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KiirrKinrr muxes, rubiuir.
THUA5DA JJQMtKOrAUQ. 8, 1861. t
wlfxr-. f '
T r.rrfT
TTffidiiignd Wn
will tell' toea acceptable party th
OMo Statesman Nowtntaar Qffloa. Th recent dlSoultj
A Kw'4 t4 PuillgbSrt Of th' Statesman and 'ths Tls
, A (", th tiraoalcal ooadect jaclVd toward It,
.!iT ul W. soaitaa to Impair Ik oatfalo M th
. ary ka, wMletav urtimli. "The tajary to mi per-
nm'-' $Mti'm, Prbpt, U satiated throath th lw, hsl
Wrt tb aojBBy. to Ah pott a4 ih
wrtn atoelple waleS to Aim ttpoatu, 'and for which
rthn tends, Ifctutf be aajudicaUd'iB a court oT.lew
kjBlv4MAllM.Miita bnUy ! not
it Wttttr lett algal ofy.'Af m present tbMtt
it Important lUt awthlag ihoald nlrrM the eireahv
turn of this 014Wip4.Iaonlielouat
am It total bl .fr th prmant proprietor
kin the ftotllUi,. sataaarj lor th complet lust
. Vjt tb fatly Uw PP" th, kin thought It
Aa additional reon toi vfkrlag IB papf a sals, )
found is tho fact, that wo cannot glr atottaary pr
tocU attention to tho OBitooN or editorial departnaot,
fatch 'okoaM a tortowo by tho ownin of too steb
Aug. 1,1841. Pub. Ohio Btattoman.
Democratic Union Nominations.
.i tl..i
3f0fe OVIBkOB,
Hngli J J esvett,
i -r jf wtnaklnrnmr ,0
.tajnhn Soott Harrison.
r-:api-n"-;: :f'.
ItCBSIABI Of ITATK, " ' ' " t-
Of Senica. '' - J
12T Of Hamilton.
''.a I '"-:
- kUU) Of ttTBtlff WOMi, ,
4 'J..'
r f ,JMOJH9 J. 8. SatlTU,
The Convention and its Proceedings
and Nominations.
We ptiblith clMwbera Jo cur, columcg tha
noralog JbtrQceedlogtlot the Democratic
r . . n .. . -4 'i lit 111 t. J - "
r Tbf tu a flit repmcnUtioa from, aytrj
county JnXbl9. ot abl o4 tobttantial 4elo-
sateiiwiia &tr per formed their work well
The rctolntioH wlllaltraot the atteotloa and
... receive the appcobaiioa of the DenocrM aad
all oilier rml Union men ia Obfo,' and" will be
- ' gail and worm-wood to the'WoScapV and leo-
tlonat fanatlca' In the Sute, who. U1 'aieaii
.? thoai with, wrath and fury, i ' j oj .i'
v The ticket U good oaeaot naa belog
nominated lor any efflce for which he li not
thoroughly qunfl(tf-T I will be found la 1u
appropriate place A imder OTir editorlal head,
'where It will fttn'dantll the teoood Toeiday Is
- -Octobe1 acst, when toftatoiwieft1 will hare
'-' Ae atliVaction'to annonnce i ratification by a
We bare bad 4ke plearareof aUendiog uaiij
- Ctaoeratio State Cooyentionn, bat aerer did
" e iee eoigrejatedT a teore noble ,'twTof mto
than thoie'who. came up here'ca tbe 7th ol
Augaat sTbe aelegalee were from and of tbe
ptopiei And eaiae to do tb people' will. Unlet,
Tltfmotiylfino'fiJo'ra BteTanetfiind tbe reeoln
7. 4pod lVUoommltU aod tbe Cooion-
. . tUatrithobrk ffiiMiitiog foTcer- .
IiWaw'ftiend,! Deinocrata'.'Ooloa'theri ! goto
, "-Wk oo and atT. Sbd from" tbtt Bar outll the
Aafeeleeiaav let there be dilllgene, cptrgj
' iweiti UviWV k! Ptevailed. Ja the Cm
""i 'retitldtt, and the triumph wf the-ticket will be
, jjU.'.s-jml ... i ii ii'i faM' 1 1"' 'i 1 J
The Contrait—The Anchor of Hope.
:n.jkj tii Ubedomior yry day mere ead sere tI
to Intelligent ind.: ftir-inffidM'Wn
iM U Ptmoeratie ertaslsaUog. which ia ia
'JiMaoaj.ot petti proe4 eA;ano'lof iti:ft
": Vjjbti ifit nd,8tadlatt '6-tbrtmlpleM
iav? Meead which a WlVaaott be aade' t aave the
',V.tfa(Q'&eo (tfvu'ptwg o4 e country from tr
r.Uf. anil total enln. .i.'.rj III an "
."ct r It 1 becoming eqaally altar tati the .Jtepob-
. 1t,lloao party, andariwjirtient prganftaHon ant
eoetrolled by ttepneent leaders, " vtteriy in-
x -Jt eompeteal to effect tie aiTation, of the Union
'""'WdTtitore JprceperitjtothfLeW!trj; ibot It
- jfmtiilloreu, 4eyu only. .t-ty
JJJSfTi'tH U Uo beoaming ftlfea to, "iff ,iia that
: jp Avnioa tbe two parties Cannot be 'ejected,
au iue u itcuniu u, ti wvutu uvt mutwm
'ZZ'fttfA pOTptue and need! "tif .the times .becauee
iu M tkit eaiwae et tital prineipU wbiak giret life
' v'tli VUfo'toJo SepbbUoan pury, u a teparaU
polUloil orgtnUtlnf M boetility te tiarary, and
m'ijbBi(an eppotedrootwUbataadisg toleaa at
tM i i!Te?'B'u, l1 60f4trary; flie Union of free
-w andalawa gtafe " the Tory thing W which the
9iltotiitigntimBi wagt'd,' oat the
l""miteof C Admlobtratiois. j 'Ciq
ii 'j-yha-'aiiUiUng prinxriyle of tbe"'iBOCTaUc
ax arty U,6n tbi other liano ffie.Tlndlcakioa of
. tbe ristrt t)l the beoplo of aoh State to deter
YwalaUiu'own. local aid doVettlo Intlitntiont,
,4i ir.. ???!??nI toleration j prohjbltlort of blara
-; re, aoootdlog to their owa iorerefga vill and
f .t ...... lM. tmlnr.... mm
-I i
ai t i;-Jo vital and orgaoio prlooipie..ot.tbe tfO
a:ysiere:p!tfgre iS bppoted to;.4c taer,
. .'tbat tb7 er.Dnot ulto without tbe death a4
tiwihlUlitfV of one cr both. Tho eobract
' i 'Pf tl'ir would bo fatal to tbe other, or destroy
.ifcotbiv'''iui " j
:" " TbolinocraUb party cat aeei nererj W
reader that -gm prtnoiple, wbioh hat for ter
eatyrfeopimeditaodtheUnloBtOgetberi tbe oovntrt would not permit inch . turreader;
rows If tbe leaden -of tbe party were; o dl
tfOttdi fprltwoa'4 bi a fleath-blow to fipirlcg
teVrifrfcfl t,ttobOM8t,detroylng tht loeal
.Nj'iWtyenJvaca-'aatl 'eorere'gnty of tie 'Stateo
jji t "oaq ilffiV ol the citaen, ind eon:
e'--rs t Union o eeaselasi anarchy or bope
lae dili:iatB.M.w s Kt j ' .
Ji ? ' l'1.loeatlo parry mott rematoygin
fmrlj f ra aril nrlttfi apoevtbe-oU Jaffisrsoiiiaa
nowTr-jpatfbrftTij'llnd lnyito aimbo VUlf lofo the
' V- ; ?, i M old Conaliuuloi and Uaioti, to
rally .roB that pla'Juron Ite mleilon dowJs
?'' to tund tn.U.e brenca asd "tiTo-the' oopntry
from t; a tj'jo, ttokH t I T X irao art
Iruantly eetUcg fire to the y Ame:,,a
The Contrait—The Anchor of Hope. What is an Income Tax.
:The eaieaf of tbetirect Tax .blUwith a
provision for leryii g a rate a incomee, oawef
muny to laonire wbat cmea tbia bead ty
the law.' The Motion the ao in whlcb thooe
Uable to thU impost are defined will be loand
printed in (all la aaatftercoianuk-
tion teleried la part on property! W"1.10 P" 00
incomes. Of oourse pro? laioa is asasw
one shall be compelled to psy!ww i
tubjsct to the Income Ul are aa wno reoeiye
regular wages or eelarlee aU cowpanlat aa.
eorporate institutions who have gaint or profit!
def ired from soarcee not otherwise fixed bytojt
act) and all who hare Inoomt oanyea
any touree of bbstness, trade or Tocation, diri
denda of Itocka, Interest Of money or debte.eal
arise, interest en legaoiee, annnltlee, or derWed
from any otaer aooroe,wmii v,
boandariea of the United States,;' ,Vo no in
oomee are taxed If , do not exceed eight
hundred doUera per anno aft" aUteand
local taxes are paid; ana, m ' ",
man's ineome U dsfined ss bit n.et. proflta after
he bai paid all labor accounta. r , , . , ; ,
. Income taxes were leried m toglani eo lbng
ago aa 1513 ,Jo that year ParUamsnt grantsd
a subsidy of two-fiUeentbt of tha Ineome of the
Comaaoot, and two-tea tha from tbe clergy, to
enable tbe king to maintain a war with France.
n 1903. a rata of Are DOT rOOQt. WIS ltfled On
all incomee orer'1750, aad ,a lower rate on
smaller looomea. Ia im, tbia rate,was raiteo
to tlx and one-half per cent., and In town wn
per cent. This waa one of tbe meant by wolob
Enoland annnortad her wars with Napoleon. '
tar Kanart rial a inooma iu m"
ot naarlw thraa n cant. exaotlf 3 18. 4d,
- - . -r- . r . l
mv aml at twaunt tna rata Taries iibiv
Ererj few years, aeoordiog to tha condition of
the British finances, it I lowered by a penny,
whenever it caa be. done, ana reiseq wneouno
is a deficit.
. Wo take the above explanation from the Now
York fJefiitiio Ptit, which we thai! take occa
sion hereafter to allude toi. 11 hat beoome very
common of late. In justification of anything
that has 1eeo done by the Administratloa and
Congress, for tbe Bepablloeo press to saj inch
things are done in England, oe Eogland dots
so. We ihaU toon expeot to beat some pereoni
eay Eogland baa a crata, and a large standing
army to protect It. 1 The teetiod of tbe. act ai
laded to by the Pott, willi be found on our, first
.ua1ai Ida hwHT inaulaunt. I Hi' J i J l.'.'.r
. 87 k. W. Cuter,' one'of the editor! Of the
leolondW. writes the following from Rlch-
I taw on the battle field two wounded lol-
dlere, one a Federal and tbe other a , Confede
rate, retting their beads on tbe tame knapsack,
at kind to eacn Otner at u tney naa never oees
entagonlit! on the battle field. Tbe Southerner
had invited bit lees fortunate enemy to crawl
over and in are bit eoldier'i Billow, which waa
aocepted, aad there they lay, tide by tide, a If
toe nearest irienos leeiiDZ exempunoaueo
of the unnatural oharacter of tbe war, to infa
mously Imposed upon tbe country by tne tyrant
1 recocnlted On the field one of the dead
Federals. It wae that ol Lieut, fttmiey, ot the
Artillerv. son of Cant. Rameev. of the navy.
A Virginian, be etU.lt adhered to the old Govern
ment, and paid by bit death the penalty of his
adherence. I bad known bit brother Intimate
ly, and a few mlnntea alter I was glad to aee
Lieut. Minor, fit our Hayy, nurying mm, aaa
deetenatlnr the' toot where hit relatives could
nod nit remains, in repiy to a question woewec
I waa correct in mv recognition, Ltent. Minor
replied yet, and that be wae an old and intimate
mend. It was a pleasant interpolation upon
tbe ceneral scene of norror around, to tee an
officer of onr forces once, with tbe dead, an
officer of a common government, paying tbe
laet sal tribute of respect to one who wat once
bit friend, bnt. who In that struggle wat hit
dire enemy.'" " ", .;-' ; - ". ' .
A correspondent of the "pew Orleans Creicewf
wntett". ; ! ;4- r .; . iiV .
Oar brleade turned tbe battle in our favor.
Our coming op, whooping and yelling, like to
many devilt, struck terror Into their eoule. Bad
we arrived tea mmates later, I think tho battle
would have been different; aa tt was, we bad
marched 125 mllea under doable quick time.
We were tired, Indeed, witnout water, ansty
and black as negroes. I have bad no chance to
wash my face for fire daye. w e cave not slept
in oar tents for ten days. .. Wo have beea oat in
tbe open fields, with the ran on na tor three
daye, and nothing bat tbe blankets we gath
ered no from the enemy to cover with, Yon
can Judge from that we have bad ' no child's
....... . , ii . i i , .... I
. The Washington eorreApondent of the New
Yorkftrttayt:'-;-.:1,- .;";3.,.
The oouiM here is Eeneral, that while pre-
vioat to the battle at Stone Bridge, ear generate
udeMetlceated the rebel tone in Virginia, and
utoolally at or aoar to Maaaetaa laaoOoo, yet
staoe the cusaater tne venaeeoy nas sjeen to
ovm eeuatato tha numoers m tne rebel amy.
The story came from the battle-field ibat over
ninety tboaeand rebel troops were oa the field
of battle, or within fire or six mllea of It.
Tbia story waa C eneraUy credited last week,
ont later aad mere trustworthy adfloea state
that tho rebel foreet at Mineetaa and Stone
Bridgrwat not over fifty thoasaad men, and et
those not more than twenty thousand were en
gaged -ia tao battle till foat or five thousand
same up, a fresh reioioreeaoota IromlJobneon's
eolaaxa. Wo bad at ao time more than fifteen
tbootaad aten aotaaily engaged in tho confllei.
So oay eome of oar moat esoerienoed military
leadens it wore madness to aader-estlmate
the strength of the enemy, bat to greatly ever
estimate It at neatly at great aa avu, tor it aw
oeusBgeo tne loyal men ef the country. . ,
j'iTtiiKS : i in i in laana , , in;
The Fire Zouaves.
-r Tbe New York Pt aaya of thie noted regl
merit;' .o.tbe.:,': ivtrtvSJ (
" The'condltlon' Of Ibe regiment, Vowever, is
undoubtedly bad. ' Ite'inperlor otBtera are
incapacitated ' front duty' In oonteqatnee of
wounds received at Stone Bridge, and at this
moment there sr bat three eompanlet at tbe
seat or war, numbering in all not mora man
one hundred end thirty men. " Of these tmt
forty oonld 1e found" on ' Tbursdsy last to
mnster on parade la camp, and not more than
tea ot twelve of these were willing to mount
guard." ' " 1 " ,.T'i
The cattsaltlet of tbe regiment at the battle
of Stone Bridge numbered one- hundred aad
twenty-nine, including the killed, wonnded and
missing.- V.-o - J " - "'i:v
; .. r. : - r , , .
WBiT it'ItT TbO Administration papers
are not agreed on (be question whether the at
tempt to tout ua tnt Boatberrj poru It a block
ade." or merely enclosing of oar own ports.'
The Evening fott take the latter view, and
tbe Albany E renin g Journal tbeiormer. ."Who
ahall rlairla whan rlnAtnra ittaaffvaaT'i' J "l
la the early stages or tbe war, all hands call
ed it a bltckaJ; but tine It doe not prove to be
tufiloiently effective to command tbe respect of
foreign powers, there bat been a disposition to
change U to a closing of tbt ports; pa the sun
pesiUonlhat If we cannot accompUao the block
ade, we have a right to "close pur owa poru.';
The Constitution ax tne united ptatt nee bow
,,.1ln!r. Mi.l.lnn. " .-'J
1TCI tum awiiwr. iu ,.iiwv.i t . i , .
"Section 9, CUuu 6. ; No tag Of, duty shall
be laid ra article! exported from any State. No
preference shall bo given by any regulation of
commerce or revenue, to tne ports ei vow wMie
over those of another j'lkw thai) vessels boamd to
or from One State, be obliged, to enter, dear, ev
py dutlee, la another." : 'I . f -j eo
The Ptit, we believe, Considers any Mocked
"effeotW". which (hall make It ianftrt tot
reaselt to atumpt to past either Id or out) bat
this is aot the view which tbe British Govern-.
Heat takes of tbequestlon. W trott H Bay
aot eome to the aeoeeaity of tealiog the, aecu.
raoy i tuwnv yu...,,. . .tstm
Mt,PsnieI W. Gooch, the member of Coo
fd from this State, visited to Majeacbotetts'
iftb egimt th nht before tbe march oa
Matmeaaav II ak4 Ma of tbe eaptsina bow
he felt, and what he thought ,f the prospect i-
I feel,weaid the capUln, "thtt ff are about
to march for a dnfcal, and think tha'preeaeet la
'"k 't-,"S do .1," said theCor"re8inaoiBd
f'jl go1 and hunt op1 General tvilppa, and rwn
tfnavor to have the plan of baUie changed.".
Tii story la reported by a returned volunteer.
Buton Cotritr.
Democratic State Convention.
Tke Coavsntion Mwmbled. at Armory Ball,
Columbnt, at U o'clock A. M.. on Wedaetdty,
August 7,1861. V "
Col. Manypenny, o( th Stat Central Com
mittee, oalled the Convention to orderr-
Oh bCo ot W. Aodrewe, o; Aatflaiit.3-
W.'Gileoa at appointed CJaalrman pre teu
Mr. GUton acaepted the posltler and
nnnnoait that Hi Contention was wetred-tO
oroceed to Halaeeo- t A f J i. I
On motion of Mr. Dlmmock, B. Hatmonnt, ei
Tuscarawas, was appointed Secretary. ,,
Oa motion of 1. &; Kelly, of Muskingum,
Abram.Salee and A," B. Venclave were appointed
Aeeistant-SecretaMee.- -" " j1
Oa aotion of Ma. tfrltwold. Of ?lckaway
four eommitteet, each consisting of one delegate
from'eaah Congresslonil district, were appoint
ed, at follows: oa Credentials, on Resolution!,
on Permanent Organisation land on Central
Committee. i , .
pisr. ' i v .
13. J. Reinkatd,
13. B. Burns.
14. J. Marohand.
15. J. A. Eitell.
It. John O'Nell. -
17. J. H Heaton. .
18. H. E. Smith.-
19. H. B. Payne. .
30. S. W, Gllsoo. :
81. J. U, 3. Trainer.
1. M- W. Myere.:
8. Tao. J. Peter.
3. James Clark -
4. J. F. MeKlnney .
6. A. L. Baokus. -
6. M. H. Davit.
7. W. A. Johnson, i
8. Lntber Smith , -
9. M. P. Bean.
10. Levi Duncan. -
11. H. R.Sanders - -( ;t-rs, .c:
PliTklCTi .
-1 H.C.Clark . 1
S-E. C. Baldwin '
3 J. F. Bollmyer
"4-Seth J. Snyder '
5 John Bate . '
6 J. W. Purdum
7 S. Bugbet '
J8 A. J. Smith .
9 A. M. Jackson
10-A. Albertl
12 John Cbaney
13 John Quitbacb
14 L. B. Smith ..
15 E P. Ssngslsr ,
, 16 R.Silva. v.
l7- J on Barton s
' 18 M. Agleson :
J9-H. L. W. Leonard
20 William Mather
91 Thomat Woods
11-A. Parsont 1 " ' ' '
Cur. Put.
1 Wm. Fereuson ' ' 13-T. J. AnJerton
8 John 8hiff
13-Wm. Buabnell
3 Benry Sheldler '
4- J. E. Matchet .. .
(-James Neibllng '
6- B. L.Dickey t ,
7 A. R. Vanclere .
8 George Spence . '
9- Wllliam Lank
14 J.B. Yeung
15 A. G. Dimmook
16 A. Layman .
17 M. Lawrence
18 R. 0. Bammoo
19 H. U. Dodge
80 R. 0. Rote
81- M. B. PblUlpi
11 T. B.Cox.ir. . . .
1 W. J. flagg j . jrayuw wiawwm
8Ja. A. fleman ' 13-J. A. Beebe
3 Jonathan Kinney 14 John Zimmerman
4 T. J. Godfrey,.; .. 15 L Barper -.:
6 John Buchanan 1 6-Wm . Berwick ,
6- Jobn O; Marshall 17-M. Gaston 5 1
7- A, 0.-Wood , , ,18 Geo. W. McNeil
8- Matthew Bonner : 19 J L.Gleason
9 - A. R. Rsmeey , . 2Q-F. E. 8tone - -
10 L. W-Sifford ?1 Jsmee Mcriinney .
11 Geo. Lantx,,, - '
On motion, a resoVuttoa wat adopted mat an
reoolatioBi introduced should be referred to the
committee on Resolutions without debtte.
Mr, Griswold of Pickaway, suggested at the
Cincinnati Cmir bad tletea ,tnat tne
Conveation wonld Oonilst of empty seste, the
editor be requested to furaieh' enough to teat
the delegates who were compelled to ttaad.'
On motion, tbe Conventloa adjoaraca nam
two o'clock. : ; " ' ' , . . . ,
Two o'clock P. M.
Mr. Dodce, from the committee m Patma.
nent Officers, reported the following, which wat
adopted: ' " , ,
1. John B Guard, Hamilton.
; 8. JameaCarlin, HamUton.
: 3. C J Bean, Preble. -::.
4. J B Miller, Alien. - t
5. Lewis Gleeener, Bannock.
- . 6. William MUler, Highland.
7. Peter Wyckoff, Warren,
v- 8. Daniel Snyder, Champaign.
9. A J Ramtey, Bardln. . .
10. John Bands. Gallia.
11. W C Gonld, Booking. ; '
12. John Cbaney, Franklin .
, 13. John Tifft, Boron.
14. J C Johnson, Medina. . '
" 15. W U MoGugln, Knox '
16. Hugh Brennaa, Washington
! ; 17. J M Mitchell, Monroe. ". -
18. J AMotttor.Stark;;' :,; -
, ,19. BiFay.Lake. " t ' ,
- 520. J Faller.Trambull. '' ' '"
l- 81. N A Baynet, Harrison' :
: 1,
JOHN H. EATON, of Belmont
- 1 . John W Rldgway, Hamilton.
x 4.,---BrookiiId,, t,- m
. 4 ,3. DKBoyer, Montgomery. .
J.-;, HC Angel, Dark., t .;
; 5. Simon D Price, Lc. sc ( t
;;,a,6. A Salee, Browa. Jt 0i 1
, 7. 8 H Piereo, Greene. ,
- 8. W Tbomjpsoa, Union. ,' -, 3
. ., 9. TbomatBeer,Crawtoidv.. --
10. C W Gllmaa, Roes. ; -k' ."'
11, J C Raoey. Fairfield. .. ; '
19. Mc&eooler, Pickaway,
'13. A. UL Borne, Richland. ,
' 14. 7 Jaeoba, Ashland. ,
15. B Barmoont, Taeoarawas.
16. JobtJ B Robert, Maiklngum .
" . 17. S B Lawrence, Gaernsey. v '
19. J Morton, Portage." ' '
T 19. J L G lessen, Cuyahoga.' '
rsW.EC Bill, Atbtebulat - - 5
- 81. J H 8 Trainer, Jefferson 1 r
The committee recommend that the rules of
the last Convention bo adopted for the govern'
ment of thlt Convention. They altd recom
mended' that the nomination! bs mide in. the
following order: . w !
1 Governor'. '
' ,ij Llent.' Governgi
1 3 Sapreme Judge ,
. 1 ;t
-v..: J
4 Secretary of State.
C0:"t'.i.i Pik '
-., 6 Tiemaorer of State. .? .. v.
6 CoaptroJlor. ".j :i i j
7 Member of the Board of Public Works.
'. Mr, Starkweather watlntrodnctd to the Coo
ventloo. H thanked t the ConvaqUon for th
aasolioited and aaexpected honor, and regretted
tbat be wae aot better qualified to discharge tbe
duties of tha position. , Tbi Cooventloa might
have aeleoAe4 1 gentleaaajaiore competent, bnt
he woald do the beat be eoald. I- . '
He paiar4 tttnrliom tribute' Id tbe pasf his
tory of oar. country. But yesterday it command
ed the respect of all nations but to-morrow It
may be to poor at none will do It homage and
the weakest on the globe. .She mar yroipeiy he
prayed to God she woald 1 bat the wu fa danger,
Is peril, and to-morrow's letting tad y twt oa
th rain of the first nation, tbo greatest ooontry
M tha fooutool of Godi M assy Bo who bold
th dstttftf of all nations to Hit hinds, protect
at from th Abolitionists ei tbe Northland the
firo-tBtord of b-4(o..'.,1;,j,
"HtWoalddo aU hr hie power to bring the
ccMtfy oat of be present petilrexoept tOvot
for oovAtwHtiwIstf be wtmld fayer ny honor.
bio nolMrMy polities oompromise to obtain
. ;Tbe conhtry looked to the Democraer 4for Its
fatawo welfare, and '.a knew, that every tree
frMnd Of th Uiiloa would respond. j I '
Vtt committee MicM Eta'uCeniral Com
mlUee, made the foliowinf report! " ' "
1-Charlet Rule ' ia-Wayn GrUwold
8-.Jobi ShHT 't lS-JobaWbitbaoh
8 J. F. Bollmyet : 14-Johri B. Young
4-David L. Meeker -14-L. flarpet-'
8W I. Jankaon IB Amos Layman
6-John O. Marshar 17-ManhewOa.ton I
A;iobiiin 18-O.WMcNefi
8-Danlel Snyder -T19tA,b,L"!? v
9- Care Berry, Jtj'riD. MWlleoq
10- JL W. Bifford J I.awJamet MeKlnney
11- John L. TuttuU , : ; .
The following gentlemen were named at c.
Hugh J Jewwtt, of Motkingnrnt George W.
Morgaa, of Knoxj WUliam AUnRoss,
George W. McCosk, of JefferMai Ttoae J.
L. Smith, of Montgomery t BtanUy Mstthe,
of BamiltM. ' "- v. -''
Mr. VaftlTrnmpVof ralrfield, was loudly
called nponlo addresi tha Convention. Bero
ipoffted by eaying' that bo'had'boma bero
for the first time,' and taken a teat ia a Demo.
oratio Convention.
Be came here to try to aaa
hie mite ,ln',endeavoring to aave tbe country
from destruction, iaC which it" Is fait tending,
He did net oorw bore fof any ornamentalpur".
posesj wanted' M bear the resolutions. He'
therefore wished to be exeuted at pretent
Mr. Ramsey, of Hardin, wae oalled upon and
proceeded to addrett the Convention j'bht, altar
few remark, closed to allow Mr. .Payne td
make a report from the committee on Reiolu
tiont, which, W beea 'unanlmoatly : adopted, by
tbe eommltte'e, and wat at followtt. f j ; ; j;
Tha Democracv and other Unton men of6hld,
In Ooavention assembled, adopt and declare tbe
following resolutions a the basil upon wnion
thav anial to all patriotic Union and liberty
loving cltiien to unite and rally iu the support
of the ticket this day presented:
1. Rttoletd. Tbat the civil war by which our
country is at present distracted, is the natural
offspring of misguided sectionalism, engendered
by Unatical egitatora JNortn as wen as oonui;
and tbat the Democratic party having equally
ooDosed the extremist of both seotlon, and
having at all times tealously contended for the
administration of the General Government
within ita const 1 to ti one! limit, thtt party is In
no way responsible for calamities tbat have to
talled from a departure from Itt doctrines, and
a disregard of Its warning and advice. r . .
3. Retolwd, That In toil National emergen-
Sr, the Democracy and other Union tfien of
hio, banishing all feeling of passion or resent
ment, will recollect only their daty to the wbole
country; that this war should not be wsged in
any tptrit of oppression, nor for any porpote ot
conquest or tubjngatloo, nor purpose ot over
throwing or Interfering with the ngbta or estab
lished Institution! of tho Stales, but to defend
and maintain tbeonpremaoy of toe Constitution,
and to preserve tbeUnloa with all the dignity,
equality, and righto of tb several State unlm
pared, and tbat a sora at thete object are ac
eompllthed, the war ought to eease.l
3. That while we deem It the daty of every
citiien to support and austaln the Government
oobttitatlonaiiy administered, wo recommend
tbat the Legislature of the several State adopt
the proper measures for calling a National Con
vention for the purpose of settling oar. pretent
diffienltlet, aad restoring and preserving the
Union. " ' "
4. That th corruption, extravagance, in-
competency and favoritism thown la tbe ad-
ministration or tne was Deparunenio 01 mo
Bute and Federal Governments, deserve and
roewlva oar nnaaalified '1 condemnation, and
ought to be immediately corrected and reform
at .. a - 7.. a
6. That tho volunteer soldier who, at the
call of tbelr country, promptly weot.forth to do
battle In defense of Its Constitution and Laws,
and who, in- many oases, have been compelled
fight under inexperienced officers, are enti
tled to onr nearty tnanat tor tne gauant man
ner in which they bare discharged their dutlee.
6. That the privilege of tbe writ of habeas
corpus tt one of tb great bulwark! of freedom,
tbat no dtuen can be legally deprived of
benefit thereof exoept by Congrest, and then
only in oaae of rebellion or invasion, when the
public safety aaay require It; and that tbe late
attempt of tbe President ot tha United States
aospend tbe privilege of tbe same la unwar
ranted by th Federal Coeititatloa. s
TV ffttiit'Qfis rnjf mnit bbahunodtly,
amid thrloud and deafening AhouM of to wbole
Convention.:: r'-.r.-. - w jtr's. t : 1
Th Convention proceeded to jro'ta-for a can
didate for Governor. i . ir'-;
A dispatch wai read from Col. Alien that he
could not be a candidate for Governor.,
Mr. Jckbtt and Stamut Matthiwi Were the
only name before th Convention. Tho vote
stood: ;': 1""r:-" i
H.J.Jcwett, ; '; ,',V 295) .
' WUHam AUen, . ,-. "I- -
Stanley Matthew, ' -J rS - 'lHl
. Mr. Jiwrry'l nomination wai" 'mad; anani
mont, with thrs cheer. - - " '
Tb Coovwotion tbea proceeded to ballot for
Candidate for LIeutecant-Goymor ,, 7be first
ballot raraltadt " " .
. Wocii.'.... -'.... ....'..,....'..''....
JoUaVoUaUnisoa...----- .
Jaokaoa...... W'
KbiDoyr.. ,. -
lartioioak ,...'...
Kinney and Bartletonr were -withdraw a). -
trB.'wJ;V..v.M;.i... 124
jaekaoa'i CO
JohaaoottBarrlaoa....i .- SW '
Mr. Harrison having received ft Majority of
all tho tute given, wu deolared nominated,
On motion, the nomination wat made unani
mous.; "
The Convention then proceeded to nominate
a caaaidto..to -anpreme Judge. Tbe vote
stood; y ,'T hi'JJ f;:. ;
Thos. J l.laUth."..M... SI9
aaorg tuj..v.vl:........'. St
Judge 8mltk waa deolared nominated, and
tbe aoml nation wai nnanlmwily oenllrasd
Tho Convention then proeeeded to nominate
a candidate for Secretary of Sute. The bal
lot retailed: .' 1
W. W. ArmitiDB! ,S03
: ABMUynaa t
, Ooo. W. Aodrow -.. .35 '
JohaO Poraa.... 68
A. e.Bunoey .' 46 -
, William W, Armitrong wai declared duly
nominated, and th nomination wat unanimout
ly confirmed.
Tb Convention then proceeded to dominate
a candidate for Treasurer of State v
Tho first ballot itood : ' ' ' '
fleo.W Holaoe..;..' 157
WllUaa Creaata -. - Si
, . oka Pasoaa t 1 70
BaaiaolLahBl. ,.. W
No choice Mr. Cionenwss withdrawn.' '
lunaelLakaj.......... ..........107
Joha Paaeaa... OAOaV 0 0 ll44MAe
,. 00. W. HolSMS... ..,.8W n
Mr. Holme waa declared' Dominated and bit
nomination was onaurmonil Conflrmsd.'
. Th CoavantiM the proceeded to nominate
.... V A Cl'J I
a oaaoidat lor Comptroller.; .,,-. 1. t
The rot stood t-
, JophPow6All....i?...-,.,. 10J '
. Wayne Uriiwuld.... .;,...,
Alaadi Jtalstoa..... SO
Ma OrUwold wai deolared nominated. ' ",
, The'fovenUoo't3jen"proce(l64 to vote for
eaodidate for Member, ettho Board of Foblio
Work!. . , ... n- ! -i . rry .
Thewt.iujodi'1 wVl-'
i rir. fitoh,.......:,;.;,::...... ..
t- h. W. BtD,arA..,nV.rf... Wj,j
I Je atthU',,,-'Vt',','lv-t''
Mr. Fltofa wae deolared nominated.-' ;
; After glvmg fjire teer fW fb Conttitution
... . .. J1 . , At . 1 ' 1 '
ana u uauoo. ia vvsreouuu aojonravu .-j
t"t'.'V 1 ' ' . - . 1 i 'i I.:.-', v-.l' I il
The Subtreasury.
Congrats ba rirtd ally abandoned the 8ub-
Trtaiary, and retained to the old system of (dt;
positing In bank. 8ooa nrr ejotmtry will b
iwled by "d)?rtclate4 pspef 'enrre'ndy fa small
bnla, and th gold and tllvtr of tb country
put away oat of ate.
Goimq irP twt-v StrjK. Senator -John
Sbermac of Cjio.ia the wisest man In Amer
lea. In -he nate, theo her dy,he saldC'It
is better ior tv. ry mi a who lives on tbit .conti
nent to fail a Victim. tf'tUVar, rather than
this noble country of ours should be broken Into
.(ruction!, quarreling all the. time."
1 u.iwl u.-ot Ah amoitwus
woo wUhed "all Uh world was dead, and then
h. wyilU k8ep tAera.-tPtrB,'t Frtt P'
...STL Tb Cadlx SfvbUean pnbliihei the action
of tbe Republican State Committee; abollihlng
the party, In one eolnmi?, and ,1a th next on to
it pnblishel the call for a Rtfublitan county
ojwye'ptlonjtgi miuat, Republlbao, county
ticket I : Very coneistenti The expunaUpa ls-r
theeoubt ii WonK Refrubllaan. wJ.c-t:-j -
tu 11. '
y 1
' Kb. Ohio BtAiauuni-I'ls eaaoanco In yoar pr
par Uat many of tb vstars. 6t ths northern pa'tj .
oomatMeHretohave-aemi Ortoeold, jrf.Bharon it-
hip, (ot oat aaKt kepretentaUTS. v J ..' j .1".:
J ti m rifl::f. Tours, train.' : ' rf sj " 1
Bniua on BianaMaa:- SirtH eanoaac tb
nana af A. tt.Srtu. oi Jaokaoa towathlp, as eandl
oaU for BeprenntatlT, inhjoot to the tooliioa of th
Cab Pedcoraus nominating eonronnon, aae oouf,
- .li.'..T: i.Ujffi', A HOST Of paMOOBATt;
The ' Meet Artificial Help to tho
;i - Unmta Mgiit aver invented. ; . ..
tV .... r,t ia nn.t InnroTad kinda 01 eptttaol.
All hit OlarMt, whether for near or far-elghled, are
ronoA la ooacavo eoovoa rorsj wiia vn '' !!.
L, .nit iha Caa of all eaaea. cailna Waaksou,
Pittioeu or lonamaiitlon of tbt Bjee, and lBpartlsg
irongth for Iod reading or On aewlng.-
Offlco, 13 Xatt Bute ttreot, at Belner A tbatx'i
Mu.ic Store. 't, . , ;
U OClvaii at too VOico e( tu Mcraurr 01
Monday, 'the 31 day of, September, next,
,' ,. - , noon, ".. ."
for farnUhlng paper for tb ttt of th tat Ol Ohio, si
uuowK .-I ... ,.,,. , , p . ; , -r : -2,
000 Beams Double Super Bortt FriDUnr Pper,7
ty 41 loobee, to wtlgb aot len than M pouaaa to the
100 Beame Double flat 0 P. 1( by S7 loofats, to weigh
aUeaelifC pound, to the raam. .'"
100 Roami Brochure Cover Paper, snorted eolers, fO
by S7 lnchet, to weigh at leaot iri poaaOi to tha reaa.
Tho o.uastltioe above named to be lneroaatd at the op.
Honof too Boorotary of Btai. "
Bids moat be aompaoled by templet of tb paper,
and nutt tpoolfy the piloe atohlcheaek kind and quali
ty will ot oeiiveroa mi ia, mimm vnunm.
No aueples ef an lnloMr artlsle aesd bt pretented I the
paptaaetbeol rbt beat qoa tiy. . i
1 1 Be delivery ot tbe Super Royal and Cover Paper to
commence on th Brit of Novenbornext earning, and
oontioaoaalbo paper aball ke seeded. .
In dollrtry of tb Boabl I lat Cap to oonmoaee on
tho Bret day of Peetmbtruest, and eootluue at above.
Bondi, WItb approvoa ttcaniy in aouoit u amoBai vi
tb oontraot. will ba rao.Bird (aotordiog to 1), eoadi
lianed for the faithful perfomano of each oootraot.
Tha blda tn ba Had and iha oontraota awarded la ao-
oordano wtih ike ttrau of th "aot to provide for tho
purohae of Blailonery, lul, aod other article! tor tbt
General Aaeoably and Stat Officer,," ped March 11,
1K, ba uurw. xiuoi swan ouo. . '
Bldt to be lodoteed on the envelopes, "rrovqiau lor
farnlahlDg paper for tbe State." .
, Bidden are utared that no ptper will be roearvtd
Bniaai it eonronne la enry recpeet with the tamp let.
. B .fTIOiTT.
. . . . . , Boorttary of Bute.
ColuBUa,Ohlo,Angurt9,1561-dt4.. ..... .;;"'
0S1TBD at tb. Offlje.of tht.Btorttary .of Btaw,
anw , "': , v.; ' I"' '
Mooday.'vhe.iJl day of September next, at 13
: n. :.-;3 s.fin. O!0l0j0a , : :' -oj
for faralahuig ms State ef Ohio with fael, as falkwi:
90.0OO Bnibele of Coke, t wotgh aot toe than 40
poonae w id oumoj." -'-"'-' "!
i A.non Baahai Goal, to ba of th best eaaltty-qal
at loati to the tower vela of HmUsi (Joel, aad Ire
from eiata, eriea aaaeiri, , -r -
Tba faal to k dallvend. Wlthoat rkartt for itch ds-
livery, at th btat Bone to Ctlaaabaa. . '
- ProMtal Is be acoon panted by eunplea, and to iptol-
fy tb klnA, qaallty aad pile of th (uel propoted to bt
larnithtd. ... ',. ' lt
- laeh oonlraetof win b reqairea 10 give Bona, wiu
approved Mswrlty, ia doabt th aateaat of th eon
traot, ooadlUoaed for th falthlal perforatuot of bit
eontraot. ' . . ..,;,. .-.
lb tndi to be mads aad tb contract to be awarded In
aooardanc with tb Mrae ot tb aot entitled "An aot to
previa for th paroh of Stationery, fael, and othar
article, for the Oinentl Atteaioly and Stat oaoeiV'
atatd areb 11, JB53. r Bwao rtev.' atai. ooj
or, f ltd. - ; r .
aide t b IrMomd M the eavelopo, "Proposal for
mrnkln foforwjtatV' .i . - -
I no I f arnbhed by the tontrtdor nait In all
be equal io quiilty to tho tempi. , JAle rvl ill b
f I tt-j mtZrTft Btat.
Colnmbui. Ohio, August t. lMI d. '
i - -
ixtka nroAR tpxen seefi.
. s0l i
- WBITI. WHEAT FLOUR (Bmtfiraudaay
. ... r i - n,i. ... c ; ..... .. I a'
French a$(j Twktih PruB.es, J
" ' " " Zante Currants and Baitins.
for al aholetal aad reltlfby ". 1 . j .
Ju31 " m Beuth.High Btrtet;
WABTIB-19 000 Caitoaon to buy U cent Anbro
trpet at M. WITT'I Cbeap Ambrotyp Boon, Mo
tinignttreet, viiuaa, vol. ,
H EALXH, lb blood nut be parlOed, and all mad
tdai er aeeleet wblob do not poattH th qaallty of
Itlmalttldg' the bjood to dljcharg ltt bnpnritl Into th
kowel. Baairiaatiara Tua pueetat this qaallty la a
high egT,and should be tn sverf family i They sr
equally oeaful for Children and tdults-adaptrd to both
opto, led r aa to bom at a. kreaA, l Hon aeeaotiew
ASAtismcnrs. .vyvi'.t ;
Ths Boa,. Jacob Beyeri, of BprlngvlU. Ind., write
to Pr. Braalrtth. undnr dat et Uay 11.1861.
"I hart'nted ronr Inralnabr TtnUbl TJchreraal
P 11 It In my nually ine IBJb; they hart always tared,
eiM when otbaw BaaiMar war t no avail. 1 1 bavo
beea th meani of iry nairhbore atlng hundred of dot
tart worth, and 1 km tatlrfltd Mrer kTe rwelved I
thoatand dot baat. la bleteei health, throaeh ikelr ne
I bar are needim thii'teaioa for Billoat aad Llrtr Dle-
Sever a Aru, ud all rneunatlo caaea with the
nerreol eaooeaa.H. la lac a, ihey are to great roll
aao in atckn. and I ruet yonr venerable life amy k
long apre is pifparA to exoeU'ut a sxdlclD for tb
u . ti tond s tbf lowett price by (h groet."
SoM by imm ft. Cooc, Prtvatt. Celoaebu,, and by
an rtepaotan aair r aawwui,.. j , j t i .
JlylWwl..f, .... i:J'.i
.,. worrAT',a xu rVita-i
la all aM f eoattvawpPw. billion and Uvt
affeotldni, p11e rtMamatUm, tvfl ia tgb, obttt
aat bead eon, and all gaberal AermgrmecU t health
meee PUU have ktnrtabiy. psA Sartala aad ipttdy
meey A ttto anal wHl plae tta Uf Plllt be yowl
th reach o rcoftpetmnt ht ie eeUmaUon of tvery p
nan.. ,. ;- HiCtsj-P
. Pr. X9ffat ?bom& SiUerl WIU K" leant eqaally at
Boadoas la alloaee of aarvoaa AobiUty, dypk had
acta, tb aWOMlaxtfenl M feaaale ladlkik) aeeltb,
od every kind wf WMkaoee of tbdlgeitive trgibti
for aU by Pg, W.jB. VOrJtAT. 33, Broadway, K. 1,
aad by all Drnirrit. - marSS-dautif
T14 fo3ffrv& is-1 'extract froa a
lokettrrltufeT fM Vtf.'JiT. Xolakaj paster , th
pierrepolnt BtrfstBiptitt C,hwb',',BroMya,,II. T.,tp
tfia'Vsvlm floeoonger," ClnnjaMI,07aAdtptak
volnatet la ravor taai wario-rtoewiMd awdlcfcto, Ma.
WuaowT BOOTlflKatyJTryoa CSltMBI TtmitM.
"We im ta sflrtln tn yoar oolnmne of Iff J'
WnaMw't amttet iM.i'Vmi , -m,
to '" rMIntaMJafraji owe 111, t it w
fl o.ol yow ravlaee aha fu I. ua haov:
bugwwBiii r , aaota m- w au tt
uu. ' litt'yvvkakly oatoftlM) IM enmeaiful
)aofmedaeMkiaMtfe.'U AndUiao
f yoar reaAertwbo bar kMeoaito.wltr thak.v,
lay tea apply.' ootfily
rVa ak a ri fw...
Aeb wow ofUBTaorv v n .zrr.
SOW yard SiavtUBf Break woods t 8Xi Value
1UU Mill
ftnfl'yard Traveling Pretl flood atl2. ylut
r.i. t .li.h kanuaaaiUW.alUSaul
isiio nrda Baser
Bob, of Organdie Berag,
and Bngliah Bong, el oa
aalf thvi.i.r;.;..iij
mmtMce mnxmm
-v- .
w-"a TWT
TTAVB Jna opoaH aa ,javio w -
'TV&nwT, TRlENClf. "AN dHANtlLLA
1' Laces 'for' " Shawls.
Vary Deep Frenob. FJounolug Laces, .u I
RhI Thread; Frenobi Cbtmni GWiVele t
VATflncfoTinei.' Point f Gaze. BrufliI
. -dad Thread Lacei and Collars, ?.!
:.':v n atw Shape,
...... , - . For traveling.
TravelinfT Dress
l Bltrll, POIt M CHBTBBB, -
' . Th beat and most faihlteabl itylM la theelty,
, ,' K-1 ,' V; ",f ; BAtvr son,)
' ' ii v '
R E r.i O V A u
,., -.. ., :r. - prodac,- :
Jll'lV.' ' . ' :: I
Foreign and Domestic. Liquors,
.'.-rtU, Si. r Me- ! ..: .n
i. i ji .,'itJ4. ii -j 1 z --' : ; '.''' 'tj
,,ai,u, avvy iuwuiu vhwij
.JrV.t f-S'. '.;.').'C.' ! ' Cr . I J '
noMtlag4TeenlIy eeeapleA by WM. McPOAtD
UCUIB1MII, iv..iivi ''.ij-i? 'f
-. :Zf, -WhicbhwmKU
1 1
Cbeap for Caen or Country A?jruce
r, ftn '" r 1; ail 1 i'i i 1 inn m jl ia" r-'
JQ Oocdi dt Uvered to City trad .aVeaol chargo.
ly 1 :,. .i l
.!( ; . I
.No. 106 South.r,jaigh, Street,
. ..w . I Wli V f.V i.' H w . .
- OoXX7ZXZ3TTlad
: -PIAllBrEI ;:- f.X
tir'A J '(.'' f. ' t-r' K ' "
-"I 1
Foreign and Domestic Fruitp .
FLOU Ba-B 'A tt L 1 1 QU OR 8, E T C.
Steam Between Ireland Rod America
new, York, sdSToy and oalwa't
Mia rntlmrlnw new and narslfiotnt Bnt-elSK naddl-
Wbet Bteasiblpt eoaip th aboyo Use: ' ',
APBIATIO. -o.tBt tool borthea. . . Cast 7. Matrav
(formerly ef o Collin tine.) .i -
BIBERNIA. .. . 4,400IODSburtha,Capt.N. Paowef,
COLOMBIA. 4M ,r " K.lElTca.
ANOLIa, ' 4,U0 ,'- Misaouoli.
PAoino.V . M ' ' Sana.,.,
PBIIIOS AIBTHT, (SciawO-- . - ' - ' 1
3,300 r . " ' WAUUK,
Ona of- thaaov hln will leave Hew Tort, or lottos
alternately iwr Taay fortnight, for Qalwai. oar-
rriK tae (omaauat ateut, toacainf at aty wis,
Tb SMatser t mis It nave a ooanraoua wim
tho greatMt care, nodar tb (aporvleloo or tao
mnL barevratar-tbihl eoBpartaaaat. aad are
lad faeaMafora. aafatr and DA by eay iteaiOT afloat.
Tha ara aaeananded bv able and exporlanced oaoer
aod erery oaerUoa Will be atad to proooat th wafer
01 .paeeengert. A
ai lanaan aoraaam auacooa w eaoa anui.1 - " -
riMfelAH K. T.ot Bottoa to Salway or Liverpool W
SaooBdlaal, " " " 7S
FlreMlaa. . . , - r , ' T- to St Joha r f 85
Tblrd-tlaw, - - A I - Qalway or Lrrtrpool.
or any town in Ireland, oa a sauwaj,
ThUd -elate pataeoftrt are liberally topplled with aro-
Tttloni of the beat qaallty. cookod aad aorv by the eer-
vana tea Otaapaoy. ..
ParUwahtB UMdawakair Manda Bra tb old
ooontryeaa obtain ticket froea any towa a a railway, In
Ireltod, or from tbe printlpal etUatet BoglaaAand sopt
lareaaS at WMtT Baatakta. ,' i.rii-e" v -
Pataengtre for ew Tork, arttrtng by the lot tea
Btoaawr, will bt forward t Raw lork rro o eaatg.
lor caMU or forth lofontlea, apoly to, " -
. - Wl.I. WIOKHAMi
At tb offlo of the Cenpasy, oa tbe wharf, foot ef
- bowulmo at Anrnrf Atu, Agm
aprlll9:deai ,, , .,"V ' '-'.rV-,
o. 29 iobts" siai.'txxat,
AHut, Tow.TbiryajftxjTot
tiOOO yards Sapr PWa Black Bilks at f 1 OO-vale
1 Bf per yard, -" j
8,600 yards Trarellng Pre at and Mao tl --wood at
IS lt etatayala go qaB ryar4n'a j
8,000 lJd w'BrUIUnte it jjw l'.nU
valae tO etnU par yatd.ia .raiuK ,n,m -I j
1,000 yard PlDTh4poletjoldl4httiVUIBn
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BtaAt By 0. B. SBTMOTJB At (JO., 07 Baaaaa St., M.
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