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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 14, 1861, Image 2

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Democratic Union Nominations.
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For the Campaign.
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For the Campaign. The National and Federal Character
For the Campaign. The National and Federal Character of the Government must be alike
For the Campaign. The National and Federal Character of the Government must be alike Preserved.
niT la XXXIX No. of tbf dU-,
tl,t tb UaiUd 0vinBnt iiadr' U
CNMtUiiaoo W.trlctly jUii riif n
tlooBl sot ftdl, M oomponnd of both, two
Inpoctut Mi W oOOMqMBMd, wkiok Urt
dirtot bouisK ob tbo pfMCDi coodltion of oar
i. Tbt tko Btiool oUrBOltr. of U Oov
crania bom bo sitiouloed by iwUlnlnf, via
diaotiof tod opholdioi UtooMUtnlbMBloulBOf-
Jty ot UdifidoU U trory fui of tbo Uolon.
U. TkM tbo todertl cbMBcUr of tbo Oov
otoBoot moot olM boproMrrod by tkintoiotag
IboButo GoTorononti In off. beir Tlgot ond
(flolooex, ond by oteuriDg to tbo peopio of owk
Stolooll taolr rlgbu m cltlMUOi (bo btto
od tboir fall raptoMoittlon in botb bnutoboi of
tbo CooitoM.-,-, jr .7
'Not op. oleoo, but botb tboto tbiogt But bo
dOMiU'ordor towooWotbo uomo.' uoo m
joot m ooootoaryoo ikootbM Doiboy tbo n
MomI ebaroetor of tto'GotorBont,- Md 700
MdocoU to omm bogBt'or oor bo"
oofOfoig Stat nod oil tbo osortby, oonfoloa
ooflniiffldtiierfzpOT'Meed ndt tno oia Ara
0U0 of CotfbdftUoa U to rotUd.i mil
roto bo fd'rnl ebBfoctot, of tbo Gotornaonb
Of ppm koyoa porUnlly to bo U-t olghkof. by
oooStto'o bbbUi of 8toUo eoulng for ony
WBjld-fBUoUBgtboniiribbo.BMtTO BOB
bom of tbo Xortdttui; o'pnnlytU In tbo fod
onJ itmb wUUWuOily.rwult, ond tboto
wWlbf grooJjBdori tovooi tbo bbo
MioaooorJo(4boooaln4 Cofmot
tbo Tory ftlnf Uti oroaiad (ho 1 Jioloooy of 0
Urgo portion of tb pooplo, vboo tbo CoooUta.
IIm vof JMbft tbon lof .odopQoo T n v, r ,
Too nntfoool onthority Boot bo ttndieotod
bat Jfin ol flio Mno tlmo ud trljk oqanl
00M. irooorrf Ibf IntogrUy of. tbo . Vioton. , in-
dtfldnoto Boy ooBBiOtroBMO or otboUlo
totot oonnoi. Tbo formor mif b ooweoi or
poniobodi tboroUMoowor lo ooorMorponlob
too IntUr. Indirldaolf ny djoovov Iholr bUo-
ginnoonndtbkoop MBrtgutart, tbo Oor
oriBoni' ud aiy bo proooodo ngmlBot M rob
tit ikS troltori1 ( tai BUtot Am boror , Id loog
00 fto tJoIUdSuUo. CooMltatW rtmolot nn
oboogoii. borogwdod by 001 Ntiooi on Ffd
oml OoornBont 00 noting oororod.ot 00 h.
btg teolgbl CO oorot tbofcf' emioolloi with It
TUj 4ut V Oooildorod field to tbo" tin
Ion, ni by jfored,' bmt by tbo cooot nnl tbo
kyohy oCUw pioplO-wltbi. thV bordoro,
wb1Brf!w.Boiry or ftwltf iSantbOrl ;'
A yonr ngo, orory Btoto ovoroBoo woov in
Ml ond logttiBBto oporotSon, ond tbo pooplo1 of
oneh SIU bod tfc la? noitnon in both
brooch, CgrsvTht order of thing
botoOMtwdror' (a Onion can not bo oavod
JThe Lysi reap oae and .ovary Stato aw
itBtoGufBUBaat and abalr fatt r.piaaantBtloo
UkJuriWiBiTJ CgrfiB.': It;
jmm iBportaal had keeooMvy to out
loyal oUlacno all their teaUlBTS" ! " ImBOpl-
tLa.Bak la ta.dlaaatao.aa4 tunUh band of
.MVt!')'! 1 'JJa.l' '
D'TaawTicu, of.. tho. touisvill Jtmrml,
wjinto'bota- tbo DibssibH aad tapublloa
aarlia It .Hi 17arti ahonll bo WoVatt nU
far a lh 'Damooraty aro oaOeroed faitto
ba bo of that ttiinl w n'l hi kiav .Taof-
for woonld lp nothing Woo.V'.A to
Uona ooi JTo rrooUsmt of lb Unlud B"uis
trpo a platfbroj, omtod, o an fatal
aa .aw tbU H would, U oooomom lor
loaoWiawwwf ond wi,V
P, 3$i :114wwM wPaffwJ,' a Rrpubllcaa
ftSU, fjsxt. WcJ mJM Joprra fit Otmmm
aro bboui tb ojofat ooomioa ot. tco. v o
Thi U ouropioioiii aad atiH k ha ooatroUad
loaotiot of tb ReputUcajB party of Ohio,
olhtfldiampooalUoand IncraUvw po
olaaltfltf. Lincoui. "Aad tho J)c9M0eacy
wMtaiUlM rally arooad and fustila iaa Ad-
aati-.tctnitea.llialattatalBa GlDWIKJ.' Th0 I
O-aHfj ..K .wo A Ui-H-tiw.
J ii . - i -' - H
.Vir.Tii r --ruaWiJof r,'t nrg,1,a.:,hav
ir;-.;-j it tKMaUnato RopuUai aiukot. - It
will bo recollected that AHcgUcv ooanty gave
b to thouoaad majority for Lwoou. No
ucloa U wanted there.
"Political Union."
Un !r thd bJxhJ ot tlontbo t4&4r
..1 f .MUKUf boo 0 Tori Ubotod nrtloloy to
pro.ro o th OBtWootton otfho 1MBOornpi.pi
(boy tboald dliUnd tbolr prty orgnni w
Ma tbo Repoblionno. rA Q f
1. .U of tha mm tbero It
In tbl. It old no doubt bo 0 grej -
. . .
3 f 1 , . it.. J - t Kn kl.
cor Uoo, t toooW( ofrowno
boon nulnly InstrnBonMl la brtagtug oor briov-
ti cddotry to IU JSrooonl ;deplorBOio comimvu,
. rih. t.a MTttM wwo to proiorto
,lr orgBOBBtton. and gobofomthi , pooploj UJ.
(VII.-Ik. RMoUloont obW M WJ """777
Bodjotorfbrowi. , , - , ... . ....
, m , . u...w-n.
w mil wim ww .
Booroey ibouMUnd h.lroldtooooroT-'
ifi&af d IJX tbont ' froB tbo Just odlnm
ihnt boloogo to tboB 0 0 party. m4 fcaoooH
M9MM.o proffar la rrjootod. tbo Jr'l
tadlaplaaood.ondproaoao w V "
pamooratlo ply ataoog iympathy with tha
roballlon." .
For fart fbU.flirt.rtir PP' i"Jaaon
ir... it .tt.mt. to coTor OD It t1 b'
OUOag tbnt U .tblo, oprlolngi tb DamocroUc
.uoao, two to tbo popaUf ln.anoto of froodoo,
.J .(.hi. Win from tbo thloea of party ond
tJ 1 -lih ill ih. farror of ltriotle derotlon
to tbo dafanoo of thocoontry nd tbo roaema of
tbo GoTornmeot." Tbo traaamotloo that or
gBlUot man, wbomhadlo ormi for"tne ao
u .f k. MoBin and raacoa of tho Goorn
ool,- Hjaotod bt dlaawned thetr tlBO-honored
prlndplea or partyj tt aitogetner -ni
womntedby tbo.farta. Tbli not necea-
TkoMwhodld thin weto thooaBO,
Bi-kllB Abolition BaoUoonl
Conmdon woo rgio! 1n Wnadelphla, In
ore iv. r.t 41m. la thU OOUUtTT, 000 pom
tuiad rnwonoT iB on; Abolitloo plaUorm,
..mra. thoi wbon 1' Pry tlwr oonatltnted
.t..-i ' tf, Ti.r nf tbo" Union ' wore
ti. ' M(t tiriloit Fautoirr In
DlMmui. TTn : -D'
lASAha wan daontod ond tbo ooontry aa-ed
n....Mtlii aaad men, who totad againat
tiMou In 1860 fot the name "anon. ' Tbo
I.,-. .l rKaBDh o'o oeolional 1 Abolitloo
artrwu Ineontlatonl wltb tho prlnolploa of
tha roMtltntlon on wnicn oor uo''
aoootrootod, 'ind tnuit of neceaaity 00M " ltl
irproTolUdootrnetloo.i..!i-"H. . i- - I
TUawBO tbo belief of tho "Baaaea of tbo
rwi' who tba J.wii.f iayi, "bar riah-
ad with nil tbo fervor of patrlotlo doTotlon to
the defonoo of 4bo eoontry ond GororoBont.
which baa boon 10 rothletely deetroyed by tbo
fanaUoo U oncb.aection of tho country, agamw
to piotaotallooo ond afforU of tbo oia oauonai
DoBomto party. If tbo PHPO-ea.
that our gnllant DemocraU wbo naTOTpmnwrr
I jl utforito H?! the GoTernmant, bare
forgotton the cnoaoo that led to it doolrocUoo,
it la Tory Boob mlaUkea. -
Tho "maaeea ol the pemocracj" ato patH
hnt not fool. U tha leader of tbo. Aboli
tion party or. Tho AboliUoouto ot wo norvo
nA tha aeceoeJonbti of tho Booth baro rot tbo
nation on firo, ond tho Damoctacy aro trying to
ouanob U. whllotbo Giow-oa, Utjto, Wtt-
dm. EoMmno, Foamora , aunoLn,
. . il. Tlii trwA fO
ara ad did S inei n uicn. . - --
aton liat tba'alaetionbat wero overwhelmed
Iboy toiod to atop It laat winter tn v-ogr-n
... . . !.
waro trorontoa by mo aoouuo--i---7
lending thetr blood on tb battle field to put an
end to It now. , Whether taay win oe bcw.
fol tlao nbmo lll determine.. .While, bow
the or that eneagod, they nro wiuug,
u thty haro nlwoyV been, that peace and com
noa aanaa aball bo brought into rrquUitioo If
the Gorornment and the Union can thereby bo
aivad from deotrnetion.
In thlo they aro opposed by lh Jturnul ana
It Abolition followor. They war for rengeanco
and (xtarBlnaUoa not for tho preaorrBtlon of
tho GoTOrmnont or1 tho Union a ear Bather
mad it. Ill ot; BUU and man, who 1 In
a-ad ballion. woold to-day Uj down their
otb and oak far penod and onion, tbo Jarna(
ond It Abolitloo followori would not moot them
M onoh tenu u would tromUo tho teaat proa-
nootof oBooooij .Tbolr Utontton u too oxter
minatloo of oUvory though tbo Unloa) perlakl
, -, - i i in
.'tr.Tb'e' Toledo 'aoVta'wooierfAly'Vr1
oot'ljOToy o proooodlng of the. Democratic
Union. Cownti.ou .That in jnot whU vo ox
oacted. vIf wo lad" bad hy doobt about tte
correctnooi of oar poaition', we or iatiified now
wo nro lightv The BUd gooo oa ond "mppoaes'
BUr thing to aako o oooo. Now let flap
poo, n oooo. .' "Snppoio A 'oendblo ptnoa
woold bear, Ao oditot lk bo doe, wbat
woold bo oarT Thl Ban U no Abolition dlo-
anloolot ond n,a tbo Union dioaolrod.
That would bo tho reply. Tho Bitot pnbltahei
tbo raoolntiooo. ond ok; (
v Tho Idoo that ouok o mooting eOuld bl bold
lit tbooBptBi of o iaodiag rebel Stato, and oneh
raeoodugo haV with all ito mBbrobUg
nonoj or ojuajrtaweeV m Orat adaua to bo propoo1
.. . " . r-Jlli"v.;i
1 Of edoroeV If waob reoolnUoni woro to be
adopted la a loading rebel Bute,' we might be
"bong aad qoorterod" by tto rebel, jnit aa tbo
AbvUtionlitSr like tbo Jt4 voald do if tboy
lod tbo ooorBgo." Tfy orw oppoood to ony pro-
poaltlan that woold aaro tho Union, 'and o are
tbo Abolition Rapoblleaaa. ,'Tfa Union man
Morth mi South win rcjoleo in tbo adoption
of tbo policy of tho roaotntJon.' '
7 Tb New, Tok Timr,' apeaklng1 of tbo
DamooraUo oaU lo a Btato Cvtion,
efrwpudUtotbo Idea (hat tb Unieo J
bt aetered.ln which wo heartily Moon; wot
thay alao Insist tha th nroeeeution, of the war
thail bo anoompanlad by Uo meal liberal offer
for peace," - Thi the Tlao doa JlkwJ . It, ia
oommon wUlt tff tepbltcan f Hetty li fe for
war ol fxbaminaUoooofigoaacf o4Jot abol
rahing alaworyv r.,cnn i .in h.j v,
if. , ,111 III I I BmKmm-;j !. ),
- IT A eoMukatioo wu lad among tbo lead-
fag stopublican','' oprtety1 'oJalIowlilg
a. RopublWsaa Btato Central Caoutlttoo i la-
mo a oall for tho ao-party CMveution.aud it waa
Ogroeo! to Ignore the eommlMee and tbo uame,
km tha taaann thal lt mliht prevtnt'.Democrata
from goiog Into th 0)eur,W oio pnderatand
... k mm aMda ha dotv of tbo Chairman
Ihe ooBBlttoo to carry about paper, and pro(-
aan aa.. ' ,Tb on appear tb VmJ
Th MdaralgtiaaV" without ony oapeo 'olgoed
tttTTbo Cleveland teeoV'. erne of .fW
nrooslbro Abolition organs, s no! he gpecial organ
of Atwaf G. RiroU, lh;man who tumbled
the poor worn Out ooldlo oat of kli earriago
Boll RdB, hai holstoi! the Hafch 'of Divro Jto
to ito candidate for Sevurnot, A gantieman
whoM nam w will' not nof mention, aald
Mm day rlno In thle trttyi that "two-tblrda
the Republlearia eo tho Kaaom ware oorry tboy
had over voltJ tot Lwcot.". rThl look Ilk
it wa tro. Tbo earn geoUmnaa oaldi "That
a Dimoeratlo Frldent would bo oleded
18C4, with only tb rote of, perhaps, Vermont
agalnot him."
W think that will ales prov true.
The Greenfield Republican.
A XI Etoh,.1 oiitor.of tho Green-
a .14 D...tliu',. haa realoned hie Doeltion 0 dl-
iw -r J I
torof that paper and li going toth war.moP 1
tho reaaona for ao aotng, no gtm " "
Ink: 1 -li , ' i '
liTik... mam man in thia annaiamiv woo
) uo
charred no wltb lympathiiing with the Sooth
..j .h.t.am. tMim w dmrt4 it raw tiafo
Dimtertt euU bt, and if jmt ( gt4 Unit
mm at RrouiiMn.' t And rather thOq hart
Mm or being a traitor, wo wminKij
down our life, It need be, lor onr oouuwy.
Will they do tblT Drt they do Jtt No-they
anil lonkaii nnon aa Uch M the
of ihia immmunit. W a favO 0 vigor
ooa orecntion of tho war wo want to aee it
' . r . . . . I.... MA.
brougbt to o aioae ana ti, ' uw .
pooed, a Nation) Convention le called, wo favor
BO nonoraoie (xnoprumiRV! ir w ------
aake a little sacrifice of oar politleal prlnclplea
than have the whole country ruined.'1- '"
' DemocraU Bay tight lh battle, but, il tbay
are not willing to say that Lioolh I at'wia a
Solomo-, and that CaMiaoo la aa bonaab man,
or thatliovnoT, Wilboo, Giomnos Co are
Abollttoniita and free from blame for ur trou;
blee, they aro not loyal ! . Tbio i tho Repnbll
eaniundardofpatrlotiam! " '" ,'
rr The Cindlnnalf Gwnmrrefal aya:. ' .
i-Tb failure at Manataaa wa not becana Ihe
people were , not paying and ubia ting men
enough to have marched to Richmond, bat be
cause there waa bad management in detail
Mr Simon Cameron'a favoriUim in oonUacta
delayed the preparation of transportation traina,
and bla antipathy to General . Wool kept that
officer the beat dlaoiplinarian of volunteer in
the army, aa he prov.d In Mexico ebut op In
tho Troy Araenal. '. The inadtqnacy of the
..m not an mnch In number aa in discipline
and Genaralahlp; and however remarkable may
be tha aptitude of the Gautit In tbo work of
flailing the eine of tbo War ueparunent npoo
.1 rVl . M la aaa til k P1 1 wJ
tboBecreUry oi wo iraaaurj, -
ventnre to obarga tbo bad Generalship and. III
itiaaiulinaof the armv to bim.V..: - -l.r , .
la tb Comowreta. not fearful tbat it wtu gtvo
aid and oemlort to tbo. nbtU, by tbio- kind of
talk about Cajiiion t '
A Bfrlaeller rJrlt-A 1800,000 Owe
The' 81." Pool (Mlnnesot) PUnttr of tbo
aotb nit. ys
Thara traa eonalderuDie exoiwuvot a. turn
Falla vesterday upon the arrest or jonn u.
BK-t.nm. ho haa ba doinf a very larca
kn.tnMM In differant aeotlon ot tbo State. He
was taken upon a warrant loaned by Gov, Ram
say, In obedience to a requisition of Gov. Yate
of Illtnol, and Is charged wltb awlndling In
various States to tho amount of more thin two
hundred thouaand dollars. He 1 utd to bo tho
owner of a number of stores In the southern
part of this 6ta(o, and bad hi goods, fraudn
tantlv obtained, directed to that eeotlod, and
from thence traneported by tam to tor to
other place. - : ; 'J... -U.
The warrant iot me urr waa pimvov ,u
hand of Deputy United 8ute Merehal Brack
tt, who effected the arrest at one o'clock yes
terday aaornlng. it appear Doeioarna gw
wind of hi danger, and waa attempting to
eteap ooMb, but Mr. Brackett beaded bim orr,
andaecreUoK himself at a bridge over a creek
just above Minneapolis, made the aireat. Bber-
bnrne rougnt uao u i;er, oonr"
mochforbim, and brought him -down to St.
Paul, and started him on for Illlnola:' ' .
i Vwaw't Saitain-A Hoorta "A. Republl-
cau gentlomaa of thia elty, in a recent visit to
Waobtagtoo , uaiioa upon . rreuiacn. liuwiiw
In tho coaree of hi oonvortation, tbo visitor in-
aulred if . H'm Exeellency had not. ten aom
. ... . . . . : . . 1 .Unk
alarm lor too oaiety oi tee capita,, w
tha Prosldanl gavo tho following cliaalo reply:
"0, th Cabiaet war aom aw hat alarmed, but I
waaent (keered a aoote " n vianw ,
profoundly im preased that the nation ha tbo
right man for tbo right plaoe.--Cnctaao-
jisirrr. .; -tz ..... ' i .
D- It 1 (aid they have turned every man
euapeetcd of being a aecosalontet, out of offlse at
Washington, and in every rtogie ease nitea tne
place with an Abolitionist of Ihe most extreme
character. - Tbl i not mending tha matter
much. ','-
An Engagement between a Federal
Steamer and a Confederate Privateer.
tear; i -' : - -;.:. I
Fmai a eaDtUma of the hleheat respecUbll
Ity wbo wa aa oyo wltnen of the fightwe
have toe particular ot aa nggcmu. wuhib
aMnMd oa laat FridaT at Hon Ialaad Pasa,
between a Federal a team frigate, anpposed to bo
tbo Niagara, and tho little uwieaerate Dnraieer
J. O.Nixon.-! . . - v.-A.:.:
The Nixoa Wishing to avail nerueu oi tneiair
wind, left Pamsagoula Bay laat Friday morning,
Intending to go Yankee banting on tho deep
blaeoo. Wbea about twelve milee from Hon
i.Uiul Paaa. aha dlaoovorod 0'iarc rooerai
atoamer ahead, attempting to cut bo ofT. The
Nirna tanked and atood la arala for tb Paaa,
and reached the bar about a mile ahead of the
Fcderetlat. Tbo latter then opened ire on her
oA that distance; tb Nixoa Immediately re
poeded, and Ihe exchange of ahota wu carried
on for aaoot twenty mioaw. j -
- la tha aaantf me. tho Bttte Lake steamer Ar
rowoame up, and when -within range of tbo
Federalist, let ilip ooa of her S3'o at the Yan
kees. At about twenty mmnteo after the firing
oommoced,tbFederalleWurith throe of the
Miii haaw nllla in her hull.' rot op a but
head of rteem, and crowding oa every inch of
oaavase (beooold use, made regular Msaaseaa
tlBOOOaward. ' . :ct-U n-;r,;.
Kat aha aiin-hteat Ininrv wu reeolved by tho
Nixoa or the ataamer Arrow, whilat it ia thought
that tho additional weight of thou throe ball,
wbioh wore lent the Federalist by -the Nixon,
imped her pro grew tooomo extent Sno
Orleans Delta, 5th.
A Full Union Ticket—A Sound Union
'The Coaventloa which met ia Colutabu, on
WadnatdaT, wu oerbapa too largoat ana aoieet
over oeaomblod fat Obi for ooiawlar purpose.
Too Demooratio Union boo there aatembled
doly opprooiBted their -imBeaao responsibility
and baldly and ably Bet it They obew to the
mid that, ia the hour of peril to the Govern
Beat, wbea tbo will, ability, aad otatetmaaahlp
of oar organisation i demanded to aaf.ly eoav
doul ue Ooverameat to tbo heaven el .oaiety,
that lae aid and hiitorls party arUl not basely
f.il Mrmlteur Uaiea to be wreck..
4 upon tne recta at iumuiu ah uw, u
U hi desln'v '' 'the people of this But be
kM a. anit la secard to too ar-f-if tho seeds
oi a bitter eoatroversy should not be sown if
warriaaa ahrrfe abou Id not no enteren wto taere
Amis ha na ticket out hi the field ia eppoaitioa
o thieaa! . Vpmn UU aesae nimmsun w
a tiaJrat M Ju Jul M mmuiis s im ens, bvim
nat Um raraaasiMtre af oraamo or TBI mttbb
mtfiaunrowraansaaeTUivB.- i nev wm, uwv
by, provo to the voters of tha eouotry that thoir
Cry Of UaMniaaa I mrw a nnum mwnn
wa erramamoa. ' mm i y-j .i ?, i
i Wobaveaary time, to add tout too eauro
Stat oi Ohio ooa Id ooniy srodaeo a better
tiokaU. la avarv itnMOf US word, tBBU WJ
one urai anted above. Itia soaoosed of iuet lb
Guernsey Jeffersonian.
- The Louisville Jarra.! aaya It 1 a treat aai
taketonpuee that all tha vatea caat for the
woesslou oandidatao In the Kentucky oleetioo
last waak War the vote of aesMnlst.. Tbeu
oandidalee disguised thetf ooaltioB, aad pratead
ed that thav worn really belter Union aaei
tha tbolr oppoaeuti, aad by this gam of
deeeptloo got many Bore vote tuaatboy
would otberwleo have raoairad An Ytrk
WmU. ' 'c "-'..'- -
. Thit II Just' th 'cas with the AbolltlooisU of
the North. Ill alsoa grett mistake tl" top
ao that all tbo votoa east for Mr. Liaobta
war AbolltlooisU. Thsy disguised their posi
tloo, bat since their triumph; th cloven foot 1
tbovo, aad. now tbey aro till trying to dlt
gutoo their) poUlonH by rejaoting tbelf party
name, and pretending tb. they are 'better iia
loa men thaa th Old Union Pemoeracy.;' By
thoir."gamo of deception,", they think they wilt
got fcord vote thaa they would got hador tb
disgraced .bob of Republican. Their cases
are prodtely alike. Both at heart for disunion.
Camps of Instruction—Confederate
Camps of Instruction—Confederate Forces, etc.
Wo oonv tho followlninterlUii Uma ftaan
tho Waahlngton oorrMpondon-of tho Philadel
phia Iptptirtr of the 9th tM-rrTrrt:
f 1. .MlttiL t tta aimna kt InatroeUOU 00 tie
aorlhetn aad Oaotars aldeO oi Waahlagtoo, U'iiJ
the Intention of the War Department to ooncen
trato at Baltimore, tho next 180,008 troop that
aro railed.. Tb troop now er or, tho.nif
cleu of thi Immeai foroO." Some of thO rea
ion for the (election of Baltimore for thia pur
noao, have already been indicated. r ThO oheapj
neap aud abundance of tho Baltimore market,
and the oaso and rapidity with whieh troopaoan
be moved from there hero, aro the moat weighty
reaaona. At preaent, thro aro. exactly h 10,720
The War Department have received intelli
geaoo that tha rebela havo formed a camp Bear
Leeaburg, In which there are now nine regl
moots. They are aoeompanled by fourbatteriea
ot 1 field artillery, each one coneisting of ix
bras rifled twelve pounder.: Tho outpost of
these regimen ta Oxtend tiulte to tho Fotomao
rlvor, nod are thrown forward for eome distance
above Conrad' Ford oa tb north, and down a
far aa Edward'e Ferry oa the oast Thia la
..iiiAntiw a nart of tha nlanof the rebel leaders,
who aro, and have been ever since tho battle of
tho 21st, assembling a largo army Id tho vicju
llj of the placo where the battle waa fought.
It corroborate tb intelligence which I received
two day ago, and which I have hitherto anp
preased, but which I now proceed to lay before
you.. .... . ,; 'L.lil L-a,L
AOeororng so toes aocpuuia, wmuu uiran
and reliable, General Beauregard baa been busi
ly engaged, over since tbo 91st, In still further
airenn-thenioe bla poaition at and near Manama
Junotion, and the preparing for aggreesive move-
menta if such a course is deemed expedient.
Ho has now under his immediate, command,
ninety thousand well disciplined troops. The
whole country, for many miles around Manassas
Juoolion, in all directions where attempts could
bo mad to turn that position, Is not only defend
ed bv masked batteries, but Is also mined In such
a way aa to blow up whole regiments at oooo
The whole lino of tho Manassa Gap Railroad
la also well ouaided by atrong deUohmeata of
Gen. Johnston' division. ;. , V ' : 'J-
It la said that Beauregard has made the im
pudent boast, that the federal army aball nev
er leave their Capital till be drive tbem out of
It. It t knowo, however, that Beauregard ia
averse to oroaaing the Fotomao. He regards
each a movement as one involving great risk of
bis being cut off; and if be attempt It at all,
ill arave ,0U ulty tnonsana reserTee wuere
they can support bis first Buy thousand.
Tha number of rebel trooos now at other
point i stated by th aame authority as fol
lows, and I have tho beet rs&son for believ
ing this statement to be accurate in every par
ticular: ? i t- i it a :i m jj' j'i ';.
At and near lfanaual. Bcaarecard. ............... 90,000
Ocn. Johnitoo'. foroe. alon lh. MaauMi (tap B.
B.. at Wlacbuter, Matbarg. us o,vw
At Bf.baoad M............o...,..r...Vtf.fi000Ui
AX Vorfctowa... .... .w.lStWH)
At Norfolk and Portamouth . P. 15,000
At B wntrvlU .ti. J ...... 1 0,00
At f rede rickttnrr .' A.f.....M0,M
Al Psltf nbQrufaa Msosisas.ssv raM Twa eorv 10,000
AtDBnfrlt..... ...,......'...;-.;.. s,m
At Oulpepptr... 5,000
At uoraomtiii..... . k... a,wv
AtOharlattnilla..;.:......s 5,000
AtBtauntoa and BurtMTlll. 6,000
At Lynchburg (tnw larlei).' 23,000
At haMcriaa an Jamta. loik. BaDnahannock and '
r.imo rjv.ri ............. ........ ..i.r.
Total .. - .'.S71,OO0
rWenabUah the above u it oomoo from our
. ' ... , ...AAA
regular correspondent, but have good reason for
ueueving tnai It largely orer-wniuavea me reuei
force. -.: ....
: The resson wbv so little reliable information
can bo obtained about tbei movement of tb
rebel force 1. because Gen. Beauregard' pre
oautloD are such, that no person whatever is
allowed to cross their line coming In this di
reoilon. "
It wu believed at Richmond that the Federal
Government would now abandon the attempt to
move on Richmond bv war of Manassss and
Frederlclubnrr. on account of the formidable
nature of tbo obstacles in the way, out. wouia,
instead, attempt to reach that city by another
route. Itwumppoeed that in attempt mightr
be made to land a atrong enough force either at
w ... b . .1 I L. . ,L. D.I. '
nainiaa roiai. on unnm uaua ui mi uw
suae, or else near the mouth of the Rappahan
nock River, and march from one or both, of
these points on Kichmond. It Waa in orper to
ruard aealnst anvBuch attempt, that the batte
ries were eraoted at Malhla Point-and at the
month of tho Rappahannock River, at I -tele
rranhed to vou a few day aeo. It waa well
known at Richmond, also, that cannon In great
numbera had been aent from Richmond to va
rious points on the Potomac and Rappahannock
riven, and that the whole extent of both riven
would be in a few day guarded oy Dttteriea
The Profligacy of this Administration.
This Administration came Into power under
the cry of retrenchment and reform. We are
now having a praitloal exemplification of wbat
they meant by . that phrase. The Democratic
Administration oi nr. euooanan naaoou.Men-
oral Mail Agent for the Stato of Ohio, Mr.
Prentiss, of -Colnmbus, who 1 discharged "the
duties of tho office with remarkable ability and
fidelity. To fill bis place, tbo reform and. re
trench moot oartv at watmoccon nave appoint.
cd thret men, each drawing the samd salary that
he did. Their name are Judge Sloan, of San
dusky: Samuel Pen, of Cblliioothe, and Joe
Geirer. of Cotumbu. - It takes tkrtt Repabll
cana to do what one Democrat did, each getting
the samo pay. Cta. Jiiqirirer. -r , ;j
tT The New York lists yiofthe tire
Zouaves of New York:
"The Fire Ziuave were last about tho worot
men in tbo army, tho moat recklesu In their be
havior, tbo least amenable to discipline, the
Boat discontented and complaining, the first to
run front the field, and the loudeat braggar leafier
they had left it. ! .
It wu made np or men without cnaracter, wno
had been distinguished for their rowdyism and
disregard of law at home, and woo were mere
fore expected to maaegooa soiaiers.'
Mr, Gbiilit, or ''some other man," in the
Tribune, ia reply to this, ssjs: .
The rimrfseetn to appreciate folly the wis
doa of cheerfulness just at thia juncture, of
crediting the returned soldiers with honorable
patriotism and xeal, and of inspiring tbem to
renew their aacriDces on the altar of their
country. - Close beside the gross attack on the
fire boy, which w have quoted, we find an ar
tide tbo whole force of which i directed to the
re enlistment of these brave fellows.", Every
thru month' man ia solicited to "feel it his do
ty to serve sgain a sacred duty to bis country
In her boar of dancer," and ba tne bright re
ward beldoat to him that "ho ahall return again
to prouder ovation and a grander welcome,
with the lautela of a whole eapigta of elcto-
r noon his brow." etc. It may oe doubted
whether the thousands ot bravt fellows in this
city, who eland ready t follow the riro Zou
ave to the field, will quite smderaUnd thi sort
of talk whether they will care lor eucn laurel
u abuse and detraction, the generous oounry
tha Tlwua whether It-may net 'depress tbo
causa of the Union quite below tne point oi en.
thuslaam, net to apeak ol re-eoowtmeni, to cm-
. . . . r . m . A S I AT.
iciM sharply tb ooaaact oi tooew - DraTo i.i
rr The Cincinnati. GsU and" Cmmrdtl,
th two Republican organ ot the Queen City
areloaatue oyer Chs, Cabiboh, Lihcolk
SBiBjtAN Co.;Wo copy the following from
the VaaallM, m 'T 1 M A 7
Wa hardlv know wbere to have the Cttimer-
rUl. Ita aramlaaa are liberal, clear and bold,
uiha,aillfaM. It haa not tb leaal heal
tatlon in rushing In where mbo tread ooftly.
Tbo rrewdent vioiatea tne ionaaiwiwuB m
pending the iaayae cart by to Jaw oi war.
Mr. bnerman approvea tnu yiuaauwu w " w
tltutloa, butoould not talUfy Jhlmself, by do
w-Thia HhMaiit.larnato and , boldaee put
fli PrMidmt and Mr. Bherman tit an' excellent
position .( Thau the Conmernal show that
suspension of the Aefrees riut belong to
military authority, and therefore hat tho Pre.
went' act wa dwicbhv eri
Thi leave Mr. Sherman out Itftho Doldvi
He approtet the -violation of ihe-OwMluUon
nt tit Aimrove oa U which 1 per
feotly Muttltuaonal and legal. It I eldom
that we m ao aignal a logical triumph In
abort a ipac, oven ia our ootooporary.
What a Difference!
Tb Demooratio edtiora the opuntry "n,0
nave una in courage te oBpnuuy jiuy.
hlgh-banded usurpations of power,1ave been
stigmatized a tori and traitors, by the dia
UBioa Raaabliean hart-. Mr. Job yheweaa,
and some twenty "other Republioan Senaton,
bawf refused td f ot thotr Bprdvl of Mr. Lin
eoln's uncodatitutipaa rtchi and ;by , to doing
have placed themselves1 side by side with the
men who ara denounced, u; traitor What ar
the Constitution. breaking Republioan goiog to
do about It?-Will they donounee Sherman and
bis uoBoolates l traitors, of ll the people that
t,is right and proper for itepnblican Senators
to-rebuke the President, but treason for Demo,
rats to do ot Let na bear from voq.foon.-
Dayton Empire.
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 12, 1861.
The Captains, or other commanding officers,
of the several companlea composing the 15th,
16th, 18tb, 19th and. 20th Regimenta of Ohio
Stata trnnna. will reoair without delay tO Co-
lumbus, and prepare their muster rolls for the
mustering out ana payment oi m wvup. ,
By order of tho Commander-in-Chief, . ,
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
.'ST Soorbutio disease are the parent' stock
from which arise a largo proportion of th faf
a? maladies that afflict mankind ATbey Ore, as
It were, a species of potato! rot In. the human
conaUtutlon, which nndermines and corrupt all
the sources of It vitality and hastens its decay.
They are the germ from which spring Consdrap.
tfon. RheumntlBml Heart Disease, Liver; Com;
nlalnts. and Eruptive Diseases, ! whloh will bo
recognized as omong those most' fatal and do
atructlve to tho races of men. o areoaiot ar
ito consequence to human life, that M is hardly
poBtible to overettimate the Importance of an
actual, reliable remedy, that can sweep. ou , his
Snrofnlous contamination. We know, then, we
shall proclaim welcome news trf pdr';rcderO' 'of
one from boh 'a qnartcri aa wDl. ioivo.littlO
doubt of it ffloaoy and stilli mora' welcome,
when we tell them tbat it surely, doesi accom.
nllsh the end desired." We mean!A"' .8ai
SAPiBiLta, and It ia certainly worthy, the ; atten
tion of those who aro afflicted with IScnfuJ or
Sorofulous complaints. Rroiifer, Aioeiry.r. N
I.n.i or Haib. Much bf'thls deprlvatlori is
Miiaffd h sheer neelect .after illness, or home
other temporary drain opou tne lomcien im
root of the balr. Dr. Belllngham, of London,
has identified bis great name with a '"Sffmafa
ting Ongvnt," invented by him expressly to
meet such emergencies. Messrs. H. L. liege
man & Co., of New York, now have the entire
. . I . .. .. 1,1.1. - . At
agency for the American continent, i nis is
quite a' sufficient Indorsement of the universal
reputation of the article. See their advertise
Bent. ' ' ' 51 " 1
Notice to Contractors.
CBIVBD at tb. office Of um uoBBunaij-uenunii
at Columbus, Ohio, until , - :- , , ,,; , j: . c
THVBBDAT. AUCC8T 5tb, 1861 7
at 9 o'clock P. H., fo dally rations to bo lorn Wbea to
th. troops now or hereafter to be stationed at or near the
IPllOWUig w w. ..... . ..
ALLIANCE, btark County, tjhlo..-"
FINDLAY, Hancock County, Ohio. .
rk. it.n niinm to sonilit of one and os.-fourth 11 V
pound, ol I reih Beef, or threo-fouths X ' a ponnd of
I poand of Poiatoek and at th. rat. of lbt 8 1 qoaiU
of Wblla Bmuis, six LJ pounas oi uonn, tohhu aoa
r lai Doundi N. 0. 8unr. four II quart.
of Old.r Vinegar, on. and one-half lltfj pound, of
Summer Frened Tallow Osndlei, four ana a naif .MJ
Donodi of Bard Boap. and lw. I iil quarU ot Dry Salt to
nch on. hundred ration.. . T .. . .
: Vreih Beef to be Inned tvue m oaeo ween, it requiixu
by th. oonmandlDg oflicer. . :.'". ' - ' ; - '
Alt th. abov. ipeclBed provUlons and lubiiiteno.
store to be ol toe best quality. ' - -
Bondi.wl'b, ample aecnrlty for the faithful p. i form
.k .nni.ut will h teanired. '
' It Is expected that at lent one fall reriment will b.
niiit.4 nrh nf iha abor. named claoei. and be sub
sisted under the contract here eonl.aplat.d antll. ami
tend Into th. service or the uniwa euiea. s,aoa con
tract for iobfiitenot under this notice to eontinue daxiuK
lb. pleasure of lh. Ooawissary Qeneral. i- .
: geparat bid. Maled and indocaed ri'pojals' ) for
each place are required.,. ' .
Oolumtus,0., Aug. it, 1881. -Htr - - '
$100 BOtTNTY.
. h. anvntrd for THRBB YEABB In the Regular
lerrice 18th BKOIMBNI O. 8. INrANTitx .
flnl. II. B. Carrlnnton. late Adiulaat-fleneral of
Ohiol lieutenant-Colonel, 0. B. Shepherd, late Major
td Begimant United Btat.i Infantry; Major Henry B.
Barton, lat tthBeglment Dnited Slate. Arillleryi Major
Bdmnnd Cnd.rwooJ, laie 4th Begiment United BUtei
Infantry: Major Frederick Xowo.ena, late Aojniani
n.n...t nf W. Vnrk.
A large number of other officers are alto from th old
Realment. in the Begnlar Army. - Tbi. triple Bailment,
of 3,453 men, 1 to b. brought to the nign.it posaioie
diaolplin. for enectiv. van eerrico. . . .
Itenjoj. all th. bounties and privileges granted to the
Vnl.ni.H.r. with the additional benefits of the expe
rienced officers and perfect ayttem of the regular santae,
lib tha beat or KUlaa arms. e. r "
The bill tat also paated ratling the pay to SI5 per
Ktnn .nnl. nut ahia boaiaa. naBitoT men. ' ' -v
month. The pay of non-eommlnionaa emoers oas aiao
been incrtawd. y- .... , i
C.pt. ti. W. ACblAJU,
augll-dCtwlt ... Recruiting Officer.
U BUOlir 8, new styles, Justopensd by
Ho. SB Booth nigh .treat.
Miiitiiuiliiaar aenana who baT.1aTt m.lr teeth, their
health, and their connd,encs,.y he,V ,n oon"non
ImmiM lalarataa! hare found A remedy against all those
evils tn Jamas Pylai pure and ah.leaama SretitM Bale-
rata.. Depot, JI5 Washington- street, New York.
' 1
HEALTn. Kellhoa aSnstbl aufltt4. enf afl med
icines ar useless which do sot possess th quality
sUmulaUog miV todlrcharie Its tmpUrKie. Into the
bovls. .BBAKSBATa's Su-is iwamahU quality ,
hlih decree, and should b. m every family I Thay ar
tqaatly e.fat for ehlMren and sduibvagaptad to both
sexes, and ar ,s toweentas breaa.yei wcawscTrvi
as a xmcm.C a ' ,w ri ...!;( 'j
..The Ha.tJok Beyers, ol ApriBgviUe. laawrue.
toDr.Brandreth.ataaerdatawf Maydl, 1801.
"I bava'uaed ?oaf Irttluahl. TagetaMe JTpkrernl
PilU in my family iuoe lfcOS; they hare always cured,
hh whan nthrtr meeieiaa. Mil i no wtbir a
been th. mean, of Wfneigribet. using nunurena oi ooi
u mawtk. .ml J Am aiiafled ther .hare reeeiYed
Uiouaand per cent, rubteaaed healtrt, throngl) their Be
They ar. used la this region for BHIwi and liver JJiS
eaies, fever and Ague, and all AeomatlCcaa. with
moat iierfectaacceiia. In fot,ttcy are the great rail
no to sickness, and I Vruityonr y.enerable life may J
loog spared ttopreartBxoaienj n.my
' flease awgniio, ji.v 17 .. -y
R.ld b Joun B. Cooa, Druggist, Columbssk ad
allraspaetahledaalarska atadMtoeev ,n,.t .1i)(
llylMawlmo. .".mwj un u ... ..-
k-1 uu ; psOrrAT'a B.Srt la,EiJ.crt.l
' .': la all eass of eosUveness, dyspepsia, Mfltoua and Bvi
affeailens, pile, jtweaaltasaii fcwitii aguaa, !sl
aaU head ache, and all general daajiawajeaasothealth
thas PHUBhrrariabty lP"a"" aiapaaay
nmedy. A slngts trlaljrjrtJace Ve ).l'Pm' beyond
th reach afeompeUtion, ln;ithS asUmaUonofavery pa
Uant. f i fi 'f rT t-i1 ,V ft
Dr. Moffat's rhc.aU Bitters wlU bs fsaad equally at
tcaaleat B allaaaasof aaatdeailUr, epia, head
aeha, (he ViasuelaeBt efealet tn d.lloat health,
and every kind .waarnra. m ana aigeaHT organ.,
far sal by Dr. W. B- MOIIAT, 33$, Broadway, M. Y.
BBdbyallP.'rWte.. :7 . ataygH-dAwly
j r ThatniiifTWiiJSP ib ma wxaaot iron,
le'tiey wflifanbV ha ?. A".S".. Bolma, paster V ft
PlMTtciat-Buratt BapUst Oharcn, Brootlyn, JI,:,J.,to
itiatoarnat and MMenr,',tilclBfa&0aBdaaka
Tolnme. Infaror (if tint wofjilrenownei medicine, Mas
amsuiw'a BooTpta btbct ro cnMW Tstthiiwi f
"Wm aaa aav aaVefrthmeht "In 'yottr 'colu'mjis' bf Bu
fnnuv'i BooTitisa Branr. . Now a herer said word
ia feor of a patent edtciabefose In our Ufa, bnt
(aal aom pallud to say to four readers that this Is np boat
oLAtau. it Is probably one of tha moat soroessful medt
aloes of th day, because it I. on of the beat. ' And those
of your readers who bar. babies can't do better thaa
lay in a supply." oeK7:lydW
! ii0 ttATaiii.Jii-lo annoudvi In
your pa-
oerthat inaayat tb. voUrs of ins bobhu p y
eoimty ie.tr to have Sen. Grtowold, of BhartttUowB.
-orr. ttolTi J '
Emm. OnM,4LeiAiAI:i tUjAeiKlab.UU B
f A. Q. Him., of Jackson towniblp, a canal
date r"-'splraaina.lK
Union PeiiJWfratWjhomlnatanf a6ttt imiura
A HOBS OV niBuumio.
1 ------ " ' ' i-
SHtv"T.H .fmiYfiWWfi
Monday, the 24 d'a of Septembenrxt, at 12
, :'?..? yj'o'elookM.Kurvi v:..'o J;
(or fumtahlDf lh Bteteol Onto with Fu.l, as follows:
g0,0OOBuhsls of Ooks, tp weigpuo; ,.". T.
LB. oaui,
' t tait to th. lower vein of Hocking Ooaendfrea,
i from Slate, .o anaairi. .
ths fo.l to be delivered, without charge for such d.
. . . . . s flAtHaatiita
fy the kind, quality and prle of Ml. fuel proposed to b.
fiunBhad. ' -' -n iy f-ii'.-w - f-ji? -Eaobeontraotof
IU b. requlr.4 tolv. bond., wllU
approrH ..aarlty, lurdoubla Iha amoont of lua oon
traol. eondWoBe r th faithfui a-rforaiaice -al bis
tk. hi., t tim naila and tha aaatracta to b. awarded la
aooordano. with th. terms of the act entitled "An act to
prorld. to, ., pohue of Bo.ryjFl. and oth.r
arucie. for we v. . m.
paned March 11,. 1853. Be Bwans Bey. Stat. 858,
Bidi to ba'tniorsed on th. ehvelof.e,.,',ropoiW lift
lUrnaullDa iiguvruwow.. - , t , y. .
t a. I furnished by th. contractor molt In an cases
ba eonal ia quality to th sempla, 21 rult via p
; .r Beor.tary of Bute,
u Colnmbus. Ohio, AngustS, 1881 dtd.
i i i ii- I
i.Vt .T . f aM!
i.a..'-aJ.a! a'ii.sail'7 nartarr'ta
Human aiarna a- ia,.
1 .M
IV .antaf the most tanroved kinds'ol Bneclaeles.
an hi fliuiH. whether for near or rar-signiea, ar
1. .nn..m mrtnx (Arm with the aTeste.1 eare.
to a. to Suit the Syea-ad all ansa., aurtog Waakaesa;
Diisloet ar InflaamatloB. iot wa jea, aam upu"i
strength for long reading v ae sjwtoll;. - -r
Unioe, 13 sail Dtaw iiiwvj. .. .
Mmle Store.
ijjoo --io r.:
; aug5-dly
nvil.vn PROPOSlU Wliili uc na
D CBIVBD at th. ,Pffie,.Xihe,BMrtlrj fif . Btata,
Until ., ..... r ... l,nT.S.;l
Monday, the Ci day of iSeptembea at
, 1. t. . (.',.. . " -noon,'' 1 1 .: V,'"
for furni'thlng paper" for the ussof ths 8Ut.:o'f tfh,Ws
follow! . . . ., ..yf-
a 'nnn Cm.' rinnkla Simer BoialPrlntUiB Paper, 27 k
'"yy. . z r .... v.i mi - . .ki
by 4,1 loches. to weign not wai iuu yo
I0O Beams Double TIat O.p, 16 y 87 laehes, to' weigh
ioo Beams Brochure Cover Psper, assorted colors, W
ao laaai vtx nnunriB m I na rtarrra - - i
by K7 incBea, w weign u nau fw a vm i-.
The quantities shove named tola Increased at thstp.
(Ion of the BecrvUry of Bute. - - " f-
inj .iht ih hrioa atwhieheach Uod and oall
HMi mil ha aftsomnantea or samples i pt
t. mi h. aliinmAat tha Biata Uou ia O.loaabaa.
No tampla. of aa inferior article aead b preatatad I th
paper must be of ths best qua'ltjr,-. . ' --.i
' Tha deuvery of tha Baper Boyal and Oqver Paper to
cwimeoo. oa tha first of November sett eoialo, tod
.ontina as ta. papu suaii anum., ..
, Tb. delirery of the Doable Hat Cap to commence on
tha flrat da of December next, and continue as abors.
1 Bonds, with approved security in double Ihe amount of
the contract. wUl be required (.according to law), ecndl
finned for tha faithful Berfonnance of each contract.
VhaMda to ba made aad tb oeatracu awarded tn an
eordanc with lh. terms Of the "act to provide for th.
fa archaic of Stationery, oei, aoaotner arucwaiur ,
General Assembly aod Btata umceta, c
March U
. ... ', tJ .. OIQB. Ba.n'. Hntl. MM.
: Bid. to be Indorsed on lh envelopes, 'Tropoialt for
rnml.hlnv naor far tha State. "
, .. Bidder, ara assured that no paper will be received
nnteas 11 coniorms ia .verj rcn,v wi.m ... n.,,
ntt provision will ot ttricvy aantrta to.
- . . t ("tuviAi r. KaaaiLiH'T-
r Beoretary of Btatai
Columbus, Qhlo, August S, ItPt-dtd
' ' ' "wHIti WHEAT SWnjR (Beat Brando'.)
.IO1) 7" ,U . t as'l': r v
Prench ml9$h.Yigh-
. ' Ztnto Currait and Saiilns
I. L.i
i. i: ' . v.i
ab.-..J 5..": , rA
lor sal wholesale add aataU by v.
-JU31... -. C ..nviW gsutb High Street
c .caraarSprtaa; ifeWattr ta,
W. B. POTTS. Bl CO.,
M Manufacturer of Bras Ond OoaspostUoa flasUaga,
. . . a w war a. S .11 IW..tlnaia
' Jllllinejej DTawSV uwursa. m tiiJVwainMiir -ti.
feblHil-dly v-.
'WJA'BateheWV.Hai Dll f
. Tl!MJrMlrDyBhMaaeeislrln.tanUnoas;bi
SffectBeaUtiral Black or 'Hatural BiWa no sutnlng
th akin or minting til. Hair remedies me ansa r aa
affect of Bad PJmt, and Javiforataa th hair tor Ufa
' . ... a ,
Hon ar renuin uniemsignea rr . ia. miiwwr.
BoM aveVyWBar. :.a 1 , 1 ti ,., r,.
. . , , . CHAfl. BATOHBLOR, Proprietor,
jylS:Wly . 81 Barclay Btwet, WewTofu.-
HAIR . Dt JJrHAlB . . PlXE..
. . .... VI vr.t v-t-,';
wm. A. jsaunsiora hbu a'j' vm
Tha Orbrinal tdU 1 ta the VotldT
All others ar Ber haltotkms, and should be avoided
Ifyou wish to eacap. rUle..."? ', "
GRAY, BBD OB, BDBTT HAIR Pyed rnstantly; to,
beautiful and Hatural Brown of Black, wlthoutlujury to
BatrorBUn. . , ,
awarded to Wat. A. Batchalor since BOS, Bad ever W)P:
applications hare been mad te fh Hair of bis patrons
p, hot Whs dlstlugulahed from natare, and b) warranted
riot to taiur in the least, however long It may bs oonUn
aad, and the ill effect f Bad Dyes remedied; th Hall
Invigorated tor Hf by this splendid Dye. , . ,y ,
Bold fat all cities aad towac at tha Polial,abvt. u
DmgeU and Fau(7 (Jiods Tylers, ' ; . i' i
JjjTh. Oenuine hu the name sad addreM BpM a Heal
pure engraving on four sides f each bea, of V1LLLAB
A. BAICUBLOR, ' Address .
Jyli-wly t; ... 1 Bare lay atraat. Maw Xi..i
; Baltimore Clothing, HonsK
., . r 1 rte .. . ' "i ' : 'r jt .t-,
.-, ArAOTClUBS aw W"otJFVJH,".
1 .w?nrwi;BBTli l.?
-mrt U J AI.TinatB. ti.J
s. Vr.- g , A i" t- r ' 1 1 Ftw
AlAtrf 'AaaorTAtnt ot Flow an Turnlsalnji
4 'L wood rMUtatJ,!!, Baadl vsa
Octasdlyv. ii I,-,;, ... ,m .
I' I l I. 1 I "I
ITTeffl(.ftroawaj Mew Tortt Clty aud
PAaon'BDtiJll,ColruBbuB,Ohlo. ' frta
JJjOarefttl attention paid to Collections.
N..rr r. .1 -rr
BMU & son,
A R"J10W.: V.iv.iin Dreat Goods at 8X, value
WOO yards KnglUhB
Ureal Goods tlSf,
va'u. SOcti. '
ran. at IMM, vaia. w
90IA t
ardt rs i
d 1mm at 10. nlu. 1
Dren Bilks at 37. value 50 aeBls.
lard. IZt PUt. Bliei at' 01 00- ! '
u toeir T.i. , ! , BAIt 0K, -t , I l
Elegant Lace:
. . - : .'' I,. Li.-li- ami '
HATEfuit opened an invoica m a-
handrom., i , -. ( . 7.1,: 'i'. ' ' .
Wideenc Laces for Shawls,. v.
Very Deep French Flouncing Laoes.
Keal Threadj, French, Cfjknlllla.a Genevese
Valenoiennee, Point de Gore, Bruwels
and THreaa Laoes find fjouan,
! . , V . V r ,' "! In new Shapes,
j For trarering. '
Traveling Dress Goods.
Th beat and Baasl faahloaabla styles In tb city,'
. B0 -
leM ,' P Boath High Street! ?
.'.i'i j i 1 11 i'
t1 fto;
,:-v-i.l .
r Produce,'
Foreign. ind Jomestic Liquors. ..
. .. jtjruiis, eic. etc.,
No.;10ijf:South High Street, - -
ijbeoldsUnd recently occupied by.WM. McDONALD
.f!XAAl'M t t ; .1 i
. . He la to dally receipt of ,
; 'i '.'Tniichhewmsell" -x
Cbeap for Cash or Coliittry Produce.
jt? floods delivered to City trade free ot charge cOI
I No. 106,; South High Street,
' "' .DSAtER'm!''' ''
-Poreigri dria' Domestic Fruits,1''
v l 0 u r a Ta l t . 1 l i a u o r s , e t c.
11I4-' - , : f. ' 1 ' " I
Bteam etweeri ' Ireland and America.'
Th. followlnt new and maniiflorat flrtt-claai paddle- .
wheel Steamabips eompo. th. above line:
ADRIATIC, 5,883 tons burthen, ' Capt, J. Maoav
',' (formerly of the Collins Line.)
HIBERNI1, .' 1,400 tons burthen. Capt. H. PaowsB.
COLOMBIA -.4W) ,," ,. " . H.A.WTOB.
Liial T, . .
, BicaouoB.
2 600
3,M0 " " ' , J.Waibbb.
One of tha abov. ship will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Uaiway, ear
th a-OTernmeni snaiw, vmcnmf aa p,. iwnw,
Tha Htaamers irf this line have been eonstrueted with
the greatest care, under th supervision of the govern
ment, bav. water-tight compartment, and are unexcel
led for comfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
They are commanded by able and experienced officers,
and every exertion will be made to promo te the comfort
of passenger. 1 "'V L '.'L' ' '-"
1 An.experleneed Surgeon attached to each ship. -
rr,. .- BAtEH OP PASIAOE. '"i S.L
Plrst-class N, T. or Boston to Oalway er Liverpool I0fl
Becond-olaa. . V (1 . -, , J '!' . 1 J -i . W
rint-claas. M vf I . to 81 John's 35
Thlrd-elaae, 4tJi ' 1 ' " to Oalway or Liverpool .
eranytowalo Ualaad, on a Hallway, - -. - 30
Thlrd-olaae paieaafera are liberal ly supplied with pro
visions of th. beet quality, awkad and served by the ser
vants of tb Company. , , , ,
v BETCttl; tlCEEl'S.
Parttes wishing to send for their friends from th. old
country oaa obtain ticket, from any Iowa oa a railway, in
Ireland, er from the principal el ties of Bngland and Ooot
land. at vary low rates. . i
PaaseDgars for Sew Tork, arrrvTng hy ths Boston
Steamers, wfll bt forwattled to New Tork free of charge.
lor passage or farther Information, apply to "V w
t o-.n aa. U. WIOKHAM,
At th otBov pf 111 etBpaBy, ea th wharf, foot of
uanai street, new 1 ont. -
sprlllHU5in - , iTA lii l 'iA
U it ter f y T"..) ei 1 .'
, ,(jio..,w 5pirxs ,Hiaa , $mvt,,
1,000 yards Saner Plata Black Silk at $1 00 vslas
tp.yd. , .;zf;l::,,t,,
tiSOO yards Traveling Dreis and Maatl. Goodi tt
IS 1 eenta-valu 80 sent psrysrd..
3,000 yards Whit Brllllantes at 12 I8 eenis
Ttlu Oeents per jard; - - r .
1.000 yards' BtualaBtl bomestU tjlnghamt greatly nn
itoajaiQm BAA20IarAt,v!I,
., . aaaTiiH 8ASzbkolumiAa, .
LAWlfl, CaLXCOXS, . f OPllKB, (
New and Taalxloxiable Droaa Gtootl
In th moat deal table style, and at very loetrS prices.
Of all materials, snad bt th most stylish amatMlt after
th. latest Paris Paahioni th mast elegant styles In
thi ty. Jm-?Z-'-
r.,ni . .r. ,;-,BAIlf As BON,
, ..may 30." Seuth nigh street .
USHIOH AiAftkUilKO, se
pi 1
'1... .'' 'werki.i AlArii
1.1. Ael (t-de
ttrh.i. aaHil'a.t.
1 WtlU Obacked of superior quality
quality. PoraaatbKt
iKa, & Muth High
V t

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