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Tbi Adam Exprs Company pUju dally
under obligation to It for th rry latest paper
(Tom th eastern cltiea. " , '": , -"-1
. . .. '.... V
The Arnerloan Exprs .Company Ba our
. . . i 1 1 .. r ' , .. ahaM nf tlia
IbAllSt IOr 111 OBlty IWW ' -w
eery latest easiern pupwre. . ; . -, 7 t; ,5
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
........ 1..1J.J . 'iy,
Notice ti hereby given to the Union Demoo-
racy of Franklin county, to meet on. Friday,
. August 30. 1861. between the hour of Arm and
is o'clock P. M, In the townships, and ( and
tight o'clock P.M., In the Ward, at the nival
place of holding election! '(excepting Norwich
township, which will be held at Sohofleld't
Sohool Home, and the FanrthJVud at Deter'
War Room, and the Firrt Ward, at the Oalt
Hottie), to appoint delegate to attend the Conn
tv Contention, to meet at the City Hall, faith
olty of Colambui, on Saturday, the 3 lit daof
August, 1861, at Un o'clock A. M., for th par
pote of potting In nomination two Ropreeenta
ti ret In tbo coming Lwtlalature, on Shatlft,
one Treasurer, on Auditor, on Recorder, oa
Coroner, ona County Commissioner, and one
Infirmary Direotor.
At the earn time and place on delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial ConvwnUoa to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
(hi district. Tim for holding tbe Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed her
Tbe following 1 tbe number of delegate al
lotted to each Waid and Township, basd upon
tbe rote CMt for Saprem Jodgla I860, allow
log one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty fir Tate (0 cut.
1st Ward,
3d "
4tb "
5th "
Tiuro Jt
' 7 Hamilton Tp 3
5 Mrffla ;.' i-3
5 Washington
6 Madison . 7
13 Blendon "
Tp 6 Norwich " 3
4 Jefferson "
" 3 Jackson ; 6
' 3 Sharon M " S
3 Franklin " ' 6
1 Plain "
Perry ".
" H. W. Miutt, Vfm. Coopxr. r
John M. Pooh, J. Bow,
K. ftCKtSIL,
Jabx Hoaxocxx,
H. 3. HlOB, " . .
County Central Committee. .
Camp Meeting.
A Hithodiit Camp Meeting will eotunenc en Ifil
DAT, th 16th ioit., on tha lam of Clark White, four
mltti tonthweit of th city.
ID" Last evening a largo crowd oi oitizen
and stranger assembled In front of tbe Ameri
can, and were addressed In eloquent and patrl
otio speeches by Messrs. Jackson of Crawford,
Trawh, of Jefferson, Wiuoif of Preble, Hutch
meow of Madison, and others. The speaking
was continued to a late hour.
D'TheU. S. Circuit Court at Cleveland,
adjourned on Tuesday to Thursday, August
CT It is stated that th Court-Martial in th
case of Lieut. Stxatton and hit men, has been
postponed till August 97.
E7 Tbe Zinesville Courirr regret to learn
that Judge Stillwiu. I lying dangerously 111
at hi rnldence north of that city.
ITT Among th new patent issued from the
Patent Office, July 30th, we notice one to Joseph
Klipper, of Wooettt, Ohio, for an improved tire
bending machln. ,
ST Tbo Zinesvill Courier doubt th policy
of placing Indiscriminately all who ar nnabl
to-pay- their fin, at work on th street, with
a ball and chain attached to their pedal ex
tremlties. ... ,
. O General Hill, accompanied by Major
Walcutt, Captain Hall and other officer of hi
staff, arrived In the city on Tuesday night, un
der order from General RoaiotAin, to assist in
organising lb new Stat regiment.
ITJ A private belonging to Company I, Third
Regiment, was arrested yesterday afternoon, by
policemen" Wakixan and Coot,' for shooting
with a musket on tbe corner of High and Broad
etreels.' - .. V ' .' , , : 1
, Th Jmuoxtal "J. N." Tbi dUtinguUhed,
original, fearless Intellectual Cocquorer of th
world, made hi exit from our olty yeeterday b
a blate of glory. Should h submit to a fourth
Incarceration, every Inhabitant of thta oaadaa
sphere will bs compelled to ihout bit Intellectu
al triumph.' Go on, 'J. N.M splendid future
ewelieyou." 1 ..1., y '-t vj
- tr Examination of Sargoon ecour on th
13th lost. See advertisement la lato Usue of
th StawimaH'. J. W. HAMILTON, m
. . .... 007 Ma. soara.
' Will th Cleveland and other paper who bat
Inserted tbe advertisement call ttntlot to th
same la their local coUmnl .1
' UTThe Tariatle at Apollo HaU in Kam
MAOHtx'a building, on High trt, afford hoi
of th finest specimen of Eihloplai minstrelsy
a well other performance oaleulated to
Arout th risible faculties of tb most jnlaen,
throplo and atoical. List lrnlng th Hall w
tilled with delighted a'udleno, ead th ntlr
exhibition wat on of which tbt proprietor aod
th troop ny wll birottd.i Thllall wIJl
b opentd to-nlgbt ao4Ui VarJtI offer! to
tb publlo. 1 Yon otboot 4o better Mtsj falTar
oltUsnt,'.' a Autmo Wain aaid, Jnlghtkat
Mid, than to "chas dull t)tr kvtjr,', bj pnd
ing an now or two at Apollo Hall?'
. .1, t..i "a
AwakM 01 Awtr CtoniM CowAcn.'
The following award of ooatraoU for wpplylag
th military of tb Btatl wlta clothing, liat
been mad by tbo QuirtenMatter-General, to
lvral partlea namtdi'. '"!
I - i ; 1 vtn 11 siArrT, it y.m
a. t.lolc.,piiiiKiipiru, Tooo
The, uoaiiook, Oolaabu...,
John IlUlM, Oolaaibas ..MU
JK)bli,Cliclxiair, ., ....,..... .awe V ".7 60
J .-. .11 KIMMI WAIAarUr. f ,1.0 ill,
Beary M11H 0laakv k...,,.M. 1 7
Bi41eh,VrUNljMr0e.,0lMUafl M '3 i to
Cl Ktobs Co., OUralnaatl jO i
, . . OATAtST AfUTa, ;j j
3. KaBaalel, Dajto.....u.ii.. 70.
- ' i- mnm'n,nv .-...it .
1 AT'J
WitrntA. Iran (t Ortwrort. ClBbaf . ,1 " 'nf rjo
t. Ilmpkinion, Cincinnati... fjo
Tf. I . iterM k OoTJlatlotB.V.-. "3o(r-lo
Ito wrf wa mi forlMnk',! ftlsjt)
bid reoelred wa for at u&nltabl artloli f's
A Boix Rcji - Tb ClndnoaU
tuirtr tell th following on wll-kaown
chant t that city, who wa among th olvlllaot
at th itampedc from Bna Rati . ,
Th aforesaid merchant, al 'th tint of th
panlo, loi hi conveyance, and, Ilk torn otb
era, fancying that from nil polllloal oonrtr, b
would. If taken, U an poial object of th
enemy's wrath, bo wa moat aoxioua to obtain t
raster convsyano than on pair of leg to carry
him on tb way to Washington. . 0.
Meeting With a man, mounted on a fine, spir
ited bore, h at one Bronoeed a trade. "I
don't want to 11 him, ald th ride la an
swer to tb proposition, "for I tfoo't waat to b
taken prisoner n mor thta vowswlf.'?' But
on hundred dollar In cash,' and a superb watch
and obaln, rained at two hundred and, fity dol
lar more, wa too tempting a bait, and tbe re
sult was, that In. less Urn than it take .to
recount It, our .Ciaelonatiaa wa astraddle of
the Roalnant. and waltmlnc awv toward Can-
treville as fast as tb animal eould carry bin.
Arrived there he War stopped by the sentinel,
who demanded where b bad found that bora.
"Found him?" reiterated tbe merchant, "why,
I bought and paid for him..'" '. " . '
"Uom new, saia tne soiaier, -wat a goou
un." Yon boutbt and paid for . him, did you.
nd be with Undo 8am' branoV upon him!
Dismount get off or I'll tsk charge of you
a wlla him.".,. ,,,,,, . . ......
Th "war-worn traveler." wa diaiayd, but
there wa no help for It; fof.eor enough, there
war th fatal characters branded upon tb un
o5 Jkn brut, and o. minus bla watch and
money, b girded up bis loin and trudged tb
balance of th way to Washington.
ID Soorbutto disease ar th parent stock
from which arises a larg proportion of th fat
al maladies that afflict .mankind. They are, as
It wer, a specie of potato rot In th human
constitution, which undwmlne and oorroptt all
tb source of Its vitality and hasten it decay
Thy ar tb germ from which spring Cootump
tion, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Liver Com
plaint, and Eruptlv Dim, whloh will b
recognlxed at among those most fatal ajid d
tractive to tb race of men. So droadful ar
It oonseqaence to human life, that it I hardly
possible to ovrttlmat th importanc of an
actual, reliable remedy, tbajoan wep oat, this
Sorofulouoontaminatlon. W know, then, we
shall proolalm welcom newt (0 our reader of
on from tuch o,aarter.a will leaf Uttl
doubt of It efflOAoy and still mor wtlecm,
when we tell them that It aurtly don aeoom
pllsh th end desired. .. W mean Arxx's Sav
SATAXiUA, and It I certainly worthy tb atten
tion of tbot who at afflioted with Seroful or
Sorofulou oomplalnt.iZrier, Albany, If.
CoiMUMmoWi How often" do' w hear th
death of a' friend bf th band of tbi fell d
troyr, and whea we ask tb particular, tb
answer often I r They bad a humor, It est-
Ued on their lung and they died." Here thn
It I admitted tbat humor wae tbe primary eaute
of their dlseas. It is the humors upon which
w wish to (peak. Kennedy' Medical Discov
ery baa been before th publlo for om twelve
years, and in that time Us merit hav been
thoroughly tested certificate are dally being
received by it Proprietor from all direction, of
Derton cured of humorous disease : now if
these persons bad suffered tbee humor to re
main In tbelr system; they inlgbt ere this bar
been thrown into . consumption or other fatal
malady. Delay are dangerous. ' '
Lots of Halt. Much of thi deprivation is
caused by sheer neglect after Ulne, or soms
other temporary draia spon tb foUlole at tn
root of th batr. Dr, Bslllogbam, of Loadoa,
hs Identified hi great name with "Stimuli
ting Ongutnt," invented by him expressly to
meat such emargraoie. Messrs. H. L. liege
man k. Co., of Now York, now hav tb nur
agency for. .thAmerloo continent. Til I
quit a tufflclent indorsement of tb universal
reputation of tb articl.' See their dvert(
ment. ' '' ,
Camp Meeting. Rail Road Time Table.
Lmu Hiajd t Qntmsos 0 Zsru S R. , , . .
leavn. Arrives.
OincloaaU Aeoemiodattoa. H k. 'T 1:10 P. U.
" Ixprcw. 11:40 A. M. 11 Vl A. M.
Hall aod Aooouoatttea.. :I0 I. M. 8 00 P. U,
NifbtExprM TUPtjtoBiiaoOniktoljtjt. ISO A. U.
Jm. W. Ssixxtt, Aftnt.
Oolbwsds h OuvtLAira B. K.
RIltbtlxprMS. 1:40 A.M. liiUP.M.
New TerkSxprNi ..11:10 A.M. ;-; 10:50 A. M.
0. 0. 0. Way UxprtM.... : P. at. T.M P. M.
. Jtjm Patttmos, issat.
ODmAtOaioB. B. , (
rTo.lBxprew...'. ..fcWA.M.'' HM A. M.
Ho. S do ....a..... 8:14 f. Hi: - lktl A. U.
'lz 'i yr. 3. fm, AftBt.
: PrmsoMa, Ooaoinus Oiweuauit . B.
tfallTrtta .....130 A.M. DM A.M.
BxpimTnui.... ...ItH A. M. 45P. A.
, , ' . , ;'r I ': o. lomwsow,' Afeet.
Ooicmoi As Inuxoraut, B. " ' '
(Oommsds P140A A Isdiaju B. B.)
tto. 1 Xxbnss in A. M. , : :0t P, M.
Me.S " ........ .i. 10 P. M.. :OP.M.
AoeoasieiUUoa M . IftW A. M.
. i 0. W. gums, Afat.
Malls for NewTark Olty, anUa, AlUor, Bttffilo,
PlUikargh, Kteabennlto Otovelaad, Bawtrmt,
Hewark, Onovtll Wklatea Olty, BaUIbmn, Phlla
Aelphta an MewOrieant, lMeallr(aadart aaospt-
d) at o'elocJi f.
A tbroua auu
for SW Tork tad Cleveltt eloees
eallT (SandTi xoepftd) S e'elotk . a.
u. w. m u. . . wy buii eigst ourj (aaari rx-
onM) at S o'clock p. m
Crami Oblo Way Mall
atnl Oblo Way Mall efctee (ill (laadays excepted)
at n Colo a.
OiootaMtt Way Mall elosee dally (la&days exeeplsd at
o ! a B. ' -
Cbtoag, Sabaftn, ItliWire, Marlon and Wortblnf
00 Malls elon dally (ttudays metftt) at o'clock
a. - .
Malls for Xeala; tpHorftold, Varloa, Tolodo, CIbcuh
DAtl. IodbwaMlls, Xoairrlllo. St. Loot. Bad
C100M aaj 1MM1IIIM1)U O'OiM m.
m mroacs aair M amul Borunoia as ut
eloM dally (Saadar eaeoftad) M 10 oolMh a- a.
Urbtaa, riqaa, TUtta and UDloa Ulty xuUokom daily
Uaouwr, Lotas, KoJMavlil, OlrcUrUla, OUHIooUm.
Poruowalb, Woabuiitoa 0. H., Atheas, Marittia aod
UllUboroKih SUlU aUia dally (Bandara xptd) a
a, Mall bv Rartooal Bead to taatirille sloaw
0allj(adaysaaxopiad)atMO'sMaa. '
Harrtaborib MaUaloas dally (duadays Sxotptol) at
Viook . a-
Mt, Toraoa Mall, by way of Watarvllle and loabary,
oiooa aalir isaiwujrs exoaoitni o oioox p. m
DobUa Mail eloso dallytBandayt xcepWd)tf
t o'clock
Loaautar Way Mall elota dally (Sundays excepted) a
'oloskp. a. ..... . , - ' t
. Hall from Haw Tork, Baatoo, PUladelpbla, Buffalo,
Albar Plttabargb, Glared, tajrtoa, l'uloio, Xatria,
Datroll, l!rtnSW, OicinmU, Obllltoatb, It. Loul.
aad all Boatman oluaat ontr batwsai l koanofi
o'alookp.a.asdto'oloofca. a. ,
Mai la (raa InlUaapoUa, Vbloaco aadDabaaas arrive
Mails froa aabtsetoa, City, Baltlaore, Waoallof,
tawrtllojllowaik, R.wUatliK Mt. Vonoa, aal Ike
0. 0. B. B. Way Mall.arriraai W o'clock a.
. Way Mall from Ciixlaiiatl arrtrae ktlo'slook p. a.
LaatwiM Mall arrlTae ai o'oloak p. a'Tv T
8 t? Trooa ITay Mafl antra attl.00 a', si.' '
dlfroa DaHtBarrtToaatlto'aUoaa. ; i '
prUaaWai MallamTaaM o'clock, a.
Barrbkh Mall arrlraa at 11 o'aluck a.
taaoMtar Way Mai arrtvea at oHiaxk
OOeo oUvrMB rrory aap Ca.pi Umif) rroa
e'otoea a. a. t aok p. m. Vr-oa oa Baodays
froa Tk to t o'oloak la lb, SHrawg, aad fcoa ft to t
Bdtisra j ClctMiig flocsjv
iuaoMcniAiM An wxaau taVuM ut
fksrwiew onrwrr In wmJ"
,y,ji at mj IIAIiTIBIOBKa nd,
Gen. Lyon Again Victorious—Ben.
McCulloch Defeated—Another Battle
Momentarily Expected.
Sraiiwtiitb, Mo., Aug. I. A battle eccurrad
to-dav r Dug Sprlns;, 19 mile aoutb 01 tula
place, botwew the Federal for noder 0en.
L von. and tb rebel troon under Ben MoCol
loch, In which of tb former wr killed and
thirty wounded, ana forty or tb latter Jtiueo,
ana lorii wur wvuuuau. , . ' ,
Oclv. Lvon took 80 ataaa of irmi and 15
bortts and wagoo. Two hundred and eventy
U. S. oavalrr mad a chars noon a body of
rebel Infantry, aald to hav been. 4,uw, ana cut
their way through them, and returned with a
loss f only fir man. Tb charge wa most
gallant and terrible, aeveral of tb rebel being
round with that hseds cloven nureiv tnroogn.
Tb enemy retired during tb night, and Gen.
Lvon toon nossMslon or tn Beta.
Another battle waa momentarily expected, the
enemy being In larg foro west 01 Bpringneiij
rartlouiar soon a poiautu..
Niw Yobk. Auk. 8. Th brigs Naiad, Ma
oblai and Ben Dunning, Kited by th privateer
Sumter, near Clenfueg, arrived at this port
to-dty. They were released by order of the
8panlthgovrnmnt, and aailed under convoy
of the U. B. steamer Crnsadn as far t ltp
Antonio.. , , " , , ; ,
Baltimou, Aug. 6 Thar I rrbtblng of any
lmnortano from Old Point to dav.
-The foundry of Pool 9l Hunt, of Baltlmor
couatr. Just beyond tb citv limits, was destroi
cd by fir last night. Loss $80,000, insured
for f 13.UUU, partly lu Nw York ana ruiaaei
Dispatches from Washington.
WAtniMOTow, Aug. 6. Th Navy Department
l in receipt of a letter from Uen. uoidaooro of
tbe (J. S. steamer Union, dated Hampton
noaas, yeateraay, in wnion he lay that tn brig
ashore, near Cap Hatter, about which there
wae so much (peculation, proved to be tb B. F
Martin of Boston, which bad been In the posses
sion of tho rebel Commodor Ooldaboro. It
appear by other official advloea from the Gulf
Squadron tbat on the 4th of July, off Galveston,
the TJ. S. steamer South Carolina captured six
choonm, aod on th 6th two, aod ran on
ahori on th 6th on and on tb 7th on, mak
ing In all 11 sail destroyed or captured , Tbe
name of tbe captured vessels ar tb Shark,
Voui, Aon Rran, MoCall, Field, Louisa, Oarf,
Coralia, Falcon, Geo. Baker and Sam. Hous.
too. A Portion of them had oircoea. chlafir
AmooaT Other thints oantured wars tan nail
bag and thirty on bog containing expreai
matter. On tb 5th of July off Si. Marks,
Florida, th Mohawk captured the (loop George
o. swat, aiiempuog to run toe oiocxaae. i or
wer a paiseneere on board, the wife, three
children and (errant of Adjutant General Hal
lard, of Florida. Mrr. Hallard olaimed tb
cession flag to b privata property aod scoured
It to ber person. As tb captsla could not obtain
possession of It without uslog violence to a lady
who wa In a dellcat altuation. ha deaiated
from taking tb prize.
Mr. MoClernand'a appointment aa Brlo-adier
General, i very gratifying to th friend of tbat
tne nary Department will at once Issue pro-
poaal la cjnnsotlon with th construction of
tb twelv u wnl steamtrs. and on or mora
of th iron clad vessels recently authorized by
All tbe bill Which passed both Houses war
approved by tb Preaident, who yielded a re
luctant approval teUhat tor tbe confiscation of
property used for rebellion purposes
Yesterday eaoh Hon provided separately for
an locreaeo to the pay of volunteers end regu
lar oldlr four dollar per month, but finally
they Insisted on a bill which will Increase tbe
pay to only two dollar per month. '
AMany member! ( both House lov to-day
for tbelr borne. ' Senator Latham Will not re
[Special to the Post.]
Th Treasury Department ha received ad
vices of th mott ncouraglog character In re
lation to th National Loan. Ther is no doubt
but tbat th loan will be taken.
' Tb nomination for Brigadier General have
all been confirmed by tb Senate.
It rs undeniable that tb rebel continue to
Fecelv luppliw Of "arm from Maryland. A
day or two aloe a wagon brok down near Mil
UrsvllI, In Anerundel eonoty, Md., about mid
way between Annapolis and th Junatlon. and
on examination waa found to contain arms.
Th inhabitant permitted it to proceed a toon
a it had been repaired. Ererv road leadinw to
Southern .Maryland Is now closed and watched
oy our force
Princ Napoleon, accompanied by Secretary
Seward, th French Minister and others, hav
gone to Mt. Vernon in a Government steamer.
wonerai euuer nat rttumwa to fortress
Monro, and it I now ataud that no Immediate
ohaog will b mad in the command of that
pott, cxoepl It I expected thai General Butler
will return tere Btior anotber advaoc move
ment.' r ;- - . .- -
Niw Toxx. Anrast 1 Tb Tribuna's Waah-
lngtow aiopatcaoe state tnat tb nominations of
tn ntw zom asiegatuns for JBrlgaoisr-Geo-ral
war not aotd upon by tb Prsideot.
Last nlt-ht tbre eompanlo of th SOtb In
fantry, S37 men. arrived from Fort Aberorom-
bi. Dacotah, via St. Paul, to which plao they
awooai ouv mite. - many ot tnem nav been
in th rioe lft o SO veara. .
A MconA detaohment ot 10 and 90-pounder
rifled oa&oon ha arrived. There 1 muoh mor
arailary her now than w bad bo lor tho for
ward movement was mad. "
Eg Governor Randall, of Wisconsin, hs bean
confirmed Minister M Rom sad Jao, P. Lava-
joy, brother of Owen Lovejoy, Consul to Cel
iac ,
Senator Harlan ha a dltpatch from Iowa.
stating tbat tb rebel in strong tore bar
taken Croton, a (mall town on tb Desmolnes,
near Keokuk. V
Brle.-Gsn. Rufus Kinr. Jr.. of Wisconsin.
left Washington to day to tak command of the
Wisconsin troops, now In tb Department of
Gen.Dix.. " .. '..
Th report of Brladler General .McDowell.
giving aa official narratlv of th campaign of
the Potomac, has been oomplettd, but will not
published until tb return of Secretary Cam-'
rOtU. ri,.'i: - V . . i i ; v". k -.vi 'i '
[World's Special.]
wu cauad aorost th Po
tomac during laat night. A countryman earn
Id, and reported that the enemy waa approach
ing in larg number, immediate preparation
war mad to glv them a warm reception.
Th troop wer otlv and determined, and
tbe tim ia Which they got In line ready for aa
tleu was very brlf. The alarm prored, to be
WW. - ,T i, . -.. '
A eromlnent nelnear. oonneatad with iha
Kw York Fir Department, ha arrived hero,
ana i naMvorug to max arrangement for
th Fir Zmbv to nmain In tervice for the
tim for which they enlisted. .. .,.!
A man named Minor wu nrreated opeoerte
Long Bridge to-day with Btanregard'f pat. 'In
nltpock!.' ' vl, -v.s
line th strict rule about th publication of
army matters, tb olty, It I said, baa been
warmed with (pie. .To-night, an officer, who
Known to be u tn poofarat army, wa at
th National Howl. .uv -n.f.r,,
[Special to Herald.]
- The nwt trom Kotockybu rute4l.tlie
wildest uthutUtm bsr. When it was an-
Boanoed In tb Hon of Representative before
Its adjournmaot, by tb venerable Ex-Governor",
Mr. WicUl&e. wltn th dsclaratioa tbat Kca
lucky was the first to adopt tb CoostltuUo,
and would b tb last to desert It. tbe thunder
9f (pplaw from th floor and ga(lrl shook
ra tb solid walls. It wa aa outburst (
patrioUo feolln;.- Tbi great -victory will ' b
followed immediately by a pbysloal on sot lts
BKuiflont,.-, ....; v..., h
Tbraar at thl moment 10,000 orgaalied
Cnloa msa In Kentucky, only weitlnw tb ao-
ompllsbmentof thl victory al tb billot-bsx
to tka tb field,, and drlv tb rebtl toroH out
of Kentucky and Teuneeet. Tb Kentucky
Legion is now ready to be muttered into tb
ervloe, and th mu ar bar&ln wlilt deeir
m ansir uoiow naigooor in Tnnete to
rr tbem9rve from th, despotism. ot& P.
lawvwwHT. .1 ... . . . . - . . , . ' I ,
Aa aessa, whe Baa sMtl kaai aaniiiailal as
lavViettia,tt, that tb rebels bar 10,
000 men BI. that poiot nd. Tall Church; aod
that tbey ar toluUnf, an attack oa 4lexaB
Irla. lit lay tbat be L saj". klfrealysMong'
tbey had ovsr 100,000 msa atBuUKu an- M1
haa on th 81st nit. Tho estlmat mud of,
them killed at that oggmot wa 3,700 ex,
olutlv of wounded. They admitted that the)
laughter on their aid waa doubl jrhat it was)
on ours. it ,-
. There Is report that th wire 0) tb rebel
soldiers state tbat their husband, ar mining
th road between ftll'i Church and Fairfax,
Court Hons, and wat ther Intend to connect
the mine with small rial filled with explosive
materials, and tbat their main batteries in the
direction of Mansm Junction hav not been
discovered by our Jroop. 1
From another source It fit learned - tbat ever
lino tb ooeuoatlon of Harper' Ferry by th
noeie a force or irom l.uuu to i.xvv men Has
bssn ensaeed at Richmond In tb manufaotur
of rifled cannon and ordnance of various oall-
brea. They are said to have turned out an Im
mense number of cannon. '
Sinking a Rebel Vessel.
Philadilthia. Aue. 7 Th United States
gunboat Flag arrived at Fort Mifflin this morn
log with thirty-ilx rebel prisoner, taken from
a rebel war vessel, formerly th revenue ootter
Aiken, selasd at Charleston last winter. Tbe
Aiken fired at tbe St. Lawreuoaoff Charleston,
probably mistaking ber for a merchant vessel,
wnentbest. JLswrcno returnee, a broacuide,
(Inking the rebel vessel. Five of ber crew
were lost, and the reel rescued and placed on
board tbe Flag.-J ' -
Sinking a Rebel Vessel. Thirty-Seventh Congress--Extra Session.
ino Supreme Court of tbo United states. ,U out of ap
Dnla. '
5 Tho Senate bill ' approprhttne; 130,000 for repairs
tbo ton Bridge over tbe fotooiia, was paaa4 witb aa
lucuamaai. ., . ..
Varloai meuuros were propoted to b taken Up by
different mambare, but ohlectlooi wra Interposed. .
Ibe Hoaie puad tbo senate bill to. Incraaw tbo pay
v. ua (ciuiararBiyaoa TOiaotaara. . .
Oa aotlon bf Mr. Oox. a mdiuOdb Vaa aJontail oall.
lot on tbo PreeldoDt, tf compatible with tbo publlo ft
vice, to ooeauBloato to tbo Uodn at tbo next teuton
all eorrfipondoncowitb foreign nations alnco 1333, rela
u w maniuoo rigrtu.
Mr. Wlcklln took nvulnn tn tha InUlllrafiM
froa Old Kaotnoty it, tbat Kentucky Is for tbe Union,
and baton tboS'St tv come Into tbe Union, ibe will be
tbe last lo (o oat of It. Thla annonnatmant waa ra.
ealttd wtib wild daltgot. Tbo Minds ot tba Union,
both on tho door and in tbe gailarin, clapped tbal banda
and otbarvlte gave rant to tbalrfecllsas. f xolanutions
were bard, "Good for Old Keniuctl" Iba applanto
wa long oonUnued, aad a moro abluatod aeeno wts Ml
Com evar wltntated.
Ibe fioute ibea adjoareed it dlt.
Cincinnati Market.
rLOOB TherO WU BOre Inaulr to-da far .unerflna
sad bat Uttlo sffcrlogi It is held at 13 SO; tba blgber
grada are la but limited deaai.d and urloas are morely
scoinall we quote extra at 74, and faally at 4. tb
of aringo are anion of aa wboat, iba acock of old btlng
aooui axbaoatodi (00 barrolt of new intra sold at 3 To,
Oellverad at ladlaoapolla. and Ti barrels of faaUy, sow
and old wneat mlx.d, at ti-
WHISKY Tne demand Is only moderatei sties of
4X0 bbhat 15xUXo. tbo latter rate for w.ggn.-
COttiN TnaiUDliijia llaht, with an aeUna dtraand.
and boldars ore gaorally aailng blbor prlcat Deo it
offered, aadS&aatked for oar at tbe lower ttaptUi sales
f 700 Da oar, at tbo lower depots, at S8o.
OAII-Iboaaxkatlaauady, witb a fair demand at
ZJo In bulk; nlae of 600 bo, at Mo, in oaeke, aaeko re
tnrnad: and 30 da., out i hnla uul
arsxhodeaaadlsBoderaUat 40o oa arrlTtl aad
iSo from aura. - -
BAItLCT TblTO IS VSnr little doinw In tha arttala:
pilao bow fall and iprlug li bald at 46310s, bat tbo da
aandioonitalialtad. ,
WH A'l-Tha anpply of prime aad ehoio qnallttoe Is
light, wUhaBaellTo export demand, aod rail prices aio
reailaed. Inferior qoailtia aio dullj tbo offering are
ciilcOy of tbi aad, for wbicb tbero a little or no d
mand. We quote fair to prim red at 6570ci and
wait at 7AeOo. Obolne qualitiea are aold S23a abore
thteeqnotailoDi: ale bf SUO b prime rod at 70c 100
bataU white at 7Sei 300 ba prima white at 8Uc; 300 bu
prune utu at Vii ka prim whit at BOo, ddirend:
andl25bufalxwMu,at75, dellTued; . 3 WO ba prim
..ut wiv ill ynnw WIDIij , ...v. . - , - .
Cleveland Market
CLEVELAND, August 6, 1861
FLOoa Unchisced and onlat.
. WHEAT 8a le of 15U0 bu red, free on board, at f9c:
icatsoa trackataamej 3 ears from store at tOc; and
aw tm rre on board at ame.
CORK Bale of 10,000 baibelltflote at 31c. '
OATS Quiet at Wc. ..-'.',..
BlttHWlNSi 8leof Mbbllstl5Kc. - t -
bUTTI a-tlgbt Ml at Do. -;
Eaas Salat8 - - - J fv.u.a'..
BAOOif-Bamof 400 I, Hides at Ce: '' - ' i
Jul all Throat and Iuna Complaint. Ineludni. with
aot perfect raaulta, WaooriM Ootraa, Obbokki amb
CoajuM Venn, iMtoweauAi. axb Ibboat CoarLAum,
always fornuBrt of Ooojaoptioa. At a DooTaua
Svacf It baa do superior, f read froa all Opiat or
metis propertlw, may bo ucd by most dallcat ouwiti'
WWWI HW WM. piW WWWNMl j, f , . . .
, CELEBRATED . ; :..
. . . . . - . ... . .. . . .
Taa eHaATstr ttatvaAa Oiut v offered to tb
World, eofltaiBlng not a panic to ef Opiua, aorony raa
anoo but It nrlatly vraol aad adkml propert:.
A sua BBdy for HnBAiau,' Bjuvbutobi, 9ow,
Toot un Cab AOs, Catabbi, Bom oa AUI rsvaa,
and all minor Vrvou Oomplainta.
foa Loa oe Buar, and lleadacb In ad lot varMties,
It baa bo equal, aad to wblea moat undoubted Mitmoni
al an ofrd. . ...'... . i .
loa DauBimt TBDsaa It I a most Mrtatrmody..
low Sowai. Ooiuuiirr, aTlar raeaoTiBg tha pain It aot
as a pbyas, a aet important eostraat witb. tb ooMlipa.
toryeOOoa i Opiua. : .
lo fhyjiuani, Voraulas and Trial Bottla will k ant,
and to Dealer ar Invalid a darlpttve poapblst wltbaat
"poetago-iamp." "
Irepand under the spoeta SuporvblOB of
. . -cwsanttAir stuajuoaoTur,
: : I Ho .9 Commercial Vbart Botton, Kiit-
Co whoa ploase direct nil eoaannlcataca.
Plc--)UrT Coach Betnedy, to omt per boftl.
Bmall -"-.-... . t .
- Tola Aoodyno, " SO - a '
- lor al by the aiuai wholesale aad retail dealers.
varywhefw. -' ..- t - y ...
Agent for Ooli
ilnmbus, Ohio.
,1; W. A. Batchelor'i, Hair Dyer.
Xba tplaadiil Hak Dy bu a (qaal-rtnitaBtanooat w
sOwt Bosatlfil Black or Hataral Brews no stalnrng
tLssklaorlnluinif taoBalf iaacdMoutur ka':
street of Bad Pjaa, and (avlgoratos toe Jalr lot Ufa.
None are genuine un lea (trued MW. A. Bateholor.n
Bold ovorywhor. . v j '-oi , .- ; "
i. .n i OBAi.BllOHIlOB, Proprietor, ,
Jylltwu , . . 81 Barclay Street, NeWYertV
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye! 1
Tn Original and last la: tb Worldf
All othors ar aero Imitations, and should be avoided
Ifyoawlahtooseaporidieal. ' ' '
SBATBIO OB BTJ8II EAIB Dyed Instantly to
beautiful aad Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
BalrstlkbvY.. Hi.- , .,'
awarded MrTa. A. BatcbelettlnoO 1S30, and otbc80,09
appllnalloni Bare bea aad I tbe Hair of bia-patroaw
afUiiBaoatdjrSli-'. . : ntun
WM. A. BAICHBLOR'I EAIB VTB prtdwoos s tot
or aot to be MttlBguwbod froa nature, aad IS warranted
not to In J are la tb lout, boworar ton It Buy be ooettn
aod. aad the Ul effeots of Bad Pyss roatdledtb Ball
In rl-o rated for Mf by thi sploadUl Dye. '
Bold la all eltiw ana ttwns of the United Btaia
Druggists and f aaey woods Sealers.
- TjytBOaaaBaslbo a aadaddroa bboo artaal
plaMaarrarlsg oa tear sfdaef Oaob; bexof WZlUAa
A BAlUbliiioa, Aitara .. i -. " n-
OUAALC,aBATOBtLOB,Yjopritor, ,
., JyU-WlV : v l Baroay attoet, tttw Xrk.; '
- TVaoleestl. xt KeUtil D aicK la"
T0BACC0,"SNlJFF timm
i n .. ji'"(.- : t t. ii., ..
Kep conatatttlf n aattel aHlta1 Ttl
r . t -A-Tf rir a v " " . i ' I
It CU)AK CLOT0S.' At, ottiar sub of Iprtng
0 leel 1 1 oil., laatl iMirable BUAkrtimdir"v a-
dirBttoaMsatah. (AIW a av.f. -
,M. W. PV...
Or-'; r
.i.XtTCvy:,;. .
tr nrn and Mil aawrtad. thi r i.i -i,
u.aiva anvuilfl mv vxuiiivn vaotortM.
? v ar I. . . .. ...
Gold and Velvet Borders,
-AND -
' i
,' A- . . .... i, .. ..
Uoii) and Painted Shaded
WINDOW EtXTUBES, all iinrjg,
lOO ESontla. I3Cl45lxat.
N. B. land lords aad pernc wltblncanantlllea of
faper will make money by btylng et as. Ooantry
Merchant sni pinons froa abroad will do wall to sail
sad see as, ; aprll lKmoodl . " :l,ai..
Front 8treet. Between State arirlTotrni.
8 HOP la till runnln. and althan.h t
' - -
th preaiunof late years ba at heailyt
upon bar running rear. he 1 ittll tnrn--
n out tboaa cplendid P BRETONS, ROC RAW AT 8, and
BUSES and BACKS. Twecty yean stead manufao-
turtng baa given our work a wide-iperad reputation
through th fouth and Wert. .
W tbeiwforedeemlt unneeewary to ay any thing mere
la regard to the quality of our work. We WABBAirr
" anicu. w can mu oood xorBoooin froa
lit6 to O'ioO.
Dealer can be farnUUed with any amount of work at
bort notice, and at price lower than can bo bonrht anv
b I ti.' . . . a. , . . . .
"i.m ui nm. scoona oanu uuggios tjaa in x
shugo for saw work.
Hj'Rep&iring done neatly and at short notice, fao
tory on Front, between Sat and Town rtreet, Oolnm
bna, Ohio. ...
1LTAH eomnunleatlona wtllrwelveproerot attention,
" w - m. a. WiuLAAJaB a ct
riioxi BEsrjoxD
Prom tb Mw ork Ohamr. 1 ''
As all parties manufacturing Sewing Mtnnlne ar ob
liged lo pay Br. HowoaUoeaa onoaeb machine aald,
and an a o compelled la mak rataraito him, uukr
aw. muih namr aou, aia oot giv aoomctaua
ment. Proa this roliabl leuro w har obtained tbe
roiiowing itatlitlc. Of tb raacbos sad bt tb year
18, ther were sold, ...ri- . - ,
. By Wbeolw a Wllaoa.. ....... ,B ' .
I.M. 8lograCo..MM..lu,&
. . u flrarsr . Bakw..........luot) .
lUtowrocOiasalesor Wheslera Wlkoa to k AVmili
Btoo of say other Oeapaey." - '.- - - -
Awarded the highest r.rataas-t the .
; Cnltod BtAte falra of 18S8, 16j8 aod U00; '
alio at tbo
' ' ' OhloSUUPalr of laWaod lfl; ' . ' ''
and at nearly all th County Pairs in tb Stale.
Our Drieaa. at tba late mdueXlaa. am Am mm mm
loot tticA BHblao now aold, and but a tilde higher than
tb Interior rwo Clroexl cAoow McA aeatvUfMS, bow
forced upob tbmarkt. - i
Tbo WHCBLIB a WTL801C tUCBm taaksth
Loos no-tb SDlysao which cannot be nvolod. It
ALIBJt oa Bora Sisaeof tha made. ImtIii mm rUm Km
MimocMnti uaremtmi ytdri, and imtirvtaUn
tivon In tboir , rre of ehanr.- . - -
i . at. awutx,si Higa t.,OoIttabi,0.'
WM. tUMSXB a 00.,
dciUwTtorwa- Ptao'i Opera Boas. ClnetanaU.
IMOKAL property haloBging to tb ttte of Prank
Orarenf, deoeaaed, ooaalatlng Cblifly of a HOBSB
ana uaai, win aold at pabli vendue, at th ooraer
High and Okerry street, la Otluabua, on the Wth
iVf of July, A ) lb61 coramaieiBX at 10 o'clock In
Warden A Drenl; Att'y. - ' Administrator.
JU- wit
TTTAHTID-100,000 Onitoaers to buy 85 oent Ambnr-
' t typeo at u wirx'B Okap Aabrotypo- Booms,
Blgh (trott, 4 door North of tba American Motel, Co
luabus,Oblo. ' - '
' ' Of TBI '
, t ; ( j r, COIaXATSI BV, u:.j i .... t
J. Hou. .Joseph
wiTuxoTss ot Tavtomoas or TEX so-
:. r riaUM QOV&Tm lV,,i
(OowakMd la twaty-ln vsIbbos of tb Ohio' aad Obi
.. "t vr; -.t- State BouwrtSj ;:3 ! ., -a;r
la Two Roval tro. Yolum,'Tfloo H 00
No ear o sxnense baa baa (otrod to saak Ua'work
uerfeotand rallabl la all reapeci.
It ba aw lb UglaUUea aaootJoa, bavtnf Weoo ss
HOo4 bp BM ly tbo BBBlaiae vea of boill Hwoao,
and wa ordered la b distrtatad t tb folio wins ua
and County offlotni
rvrBor. Attoraoy we)nu, B op ram itafm, ro
arr, OnapWolwr, Tawaawor aad Aaelwe of aa and
io tb Probata Courts, Ooarta of Ooaaon Pleu, Bupor
lor aod Polio Court. Auditors, aad tho Clerk a of th
earioa 0rt In aeti oi ty , fe th stoaboaaf tb
Booaw Sad Beaa ot Boproamattvo of ini State, aad
u muiwbwii a ui twbi saw a to uatoa.
Sols book, SAntAinlM. a it oalll tbalataa
SOW la foro, and ia aalbarlattv onMtruotka of thaa
and of tb Mew OoneUtutUn, will be found to bo poJb
vurirriBa, . ... M ,s i,,,
.s.-.jniTioa8 op ininAot,. Mr:-,.,'L
.. ,;oj f0WrlHIlTB08TXES, ! .. . -Vus,;-
t.i t. i WJ1RK8 OP TOWN8BIM,bA',to
i'O ,'o r.n eS I
' tuAunwb at vsry 'anBT hann fair Volt wade in the
Stittut Hoe tn publication ef tb laat edltlnsa, by re
peal, alarattoa and addition, and aany lavortaat do-
otolon bar baa. flvsa b tb tupra Purt on oon
- ,.;AKltRS.MBR0ffArTT8 .
arm aa ,m ii..hi.w.A
7V0 Kotmt So. roAwi tf owof7 -AiihWetii' imtdrtd
1 4fr a auss,,c- I a..ajf'
B. . . . mm. t. , hi ( . , 11 . . ' .Ai ......
7, jv&.srm.fT'V?'' ;.
Pttbllbd by v,.' .ti.'' .- T iw,i'
lew Publjilwrv Bookrellewr Ctatlostr and lapoTter.
! rfio b fl ,c niaeiBBttt 0.
lwm- ii wie
v'" " ' II I
Ad otparlenoed tlrdmrtU ffeaals' Priyi1ctn,'pwibt
1 1 no inwiMe
so.o:t:itr n a: vs r k tft
Whlek tfoaOy faoUluaas iiwiai o aetaln. wy
ona I
in run. maai tu aoaaaaai
AUlSAIM sad paidw aeoVa, aa a.
njuE XO B)E;t?tri,4Tt rrnt jBt w
Depond upon H, mothers, ft Will iu rett to yonrlrw
UtUBf. AKB 'MALtZ 10 x-OVB' miASli.
. W am put up and awM m anMe for tai yearn
todOAN IA, -IS- CuMVlilGMOBAMnZatrjTliVaflt,
unaim wwi worn m vav a wy iiiiii aeoi.
axtua, TO Cf f HOT A ODBa Be tuily soem. V.
r did w knew aa tnatamwsf daatlafaetloa by aay
who need U. Oa lb oomarary. a vedallrhtcd wtlk- ia
operation!, and (peak in teraa of oommendaUoa of He
magical enaeta an aiadlcai Tlrtue. wo apoak In tbla
matter 'WHAT W Do KNOW;" after ton ware' expe
almoat rrery Initanc tlnri the infant I auSoring froa
pain aod aznsnitlon, relief will ba found In ntieon or
twenty minute after theByrop 1 admlnletored.
Ibis vslnabw preparation I the wnrlMtoa of owe of
tii moat EXPKKlKNOKDaodaKlLUlfl, HOHSkSin
; .: THit79AIfOS On? OASES. '
It notocly rellera th child froa twin, out Invla-or.
ate tb etoaaab aad bHals, oomcts acuity , aad ai'
ton and cnnrr to tb whole antes. It will alaaait
stantly Nllev - - - I , t
and orereom conTumonaY wnlob, tf not ipeodlly Mm
din, cdq in Deem, rre Deuere it go CEOl ana BC.
EST KBMBDZ IS BJ WORLD. In all ouea of OXi
It ante from teeibins. r from aav other mum. iff
would ay to vry BolMrwbonaaoblldinarlngfroa
any of tb foregoing oomplatnt DO NOT LIT YOU
ratjupicas noS tbi pbcjudioisoi oiueba
stand between you and your suffartngohlliLaad tb n-
mat win D purta e. ABOULursi.1 sua to
aw tbo uao of this medicine, tf tlaalr ud. Inil di-
action for atine will acoompany rh bottls. Won
pmaiDv aoini inv ihidiiii i vuaiua jriHK,Xji0
Bold by au vnrtta tluaB0Bt IM world.
Prl tcipal Office, it Cwaar ttreet tt.T,
0C7.d;wly. :" " ' ' -
An EffetlTB, 8 lis and XoonomieaJ
To It original oolor without dyeing, aal prevaoUng
v MwiniMi .winne, a
And earing It, when there U tb nest particle of vltall
- - . or reuprauv energy leaaiaing.
And all etnouaffotioD of Ibe Balp.
ImnartintT Ia It aA BflMilaf stoma ftnrl hrilllfttu wnaVlna
,1Ut ta lu Uxtur' """"t "
lb mat eelebrlty and mcrtaslng demand for this un-
equaled preparation, convince th proprietor tbat ona
trial t only neeeeary to atlify a dbnerning public of It
inpriorqualltlMTrany other preparation In ue. It
cieaneaa tbe head and nolp from dandruff and other
outauvou dutaa, uln th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a hob, soft, gloay and flexible appearance, and
aUo, where tbe bair I loooaalng and thinning, It will gtre
strength and vigor to tb not aad restore. am rrowth to
boa part which her become bald, ouslnf it to yield a
reao ooTvring oi luir
Then are bundrtd of ladle and ttaUtmea la New
Tork who have bad their hair reatored by th aa of tbii
lorlgontor, whea all atber preparation bar failed . L.
M. ha In hi Bianriia lttra Innameraol toatlMnr
to th sbov (acta, froa poraeaa mt lb blgbwt ndaecta
bility. It will effectually prevent th hair froa turning
until tb la tat period f III; aad fat sua wbonftfa bail
ba already changed It oolor, tb oh of tbo Invtgorator
wilt wiu oeruunty reeinra ubuhii original bus, giv
ing It a dark, gloay appearaao. - A a perfume for tbe
toiMcanua tiau neatoiauT it i parttouuriy iwcob-
avring aa agreeatU fraaai aad tea ro av
dlltiea ltaiTorda la dialing tb bale, wbicb, wban molat
witb tb InTtaorator, aa bo draaad In any repaired
form o is to pieieree It place, whatber phunor In curb;
banc tb great demand lor It by tb ladles a a atandard
toilet article wbtch none ought So bo without tb prie
places it wimm to raaca ei au. ooing
Only Twentr-FiTe Cents
per bottle, to bo had at alt satpeotaMe Diaggmt and
L. feTILLIB wnuld call th attention of Parents and
Guardian to tbo aa of bl Invlgonlor, in eaae where
th htldra' Bali mellsee to bo was. Tb aw of It
lay tb foundation lor a food ucux asm-, a It r
moTM any knyurltM that aay bavt beoom oonaootod
witb tb acals toe reaoTal ef wblob I aeeeaar both
fortbobcaUb.af tba child, aad th fntan.appevanceef
iiauair. ...... ' '..:.i .11.
OitmoM. Kone gauulne without th fao-etmtle tOTTTB
BiLLian tw!ng oa in ouaer wnpuei. aaovnv SIIL
LBR BAIB IBTIOOBAIOB, N. Tf., blown la tba
Wbolaaal Depot, M Bop otraot, and soli trw all tbo
principal afarenanu and Druggiaa throughout tb world
iabaral ultoeuat w purcbaau by b quantity.
I alio dailr to praent a bna Aaerlota PubM my
wnlah. aftor year of sdentlfle experimenting, I hare
brought to perfection. It d)Biokr Brown ineaatly
wltboutlBjuryts ta Hair or Bkin) warraoa tb bt
article ot tho ktad la tia ... v
Depot,: 66 -Dey St, New York.
sorsaaawHy.. .
'. i .t r. MBWABX OHIO, v ? - "J
SIaniactnrr wf alt ktn.4 of p
table and Btatlwaarr Hteam Em.-. '
srlaea, tan Bllllo, vrltt ZUlll.
uxii iom iw m. i yslmritiiitni
J. a T. B. PVTAIL MUtmlll .COlOCMffi
S 00. Ataaw,iir,t- iv,v
Our FortaM Rutin and law Kill
Wu award tbolrot poaudam of M at tbaliidlaaa
Stat Pair foe l9 irm Uow oVBodley'l en accauntol
Prio, llghtn, laplioltv, oufniy of fuel
and iQDerior oharattef f hunber awtl.
Ow tatioaary Inirin wo awarded at tb taas lab
tb trat proaluB of 0M0. ' ' '
Our Porabto Indite was awarded On first broahus
108 at th Pair at Memphis, Tn., oror Blandy1 Ca
vaU'a, OotBabso IbBbnoOa'a. and Bradford a 0V.
by a ooaalla of pmctioal Baunad Cnisoer n' i.
iwrnve mmm aroa wunm
, WllVABD WABlfXB, Trossarer,
oHoS-dfcWlyoots. Bewmrk.OWo
OolTJJTXlTJTXg, 013.1,0.
ind Itanaraeanrs-of Braa and 0ihpslaoa Oasttags,
4 PalbdBnusWti1if UDripaM ,1.
STCriCIL cuttimc, ic.
afcl "VdlT-
r Baalnal Wwknoa, ha" BeMllty, Ma reuaiae.to
voluutary Baailii aod -Impeaaoy teauiu froa
Bwirbuw, tto. BRbW . OulTrlbv-M. B-Boot
badwooal, a a puda eavoawoj- So: say iilra.pw
tmidj ou tjitltPS)..inlbfr,OUA. J.0
KU5S. lOTBowary. HewToik. PortOaw Ba. Ms
A. ". - -' !'' - XoatlUAMAw-1
"Tf TlMttt4i -t r-v
itutajtt xtui 1 itwa rem enz ;
rurltf rt krataf
' ( 'MD.tkM ft ttltti -
it.'; i ;, A .., .. tkiv-. .
J .it. A.y
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GOOD FOa LICTDttlRB, j ; ' , 4 , y
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TheyJmpAxt a dalioloot aroma to th trtalh.
Tbey are delightful to ftt test.
Tbey ar mtde of aim pie herb and cannot
harm any ec. ; . . . . .
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everpos wbsauaOoa(wamxpTtas
or a Bad Bnatb, or any dlOUuUy f tt thrnt, t gwt
package of my Tbrot CoataMioati (bay wut seUritj
yoa losaatly, aad yoa will wUk p Cost aB
go right to tb spot - To will find tbea Very aarsl
and plaant while tranling r aUaoAipmbU saot
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My soraature It ca oaok paoVaaa Ait aibsr ar
A package will be teat by Bull, prepaid, a ssssistof
Thirty Cut. ' " .
Address, r:,-: . .
, Henry O. Spaldiog,
90. 49 01DAB ItBSBZ,
By th as of these Pills lbs periodic attack f jttt
tout or Ski Bfimqkj ajay as prwnaUd; tad If akoa
at tb oamoDooaMBt of aa attack laadlM relief fraa
pain tad ticks will be obtained.
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prows ad aad rltvd vast samta of pais aad suffer
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tyataa or froa a deraagedaaa of to ssnatwi.
Tbey are ectlruiy vageakis to tustr sesavaUka, at
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jUmarma Nt fast render U oaay Sf aifaaale'av laoa
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a eaoh Box. - ; - r
Sold by Drugglats tad all other Dsslsrt bt BedJeSboS
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Isoaa Sn B.itmlusy BorSalk, Ta. m
They bT beee bated a aor than a I
' from UN tooorat, St. Oaat, ta,'- ?
If yoa are, or hav taa. troubled with Ba hassano
rndtv boa.(CfbaUopllkU Ntkatpow aay.hav
iaUasf sa alack. , t;..
'w lJroa th Adrirtlar, rreTidaaoa, B.'t-'"
Tb OesbalU PUli ar aid to b a roaaiaaly effactrr
raeaedr for tb hadaaho, sa M of th very hat at
that vary freaaont oolahaV.wbloh has evor bees di
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froa th Wosara . . aaatts, waoaga, Hi.
We heartily sndora Mr. Swwldiat. aad hi annraled
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list that baa nooive Sbmb olbor swdicta a
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Th laaen waent ar the arttaj .Cabala Pill
It npMly bMreaalng, ,
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