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The Adams Express Company pUcM us dally
uutler ubligatioua to It for lb Ttry latest paper
Irom the eastern cities. . '
Tha American EiDress Company bas ouf
ilmu.a for ite dally favors la the shape of the
very latent aitern pipers. ,
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice la hereby given to tbe Union Democ
racy ol Franklin county, to meet on Friday,
August 30, 18Cl,beteen the hours of three and
six o'clock P. M, In tbe townships, and fix and
tight o'clock P. M,, in tbe Wards, at tbe usual
places of holding elections (exoeptlng Norwich
township, which will be held at BouOflelirs
School House, and tbe Fourth Ward at Oarer
Ware Room, and tbe First Ward ai tbe Oalt
House), to appoint delegates to attend tbe Coun
ty Convention, to meet at tbe City Hall, lnjth
city of Columbus, on Saturday, tbe 31st day of
August, 1861, at ten o'olock A. M., for tbe pur
pose of putting In nomination two Reprosenta
tires in the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, on Recorder, on
Coroner, one Countr Commissioner, and on
Infirmary Director.
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial aod Judicial Conrention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Jndge for
this distriot. Time for holding tbe Senatorial
aod Judicial Conrention will be fixed here
Tbe following is tho number of delegate 1
lotted to each Waid and Township, based upon
tbe rote cast fur Supreme Jndge in 1860, allow-
log one for each fifty, and an additional delegati
for each fraction of twenty fir rotes so east.
1st Ward,
3d "
5th "
Montgomery To.
Trnro '
7 Hamilton
ft Mifiin
5 . Washington
6 Madison
Tp 3
i 3
" 4
Wm. Dohiqan,
Sam'l Dotli,
H W. Mills,
flCKtL. '
H, S. HiQH,
County Central Committee.
Jaojb RsiNHaar,
Aliz. Thomhom,
Wm. Cooria,
J. Boliu,
James IIoiLOcaiit,
Attention! Videttes No. 2.
Yea art hereby ordered to appear at your Armory this
evaaisg, at 8 o'olock, aa batlnett of Importance Is to b
By order ol lb Commandant.
. Kcmoval or thc Post Orict. The Journal
appears to be in great tribulation about the r
moral of the Pot Office to the new building
about to be erected for it adjoining the Nell
House, which is to be rebuilt. W are not at
present prepared to say whether tbe majority of
our citizens will or will not be better accommo
dated by the removal. , " ' , .
But tbe Journal will, no doubt, be, as it
frankly confesses, better accommodated with
tbe present location. Haring just anchored it
self bard by the Post Office, it is a sore griev
ance to have it taken away so soon.
In an article labeled "Communicated," it
gravely reminds our worthy Postmaster that
the remoral will be in bad faith to friends to
whoso services he is indebted for the poeltion
bo now holds. We do not know how thia may
be; but without some further and better evl
deoce tban tbe assertion of an anonymous
scribbler in tb Journal, we hare too much
confidence in Mr. Giaham's integrity, to be
liere he wonld violate any pledge, or be guilty
of bad faith toward friend or foe.
The Convention. Tbe Hotel were quite
filled last night with delegate to the Conren
tion. From indications there will be a rery full
attendance, probably a larg as any former
Democratio Conrention.
Hon. J, . j; , CaimnDM. Mr.' Crittenden
arrived in our city yesterday, and remained at
tbe American until 9 o'clock last night. List
erening he made his appearance in front of the
Hotel and was immediately inrronnded by the
hundreds of Democrat who are here as dele
gates to tbe Conrention. They insisted on him
proceeding to the west side of tbe State House,
and addressing a large concourse of people. His
remark were patriotio and responded to by tbe
people with loud cheers. At the conclusion,
three rousing cheers were given for the' Ken
tucky Statesman.
Death or a Returned Voiuntier. Joseph
McDonald, First Lieutenant in Capt. Cook's
Company, Twentieth Regiment, recently re
turned from servloe In Western Virginia, died
at about ten o'clock last erening, at bis resi
dence on Gay street. II leaves a widow and
sereral children to monrn the loss of a hnsband
and father.
ET We" learn thaC thf female soldier, who
orlginallr enlisted in Captain Tramr'a Com
. pany In thia city, came np yesterday with the
Twenty-first. Regiment- to Camp Cbase. ' It
appear that after her sex was disoorered, and
she was discharged at Camp Deonisoo, b en
listed in a Kentucky company, wbleh company
was assigned to the Twentj-flrst Ohio Regiment.
It I aaid be made a good soldier and an excel
lent .scout, and preserved the secret of her au
nntll about a week ago. r , , i . .; V
! : .
Thc Twintt f irst Raomm. The Twenty
first Ohio Regiment of three months' troops,
Col. Norton, arrived at Camp Cbase jsiterday
to be mustered oat of service. Part of this
regiment, nnder Col. Norton, mad th attack
at Soarey Creek. They return with on bond
red men leas thanfbey had when they went out.
They brought with thorn to Cinolnnati th body
of Capt. Allen, who '.was killed at Scarey
Creek. Thia regiment vraa second, to none in
Gen. Cox's Brigade. It i commanded by Lieu
tenant Colonel J. M. NiiBtma, of Flndlar, the
successor of Col. Norton, who was wounded
at Scarey Creek.?' ', 7
D" We understand that the accident which
happened at Clarksburg, Va., to th ton of H.
J. Jiwirr, Eiq.,of Zinesrlllo, occurred In this
wiser Th soldiers had stacked their gun, which
were loaded. In the usual manner, when on of
tbem accidentally fell down, and la falling, wm
discharged, "the ball passing through and shat
tering th foot of young; Jiwrrr, who was
standing neap.1 It wal thought "barely possible
that thtfoot night be eared, .V. ,','" ,.
CT Th ammor tt J, Nthtf Wnpffied ori
lag returned from hi third Incarceration for th
aak of truth, ' equality and joattc. Mor
' The Aim Worm. These rarenous foragera
have mad their appearaao la Tarloos parte of
Northern' Ohio.'. The Ijraln JVcWs lays that
they ar aotually feeding In th Public Square
of Oberlln. Tb ditor of tb Banduiky Rtgif
Ur ha taken a survey f th army marching
North, neu (bat city, and thus reports i
They first ollmb a plant, and beginning at the
top, irim is or every green tome from ton to
bottom. They cam too lata for wheat In this
neighborhoods tber hare destroyed soma niece
of oats and ar now attending to th corn.
They burrow down into tbe stalk and ohank it
all up. - ' ' " "
In annesrance tber somewhat resemble the
om lasnionea eul-worm, bat ere a tttti mor ac
tive, and brighter, both In color and intellect,
and will put lb cut-worm to ahama in any gas
tronomies! trial. .: i .-, .....
They maroh In large oartles 'rotu field to field
and derastate and destroy every living thing;
hence they get tbeir name. Ditches, moats aod
entrenchments are fatal to tbeir progress; hence
tbe best way to save a crop from their ravages,
is to set it about with a deep trench Into which
tbey fall and are destroyed by burning them
with straw, or by rolling through tbe trench
a heavy roller, which crushes tbem by the
million. . ,
Even a plowed furrow will do much toward
ehecklng their progress, if ll is attended to and
tb tnseot killed aa fast as the trench becomes
filled. Tbey ar to thick that sometimes they
will fill a furrow in a few hours.
Bart Youa Siomv-Oao of the greatest af
flictions to which humanity la tubject, ia tbe to
tal or eren the partial deprivation of eight. A
person oan with dexterity pursue hardly any In
tellectual or manual employment without a
keen and ready y-slght. Those who ar sen
sible of a weak, falling or defective tight,
should immediately consult Mr. Josxra 8. Paa-
let, the Optician, at Seltzer & Wibiter'i
near the Postofllce, whose glasses are pronouoo
ed superior to any now In rogue.
Er In a severe thunder storm at Cleveland,
between three and fonr o'clock on I sat Monday
morning, two persons, aman and a woman, were
killed by lightning, at one house. The wowan
was sleeping on a lounge, and the man was ait
ting outside. .... ,.. ... ..
. ST Tb physlciana f Cincinnati bar ten-
dered their serriees to the families of rolun
teers tree or charge.
O" Charles F. Brown, alias Abtimci Ward
la reported bound for Lake Superior. ." '
-' ' M H , , .
D" Scorbutlo diseases ar the parent stock
from which arises a large proportion of th fat.
al maladies th tt afflict mankind. They are, as
It were, speoies of potato rot in the hnman
constitution, which undermines and corrupts all
the sonrces of Its ritality and hastens its decay
They ar the germ from which spring Consump
tion, Rhenmatism, Heart Disease, Liver Com
plaints, and Eruptive Diseases, which will be
recognized a among those most data! and do
stroctlre to tbe races of men. So dreadful are
its consequences to hnman life, that it ia hardly
possible to overestimate the importance of an
actual, reliable remedy, that can sweep out this
Scrofulous contamination. W know, than, we
shall proclaim welcome news to Our reader of
on from such a quarlor aa will Metre little
doubt of ite efficacy and still mor welcome
when we tell them that it aurely doe accom
pllsh tbe end desired. We mean Ann's Bar
sa7arjlla, and it la certainly worthy tb atten
tion of those who are afflicted with Scrofula or
Sorof ultras complaints. Rtgieter, Albany, N.
Y. . :.faug3-lw
ED. GOEDECK, O. S. Rail Road Time Table.
Lima Hum at Oetcwtoifc Xxxu B. B,
Lea Tel. Arrive
Cincinnati Accommodation. 8:00 A. M. 9 10 P. II.
llDrtM ....11.-40 A. M.. .11:03 A. M
Mill and Aooommodatien.. ft 10 P. H. ' 8:00 p. M,
Klgntnxprese via Uaytoa.lXUU midnight. S.SOA. M
Jm. W, Donnmr, Agent.
Colonics It Olxtzlaks K. B. ' ' '
Nlcht anna. 1:4 A. M. 1 11:15 P. H.
Nnr TorkBxpret 11:10A.M.. 10:50 A.M.
O.O.JtO. WayBxpn!..., S;MP.M. 7:50 P. at.
Jamb Patterson, Agent.
OawtaatiOtmR. B. . rl. -'. 1.1-1 i
Wo. I Ixpr.il 3:30 A. H. l.3i A. M
No. J do 8:15 P. M. 1 11:43 A. U
v W. J. ftLL, Agent.
Prmaoaasr, Oolomids e CmcwiUTi K. B.. ( ,v .
Hall Train S 30 A. H. t IISS A. If.
zpreu Train 11:23 A. at. 8:43 P.M.
Joe. Bosimon, Agent.
Colonics As IinnAHoroLts, B. B.'
(Uolokics Piqoa C AJIBIAJU B. B.)
No. 1 Exprea B Jfi A. M. 8:00 P, M .
No. 8 ' 3:00 P. M. 8:43 P. M.
Accommodation 10:30 A. M.
0. W. Bmitm, Agent.
RUIIi for New York Olt. Bottoa. Albanr. Bullato.
Pittibarth. liteabenTlllo war. Oloveland. Zinttvlllo.
Newark, Granville, WaAhlngtoa Oily, BalUmora, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, alost daily (Bandars soroopt
ed) at I o'olock p. m.
A through suit for New Tork and Cleveland eloaes
dally (Bandars tzoepMd) at 8 o'olock p. m.
u. v. m u. k. n. way mau closes daily (Sundays ex
cepted) at l o'clock p.
Central Ohio Way fai
at 10 o'olock a.
all cloaes dally (Sundays excepted)
mtral Ohio Way
l o'olock a. m.
ClndnnattWaytUUolotes dally (Sunday! excepted) at
o'clock a. m. -
OhloMo, Pubaone. SeUwara, Marion and Worthlnr
toa Kaila closet dally (Uondays exoepUd) at 8 o'clock
ktalla forXenla, tptbigtM, Dayton. Toledo. Cincin
nati, Indlanapolla, Loulirtlle, Bt. Lonlo, and Detroit,
CloiM dally (Bnndayt excepted) at B o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenli, Bprlngfleld and Cincinnati
oloaaa daily (Bandaya exoepted) at 10 o'olock a. m.
Drbaoa, Plqna, Tiffin and Union City mall eloaes dally
(Rundara exoepted) at S o'clock p. a.
Laaouttr, Logu, Neleonrllle, Clrclerllle, Chllllcothe,
Portunoath. Waehlngton 0. II., Athens, Marietta aod
Hlllborou,h malls else daily (Sundays exoepted) at 8
tVlrutW a trn
laat Way Mall brNattonal Bead to Zanemllla eloaea
dally (Bandaya exoepted) u 19 o'clock m.
Baniabargb MalUlotet daily (dundays excepted) at 8
o'olock p. m.
Mt. Vernon Mall, sy way of WeetarrllU sad Bonboiy,
olooes dally (tondaya oxoepted) at 9 'look p. m. .
vuDua nui moms aaiiy isunaays xoeptedjat n 'elect
Liaiter Wa MaII sloMa dmllv (RandAve xcABleil a
S'cloekp.m. t
Malls from New Tork. Boston. Phlladelcaia Bnffalo.
Albany. Pittsburgh, Oltvelaod, Dayton, Toledo, Xenia,
DetroK, Bprtng&eld, Cincinnati, Chllllcotbe, 8t. Louie,
and all louthern eitiee, arriv between the houri of V
'clock p- m. and 4 o'clock a. m.
Mailt from Iudbuiaooit. ohlcaco and DaMiaue arrlv
at 1.40 a.m.
Malls from Wuhtnston Oltr. Batttmora. wheeling.
ZanetvlUe, Newark, Steubenrllle, alt. Veruon, and th
. O. H. H. Way Mall, antra at 13 o'clock m.
Way Mill rroui ClnelnnAtl errivei mt 3 o'clock n. m.
LuR-uter Mill arrlree MS o'clock p.m.
But Wu Mill onr thm N.llnn.l RnaA KfrlvMAtll
'eloak a. m. . . , .
Mt. Vernon Wa MAllnntm At ll.Of) a. m.
Mall from Dablin arriroe at 13 o'clock m.
UrbanaWayMallarrlTMat So'clockp. m..
Burlabargh Mail arrives at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lancaster Way Mall arriyea at Vlook tn-1;
Omee dellvtnr otxa erera du inmit Bnml.v rrom
O'clock a. m. to 6 a'aloek B. n. On im BunH.n
from 'Xtot e'etock. In the mouina. and froaa t to
tn Ikamnbid
Baltimore Clothbg Hoase,
. : sumrAOTORRRS aro wbouaaus dialxu tu
,::..N(i. 808 WBtlmorw-Btreet, -
: , (BtTWEUi tmaTT aim bowaroJ '
tu. x , .: ,,., BAIiTinOBEf Hid.
A Larg Assortment of ?ie tat Fimishini
' J J. Good Constantly M Hand' - '
OetaUly .!. . . .k.i j .
rot tn uraTin mum
and PIKMAHIlfT COM of ft
dlstrNaing complaint ass
Has tya 9. tUTMoca i iar Rmom i, . 4
Prise 1 par hoai smufn by post.
I0S IA11 At lih 10CIIIf.
- mai-! Irtj
Gen. Pope's Work in Western Missouri.
Mexico, Mai., August Zj By to-morrow night
or nest merntor tb eonnty seats or Warren,
Montgomery, Llnooln, Calloway, Audralre,
Pike. Holla. Moo roe. Kndolon. Howard. Maoon.
Shelby, Marlon, Lewis, Knox, Lynn, Scotland,
Clarke and Lirtnestoa eountles. b? a simulta
neous movement, will be occupied by strong
bodies of U. 8. foreas. tb oommandins; offlaer
of whom will appoint a committee of publio
safety from among th most prominent citizens
of lb counties, whose duty ft shall be to pre-
serre the peace in their respeotlr eountles.
Eaoh committee ahall consist of not mor tban
five persons, and whenever it xsn consistently
0 done, toe proper county officers snail be se
leoted aa mambera. No ona thus annolnted
shall be permitted to dsolloe or sbajl fall to per
ioral his duties nnder sucn penalties as tne com
manding General shall affix. ... i , , .
'Ibese committee ar obareed. acoordloir to
the general order issued by. Gen. Fope, with
the duty of maintaining peace and order in
their respeotlr counties, and ahall bar power
to can ont an citltens oi tne county to assemble
al such time and places and In suob numbers as
mar be necessary to secure these objects. Anr
on wbo shall reinse to obey such call will be
inrnea over to tee military antnorities. 11 tn
people of the counties retDeotlrelr are not able
or wining to enrorc tn peace amone tnem
selves, aod to prevent tbe organizing of compa
nies to make war npon tb United States, the
military iorce will perform tbe service, Dot tne
expense must be paid by tbe county in which
sucn service is necessary.
i o secure tbeir prompt payment, a levy or a
sufficient amount of property or money will be
at once made ana collected ty the oinoer in
command. Upon the call of a majority of the
committee or mono safety in eaoh county,
troops will bo sent to keep the pesce; but as
sucn expenditures are tor tne benentot tnepeo
pie concerned, who bare in nearly every case
the power to discharge the service themselves,
the troop thns sent will be quartered npon
them, and aubsisted and transported by the
connty, in the manner above specified, for tbe
whole period it may be necessary for then to
remain, If In consequence of disturbances not
reported by tbe committee, tbe Ueneral com
Banding finds it neoessary to send a force into
any county to restore order, tbey will in like
manner be billeted npon tbe county, unless tbe
combinations against the peace are too power.
mi to be resisted, or tb parties engaged la
it were organized in otber counties, and
brought on the disturbances by actual inva
It Is not believed that the first can arise in
any connty of North Missouri, and in the seo
ond the forces will be marched Into tbe county
or counties where the marauding parties were
organized or from whence tbey made tbe inras
Ion, and will in like manner be quartered npon
tnem. w nere peace ana good order are pre
served tbe troops will not be required. Where
tbey are disturbed tbey will be restored at the
expense of the county. To preserve tbe peace
Is the duty of all good citizen, and as all will
alike suffer from tbe breach of It, men of every
shade of political opinion can act cordially to
gether in the discharge of a duty as full of in
terest to one aa to anotber. AH persona wbo
hava heretofore been led away to Uke np arms
against tbe United Slates, are noti&ed that by
returning and laving down their arms at tbe
nearest military post, and by performing their
duty hereafter aa peaceful and law abiding citl
tens, they will not be molested by tbe military
forces, nor so tar as tbe ueneral commanding:
oan Influence tbe matter, will tbey be subjected
to punishment nnlees they hay committed
murder or some other aggravated offense, '
Col. Corcoran—Scarcity of ice in
[Special to Post.]
Aog. A dispatoh from Rich
mond state that Cot- Corcoran told his captors
in that aity, that he went into this business with
bis wbole soul, and that be would not accept
parole if it were offered him.
I bere la a great ioaroty of ice here, caused
by tbe danger of navigation to vessels on the
Fortress Monroe.
sent In his resignation, but he still remains at
wewport new.
More order and discipline prevails since the
prohibition of intoxloating liquors. Hereafter
all packsgeaaent to Old Foint, belonging to of
ncera or privates, ar to be examined by the
frorost Marshal, and the liquors found In them
win oa turned over to tb hospital, ,
ixen. ouuer nas gone nome.
The S. it. 8paldlog will carrr to Boston the
ceieDratea w mans steam gun.
urn mountain nas aiscorered tbat tber are
mounting two rery large euta on Sewell'a
Point, probably with the idea of anuoving th
snipping at uta roiui, ii not me rortreas it'
Hot Day—Six New Regiments of Volunteers
—Plenty of Ammunition.
St. Loois, August 5. yesterday wa the
hottest day of tbe season, the thermometer
standing at 1UU In tb shade at 3 P. M. Fiitem
deatba from tb effect of th heat ar reported
me coroner.
Bix nsw regiments of volunteers are nearly
ready to be mustered into the service for the
Twentr car loads of ohnt. lioll. otn
reached her since Saturday; also, a large num
ber of Enfield rifles and a considerable Quantity
tire car loada of ammnnition reached Cairo
Saturday, by tbe Illinois Central railroad.
The Kentucky Election—Good News.
Louisville, August 5. At legislative elec
tions, Harney, editor of the Democrat, was
elected over Ex Governor Merrlwetber. bv nine
to eleven hundred majority, which represents a
Union majority In Jefferson county.
The Union majority in the cltv Is about six
thousand. .
Judge Buckner, Union, was elected oyer
James B. Clay, in Fayette oonnty, by five to six
hundred msjority.
Kicbard li. Anderson (union), nenhew of
Sumter Anderson, was elected in Franklin coun
ty by three to fonr hundred msjority.
k. w . jscods (union; wa elected in Uldbam
ine return thns far indicate th relative
Union majority aa large, or larger, than at the
last Congressional election. All quiet al tbe
polls to-day. Late In th afternoon a pistol
rencontr ocenrred at the Gait Honse, between
bdward Uiutcbfleld and Thomas Selvtdge,
wherein both were severelr iniured. the latter
probably fatally.
From Western Missouri.
Kansas Citt. Mo.. Aneust 3Tba steamer
West Wind, with 460 of th First Regiment of
Nebraska Volunteers, and one company of
Regulars ' from Forf Leavenworth. Colonel
Thayer, arrived at thia place last erening at 3
This morning ther proceeded to Indenen.
dence, arriving there at 6 A. M. A fter making
circuit of the city, the command formed in a
line in front of the jail, when Col. Thayer rode
op to the jailor, demanding the release of four
union men aaid to be Imprisoned there, aod
who were to be executed aa Gorernment spies
this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The prisoners were
quickly liberated, and will be taken to Fort
iieavenwonu. ' .,
The troop returned this afternoon, and ar
on their way op the river. Col. Thayer atates
be aaw notbing lik rebellion at Independence,
there being no organized body of rebel in the
eigbbornood, aa was reported. Several of the
prominent secessionists rnshed to the livery
stable for conveyance and fled npon the ap
proach of th troops, while other proclaimed
tbemselre strong Union men, ' V
The Press and the Government.
Washinotow. Aug. 5. Tbe cress represent
atives here held a consultation with General
MoClellan. At hla snggestion a committee waa
appointed to transmit to alt th loyal States as
follows: . , , . ., , , . . . ...
1. All editors to be requested to refrain from
publishing new of any description, from any
point, and aa any matter that may glre aid and
eomfort to th enemy.
' 9. To signify to tbeir correspondents rry
where tbeir approval of th foregoing, and to
comply with it spirit and letter. -
. Tbe committee resolrea to rtqoMl th Gov
ernment to afford th pre facilities for Obtain
log and Immediately transmitting all auitabl
information, particularly that touching ngag.
mentt. MoClellaa gar his approval to this.
. ' A bill baa passed both Houses, wbloh pro
rides lor the punlabment, with fin and impris
onment, of any on who enlists persons, white
or black, to aid tho rebolllon, aa well aa those
enlisted.i t Anotber bill debars alar awners
from a claim to recovery, If slaves are employ'
ed to aid ia rebellion. A bill was also adopted
to par all rolunteera mustered into servloe for
one to three years, or tne war, irom tnac time,
witbont waiting nntn tney reacneo tneir ren
Skirmish on the Potomac.
Saxdt Hook. Md.. Aug. 5 Tbls morning a
detachment ol tbe New York uatb regiment sur
prised a sauad of rebel carairy at a bouse on
posit the Point of Rocks, andlkilled 3, wounded
a, and took 7 prisoners. Tbey also captured
tbe horses, and recrossed tbe rirer without loss
It ia reported that a considerable body or oar
airy occupies Alartinsburg.
There Is no danger of an attaok here- , ; , j
Skirmish on the Potomac. Card from Brigadier-General Pierce.
' Boston, August 5. Brigadier General Fierce
publishes a statement regarding the Great
bethel fight. II asserts that be aoted with
strict orders, bnt tbe plana of attack betrayed a
want of knowledge or tbe enemy's position and
He! throws the blame on Gn. Butler for the
regiments firing into each other. He says be
applied for a court of Inquiry, but received for
a reply that snch a court' would reveal toe
From Washington.
WasHiNOTON, Aug. 6. The Herald'a dispatch
ays, infoimatton was received her to day that
letters are constantly going Booth from Wash
Ington, and notwithstanding th prohibition of
tne rostomce department, tbe rebels bare
daily mail from Baltimore. . ,
For several days past th city bas been
swarming with Baltimore secessionists A Bal
timore detective, wbo came hereon Saturday,
reports that he has seen dodging abont our
streets, one nunured or the most violent rebel
sympathizers from Baltimore. Tbey come as
spies or incendiaries, or with a view to find ac
cefs to the rebel lines.
Tbe exceeding earefnlness and minuteness of
tbe rebel reoonnoisBances ia tbe vicinity of the
Chain Bridge, duriag the past week, bave in
duced Gen. AloClellao to look closely after that
point. 1 A sufficient force to guard against any
contingency nas rjeen piacea mere.
Eighteen or twenty beautiful rilled pieces,
with carriages and caissons complete, arrived
here last night. Thtse will more tban compen
sate for tb guns lost at Bull Run; bnt tbey are
only an installment of tbe field artillery of tbe
most approved patterns tbat will be attached to
Gen. McClellan's column. Our various foun
dries and arsenals can turn out more of these
arma In a week than can be built In tbe South
in three months. .-.. ., . -
A report bas come bere from our Potomac
fleet tbat the rebels bave collected a large force
of negroes at Mosquito Point, at the month of
tbe Rappahannock River, and have commenced
the erection of fortifications thsre.
It is proposed by the 8enate Military Com
mittee to authorize tbe Governors of the sever
al States to fill all vacancies among the com
missioned officer in th volunteer regiments
and companies; appointments to be approved
by the Examining Board. , ' ' " ,
it appeara tb rebels propose to exchange
Messrs. Magraw and Harris tor the officers of
toe privateer Savannah. Harris and Magraw
were taken prisoners while proceeding on a
mission of mercy nnder a flag of truce, and tbe
pirates were captured in tbe act or hostility.
[Time Dispatch.]
Gen. Butler returned to Fortress Monroe
this afternoon. ' ' -
' Th monthly statement of the U. S. Treagn
rer shows be bad $7,352,475, subject to draft up
to tbe first Inst. This statement includes, as
yet subject to draft, various sums deposited
wltn Sub-treasurers ot rarious States, it is a
little singular tbat tbe Sob-Treasurer of South
Carolina paid In full, and not a cent is recorded
aa subject to dralt in bis hands.
The Star and Republican continue to publish
the arrival and disposition of our troops in tbls
city, notwithstanding ths agreement not to do
SO. " -
I believe Prince Napoleon baa not hesitated
to state tbat tbe hmperor of franoe ia ex
tremely desirous that the Gorernment shall
promptly and effectually suppress the rebellion,
and that our Gorernment has bis warmest sym
The tariff bill as passed contains about 54
sections; tbat published in the Herald contains
lb, but It is bogus. ...
A Northerner, lust arrived from Richmond
says, at the time of his departure there was a
great abundance of British coin circulating in
tb city. It waa currently reported that large
amounts or goia nan been advanced by uritisb
capitalists on tbe new crop.
At midnight, tbe Senate is still in exocutire
session. All tbe prominent army appointments
nave been connrmed, including ueneraia isutier
ano eonencK ana ui. &morv, and tbat or com
niia9loner of Publio Buildings. Col. Wood has
not yet been aoted on.
f ilteen pounder rifled gnns arrived bere last
Abont 35 of our cavalry skirmished tho otbsr
day near Fairs Church with a squad of rebels:
several were wounded on each side.
We hav '-contraband" statements that two
rebel regiment ar encamped four miles from
Alexandria. -
Military Nominations Confirmed.
Wasbinoton, Aug. 6 Tbe following nomi
nations for Brigadier-Generals, in addition to
tboso heretofore announced, were. It is said
confirmed last night by the Senate:
Hnrlbut, JMcUernand, scbenck, Grant, Ba
ker, Lyon, Cox, Prentiss, Andorsoo, King, Si
gel and Conch.
Tbe principal oinoers of tbe new army regi
ments wer all confirmed, while th rejections
comprised only a few of the minor appoint
ments. Lieut. Col. Emory's nomination was
also confirmed.
Johnston's Opinion of Patterson.
[Tribune's Special.]
WasBiNOTON, Aug. 6.A person recently ar
lived asvs, Gen. Johnston expresses freely bis
contempt for what be styles Patterson's cowaJ
ardice, '
Tbe story about sixty-eight guns at Winches
ter is all fudge; they bad but fifteen, all told,
at any period.'
[Tribune's Special.] Thirty-seventh Congress—Extra Session.
[Tribune's Special.] Thirty-seventh Congress—Extra Session. WASHINGTON, August 5.
BniATg. Mr. Potter moved to ulie up tb report of
the oommlttM on Judiciary, lu th cat of lbs KasMt
eontetted teat.
Mr. Lane tald he had never acotpted th appointment
of Brigadier-General, or aoted in any way at a Brigadier
General. It th Kantu Brigade, after It waa fonnei),
hould tignlfy a dotlr to bave him lead them, beahould
feel It hli duty to lead them; and when he did aoctpt of
any ancb appointment, then be would inform tbe Senate
and mlgn hit teat.
After further dlicunlon (ha Senate refused to proceed
to th otniideratlon of the report.
Tb amendment to tb bill to lncrtSt th pay of Tol
ootaara, etc., four dollar! per month, inttead of two dol
lar, wai carried by yru 18, nay 17.
Mr. Wllion moved to amend by adding th bill approv
ing and legaHilog tb military proclamation of tbe Preti
dent. -it - . ...tit ! .
Mr. Breokinrldge (til tbat thli amendment rooked a
little like the joint retolution approving the act of tb
Pretident, etc He thought, however, in thit amaaoV
ment tber wai torn omitalon which looked like leaving
the otber retoiation alone. . . t.,.
Mr. Wilton aaid there wu an omlttion, hot Uiat at In
tended to call np the Joint retolution. .' , .
Th amendment wat Affrced to, and th bill pitied.
On motion, the Senate then went into executive teatlon.
Adjourned. . .. ... , ,
Hooifc Mr. May Introduced a preamble, oonclndlng
with a retoiation, that tbe Republican party, baring
achieved iucccm on a Motional and octal taut, n.
tpontlble for oar pratant national mtafortuMti tbat tb
onoompromiaiog ipirit of that party bat prevented oota
promie when tb tarn wa praotleable) tkat it it ua
potalble by lore of arma to tubjugtta tb aeweded Bietat,
which an united to a man la detent of tbeir stored
rightt agalnit tbe moot cruel and meroileat utagt, ato. ;
U Bwomtt tb duty ol Cos rati to procure an armlttice,
to prooure peao, at d direct eo to oompromia ai to pre
tvtb Union, If potilble;'and tbat if thli cannot be
don, to prorid tor to peaceful ae para tion of tboe
gutae which bay aeoeded, and of other which auy here
after toetd. .
Objtclion were mad to th reception of th retolu
tion. -
Mr. Mty moved the tuipention ot th rale that th
rwolntlon might be melved. Motion wa ditagraed to.
, Mr. Kellogg, ot Illlnoit, atked and obtained leav to
report from th Judiciary oommltt, a bill fixing th
comber of tb members of th Houtt of Repreaentatlrwu
ftn863,at839, to be apportioned aoog the teveral
Btatae la aooordanot With tb aet of lUkl. , Tba bill was
paaaed ' ' 1 1 .' '
Th Houat ooncurrtd In ths Senate's amesdmeiir to
th bill aaihorlatug aSdlttonal ealittarenta in the Havy,
atrlkiogaat th word "tatrloe." Sua bill was plana. .
Tboiaaat joint rtaolatlon aathorlxiag exparlsxoit
With Jtmtt' rifled otnnon prejectllet, waa paaied. ...
Tb Senaot bill to Ineraaa tb XniliMar Oorna. and
Toptgrapbloal logiomr Oerpt, with an awradsrant pro
viding for two additional lntpeoteg entrali for th
army, wai paasvoi.
j. ... t """J,-1 V'r.' M
B SmamMmmmmLMiJI
Porter, fran ffi miiiM mmi.ii,h.. Ms.fMi
tn aeoito bill prnlditg for holding Diatrietaad Circuit
uoortf 01 me unit states, daring tbe temporary ak
ence or liaUllt of ih v.a
The liotue took u the Scant bill adding &ar jaol
ir iuvuui m wo pep or.nenommlaeeoned umoeM. ma
iklAaa, yolontMn, marines, mih ana wdlowji ea
men, and approving aod l.iilng all the debte aoder
me proclamation or the Vmldent arm UAick 4th, IMl,
reopeotlni the army an rewi renniin ti.am at thm
una siki ai 11 tney bad been warranted by tbe pre
vloatir osvreoeed bill 01 fJaaM. ..
Mr. Bteveui lemtrked IbAtthe exneeiel of eh tor-
eminent were At the ret of l.SSO.lxiO per day, and be
eoald sot too wber the money was to eoatc hoan., . 1 .
Alter torn aisoaeeioa, tn bill patted -
Mr. Leytioy Introduced a bill ta niul ma mnnh nf
th law at ezeoptt a wttnen wbo teetllei before tn in
vettiKtUni oommiUea from BroaeeuUau in a cmi.nt
MrWlckllffeula IhiUeWoaia not VoJ for' it. m
-woi uii viBuva ujv ouDirwiure taa lae company aud
tb State who etsle tbe Indlaa bonds got clear. , ,
without dtipotlDg of tbe bill, the Uouie adjonroeil.
BuuTt-tfr. DixoamovMtataipendtb stuth rile
f tb Senete. to Allow the OommittM on fJcntlnMn,
Ezpentei to report retolalloa and bavt It naaied the
Mm day.- Agreed to. .,.,,' ; . t
Mr. Dixon reported a reiolntton to pay Ron. Aihfcury
Dklcent bit ulary h Clerk of tb Senate for ona weir
iron the preient time. The resolution patted, Amount
log to 3.000. 'jj , . 1 , ,, , 1 , .,
Ibeblllto puql,h tertala erimet ajsintt' the Vnltel
Stttc wtt taken up aod patted. . '
im senate reiutea to coneKier tne retoiation of Mr.
May regarding tb Jtaltlmor Police OommiMiontrs, by
21nayaandt3naya. ' 1 1 - ,1
All Dtoert relttly to th Eantai contetled Matir nr.
dered te be printed. ' -
ur. wiifon moved to take nn the lolnt retolution ad-
proving of all lb aota of tb Pretident, whoa Mr. Doo
Httle moved that, tbt Senat go Into iecutiye tei
ion. : ....
tb motion was ditagraed to by Ibe following vot e:
TeatBaker. Bavard. Blnaham. n.rll.la. Ph.nHlA.
Oollamer, Dixon, Doollrtlo, letaeoden, toot. BarUn,
Klni, htu of Kanaat. Morrill. Powell. Rica, f
luvmywtm, ian jajoa, aaa rruaioi --ait
Maya 8reckinridze. Urliht. Brownlnr. niarV. f!na.n.
Potter, Grime,, How. Johoeon of TennetHe, Johnaon of
Biieosri, iwenneay, x.ne of manna, nthun. aloOon
(al. Polk. Pomerov. Sherman. Sumner. Wada. Wilkin..
ana VTlllon-yi .... i .
Mr. breckiniidae tald that at an earlr Dirt of thia ,.
lion Sotatori wen very aoxloue to vol for thai retolii.
uoa aiiproriut of all tbe act of the Pretident. now thar
teemed to oe a recoil, lie thought it wit a good ,ino.
Mr. PeAteodea laid that he bad alwait been ready ta
Vote; the argument taemed to be mad thtt tbe Keatte
was afraid to vote, Tb Government ceuld har all th
otnent 01 lucb ariument. - - - - ,
ur. Tfunbaii aaid be wu not ready to vol for the
retomilon nnUl after further contideration.
By content, a molntion wai naeaed ta ea P. O. Stan
ton, wbo con lotted tbe tctt of Senator Lane, hit mile-
Mr. A DI tben moved that th Senate so Into mn.
Uv teiilon, wbloh wai tpeed toi. . . ,
enue at n.n adjourned nnai j :
Monti. The llouie naaied the genata hill, rl.llc. in
lh Supreme Coart of tbe United Slttea. in the taae of
appeals. ' ...
Ibe Senate bill wai ouied. with an amendment, au-
propriating $20,000 for repair! to the long bridge over
the Potomac. '
Varioai melinite were nronoiil in ha foWn nn h
different membera, bat objectiontwere interpoeed.
xum noute ,piea u benal bill to Incrcaecthe ply
' tb regular army aod volunteer.
On motion of Mr. Cox. a reaolutinn wmm aitnnU.l. poll.
log on tbe Pretident, if compatible wilh tbe publio aer
ylce, to communicate to tbe Uouie at tbe next teuton all
oorratpondene with foreign nations tine li&3, relative
Mr. Wlckliffa took occulon to aav lha Inl.MI
from Old Kentucky ia that Kentucky le for tha Dnlon.
and, being the flnt coming in, th will be the laii to go
xhit anncuncemantwai received wilh ail, .i.iht Hi.
friendt of the Union, both oa tb Boor and la th gal
lerlet, clipped their handt aod otherrit eaya vent to
their teelinil. Kxclimatlona were hrirrl. a,,iu1 lar r)td
Kantack." Th ipprente wit loog oontlnned, and a
more animated tceno wai teldooi wltneited.
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati Market. CINCINNATI, August 6.
Ther tt bat little stir In mercantil circlet to
dty. . ,
Ff.OUR Oontlnnet extremely dnll at $3 50 Ibriu.
WHIAT Sold pretty freely to-day at last quotations
Tltc for prime red. and BOo for prim white. . .
CORN Command, bat Soo from distillers but it it
nam 10 get at leet uaa xye.
OATS Have 3c ttill, at th ttandard.
B4RLEY AND BY B Are entirely neglected.
1 WBIiKT Was advanced- lo.rl.r. aaaln tn Mun
Reported lalet of lam auonnta to ao to Cairo. Tllinoia
created eoniiderable exoltement amongat dealer, and
provoked an earnest Inquiry loto th motive of tb
buyer In throwing to much tt $ 000 barrel! to tbat point
at tbe present time. Tb alleged reaton given by the
operator wat, that It wai a tpeculatlve movement, lhlt
waa generally oredlted bat tb qaeiuon a to tbe way
be wat to find a market tor it, ao near the land ef b.
eaaua, waa miner inexplicable, ruhiie tentlment teem
ed very ikeptlcal at to tha orthodon of the onarattnn.
and permiu for the shipment will be withheld nntll tb
lurveyor It fully attuned that tbe affair it -all right," or
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 5, 1861.
Ibe iitrket it inietlve. Tber are no sale cf toute
quince reported . 1'ilcei remain unchanged.
AVj CLOAK CLOTiiS. Alto, other suk of Spring
wai viotna, in an aenraoi mixtures Blndlnrt, las
tell and Button! to match. BAIN St SON, ,
prt!5 Mo. S9 South High sue .. .
W. A. Batchelor'i HairDyef.
Thlitplendid Hair Dye hat no eqnal Instantaneout in
effect Baautlfal Black or KaUral Brown no staining
UiO ikln or iuj uring tie Hair ran rales tne arwar ta
effect of Bid Dyes, and Invigorates ths hair lor life.
Nod are genuln anlett signed "W. A. Batch lor. n
Bold everywhere.
' , CfllS. BATOHILOR, Proprietor,
yl8:wly 81 Barclay Btreet, New Tort.
Wm.. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
Th Original sad Bast la ths World!
All others are mere 1ml tattoos, and thould be avoided
yon with to escape ridicule. . .
OKAY, BID OB BUSTY EAIB Dyed Instantly to
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
HalrorBUnl I ). l l :.)'; : .'. i-U
awarded to Wm. A. Batehtlor ttnos 1639, ma oVeiBO.OO
appUcatloni have been mad to tha Hair of his patron
hit famous dye i n,,. ....
WM. A. B ATCHILOK'I HAIR SYl produceiaoot
aot to be distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
to Injure la (be ktast, however long It may be con tin
nod, and th 111 effect f Bad Byes remedied; the Hair
Invigorated for life by thit splendid Dye,
old in all cities and towns of tb United State.
Dragglitt and fancy Goods Dealers. ' ' v. i
JUT tie Genuine hat the name and address anon a steel
plate engraving ea fear tide of each box, of WILLIAM
saxvuiiIjUH, Addreaa
81 Barclay itreet. Mew York
OF omo
Hon. Joseph R. Swan, -
MTn jroits or tss v&cisiom or tbxsp-
...... i' ... ,..,.,..
ConUiaed in twenty-Din volumes of the Ohio and Ohio
. , Stat Re porta,) ...
.'. aKid a poll and oorwawrcfrr urnrgi - ri
la' Two Royal 8r. yoluqies.' Pries gtO 00.'
rTo'care or expense ha been epared to make the work
perfect and reliable In all respect.
It bas now tbe Legislative taoctitn, having been ap
oroved by nearly the unanlmoui vote of both Houaea.
wu ordered to b distributed to the following Plate
County ofBcert: . ,
Oovernor, Attorney oenerai, supreme Judges, Secre
tary, Comptroller, Treanrer and Aodltor of State, and
the Profcat Courtat Oonrtsof Oommoa pleas, Super
ior aad Polio Oourtt, Auditor, and tb Olerka of th
varlonl Court in each ooiuty, to th Umnbersot tb
Beeata and Haute of Bepremtativet of thit State, and
vuvwuvram luvamm, tuasasoi tne Uttlovi.' . ,
Thit book, entalnin. a tt doe, all of tha fltatataa
In fore, and the Mthoritativ etmatrnotkm af ih
ef the New OontUtutlon, will be found to be especial
wbbiui iu uiw panomuooe et umr uutlat, to au t
OOUNTT OPPIOIBB, ' i.H.., iu,.-
- JUBTIOB8 OP TH P1AOB, '( !' i i !
g j TOWN8HIPTBU8TBBS, i' . .!.
., r, i - OLBRKB OP TOWN SHIPS, aad " 1
, VJ. - 'OIT OPPlOBRBr --"' 'f
Inaimooh U very aman ohantea hav bean made la tha
Statu let linoe the publieatlon of tbe kt edittona. bv re
peal, alteration and additions, aad many mtportaat de-
aauB oav oeen given ay in ouprem uourt on eon-
irovarimpoiaia.au , ' i. .. i ,;
ATI0HNEY8 AT tAW, ... ....
navrrmua uadtann-A vt "Ti a
i i , AND BUaUKBl HIM fllNBBALLt, ""
Will Dad thfa tat lavaitaabl Wlm A t r
TunBhyai 8. PofaWM f owr Xlmlttm JrWIred
: 'f .. rw, - ;
iMt.'I BtrohgJUw BloOiaf. Vre l.00 ,s , .
PnHlah by..- ci fi::i bra i!U'i "r mj .rj
law Publlthera, BooktelKre; Stalionert and Importars.
No. S5 Wnt Ponrtb ttraet,
feM8:42jitul Clndnnatt 0.
1 r r!'
f a- i t r , . i n i" m
A upertenoed Nnrte and Pemals Phyrtdan, pntontt
' to th itlentloa of mothart, bee '
SOOTHING;; sypp,
which Rtatly faeilltatet th orociai of tee thin, be
, .T . ....... J-
ning tne
umi. nduoina all ml
ALL Pi IV .it mtitnirlli. ulUn mnA Im
- "I Ml.,-" WtfM m .
nammatioDwU f alluj
Depend UDon tt. aaothaan. 1 1 will aftra raat ta mia.ln.
ana , : .,.... -I . '! u ,. j
W hav nut ttti and auld thia article for over tan waara.
what we have never been able to tay of any otber medl-
ANOB, TO XryjiCT A CUEK, when timely nted. Sev
er did we know an luitaac of dltattlifaetlon by any on
wbo nted it. On the contrary, all are dellthted with ita
operation,, and apeak tat term ef eommendaUea of In
aue;icai euecte and medical virtue,. We speafe la thit
matter rWHAT WK DO KNOW;M after ten year expe
almost every inetano where Uw infant li eofftring fraat
nam and MbaotUon. relief will k found ia Bfieea or
twenty minute, after tbeSyrup It administered.
Thia valuable preparation li the prescription of one of
Kn. .aiiua. in. hi wn nasi, ariu. nhvhh it
IN(l minniia i
II not only reltevee the child from ain. lait inx
atea the stomach and bowel, corrects avidity, and civet
tone and energy to the whole ayttem. It will almoat id
atantlt. m!:.m
an overcome convuiiioni, which. If not speedily rem
died, end In death. We believe It th BEST and 8UbV
V HT UUU.nv in trtiai ii- ,i i r r. , . , ......
- " in. nunuv. iu ail caaet 01 u It
it anaei irom teetbiag, or from any other cause. Wa
would say to every mother who has a child suffering from
any of the foregoing oomplaintt DO NOT LET lOUH
tand between you and your tuffering child, and tho re
lief that will be SOKE yet. ABSOLUTELY BUBB-to
follow tbe ate of thft medicine, bt timely used. Pall di
rections for asint- will aooomnenv each bottle. Km,
Souuiua unieia uie lao-iimira oi ubAiiB ar raHrilfiS,
ew York, Ii on the ootaide wrapper. -
old by all Dragglati throughout tb world.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street ft. Y.
, octS7-dtwly. . , ,
An Effective. , Safe and ZconomieaJ
' Compound,
if' . i ..... V 1
To It original color without dyeing, and preventing '
. iiairirom turning gray.
And ourlng It, when there It the laaat particle of vilall
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all cntan'eoui affection of theEaaln.
Imparting to It an aneqaled (lota and brilliancy, laakina
toft and silky in It texture, and causing it to cur
The great celebrity and Increasing demand for thli nn.
equaled preparation, convinces the proprietor that ont
trial la only necessary to tatbfy a dimming public of its
superior qualities over any other preparation In use. It
oteantet the head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous dlseatet, canting the heir to grow luxuriantly
riving it a rich, toft, clotty and Snribl annearaaea. and
alto, where the hair it loosening and thinning. It will give
ttrength and vigor to tbe root aod restore the growth to
bote part which bave become bald, causing It to yield
rein covering oi nair.
There ar hundred of ladle and gentlemen In New
i org wno nave nan tneir nair reetored by tbe ate ot thit
Ioylgoretor, when all otber preparations have failed. L.
M. baa In hit potteatioa letter Innumerable teetlfying
to the above facta, from person of the highest redeecta
Mlity. It will effectually prevent the hair froaa taming
antll the latest period ef life; and In ease where the hair
ha already changed ita color, the uaa of tbe Invlgorator
wm wits certainty restore u to it to ll original bo, riv
ing ft a dark. Floaty tppearanee. Aa a perfame -for the
toilet and a uair tteitoreuve It la parucalarly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and ibe neat la.
cllitlet Itaifordi In droning the hair, which, when moist
with tha Invtrorator, oan be dremed tn any required
form to as to preserve ite place- whether plainer in oarlai
hence the great demand for it by the ladlea as a standard
toiletarticle which none ought to to without,! the price
place it wicnin to reeca at ail. Ming
Only Twenty-Five Cents
per bottle, to be had at all respectable Druggist aad
t jrenamarw.
I. MILLER woaldeal! the atten tion of Parents and
eoardian to tbe nee ot hit Invlgorator, In cue where
the ehlldren'i hair Incline to be weak. Tb at of it
lay th foundation for aootxtAeoat ef hair, a It re
store any Import tie tbat any hav beooue connected
with tbe ecalp, the removal of which it neoessar both
for tbe health of the child, and the future .appearance ef
imaair. -
Oiotiok. None genuine witbont the rtc-tunllt LOOTS
MILLSA being on the outer wrapper; alto, L. MIL
LER'S BAIB INVIUOKAXOB, if. X., blowa In tb
vTbolanl Depot, St" Dey street, and sold b all tha
pnnoipai mercuausa ana vniggitt inroagnoat to world
liioerai aitcount to paroaaers Of uie quantity.
I Also detlr to pretest to tb Amariean Pnblle sty
which, after year of sdentlfls (xperhnantlsg, I hav
brought to perfection. It djea Black or Brown Instantly
wlthoutmjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted th beat
article oi to aiaa in existence. .
Depot, 56 Dey St, New . York.
ceflj:dfcwiy. .-. .....
,., ' - if NEWARK OHIO,
irianafactnrera ol all kind of Pot
. table and Hustlonary Steam Ea
gta daw BItUa, 4riat ItUUw, ; .
c. Ac.
IJSS BODLXi Statmt B. tl. Slfjh) TSaUnJ
VACmXI CO. Beatmtltlt tRADFOBP ,'
'' 00. BeatmlWt i -
Onr Porubla logtaa an taw X1U '
awarded the flnt premium of aSO at, tb Indiana
BtaM Pair for 1860 over Lane ltBodIeys ori accmmtol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
' and superior character of lumber nwed.
Our stationery Knirtne wat awarded at th tame Pali
flnt premium of (200.
Onr Portabl Bngin was awarded the flrst piemlava el
$100 al the Fair at atemphls.Tenn., over Blandy'i Da
vall't, Oolambn Machine Oo't., and Bradford St Co's.
a committee of practical Railroad Ingineer.
for price and terme address
deoS-dfcwlyeoIt. . . Newark, Ohio
tiaraar Bprlnr at Water Sta f f t, -
to! is! potts &r;o6,
MAonxNisToi;, ;
Manufacturer of Brats and Oompoaltloa OaaUngtJ.
( aiaiaueu onM w via pi ai Atanpuonl.. a ( r.
Elcctp "Plati
rem niMiiy
i) ill I li I I a A
tt . t
Baaioal Wcaknett, Beanal Debility, BervotneM,U
valunury Jmlaslona and . Impotency, rtmltihg from
abert.ato., By Robt. J. Oalvtrwell, bl.I). Seat
nder nal, In a plain envelop, to any ddraaa,.i
paid, on reoelptoftwo ibuapt, by Dr. OUAS. t.O .
E.I.INK, 1S7 Bowry, MewKork. Poat Offlo Boa. Ha
g,Jb. ' mariU:avdJk
"Ther go Right ta tlie 8f ste"
II. !
Mfp lHf C)B(hl
rutltfYnw Bratk! -y. y p-;
Strsnthea year Vale!
lastant Blleff
,1'Vi , j:
VI .1 .....
rj 1 . i - CIULBRIN OBI POB . '
m ' ' '
They relieve a Congh instantly.
Ther clear the Throat. .
They gire strenjtth and rolume to the voica.
They (mpart a dellclons aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They ar made of simple herbs aod cannot
' barm anyone.
I advlie every on who has s Ooagh or a hoary Toic
oreBadBreatb, or Any difficulty of the Throat, to get
a package of ay Throat Oooftetlons; they will relieve
you Instantly, and yoa will agree with mi that "they
go right to tb spot." Toa will find them very ateful
and pltatant wbil travtllngor atttodlngpobllo met
Ingt for (tilling your Ooagh or allaying y oar thirst. If
yea try on package, I am saft ha saying that yon will
ver afterwards consider them Indispensable.
Yoa will find them at tbe Druggiato and Dialers In
!.'.; ' prioi
Uy tlgnaturs ii cn each package. All other ar
A package will be test by mill, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Centt.
Henry C. Spalding,
x I ' ' ' : - NEW YORK. '
i . .. .
By the om of the PI1U th periodic attacks of Xm
oti or SlrJt Btadackt may be yirtated; aad If taken
at tb oawneaceawat of en attack loaned late relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained .
They saldoa fall In removing the hammi and
adU to which females are to labjtct.
They set gently a yoa th bowels removing OotUn
mm. ;
lor Utorart Mm, MudtnU, Delicat female
and allperaou otudmtary kabita, they are valna
at a XcuuAea, improving lot mpptiiU, gMog (om
etor to tb dlgutir organs, and rat to ring th satui
tlaatSclty aad ttrength of tha who! syatoa.
TBI CBPBAXIO PILLS sra th result of long lave
Ugatloa aad carefully eondoeted ezperlmenta, having
bean In mat many years, daring which nme thay hav
prsvsnud aad relieved a vast aawtwt of pan aad mSer
Ing frost Haadach, wbtaVar riglnating m the kwwot
ayttwa or from a deranged atato of th etomaek,
Tbey are entirely wegetablt in their eapolttoa, aa
may be takra at all tiaiat wllli perfect aafety witbont
making any ehange of diet, ewet A attmee of ar
iitaqrabU UMtt rmdtrt if May to dmiit'r (Asm
Thgeanln have fly rignataiea of Eanry 0 Byaldini
on etch. Box.
Sold by Dreggttti and all other Dealers la Sfedidnee.
A Bor. will be tint by mall, prepaid, an receipt eg th
Prloo, B9 Ooxxts.
All orders should be addraeaed to
48 Car Strwoi, Flaw ITarfc.
I f rota th Ixambrer, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalic Pilla accomplish the obi act for which tha
were made, via.: Oar of headache in all lu forma.
! froaa th Bxaalner, Horfolk, Ta.
Tber hav been tea tad In more than a thonatad eaaoa
with enure i
froa the Democrat, St. Cload, hflna.
If yoa are. or hav been, troabtod with th k.wa.
end fu box, (Cephalic f Ilia,) so that yoa auy hava
them In cat of aa attack.
. ' ' from the Advsrttter, Provldenc, R. I.
Tb Oephalle Pill ar aaid to be a reaaarkahlw ttmnttwm
remedy for the headache, ami one of the wary beat for
that very frtqoent oomplalnt.whlca ha ever bean dta-
f rasa th Wet tern R. R. Oaaetto, Chicago, 111.
W heartily radon If r. Bnanldlnr. and hla nnrfvalaai
Oephalle rill.
fro Ranawba Talkw Sow, IAaawha. Ta.
We ait nn that peraont taflerlng with ths headsohs
wh try them, will click to them.
from th Sow them Path f indir, Ifew Orleaae, La.
Try tbem! yoa that are afflicted, aad tr are ure that
year reef hnony can be added to the already aaaisrnss
lilt tbat has received beneflca that ae tber atedirbM eaa
Prom th St, Lonls Democrat.
The la owns deaaand for tha article vtaphaUs PUb
I rapidly morraaing . , . ,
j froa the Gasett, Davenport. Iowa. '
- Mr. Spalding wonld net eoaneet his nam wlat aa as
taet be tid not tnov lo Doaaaal rami MrlU
UTa alhgU bottle of P AtMHCPB PRIPARRB
OLD a will tare ton time lot oott aanaalty. JTl
' 1 bavb chb ruoau
"' 10"A Inrca m Tun ftarss Bnya.ijrjr 4 -
AaaacKenM will happen, even ta wttl renhbal faa
lliee. is is very daalrable to hav soeae abaae ad eaa .
venajst Way for repairing furniture, Toy, Crockery
i BfiLDnrs'iriiBPABirDaxrjii -
meets all noh eaeergenclta, aad aa houaaaeid ana afort
to be wlthoat It. It It alway ready, and opto the tkk
tag paint.
. . . i
WsrftTt tt BTBJlt H0PB."', " .;
ipaalM each bottlt. ,
Bo.4B,0djr Streai, kti Xork.
oactiob.''.' v : ; ;
As raia prtnctplel pi4m are atteesntlnf I
Film offew the watutpattlng pablio. hnltatioua of a
HBPARBlLDB.Iwldaaatieaall arnaan.
anln More parcbaaln g, aod aee that the full aaare.
Is ew theeatold wra pert all there an swindUng
torttit. , nev

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