boston to Galway or Liverpool m
Becondclast. t." '",. , ... "
Firs!, .-..'A to M hn' , 3J
tblrd-elass, " to Galway or Liverpool.
. or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 30
bJid-elaes paaseagers are liberally supplied With pro
visions of tb best quality, cooked and served by tbe ser
vants of the Compaoj. . .
Parties wishing to send for their friends from the old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, in
Ireland, or from the principal cities of England snd bcot
lasd, at very low rates. -
Passengers for Mew York, arrlvtof Tit ths Boston
Steamers, will ba forwarded to New York free of charge. '
for passage or further Information, apply to
' At th oflce of th Company, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street, Hew York. - - ' i
prlll:d6tn. -
BAIN & son,:
laOOO yard! Baoer Plata Black Bilks at t OO-valne
It ie per yard.
S0O yards Traveling Dress sad Msntls Goods st
4 9 1-a oenta valas 20 eentt per yard.
SrOOO yard White BrTlIlsnles al 18 18 eenla
a tsla tO cents per yard. r
3,000 yards Fins and Domestic Ginghams greatly an
:l er value. . k ' "' "; ' '
lAWHfl, CAU00Z8, I0PUNS, .
New 'and IFwshiona'ble Itmm Good
( th most desirable styles and at vsry lovers prices.
Of all materials, mads In the most stylish manner after
tb latest Paris Fashions ths most elegant atyles In
ay 30
Ms. SO Beath High street .
Canton Mattings. '
lat.rM4 B-;"WltltJ, Bed txmtl
tbivTbJl Cheoked of faperlor quality. For sal by
BAIN BUN, " 1 '

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