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r I
Tbe Adams Express Company places u dally
under obligation to it tor the Try latest paper
Prom toe eastern cities. '
', The Amoricau Express Company , has out
(.hanky for its dully favors lu the shape of tbe
ery luteal eastern papers. ' ' ;
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice Is hereby givea4o the UuIod Democ
racy oi Franklin, county, to meet on Friday,
August 30, 1861, between the hours oi thru and
six o'clock P. M, in the townships, and aw and
tight o'olock P. M , in the Wards, at the usual
places of holding elections (eioeptirjg Norwich
township, which will be held at Bohofleld's
: School House, and the Fourth Ward at Oarer's
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend theCoun
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, In.lbe
city of Columbus, on Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 1861, at ten o'clock A. M., for the pur
pose of putting in nomination two Representa
tives in the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one County Commissioner, and one
Infirmary Direotor
At the same time and place one delegate
from each War J" and township will be appoint
cd to the Senatorial and Judiolal Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will bo fixed here
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted ta each Ward and Township, based npon
the vote cunt for Supreme Judge in 1860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five votes so cast.
1st Ward, 7 Hamilton To 3
21 5 M.ffln " ' 3
3d " 5 Washington " 3
4th ' 6 Madison 7
5th " 13 Blendon : ', ." 2
Montgomery To. 6 Norwiob " 3
Truro ' 4 Jefferson " 4
Prairie " 3 Jaeksoa " 6
Cliuton " 3 Sharon . " 3
Pleaeut ' 3 Franklin " 6
Brown " L Plain '." 4
Perry " 4
Wm. Douioan,
Sam'l Doyle,
Alix. Thompson,
11. W. Miixir,
Wm. Coorxa.
J. fiULIN, '
K. I'iCKtRIL, '
.James IIoblocei,
H. S. HlOH,
County Central Committee.
All throe months' men of Co.'a A,-B and G,
3d Regiment O. V. M., aie notified to meet at
Montgomery 1111, cjruor of IHgfi and Gay
streets, In this city, on Thursday, August IStb,
1861, at 8 o'clock A. M., for payment.
Ctpt. Co. G, 3d Regt.
Columbus, Aug. 13, 1861. 2(.
OrricitiS or the Fiftiinth and Sixtxinth
Rioiments Of the Fifteenth Colonel, M. R.
Pickkv; Lieutenant Colonel, W. T. Wilson.
Of the Sixteenth Colonel, J. S. Folton;
Lieutenant Colonel, G, W. Bailey; Major,
Fwur Kisjhnii. This Regiment will be re
organised at Camp.Goddard, near Zanesville.
D" Capt. Finnxv arrived In the" city on Tues
dy evening, with a fine company of eighty-four
men from Clermont county, and yesterday morn
ing, matched out to Camp Chase.
ECTThe Cincinnati School Board have adopt
ed a resolution recommending tbe Union Board
of High Schools to add Military Eogluecrlng
to their circle of studies.
O General Frimont recently telegraphed to
Cincinnati for powder, and was informed that
obstacles were in the way, preventing its im
mediate shipment. Tbe General replied that
"no matter what obstacles were in the way, the
powder must .bo ehlpped,'aud that without de
lay." UTThe ZincsvlIIe CoutUr states that Messrs
Stikois & Fox, of that city, have secured tbe
contracts for supplying rations to tbe troops
encamped al Mansfield, Hamilton, Portsmouth
and Zkueaville.
The London Qoastirlt Review. The, con
tents of the London Quarterly for July, 1861,
are Thomas De Qulnccy; Montalembert on
Western Monachlsm; The English Translators
of Virgil; Maine's Ancient Law; Scottish Cha
racter; Russia on the A moor; Cavonr; Democ
racy on Trial.
The titles of these articles indicate their gen
eral value and importance. Tho first one on
"De Qulncey" gives a biographical sketch with
critical remarks npon that remarkable man of
wonderful genius and no less wonderful learn-
lu8- " : .
The recent death of Count Cavoui Imparts a
lively interest to the ensay headed with Lis
name, which occupies about twenty pages of the
Review , , a
But the concluding article which boars the
ominous title of Democracy on Trial," is the
one of deepest Interest to as Atnerfoan readers,
who are naturally anxloua i6, know what the
Conservatives over she i water have to say about
-.tho present' oondltion of ' our ', country,'.' Of
course, the writer in the London Quarterly ar
rives easily at the eonoluslon, that the Union Is
permanently sundered, and that' the experiment
or a government based on almost aoiversal suf
frage hai signally failed. He , takes "occasion,
therefore, to give Mr. Snort and the Liberals
in England a lesson and a warning from our
ill-fated example. The article Is, however; torn
perately written, and has many observations in
relation to our present troubles . both just and
true. ' ' '
The London Quarterly Review (Conserve
tive), the Edinburgh Review' (Whig), the
North British Review (Free Church), the West
minster Review (Liberal), and , Blackwood's
Magsxlne (Tory), are all republished New
York by Leonard Boqrr & Co., 64 Gold street.
Each commenced a new volume with ' the, 'Jul
number, Tbe prloe of the five Is $10, ef any
two ,o, ana oi eaoh singly $3 a year., . ., .,
' 11 " I I I a i-, KJ hs-4t'
W Tbe proprietor! of the "Varieties" at
Apollo Hall, are doing,' as they say, or osed to
say, "a land office butfnegii.'VTne; Hair Is
crowded ever evening by admiring and de
lighted listeners and spectators- ' The : frequent
change or programme will entitle thoae enter
tainments to the name of "Varieties,"';. v ?t
. i " ' i. i i 1,-' ' ; L '
ST Llsut.-Col. Trua, of the secession army,
passed through the oity yesterday, on his way,
under escort, from the Newport, Ky., Barracks
to Fort Lafayette, near New York City
ST Thero are twenty-nine eeeeesloalste ,new
held in durance ftt Camp Chase. '.lUl, '
. .
ET CapUln , Satrxs hat arrived itamp
Cbtse with a company of VG men, from High
land county.
r-n W .
HTXargs amounts of stores and emmunltio.i
arc dally passing westward for the army In MIi
tonrl. The following Is the Invoice of one
shipment! '
Forty oases of eight inch grape-shot: 48 box
es oi oannlster for thirty-two pounders i 420
boxes of shell for thirty two pounders: 600 box
es of eight lnoh shell; 40 boxes of crane for
I. I i 1 a Af. a
tmny-two ponnaers, ana aoi ooxei or mnnl
Horn of war.
' O" At Mount Vernon, on last Friday eve
olng, a respectable oitixen, Mr. Shomell,
whose peaoe and quietude had been disturbed
by the danolne and noise kept up till a late
hour in the night by some negro families In the
neighborhood, against which he bad remon
strated In vain, was met by a negro named
Jenkins, who Instantly itruek him a heavy
blow in the face with a large atone, infliotiog a
serious Injury, Mr. Shofseix, having a loaded
revolver, sent tbe contents of tbe barrel into
the body of the negro, the ball passing through
the fleshy part of the arm and lodging under the
ribs on the right side. The recovery of the
negro was considered doubtful.
Lo, the Conqderino Hero Comes I "We
make the following extraot from the Miami
Sentinel, Peru, Indiana, written on the occasion
of the "immortal J. N.'s" recent visit to that
plaee: . ....... !'.".;' ' ".'
No event, as a Journalist, will it ever be our
duty to chronicle, which compares In grandeur,
or equals in magnifiosnce that which it is now
our privilege to announce to our readers.
The dusty tones of antiquity may perpetuate
tbe fame or Athens o(.Rome, as "mistress of
the world," but the page of history, that records
the visit to Peru of that immortal Orator,
Philosopher and Satirist, J. N, Free, and trans
mits hit unassumlns merit to admlrlnz sees, is
no lest enduring in tbe annala of history, or
memorable in the records or time.
With all hit acknowledged neatness, the
grand oharaoteristio of "J. N ." is modesty. Yes,
gentle reader, let it be eneraven on the table
of your memory and proclaimed to the world,
mat "j . a . u not a man or vain pretense, but
of extreme modest merit.. .
Infinitely at "J. N." surceases Socrates.
Plato, Bacon and Newton, aa a Philosopher,
transcendently at be rises above Demosthenes,
Cicero and Henry, as an Orator, Immeasurably
as be leads Juvenal, Pope, Smollet and Byron,
ae a Satirist, be is as simple at a child and as
modest at a maiden. , ,.,.
The "Immortal J. N." will lecture in this
city to-morrow , evening, the 16th Inst., at
Newark on the 17th, and at Zanesville on the
20th Inst.' Subject Truth and War.: Prepare
to hear him 1 .' .' .
CHons. J. C. Biecrjnbjdob and C. L. Val-
landiouam passed through the city yesterday,
ou their return borne from Washington.
D" Col. Martin Weuer, ex-Lieut. -Got.,
has been appointed Aid to the Commander-in-
Chief, Gov. Dennuon, and. detailed to act as
Judge-Advocate..''". ;
u he zinesviiie vturur regrets to. learn
that Dr. Stout, who was one of tbe Represent
atives from Monroe county in the last Legisla
ture, aud now resides In Zineeville, was thrown
from hit carriage, on last Snnday afternoon
upon the limestone on tbe National Road, and
severely injured. ; . ;, ......
New Artillert ArroiNTMiNT. The Gov
ernor hat recently made tbe following appoint
meott: , , .
Wm. E. Gilmore. Chillieothe. Colonel of
an itegiment. ;
t. JS. franklin, Timn, Major of 34th Reel
ment. . .
Jesse S. Norton. Perrvsbura. Colonel of Slit
Samuel A.' Strong, Defiance, Major of Slst
bdward H. Phelos. Defiance. Lieut. Colonel
of 88th Regiment, i 'i . . i
cparnrat L. Barbsr, Wauseon, Major of 38th
Martin Welker. Wooater. Aid-d.Cimn in
Commander-in-Chief.'.. v ' , -
Wager Swavne. Columbus. Miinr of 41.1
negtment. '
James M. Comlv. Columbua. I.lut. Colnnal
of 43d Regiment. - '
F'derick Poschner, Cincinnati, Colonel of
im negiment.
Wm. B. Hazen, West Point, Colonel of 41st
negiment. , ; . . , ,
Camm. The following it a list of the Camps
now established in thlt State: '
Llavton, Camn Corwln i MnflM. n.mn
Bartley; Zanesville. Camn Goddardt Athena.
tamp nooi; Alliance, uamp f ord f indlay,
Camp Vance; Chillieothe, Camp Worthiogtoo;
Columbus, Camp Chase; AsbUbula, Camp
Giddlues: Batavia. Gamn Luoaa t Hanllton.
Camp Hamilton; Portomoutb, Camp Morrow;
marietta, uamp rutnam ; Cleveland, Camp
Brown; Defiance, Camp Trimble; Cincinnati,
Camp DennisoDv Cleveland. Camn Wnod
Steubenville, Camp McArthur; Wooster, Camp
A IIUU. .!..!..
A New Book. Tbe ''Kolghte of the Golden
Circle," or a History of Secession from 1834 to
1861. .This is the title of a well written ex
pose, by a meaber of the Order of the K.G.C.
The work is one that, at this time,' will attract
the attention of the whole world, from the fact
that we are no yt reaping the fruits of what was
started by thlt organisation twenty seven years
ago, and been prosecuted to its culmination In
secession As it is desirable that all should
read this wonderful revelation, the publishers
have 'put tbe price at 25 cents, and will tend it
poet paid on receipt of that amount. They like
wise want a good, competent man in every ooun
ty 01 the West, to ssll this work. A good
salesman ' can clear ten. dollars per day In its
tale. All ordert matt be addressed to Ashe &
Co.' , Indianapolis, Indk For' soldiers' reading,
by the quantity, to supply a regiment, the price
will be put very low.' ' tr, rj ?s
hunnewell's ' '
cough remedy.
lot all Throat and Lnnf OompUintt, tnolodn. with
moftpcrreci malti, waoorua Coooa, Chronic an
Ooiimon Cocaui, BaoiioaiAi, am TbaoaT Oohpuixti,
alwkys foKrunurs of Ooaiaaiitloa. a RooraiM
"ar has no suparlorX f rwd fioni allOplatsor
tatlons, and Witt prfcto6nfldenot."
, .. H J" t 4 '
HUNNEWELVS a,r;v..v ' '
; i: i
-ifptuj Anodyne.
Ihs Orratir Katsral Orura ortf olfmd i tK
world, eoDtalDlof aol a partlolo of Oplna, Mr toy turn
Iabo but Its atrkrtlr vtrtablo and nodhml proportiw.
A sure Bamody lor Diiiiuau, Bbwhattm, Sonr.
Soonl and Ban Acas, Oatarrw, Boa am mat Inn,
asd all Blnoe t'srvoos OoaplolaM.' 4 i
loa Iioh ov Blbt. and Heodacbe in aH lis vartottos,
has ao oqaal, and to whloh dost udoobtad tMtmonl
alf are offtnd. - ...-,..., i . ,
ma db.uidm nmm it is a Bost perraet id1.
fo Bowsa. OoamAnrw, after roving tfa. pala W
at a phvito, a noil Important eontnst witk Uw eonsUpa-
lorytffaota ot Opium
ii7 wiou oi upinm.
To thfrioUoo, Vomahs and Trial Botthswtlt'btseiit.
and U Plw or Invalid a doMripUve poapliltl wlUwsl
oitafUmp.l , T rc ,. .
. g rwand nndtv lbs rplat topervUta of ,"
j JS. ..;."C"I A rWARMACBWTltr, .'.
h'.' I OoBunereial Wharf. Bottom. Hate.
tfo whoa plMaIlrMt oil oBaoaloatlona. i
Prloot-UrRO Court KaaSdy, SO amis per SotUt. !
r, Ul Bmall . - Its ' V'
- I Tola AnodyM', ' ' 60 '
jrorjait by tbe wool wBotanle and rtWI dtaton,
m n. o0K..'t zr .. J. 5 V,;,?' u
. MNIO , A. i iOHrjlLtaB SOU,
aaj I7-WAJ Annts (or Ooloabaa, t)blo.
The Great Battle Near Springfield—
The Official Report—Gen. Lyon's
Death—He Cheers on His Troops
with His Last Breath—Generals
Price and McCulloch Killed—General
Sigel's Retreat.
' St. Loois, AuKUSt 13, The followine ie the
official report of toe Bgbt near Bprlngaeld on
Saturday last at forwarded by one of General
Lvon'iAldi-de-camD to Ueneral rremont:
'Ueneral ivon, in three ooiumns, under nim
self, General Slgel, and Major Sturget of the
oavairy, attackea toe enemy at naii-patt six on
the morning of Iks 10th, nine milea southeast of
Springfield. The engagement was severe. Our
loss Is about em killed ana wonndsa. ueneral
Lyon was killed la a charge at the head of his
oolunn. Uur force wst eight thousand, Includ
ing two thousand Home Guards. Tho muster
rolls reported taken from the enemy give his
strength at twenty-three thousand, Inoluding
regiments Irora Louisiana, Mississippi ana X en
nessee, with Tezu Rangers and Cherokee half.
breedBi Their loss is heavy, including Generals
Mcculloch ana rnoe. i hit etatenent it cor
roborated by prisoners. Their tents and wagons
were destroyed la the action.
"Bigel left one sun on tbe field and retreated
to apriuKneia with a large number ot prisoners.
At three o'olock on tbe morning of the 1 1th, be
continued hit retreat upon Koiia, bringing off
hit baggage train and $25,000 in specie Irom
tbe Hpnngfieia bank."
The following it a verbal report taken irom
a tpeolal messenger who brought dispatches for
uen. fremont.
"Early on Saturday morning General Lyon
marched out of Springfield to .give tbe enemy
battle. He cams up to blm ou Davit'l Creek,
on Green't Prairie, a few niftes south-west of
Bprlogftold, where he had taken a strong posl
tion on rolllne trround. Twenty minutes oast
six o'clock in the morning, Gen. Lyon fired the
first gun, when tbe battle immediately began.
Severe cannonading was kept up two or three
hours, when the fire of Capt. Totten's artillery
proving too severe for the enemy, they gradual
ly fell back toward tbeir encampment on Wil
ton's Creek. ;-' '
'Gen. Lvon't cavalry ooured on the enemy's
left flank, and Cen. Si gel's artillery on tbe
lent, tneu began a ternno attack and screed
alaughter and dismay in the ranks of tbe ene
my, pursuing them to their camp shells from
Totton's artillery setting fire to their tentt and
baggage wagons, which were all destroyed. A
i40uisiana iregiment ana Mississippi regiment
seemed to have suffered most in the fight, and
were almost anutmiatea.
"Sometime In tbe afternoon .as Gen. Lvon
wu leading on his column his horse wat shot
frora nnder him. He immediately mounted an
other, and as he turned around to bis men,
waving bis bat In bis hand and cheeriog them
on to victory, be was struck in the small of his
back by a ball end fell dead lo the ground.
The command then devolved upon General
"Pursuit continued until nightfall, when our
little army rested for tbe night in the encamp
ment of the enemy.
"Sunday morning, Geo. Sigel, fearing tbe
enemy might recover and attempt to cut his
command off from Springfield, fell back upon
that city, where the Home Guards were sta
tioned. On reaching Springfield, and fearing
the great numbers of the enemy might induce
them to get between him and Rolls, Gen. Sigei
concluded to fall back noon Rolla with hta nrn-
vision trains, and meet the reinforcements which
were on the way to him. At the latest moment
of the departure of tbe messenger, the enemy
naa not oeen seen, ana itvu probable that uen
eral Sigel hat not been disturbed in bit
march. Ninety of the rebels ere captured,
among them a Colonel of distinction, tbe mes
senger not remembering hit name. The tword
and borao of MoCulloch were among the tro-
"Reinforcements are on the way from Rolla
and Gen. Sigel and hit army may be considered
sare." ..
Official Report of the Battle in Missouri.
seuri. ?
Washington, Aug. 13. Official' dispatches
are received oy uen. ocoti irom uen. rremont,
about tbe battle near Springfield, which is sub
stantially the same as the aooountt given by the
Assouaiea Trees.
The Secretary of War has ordered Colonel
Berdan to collect a regiment of sharp shooters
at toon at possible
Late Minister to France in Prison.
' Washinoton, Aug. 13, Minister Faulkner
la still in jail. It is believed by the Govern
ment that be held communication with the
rebels through the Southern Commissioners at
faris, and that a regiment awalte blm to take
commana or in Kicbmond. - -
This morning twenty four nrlsoners. taken bv
the rebels after the battle at Hull Run, reached
here, after giving their parole not to serve
against me uonieaerates.
The Newspapers and the Military.
PHiLADnrHU. Aug.' 13. Several of the
largest business homes in tbit oity to-day pub
lished a oard, declaring having teen in the dally
papers a statement of the number of regiments
in Bank's column, which Information la against
the sgreeraeut with the Government and of
importance to the enemy; that they would
withdraw their subscriptions and advertisements
from any paper containing published information
of military movements. : .
Latest News from Cairo.
Cairo, Aug. 13. Three scouts returned this
evening from Charleston, Missouri, bringing
three rebel prisoners well armed and mounted.
Tbe prisoners lay that the Tennessee foroes
under Pillow re-landed at New Madrid, and
Jeff. Thompson contemplates an Immediate at
tack on Cape Girardeau. ... ' .
Rigid Enforcement of the Embargo—
Rigid Enforcement of the Embargo— A Spunky Unionist.
Ntw York. August 13. Three vessels, all
under British flag, were refustd elearancee at
the Custom House.
Tbe Captain of the brig Sea Foam tava that
tbe feeling at Curacoa wae aialust the admit
tance of the Sumter. .-, v
Tbe officers of a Dutch man-of-war in tbe
harbor refused to associate with the Sumter's
officers. The proprietor of tbe principal hotel,
an American, hoisted the Stare ana Stripes.
Tbe privateer't officer! refused to enter the
bouse unless he lowered It. . He declined, and
kept it flying the whole week.
More about the Rebels from Prisoners.
[Special to the Post.]
Washiwotow, August 13. The rebels are In
pretty strong force at Edward's Ferry, thirty
wiles above -here, and well supplied with artil
lery. :.i -. .-";"!.
: Dr. Stewart, Burgeon of the First Minnesota
regiment baa arrived, with other prisoners, re
leased on parole. They report twenty-three
other members oi the regiment at Richmond
nearly all wounded, but doing well. Many of
our soldiers reported killed are prisoners. There
are twenty-two other wounded FedersI soldiers
at Sadley Church, recovering, and kindly treat
ed. Lieut. Welch, of Minnesota,' reported
dead, was well enough to be in the ttreett at
Rlonmond. Dr. Stewart report! tbe rebel aol
diert are tired of fighting.
More News of our Wounded—Another
Rebel Prize Captured.
Niw Tots, Aug. 13. A special from (Fort
ress Monroe eayt that newa received . from
Richmond atattt that Colonel Wlloox, wound
ed in the arm. wu doing well. Booth, of tha
Second Wisconsin, wounded in the leg, doing
Well. , - ;j ,. 4. , .
la from the Eastern Shore, with a prlte schoon
er. ' ' '- . . ; ..: ' .-. '
He hat destroyed several vessels. The ana.
my, under Magrader, It in force at New Mar
ket Bridge, nine milet from the Fort.
New Military Appointments.
The President tfl-dar lnnilntt Crtl: HinUr
who commanded a column In the late engage
ment, to be a Malor.On.l. nA Ma
-n the Cavalry W.F. Smith, of the To
pographical Corpe; and II. W. Beuham,- of the
Engineert, to be Brlgadler-Generale of the
Volunteer foreet. 1 i - .
Captain Crabeo, of the Potnm. fltin.. ...
that on the thoree of the Potomac not one in
twonty It true to the Union. He says," I some
times think there are hundreds oi them organ-
wvu.iuh, whiuiu, auu pernaps regiments
prwpareu w aui against me uoverameni at any
an n m oan c
Southern News via Louisville.
catch, dated the 12th, to the New Orleans pa
oers. save a land tilde occurred Sunday night:
about seventeen miles from Richmond, on the
Manassas route, bv whloh eight cars with sol
diers were smaabed and shivered. Two oom
panies from Louisville were the prinoipal suf
ferers. ' , '
In the Tennessee election the majority for
Confederate Constitution wat W.uuu. for liov
ernor. Harris is erected by about 30,000 ma
jorlty. In the first district Nelson is elected to
both tne f ederal ana confederate uoDgreit oy
a large majority.
Tbe Rlonmond Enquirer endeavors to convey
the impression that tbe Federal troops burned
Tbe yellow fever ie raging at Vera Cms
The Richmond Enauirer of tbe lUtb says
Oens. Lee and Roseorant attempted to get tbe
advantage of each other In an advanced posi
tion. A battle ensued, in which forty Federals
were killed and little loss to tbe Confederates
Gen. Lee bad two and Rosecraos fonr regiments.
Uen, Lee afterwards oommenoed tortilyina tbe
pais be bad gained near Big Spring, Pooabon
tas county, fifteen milet from Huntertville,
whloh commands tbe turnpike from Randolph
Lewieburg and tbe central roaa
The Charleston Courier, extracting from
private letter from Tampa, saya the schooner
Wanderer, which bad been captured by. the
Federal fleet, brings news of tbe capture, laBt
night, of the U. S. steamer Crusader by tbe
Confederates. . '.' '
The Charleston Evening News has suspend
ed, and most of the other papers bave raised
tneir prices.
The Savannah Republican nublisbes a memo
rial protesting against tbe Southern Uonledera
ey purchasing their stores In Northern markets
during bOBtilities.
Tbe Macon Telegranh sais Gov. Harris had
been informed that Gen. Fremont wa preparing
with 25,000 men to operate gaint Uen. Pillow
at New Madrid. Mo. Harris said he aould nut
au.uuu equipped men into the neid la a day, and
En nnn, . ..... .
wouia re intoroe rinow.
It it reported here that tbe to reeiments
composing Camp Boone, Tenn., have received
ordert to prooeed forthwith to Virginia-
NASHVll.lt, Aug. 13 Gov. Harris orders all
the fire-arms and swords beloncrlnir to the Stats
of Tennessee to be oollected by the constables
snd ssnt to tbe military authorities at Nashville,
or Memphis.
Theft of Contraband Goods.
JsrrcRSONviOi, Ind.. Aug. 13 Dnwna'a
warehouse, wherein tbe Government had stored
contraband goods, was burglariously entered
last night, and pistole and other arms stolen.
Fremont's Official Dispatch to the
Washinoton, Aug. 13 The War Denart.
ment bar received from Maior-Genernl Fremont.
official advices of the battle noar Springfield,
Mo., and the death of Gen. Lyon.
J. Lathrop Motley, tbe new Minleter to
Austria, will repair at once to Vienna.
[Special to the Post.]
Washington. Aug. 13. Cant. Fox. Aacl.Unt
Secretary of the Navy, report that be eugaged
100 vessels for the use ot tbe Department, and
tney win oe employed in the enforcement or the
revenue law.
Tbe rebel Congress has naafed an act far tha
Imprisonment or expulaion ot all Unlou men.
News from New Mexico—Texas Rebels
Making Mischief in the Territory.
iNDirxNoiNot, Mo., Aug 13 Santa Fe mail
wun dates to July atJtb, bos arrived.
Lieut. Smith, of the Fifth Infantry, went into
Chihuahua to recoire the Government train
stolen by one Kirk, .a wagon master; was taken
prisoner by tbe Texan troops, aud isnowal El
raso ou parole.
it It reported there are a large number of
Jexane on their way up to seise Fort Staunton,
and any Government property tbey can find.
Preparations have been made to receive them at
Fort Staunton. They can defend themselves If
they have no artillery, and they will never get
near enough to do any damage, aa the Federal
picket! are out fifty milet in every direction.
Newt bad reached Santa Fe that the regulara
bad been ordered home. If to, the Govern
ment virtually abandons the Territory to tha
South, tho volunteer! being no kind of proteo-
tion io toe innaoitants.
Fort Filmore is now gilrrlsooed bv thirteen
companies of regulars, ten ol Infantry and
three of dragoons. The regulara are uuder
marching ordert at toon at the volunteers can
relieve them. - . .
The Apache Indiana are troublesome, they
thinking because tbe United Slates trooDs have
sbsndoned some of their posts, that it is left
open to them to murder and steal. Thev hava
attacked the overland mail coach and killed tbe
driver, but were finally repulsed, and tbe coach
went on.
Two Steamboats sasscd our landinc. vMter-
going dowa the river loaded with United
States troops, destination supposed to be Lexington,
at the time of enlistment of the troops
now there has expired. All quiet here. "
Miscellaneous Items of News from
Washinoton, Aug. 13. A lady who has sr.
rived here from Richmond via Louisville, states
that workmen are engaged at Richmond io the
manufacture of tanks for the conveyance ol
water to the rebels at Manassas, and- for keep-
the water brought to that post. " ' , ,
The Secretary of the Interior hat recently
decided that assignments of land warrants on
their, backs are not valid, snd the names of the
assignees, to render them legal, must be writ
ten thereon at the time of transfer.
The Treasury Department will toon taaue In
structions to the disbursing officers, in effoot
that no creditor of tbe Government la to ba
compelled to take Treasury notes in satisfaction
hit claim.
Tbe visit of the Secretary oi tha luterior
North ie in connection with the meeting of tbe
8. Marshal In New York, on Thursday, in
.order to take more effective measures for the
suppression of the elave trade. . .
Thomas rranoii Meaeoerwas veaterdav of
fered a Captainoy with the regular army, which,
however, be respectfully declined, .with the
request to tbe Secretary of War, to transfer
to tome other officer of the Sixty ninth New
York Regiment. He recommended Captain
Kelly, the senior Captain of the Sixty ninth
R. Bates, who wat reoommeoded by
Ohio Congressional Delegation for a Brig
-Generalship, hat declined tbe appoint
Important News from our Prisoners
at Bichmond—The Releases Surgeons'
Account of Matters.
FoaTsiss Monroe, Aug. 13. A number of
men. belonging to different reslments. have
been released and tent borne, for kiod treatment
en the field to Col. Gardner, of Ga., and other
Confederate soldiers. These men were held at
Rlobmond, but when the circumstance under
whloh the were made prisoners beoeme known
they were Immediately released and boarded at
the hotels. Tbeir release is unconditional, and
io accordance with the promise made by Col.
uaraner on tne neia.
. The returned Federal surgeons estimate the
number of Federal prisoners at Rlobmond, In
cluding the wounded, at from 1,000 to 1,300.
They have .full lists of the wounded and the
prisoners who died sin 'the hospitals alter the
battle. . .. i -.
Colonel Corooran It well, Captain Ricketto.
of the U. S. Artillery, Is recovering from hie
woandi. ' ", ,
Congressman Ely sends a letter to President
Lloooln, understood to be decidedly Is faror of
reoognliing the Southern Confederacy, so far
es an exohange of prisoner! it oonoeroed.
Account of Matters. Proclamation of Major-General Fremont.
I hereby declare end establish martial law in
the oity and oouot of St. Louis. Major J. Mo
Klnttrr.U.S. Army, it appointed Provost Mar-
thai. AU ordert end regulationt issued by him
J. C.
Major-General Commanding.
Malor McKlottry has arrested John A. Brow-
noil, President or- the Board of rnbuo Commit
slonere, end appointed Bull Duke Instead. . The
lews ol the oity end Htate will be txeouted wita-
onleheDge.'' ' .' t . - ; -
It ie reported that Uen. Hardee, with t foroe
or tweiTt or Bitten inouitnd rebels, are mtreh
y- . '' i i i i
point it about Art thousand, with oigUt pieces
' ? T i mi " :
ing ob Pilot Knob, The Federal force at that
New' YORK. August 14 Tha hn.ka nf K,
York! Boston and Philadelphia have agreed to
take 9500.000.000 of the Government loan.
tbey to be tbe sole itciuienU of tho Treasury
04 V "IO
The Fire ZjutTst are due here thit after
noon.' -,-- - t" -
New Market.
NEW YORK, August. 13.
ASHES Qulat and iteoily: imall uIm at at si fa.
pvia una j ai y lor lmru. i.- . .
COTTON Th ,to,m to-day eliecktd outlMHt aad th
nailiat was vary firm: salu or 300 kalu at lfraiRw..
FLOUH A ihode firmer: bat owln to th lll,t
colpti aud nrtra rain itorra. tmniwtioni ware only to a
limited uleoti oalM ot 1.900 bbla at a 41 ttumA All In,
luireruua nate; a -i aa 03 ror extra itaM; !4 30(S
4 SO lor mpvrflna W,trn: a toas 75 fa
mdiua azira Weatern: t5 OOAS ao for ihinnin. h..nri.
rvuuu uwiy jliiu, ua a I9i9u iu ror Iradt brands
do;, mirktl 'olotlna qaitt, bat firm. Cnadlan Floor
may aaquoiaa a umt Miier, witn a moderate dtuaod
nici or WM DDIf at 4 U 14 AO far tunarfina. and
i ajgti au ror oommon to enolro oxtra- . . ,
w ii isiii Dull; tain of too bbli at Uk. : .
WUIAT-Vary firm: bat. with trlflina icaalnla. th.
export bualnru bu only been to a limited ntent; win
or 83,000 buibt la MUwaak oiub al 85ctl OS: S.S00
hairuli Northweatarn olabat tl 03; 8,500 buihtli vblto
naiMrn a( x0i xr, s,iw buibali wblt Kentucky
at tl 3J(31 35. .
itkH-Qulettodflra. -
BARLEY Dull and nominal. 1 ' ' '
(JOHN Firm and In Hodarata rfamanil i.Im rt la tuxn
uuinai, ai aztaaio ror common tn aaoa miviwi w....n.
i.'.JUl'. . : t, , i
vKiD-va vi at zowjja.
FOHK-Dull and heavy; salu of SO bbli at 1 15 50 for
ana iu vo lor prim.
UHKK Oulet: imall Illa.- Tr nrlna mmmm tw4 .nth.
lngdolnir. Bmf b,mi quiet. t
UUr UE ATtl Unchanved.
BACON Doll and nominal.
LARD Study At&aUko. tha lattF tor i-hM.a J
IICTTEIl In modKruta MBdMh 7tXiais- t--
Ohio; 8l4ofor atsti. - , n
OHBKS8 la taadr: aalM at I-arv ik. .
iy. .K.i-T.; " '
8IOCKS Ara dn II and laa-av nan.. r.t
.u,,wa vaUif 4u, vicTfllUQ ug Toledo VVTi't
Oalena and Chloigo 6DX; Illlnol, Central eorip 64)5;
UarlemlOMl Hodon3X; Kit preftrred 98u h
York Central 74; Paclflio Mall 76; KM. 4th bondi
Wj New York alxea 10U Uliooarl (Uet 44X; California
17"? V' """'""a iixes oa; Micblfaa tlxee Hi:
North Carolina sixes OCX- ,
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August. 14.
flBOOERIES Oor sroeery market hu ocanlraa .tin
greater itrength during th week, and nearly all articles
art held with greater firmneot ome ot them at aa ad
yano. The ealea hay not been yen hear, hut th
alar order and Jobbing demand for ood. hu h.n
Bugan we quota at 69o far low fair to prime; om
choice grodea are held atgxs. Under a btttar demand
moloMM was auddanly advanced yeilerday to Mo, with
some seller entirely ont of the market. Today prion
with an advancing tendency, are more Irregular, and
rang Irom 35o to 40o tnoitly at 37o. Only email lot
oould be had at tli loweit figur. and any demand of
coniequenc would probably block th market at 370.
i u im irom ,ue i,ui m a privet way goes to eon
rm thli condition of lb trad, and dealer ir...i..
that tbe Hock of ugr la light, nly upon a strong mar.
kt for molaema; belda, they do not now ae amr-h r
prnpect of obtatnln aanolla at tha .u.
In the South. Ooffa I qui! at nniant. bat h.u
are very ffrm at H V A15Xo. . . .
kLOUK 'there 1 an improved feeling Id regard to
flour; but itieemt to be mainly on the part of holder.
Bupurfla la fully lUo per bbl higher and much lr to
Mil than buy at anything Ian than $3 SO Extra ara
4uouohj ijjii w. family at t4 k5S4 SO. Th
condition of th wheat markat I mora th can of th
greater flrmneu In flour than I any Incrraaed demand.
W BE AT Has been In good raqueit throughout th
week, and baa been thiahJeot of greater artiyity than
anything 1m la th market. The demand from abroad
ha been Induced mainly by th good reput of Kentucky
grain. The price hive ruled (teadlly at from 70 to 75
lor red, and 80 to bio tot white. Th outald flgura
would be extreme for tbe week' rang, but wo fully
lUiUined for th beet qualitiea of grain during th laat
two dayt. There were ealea yesterday of ohotc Ken-
tuc j at auc, ana on reponea to-day brought out re
port of numerou other aalw at lower flgur. -W
giva th quotations for to-day oi withiu th ranee flrat
reported 70 47i and 80(885.
CORN I now ey to b had at th old flgnre, S8o. -
OATS Hav acareely varied daring th week from 83c
In bulk, though affected on day with another by th re
ceipt. New sella al Wo. - .... a . , ,
BARLEY Is In scarcely any requeit. Piicts nomt
nally rangermsi 40 to JOo.
HYE-lie bo market oarcly weqaot at 40j to 4lo.
- ... Commtrcial. '
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August. 13. 1861.
FLOUR Market ateadv.with ealea at 1B7 Khl. rmi
double extra at S4 37)4, and 100 bbla do at 4 Ml.
WHEAT la etmdy; ealea of a oar red on track at
B3o; 1 ear do. at Mo; 3 can do. from ator at S5e; and S
care whit from ator al tl 00.
CORN Is steady at 33c. No aalei.
OATS Advanced; eale of 1 ear en track at SSo. i ' !
1IIOH WINES Vina, with eale of 50 bbla at litfe. '
Then an th uiual imall tales of Butter, Eggs, eto.,
at former price.
. . QOLLATSD BY . . .
Hon. Joseph B. Swan,
tFnanroTK3 or ths decisions ortimav-
(Coutolned in twanty nln volunu ot In Ohio and Ohio
- ttat Btport.):. . . , ...
Ia Two Royal 6o. Volumes,' Price 10 00.
' ' ' .A.
Mo car or expense has been soared to make th work
perfect and reliable in ail reeptcu. v ,
It bu now tbe LeglslaUv auction, baying been ap
proved by nearly the unanlaiou yot of both Iioai.
and wu ordered to be dlstrtbatto to tbefbllowing Stat
and County officers: ' - -
uovernor. Attorney Ueneral, supreme Judges. Becre
lary, 0 'mptroller, Trtuurer and Auditor of Stat, and
to th Probata Courts, Ooarta of Common Tl, Super
ior and Folic Courts, Auditors, and tbe Clerk of th
vorlout Oonrtstnuch eoonty, to th ktemberaof th
Bcnat and Una of Rprenttlvea of Ihla But, and
In uovernora of tbe svrl Btatf th Union.
Thla book, eontalnloe, aa It doe, all ot th Statute
now In force, and th authoritative oontractlon of tbea
and of the NowOonatltulloa, will b found to be paelaK I
ly useful in th parformanc of their duties, to all
CUt OFIlOIJlB. s ; . J
Inasmuch u van aianx' ohancae kaea haan asula la tha
Statute aino th publication ol the last editions, byre
peal, alteration and additlone. and uanv lmoortant da-
clslona hav been e;lva by th Supreme Court oon-
iruveriea poinia, an . ,
Will find this an Invaluable Work. J
Two Roytl 8ro. Tolum of ovor Jintm Bmdroi
' 944,
" In Btroof law Binding-". 'Price 9W.00.
PnWlthedby " ' w ,
Law Publishers,' Bookseller; Stationer and Importers.
. aS wttt rourta street,
febl&dSaila j .- .,, . y ClnalnnaU 0.
CLOAK CLOTHS. Alto, other make of Sarin
0 loak OhHha, la all dnlroble mU tan Bindings, Ts
U and Button to match. BAIN At SON, , ,
aprll , . Ho. SJ.JouthUlihttree :
- - - - '
NOTICE Is hereby given thai' I hav been duly ap
pointed dmtaUror of thi eeatta of Oborle
Clark, lata of Franklin ot.ua ty, deceased.
i. At H. Chittenden, Attomys. - -
JelHww -.5,..
ANTED 10,000 Outtomers' te bay is 'oe'nl Ambro
tvnea at tl. WITT'S Chean Ambrotvn Room. Ha
61 lllih atroet, Columbus, Obto.
: ' ftall Boaet X'lmi Table!
Littl atiAMi fc 0uMD a kswu R. B
I . ' " I l t IITM
Cincinnati Aooomaodatlosi. S;0 A. M. 0:lu I, at
Express....... .ll;0 A. M. U:u3A. M.
Hall and AcooawaodaUon. . :10 t. At. , 8:00 (. 11,
niiniaixpr yia voa.i:uu mmnigbt. A. M.
, . i.i a. , jK0, w, Ooazarv, Afent.
OoieitBOS It tuvtLAMO R. R. ' , ' "
Hlsht lxam.. 3.-40 A. M." l,'M P 11.
Netf lorkExoreea 11:10 A.M.. . 10:50 A. At.
O.O.kO. WayBxureae.... 11:30 P.M.: ' 7:40 P. It.
- !. Jamu Pirrtaio), AfDU
CanTtilOBto B. It.' " ' "';"
Ne.3 Eipre.........!. 1:30 A. kti ll tS A. H.
No. 1, 0,.. ..w IfcU P. M. ll:ASAM.
; v. . .... . .. W J.Tsu, Aleut...
Prrrtacaaa, OoLtiKaoa a CiiecuOHTi K. R. .
Hall Train SSO A.M. IISS A. si.
Expmetratn....,..w......ll A. Mi ' fttfF.M.
Coicaau a Iimtworaua, K. B.: ' ' ti.-ti ,
.Tf(UkhrikvPi40A Ikoiaha tt. V'-"
No; 1 Bxprt.uw. ,.,..' 01 A. M. ' J00 t, M.
No.l " 3.00 p. M. 7:0 P. M.
AwoDmodatloe " low A.M.
0. W. Smitm, Aftnt.
AntxyorienMd NarM and femtU PhtloUzu prt io&ti
t : mi um fcwjiuuii vi staWHuiBf ant w
Which rreatlv faoilltata th nnoaaa at taathlna. h.
en Ing th guma, ndueing all Inflammattoii wtll allay
muu r aui ana spaamouie acaoo, aad is.
SBatit upon It, motbera, 1 1 will glverwtto yoaraelyat
SELIir A19T1 nntvrrr tn vnrro nrviata
W bay riuLuuuuiauiH ti,u i..tiMiM tn .... h-.
What W llBWM nawsa Id ... . - .1 1 ...
wo 4, 0.T ..R1R - VlILK I. 1 M A MQI.I THU.
ANCE. TOEkVEUT A Gil km. .h.. m
r did w know an Inatano of dieeaUtraeUoa by any cm
who need a. On th contrary, all an delighted with It
operation, and epak la terras of eommcndaUoa of Ik)
magical effect and medical vlrtoa. We speak In this
Malta 4I1I7I1 . 1. II. u . , ......... .. .. '
r, a uv ivnurf;--arrer un rn' xthb
Sf,n,rr ,A2ir,L,EP?" "JTAT o ton, Ifiji
almost every Inttance whorw the Infant i .ir i-.
A W r I n.T V. K U.K. HUHI.1D. T
pain and exhaustion, relief will b (ootid In fllteen er
r tt limrirmp is nminiamed. . .
TbUvainahl preparation I th prMcrinUon of on of
in moat KXPERIBNCEDand SKlLl.ritr. NnnuaaT.
f f&Z&Jt ha been nd with NEVER IAIL-
naoi only relleree the ehlld fraea naln. an, L.
ate th (tornaoh and bowel, oorraots acidity, and iIvm
ton ana nnry is the whole tntem. It art II aiaut
tantl Mllava
and overcome oonyaisions, which. If not speedily rem
wir-H .uu in ntniui. r e peneve it ia AtKoX and flUR.
Itet HKMEOY IN TBI WORLD, In all ease ofDYft
u ante rrom teethini. or from anw othav MnM w.
wouia say to every mother who hu a r.h idnrr-rtn.
any of, tlie foregoing oomplalntaPO NOT LET YOnii
stand between you and your suffering child, and tha n.
lief that will be SDKEvm. ARSOLnTBi.y ni..
r.iiik. .i.li . . . . . . . . ?v
v.iun w, uo ui uiiemeuKine. u iimvty aa. gall di
rections for using will aoeompany earh botthv. Won
Hunaai wia dhbiii ae VU AUI SB rmmAlUOi
ew York, I on th outald wrapper.
Bold by aU Druggist throaghout th world.''.
Principal Office, Is Cedar Street N.T.
octx7dfcwly. ' ' :'-r!v .4 .
An Effeotlye. Safe and EoontrmieaJ
- .j. Compound, " .
K original color withoai dyalnf, and prevsatinavj
uatrirom turning gray.
Aadearlng it, when therto th least partlole af rttall :
or recuperative energy remaining.
: Andullowtoncoaitllwtloa of the lotlp.
Imparting to U an uneqaled glou and brilliancy, mokini
eoft and tllky In It textur, and cans leg it to our)
the gnat elUUy aad lnertasing limaai for this u
qoaled preparation, oonvinae tha proprietor that on
trial I only neuesaary to aaUafy a dlsotmlng pabllo of It
superior qualitiea over any tht pnparaUon In as. It
oieanses th bead and asalf from dandruff and other
cutaneous disease, causing th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, gloasy and flexible anpearaju, and
also, where the hair Is loosening and thinning, it will give
trsngth and vigor to th route and restore ft growth t
note part which hav become bald, causing it to yield a
rou wTanug wi uair. ......
There are hundreds of Udieand gntlma la New
York who bave bad their hair restored by th on of (hi
Invtgcrator, when all other nmanUons hava tallad. L.
At. bos In hi poseaulon lettera Innumerable testifying
th above facta, from persona of th highest red.ee ta
Mlity. It wtll effectually prevent the hair from turning
until lb latest period of lite; and In eases wbeaalth hair
already ohougod uaeolor, th use of th Invlgorator
wmwiui uenauiijr nauirw a w u w iu original nut giv
ing It a dark, gloaay apuaorono. Aa a parfum lor tha
toilet and a Ualr Beatoratlv it 1 paxtiouUrly raoom
mended, having an agreabl fnurranoe; and the great ta
eilltlat it afford in dreming the hair, which, when moist
with the Inyigorator, can he dressed in- onv reanirad
so at to praaerv It place, whether plainkir In curls;
hence the great demand for It by th ladle u a standard
toilet artlole which none ought to b without th nrio
place it within th reach of all, being
Only Twenty-Five Centi J
per bottle, to be had al all respectable Druggists and
I Perfasiers.
L. MILLEK would (all the aUentkiiof Parana aad
Qnardlona to th us of his Invlgorstor, In caaes wh.re
children's hair ineline to be -weak. Th as of it
lays in rounuauom io r qgoen nana of ar, It re
moves any kmpartue that may hay seaoma eonneetad
with th scalp, th ramoval of which I nuaaaar hntk
for th health of the child, and th future pparana of
uisuir. .
Caotiok. Rose gerjoin without the fac-rhnlla LOUTS
vibiinn oeing on in outer wrapper; also. L. MIL
LER'S HAia INVIQOKATOB, K. Y., blown in the
WholMale Depot, 56 Dey street, and oM b all tha
principal Merchant and Druggiat throaghout th world
xaoerai oisoorut io purcnaaers try tn quantity,
I alto desire to pnsent to the American Pabllo xiy ..
nw ahd ikpeoved Tstusrunorn
which. aftr years of aol an tl a arpeiBnntlng, I have
brought to perfection.- It dya Blank ay Brown rastaotly
without Injury to the Hal ar Bkln) warranted th an
artict ot the xind la
price; only 30 cents.
Depot, 66 Dey - St., New York.
"lannfactiirere f all kinds of Por
table and stationary Steana En-
.1 Ktst""y w niUi, ejrlat Ullis:
IJJ&at LODLSi Stattnl B. ot M. BlXXD tSoaltnl
J. S. B. DXTVALL Boatmltl COLVXSCt .
. UACHIUS CO. Boalentltl SBADtOBD .'
at CO. Btatml ll!r ...
: Our FortaUa SntHna and law mil -
wu awarded th first premium ef ISO at the Indian
fair for 1?0 oyer Lane It Bodley's oe accoantol
Prloe, lightness, simplicity, eoonomy ef luel
aad superior character of fnmber sawed.'
Our Stationary Knglnewu awarded at tha tarn fall
flrat premium ot tX. -
Our PortaM Mngtn waa awards the littpraatlma s
$100 at th Pair at Memphis, Term., over Blondy's Dn
vall's. Oolumbus Maahin Go's., and Bradford At 0V
a oommltte of practical Ballroad Engine n.
,ui ivm auu lenm wiuim
WlLLAltD WAHNia, Treasurer, .
Newark, Ohl
Wholeaa'le attd hetall ' Bealey lu
" ; 1 no. es jfucui BtrM t.
Kaea j ioateitasttlw ' keuaet all 'tis) wav
- -rtaeta BHAM AB) l :V, ....
Oeti u ir il.V-AiR-.le iu-. f.-t.y
how tosr, how xssiosta.
rtST PUBLISHED. OK ttt rfATTJRsl . TB E A '. '
Betolnal Weakness, Sexual Debility, hrvounr,Ia
walantary BmMtlon . and.. ImpoWucy, rasultingfroa
Bell-abuM, Aw,, Jy Boot. J. Culverwell, Af. It. 8ut
andsr Seal, la a ' tnytlop, lo any aJclrei,pot
fid. on teoeiptof tw ataowaby Dr. OUAB. 1.0
LIMB, Ml Bgwery, Maw Turk. Pol Offioa Box. No
It. ' : ...
ttutaatt Ruf f tay, -H r oeaarti t
Pttrlf f jwnr Breath!
' '- -J-; : 4 ' . !r ' t
treartkeai f eair r)leet ' ' v
Uviv'i Ct'.fyTi
" ' ' ' '. - '
OHUDM5 OBT 1X1 i - ' ,
They relieve a Cough Instantly.
They clear the Throei. ' " ' " " '
They give strength and volume to the Toiee.
They Impart a delicious aroata te tbe breath.
Tbey are delightful to the taste.
They ere made of simple kerbs end cannot
barm any one.
1 1 edviie every on who hot a Ooagh or a haaky Tele
or a Bad Breath, or any dimralty ot the Thra L t swt
a package ef ay Throat Conractions; they will leuave
yoa Instantly, and roe will agn with me that "tnty
go right to th spot." Toe wtll find tbaa yery aaafal ,
and pleasant while traveling or altendlag pabii aaMt-
Ingt for stilling your Ooagh at allaying yens thirst. If
yoa try one package, J am safe m saying that yoa will ;
ever afterwards eonaldet them uditpenaabl. - It
Toa wUl nd thtmat.tae Druggiat aad DUln
Uediclne. . . .... .,, .. . ..r
My tlgnatnr Is on each pecxag. AU others are
eoanatrfclt. - ' . . 1
A package will be mat by mall, pnpaid, ea rwseintof.
Thirty Oent. . . -.T s ,vrt .-.,.
Addrna, . .. , - ...,.. ,...
Henry O. Spalding,
KO. . 43 OBDAB Jtlltf
... av Yfli rir M'swaTt,
t i ir- I il
; By th rue of these Pills the periodic attach otJtr
twee er Stat BoaiaoU may be prevented; ami if uktm
at th oommenoeaent of an attack tesaadlat rtlrtf from
pain and atckntm will be obtalnd . - V :i
They sld)a tail iu removing the JfoeuMi aad ' . i
ocAs to which female or o cehjMt. - "
Thay act gently upea the bowel rameylng Outtt 1
Por UUrarf Urn, BMrntt, DelreaAt
and all parsons f osdevtlary AoMAt, they an vain
ts a Icmatieo, bnprorlng tha mppttiU, glWng ton
etpa to th dlgaitlv organs, and restoring th aatur
ltticltyndttrngthof the wholayttm. .
THE OBPHAXIO PILLS ar th result of long laves
agatloa and carefully conducted experisMnta, havti-g
ba to rue many years, during whloh It they haw-' -prswwwd
ondrallaved vastoaoaalof pais and sugar
mg fnaHadaoh, whtht (HglnaUng ia gaaaroi,
system or from a derasgad atost f a sseo. . b- A
They ore entirely vtgetabl la their eompoaitioa, on
may be takea at ell tlaaa with ptrfeet (afety wltho
saaklng any ehange of diet, ama) A e6ento V wsf
SUaarotabio Uut renders taty to Jnai er lAowt ...
Xbtgennln hate Bv rlgnatwea of Haary 0 Ipalding
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Bold by DragylsU and all other Dealers U MVanat. '
A Box will b stnt by mail, pnpaid, ee earelpt ef Che
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All' ordert ahonld be addrmssd to " ' ' '
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1 Proa th Bxomlaar, Morfolh,Ta. . .v V;
Ocphalls Pill aeaomplish th objaet ft wham they
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I Proa th Examlnor, Norfolk, To.
Tbey hav km tea ted la ateaa than a
with entlr iiiaiim. . . .
from th Democrat , St . Oload, Mina.
If you ore, sr ban been, tnabrnd with (a headarl - t
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i of aa attack.
i Irom' the Advertiser, PrtVldaeee, B.
Th Oenhallo Pills art aald to he a lamailillr egacttva
remedy forth headaoha. and one at tha vary ta r.
that wry frtaat soaplaiBt.whiok ho ever ke da- I '
, Prom th WesUrn B. B. Builti,
W heartily endora Mr. BnauldlsA'
eed Brut? ;
. fro Kanawha T allay Itar, KaaawaaiTe.
whetry them, will ttlck to thorn. . . y. , ,. j;,0
Prom th Boatbora Path f iadar, VawOrfcaat, La. tt'J
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Pram th Bt. Loalt Demoeaat, , ,
Th Immens limnal far the eraal vCephJlcPUa
Is .rapidly Increasing.
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Mr. gpaldlng would aot ooonaetkl naaaa Wtthaa ar
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JUA alngU bottl of BPUDIHa'B PBtPAUB'j
LUB wttt aave mm time. It ooitaanaAlixJI
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SPALDING'S Prepared glue i '
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i batb thb ruoin ' '
j BCONOMTI ,. ,-. . j ,i DIBPATCHT
fiy-A Brncsi ol Tata aUvai oak'aCS . ' 1.
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Mate all uoh mergnte, and a hwataaold afard
lob without It. It aalway ready, sad aptottmMkk
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aswraea, - - -" -
M. 40, Oedar Btraat, Mew Yast
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It ea UUouUid wroppirt all othsra are wiaJiing
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bjfor purchasins, and m that Ut h il tuima. , t.
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