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"' liiv W. MAM JEL
THURSDAY- MORKtNQf AuW 15, 1861.
Democratic Union Nominations.
ECugli J Jewett,
Jolia Qcot Harrison. .
Vv '.vol llmUtl ' r;
StTPBEMB jyMl. '
i "0 Mofyifrf. ;; "'''
S' MS ha." !iJ' ',.
.'.. Of 8tmu
WA1NK 6WlWU(f.n i-'.
w-si t 0 riekaw, T"'-1 W! " 7
,M "1-0 GtpM9 "
For the Campaign.
We will totah the IffeFeni U a Ohl0 '.fr'"'
Btn. dutaf lk0iql(B (olloes
The fri-Wkly ttatma, fr mmlk,
aor WHth. eluta oi tW
The WHkly Ohio BUUBDin WlU bt faniUhe ee fol
lewec t'Aihl' . 'lOlo .i
UMMeef II eolee, foe two !.......-."
la elate Bf wptti, tot two onnit. . ':..
. M...UL tnm Iwo' nuiaUu ,'"., i.7'V
TU Ctota -Ul W tte'oifle Ibe
Cual(aeae 4he P ear -
la tb hn4l e Ml Who nt u, yj-- r-v
wMieeeeBlei- -' '
Let the frfcadi ol the food a- the true Unto
BBOfOblo-eto wortn4 ipretd the V y ' ;
,H ,m W; .Wo iit li auk U a
ia (h o4 werk.ef '.the itd.plion ol the IUU of Ohio.
Lot It be woll olioatated. . v '. - ;l
Aaput 10, ' ' ' 1 '
For the Campaign. The Democracy of Franklin County.
Too DeaocfVcj of FranWln county hare en
Imnorunt dutj to petfora oq tho duu oi ab
gat;1 f the eppolntment or: dilegetee ; to
reprcse'nt tbi Mterel township or tbt' eonntj
And WAidi brtho citj in tho County, SenAtorW
and Judioial Duttrict .CeiiTeDtioLe. . Tho duty
of "electing delegate! tb euch CoontloM ie
alwawa ImDettAok. bat at thie tiO Aioroo.thAn
ueual. Tho lemocratio eleotoro of eech town
hip and waid should tako caro to oeleet . oo
man al a delegatej who le hot know w tw
liable end eteadlaet In hie Ioto of tho Uotoa
and the Kind alee of tho Old Notiond Do-
cratio Party. Neer, einco the beginning of
the GoTernment and tho enlitlon ol par-
tiee".' the public neceieUy.And tho fato of
the nation Iteelf, depend eo much on toe ian
ful maintenance of Demoetatio, ptincipleo, ae
aitbeoceeent lime. '.Tbo DemocraUo organl
Sktioe te the only power that can iao the
oounuj. Blot it out of existence, aad national
desuiioiioo wUl epeodiW follow. The Republi
oan arty, after, having obtAlned power in all the
free Statee and tbo Federal GoTernment, before
lu Admlnletration hai 'leld tho reino ilx
muiie, ooofeeN IU dUability to manage pub
lic afflr, and in ObM Inglorloosly abandon
IU orgeoliatioo, owl IU leaderi Imploringly
cairnpPioioWatatoeojBein with them and
make a new.0gnlatlou. y thie proceeding
on the part of the RepnbUcAoj-tbie Admiseion
of boonpeUocy Demooratio principle ttsad
juatTBed, and tho thoroughjro-organisatlon oi
oar noble old part, so tb platform or tie 7 ID
ol Aaenit. le made more plain and palpable.
Lettbe real, geaulkV and faithful DemocraU
bo karefal to eeieetaDdaend to the Contention
referred to their bent And true men As dele
gate. The neceiwlty for thit l apparent and
need not bo elaborated. "" ;
The Democracy in Earnest.
Tho. Deaworaoy of the .fcUat an going to
work 1 OAfweat: In almoet erOry oouoly tho
earl' of the loeaT obmmltieee Ire but for Connty
And Senatorial" Conrentlon, to present candl
date for tho fall campaign. In a abort time
erery eonnty And dietriot will hat Ite lound
Dmocrtio Union ticket In the field, and tbo
grandarmy will more forward with a united
eoeVgyjliAt wiljeTy any feeble oppoeition bat
may bo go p AgalMt - rytbin teki
well.aad (bare dots not- tew appear tots say
doubt about the result of the contest." 1 All y
ore turned to the' Democraito organiiillon.'apd
tU isccesji to deemed e&senlil to tho' preserTa
tion of tho Unlosw ,
BT The Revoolleaik "Ao-putf men Appear
to bo deUgbted tht Ittw-Toi)-wH1 not wop
port tho DemocraU hotAiteea tlii' falL It Is
publlsbed and republished In loss of.( their jour
nal W hare' no doubt the faot Is as euled
by them, and in thii resptot ihto US a of bow
I differ ai from much thatappears la Republi-
ot joarSAto-it to trno, .Col. Too ee exoret.
ad hlmaelf io u then last io Celnmbu. Be
to a gentlemAB for whom' w hat i tlgh ro-
gad,bot Atili we think bo itHibeal to commit
grate error, And that bat few DemocraU will
follow hi in It.' There to nothing W this act,
however, At which "Republicans een wltfc pro
priety; njolc.t Col. Toobas, no'iympottij with
them or their prireiplrs. .These he loathe ud
deteeU a sauoh s be does the docttiaes of the
.eceaslontoU," - h " !! t
i ) if
M. . .
RiMAvaL Mr. Levi T.
Prescott, reteNHi
nr-4iM-mslU3. aod et 0 e'elook veeterd
morning, the only remaining Democrat out of
fifty six la. the. Inspector' department Atlh
Custom House, nee since -uecopiiir.
fiNtra Trtnterift, Aug. 10, 1861.
Tb did gentleman w Teteran of th war
of 1819, And we (oppose the war with Mexiotr,
end in favor of the preservation of the Union,
bot.hAB.Iemoeratjb .mi.bqU tMM
friend of 9VIU0N, Stwan & Co., therefere be
mdet b removed from A 'petty offlce id the Cus
tom House In Uoston. 'Mr. Gooniicn', tt ool
lot7we the presidenl of ike XnAS Emigrant-Aid
Society, of New nngland." Perhaps
Mf. Vaxf'oorr might be Induced to sign th eall
for the '"no-party" Convention. 'As Ml. fans
coft toth last, and there are no Democrat in
the Boston Custom Hons, w suppose our no
party Pemncrsila friends are tatlsfied that, Al
tbsr I division there by party lints the coun
try to safe! Wba.t aa tushlt to a good '.Union
Democrat, to have A paper put before bit for
hi signature for inch purpose.
The No party Party.
A Btat Convention. 1 tovb held In New
Yqek,9oU.lilMf September nenl,
Republican eleotdr In thetStAt. Ana ah
willlr.fr la nnlta with them In tupporl of the
Gortrrnmetit Dtfa rigoroni preeecntlou of the
in." ' i i
A But Convention to to be held, in Ohio, on
tho 5lh of September, of those "in favor of the
malntenAnee of tho Government mo tne vig
ora lie And continued Droeouiion of tho wet now
orriedonfothe uppceerion of tho'rebellloo
ew.lnet the Government." Tb oe.il lor von
Lit.. rWmtlnn bll DOtDlDI OireollT euuu.
the I Union or It prrvUoni JtepoeMoi me
- ' ....i
dancer now banging over our National Govern-
... m .1 tk.
mentjH It ppAls to tbwe -m ravor w ww
maintenance of the' Government," and of "ths
suppression of the -rebellion against the Oov
ermenti" it ask, Shall the Government be
preserved1. Announcing thi as ths only quee
tton"wortby the consldertIoB of tha American
People;" it refere to the Government a estab
lishing end maintaining rodal order, and U
nents ."over the mini of dismembered
That th Union or Constltutloo should not
have been once directly alluded to, either In
the New York or tho Ohio call, may have been
en accidental omtosiooj but It baa a queer, and
to some extent, a signlfloAnt Aspsot. .
"Tfca Government "the unport of the
Government," Is the burden of the new song
Af th nn.nartv AdatlniatrAtion DUIV. What
to ths Government? Demoorate and real Union
men readily answer "It Is the Authority veet-
ed by tbs ConsUtoUon in Congress, in to fci
eeutive end the Federal Jadgee." To support
the Government Is, la their view, to maintain
the Constitution and the Union of the States,
guarding the integrity of the 8 la tee with the
same vfgllanoe as we weald the integrity of tbo
Federal Government .,
U this what the no-part Administration lead-
en mean ia their talk about, "the Govmmat-t
the GoremmentT". . Their studied miene aoou
tb Constitotion and the Union would seem to
inattrv a neiratlve answer to this aaestlon. This
J a . -
lotorenee is ftreogtheoed and rendered almost,
if not qult ecolaelTe,by the fact that the
iooraato And leader, who ore urging oo tbl
Republican no-party movement, have per Una
okmely Insisted that to support tbo Government
we nothing more nor ls then too support or
Lincoln's AdmlntotraOoo, And that be who was
unwilling to render an unquestioning And un
qualified support to all lb meMmre snd the
policy of LwoouT and kla Cabinet, was a rebel
against', and traitor to the Government.
This, then, appears to be tbo sum and sud-
staneeof thi new ntovament on the political
chess board that the Republican party, with
tuoh outsider a can be drtwn into ths scheme,
le to be merged injto no-party Administration
partv. based on the arlaeiple that the Admlnlt-
Uatlonl tt Gorernmehl, and that the Admin
istration 1 to be inpportsd wherever IU meas-
nrsa And policy may lead, right or wrong.
War News from the West.
The report of a severe battle In Missouri, are
fullj oonfirmed by the but dispatch. A gen
eral gloom pervaded oar oitlsens At th melan
choly new of the death of Geo. Lyon. Q was
a brave and skllllul offlcir. Tb battle mutt
have been severe And destructive. The rebel
were defeated, though the odds were too great
to risk a battle.'
Particulars will bs fmd in ths new column.
tT Th New York rrerld says:
"Tb Big Betbl and Bull Ron deleatt ought
t convince our army omeere bow littls they
eau rely upon th atorie told by th negro fu
gitive of the condition and number of the
rebel foroe."..., .'.
' The flret thing the Wtrli knows, it will be
read ont of tho Republican party. Yon may
question tb patriotism' of tb Democrat who
era fighting ths battles and sustaining th sol
diers! but don't yew der to Intimate that the
dr(Arenot aH right, or you will break op
the "new Republican Union party" soon to a.
Mmbla. Butth HVUdare go furthw. It
sty ..
"It is on f th fals oaeeptions ecrender-
edby the loose eutemwt and exaggerated
harangue ot tne AoonHonisie uai every ne
gro In slavery at the South I pining for hi
freedom and eerer to take the first mean to
secure It, end that be looks upon hi muter
and th white men of 'hi recton with hatred
and at natural enemies. .It may be doubted,
all the circumstance ooetldered, if there are
not a many black to fight for their masters as
to By from wem. At any rate, among the no-
rrSwbe lonoge muter ana yonder -A tney
please within ear . lines, there r nearly as
many spies a fugitives, and the military au
thorities will act wisely to haw nothing to do
wita them, -treating ahem preoiaely aa white
straggler are treated, and, above all, to give
them aoAsoese to. information which can be
need to oar disadvantage either by their treach
ery or their garrulity." .
I How, hi the nam of common lease, do yon
eipeet to gel Gidoinvi,' Lotijot, Want, Boa-
ana, Waeof , etc., o Join tb cow party, U their
colored frieadf , in alvry ar belabored and
charged wltb being 'traitor and tplei in thit
- .r . .. .... ...
I IT FotNir'a Prt$$ says, ipeaklog of the
proffered fusion In New York and Ohio: ' ''la
both State they (the Republican) controlled a
majority ot the- votes la .both Bute it we in
tbeie power, node ordinary clroumtnoee, to
maintain poaeesaloa of th Government, end to
place their friend In nearly every department of
Government" Whether ignorantly or through
design, tbl ia far from Ibe'irntb... The Repub
licans, aa tech, have not the power ia New
York or Ohio to do thi. If they did not know
thit, they would be far Jrom disbanding their
party. ,Th only place they bar th power to
give Repnblloaat offio I through th realdeat
and Congress; end they hav exercised (hi
power with en nteUnltog hand, And well did
Cok- Fonmr koow thit when he penned the
Above paragraph. He ha tb eert evidence of
if, vis: the irf . ' i " ' rt.i
1 CT We eoness we ar somewhat surprised
that oar friend of th Buffal CstrMr should
let kunMlf down a low a to allow that miter.
abto abolition alieet, the Buffalo pmmrM, to
orlucit him to bis fidelity to the Union,
Kick it out' of your wty, a yon would any slimy,
bluing" reptile. Tb patriotism of the Ceerwr
shlneaJik th aun by Ah aid of tb If light
of lb Cimmsrrtei. . t
Soldiers Killed at Cape Girardeau—
Price's Warehouse Burned.
;The effioer of.the tamr . M.tRyland,
from Cairo, veaterdar, report that mattert are
still Soviet al Cape Cirardeau, and that no
enemv baa been seea either at Bird's Point or
theCaravr' --. .''if I
i OoThnradav last t part v of scout, belocrlnr
to th Amecican Zoaavee, at Cape Girardeau,
fired into a wart of tooat belonging to tb
German Regiment tuuoooa a ue tame piaoe,
kllline three and wounding live of the Gr
man. Seme mistake occurred In reference to
th mranuraiffn. The iJermant eould not nlv
it, end hence resulted th firing end loss of life.
A company of eoldiers from Cape Girardeau
down to i'rioe't Landioiren Thnredav
and bnrned the wtrehome ' of Mr. Prloe, and
took hi on prisoner. Price' Lindlng to thirty
milee -above Cairo, We did not learn (he
can' which led to thit movement-M,
RefMictn, Ag,X
Political Proscription.
The remoral of Col. B. F. Watson from ths
Poetmaetcrsblp of the city of Lawrence was A
shameful aol of party prossrlption, meriting the
corn of erery high-minded patriot end of erery
generous man. The eetlon, inooDiteieos wivd
aa keeest abaegatlon oi politieal iaworitism,1f
vMutiirad double odloua b ths necullar clroum
stAooee attending It. The decapitated official
we entitled to the highest consideration from
the Admlnstratloo, if gratitude 1 a virtue, end
If valuable and strlotio servloe may bo deemed
a recommendation to favor.
President Lincoln d his Associate In au
thority, by universal testimony, would have
hnn hvlnleaa. of nflrhana Drisoners in rebel
hande, but for ths gallant and timely conduct of
tha Sixth Kec mem of ftlessacnuseus soiaiera.
Those ntble volunteers era publlo benefactor
Admlnletretlon end the oountrj owe
I'hniA nini fn nnuntl l llUDllo DBUBiaukura
tnelB ,n immeasurable debt of graUtude
k II . r 1BJ H.lalua..4 - atnaU
Llent -Cel. Walton, without a tingle dty't
otmortunltv for nreoaretlon. left an extensive
professional bualueet, end other important mat
tert which urgently oiaimeo oia w
lead that advance oolumn of freemen to the do
Imui nf the beleacnered Caoltal and It fright
ened inmate. - In person he commanded the
portion of the troop that withstood tho murder
out assault in Bsltlmora, and the men of Cap
tain Sampson's immediate command can
Uatlfv to tha eourare. self POMeulen and
ahilltw disnlavad be him on that trying 00
cation. During .the major part of the time
while in tervlce be commanded the regiment,
securing it wtrm confidence and esteem, tnd
nerved both the original enlittment of three
months tnd a further term of ten dayt. He
returned borne, welcomed with cordial greetings
by bit fellow-cltlMoe. just In eeon to receive
intellieence of hi removal from offioe. While
t WaataibBtaa. la those hour of terrible SUI
penee, Colonel Wntaon was honored with cordial
Attentions from gentlemen blgb in official sta
tion, and reoeived from them voluntary assur
anoea that be would be retained, and prominent
Massacbusotta Rrpublloan. unknown to him
and without eolioitelion, nrged the Administra
tion to ototinu him in offioe. Tbo Lawrence
Sftiml, owned and controlled by blm, ha
firmly and tealouely supported the war lor the
preservation of the Union, atd forborne the
discussion or poiiucti omcreaoee. iqi bh
and point oi bis offending eousieta eoloiy in tb
fact that halt a Democrat! ' -
Tha cltisena of Lawraoo. with nearly perfect
unanlmitv. condemn the act aad pronounce It en
oatrase. and. none ioin more cordially in the
general feeling of regret end indignation than
the treat msiorltv of the Republicans. None
dispute the fidelity, courtety aod ueoes with
whloh CoL Watson hi performed bia official
duties. Honesty and capacity in poniie omoe,
nd gallant conduct in the country' defenae,
when the Republio le atruggllog lor ite very ex
istence, should not be thus requited by an Ad
mlnletration that profeeeet to marahal the peo
nle. rerirdltM of nartv. to a patrlotlo warfare
for Liberty and Union Bflon Courier, k
Brigadier-General Irwin McDowell.
Since the limen table rout of our forcet al Bull
Run, there hat been a pertfeteat effort by many
of tb press. And by many eltixent, to throw tbe
odium ot the rout, or defeat, on Brigadier Gen
eral McDowell. W hen it to remembered, bow
ever, that the whole plan of tbe campaign,' end
tbe advance to tola battle, was me ptan oi ueu-tenant-Geueril
floott, end mad with th full
knowledge end under the eye of those higher
ofiioere, tb Secretary of War tnd the President,
the Commander ln-Cblef thai those higher of
ficer eontroled the movement, and were fully
poaeceted of all the Information which General
McDowell posMttcd tt will be seen that,
though nominally the . Commander, he wee
simntv an officer execatior the order -of hi
chiefs; and that, whether there be blame or
pratoee, t either rail on the acting uenerai. i n
few milea of dlaUnoe plaoed the movement
within the knowledge of couriers; telegriphi
reached from Adjoining tbe field ot battle to
headquarters ia Waahiogton. Th responsibil
ity, in truth, baa been wmti by tbe Lleoten-ent-Ganeral
command in?, aad the blame doea
not rest on McDowell. . The Senate, to desig
nate their trust, hav tlnce confirmed the-promotion
of MoDowell. " r
8till there is, in time quarter, a persistent
effort to place tb blame from off tbe person
who have t$mmt it, ana piece it on ainere. i
One of the most grot and uncalled for attacks
has been made by the Ohio SlaUjturnal in its
chief editorial columns of August 2, where the
defeat to charged "fa (Jto drunken ttupidity
McDowell" a charge which wo bed hoped to
see retracted. Made as thit charge to made,
In th blrtb-plac of MoDowell, where ecourate
Information eould have been had, we had hoped
to have teen it Announced, At we now do, that
the Insinuations bid not the slightest foundation
or truth; but, on the contrary, General McDow
ell never usee apiritnot liquor in tny form,
and 1. and alwaya hat beet, perfectly abstemi
ous, and a thorough temperance man. What
CAn iaatlfy tuck a charge it to impossible for ua
to conceive, -w .
We ttkth above from the Cincinnati Timet,
to add that th Journtl ha not retracted tbe
mean charge against General MoDowiu. The
tatemeatof the JovraeJ wet that "our brave
troop are to be led to th slaughter no more by
the drunken stupidity of Gen. McDowill."
We put the brand upon the infamout charge,
but tho Journsl bat not corrected it, and we
luppose will not. . Never was there a more baa
(Under Uttered tgtlnst Any mm. ' The people
of this city, bit birth-place, win not soon forge'
thi. ,., . . .
An article In favor of Hon. William Law
rence as the oandidtta for the Governor of Ohio
at the next election, whleh we communicated
to the frtu, w, by mistake,, plaoed in it
editorial column in yesterday' issue. Judge
Lawrence to en able gentleman, end would.
doubtless, if elected, make an efficient Gover
nor; but our preeentation of bit claim At thit
time, tnd in a way to prominent, wat purely ae-
oldental. . . ,, . . ....
We copy the Above from the CincionAtl Prttt
of the 14th, The beet of tbe joke to, tbe Prttt
ttid Bothiog About Mr. LawaiNot for Otvernor
in the erflcl It apologises for. ;
rYe Copy, th last paragraph from It artiole
of th13ihi . " .u... ..:!
"Jadre Lawrenoe' oame be been plaoed by
hi friend before the pabllo, and will be before
the great Union mas for Supreme Judge, claim
leg, their Attention. Il cannot be overlooked,
end it to to be hoped that the .position will be
given to him unanimously S
The Article puff Mr. LawazNo very well for
Stfrmt Judy, bat hot one word I said about
Governor Explain, Mr. Rixo. '( ' . ! ' V
87 Th new fifty dollar Treasury "note, t
weleara from lb Albany' 4fJ if Argut, ere
ornamented on one end with en engraved like-
net of Apbiiw Jaottow, end on tbe other by
whet would you thinkT a likeness of thit
notorlout abolition dlspnlonlst Owin Lotijot I!
Lovarov it ooe of Caoa' tpsclil pete. Now
we aabmit it thai alnt carrying th jok
HttWtoe far.' 7:--J"-? - 1
Orrmwvn Lrma ENvtwraa Tb follow,
lor it the order reepeetlot letter enrol opes tost
ed on Taeaday from tbe Peel Office Department
At Washington. ,r v.. ,.:-r,.,i'i.?
. It appearing to the department thai viciona
peraoa are transmitting through the ateila en
velope BAVinc prta lad or written upea them
scandalous or acurriloo matter, it to ordered
that poetmaatert atop All nob matter aa toon aa
discovered, whether at tbt, office of mailing or
elsewhere, and forward It at onoe to tbe . Dead
Letter Offioe In Waehlngton. " " ' - -
First Assistant Postmaster-General.
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 14, 1861.
The Mmmieetoncd officer of the Ohio Stole
troop, now being muttered ont of the aerwice,
will not araw to or pay emu weir hwuiis who
lb ;Qaerter-mater and Commlseary Depart
nanta ar adtuted and settled. All property
or subsistence drawn by them mutt be Account
ed for or deducted from their P--' "
C. P. BUCKINGHAM. Adjutant-General of Ohio.
Arrest of a Notorious Forger and
Arrest of a Notorious Forger and Counterfeiter.
Y. - rK.4e. aallmm TaKtI Cnlbllrtk aaHaS A.
af W7I I J VVWVMI wvtmam -w - , .
P. Miller, tb moat txteneive Torger and ooun
terfalter in the United Statee, was arrested on
Friday night near the Hoboken ierry, New
v..u -ik . th.. nltwand a St. Louie
detective. , The charge la for forgery on bank
et uhieago, si. vout. rit "zzrzz "T
Detroit, to tbe extent of between $20,000 nd
$30,000; Also, thot Cowden, under the gul i of
a drover, pisaed a Urge amount of th Brighton
counterfeit upon " oru --
Western and Southern officer bive been After
r.nHn inr aomo montbt pist, but, with one
exotpUon, be nit minageu m
meiniol paid spies. The prisoner statee that
a few week, tlnce, while residing in Brooklyn,
he iu tpprehended by two officers, one from
rr .... . i kAiAniin .a niw
rhlltdeiphta ana we oiuw "'"b ".
York. They took from him $26 0U0 n coun
terfeits, and he gave tbem $1,000 In good
money, for which he waa allowed bis liberty.
The offioer were to have made the erreet on
rr. j.. .i.k iH 2Anwlnh alreet. near Bir
clay, knowing that Cowden had an Appointment
In that locality, ine prisoner u
i a .k.t k wr in watt for him throueh
a poUee officer he bad employed to "pipe" for
bim. Ue Also siatea mil it ""
At liberty until Wedneeday next, he would have
made seven hundred dollars out of a job on
band. Cowden is about forty-sight years of
ace, of genteel appearance, and would readily
r. . .nkaUntlal hnalnes m0. H iSilid
to have followed tbe profession for the past
1 .ItluiHiab hnnatn aam a
twenty-nve yeare, ana, iiuus -
notorlout counterfeiter and forger, hat to far
He ia snDDosed to have a
large number of bank note pUtes on bind, nod
It la aaid he iaaued the ten dollar counterfeit
lh Rnnrtnnht Bank. Whleh SO OlOtelV
resembled the genuine that they were received
at the bant. Bono uwvr, - , . i w'.
Tha name of Jtttr Cownia it familiar In
these parft, in connection with counterfeiting.
He bs served, we think, two term to the Ohio
Penlteutiarv for like offunses. He to. uudoubt-
edlv.one of the elfrst men of his pro'eesion
T..O. .hiU In th rnltaiitiarv. about 1850.
" -
suld bna of the Directors that under a oertalnJ
inmh atnna In a erav-verd at Cincinnati elv
toe direction there could be found a genuine
anahnndred dollar bank-note clate.'of one of
tbe Boston Banks, for which a reward was
offered, of, we think, $100.: Not much 'oonu
dence was placed in Jxatr's story. Hbbse
aoentlv he told one of the guards of the matter
hn won! A th nlace. foUUll tbO DlOle. SCOl it
home and received the reward.
New York Democratic State Convention
The Democratic elector of the several As
aemblv Districts of tbe State ire requested to
end two delegate to a State Convention, to be
beld it Syracuse, on tne tn aay m eeptemoer,
1861. for tbe nuroose of nominating candidate
for Judge of A ppeale. Secretary of State, Comp
troller. Treasurer, Attorney General, State En
gineer, two Canal Commissioners, and an In
spector of State Prisons. i
Allcititens ere requeswu u-umra id iae ne
lection ot these delegates, who Agree that tbe
present crisis demands the Subordination of the
Interest oi pany to loose oi tuo country; woo
believe that the vlgoroua prosecution of the wtr
hould be accompanied by the mott liberal prof-
fen of peace; who seek the restoration ol toe
Union by extending equal justice to all tbe
Slates i who regard uO war or peace aa defensi
ble which ia based upon tbe idea of tbe ultimate
separation of these States; who, while willing
to oppose to tecession all tbe resource of the
country, consider sectionalism At the North as
a pregnant tonrceoi tne evnt mat amict us,
and demand that publio affairs tball be conduct
ed henceforth upon broader principle of consti
tutional dnty And patriotism, And who agree
that iuitice to our toldiert tnd tax-payert re
quire th Immediate institution of a more rigid
administration of expenditures, ana tne expul
from office.
PETER CAGGER, Secretary.
An Affecting Incident of the Late
An Affecting Incident of the Late Battle-Singular Meeting of Brothers
after Seven Years' Absence—Both
A correspondent of tbe Richmond Ditpatek,
writing from "Camp, near Manaesaa, July
87th," relates the following affeotiug incident
of the meeting After tbe separation of teven
yetrt, between two brothers, ono a member of
the New Orleans Washington Artillery the oth
er belonging to the First Minnesota Infantry :
TtthtEdaorttftktDUftch: I, together with
several other gentlemen from Montgomery, a
day or two ago, witnessed one of the most sing
ular, At the same time most affeotlng incident,
which will probably occur during this most un
holy and unnatural war, if it ahould last for
twenty year. We were straggling over tht
battle field, examining the ground upon which
we had tuoh a bloody conflict, aod won tuch a
glorloni victory two days before.-- We come
unexpectedly into tbe Centreville road, and tee
ing a bouse upon our left with the usual signs
betokening a hospital, one of our party being a
pbytloitn, expressed a wish to get down And ex
amine the wounded. Upon Inqairy we learned
that a stable below the bouse contained thirteen
wounded Yankee ; we forthwith proceeded to
the (table, and upon entering lound a Washing
ton Artillery man seated by tbt tide of a wound
d soldier, evidently ministering to him with
great care and tenderness. I introduoedimyiell
to blm, and asked if be tided in working the
battery wbioh fought with the First Virginia
brigade. He told me be did not he bad fought
ia a battery lower down, and then remarked
"that it waa very hard to fight at he had fought,
and turn and: find ' kit cut brother ' fighting
Against him," at the eame time pointing to the
wounded soldier from whose tide he had juit
risen. I asked If it wat possible that was bit
brother t Yet, sir, he it my brother Henry.
Tbe same . mother bore us, tho tame mother
nurted nt. We meet tbe first time for teven
yeare, I belonging to the Waehlngton Artil
lery, from New Orleans be to the First Min
nesota Infantry. By tbe merest chance I learn
ed he wat here wounded, tnd sought bim out to
none tnd attend him." Thu they met one
from the far North, the other from the extreme
South on A bloody field In Virginia, Iu a mis
erible (table, far aw Ay from their mother, hlme
And friends; both wounded tbo Infantry man
by a musket bait In the right ahoulder, the ar
tillery man by the wheel of a caisson over bit
left hand. Tbut they met after An Absence of
teven yeara. Their Dames are Frederick Hub
bard, Washington Artillery, and Henry Hub
bard, First Minnesota Infantry. We met a sur
geon of one of the Alabama regiment and re
lated the cue to blm, tnd requested, for the
take of th artilleryman, that hi brother might
b cared for. He Immediately examined and
dressed hi woundt and sect off in baste for, an
ambulance to take tbe wounded "Yankee" to
hit own regimental hospital.
Democratic State Convention.
Th DemocraUo But Convention that a
tembled At Colombo on Wedneseay, waa one
of the largest that ever assembled In the State,
And wa, withal, one of tbe mott harmonioua
and enthusiastic Tbe reading ol the resolu
tions, which were adopted unanimously, produo
ed unbounded aod almost uuoontrolabl entbual
aim. Taking all in all, tbt ticket la a very
strong ooe. The delegate from all parti of the
State brought encouraging account as t tbe
feeling of the people with reference to the ne
cessity of reinstating the Demooratio party.. In
fact, it wa more of a "people'" Tend lest et a
politician Convention than Any that hat as
sembled in the Stat for many year. Chilli-
cttht Adtertittr. . .
Licking County.
!' ..... . , : -..
The Union Democracy of Lloking county
nave nominated the following ticket: - r
Representative, Georg B. Smythaf Treasu
rtr, Lewi Kvanti Prosecuting Attornev. Gib
son Athertoai Commissioner, Ira A. Cendit;
Bnrveyor.ZenAi H. Denmanj Im&rmiry Direct
or, Jam Larimore; Coroner, A. J). Larri-
on. :
, Thto to an excellent, ticket, end will no doubt
be triumphantly elected. The Adwecilt, after
A speolal notice of the candidate, yt .
"The ticket, In all lUpirU, i a deserving
and eubttantla! one, and we commend It to
the undivided support of the Democncy of the
oouniy." ,;...,...
Tb "Newark .North Adict,' as Morgan
call It, don't like th ticket. It to a good
The Convention and the Ticket.
rri.. n...fln Rtatr.nnvant1nn of Wednta-
j - - f it, unait. nut Intelligent and
harmonious Convention! ever beld in Ohio, it
wat not composed of old party baokt, but or tbe
turdy yeominry the firmer! and worklngmen
.ia kM. m-A alnaw nt thm nnnntr.'' . .
iilW vvm am, ,uiu. - .
The ticket 1 one oi jne peas nw mui -
etoh candidate hti great personal ttrength.
n... A. Rnwmnnr. Hnah J. Jewett, IS
vui wmuivnn -1 a - -
univereally ftcknowledged to be ft thou8b"5JI
iDg bU!DM BID Ol 'W .- ""7
... ma. a! riA rtnmtnfttinna tiatxt veekt Lot
platform to all right. Now, Demoorato, pre
pare ior tne wur. v.. : , u
Killed, Wounded and Missing at
Bull Run.
. I . l Lilio nunrlprl and mtulne at
the battle of Bull Run, turnlsbed by tbe official
r .Y,A .AirnnindtH nf dlvigiOna Ihd
fCUUIIB U. .UV LVB-B."-""- " -
brigidea, ihowt the aggregate to be at follows;
Ofllceri ..
iGS '
Total killed....
. . !, .'. WOCRDSO
. W7
Total wounded.
.......... 40'
UtD ....
ToUl ntaslng.,'..'-.'....-..'.....ll .
Grand total 18,708 ; J
' The lost of artillery amonnta to eereoteen
mlttnA aannnn aetrl lKr. mrtnf.KKhAal aTHQfl. ID
liuvu uauuuu nuu wtju duivwvm Vw e .
ammunition the lose tmounted to ISO boxea of
m. 1 1 aii nnm aawKri ainnrw iBvnn - ri. iH'ra
of rifled cannon cartrWo. Thirty borof o
ui nun vuuvu wmjHY.. -j
1 .1 . . . . vt.,.An ...nm nf Arovls!
a rnn . . . . o nflfl 1 . . anil ' klntl
,ouu musaeie ana o,wv iuituu
kttj were Also lost in the retreat And during tbe
battle! .;.,.'., ' , , , "
XTC at BoU Hon. The;foIIowlng 1 th offl
. . -l .III 1 . .L. k.Mt. I
Clai report oi tuo irmicrj jub iu. ..." w,
Bull Run, referred to In the report of Gen. Mo
Dowell:- - - ' . ,
Companv D; 2d Artillery, Captain Arnold
(IX rifled pieces. ; ' ". . " - "
. Company 1. 1st Artillery, Capt. Rickettt, aixi
rifled Parrott ten-DOUnders. ' . . ' '
rvintnanv P.. Q,1 Artillpr. Cant. Carlisle, two
rifled pieces and two howitzers. Tola company
nan six pieces id iu. mv.ivu.
Company , 5th Artillery, Capt. Griffin, ooe
rifled piece, four imooth-bored; six piece in
tha urtinnL ' tA - ' '' ..
Company G, 1st Artillery, one 30-jounder
Parrot! gun; ooe 30-pounder and two 20 - pbund -
dp Pirmtt anna in action J ;
Rhode Island Battery, five rifled pieces; six
in notion ' .
Maklne-a (otal lass of seventeen rifled and
eight Smooth-bore guns. ' '
UnlOlAl reports maae tne loesee m ammuui
tlon. Quarter-matter's and Commissary' (tores,
a follow! ' ' '-
One hundred and fifty boxe (mall Arm cart
ridge. ,
Eiebtv-seven boxes rifled, cannon nmrnuni
tion. . ' . ... . ' .'-j'
Thirty boxes old fire-arms.
Tk 1 .lann m.am iAaA vtth ftfAVialnna. and
three thousand buahelt of oat.
U it ettlmtted thit twentyJive hundred mus
ket and eight thousand knapsacks and blanket
. . .tt i - rt il, .
were lost. rrasainyion nivwMms. , ., ,
' ICr Soorbutio diseases Are the parent ttock
from which triset a large proportion of the fat
al maladies that Afflict mankind. They are, at
it were, a species of potato rot in tbe human
constitution, which undermine! and corrupt! ail
the aouroet of It vitality And hastens ltt decay
They are the germ from which spring Cousnmp
tion, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Liver Com.
plaints, and Eruptive Diseatet, whloh will be
reoognixed at among those moat fatal and de
structive to the races of men. So dreadful are
Its consequences to human life, that it ia hardly
possible to overestimate tbe importance of an
actual, reliable remedy, that can sweep out thi
Scrofulous contamination. We know, then, we
shall proclaim welcome news to our readers' of
one from auch a quarter aa will leave little
doubt of Its efficacy and ttill more weloome,
when we tell them that it surely doet accom
plish the end desired. We mean Aria'a Baa-
taraaiiXA, and it to certainly worthy the atten
tion of those who are afflicted with Senfult or
Scrofulous complaints Regitler, Albany, N.
Y. - V- ); .T , Ug3-lr
,. .
Loss or Haia Much of thi deprivation to
CAUted by sheer neglect After illness, or some
other temporary drain upon toe toiiiciea at tne
root of the hair. Dr. Belllneham.of London,
has identified bis great name with a "Stimula
ting Ongutnt," invented by bim expressly to
meet such emergencies. Messrs. H. L. liege
man & Co., of New York, now have tbe entire
agency for the American continent. This is
quite a aufflolent indorsement of the universal
reputation of tbe article. See their advertise
ment. ....
Sheriff's Sale.
John Kennedy,
Common Pleas.
James Bouth
t et al.)
BT virtue of an order of sale to mi directed, from tbe
Court of Common Pleae of franklin eountr, Ohio,
t will offer for aalo at th door of tho Court lloato, la
the city of Oolnmbui, oo
Monday, the lG.b day of Sept., A. D. 1861,
at one o'clock P. M., the' fbllewlne deeertbed real
estate, tltaate lo tbe eoenfer of franklin, Btata of
Ohio and city of Colombo., to wll: Too aaat anw-kalf of
tbo following premtioa. commencing one AoBdred and
nlgbty-four t ( 184) watt ol the southeast earner of out.
lot number (SO) thirty-fire, and brlag apart oC said out
lot, at a stake, thence north one hundred and elghty
aeron and a half feet (1S7X) Io a itako, thence w.t
nrty-teTen fe.t (37) to a stake, thanoa aaat firty aT.n
feel (17) to tbo place .of brglnnlot, all of which llnea
nrf nmarL howaTCr.mn.t ha Dadastsod aa coria.Ma4-
lo i wiin mate of the stn.ta aad alleys of tho dty of
Uolombas arresaia, oeing ia .a., od.-iu.ii 01 ui manrm
dcacrlbed areaihee. and the same eonveyed to the mid
James South by aald John Kennedy and Wife by deed
of even date berewttn, r t
Apprala7V .
Prlater'tfees l. - - ' W. MUTrMAS, Bherlff,
AegU-tl, ,-v ... ...W"VT.Pf
CKIVED at the Offioe of the Becretary of Btata,
until 1 " ' ' " -'
Monday, the' 2J day of September next, At 19
,.. o'clock M, , ,
for furnUhlng the State of Ohio with Joel, ae follow
80tOOO Buihels of CoVei'fo weigh not lsis than 40
noond. to tb. bu.h.l. .. . l' . '
lOiOOO Bushels Coat, to ! the best ouallty oqnal
at least to tho lower veto ft, Hooting Coal, and free
from slate, eltck aod dirt, ,., ,v, u, ' i j,.,i!
The fool to ha delivered, wlthekt -charge for seek de
livery, as Oi Btata Boom In Coiumkua. - i ' -
Propoeale to bo aooomoanted by aamplos, aad to epeel
fy the kind, eoality and prio of tbe fuel pnopMoA m he
temlotieoV -- i . . .
Xaeh eentmetor will so reqei red to give bonds, With
approved .eenrity, la double the amount of tho eoa
tract, eoodlUon.d for tho ralthAil perremaito of his
The bids to be made nd the aoatnols to be ewafdat la
aecerdanoe with the terms of thoaot eotltlo 'An eat to
provide for the perchaeo of BtattoMry, fool, an other
article, for th Oemrat ASaemblr and Stat oflloera,"
paaeed 4nh ll,-Utts Bwane Bev. Btat. to;
Corw. 811)8.
Bids to be ndorsed n tho anvekme, 'Proponls for
fornUWng fuel for the 8u." - - i - -, :
, I ue I furnUhed ay the eoatiactor mast In all eaars
be eaual to-a.llt to the sample, Tktt mi via b
WtY , a f. uniBILC
Beeretary of Btata." '
Colamba. Ohio, AognalS, ia5J-dtd. . .'
am pQAa;ciJEEo BAni ' , .
'' ixtRi raaia'xtrRn) roi -.
. . -;. .
( WHITJS. WBfAT L01JajBtBrandgJ
PrenciAnil TorkiBu' Pruai, Pigv
' j .ZantaiJunaati ind Baiilnl.
rr'lewlioleat aa-rif by "'"f'.W
i ,..;ii.l' WM.B. MBTIIAUX,
-a TMinthnighBtreat.:
RUOUltd, new styles, J eat open M by
aprlU . M Mth Blk (trost.
J, I..M.H.II.PIIUI annoato fo year pa
nel lhat many of th voters of ths northern part of this
count de.lra Io bar flon. OrUwold, of Bharon town
ship, for ovu-a.xt BrpreMntaUvo.
'; ",'.v 1 " ' V " '
Korroa Oslo kmaiaa; -. Sir-V leaas anaouaoe the
i i. a. nun or luku. townthlo. a a randl
dat for Aeprossatattve, soldsot le th decision of tb
Union Dameorali Bomlnattn ooavontlon, andobllp,
0 A BUST 01 paatUUitaxB.
The Beet Artificial ., ,he
Human Night ewer invented.
jv.ntofth.B..i i-p"r' Lr:;.
All ms uiaisaa, wiluim io. w - .
around lu coocaTO convex form with tho iroaltil care,
. I aito suit the Eyes of all wses, caring Weaknoai.
DiaaloeM or Inflammation of tht lyes, and Imparling
trenathfnr lone reading or Bnosewlnt.
OffioT 13 Bait Btat street, .t Beltser t Webster's
HutloBtoro. . - ... ..
augs-diy . '.
U BU at too vmn w uw
I until . . , .
Monday, th '21 day or September next, at
i - ' , noon. . i - ' '
for furnUhlng psper; for (hs use of tM Stat bt Ohio,
follows: , .-(... . . ....
- d Lnl Vrlnlfn. P.nar. S7 U
by i inonaa, to w.iga no. nm iuu "
gOO Beaie Boublil lat dtp, M by S7 Inches, to weigh
wiMonda to tba nam.
100 Reams Broeharo Cover Paper, assorted colon, SO
h. 97 int-h... to w.l.h at least itfl sounds to tha ream
The aoaatltias abovo named to be iaereased at the op
aonui ui. mm.i w
i Blda Bast be acoompaoled by tamples of the paper,
and mast .pacify the prloe at which vat kind and quail.
J will bo delivered at the Bute House to Columbus,
o samples of an Inferior artiole need be presented ; (he
. 1 . V. . I.., Mn.lll.
Souvew"t tik Tap."aoiai aad Cover Paper
1 eommenoa on tho ilrat of Sorember next ensuing, ai
I oontlnao as the paper shall be seeded.
OOIlllUUV tM UiO ymyt wimia aw
cm 1 IT 17 Oi lam AiOUatirt mim vvp m w
tbe Lirat day oi vtotmoer oextt -uia wnuuum m awwym.
. n a- - ' J--Ll- v-
' sODUBf WlhamyySU am-weaa.j .a.
tht oontrnct, will be required Uccordlnf to law), eondl-
uooea ior ine nuaiui pcriurewiioT - vwus-.
nau wt.1- a 1. mm Am mrtA iha Mtn fraRfal - mWitAtA IB SB'
oordftDce with iht termi of the ol toprortdo for the
m ai.iu.. Vwiatt bwmI nthr mrlilaB fOP th.
ueneru AataDiy ua dmw vmwtm, p -? MMa ,
ioc4 n... OIQQ. Sevan's Utat. HtLfi.
Bldi toUlcdoriedoathetnTelopei. 4PropOMlf for
lurnuiiiug ymyvt ivi ... . - , .
k tii j j- ....iewl (Kar fin Mnnf wrill ha reMITM
. . . ...a Klltk. tka a.nUa
rrri , f.J ..Jll l,a a4Jal.i tmAktmrnA (a.
xam yrwiewiwiw vm mn wvwwr Wv-K'
i ' Beoreuryof Btale
Cei.BbM.Ohlfi, Attj-Mt , UOl-dUl . - v
$100 BOUNTY.
III bo accepted for TURIN YSARS in the Hegalar
Service 18th WKUsUHZ u. a. inrAniai..
' niLP OfflCIBB 1
Col. H. B. OarrlDgton. lat Adidtaat-aeneral of
Ohio; Lleoteoant-Uoionei, U. B. tn.pn.ra, mjui
sa RMlmaot United BUtee Infantrri Halor Henry B.
Burton, late 4th Beglmetit United Statee Artillery; Major
Bdmund Underwood, lat 4th Bagknoot United Blatae
Infantry; Uajor Frederick Towneead, late AOjatanf
Q.neral of Hew fork. - - -
A largo aambor of other officer, ere also from the old
Befimeoum tbe Regular Army. This triple keglmeot,
of 8,433 men, le to be brought to tb highest poMible
discipline for effective fall service.
Itonjoya all Uie Dountln aod prnileges granted to the
Volonteers, Wltn too aaaiuonai neucnia oi in. un
rienced officer, and perfect syitem of the regular service,
with tba best of Billed arms, ao.
Nnna k.ihI nnl but able bodied, healthy men.
Tbo bill has also pasaed ralslsg the pay to I5 per
month. The pay of non-eommluloned offlce re has alio
been loeraaaed. -r
Capt. L. W. KBLLOO,
1 , aagU-dCtwll f .'. . Recruiting Offioer,
' VDlssolulioiL
A - fore existing between tho anderelrnad, ander the
Dim name or AtwUB l uunu e inoaruun, wu uihoit'
ed by mutual oooaant oa th ttrat day of April, iooi,
Tbo bualnem of the lata firm will bo settled by B. B.
Aaarraoiio, who continues the builneas at tha old stand,
mayl8-d3w. ' V ' " TOOBFSON.
' and PBBMAKIMT Otnu of tt
- dlstremlng eomplalnt as -
BadebyO. B. BIYMODR CO., l07Maaata Bt , N.
i . JPrio II per bos sent free by poet.
Ii'tbk BAH, AT ALL 0BU01At.'.
' aawf4alrl ; -v i . - '
H EALTM, Tb blood mast bs purified, and all Bed
ielnes art useless whloh do not. possess the quality of
stimulating ths blood to discharge Its Impurities Into the
bowels,. BaamatTB's Pitu possess this quality In a
high degree, and ahoald bo in every family. . They ar
equally nieful for children and adults -adapted to both
sexes, and ar as Innocent as bread, yet most trracmrt
as a Ksauurtr ,?i ; i . , , -. . :
Tht Boa. Jaeob Beyer, of Bprtngrllle, lod., writes
to Dr. Brandrelh, ander date of May II, 1861. .
' "I hare aaad your Invaluable Vegetable UnlTtrsal
Pills In my family since 1838; they hare always eared,
even, when ether medicines were of ao trail. I have
been the means of my nalrhboni e.int hundreds of dot
lore worth, and I am aatlafltd they hart received I
tnoueand per cent, in bieeeeo. aeaun, uirougn ineir ooe
They are used la this region for Bilious and Liter Il
ea.ee, Vever and Ague, aud all rheumatic cases with the
moet pertMt eucceu. ia iact,tn.yaro me great rail
aoot In alckneas. and I trust roar venerable life mar be
long epar.il to prepare so excellent a medicine for the
nee of ,man.n - . .. . .
Please send ms ths lowest pries by ths groat."
Bold by Joan R. Coot, Druggist, Columbus, and by
ail ro.pcciaDie oeaiers in meauuies.. rv, Vi t
JlylSdawlmo. . ' ' , ,
jnorfAT) Lira pill.
la ill oaaee of ooeUTeo, dyrpepeia, bniloa. and Uvst
sffeoUons, piles, aheamettem, fere re tad agues, obstt
nate head aches, and alt general derangements ot health
thee PUls hav Invariably proved a eertala and speedy
remedy. A single trial WlU place tbe Ufa putt beyond
the reach ofoompetltloa In lhestlmaaoa of every pa
tient. ..,( ' . ,' ;. 1
, Dr. Moffat' Phoenix Bitten will bs fcund eqaaily et
fioadou fa all oases of nervosa deMUty, dyspepsia, bead
ache, the skknas Incident to fematas la delicate health,
and (very kind of weakness of th dlgeeUre trgtnt.
for eaU by Br. W. B. MOIIAT, XSB, Broadway, M; T.
anJbyaUCniggiiU. . tuySB-deiwlj
! Ths following" ii an extraot from
letter written by the Bov. J. I Bolma, bastes ot (he
Pterropolnt-ltraatBaptltt Ohnroh, Brooklyn, B. T.,to
tha Journal and kteaaengsr." Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volumes In favor of Bat wer Id-renowned medl.li.. Ma
tTiainiw". t ula. tian. im Tan i Tnaia4 iA
' "Wi mo aa adnrtbnal In mm ' aolomna of Vks
Wwmaw's Booraue Brace. Bow we sever l a word
la favnr At . MtMt InMlWMn. hAfrtp. In Bar Ufa. bit WS
fealoompelledtosay to your readers that this lea born
bog wt wave Ttiea rr, ana row rr o 'S "
otwUKe. It Is probably ono of th moel swotoiral ajadl.
atnaaarthaAa. hantnaa I. !a me of thobwrt. And tboss
of youv reader. wl have ImMaaoae'l 4 lector thaa
lay lat .apply .," ,.,. -i t- w-dAiW
.i.",-.,t --Awva --
m ii.ii i..t,. w nxtored to Iietlth In tfrw
... . .A...aatinB.lil. vK ,
Hinum, motm.. :
weeks by a very staple needs, if tor Wlag afftred sv-
eral years with a sever lung aaeenw, u " r-.
dlaeata.'CoofwmpUoa-MS ahxiotu n maaa inown to nil
- - Iha af ateUwaa.. 1 I V 1 V-
iaiitwniAMaiwv w
To all who deet re It, be will send a copy of ths prsserit
tton ased (freo of ebarg), with the direction for preper
lag aad using the tame, wbiok thay wUiftOrt t tettOca
for OomiuwrrftM, AerthfA. Baoacamay ltt. Tht nty
objeet ol the advorttMr aa evading toe rreeenpttoa H to
benelt too aaawtaa. anu r.wu imoraiauua wuioa wm.
ealveo to be taraiaahlo, aad ho hoaot ovary saeererwill
try ateirmedy, as U WlU fM tbeai BotUlnj, and may
Btev ableaelnt ' ...
Parties wiibiog th preemtitioa will tiw. e,intl .-
. 7 . . kav." AUWARD A. WILSON.
' -'-a ' Wllllameborgh,
- ' ' ItopOoaato.li.wir.rk.
: -T" ,
So, 20 Soath High Street, Columbus,
AB0WJ """oUnl Ml Ooods atBX. valus
UOO yards TraveHM Bress Ooods St UK.ja'u 0 ets.
Suoiarti EngU.h l.r.r.. at lH. valu. 5nU. .
ivr ? .-",t Y .i i:t.iu. .ou.
low iard. youlard Dr... Silk, at 37. vain M oeols.
iSUOnrd! Bupir Plain Bluk BlIkatAl W). value lS.,
ttSSl Borara. 4 ntluh B.ra, hi oo-
hall their value. , 'mi's tax.
jcSt f , ' ' . '. 1 v 89 eoatb H'h Btreet. .
Elegant lace Mantillas.
No. 29 South High St.,
HATB Juil opened aa Invoice of very large auu
handaoma ' '
PUSHER, FRENCH, AND utianiii.ua.
Wide French Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep Freneh Flounoiog Lacea.
Real Thread, French. Cbaotllla ft Oeoevete
Valenciennai, Point de Gaze, BruBieli
And Tbread Laeei ana collars,
1 In new Shapes,
For traveling.
Traveling Dresa Goods.
' Ths best and most fashionable styles In tbo oily,
jeSl ; - ' , . ' SB South High Street.
Groceries, ' ( . :, . 4 ' t .
, ' ' Produce,
! - Provisions,
j Foreign and Domestic Liquors, , ,
Fruits, etc. etc,
: No 106, -South High Street,
' . ' " -
tbe old stand recently occupied by.WM. McDONALD
, Be Is lu daily receipt of '
Which hs will sell ' -
Cheap for Casta ar Country Produce.
Hj Ooode delivered to Oity trade fre of charge J
iyi ,
No. 100, South" High Street,
OoIjUTwI Ji kU
Foreign and Domestic' Fruits,
Steam Between Ireland and America.
The following new and magnificent ftnt-el&ss paddle- '
wheel Steamships compose the abort line:
ADRIATIC, S.888 tons burthen, Capt, J. Uacar
(Formerly of the Collloi Lin. )
HIBERNIA, ' 4,100 tons burthen, Capt. N.Paowaa.
COLUMBIA, 4.4U0 . k. LeiTca.
ANOLI A, . 4,400 " " N loauuwii.
PAOiriO, ,600 " " I. Baua.
3,500 " " J.WiLtia.
One of tb above .hire will leave New Tork or Boston
alternately every Toekiay fortnight, for Oalway, oar
rving th gorernmeot malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
Tho Steamers of this Hoe have been constructed with
tho greateet care, under the supervlalon ot the govern- .
ment, have water-tight compartments, ud are unexcel
led foroomfort, safety and .peed by any .(earner, afloat.
They ar commanded by able and experienced offlcere,
aod every exertion will be made to promote the comfort
of pooeeagers.
An.expwl.DCed Borgosn attached to each ship.
HATE Or VA8SAGK.. . ' .I
Pint-elan N. T. or Bolton to Oalway or Liverpool K0
Beoond-elaat, : ' .'-,''
riret-elaae, " " to Bt John'. 3S
Third-clM " ' " " to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town in Ireland, on a Bat Iway, - " AO,
"'Tbird-eiampaaa.ng.r.are Uheraliyaapplied with pro
visions of the beat quality, cooked and eerved by the ser
vants of tb Oompaay.
Parlies wUhlng to eeod for their friend, from the eld
country can obtain tick from any towa on a railway, In ,
Ireland, or from the principal oltlesof Bngland and Boot
land, at very low rates. ... . '
Fsjaengere for Mew Tort, irrIvlng1)yTho Boiton
BteamoTe, will bt forwarded to New York fro of Charge.
for pejaago or further Information, apply to
, - Wa ll. W10KHAH, -'
At the offioe ef th Cemyuy, oa tb wharf, foot of
Canal street. New Tork.
aprtllftdUm. . , . , . , . ,
; ' B-fSJDLST t&SONj'I , V 1
io. . south v hioh; STRxrr, ; ; c
1,000 yard Blear FUI" Black Bilks at 1 OO-valae
1 tS per yard. ,; ;; J ,
8, 600 yard Traveling Dreai aad Meatr deed kt
U 1-f snt-vali SO eenls per yard. ' (J
8,000 yard While BrUllantes al 19 l-j cent "
vala tO eants par yard.
t,000 yard tin an Boaattle Olagbaais greatly on- -
dee veto.-, ,i,;"rij-'5C
( v J ALSO: ' , k
large And Desirable lots 6f
MciziiamTrxi, BiizoRrn8,iH-: I? '
, cHAiirs, lOTixjunr nutir
; nousRBmoss.umris,'
. ! uwvi, CAUC0Z8, tprpxt,-i f(
New and Taabionabla Erreeat God il ' '
In th most deeimble styles tnd it vary lower prio...' rV
JQl 3T VXT ZiAPi :
Of all material., made la the meet stylish staober 'after
the latest Paris fashions ths most elegant stylrs Itf
th rtfnv' " -.. ' s "' ''-
T .. ... . 011" J BON,
inaySD .' . Be. South High stmt.
Canton Mattlnga. " ' " -
4, . tV. Whll aaA 1 uedTand.
White Checked of SBoerWr ouallty. Poraakhyr.ua
LMi BV ttf aa) Ulgq

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