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. Th A Jama Ei Dress tamrjMY.plaee M
under obligations to It for lhTry latest pspers
r.M ll.A A..aAn nUlM ' 1l'' '
' Tbo American Express Company has our
Ibonks for 1m dally favors in the shape of the
very latent eastern payer' . t ,..; -. . ,
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
' Notice la hereby given fo the Union Demoo
racy of Franklin county, to Weet on Friday,
August 30, 1861, between the hours of lArs and
iw o'clock P. M, in the townships, and, it end
tight o'clock P. M-, in the Warp's, si the uioal
plaoee of holding electiona (excepting Norwich
townihip, wbioh will be held at Bchofield's
School House, and the Fourth Ward at Gayer '
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegatci to attend the Conn,
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, Jn.the
city of Columbui, on Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 1861, at ten o'clock A. M., for the par
. pose of putting In nomination two Repreienta
tivesln the coming Legielatureooe Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner,' one County Commissioner,' and one
Infirmary Direotor. - -i., .
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and townihip will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominato a candidate for Senator and Judge for
tbia district. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed here
after. ; .' :
The following it the number of delegates al
lotted to each Waid aud Townihip, baaed upon'
the vote cast for Supreme Judge in I860, allow
ing one for eaoh fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five vote! 10 cast.' "
1st Ward,
. Hamilton' Tp
2d "
3d "
MlUin ; "
Waahington "
Madison 1
5th 13 Blendon " 3
Montgomery To. 6 Norwich . T 3
Truro " 4 Jeffereon r " . i . 4
Prairie " 3 Jaekeoo ". - 6
Clinton " 3 Sharon , " VS
Pleasant " 3 Franklin " ' ' 5
Brown ' 1 Plsin " 4
Perry 4
Wat. Domioan, Jacob Rbinhabd,. . i
Sam'l Doth,
Ami. Thompson,
II. W. Mima,
Wm. Cooria. ' 1 '
John M. Pooh,
J. Bolin,
R. Pick mil, -Jambs Hoslochb,
H. S. High, '. ' v
County Central Committee.
All three months' men of Co.'i A, B and G,
3d Regiment 0. V. M., are notified to meet at
Montgomery Halt, corner of High and Gay
streets, in this city, on Thursday, August I5th,
1SC1 , at 8 o'cloek A. M., for payment. . . , .
Capt. Co. G, 3d Regt. 1
Columbus'; Aug. 13, 1861.-2,
1 V
Tax . Edindcjioh Rivbw fob Jolt. This
number of the Edinburgh opens with an elabo
rate essay on "Popular Education In England."
This is followed by an article on the "Literary
Romaini of Albirt Dusir," the great German
painter, ho flourished in the fifteenth century.
Several recent works upon late researches re
lating to ancient Carthage and its site, are re
. viewed in an interesting article.' The literary
reador will be pleased withjthe remarks upon,
and tbo extracts from tbo novels of Fibmaw
Caballibo, a nom dt plume adopted by n recent
Spanish authorise of distinguished ability.
He will be equally gratified with the review of
Watson's Life of the celebrated Greek Profes
sor Poison, as well as with the article on the
"Countess of Albany, the last Stuarts and
Alfierl." '
The second volume of Buckle's "History of
Civilization in England," .undergoes a sifting
aud searching criticism, and an endeavor is
made to discredit many of bis facts relating to
'the history of Scotland, as well as to dispute
his conclusions from admitted facts.
The remaining articles are "Do'Chaillo's
Researches in Equatorial Africa," and 'jChurch
Reformation in Italy." The' latter article
concludes with a brief, but eloquent tribute' to
the memory of Count Cavoub. '
The American publishers of the' Edingburgb
Review, are Leonabo Scott & Co , New York.
The price is $3 a year, or with Blackwood $5.
HT There are said to be between four and
five hundred three months' volunteers in Cin
cinnati, who have not yet .reoeived thiir pay.
Their complaints are loud and grievous. They
eay: "If weoan't get our pay for three months,
how oaq we expect to get It fpr three years?"
They have arranged for a meeting to-day - on
the corner of Fourth and Hammond streets, to
take measures to obtain their just dues,' "
ILT Night before last, the thirsty earth , was
watered by a fine rain, and (he heated atmoa
phere Stirred and oooled' by frequent gusts of
wind. Yesterday, it was oloody, oool and pleas
ant a welcome change from the hot days that
had afflicted ui einoe August madeita advent.
Thua, changes come over us,.to diversify and
cheer our pathway throogh 'this vale of smiles
and tears
" S3" Our market wai finely stocked yesterday
morning with blackberries, green coin, tomatoes
and other fruits and vegetables.. ; People should
not fail to make use of theee thlnga, so pleat
ant and salutarj at this season o( tbe'year; " ;
O, The secession Lieutenant-Colonel Tvlbb
is to be transferred front, lbs" Newport, Kyi
Barracks to Fort Lafayette, nTsar. NW rdr.!
ST Hon. Thomas F. Mabsmall Is eoaftoM
to his bed at Newport, Kj.? hv conseqneacs of
an arm broken In fallinc down slalre." ' c
Thb Nbw CoMrAHT-We nndentaod that 14
U Capt. M. P.' Macii.tR who is getting, up a
company of recruit for the war) at the room on
the east side of High street, two doors north of
Rich street. . Lieut. A. G. Sharp is the' Re
cruiting Officer. . The Captain nod' Lieutenant
are both well qualified for the work . thef Pte
undertaken, snd wo have ne doubt they will
soon organise a first rats company. , , We cordl
ally wish tnem soccese, '"'" ! ,,..t ,tn.
WAtMMiLORii Paning . Chaubi 'WasU
ma's, on State street, yesterday,', we noticed
eomn very fine watermelons In front of his es
tabliahment. Give Charlst 1 a call tar get
some of his fine ; melons, Thiy -ar Jqst the
thing to nse in tne not and sultry, month ol Ae
Fini PiACHts. Oar Old "friends,- LtirDraaw,
i & Co., tt Amio's old; iiand havs'on
hand large, .lot, of ,loicIou:'peDhM.j''Tht
peach Is the king of fruit. Gallon Lmoiiuii.
Erzi k Co.7 aid lr? 6eaehW1nnsy-trf
V Capt. Cottib's Artillery Company, from
RftTtana, MdTfJ y C?p i yej'y.
j-i.iriL i:-.acjf&.ir.i Mifc tt awn i
At Kennedy's Will bt found the latest la
ne of Harper'l Weekly and prank Leille'i
Illuitrated Newipaper, The IHustratloos of
wjir acenee la eaoh are unusually largo and Im-
ptive. Kemnbdv baa alio Juit received ho.
17 ef the Rebellion Recofdtn4 lteat nuni-
ber if other popular paper and periodicals., j
1 i
Twentt-Fibjt Pai ,Orr. Paymaster
Tinea yesterday finished paying off the three
monthi' men. biloagUig. to the ..Tf eftty-flrit
Regiment, Col. Nobton, having distributed
among them ove fifty' thoaeanetjdoUari. tfi
'CP At Pleasant Valley, on Saturday next,
tbo 47th lost., a grand plcnlo will be given as a
reception to the Valley Goariiii ?apt, HaYM'.
tT Lieut. Hazmrrj. SVAilete bo Colonel
of the 'Forty-first Regiment, to be organized at
M J" llfu'l ... .M ,i,V. -iJJ .. H. ....
Cleveland. . .
- i i .. in i ' ,i. i ,
Col. CiiurioTON'i CMr.-J-Thle mmp Is
about font mi lei north of the olty oa the Wor
thlngton road, and ii called , CempTbomair
Beilde the Colonel'i Marquee, there are already
pat p between fifty and ilxty teota. We learri
that from S50 to 300 soldiers are already en
camped there.- ! - . rnc . -.u.
- m , ; , , : v r. in.
ID" It U said that the comet. If ttill visible
near the tail of the Great Bear
ST W understand that all but four men of
Captain BoabsaU'a company of cavalry have
determined to re-enlii t.
tJ There are now 1,700 volunteers at Camp
Dennieon, actively drilling for the war. ' .
Rail Road Time Table.
LtTTL Hum t Okldiuui tt Xnru . Jt.' ".' "
k IiHTN. , . irriveS.
Olaeianatt lnnwrnUtlon. 4:00 A. M, . 4t.9:10 P, to.
Kidkh 11:40 A. M. II Mi A. u.
Wall ana AooonmodaUon,. S:10 P, M,. . . ..S:00 P. M,
MtabtXxprw via Dy ton. 12:00 midnight " 8:20 A.1 U.
wight ltpnN.... M . M. i. 1:15P. Mi
Nw TorkExprcM 11:10A.M. 10:50A.M.
, U.U. Wr liprew.... x:w r. m i n iiw r. a.
OatnaAL Ono R. B. . . t '. 'I V t "t
Ma. 3 Ixptm 3: A. M. ., 11:25 A. M.
Mo. & da 8:15 P. M. 11:15 A.M.
- '. ,.''' W J. fn Agent.
Prmiciiai, Ooumin k. CmcnoiiTl S. K. : '
Kail Tnta 1 SO A. M. 11:33 A, M.
xprai Train ....11.25 A.M. 8:45 P.M.
Jot. Koio, Agent.
OoLDMlri a trroumrotn. B. M. - - - .-.-i . ut
(Ooi.oiiivi riqea a Ihdiaju B. B. ) ' ,
Ho. 1 txDttm..'.,, (:30 A. M. , ' 9:90 t, M
Mo. 9
3:00 P. M. ' "" 7:10 P. M.
'JO.W A. Mi
O. W. Bmitb, Agent.
' Mailt for New York Olty. Boiton, Albany, Buffalo,
PltUbargh, StenbenvllU way, Olmlaad, ZaneiTtlle,
Newark, OruiTille, Waining ton City, ValUaon, Pbilv
eolphl an Hew Orleaaa, eloot lUill (guudiyt except
ed) at 8 o'olook p. a.
A through nail for Now York and Olovoland oloiei
dllj (BonOAyi excepted) t 8 o'clock p. m. .
0. 0. AO. R. K, Way )iaUlMS dally (Bandayi ex
ooptoll) at t o'cloek p. m. " ' - J - -
Central Ohle Way iUildoaMdaib; (aandayi excepted)
at 10 o'olook a. n.
OloelnnaU Way Hall clooei dalljr (8mulaj exoepteil) at
o'clock a. n. . ...
Obtoafo, Dubnqae, Delawxre, kfarion' aaet Worthlnir
toa Balls Horn dally (Soadayi exoopMd) alS 'olock
Mailt for Tenia, Bprinrfleld, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, L4iorUlo, St. Loal and Detroit,
cloooa daily (Sandayi oxooptod) a 8 oolock p. a. --
AUiroogh mall to Xoota, BprlnfSoM mat (Jlaolanatl
cloeei dally (Snndaya exoopted) at 10 o'clock a. n. . -
Urtana, Flqaa, Ilffin and Doloa Olty atall olooei dally
(Bandayi oxoepted) at S o'olook p. x. -. n
Lancattor, Logan, NaUonvllle, Clroterillo, OUUkotho,
Portamontb, WaahUgton 0. H-r Athena, Marietta and
Hlllaboronih mails don dally (Sundays oxoepted) at 8
o'clock p.m. "
Kaat Way Hall by National Boad to Zanerrillo oloses
dally (Bandayi oxoepted) at U o'olook m. - r
Harrlibnrgh Malloloooi dally (dnndayi exoeptad) at 3
o'olook p. m. - - .
alt. Vernon Mall, by way of Westervtlle and Banbury,
olooto daily (Handayi excepted) at U o'clock p. m. ,
Dnblln Mall olooei dailyCBundayl exoeptedjat 3 o'clock
p. m. ,
Lanoaiter Way Mail close dally (Bandayi excepted) at
o'clock p. m. ' A' .
' Mailt from New York. Boston. Philadelphia, Buffalo.
Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenix,
Detroit. Borinrteld, Cincinnati. Oblllloothoi BW Louis,
and all Southern oltlet, arrlTi betireen the hoars of V
o'clock p. m. and 4 o'cloek a. it. . i . . J ,r '
Mailt from Indianapolis, vnicaao and pabnqai arms
at 3:40 a.m. ..... .-
Mail! from Waihuikton Cltv. Baltimore. Wheeling,
laneeTllle, Newark, Btoabenvlilo, Mt. .Vernon, and the
. o. U.K. Way MM Watt-ire at w o'clock m. .-,;(,
Way Mail from. Cincinnati arrlTIl at S o'clock', p. ml
Lancaetor Mail arrives at 8 o'clock p. aa.
Matt Way Mail over the NaUonal Boad arrives at 1 1
O'clock a.m. - . ..
Mt. Vernon Way MailerrtTet at 11:00 o. m. ' 1C1
Mall from Dublin arrives at Hi o'olook .,
Crbana Way Mall arrival at o'clock p. m.1 .
Uarriabaigh Mail arrivoa at 11 o'clock a. m . h. , -, A
Lanoatltr Way Mall arrives at 13 o'clock m, '
Office dallvarv OMn oren dav fiMnt Bnnilavl from
1 o'clock a. m. to 6 o'olock p. m. Open on Sundays
from 7X to fl o'clock in the morning, and from 5 to 6
in tbe ,- A t . - -
The Publio !Worto pf Ohio.
OrrHi or m Law an or m Poaiia Woiks.I ,
OoLOMiot. Jano 13. 1861. I '
TUB andentined having beoomo the Leuee of the
1 Public Works of Ohlo,.under the not of May 8, ltWl ,
and harlot; entered into the poeaesaion of said Works,
hereby io notira tttat (n operating; under aaid lease,
and diechargtoc U -r duties under ihS same, ths botl
neotwillbe traatec.. . "-tia. lie Job)la through agents
appointed by ths hum.-, undertook rules, reguluions,
reatrietioni and .limitations, aa shall be prescribed fpr,
ineir government. W 'i.. . , : . . d,
Ihoos Anate for the arSaent, will Oontltt of dm uen-
lmlAgent.a Troaauroraod Secretary, forth Central
Urn oe or tne liOteeet at uoiumoui, ana tne ntcouary
number if lunorlntendeata of Kepalra and Oolloolors of
Tolls oa tbo several Works embraced in the leate.
Who Oenenl A rest nhall be the principal encntlrl
officorof the Letaeoa, and shall havo charge of the geo-
oral baalneao office atOolnnbua. He shall have super
vision over the basinets of the beaten with the public,
and at such agent shall ezeonte all eontracta, exoept
taeee ror labor and material oonaootea wito tne ordina
ry repairs of the soviral Works, and ho ahall audit and
ettlo all aeeeantt.
The duties of tbs Treararer ana seorstarv shall be
snoh as an ainally discharged by similar officers In other
Vha Bnoorlntandontl of EeDalrt shall. Oil their n.
specttv dttialoaa, bare power to employ and diachargi
all subordlnatea and laborers, and to parcharo all tools
and materials nooeaaary in the ordinary repair of such
fUvlilon, and the same shall be under their special dl
reetton and management. "
Tbe Ooiltotors of Tolls, Water Bents sad line, r
hveated with all the authority and power, provided in
tbo lawi of the State ana the regulations or ins noara
of Public Works, made for that purpose, when such Col
lectors acted under appointment ana aamcwiy irom tne
8 No'tndlrldual member of the' litateia' shall 6Te the
right to trail tact business in the name of the Leasees,
Itb any person or persona, In any other meaner than
through the appointed agenta, aakaa specially authoris
ed by the Lottos so to do; nor ahall any on of the ap
pointed agent bar authority to transact any basinets
kf Ih name of tbo Leasees, except in the particular
breach of the bendneaaoonnoed to him, and subject to
tne retincuons ana nauiauone ar ni eg aacy. , -No
outhorltv aa taorrnw mnn.v dii iha credit of the
tSaites, ahall over oaitt In sny Letaeo, agent or other
employee of the Lessees, nnleas th same shall be
lerrea by a anantmous rot of th Loaeees, at a regular
meeting, and the amount af suthcriaod to bo borrowed
speeinea in too oraeraoa entered on the Journal.
Oao. W. UtitkT la the. Oeneral Agent of tbe
LKeaBnWAU,Ji.;, JUitb, 1TreasueTJ,..indJ Jobs
Th superintendents or jwpnirl ttV. ' " '-'"
On the kt. t M. Canal and W.lkk. Koafl Jotars
Ooorsa, laoMii Bdows, wm, 4. Jaoaaoa and Asuta L
Baoaoa. '
On the Ohio;' WalhohdTng and Boektnf Osnsls and th
Muskingum Tmprovemat-Bosa-t H. o, Tgmaas
Milub, DsKSia MoOaaTBT, StLvaatmr kauut and
1dwa Ball. i. i-.---; "u -lr -
Th Collectors on the Canals, Maakingam Tmoror-
ment aad Haaae Boad, ai tbe ana thai were U the
aorrtcssf ths Slat at th Urn of th ckocuUon of the
Loasei but all the aforesaid agum Bom men appoint
annual tbo ptoapar 4 option of lM.e..;3Jjg
' iiMm.n utnnisv ' -
a aij ( ' .'
! Jli-d3UW3w?hT
s 5!"jT 1 ,. for tne inoxani hum
i Tl n,'IBJUSWt fJfjBloflBi
tsesnng oosaplalai ass .
i'i . '
JUolkyOMt; BBTllOini St Oa.,107 Waota tH t, y
' Trio ai per M ami tn by post.
rot tAL a; gtAA.li pjeTaim.
, sJtVWfw
Parson Brownlow's Paper Suppressed
—The Union Cause in Tennessee.
Louisvilu,. August 18. A paaaenger bi
arrived from Richmond, who pealed ttlroogh,
Knoxvillo on .Friday. He reportt that Genf
Zolliooffer,et the bead of Tenneeseo troope
there, hao iiuppreieed Parson Prownlow'o Knox
vine whig. y ' ;V-v:t-M-
The' Lonliville Bulletin pubUabee a letter
elgned W. J. Dewey, New Orleans, addressed
to hli oouiId,' F. A. Crocker, New Tork, asking
If be (Dewey) could get employment there and
snaakinor dianartiilnKlv of future proepects In
New Orleans.- Tills letter vaa intercepted by
the millUry authorities of Memphis end retard
ed to tn authorities of New Orleans, who com
mitted Dewey to jail and declined taking ball
for bis appearance r r . ,- ( :,v.
' The Richmond Examiner of the 8th fays ths
Confederate Congress on Tuesday, considering
the bill for public defense, encountered an 111
timed division of nublia opinion. - The bill
doee n't orovlde for a lew of forces, but as
thorises the President to call out the militia in
conformity with tbe act of the 16th of Maroh,
, ana to acoept volunteers not exceeuicg iuu.uw
t Tbo Norfolk Herald, of tbe 7tb, says the S.
P. Whitney, and another Boston iteamer, came
to Newport News on Sunday, and on Monday
nrooecded to sea. with their decks filled with
trOODS. . -' . 1 : . : 1 ' .. I
The correspondent ol tbo Richmond Dispatch
says, two hundred and forty negroes have been
sent from Fortress Monroe to Cuba, and advo
cates the admission of negro testimony to show
what parties etole these negroes. . 1
,,Tho Cleveland,; Tennessee, Banner, of the
9tb, eaya that Edwards, who declared he would
not swear to support tne uooieaerate constitu
tion, was elected from Bradley county to the
House by five hundred and ninety-eight major
ity, and that of the nine members In Lower
East Tennessee, three are Union men.
The Athens, McLain connty, Poet says, that
several companies of that county are organized
to resist Tennessee's becoming a member of tbe
Confederacy, and hopes the rumors are without
ionndatlon, as the county tnrew a aectaea major
Ity for tbe Southern Constitution. '
Another Secession Sheet Suppressed.
Banoob, Maine," Aug. Jl. At one oolock
this afternoon, the Democrat, a secession' sheet,
was cleared out, by a largo number of people.
During an alarm of fire, a crowd entered tbe
office, cleared it of everything It contained, add
burned the contents in tbo street, . Mr. Emory,
the editor of the paper, escaped unharmed.
A man named Jones, who made some demon
strations in opposition to the acts of the mob,
was badly used, but was finally rescued and pot
in jail.-,- . 1, -
The Baltimore Military Occupation
v. New Tobk, Aug. 12. In the case of the
Baltimore Police Commissioners, a writ of at
tachment was issued to day against Col. Burke,
for bis appearance to show cause why ho should
not be held for contempt of court, in reiusing
to deliver the prisoners upon a writ of habeai
Report says that, at the bank meeting to-day,
a molt cordial feeling was manifested towsrd
the Government, and the proposition was made
that New York, Philadelphia and Boston should
subscribe for the whole loan of forty millions,
and to have optional preference for award ol
like amount in Ootober, the Secretary of tbe
Treasury being recommended to withhold the
lBSue ol small notes tor me present.
News from Gen. Lyon.
FbaIikun, Mo.; Aue. 13. From Mr. WeUs,
the messenger from Bpriogfleld to Col. Wyman,
at Rolls, we learn tbo following additional
ttemi of news from that point :
The time of tbe 1st iowa Keeiment expires
oa Wednesday, but they are determined to re
main with Uen. iiyon nutii tne issue is decided
In that quarter. ' '
Aocording to information received from pi is
oners, deserters snd scootfe, tbe forces of the
enemy number about 21,00(7, Their main body
is still encamped on Wilson's Creek, but their
advance guard of cavalry is posted four or five
miles nearer.
Various methods have been resorted to by
Gen. Lyon to draw their cavalry into an engage
ment, but without success. It is thought by
some that the rebels are waiting reinforcements
from Arkansas.
Gen. Lyon baa so brtifioatioas or entreueh-
mente, but is abundantly supplied with ammu
nition and provisions, and the shop in Spring
field is employed day and night making cannii
ter ibot. - Nearly all tbe women and children
have been sent out of the place.
Col. Montgomery's, Kansas Keeiment was
within easy calling. ' ' ' "
A Railroad Conductor Shot by the
JspriBsoN Cirr, Anir. 13. Fred. - Whipple.
condnotor, was shot this morning at McGirk's,
six miles this side of California, while conduct
Ins a train of U. 8. soldiers. He was fired at
by some one concealed iq the woods. , The shot
took eneot in tne breastr . .
Major Moore, with detaobment of the Irish
Brigade, ; arrived from Syracuse this evening.
bringing in 23. prisoners captured at George
town, Heath's Creek, and in tbe adjacent coun
try; meet of tnem were taken with arms in tnur
bands on their way to join Magoffin. . : ' . '
The foroes sent from here have been unable
to find either Barnes or Magoffin's camp. -.v
The country la swarming with guerrillas, who
appear to be emboldened by tbe news rocelved
front ths south-west of the advance of the Con
federates."3 -a-it. j. ''.'MiTiiwi-;
Dispatches from Washington.
Washington. August 12. The slleeed semi.
official announcement in the Richmond papers
that Admiral Uundas inlands to taka his Meet
Into Charleston, regardless of President Lin
coln's blockade, is of no practical significance,
even if the statement is true, for the . war ,ves
eleof any nation with which we are at peace.
have a right to enter oar ports notwithstanding
the , blockade, whioh . ii intended to ; operate
against the commerce of the disloyalists.- ,. .
A number ot tne most aistinguisnea army
offloers in Europe, particularly in England and
ranee, nave tendered weir services to tne
United States) bat it is not known that any of
them Will he accepted. ' - -;v-i--.-,
The War Department bas been busy since tbe
adjournment of Congress, preparing for distri
bution Of the laws enacted for the regulation of
tbe army. ' : " ' v' ' . -
Nearly ail tbe commissions lor the Offloers of
the army, provided for by the late increase, have
been made out.- The labor has been great.
(Herald's Dispatch.)
General Robert Andereon arrived aero this
evening.' . He seems to be in very poor health.
- Several weeks sgo one of our Consuls abroad
expressed the opinion that Garibaldi would visit
this country ana command a column of Union
forces If the present crisis of the Government
would Indicate that his Services were needed.
There being no official information on tbe sub
ject, of course ths President could take no offi
cial action, out it is unaerstooa mat ne .bas
taken measures to ssoertain if Garibaldi would
accent a command if offered to him, and if so.
baa authorised parties to express to him tbe
great gratification it would afford the Presi
dent to witness his return to the United States,
and sse him at the bead of a column of our
:, On Saturday, Lieut. Bodd, commending tbo
steamer Resolute, cleaned out one of the rebel
depots on the Potomac It has been known for
some time that Herring Creek, on tbe Mary
land slds, and M&cnadocn vreeK, opposite, on
the Virginia side, were the depots for Mary lead
recruits to the rebel army in VlrgisiaJ ' '
The Resolute, having spproaohea within 3uU
yards of the shore of the creek, was fired on
with musketry.- A ooat was immediately low
ered tnd Lieut. Budd, with 13 men, landed.-
Tbo rebels fired at their approach, and were
pursued for a mile, but made their escape.
t Papers containing Important information were
round. The buildings were destroyed, snd ten
contrabands found en the premises were brought
away. After leaving the creek. Lieut. Budd
learned from the negroes that there were 300
of the rebels concentrated at the Hague, about
Ave miles back from the river, and that their
ferry boat was about three quarter of a mile
np too creek. Meeting tbe schooner Dana, be
took her run and crew iDea ths Resolut. and
placing the negroes in- charge of iwo men- of
th Dana, ks went np the creek and caotnred a
large boat, eapable of canting' 85 or 30 sterl,
but saw nothing of th rebels. ,-'
'' After reporting to commander Craven, tbe
Utter siut sj) cxpeon, lift, night Io. Herring
Creek, Mod a numbe of boat were captured
there. Theriebele are evidently brd pressed
for trrovtaionj, and are taking nil tne gram uoo
naioe on thh river toi army purpww.
I' a sntKa d.nnvarriment lolerk, v . r lowers ,
wis; axrflsted yesterday en rvnte fof Richmond,
oa too cbarkefof being a ipf foi- thrrebele. t
Of fite cargoes of ice from Boston due on
Theraday, but ono has arrlred. It Is reported
that tmn h fallen into rebel hands on the
- Ex-Coneressman 8omers,.of Maine, is to be
appointed Governor of Utah;
Ex. Minister Faulkner in Jail.
Wisumnrnu. Anvv 12. Er Minister Faulk
rks aa arrested to-day and conveyed to jail by
order of tbe War Dspartmcnt. lie is not per
mitted to bold conversation, or correspond with
frlends.7 A formal sxsminatioo ef ia ease Fill
loon take place. a v '
Lieut, Col. Tyler to be Sent to New
[Special to the Commercial Advertiser.]
' "WASHinaTON, Aueust 12. The Government
has sent ordrs to Cinoinnatd, dlreoling that
Lieut. Co!.' Tyler of the'rebel hrmy, who Was
arrested in that city a few' days slnoe1, shall be
sent to New York for detention at Fort Lafflj-
[Special to the Commercial Advertiser.] The Zouaves Disbanded Preparatory
[Special to the Commercial Advertiser.] The Zouaves Disbanded Preparatory to Re-organization.
Alkxandbia, Angosl 13. The Fire Zouaves
Struck their tents ana left lor new jarx to-uay
where they will be disbanded preparatory, o reorganization.-"
;' ' ttj 1 . . j 1-fl 1. MJ, ijH",
No rebel troops have been seeo near -MotTDt
Vernon! for two weeks. Capt,'. Kennedy and a
company of 1U0 men on Thursday crossed the
river and went to Lorett-rville. They found
about 130 of Stewart's Relief Cavalry'. there
which they routed,, killing, Lieutenant and
wouodine five meoi '' They inhabitants of JLou-
don county are mostly Unionist and are greatly
rejoiced to be treed trora tne oppressor.
Latest from the West.—Death of Gen.
Lyon-Gen. Sigel in Retreat.
FsASKi.iM,'Mo , Au(j, 12 A messenger ffom
Spriuglield to Col. Wyman arrived at Rolla at
1 o'clock Buoday afternoon. He reports that
tbe advance guard of Gen, Lyon met the ad
vance guard ef the enemy ou Thursday and an
engagement . eneued, which resulted in driving
the rebels into tbe woodr."1 The loss en either
slue, if any,., is. not. stated, Qpr cavalry bad
taken1 up a position on the north lid of the
Little York road, with the design of driving tbe
enemy out. Two companies of cavalry went
out at 12 o'clock Thursday night Snd seized
fonr prisoners, twenty head of cattle and four
Gen. Lyon was trying to draw thercbels Into
bsetie., ...:.r.v.:ni-;v,
- 8t. Louis, Aug. 13. Rumors current on the
street, In which some reliance is placed, state
that Gen. Lyon's command' in the South-west
has been totally routed by tbe rebels: the Gen
eral bimself killed; and. that General 8igel
was in full retreat, with remnant of Federal
forces.- -. , ,,! . . ,.-
This Information Is sald fo have been re
ceived here by seceisionists last evening, the
messenger who brougbt tbe news having killed
four borsits between BprineQeld snd Rolls, in
bis haste to outstrip the,, Government meesen
ger. 1 -.K'H.t 'I v ii i, ii ... , .
It is also reported that Gen. Framcnt reoeived
dispatches about midnight corroborating the
above, but their, 0DtenU hajre nut )ct been di
vulges. Great arjxio'y is felt by the Union men here,
and most serious apprehensions aro indulged
for the safety of our army,' We will probably
get something, reliable . on d;srrija' of, the
train 10-uigui.. iat .n.i.u.t -i l.-.ii
Massachusetts Bankers.
ToM,'Asgust 13. The following instruc
tions were given to the Bank Committee:
That the committee be authorized to say to
the gentlemen of the committees of .the New
York snd Philadelphia banks, that in the judg
ment of the p-entlemen who are assembled, the
banks snd bankers of Boston and the State of
Massachusetts, and its people, are- prepared
ready and willing and determined to do all in
their power in view of their duty to themselves,
their trusts and their country , to aid In suppress
ing the present rebellion, by furnishing men and
money to the utmost extent of tbelr ability, now
henceforth and forever.
Arrival from California—Garibaldi.
New Yosx, Aug. 13.-"-The Champion, from
California, brought $941,000, lii treasure. -
The Tribune publishes la the latest morning
edition a proclamstionfor a national fast on
tbe last Thursday In Deoembef, Blgned by the
A letter-fromi" Minister Fogg' States tiat
Garibaldi said that if the United States war is
for freedom, I am with you with 20,000 men.
By the Champion, Panama papers of the 3d
srs received. The flag ship Lancaster was at
Panama. The oath of allegiance was taken
with great enthusiasm by all the crew except
one. Ths St.. Mary is ordered; to relieve the
Cras on -the coast of Mexico. . Lieut. Van
Zand, of the Cyane, returned on the. Champion
on the sick list. '.: -
Ntw Yoitx. August 13 The brig Sea Foam.
from Curaeoa, reports that the privateer Sum
ter had arrived on the 17th, and was allowed by
the Governor, to coat up and rent, against the
protest ot tpa united states ionaui. , ane leit
on toe 34th. The crew bad liberty ashore dar
ing the time,' Sod raised tbe devil generally.
The United States sailing corvette Constella
tion is momentarily expected home, having
been ordered to return for the, purpose of re in
forcing tho blocksde .fleet.,
1 ,' 'i-'-" 1 1 " emi 1 1 i
Judge Catron Driven from Nashville.
LoDtsviLLE, Aug, 13. Judge Catron, of the
Supreme Court, wr last week- expelled from
Nashville by the' YffiUane Committee, because
ot bis refusal to resign tbo Judgeship. lie bas
recently been here sod was obliged to leave oil
wife in Nashville, on account of her sickness.
From Fortress Monroe.
FoxTitBs' MonroC. Ausf. 12-The event to
day bas been the arrival of .a flag of truce from
Noriolk, witn twenty two released prisonereof
war, being' mostly surgeons, captured at Bull
Run. ... : " v.: ' .;
Later from Europe.
FabtubbPoimtI Aug. 12-
from Liverpool, I bursdsy 1st, via iiondonderry
2J,pa8sed here this P. M. She hat 140,000
liaiAT bitain. 1 be American borse Starse,
woo tbe Goodwood Cup. Wizard ran second,
and Artimus, American, third. 1 , ,
Tbe Times, in a city article, asserts it will be
dangerous for England to hare anything to do
with the American loan.
Lord Elgin is SDDointed Governor General of
India,, .,.....,
Weather very fine for harvest.
Lonio.--Gold .ooptHiuod to flow Into, the
bank in large sums. Bank rate reduoed to five
aerlcent. 1 - - . -
The Piriscorrcs'ponaent'tif 8e London Josi;
lays the British Government Is Just now in In-
jmate correspondence with the r rencb Cabinet,
order that united aotion may be obiervad. la.
wards America bv sea and mod, a a eal 1 oon-
fllct is now expected. A piHeet nrJerstltnding
is likely to ba arrivea ai. - - - -
Rumors of apfobabla compromise in Ameri
ca1 re egaia gaining atrength in England
Spme ot the Londoa joursals.wejra, speeulal
log on the fate of the American loan In Lon
don The Herald city ariiele strongly discoun
tenances negotiating at snch times, end ediw
rially. expreses.i satisfaction that., captioiuness
end irritability towards England had bee aban
don4. .n tus'i -tty
,,-iAici;--pAri-nBouree ws firm; 3 per oeiit.
resto 67f85o. ' '
UvtBrooLBfeautiiffav-Market quiet but
steady.- Wakefield -fc Nash quota Fioar auiet
end steady at aiw., ,neti, macuvej kx
" . . Wirt . e .
VS 0u(giis oij wwm AuiajiMoo. icera aria;
vellOw J81 6dta29a 6J; white Sis 6J(2i32i 6d.
' rrovisions ouii. Kicnarpaon, d pence a-Qr,
and Bigland If ithyas-Beport bf, ttckj triU
fair dsnantLat Jaat quota Uoo . Pork -showa a
dowbward tendency, with slight decline.- BV
eon verv dnU ai 38(5401. A Urt kaatv f arid
sligltly declined- at 44i.'-ugar steady mA
Gotlee lnaetlve.n r: .Mnu "iavo vAiH-i
,Cotton-ali for three days, 98,000 'biles;
market firm, bat nnohaaged, with s fall de-
msndlorpflmtquaUUeiatlull preYloni ratesi
sales toi speonkttort and sxporters .amounted, to
W,000Wles.), a ; J , J s (1 ;s I T
Londps) MiBKBTyto-BreadsRius itesdf . tith it
slight lshprvemsjot America! wcat tyiraoced
1 1. Coffee las Ba.jaaqgiga tendenfy Tea
Lirilpj(HL,)Aug,2-Brad8tff Qo4 bit
steady. Wheat nas aavancsd two pr'enlal
mostly on, lower Dualities.- Provisions inac
tive. u.tLiLhjA'i aiscjAiiif
London Mabkit. Consols closed on Friday,
at .9U(91) for voaey. Thi, return of the
Bank of Eoglabd shows an, kierease' of bullion
of 476,000.' 'Thei' latest- l were:, 'Brie
hares i2627j Illinois shsres 35Q3C dis
count. I ii il l c 1 l 1 t(, u 1.1 y, 1
LiviSpom.( Aag 9 Cottoa-r-jSaWs of the
wsex. w jiuy tiaiea 1 1 so, snarset: closed firm.
but unchanged and quiet. Bales to speculators,
12.000 bales 1 to exporters, 9,600 bales. Sales
on Friday, 6000 bales the market dosing qniet
ana nnsettiea. . .. -7 m
The following are authorized Quotations: Or
leans fairJ 9t d04 mlddlinr. Mobllelfair!
o;-; ao. uiddimirt 0; usuuoda rait t mid
dling 3 16, The total stock in port is esti
mated :at 1,030,000 ,bales, f which,. 738,000
bales are Amefieanf "- j.til.'jj
Manchester advices -favorable.- Quotations
hav an advanMnff tflnrloncv.
Breadstnffs quiet and steady. 1 Wheat advaflcJl
mi v
Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, August. 12.
the weekly bank alalement shows th foltowinc De
ereai In loant 1.714 Hill: dacraau In denaalta S'213..
a;7( indrease in tpecle $ 1,403,933; Increaie In drcolation
t,wo.. i. t'tT -r .
New York Market.
New York Market. NEW YORK, Aug. 12.
O0T10N Prices still tend novard. with a aonri H
mind. Inlet of S'-'O balet r, It&Wie 4or mlddlkig
uiibiiu. mi, im m uiuu.rai vaior, ono noino
matiif. '
V LOUR A Ihad flrtner: Sale ot 14 M0 kbls at Si aa
(843 for Superfine Htatoi ti aOiM 6(1 for extra gtato:
aaraan lor mnp. noetern; 4oi vu ror oommon-J
to medium extra Wettern: S5 1HW3 30 for ihlnnina-
brandt utrl round hoop Ohio; and f 5 1590 10 for trade
oranoi not maraea cwung qum a on tteacy, Oaaadlao.
floor may bo quoted a ihade firmer, with a moderate de
mand; ules of MO, bbls at f 4 SCi4 31 for supr8pe,-
snd 4 5IKS 50 for common to cbolre extra."' '
BYB FLOUlt Steady at $2 303 85. . ,
OO KN IIESX Steady, with sales of 100 htU rJJ. ,
wine at S3 20, and SliO bbl wettern at 12 7S. . . (
WHiBui uuu; aaiet isubblaat 10ll7i. ' '
W11IAT The supply of wheat Is oult limited, and
with a fair export demand: nrieea still tend ona-ani:
tales of 60,000 butt) choloe 1 prior, at $102, 4.20X1 bath
Canada club at SICK; 30,000 buab Milwaukeo rlnh at
WciaiSl 08; 4 SOU both amber Iowa at $1 IS; 15,000 both
amber Michigan at $1 32) 300 buah new amber Kentucky ,
at l SO; 14,500 bath white wettorn at 1 5l,2tj. j
" j,Biuii, lirice..
BARLBir-T-Vatlitly nominal. 1 ' t . - ,
0 ATB Are qaiet at 028o for dannllao; iUAVi
for wettern and State.
POBK Oontlnae moderate, and markai Um llh
tales of COO barrels at $13 S3 for men. and S10 25 for
prims. . ,u tit,: ,..;!;..
UKisr Remains ouiet but nriett .iuj. , w. nrua
taka of 750 bbla at tmi 50 for country crime; $5
i 51) for country mm; $9 10 for repacked.
BACON Quiet and prices entirely nominal .
LAKD-In batter demand, but pricew raioer utor:
saleaOOObblsatOaOlio. - - - '
uu n-Biaay; sales at 7 tfc for Ohio, an 8
14e for State.
CUBE8K In fair demand: aalta at 57V fn inf..
rlor to prime.
COrirEK-Blnco oarlott thl oarVet has been very
quiet, but prlcaa romaio Brm, aad ae near of no talet to
SUUAH.B Baw; th market Is very firm at a tllfht
Imaroremeotlo prkea; alc l,b75 khdt Cuba at Sko.1
MOLAsSBB-Quict; only tmall talet have been noted
at previous prices.
STOCK Are dull bat firmer, (enerallyl Cleveland
snd Toledo 30 V; Galena and Cblctgo to; Itllooia
Central Krlp G4 ; Michigan aixea to; Callfernl wren
'0.; norm varonua tixetu: racinio Hall 70; vical
ln Southern R. R. 14; Chicago, Burlington and Qalncy
, irgiuia,xoi; Te an wee sixes IjXI Treaioiy
0 per cod I. lou United States fire: "74, Ceupoot SOW;
I'...t.l ar.ii. r,x in,.nnn. 0.1
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 13.
- a
price of mouses. Sou hold out ot the marketentlrely.
The ruling quotation la now 35c. Balet were made at
tXc. Sugar, alto, ia held with greater flnnneta,
and choice New Orl sent 11 placed at Sc.
FLOUR It held a trifle cloter by sellers, but the de
mand eannot bo aaid to beany better. nnlett It be that
tne neiter grades ar ramt mors aileabre for local con
umption. . - ... w ... - .
- WHEAT Bas a ready sal at lata quotations. Under
the Influence of a good demand, sellers bar attempted
an advanoe, but without much tuoeets, unmet It b on
the lower grade. ;Xho orders on ths market aro mostly
iimuca at to price.
CORN Wat more eaaily had to-day at zSc.B . - - i
OATS Aro quiet at S3o. -
. liABLIT AMD KT Remain unchanged. 1 -1 c
, WHISKY Dropped to H,.o, with a weak markeu -
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 13, 1861.
FLODR-tiuiet and steady. r 1- -
WHS AT Price IrragulM, with tele at an advance,
at follow,: 1 oar red at (Wo; 1 car doat 01c; Soaraalltici
8 can at 93c, all on track; 8,000 bat bait in alsr at
95c; lear Indian red at 97o; and Sou kabl Obis whit
afloalat l. The market clotee tteady. - ...... .....
CORN galea of 10UO buth from am at. 3. , . ,i ,
'OAT Steady t e3t2o.':i-. a wit K--ur.:it --
HIUHWINE8 DoUatliVo. a! K. t,j t
No salas report la othtr artklea ir ;nti .. .,0.
'! ' -iJW'iu ieidwu
Front Street, Betweea State and Town
SHOP Isstlll running, and although
th premium of Uu years aa set heavily
upon her running gear, ahe Is ttlll turn-'
lgontthoplndl P&STON8, BOOEA WAYS, and
BDBES and BACKS. Twenty yean steady nanum
turing he give tar work a wido.prad repuiaUoo
through the South and West.
We therefor dona K natnmaavylo say any thl ot ton re
In regard to Ih qnalitn,! Mr-work W-wiaajrr
rmv Ychioli. Ws can aeliaoaa Tor Bsoous from
ISJ to $'J50., !- - -s .
Dealers be furnish With any amoant t Work al
short notice, and at prices lower than can bo bought any
when la th Weat. . Second hand Baggie taken in es
change for new works l, s.:' ,.,-r ,
O'lle pairing dsn aoatly at short notie; .rao
lory on front, between State and" Town atreeta, Colum
bus, Ohio, vi -l...),.
' 10AH eommunleatlons Will receive prompt attention,
' Aug. 31 wly . B.M. WiLLIAHS k OO
nov;:ready. ,i
. , fpn-t)0f THB" t T'tJ
&TA?nii oFomo
1 Hon
I !itiin fJtWOOBXHi .a;s f,,..(f-.
(Contained hi twenty-sto vorontot of fhe Ohio and Obi
1 "8tat BeporttJ q is .o
at Lean deb jr.dBiTCHit ELD,it;.
tin! $19 Iaoj4,8TOa,Vo1es,Wc $ij,Wvj
Ni oar or entente has been trmred to nake' the wori
perfect and reliable In all respects. - ip.tr.J .
-It baa awth LeanaaUlv Bkaotioa. baviof beta ap
proved by nearly the unanlmoua, vot of both nouses',
(ad waa ordered to be dittribnteS to the fbllowmg State
and Countyenl To '
. Uovernor, Attorney oeoeral
al, Supreme Judges, Becre-
raryv Oomptroller, f reaanrer and Auditor of Stat, 1
to lb Probata Ooiartw.Coarta 01 uommonFleas. Budoi
lor and Polio Oourta, Auditor, aad Ih Gierke of the'
various Conrtalnaach oounty, to the Member of the
Bout a fltnof lamreewifMr f thm-siabn-apd
in ttoveiawr tawawowreaamait ot too uauea ..a .
This book, oontalnlng, aa It oes, all of the Statutes
sow: in fore, and th authoritative construct ton of them
sod of-tb NwOustlttlo. wiilhs tnmi to be tlpeoiai
Ijuoeful'ln the performano of their dart, to all '
oounty of tiOBBS, -vrr CI rri
- I . ... , CLERKS 01 TOWN8lftP8",a4
,. Inasmdch MVery many changes av been tiadeia Iks
Statutes since the publication ol hfel Mine, by re
peal, alterations snd additions, and many Import! de
citiona nave neen given ny tne nnprem voqn w
srted points, all
1 . a.TADNtvi iv r.awr
r.J4 l"l I
14 I ;,!i-i. BUB1NB8S I1EN OBNERALLY, ' '
ft ULUUa U1 .4 WTWIHUII W.OTK. , ,
Ned Royal 80. ToUtmM of ovtr JWatSssa Bmirt
r I I ,..(Hi 'oJ . Jiott,
' In'BtrWaiw Binding-.' Prloe10.0Oi' "-f
Law Pnblraher? Bootse ifrr)taUove ana
" I " ' BOi 5Bl west rwna ana,
1.1 1 r. ,1 .1. t
CLOAt CLOl'ftS. Alto, other makee of Spring
Cloak Olotlia.luU dealrabl mixture Bindinra, xa
aalt and Battonl to match. s ' BAIN SON,
Ko. t9 South High stree
1 a . irvtti-,!
l i irvL
mi vol
J .nijIVinot
An xptrlmoed Nnra and fomalo Fbytldan, pr
j .tout attention or motaers, her -
s 0 Qmvwmxmjt
'i f ;i ,1 wot 'pwpitEN TEisvmsty'f - -
onlng the gnma, reducing all Inflammation yn 1 aJUs
ALftA an4Fmod.cavd
wnaea ffroauy ucilltwe tue oivcvm 01 mufinK, oy oorv
i n r..i7,j i.l Ij ,14
Bpn ip K,wdMrISwUl 1vwtalWi4ataari
una ...",ii,jwi tt,i4.i I.-.J -ti.-a ai.wja.it 9
W ba pa t up and eold tlila article for over ten years.
mm vax BAi, ia tionKJuaaunanvi iuth,oiil
what w jiare never been able to tar of any other medF
nva, lu arram A LiU. wnen iimeiy usru. nev
ir di e know aa inataooe of dltaatltrartlon by any on
Who used It. On the contrary, all aro delighted with its
oporaUoss, and speak in terms of commendation of It
aMKai enects an medical -wirni,- waaa la thi
matter "WHAT WS DO KNOW;" arte ten yearaUxp.
almott every InitaneS wbnwcthe Infant ta suStlng from
pain and exhaueUoa, relief iWin to fonerf In Of teea Of
twenty minute after tbeayrup. ie-admlaiiurad. , ,
This valuable preparation la the prescription of one of
new Borland, and has been ueeo wit VStSrVAItr
INQ BUCOBHS is . v .. , r
Itnotonlr relieve th child from naln. but Invfaror.
ate the atomach and bowel, eortaotikAcidffy, an give
tone an energy lo U waoJa syltoml U JIbllPlJPa
Mantly relieve
and overeotaeeeaveitions, wfeloH, W ot speodllw
died, end In death. W beHov Mlh BIST an SUR
JST BEMBDY IN CHI WORLB, la all earn of tt'
K trite from teething, or from any aHher wr-i
would say to every motherwhohaea child teaTerhti
any of U forever mmplaint DO HOT LIT
ttao betweei vee aad your suBertnc child, aad th
lief thai will be fiURB yeev AB8OL0CBI.T StTRat-t
.follow tbe nte of thU medicine, If timely ued. IoJIb4'jeMM
rectionifet aeug wilt aocoapaoy . mcu. bottle. - Nonel,
Sennlne units the.fao-aimli of tJClJAii'JREJJga.I
lew York, j a ah ataid wrapper, , A j'i,flJiwI
1 w" yJ u vmg miwaguunt turn ohb. .
Prloclpal Office, is Car Mvaa M,.
PBir.n nNf.v or. rEVTa w.v nrvfrr n
w,-.- . v T:f.g'v
OetxvmarWly.1.1: i -' -Ml ij
PK6KU miller q
Effective, Bafa, aad , Economical
I " , " Compound, i. -i
I 'li qrlgtnl"olo without dyeing? an prerrotlnrt
t - - Balrfrom taralnrwrayw M W vl
And earing It, whan there hi th least particle of vital!
. ur racuperuuvv onvrgy naunung. , 1 1
And all cutaneoutalfecflons of ths Scalp.
' r 1
Imparting to Man nneqaled gloa andbrllllanori aukksg
It aoft and aUkjr Id it texture, and. eaoalng It to pu
readily. "
, loo great oeiennty ana increasing owmana ror tnu ua
oqualed preparation, oonvtnoe Ih proprietor that
trial la only nooeaaary to aatbfy a dleoerntsg piblio of Its
superior qualltlee over any other preparation in aa. It
clean Ma the head aad toalpi from dandruff and otfcr
ulnou dlteatfs, oaualng ah hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, gleaay aa neodble appearano, and
also, where the hair la looaanlng an thinning, Itwillgiv
atrength aad vigor to the root an reatora tb growth t
hose parts which have besom bk canting it to yield a
reih covering of hair. ..- , t
There ar hundreds of ladle an gentlemen in New
York who have had their hair tred by the a of Itti
Invlironitor, when all other ptwpFU(mt have tailed. J,.
1. has in his pomtttloa Mtura Innnmerabl Uurylag
to h abov facta, rrom persona 01 u aigneet renanot
billty. It will effectually prawrat Mia half frern taming
antll the lateat period of lltei an In oaat where' ti hau
hat already ehanged ltaoolor, the oof she Aoviawrator
will with oertalDly restor tt t U a it onginai hat, glv
Icr tt a dark. Kloarr appaaranoe. A aperfum for th
toilet and a Hair Beamrativ it la particularly racoat-1
mended, having an aareeablo tragrancei and great ta
oilltlee It adorui In dremlng the hair, which, when motet
with the Invlgorator, nn b dreese in sny required
form io at topreaerv He place-whether ateinlorln curlt;
bene the great demand for It by th ladiea a a ataodard
toiletartlcle which none ought to be without, the price
nuae 11 witnin tne reacn 01 au. eeing
; Only Twenty-Kye Cent H -t
per bottle, to be had at all respectable Druggist and
1 . rerrtmer. -
Ii. MILLIl would call thl attention of Parents 'and
Suardlan to th use of bis Invlgorator, In oae when
the children's hair Incllnea to be weak. The oa of It
Inn the foundation foraoooaAeoa or Sosr, -tm n n-
moves any imparitte that may have beoua eoaaate
with th seal, th removal of whioh ia ntramarr both
for the health fib child, an the future pparaaef
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atll.t.ER hair, on tie antea wraooer:, aba. 1. iirr
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Whole) Depot, SS Dey a'treeL and sold try all ths
principal aercnanta ana vrnggum tnrooghovt tn world
aaBerni oitoount w pnrcnaaere oy me quantity. f - -I
also desir to present to th America PnbU my .
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broaght to perfection. " It ys BIokr Brew InaUotly
wtthoutlnjury to th Hair or Skin; warranted ' ttw bast
srtMlsof tne stna t enatarioe. .1 . .,ro.
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1 .kmwji vnui nfv
Depot," 66 Dey ' St, New York.
I arnwanw. AniA.,
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ISstaiw facta r era af all kiads of 'Pl
.table and Ntatlamarr Ntearm Bs-"f
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Our Portabls Xowlsr - al taw atitf ?
Wa awarded UieSreS temitaa.t o0 a U IdUna
8aU Fair for le0 over Un icTBodley's e miouiitet
Pflee, lightness, simpliic:KWO',6tfiil
knd superior character of . lnmfce -Sawed,'
oar Btatlonary Bngme was awarded of the earn tab
tbe Brat premium of . , , " "'i '
Oar Portable Bngtne waa awarded fh BiM premium i
BlIMat taalMMaaaaauTan.awaw-eiajulv't 4a
valtia, Oolumbua Maohlno Oo'., and Bradford St 02s.
by i comniuee rtctioal aallroad loglneeri. '
sir pric ana tarma aaiireaa
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wild, oa r-nfpiof two tps,byDr.OUA8.i..
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V6oD Forirotic.graAijia,v so
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P.ntm:tTAU una rattan
Tbew relieve a Congh Initaatly.
Theclear the Throat? '-OIOTcHlrtiau 83ZA
The' give itresvfli and eolaatB Ml thl.Ol0lX)
Tttej impart rllkas .sfOB.tst th breath.
tbe ir deligtfa) to Uwjast.
Tnct are made .pr simple herbs aad eannot
-Ml Ur1a.Jali.rAaJ
1 oM I
as every on who has a Cough or butky Tew
or Bad Breath, or any difflcwttn ej BhftloakJto .swtjnj
i.pactaf of my Throat OanfsctloM; ehey wiU relWv
yWlottantly; and wiU sW Wiskia slat 9W
M rlihl to th toot." Yoa will Bad thaa warw aacfa I
tni pleemnt while traveling or atUndlng pwbHS STT08
iagsfof tUIUiityMOoiorilaymf riir thirst If
ye fry ons package, am taft In, say log that ye will
MBjirwirdeaa!dM SldnT
iou wiu ana tnem at tt Druggiati ana Dealer la
afedlel. . u vrt3t vwmwi
rjj .Mailt- Tt lV.f . tk aw
awmaa Lr saw BBBJC BBj
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li IB.
af9 M nature Is en each nackaa. All otbr ar
couirtoffelt. tJC)i .Hfjvmyt miirrfi
'''A patkage wiUbe sent by mail, prepaid, op receipt of
Tblrt, Cents. , 1, - - jo
iMrtM. oj ,taattMi
Henry, Q,3paIdin;
HO. 48 OBDAaV tlSmiaeWUbrnM.
WW Wiilru
; j
'Jf-k-7t CURE" jtaV-.L
' TV H-!l
k By th as of the PUU the perlodie attaeks 0 3Ar-i
eon or Blot JTtnrlam! maybe gassamtadr aad V jaken
at the oommenoement of an attack immediate relief from
pain n awknass bs obtslnsi . '
They Mdhaj BUI Jajrwayvtug: V Xaa'faiJ
xitawAaokjaalaara ebjetJ,:;1;B Ul tf UmJitttr
"Tn ast ttnthf wa fen kiwslai sissiika fliMli.-L
,trl ' '---viJl
Fof Xtterarw Mm, Ouiiat,- ibjUsaw ,
and all poraona ef Mdaniory kablU, h an valaa
aa xnaAio. Improving th appttlU, glvtng font
Utof to (he dtgartfer orgaaa, aad raatorlng lb nabar
Slattkity and strasartk of lb Waal ay." aaa J.
.THB OBFHAIIO BILU ar Ikrrasalt f ias aw a-
Pretion an rarefully nnaiti awptrtmmls, aavhag
l mry yoawUH-amrlw akaw Bhavlkvrf 4 .
prevanted an relivd a vast aasoant of pla aa safer
Ing from Heaiuch, whether trlgteaiUg warweej
arstasa or from a mnfdstat ef. lb tvoeaact. '.
Thyare entirely vegaiabU ai Umk wg ulUta, aafc
maybetakra at aU Uaiaa wtth sorfM laMw vltkaat
making any awmw U t, txt tit ammmMMtf
4iaordUt la4 rmdtn k eney r viiat r Uewt
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r ,MWiM!0flOTJWTltanil
The genoint hav Sv alpttaite of Henry W Tpniiftcim-i
oaiaoaBoi. ..fr.JSniwi.f 'aiT
Bold by Draggista aaaan eSoar Dwlers la BUioiaav
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Ai erden taal to sldtsmml W t YilA i
j SJedajf Btj-eat, Wawrjf rjj2
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t tnn'llii liwih Wiuawiv T.-
Cuihallc Pills aoeompllth the object for whbk ay
wn mad, viM Our f kMk41aaU bfcaaaKA
I .a ki. .. i .- .3 .j mawwaj
I front th 1BU11I, Borrolk, fa.
They have been tested tn more Urn thom atMS'-f
Wlalrm.Ur.awj-. -j
j Irom lb D iitiat, WjV atma
' If yoa arww rare keen, tnida nd aW aaan
send fur a box, (Cephalio PI1IJ a that y aairt
W ta case oXa. attack. jS
ill from fb Advrtaw,l4vviaaea,K.L "
I 1 -
Vie OepbatM Pills ar Said fob I rarkU rtteUn
remdy for lb batdach, aaT M of the vary t Sat
th. WrTk.TTu,
W. tM.MI mmAmm af
lepbalio fills. kBi
: 'to
Xanawh vJwTlar, 11;' 5
ailtmiaiSrijtwMl Mil kamflarit ,M
who try tnem, will tUok t tawa.v. t42.iA
jtaom the BoaUi
Ttjans.it y
Sou thorn Path find, Hew Or lean, hmJ- k uV
your tsMtmooyos
iletdial hat reeai
out teatlmoayoabde aa th alraacr 1
iltt that baa reeaived taneSUtnaSaw-etber seedlckaa eaa
prodo.! Ir A'X)! V1
freaa the StTT
Te humane demand for
baa PaassevatWQW KSMV
Is rapidly
JL aAkaai
. Braiding wmB) not eoooect kit aaaaa aitk n,a
hkiaa. did rrfzij-izzMvi
d rsuiTrtaa.iiwi(aa a
lata . K in ili 111 M Miit. t km - 1 eeatk
a-a 0 p
arAJua-u,Bj:p(,r.a .,,? I
UTA sattmiaaa Tiset g.t liiaa'AA
i As ace Ida Is wTl kawpea, well WHU4 atSftT
lllea.lt Saw eaaataXi -aakmew put oti.. Mm tU
venitel way for aj ad ring SWmttore, Cora, a. roekerx 4
Ik. I a so' "- 1 1 " -i- "
ate elf emaai 1
III lllli MlWt-'' iA
t awwirk I tlikamiiat;,iirifu aWeetkk
kawanlat. ",.w. a -
-uttruNtaaiH, nweanOTww tf.
rt' ".li.aiV
I.B8Bin.'SAt' '"?9,
Ba.S.tW reet.jj f Vest.
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via a.. . 1 c ... Hi
I A otrtai. aoprlnotpla p-- -:!:m
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