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Tb Adams Eipr'ess Company plaoe u Aally
under obligations to It for th rery latest paper
Irora the eastern owe
Tb American Eipr Company dm our
tbanks for its dally farora la toe ibape oftb
very latest eastern paper, jf ?
;., ! i M. " -.v.-
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice Is hereby given to tbe Union Demon-
racy of Franklin county, to meet on Friday,
August 30, 1861, between tbe hours of thnt tad
tix o'clock P. M, in the townships, and lie and
tight o'clock P. M., In th Wards, at tbe nsnal
places of holding elections (exoeptlng Norwich
township, which will be held at Boboleld't
School House, and tba Fourth Ward at Qatar's
Ware Room, and tba First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegate to attend tba Coun
ty Contention, to meet at tba City Hall; tajthe
city of Colnmboe, on Saturday, the Slat day of
August, 1861, at Un o'clock A. M., for the pur
pose of putting in nomination two Representa
tives In the coming Legislator, on, ShttUT,
one Treasurer, on Auditor, one' Recorder, one
Coroner, on County Commissioner, and on
Infirmary PIrector. v..!''''
At tbe same time and piao on delegate
from each Ward and township will b appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Contention to
nominate a candldato for Senator and Judge for
this dlstrlot. Time for holding tbe Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed here
after. ' ' r:. ' A ,
The following is the number of delegate al
lotted to each Waid and Township, based apoa
the tote cast for Supreme Judge in I860, allow
ing on for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraotlon of twenty fit totes ao cast.
UtWard, "
Hi " ' '
3i '".
4th '
5th '
Montgomery Tp
Truro "
Prairie . . "
Clinton "
Pleasant '
Brown "
Perry "
7 Hamilton : Tp 3
6 - Miffln " . 3
6 Washington 3
6 Madison " 7
13 Blendon " 2
' 6 Norwich ' 3
4 Jefferson ' '' " ; 4
3 Jackson , f :' 6
3 Sharon . . 3
, 3 Franklin " 5
. 1 Plain . " ... 4
4. .'. -..'...:-
Wu. Douiaan,
Sam'l Dotli.
Jaco Reimrait,
Atix. Taoariorf
. H. W. Miller, Wm. Coomb,
' John M. Pooff, J. Bowie,
R.PicKtaiL, v
11. S. Hioh,
County Central Committee,
[For the Statesman.]
[For the Statesman.] Dedicated to the Memory of the late
Charlie D. Miller.
BY L. J. L.
Tf Uy wu h Called io toon bom all
Who held him dear on earlhl ,
Why hub, left n, tba, to loon, ' '
Id the vigor of bit youth? ' !
" X mother dear he testes behind . . ..
Brotben, who lovtd bus well .
Sltteri, that will mourn for Ma,
, '. Ai their aad hearts cau tell. .'
' Ambition,, kind and amiable ' ':
When laat he ebuced to roam,
1 Ho little thonght that death wu near .
. Bo mar his borne, aweet home1
A f rleod be wu to rich and poor, '
A friend to ttiota In need; .
Wb; wu be called to leare n, that '
Bo young, to pare, so trui?
Ood'i waji are ways of mjrtttrr,
And though they may teem hard, .
lie', gone to that bright home abete,. , -With
,DgU for hit guard. , .
; To hi, dear bltndahe bade adieu; " ,
Tbey'Tt laid him down to reet;
Then do not mourn for him that'i gone
The blessed el the blest I " .. . .
Then glre him up to God abore.,
Prepare to meet him toon I
Etch life It tranilentjutt like bu
ttons eaa foretell hit doom.
COLUMBUS, August 7, 1861.
Tbs Post Orricx W learn that our lnd
fUgabl friend, R. P. L. Buu,ha departed
for Waehlngton with the remonstoanoe against
the removal of tbe Postofflce. W are more
than half inolined to the opinio that Mr. Ba
sis has an eye to the succession if Mr, Gaa
is removed. II baa bad a hankering that way
tor som time. He would mooh prefer that to
the Consulate at Matanzaa, which ha wisely de
clined to accept.
Thk Sitiktisnth RxoiMiMT.Tb Seten
teeath Regiment, Col. ' CgKmix," arrived at
Zinesvill on Wednesday ctening, Aogust 7, to
, b mustered out of service at Camp Goddard.
.-They brought with them eleteu ptlsooere, taken
in Western Virginia. Among them sraa a law
yer, a doctor, a school teacher, a postmaster ahd
a squire. The Ztnestill Cturitr says that
' several of them were savag looking Da, and
loaked as though they would carry their ends,
1st the consequences be what they may. i .., 'k;, '
ji W hit stated that Capt. HaU, ald'.t'Osn.
Hiu., and Capt. Tbsall, of the ColumbuaT
dettea, bate been appointed Captain In 'the
tegular army; and also. that Major Walcott, 6t
' Gen. Hiu'a staff, has been appointed Major of
the Forty.aIxU Ohio Regiment, i, , . ,
" ST "Variety they say,Ji th iplc of Uf.
If ao, th Varietiea at - Apollo . Hall? inrnlsh
;the rlohest and most tltUylbg "kind; of iplca'to
great abnddanc. Do trot fail to tialt tha Hall
to-night, and get a tastaof splgs Vthor af
'.fered In tba sbsps i of wit, hrtd'8talcall.
le genarally w- ' A Hat ' V
' Giif, McCooa't RxcimoN at CtmLAN,
v General, lat Colonel A. McDowaiA UcCogtj,
t tba First Ohld Regiment, arrlted M Clati
land on Wednesday voiitg, Angst 7, and vis
mat at the depot by th Grays, who turned oat
to escort their lat cdmmandef to- tb Wddll
Hons. A bsad of nasi (Lcura'e) prodd
th .Grays, and, when tbi'gallint Coloael
('r)ardi tb firing; of an old Ild-pli) wWoh
t. the tmitr deeoribss a a "sort of aroa batwaen
bomb, thell iii,k(;i.il
. loos; continued cheer froBtb saUUary ihd
( larg cooeoara ot eitlzen gsQrtd, him of a
hearty tfelcome. ; i.!i'-i3i-(
p After being received by tb sovatai eoomll
teei of cltltens, Col. MJC6?a wti' tteottd to
th Weddell, where, being oallad out apoa tftit
balcony of tb hotel, h mad it brjef, b0(; ap
-yroprlat speech to th orowd assembled fa ft
'"' . i'l nil 4 t.i.., j. ,,tiltli lj
StreOw juiiti-: ,i tun toi.ul , in " i
' ,In th atehing a: lAfga'iiiiBrlbrdttwp
' gathered at th Weddell to welcome th brate
wilier to tb Foriest City . After anppcr, toasts
'wir drank an,d speeches BasdebjCol, MoCooi,
Mayor . JFnnT, . Jadgea .Tnprjt .I'ndWiuoit,
Messrei.PATm, entiwaand, othartt tvTb
Ltadtr speaks of tb f nsA,'.br fhaJColoasl
Ihaai1 :,t-v' '''''?' w !.., ii' ''i,tj
. -'CoU koCook Is a meiam sixed mV Vlth'
full fao. broosed by )tposur, and ' f leatapt,'
good-aatored trail. He vaala aitixaa'a dres,
and evidently teels that rlctel donn'l auka th
O Tatterday and Wednesday vara very
hot and sultry daja. Wedntsday, th ther
mometer to to 97 In Cincinnati. It reached
about th tarn elevation her yesterday after
noon. Toward tentng, showers went round
us and a llttl Iprlnkl f rain fell on our fur-naoe-beated
city, Ilk drops of water' lrom th
tip of Laiaiui's finger on th parohed tongu
of DitutiYt tb relief, a it woald1 hat
been with tb rich manj was but temporary.
Th atenlng was ho and snltr llka- h day'.
But tbla Is th tlm when tha "liogiai g,n
and .tha dog,'toOc aom)IaeW'mnat
awelter on in patience a. jttl longer."
03 Th retail dealer la Cincinnati hare al
ready put th Vxtra tarlfi On tea, ooffe and
sugsr, from tbra ta tit oata pound-
Cr Tb U. S. Quarter-master at Cincinnati
baa biea Instmoted to purchase, eaten hundred
mule for th Government.; Th purchases will
oommeoc being made lo motrow, (.rnasy;.
AH paymnn are to ba mad in Treasury aotea,
which ar sold on Third street, Cincinnati, i
ninety six onti, v.,,, ...
m.,i,' -.-
HTfft learn that Captj r'six' company
brought with tbem th prisonera which the Set-
enteenth Regiment brought from Western Vir-
. . w 'I. t . ' , Wl
r tfi'Oiilo ha inow'Til ,'abtuaV service sixteen
regiment of three years' men, two batteries of
artillary and thr oomBtalea of cavalry. . ,
i ,w..
ioii.-Th following 1 a list of recent ap-
polatmeoi nd prOmotlotis"','; ' !'),..'
Mota B." Walker, ' Fiodisy Colonel 9ltt
Regiment.. -'r'T:".. " l'
6. L. tefflnjrwoILiCbailootho-Malol: , 31st
Retrimant ' i. .
Edward A. rarrot, fAjton Lieut, uoi. isi
Regioent , v ,ii ''
B. Bassett Laogdon, tlnWoodMsjor 1st
Reelntent t"''-' --"'''
- vyraa urant, Aromeroy-Meut. VQMiat Reg
iment.' .'.'.e l n.ii.wic'A .Vt,- '
Wm. T. Wilson, Uopsr Sandaskt Lisut.
Col. 15tb Regiment. '
T. K. Stanley, Mc Arthur toioneiiBU Keg
intent, .-
F. W. Hollianwortb, Younirstown Lieut.
Colonel 19th Regiment. "
i, CO.. Mebiiog, cindiay .leutn uoionei xist
Regiment. . . , .... . . t
Anson L. McCook, Steubsnvillo Major 30th
Regiment. '".'.'. ; ;
Eraatua A. Guthrie, Athena Major 92d Reg
iment.' " ; . " ' ' ' " ' '
Moaea R.Dlckey, Colonel 15th Regiment: -Was.
Waliaoa, Majot 15th Regiment., , ' '
J. V. Kersobner, Major 16th Rtglment. '
Th Field Officers of th Fourteenth Regi
ment will b continued Eteadman, Colonel,
Este, Lieutenant Qolooaj, and Edwards, Major,
Asbmt or an Ofticia or.THa CoMiinnaTt
Aaar. W7 take the following fromthaCin-
oinnatl Enquirer of yesterdsy (Thursday) morn
As Colonel J. V. Guthrie, tho- aallant ebm-
mander oi tha First Kentucky Regiment we
walking awog 1 bird street yesterday, b spied
a gentiamaa on to eppotue siue o tn street,
whose appearance Indicated a person he had
seen bafora.. ADoroaChlnt the straneer. he re-
cognited Captain Charles II. Ty lor, formerly of
tb United State oeosnd vragojona, but recent
ly a Lleotonaat Colonel in tb rebel cavalry,
and at tb Maaaase battl Adjutant General to
General Bonham.. Colonel Gutbrl hailed th
rebel officer and said, "Colonel, yon are my
prisoner." Colonel Tylor atated that b wsa
an oflioer In th Confederate army, but travel
ing aa a citizen and without arms h did not
anticipate an arrest Ifl Cincinnati."
Colonel Tylor la her on a tit it to his wife,
who is daughter of Dr. Wright, tba medical
supiiotnint oi tb department or u Ubia
llebadbtea teleeratihednot to come to Cin
cinnati, bat the dispatch failed to reach him.
He detirnoa rctarnlnr to Virciaia la- a few
days, taking back with hlra hi wlf. .When
Colonel Tylor left th United State army h
was stationed at tort Kearray, and becaus be
left before Mnding la hi resignation his nam
wu dropped from tha army rolls. A recent de
cision of th War Department will forbid hi
baing paroliM, ana for tb present be will re
main at Newport Barracks, but will ultimately
be forwarded to Fort MeHeory for aafe-keeplng
and trial.' At the Maneaaat battl on th mem
orable Slst, Colonel Tylor was with General
Bonbam's Brigade In that famous action, and
U represented by those acquainted with hlra aa
being xperieneed. tfflcer and a thorough
soldier.' "J'
37. A lot of sixty-four pounder cannon passed
through Cincinnati oa Wednesday, a rowfa for
ST Captain J. W. Fan arrived here oa Wed
nesday, August 7, from New Lexington, Perry
county, with a wmpAny.of men1. They bi
vouacked In the State Honse yard, and yester
day morning, after hating breakfasted at the
depot, they repaired to Camp Chase '".'';
ST Cot.;KltUTt ot.Wbsellngi who, It will
be remembered, was wounded at Pblllippl, has
0 far recovered that b has returned to hi
post at Grafton i;
: CottBcurrioit How often dd we hear the
death of a friead hy th hand of this fll d
stroyer, and when w' askt th ptrtlculers, th
answer often Is j ." They had a humor, It et
tld on tbelr lungs'and tbey died.'.' Hsr than
it la admitted that humor was tb primary cant
of their dlas. ' It is thee hoator upon which
we wish, to speaks' Kennedy1 Medical DUoof
ery hai been befor the public for torn twclt
years, and In ihat: tlm its inerlta hat bn
thoroughly tettcd, ; Certiflcate ar dally being
reoelred by It Proprietor from all dlreotiona, of
persona bured'oT numotoai dtseasea now if
V r, o .e. , .i ...
these pertoot 'lad suaarSd ttee bdmora to re
main iatbsk ayst, they night er this ft.u
been thrown Jnto a censumption or other fatal
malady, i Delays ar dDgerous.;, I;
Loss or HAia.Mch of this deprivation t
eaused by sheer neglect after Illness, or aom
otnet temporary araia apoa in xouioie at u
root of tb hair. 'Dr. Belltngham, of London,
ha Identified hi great ham with a "Stimuli
ting Onpunt," Invented by at a exprssaly to
meet such eatertenotes.' Meesrs. H. L. Here-
man A Co,, of New York, now have tbe entire
quite a;uffleient indorsement of tb anitersal
reputation of the atUcle. See their advertlN
ment:'-''-''1"-' t.a-
Rail Road Time Table.
...:.-4 ,. .a i. .
giaotnnau sooomaooauoa. t oo a u.
. ill ar saa.'
M att Sad AoooauaodaUo.. S.io f. M.f , :00 f, M.
MUjht Sfftfm via Pvtoa.U UO. mldalght. , .) A.. St.
niuriaiiis ..A 111 A. aa. . li'in jl. m.
.tr.i,n oj.ii ni, rs f J m. W. Dokxtt, Agent.
CoitraivsaTOtavsxAir K; Br
Wght ptee..S1. ....i...t.n At,T Til:! t. II.
Me TorHprM....'..tl:W A.M. I J 1:40A. M.
O.O.StO. Wyaipre....: .M.J . 7:Mr. t.
Hr'.--'4,,I, f Atnasea, Agent. '
io ft. K. ' " i
Wo. 1 Inren. . ..V.V.?;'.' I SO A: M. ; 11:M A. M".
o. :3;dM .,;....., Mr .'II; A. U
f. ftu, Agent. 1
' yrrrtioaoM. doLtttvi k OnKnoul X. S
KHITraia ,..........'.. .30 A. U. 11 M i. U.
SreeXramV.f.....i...i.n:A.ll. fc4IC.M,
Joe. Kosimoi, Aal.
(Ooumos FmcA Inua K. B.)
50. 1 xpres.....;.. 10 A. U. ' 100 P, U,
Wtr.t iimmmr tM t M. - P. U.
Aviiadatioa7'OtMs.. rx r 't ,10:MA.a(.
wl."-;ns vt ,.t;t O..W. nV AlBtf -
. h.m.iXtLkii-tm a son, m. aoiVmth
ii. -.rt,hTeJmto -eonl rrW evi of Ourra Oll
mum. Huii l att" tn ti-e aewttm
nMt ein.-i bumm) -am aaaf a'laviia
L.,aeta k..k,' Very aeavy, diQed exsiwaiy for
Election—Secession News
from Arkansas—Confederates in
Western Virginia—Bichmond Congress—
Suggestions of the Charleston
Mercury—Return of Ritchie to Richmond,
LouitviLLi. Aub. 7. Nearlt full tote from
forty eo unties return but three Mceaekwlsta to
the Legislature, but disloyal counties not yet
heard from. ' Well . Informed politicians
think the Legislature in eaoh Honse will be
composed-of. aetenty-flte per centv of Union
men f ' ' ' - . . ,i
A disnatoh from Little kock, Aug.: ow, to
tbe Memphis Avalanche, saya, a Confederate
acoutinc party encountered 100 rederate In
North-Weetern Arkansas, and killed 95) the
Confederate loseS. "
Tbe Portsmouth Transcript of th ttb aaya
th Federal hare vaCuated Hampton and New
portNewe.' u- i ' us. ..' . k.
Tb!Wlnchster Republican of tb 5th says,
Banks's armt almost entirely disbanded, only
four regiment remaining. .
Tb Richmond uoogress na oan aiscussing
financial acbemee, the probabl result of which
will be to adttnea treasury notes on subscribed
cotton, when the : market opens, the cotton , to
bo aold at existing prices for the benefit of plan
ter. " vv i ; rM:
Th Ltnohburs RsDubiloau learns, In addi
tion to th handcuff brought by th Intadiog
army, was a larg number of halter, for bang,
log Southern traitors. :Jt says in all prpbabili
ty th new world never wltoetsed saeh scenes of
horror as woold hatacharaoterlzedthe triumph,
ant entrance of the Invading- array Into Rich
mond.: i ' X it ' I ' " , T
The Charleston Mercury of th 3d, tats tbey
hat been provoked beyond endurance by read
ing in certain. Virginia paper of the 'moat
complacent comment on tb charming aharity
and beneroleno of oertain eltiaen and offi
cials of Virginia toward tb Invaders ot their
soil, plunderers et toetr estates, asstroyers
of their home and firesides, and polluters
of their women. It demand every prisoner
in Richmond to be incarcerated and pnt in
irons. . Justice, humanity and civilization alike
ory aloud for a stern exeoution of retribution,
Lieutenant Lamar, of the Confederate ar
my, Is still confined In Richmond. The whole
of one aide of hi body is seriously paralyzed..
Richmond, Aug. 7. Ritchie, of the Enquirer,
ha just returned from Paris. He says tbe
cans of th Southern Confederacy is looking
up In France, and entertains no doubt about
their ultimate recognition. ;
It is reliably stated on most undoubted evi
dence, that when the new of the capture of
8brman' Battery was received at washing J
ton, General Scott privately ordered six can
non to be taken from the Navy Yard and seat
to Washington, with the announcement that
it was Sherman's Battery, which had arrlted
saf. 4 ' ' 5 v- rr-rr I
Makaisas, July 28. Johnston and Bsaore?
gard issued aa address to tb Confederate self
diert, thanking them for their services at Ma
nassas, and congratulating tnem on tneir victory
there. " ' '
News from Union Prisoners at Charlottesville.
"" lOttOfTillO. ''
Nsw Yoz, Aurust 6. The Tribune has tbe
following extraota from private letters, which
state that oar wounded at Charlottesville,'. Va.,
Hospital are all well treated, and that many of
them hate been taken into private bouses.
It will be seen that some, who were aupposea
to be dead, are still alive and doing well':
among them are Capt, uutterworto, 1st Aiicm
gao, wounded in the thigh; Sergeant Rhodes,
who Wa with him, was unhurt, and, while stat
ing with hi Captain, wu taken prisoner: Capfc
JonuM. Casey, tame regiment, shot in the leg,
will tote it; a numner or tne regiment are witn
him; H. W. Eagan, same regiment, slightly
wounded. There ar many moraof our wound
edatCharloMostlU, but at the data of the
letter, July 24th, the writer had not learned
tbelr name.
Texans Threaten New Mexico.
iNoinwoiHoi, Mo., August 6 The Santa
re mall ba arrived. There it' great excite
ment In New Mexico on account of threat by
the Texana to capture tbe Government property
there.. One thousand soldiers returning to the
State bad. been recalled to protect the fort.
Two Federal officer bate deserted and joined
the Texan forces. The Texan were at Fort
Bliss, 700 strong, with bom artillary, haying
their picket within lea mile of Fort Fillmore,
where there are thirteen companies of regulars
to meet tbem. ---
Ma John Greiner, of Ohio, had reached Santa
Fee, and entered upon the duties of hla office.
f:r ;,-.(, i i i
From Fortress Monroe.
b r-oooupid on th arrival of th first regi
ment from the north. - S'-v i
Tbe Quaker City, arrlted here, picked up
this forenoon, near the Cape,, a small boat
containing ten shipmasters aad seamen who
bad eacapsd torn Fort Oregon, North Caro
lina. '. .' .. t l. - . !'" ;l i.. :.'
Tbey site om startling InUUIgence of the
doing off th North Carolina coast. "At : Hat
traa inlet tnere are tnree steamers and a pilot
boat pritatceriogone of them, the Gordon,
run the blockade at Charleston, and the whole
coast up to Hatter Inlet, ten day ago, since
when she ha ptara tne brig wm. a. Noun
very, of Bangor, from tb Carolina with molas
ses, sua the cnooner ; rrotector, From caba,
with fruit, , All tb private! are armed with
rifled cannon. New burn, N. C,j, I the head
quarter of ths pirate. htf an-ttwj
Tne gunooat are netng ooueoxea ana mount
ed at Norfolk to ba taken down th oanal. The
bark Glen, of Portland, with Government coal,
wa captured a week ago and taken into Beau
fort N, C. The refugee state tb Confeder
ale scarcely regard the coeut blockade at all.
During all this tlm several gunboat hate been
quietly anchored at Old Point. To frigate
Wabash baa arrlted from Charleston for coal
and water, hating been relieved by tbe Roanoke.
She captured the choonr Mary Alice, of New
lori, wnicn naa Dean, taaen oytn piratical
scboonsr Dixie. The prlis orw ar now pris
oner on th Wabash. , 8b also took tb brig
aaran Btarr, Douna irom Wilmington to wter
pool, with turpentine ana rosin, ana sailing c
aer jutgnw ooior..i ,. ... .. . M : f, ;
LomttiLLK, Aag.'. 7. There I no lecnrit
for Nmittanoa in money from Southern, points
In this ity or Nrta of there. Letter which
Art pasting through tb nail , South of Ken
tucky, ar i generally, opened, and pecuniary
content omtlmee abstracted by persons
oUlmlor authority under the Southern Con
federacy", i'J'-"'T""-"- '!' il '- l -J j
, The G'aWeiio'n Ndwi 'of the 27th; ttlt.' tatt
that Vidaurri sxpresses th greatest friendship
for th South, and mean to preserte peace on
the Rio Grande frontier. ( , t
Th Flsg ray Ncuto' Leon and Zscatacts
hatatcadd from-Mexico, and Ortega and
Vidaurri hat nude a treaty to work together;
detail unannounced. ' '' -'!
Es-Presldeot Commoofort,, ha gone, .from
SrowoaviU to Monterey. ,. -
Missouri Rebels again Beaten.
numbering from oa thousand to twelve hun
dred, mace an attack noon tb Camp Union men
at Athens, Mo., on Monday morning last, at
fit o'clock, , Tkr wa a considerable mount
of arm and ammunition for tb United (state
troop ttored at tbla plao under guard of the
troop composing this camp. Th United State
volunteer numbered about 350, under com
mand of Capt. Moore. Th fighting lasted
about on hoar, when the rebel rtrtd. In
th snenotim, Capt. Moor, having been rein
forced with about 150 nut from Central!,
Iowa, on th opposite tid of tb river, gave
oh at after the rebels lor about aa how aad A
half, killing on of their numbory taking 19
prisoners, oaoturint 31 horses and two ceasloo
flags. Several of th rebel war wounded in
the ahaae. . ,3 i , .-- :
After th battl alx or eight rebel war
found dead on th field. In tbe afternoon the
bearer of a rbl flat" of truce to th Unloa
camp admitted tbey carried off fourteen killed
and aa meet more wonnded end missing, v Tbe
rebel wer led by Martin Green, brother of
ex-Senator Jim Green ' t: ..-iv.it .f,
" Of tb Union men three were killed and elgBi
wounded, ui '
Athena ie a nail town In th extreme of
North Mhwourl.aa th-Dmolnee Rirer,
95 or 30 aille west of Kaokuai. : x. i y
It ll rpwted that th Unloa force having
bten further reinforced by fit or tlx hundred
troop from Iowa, took ap thtr Un of maroh
) " PP
on Monday night la pursuit of the rebels, en
camped eight mile from Athens, and a light
nasoo couot tasen piaos were, nniese tne reo-
els ran. ' -,
From New Orleans.
New OaUCawa, Aug. 7. The Picayune of
tb 4th, congratulates tne conieaeracy on tne
criminations against tne reoerai army ueneraia
in tbe North, and argues the eucoess of tbe
South, on account of more ananlmity. It also
ridicules the nreaenfblookade, and thicks Eng.
Jand will put an end to it. .
' ,atnaBwsBiBaBaB ttnea
NoBtout. July Slv Th privateer Gordon,
of Charleston, on Sunday last, captured and
carried into Cape Hatteras Inlet, the brig Mo
Gllle, of Bangor, with a cargo of molasses ralso
the schooner rrotector, or Uiiumnia, witn tear
go ef fruit.- The -privateer Mariner has cap
tured another schooner.- The privateer York
captured tbe brig Martin, of Boston with a
cargo of machinery. ' O I 'j j ')
From Washington.
which prohibits tolunteers who do not speak
tbe English language from being mustered into
th service. 1 now offlolally explained. Wit la)
not intended to apply to regiments or companies
of foreign nationality, In which man and officers
speak the same tongue, but to prevent tbe en
listment Into regiments or companies wnote ot
floert only speak English, of men not under
standing u. v , ", ; . . .; ..,;.,. ... . .
The th Motion el me aot sp-provsa juiy,
1838. mntinr-three month' extra pay in lieu
of bounty to soldier who may re enlist, and the
3d section' of the, act approved June; 1850,
granting bounty equal to transportation from
New York, to soldiers who may re-enlist from
distant State, bating been repealed by the act
approved Aug.' 3d, 1861, la future no such
bounties will be paid.- Hereafter when voluu
feers are to be mustered into tbe service of tbe
United States, they will at the same time be
minutely examined by a Surgeon and Assistant
Surgeon of tbe regiment, to ascertain whether
they have the physical qualifications neceisary
for the mlllta.y errvlce. ' ""'"
', The President bas appointed H." 0, Welles,
of Michigan Jtafnister Resident to Hondu
ras. ' :' ' .. - ' .- '
Lieut. Walter' II." Stetens, of the Corns of
Engineers, being declared a defaulter to he
Government, is dismissed. t - ji,va .
Hon. A.- W.' Randall ha ' been armolnfed
Minister to Rome, tice King, resigned to take
command ei a Wisconsin brigade in. JJallimore,
to which plaoe be was ordered to-day. ' "- ' 1
me rostoince Department issued an order to
postmasters i to stop all mail matter having
scurrilous or scandalous matter printed or writ
ten on them and to transmit the same to tbe
Dead Letter Office.
Reports are current that large body of se
cessionist, supposed to be a part of Johnston's
command, were seen recently within two miles
of the Potomac Gen. McClellan has made
every arrangement to guard against surprise
from any point.;' !C,.i-K:z'.t..l .
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
-r Tclegraphip 'com
munication up and down tbe river from General
McCall't headquarters la established. J
' Gen; McCall has a force amply sufficient to
stop, any attempt by the enemy to. cross, and
altbough it la reported that tbey aro cutting a
road from tbelr camp to the river, we doubt
whether such be their intention. '."There is no
danger, but that intelligence of any movements
on the upper Potomac will be speedily received
aa tbe chain of pickets hence to Harper's Ferry
is unbroken. :. :v ',:". ."..
.iThe Indiana 17th and Ohio 8th, Cul. Haskell,
are Dunning a tort on Kouna Top Hill, a part
of Savage Mountain, which commands the
turnpike and great pais through tbe Alleghe
oies, from Graltoa to Romney. . , . ;
The Secretary oi War has accepted tbe
services of a -regiment of cavalry from Ken
[World's Dispatch.]
Chat. Wilson has Jest reached here via North
western Virginia from Richmond. He passed
Wise's command on bis way. to . Wheeling, and
ays that at least 1,000 Union men are impress
ed in his service. -3 J --.- - . i:
Jaa. B. Ellis, of St. Ionia", h'ii been' awarded
the contraot for buildteg aaven gun-boats .to be
delivered at Cairo on th fifth, of Ootober, at
$89,000 each. He 1 to forfeit $200 per day for
etery day over the time ia which he agrees to
deliver them. - st..jtr !:,, at ut
Some of tbe Federal offloew,' who 'reconnoi
tred yesterday in tha vicinity of Great Falls,
aaeended a bill from whence tbey are said to
bate seen a considerable body of troops, some
thousands at least, encamped on the Virginia
aide, supposed to be a part of Johnston' com
mand. " A t. -I !
These latter seemed to be about two miles
from tbe river, and about one mile and a Quar
ter above Great Fall, exactly- opposite an al
leged tording place. Tbe ford, which Is impas
sible for wagons or artillery, bs to' b ap
proached from the Virginia side, through a nar
row defile cn. through abrupt hill at that
point, and th ford Itself Is by n means wide.
It was also noticed that axmen seemed to be at
work felling trees between tb troops and the
rivet, i i i .k .um iut'. '. I
A private letter from CaloocDr Court House
States, there are 1200 rebel troops lick at that).
piaoe. it aaas, tnst every man in that county
nas been impressed Into the rebel service.-1 ,
' PBuiuiUBJA,.'AcgV9!Tb l$kK; JodVna
Regiment arrived her this morning, ib ? .
Tb Philadelphia train doe here 1 early this
morning, ba not arrlted. ' It la; reported (hat
soma of th ear want off th . boat Into th
Susquehana river, but th faots are not ascer
tained, -' "' 1
Hew York; Democratic CottteaUon.
Aiiamv, August 8. The Democratlo State
Central Committed met at the Delaware House
to-day. A Urge number of prominent Demo
crats from all parts f tb State were present.
Tne piauorm wilt no made broaa, that all men
willing to indorse ft will be Invited to partici
pate in. the, Union and In Support Of Its candi
dates. u iitr-.!:. . ' .r.?ir . : .n i.( .,.t: j
- '-1' ' ' ' ' ,:'' ' ' ' '''' '': I '
Further from Gen. Lyon's Army—Another
Fight—The Rebels
BramefitU), -Mo., August 6. Oar advices
from Gen.' Lvonfa armt ara tn Snndav: ' Tha
cavalry charge, hereto lore reported, wa made
by a scouring party rent out to ascertain If tb
enemy were approaching. Alter our troops bad
encamped for the nlgbt at Dug Springs, seeing
a regiment of infantry coming along - the road,
tha Lieutenant ordered a charge, which resulted
in killing thirty of . the rebels and wounding;
lght. Th cbarg was not intended by Qea.
Lyon, tnd probably prevented tbe rebel from
attacking bis main body, wbicb, bad they don,
tney wouia nnquestionsoiy nate oeeo. routed
with setere lose. :
A large body of the enemy's' cavalry ."which
bad taken position on high ground to obserto
our position wa dispersed by a few shells from
Capt. Fatter' battery, wounding om thlrrv of
them. Saturday morning our force moted for-4
ward cautiously, and on approaching Currad,
th rebels, to the number tf 3,000, -were fees
potted en the hill-eld Soutbweet . or the place.
Gen. Lyon immediately formed ale army for
battl, aad gar tb order to adtano. At our
column was approaching a pleoaoC timber to
flank tbe enemy, Capt. Dubois' battery opened
fire on the rebels, and they, retreated In bast.
It Is not known whether any o( th enemy were
killed, h W did not lot a man, and took sev
eral prUooww.f. Our army enoamped for the
night At Currtnpand on Sunday morning, Gen.
Lyon determined: to retire toT Springfield, aa
moat of the rebel ar mounted, and they might
Prlo, KtlD tod fftfwou 4r iaid ioW
90,000 tted mdwr thtic com m tod, n4 Bin Mo
Cnlloch 4,000- The Utter tu veil fcrmed acd
rci j:tic
Foreign News.
rfl iui iS, An'g.' 7:-Tb:e Europf, fron'luen
tAwa QHth. mninA at S-M'. ' . " ' ' " '- . -
. iaTisroo Jaiy xi.reaastntn ll. a. a
Ca.,W. N. Cevy an B. Ar-caOprepart
tha waathet nofarorabl for tha aronui Trooi
flat, witu a aownwara leoaeaowi qaotauon,
wneai steaayi km wettern Q
us.. DoutDBra. Auaiwo. vJ.i rruite ooainern
1-&1.313.U. Cora LmetJ aot'Diiae
aacBtagear biiim wHBfB. yauori,rtW.
aha . . . . nrnaSI. ,Tlt.uf.i. Mi . .
u8i,i wnu ourajo. rrgyuiimtw i o saaa
autborlUt 4aata Beef 0.uletr"ba ttdr"; pork
airi baeea d eel rued In lard MSlwr, a net all
airi oaeea fleeimea i ira siy, arm ail
ly?JrBli ,," , 1 ,'i
Tha Broken' clronlar remrtaanrar nulal anil
I - v A r ., .".1 t
unchanged. Coffee, sales imall. Ry firmer,
with an advance la inferior qutlitfe. t I . -) ,
London MAaxiTt-Tlidring's elroalar report
betadatuffs In actuta, demand l eaMer pric.
Quatatioca barely maintained. Flour, 24i 6d(J
27." Wbeat ri9s 91 for red and wmte. Hug
artlat. Coffee buovot-, Rio tedy. Tea
quiet, but stetdyr oou-thba Cocgo-10lld.
Tallow dull at 47s. " ' ' '"';'-
.Amerieea securities firmer, and all kind
slightly , advanced. Erl share 34f Ililnola
Central share 37 diat- Nw York Central
tharae 70ra72. CI . 3 i l i- 2 ;-ir l
In tb House of Lords, Sir Charles'' Wood,
In speaking of tbe favorable aspect of Indian
affairs, laid he believed ultimately England
would be Independent of- America for oettpru
Thlt year's supply oi cotton from India was
300.000 more bales tbsn ever before.-
Mr. Buxton called tbe attention of the House
of Commons to the Increase of tb Cuban day
trade. " " k ' -
Mr. Gregory said ba hoped Napoleon would
now co-operate with England, in putting, dowa
tbe slave trade, ana trusted recent event in
America would Dretent American capital from
halnf "embarked in this nefarious traffic.' HOf"
lord j raituoreton' said it: regretted mat
th Government were not- more successful in
Inducing tbe United States to take Imore strin
gent measure to put down the ,tfaffitV(6hlfly
carried on by Amerioan vessels.
rsANca. Tne Bonne opened arm. but
closed ratber heavy. Rentes 67f-75c i
Italy .The protests of the Italian people
against the French occupation of Rome, were
receiving a tut nnmoer.ot sigqaiur. i ,
New York Market.
New York Market. NEW YORK, Aug. 7.
g, VviAvii it i iuvi a tv iui r ihi ucuiauu t mmts. va waw
talM at mvi Sot Mlddllni Uaplaod. .
ILOUtt UrKt axaio advanced ie karrei. wim a
fair export and tiome trade demand; taiet of 13.400 bar
rel! at $4 V(St n for tapcrSoe ttate ; 4 4094 SO for
extra atata ft li4 SO for taperflo wtiteroi 4 30
4 Si for oommon to medium extra weitern; 4 00
for ihlpplor graodt extra roood boop Obto, and IS HO&
10 for trade brand, do; narket elotlng htm. CluMI
an flour firmer, with taleeof 000 barren at 4 SOmt 8$
ror eupernre, ana ttXBT to for oommon to eboice ex
tn. tve flour aaiet: taUt of 150 barrel, at 12 304
880. .........
OORW HEAL Unohanted: ealea-'of 330 btrrele at
3 803 85 for lertey , and 3 OS for Brandywlnei - -.
wuu&X-rttalat and noouaoied: aajesol XiUMrreli
at 17o; email taroelt at 17)40,
WHIAT Advanced 1 to K per bnthel, wit rood
export demand. The receipt, continue limited.'1 Balee
of 33,000 tmibelt Caloago eprlni at V.'9!lo; 13,800 buih
eltnorthweeternelnbate3(aSl t: 18.400 bmbele Ri-
olne eprtng at l OS; 69,000 buahelt liilwankee olnb at
85loSi 14,800 bmbele amber Iowa at. l 051 06;
isuu bmbele eboice amber Green Bar etl 10) euuu;
buehelt winter red weetem at 1 8; 6000 butbela wbite1
Oanedlaa at SI S3; 89,000 buebale white weitern at 1 1 85
mi S7,and ISO.OOO buibel, white Kentucky at 1 3u
BYI gteadv. with talei of 1000 bmheli Cinidlm' at
$4570.-:., ..
BABLEY Dull and nominal.
OOBN-&ale, firm, with acood eiDortendhomainde
deound; talee-of 164,000 buahelt al 45a4(ja foi food to
rime ibipping mixed weitera; 43S45o for eeitern do;
BS43o for damaged do; 48Sle forweetern yeUow. i
OATS In moderate reoueet, at 2528e for Oanada:'
and x32Kofor wettern aad atat ' r:; ) r (
rOKb. tlearv and rather euler: lalee of 1 J50 barrel!
at 15 5015 75 for men; 10 50O10 6i for prime, -and
l8ia37forolear. - -:.x i - ,
BEEF Tbe market raletqnlet and firm: ulet or 700
barreU at 4 SO- for- country print; 5e)5 SO foe
eoantrr-meeei 9SUx5 for repaoked men;- U iOa)
u a ror exira nuee. - rrimomeaabcei dull.
CUZ MEATS Contrnne dull; ihoulden4S5o;hamt
BAO0N Quiet tind onchtrrcJ.
LARD A ibade timer, with aaletet 460 barrel, at
8K0lfe. n
DDH'jsa-c-elllng at 710), for Ohio; and 8314 for
, CHEESE Steady, at iS7o for rood te Briar. ,1
COFl'KK Tbe public ule of Bautoa Ootfeei announc
Id for to day, pteeed off -with yery good spirit, and very
xni pricct were naiiaeoi. Tn onenogi eomprnea
8300 ban. th carlo of tb brie Ptlmettivof which eolr
1400 bgi were loll at 1515o; ayeraglng 15Xo, at
priTaie aaie. in maraet mil ruiet yery nrm, there U
more doing In Bio; talei of 2300 bagt, part at 13 (4c, and
yi ramatoaer on priyataitrmi. . . . ' )
- BIOS In good demand aad Inner; talei of 600 uW
ee at5u6Ko. caab. t
BO OA K Haw. firm, with a nretty cood bnsineat doln irt
leiofS00hog,hnri,Cuba at 5X86K; 31 hopbead,
Porto Klco at. tXOSo, and about, U boxtlKaTaoa at
.. '1 a .- ! ,
MOLA83E8 Firm, ard market rather quiet; we only
not ealM of SO hhdtat S730o for Jfodo tttco, and S7c
far Barbados. .iUUl
. BIO0K8 eefioad Board blxher. with llabt trantao-
tloni) Chicago and Hock Ieiaud 4(IX; Olereland and
Toledo 23 iJ Qalena and Chicago Sljii Ililnola Central
icrlp, C3X, eeller 10; Allcblgao Bouibern. guaranteed,
avx; new lork Utntral 19; raelno Vail 751.1 D4a-
ware and Hudeon 83) North darollaa fl'i 88 ; UiaeouriO'e
4;i TJnreed State t, f '5, 08; United Sutaa O'et f
oi, coupon,, w; Treaiurye'tUQ; .Tennetiee do. 40':;
Virginia do. 58. ' - - . ,
Cincinnati Market.
Qrocert tame report of trauaotloos tn
rugar and ooffa, which nyeal th aam tamper in
the market that wa bar noticed for aom day put.
I LOCH Remain, at dull at tyer; buyere talk the
prlc of uperfln dowa front 10 to ut oent per karrei,
and ar not diipoied to offer more than 93 60 for fair.
or eren gooa extra. ... i
WBEAT The market had more tbrength to-day, and
eome improrementwit mao in pnoe lor pnm wait
for which th demand wa praportlenably better then far
reo 70 ror prim red and oot ror prtaa white, may be
regarded at the minimum ttandaxdi. ' I
COBN Ii In light nottpt aad aaeier to tell thtn to
tayal ula'Jt being renUy ed. : a
OAT Ar quiet at S3.. t. . . i
RYE Hal lorn llttl feqnest al do. .'- .. ot i-e x
. BABLEV Kemalnt Mwleoted .w i
WHISKY Dropped to 15c. to day , with yery quiet
mania, n.. .! J."- "- .
COTiT, A'X'JtlU BY:.-.;.,.;
Hon. Joseph R.- Swan,-
(Contained la twenty-Bin folomew tf tbe Ohio and Ohio
Stat Report,.)
tf kWb X ma A COWTENIEirr JKD11. j
la Two Rbyal'8Tairolttmee. FrloeflO CO.
No care or eipoeee ha, rpared to make the work
nArfect and Nllabt In Ail naMcta...
It hat now th Lf Ulatlr auction, having been -prored
by nearly the unanlmoui yot of both Hon,
tad wa ordered la be dktfibnted to the following Btat
tnd County officer: 1 J " -1' (
Ooyerser, Atteroey fleaertl,- taprem JlrM. Secre
tary, C omptroller, Treatartr and Auditor of Bute, and
to the Probate Oourta, Oourta ot Common Plea,, Super
ior and Polio Court,, AadllOrt, an the Otorkt ot tb
rartoM Court! la each eoanty, to tb Uember) of the
emaee ana aae w wreMw or- init Btakt, aad
lh Ooyvnon of the ttvtral Btateiof th Colon. -i
Thli book.i ooabttrdoff,- It do, all of tb Statute,
now In force, and in anthoritatlr eonitrnotion of thorn
and of th (fewooaratstloa; tnu.M fonadio b npfciel
ly iwfttlm tbaperroraBo( thqlrd attest all;; '
m t . -a- u -
I a ,vdiiuh vr tua riaua, ,
PA '1 ; CLERKS Of TOWM8HIll.aad"i a
1 1 UX: OlfAOSRB, tmui-i1
1 Inaimaca attwryatan eaaes att bea made ia tg
ImtateaaumthaimbUoatloaef thekaat diUoaa, byr
peal. alteration! and addltlona, aad many Importaot de
clalom hart been giren by th BuprenM Court en eon
Irovwrt poinie, au v- r t.-.i I .n- -c.-a -a
BikN K E Rfl, MB OBTA rtT8 -' -.,:!,;;
Wftl tnd this an bmluableWorlf. 'i" - 1 . x.-'
7m Xyml o. FWewaew w Jf Milam ffundrtd
, . In Strong Ltw Bladlin.v FrVel.00.-,
PaWlthedby " . ' " v.
Law rabUthtrs, BboksinerirBtaUbnert a4Tttportrs,
- K. aa weet rourih etreet,
febl8:JBa-lf .t . , . lllnolnnatl O.
I,,., it. iV 'lit t "t .-ttj
. ' t for ba NBTAiri Mltll
lh and PERMANEVT OtRI if
r. fOktieiatiii complain, an
Had py 0. "B. BBTItDTjR at Cd.', 107 Vaitaa 8 1'.. T1
: ,, , .trio 11 per boxi; tent tre by port.. ',"L
i lOB IAtl AtlALl. oauui
iaf-dawlyti j'.l -..l).jyw ,:ni ia-ft
i, i.r T.i ... l
XTOTIOB bJ kereby. ttyea that I aaya wan 41 api
i. petnted tdminletrat' T th alli, l Oewrled
Clark, lat of Irankllonnty. deeeeee.1 u.
- -i .i,.v: aaOaUIi-CLARK.
8. ft: tt. ObtttewOen, Attorney.
JelMww' -'' t!wi
PIRMNAL property kelenilnf to th Matt wt TnmU
Cranaa. deOBaaad. CBnaliiiut ekleOyof a lit) MSB
aad DRAT. wlU a aold at nub U rendu, at tb eofnet
I Blghand Cherry ttrwt, ta Colutnuaa. n, th kuih
dy of Juiy, A.. ltitl.wmBu aA,U) 'nok la
,r ' J"". A- sibbA,wunBiaB atui atk i
I ,WarteBDrj, .attVj Admtaletrator.
' i.n-
,BiJ7UiK ta
An txptrlenred Kurte ln( Temal Thyitdan. pretofit.
"6'0;;. H I K 0 S 'V U P
,:u ' . (UK UUlAiUK&II TAaiTairtU, '! )
Wnlch rreaUy fadlllati tbe prteeaa f teethter. fcy rfv
enlng the rum,, ndsoisf all toaaannatlea elll 4if
ALL FAIN and roatmotla action, and la- -
aiiatE 14,HUIJI,ATE IBEBOVt tJJa.'
lipei. npit, raotbtra, 11; wU) 'tmJuaiwu4rn
''O .i(:lr.1 'I! Wvr 'J ti f.iA
W hary pot up and ao Id thie ettlohr f ot over Un yearn
what haTtneyer bees abi tey f any other mmlh
anoa, TO ErrauT A OCR. Whew tlnely . Ifer.
er am we now an lnitanc er awmtMiaecieti wy any en
who need it, On the contrary, ail ar delighted witk la
operatione, aad apeak In terme of eommcndaUon erf It
nugtoa) 0eetand medleat ylrtaer. W peal la thlt
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten yean' exp
alaoat erery Inttanoa tb Infant I taflerng from
pau ana unauiuonv reiwi .wu, toon m aiteec vt
twenty minute, after heSyrup I, admlnlitered. ',
Thlt yalnable preparation It th preeerlptioa of oof
Dee, Baglaad. aad ha aa ummA -iih yifvn, FAHr
AHiiusan ain jm,-. ujaatia. j wj
Itnotonly rellere the child from pain, but lnrleoi.
atea the itomach tnd aowe a. corraeta addiey, aaii gi rae
tae aad eunr to th whoa) lyitemt .It will ainoat lol
ttantlj relieve ""
and Trocm oonTUMiaaa. ernleh. If notpee411y mtmm
owena w-oeatot wtjeufHlMKt)Cana BUB,
It lit KKHaDK iH TUB WORLD. In alleaee ofDk
Itaritet from teelhlox. or from any other eaaa.,. Wa
Would my tp tTCry motlwrwho haea child coffering fraa
any of the terefoloa eemplaiat BO NOT LEI VOIJIt
land between yoa tnd your loitering child, and th re
lief that will be 8CRB yea, ARSOLOlBLT BUEB-to
follow tne us of thumeaicine, u timely need, .fall ai
rectionafor ulna will accompany each battle. Nona
genuine uotcat the fac-tlmlle of C0RXJ8 4; FERKIS8.
Jtew York, tt on the outalde wrapper. -
Bold by eraggiit throughout tbe world.' 1 - 5 '
Principal Office, is Cedar Street it.
i-'t.JWO'.I Jl .,..'...,1,1
.ecarratwiferv. !. u i. .. . ,
Aa"'ffeetiT0, Bafo and Economical
To.4t original color withmt dyeing, aad niwrenllsg
jr w . nair irom turning gray, ft f
.Isdcuring t, when there It the leait particle of yltall 1
"ft .Tl aecuperativ energy remaining. j i-j i
ihdatIMaaoaaafe1IaBS ef the Scalp. .
Lmnartint to It an nneoaled rloe, tnd brilliancy, maklnz
It loft and tllky In Ira texture, and canting it to enr'
readily. ,.
The great celebrity ana lncreenng acmtna for tut an-
eanaled Dreparation. conTinoet the proprietor that one
trial u only nectnary io aauuy a ouaoemug pnoiic or It
nperiorqualltiea oyer any other preparation In na. It
oleantet the head and acalp from dandruff and other
cutaneona diMiael, earning tha hair to grow rururlanUy
giving it a rich, toft, glony and flexible appearanc, and
alio, where tne nair u lootentng ana winning, l
itrength and rigor to the roota and rector tbe
t growth to
boee parte which bare become bald, canting tt to yield a
Kh fiorarlna of hair.4-'
There are bundrejdlof ladle and iaUemn In New
Tork who hare had their hair reitored by tbe wee of thlt
IuTirorator, when alt other preparation, hare failed. L,
M. hai ta hit pojteailoa letteri lnnmrabl bntlftng
to the aooy iaoo, irom penoni ot ia nigneat reasecia
bllity. It will effectually prerent the hair from taming
until tbe lateat period of 11; and fa eaa, wtnnfth half
hai already changed ita color, th at of th In ri go rater
will with certainty restore It to tt to Ita original hue, giv
ing It a dark, gloety appearanc. Aa a perfum for tb
toilet and a Bair BeitoraQre It ll particularly recom
mended, baring an" agreeable fragrance: and an gnat tar
cllltlee tt afford ta dntting tn hair, which, when moia
with th Inxixoratot, oan be dreieed In any raoutie
form to aa to preaerre ita plao, whether plalnkir In owlaj
benoe the great aemana ror it Dy tne iaaiee a a itanaara
toilet artial wUch ao ubt te mt without. the price
placet it wiioin tue reacn oi au, netng
Only Twenty-rive Cents.
per bo ttle, to be had at an mpectabl Dnrgglitt and
.. ' -rernnura. ) . - ; I, ....
L. MILLER would call th attention of Panubj and
Onardiana to tbe ue of hi! larlgorater, in - caeel where
the children 'i hair lnclmei to be weak. Th cm of it
favra the foaadauoa lor ihmmm or aoar, a It re
move any lmpurttlee that may haro become connected
with th acalo. th remorat of which n neeeatary both
for tb health of tha child, and the future '.appearance ef
Italian-.. . i
Oirnioa. None genuine without the fao-stmlli LOtTI?
niuwi. wu, vu uv vwwh .iw, a., oiih'
LER'B HAIR IHVlaORAZOR, . X., blowa in the
Wholrtalo Depot, Pey Oti, tad told by all the
principal Mefohaol and PracgWa tbroagaoat h werld
Liberal aitnoant t pwnaiire ay w ejamy a .
I aUodeilrttepreKBt tothJ JmerteaaFnoUcmy , , ,
wblek, after ywra ot potentlao xpertmtUg, I . have
brought to perfection- . It dyee Blacker Brown lnataatry
witbontlnjury to th Hair or Skin; warranted tha belt
artlole of th kind In ojdatanoa. , .. --;;-,!
PRICE. ONLY 50 CENTS. ... . -:
Depot 66 Dey St, New Yorkl
"i nji.Ui l V,tin- oHfo.' ' -.U t'J
r-i i', ',.,1 w.Tui i
metamfaxturere af all kind at -
table ana wtatianarf steam Ka-
arinawy aaw iraiil.-arlat 0AUlv
A. - eVOea VMm ,-r
MACmyS CO. Statmllll liAPiOJtA
'' 0(A BtlmNlIt
Oar Portable Knclne and fair HUT
Wu awarded th ftrrt pronltua of 5U at tb Indian
Stat fair for 1560 over Lata t Bodiej't on aootontel
rrloe, lightness, olmpltdtyi economy of fnel
and anperlor obaraoter of lonber aawetl. j
Our Stationary Ingta wta awarded at tb Base f ah
the drat premium of W0. ...... .... ... .
Our Portabl Entin wa awarded tfte tftt yrewihiia 4
100 at th lair at MemphU, lenn,, ver Blandy'. Da
vallt, Oolumbui Haehlne Co'l., and Bradford CoV I
by a commute of practical Railroad Engineer. T
rrwaatarmiaiareet i
-.. , ,i r W1LLABO WARITKR, Trearartr.
4oS-dtwlyolt. Newark, Ohio 1
. ,;"t3erairiria; XeJXkitt3tm.
Oolumbua, Olilo
, .ale; ,' ,!v. . ' i i fi -..t'-Jir A
W. POTTO 5fc'i CO
and nftnufaoturen ef Uraaa tad Oompotfttoi Oattlngti
amiinea una nor oi au Aieecnpuonr.
r Bemlml Weekoi'M, Bexual Debility, Wenrwimeae.Ia
voluntary EwImIuu, and, Impolanc, wrulting from
ViU-Mui A, ' Vy Bobt. 3. Oulrerni!)l, ef . D... Bant
ati'iiwailaa plalo aTolove, w a'ii.ir',.po
ru.(. oa reeiipt ef two aumpa, by Br, CUA3. i.Qj
k-LKSB, lil Uowtif WW.Iork. tot Otlio B,n.5
4o4. 1 ' arSl:mdtw
Inatamt MlUir Vti yaair Casiwai
Pnrlff wnr Braathf "
t fatflteBi ieir raafV
rrrut two
""H t.-fit r.r Hi'iri'. tvn
flOdri rpRWCTBRERS, il '
..-''(M C HI-'.
i elWMliWAr tuH'i.-t A
- CnTLliSETg ear won
.b ,i "IAT1.A f
"'"""nun inttUAT UOrirECTION3.
1 .!' Tr.J AUMilHAr)
They rellere a Congh instantly.
They clear tbe Throa."',- Wl H ".tx
Tbey giro ttreagta anj rlojti let tb reto.
They Impart a dllciow aroma to th breatb.
Tbey are delightful to tbe tute.
Tbey are made of simple herbs and eaaoot
harm any one! ' ' ' ': ' h ' : " '
I adrlie erery one who bat a Cough er a hutky Toka
er Bad Breath, r any CSuUr h Tkmt, ta Bet
a packagt of ay Throat CoafeUons; they will relier
yoa laetutlyV and y will gra with ta that other
C right to th tpot." To will lad the rery Baefnl
aad pleannt wbUe trarltn or attending publw taawt
ingfortaHsgyowOogaltaytag year thine. If
yon try pnt package, I aa taft In aaylng that yoa will
eye! artarwarda cooatder Qaaa fcdlapeinBOMeii'ajsT
xoa win end. tbem at tb Draggbt aad Beaters la
Kedlclnet. ' V ' " '' " " - ' '"' " -
" ,T' '" i- tr. 'i 'i V awn
My tlgntturt It cn each packag. All (her are
onatTftlt: A .... liXi?. LUtlati
X packag will be tent by mail, prepaid, oa receipt of
ThlrtyOentt, ; ' . ' ';
... . ...... ,T..g.7 i-nrv
-le.tjj ti ,..It
,rc 1--.
rHeC.' Spalding;
NO. 4fl OEDAK T1T',
. i . i i
By the uh of the Plia tk perledle attaaki of Aw
oj or Siat AoetaeAc ttxy be prereatadl and If taken
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
paUand iicxme w1llbobtaid. r - ' , r j
' Thy MlAoca fall ia recaveiaa th Smumtuti-, ri.
cmA tt whlok filinr te ealdaetV' tut 4 r
' Tbey act gently npo thowel remotwg CattM
mm. ,;iiii:iv.A,.;i':
lor JAUrary Mm, MutitnU, ' BaDoat female
and all penon, of udmtarf KabiU, (hey are value
at immmHM, inprormf tb mppmW, giving tons
wapr to tb dlgeittv igant, and Metering th natar
tlaetldty and itrength of tb wholttyrtawi.' '
TBI 0 JPflAXIO FtLLB tr (a neult ef tong lire
tlcatictt aad carefully eoadncttd expeflmeata, aarlng
ka ta aa taany yaars,: lartojg which tha lkrb,e
prevented andrlivdatamoaat of paiaandtnger
lag fro Head anh a. whether orlgiaatiaa ta tb re,
ryataaa er freaa a draed etae ef th bmmA.
They are enttraly vegetable ta their eoaapeaiUoa, aa
auybttakva, tt aUttawt with perreet eafaty wltaoat
auktat any change ef dli' - 'elmi-CT mitm R
Tbt genuine bar By lgaataianf 6nryj jRjidte
etoh ' ' -' -,in. o v mt
old by Drarxtttt aad tn ethat Beabrs tttdk!W.
A Boa wUl be aat by aall. prepaid, ta twretpt Of she
Prloo, CJT Ooitxtai. .
All enjert thoald b adwaweTteY';; A "3
hen ats o. araxDtne,
i--- 4b Jaelau' Straat Ham aTeattai.
' from fcba Examiner, kTorfolk, Vaui..'ic'
Cephalic fills aeooapllah the beet Tor whteathey
were nudti.Tle t Oat f bmimekajkeaU la fprau.
Vrtta th Xxaminer, Korfoft, t.
Th bare tested la mere than itintt aataa
with eatire ruooee. i i. ..:. ,m-f
frotUl)ri4onfcL,CUoa Oon.
If you art, or have been, troabled with tb headache
end for a box, (Cephalic Pllia,) salha yv taa hare
tkemia eaa of anatiaott. U ,:idm,
froea U Aetler, riwrldAac,'a. X.'m
Th0ncatmriUaM tbrmrkaUy effoctrre
remedy for th hce4act and on ef th vary beet tr
from the-Wtttm 8.' B. OewttW tTnlcdg, II!.
We heartily endone tfr.8paaldlng, sad hit anrlvaJed
Oephalienilt. . ! ..-.-yAv.t. ju
fro BwaValrartil,IaaaBa,
V a tan that iwradu enfferiag with th adie
Who try them, WlU itlok to theea. " y A
rron th f oathera Path rtacMr, HewOtleaae, l.
Try thee I yoa tha r afflmteA, al er annua that
Sur teetlmoay eaa k. added lb already aaaaenu
t that ba received benettta that a thr atadida a
prod rr,.. v.V.tjjvj ,yy.K aviftra
In th St. Ixmle Peawgrjl tTTtP. V
Th ImnMnt demaa toe Hw' arOote vOethHe fills
Is rapidly tocwaUny);
t, rifront ftaOatett, MTport,.Iow..i. t
Btr, lpldtMWWlMoiitadatthr-
tkle ha dU aot laoea to po
T: : , i '
irrA'alng'u. WtV'of ' Bf AtDIItd'd' PEBPAMB
()) MtowWJmimVhMl
rAkLl)itd reXfejctt GLUE I
' Suv
WfX irw at tarf a irr,"XlI
As aoctdeota will happen, ta wU rlateel taet
1 lea, tt very deeirabie to hav tow he and oa
venieot way for wpirtnf. Ittrnlriir,.ToyiJ Outatry
BMet all each eaaergeni-iea, tad no ho'iMhold B effer
to be without tt. , It Italireyi ready, and ap to ta attok
""""'.'PBETtrt Wf jaWM.- f
, T. Si.-Ai aeooaapaala betlliirA - ,
,. WW. '.T'."K J XUtti tr- -'
.,) ..''' M.sat o. iPAiBraa,
'VinrtL- " tt, Utdar btreei, Mrw tor.
. . ' -.! a'A
' . . ,' ' OdOtlOtjil'tiKl
r.lij I
joc as
' Al ertal ncprluclpM riW are W
palm off, trio nu!eii jm.-lli-,, 1 j -,
taiPABD fcLUA, IWoai i oil
r"'r pnfili,, f
It el'ALUlnlll tl.lt Ai.v.,
Ie e U.-oVi!t:
ooViMe i wrapper; all oUtert ar iw.

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