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..'A f--;l ft ft
Tbe Adams tlx pr ens ConipanpUcc Wrtfally
uuder obligations to H for the wry-latest fptrs
Irom tn e eastern blues.
'Hie American Eiprfcea- Company. Jul our
thanks fpr ltd dally ' favors in the shape ef the
...... I-.-,,. ..j.miiiIai '. f ,fr.vn,-:
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin
,. .
Notice it hereby glren to lbs fjojei 'JDemOo
rscr of Franklin .county, to meet on rider
Aagast 30, 18lil, between the B0'jp,( fS&'snd
w o'clock P. M, in the townships, And w.ud
tight o clock,?: M.rht lh,e .Watd'at'la .'ual
place of holding electlonseiceptwg Norwich
township, which will be teld, at Schofield!
Sobool Houi'e, and the Fqo.rtu Wast", sit GaAr
' Ware Rood, and the First Vard .t the Gilt
House), to appoint delegates to attend the Coun
ty Convention, to meet at tbe City IJall. Ioilhe
I city of Columbus, on Saturday,: the Slat day of
August, law, at ten O'cioeit A. m., lot the purr
pose of putting In nomination (wo' R4prosebtA
tires in the coming 'Legislature? one SbeiilT,
one Treasurer, one A'udltQ'r,;pne; Recorler:owj
Coroner, one County Coumitmooe,' eat
At the same .tune ud plteam delegate
from eachlWard end township will be . Appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial. Contention to
nominate a candidate for Sea a tor and 1 edge, for
this distriaCTIme for holding the' Senatorial
and Judicial : ConreiHoa will ,be ',ixed.he
after. "" " ' " '" lw
The following is the number ql delegate 'al
lotted to eaoh, VVard, and Township, based" upon
the vote cast for Supreme Sludge trr lfcUWa aIIow
Ing one tv.fi(ij,jk'ttMtg0t
for each fraotion of twenty fire rotes so oa'afc"'
1st Ward. "". "; "" T'-Haml.tbn x'Tp... 8.
2d 5'' Mlffln"
3d " n ... .5. Washington 3
4th ,i . 6 Madison
"''UV Blendon"''' .v
Monteomerr To.. Mr ,6.. Norwich. T ::V '
Truro lll lilli;'4 Jefferaoul ,
frairie " .'ai jicsson-
51 "
Olinton . i ' -3. r,Sharon.
Pleisantl'" " -o i3j Franklin'
Brown ;,c t ' Plain
Sam'l Dortf: " Auu.
H...W. Miu.,' WHyfoonta.' ; :
K.PicKiaiL, ' Jauis Hoilociiji,,. ,
H. 8. High, Uji ' w ,ji ,
' ; County Centeal Cpnlltfeo,';
tUTMr. Royal S. Mca'd, ori Frlday Afternoon,'
while engaged, Ja'hlf.njlll, a short disUnee
south of the city, was caught by a circular saw
and so horribly mangled Ua.at death (BO After
ward ensued. '.vu ,,
, i I i.nA I..'..... .i . y'n-'nhlf
ST Id answer to an application Gorerjj)
or DcNNisoi,,abkihg that officers Of exptrlenoe
from the' rgUlAr army might -be ( assigned 'io
command the'.Obto Virgltof -yiilttttieBr,
the GcneraJ-lh-chlcf las Informed htm that the
rcgular't egiments, ol and. new, irMffJiO
nearly without oEcers of experience,' the inter
csts of 'the eef rice forbid tbft otbere. should be
' detailed. ' -.i.M,.-.
O" Tnearmy worm' dvrourlng thi oiitoano
2 corn in Cuyahoga, HArnnii' Tiafcbu.ll Mahon.
-' Inr, Wifni, 9tar6 khd TasowawAS countiai!:
fc " '' ' m' '-I to., .,
BT The Couaty CommfcBjwne jlJOld'ia
- special session en Thursday oexU Aug-. A! i
it '' ', "" 1 " '" "' i .ix-
B3T TbQ. f UiiiA)f eA'-om. bki undergone-- but
little Abatement: -The -Cincinnati "paper ift
; cord repeated ninitauces of doth
from tmn.
O"1 Aoeording to the Journal, som respscCA
' ble eeoole on Town street Are rerv mnob-scaiH
) dallzed Attbe conduct of A mattjaifciihMeet,
who ie in the habit of, whipping hW -wife? jThe
' Journal gives hM notice to quit. cXdsiJU-i,
, V ID" The Probate (Court in (clnaati Uiued
' thirty-niuefinarrUga licenses during the week
cndlngf fry1-VlgU--thIrtet0 'to Anl ift this
countdurlog tkASAnie Ume.lJ 1 1 jlJi(J 1
I OTThe fiUeej(Ujof gce given to the
I Democratic 8tate CeBtkliComnUtiaituhin
' which ro"Blgn)fy-theIr-deslre, if aay they hiitlJ
to amaltarri&te with the RepublicaBe,hTUJg-
expireaion rriaay ,a8t,,ue v"JPfupll.kl1wf
states, Vbj' A'dthorlty Of eoorserf 'that.'.'tte
Republfcank)nimlee will immediately Vtim
tj upUneeair. rectlrinen.'' The-eeatry.is-ani;-i
trumpliumonib'g;;. ,'ii'eiir f r(yiiy tak'tbe
place ot Jtbe. detune ReptfbnoM'Wgaiiiwtiua.
TbB foUMii;MnpMfowft
Jl i. . . . "
ii in m n mt in,. ii nn..tii ...,,,
XVW.WV 80tt1 1'Bestneotp tio at
3hue,re-eArry 411..1, Mm
,rloestl!'weel,,',,M i i,im,u'iL
CT ThV31et,40'Ui',ii W'jtegljjiyrt
. On-, . i..;.-.li' .)r,'r;,;ry
tiAtAprlJiinwtirTe.--Tbe ioUewlng;:
pollienu were made' oa.Twi; V.
WniMrt.', 'onefl,; Iroritori; tWtttmant-ClaAel,
I . I-.I. II I I 1 w .w ...... .
Saainel Bsawy Caaton CoUftl,., Wctell
Regitnttrt. "" ,t.tnu.'(i Hm,i.,
John S. ? ilWhr'Atlland:, .Colonol,;' Witeeeith
Jpkit J, Wiseman, Clereknd, ttftWW
onetiFortT flfattietilmetll.1 .! Utivittun)
Qeo,..S...Myga.tt, 'M'
first Rerlnent.o ..imw w,rn,, 1 1 w-wi jl, f!
Ww.'B,' Olllmow. .a . ColoneC TWiPfy
seoMltulirieiit.-' "! .id-i.,
DTLleirttnant-Cotonel i Hi, XxuUl'!, m
CostaderAte prisoner 'otffct; 4Wb1Ibs4
ment Ifai $e$pqtt',j:i Barraoksi is kept In plots
quartkrt And" well guarded - by "sentlnb'l ';.Bls
wile i .pa aiub uampauj iu um juumiuniv -ID"
Tab tJnlteJ States Extrfets' Compasy-seBt
forwt rd'em Friday last als btniee ' if ''Army itl4 '
eAch jeatalBldg i.iiUO po4pda;, dtrectcd 8s,
Lo)li .'"AndiOntcnded; fbV'!h'0M o( Gonawal
FkkiQHT'icommtndi u,, i j,aJ
nT-Thi" Halls oX iho Sehatel'HrwsB-of
Repeiortaares In the 8tate CoueeVts WVloW'
vote t mtuiarji .OTewf P VPW""''
compWici'jrWurncd from Westent.yirginlABs
there making '''nMKjHimif
to bsinitedstOTed. oui ot I&a ,)t)fis?CfH
tTMr. Glovia has" beenApolnted Poitmast-
or At Hllllerd's Button, in plaoe of Mi. DciW,
who has bold ttt sfflsf for itTerM 7Mt.
L Ll u
rr i
CoMoiTtoMAii Mtii?Ai AproiirrHlinA
niiniber of military gentlemen In Ohio M
been glren authority by the War Department
to Brcitbe reslmente, which wilt 6 asoepted
Iky' the. Secretary of War If . repotted ;oa wun
In a-eortsla time which he fixes. The effloers
for ihoso regimeoU ranit, boweiirthe oaamls-
slonct by Governor DeDolipn. Conditioned upon
Qdf understawdlng, lUoilowJiig ; named gejiitle"
kin tare aoooutmentst ' r-m
,Thomae WorthlngUnT dbiTlIoothei 'CJonK
LW-8wtn Regiment. kci
, Charles C Walfiutt, Cohanbin, Mjor Forty.
-I f loon Kell'.'Frankfi'n5, Ltiutenant'CbTd'hel 8o
CHAFLiidi roa Ohio KuiewfTf nth'e'! frofv
eraor commUstona ChapUUij. but .ther are wp-
polnted. by the. Colonel, aocordlug to inafatW
hoot item tne war department, wnicn are as
ioJloWla oVde'f No.' IS?" " m.
.Therei wilt be illowed to ees e egieseni eo
Chaplain, who wilt be ppoUjte4tb.y thfl . g1:
saental Commander di the" ot of the-Field
QIBcer4iid'CottipaBy (CmBderi ,sar.da(y
with the Regiment Attlw time thltppolntment
U tq!be insde. 'The Chaplain o appolated nutt
be a regularly ordaiaed Minster .ofiome .Christ
att denrimfnailon,' and lltr'eeMte'th pay end
allowance of,; Clptalbl
LY.tr The CiDoJoMbU. ttwee 'itons'd le
been toafd pff aaJjaujlefed out of lerrlceit- u
' ' I ', ' ' -H,W...
Northern Ohio, oame. home wi(h $380 Jfl gofd
and tslirer and 750 in Vlrelnla moner-, Ho
jtbund an officer's ttook ud bid i ntii Je hd
time to open is. m v ,mx
1M 1
. J1 ' - -
u Airertlsement of Capt. L. W. Kiixooo) la
another column, headed "$100 jfHtf Tif
iotii V)ahlng to enlist can, ptake appllsctioa At
CoLb CAiJui(6T0!i's,,hedquartiersA jn the old
BrOidfay Hotel building pn West Broad street..
A Biid's En View. Could wa'ba.ralie'd'or
for ao liistsnito some lofty pinnacle where h i
glanoe ;wa could ot'iWijjtefp'f
earth, boV Should wt onder At the number o,
rictime olalmod br disease, Aaa,.h6wi'wonld'r)n
hearts bleed to tee them writhing ia agony from
the pains of ' Scrofula and Emibelaef Canker
ndj Salt-Rheum, Sores- and' vloerSi Rheoma.
tlsrti, Neuralgia or other cama", ..thls
foene is no less true because-anseen by us, and
no one will deny its existence, For the benefit
of such We publish Abroad 'f Kenaedy iledlcal '
Discovery," knowing It to be w erUi. and
speedy remedy In all cases where It- f reeom
menaea by its proprietor fiaii
' " ll""H H ! IC..
v." 3-:
Loss or. Haii. Much tor this dewrivstlon ie
daured by sheet negleolj after : lllneag. W. eome
other temporary drain upon At. the
root of the halr D. ,BeillngbBU oi London,
bat identified bis great name with . a "Stimula
ting Qngunti'h inventsd-by' bin! expresirly to
meet sucu emergencies. Mewre. ji,,JL,t)tiege
man dt Coof'NbW'Yorkwno bAVfh-ent)re
srencVfor tbe tAeaericsn-cintlnent-h?riiIs Is
guite V sufflolent lndoneanae of tbeu univeraul
repntation of the Article. See. .their .advertise
County. Rail Road Time Table.
Linxs Uuh k. Ooinjti'bi;: tmri Hi "fl-i
BrTlH.tid AcmniaofeilSh; S: 10 P. if.'
8:00 P. M,
Mi KM BpfMt rt DryaB,l!i:Oa piinlgbL
Jcwi.uet.i-:, .XsAei.n: irrtrrt
0lBClnOU ioeommodaUon. 6:06 A. Mv, "9 10 P. M.
1 i Iirm 11:40 A'iirJ'vltOJ A. M
Oolcmiui fc (JinsLAjnTSTl
Rltt IrpiWJ. UAWjAV M. 7 Jl: M.
Nr Tort KpWWrtJU.TH:10jA.l jii. 10:$ AL M.
,0.tO. WayAspreai.... 8:30 7:ser. H.
Re: i Ixpms. ..ISm-SM IJ.Ka Til) ? f "5
no. a. . -o, x r. u. u;u.
1 . a j a t sum a 1 n irvj ijttsi,ait.
PrmiDi.B, Ouuiiuvtk CumouTi It. B.,
Wall train r....ft.aB0 At li.uil.ax A. M.
Kxpren Trata
......ILiiS A.M. .:i3P.
'JoaEoaiiioK, Agtnt.
Ootvaint J, InM.iioroLui't.S.
(OaiBtti!iLttar at JjituU
no. 1 Jtzprui .... o srtji.
Mo. a 3:00 P.M. 8:45 P.M.
County. Rail Road Time Table. COLUMBUS POST OFFICE.
'.Walla fof Vew'Tirt OttT.'AoBrAltwM-, BafaKs
PltUburabf IrtMliwivnta kist ClmlaaSJ taiMii41)
Newark, Granrill., Waihinton City, fialOmor, Phila
d.lpkla and N.w Orleans, oIom dJil (Soadars exMpt-datSe,etael-i-w'M.m
A tnroBgtk-fcau Tor'ftni xna-viwmd,xiofs
dfrtlj (BDd7 ueepUd) at 9 o'olook p
B. WajJjtallelotws dallj (Sundaji t
iwmiMl m m w v.vwa v. 1 l.a
rt3ntnlOhloVair XUtUloMt'daliy (Bim
at 10 fekwk
f S'ploek
a. n. , "
.. JHttntea. Sckwam, Muton and VrdtVktbfr
oiJjM.laai. ,dallyiennaji, .aipftdlAttJs'eloj
ati tadiaaaroUat. ht
' Xthfa-li.BMUi -to. :
HBtplVat Bg'olbAp. jn. " -'
Xaia, BprlDfrfltlJ and Cincinnati
tlaMalatie (Baadart .xcoBted) at.lOo'filock a.
BIItiMrJAiaUa,.eiPra (JjkUjriBi ;.x
XLOinoad union cin nau sioks qairy
, Lotto, SetnTlll. Clreftvim, CMIllcothe,
BAttlr ifafeoiai ioallo ZanCrfri'6'foS
Wat. V.'mon ValK axwm orylorti!I'iji4iudWry,;
eloMSdallv (Sondajs mxoUi) at 9 o'oloci d. m.
, "DubU JjtaU fief dlly(andyi xontd)at 8 o'clock
leatUr War Mall cloati dallv (Siinfurl txetptesTat
o'oiortp.m.U A iUAUH ,liW
Albay,flUbarth,OI.TCiaod, tartan, Tolwlo, XMl,";
iMtntt, cpnagaeiij. viananauo vatitiu u juonn,
and ail saauwrB nitM, arrive Mtirtan in.
'slock p- a. ends d'olock "tl
and all
i Bonis of
. alalia from Indianapolis, OUouco aU 0 atefani' amr
MS:40a.a. UnfKH
4 Mil la ffnaa WHkhianB fill. BalUnoT Whttlln.
Snwrtil. Newark, StoakniTtll., Mt.V.rnoa, and to.
, O. B. R. War Uall.trrivM W'locS m.
Way Halt fror OttKlamt .awkwa a M'oloett.it'.ia,
k ,t uwum wall imra ai fuwi. a . iiui, i . i
Vast War ktaU ever tbe national Road arrives at at,
W iuvbl BUe i"aiipu
t. Taraoa Way MailsWrak-uriiSQ a. a.
ntl from Buhlin arrim at 13 o'olook a.
Jrtiana War Han annoaM-look .S. J.st ;'.
iarrleborgh ktall arrives al 11 o'.loka.B k-tr
-noMier Way Wall strives at 19 o'oloek aewni ,,.,
Dfflo delivery :rr 4jrtfre lt (aaeevA Saadaj) from
.'clock a. m.-to-S o'clock D. m. Open oe Anntara
l-rTl t-OMWU in M.mln. un rnn 0 (O
block la Um '
..xowtMllat 13 o'clock ui.7 V " '
auu. sMwvi ijlalU ImitjM pAim M
k! .' ' "
r au.'j TatfS l ASVlltUSMSIIl.., ..,.-
"'4 B'"" -tdr him-Ibmaii mnuBB
I . EnnTf B .- .y,n
I PrloS Bipotwj sammserpwu
RahirfflClatiiiii Hess
nTt jta.JTIT.TTItA
i A A .Alia S - aWM w am.
1 ) "' r'i ' i'T' ' ' i r aa lan'endn is i
1A (ariyTT.BQWAADi
d UriAitorfiaeut ol flees and urilshin
ConatanU en ani "'
I iA,'a'..i'iTii if.A.A
- ii- a. 1 1 ji '
cpIi ef-jtojuis' ASti'BAsdtsrst
High areet, bar. Just opened new stylet of Clots Oitv
otlkAU. BAtoDrts and AAOeost), and. In th. ntwnt and
aoet sriiali taawwra aim, Baperfc flaiu
Sjtaett BIlSLSJ. very hffry, dnlgued srpreeely Cot
BilA.fanJBsl4 , . IfiOi
JOHN GRAHAM. P.M. TELEGRAPHIC. Burning of Hampton--News Received
by a Deserter—A Lady Under a
Flag of Truce.
J Fob Monaoc. Anel B.Bamptbri hateen
burnt. Boout and fugitives brought word of
the approach of b large Uonreaerate roroe from
Yorktown. These Vujaor were confirmed by
Ire o'clock P, M.f by a deser tee from the reb
els,"; native of Maine, 1t resident o Georgia.
He baa bean stationed at Yorktown aiaoe June
lit.i On trldav last, nugruaer ten serktown
with a foroe of 7,000 men, IncludlnR 2.500 ear'
alry.and,8 plscM pf Artillery. Monday night
the enoampment At Ureal tistnel was complete
iv deserted. Tuesday went iaey aavaoce to
ward mmpton, and et Boon yesterday took up
Doaltlon on Baltio rtvarj some three miles from
the town, j Ho thinks the object of. the expedi
tion ajKruraw oat ioraH.sttacK tamp wamtiton
Ot.NewDort News, if practicable, and. At least
to. dostroy Hampton,"' so -aa to nrerent IheU
bubaanb. Ik fi lnlAB ft ti ft t Msi ':" ' l4JsssT Hn ti AP sal
once repaired! to, this end of Hamptob - bridge,
B bars be remained ti;i ejoven, o'cioca
- Col,. Weber erected a barricade' near the
HarttenDd of the brldire and placed a strontr
gaard at various polBts this side or, tne creek.
A f hilndWw oast jnidnlsht Gen. Matfrnfler.
with aboat 600 rebels, entered the town and lm'1
mediately fired It. ' The greatot part 6f the 5UU
noqset were bull! witb wood, ana do rin; lav
ing fallen lately, a strong sooth wind sooq pro
duce a terriWe conflagration, . There were
perhaps twenty white people and double' that
number of negroes remaining la the (own from
Inability to. more, some of whose bouses were
fired without waking the inmates.., Bersrfcl pf
tne-wnitesk an else ue negroes, were numea
awa to be oreesed Into the rebel sSrvlce. A'
eompany of rebels attempted to foroe the pass
age or ino trriuge, out -were repumeu wuu m
lost of thrse killed end six wounded. The Ire
raged All night. The robele withdrew toward
m tuning, and At noon, ., to-day, . when -1 - visited
the place, but seven or eight buildings were left
standing. i i. ,
Gen. Msemder hksenoampea neat New alu-
ket bridge... Hb will hardlJLjenture to attack
Maibew, the deserter, save there hare been
about seven thousand j rsbe I troops stationed at
Torktpwn, And some' ten days ago a battalion
oame down to tbe outskirts ot Uampwa aud
carried t awsy .180... neeroes. Provisions were
abundant at Yorktown, and most volunteers Are
recelrlOK new, uniforms for the winter cam
palm; . . x i
The drstraetioe) tf ,the town was a wanton
act of cruelty, both for the residents and Uolon
tetsi and, moreover, entirely-; useless,. as Gen.
Butler intends to, winter bis army many miles
beyond Hampton.' An Attempt will be made
to foist these acts on the General, bat after 10
o'clock Wednesday night here was not a Fed
eral soldier in Hampton. ., , ,
' flag of truce Is Just in from Norfolk,, with
Mills Mavo, B nleoe ef Gen. Scott, who is on her
way from Richmond to New York. She states
that tbe rebels Attribute tbe set to Uen. Butler.
1 - - ' ---
Activity at Washington—Care of
Troops—The Blockade.
WaIhinoton, Aug 9. The aotirlty amorJg
Government teamsters Is as great as U was any
tima ttrrlnu As ika lalai baltls. .
Much more regard than berstofotd Js'pald (6
tne cemrort and suDeistenoe ot tbe soldiers,
and little if apr complaint now exists among
Soldiers Arrive from time to time, including
of lata a Urge proportion of cavalry. They
arw ItadidarrslT distributed Alons xur. now ex
tended fotomad MneK. U lib ' 'i r j l
The movement of troops "doting Hbe 'night
is certainly an Improvement over.-tbeir improper
exposnrt to tne son. -. . , ,
Many of those recently appointed to military
poeltibot tW w Alt leg japaUeutlj tgf Jhjb cjrar
'.,'The Southern' 'newspapers will not much
loncer exult over the lnefflolencv of the block
ade ih loealltiee wblob misbt be specified. Tbe
Nary Department H' In -possession of Ample
power, recently., conferreoTTiy TJoffgTCBBi-ana is
expeaiuousiy completing 'Arrangements -appu
able pytmrn.,;, r; yi
Washington Items.
I tVabhinotoh,
Aoe. 9. JNavaT constructors
hare reoorted to the Narv DeDartment that
VanderiRValeamBrS r ufitfor blookadipg
and otoer AAal sertloxe.. I J f f 1 All
c :ise louowiui ooDsntar, appointments nave
been made, some were eonttrmed by tbe ben
Ate. end elhen -tare bean mads since Ua-adJ
jour Ameht: TohrrNeklf, of Kansas.-to KIbgstoa
j amatoA t m ..M. . 4 aauon, or. v v isconsi n. to Hal
lfax J. B. Bowman, qf Indiana, to Mantansts;
K. Wbeeler. or Iowa, toOenoa
rPrlace NaDoIeon not harlnar returned from
hi visit feevond. our lines, It is sOpposed the
Confederates hsre Invited him to. extend Via
visit.' " " - " 1 1 ,
There-was an Affair between' pickets beyond
Alexandria, last nignl, at wnicn two were kin-
buion wbhjh.sjde hi not stated
.'J-ilV, .t-
1 1l.ll til 1
Maryland Politics.
Maryland Politics. [Special to Commercial.]
WlFttirtiTtON," Aseust 9. Cosvsntiorje ire to
be laid to Maryland, for the -purpose of oomi
natint otase omoers, ,, vpe 01 mam, wiu isvor
the Government, and snpnetA itB policy '.,The
ptbtc.wrtl plAce itself on tot-platform of oppo-
sihpoiho HtJ war, auu uiuuj puaov on anj
UtAjS" it is believed, one that IbJ yntp moj
Will MnttonS" a.....A...ivA i.jntai;,
flanatox Baker haf declined a cottmlsslon as
BrlMdie'GaerA,.'He pre far I Lis seat la the
Benstev' 'Senator Lane, of KansaA, has also de-'
tllned the Ajppointinenta tBBasred' Mm.aneiw.Ul.
retain nts seat in, toe raenats. inij aunoees pi
Mfl.-BtantOB'B olaWi'v? C Z'h '.7",'?,,
Xjiguiy removAts mveoeen JBaaBan.uta
btDffice since the lsi ot iunei ' aM1.
a ?eroA BBWspapers , bvd, alreadv 'disregArded
the agreement - made wita :Gen,jMoClouan,''1n
regard 'O the- trassmiseioBOf : iDtelUganca .pi
armj mOyenieril,aDd ,areJq'Be snbieoted to
strlofrsnt rulAs.f ,LienaaJ, JiOje'IJafl, is doter-
mlned to enteroe bw peitoya e Mi jt
. i
Prince Napoleon's Visit to Manassas.
[Time Dispatch.]
WASHerQro!r.,, Aatf B.Ute this ev
Prtnee .tfAWlewet)irned wlth;;hf4 'suite" from
TbretTegirnente ef cavalry and tour ol tbel,
Infantry held tKWsesalon of Fairfax." 1 1 -i i..
Napoierm-rss Bomingy tliB ealhiislMnX' was
wild.., tteAoregAtd And Jonnston were ootn At
grMtMt poebksespeet, , AU tbejr Creasing
invrtattam wad antreaUee that ha would; gQ,on
to Rtohmond.And sew rrssldeAt-.AUrwK the
. I TbAfortlWi)t'qn 31, Wsnassas Are formlda-
a t.uHfliw.1 wwww . - . .
ble. and our eons.
funs, parucuiariy oi onormsn j.
fbatMrf; form animportaatpart of the deftnsAv,
I BsiureinkTrl informed tbe prlsoe 'tbatv he can.
turad.M guos.At we oatue or unu itun.-
i The dead. rsesa-AO nroperiy hurled.'. ,.They
were' simply 'pet nndet groood, abb some el.
tbiR, feet ,N were seen adoto eann..r Boituers
in Manassas aiirsry numerOpi, but'kfs poorly
dressed.' '' " ,ja:ji,t j a. iHn-iti h .,--., h
I Al depKrtidgj the-tebel gare tke f riuce a
salute with United B tales suns. ' On revarnln
to Fairfax Col. Stewart approached theewtiage
of the rrlnoe and saidt ri nope yon nxe pur
fortifications, Princer Ofc pretty mil-l
7 Three "eompabtet f Toaeej's.teijlmtnJi.. qf
t It iBwell ABthentloAted tt .tte man'Shini.'l
enstodT Ib New York, le B member of the
rebel Conatss" He H1 be heM as a hestare I
al-. i'T-. M r Vnm' W Vi'.,-" a4
",I,J, m lu.,i.l
bOpePhe said sgalA "7i vui mterfett to n
when you get horned Toe BirJemAtie Prkoi
shrugMd i Mt :jhonldert a hsrreplled.,"! hoe
i . .., , l,l
! WAAw.BMrir;i5st,9.The Senats. rl.
nance Committee espeot that the new revenue
plan will realiro, tiyOJDOO.000 more than U re-
qnlred.' w iiin.i, (..'n.j
, Jti-TM mister ranikser amrea nareiasvsiKBt.
It Is beiiored he brings dlspatohee for thettoe-
U.' " " '' l .11.' ".I
.. I! ..M.J
1 1 ST.,Loeis''Augusi13.--Ca(iU!a-JsnDtaoni' of
K.atts notoriety, arnvsa to-aay, en ronte tor
WaahlllRtOTl, to AmnrewUh the Wat Depert
mot fer mnsterttJ Jbls mpn Into tbf PoWed
States Srtryicev'lle has biO.wall mouciedjJll
clplln.d tnen, on the Western border'.w .
Wothlns; new from SprinRfleld. -
Gen. Fremont ordered tbe number of Artille
ry CompAntes In this Bute to be lnoreased to
Union Prisoners at Richmond and
t WisHtttaTow'.'Anff. 9.A Ietfer wAsrsoslred
to-day .froni Lient. Parks, of the 7th Michigan
teglntebk dsted Richmond, July. tb, M wnion
he sajf he Is a prisoner jwlth hundreds sf other
w vnw Dityj more tnari winy ouioers wnW
him'; Ha ban the names of 56 Of bl rfftlment,
and believes these ere-All. Col. Bntttwworth,
Lleuts. Marahi Warren and Parkins and others,
are stilt at Manassas Junction, wounded. Only
three' ef his "Bomnanv- are with hint, named
Geo."l'hll2psOIurryr" Shaker, and George
Manassas. Appointment of Brigadier-Generals.
WAflHiNdTflM.Auffusr9.The President to-
day-made the followffeBiBtmoBtBBIkdga:
dierenerlaTif 'foP thoTOldnefcfoeV alt Bf
them, Prof. Mitchell excepted, being tront the
iilr recommended b ihhllvw Yprk congres
sional delegation i Cols. Blanker indnlooum,
oi tae volunteers, and major vv ausw'ni
.a: . " , a l- i j
Major or tne rejular army, wbo distingaisueu
mmsoIX In thn MailAan warr John H. inr
dlo. ii,dimt'itJ Wmi Pnlntr-OnmBy' Ml
Jtfltohaila 'Prof, of Astronomy of 'CtbOidnaif A
graauateor West Point and ex-Army ,obicj;(1
Manassas. Appointment of Brigadier-Generals. The Army of the Upper Potomac.
SArtnr Hort1.' 1ldr.' Aeanef 9.iCol. Stone
has been auSfoheif td'-tM-'madubad. at -fohj B
. . . " . T ..... .. j . J
H.OCXS, wpere it.it bejierea to? reneis mn
establishing strong bAMeiiea to' lateroept. tra6s
pottatton of supplies ami troops toJB4tiBvors
to the ldwer PoWniac,rr' 'v 1 -i "''
uol tismpton, of the 3d WUcouf m, s vtm
pointed to command- a 'division la pUCQ Ol
"The rendrt. fbatriwd rdber rirlmsn wore
ApproAchins; from Leesbargit uniruq , ; , '
. Malor BonhlaJ.y m 4eeo -praetisiug. .wth
his guns to-day, Results Srtry satisfactory,
New York Items—More Rifles for
Fremont—The Secretary of the
Fremont—The Secretary of the Treasury and the Bankers.
New Yoat, Aae. 3.!-lt is rumored tbsftfae
Austrian Mlnistervbip'will. be tendered to Jat,
Sallatin, President National Bank. - i
Twenty thousand Austrian' rifled mutkets
were sent forward to Gen. Fremont to day oer
Adams Express." 'Twenty thousand more alt!
ready bare and soon roliow. -; ' - w.
Itlssltated that leading bftokers-have' been
invited to meet the 8eoretry ot, the- Treatury
at l the residence of Mr.' Ciioo, -hia erening,
with reference to "arraheementS 'for taking tbe
lhtely AfflthorUtd loans. -.".V V-VV"
War and Murder in Southern Kansas.
Liavbmwoath, August!), We" have Intelll
gence froiB. Ike Southern Kansas border , that
great exoitement prevailed mere, owing w toe
aotion of a band of half-breed Cherokees with
some white outlaws, from Arkansas and Mis
souri, beaded: bj John .Mahows, a leader from
tbe OsAgBeoanty, wjJ.i t '
It is reoorted that 16 rnsn have haen killed.
And sixty families' driven. ffotrl-the Cherokee
neutral land,, who have taken 'f cfue; In Honv
boldt. Kansas.- They threaten iia . attack on
tnat place, A messenger nas arrived . Here, re
questing assistance fjqm tfc Goteramsot.. -w. .-t
War and Murder in Southern Kansas. From Fortress Monroe.
( ft'osfaxss MojiaOti August .9. NotbiDg new
bbb ccourrtdr stnoB, ;tho,.. jaiuug'-. of . the latfrt
learner. - ,i.x-.,v .cc.--..s v- . ;a
llamnton ia not occunied. -i-'i r-ti
-Th4 fugitive .oitlzjns are fceliig ' prbvided : for
by Gen. Butler. '' " - a--.,.;..
lb biseun Union bas beenmounted at Mew-
portNews, and will be' experimented with on
,FH(LAbItrHiA Aug. 9. AmMmg .was" exe
cuted about 11 o'cloct 'A-' W. 1 He-manifested
the same imilffareope to" his fete thai' he dis
played At his trial and throughout hia Imprison.
mebt .. . .
Addition to the Medical Staff.
, Wisk irioroN' 4i)g.Jti--Strt,gebnJ GenerAl
Wood- baa 4kan, -nieasu tel . for carrying into
effect tbe late t of CongTess for Adding M the
medical stan; bl(n arm; a eorpsoreaaoaawnoee
daw uauail be. to Atit ( dressers in thlro.rrl-
tals and as AmbuUncB BttenilanU Ja the" Held,'
witb' the eine,Tfttebriay bs tne Veat rpwt
cadets. .a.raj.u'i7.';i ' '"-f'
Politicians Anticipate the Dissolution
of the Democratic Party.
savs the" refusal ot th Democrats f thst Staitl
r t.t Vr . . . . . . - i ... ... rv i-i . I
of New. .Yoric' to UhUffTrlth'the Republicans
oanses some srirprise aere, as It see rnj 'to . con
flict with wbat waa supposed to be a plaa pre
arranged here at WaahJngton, whlct bad for
its purpose tbe disorganUauon of tbe pepobit
ban party.. ; The same Idea of a. Unioa .Ticket
was, broached In Ohio" and has been rejected.
TBdaa two aoineidenoA4. it Is said, amonjz noli-
tioiaoa will cause now the entire 'dissglntiba-pf'
alio vtnnvrHLB pbksj.' 'wua .aii,i
of the Democratic Party. Arrest of a Supposed Spy.
f, BosTOw.-Aur. 10. Tte-IL 8. tfArsbaf Arrest
ed f person lastnrght who registered himsAlati
tnararKer tjouse as yoraon, -or rinsoorgn.
Pal but who subsequently has confessed himself
AAJohn Williams, of Notfolk, Va., and is sup;
poabd to-bold' a eommiaaloa Jn tan -wMt., sray. L
Hoi wm arretted as a spy ana Dy-oraawsreflsiveej
m , ' -ii ' -ri i -'rv- -. ... at- nr. .-arL a . a & a 1
i Ihe Swotary of War.'""tr wHi tent to
4atayotUAW lark jrAlbpr. 1
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Market.
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Market. CINCINNATI, August. 10.
FandaotkJjiraew la we41, JhjJ P?,Vr'.2S!i5S!?i)!
j"Ataenft.u roeu. i
lltlfiris5'ior:i4 y,'k prw;
o UiidAy- A3 59 Tor "tuiiSiilne; B9-7S
.n .-o..ii:s):: .!. ""' ... ij.,j&.
WHBAXwAlsnUaMS U bejoaood xehhrtt. aW.'Pr:
W lt.aatoUtad stjWyf; t ,SfeeS2f;.
i,a. hlM ,n ml Kl '. "" "' W-'-W
rAA3!tWAna.nMll3i.loiuht thai 'soldat V, ttVH
Hi a will Aaaufl or bus ?o.1y, W.VB. ffSf
rnarsjei'w 1
. . . . . 1
. JAU ,y,'l
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. CLEVELAND August. 9. 1861.
toOBN-Qaist at 31o. 'T " '
' lOATB Bale of 1 oar on traok at S3o.
iHIOHWINIS Bales ol 60 bbli at IGo.
BUTTIR Ble-Of -WjlHotaA, U
UdB Bteadjr at so.
' rLOUE-Salei or 7? bills lupcrllne kt J3-75, nS T
bhleextiaatS4. n:,.iH(.i, r,f,.v- ,,(; " ''i?'"-14;':
iWHBAI Bales of ears red oniracYt flcrBC0ei
.44 J Hit 4. er;hliiH rU-.umu
rot itli Tbmf Indians Co'mVlltt .tiAn, tS
siottperfeot reralu, WBoonm Con6tr; t)inond'AJa-
Oouttos Ooo.aa, BaewotA AW-TuniAt) saai laiuti,
Bvaor It bat no taper lor. freed from kU 01 orT
Bm.Uo properties, auy bs nasMMBSna tmMfoutU:
mtlons, and with perieot eonMawea 1 1 ,jit
1irJiiWt-WATrJAA Onare wtwsrJsnV.Ae the
drlj!, t!ont1nttrrirol apwatoMo OrAwstHSMsaapsii
AancrjmtrttMriotlr VyetttaBedoal ptDprie,
A tars jtemetry ior -nensAui
.rinu Alwm,
tM-n'ma Bis- Aesw OaVa. SVeaw tvliAi-JruaA.
iid all minor NerrouiOomplilnU. ie m tk,,,.,L
Foa horn or surxr, ana aeaoaon. m an iw vanatias,
)uMiawi.4uid io which jboaI ABdsnbtedtsttmoni-
dleareqfetwlrj, y j . a, J
Josv USJ-aion laamv, n i mum urra movii -,
on Buwu QoiuuurTa, after remoTbig (lie t.ttn H kodj
a aphjaw, a ra'it uaporucooninat wiuim-oinsttpar-
fcryeauiU bl Opium,. ' .'. '
I Io Phytlolans, FormnUt andTrlAl Bottles Tlll'ii. sent.
fpottagerttamp." hi i...t tjH t.ji wayf f fl
jriajparee anar n tpeou- tajrarriwuii vi
ilia v tiiiCAsjiH wtawi'i
1X9 tawtvarstAl iniArf.AaloBtAI
Towhompletj.olrerttemilMHe.a..siT A
PricesUtr. 6ot( iVkeU,Btasliaa M be KM.
Bnnritai-ii. rttuut cu j.nltS.i.l Had A
jw.tj.-oib nitsaijiwi ,.J! w-!-r: .Jt " At
fortl..iv..th, ntual wbolefiayijt;Jr
BSBTSfcllAMTJlt, K. B. If ARP,18
wnntS a AiAwr 1 T If TtWalTl
asjH-wv Agents ror voirmena, vow.
Xfii'ti f3,Ji'
,... ' .- sraiViiiarirl
Ata.. w- . rrrti-i , i . . ..i
4 IPItI0ItTOIlr----lJ
,ra pi itkf ork ttworftrltt ? n 1
As all Mrfled -laaikfjiBhWtoe? AdwfaiilIaAHiC. 1.
Used le par i Mr. Bow. a lisentS en each nacbin.
and an a't. oonpeUed to jsaks returns to him, ander
o,ia. as io isenaonwrsom, aueojas giva aoorasiania
ment. troai tMavMllakla. aouoe we have abtmlnad ih
rotiewini sutuiMt am ua AVBUUies aadeiaiiM r.i
vw,mwm mar -- a v i.s
r By Wheeler Ac Wilton... v.v 91.30)
1 " k.Jl. Singer fc 0o...'....;. 10.U6J '
" psayat a Baksan. I. vXatU,Wft- r , -
Ikowlas Bis sales of Wheeler ft Wilson to it iouOt
nss etMy outer Oompanr."
Awarded Ue hleheit drtanW-Ut. i" ' 1
7 i Ohio ItaU air of 18ind 18801 w ? r -
and at neerie all tba Countr Iain In tlia BUhi. ''
'- Okf ariose. atW laU tMiMtkl mit oi JAi -au' al
osB-aStat maehln. now eold, and bat a t.lfle higher than
the Interior too Urtod eAoM KM motMnttr bow
nviVdMl tiranwa vkas aaawiraB.
-The WHEBI.BH fc Wn-BOl HAXItori atkeitbe
Lock Ituw the .nly pe which oaonot be raveled. It
Uutsoa Bora SiDieoftb goods, leavinf rktg r
aAainotitU eiwrlerjidav; a .. -. -....
monkiiut warranto t V tan, ana intthtoMo
given tn tnelr nts, free of tfxite. : f,(;i
n. ntiRV. hi m,h nniomhi,.: n.
' j , . : ... WJa. auanjejaa uu - ,
.djjcil ftwdamBwfim Pike's Opera Houee, OlnotnnaM.
a. 'ii v. 'iv.-ii .ut fcjj-vf.vv ........-... .
I . 1 V j
Hanfai itxreasea iUaata
r-.f t
(' rot.
vra ,
X t e it's-! VE fa cT x i fi X ajnx
"'.i .ulil
' tofdlr'psrtd'lo ezecsta tf.s! (J1
uaa ,;i una fiAn
.. i r ! r i . .i ..
TUB isVATfilVj BT.lTA.JKf,
.'1 MawitKi .i;-A k.
.1. t
;i.iu;iti:I ;sit )s siL'S j!
... , OalAXOOUBS,
8'0 W-o 0:
' 'T.j?n.i8 tADina,
..r;iJ.i,iAti atAAVBr
1.APHJU3, IJ11W3,
phiisi PllINllivo;-
.cu ajjoisjg out;
illbl.ihmtJ ih ikltats, JL
KjQal td
t -:
impajft'ttfoisuy vvjtri (jtsj
A j "-I'aaiwO :i5:-,:-.x:
7-J kadiss Eattarn Prlntfnk lToMSifS: ouJ
,..il ...
n a i '-f -Ja
i-d .
xn-,1 u.
i, ..A,.m. r.titiK., a
7 ' .,. ithb ncaocrnoir o (...j.,,,.
., . "V .M J.O k, t, 1,
! .ck .rvJ
4l't-int v:l J,-;.fl3ii.
!-,io .nun,, a,. .
: tB TTA .,i3i:lr-tft ....... ... .
.(.io rtee ii.v.-.jir.i.
W1 l'..a-eL
. . (.'r..-'n.-I.n-,-llii,
Ws offes oi
iur serrJeet t, all who ma doMr, that rlau
af t msi
. ff
4 St
i;i;ioo7ur aji . tg am
.'lioht : wbl K w. :prpdnc; tis. j A j
BooO to i,vm flt
21 AAUT aifmiaff t ..Y3iiT1
iLMJlrl Lac a . . , . L . . s a. .... . tJ
-. ,r. ..r w jiT oi
bj weaAuajw ,B0
IfU;) 1 J. V.K'.u. . .. .
... " a.jwaaviii ,MU Bh,
V. . , -,JAlA'-AABlJwa A, llirti
-UlTl.fc 4f. J..A.I .i ......... I
n,,! VM ml mtffru it)j4.(
LaB 'I-JW.-. AS aul.a. A . ...
tXiMiO adt J g.J.IW.., ul Ji.j y .a4,iass si
V .... M fcH-H V. W di.f.;(A.-S,lf .IUJ
.(JJAMDCjjd .jf'ft,
ua im ii nu t UT
WflkO Ml A OA
.(.nd . , j,:,":-'", ""'"I-.'-' Vi ,a.
lod ai uU .icis .utwi ,ana we tnay 's,u ' -f i "
i7E vnij;WowhYTd)Mm
.AJta.nTlMt il,i.l
" ":T.t in ,'t.n
r v
tm j jVtlatlita J,tis,jr;')lt' ;tbf Wejesj; j
H.ia77iw, Jili.i;fc.r?.. "-h
' "j Av.i ,0v-iaxjv3
j,frlSxfl li
. '"t7
AswrleBed Staree aad-Xsjnale Fhyiiclan, preienl
,JlTl in-Akati aieantkia of moOjeriVhel1 " 1
wh (ch arraiU taetlkt(wli leawsa 0 teolidnt by jstrtl-
reatly frtllewth
Snlng the gums, Tedtuiktf ai. wUaarnalflnTCjailjal;
ALB IAIN sad tpmtoih
M aaa epemoua a am, mm
ink iotteri; rerrt jrtrv
' 'WhejTirotrfBod ld tlrta nritale Cpr over ten tekit,,
and CAN BA;?t N MMIBkTl) U1P lH0TU,UflV
wnaiwe navenerer mea-arja aoaay ty-wy auet mem-dne-MIJCVtrl
ANUB,TOKVBUTA..flUBkWnltliBeunKil, Jl ov
er did are kso as Instate. eeWeatisftiiitlon by an on.
Who need lb On the oontrary, all a.'e delighted with Its
operaUoni, and speak is tern ot,.ojnm,endtioB of Its
aaolaia enects and medical vlrtnee.. Wevseeaal la
matter" what wuwuw-, ner Mayeara'-exp
rlenoe. AND PLEUOH 00ft KEPUTAf ION tOhtB
almeeVevory Ipefjincs where -thetnCant le ioAerfng Oonj
pain and- sihauitlon; 'relief will W toon In OtMenar
twewty minutes after tBeer op- admlnlAtered tt.
iixw T,.p,n. prvnsraiiuo uuii prewnpuon or one or
the. moat- IXPAKUJNOBD and BKILLFUL NDftSgg tt
New Xnglandr.nd baa been niel Wlth KXT-rAffr-
It Astoslr relieves tbe shIM froa oaln. bnt Invhror.
awe tne atomaon aad t-eweu, eprrMta acimir aM glrea
ton. and .nersr to tkWkoteratiB. It.BiltsVtt-.l(al
etlPiHG Ii? THE BftWILa, IKB tflNO, COLlt
tad awearn ism copvb monit whlcn, n'aorrn.eam
dlediHId In death. ,We helieT It the
itarlees froa teething, or 'from VJ'(
would aa to, aery mathetwho haeS el
we ceuere n me onar ami ua
H ernes of OT
1PBBMV rbethB
Itarleea from teethinK. or 'f roffl any other- eaaeer IK
would tar to .very, mothetwho baas child riffi'rtavfroa
any of the foree-nlBi oompklnt DO NOT hWt tmn
,nd lMterMD.Toa. and vohr idfferlnr child, and re
lief that WIU be 8UHS joa, ABBOL0THLY BDB-to
follow the ote of thle medloine. If tlmel need. lull dr
reetlona lot Mnr wilt sooeupaBy auh. sottis. Neo.
fenoin. kalen the fae-almll of ovftZAsa JZHBtUMJi,
uaw ora, ( on tne octuM-wrapper.-., ttt t.o rj.v
i '.a.idi)au DraertetttenaoMiawszt2c-i
Iri Bcppal Of ncert3-7at-Streefi.T4
- e WwfiolttoJJ
ofollgfcat iotoi'withqttt dyednip4 pV,
f Hair froja turning inf.' ' VJf
offr! " 7 j
,ikrrs.r-'i '.inf rn(rvJ '
PKU.Cf -Le- IV)1L.UCR O '"
III it I n lllllinnn lTntV
n sjaa sisTBiu srati mm n
v or mropqnwBdiusjrjrjBrsiMunijg. ?
r,- a.A.noniw-rMn , am a .rnnirn
ytna an cntaneons autsuona 01 in. ncaip.
OTltOR BE AUTinrtNtf TflB llAIR.
ImnarBna to il an nneqaled riots andbrlllBinoy; aakibs
it soft And silky- In lis- taaturm, and oatJjAng i to cwf,
Madlly. '
TH. (real eeieoniy ana iaoTet't oemanq ior tnu nn
equaled preparation, oonvlnoes the projirtetor luarmt
trlal la only neoeatary to tatbfr ( dlacenrbm pnblic of its
aperl.rqaaHtieaover anj
Ler nre Deration in nee.
eieaettes the head and acalp' from Mandrnft and 'ther
euUkeoui dieeaees, oaailAg the half to grow lnxariantl
itrlnsltaricb, soft, glouvand flexible appearanoes tod
alto, where the hair Is loosening and thinning, it iriUgiTMi
itientth and viiror to tne root and restore u. RTowUt w
hot. parts which have become bM; eaoting it to rieid a
reen covering oi nair. .-, -.
Ther. are hundreds of ladleS and geatlemen In New
Tork who have bad their hair feitered bv the ase of thit
fmrfirermtor. when all other trreparatloni have failed.- X
a- ass In bit posseeslon letters (nn'omenblo- tawUfrlag
to tlia aoov. raota, rrom persons oi tne ngoeei soosecia-
tfbility.. It will .Seotaallyprevenrth. hair Sraa tnrDtng
nnUl cue utett penod or lire ; Ana snntef wnenrtM amir
'.hat already changed Its 00 lor, the ate of thelnvlgofator
wuiwitbtenaiBV restore k to nvo-iangnu not, gir-
Wg it 1 -'-TSji glfiilrrr""- Aj a perfume for th.
toilet and a luir Jtawra
ofllS II It pailinlnrlp .i
MnM. hATln, An anMAhle
and to. great ta-
aUitlst It affords in dieaing the ha'it; wtijf h,' when motit
with Ui. laritewtr( aaa be aresteH 'ln arry Mqnfrad
ronn so at to prcierre iu piaoe- wneurar pniojor in rariai
heno. the treat demand, for 1t.try th. Udtt. at a tlMdari
totlef artlole which none ought to be without,Ai tne pries
i 1. alU. . .h. MUl. A, ,11. i
.V ..HUM -" , V
OalT-TwejltyriTe XJntt:l -7
per Sortie, to t had at all swsnajctahls rnjrlsts .sod
ACKimuvn. j
- tJ MlXlna woo 14 call th attmUonof Parents ani
nnAMlAna to theue of b1slnvijrorstK ia ;esate woe
tk4ldiwn'sjtiBcUrtlb.,reak. The at., of it
'!, Lk, ianndAtion for
roowea-ay lapnrltiis CraC'sasy have btcae eencettd
-hi th, amln. the femoral of wfch- a- aenttarr toth
jorfhe hlW of th hi'd ba futursiappaiaj(4
IIM U.I. " 1 '
Cactioh. Not genalna wTtSonf artac-lliHllg Ult
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's HAItt INVIQOaAIOB. NTy., blown In tits
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Vas awarded the first premlnnr trt; t) at-the- Indiana
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Frioe, lightness, slmpltchy, -eooooaif ,-Bf fuel
and snnerior charsLOter of lumbe awl
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, awaraeoi tae an. premium o.
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irall's, Columbus ataohin. Oo't., and Bradford Mnd
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t In l plain envelope, to' ar -.irv
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kuira, 1ST Bowery, hew tork. Post Oto. "or. Be
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incv, are qeiifibUoi to tbe Hate.
Tfierare made of simple berl
3$e; ars made of simple herbs and cannot
harm anr flfVa.-"1 AlUalJ U rl A I
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VPt4 Breath, or any difflcaitr f Jbs tbmt to tst
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Ton will and them at tea vreggltts and Dealers in
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Mv sLmatars is on each sackars. All others are
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- A package Will be tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt 6r
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tug in. use or mete j-iii tne penoaw aiuuw wr-jtw" - -v
fottJ or Mot Eaf0IM (AM r4. arSWAteJ;; toe ft taken
at U a oonunenoement of an attack Immediate relief rrom
pain and aioknatt wlU beobtalnwft"
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prevented and rellered a vast amount of paln'and suffer1
lpgjfromHadacha, whethtr OHglnttlng in the najrvotjs
dfWn or from, a derailed stats of tftw tdovreitii
snBrwly-regetabM to lUWerjsbpxatVxAvsa
at all tima witb perfect safety without
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genuine nAvsAvestgaaBUMof Henry Stalilrtgj
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Box will bs sent kf aaaVprepald, sa rscdt(4 Jftjj j
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from the WeUwIt1. : -BaAttsV-OMektaIll .
W. ktartlly endorse Mr. BpanTdlng. and hit nnrtvaled
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iho try them, wUljUok to tbea.' ' " ' " " '
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lilt that bat recivad keneAtaAbat no other atediein. an
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froa tbe St. IVoalt eawexs(iOo g-jw
The Immense demand for th jirUdWephaltePUIt
It rapidly atial"si JtiSAT
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