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r. : -. . n
Tbe Adam Expresf Company place ni daily
uoder obligations to It for "la-very lateit paper
iroin toe eastern cities. ' rf '' a
'' 1 1
The American Expreae Company bat our
thanks for Hi daily favors In. the lUape of th
, very latent eastern paper. y '
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice it hereby glveo to the Union Demoo
racv ol Franklin couaty, to meet on Friday,
. August 30, 1861 , between the hour of thret and
iix o'clock f. M, In the tow whips, and tic and
t( o'clock P, At., in the Wards, at The usual
. places of holding eleotiou (excepting Norwich
township, which will be held' at Sohofield's
School House, and the Fourth Ward at Gaver's
. Ware Room, and the First Ward at toe Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend thrOonn
ty Convention, to meet at the City Half, Inlthe
city of Columbus, on Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 18C1, at ten o'clock A. M., for tbe par
pose of putting in nomination two Representee
tives In the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner,- one County Commissioner, and one
Infirmary Director. . . , , , ., .
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will.be appoint
ed to eV'leuatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judioial Conveution will be flied here
after. " ..v;
The following is tbe number of delegates al
lotted to each Waid aud Township, based upon
the vote oast for Supreme Judge in 18C0, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five totes so oast.
1st Ward.
- 6
Hamilton ;,
Washington ,
Madison ,
Blendon : , ,L
Sharon r..
Franklin - .
3d " r. i -'lib.
Montgomery To.
Truro .
Clinton . "
Pleasant"' "
Brown '
Perry , '
Wm. Domioan, Jacob Rmnhabd,
Sam'l Doyle, Alxx. Thompson, ,
II. W. Millh, Wm. Coona.
John.M. Pooh, J, Bulbr, ,
y ,R. PicaniL, James Hoblociib,
Ik S. HlOH. s.
, ... County Central Committee.
Council Psochdinoi At the meeting of tbe
City Couneil laet evenlog, President Domaumoh
being absent, Mr. Comitock was chosen Presi
dent prottm. ' '
Tbe City Civil Engineer presented a report,
utating that all plats and estimates ordered by
tbe Council, had been duly prepared and filed.
An ordinance to prevent bogs from running
at large, wae read the first time. It ordains
that no animal of the hog kind shall, after toe
Win day of August, lbul, run at large In any
street, lane, alley, market spaee, common or
public ground within the limits oi the olty
Several other ordinances were read tbe first
time. ' - i ...
The follow log ordinances were read the third
time and passed
The ordinance assessing a special tax upon
the real estate bounding on tbe cut aide o
Fourth street from South street to Strawberry'
alley. It assesses tbe sum of 52 cents and
2 2-10 mills upon each loot front of said rea
estate, to be paid to Jacob S. Winanb within 20
days from tbe date of the ordinance;
The ordinance to assess a special tax upon
tbe real estate bounding on the, north' aide of
South street Irom Fourth street to first alley
east of fourth street.. It assesses 43 cents and
one-half mill on each front of said real estate',
to be paid to Jacob S. Winanb within 20 days
Tbe ordinance to asses a special tax upon
the real estate bounding on 'Oak street, from
Fifth etreet to Sixth street. It assesses 68
cents and 9 7-10 mills on each . foot front of
said real estate, to be paid within 20 days to
John W. Hughis. - - -
i oe oiainance to assess a special tax upon
the real estate bounding on Oik street, from
Sixth atreet to Seventh street. ' It assesses 64
cents and 9 mills on each foot front of said real
estate, to be paid to John V. Huohis within 20
Several resolutions, directing tbe City Civil
Engineer to make plats and estimates of va
rious improvements, were adopted.'
Mr. Bvrrua presented a bill of costs aocra
log in the Superior Court In the case of Jostra
H. Ridsv vt, the City of Columbus, which was
dismissed at the costol defendant
The bill amounting to $10.24, was referred to
tbe committee on Waya and i Means, with.. in
structions to pay the same, ' "'. L " ' .' ' "
An ordinance to construct a sewer in tbe alley
running front Elm . street to Fifth street, and
lying between Oak and State streets, wae read
the third time and passed.: t's.i .,., j .
The ordinance to prevent hogs from; running
at large, was read tbe second' time by its
ne. -;;;?;:.:;;.,;.
The Counoll then adjourned.
' ' ': .;' "I.
. i
Fatal Aooidbn Wa learn by a letter from
Dr. W. Bashaw; of, Jarrlsburgh In this county
.that a distressing accident oeourred near tha.
place in tee forenoon of Saturday last, result-
log In the sodden? death of Mr;. Josih Loman,
step-son or toe late VtH,Uimot. of Harris
burgh, and formerly student at Weeterville ia
this oounty.' ' ' ' ' MM '- a
Dr. Bauhaw statea tbaMr. Loman mu ra
turning frbln hunjlnt eioihjjon, and stopped
under a shade tre e to rest, taking a seat : on a
fence. In falsing bis gun, it was accidentally
discharged, the hammer: being esughf 'ln, 'a
atump aa ha was in tbe aet of raisins; the gun.
m.. .i i . m . i k . - . . i
right temple, causing frightful wound, tear
ing away the temporal bone aid passing out at
'the back pari of the head.f , .1
Mr. Lomam was ia hie twentieth year. He was
a young man of flue promise, and his premature
death is deeply lamented by his nnmercras rela
tlvea and a large, circle of acquaintance in
Hlhnli rMnl ' t-un)
O- .M- ,.V.M..,,, ;..,.., V(,
1 K 5 Vl'
Hiohlt jlMroatANT to Contaotobs. Con
tractors for subslsienc of troop win find la our
advertising columns two Important advertise
ments from C. Da LAMo, iDomi&lsry General of
Ohio. Onf of these advertissments, It will be
seen, Invites sealed proposal to be filed In the
Commlssary-Ceneral'a ofllos, In thia city, at or
before two' o'clookoo Thurtdsy next, August
15, for dally rations to be furnished the troops
now sUtloued or bereafW to ha ststloned at or
near AlUanoe in Stark. couoty,nd. Findlay la
Hancock county. " r ' " M -.. :t i
The other, advertisemtot requires, proposals
to b filed at or before two o'clock P. JL' on
Tuesday, tha03ih ioat., fee-dally rations fe the
troops at or near Dayton, Warren, L1st'Chir
licothe, Bteubenvllle; Wowiw aai Mflnowi "
7 AnTHia or oua Oi 'ao RisrioTiD Cm'
ems GoNi.Died,.on Monday afternoon, he
12th Inst., Thomas Wood,' Esq.', aged 79 years.
Thef funeral service will take plafti from hi
residence, at ten o'clock, Wednesday morning.
Friends and acquaintances of the deceased and
family are respectful)? Invited to attend. v '
' .. i .i m ii ' i i'i i ii il i J
Ljsotusi onPalistini. Notwithstanding the
sultrj suteof the atmospfasrktha First Baptist
Chureh In this oity tu fill J to overflowing oa
last Sunday 'evening, by an audlene' agee--to
hear the Rev. D. A. Ranoaix describa some oi
the interesting jwenei 4hat bad, fallen; fnde hi
ODservauoo, during bis recent vsit to Jeruaa-
lem ana the Holy Land. .,
Mr. Randall referred to the present desolate
aspeotand sterility of Palestine, wbiob.ee as
cribed" aa due in greats'! tb4 4TMttlDg
wars which, since tbe Christian era.-hare) mm
time io time, swept over the oountry desoribed
in Ssored Writ, as "a land,pf, brooks of water:,
of fountains and depths that spring out ol
leys and hiUsj a land of wheat ajad bfjeyaud
Tines, and fig trees, and pomegranates a ladd
of oil, olive, and honey.
Th description of Bethlehem an 4 fyi jibted
places Id the vicinity particularly of the Pools
or Reservoirs of Solomon, and the jAcqueduct
by whloh the Holy City was from thence ancient
ly watered, was very interesting. Mr. Randall
was fortunate 1q .finding . and .entering' t sub
terranean chamtier, In -which wae "the fountain
that supplied both the Aqueduot and the Reeert
errolreor Pools! The latter appear to 'have
been filled up with the surplus water from the
fountain, to be let off into the Acqueduct in lime
of drouth. ' ' '. .
Mr. Randall visited the aaoient city of He
- '. ..i ' n v ml- ... j
bron, eighteen miles Boutti 6f Jerusalem, ; Herd
Is a Mohammedan 'mosque, formerly tf Greek
church, oovering, according to ' Uadition.'' the
save of Macpelah, the sepulchre of ' thS patrl-
arcbs. Abbaham, Isaac ana 'Jacob.' It Is paw
surrounded by a high wall. like that euooalng
our Penitentiary grounds, and guarded by Mo
hammedan or Turkish soldiers. No Christian
or Jew ia permitted within the enclosure, leet
his presence should defile the Sanctity of the
the place. . The Mohammedans as well t Jews
and Christians profess to bold the memory of
the patrlarohs, particularly of Abbaham, In great
Tbe lector wsa delivered in plain, conversa
tional style, and was on that acoount deeply In
teresting. At the closej Mr.' Ra'noall gratified
his large auditory by announcing- that on next
Sunday evening be would describe hie visit to
th) valley f tha Jordan, to Jericho. Bad the
Dead Sea, making nse Of maps to give a better
Idea of the relative situation of th places men
tioned, - vu i. . . '. i- ,. :c -.. .
txm. it will be seen by the advertisement of
Postmaster Gbaham, of this city, , in another
column, that the old stamped envelops will not
be received hereafter in payment of postage on
letters sent from the Columbus PoefofiTee; but
that an equivalent In value will be given for
them1 in the new envelope, U presented within
six days from yesterday; fb 12th 4dst. After
that time, they will be worthless In the hands
oi we noiuere. . ('
" Postmasters at the email offices .In the ylclni
ty, who bare any of the old envelope on hand,
should send them to the Columbus office for ex
changewithin one month from tbe 12th fnnt.
Th Medical Boabd. Examinations of ap
pllcanlafor Surgeons and Snrgeons" Mates in
tbe army will be resumed by th Medieal Board
in this city to-day. T
ltT"An authentic Exposition of th1 Knight of
the Golden Circle; or, a History of Secession
from 1834 to 1861," ia the title of a neatly got
rip book of 80 pages, Just published by C. 0
Pontine of Indianapolis, Ind. Jt Is interspersed
with illustrations of th "K. O. C." ceremonies
Prlc 25 cents, r t & ZI T T-TT ft
A Good Chanci to Enlist'. A goodoppor.
tunity Is offered to those desiring to, enlist in a
good company, at th reeruitiag office opt oed
by Capt. A. G. Saaar, in th room on the east
sid of High street two doors north of Rich
street. The Captain is the right sort of a man,
and will hav his company full in a few days.
Th opportunity offered for a place in the ranks
should be embraced at once. ' '-"
CTThe Varieties at : A polio Hall continue
to attract large crowds. Th managers under,
stand how to cater to the publia test by vary
ing their entertainments, and introducing sew
and popular performers from time to time, , Go
and enjoy tbe amusmg varieties and pleasing
novelties offered nightly, at. .Apollo HalUsin
Kanmsohef' building, on 'High street.:
Pat or the Volontxim. The, Cincinnati
demwureial aUtss " that the' volunteers . in tbe
Second Ohio Regiment received at Washington
ttlrty.fi r dollars and sixty cents, and at borne
they received'' fourteen dollars end fifty-six
cents, making their total pay in silver and gold,
over all deductions for clothing, fifty dollars
and sixteen cents.
CT Regimental and Company officers,' and
all others connected with the eervice at Camp
Chase', are referred Wtb'(?neral Order No 1,
ssued by General Hill, bow ia command at tha,
post, and published this mora ng'aS'alMmM.
JT Over threAuidred dollars wersi'dlBtribu-
ted 0 Saturday last, by the Connnltsloner. of
Hamilton oounty.td th families otTWwteers.
V" ! - want h.-i
t BiJBdsall's Dbaooons. This fine company
reached Camp Chase on Sunday last, where
they will be mustered, flUt1, of ervfci. , Since
their departure to the seat of war In Western
Vrrglnla, they have lost four men. , B)vnty
Ave of their . pomer : beibngl rt6' 'Cincinnati,
nearly alj of whom are ready to re-enlist; ' Geo,
KosbcUns, Special, Order, dated at his
headquarters', Clarksburir; Va. Auirusl 8:i8Cr.
speak! (in high terms of the mannejjn which
Capt Bcidsall's company of paralrT performed
Its servioe. ' .' . '.uiV. etii i :..
r..,,U .. -.n v ,;'.
; Cqu
Cajuinotph " R"mw'iI dJCAjsr.
The alt leleoted jb CamrJb'(,Coi,';gAT
nisoToa's Regiment Is on th farm of Mr. Da-
TiDf Bxtu, .about..ftur mneajiQrth. olth. city.
on th west lid Ol th Columbu and Worthr
... Mi. J f 'a . ,
ingwn roaa. i o regimenx ,nas .encampea. on
the gronnd. , . . ,
I A BiBO's Eti Vibw. Could w be raised for
fof an Instant to aomsj lofty plnnacH where t'a
glance ;we could behold all the suffering of
earth, hew should we wonder at the number of
viotlma-olalmed by disease, and how would enr
hearts Meed to see them writhing In agony train
the' ealns of Scrofula and 'ErvslDelas. Canker
anil : Salt-Rhenm, Sore and TJloers, Rhenma-
4kB -Neuralgia et-other causesr-But this
eras u nr leel tnie'bcfuse niijecnby nj, and
bo ooewlll deny it (xlsteaoeli For the benefit
of ia'ca. w publlch khroad 'Kennedy's Medical
LleooTery,'i-Jujowlog- It- to -b-a-ear tela-and
spedy ferhady k ail oases' whefentti R5nt-
md4 Its profirierWi XS M ' h
Rail Road Time Table.
IlTTU IflAMt E (IvUIIlaDtajlZSBut B. ' :
- V-j , Leavs. 1. " Arflvos
OlndnnaU AeoaaAaodatioa; S:M A. U.7 HO F. U.
' Bi,ru 11:40 A.M..- 11:S A.M.
Miliar. AeoomnodaUoa.. IC10 V. M. ' ; tMV.H,
Vlht KxprMs Via T)Fton.lS:V0 midnight. : A M
i, Jso. W. Dowarv, An
' )oubbds k OlbvmulM 1. S, 1. ' f
.V r
Nl.ht WnMM... ...1:40 A. U
1I:1JP, at.
New IorkVxpr...;....ll:10A.M. 10:5uA. M.
10:5UA. M.
7: JO P. K.
0. 0. 0, Wax I:W t-
hum Pattskson, Aftnt.
OnrnULOaio E.
Ho.; J i ia
J:30 A."1t. : 11:85 A.. M.
8:1S P. M. t 11:49 A. 11.
; W. JJPau, Agent, -
f itt,ioq, OeMnrass k Ontcuaun B. B.
Kail Train 3.30 A.M. 1I:S3A.
BxprMi Train.
.11:85 A.M., 8: P. t
f T
V. ,
.. Joa. Koiixtoa, Agent.;'
Ooumios St IimuHsroua, K. E. V .
(Oolcmbus Iwt fc.lxpuxA A.
No. XiDrM........... 6:31) A.' M. '
,'LS.QO P. M.
Jio.9 " (.....i 3 0OP.M.
Accommodation ' 10:50 A. H.
Ji 4 nS A 0. W. iMITBVAgSBV
' Miill ror Maw Tork Oltr. Botton. Albanv. Buffalo.
Flttalmrgb, eteubtDTUI r. Olevaland, ZtoNfUla,
talpbia and HowOrloan, oloM daily (Bundagri Mv
ed) at o'clock p. n, n' -': ii
A through mall lor Nw tork and Cleveland cloaes
dallj (8nnd7i ozoapUd) at 9 o'alock p . m. .in
viu.av.ii a. war au oioms auj isonaaTi
etpted) at e'olook p.
antral Okie Way bail cloaai dally (Sundays excepted
at 10 e'olook a.
Cincinnati Way Mall elotes dally (BonAays exotpted at
oioea a. m.
Ohlowo. Datraane. Delaware. Marloii and Worthlne-
.ton. Mails etoaas dally (Boodays excepted) at i o'olock
p.m. i - .. - .
, Mails forXeola, Sprlngfleld, Dayton, Tolado, Olnoln
nall, Indiaaapolii. Laalevllle. fit. Lonla. and Datroit.
cloeee dally (Hondaya xotpted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
A urongn mall to xonia, Bpnnraoia and uinoinnati
oiorna oauy (Bandare axoeptMj at lu o'owok a. m.
Urbana, Plqna, Tiffin and Union City mall cIoms dally
(Banday excepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
. Lanoaater, Logan, NolaonTllit. Clrolevllle, Obllllcothe,
n . u ni li i n it . .u. . i . I
Bllliooronibsaails clot dally (Bondaya, excepted) at 8
'dock p.m. . ., , .,. .. n
Way Mall br National Bond to Zaneirllle eloaei
daily (Sandays excepted) at 13 o'olook m.
uirrUDurga MaUcloiea daily leundayi excepted) at 8
o'olook p. m.
' Ml. Vernon Mall, br war of Weiterrule and Sunbarv.
elotee dally (Sondaja exoepted) at S o'olock p. m.
Dublin Mall elotee daUylBondaye exoepted)at 8 o'clock
p. .' ' - - ' '
Laneaiter Way Mall.eloaea dally (Bnndaya exofpted) at
from Kew Tork. Boiton. PhiladelDhla. BntTalo.
Albany, Plttebnrcb. Olevelaad. Dayton. Toledo. Xenia.
Detroit, BprlngSeld, Cincinnati, Ohilllcothe, Bt. Louie,
and ail Southern eltiee, arrlr between the hoars of 9
clock p.m. andte'clooka. m. '
Malle from Indianapolis. Oblcaeo and Dnbnane arrive
at3:0a.m. o
Mall from Waabineton City. Baltimore. Wbeelln.
Zaneerille, Newark, gtenbenrine, Mt. Vernon, and the
U. o. u. a. way aiaii, arme at lx o'clock m. . .
Way Mail from Cincinnati arrives at 3 o'clock p.m.
lancaeter Mall arrive at 8 o'olock p.m. ,
But Way Mall over th National Boad arrive at 11
'clooka.m. . ij. -
Mt, Vemon Way Mail arrives at 11:00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrive at 19 o'olock m.. . . '
TJrbana Way Mail arrive at 8 o'clock p.m.
Harrlibargh Mail arrire at 11 o'olock a. m.
Laneaiter Way Mall arrives at IS o'olock
Offlo delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
o'olock a. m. to 8 o'olock o. m. Onen on Bundava
from to 9 o'olook ia the morning, and from 4 1 fl
cleok in tbe
Garibaldi Appointed a Major "General
Garibaldi Appointed a Major "General in the American Army.
Washinoton. Aoeust 10. Garibaldi has ten
dered bis services to the Federal Government.
through the . American Consul at' Genoa and
Secretary Seward his offer is BocepteoYand
tbe rank or Major-lieneral ia tendered to .jtbe
noble Italian.
John Bieelow, late editor of the New York
Eetnipg Pttt, has been appointed Consul; to
raris. - v i -- v. r.
, Osn. Wool is certainly ordered to assom
command at Fortress Monroe , ,.
' '"
(Herald's Dispatch)
' Prince Napoleon was cordially received at
Manassas, and reviewed about b.uuu. rebel
troops. He was pressed by Beauregard and
Johnston to visit Richmond, but declined.
Some of his suite report about 60,000 troops
at Manassas. Tbey are dirty rsgeed, and
look hair starved. .
Dispatches from Washington.
Washinoton; August 10. The 8panlsh Min
ister announced to the Secretary of State, yes
terday, that tbe several vessels oantured by the
privateer Sumter . had. been discharged by order
ot hi Government. vJ '. ."V? 'aii'i. ' i .?
Vivian W. Edwards, brother-ln law of Fresl
dent Lincoldj has been appointed Commissary
of brigade on McClellan's staff.
Prince Napoleon took leave f the Preeident
yesterday, and retarned direct to new xork.
isA , dispatch to the Post says the Govern
ment baa issued stringent orders to prevent
tbe transmission of teleerapbio aooonnts of
army movements, whether past, present or
future.-:-. Tt-f pJ .-ilOvv;v M.-'l i ilf -,3t .,c;V
Ex Minister Faulkner ha not yet expressed
any secession sentiment, but be is exceedingly
non-oommittal. The secessionists here say that
in a few weeks be will enter tbe rebel army ae
a Brigadier-General. ' ' ' ;; '
Tne offlcers ot toe rreeborn report, ttiat
slaves are employed. by the, rebels in. the
cons tract ion of entrenehmente.'opoa the Potomac-
'- 1 ''.,',''. '
; . Tbe rebel are still trying to neeotiate with
Indian tribes, and hare promised annuities if
tbey will forswear their allegiance to we gov
ernment, John Ross, Chief ol tbe Cherokee
nation, however, remains loyal and stands in the
way of th enemy c at: c r,
i The Tribune's correspondent Bays the names
of the petitioners presented some day ago by
Senator Breckinridge, purporting to com from
Niagara oounty, New York, asking that the
present difficulty be adjusted, are supposed to
be nearly all forgeries.. They have been, sent
for . by prominent gentlemen .living lo that
oounty, who assert that tbey are forgeries, and
are now engaged in lerreting- out .the perpe
trators. lV, ... , j, ? '. K. ..-.. .'ItM ,.
3i .1 .1 ii i mmmtmm m Ii I .-,T
From Louisville and the South.
5 LomsviixB, Aue.. 10. No trains have been
allowed to run eastward of the Tennescee river
from Memphis for the cast two days. It is
supposed that the rolling stock is engaged 1b
transporting troops to union uity, Aennessee.
Tbe .National Units, Winchester, Ky., yes
terday issued an extra, saying that tbey are in
formed,, that between, 2.000 and 3,000 disunion
troop have oome into. Kentuoky through Cum
berland Gap, and are marohiDs; on Barbour
ville, it' Is supposed, to seise 60,000 pounds of
bacon .'and U ron tha bank there. . It is feared
they Intend . te proceed thence to Richmond,
Kv. Tha UnlonisU In the vlcinitv ef Barbour.
ville tent runners to Onaley, Jackson, and other
oounties, where Union men are rapidly gather-
in: with nuea and shot suns. The extra aavs
the above ia reliable.- -i ft .-a vrji,. .--.
Torsvitu. Ant. 11 .-A special to the Nash
ville Union says Gen. Butler burned Hampton.
Richmond papers learn tbe intended us of
handcuffs found at Bull Run. Captured South
erners were to be handcuffed and made breast
works of . .,!' . f J. h $ .-1.1 ll I
From Fortress Monroe.
'Fobtbiss Mombob, Aurust 10. Apprehen-
slont are felt about Lieut. Crosby and party,
who left here four days ago on an expedition to
tbe Eastern shore.-'" ."---
A flae of trace eame from Norfolk Mqulrln
after missing rebels who were supposed to be
prleoners, among them Col. Fegram. . ; J
- On of General Megroder's Captains pen
etrated within our lines at Newport New,
and declared the place too strong to be attack-
CO . ,. .. ,J ..
One1 thousand ration are now -Issued to : the
contrabands" at Old Point. .'
. Fobtbm Mornrot, August ll.Profewor La
Mountain made two successful ascensions yes
terday, having attained three hundred leet, and
found the encampment ef the Confederate troops
to be about three mile beyond Newmarket
Bridge. There were no traces of the rebels
near Hampton. - Another considerable force is
also encamped thia aid ot James River, some
eight miles above . Newport New. The two
cannbn monnted at Sewell Point toward Old
Point be thinks are only large field pieces.
There are also about 4,000. Confederates si
Sewell' Point, ..7 am ' '
CHlOAOo7Ane."10. Tha toliirrnfi line ron.
.. .l . . ? . rr-i ..
nectiug jweoaua, moatrose aod t ort , Madison,
lowa, direct wiu .vmoago and th cast, we
oomptetea to-uay
The War in Missouri.
6t. Loi
uis, Aue. 10. It is stated that Jeff.
Thompson, with hi entire command, made a
demonstration against Cape Girardeau, oa Fri.
day, but finding the place in a nuoh better
etate of defense tban anuerpated, precipitately
nea.- i '-i h r r;
. FtAWcLrW,; Mo., XugustvlO. Advloe from
Sprlngfleld to Thursday morning say no battle
has yet been fought, but on ia hourly expected.
Five hundred cavalry were ready to move on
Thursday moraine-, and the Home Guards were
in motion, i oe troops ley on insir-arms i aes
day and Wednesday niehts. ' t
- The rebels were encamped on Wilson's creek
twelve miles from Springfield. ' ' '"
- n rt i t . i i. i i .
vu a ueauay a sairmiao aooa piace oetweeu
patrolling parties four miles out oq tbe Mount
Vernon road, in which four rebels were killed.
PoTOSi, Mo., Auk. 10. A party of 110 rebels
made a dash Into tblrtown yeaterdayTand were
red oa by 14 Home uuards and compelled U
retire witn me loss oi two aiuea, anaevcraj
wounded. Eleven hundred rebels are1 reported
to be 1 camp about thirty miles from here.
SraifjoyiBtDMo.fcAug. 8. Much alarm has
been created in consequence of the reports -that
the rebelt were flanking this city on the south
west add east ? Th store were closed andcitl
sens gathered together all valuables ' easily
transportable, and tbe Directors of tbe Branch
or th stat Bank of Missouri placed, about
$250,000, dearly all in epeoie.ia charge of Gen.
Lyon for safe keeping. Scouting parties now
report tbe roads alt 'clear, and the publio mind
became more cma.:-:.' i
Tbe only rebel foro now known to baiu the
vicinity is on Wilson's Creek, twelve miles
from here, and a force will be sent ' to . attack
k i. t.i. ai- ! I
The War in Missouri. Peace Declared Between Hayti and
. New' Yobk, Aug. H.By arrlvat r'f tofifylg
"i v.imi usimuuiuo. wo uavH tkuviue iruui
culty between , the two countries has been
amicably arranged. The? miqioan, armies
have returned to tbe frontiers, . i, . n ,i
. A deoree has been 4noed by the Briaeleb
authorities declaring slavery forever abolished
there,;aod, any" person, Juterferipg with it will
be coil iu ered liable under v the conspirators'
aot. j
Emigration from,' th'd United State fs. par'
tioularly desired, tbe ;Government offering, as
an Inducement, tracts of land, aad Inaurlog all
emigrantst, so accepting the terms, protection:
Even the American residents there favor tie
project and. desire emigration. Y The -health of
the country is good. '
St. Domingo City to July 25m. Th
tween Havtl and Snalrr ) t .n A Th. Am.
1 4 Boston,' Aoc
13. A -'private" letter states
that W of the soldiers of the Massachusetts
Fifth 'Regiment, mostly -reported killed,, are
prisoners in RIebmond. ..,'...;,.. ','.
- ' ' -'' : : -I -.,
Gen. butler's "Contraband"—Condition
of New Orleans, etc.
yVASHwaTow; "'Aug. 11. Tfie;j3ecreary of,
rv ar una seui m leiier 10 Len, i)uuer la reply to
bis communication regarding the disposition of
lugiuves.. me letter, alter discussing the
matter pretty freely, conclude by saying ,V,
' Under tbeso clroumstancesr it seems quite
clear that- the substantial rights of royal mas
ters are still best protected by receiving aur-h
fugitives, as well aa of disloyal masters, uito
tbe service of the United Statea, and emnkminir
them bnder such -organizations and-sdob occu
pations as oiroumstaocs may suggest ojr require.
Of cobrse a record should be kept, sbowiug tbe
nameland description of the fugitives, and euch
laots aa may De necessary tor a correct under
standing of the circumstances bf each case.
When tranquility shall hav? .'been restored
Conkress will doubtless Dronarly urovide fo .n
the person thus received iatotb service of (he
Unioaano lor-just compet)Stiotj to' iojal mas
ters, i Yon, will, howler,, fteith)erv.imthoiaB nor
permi any .interference by tbe troops under
your jv-uHiiiuB"wn.u iuo eervonig oi peaceful
citizens in bouse or field, ntrr-will you in snv
wbj oiiwuibo .uui nc, rtuibo iu leave toe law
ful service ot their masters, nor i will von era
vent the voluntary return of any fugitive to tbe
servioe irom wnico ne nave -
Secretary of War.
[Tribune's Special.]
Gov. Klrkwood, of Iowa,4s here to procure
the Government endorsement of his State bonds
to raise money to equip her forthcoming rrgw-
[Times Dispatch.]
Prlnee Napoleon' experience "at 'Manssgas
was not sucn as to create a very favorable opln-
iuu wi; uiv ,ifw.D w, wu.if,iwt ... Mil, upmiOU OI
toe raoet commanuer o expressed as follows
"liem ueauregara nas vtfy mncfi show,1 much
Mmn.' mnnt neootfl afa Aft.w Kim viik- ..i.
r r r - -r -. ----- ,nnu. iuuvu
noise; I have not a very high appreciation of
him as a military man, but he i very maoh of
a gentleman, uen. jonnston is a very quiet and
unassuming man, but brave, and I think a fine
ollicer. ... XQivcao fell mat by bis looks, but my
impression t. w kuvi ia very oaa.v. n...'i
Ou oorreipocdent on board the sloop of War
Brooklyn, off 'the month of; the Mfaaiisippl,
gives some luterwiuig imormauoq reiaur to
the condition of affairs at New Or tears, derived
from a deserter from the rebel arm v. 'who marl
his escape down tbe Mississippi. He reached
tbe vessel In safety after considerable hardship.
The city, according to his accounts, is In a fear
ful condition of terrorism, caused by bands of
cut throat soldiers stationed there, who are in
a most complete etate of demoralization, and
commit acts of the basest nature. Houses bed
been entered, furniture broken np, and men' had
been threatened with the direst vengeance un
less Jheir wants wer. supplied.! .Provisions of
OTjeryl character were very scarce, and conse
quently very high, and many of the poorer
portions of the community were eudeting terri
bly. Notwithstanding the apparent Unanimity
of the people upon , the question of secession,
there la a strong Union element . under, th sur
facet which only awaits the proper opportunity
(a make Itself known and terribly- tell. The
man from whom this Information wits' derived.
oonflrms reports which bare heretofore reached
us relative to a plan tor tbe destruction ef tbe
Brooklyn and Other blockading, vessels. -, Vl v"
[Times Dispatch.] [World's Special.]
In order to prevent -the rebels havinr com.
municatlon with VYashlogtbn market-meo'from
Virginia, they ate new not allowed to outer the
city; i The bridges aoross tha Potomao are im
passible, except t at '.certain times (or Govern
ment purposes.: , Vi",',', ',,' ..': "-..,;,. '.'.. . -".
[Special to the Post.]
Wabiunqton,. Aug 19. The rebels have sent
two Tennessee regiment to Qnanticake Creek,
on the Potomao, a place lying at right angle
With Manassas Junction. Batteries are now
erecting at that point to prevent a flank' move
pient bt our army upon Manassas.
' . Mr. Wood has been re-tcDoiated Commis
sioner of Publio Buildings by the President.
auryiana secessionists are daily attempting
to cross into Virginia.
[Special to Commercial.]
There ia high authority for denying the state
ments that Prince Napoleon had an interview
with the President on returning from Manassas.
,i The, Washington journals continue to Dubllab
full details of tbe movement of troops.
i he rresident has directed tbe work bri the
Canltol extension to be resumed immedlatelv.
The White House is being repainted and reno
vated, i-?
Letters from Richmond state that .Beaure
gard's emoial returns ot the killed and wounded
are 1,470. (s-
Arrest of a Bank Swindler—an Important
Arrest of a Bank Swindler—an Important Discovery.
' Ntw Yobk, Aueust 12. The TJhUed Status
prize .schooner Falcon, from Galveston, with
merchandise, arrived thisrmorntar-.She waa
captured off Galveston by th-U 8? steamer
JerryiCowden, a rascal with a lars anmbar
of aliases, was arrested en Friday night, near
the Hoboken Ferry, charged with forging, to tbe
extent oi jau.wuu, on toe nana ot uaieago, Et.
Louis, PltubuTch and Detroit He was sent to
St. Louts on Saturday. . . , -. u u
Mr. Jobn Latbroo Motley, the eminent hlatoi
rian, hu been nominated lor tha Mission to
.w. ' --.pwr i-r- ..-vim ma
A letter from Fortress JWonro to a gentleman
In thia city, relate th following?-We tare
made an Important discovery, and hopd tVi will
brine about a change. A few day aeo a nartv
of a New York company went out battue at
Mill. Creek, near Fortress Monro! an, there
dtsoovered to tbeif great surprise aa aleotrio tek
eeraoh wire, and en InsDsctlon found is kmom-
neet the Fortress with Fox Hill, where it is said
the ttumj is entrenched In itrong number,
. .
Navi Yott, Annuel
Allce.'afrivsd te-dy,
j Angnst llifc-sni ohoowar Marj
d te-day, renorra aho.had fee en ctWt
tared by (be pirl Dljie. IIer 6ti'.airi uad three
men vrpre takpd aboard the r:-rat$. 6hi was a&
lerwaro reemBusre oy in v abasa. iui Wk
bash also captured the brig, Barak JaariwJnUib
had ndj papers. v,' ,j a 4 i U
Foataiss MowBtut, Abgast loJ-Thr Mwtku
City this morning bronght In the prise schooner
siM r it . l. i k r i : . - j . . ....
irons. She was captured oft Galveston by a
United Statea vessel and aent to Nai York.
sue was captured etr cape Hatters by tbd prf.
vateer York, and four rebels put aboard.
Meanwhile, th York was see by th gun: boat
Union, which ebased and burnt the York. 'after
. . . j i . 1 . : i
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August. 12.
rtuux inere wu u on ete mavkal for Vlnur tn.H.
vitr, no cnange m reporiea in price.
rr nKAiviiii nmu a nadv markcL nil K nulla Arm
at 70 to80e tor JRed; ttO to Mc for Wblte.l The latter
DgureeeoveraatriotiypnaaariMi. Oboiea Keitucky
nnHe'iineiiiBtvoesy onor tu dealer. -. Thenar
tent of Wheat ihow that oar commerce In it 1 prlnel
ally dqodant on the orop, o( Kentucky. Th buyeri
'Ola abfOAd are'mttrActed hithf r bv lha innerln nn.IKi
of that sraln. Ibi year 'th crop In lbt 8tat I fine
and mnch mora abundant than It wat lutmuon.
OOEN I Irresalariy qooUd. Dlitlllan are not
paying orr soo, and are in receipt of purchaie which
were maae ereru ar as aa ual B(ar. seller en
the tpot general! aik 89o, and are firm at that figure..
uAio vommaaa ue reauny ia auia; xio is eauinea
iruip nor in ucu. ,
m able r AND BYE-Are in ho reqaett.
WHIJliJ wu kept at 14i,,bnt It ntber dull,
I w if JiL. -,iiti i i-. thmmeroiut
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND. August. 10. 1861.
warbrrJ.iXW t j f J.'
L WUKAT-la faif demand andn
F LOUR-Tlie mlrket'l ouiet and itetily at old nrlcee!
aaieajiha rtron were mo bbla deobl extra at 4
rm. (ilea of IHni
Bed on traok at SUo; ear do af IfOo; gUoUbuabel doit
fcvic; i ooai leaaanoeiaifvc; ociri.en iraoa at eame;
car Wbite from atore at 07c: rtoat load do ifloat at
rv.:. - .; . ...-.. . ,-
uuua-t-acarc sou Ifi gooa oemanci.ai better Brant
may be quoted at 3Jc.
OAS Scarce and wanted Ufj hope coniuaptlon at
BABLK7 AND RTI-Are noranoUble.- " '
HIOUWINKB Not aoflrm.) Sale of SSbbU at IMA
WW DDK! 1UC. '(; .' t 4 1
ltUITBll-Btlllnl 14 a IlmUed extant el BBihti
latter for edod. 'r f rT-.T. .
. uufcBB-viaiei at ivo, according U) quality, . .
. SOat Cnchanaed and Mlllng at8b.. - .i i '
I)BIBD APPLES Are held at 3V4c with ! it
tk IneM flguree. ,tr ia
ton Heavy aad entirely hemintl. , .i.-t.t I
ItAhp-Ueavy at 7sc. . i ; .
- tTrom th Row i ork ObwrrerT " "
' Aa all nartlM mumfAetarin Momtinm UtaklnuMnk
flged tapey Mr. Unwealicena on etch machine ld,
and ar a eo compelled to make retains te alea, under
oath, a to the number eoM. hi book aiv aeometatate-
ment; 1 Irom thia rellabl ion roe we haT obtained th
following tatnucc. 01 the machine! made 1 Uae year
ujc.a wr0 sum,
: , jm I By Wheeler 4 Wllon. .21,305 'J')
I. M. Singer a Oo 10,953
j Orover fc Barer. rrr :mr;.-r.-W,V 1
Bhowlnj lbs iafe o Wheeler TYrUoa to be &7ubU
, those or any otner Uonlptny.
Aefarded the hlglwrt pnerlruesat the rrr
.. -i.'. i (United State fair of 1BS8, 1S5K and 180;
"'It r . dio at the - r
ii-- f fOaifBtat, lair ef IPSl anf) m r fl',
v-i and at nearly alf the County Fair, In the Stab).
' -Oar price, at th eat redaction, ar) tw low if any
won, mtca nine una now eoia. ana dui a trine nisner man
the interier Ju Airead aaoea asieA maoUtm, sew
forced noon tbeeaaraetd : -.. . - -i . .
' the WHBELEB It WILSON MAOBltlB make the
Look 8th the only one which cannot batamled.. It
leAMtioaiioTaBinaief thegoode, leering no r or
ehoitionth undtr.tidt. .
AU marMne icarranttd a ytari, and instruction
rivea in tneir ne, irea or nane. . . . . r
, H. 0BAKT, 81 ITIgh it.. Oolumbo,, 0.
.-!--... ,.. -WU lUUNIB a 00.,
ecri-2awa3rwfln. pike's Opera floaef. Cineiacatl.
The I-ubUc Works pf Ohib.
i. ! ' ' ' 4 "','- . '.
.-.I Orvici or thi La-in or ths roaifn Woan.l
-rf f ' - OoLoaac. June 13. 1601.- I
TIB ondenlgned having become th Lenee bf the
1 nblic Work of Ohio, under the aot of War 8. 180 1 .
and having entered Into th poueulon of said Worti,
nereby give notice mat in operating under eald lease,
and Sucnarging tneir duuer under tn eame, the bail
see will be transacted with th publio through agent
appototea dj ine i.esseee, nnaeraucn rnie,regniationi,
restriction and limitations, a shall bf prescribed for
their government. '
Those Agent for the present, will consist of one 0n
ral Agent, a Treasurer and Secretary, for the Central
Office of the Lessee at Colutnbui; end th neceiisry
number of Superintendents of Bepairs and Collector ot
lolla.do tha several Workaembraoed In th lease." -
The General Agent shall be the principal exeeutlr
ofllcerof th Leasees, and shall bar cbanre of the ten.
Sral business otSoe at Oolumbo. Be shall hare super
vision over the buslneis of th Lessee with th public,
and aa sach agent shall execute all contracts, except
thoee for labor and materials connected with tha ordina
ry repair of the several Work, and he (ball audit and
settle all accounts. - " ;-
The duties of the Treasurer and Secretary shall be
inch aa ar Mnalry discharged by similar officers hi ether
The Superintendent of Bonaire alialL on their re.
specttr divisions, have power to amp lor nd diaeharM
all subordinates and laborers, and to purchase all tools
and materials neceeary In the ordinary repair of inch
divlilon, and th ram shall be under their special di
rection ana menegenenit -
Th Collectors of Tolls, Water Bent and tines, ar
Invested With- all th authority and power, provide aa
tbe law of the State and tha regulations of ths Board
of Publio Works, made for that purpose, when an oh Col
lector actea unuar appointment ana eutapriiy roa lb
No Individual member of the Leaieea aha 1 1 bars tha
right, to transact buaineaa tnr th nstoa ot the Leasees,
wub any person or persons, In any other manner than
through the appointed agents, unless specially authoria
d by th Leasee so to do; aor shall any oe of the ap
pointed agent hara authority to.traasaot any business
In the nam of th lessees, except -the particular
branch of th buslnsak confided to him, and subject to
(ne resinouons ana iimitauona or lis agency.
i So authority to borrow Boaey on th credit of th
Leasees, shall aver exist th ant Leases, arrest or other
employee of tbe Lessees, unless the ram ahalt be ooo.
tarred by a ananimou vol, of th Leasee, at a regular
meeting, and the amount so authorised to be borrowed
pooined In the order and entered oa theiournal. . .
or .1 . . . n . w . . . . . .
uev. n buiiuiht is uie ueoeiai Agent or tne
aaaaes, BnuaMlH 'K. BatlTU. Treasurer, and Jon
Joros, Becretarj - '"! v-"-
.Th Buperlntendents of Bepalr are: . ;i
On the U. fca. Canal and W. BAIt. BoaiWosae
Coona, Tboma Baowa, Wat. J. Jacksom and AaaiaL.
Baoid. f i -: ;'- I' it a
Oa the Ohio. Walhondlor and HOcklrrT Canati Sid th
Muskingum Improvement Koavrr Hv rlnwawrTwoHAS
Ma-aa, Damu JtcCaarrarr, Irursaram ItaaasaT aad
Edwaso Uajx. , . . ....... . , , i ,
Th Collector oh th Canal,. Kuaklne-nnl TmnrnvoJ
meat and llaame Bead, ar the same that were la the
eervioeof the Slate atth Uaxs el the cooaUoa oi tha
Lease! but all theaioreeald agent hold their appoint
ment at th Bleaiur and option of th Lemees7
, .l '.a. j. ... , . , KEUT JARVIS. " J
.1. ..j.-: i. tt .1 1 08BPH COOPKR, I ,
-nr-is... ,.i,i, . ,wm. j. jaokson,
-III. ..
.M.t:i. t
Laasaaa of the Polillil Wnrka. '
J M-d3lw3w ' - ...me u i r ft
.. . .... ,.,
IfSnifTIA TdX tM IrTirr ANT BBLrBr
RV I II I ! lltW WtlUWWPIIUri-.
UU1 UaU.l .dblaaln "onpubtt as
j KN DVi
Hade byO. b! IBTMOtJB sr 00.,'1oT Maaaaa it',, i, "
Prios 1 per box rant re b poet.
'raajf-dawlri ' ..'
.Ai'tU.Ju 'At
inn t.;r.
- AMAeitaat AM vnftiaaajMmwAaawa t al j-
saiwaaa irBTUTT aw WOWiao.J
.. . BAa.TIirilltKt,la..4
f i ii.r.)'i',.t
aJ(i luHortirivii!!olWAa
6oc4s CoMtntl iHan 85 ;3
ryv'.'T -. NT).-. :n. rr ; ...
ft CLOAKS All it Sdf JTE I
BmKd-limlM c . . go booth
Ii idb atrett, have JuatpnedaswtytofCuMrsiOWT
oaua. BaSoqunm aad oaus,sal la the acwrat and
moat styliah manner. iUao, Duparb rial
lala-IC Milks, very' ),tinod expreeeljr for
ViuiUllW and SaiUlne .. - faprila
n saw
m-' s a.. . ; T : s n rr- - v
' 1 & i
fclrt V.l'1 ?TSV
,hif,it,.utn aui luuti ,iu.
Sa-nn mi ivn om
I - t . f . ear "-
rl i
-ni. auiibbiii mwtwm mmvw i isbbim X mWXimWBi FT
I to tbft atLsmtliin at LOtlail bm
&0 pUlGlRXU tlZ;
t'.l a uiv. w-ua-wm-o. .a.tAU.vua.-iM i
wbkh ineealM MliMm. She Beano, teatadaet,
eningttu. gnu, awdaaars all Wta,.ioew-wil 1, aila
a-.ii ram einepaeaeaieaiwnej ai, m otmw
feMid poil ,flTa4 ITWOI sMreetfb
Btd ' ( '-' i- i -y-U.-e w i1 i
Wbj patapandavtd Wilt ertlclo tot vmntm peai.
what bar sever beaai able te ear e aor etlae jaest.
etne-NKVKH HAS U (All.kU).Att A WNiaUB ANbT.
Aflt-a, xu J-rraui a Of, wae tueely ae. Maw
er did we knew aa lnita o( i iaaaUaduHlaa by anil
who need it, Oa tha eoairary, all are delishtad wiat la
operation, and apeak ia term of eommendaUoa of ia
nagical efleota and audleal virtue. . We apeak la thi
nutter WHAT WBTjrt WOW-' after lm
yuuLLMSNT or what wb uibb dbglabjb. in
almoet every Inetanc where the uDuit le lofferins from
in ana exnaainon, rerwr win bo rouna nr arteen er
Thia valuable tiweea-tlon J IB afaaarleekafi w mt
the moit BXPBklKNOliOand BKILLruL Mniuias l
BewWngland. audita been aaed with NBVIB lAIitJ
ate tbe etomaoh and bowel, onot aeldite, an cf
.. uutwnijr Tvuevae lum ouua iiva paio. on, TOTUOr.
ion ana energy te tea whl ayMem At W1U alaaoal tnl
tantly relieve- m, J .. -- c .
and-'ovdrreme convaitiona Whleh, ff adtepeedlbrrem
aiea, eon in aeetn. we ceneTe rt to bbbt and BUB.
BST RIMIDT THU WOKl.T), In all sue orDTft
BB-,Y and SIABBIKBA It) 0BILDBBM, whether
itariee from teethtor. or from any other cauee. v.
Woald any to avery mother who ha a child iBfferlnr from
anrof tbn fnTemlnr fmmDlatnta. DO NOT 1.RT VniT
naad netweea you ana yony nirenng cni ia, and th re
lief BaaA will De fluua re, ABHULuraLI EUaVB lb
follow (be Bt oT flii medicine, If tlmelr naed, ' tall di-
rtioDror aeing will aooompany earn aottia. Tr.n,
genuine anlea la Mmue uuaTtea rSBKniai
New York, t otheeiMMwrme'.. i
Bold by all Praggiat tanwan.ta worwaa im airw n
Principal orfce, ia cedar wtreeVA.-iT,
t OCtS7rdSlWly . - t:":" lit', 1) IvitiK -o-eiaojti
n : . . . 7
a '
EffectlTe, - SftfotnuT KeottbltdcaU
'o it rlglnaolor withoat dyetnaw and rerenting-,
11 ; fi air from turning grai rj t
And coring It, when there la th least parttol of vltali
. ; or recuperatir (nargy reaiaialaa. 'J j
'And all cetAneous afectiou ef ths Beolp. : it-'
Imparting to it an nneqaled gloss andbrilUanov. aaklna
it soft and silky In Its tutor, and eaaslng H to car
readily! 'i-- - . .. . . ..-
Th treat eelebrtty and Increasing demand for thia na
equated preparation, eonvlnce th proprietor that on
trial la only necessary to salary a aisceraing publio of its
superior qualities ovsr so j other preperatioa ia as. It
leansea the head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseases, eaaslng tne neir to grow luxuriantly
girtnf It a rich, toft, glassy and lexibl appearanoe, and
am, waareuenair is loosening ana uinning, It wui gv
enlng and thinning, it will glr
strengtn and vigor to tne root and rector Cut growth tM
boa part which bar become bald, oausing It to yield a
rasa cowering oi nair.
There ar hundreds of ladles and geatlma hi Kew
Tork who have had their hair re, to rod by th as of this
IoTirorator. when all-other preparation hare failed. L.
M has in bis possession letter Inaamarabl teatirylng
to aiif aoorw lacia, rrom peisvu oi tne nignen naaecta
hility. It will effectual It prevent th hair from turnlni
omtil tha lateat period of life; and la oases where' the hair
ha already enanged Its color, th use or the Inrlgorator
will with oerlainty reitor it to it to It original hue, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appearano. As aperfama for the
toilet ana a uair nestoraaT a particuisny racom
mended, having en agreeablefrafrauoe, an tee great ta
cillUesltaffordaln dremmg the bair, wbtca. Whojt moist
with th Invlgorator, can be dressed in. any required
far a to prase ire it place, whether pUan)orrn curls;
hence the great demand for It by the ladies as a standard
toilet artiel which none amght ra a vlUwaMa lb prios
places ft within th reach ol all, being
shi Only Twenty-IjTe " tentB .
per bottle, to b had at ail rsepectaM Druggbta and
i -ra rrtwaejej. vi . r
L. MILLS t would eall tha attention of Parents sad
Ouardiana to tha osa ot bis Iavlgorator, in eaaaa whan
thecliildren'thalrlnolme to be weak. Th as of it
lay tha foundation lor apoWa4 Aew a It re
aoews aor impurities that may bar become connected
with the ecalD. the remoral of which- is necesssrv both
aw toe health ot thrthild, and fh future rperne of
' fjAfltioa. None genuine without the fac simile LOtJIi
KTILLBB being on the outer wrapper; also, L. AILL-
LBH'I HAlaV UVitsOBAXuaVAiw aa. 4MWB'i ta
glaat. ,. . . .. .
Wholasal Depot, S Bey- street, an set hji all His
principal tUrehent and Draairiat throearhnat te war id
Libejal dlspoant o purchasers by tajaaalityi r...
1 1 also desire to present te the American. fuDlfesii';
whloh . I after yean ef seteatUU aipeileaenUng, I - ban
brought to perraotton. ' It dye BUok or Brown iaatontly
without Injury to th Halt or Skini warranted th best
article,ol!h.dlaxistaoo.- . :7.1) ':
-ru PRICE. ONLY. 60 CENT8. ..
Depbt,' U lDeyBtj New York.
, 1 - ... 'le '
I o i IflWARB, OuIOK i nr..,
" '. . . .. ..
Irlaabfactarere of all klaele al ' Iff
' tatle aaat Statlwnary Mteaa Ea-
ftaeia, taw Hllli, Urlst HI Ilia, ,
K O e I . . - U - .
BODLti itatml B. At. MZJM TBtaUfi)
S. S. B. VBTALL Bntmltt. COttBBVf1
i i -KACHWE CO. Btamtllll MMJUflOMB ' f
. .l.-' et CO. JlB,,m ,:- eaaet I hr
M Our Portable Borlne and Saw Mill , -
Was, awarded the Srst prcmiaa t M at the Indiana
But fair for ie0 oVar Lent ItBodiei's ea acoeaatet
Prjoe, .lightness, simplicity, eoonora ef ul
i 4tnd superior character" of Iutober sawaU
Our Stationary Bnglne waa awarded at the aae Tail
(he hrnt premium of BiOO.
t)ur Portable BDglne was awarded ths Srst premium el
Bum al tne rair at Memphis, lenn., orer Biandy'a Da
Tall'. Oolasaem raaohioe Co., and Bradford a OS's. -
by a committee of practical Ballroad Bnglneere. ft
for price an tarns addrea
I . WliAKtt WABJCBB, Treasurer,
' eoo-4
Newark, Ohio
4'i LL-J . '... '-l.Jt"!
Wlielesal aaT Hetall ueaieria
I - rt ' t - i itgll'iHI.1t
,A S..Tat'''' .'Ut-!,'-
Noa-BS Fifth
Otrt- i
-maetnntly mn faviTl-aH t!
ru rlmaa BaSAN as) g i
tpyla .it. .m r, ,s.- . . t o, rrT ra vv-.lw
ld ..
E0V Mil,
.r tn..n. .iti V.Jict J.1-4)
e BscataaJ Waaknea. Bexaal DeUilltyIierToaan-ss, la
voiaoOMrs Botha-Ions and, ImpoUoor. resnltinx Ireaa
tilllw. eta, By Robt. J. U,nuH, M. ft. ikat
aadel seal. In a pl. aiivrh i, to a-.y a .I m pusl
paid, eai reclpl ot (no (lamps, br lr. OUAd. J.O .
BI.INB, Wner, hCWakT.rpaOmo Bet. ho
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statu fat HelUlt
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ft IVI-i've Tvn.
" yvaar auiaiai
''wm rurt CLr. KU I MEN. . .
,n .uiAiu ruft auiasja.,!,,,
-jk aJ I
u 4 i janon taw cinaynriMPTTuva
epAiiNti-B HkbAf yxbrEdtioW
ti 't
I . i . ..... & if. . .
I r:f . tor in a at-., ream
Thew relieve a Couth instantly.
Thvi clear tbe Throe. ,6 J KUTWUJw'tXU
The iv tU-aajr rata4r SikrcfetS
Vfy fmP49f the breaU.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
"harm anv;6nr:4 MM tiala JsialaJJ
r A.
, iadTlie vry en wae baa a Co
waJad Breath, eraay dlflavalty ef h Throe V;to f, jj
rraaji oi bit lanai vensrevwaai uey wiu leimie
you, oaanil, aa ia srlU dp rthka'aaWsW
righatoUMtpot.'' Toa will Sad rheaa very ara 1
and pleasant wall travalla or at land tag yahus eaaat
W'oMUIliHr0wuw imfn '
yea try en package, I aa sat la' saying thai yea will
ernafter-fai' Sanest), aSWWkyasJslat; 4iii"'i
Toa will And thera at th Braggtstt aad Beaitr ha
Btdiciaa1'l'4J"" a-a"a-4iWiaA
aia .vviiBvauer aac rosaot iur;
W1 ft v, siJcf-tra
.Uiij-c iiLiiM ,uu(Z ttli,
BTy. tignatur is on each pes' keg. Ail others are
AratrfU. .y2 . l IlU ICtttM
A padkag will be sent by mail, prepaid, oa receipt ot
TbUrrtenbi '; ,.'' -' -,T.
lAdirasa --. -iwua .xwsaawaeai
NO. 48 ClItBlllUtriAriOfleC
tinrr r'rv
eiltM pf IDC ""' '
itn AVUltC. u, atr .
waw- rt. wAv IB". AT BT I WW JBT . JT
1 T7 vviiA.V.i
t.i isrinrra
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mm m sniw
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I arm-, rK aew t
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lfl(i.f rMI
.By ci as ef theee FUls lb yerlodle aUaciWei-' i!5
o4 trSitilltmnattowm$mimmiMiSmlm
at th loasMnoaasat of an attack aeaaiedlate relief free
rlnairdalauMawmbeobtalMd. r
fWseealallHvlai Thej act neatly ay acahowila yianva ,im ml
"I .eurajMAoiia
for Jlitsravy Mm, BmdmU, ;Billnait feesale
and allparaona of uimtarf AoMta,' they are valaa
u a lean We, Improving- th mfptHU, gtrtng km
9tfT a Km dhyastifa organs, aad restoring the utor '
Baicantrjfta- UiZtttt
TB CWaULIO FILLI at at tmm ST laa iAwaft tCtU
Bgatlo and car fully aiailsa eat lahaiats, aavta
aejeaia) as saaaiyeaws earhaf . tm J hae; i j
prereoud and reHered a vast amount of yaia aa isfer
lag froSa Bsadache, whether, rtginaang ia the iSoej
syttam'or from a deranged state of the mcA.4 .
Tbej ar enttrtry VegalahU ha their coeipetftioa, ajP
assy aataxra at ail times with perfaot safety witaomt
sankhis) any eaaaesutt U.md Od Bas gg Jtjtl
tionalU lost reautsrs at easy to rta sr U-a
Trmjeiuln bar Irs rigwatXTf Henry 0 aYMrnkt ..
aaeecq box. hmj,,., r-t.; .,.
Bold by SratlBts and aUeAhec Dealers la MedicUee. j
A Bob will be sent by aaaB, iisyill, ea receipt ef tha
Trioo, CO Oeriiatb-
All orders sV-BUh Slntfaaid3s!. XZt'AXl
0ar'trt new rersi.
' I'll mu tt-aei
rrosa the IxaaMae, rTorfolk, Ta, Vlv,t
CepballePllU aeeeaapllsh tha eblecf for whieB Ifier
ware made, vis.: cjaee, ot beads oh la att tefornat, r t j
I Froaa.th Bnalasr, Xorfolk, Tea sisJ
They bav beea tasted aaMrsthaa a Hi ) saaaf
with saUrs suoseea. ..,... ... . Minaa-j
-, -T J . ni. ) ch Mwt
I rroa th Dasleral, aU.iOteamy JCIai. A
Uyobsrceaaaee-beeei. trewbled with kaa h,aaibi m
sem fu a box, (Cephall Puis,) so that yoa Bear bar
them In eas of aa attack. ..-'.-. t2!lj
I .. . . .... u-f rSMBiaaaai
. 1 1 I from the wwrertlser, riwrtdeuos, B. I.
the Oephelle rule are aatd toWbrereeAahty waVatr
rauedj for lb headsoho, and eam-e th wery best tot
that veo traaeah epmplatoVwhlch bar Veresa, im 1 1
TU ., "
Ua.JJttl.Au4 U'KkWIlAUiM
.1 ' la th Werternl.T
wiaTanii7noiwemr.aiemuna mw ius janriT ,s y.
Oehalk,rUl. .a " i Vs5
lw aaaaau iaieBiajaswai, ia, j
- -we are ears uuu pereea ssuaenat " BsBaVsav-t-'i,
who try than, will atlek theea. i .T
BrJLa'th Beathera Palhrii-lar, HewOriseaos W.
Try thaaat Worn tha awe affile aad a Sr Saw aba
ybur tettlmonyoaa be added taejrea aemoec '
list that bea raceired iMefiU UMeesjer inedldee eaa a....
prpdBo.'li t.'j'.g M-UlatCJ UB. S.2elJa-l
'r I froaa the It. Lm Dam lerat. XtTCCSfilLlV
The 1 ftsaeim deaaand for the arOotd VOepimBs flUa
to rapidly iaorvaatejtfa B-aJAl
treat th tte,' KvwBfmtf'.t tosrA,, ,, t Jl
kmkltniveaBI ami wotua. this Basal M a
Ilea he
M aot APeee real Basra.. .
Sa U aVwAVf-BlmAW
lETA ateia.mlAiBWr rajWATUUs aa
ai.w.wua-aim. wsaaaii east samsai ipjj. a s.:-jw
I'-n . ; ra. a mmmmmair : m,n nui afl aiMin
Spalding's prepared qlue i
j 8!'AamT
hat i ni aJ-fi'ST'pB BrrB':T fn rul
aje y ma".i""o'w'
..I -l
aava rna KariaaL
AirwT hmpiTnni
A trniBj U SihX aVtaai, OM.'UIli
laats wfil rmsvea, bvwn.rbu''51i
asxTfJ rT .
aMeuanasi ill
iaeaaary" Cf
niea.lt I
Try dealmbim to aava .moaa ea.Mp
mm lot repaUls Arraiaajra,. a
repaid iaajra,. iatm, tuw.
5MI I 'If AlrAa's'PBBrAiFlHiLi
mewilauli amil1""1'. " oeah.
Ht I.IM--
eenli amiisuamilia ml aoaniici m, Wr?'
bwtloa,.lm eU" , kf so id a lie
HCVaymnMW&i&vti&mitiui rt-
4. a
AM swt!tty-each KtilcA !?"''Km
a a" .teWeNa.., ' ? .
0" ". .. . bIBT f.r'iMitf0,"'V
.-, ueoaa sm ,, .-'iw ' irb.
, - I ' ' , .1 itjIlHtMUfKISM
A wrfala wnprlnolpled persona ew-'mr....
aim Slie anenVN!'- f nblla, Iwui t-l saW . 8
arAIMCO JLU, A aml esiioa an t-v, t il
a o h--.- fetwl.rinm -. .e .. - -.,(1 .i,.1
' IL r-ALll lu.i-Aa.ainai.. -u .. .v . Jja
k e-i !...aywruUrarewtauu,eoa , J
a. ioi
? . . .

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