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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 09, 1861, Image 2

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ot.u ttau.au. Ntwipmr Offle. Th rcnt difficulty
land An aeie-
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rriiiw irtliAk tb ,Statma,eipouei, aw
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tf'.t'xVr.r At thAortuiA Rrl
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of i!iy1.iW,twiprf tb0,,g" ?
jfcltfiiiufcSr rtssoa forniiA- ft' frsal,js
, thai tannotf 1 the asceasarypsrr
BglWl- Pah. Ohio tUMMV.
Democratic Union Nominations.
vEitfgh. T.'' Jewett
- HailK
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. ,nr ! 1
Democratic Union Nominations. Northern Disunionists and Southern
Democratic Union Nominations. Northern Disunionists and Southern Secessionists.
'afrwt, hicfi Is claw by
AdmlnitrUon journals among the Union paperi
TTMftJkotbifliSffmje'Of the Republican lea4r
ra. mii. tbe4a,enouDced treasosj tbe
ldett:cttttag-6tr attooal difflcoltiea
mhtr wxrOsxa-Wlotf rrmi, tod may Ae,
dic6eredbatafter alUheir crki-to tbe kaOr
ftaryj&ey bMe1tfeh wotting for a diiwIutMrl
of theTJnI0 T 7 d H
There are t tubboraacU that seem to give
to the atatement'tn tha, latter cUnie f, be
TTCCiSe&elitt ePdarffoMttiitioo,'
MiiWketbeebJapobtieMieadt and -atlt tori
kji.; u-uAiM .'faiiA that Ao'me of tbeta do.
ek'D'"bWdiy"aamrt of J aoobi;, xne seputfun
tbti WnlcafeVnd 8 policy tbej .hj.teod
teadet 'ib malotenwcj fif.lbe $to:aMt3-.
TbtT eo,lB.!rft Jft(tf(jDlimatei, aU
...rDM at etUioa.oor. dUPnalflee bj( efie-
. tijn apppniM.,JHer&re,tU our peat
JtiflflJaj.di siUm bate beec MtUe&ia. th wy,
tkA lWaaimd frOn 4iKtaMmint--
m iBat ReinbtleaDe eet Mit Ah't
,.. .I.. hwil fa" tie adttJuie'dTibS South,
dtcriW44 aaret agala 4e. kaooUer to the
South They.wiM eoooer iet UN union euae -
FtiJfChll IVlheUion otceiWon-
Ube.djueinet( ftf aM our diSerenoM froa the
Tof mntiBB llf tnn nni'ti tn'H"" iownwardj (be
cjb;bMiryeW JiJ?'
lUi ahtnbjnlt jonget-toNotqiera
J dletatirt "m4 eonttel, -be; deolre they prefer
VlWW eDeion; afcdjllte
:rT7 Th tra mdoI ai the North who eannot lee
v.) hetwpeoplet outn jnw aawise, tw
U U 1 '
itere .ertreotDp!iinrfWn " inteiu.
Swl i 'iWper'tint :ialp. 'thitougblj o-J
'Jnjiifit4Jti oui 'peBt'poliacfllVT U
ax .eieto. 'ire ere eatlifledr wtmld bej At tbe ben
M nta f lb Vaio bat bees ai' equWW dUtiibu.
tea to van nonn tna eontn, ua vupdkiodbi
n esteereniee-eettMu gerwrat thing, fapon
eteee of the oeee-and rltrfinBltt w be
Vature'irould permLueoifolaeJn
3JH Wtwrteflia'eUteimW 3
Ujarii. 'hew'eeni 4b t'r ectfo tor
erotchmenta byOAe .tjpon .the otberlirlf n"6,'
ksta'iud W A ieaifal 'ciiU'waf. iei oie of
rW'pWeei;.? bkrbWlrtl, lcUeUe
rtrhkb-AeiTUUed u4 enHghieeMd natlo eV
Ji'drftVDhteT4Wt fijjb tto t3phtb
u Otttbiaf MraUy-tlll thejatter'eoneen to
lera SeeceetMlott witt battle 4e Jorth -e osg
'"""aalSeioa A iolJIer1 .or 4 doDia money,
d WeWibelr aemajjdf Tatr'mce(led.c,tTettber
party It rlgbti but both ere wreng niwofully
eluded. 8pohf ? dgniet': brntellfeeat.
Mbee3Mtb lem wM toeffree teKlfptione
. erflWiaolot Di4 00 M 'iborV
"-w.-irw-ri' flreifrtaf.,,altjd5ftlt;'ef the
Itreat mate of tbe American people. ' Teey wUJ
ZKyd 1fi"fytmbili.ti 'be 7 JTortlTMij b
lee(r0!jlf Otf .fct(,'by
' c'Wr iasaM 'eUifey. dace ichlef ougn; al
(tesdj''tt fcui(be etopped- The polnte in
.pate neti bo Ctfinitely twertatned, and ad
jj: ..jppunejiet end equitable terme ae taay
' be. asait oof former national eooflicte bare
; VT Jdn p)BB(Itf..bi ;l?nnd the namet
and matofBtee of the .Pemoemtio 9eta- Cea
ClwrBAafowMTlopoatoflloaB'of Maesre. Hm
." fx,rif Jcte'iit not known. jWe
niJaaUhiih tbeeaAaaoonaa we are informed
wberat! . fctOr- b,,V-!0
f-ii'7 &l
if The JuwiiUoa Lm&r7t Cleveland the
Trr.'st Kt.rown and I," don't bke tb reiola
--oaa-f the-Oeuwwalle Conventlon4- fit
sCJiiWritForr 11 onIy.re5drf,:ranrinilKidied
; rwwfcl.:;..t.Maf tbljlsrlfthrjR.f
nil tomtlta tn 'yxK soldier cot of the) car-
't.,.ge, tii .uatf.f would; b(a, iuuorsean ejn.
Too bfld.. Jla'rf wlati'-pi 4.r ;!tmf,ut th1 rol-
cnteers. That's what harts Ki wsw's.virgah. .
The State Journal—The Convention.
StWirothbl i net, hbor of JurN?4 r
i-4d.W difficulty in getting W ,D
'at ,ictVaW thiacuV of M CmTinUoo.
..a a .A LU kA
Every candid person It satitneti.oi
. ; V a. ..ll... Mm OS tD
an prvuiuftiuui v-w-. ... t ( i
trouble. We are aorry we cannot, owj'-jj -
dUlike to mo any one tortured. '
W bad B4d thatbt ConmtfW '
adofi reaoUtlonaeaii. o' "fi
I. t.. .k. tina-ae wmU antittMtlonablf lie
thaibeiVerfr'aBgi y i - '-"'t;'
' The rewlutie. ratatiTO te the ttnoonitlwf o.
eerew act, ; evidently ' Vvf uMefimei -It
think wm outrageoiu w ttieregaru e
ioa of Vtbe hlgbeati law officer tl the oountry
(blo the judiciary) c 'Ibla" iUbject,'' .be
h fee'eiti '"recorded.' 'a .proroundly leaned
'n;nin aeilfW eoooaUioA-4oh.tb eenie f
ie.- It )e h'e flrat fltb'iV'Y? 'berd
ani t tntltoate that ihoiVao of toe Il(
(opald b'beyd.M egajnitbeopinioa of the
Cif Jomci of the Supreme Court." r" i , ,
W.Btmit tbe blgbert law 'bfficJr'llfllow
toe ficUtJt." " ; Would ,tho fprmt.
adopt feu opiueo e uewpuuoD
Ity Mr. BatMT ' WhtoB we mow bou'
fUBdlTe 'on a ohmuob Ttf eonetituwonai w
Wnat' wouti our neighbor think If would
pal onrar4 ibapJntoA o:Attokbey OenerU
Meaaiv ef Obir,gtilf that or the Chief Jul
Mee of tbe 9orm4 $orj;o OMo Nonienee,
nalsbbor.t .(. n.i '
M TbO OTlUclemaof the Jearaef ontke doings
n ih ContenUon .are on a pa' uu'
Thi 7ri'remrltriout a congioiBCT-
tii. . , . . .j
ate" acket are particularly reiretoicK wou
Is laboViDg fliliyto tryaild get pemocrate Jo
"Cpngtdmerat"! the AbojiUonUte, to aiaka
aiicketDalataHe if Uwn tested a r I s
It is no better pleased with the nomination of
John Huuewf, ftan an otbrf of,on
beet dWajed.Uh Mi. Babbuon are eince
Fe votet Bi&l WHkl aalfit Binis for BpeakeTi
after Barks bad said Jbt. in a certain contia-
nrVii would let the union slide,; 3 But e
-at cotf'- . ' T
think thm'kneeoMM evideoce tut BeaoM not
iTtnBettnf wlth'OIrtifldn AbbH!onIsm.:t, f b:u
J tph'. trn1 fa' nni ra.all rliaiWd at the
courA.Of UjWnTni0 HI conawmnioa; w
"extraragince and corruption" and traudso
the'tasiigeineni bf war 'mstters'at Washing
tan ead Columbus-,1; Whether th Conrentlon
wi' jueiifled. in tbie or awt we submit to tbe
Cincinnati Otmrnertial bne Of the most violent
Repubtirtt; paperi Jn tbe State". It fald, on this
, I'TbeCuicuinaUOtrtsv walcb, irom axpci
iac eorraotioA and denouncing imbecility , tie
recently, taken to glossiagover failure and de
fending official maiieasanoe, oevoies a ooiomn
ta a itafaaa.oI Cmnltoa.- Carrlnewa A Co.
against th pebUc eondeianatlso; lte chief ar
guaeot consists of a deprecatory plea against
Mecradind the-character and deeds of th
State and: bringing her fair Yams Into con
tempts if, -the military law firm which dii;
BeraM oactraeui and jreoerai orders from Co-
lumbner h tet vi Ohie, there might
beeomeaenteiathissaggeeooa-. iwukiii
whole artlole ia a incaaiana esdearos lo later
pee to State at Ohio, ita loyal and patriotic
people, and ita brat and reedy volunteers, be
tween to aionaers sua -ntiaree oi omoiai in
oomDetenU aad the pobilo eeniure-" - o,J;
"th Oaxttu knowe, as well as jw do, that
the history of the daUaiatratloa of military
affairs la this Stats has been e ml neatly dierrae-
f al thai the promise of th Goramor were out
of. all proportion to hit perfevaaaaeetj that cor
rapt and Miauling- oontraeta were given out re
peatedly, thnmghthev bUndaaa or eonntranpe
of nmeiala who ought to know avturthat bur
rolnatoeea were trifled with, and mad tbe vic
tims of circumlocutions, delsje' and frauds
wbioh good buaineea management would have
voided ( thaleneney baa -been (quaadered, and
sreaioo time Joollahlr wasted; and that, to
great and a glaring hu been the miscosduct of
affairs, that tnepwas oi una eaty aas unani
ntoneiy, nntil th Qitttti't tardy apology, oo,v
demned the beads of th Stat administration
for lnexonsable- neglect of duty. It is, there
fore, so lata in the day; ven if there has been
great reoent taprovameat, for the Qul i$ to
seek to whitewash the nark chapters of oar mil
itary management! or to waver th nakedness
of cor official, maltaasaao by expettetiag upon
the anthuslasm and efficiency and accomplish
ment of our. brav soldiery i-We say to tbe
Oacsttt, thai Ohio baa acqospUabed ao -touch
toward ibeaid ei th Oarer aaveot, not became
oi the maoageneov of. th .mUKary beard at
Columbus, bat la spit of thek management.
Tbe people, end the brave, eeit" sewUclgg vol
uateere ha don U alWor Marly alls and It
would hardly b extra vagmrtt te assert, that If
Ooveraoi. Pennison and Adjuntnt-fianetal Cab
ringten had beta kind enough te stand out of
the way entirely, she peopl would have tonnd
means to rganl;,tb whole matter ; more
speedily, efficiently and. eooBosucally than It
has now been, done' r-ul' "
Befora th Jmrnl takee the' Democrat, to
task, we ouid togest it py some atteqdoo to
iU fejlpwlifpuioan" organ at tlninnU-
A Dismal Face.
ui an ue torrowiut oounte
oountenancea w ver
beheld, thai pfth editor ioi Csawufttrf
was the "moat wo?' "He earn op 'th Con-
tenMoi with hit 'weaibarpthedtl iaagl-
natioij wrought ,np ta tit highest pitch. A
general flit nl'h ce14eBtiy 'expected; me de-
scrWtidh which wonld' bar sold a1 Ursa
numbet Wd.'pW VtwV cent, etckli-: A
BaljoJumn-. of jteoilng headllni were'n
ready, M fill wka U tdlsraptkn of the Detaoo-
racy,' 6 fht IndoTsemeiVbL loody (oei.
slonr'' , tfiougbi ycld .bear j say,
whetAievof fadlatbes Pettoeratn anitast
they don't get np a f ghtiM but they did not, and
TntaKatwr ht.tTtlinr nsy-eoc, under
taitspi6Vsfts4n:told-"Jt Thie-il a new
moflebf giving tttttenrV'faWbooasi withont
Incurring tbe tesponajbilitx' of th; authorsbi.
I Infact,Ui,BAt)rrin,i mleikm.iras decld.
iy spoiled b she actte nt tVd' Cowvehttoo.
When weawn1m Jwt; beUkWjllke' he had
ioet hU jae dear trlehdi'We wereiorrj; tot bint,
h looked disappointed l He; .bewevev; an
dlalv aati in kls tetter f '""9. tbt ''''
" 14 "ft ttef wm baDfulV puktf li' 4h
whale ktFi.lt. ' There Was an' IrrilmiuiMn jSam.
fliot, bat tt ws iuppreed b the force olye-
ecratieditcipiiue. l Be vonrentioo -wee; tbe
moat retpentaw.ynoort tnf eatioo, ia toe
talentr-cbaracter and deporttfeaUo, ,DIa
gstes, tht I har aeQV.J ,Jvtio ad) FX t 'till.
Th motto u ' jrhtt HiCsWaOtamefor
no person fiddled for him to doc..i h. j
County Meetings.
rOsvtlhlDedTogl of number ol Iht
county meedngt of our" friends, with tb re
quest that ftey bdVubfaned lb the' StiUm
Somen theM.ppyaol-ima Mdf jalf-
inere neiog eignty-eignt counties in tne state,
and each talnvuTg ibd deserving th Mm cop.
alderatloa stonr bandstt will b Impossible for
ue to comply1 with their requests.1 The primary
tftlt9W(bti(fUfh$ltt, w no bay
to deal with tbe aggregate. We shall endeavor
ft b'k&toto? Vt-' tb rjottgi' f!
friends In all the counties In the fefate-, wit l t
upinmaons buiSc" V.W" K kP u friends
will i)be absolute cMity of our Jursnirg
tiiit eoiusi .!. S- ''sw
Sustaining the Policy of the Administration.
Tt .Republican cry bat ben rung through
oat th oouotry agalMt , every man who re
fuaad to Indorse the unoonsatutloual acta of Mr.
ljicoiA..WbU .1 Ulrb.eidow, wl-n
TTntUil Blntaa Bnta. oomDoaal almost SBtltslj
af Repubunt, refuse td pas lh jolal tefclu
tlon indorsIng-Wt acttf 'It Vae before fte
Seaate 4 loot tlmeIta title wsa, "Joint teeo..
lutlon "lo approva'and coufi rm certain aota of ths
PrvsJdSDt of th .United Sftatee rot supptsssing
ioturrsotSon' the rstol'utlonwas as follows:
" ''Whereas, since Vie adjournment of Congress
on tbe 4th day of March last, a lormldable In
surrection In certain States or tbit Union naa
arrayed Itself in armed hottlUty to ue wovern-
... ..... , . . .1 ... .1 1 1 . A
mini nr tba JJoltM Bhaiaa. OODBUIUtluuavj
ministered i nno mhernaav the President of the
United, State -dtd, pneer a Mweoruinery -IgencUe.
thua presentad, eaercls certain pow
er and adopt certain measure for the preserva
tion of this Governmeat tbat it lo eay k'lrst.
Ma Mi. on the 15th dav of A wll last, lee his
the several Stales for
seventy-five theusand men, to suppress tuoh In
surrectionary oombioauons, ana w oaase ,.u
lawa to- ha faithfullv executed. Secondly.' He
did. on tha 19th dav .of AorlL laet, Iseus a
proplamatlpo; aettiflf on loot niocteas es
ports .within . ue outee ot oeuw ,vniuu,
Georgfa. AUbaia, Florida, Mississippi, Louis,
lana and Taxes. . Third!.. II did. on tb'37tll
day of April last, issu a proolamaUon estab
lishing a blockade of the pone within the
Statu, of Virginia and North Carolina., Fourth
lv. He did, by. an oraer or we . oay i
... P a . . i a , r
April last, addressed to the Commending Qen
r.l of tha Aim of tbe United States, author
lis that officer- to suspend the writ of Aa
etrput st any point on or in the vicinity or. any
military line between , toe eny oi rauwieipDia
and the nit of Waahloston. . FifthlV. H did,
on tha 3d dav of Mav last, issue a aroolamatioo
calling into too service oi ue vdimh dw
fort two thoiuand and thirtv-four.. volunteer.
. . .. . . . i T r . J
increasing the regular Army by the addition of
twenty-two tnousana seven nuparea ana ioar
teen men, and tbe Navy by an edditioe of rigb
teen thousand setmea. - Bixtblf- lie did, en
th 10ih da of Mav lasUlssu a Droclamatlcn
authorizing the commander of the iorce f the
United States on lae coaa. oi r,oriuie sua
nand . the writ of habtt cortui, if necessary
All of which proclamation and orders bao
beeq lubmUtedto. tbU Congress.., Hew, there
for. . '. .. " i".. : : It '
B w reiofpM.,.ea''Ms 5f Hmn of
RtpraenMiv of th VnUtd Sftf Pf Jimru
is latere $$mouaK iatp an o uf i miwr
Hinavtf ant.. npu.l.mationa. and orders, herein
before mentioned, be, and the eameare hereby,
approved and declared to be In all reepeota legal
sod Valid, to the asms Intent, and with tbs sams
erTecl, as if they bad been issued ana oone nnoer
tbe previous expceas sutborlty and direction of
the Conrrees of IDs uoiiea sisiea: rrw.
That nothing herein contained shall be constru
ed as ssthorizios a permanent increase, of tbe
Army or Navy . -j r- j,., ,.,tjj
Mr. Sherman gave evidence or boltioep , He
'Mrf. Aidant;' it wss my purpose quietly t
vote ftgalnet this resolution without expressing
any opinion about It; but tbe attitude in which
the question ia now preeeniei, ma n oner
r for ma to suhmit simnlr the remit of my
Judgment, made without passion or prejudice.
"Too cm tnree acts enumsraicu tu ue pre
amble Of this resolution, I would vote heartily
to approve. I believe they were rigni ana pro
per strictly legal, tnd strictly cjQslitutlonal.
I believe that tbe President, bad tbe tight, and
that It was his duty, to issus ths proclamation
of April last... I believe ho bed a right, it was
a part of tbe power , of suppressing sn inaurreo
tion, to blockade tbe ports Of the United 8tetes,
or any oi them; 1 do not believe the President
of tbe United States bat tbe power to impend
ths writ of Msi csryas, because that power ie
expressly fciven to Congress, sqd to Congress
alone. I do not "believe the President of the
United States hu tbe power to Increase the reg
ular army; because that power It expressly giv
en by tbe Constitution to Congress alone; and
therefore I cannot vote for either of tbe leal
tbr-e propositions ths fourth, tha fifth, or the
sixth. Still I approve of tbe nation of the Pres
ident. 'I belters the President did . right. He
did precisely whtt I would have dona if I bed
been In bis nltce--D0 more, no lets; but! can
not here, In my place, as a Senator, under oath,
declare that what he am ao was legal, i may
ssv it was proner. and was j unified by tha ne
cessity of tbe ess; but I cannot her in any
place, under, oatbrdeclere that It was strictly
feral, and in consonance with th provisions ol
the Constitution." I tball therefor be compelled
to vote aralnst the resolution, although I in.
dorse and ratify and approve, as a matter of
prone necessity, every ao( or the Aomuustra-
NUU, ...... .- .I.,,-
.' A motion wu made to. smuggle .thereeolu
tioa by referring li td' th committee on tbe
Judiciary, wbioh wss voted dowh,by tbe follow
r YsasMetsrs. Brownings Chandler, Colla
met, Cowan,! Doolittle, fssseaden, Grimes,
Hals, Harris, Howe, King, Latham, Morrill,
Thomson, TrnmhuU, Wad, and Wllinot 17, ,.
,Msyw-Msasre. Baker, Brecklnrldre, Bright,'
CarlUe, Clark, Dixon, Foot, Foster, Johnson of
Missouri, KenneiXAn of Indiana, Lana of
Kanaaa McDeogaU, Fear, Folk, Powell, RIm,
Saulabnry. Sherman, Banner, Ten Eyck, Wilk
inson, and Wilmi-S3. "
''.'Erirj Sir. Bmcxbtwdox tried, to fore tbea
to vU on jb resoIuUoriarnbbed it under their
noses.: H saidc 'i n ;i.j.-' t
I shall not rot myself for the motion t refer
tnit resolution to tn ,eommiKe on me Juaid
ar - It has nnderrona tha scrutlnv of A com
mlttee. : It wat introduced her at an early day
of tb Mvston. Senator war carer to vote
upon tt. It bai been discussed, hu been open
to discussion for weeks-opn to amendment for
weeUj'wrery Senator it perfectly familiar with
It) It has keen oeforc the Senate ervn ana again.
If w aver intend to vote npon It, let' he vote
onoa itnow. Tb only rratitleatlori that I de
rive from tb motion of th Senator from Wit
oonein Is- tb confirmation it affords to what I
had the boo or to remark short-time ego, that
the 8enate does not intend to past the resolution.
I not glad It doe not; but It doet not seem dis
posed to vote directly, but wilt wnsirn tt to tbe
rageooa ot tmitterrjotn.'? r
",The resolution tai Informally laid aiide.ana
con.iouea in iuai coautuon lor seme uayi.'
in tb last noun or th session, jor, vYIMOR
of Msaaa'cliaietfss moved to. take of the resolu-1
tloa. ',,'fc r ..";.')!. .
TM. DootiTTLt w .Wlwonsln, to avoid
a direct rote on tb resolution, moved tngo tit
exscutir esloi tbe motlett was test, yeas 90,
Ml 81. aa fnllnwn .IL.
L. - ti 'i. -'', "' -3" 'I .
Till. Matatttaw' ll.rar. H.aL .Binfri.m.
uariu, hanouer, -wouamer, l)Uoo,Uooilttle,
Fessendw, Foot. Hulan. Kinr, Lass of ICansae.
Morrill, .Powell, Rica, Saulebury,' .Thomson,
Ten bjca ana wumo-.-ii.,ti , p.. iuh ' .., ,
Nats Messrs, Breekltwldes.BriohC Brown
log, Clark, Cowan, Foster, Crimes, Howe,
Johnson of .Tennessee, Johnson of .Missouri,
Kennedy, Lne of, Indiana, iatoam, lcUot'
gal, Polk, Fomeroy, 8brraan, Saraoer, Wade,
vviimsoniknyKiispnrT!i.t!f (vr n ru
Sveoteea ol tb twenty-ebe were Repub
licans. ..'-':si
Mr. jBarcitstBdJ fam aa
- b,a: rtonjWs ! .-a..'
. Ha said, that at an arlv cart ei this aeasion
Sena tors wr vary enxibna to rote for this reso
intloa, approving t all Ueacta ot the PreaU
dnV- Mow.theMaMmed tOx b a reooU.i He
thought il a goad mgv.- ,
J-Bat It Wonld'DOtdd, tley dared not' face tb
mutl6. '''"..-.
Let nt bear do more abont Democrats -re fus
ing to,' suataia th qneoneiitutional act of the
Pcesideet, when hit own frleada car' tot do
by ftslr refcordtrl vetee' ' Thrproposltloh wu
tdo butrsgeodi for f ren Kepubucani to swallow,
if f liUfiuimrw avravi n, .. -:iaj
Delegates to the Convention.
u.,'i cm i I,
'i'rbegeotetarteAof th Convention' hat not
furnlancdjui with the report of tie committee
on Credentials, ani. we are tberstors unabl t
publiah Hat f th delegates from tha ssveral
oanUef wf thi Stt.w''. sO" -; ai ' M
State Central Committee.
K 1. ! Chan. Rale. Cincinnati. K i
9. John 8oblf,CinolnnaU yf
J. K. Bollmeyr, Dayton.' .jT
4. D. L. Meeker.'
6 W. 1. Jasksan. Buorrttl.
pTI efJoo,. O. MarshaU, asorgetowa- -
r ,7., Wan, A. Johason. orrow. . ,
VlA Daniel Bnydsr, Wstvlll.J ( )
J Jl ' O. Berry, Jrv- '
10. L. W. SiOord. Chlilicome. :
11. VJno. ;Tuthlll,Lanoasterr"
t-,: 19. - Wayne Orlswold, viroievwe..
u 13. John Whttbeck, Norwalk.
14. Jno. B. Young, Medina..
V i A .1. M.anar1 Ml VarooD. e. ''(, 1
' Jv I6J Amoa Layman, Harmsr, nradhWgtdn
;;("' 'T1." county. ' h ": "-'Tjt'' rd
17. ' M. Gaston, Cambridge
18. . O; W.McMsal C.i
19. A'. Hughes, Clsveland.
..,,!... D.M. Wllsoo, yoangstowB.. to?
' ' ill. Jaa. McKinnsy, Steubenvllle. .
i AH meeting of th But Central Commit
tee, Pr. Wath Gsjswolp wat alsoted chair
man, and Dr. Wat. A. JoHNtoa, Secretary. ;
Sin'L MtDAiy, G. W. Manvfinnt, Jaooa
Rii-aisn, S. R. Hosnia. and J. F, Boixniiia,
war appointed State Exccutivwl Committee.
The Chairman and Secretary of Central Com-,
mlttee are x-offlolo members of aald Commit-
WM. S. JOHNSON, Sec'y.
Ths Toledo BUdt is trying to wriggle
Abe'.' out of bis fix about the IU Judged Attack
at Bull Ron. The BlA make a poor out hi it-
It .1 imU settled, that th move waa mad against
th judgment of both Generals. .Soofr ; arid
MoDowaxL. , Than, whose work was it? Did
the more take place at the .comrHapd, pf 'Gen
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
Alexandria Secessionists Again Active
Heat—Reforms in Conduct
of Soldiers.
This morning tome 500 or 600 troops tinder
Brigadier General JHcuail moved nn toe roio
mac to th vicinity of Great Falls. A ford is
sear lhem,sanposed t be under thr consider
tijn of tbe enemy with' a view to crossing. ! -It
Is not ford able for artillery or wagons. Ileavy
forces, now distributed, are amply sufficient to
thwart anv attemnt to cross the Potomao-
' Oar Hues of communication extend complete
and unbroken from here to Harper's f erry.,
: Alexandria' ecesslouista arain very active;
They do not hesitate to tamper with soldiers,
to Indue tbem to desert. ..
Tbe heat it fearful. Congressmen nearly all
gone. i t. . - I .....
Military drunkenness and disorder bava ft)
moat totally disappeared from Wesblngton.
CAIRO August 7.
Em.Cvsj :
Eds.Com : Csird Is aolct. i Cape 'Girardeau
Is fortlflsd and can rapel superior rebel lorces.
Thompson is twenty miles bsck pn the Charles
toa road. - Steatfer Emrree arrived at' Cape
Girardcao from St. Louis, with th9th Mlseourl
and MoArtbar's IHinols . Reglmente,- 8b re
turned to Cairo.' Bird's. Point ia being exten
sively fortified. -Th 34 Miseouii-Regiment Is
. . o - r . i
noony npeciea mere irom ot. iauh, io u iui
iowed by two more Missouri regimenti to-mor
row, tweUing tbe force to ten thousand Fre
mont U expected, -forthwith. , ; Tb steamer
Pochshontas. with sixty bogsbesds of tobacco
for Lsaisville, wss seirsd by the rebel In Ten
nessee river 'at the State line. A - ' " v
Iofleentiel oartlea are openly recruiting lor
the rebel at Padueah, K.jji-?'S .jc '
Henderson county, Kygave fifteen hundred
Union jnajorlty.Vr ! .J. X. A .t I
Tbs river counties, except the river towns,
gave small secession majority. ;
, The steamer Llbeiian paesed Cairo Jar, St.
Louie..-. . I ! CN
Six foot water at Sonffletown. '
Tbe following proclamation la circulated in
Missouri rebel district " .i ' 1
"Aroute, Mlssourlant! Strike for your r
tides and bom! .'. Having been elected to" eom
mandth gallant on a of' the Pint Military
District of Missouri in th second war for Ind
peodeno, 1 appeal to all whose heart at with
as, to immadiataly tak tb field, i By a speedy
and limoluraeoae march npon our foe' w can,
likt a burrlcanejtcatter them; to tb winds.-
Tardy aetion, like the gentle-south -wind, will
only meet with northern, frosts and advance
aad recede like tbe seasons will be tbe history
ot the war, and It will laet forevC-.Cou.e
now and strike whllt th iron it hot. 'Out ene
mies have been whipped. in Virginia. They
have been whipped in Missouri.,- General" Har
dee ad ranees ou tbe center, General Pillow on
tbe right, and General McCulloch on the left,
with 20,000 brare Southern beam to our aid.
Bo leave your plough and furrow, and your oi
In bit yoke, and let ut ruth Ilk a tornado npon
our invader and toes, to iwte tbem. from , the
face of th earth, or force them from tha eoll
of our Stat. - Brave sow of the Ninth Dis
trict, come, loin us. W have plenty of ammu
nition, and th cattle on- thousand bills are
ours. Wnav forty tnousana Belgium mus
ket ooming, but bring your gnu tod nlankete
Vfi yon yon can ir yon nave mem r not,
eome wUbouin Com, turn out, fall in. u . 1
a, j "firlgadler-Generaf Commanding." '
D. M.
Mr. Pondleton's Resolution.
Tb followlnmcoruot
by our Repreeentttlre, Mr. Pendleton, la tbe
U erase of iiepresentatives, wa nor isiegrapnea
m tt report ent Weett-'1 1 i ...
"Mr. Pendleton offered tt following reso
lution: -.i . Pi - t:1 I. -J U I -
"Retclvtd, That, under th Censtftntiob, tbe
rights, powert and duties of all tb State are
equal; that tbe union is lounaea in tnis equali
ty i mat, in oraer ta maintain ue uoniuinuon
and tb Union, this equality must b preserved;
that very nonest esort to perpetuate th Union
must be maae laacooraaaeo wiu tn ionstitu
Hon. and with anarcoa to atalatala tblreoual
ity; that an attempt on tb part of th Federal
Government to eubtugat any ox tn state ana
bold thrar srTerrltOrler, or At province, or in
any position inferior tb tbtt of. every other
feiata, -or to interfere with their 'State Govern.
mania, or with their domestic-Institutions, or to
abolish or t interfere with Ha very within their
llmitav would be an attempt to destroy tblt
tonality, and would, if successful, subvert tbe
Cooetitatloc aad th Unload I
"Rttittd.- 'therefore, bv tha Senate and
ltdus of Representatives, That Congress doe
solemnly deolsr that hostilities against tb
tallsd Confederate State shall b so, proseent
td as to oforc obedience to' tb Constitution
and tb law paased In eoordanca therewith,
and tbatthey shall not b to proaeonted a to
redao to a position of Inferiority any of tb
Biate. to interier witn tneir .nut uovarn
meote. o to abolish slavery within tbelr limit
"Mr. liutculns et Ublo ratsea ue point or
rder. end the Sneaker sustained him.'! .
' Mr. Huthlot It tb .Abolition sucsewor of
o.huoR. Glddlngs, front th Western Reserve
of Ohio.' Under tbe rules on simple objection
tsfileed to defeat tb Introduction af. th reeo
lutlon.--01. Jsngawsr. v -. -n isa-i i
Mr. Pondleton's Resolution. A Gloomy Picture.
Th Chlctro T.SM vsrv tratbXulIX ayti
"Tber Is do dlrtetiea In which w gak which
doe not present torn poiitir impending evil
th result of tb lencranc and partisan blind
nesa of tb Republkaa leaders.- Thus tt if
universally ooneeded thai tn aiam at Bun 'Kan
were murdered 'by tb VyBton; ' Lovejm,:
Chandler. Grtelers. and other -of that; Ilk.'
To lb snn, too, w msy impute the probabil
tty that European natlooe will rseognlt the
reber- government, and tbwcrjrjfldence Wblob
that fact, tnited 10 tb recent" victory, will give
to th rebel themselves. We' have now
another and unexpected tonroowf danger; which
msy be traced directly to th fanaticlim of tbe
aien.iil Mexico ropreheotlon are beginning
te be felt, that th tawe will b freed, through
tbe Influence of thee political adventarers, aad
that, as they aanaot atcyiveSoath, aad will
not be permitted to raiirrt to th Morth, tbey
wilt tekV refute In tb Mexican States, nd
evernin them with tb worst population ' under
1 tb too. : 0 ir so that everywhere anti-slave
ry, whiok U wa preeiaimea on ,verytuop ta
the land last fall would attract to nt tbe sympa
thy of all tha natlest and wonld Isolate tbe
South,' I '.eally tbe. greatest weaknesswhloD
power on the face ol lb carta wm. abandon a
dollar or endure an inconvenience pecans ana
North' elected Republican President, of b
teeee revolted Bute bold men in bondage."
Prisoners at Manassas, etc.
A Richmond
id.'corr,etpondint th 'Miaphi
T .ml a.t.nlx Into ana ol the mllltarv DriS'
ont, wher torn 450 of thoi takpn-at Mna
eea are kept in confinement,-and held quit;
satlon with several of tbe
number.'' If very variety or tone, irom iua v.
Insolent defiance te) that of penitent sorrow,
was manifested by th prisoner.. Every cltst
Of llf wat represented among them, except
that of tha pteodo nioney-arlstocraoy of the
larg cities.- I saw a flne-looklug bov of tlx:
teeu, well grown, high spirited, from Mssachur
setta; be came, be said, to defend the cajltar,
and bad no Idea of coming into Virginia;.. An
other young fellow told us, toey had not expect
ed any serious .resiBtabce,' beoause theywere
stir the Strong Union party of the State would
rise up everywhere to Jolo them M tbey ad
vanced. ' Beauregard would certainly fall back'
th thnnirhf: before such A Powerful army ae
that of McDowell.' 'Several declared that if
aver they cofild get home safe and sound,' they.
rnnM m Llnnnln dfe dft'd befor' tbeV WOuid
trer fight against1 the' South gain. Part of
three or four regiments Asserted that they Were
forced ibto the fight for ' their term Of enlist)
ment ' expired' on : tWe'lSih' of- July, and they
Would have gone otok Norths only tbe ooicers
would not let tbem off. "'-.--' ;;1 ' I '
"i Upon On point 'they were unanimous. fTb
column of MoDowell had no effloers fit for com
mand! It -would be absolutely necessary to get
some. rDoubtlea tbie is true, but officers, like
noble trees, are not grown in a month or a year.'
One of the prisoners, Hon. A. W. Ely.moinbef
of Congreee from in western pan oi tue oit
r N York 'whom aha authorities, with a
meroiiul consideration for tha refinement of bis
Congressional manners, bad caused 1 to be) re
moved from the society of Ellsworth's "Pet
Lambs" b) another apartment), complained very
much of the hardness of his lot. He wat a non
combatanti ha had notblns whatever to do with
tb fight; bo only earn out from.Wathingtooto
look ea, as he would have oome to a race be
tween Ladv Suffolk and Flora Temple, or a mill
between Morrisiey and Heeuan. , He came in a
buggy; ao be had Intended to return, only tb
Ceutrerille fiU tAawiprtre folks, in thslr hasty
retreat bad driven their carriage over tb shafts
of bis vehicle and broken them off.. He bad,
therefore, been 'took',' at a, disadvantao. .tI
wss abanrd to considsr blm a'prisonsrof war,"
since wax was something ha had no knowledge
. . . . . f 1 U .1 1 1
oi, ana tooa no par in,, vw,ul " 'mm '"B
erent looking person than tbe Hod. A. W, Ely
I. U k. LlflnJ I '
A good deal bt solicitation waa tried upon th
President 'to obtain, ; the ' discharge of Messrs .
Magraw and Harris," who were arrested tb day
after tba battle on tb plains of Manassas, and
brought to Richmond, but he very epeedily set
the artnlloanta for their enlargement at rest by
f declaring tbatthey abonld remain pr boner sj dur
log the continuance or tne war.-i ; n rtv
i Wrlnh't.'of
ban eubicribed tb liberal amount of four hun I
dred bales of cotton to the Confederate loan.
Jefferson county,;' Ark., he, eubecribed 6.0001
bales, and the planters have pledged themselves
to make It 15,000.;' Phillips county, Ark., offers '
30,000 bale.. Similar tubs criptiont ire being
dally made in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alt-
. . . ... . ... nn
bama. I he mempnis oanxs nave ieu vur
000 of the loss to the Confederate States, loan
ed $70,000 to MerhphW ,fof ' war purpose, 1 and
$25,000 to Missieeiprji lor the ns of t-he .emp
CorintD.;;" " : y !ja-i
FortnrUoner WiW; arrived at, Ralefgti",
N. C-a few days- ago, Under strong guard,
commanded by Lieut. Todd, brotber-in law of
Mr. Lincoln. Some of them, eayt the Regis
ter, are fiut-looking menand among them' la a
litutentnt-coionei, captain ana several -
,n.nt. Tha helnnv to uen. Untler'J COm-
mandand are tent bero. becansw, nwing to the
aumbei. of 4 prisoners -Jn Kionnaond, no. room
could be found for them In tba city. They
were treated with due Southern civility, i W
notice. tcvexal.Qf ..them nil thn officers, we
presnm-ywalking tha atteetaon parol ahd
with teeming oheerfulnes. t .t .
' Th Wbshintrton Star state that a iklrtnilb
occurredf on .Friday night, .pear, Falls Church,
between thirty-five Federala aad aa many Con
federates, resulting in, tore neing wounaea on
each aide. , ' ,.,'..' ..;,', .. . k8 'rr. '"
Tbe Confederate are said to be busy mining,
the roads leading Irom Washington to Manas-,
saaasd Leeebarw difalnft trenches and !pita,
and 'putting keg anil' barrels f powder, bro-
en norse-sooeci cnaine sua oia hwb bui.
Two, Confederate Rrjrtment ar reported to
be at',BathJ Hill1 ind' Cltremtrqvrlthlhl fiye
miles bf AUxtndrla; "SOO cayftlfcrnt.'Falrfai
Court Home, and 12,000 a. Vienna; but tb lat
ter report it donbred-l'jyk.- j 7"n;,a'i!ti7 ,-rr
Another Battle in the Southwest.
A renttetnan: who arrlvtd OB the train' last
evening from Rolla' and who bad access td th
moat authentic Beans of information ther, in
forms nt that on Friday last a battl took place
about eighteen miles southwest of Springfield,
between McCulloch'! men aad ibe troops under
command of, Gen. Lyon, . It occurred at place
called Dug -Spring. Gen. Lyon had received
Information of tba-movement of McCulloch,
tod marched from th position held by nixron
the wevioua day to meet h enemy.' Adetacij-
ment Of cavalry, tmiy x m numoer, was-sen.
rorward to reconnoitrey ana on reacning toe
brow of the hill, they found thenuelvH dlrpotly
in front of, MsCnllach's oTo,., The ' Lieuten
ant and bi men saw that tbey had nothing to do
but I fight their way through, whioh they aid,
with th loss of four ot fly anon.- Msklng their
way around th Valley, they rejoined GeaJ Ly
on's command, and' a "fight at orlce. followed.
Gen. Lyon had twenty-nine piece of artillery,
of which, however, only .ten round were, fired
from two . of the .pieces. McCulloch' force
discharged a like number of thota .from, two
pieces, and then fled. General Lyon lmmedi-.
dlately occupied tha tattle ground, and found
noon tb field tne .Domes or lorry- auieu; ana
forty foor wounded .of tile"' invaders., Oq the
side or the Federal troops th Joss.waa eighf or
tsn and thirty wounded. O nn. Lyon, xap mred
igbty stand of -rm.t vMietftrolid
good many porses". . 1 "J
ThaccnftO,Sjinnfriir to Sundiy
morning, last, .aad. tbia was tb only Uattls
knova ta haa onmirsad ODHo that iml An
other engagement wafaoticipated 'Saturday ev
ening pi bunaay pui or mia, ..., puwei
nd new hae been received. SI, Xeuf ArsuMI-
en, doc. 7.
A private. letter,-from a truttworthy. tource
(n Vliginit, deolart thajt lbr rbe! have 1.100
Colnmbtaa-rtol:iomj th Norfolk t Navy
Yard planted hr vrtwi potitlonr to guard the
approach M Richmond, .aod-hat between, two
and tttree nnoarea oiummaas are now mount-
sq ppon ige,iJgnis oi raaip".vlAj t
SnooraImUaJiM -foa J)ishwashers. -K
rep In
a taaeer oorn BJi wewith Ttntgari'acd when
work Is done, and a tnu o soap bas.done its ol
Bee. fob tout barids faithmtly with i teaspoon
ful of tblt 'mixture rinsing off, and rub,your
bands llij fjrvheajll9es) ourandpwill
rIJ yoVi,-.i mw;w .yH..;afturitj j j ;
. O, The Asbland tnw say, tb DcmocT&tT
Coaoty -Convention held here, was the largest
meeting of the kind kvet hWd ill Asbland eoun-
ll oii?u-. i,.- :t;Ji.i ....i.-. 'I, .- kv. j
. 's ui:ij --'" - 'it vna
' - .' 1 '"' l',,l) '
' TTT f3edrbutlc,diflie't;Bie,,th
from wbioh arise a larproporttonofjthaj fat
fl.tpuladieai tOwt.wsakiO'Wiil.he are, an
ft ft, fpetie- ftSTrt"
constitution,' which nodefwiin aniposwrpis all
thbtKMf ntV'rf sbilhasrefjiflli'ileoay.
They are U genn jeosi wiucn spring oontnmp
I Ho; HturamatUra,' Heart PleeajiUv Com-
piaiDtB, anu x.ruy.11 v vuwm nuivie.wiH, we
reeognlwd ae mopthee,.oor fatal and fTe-l
tTreldvw(tp.th f cef of. nieti. So dreadul ar
ita eonsequeaoe to human lifavtbat it ia hkrjjly
p6slible.tJi6rere8lTrnate. lha Jxppbrtanc 4f an
actur,'rlbleWm'ei ritafi tweep onlj itiiLi
eUproaVianwalocaeeatto of
rjn rfroaVnctf a!iMrH'wtJ He
dmiMof lit tfneseyand gtifl-niorw weloome.
when Wb totr tbem thit f r tbtely does aocomy
pjia),p'e. tvhAmsfi.mwU
SA?AnlAhai(VicTttain&.W ajtten.
f -
tioooftb whaeeiflintl with forofuls or
Stvof ahyo - mplaUit.-Kyiff'l' "i"
V. 'lauglw"
pMlhatmsayet rounyciVTr::V--i,r
eMtty desire to have s ?iin?U V""" 1
ahlp, 6r our next EepresantaUrs.
BVAabrd.li.Ta: W
u, A. A. Htaaav at lacks Iswaaaip, as a- -
a.,. a ,mi la the decUlon of the
TJnlon Demoeratlo iioiulriattot eonrsauon, anaoDiif,
):H iil' hob! or'p&QQBATg. ,
-v . ... I
NEW 1 apvertTseiIents;
T rT nT.TTrJTaTTff nil 1
I -T ti -r rvr-tr -illlT"tT
riivr.B4t"Ai'tiflctT'rnvirofr ma
vi jwT " ; i
.man aiffht tfir INVDHtDUl
IT f.al
joaiH '8. vttLBY. -
K T5 iti'SSt: Sr-ored kind. VpeciC
ah v.i. anmm jrhathe for DMf or iVr-tlffhUd: t1
' , ..a. a T-a.-a.M
Pin Um r ianaawnsa m wm rw
airanath Inr lone ttadinS T IH in .-J, ",
umot," naa aiaw ww, - "TT"y.r
" - - . . . . ah-nrA......
SEAtlfcn PttOPOSALU Willi. BE AE.
O.UVJUSt.ths,Ott)cs af th.j(l(crita.ry of mate,
notll , ,
MohdiVtb -2J 'dty of September exl,. at
i ,.c i X noon,-' 1 ."""' " j via
for furalabiof japes ttr Jlvtwe.of attaef,OhjdVas
follow.: ..mmo.'" I,
,00O teasts Boubleiupe'r AejatrvlnflBl PapOT27J
by 41 laeuaa, wwgn ao. v W"!'
tam.: - J r Jnu 1 J a - " w-
100 neanis Botabl flat 0 ep MbyBt lnh,- to
iu.Hi,A.Mlh.iwa..M'i(l -k .r.
10O Runa BrochoreOoTOt Paper, attorted'eofoi
- by ff laabesi to weigh at Issaa no peaods as ta(
. TbsauaotltlesabOTSBamedtoNlacreaHdM
Bid. nui ha aceomnanled by samples of lbs
ad mvH sseelrj th. wtbt alwhh aaoh hiod aad ot
ta aiilL ha dallamd at aba llat HoM 1 ColnW
No samplas ot an Inferior article pead be prennl; the
paper Bint bsef Skw beat qBatflyv -5 jl
lbs delivery ot the Boper Hoyai ana
tammntm ol tbe diet of Nortmbar Boat
aontinno aa tha Daoer shall be needed,
' Tha drilnrr ol ta Bauble Ila Oaa
th first day of DeeeaabM aeaaV an ooatlna as above.
Bonds, with appraYod mtmnLfia double the amotnt of
lb oon tract, will bo raqulrad (aoeotatar 'ta law), ooudl
tlotwd for tb itlthfta pettanaaaoa of ach eonlraetr
Ibe bids to M Bade
eordaaot With (Ha t
parobae of tatloa
vauarau a...a".7i
Hu 1 UW. UlilH: HWall BLBl. flWm
fnrnuhiM bspu for the Btat." ... -
Jllda tO BO IDOOrKQ on .IU. ,BT.Itf,,l, iiw,w.a .v.
- Biddnsar seamed tutneeaa
'taper-will bWeeslTsd
an lata M anfonM ia eruy esapeot- with, the sample.
.ewr.fcoA liTisvVi nfteWin,
. a-., a,, t ex.., . a m'ltif'' 1 i
O OEtVaB aliU.0B.-c9f tlit aewvwiy ol liatt,
antll .!..jJ.t'
Monday, lb 9d "Jay Septembe next, it 12
rer'fumtthfug th't BaB of ijfi.lo with ijifty, aVMloWtjl
aOtOOO Buaheis of Ooket t ,) not ksS.thlnHO
ponnaa to in Doanii. .- '"jl
mt leut to th lower vein Of Boc.lnt Coalaad Ire
from slate, U and dirt. ..,. .
Tha fal to b dellTtred. without eharga for snob do-
Uvtry, at tb 8 tat Boua lo Ooliunboa, , , - , t
Pronniali to b. MsoomDaBled br aampret, abl to pc
fy tb,kina, QuAllty sud , prlcs othfuej propoiM to b
Saeb contractor will bt'itqalred' to aiTt bon Ja, with
apprvred writy,-la doabl tke waoanl f tbtcon
traet, soadilkmd foe lb faithral paeformano' if btt
eontrael. -' ' ' .' . r !u . m i
Ibe bids to b nade and tbe eatraei tsbtswaidrfl ta
accordance with tb-WB of tb act (ntitled "An Act to
pro rid for tb Miroha f BUttoaary, a i, ana otoer
articles lor th Oemral AsMBbly and Btatroffirfcr,"
aad Manb,lVe9Vas eeaas.ayBStti cue;
orw. 91S8. r i.x A . . ...'-. I
Blda to b fnourted on ihe luTelope, ''Prposh for
farnlahlni f ul for th BUtt." a , J .
' ru.lfaraUhdbT thaeODtracM-tadft lb VH leasee
b equal ianaalltT to th tampl Thl rult.wfll U
irj:i iJ. m-:4 ? Besn'taryaf ltftex
Colnmbut, ObkN aU, 1901 o.td
fx WBITX WKXAt FI0DB (But Brand.)
, '-fl--i. j I U : ' i' Wi- jr '-a-n((if1l-1 -;'T
Frencb and Tarkith Tranesya Fig,-.
rvrtr, iMiZiiaii jCurraiiti Ani Sftliini
I Ml 'Ji'i" I I I mboI to ! iulin'? I
StUwllelH tb fUlt hy "'1 '"', '1 1 k
1,1(11 aisf M'wHi in !- ' ' 1
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HtiioraOTcasns abb WBOLaaatiBiiiiM1!
' No; 308 TV. Mtimt)re-ieet-
.it A(lwnrawAannw.vain aoWaas,)
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fjooda Conttantgi.on, Ban i
Fecial notices
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I Irhaaantroas kudsdf adaiterattd Arilapurlou
antui foraal In th market, with eantlratlne nana.
art 4 thin pfeiesi yVhita stNnh ppi'io ar
wantinr. Jamea ryia, a vieteue na botb strtngui and
purity, aod.ls truly valuable, Depot 31$ Washington
street yort-' Soli fy Orocri wSrywhr.
, 9ra?rBEST9it;Y7.HE .MSi to
H EALTH, TheWood aust be purlned, and aU aj-
ictne ar nwiets WMctt au not posss tb oi
strntniatlsj tb IbedaV aUhai'tt ltd nupurltl
bsweist JBaAjrtaaxn s rtus -wsssser tois
high deer, aad shofad U fat wrtry fimlly .w'tt
squally aNful for cldjen ao4 aJiUt--Jpt4t both
tens, sad sr at lanootnt a rad, yA.prr
Th Bon. Jacob, Keys rs of BptlbfTO. ItM
to Dr. Braodrtth, under datt el May U, 1881-. 1
"I bar aa4 your lavaraabl VefVUbl. tJnf'
Pill, la b famlli line 1638r tby ti.Y alwan i
rn wha otbtr aMdloin wie ot a bt.1I, I, bT
ba tb man of By aif hbors Bring bnsdred ot dot-1
lan worth, aod I aa aaUitad tbr hT teoair
tbouatnd Mr cent. In blMied health, throats umb- um
Tby ar utd In this region for Billon and Lirar Dli-
mm, tmr aad Ago, aad all tbaiuaatle eas wUh tb
Bot perfect uoet. la I act, toey ar tbe greal rH
oe tn alcka. aat I trust yonr venarahl. Ufa Bay b
i, aaa a iren your Tenaraoi III Bay B
to prpar sp excellent a Bydlols lor th
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a Nad B tkl lowest prlo by lbs groa.'1
nt . Oooa, DnggblaWandby
a of Ban.
Bold by lotm
all ruptotabl dalrs la Baito .il to. .fc-cl
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alfeetiont, flSi rbwB.ttt-aw f.ms 'f-l (Obstt
net head achts, and aHMiUlf4I ratr vicnts ofttosi
thess Pu)a bar mTadably trr aoartalaaail a?eody
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radAMS In tUiaM tJ Pvww aw-arr -r-
tb"ettin swaabM la Uess health,
aed'everV et.,waneS rhfolettrf Jfrgana.
ant by alHWl"-' 1 T,"t M "9,,1
iilwr! wrltts uy the y 1 Tii Bolatay a tt tb
plrrepolnt BtreetBptlt,IJhnrch, BrooklyTf,a, jr,,e
C,o'-Journl fad SH(be," pindnnatl,0.,aad fieaks
volumes In fayor t um woisstuvwaea aeiaixo, mm
VrriAiw,t"eoVini Brbar rev. Cbodiidi Tamnniii
l'tVeaa adTTtlBnl la yea eelamna ollfas
Tt-mw's toorawe Rraor. Mow wetoTi r Ma word
.aaw . . a.
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S1 PUW UUCDII VtAtft;a fHf u mm a
atniBiMieitiSDrarin our nn, mi.
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feel eoattielled twy to yen-fr that Milt la nt ,buia-
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fiuiK. lit If molmblr a el tU Sao-t'tnreasaftit Bedt
caoi u.etlay. bacaiue St I one of thbet. And tneee
at yont iKwidra-wn MVS MM oaa t ae aanen inaa
Uy la a supply.: d7:l,d-
1 Ie21
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QrtofflsiSiif &
isi "fell??:
Forfeignnd t)ome3tir;Liquors,
I m w IIUILO. CtV, VLrf'j
y baitj & sow,
29 8oatli High Street, Colambui,
A W ais liavsltog Dress Goods slBX.vslus
ISW etnta
Vrsst odssn)f.'vahe W ets
- iartsIainAn
sVaSratOdlorldTTawBiat lO.nias WsenU.
1400 twi asper rwu, o... t...
half lblrvalu( -
Robes or urs.w ""-xr-rr . "
L -j f-I ft y (
k.i, ul
) South Utah WiVtt.
EleganMace Mantillas,
. . -ivt
n tt y.TrTrv. eta o jst,
3ST6LS9Spntlx!High St
TTAT Jait-pfned
iDToloe oi nrj
tirgs aad
aj. nuaiwi
Very iWp French Flouncing Laces.1"
iRnal thread, French, Cbantilla Uenevese
.it r, ri,,.T7TT!TT . '
vlencienuei, JPolnt i Gaze, BrusieU
.iilujl Tbxtzi i Laces and uouars,
wt r'Krr'YPrviMrci TftiMMrn mnirlrs.
I T AlJlJlt MUU A tta.1 iTAiriAa aa va.
.nitciii.. ',"' - ,,4 .-.,. for traveling-
ravelin? Dresa Goods.
-i , (
v ij.
itxkb, kjtx m omtTMs,"":;: '.
Iht beat aad Boat fashionable styles te the dty,
n i ua e-.r.w.'TX-.-ttt.t-. v.n. y, rg fc 80jr
p South Hlb Street.
Z'3!0 J'
OIIIO , XI II AM ProYiaions,
fJL&IP0, ;Soqth ;Higri. Street,
(Theoldstaad rsalij oocupied by.TTU. McDOMALD
;j I- I'M ' ' ;
il is in aai ly receipt oi
, . . ..
I-OW VTWchhe will tell: .." T
I taaaf ir uaia or uousiry rroence.
in J V
lUiy iJoodsdellTered to City trad frsa of charf Jl
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ft v.-.Tiv.'-?. 'I-'. 7.5,-v-. '"-. ..".-" '
-No.r-lOG, South -High Street,
.-X'V.j."' V -L.' -a .r ' '-
1-Ctynr.K it! PIAMKW' -
c r 6 6 e it id sVp r o d u c c,
rr -,4-" t. " ' '-A " '
vn.'i h z;r n v w t aiwn r,
, Foreiencand Domestic Fruits,
,a-at-C Wis . 1
Between ireland and Amwica.
' TNtrw: t?3RK,B03TON AND GALWAY .
tb following aew aad BtagnUlcSBt firat-tlaa paddle
wbl Bttamahivaoanpoa th abor line:
ADRIATIC, '. J.688 top burthca, , Capt, J. M.oar
'i .m.V VttotsasrrrellheCoUuBtlne.l r .
HIBRmV" S.eoo ton burtbeti. Capt. If. Paeww.
OOLOMiA, l-, - ' - H.Liitcm.
All Q MA, 4,400, ' "i lt L-.- NioaouoN.
PAOIHO.'i- ' A.tOO f I. BmiB.
SilU10AlRr,(8crr.) ' ' ...
On of tb abors ships will lsar New York or Boston
alUnutly rar !
riUt ol
Italy rry xaaay roruiint. tor uaiway. car
tbjOV(reaut mails, teaching at 81. Johns,
this lto bar bean sonatraetod with
lb grealwtoan, under tb tnptrriaioaof tb gorern-Bnt,bawtr-tigat
coat par Uoenta, and ar unexcel
led foiooBfert. safety and apead by any lUamars afloat.
Tbey an coBwanrlad by able and experienoed ef&cers.
aad vry amilioa will be aisds to promote th oomfort
ol nMOgar.; i . :
Aniaxparlanctd Burgeon attached to sach ahlpu
tcaxF.N or PASSAGE.
Ttnt-cltet N.X. or Boston te Oalvay osLirerpeol imj
XZ&& ?o fet' iohu's 35
Tblrd-clso, 5. f -'irf.il'' toOalweyortlwpool.
or any town in Ireland, en a Miiway, - m - v
Tblrd-olat pHMfM ar librHy roppllsd With pro-
rWob f thebert entllty, cooked and srvd by tb atr
mti of tb CwnpiDy.' - -
Partlea wlahlng te tend for thair friand from th old
eoantrr can obtain ticket irom any town en ruway, u.
Iralasd, or froa tb principal dtie of Kogland and Scot.
land, at Vry low rate. - . 'f. .
FBaat-laa. JIvTibr-rlvlllg by tb Boston
ltaBr, yUlb forward to nw xora im ioar,c.
av. ,
trtnw uuorBaiion, appj w
At the office of th Oompanv. on th wharf, foot ot
OanaUtreeOJewtork. ...
...hu-wjlaub a Aurmwaiii!.
'lpVrfl.:dfjm,. , -
l-nt ' :l i
t ft! IOTjTB" . HIGH 1 (XBZXT,
A,R:&'"CSV-;fi.OF3kC BtNOI
" . . j: . . 'n
1)00 yards Baor JUtallacJt Bilks at jf lOO val
l IS Pr yard. ', .i.MWJ, ,
. war ' - a tjtft - . 4
,50O yard Trsvslljg fireano; IHjU aeeds at
It ! eeets-valBS 80 eeots perysfd. I
1 3,000 'yard! White' rtllISBtes aYia i'.'f cent
.valas.gO Jtnt par jard.
g009ysrdj Jjop and Bomestle OlBghami greatly an.
uimjui A-avuae,i
iflicrdiiiia 8iiu.aE8,iivxu&si
UWW. C1UC0M, i iopots,
IJ"w nd XMnionAU ZrtNi t3Kod
la lb Boat dslrbl tyls sad st Vtry Ivvsrs price.
Ot aU Batrll, Bad la'ti BtoeVatylUkaaner sftsr
th latest Paris Pasblona th Bost elegant' Stylss In
tbi'tiL; rl "ElXaA.CI-a.
nUyM'S HrK ETraHo.'stg.naHIgh street.
a r?rjT ' i! u 1 1 1 1 t " 1 )
" Oiintdn IXattlng&C
I,' -((,' A-4rfrhn.Aadi ue4 aba
hit (ibokd ef tuptilor tnallty. for sal by
LlTU Am a, 1
Butt ,14e.naa'taBIht

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