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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 10, 1861, Image 3

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i 1 1 i r .''! " 1 1
J. i fit
tidKiiiiyat aug. igyibgi .
A . ' . T
under obligation to H for tb f ? itt Ja.
iTont tb Mteni't!H)M; .i ,s;'.,'iJ; ,,, i.
Tba American Expr; Ctompan, ba onr
lhankt for Iti dattv fw In to shepaof tb
very latest eaateta paper,' -.y'L.
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notlc Is hereby given to tb Uniun Pemqc;
raey oi Frankllnpoiibty, fa ,'jneet; on; Fridayv
i s Aogot30, 1861,eteeo the hours ef ftretAnd
tit o'clock P. In. tot lowoiblpi, ana 'ur tod
tight o'olock P. M , la ib .Wardi, at this 'utoal
placet of holding elections, (excepting Norwich
township, wbtoh will be ,Md 4, Schofleld .
Sohool Home, aod tbl Fourth Ward at Gayer 'a
Wart Room, Awl tbaFIrrt Ward ad the Oalt
Hoot t), to appoint delegates to attend thCon
ty Contention, to meet at Uia City Ball, Inltbi
olty of Columbus, on Saturday, ' tb Slat day. of
Aoguit, 1861, at ten o'olook AM., lot tb par
pose of patting In nomination two Iteprotehu:
tives In tbe coming LegUlatnre, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, on Recorder, n
Coroner, one .'County' Commissioner, ; and one
Infirmary Director. ", .-.., ..'I ll " ft .if .
At tbe tame ,, time and place on delegate
from each Ward and hnroahlp will be, point
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Jadge for
tblt dletriot. Tim for holding ft Sena tot 11
and Judicial Convention will . be fixed here
after. , : V",--;?.';;-"',.;'-"
The following it th number of delegate 1
lotted to each Waid and Twntblp, bated upon
the vote cast for Supreme Judge in I860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and to additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty fir votet to cart.
1st Ward, ,?
ad ,
ad . i ''.
Montgomery Tp
, 5
Miffln ,
Norwich i
Jeffertoo i .-.
- 6
Perry ;,
i it u 3
hi j j ;j
J 1 franklin
1 ' Plain '
Wm. Domain, . t .Jacob BuNHAit, , Vj
Sam'i. Dortt, , Aiu. Tbommon,
H. W. MiLLta, Wm. Cooria.i ; i
John M. Pooh, J. Bam, . . ... , .t
K.PicKiacbi Jamii HoaMOCHi t
H, 8. Hioh, '. , ,-..u,,a.i
County Central Committee-
Probate Court.
Ittmi of butineu trantacted In tbe Probate
Court of Franklin county, during tbe week and:
Ing Friday, Augunt 9. 1861: ' ' -''r'' j
Herbert Cheater and Melrlna S. Needlee,
John Ocba and Elmira Sbull, John pallet and
Mary Dalley. . A ' !
John Rathmell was appointed, Auguit 7tb,
Adminittrktor en the eeUte of Wm. T. Smith,
late of Hamilton townihip, deceated. i
A ecntVe hat been istued for the following
jurors for the Criminal" Term of tbe Probate
Court, commencing on Tuesday, September 3d,
1861: ,,..,,,;,,. .,. J..'
JobnButlor. Columbuii J. ERudislil, do.
torin Yerlnglon, do.:' George Kanmacber, do.;
M. W. Bills, do.; Nathaniel Merloni Mont
gomery tp ; Daniel Methony, do. Samuel
Holten, Jackson tp.; Westlcy Preston, do;; Jer
emiah Ealb, fladison John. Dalley, Plain
tp.E. K. Clover, Pleasant tp. : v -j i
, ! '
ST EoeiNjc . Miaticx,. of RtUburgh, chief
' buglpr In Sherman's Battery, who was wounded
at Bull Ron, states that dating th fight, he
, etw an offioer of tbe New York Seventy-first
Regiment pull out a taotlct book to read the
order requisit to bring bis corps Into tbe posi
tion be wanted. ... ' .. '."." ..m;i I
- - t
. D The following are tbe commitsloned field
officers of the Fifteenth Regiment nnder Its
new organif tlon: Lieut. Col. Dicut is Colo
jet; Capl; W T. Wiuon, Lleuteuant-Colonel;
( and jpapfc Wal. Wauuci is Major.; ', $ v! M
OT We direct attention to the advertisement
of a "Lost Cor,' ;ln another' column. Any
person, leaving. .Information. at this office, that'
may lead to her recovery by the owner, will be
liberally rewarded. '
S3 Th companies belonging to. tba Jffinei
teentb Regiment, Col. BUnMrlU be. mnate'r--d
out of service at the following Dleoea? ppfe
company' at Canton y two at Salem; iwo' at
Warren: two at Akron i; anil thn at Athta.
e-w... .i ,.r".-nr,-i,
Ion r '
4 tUI!
v, CT.A'odmpanjifrom Milfort' Center XJnlpn
county, arrived at Camp Chas yesterday. !
' ID" Birnhd Bwaiw, a .well-koOwri, citlrto,
diedon-Tharsday night last at bis residence on
' WttBrod street v,, I'jLfA
. ! D Joetra A. Hxiian, publlahcr of the' cin
' clonati Vtlttfrtvnd, wae thrown from hi bprse
while at Camp Chase bn-Tbunday mornlng'.'-r
His wrist was dislocated.'" 'i; '-1''-- ;
The sentenca of Jouia Tmnrr, w,hd
was tohaVe1 beenbung t MirrtvlUe' yester4jt
. baa been eommnted to Imprltonment foe life In
the Penitentiary .Vkt' W
"I1 11 ewaw ii mi . . IM
'J: D"- J-e Hu.bi .f ; Clewalaad,, lata (iblef
Engineer bf the Fire veptrtmebf, latboen ap.
pointed Quarter-matter, of th First Reglmep.
, O The Cleveland iMe'tr tetMi.tbat'&a.pr
- g ahlzatlon of the Fortyfirtt JBeglmenl it pearly
oomplete, and that II will soon go into aamp In
that city."" Jobs J, Ttwm& Otd, 8 ', 1tiuth
. both of Cleveland, bav been oamltieae
'lb former as LlnUaant-Coloi)'aU .w4.'.!
?jf M Major, of be. Fflrty-Irrtt;, j
CT Slowly and, as U were, relnetaaily, the
;fala elpadi IasV; renirjgv
' At lesgtH the rain ban to patter downi gtai
,ually ltcaae.bat staadllyeooIIcgUe.beatod
: freshing man end beaet. We tm the; ittlml-
bating point in the t'beated term' for.'tiV
sn ii pabtf but," ifhether ; -It Wtiottet.'ts
thank God for laat night' bsantiful ralav -,0 ' fl I
f. 1 4 Biiin't En VitwCuld be ratgedfor
' for an Instant tio sob lofty pisaaoi wner 4t'i
glance we' could behold all. the anfferlfle of
earth, bo should we wonder t tbe number of
. . vpuoiB ouuiuvu vj unease, ana now wouia oar
, hearts bleed to se them writhing la sgonyfrcb
the paint p Scrofula.. nd Erysipelas,' Canker
and 8alt-Rhtumi Sores iaad ,lUerai RVeamat
flttor Neuralgia: K bthe.; cantH.- Bnl -'thK
aoene is no Jet true because noieca by at, and
no oaejelUdsnvJtl l6leBWxIf'.he ' bmell
of inch we puWlk abroad .''Kennedy'eWiidiuil
. Dlfocterf r knot Ing, It 1 1 b ' ' rula iki
speedy remedy la 11 oases where it 1 reeoa
ended by It proprietor.
Rail Road Time Table.
lirrU Kun a OtUiw V Xmu. , aWi"
tg a-t I j ttilMw. T'.ArrlWAl
VlBOlnBAB AOWaBOdaBa.lB:W A. i :IU y, M
tl.afl A. 1 W a X
Hall ib4 iMwatiUM.. 8:10 F. at. A 9:00 f.
Mlfhlnra. Tia,M4e aldnlfbt.' .&! A.' M
MlffatliimM. 140 A.M. tt.lSF.l
M TwiKitprfc.,.l:10 A. M. lh50A.l
0.0evWvlxMiiaJ.l8:301.1. wt. I
3: A. Mt,il;MAr.
It 't 'ii"' !.- . - "".1 "
A a.a n n.iX A
PiTTusaaa, OoLomn OaMnATt S. B.
IbM Irtta ai MM, aSO At M.i li st A. M
xprNiTralA 11:2SA. M. 8.45 P. M
Ootsaaot r Iinujntvui, .i:-i u . ...
(UOLCHBDS 1WCA . M.K' 14 Jf .l
Ko. i :...'.. v.. t e-sn ai m.! " f ee r ti
ao. ........ r. b. o:? r. !
..11 U .tlH.ft tJl $mt,-tuQ-JF. a,T" 4lt.'
City, fcwtoft,'
FltMrnrfb, SWubwiTlIlt wn 1 Ckri)il, ItMrrllle,
wmrc, raimiM. irituattea oiiy, miuraorft, rniia-
Oi 0. At 0. R. a. War Mallolom duiv(luliilmx.
mDtod) ftl 1 O'fllook B. m. t .....
OnttMOhie War Hall eloMtdaflj (Bandays Wki)
OlnolaaaU Waj MaU cIoms OAlly (Bandari ezeepM) at
o'olock a. n.1- .0 1 .'...7
Onlcacot Dubnan. StlawarA. Itwion an Wortkln.
ton Halia elotw OaUr (Bundart twapttf) at a o'clock
nun tot Aetna, Bprmneia, varum, Towde, al-.
natl, ImUuiapoU, InoIiniK, 8t. LonU, an SMrolt,
elowe oallr (BamUri otted) a o'olook a.
A through buSI to Xonlm, Bprtortola and OinoHnaU
eloMttallr (landArtswpted)a lOa'olooka. a. '
Urbaoa, Fiqoa, tlfla and Dnloa Oltr mall oloeee dally
pwmjt Hnpwij m o oiooi p.
hmttm, Logan, KetoavlUo, ginltrlll. OUnioottM,
Portnaoatb, WhMd(oii 0. H , Athoni, MAriolla and
BlUaboroDck anUi clot tally (Sanders excepted) at
O'olookp. . .' -' ,. .
. Bart War Hall kv Batteaal Boad te teoetTllle eloaet
eur (ludari exoapud; at u o'clock m.
.BarrUbaiih UU elsatf da)lr (euadajri exoepUd) at I
'look p. aa.. ,. , ,. , ,d . . ... . ,,
lit. Vornon Kail, by way ot WMtrrllUao4 Sasbiryi
dally (San dan exeaDUdVat 9 n'alonk u. m
fiubllB Mail oIomi laUjCtasdaya esMPtedSat 8 o'olock
Laneaiter Way Kail doadJl (SonaArt xcpU4) at
wipu ion new wriwna, oiom 0117 loanaari
aj at e'eiook p. ."-' .j
A throafb bU for Wrr Torkn OteveUftl eieeet
li7(8andTieptd) at o'olock v, mr -
Mua a.v mvw lull, MlUJl JTBllCaeipuUI, AUUKIOf
Albany, Plttaborfh, Qlmland. Dayton, ToUdo, Xaala,
BMrolt, SprlBjnsld, OlndiuaU, CUIUcvUm, Bt. Loula,
and all AoaUMrn 1Um, arrlre tatwaea tbe boon of i
'lock p. at. and 4 'look a. aa. ......
MaUi (roan Indlanapu, Chjcafo aoA'putraque anive
Halle froa. Waahlnftoa City, Baltimore, Wtollng,
laneaTill. Xtmtk. Btankamllka. UL Vamoa. mmi tka
af.it. r v . ti . . . i n .
v v. . m. nay juau,anmM Mo'Cloakaa.
Way MaU tnm Clnolautl arrtm at 3 ('clock p.;
I.aaoaaaaeMaUarirmatea'aiBaka.ai. i ..... I
Baat Wa italirru ike Haaoaal Boad arrtm at ll
' Ma. VarnaBWaylfAUarrlTMatUKIOaiai.
Mall from DnbllaariiTaatUe'alaiika.. i i f
Vrbana Way Mall arrVraa at o'clock p. at .
HarrUbargh Mall arrlTM at 11 o'clock a. m.
lancaiirr Way Mall arrlTei at 19 o'clock m:
OlBee dallvanr otiaa ararw H. faviwnk BnnUv1 fMi
7 O'clock a. aa. to o'clock p. an. Ocn on Snndara
. oiooa; m ue Btornlnt, and rraai S to
oT-flLTia or omo
,;.:' '4'7,iiXaATJJ3rr j;" ,
Hon.. tjoseph .It, ;Swao,' :
witbvqtzs or tww PMoisiom or TBI so-
(Oontalnal b brenty'tAoe Votanai oftb Ohio tad Ohll
its '"Two Jtoyel 8ro. Volumes Price $10 00.
BoeateorttrpaBMbaebmepaiedta auk tht work
nerfact and ralUbla la all ratptcts. i i( .
H baa now tbe LtfUlatlT aanctlon, haririf been tp
nroTad by nearly tb( nnanlaoM vote of botb Honaaa.
and wai ordend t be dlatrkmwd to tbe following But
and Ooanty offloan:
0Trnor, Aturnoy Qanarai, Baprtma Jodraa, Bcra
tary, OoaaptrolUr, traaaorar and Aadtor of Stat, and
to tbe Probata Oonrta.. Ooarta of Oamainn Plaaa. 8mu
lor and Polio Oonrta, Auditor, and tbeOtorki of the
rarloo Oonrta In each county, to tha Membara of the
Bnate and Hana at BprentAUvM of ihi State, and
id HTrnra oi u aatarai a la tea si tn union.
Ibla book, eonlalnlne. a It aaaa. all of th Statnta
eow in lore, ana um aauuntttire ooaitraotlon of tnm
and of tbe Haw Oonatitntloa, will b fonnd to ba peelAr
far oaafnl hi tbepBifarwawaa of lbHr Antlct alb '
r SOURTTOFPtOEBS; ' i'l 8 llttlXlli Z4
J- CII!f OJP10BB. J - j
Inaamoch utenrmanychAriiaa nrahfrt m,Iln tha
Btatntaa ilao tb publication of tbe but edition!, bjS
paaL alt ration and addition. ad aunv tmnortant d
claloaa nave bacn rtraa by tb Buprvma Oourt on coor ,
iroTrtaa point. n
ahkiba. mh
I I : j AUB BDOIMiid
tuna tua oiMtuutxT,
Will find tblt an isvaltiable Werk.
f ,-. ; -i itfrm"""",! in.-.t i v Jl I .
In Strong Law Binding. Price 1 10.00. -A '
LawPblltbit BoekMllen; .BtaUoaers and Importers,
1 ' l r:i tea Jr,P ? rooxtn atreet., .
fabl8:d3ai:l OlooumaU. it, ' t
-i e . j wa ' 'l ar Mit.li..i'9..
t .t'-i i..':sa: in A.sia I..M ju-
rAVa.JtAIU VB1I t , -v
fctal Kewtett Otaemr.l
Ai all partlM' BAnafactartBe atn Muhinea araob-'
Uftd to pay Mri How a Hcne on h Baaebln eld.
and ar a to eonrplM"to Bake rarnro to bin, andar
oath, as to Uiaabwr mid, nil took gtvemeometitaa.
ant. ' Prom, (bit ralmbi looro bt Mlnd tb
bewtof tb nl of WbetW At Wlao t ta'M
thoaa of any otbae flnanany."
I Award lb blghwt preerlnra at th
unitM Stat faias or, aowtipa ana ibcv;
vaio pw aaixv wi ana aouvj I . i
and at Marly all tb County Iain la tb llal
Oar vrloa. at Iba lat rdnotl. are m kne at cm
looe NcA maahki wrm aold. aad Imt a trio klhar than
tbe InMtln taw Urtad eiala tttch HtaoMnat, now
lwdg tfaaiikai .-m .in. ,
a taaaa tba ln which cannat aarara Ud. It
Aukb Bam ataaaof lb mala. IcaTin mo ritLn ar
AH aaoAiae teorranUd 1 war, and ituiruaUo
ftva la tbtlr , m of ahara.
a. vaaftftei hm M.oiaaMM,.l
0)-awd3nikwtm lk' Oper Hoom, OldSlnnaU.'
E.wtir.l'.C O LLI 3TER
!.WoMtml .nA.tetaik Umlimgim
K0b coaatantly'an han u tn t-
: J;.ripaaBAAAJSIa,.).!lJlt) . . ;
Oct. M-JH. ,.':,..
BUOJIBA ,; new Itrteta laat epeoad by , .
avtsbwuii-i H1?,. ?.''
pnu , ., . . .waia Hva raa.
srrf tvmni.i; o tvu wawk;' ma
m as u. i) KAiieai. Cues or bpsbmaiobbuba
ar tiaioUiai.V.K.jn., o vital Debility, JIrvonnf,Ia
veairf Jlmiaci-M- a4 lui potency, mnltlng firoa
tou t , lt';l.v Koui, . J. vulrtlTt -M. B. Baat
eai" a..-l, la ' vlrT, t any addTM.poa
j-.-.I. oa nalpl t tw (taupe, fc pr. OfaUS. J.0
1 ' 197 Biwr W Tort, oft 0m Bow. Be
rt narSlAadat
Miowleir autbtlca. Of tb niadi(nae aiad la tbe jear
le,HiMeweki 111 ' -
l k Wna,.a WllnM,..,.,.in,Sn5 !
' X.H. Blngr0o.".., 10.963 .-.
flrtrm ABakr..J.I.'.Av..l0,)
from Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
lost been reoelved from ManstMi to, the Seol
tbai tne rtjoei troop at uat point aomoer over
60,0l'O men,. Tker 1 a great aovoity of wA.
ter.'.6unnliet ar drawn Into oamn la hofttH
beads a diutance of several mile, , f -V; it '
The wile of Jacn Hart, lata eupatinueMant
of Peblla Prlntlnr, leit thl eltv. a day or two
ln0e.-to join her boeband, la Riohmond. 9be
haa tiaan afiB.aarad fna Am lima nainV In CTana.
porting lettert for th rebel, ii .: !V"'
Two dnnr regiment, from Wisconsin the
tilth and Klghtb. Bav arrive bere acoem
panled by an upery teginen Jfpm. ' PenHtyl
It Is rnmared that Senator's Breckinridge and
Powell . and Renesentativ Burnett, of Ky., will
reWgtt their seats la Congr They are ijulte
diigusted witn tn ynioq resuinoi me eieotioa
ks iktir Stat, .h -i w'a t,,.,it, .. ,
It armears from th' data-' of the committee
on' Wave and Meaae. that th total amount of
spproprlstlons t tb recent teraion it $375,.
UU0.0U0, or which f lW.uuu.wu were ror tb ar
myi $35,000,000 for tbe navy, and tbe remalncV
a tor tha TarlAn nnnMMM. 1 'J" !' .1': iV-it'.
, Jadge Laf rence, long A promfneDt Biefttber
rjf the Board of Appeals In the United State
Patent Office, haa railroad, and eonieets him
self for business with Robert W. Fen wick, an
established Patent Agent at Waihlngtoo. '-: l
PniLtDiLHiA, Am nit 8. Th five1 vdien
caught aboard th aawfrt , being the prize
crew of th privateer Jiff, fiatit, were to day
eommittad for trials after a preliminary hear
lng, to answer at th next term of the Cifcult
Conrt. on a chirp or mracv. - - '""'
Li i
New Yoiky Aognst Ii. The foti't dUpatch
says: "A boat iromMatbias roint states mat
the rebels are planting batteries there with the
Intention ot suiting on water communication
with Washington Several slaves escaped from
there to th Federal flotilla." !
Th Commercial' l dlsnttcb tart that Mrs.
Hart carried valuable Information to the rebels.
Ez-Mlnlster Fanlkner has left Baltimore for
Martlnsbnrg. I
From Louisville and the South.
Lodisviui. Anenrt 8 CooKresman Ely It
reported at Riobmond, engaged at ditching.
The steamer Pocahontas, 'owned at Louisi
ville, baa been seized by th rebel pn tb Tent
netsee River, with sixty bogtheads of tobacco,
i) The Courier of this evening baa a report of ; a
riot at Dublin, Ballard county, Ky., betweed
Unionists and seoeseionlet. Two men name4
Sheffield ar said to have, been .killed, and. ant
other wonnded. !
The Macon Telesrann lat-gestt tbat tbe
health of the troop would, be promoted by A
liberal allowano of corn and rice, iottead of
the bread ration of flour. ' i
The Riohaaoad Whiar of the 3d hat a teoort
from Waahincton that oarsont there are raisin
company fas tba Confederate servic. , . . ,
Tbe Pensaoola Observer of the 1st report
tbe Wabash off Fort Pickens.
Governor Harris, of Tennessee, call ton": A
reserve force of twenty-five thousand men irom
tbat State. i
Th ; Alabama, gubernatorial election has
probably gone in favorof WaUe. v !-.)
A aispatcnto ta juoou w oi toe aia
says, tbat a naval engagement ocourrea no-
tween f ederal r easel ana tn pnvaieer xoa
in Mississippi 8onnd . Th steamer opened fire
first, and after ezonanrinK twenty shots, tbs
Steamer was hulled twice and wa r drawn oflt.
Tha privateer was nniniar4. i'1X-A '
1 i
BiLTmoif . Aoeuet 8.--Tbe sooident on' the
FhiladelDbla and Baitimoca ttaiiroaa was to a
freight train r which canted a delay, to the pas
senger train, i On t a train of car filled witb
armv waeons. after being drawn pff th boat at
Havre de Grace, ran back, and before It could
be checked tbe car Went Into the dock, and six
bones . Were-- tmothcredV , Tbe damage was
not greaL Th-.wagon .were all taken out
All obstructions to travel were removed In four
From Missouri.
StLoois, Ana. 8. John McAfee, Speaker of
the Houee at tbe last two sessions or tbe Leele
latnr of Missouri, Was arretted night before
last, at his tesideno in Ehelbvville, bv a body
of Federal troops, and . taken to Mason City,
where be is now nnder close guard.
Governor Gamble btt ordered an election oh
tha Brer Mondav in November, tor, Governor,
Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and
member f tha Legislature; also to take the
eent of the pooplen .ih , recent act of th
State Convention. , , " . ." . I
New York Democratic Convention--
Reply to the Republican State Central
Committee-Refuse to Unite.
' AttiST.'Aag. 8;-Irf tb Convention to day
,retotite wat made to tne communication re
ceived from tbe Repnblloan' State Committee
asking the Pemocratio State Committee, to
toitewith them In holding a Stat; Conven
tion.""" "J"'' .i..; tu .cj,
tAfter reviewing the present and cast eondl
tioa and prinoiple of th JDemocratio party,
the response say tbat It weald b well at this
time to fill tbe leading1 public office, especially
in th Federal Go vers meat,, to which th con
duct of publi affair belongs, with men whose
purity of character and capacity for admmlt
trAtiv labor were to well known as to command
th eonfidsnoe of th people, i most true, And
H is alt probable that if tail asampl were Mt
m th oondnct of Federal Affairs, It -would be
followed by tbe people tn the telection of their
Stateoffioeri ; bat w wonld be Hals to the par'
ty which' we represent, it we oootldered any
DroDotition: or anion . witn former poiiticAi
oooonenka. ezcent Union th batiA of nrlncinl.
'! 'espon oonainde by saying, we are
- . . i . T
therefore instmotea by oaf committee, to offer
that In their call for th usual Democrats 8ut
Convention, that they will .invite all good cltl
sene who are willing to enpetat with the
Democrsts to these ends, to com together at
the primary meetiDge and, unit In selecting
representative to a Convention to nominal
oandldate for the support of the elector f th
Stat upon this platform of Union and tetriot-
IBHv'ai ;wtT.t t.''l 11-t't.t; f va !! I
Tb sub-commltiee l tb Republican Cen
tral Committee met this evening, alter the
meeting of the Democratic But Committee.
After agreeing on e oall end statement, they
say th foregoing sail I iesaed, nnder circum
stances which require explanation. The R
publican Stat Committee, at their meeting on
th Sib Inst., feeling-, deeply sensible that th
present disastrous condition of . affairs 4n eur
country demanded for th time being an entire
obliteration of all party feeling, and realising
th fact that they, at th representative pf
powerful and dominant party in th State oonld
best afford to taak tb first advance, did, after
matnr deliberation, adopt the resolution con
tained In tb communication, of whlchi swf
given below-' c -: - i tiMitja
"On th assembling ot th DemooeaHo State
Convention, our oommnnioation was presented
to them i to which communleatlon tbe eommjf
tee responded la a labored refusal to eail a Con
vention, a abv Requested, and indlctted A d
termination on their part to sacriflc to party
th Government! Stat and nation, Instead f
yielding them a generous support In thit strag
gle, for political office, to rtstore and' perpeta-
at tb larcenous policy to shamelessly tarried
on durinr tb lat admlnlttration r Bucbanan,
and W) compel oompromlae with rebels In Arm
at ono humiliating and dUbo actable .Under
these olreumttancee, w wrdially invite pwraonA
frlendlr to th maintenano of the Government
to unite with ns In selecting A ticket for State
Soar)- to b sspported at. lb appreaobiog
letlOn:aaA.ua -i ,..wm ii
jj;v I
of a Battle in Missouri—The
of a Battle in Missouri—The Position of Gen. Lyon—He was well
at Latest Advices—Gen Pope's
at St. Louis.
RouaJ Mot, Aug. 8. Mr. Borden, ttg pro
prietor, from Springfield Monday noon, furnlshet
(h following Items: ',,( j
General Lron with bit forces bsd fallen back
on eprlugfield, having reached ther Monda
mornuig, and was preparing tor A vlgorou de
fens.. Tht rebels were advanain' bv fonrdlf.
f rat toads, and their advano wa MOertalnet)
w ww arvn-aea a aitoa Salle OUtant. 1
Gen. Lvoa bad called aa 850.0 Hnm Card
from the Mantle around 8prUgAeld, ,;ii, i .'i i
at waa expeoMa in nmy would mtKa in
immediate attnek, from the fact tbat tbelr odm
mlssariat wm in a mlterabl eoodltlon, they bt
ng obliged M depend on forced contributions
i Icwas generally remarked ln.8prlngfield that
lieftj IjTOO wae neriaouy eonaaeni ow-euooes in
c,of an Attack. P i -M
j HA had na eutrenahment, but wonld depend
(pan bis spitnaio arnuery in tne open neia.
Fifty wagons ladsn with provision, had reach-
I St. Loots, Ang. b);M3n. Pope's military dls
lrlat.hu bsaji extend ed so .as to imbraoe (wo
tiers of counties south of tbe MissoftrVlvertn
eluding St. Louis, where he has eetajbljihed bis
haa1ntiartra. t-.. u.
I The report or Gen. Lyon's deaQkJs untme,
be being at Springfield Monday morning, later
'than whlchi no advices could have leached
iere. il C,
Breckinridge and Vallandigham
Feasted by teh Baltimore Secessionists
—Their Reception—Our Loss of
Munitions and Stores at Bull Bun,
Munitions and Stores at Bull Bun, etc.
BaLTiMoae. Ana. tt-e-Msms. .Bffickinridk
and Vallandigham bav partaken of a grand
dinner at tne tutaw noose mis evening, given
by Baltimore secessionists.' At 11 o'clock, the
were serenaded bv ' th Blue's ' Bind.' Mr.
Breckinridge is now attempting, tor speak, but
w oooetanuy uterrnpto py cneera tor. vuueu
den. General Scott, the Kentucky election and
for the Union." It It Impossible to bear what he
is endeavoring to say; - 1 nere ar several
thousand persons present; ! mtjorlty "of ,'wbom
are Union meni ..,,'. . " ',
Thev called on the band fur th altar Dan
gled Banner,' Yankee Doodle, but eonld ret
nothing from thembot Dixie andtbeMarteilits.'
Ail auempt to qoiet.th people were retpond-
ea to By Miseries ot 'Kememoer tne itm- ot
Aorll." "Remembsi' tba week of terror." Sev
eral fights took place a&d some of ,the' secet
ionisi wsr roughly bandied. , Ha was finally
compelled to retire without speaking, and tbe
cheers ' of ' his ''friends were deafened amid
groans and hisses. ,.
Mr., VellAudigUAia did not attempt to speak.
and tb crowd dispersed with crieaior the Union
nd groans for Jtff. Davis, interrupted by conn-
iihM.1 mil A.njn. B ......',.
t Mv iBrecklaildijeicontiuuea to sneak for
boat half an hoori Interruption were so fre
quent that but here and there a sentence could
be obtained. He said that be desired to SDeak
or ige poor ana ue wean, ana not lor in rien
snd powerful. - (Her Mr B.f wa intevraptd
oy a jpowenm voice witn tne words, " lou lie;
yon know yon do' . Mr. B. then .referieot to
the position of Maryland, whose eitiiena -bad
again and again been outraged hi their' dearest
Constitutional rights,. To all the respectful in
quiries a to tbaehargea alledged against those
who had been rudely torn from their homes and
ana' weir ramiuee; notbing; but contemptuous
responses bad been returned. v Do you1 eall
luia.uosrtyf juries or ,"rto, no, .no,;' inter
mingled with cries of "Oh, dry up; yoii are a
traitor," eto.) ,'
- Mr. Breckinridge' her inquired Of thot who
manifested t, dlaposition 'pot (.diisten toklm,
why thet were present if ibex did not dstlre to
hear him. This queatloa wa followed by loud
cheers And nines: 4 A violent commotion wss
now obterred to take 'place among the crowd,
wnion twaytd ireniipaveme&t to pavement as
If vnds'r strong -excitement, and 'the elubeof
tb policemen wer seen', being- Applied with
ubvi upon 1410 voauB ut taupe wuu. werq r,eit
kig them.' 1 Mr. Breckinridge, apeaking amid
tbo din, said,- that thoe WbO foterrepted him
with opprobrious epithets and, b'ttes were poor
leuow wno war tigntening tnaifegrtding Tet
ters which bound them. - i feel- personally re.
sponsible for tbe poor fellows so rudely treated.
I grieve to think tbat any one should be hurt
on my acoountv Cries of "good," and cheers
for Jeff. Davis and tb Southern Confederacy.
An actlv fight now sprang up and eeennied the
Attention of jhe crowd for several minmes, and
oceationed a general tiamptd of. tbe timid: : f
Mr. Breckinridge said, it is evident tbai the
dleturbsrs are Jbnt few in number, as they fear
ed to face him- "Do I apeak tbe truth?' Tbe
inquiry was met by A renewal af epithet direct
ed, against the speaker. , CVoicee-i'-Oh, .never
mind, they ar fast from tbo jail and alms
bous.") Tbeebeerhig was here renewed And
was instantly followed by a renewal of violent
disturbance. Ton poor fellows Aay, Use now,
but yow ebildreif will blee me. (A voioa .
"Uagoto Souh Carolina,' and be damned, 'to
joa.") '. This was met by vehement eheering,
snd a rata, was again mad by th nolio on th
crowa." TMs was followed ay a gang-at men
from the right toward the aide- whence tbe
cheers prooeded;"Tbo cheering was again re
newed, when another, teen of commotio en
sned, during which serwai toed were (evircly
mu pirsucu., mcatuugr icuta hi. street.
Mr. P. If yon do not Intend to allow- sae-to.
speak then disperse tbe crowd. I did- B or Vol
unteea to addreat von. rsmember. . TCheers and
bbae.) Ma. B If. I did not knew, thai tbe
tquadof men disturbing this assensblsg wore
no sponants of the sentiments of the people of
Baltimore, 1 ebould despair or your city.
(wneers ror Jew. Davit and ess .; t
Amid freanent taterturHioo akssakseoav
tinned to ear. that since th' time wbet eotnvtl
tntionA bad . been deskocd at limits 10 detootic
pvwar, Buwiiog a wnaagouoo aa mi aqu) VI iu
Administration bsd everoomrred. Liberty -
isted nsiore tne vontxitutioa. was rormedi tad
whenever the iseneia presented between that on
tbe one band and the mere form of governstent
on tb other, th form-would perish, but the
principles would Still survive.' - (Hisses, groans
1 --'aO' a-.i4.-i . j .
[Herald's Dispatch.]
"Th fbllawlntr ii the' nfflcial' rennit af th ar.
tiiisry Iota at tb baui of acui Run W referred
to iu tbe report of Ocn. McDowell: j
Company V, Beoond Artnierf, CApt. Arnold.
six rifled field pleocerCompany A, First Artil
lery, Capl Rick ens, sIB rifled Parrot ten pound
srs; Company JET, Ssconl Artillery; Captr
Ualt two rifled piece and two howitzers Com
pany , Fifth 'Artillery,. Capt. -Griffin,. one
rifled pleoe'fbnr smooth boref' Company G,
First Artillery, on (Urty pounder Parroyrdn,
Rhode Island batterv, five rifled oleosa. Total
seventeen rifled and eight smooth bore. .' 1
Additional report make the losses in noma
nitlon, Qoarter-AlAster and Commissary stores,
a follow:
950 bote small arm eartrldee. 17 boxes ri
fled cannon ammunition, 3Q boxes old fire rrmS,
id wagon loaded . with provisions, sod 3.1100
bushels oat." It I wtimated that 9,600 mas
kets, snd 8.000' kpp9tca:sJ and blankeviwer
lnat '" " - -'' . ,w..-t..r. j. .
An fliteriwho Au Jut arrived from, the
farthest outpott of our llnet towards the reb
els, report everythlngqulet.. He say that tb
rebel are-still eonoeotratlng a pretty large
force at Fairfax, and tbat they are throwing up
entrenchments and fortifications ' Along ' the
wnoie line on tn nignett points, , w , u, .
Object of Prince Napoleon's Visit.
W aminoton, Aug. 8. Letters hav lust been
received here, one dated tbe 23J, and the other
UeSioilV ot July, rrem Captain Withlogton, of
the First Michigan Regiment, etatlng tbat h
Wa not wounded at Ball Kun, bat taken ptisori
r wbils attemptlDg to assist Colonel WllooX.
off th leldr ' Colonel : Wilcox's 'Arm" tg badlV
ahattereoV-Captain Ricket waa Alto wounded.
v . . .... m. . . . n . J
ut. juewts, ei ine inirajwisconaia Kegtmept,
Is attending blm. Mrs. Ricket Jav with' Mer
husband.'' J--"-.. ia tn-nttnti T
Captain Withington writes tbaaTbeiaiBT
treated with great kindnett. They 'Ara-all on
tneir paruio 01 nonorpoyo eapapa or to tax np
arm against th aonih v-ToaM partlet are now
probably Id Richmond, as tbe wounded were to
be removed thither as soon as poesibls." - ' j
ins senate en tne last nay or tbe session
confirmed the following' ntnied Poetnatere,o
addition to thogs Appointed during The recess of
Coagresst Geo. W, Edward at. Ml. Pleasant,
Iowa; 8amel Rdstell, tiilltdat, Mioa.t 1
1 There is . strong ground Tor, belief; tbitj.' tip
Prince Ntpoloon'a visit, to thU oouutry.'it. mprt
for politioal than other pntpoaea and ioa tht
enlightenment tf tha Emperor on the'tnrreni
XTOTIOt M baraby ftran thai I have bd dir ari-
11 pointed aaausiatritor 01 ww aiaa OI Vher!
OaUtvkweiIBkilaesnntoAtuaasiis M-f-.
r t AVAUiill. 0UBS.
9t h . OhltUodeo, Attomays. y
- lU-3ww
T)BRt0MAt proparty belonging to the aetata f Trdh
jL Crarenr. deoaaaad. oonaiaiuic ciiittlref A fiOKB
and DBATt Will a aold at aii vaauaa,. et iiit eornot
ot High an Cbafry amta, la CoMaahua, b tkaaMMI
dwy f Jairu aVIA IMWeewsatiBt , .teek 1
warden OrtMl, Att'ys, . AdalaWrator.
Jll- wit
. ,
. '
adtal imj ,;-mJiimkmiutttmmriimm' etimrmmmmmr'
Object of Prince Napoleon's Visit. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Object of Prince Napoleon's Visit. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, August. 9. 1861.
Th followlaav r ib'rtil
qnotadca acme tad by1
H&gbJir'' M0'
Vfhaat.l..J...A-..IW85t O.Cntaa e.Xle
Oom aa,
Moiaaes 9jai..
I quQtack.a acme tad by)
tMtj&ui.sootr, no.
f TWt mWM Bjrwp f SAW-
ddo Tea.... j.... SI
Tallow a...-ualOc
Drlod Apiilea pa.. 100
Taddo !
BioOoffa f.
Dried Vaaohtat 4 a 7B J Ofl'Jarf o , a am AtjaVtc
routoas, ar wu.so'aio
BroMie do..i eodfti to
a .1 i 1 m-
Bait In aack. ..-nrrc
Bait f Ml.,.r...l,tO
Boef cwt,T....;.. Ofl
Boy -. 8 00
Boapraoxj -., so
floor bbt.'.flttsatso
WWtWbaaT!...vet 0
Bye f lor Jtf.. 00
Ua BalOaadlaa, Opal, box,
MaoUalHolqrbol I ii
unoaw f a-
aomtoy pi prnm
ai oa
MaokmlNolklt.. (9 SO
Whlto ?Uh par h'f bbf S3 SO
J'hlt riahparqrtbl $ l
odriah ,-T Ke
Wblaay pr. aall.
ssai 00
Baialns. M B,
Box.... 8 SO
Barring bl' i..i.iJ uo
Cor MeU ... ,.?4(tc
" w Bi-jewnMe
Bgrafdoa...,,... BWolTw .Hf.;ibo r lb.
ref, and ti ID
f i..iok-alf at IS 80S1 90 for natt
ia?4 SO for whlta j aurtot onMttlad. . r a; , i
WABt-dBUattHl7U. ,,,,,, ,,, ,
Coa-lt at tco -.llift i y
Oa 1 -ale dull at u 4
Rra-amall ala at a.'8S0c. "
, BaT-wlot at Sw0. ... ,j ,
' toTAMnr-ala 3035o. ' .I.i.
Buna ala at c73i 1 1 lil.
Salt rnla at (ISO patbll. V-1
Wbiti rim rul at (3 S07 00 par bbl.
USsgari, Tat and, Qof a advancing atm. Y , . 4 ,
New York Cattle Market.
foatiet WawBSBBie WiWnaoAT, Aug.?, Atwi.
ToraL aicanm or -CAttu or ali kikds, rea tal wrtz .
1 Aacordinr to tb report froa th. vral market
phwe la tbaclty, there hATo,La rclvd Ibla Weak :
Sbaap and
i.t t.B'vea. Oow. Veala. Lamb 8 win, total
lAllerton't, 3,38a . SI 455 1,151 ...j
Rmwnlncr'm.... M SS
48 8 543
0Brln'fc..... 1 IS 1 83
QbaaberlbVaf., 37.(31 ,
iUc'danJay ,! .. Ij (. I
Bold ba'ra, Bar. &40 ..
TolklAt. t'ro? 13'
I'lpr'awMk S.008 lot
Av. nnmbar" '
WVrtr'f. t,SM';B58
34 8,04 1 r.1t.4
S94 15,007 W jo'
615 1I.2US 0,401
Hi . I . IW, I
342 t,709 , .,
. 1 tl:l
U,).K , anva raum wi, uu. i llw
A. m. Aiiarton a uo., rropneiora or tna waaninitoa
vrove.yarda, 44tb-t, Mport th Oattl 'la 1 Market noi
tb following BUtea: ' - ' "'rf '
port th Oattlo 1 ' arkt ft
NewTork 9GKentucky...-UU'l Ol
Ohio.... A.. 785 low ,tl.'... 173
Indiana......, 807iMw Hmj.i, It
Illinoia.... l,to7 ' J ,
Number reported for this market at forty fourta
treat, a,B- 1 iiro, jhu
lb prion to-day ar quoted aa followa:
flrataaairiy.'. tV-Wlt tOMktJtfX.MJ? t7
M odium, w t .-.-T7K I Ion earn ooV.B)4() . .
Th gestral Trag of Iks urkt at foil 7 Hoi
To moat of tb alee rang froa 7(7to.
Prloet per aa and per do end. of duTannt wtlehta
will ba fonnd In account of ala of undry 4roTa.-
toui naabar or nnva noaivad m tb eity Uila wk,
Ibla 1 1.S41 head ,la than laat wk,laod SS7 bead
in man tne average 01 iaai year, i ne arerair nna.
wkll lb naaaar -K-day blng MBS, show 103 bead
ims wan in avanga, a i,u aaaa aaar than thu da;
WtninaDiv, Aagut 7r Th aatwot pad this morn J
tnv, with vrrrglaomy pmapaat for drovoa, parUaabwii
th wb aattved yotwrday af ttnoai, and gloomlar at 111
foreome oaitlo expected to arrlr to-dy, W lodge
Iber were about 600 ot 700 kad ef ballotks left over
lat night, and Judging from tb appearance ol th mar
kt all tb forenooa w ebould aay tbat It weald bt atxt
la lapoartbl to and boy or for all tb (took, at any rate
that alters wonld acotpt. About area cents net a
poaad ft aw saootb Wateaa stMra,appeaa to b
tha top price tbat th claa of wbolnal butcher wb
taoaliyalaa ap tba aarkel,r willing to pay, and
thay want llbeiai riilwata of weight at thai. Sbaia I a
mall demand forgraaiers, bat they don't, want to pay
ovr-na cant Del a peaad, ao tbar la no cbaaca of
otoflng tall tb atock for ai at piioea tbat will save
owner. boa Ioa vto paid three cent a poood groa la
Indiana or IUInola. Tb market oa tht whole, notwtth
a tending th awabar t a aneblaa, is not a good aa laat
week, aoeordlag to quality, which on th who I 1 Imt
proved, while tbo avtrag -prle U not ao good. Tbo
balk of th itockaoM tea beaoat prleeabetwten 7i3a f
aat, apn vry ttbaral altowancei af welhe, and ' of
The Sheep drovera bare bid their WOrlt fat thit week
-oawunaa aaeauaaat.nai oar uax aoori.
the market ontlnnd at aba kapavaaaa aotaed till
'toe waaa an a xaaraoay, aa Mat day bat of all.
xt men Began w inrn, aaa a-xaay waa a eail maMat mm
and aataada aa day twrbaatnaai and taD aat all aoi
Monday montane, tbaetecb soared la fraaaU ilraoUAca
and w fonod nearly allot the nnmerooapena atBiawa
ajgw oarnfladi ajtdwolaaaaayihaatnw tb eoaple
tlon ot tb pn In tb old chunk babUaa, aw naaeot
4 with tb other etablM,, that k be lb bat anrket
place lor Bneep in Aaaaa.a wear aaarad by Bng
liaaaaawa knew, tba bait la Iba world... But for thl
rat, to crowa 01 (lock wonld nsv eeuutM Sarutg la
wee a 01 exaaaava aoo- wniaat ya k aa aasbnpaa
ae anwdaa, aadbaapkaaty af Uaoaoa waUr la lb
pea, and fad aoaiaaaaaa fcr toadlag. at It woald nit
of ao much oonaaiaaaa that wan af an soak to
kepe orewiaantoy atgba, aWaday aiabt aad, uee
daiea,lsasnaaallaada sB tr aetata araawia
araaabniaeiaav battt abt aoi.. alosAaj waaeaoh
that drovara and their bnaiaa wtthad taey bad. aid aat
ea aatoiaay-a rOa Toaaday, tbey wkwMd the bad (old
oat aaaaaday, far Xaaaday tkap aoalAaat nllatall,
bm mwmu at aa ararif at avc. a ana aa tnaa an rata
alwhlabSbaep tai armaoa Ihnrtdar. aad aa f ar
Ltmb, eome of tb brokaa team tbTragprie
a bead lea., i. a o . UiV.'JiW PTiiO 1
lb vn too arlc of Sheen of ntb extra ou.lltr an
Tueeday, aold In email lota, wa at price, aoaai to 7)io a
tor tbe set wvlgbi of ateat, aaklsg offal. Von hhf
aold at not over Jo than and vary law Bheep or
LamberaaobadAt b4. Laab hav probably beat
old chnptr thl wnk, aooordlog to quality, tkaa la any
waa. aon tor aoaar canvas vui D teen u me broker.
account 01 aaiee.
Balirts tbi wnk, s.sso.
Henry Di Sraot, aapartaterttwt at the If arket. ra-
pori naiwawiag gtan uai aiam rata u-day
Oorn-fad Hogs, ft, groa ....3XJ((3.
,r,, auiiryugtT B.gnai. 1 tJMMO,
Tb quotation lb Aral watt of Aueuat laat tear wen
C96H. --
Then War abeut 70S "bad naaold la tb bna thla
Boinlng.anat Iba prapcot vary dull, for the owner ef
alaughtnMwaas aav all kn aotlflod by tht polio that
they will not bpraatti4 to knp aay live bop la their
yarda over-night. Itfcepetet tbat thl new ordr will
depren th aarkwt. . r , 1
uao. w . Dointaa give tn tallowing at tha
.'1 1 J h I
irai quality, euro rea, iarg tu.. JiJ ,
Beoond quality eorn-ed. . . ..... .IfrWi '
rirat quality email alt lat a prim,
for aartnttmtcaar., Sara
v. -
targus,tUl-d,tat.. 3C
Secead quality atUl.fed, bit 1. ... (B'JVj
Bmall la, holo Block bog XWi
NEW YORK, Aug. 8.
ASlUs-aOontiBBe atady taJaw ef loo bbl at as or
r Feu, and St 17 for Hatla. ,, . ., . . T
THi; for mlddlrntOohuid. T
i.tUBttlrktgn advaaee St u, bat tbe df
awaa. tor tsport ana bob eoaampaoa u nsrcly e
aotln; ealn ef U 1U0 bbl at ltvtSfffor Superflo
Bat; 14 tSdftd S3 for extra Baa; t)4 taM 10 tor Sep.
Waterbi ext fee enaaaa te aaalaa eatra
ruum; 193 m ia ror ehtpptog brand extra round
oop Ohlot and ti I ASS 10 for trad brand do: marka
eVauqaMteaa-eaanaaysaAraa. flaaadla Baat a
had truer, with a fall Inquiry ; alee of L800 bo la at
tu for auptrfina, and i B7 JO for oommoa
orreh t extra. Ky Jiour ataady ; aatot f 0 bbl at
StOSlet. .. h . j Iu,.uj..iv a i...i) a.-1 j
uoim aJBv wacnange. (r. , , .. u
WHIBBVQuwt and drooping; sal' of 970 bbl at
16XlliJ 10 all l.k.t.l't.l ttt).
W AS AT-.Th rtntot eontlnu moderate, and with k
good export demand prion bav again advanced liSie.
large perl la ef tbnto named below wan la Mora;
ala of fe,0W) bub Chicago taring atttudtSeo, 09 000 a6
Milwaukee club at 31 06, U.Oqo do Inferior do at SO
ih,lct 1,300 do mixed spring at fl 0091 8i 0.00 ee
Eadn tprlng attt wX tfl Owl do Aaaer leva at I 08
Bl 10; 5,000 do new nd Ohio at tl ISdtl IS; 8,900 do
winter red wneera at l It; IS.tuO do, tad weetera Jt
1 1891 SOI 1.800 de new td Llawar at 1 SO: SJKI0
white Oaoadtan at $1 83; 8,400 do whit kflchlgin at
1 rows mi; ao am wnit aaanicn at It U; Bag
i an
athd Tot
t,uw a vaaaoa ciaa oa pnran area. a Aa.
axtHMfumi nin a ,ov aaati 1 watera at e
OOKii-BuU quit Bra, with tif actlr 'jlemahd
exdart, and a Mr demand lot bom conramntlon: nl
HOJtoH boabela at 4i,iH48c tot good to prim hipug
atad WMtwrai -S5o,tr atatara fo;4j. ie fuf 4aJ 1
tJji : iv i' ..ft,.,! ., . I'
uaxa-a uuie aon mm, at jvajo ror Jeraey; -.a-UIH
fr Caaadlan ; and Alt(aU3o for weatera aad autel
rutt.TiMi 1 ana drooping; atla of bbl at g 11
ara,aBl Mlorpruae,! . . ', J
ntuar I a lair daaaad and market atetdy ; salet Of B5B
talat4(S4 tOfot tovuitrypriaM; 45 50 for country
taail N for noaokad auae, u XI &u it lot
atra Bain. JPriaw ana bnf aalt, and price entirely
aealaA.4 Bat. Aaas doll; small ateaat tot
wawrn. k . .. . t . . , 1
OCT MBATA unltt and ttmiy: abonldart tXIBUcl
bama i)tt. 1. Baa af Moaskt plofca aAooldera tl
'LABDQuiet, bntjiricta axe wltbolifchaflg; iei jt
'-r-'j'-a t'. KrliiAv.i--'.-" .-ii-rwi'
lis t f : !eay t oatcior i'oo to prim.
' KAUM " rint aad la demand at Bo for prion; aboul
l)to for prim eitjrl tad X tor Batahtr aaeociauoo.
TOOtl Saocod Board qui I; Obloago and Back
'fr ' aaj aa hum ia 1 -.
Iiland e0; IHInoli Ornttti ' Bond, 90; Mlchlran Aol
,u. lurauMn. " . ,-,-w. zorrunpin. mm aaanina.
36M MiaortXrwl-i4 as MMo WMaay
Cincinnati Market.
utaat earrant quoawopa, aa aoatai tnaa ut Jsdlffirv
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trad a. I
, LOtTB-JfJuporflii mm with a lltlU ai Inanlry to
ar. and Mfrolaaaaaiipiaads Ba-lhMaaot
atacb trailing, bo aaat(aaaS aaaaaaka b aaai . i T
" WK1 HX an awjaw af . pawlaaMaaypt
WBlW Kmrnaty? woaaw bid Sao tba aamHm m-d
onwolwB aaA tM aaa: Baaaa itl abate at
7So." W eaM'f4 at707fewfeUoa bV4MQ.iu kl :
' 01JM-ln lbneet aUanat law, kotduamor
Sto not e fnof tmtvmn -i. iiai ruwio 1 .!,
'-OATStBoaib brtt rtaaptLoilt aa"fertatfT
; WifOplie' i B boolo aiu Alia 1
-BABf Y AWDBH nflel.iiJiku .c'edl Is
' WaiBBTKt IS toay rtM ttL'ralhrnriat
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. to lanvutut ti
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is ium tii too )
reatiy faclUUte tb proeaw oi toatblnr, bf aoft-
aning tb rui
ma. nditeing all iamaion-rwUl allay
At, and apaamodio action, and f ,,,, t jj
Depend apoa lt,i
and 1 w.u 1
tbea, H aU gtvaiea to awaaaavM
-i 1."-.' l H .t,;. ,jji.t.j, ;).,
We bar put ap and aold (lit article for orcr ten years,
wnai wa nan narar cean aoi to ay a any outer md
AB0X, TO BfFIOT A tUBB. bn timely aanL. Horn
cr aia wa Know an inataoo of eiaatiataaoon by any on
who need la -On tb oontnry, ail atooMight witt it
opwraUon, dad-evak fcn torae of aaiauiai)aa of la
aagiai aneot ana en teat vtrtaer w Bp aa Skis
aatar -wnar tra bv amiar anar tn Murnio
alBoa rrary tnatanoo wtwr th lalaaa Is aaAonng Broa
aia Dd exhauaUos, 'reliaf will b feoad an fneo ar
twenty mlnote aftr theByrap la adalnilrd. .a-ui
Tbl valaabl preparattoa at tb pnortpUn.rn or
w3BU&,!n1 WW WrfK?.
It not only roller toe ohild from pain, bat InvlgoT.:
ate tbe atoaacb and towel, eomots acidity, and glra
ton and anaigy to a whs la ayatenvn at will aawat ln
tttntly nlleve - t . t A u ..ju-j j
oiUfjro a tee lownsiTDmxocoua
and evereom eonvauions, -wntoh, tf net pedl ly ram '
died, end In death, W bailer R Ik BKbl and BOB-1
B8T BBUB0Y IN THB W0BLD, In all can of DV !
It arisa froa faathms. or froa aav other an. w.
would ay t even matbsrwhota child aufferbig from'
nyof thi foiogohig coaplalnaDO NOT LB'f TOOK
stand between yoa and yoor fufferlngehlld, and th r-
lief that will be BDBtV ya. ABBO
follow tb um of ttUsiMWInoi If
alyaaad. lull dt-
nation for nalng will accompany each bottl. Noa
ganaln an lea the tac-atmll or UUBI1B a fBBKINg,'
T.b I. 11 1 ll. , ,1 ll. ...mi. . 1
Bold by all DrairgUU throughout th world.. 1.-. 1 1
Principal Of flee ,13 Cwtlar Street N.Y.'
oct87-da;wlr.''f1 ' . r. 1 -i ., '. j
An Effective,
a . i
1 otua ua JiooiiuoaJ
To lot original color witboatdyelBg, aad prrren tiny
ji Alair (rvoa tarolng gay.
And coring It, when tbara la talleaaT dcieofrltair
or recoperaUva eaargy remaining
And ail catansooa affections of the Scalp.
Imparting to It an oceqaled gloa and brilliancy, making
It aoft and Hlky tn tn tax tore, and, anting u to cn
radlly. "
lb gnat alacrity and toceatelog laaialwrtkt ati
qua lea ptwpaiaUon, oonvlnoa tb proprtatav. tbat ana
tnal I onig nacaaary to ntbfy a dlaoerning public of ltt
tapertorquatttl over any other preparation bt on. It
etliaaaa Vw bo aad aoalp froa dandra and otbar
oatanaco dlaeaaca, analog th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving ft a Tiob, aoft, gtony an flexible ppaaranee, and
alto, where tb hair I loosening and thinning, fl will gtr
strength and) vigor to the root and rector th gvowth te
boa part which hare become bald, oanalar H to yield a
rah oovertBref ball. ' 11 ' j
Zbra are band red rbf ladl and! geatlewren In N
Tork who bare had their hair restored by the nn of tht)
Inylirorator, wheb n other preparttlona have failed. IA
M. aa bt hi poaaeealon.wtart lnnomarabl teatlfytng
to L'ia above facts, from persons of tb hit-heat redaact
billly :. It wl II eSectqaJ if prerent the hair froa turning
anui tne laieat penoa oi iuw, ana m case wneT;uie Baa
hae already changed Ita color, th an of th Inrtrorator
wlll with oertata vaton it to at to ito otnrinat ka, giv
ing It a dark, gloary apnea ranoe. A a peifaat tar tbe
toilet and i Huir Batorattvr rrnr-partlcnhirly recomr
mended, having an agrqaabl fragnant and tb gnat b
dlltiea It afford In dmaing th hair, which, when molat
with tbalBVloaa aa ba t roared la any nqatred
etna piinorla carl:
M bvna M atoadard
let aat tola wbaab aon aagat to b wttboaM tb prio
pUceltwiabattbairaaoltalUeetnt JlS u v I
rr!.CW Tweaty-Pive Centa
per bottle, to bo had ataU reepectahle jirnrniata and
L.kULLBB would oall th attenWo armW tea
Onardhuia to th nn of hit Invlgorator, to 'can where
the ehlldren'a hair Incline to b waafc. . Tha an of B
Ian tb foundation for a oood head tf hair, u It a
mora any Imparl un that aay have btoeao onnaotd
with th calp, th rameratof which I naonaary botk
th heal tb of th child, and tb fntor pparanc of
IttBAlr-'"' "-. 1
Oatmow. Noo ganaln without tb faoetell L0T7II
lilliLBR being on tb outer wrapper; alao. I. atlU
LBB'S HAIB IMVIQOBAXOBr K.I., blown la the
Wholnal Depot, M Dey street aid sold by all th
principal Mercttaata aao Bragla tarangboat tb world
biperai ouoonnaa purcoaaaia oy an qaanuty.
I alto desire to prennt to th American Pnbllo sir 7
which aiter-years of Klen tlfla experimautlng, I hart
brewgM 00 prtio. - U dya Black or Brown tnaaotly
withoatuxjary to tha Bale a iwarrntad tha beat
artlel of thokindrnaxlataDnr 1
PRICS!. ftNLY fiO rWT8. f
etSttdttwly. .b.'u
1 1 ...
tor art Throat toi tmttt CoaolalntA Hbehaena. With
moat perfect reaaloi,. Wwoottja.tMuwav Onotra Aa
OctuioB Oocohi, Btowrwut tKB Tnul OoaraaixTa,
iway forernnner mt 0aatpH. A Soaraua
Btbdv it ha no tnptrlor. Vraed froa all Opiate or
luetic propertla, any be and ay saal talloate oonsttt
tatioa, and with prtooataaca.a t,,i .,
t 'GailTrxT,rftToxA'OmTa'W flVtl to thl
world, ooatalnlng not a particl of Oplaa, aotaay ma
bat Ita atilctlw Taeatabla and aadloal propatini
ear Beaedy for Jteoaaiata, BacoaaTiaH, dorr.
Iootb aPB Baa Acaa, OaTaaaa, Bow oa BA faraai
and all minor Hervoue Comrlatna. - J
I oa Loa of puns aid Haeaath la an 101 varntleal
ha no equal, end to which Boat undaunted tauuoat
kla an oaaredi-r , -t .: " " T"!
na T)D.nnca rtefiwen Taaawdt aarwMt reaedy
tut Bowaa, OaaruuMtxyafaa removing th pain It act)
a physio, a aoal ImpotJAjif contrMI jrtvn ui conttjpi
kirytnacts vpium.. .... . . . . 1
r., Vhv.lriana. ronmrlas ted TrufBottle wilt MsVA
and to Deajiir or tnvtua a oatcnpuT vampniwt wiiaoui
nn.tM-atamD." r-" .' 11 ' ' ' T" "
Prepared under tbe tpeelal superrurtob ot ' '
1 .csnntnrr ax rtuBxucacTirr,
t .T 9Cauasraial Vbart atotoa Vm
''tVwboafaliwMAlfetauftAnlottlos ''-1
tikaai law Ooagk Baaedy,Se not per bottl,.
Small Si "
, . . Tola Anodyne, SO ' -
rotamiW tm tb iaaaai, whoMat Jnefllaal
WUDn SB) VWtaa . . ma awBTcaavtW -
aaja 4 a Ci ill tjs pJi aS w ' duiiubiuhpsi aa srvaW
aayl7-wly ' . ,u"agtbt fo CotuaOw Ohio, j
CPHfltO VI.OBKW Aril) BA9aiftES
U NIW BTIik hir K son, no attBoaui
lg rtrret, hare Jus t rpntd new styla f Cteva 0i4
I. . V " mat and a on, saada ta th a"oa
a"-f ' y ; i it "wanner. Ahw, anataik .A ao
IiA:at kaiaa, vwry'BaTy, amgaa txprawr rof
cUntllln and batqalna.
iu,i,il.' i j, i . 1 f ! 3 J IP f I ' jlJ
K trr.at ,tr.o7!vt7f. nAiJtWJt
; -1 ', ' .- 1 1
An txperieoced Huna and female' Pbyelclaa, jraacnt
lay r 1tb"uoBBtrmott)ra,ioy. .
- InV r.ffTLAREN' TTtTltrar.Jl !
itrarta,a fowtolcAr
lesita d AtA at lid.il "flfi rtit
iROAT cdrjpccTion.
'twn tifct vu oaiio tun
aeon foR- rrjBLior srEAUfci,
, GOOD fOS blirGEf.'
; ww'g&odVor srBrrnfa
,. r.l ( lnlhlhO $ ?i A',
, , . , aiBTUMIB OABBt
SPALDIfiG'3 Tf fcokr
I fit '4 -I I M., 'i..lldi. 1
They relieve a Cough instantly.
Thej give strength and volum to the rolo.
Tby Impart A aettolous Aroma to tb breath.
Tbev are daUghtfuLto the taste.
"H"! W Wd.ofb; and, cannot
IadvlM tvery on who bate Oongkora buky Talc
vaBadBraaoraAydiOMltoWtao' That a .
Maagoef a Tbraat Oonfaatioai; taty wm niwro
yoa Insantiy, an y will agrte AIUi a that ther
go right to tb (pot.w Toa wlU al aba vyawal
and pleaaat while traveling- or atttadlag pobll "aaat-
liefarttniBgfegk if
yoa try eat avakage, laatafete artng that tee WlU
, m .h Mt- ' v
Yo WlU. Aa fkaaal tk Draggtata tmi Stitv to
Malclnaa. !,,..,,,,,, ......V.i.'
.e us r, rs.tfJUCB, juvjit
.ipurruTv L'TTTr. miwim
ttf .ajgnatur. It en oacb package. All ethers are
cwMtrrfetl cK - ii' -f l J.)jii.i
A fkg wIlLb ant by aaeti, BtBpajd, a Meetrt ef
TnlrtyOaBtv, .. i t. .,,.,.,
u I'l.v l. ' l
Henxy O. Spalding,.' ,
I liJ
BO. 48 OIKAB fflltt,-
1 a 1 r T
1 .r;jV
- -wri . .
By Die ate ovtts tflll faaaetlsea.ttaaks af Mir
tout or BUk Biadaeit stay at pravtattdf aad tf takaa
the ooaannatatat oi aa attack tauaatlato relaf from
palaM tHktmm WQ1 toootaxsed. fyy , -i
They teidaat Atfl hi rataovrasrtae Jhtmttmtmm A
towhlcA fesBalesare sa sbJa.J ' r
Tbeyact gently paa the bowels ' neitiyW'tb!
LUtrary Mm,
ll poraoaa f nda lary AaAta, tbar are valna
Aaaatitw, nnprorbig tbe mppdttt, gtrtag aa
yy tolbeurttvaTga,aad nttoriag IA aatar
aaIWtoB4etMBgthof the wbU systas.;
THB OBFHALIO IttLS ere the malt f loaf have
ligation and, certfally oadaoad xpertawaa, aartag
beta in a many yean, dartag whlok taw they hav
prmnwd and nuvA a aat aaal et pU aa eater
systsat at rrost A etaagd aAa.
Taey are entirely vtgtHHt tathtlri
ataytataktartt UM ttt ytrfast aaft wttlwat
Baking any enangeof Ami, aia tUdbmmet of mt
atoaorttcMrtam rmmrt tr eay t aawawfctr,fJwe
eAikiriii o t ..j.-1 , ,
Tbegeaxdn haw An tJgaattuet ef Haary 0 Arabilag
atck Bos. ' ' : ". '-" oo'
told by Sraggtttg and, all otbar taalart la Xafioiaa.
A Box wUl k ant by aall, prepaid, a Bttaipt mi tb
Ixrloo, CO OOX3.tB9.
AU erwen aboaid be aldaaxeAta 't wilA i
,ti .uf
ncnni v arx-AVAiVU
tsCadar BtraatV ftwr TrB.
Iroa the ateamnvtr. Verfelfe, Tr--
OepbaHc rilU tccoapltah rh ebfaet tot Which they
wre da, vU.t Pan of badarb la all Ms Atrae.
u treat the Irameaa, Borfoik, Ta. ,,,, ,
Ther1 have beta total to aten tkaa a tnaa
with enttn (ucoas. ' .-...
. . -i it-' re iiaj., ,
froa Batoeat,Bfc CtotA, Ulna.
II yoa ansa ban Wea. a-eafcled with the haa take
end fur a box, (Opbllo Fill,) so tbat foe may bav
thea la an of anattaak. . - 3 '.
1' ,.iaari
'' lVott tbe AdwUnr, Frovidtnoe, B. !."'
Th Cephalic fills an Said te bt t twaarttbly ttnottv
ratady for tb baadaob. an one of the vary ant far
votf treqaaa exanvaauvwatca aa aa a sa- -
Froa the Wntora a." B. 'aaasttetrtiicAgo, IU.
W haartlly eadem ativBsanldiag. tad fjt aaxtvaltd
0pkallc Hile. .-ft SJmoO
Fro BUiiaaraa taller1 ai'iaaawna, Taj' '
W art sat tbat jsasaas aaJwrtng wHtj Mat heaatpt
try tbaa, will atiok ta, Ibaa. t ' .1 j, a
1 ii 1 ii" a it. -..ii
Froa th oathera ratbllndav, BwOraBBj,JU.A,
Try thea I yoa that a aSleted. tad Wa an am that
Car teatbaoayaa to the alnadr aaaaaoat
ttbat haa nnrnd baaatai tbat a abas aaaartae aa
roda.,i., ;t A.t'frfUv) nV.K HltV-
Froa the It LouU Dataaii W M
The tBUBnt Aaaad be the arttoa (Oephane FUlt
K r p tja tb Btaat. BavanlpatC. lVi
Hr. Ipaldlkg woald
woald' BiAaonxaotti hana with aa ar-
a tlaa aaaeat anaaairii..
l4 Ot. mi 1,, m.iB iij 11 - -t m 1 .
- ..(UT TaamBOBaC-j.-
IOAATitss si tin &vgt -dw'XB
AsaceiaaBts will Bapaat vaa btwan rvaxaaaa
Hat, a to wary daalraw to bne oa eiM.p acd aw
reuleat tap Aw nialrat) ianttan xra Wvekwr
aratuisw arii-. i-af.. i..v ..uwi ,
aaatoatl eaa niaiaaeiilia and a iMwaon aa aaTot
aawltaaat IWuAt ataiaam toady, tut ar to tbe etlok
point. t..-4-
"URBtU-1 BTXtS- ilJSB. o,
"'. fe.A Brash (MermaiSa Vk botUd. C f
otnla. i . -i".. Addrr-1, - - '-,J -
Ltfvt at liittM-
' y,Mk1
Ba.-, Oflar Ium, Boa lark.
' . 0ATJTIt3rJ!I'H " OJ
et t. dve-.- I . i . ,i!jo-.tt:i ii ( ( r
Aa oertala nprldpW amain tv a-t-mmijuf t
Film efoa tb aiaMOiaoti;. p,. 1 ., ., ... tuaf a
wa".. ntij. m.i f- - te
aetlae p.-i.-it.. m'. t.t v "t, '
j ALl in ud t A. rAJn.il v
aa tli en kiiM wrap pert all etlitn an . a
tttfetu, af
-1. a 1, a- aa. a

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