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1) (DIjixr Statesman
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- A k t-ef Arluell
Democratic Union Nominations.
Of Henailtanw' v ,y
.v. J-... J ?
ill i Tarailiail Or It H1 i rul
Mk 0tX A -tm VWedlJl
'a9,brpuUiLr: " '
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m aTABKaow ariTcn'
w w iauiia.
For the Campaign.
W nil ril 1 Am dMraraat aeuktMttt Ohio Btotti
Th IH1 tr fltatvauiBT iwr bwii Mi, itrrmi 1 1 m W een tth
KUber or tno bor uiaei wM-e laronnra ioi vam ui
Iho WmUj Oblo.Slamnian will be taroUhed as foL-
fhhliiv -J) Mult .i ..
Id cinbl'fff It cjJj.ltWjB?-!rt-.;-.t-?.",.'.?'0
la Ma of Mooflafcfrr taw mih,-..fa.CC
In riMI otiNI.hrwo lnOil -.;.' J. e
The otcraMntb' OMw IH cve tb ()
CanAalin'.'iuia Blni jWlr ' M AMMOIO IftfKtT
la tbAulat aU waa wntWia a Cif aafMr,
on rliMMiibHtwM,-"1 ' V".'1' " '
Let Ibe frkndi of tho awj oauie-rr U troa' tfnion
nun of Ohio go to worlii4'iraij tU; ,i j j-, ,
all orlt lh laU3 Va fkpeel ta nuke It an efficient aid
In ta fWA M'tlii redtmpiion of Die State of Ohio.
Let It be well circulated. ' 'r1 .''
August 10, 1861.
August 10, 1861. Mr. Jewett's Acceptance.
wVVeVved.'lale last plght, tbe oorrespond
ena,be.twee tbeetry )l Vbe ptrnoorajU:
Stti 8eilljnnii4 WW fain
Eiq , (be Democratic nomioee for fiovt mot.
It will be fonjetawrtoe irrOTVtornrin'
Jiwitt acceia(ahe-.'abainatioa(erideradhim.
Hie letter Is clean caodid-atid. specific; and the
troubles will receive tbe approval of the people
wtfYMtti LHM iWOH
Jcwm weuld nojceaa tbe''aMaeioti, are
thus put 'a't reir 1 rtia" real tJnion'ma of'ttt
Stile will now go took and rally around tbe
lickeUerUbav id. t Amoat Convention and
triumphantly elect it. Of this, there ii tro
reasonable room for doubt. .Tbe only ijueeUoe
will to the mafprHyWf and this, we
impv xyVup uvvrnuciiuiui;
Union for Sake of the Union.
'ftSieiS nirgntn'eiiX' no pathetic appeals,
to-foead 4V Wnalbti iet bo lovf their -eouni
try, to uolte iobie (Atibia4d and strenuous ef
tofl lW rt J-Uoon from tbreateoed
diayliiioa meuj, i i .i .(
ThctaaJropvHitious befoVe the'jpedple
lor a uuIuq of -nrerr of a li' parties n tb e el ec
tions tbaf ij 4 lakVplafein the Mario fall,
in Ohio liJWkttAQxeij States. "" 1
One of rtbete propcBioAa, comes from the j
AdWin'strattoh or ulti't war party ."and asks for
a bo'ion for the support of the Government and
the vigorduS pFoeedtloti or Ihe WW The idea
is that the G o voraaet3,beTu ppo r ted only
b V?1 WW r4 i'4 rt 4 "uniaUafion i; a vigor
ous war policy lrr The .plan Ja to,orgauiie an
Administration ferty sokly opod 'a war plat
form, to I
The pibtf rjrotioAKMnlfroi Demoentt
and o'tber Union men, anil fnvitcs a unW ol ill
tktMCaawaihitioa aalaeerv the UaueorsuM
recmaiieWiahaaf-wWle0 Ue wae 4M the'evp.
presslon of the rebellion ispregresBing', the bj
eral State LegUlatufefTjrOuld adopt measures
Tor calling aNrtirtitr CbnvWnot fOr the per
pa' of settliDg'onr' tireBenf aifflcnl'tiei, ani re'
proaching election!. iThe en- prepoece adioa
fef iikritjfHhe-WBVrtWrMher iBrHesfcMdn
MtTshlte of!t!ieraiorf.,11iV poircjf tnockiea
oy toe one WHyt exBihtu jDj.ieu mi ceruiiu
diasolutionfi polfrt1 srjbttantialry tbframe as
thafArf lor tVlafti Democratic ahofPriion'pTO
poaition if the ony one that can save ibe VnTon.
Pati4tiJ aid tiUtft H Hirea; w.hb re-
tealtricwlJlfw r otkn.T4 R"fi
vaUol theniQOa'iili eot hesitate) long to
datrjrmuiit TPon whrr -bf the "fwo'propoel
tfaiirngtinrtariThei. aaetto will bo-'.'Dnion
What a Change and What the Cause.
r-.xuM ia(U( li1 1 1 "T i
4Mr- BiawyteiweuW MrrToreraa7,otber
Deaaaawtttae eoeif j a UepubUea Con
jfff rfagjt&fl WthiU Vt Brtrtow crieyjeaf
agoT Not one. What haecaueed theeiaogea
of V Wrf Tnwow''leea7 If w, what -bis
oaakedt.Ake robangcU Uaa M pwiNiaoNnot
6ilb' rrthruT US thd CWstitutloo T Ru he not
Mpevted the nar pelrcy of JIdicoi to (he
fulUtexUiitV'fi he not carrier but this
r lev as Governor or oEIbt Ifthe new He
pnblican tTntoa JLwUI hot BusWn JSlf.Vt-
blame DemocratB Jf tbey do not do that which
they acknowledge, lasbeea politiwl deth to
Mr. DiBNiaeJilJHiAl.li1cou Val A candi
date for nomination on the 5th of September,
befoTrtft WW RepTibiioan Union- Convention,
teUliickUn&tZMi Hot Mn Gof.
Dtmsai4t)cVw;f r,e,oW,tAM jr mnst
keMor) tkv4d UnioivDemecratic party, to aai
tain men whom tffe Resubllcans themselves dare
IJeVlUb&lkaW ftMiik'ifteMt shftifU be
'trry cmtf this tall,. Then why bave one?
There la already aaltSceTlent Union ticket in
flib JMdJ lbd;a sftnod Uplot; platform, , Wby,
then 'nominate another ticket, If no contest Is
Jeslred? Tt'ur'ft- St d I hotter jUoioa nan in
Ohio than Htraa J. Jawrrr, of Mnakiqgnm
county. No man will make a better Governor.
All true Union men will vote for him. I
The of a New Republicans
, lilt neeti int kDoaierve, leei iney migm
' "VfMto' "i M
reruiMlk th eeMflM' fallare.. ti 4' '
flw . ...
Kraal, iFgoM by ebout'eighty g
jH)erti.hi the
Republlckfii7"AlolltIdirilfepublIcDriila Dem
ocrats a small portion of the Utter, aboui t&
usual number that generally attach themselves
to new, parties, organlMdW contend againaUhe
Among tbeest vtrMOgoia Ae f in l
milt news wfco-flgiir4Jii;borgit4lloa el
the Republican" party ,oa tbt Wth'oy-joiT, .tw,
i juA lfor,ib't.tofenjou yt .signed .by
Josirt Ri , J.lLCoLTaend.oaw,V
A"aBBW.tWBbeee gentlemen now eb
tkJ;Jlif ' itlftilffltft :h Republican? party
- - - '"'.4,L iti ji t.
uodet a new nam., .Taking tbe reeait oi new
elforeiof lUoiaa thriMrlon,wa cannot prmU
the jMtorfrdrjil'thdr'i
Th. h.Vid,h.iBo:we e uBeSwitobJ-
.I UJ ihiinr jl The ar'otnaaeroue, nor
laT D'UDV'7'" lavi wi
In 1R54. Jndi? 8hi.dio. En. BMIIH, JBairl-
vd biL-'i-.ft- aUftllnn.tii.cnri.
the 'rathefUar iBw rceolutiom. They
j ? ,n.rji i. jj.u m ia t,ritmkbi riimik
r ; '"'? : .:':r.v7 "I
luiioa oi .B.niou,-14 turn
domed ibea.h: .Thie no one knew better than
&a rnei who drew" them op.' Tbey were in
: i A tV. .J i. -1 -
f na Wira reawuiwn, aeciarmg iuk uu
IgTavl'BUle ebowld admlUed, wae the one
Which thev knew would break an the Union, ill
?yT!F?'?i:LZ O.A
poition waa indoraei j the Jopl or tne
Kortb.!c fcj,,i,v-( o;a .'ikoj t-.' :
" 8peaklrl)e hlNrotloD,theafaetl
v .1, 1 ji ,j i.j.ii,"Ainif I
Ih.tlimi.ald: Thaantit polntof AlirMO-1
Uoaj.theippoaijioon to .tbe ,agmwaion ,01
T Jr Eitm haMra Thla U a HQ ore aienifi-1
aanfteaoivw Uikrl 'anvtbieif ret htate alJ' It
LVfUNOfrut Tbjf iitbat wif tbe iptentloa pi
tbi taevenp; bad waatia the teeuui ;ioe aaaic
WiultwrJuld VMfMhHMi If the flave Statea,
eu, H M.Iitw VVU...W o f
)rfelttiTe4 .il;:aJn)U W Jnore aon-aleveholding
Cr.r..I', F,iT...-ritln would-. deatrov-, thai
tnlnn" 6ui'i ' !! '
Mr,?rMiia .In that Convention- eald: 'Do
we not gain mack, wbea we . get tbepeopie 01
Ohio to declare there 'ahall be no more alave
Sta(eiano1 as getmain to thai proposition, he
yof etj.tliAt ;ine t"riorinwee. -;wai) cajjauio i
brik(tld U to, the. fieM if. seceaeary, thmi
mjirottV tiioctiib lighting KtuJ '
Tayng'; the 'pcdpoeltlonrf together, who can
doobt but that ha clearly sf what' was to be
the uHlmate remit of the -work . he' was that
day icfltog .in' motion hi the great State of
iThefneitiva slave, law.., was, another means,
need to lbfliienoe the public mind of tbe people
of theNortn. Scoh a caseuame p la ' conflict
between the NtionI anf ;'Bafe nlhor1jlei.
Judge Swan, who was on of the originators of I
tbe partF;anFeTect Snpwme Judge by , Be-
cidettetaw coriBtltutlonal; and for this !S"t-lmw,T
Dlo. a4 Dis co-aDonoociiw uryugu. u ucu
to the poiiUoal block, and be was ;dcapStoted. I
' I
r. l.l.ll,...m..r ihM RermhltAna thai
lf "r"'": " rr rr, TT r-
that was not the reason 01 his political aealb"-1
but this would tot dpB. Mr, SFAf.DiNq frnme'-1
. ' . t no iorn I
.a.a. if ULBVtUR, V., June q, I
Gtomoi W. Wiatoa, fcaa. ar fllr; 1 beg I
leave to call yow attention to en eaitorial,,
in eurapet(weekIyafth2Stb inatant, n-
dor tbe title ot -beading tl "ladge Swan of
Ohio" end-In doto so to say that tbe writer ia
deceived 4f he- surjpeB8 Ahat Judge Sw was
. . . . , , . I
eft nff tha tic tat en account 01 nis rewaeaos in 1
Colnmboe.3 lie was dropped for the reason that I
be, at a judicial officer, tecogoiaed tbe tugitivel
dave-enaotiaent ef i850 to be of binding Ibroe
It. Ohio, do the bother . two indeee, wbo were I
with him i optaian, will be dropped in the sams
way ee soon as tbey are reached ia ibe order of
a me. we 00 ot recegmie mea toe nepuu
liaanai her, ha NMtbarn Ohio, who will, for a
momeot, luetainc tha . miserable enactment.
Tnew were -not s reeognisedat Philadelphia In
1856. ''.'t-Ji'.i lo r li-M; j u ,x .. - ,
I knew there are pohtiotana In oar ranks wbo
aim to emasculate the Republican organization
with view to their indivtdual aggranduiemnt.
Let tbem bewarei and let as beware of them.
Take fnm the Republican party Its anti-slavery
.1 .. ..j... 1 .it. nr.uu.wfi.. . 1
inimn, cu j ... .. . .. w. ,... .
; If irwer poalble toooop iiiab a v otory by
any inoft getting Oowaauirsr. 1 saouia great-
ly Vfar dafeat, a iboosands. and tons of
trAsandaj wberik yaaa I cae front the
line of tbe. old Daotatie party, would bow
their bead with ahame if Ihey foond they bid
aided in restortu toe old Whi narti at the ex-
bSMtbf freeoWrt f..Wod i..w h.
I pray you to publish ibia communication in
row axtpaper ivcj.; -. u 31
iBag'ievedlcfrih tola' who was the
father of the fMqluUOns pa wbi roe .Jtepntvi
Ike ; MUff irei orgknUco. uiJaage , fcwai. 1
went tsderV ana t&S not appeared on the po 1
llliikl atage loctv LAmM ow.i Inrtction 1
wfatiuo,4iis agameDaeavorugto poveri
no the- iDj'nriee that bave resuTUa to" fh4cohfi-'l
try from their work 1cl1B3. "Mr." feriu)ina Is
performeditB mlBsiob, shall be "emasculated,"
and.we lemocraisa;
beir schemes, aad put the. Unipo. beyond festor-l
a Hon. Democrats who are honesty earnest I
UniOu'iien'.Ve Would ask Whit hope can tbey I
- '' ' - ' a 1. J 1 I
nave tor aueoees at toe nanos 01 men wno iney 1
know have beeafrom eofd-blooded desigrf, tbs
deetroier of ,rar Amo happy country 1 .They
want, nj Union. aThe f ip Ql l)a Tr-
iMtinf Qmtiii'iwh4 SU'tes.
We have no idea that Jadge Swa, Mx.
D.'f'j ottersiwbes r attached
this callare aWnontt(J. Thef are 'not of
th cU.; the, w4l h.T. to more Inflaeuce
in shaping the itotiea af the new party than
tney nan in toe nepuoiicin organjaawKw. . Any
ffjrt thev might make lo the new tftrty which
leikeX'to ' reconJlrucrfoB of ihe Union and
banaooy et ueclales, woota Pt joveroaiaacea
j. . . 1 a a .a
by the men wbw anrdered . Jadge Swan poliU ;
cally In 1859. ,,,J "' ' V "s i nr ,1
Vv ben an enori was maae yo save me couurry
last, wnterjha om e PJL Jodg Swan and John
were rejected by the AboUtionlsls,
commiseiooers, and ehen as Cwasi And
WoicfrTerewbirtV They mti not.be
ts. rtaaa artin were determined that their
.art, f .Utraetlaa aViaall wo a. "1 .f
It Is sheer nonaene to- talk ef each mea I
SrainiRO. WiDt. Lovrior fc Co., desiring' to
save or unite tn cuius tp a permaneni onion
have1 eaieted
th Union was I
R. SPALDING. Dividing Out.
Some aXtbeAadert. of tie 'new Republican
Union party batebeefi here and divided out the I
offices. Tbey banrmouely agreed to pitch
. .-.tii-ifc.iV a
Gov. JJiNriisoa .ana.The. whole State House
batch oveibokri, as too odioos to havs a place -
f ' .. n A t. . f m a.-. 1..-. m
veouoa pretcj iuuoi u, om uimm aetweii
smothered. 'Another Democrat remarksd that, t
Ginoiwosoranyof his land came into the I
Convention, he would '- the rantU." I th
Important Correspondence—Acceptance of H. J. Jewett.
Sir I have the pi enure of announcing- jour
nomination, by the Democratic Union Conven
Meat Se-OWwrwrrhtf -wndldMe
tor the office of Governor at tb -eueuiog elec
tion. Hoping thai pin Jevlll aocept th am
favor of; the Con'f eitlofcjfcid for th Interest
of tbe tit to and country, t remain,
r .oii weotrai
MORROW, O., Aug. 8, 1861.
ZANESVILLE, August 15, 1861.
Sec'y Dem. State Central Committee.
uuB w '"B wu
mlgniw.ila4 ptd;bol in view of the extra
.tm dinarv MdaUimtnjr etate ol affaire to which
P'vn if "p vw vv
hin thie communication I ehoiild uitt brief
that I By tJm Ufon iht Uaue now. before
Itne people. . ..,
. In bne lection of the country a bellion tx
ita the laws of the landareputai lafinoe-
. fi iffnnrd-th. Cooaulu
eirl am In receipt of jour favor of. the 8th
lnt , adviaing me of ivyj'oominalnby tbe
Lfemooraiio union ionvenuon as meir uuui
t . . f th.nnln- r.ii atba antuinir
Uemoeratlo union Conventton an tneir canal
eiecUou,V and eipresilug tbe hope that J would
'. Underrdlbkry blronmetaoee., to U nomi
Oonvenilbn eo numeroualv attended and reori
I uunTeuuon bo numerouaij ueuuu uu ro(no
wo are pUoVo ba iodieated by any eoneld
aoie pottWB ot oij nnow-euiaeji m a Ruiutue
peraoaio.aNCbarn the dullee wbioo most de
volv nponi tbo. xeontiv of ibia 8tat, is the
aigbeet nonor which tbey could cooler an boo
or which J. troet I .fully appreciate
ana one
which by M iuwrc.ofc D jm, i hope, u
re ahown to bare bean uawortblly bestowed.
I ,.. Without oeoiidering tbe cauaes whiob have
I preoeded audcontribuied to tbe rebellion now
I gome on 10 aome 01 ina ouuiutru om
igaii,t,he Oweraaent, or ihe meaaores which
I Uioaa la cb vee ol tbe Government may deem
I it neoaneary to take to euppreae tbe rebellion or
;)knd MlWnw t ouce the offapring
at and annliur few ihin rxhcllinn. aouffbt ta be
enbatUotedin in ated.. In the proaecuUon of
aur.GaTrament, driven ita officers and aoldiere
iron tneir poeta 01 outy, ana ny armea vioMwce
have. eought.te, humilla.te our flag and to over-
dnnh. naralull ydlniilata th pJluiMl nl an...
0e8i having no aympathy in common with
the sreat bodv of their Dcople, determined, at
all hazards and at any coat of treasure and of
blood, to attempt the execution of their unwise
and wicked purposes. . With such men 1 nave
oo compromises to make 4o. eucb 1 bave. no
terms to offer, other than an unconditional sub
mission by them to the Union, the Constitution
and tbe laws, . ;
Bat in my opinion the number of tbis class
of .men. is small. ..The great body 01 the peo
pie South are loyal to the Government J tbclr
sympathy is with it and for it, if the real ua
lure ol .tbe controversy was lainy oeiore tnem
and tbey were permitted to act in accordance
with their own feelings and judgments. It is
the loyal people of tbe Booth wbo must suffer
tbe most by the continuance of hostilities. I
would, therefore! in justice to tbem as well as
o ourselves; tor tbe sake 01 our common conn-
trv: lor the sake of bumamtv, undeceive tbem.
I would invite, tbem into a National Conven
tion, where we mieht consult and advise to
frt.fi fnm nn. rimmnn irnnd. and hv wlaA
measures, provide, against any and every line of
betweea the Suteseympathy among the
people) ana lor me preservaiiun 01 me uoiun, 1
would make any reasonable and honorable con
Mn tg tVtA i.altAP Kilt Id lIlBUIrl thA
tc'uu . v
traitor, by undeceiving the betrayed. , . . .,
i mavinl proffers of peace and proposing
terms of conciliation, 1 would sot overlook tbe
IfactthaUheiebellionIs in the hands of those
vlin ar. nnnABAH in ant rAAHAnabl A ana neacfiTiil
" " -rr- - -----
adiuatment of present difflcnltles, short of sub-
ausaion to tnwr poiioy ana an acnowieagment
of their independence-an acknowledgment
nich I trust no considerable number of our
Ppl ever have been, are now, or ever wiU be
preparad to mane, f wouia. tneruore, in , mo
aaai aSA.Van tha earn e I Via linvnanmenr In win
"J --..,
"J ""P "aey arm, uu , uu
"i" ukrr" " . 1 v
numaniiy, 1 wouia impars vigor ana energy
to Di P64?8 og, there
should be the alternatives of .war or eubmis
ion. ' J ' ' " ."
Under no Circumstances would 1 consent to a
dissolution of the Union, or consider terms of
separation., ... ....
' These are briefly the views I eutortaln upon
the all-important question before tbe people.
If elected to tbe olfioe of Governor, I can only
promise that upon this and all other questions
apon which I may be called to act, looking to
"e best Jnteresia or tbe wbole people, and
lg JM whl?n ,mT
then be before me. I will discharge whatever
.v.. I .
-V - ZTVJt
j. "
the experience of those who have preceded me,
I could not expect to escape altogether that
eensnre whldi an excited pubho mind Is prone
?? W P woe who may represent them in
t"e management ot mtereBts so vast ana yariea
I"". A0?' b
' Very respectfully ' '"
The Income Tax.
; There, appears ib be some mtBunderstanding
g, 9ac -j. ia, regMd y,, jtmv tnt la,
on. u. takea tffaot. .The not eoae into affect
ti,B flrgi of Januarv. 1862. bnf the tax h to
b f 0D mU inC9mel over $800 for (his year,
mu.,Th4UUi section provides , : j
fwtrhaux herein nrovided ahall be aatesaed
upoa the aant&l tocome of the persons herein-
,3.. Ava, n j..,.. i,fJ..n Knnrtr.d
-. w-- . w:
' Bytbls.it will be observed thai all persons
who are in receipt of an income txeeedtna iiqht
bjtmdbb dollars will pay ihrtt ptr cent, on tbe
w . . ....
excess. 1 1 -
' Each State that shall provide for the colleo
tion of the tax is entitled to deduct 13 per cent.
from the-amount eollected, to pay th 'expense
or collecting. 3 ' -''' V '-' '
break.pph GoTeroaieat.as any secession pa
WJAsmzw per in' the jSouth. Jt Jhelped. the lAboIitiooJato
; n-I,.. MB-t , , ' tn
,Bfltm 4he. prejudices of the- ignorant, assert
that', tbe Rcpablioan asked the Democracy
w,inrrtIMar anythtog but such party aims
as might interfere with tbe cause oriM country
Cim Cmmtrdakn ri'vA ; i .'. -. i
;',Th Pemocrats baVe ' no prty'aiiBs,,rthat
viaterurt wiu tae cause pi mi, uoveromeui.
a.r ' ' ' . it. . . .t A i a
thereforCtaey Jiave nothing to surrender. - The
RepebKeanl bkw, and tbey eaght to surrender
mem. 1 we mnifrci u , uuu muu w
Into power, and that Is just what tbe secession
IbU wanted. Without that they would have
been powerless. All W tfiiasloirfiff of Ihe
South were in favor of LikcoLn's election, and
wu the Csmsaereial. How about that man
frnrA ae extreme Boutbern eltvl" 1
German Democratic Central
[From the Y. Express, Saturday.]
1.. ,
I. I SIS commutea net ia oreuiug, aim auopt-
ad the folloWlDC resolutions:
M RtKtlptd, That we express our . hearty ap-
proval of the action of tbe Democratio Stat
tnirai vommutew in rejug iu j-ruiuue
of tbe B eck Republican Commltte for a union
. " . , ,,
.Rcfltti, That tbs present state of the nation
aad anHana-ara aha iibartv
M aappy pecpt'. J 1: i 1 -l : . ... Jt 41
V li,w r'J'i'-. ' , . .-: .- .
IT The new tariff bill went Intojoperatlon on
5th dsy of Aogost.
[From Washington of the New York
Two of the MleaMd nrreonl' Ufrce nwtDur
wounded kt Richmond are well oared for. Good
Jr and. good food, but wmewhet .crowded.-Mar-gniateowine(
Tb deny ihtlour weuadod ir--UyoiwttTwlW?.'
or eu hospitals shelled) that there were mask
esjaneries or iatrewhrnee apon tnj neai
One of Beauregard's aids told them that but
13.000 were enraged on their side; and confess
ed that if their soldiers had been av. are that
they were whipped along the wbole line, they
would bava find.
What buoyed them up and dispirited us was-
me laise story mat jodubwd was cuming wuu
17,000 reserves. Their wounded taunted nnrs,
lying side by, with the eoon-to-come re-enforcement,
whloh turned eut t4 be biS 4,000, It rong.
The Surgeons believe their wounded to be
1,500. '.'At least, greatly mora than ours.-f
Tbeirs are along the road from Manassas to
Riohmond, In hotels and private .houses, .Ours
are mostly at Richmond. The prisoners are
being distributed among the several States. l
The Surgeons Were released on their parole
not to do dnty on tbe ifleid. - They can, now
ever, tend the woonded in hoapltaW 'rr:T :
" The Surgeons took a parole at Mau&Bsai (be
day after the battle, that tbey uiiflut return to
our wounded. Only those Were granted parole
wbe). were Captured while attending wounded.
Two of them have had iatervlewa .with. Mr,
Vemeroa, and will bave wit n tbe rreaident to
morrow. '
.- 'The following is Beauregard's Indorsement
01 their parole; ,..-r, v--'r- (.--' a-T?:3 ;
POTOMAC, July 21, 1861.
Tbe parole of these surgeons Is taken o pre
vent the necessity of HUardinB them wbila at
tending to tbe enemy s wounded, with tbe un
derstanding that it was to be continued by the
War department after leaving here, and that
tney were tn De permuted to return 10 vneir
homes when their aervices would be ho longer
required on tbe ground; that they were neo
combatants, and might bave got ofif -jf they bad
aeennird tha rxamnla of their fellow-officers.
General Commanding.
[Correspondence of Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Washington.
is understood here that JMrj -Chase rial, ar
ranged 'treasury affairs very fettiiifactorily In
Hew yorx. r,
The activity of the War Department is in
tense. Prodia-ious preparations for tbe war.
All iswa Ueoffioers of regiments everywhere
are accepted. Although Wood is re-appointed
Commissioner of f obllo Umldiogs, be will re
sign in a few days. B. B French, ol this city,
eventually gets it. -- .
' Tbe opiuion 1s decided among ocr highest
military authorities Ibat Uep. vyon -beai Mc
tullocb, and that tbe retreat -eras in .Itself
great victory. " -1 k " "
Tbe War Department is in good spirits at the
result. i- .1
Naviratlou on the .Potomac is . still seenre,
A steam propeller has just arrived from New
York with freight, without any attempt jm tbe
part of the rebels to prevent Its passage. '
crowds all at tbe War ¬
From Gen. Bank's Army.
There has been great activity in camp to-dav.
Muoh sklrmisbina across the Potomac, opposite
ueriin, nve miles below, yesterday and to-day
it Is rumored that there baa been a rebel ad
vance at Loretteville opposite Berlin- '
Attemnta to cross the Potomac bv rebels will
From Cairo.
CAIRO, August 14.
Gen. Pillow was this morning reported to bs
advancing in. full force onbarleston, twelve
miles from Bird's Point, with 17,000 men: but
this report Is not considered reliable. The wo
men and obildren at Sykeston. a few miles be
yond, bave been notified by Pillow to leave, as
. tit -1 .1 ,A , , , . , . . .
ufj lawuui ivrui Tiug luara. .... - jr . n in ;
A cavalry comnanv sent irom uairo last Blent
met beyond Charleston a larce lorce of rebel
cavalry, and retreated on Charleston., ,1'assiog
throueb thev were met by a larce force of rebel
nrantry. . 1 bey Cut their way tbrongb, bnt lour.
tbetr men arc miesing-r-euppoaed to be taken
prieonere.' '-. e . . , ,. 4 , ,"
Col. iurcben e and Col. Lawlessl) regiments
av fallen back to Bird'a roint, by order. V
ten. rremont.
Four reglmeuta now at' Bird's Poiot Te&ve to
night by steamers for Hereulan Lsndintr, on the
Missouri side, thirty miles below St. Louis, to
reinlorce Col. Bland, threatened at Iron Moun
tain by 4,000 Thompson rebel, seeb last even
ing at Charleston. a a .!)
RebelB are ewarmiDir aroufl j bert.'amf very
defiant. :' ... ... ' V ; V:
Tbe ganboats were ordered from MsudA City
and are held in readiness for action;,-
C. D. M.
D" It will be recollected thkt last winter Mr.
StwAD mnde a speech in 'which he said'1, 'hi
stood ready to renonnce Republican principles
tbe sake of the Union." Tbis was right
Republican principles were all" that ; stood in
way of the prevention of the Union.- ' "!-
The New York Tribune, commenting on iuis.
laid: -j W;
"Senator Seward. In his speech of Thnrsdav
last, declares his readiness to renonnce Renub-
principles tor the sake of the Union. In
readiness tbe Senator differs totally from
almost Incomparable majority, of- the Re
publican party, and Irom the President elect.
They regard these principles as sacred. They
willnot foreswear tbem at .the bidding , of "4
worm or seceding and treasonable slaveholders.
Tbey see no necessity to choose between them;
but if such a choice must be made, they preftr
If the Indications were not clear that the Re
publicans would be aUansd.outlLthlB fall, yon
would bear just such talk bow.'
The Milwaukee fret emf JV-tcr-saya:
'We are glad to witness the unanimity with
which tbe Democratic party of the great Stktos
new x ore ana unto are rallying to the de-
lens 01 ine MnBiituiion ana union, as our
fathers formed then. . These are the true "un
conditional Union men" of the North. But that
there are thousands who voted for Mr. Lincoln
last fall, equally as true, we have never doubt
ed. Tbey are not tbe men, however, who ad
vocate a change In policy in the conduct of tbe
war, so as to make it a war for tbe destruction
slavery, witsout regard to tbe Constitution.
These are the Jacobins, wbo wish to destroy, and
no; to save the Union. The Sentintl beautiful
ly defined their position, when it declared that
"each men as Giddings are among the worst
enemies of the Union." . , I .: t In 1,1
Then let have a anion of unconditional
Union men, for the sake of the Union vThe De
mocracy of Ohio and New York'have"deelafed
favor of It', and their action, so far as we have
been able to learn, Is. Indorsed bjJJem.ocrats
. f r v. " -.J I i m .
. " 1. 1? :
A BiAonrot Ber Dtad on t rti Bititi FikLo.
A letter received in New York from Atlanta,
Ga., gives tbis incident oi the battle, at Bull
Run 1 - .- .' ""''.: x.fi i5-ti..y
A staff officer from Charleston, (rgtretl in
. , i. - nt . r T . 1 ' ' -
uavu. wu Him .iru uij oaja f. i
" I rode oat th day After the battle, to view
ground, and passed pilss of dead in various
positions. . Under a large tree I saw a body
tog, very banasomeiy ovesaea. with a. fancy
sword, and a haudkorobJsC oyei )tle face. U
attracted my curiositVi I stopped, removed the
handkerchief, and sasT'on of the tstud'oirtctt
faces lever met with, of a boy of not more
tban twelve br fourteen years old. I Bis appear
and dress indicated high social position:
probably he was a temporary aid to somt gener
al offioer. To ascertain who he was, I examin
his pocktflaod found a tettamBt,1ji which
wruten 1 ,., . .,.,.-,.., a ....
u ' James Simmons. New.Tflrk. Prdm hit
loving other. My awta, remember thy Creator
the days of thy yoath.1" 1 ' I
' I wished very much to take thft'body away,
I was six mile ,'frda.qaartera, on horse-!
back, and it was JmpoMible.V i a , 1 k,5Ki .iM 1
CT .TbA traloa. leaving inclna gn ,he
and .Mississippi Railroad carry, daily,
squads Of from twenty-five to fifty volunteers
the army now concentrating near St, Lonla.
The Personal of the Confederate
The persoNneJ of the Conercas iststh strlklnn
ana remarxable.W The ; delegates ra mostly
new men, that ii, t 4east) as far at 'Congress-
lonai - aignitiee are eonoernedt and tbe tout ea
ieaw-eiTbt eerlowel
men, InveBted'with a sort of unaffected. Revolu
ilonafy tianftlc
howeveri fblhe
bers of the Washington Congress, whom the
oauw nasBonorea ummonlng theTB-to bei
Own iudcDdiideut national nounaila. worthil ra".
warding their lormer devotion to ,'tbe, cause jo(
oer ngnis py now irntis 01 dignity. S Y'-X '
, The Presldet.ih Hon. Howell Cobb, looks
as-famlliar as he. ever, did' in the political
marbles of'WaBhjngton, althongh his cheerful
face la. furzed with a new. whiskeracd -one
not of raven tluta.''As' a Chairman; h has
me admirable qualities or ease, readiness And
diarnitv' . ' ' ' '' J..
" 'lTiere4 Was, Tpdmbs, too.Aaolhef borablllty
of.WaflhLncton. looklne dreadfnllr tided, and
speaking Xas be'dld a few-words' to a motion oft
oaiuruai; in muse careless ana siovenij tones
ia which, fq all ' his BpeeoheBi he' preoedee Ihe
sudden rite and swfll afad : nejestie flow'of his
etequerjee. ' Theti there vwas Mr.' Reagan, of
1 exas, wita nis open. praotioaiTeeee doubt
as powerf hi a debater a evert Ma Benjamin, of
ajumsiana, classic ana smiling as or yorei alt.
Keitt, of South -Carolina; as incandescent and
as unkempt as even and Mr. Ccrrv. of Air
abama.'who, beneath an extreme yoathfulneas
i: appearauoe, ana mat Bimpuciiy or manner
peculiar to a true gentleman, bas given evidence
01 a soma or tne rarest education, and . depth,
whloh had already placed him in the front rank
of the former defenders of Southern rights At
Washington,' and bad given a: rare txample
there of the union of youth and modeatr. with
bi oaot and solid faculties of statesmanship. Our
rvuuKuition 01 Washington notabilities was, of
cock, Pryor, Forcner Kliies'TAUo. Stephens
or WigfalltOf "Federal city' memory, were in
.1 ! . . I J Et . . '
uoir Beam. iicimen fiiammcr.
i t '. I'l I . . . 1
No Malionitt in tm Aaair. A Waahineton
correspondent of. lb Pretatant Churchman
sms: ; 1 .. ',v ,
l bave oobvsraed wltb innumerable soldiers,
offloers .and privates, .with a view to discover
their prevalent . feeling. , In some cases I have
fonud that thoughtless ardor for a brush or
battle which pervades, all - armies but In no
one instance bare 1 deteoted a spirit of malign
ity.i. On ba contrary, over and over again bave
1 neara generous ana saa regrets at the dread
ful .necessity of taking no arms against breth
ren, profound wonder at the infatuation which
seeks to overthrow - this most beneficent of bu
man governments, hopes-that the Union may
be .preserved with little bloodshed, and that
fraternal feeling toward their Northembretbreo
may soon revisit the South." This, bevond all
doubt, is the prevailing spirit of tbis magnificent
nitiiAfi Armw ' -
I . .1
Soldiiks Lima?. The PoBtmaster-Gen
end haa issued an order that letters written bv
soldiers. ih the service of the Government shall
be forwarded in the. mails without prepayment
oi postage. . JJiH tne following conditions must
be observed. Tbe letter should bear on ita face
tbe indorsement, "Soldier's Letter.'1 signed bv
the MuJor or acting Major of' the 'regiment to
which the' Writer'-is attached, describing the
regiment by its number and ita State. The
postage the on auoh letters will be obtained at
the office of delivery. - -
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 14. 1861.
j The oommiBsibned officers of the Ohio State
troops, bow being - muttered out of the service,
win not draw ther pay until their accounts with
the ,'Uuar tar-mas tcr and Commissary Depart
ments are adjusted and settled. , All property
or sueeisience arawn oy tnem must pe acconnt
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
: ID Scorbutic diseases are .the parent stock
from which arises a large proportion of th fat
al maladies that afflict manlidd."' Tbey are, as
it were, a epeclca of potato rot in the human
const ttitirnjj which rjodermines jnd corrupts all
tne sources-01 us vitality and hastens its decay
Tbey are tbe germ from which spring Co&sump
tlon, Rheumatism, Heart Disease,. Liver Com.
plaints, nnd Eruptive DiseateB,' which ' will be
reoognUed as. amopg those, most fatal 'and do
structiVe'to the races of meo.': So dreadful are
its oonae,quencci to human life', that it is hardly
possible to overestimate the importance of an
actual reliable remedythat can sweep out. this
Scrofulous contamination.--We know, the'n, we
ahall proclaim welcome news to our readers of
pne from such a q'lkrter as-will leave little
doubt 61 Its' efficacy and still more ' wclolme,
Wben we tell them that jt surely does, accom
plieh the end desired. . We mean Area's Sae-
SAPikiLL, and It is certainly worthy the atteo
tion of those who are afllicted with Scrofula ot
Scrofulous Complaints Reeiiter, Albany. N,
V. ! - '-' ' . '- . rue3.lw:
, ' Master Commissioner's' JSale. ,:.'f,
Reuben Neliwander) ". i'' c! '' '-,
-vs. - i: BsptrletOeart;.. .-.r;. 1:0
John H. Torney. ) - ' . ; : ' fa
J to rae airaeted, from tb Baporlor Ooart of
rnnklin oonntr, Ohio, I jrill- oSr for ami at tbe door
uw voun junta, u um en 01 voiaawae, oa '.--.rr
Saturday, tbe 31st day of Sept , A. D. 18ul, :
one o'clock, P. M., rh followlrifdeterlbtd real eitate,
situate In thoeounty of tfanklln and Stat of Ohio, to
n. uoiao. iwraiy-uroaaaa iwoniyiour tuaaaxi,
Baker At Ultebell'i subdivision of oat-lota Mot. T aad
of the-ettyof ohimoa,-aaw rooardod nlatlaUa
Appralaedat totrto. 53, iD2J 00. " "
fiiSi epos oe. rm '.-
k-e) W.HnrjMArf, ShorlB
a an, ataarar Oommlsiloner,
coDrisn', -"'Ti '. . i
Ilercea bis. ,
1 - - w du.i.j n . i .... a '
50 fcaiMls Wbila Wuaat Ilor. J ( i'l. i t
100 Eed (Rxlra.
In atofe aad ar sale by . .. . -
i. ,., .... i,t.i.,V7II H. BK8TIEAUX,
btTe'ei. ! - Jj 106 loath Hlfk Slreot.
' WHITE WHEAT TlOra '(Best Brands. j
Frenctt finfClniklili Prnnes, Fie,i ;''
... - . ..a Zantd'Cttrrantilind Baliini.
.f'.j.j. avM .wit. h. imaBTraAni.1.".
0100 BOUTX,; ;
be accepted for TI1BXB YEARS In tb Keiular
Col. H. 1. TJarftnrton. late' AdlntMtiihml :mi
UDIo;.l.ieuteilant-Cofonel,0. 'B. Shepherd, lat Major
Regiment United Blatee Inmntrrl Malor llenrw a.
nurun, late em negiment uniteo stale arillrary; afaior
Hdmand Oadarweod.- Ui 4ib Hakanl Ualiaii auu.
lniantryi Majer rrasertck. Tewaaend, ml Adjatant
General of New Serk. j h t. i-.n
A lenre number of other officere ar alio from tha old
Reg Imeau In tbe Regalar Army. This triple Regiment,
8,433 men, Is to be brought to th hlgheit lioaeible
dliciplln for effectlv Pall eerrloe.
it enjoys all the bwunlie and prtwltowta granted to Ih
vnimirwr.. win Tn. muhiiiui.i annMit. .r ih. .vn.
rienoed ofheere anA perfect eyateai of aba regular eerrloe,
with the beat f RISeS Arms, Ac .v. ., ,
none need apply aart abw bedffed, aealthy awa.
The bill bail; also pwaed nlilM th wm t SIS tier
month. The pmjvt noeeaaiiMtoaed cawera basalao
S4nUwtwU. . ... ,, , Racrultlng Offleer. '
' WW BTTLHB- ateaHa Hmm. M.. aaiu.ik
High ttreet, barn Jus t meaud aaw rtylee f Cloti Cii.
cc'iixa. Baaquuiaa and Bauquia, made In Die seweet and
rioat atyllstt 'Wanner." Also, tvupert Pla,lai
ti W. rllh, very Jieavy, Seefgael expretahr for
liaatlliataiw) Baiqulnev . '- j , .iWriU
,. i ; ,'f ' " '' ' - i
RUOHItD,newstyle.Jaatopnadby ' '
aim a Bmr.'t
BB Boalh High alnal. '
IBbitob BTATamaa-Plean announcl If you papar
tbjtl auky voters la this city and lalrailin; ooonty,
deaira1ove 0ro Pann., Iiq , for lb Vt Hepra-
ntatlTaMxDrtiel li Jait the man for tbs piaow
amiH.4JaiQCI Atl
Ed. Oaio ETjfawaiiyPlvnae-aaaouDoo.le yoar pa
per that many of gofers rf,tlAVtbeiwarUf ffhli
county deilra to bav Gen. QrUtoid, of Bbaros towfi-
Adjutant-General of Ohio. MOSES DAVIS.
I .1 ynTTlTTT.V, 11 1 : i :. V . U
"tniTda Ouio BrVraxWaiu ' AVr J-Plaar tAWuoc th
name of A. 0. Bikat, of Jaokaoa-townahlp, as a randl
date for. KepraantaUTe, uhecttotia.decUloef(thel
Union EemocraUe nqminaunx coutouuod, anaaunge,.,
v , ia t,w i, nrvfl'rViv nurtnai'a
XoiToa AwaAlsaat.apaoiia Jha.naaie. of
Oapt. HiaMaaoa,of,B!eadoa: township, as a
andldat.fNN8heitir. subject to .the deelsion of the
franklin County Democratic Convention:, and Oblige
fi-aaxuV1? "' '"T1ANY DUM00RAT8.
n lire -
Ueal Artiriclal Ilelu' to the
b Atuiuan aujrnt. ever jiayuniea.
sent of th moat Improved kinds of SpeclacUi.
All his Glance, whelber for near or far-lighted, are
nnid In eoaeavo roovra lorm wltb us aroatest care.
a t aula tha Iiea of all caeca, carioa Weaknas.
Ditalosn or InUaamaUoa of tb Kjrex, and Upparllng
Strength for lone reading or floe sewing. V. .. i
Offleo, .13 Aatt Blal atrcvl, at Bellatr, .Wtbattr's
Maale store.
Q OB1VKD at the Office of tbe Becretary of State,
Monday, the 2d, day of, Sep. ember next,, at
for farnhhlng paper for th aataf the Itateot Ohio, at
follova; .-.; yi c "If
2,000 Reams Donhle Super Royal Printing Paper, 57 X
By 41 lncnai, 10 reign not less man os ponnaa 10 me
ream. ' ' ' " ' '
1O0 Reami Double Plat Cap, 10 by S7 laches, to weigh
at least K6 poanda to the ream . ''
1O0 Reaaia Brochure Cow PepVi aaaortad eolora, tO
iy 11 lncnea, 10 weign ai lean no poaaai w in mm,
The qnantltlea above babrefl to be Increaacd at the op
tlon of the Heoretarr of BttTS:"
Blifa taait I aeaompaoiod T samples ef tha paper.
and most apeolly tb prtooatwhiebeacUMnaaoa quail,
tr will b delivered at tbs 8 tale Uoase la Golumbaa.
No aamplea of an Inferior article need be preiented : the
paper muat bq of the beat anaiily.
. Tbe delivery 'uf tb Baper Boral an OoVSr Paper to
commence on the Brat of November next ananlng, aad I
continue ae the papar ahall be needed. 1 - ' '
xne delivery or tne voame rial uap to commence on
the nrat day of Deoembar next, and costlaae as above.
' Bonds, with approved aacotitar in double tbeamaant of
tbe eonine. win n reqoinM lMcoratng lo jaw), coaai
tlovad Sot th faithful performance of e&ah, contract,
The bida lo be made and the contract! awarded la ac.
oordanc, with, the term of tb "act to provida for ,th
pnrcbaaaol Btatlonery, roei, anaginer arnciea ror tne
General Aaaembljand State Ofliceia," paaaed March 11,
1653.'; See Ourw. 8199; Swan's Btat. BOB. - - - -
Bids to be Indorsed on' tbe en-reloreti "Propoaali for
fnrnlihlnr paperforthebtate." - - -i
, Bidden an aaaured that no paper will be reettved
an less it aonwirme at vry napaev wiuu ia aampiea.
Inn 9foti9ioH WW Ot mricuy otfAeraa ro. - -
- -.'-(v i-iO . l.L. iA . RUBBBLL.
( Beoretary or btat
Oolambns, Ohio, Aagoit S, leUJ-dl4
t . . .
Lwi wi n wiiannmi aw an vir Br ar W ' km tri Br
KJ ucivKU at tne uiuoo oi tne Beoretary oi piate.
antil i
Monday, the Jty pf. September next, at 13
.i. ui. .1
for tunlahlDg the Stile ot Ohio with uel, ai follow,-
nnvnri Buahala of Coke, to Welsh not le.S thin 40 I
noaniia to uia cuanai. i
IO.OIM) Buahela Coal, to be of the best Quality eaual I
ai least to wu lower veia oi uocaing voai, ana iree
from elate, altok and dirt. '
from elate, altok and dirt.
The fool to be delivered, wllhoat charge for such de
livery, at th But Boas In Columbus. '
Prouoeals to be accompanied by aamplea, and to speel
fy tbe kind, quality and pric of tb fuel proposed to be
furnlibed. "
Each contractor will b jequlnA to give bonde, with
approved aecorltyv lp double the amount of tb con
tract, conditioned for tb faithful performance of his
contract, - j., -, .
Tbe bida to be mad a and tb contracts to be awarded In
aocordanoa with lb terms of tbe act entitled "An act to
provide for the parohaet of Stationery, Fuel, and ether
articles lor tne uenerat AMemoiy aua oiaie omccra,
paaaed Maroh 11,..!. pea Bffans Rev. Sut. ew;
arw. XAia.. . t.i.'inl C . ,r. ' '
Bids to be ludoratd on (he euveb'ue, "Propouls for
furnlahlng fuel for the State.'! ' ' '
. lutlfurDlthedby the cdntractor muatfn all aie
be equal In quality to. the sample, 77ifs rult wUl M
rigidly tnorud, i. ... , '
C r v m T auBDaiibi
'.-,- ,-. -i li- .. . roraryf Btat.
Colamboi, Ohio, AruU,ltx51 lld. .
1 ' Baltimore Clothing Ifonse.
viitovacrrfcaas taw Wwetaaixa naaijBa iw
Wt fi: BalUmoretreet, .
(twfwm hnrt AinWo,)
,IM.. ." ... f . l
RALTfnonE, Blal
Large AtVortmeut,' pf Pise' ani IftirnUhiriv
Ooods Constantly en Hand
OctSodiy "
lXTAHTED-'lO.we Onitomers ta boy 15 cent Ambro
VV tl at M. WITT'S Cheat) Ambroivue Room. No
uign streci, uoinmnoja, vnio.
I, ,
II EA LTII. the blood mutt bs purified, and all med
icines ar aaeless whloh A not posses the quality of
timulatlag the bleed t ikKharg Ks tesmrlUM Into the
bowels, - RjuMBiTa's fLu ppsmss this quality la a
high degree, and should be la every family. . Tay are
equally oaeful for children and adult adapted to both,
sexes, and ar as lnaoceat as bread, yet most xrrrcrwi
A MKDlClHa. - 'i-
The Hon. Jacob' Beyers, of jSb'ringvilte, tnd., write
.ATI. Dh.1.11. U .1 ,D. J i. .
ui.uui.ui, ituuB. uvr v. mimj Acua. -j f
"I havs used your Invaluable Venetabla Enhm.!
Pills in my family sine 18381 thev hare alwara an mi.
vrco woeu oiner meaioinea were oi bo avail, x nave
been tbe means of my neighbor oalng buudrada of dol
an worm, ana a am aauanea tny bar -raoalrad
inouasna Dr eeni. in b eased neaitn. tbrouab ibatr
They ar used In this region far BlUous aad Idrar Dla-
eaaes, Paver and Ago, and all rheumatic oaeee with tbe
moet peneot auooeaa. in fact, tbey ar toe great rU
auo ia alckneaa, and Z trust your venerable life may be
long eeaeaA 4o prepare so excellent a medicine for the
so W-taeAU ..... ... aj ,, ..
Pleats send me tbe lowest pric by the gross,'
K.u"5ri&''t' ,Bb".
m.iMvt.hl. rfA-lnra In m,l I,.,.,..
r ,,,ih ,
JlylSdawlmo. i s:,', ,t v
- tlJ ' - i
i,: t.i.i.' f
In all
dyspepsia, bUl)oas and liver
1. a. ..a -.hrfi h
affections, piles; rkaaaaallain, a rata aad at obatl
Bate head aches, and all general aeramements tf feoaltA
these Pills hav Invariably prorcj a certain and speedy
remedy. A tingle trial wall plan tb Life Pills beyond
reach ofoompetltlon la lb eamt Af every
Dr. Moffat's Phaabt Bitters will be foand naallf et,
Batotoas In tUcaiee of aervoas debility, dyapspais, head
teas, the akkxasa kieMwal to AaJaa taMleat health,
every IrthB et wknsr of fhrgSBT tjrgtat,
sale by Dir. OyAT, KS, l5roadway. tf
by all Dratguua...i I atar alAwl-
tetter wrtttn rr tha Bev. .( B. Hokav pastef of the
Plarraoolnt-Btrtet Raotiat fharea, Brooklyn, H. T.,to
"Journal and Meeeoafer,". Otneinaatt, 0., and speaks
volomcs In favor of thatwflrldrenaVoed awdWia,lfa.
Wimio' torra Bra.ur rog CmiMirx Tarrmieai .
Waaeaa adrertlamenl In mar eotaans At Mas
Wiuiai'aBooTaiaBor. Nowwenerar aalda word
favor of a patent medlcln before In our life, but we I
oompolleil toeaf ta ymrrtWrs that thleh a koat , '
Bar txiiw rr, awwmtow' nr To AU It
oajutn. It la pmbaklp oaatf the avnat aataaafwl
etneeofBietla. beoaoailtmoiMof UMbeet. And those
yor reaeere wnanavt table eaa't a better tha
lae supply.". o7:lyaw
Tlw3AIN & SON,
Eo;29 South High S'reet, Colambc
ii. S000 yardi Xiavallag Dieat Qoods at8,i,Vi
yarn trawlttie Krass Oaedr a IB, ra'o. ilf-
SIKIU jrarda xngllin neragea mi ixn, value cenu.
10UU yataa w roaon vrBDaus t , tbiub .u owiii -S(MI(
yanti Pivsl Oolortd Lawaa at III, value IS eeolf .
1000 ntda Poulard breu Hllka at XI X value to cl
151)0 janN Sapor flaln BUck Bilk at l 1)0. value''
RoUaot Orgaitdit Baraga, aad KuglnU Bfage,.vr-2r
half their valaa. '- :- - - ' .
-'. BAIN A SOr- ' 1
JeW, tf - f, f : ' : o" Hlghr'" j .';
1 j . i .I.."- ; -
Elegant Lace Mantias,
IT u
No! 29 Soutli Higf St.,
HAVSJuat opaiied an Invoice of veryf ',. .
Wros French Laces' for , .jnAwi
yery Deep Freoeh Flounolng Laces.'
Real Thread, French, Cbantilla iiGenevtfa
-.r ;;TrXXLS. ,
yalenciennes. Point tie Gaae, BrisseiB
and Thread Laoes and Colls",
. . ; In nrw Shapes,
- . Jor traveling.
TraTrskHnor .
''. . ' LAVELLAS, BROOni VALENCIA8, kf. to.
, I The beat and moat fashionable styles In tha city,
I ' . ;- . - BAIN A BOW,--
JeSl ' " " ' 99 Bouthlligh Street.
R E I! O Y A L.
' -y-' DEALER in
Groceries,! 1
V- ' Produce,-' ' :' --
: 1 -' - - -Jj Provisions
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
; Fruits, etc. etc.,
No. 10G,South High Street, .
Theold'stand reoenlly occupied by.WM. MpDONALp'
lie is in dally receipt or ' " ' '
,TTTMch he will tall .. . j" fT
Cheap tor Cash or Country Produce.
. : ,
JfJ Goods delivered to City trade free of charge JT
i iy".. ...
iNo. 10G, South Hjgh Street,
. dealer in
iwi..wwa,B - , raavrawve-.
Foreign and Domestic Fruits, -
Steam Between Ireland and America :.
The followln new and mairnlflcent flrat-claaauatldll
wheel Steamablps compoae the above line:
iDRIATIO, 5,888 tons burthen, Capt, J. II. u?
. (Formerly of tbe Collins Line.) ' , .
BIBRRNIi, -. . . 4,400 tone burthen, Capt. N. Paowea.
OOLUMBU, 4,-HiO . ' h. LaiToa. . .
ANOLIA. . 4.400 " , . , " t , .Mioaouok '
PAOIPIOf : S,00 " ; - I. Sana. ,...
PRINCK ALBERT, (Screw.) , - ' -
On of th above ships will leave New York or Boiton
alternately very Taeeday fortnight, for Oalway. car
rying th government mails, touching at St. Johns,
P. '
Tb Steamers of this line hava been contracted wltb
greatest car, under th supervision of tbe govern
awet, bare water-tight oompartmenta, and are unexcel-;
foroomfort, safety and ipeed by any steamers afloat. '
Tbey an commanded by able and experienced ofuoers,
every exertion will bemad to promote the comfort
An.expcrienceo Burgeon atucoea to eacu snip. , ,
Plrat-classN. Y. or Boatoa to Oalwav or Livernool SltlO
Beoond'Claas, n 75
Plrat-claas, v , --v to Bl John's 35
Tblrd-claas, 'A,; " ., to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town lo Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 30
.Third -claae paaaanreri are liberal lyaapplled wllh pro-
visions of lb beet quality, cooked and served by the mn
rants or um uompany. -
Parties wiabing to send for their friends from the old
eonn'ry can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, lu
ralanil tm fmni Bhab nvtiuilnal l t i at a fit scnaIan1 anil Mtnr.
ta4at ri low rates . '
Putentreri Cor ttntr Tatlu UtifltUL. kit the Boiton
pteanra will b forwarded to ISew York free MbArge,
for pMUgo or JLiTUior uuoimauon, appii w
II tfca'.'.B .- al.K..'. Ik. V.. A .A
WS H. Kll HIltM.
street. New York.
an auv ouitja? ui iiicj vuiujstiJi uia uio w um i ivutj ua
aprino.dBm. ;
' 4 - - I
1,000 yardi Saner PralBBlaot Bilks atl 00 val a e
tl SBperyard. .i-...-.--. ;
8,500 yards Traveling Dreal aad mantle Goods at
IS l-Boentsvalu 80 cents per yard., , ,,t
3,000 yards Wnlts Brtllhntes gt 19 19 cents
value JQ tents per yard, . .
3,000 yards Via and Domestic flioghaas greatly nn-
... - - - 'V
:i k'mzijbw z o n:'
oziiiTOrijTj, BAiroraris,! : . ,
: nroiiSH moEf,iATxuft,
New and 3Tariiorx.ble XlrerM Goolr
th saost desirable styles and at very lewtrs prloee..
TkjXJ!mTTXJlMjf3l .
all materials, mad la tha most styilib tnaaoer sf tsr
'thmttt Paris fashions th moat elegant stjleogs,
,theeiiy.Or , nx'sri-rr
BAin at sun,
maj 30 7 4 J " '! r.irtl aj (Q gth High street .
Canton IlattingsL J ' ;
4. S4 ' Whlta.aria VvAltiat'ei
IV hits Cheeked of superior quality. Por sale by
at AIM A BON. " 1
BdiS3 iN.S boalh High

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