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Ita (Ohio SMtsirot
. Tlie Adams Express Company place uk dally
under obligations to tt for the rj latest paper
from the easleru cities. " . ' : ' -
The American Eipresa Company has our
Ibauks lor its dailv favor to the shape of the
- i -
very luteal eautero paper., v ',i'",w
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice ia hereby given to the Union Dsmoo
racy of Franklin county, to 'meet on Friday,
August 30, 1861,between the Bours of thru and
itx o'clock P. M . in the townships, and fix and
tiaht o'clock P. M., in the Wards, at the usual
places of holding elections (dceptiog Norwich
township, which will be held at Bchoneld'
School House, and the Fourth Ward at Oarer's
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
' House), to appoint delegates to attend the Conn,
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, inline
city of Columbus, op Saturday) the 31st day ."
August, 1861, at ten o'clock A. M., for the pur-
. pose of patting in nomination two Representa
tives in the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one County Commissioner, and one
InBrtnury Director .s . v . -. . , ,
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed here
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each Waid and .Township, based nj6n
the vote cast for Supreme Judge in 1860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five vote so east. .
1st Ward, 7
2d -5
3d "
4ih 6
5th 13
Montgomery To. 6
Truro ' 4
Hamilton - Tp
Miflln , , , '.
Washington ".
Madison . - c"
" 7
" 3
Prairie' ' " "3"
Clinton " 3'
Jatkson "
Sharon V' " v
Pleasant ' 3
Brown " 1
Perry - " 4
Franklin' " " 'l
PUin.. .
Wm. Domioan,
Jacob Riinharo, ,
Sam'l DoiLr,
Alii. Thommoh, .-Wm.
fl. W. Milikr,
Coon, i ,
John M. Pooh,,
J. HOLM, '
R. Pickiril,
II. S. Hioh, 1
County Central Committee.
Board of County Commissioners.
THURSDAY, August 15, 1861.
Relief from Volunteer Fund allowed to
Elltabeih luppar
. 4
. 3
. 4
. S
Mary Miller.
Kou Miller
Theiesa Bauer
Margaret Dttmm.....
Macilalena Winner. .
Kliiaheth Short
Margaret NowbI
Mary McKeever
Mary 8. Crammer...
Matilda gebich
::-: 5
Bills allowed on General Expense
Elijah Jackson '
N. Cole
Total .j...
Adjourned to Monday next.
IQ Lovers of the weed should drop iu at the
Cigar Store of C. C. Cox, on High street, be
tween Rilev's Bjokstore and Ruoisill's Hat
Store, where they will find some of the cheap
est and most ' fragrant spcc'.mene in hi line to
be had in the city. Mr. Cox baa also a Soda
Fountain at which his customers can regale
O Kennedy, near the Postoflice, his Har
per's Weekly, Frauk Leslie's Illustrated News
paper, the New York Mcroury, and generally
all the popular papers and periodicals now pub
lished. - . 1 .
Goodale Pare. Entering Goodale Park yes
terday afternoon, we found grouped under the
trees and on the grass plats hundreds o( merry
children and other young persons, who- seemed
all animated with sport and gaiety. We learn
ed that it was tbo picnic of the children of the
St. Patrick's Church School. ; From what we
saw of it, it must have been a very pleasant
One, and right well must the children and their
friends present have enjoyed it. . ' Vt'fc;
By the way , the Pari Is beginning to resume
its pristine beauty. All the unsightly' wooden
structures are removed, and the spots made
bare by the tramping of the soldiers, are, being
covered over once more with a green carpet. "
i" ' :Z ". -
ST We. 'were favored last evening with, a
pleasant ( ride from the city, on the National
Road,' to eome distance beyond Camp Chase.
The Camp presents a very fiat view at evening,
when seen from the road, with its long' line of
entrenchments extending for about a mile on
the south side of the road, and bordered on the
west with snow white tents. Then the squads
of soldltra seen in the distance drilling, march
ing and counter-marching, make the socne still
more piotureeque. So rare have, such , sights
been in this country, that It Is well worth ride
of four or Ave miles, to obtain Vull view of
camp unase. , .1- . .'
'Vf Tut In iuoaT al ' f. N ."-Thl b t h e greatest
orator, philosopher and satirist of this or any
other' age,' will lecture 'from ,the 'steps of )the
State Jlouse, this evening, on the 'great topic
Truth and War. .v "Vu7,.t':) J
Go and hear this fcarlcee and unconqfler$ble
defender of a philosophy which weighs man byL
" merit alone, Irrespective of wealth pr fortune
in sooiety." So logical and TiBanswerable lei
lit iL i .1 u lATr
oie pniioBopoy, mat vue woriu. ia irreawtiuij
compelled to succumb to the conclnsiTe reason
ings of its immortal promnlgatlonr 11 1
- a - i J" , U
' -i) . a.1
Camp Thomas. 'We yesterday visited Camp
Thomas the' encampment ofw CJ'.-CaUinO-TON'e
-Regiment It Is plenssntly situate on
rolling ground, on the east "side of. the Worth
ington road, between three and (buf mile north
of the city. There are alxry tent already pet
up on the ground, and netweed S5U,,e4
men encamped there. ' Twenty fife were added
to the number yesterday, and new reorelt are
almcst daily arriving. , ',',.;' Vt."'i'V -Vi'T '
Teacx Clear. The rain bavw don"' consid
erable damage to the railroads In dlfferon (arts
m . m . a . ! nr. . .....
or tne otaw. we icwnea wn nignt y a
special telegraphlo dispatch from Pittsburgh!
that the track between Crestline nd Pittsburgh
was clear, and that the train between these
point irere running as psnal." . 1
ET The Delaware SUrI-tatoalhl
young mad by th name Of Roacas, in tbsj tm
ploy of Mr. N. VArJ .Loo, Xlbrtjonyjlr
In that county, on the th Instant had eae of
hi leg caught . In a .threshing jri si cb Ifa tftiTtl a
o badly mubed M,jto,feBaf; .amputation
necessary:'; The leg w amputated aboet fc
lnohe above the knee. . Be la now rapidly re
' TarNoi NArarjioiiiSD tBiPimoMiCMTiixi.
The two royal visitor to In Ihls oountry, the
Prinoi Napoliok, end bit wife, th Prlneeei
Clotii.de, have excited bat little Interest.
the Prince li oousln (o. the Emperor NaroLion,
and stand next Ixf order after the young Prinoe
Imperial (the Emperor' ion), to the throne of
France. HI wife I daughter of Victor Eha
oil, and comes to thl country for the benefit
other healtbJiller age to. nineteen let than
hall ttaiofW-Mfcu-
wure uiarnuu iuuui two tuth ipo. -i.
i : J u a a
in sssaeammmaaamn. i i in i i l
KT The Cincinnati Aid Association during
the month of June and July last obtained Uu-
atlen for nearly etcht hundred eertoiievt' ,:
f m 1 .' . t . at ii
Turn Months' Vouiirou w Convention
"The three month' volunteer who are dissat
isaed with the slow progreea mad in paying
(hem hS, held a meeting in Cincinnati 90, Wed
nesday, end appointed a committee of members
of the Fifth, Sixth and. Tenth Regiments, tp get
muster roll in this city and have them lent im
mediately to ,lhe officers of the three months'
regiments, most of whom are now In VIrglnlai
to be properly filled up. ' ' 1 -
IT Hon. John A. Guaur, M C t of Cinoin
natl, has gone to St. Louis, as a volunteer Aid
de-Camp to General Faihomt, ' !" '
( A party of fifty mechanic will leave Cin
cinnati to-morrow for California, by the over
land route. . , ,
CT From fifty to seventy five tons of provis
ions- are shipped dally from Cincinnati to the
army in Virginia.-1' The amount shipped last
week was four hundred and fifty ton.
BO Companies A, B, and VG, of the Third
Regiment, were mustered oat ol the service and
paid off In this city yesterday:" :"'"
Losi or Haie Much of this deprivation is
caused by sheer negleet after illness, or some
other temporary drain upon the follicles at the
root of the bair. Dr. Belllnghan), of London,
has identified bis sreat came with.' a "Stimula
ting . Ongutnt," Invented by aim expressly to
meet euou emergencies. Aleesr. 11. It. liege
man & Co., of New York, now have the entire
agency for the American continent.' This is
quite a sufficient indorsement of the universal
reputation of the article. See their advertise
ment, -i . '' . ' ' t r. ,,, -4, . y
Rail Road Time Table.
LiTTLClfun It Ooumect k Zima K B. :
!-' ' -' Leaves. Arrtvw.
CIolDDtl Accommodation. 80O A. M. 9:1 P.M.
, ' I Bxpren 11:40 A.M. . Hi A. M.
Mall n Accommoilatlon.. 9:10 P. M. 00 P. M,
NlfhtCxpren via Dajrton.lfcOO mtdalght.' 3:20 A. M.
Jo, W. Bobirtt, Afent.
' Oolombo'i k Otcvaaini B. B. - ' ...
Night KxureM. .M..,.3:40 A. H. : tl-15P. M.
New TorkExpreia ..11:10 A. II. ;,,0:WA.M.
0.0. AO. WayKxpreu.
. :S0 P. V. - 7:90 P. M.
ikmm Pirmia, Agent.
"ThwrtAi OhioK
Ko. 3Expru.,..
No. 3 : ,4t
. 3:30 A. M.
.9:1S P. M.
una VM.
11:13 A. M
' '
..j W.J.
tux. Agent.'.
PiroiutsH, Ootnuaoi At OncuoiATi I.E. , ,,
Mall Train... ....... 3 30 A.M. 11:25 A.
xpraaa Train'.
11.85 A. M. 8:45 P. M
Jo. BoaiXaonV Agent.
Colombo! k. tirfttaeototM, B.K.1 'HI tV: tt ,
(OouWBDi: Plena At IioiaaaB. II.) c F,. , u
No.l ExnrtMi.......v... SO A. M.' :00 P, M
. J:0U r. M. 7:vu p. u.
t J 10:50 A. U.
' j.' vr; Burrn, Agent.
' Haiti for New Tork Oitv, Boo, Albanr, Buffalo,
Pittiburgh, Pteabenrlll way, Cleveland, Zaneavllla,
Newark, OntBTille, Waablngton City, BaiUmort, Phila
delphia and New Orltana, cloia daitr (Boadjurs except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m.
a tnrongn mau ror new ion ana owveiaM eiotas
dally (Sunday, axcepted) at o'olock p. H,
0. 0. 0. B. It. Way Mall clean dally (Sundays ex
cepted) at 8 o'olock p. in. - V
Central Ohio Way Mall clot! dally (Sundays excepted)
at 10 o'olock a. m.
Cincinnati Way Mall elotes Bally (Sunday excepted) at
o'clock a. m.
Chicago, Dubaqoe, 'Delaware, Marian anU Worth hw
ton Mali elotee dally (Snndays excepted) at i o'olock
p. B. ' '-w.-T. , 1 .
MalliforXcnla, Springfield, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolia, XioataTilla, t. Loab, an Detroit,
cloaei daily (Bundaya excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mail to Xenla, Bprlnrflold and Olnclnnatl
oloaei dally (Sunday! exoepted) at 10 o'clock a.m.
Urban, Plqua, TitHo and Union City mall cloaee dally
(Sunday! exeeptedj at 8 e'eloek P. av .,--
Lancuter, Logan, Melaonvllle, Cirolerillt, ChDlleotAe
Portamoulb, WMhington 0. Athena, Marietta and
Hllliborouiih mail! cloae dally (Sandayi axoepted) at 8
o'clock p.m. N
Kait Way Mall by NattoaaU Bond to 2ceiTilla elotM
daily (Bundayi excepted) at IS o'clock
llarriabnrgli Malloloaee daily (dondan axcepted) at 9
o'olock p. m. '
Mt. Vernon Mali, by way of wettervllto and Btmbnnr.
cloae! dally (Snndayi excepted) at 8 o'clock a.m.'
. Dublin Hall oloaei aauylBanoayi exoepledjat X e-eiocE
p. m v
i Ijancaiter Way Mall eloaaa dally (Sunday! sxcepted) at
o'clockp. tu. j o i j . V .1 .,
ninaj, ruwuuqjai vmnnra, fFHjKio, ivicuv, Avaw,
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, OblllteoUM, It. Loaia,
and all Boathern eitiec, arrive between the bonreof
o'olock p. m. and 4 o'clock a.m.
Malli from Indianapella, Chisago and Dabuqua arrive
at 3:40a.m. ' '
Mails (rem Waaklnctom Gltr. Baltimore. Whaeltna.
Zanaerllle, Nevark, BtaabaavtU,' Mt. Vernon, and lb
0. 0. .1. B. Way MalUarriraat 1'J o'clock m. ,. - .,
Way Mall from Cincinnati -arrlTaa at II o'clock p Bi.
Laneaetai Hall arriveaat 8 o'olock p. . .
But Way Mall arer the National Koad arrive! at II
oVIocka. m. i .) . i . ., ,
Mt. Vernon Way Mail entree at 11:0 a.m.
Mall from DnbUa arrives at IB e'eloek a. .
TJrbana Way Mail arrlrw at 8 o'clock p.
llarrlibnrgh Mall arrive) at 11 o'olock a. m.
Laneaaiar Way Mall arrive at 13 e'eloek m- .
-Otfloa dtUrar ooaa arara da Irani Bnadat from
7 o'clock a. m. to 8 o'olock p. m. Open on Bandar
from 7x to 8 o'olock la U mora lag, and from i lo
nUNNEWELL'S'"..-' ;
for all Throat and line Oamolalnta, ' lneladne. with
wet perfect teaulta, Waooruia Ooooa, Onaoaio ajib
ejoMHOM vooenia, MORoaiAk tn iinwaT wnunn,
always forerunner of Coaaomptloa. As m BooTaue
iiaor It has no luperlor. freed from all Opiate or
SoeUe propertlei, may be aeed by meet eelleaU eoattlj
tutloni, and with perfect conBdenee.
WALL'S - J -- "
-, . i ......
.'T. tilt f I-'
rTns Orktot Nat put Ona-ra eves ecTered ta the
-woild, eontainlnr wot a particle of Opium, nor any eab
taaoe but lta atriclry vafelaMaasd oxxttoal propertlei.
A lure KeeMS for MaoXALaia. Khitimatiik. Ooa.
Tooth lira- Bit Aot Qr.aaei, B ea eiax !,
anaaiiminor narrouauompuiata 4 , ,, ,, .. r .
1 Voa Loaior Blbv, and Ucadacne m ai( ia vanetlea,
it kae no equal, and t whlcb miiatdoabted teaanonl
Ji are offered. . . ; V,,,,T7TT,
toa BauaiDaf TMQfraS It le a mdat narfect Wf:"-
-oa Bowo. OoKi-Liurrt, af tar renurfng the pklb II act
a apnew, a aw myviiaaoaiuraai WlUk U eomUpa
Aory effect ol Opium.
ro Pliyaiolana,Pormni and Trial Bottle, wfll'be font,
land to Dealer or Invalid a deMriDUyepamnhNl without
nMtaM.etaniD.n .
' Prepared andeY ,th rpeeial wrparrlrlonf , ,
i. tonit L. HcrritEteEiL,'
I . i , ,' pHxxurr Ana nuuumrnn,
I ,iJ i t Wt i fcmEterelal Vharf, lostozv J(ut,
j 1irhonipleu direct alleommuioaUoDj.
V:T'(rrtAnyl-':ri ,.., t ,
' rereal by the uuai whelaaal and retail dealers,
' BORauTl U trttmlfi,r'L . If. B. MARPB,
ayl7-wlyTT Agent for Celamb, Onto.
I J A U)TltTllMDrifI.
I HmTT B " 1 ' arwAiri aiuii
flVTllf 1 3 " 4 mbjcaiuht otjbb Vtt
ll'J I III. Ill, ' aureate eeaplalal aw 'l
, I .J I., r x f V , v ..... - . . . . '
KadwbyO.B, BltMOTOt 107 rfaeme ft,'
. l-frtoatlpetbaxi lent Ira by poet.
I0B BAtl At All. PKUaIlfl.
ay Ifcwlyt
Another Skirmish in Western Virginia—
21 Rebels Killed and the rest
, GAfTON, Auir. I4.i-A severe skirmish took
place a few mile from here, yesterday, on the
Falrmount and -Webster road. .. Information
having been received that regularly organized
body of rebel, living in this county, were
lodged within a few mile of Webster, General
sr. it a. - r .r n.ii.-a a
Webster to disarm them. After scouting near-
ly twenty-feur boars be cam suddenly on mem
vesterdav noon, and after an hour' sever fight
leg, succeeded in killing twenty-one and putting
tne others to nignt, wltnout a lose to nis com
mand.. The rebel anmbered 200, and were
com Dosed of the. worst characters of this county,
lea on by zick uwnrane, bnerirx or mis county
under tne Letcher rule.
Southern News Items Via Louisville.
Louisville. Aucust 14 The , Little Rock
Gaxette suggests the appclrtmenl of Johnston
to commanu in tne wtesiaaippi vauey.
- 8. A- Hodgman, a 81. Louis editor, baa been
arrested n New uneans.
The rebel Congress has accepted, by reaolu
don, the second, third and fourth clauses of the
Paris declaration.' '
Gen. Wise, on the 7tb. was renorted at White
Sulphur springs, and uen. rioyd at Hweet
8prtngs, sixteen miles distant, ready for a union
with Wise.,
The Wilmington (N.C.) Jonrnal says, more
meuta are on loot to render the Fayetteville
Arsenal one of construction.
Gen. Twiggs i has undertaken works for the
defense of Mew Orleans. The Delta eaye the
uommon Council placed f lUU.ulHJ at bis dis
posal. ' t '
The Memphis Appeal, or the I3tn, says a
Cincinnati pilot by the name of Bochman, bis
oeen arrestea. . ...
A secessionist, just arrived from Nashville,
says that yesterday the military authorities on
toe INortbern Tennessee line searched tne pas
sengers coming northward,- and toot: money
from them amounting to- nine thousand dol
lars. Memphis. Auir 14. Sixteen milee east of
New Madrid 60 Miseourians routed 200 Feder
ale, ' killing; and ; capturing many. Another
skirmish in 'the same vicinity with Pillow'
icouts resulted similarly. -
Richmond. Aus. .13. (via New Orleans )
George B. Crittenden, of Kentucky, formerly of
the r ederal army, baa been appointed Brigadier
General in the Confederate army.
From Missouri.
Char le ton, Mo. Tbey report the rebels 2.000
strong, inoluding Infantry, cavalry and artillery,
encamped at that place. It Is rumored that
Gen. Pillow' force. 17.000 strong, has advanced
50 miles ncrth of New Madrid. This lacks
Rolla, August 14. The correspondent of the
St. Louis Democrat furnishes the ' following
items: - 1 ' - . . .
Gen. Sieel'a command was cassed at the
Gasconade River, fifty miles west of this place,
yesterday (Tneeday) evening, where he had
encamped lot the night.
. Tne atage routo to Bptlngfleld has been aban
dooed, and the slock brought her.
Tne rostmaster or Springfield - baa arrived
with all the mail matter of that office.
About twenty-five large, wagons with fuel
tives from Springfield have reached here, and
others are on tne way. ' '
Judge Mciiride is reported to be at Big 1 on
nel,',twenty-fiv mile from hcrer with fifleea
hundred malcontent, but very little attention
la paid to bim or bis movements
St. Locis, August 14. The Provost Marshal
baa usued a proclamation calling on all good
cltizena to obey the rule it baa been deemed
neceesary to establish in order to insure tne
preservation of public peace. The civil law
will remain in force, and military authority
will only be used when civil law prove inade
quale to maintain- the pnbho eafeiy. Any
violation of tne. order will be followed by
prompt punishment, regardless of persons or
Ihe fevering Miseourlao and the Bulletin,
two secession papers, have been suppressed.
1 be report that ucn. Hardee le marching on
rilot Knob, and destruction ol bridges on the
Iron Mountain railroad. Drove false.
The bouse or two prominent secessionists
were searched to-day by order or the Provost
Marshall, but nothiog rebellious found.
Genr Fremont has ordered a reorganization
of the U. S reserve corps in St. Louis, to com
prise five regiments of Infantry, with a reserve
of two- companies to each, two squadrons of
cavalry, and two batteries of light artillery
They, will be required to enlist for tbe war, sub
ject to the esme regulations, and to receive tbe
same-pay as tbe volunteer regiment, bach
regiment is designed to have one cempacy of
snarp-snooters and pioneers
Revolt of the 79th N. Y. Regiment—
General McClellan's Action, etc.—
Movements of the Rebel Troops.
WASHieerrow, Aug. 14. The Seventy-ninth
Regiment having beoom dissatisflsd, and being
unwilling to go into tbe Sickles Brigade, some
400 of them refused; to strike tents this morn
ing. - They were immediately surrounded, and
seventy of. the ringleader arrested and Im
prisoned. - i '...'.'.'. ; - '.: ,
un. MooieiiAn.tooK away in colors, to be
returned when to-day's mtooonduot shall be ef
faced. His order were to shoot down every
men refusing lo . obey the commanding officer.
i An order a as neen Maoed Irom tne War de
partment establishing camps of rendexvoos and
instruction at New York, Uarriaburg, Pittsburg
and fjincicnati.. cacn volunteer is to be mus
tered In as soon as enrolled, and lent to the
camp of rendexvoos as soon as mustered Ini the
expense oi transportation to be borne by the
Government. The War Department reserves
tbe right to attach soldiers or companies to
other regiment In case -that for which tbey
were enrolled be not ready at the time fixed.
Ex-Governor Denver was appointed Brigadier
General to-day. '"
The army of the rotomao ia almost entirely
brigaded. Each, command i kept a far as
possible distinot from tbe rest..
Major Tan v leet U doing kis ntmost to clothe
and shos the troop. ; . '. .j ' ' . . '
The President baa not ordered the work to be
recommenced on the extension of tiie Capitol.
Tbe national revenue will be better applied. -
Lleven launch carrying heavy guns, and
designed lor use on tbe rotomao, arrived to day
from Boston.
[Herald's Correspondence.]
It Is ascertained that Gen. ' Magruder loft
Yorktown a few days ' ago with about 7,000
rebel, and went In the direction or Richmond
It is supposed tbey were to Join tbo column of
Beauregard in front of Washington,
" There are manv evidence that the rebel
are concentrating between here and Richmond
nearly all the troep they have. In Virglni.
This is eeOstrued into a preparation on their
part for an attack upon our lines here.
[Herald's Correspondence.] [Time's Dispatch.]
Gtnl Carlisle, : who has Just arrived Irom
Western Virginia, states that the rebel forces
under Le had crossed tbe, Cheat River In two
bodies of 5,000, by the road from Staunton,
and another body by the road from Lewisburg
They were within 15 miles of Gen. Roeeorao'e
position, near Cheat Mountain rei, which
commands the two road. -!' ,7).,
[World's Correspondence.]
For time' since the seixar of Bar-
per' Ferry by the rebels, the navigation ot the
nesapeaaa van at naa uoxu rnnuou. vuai
boat a,rflved here to day from Cumberland.
Further from the Recent Battle in
Snsofiu, -
tb H'Loat llemoeral tararebe a- deUiled
aooount of the battle of Wilson' Creek, but
all the-main act concerning the engagement
bay, already been telegraphed. The euemy's
camp extended along, Wilson' Creek about
three miles, enclosed by high ground on each
side, opori which this greater part of the 'engage
ment was fought. : It doe not appear from toi
account thai tbe rebel were driven baok any
considerable) distance, but thair chars ware
all repulsed, and tbey burned a large amount of
camp equipage and baggage to prevent It cap
ture by our troops. The enemy had twenty
eee pltoe of artillery aba" a Terr large body
Jof cavalry, .Gen. Slegcl . attacked tb rebel
from the Soatbeael a won as he heard firing
from Gen. Lyon' command, and drove them
back half a mile, taking possession of their
J "VV3
camp, which extended westward to the Fay
etteville road. Her1 a terrible fire was poured
Into bis ranks by a regiment which be bad per
mitted to advance within a few pace of htm
supposing It to be the Iowa first. His me
scattered considerably, and" consequently CoL
Solomon's regiment could not be rallied.
- Gen. Sigct lost five of hi guns, the other
L.t i i . . y-i.l'.. I ' I L
oeing orougnt away py tapk. i iajjk, wuu wia
palled his Drisoner to drag it off the field
Our troops csotured about four hundred horses
Our loss 1 about two hundred killed, and fom
six to seven hundred wounded, while the lot
of the enemy cannot possibly bt less than
donble our own, (heir forces having moved in
large bodies and our artillery playiug on them
with terrible eirect. . Lieut. Uolonei uracil
who commanded a rebol force at Bonneville,
and baa since been acting as aid to Gen. Price,
was taken nrieonor .
Gen. Lyon' body ha been embalmed . foe
conveyance to his friends in Connectienl.-
The following are additional names ei put
cera killed: Cant. Mason, 1st Iowa Regiment;
Cipt, Brown, do.: Msior Shaffer, reported, but
lacks confirmation, wounded oapt. uatts-
chalk, 1st Iowa; Capt. Swift. 1st Kansas; Capt,
Gilbert. 1st Infantrvi Cant. UaMon. 1st Kansas!
Lieut. Brown, lst-Miseouri; Capt. Cole,. 1st
Missouri. - " 1 - 1 1
Skirmish near the Potomac.
Sandy Hook.' Md.. Aug. 14. There was1
fight last nlgJn near Berlin. About 25 rebels
fired a volley into our picket guard, who were
on the abutments of a burned bridge. They
alio fired Into tbe town. ' Nobody wee killed or
severely wounded. , .The rebel forco at Loretts-
vine consists ol about uu oayairy ana a cqnsm
erable body of infantry. -- '' - i-
it is thought not improoabre tnsi me reoei
force le distributed ou land along the Poto-
mao line from Edward'a Ferry to the Shen
andoah. There are also two or more rebel
regiments near the Potomac oppotito Point
of Rocks. An attack was expected at Point of
Hocks. .
Death of Col. Farnham.
Washington, Aug. 14 Col. Farnham,
the Fire Ziuave., died this evening pf
woucde, received in the late battle. ' .
Federal Prisoners in the Hands of
the Rebels.
New York, Aogust 15. The followicg are
tbe additional names of our men prisoners In
tbe bands of tbe rebels: Second Wiiconsln,
wounded G A Beck, in the leg; II Siilimon,
in tbe shoulder; W II Upham, iu tbe neok;
Sylvester D Pitcher, In the leg; John Hoebick,
tbe thigh; John Rose, In the foot: r Keg'
klen, in the side; A J Custis, in the thigh;
Orland Warldom, injthe arm; J P Simpson, in
thd shoulder; John lloose and 8 Strong, in the
leg; Michael Benken, in the leg; Ford liar
bernas, lo the arm; David Lewis, in tbe shoul
der; Michael Rice, In tbe baek (died July
21th); Wm Reed, In the log (died July 23d);
Ldwin roster, In the foot; Marcus Conant, in
the head; Albert Forness, iu the loot (died
August 10th); J Nicklin, in the arm (amputated
at tbe shoulder); Dsn Blancbard and J Rigby.
l-irat Michigan uninjuredi J II Starkweath
er, John Arndt and John Craig. Wounded:
Tbos S Montgomery, ia tbe thigh; Chas V
Brunkerboof, in the side; W Thornton, In the
hand; Gordon J Chapman, In the calf of the
eg; Uiramt Lane, in the baek: Chas Uollin.
in the leg.
Hret Minnesota Uninjured : E.B.- domain.
U. Scar, W. Sears, Theo. Brownford and E.
Miller. - Wounded Isaao L. Mitchell in the
hip; Jas. B. Russell In tbe shoulder; .Jos. . B
Garrison in the bin: C.C.Mann In the lunrs:
Jas. Croedall in the foot; Geo. Moddovk in the
wrist; Corporal O. S. King la tbe head; J. Salle
in tbe ehoulderr w. 8. Randolph in the wrist:
W.G Connelly In tbe foot; AD. Brown In-tbe
loot; lienry Crouch in the leg; James K. Ms-
Nolly in tbe jaw; J. C. Lieve in tbe left, luug;
w. rotter In tbe left snooider; U J. Tanner in
the knee;. Assistant Chaplain A J. Young and
it. ntcnardson in the arm; r. 1- llalatcad in
the band; Mark McKiuncy in the hand: J.
Baptist Mat nee in tbe shoulder; Corporal Jno
Barrow In tbe shoulder,1 Burton, Krnst
Tresher, Henry Hubbard In tbe shoulder." 1
Arrest of a Rebel Dispatch Bearer.
New Yoix, August ,14 Robert More,-of
uuarieston, and cousin ol tbe British, consul
at New Orleans, wss arrested on board tbe
steamer Atrica, just as she wan leaving, as
bearer of diipatcbee from Jeff. Davis to the
British government. Several papers, showing
ne was such a person, were found on bim.
Tbe Persia brought $170,000 in specie.
Dispatches from Washington.
Washington, Aug. 14. The Government
regards the pirolcs of prisoners arrived here as
having no biuUiog eucct
Md I. lnj.nl.. k. l.f. ,LA ... ..1. "
...in. wiuwiu iMmm ivr ui. Bee BUI.lv. : v.k '
There is no truth In the report aboot the
sinking of the Yankee. "
The rebel Congress have extended Its milita
ry jurisdiction over Delaware, Maryland and
Missouri, and ar endeavoring to form regi
ments In those States. .4
The Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Dafe,is
on tbe eve of Jeaving for Kansas and Nebraska,
on business connected with that Bureau. -
The Secretary of State, Immediately on the
receipt of tbe Intelligence that the Sumter wss
allowed to enter Port Cnracoaordered tbe re
moval of our Consul there, and appointed Rioh
ard Emoss.of Iowa, in his place.
Gen. Sumner ha officially 'InformedTTIag
Officer Montgomery, and also tne Government,
of report that Colonel Van Dorn, of the se
cession army, ha been seen with 1,300 men on
tbo road betwecu .1 raso ana can Antonio,
frem which it ia believed that an attempt will
be made to subjugate Lower California. - i
The Zouaves at Home—Gen. Sickles's
New Yok, Aug. 14. The returned Fire
Zouave had a fine reception from the firemen.
Broadway was crowded to excets. v;
A Washing too dispatch reports that uencrai
Sickles has been appointed by Gen. Soolt to
command the Eastern shore of the iPotomae,
four miles below Washington." .'
Command. From Texas.
Wasrinoton. Aug. 15. Reliable private ad"
vice from Texas, dated 331 ult.,' represent the
Union sentiment as rather on the increase.
Newspapers of Texas have perverted tbe state
ment made by Gen. Houston from' time to
time, a it la positively known that be has no
sympathy with seceseionism. At last accounts
be was In quiet seclusion on bis farm, awaiting
events. Tbe design of Col. Van Dora and
other leader for tbe possession of the North
ern t tales of Mexico and Lower California,
depend for their fulfillment on the co-operation
of the Mexican military chief ; but far, the
oei8ion.flllibmters hare cot met with the sym
pathy tbey anticipated from those sources.
t . a. Denver nas been appointed a migaaicr-
General of tbe California volunteers. , , ,
From Fortress Monroe.
Foataes MoNaoK, Aug. 15, A few Con
federate sooots attempted last nignt to tvoe
Hampton Creek, and were nrea on dv our pica-
ete and quickly retired. - Hampton ie 'nicatr
visited by tbo Courederates. Lieut." Cfosbj'd
reoeot expedition tp aVccoinao and Nwtjiamp-
tnn eniintin ha nearly oronen UD ineeonur-
band trade between tne Easteto, and Wfestern
shores of the Chesapeake. In some, ,pl tthe
elaees visited by him there was a sttooa aad
outspoken union senumtni. ; ,
Report of the Rebels Sick and
[Special to Commercial.]
- Wasrinoton, Aug. -i-ReliVble
hat been reoeived here to tne enect mat there
were M.OOO rebel eiok and wounded at Cul
pepper C. H., and 1,000 wounded at Werreo
ton. Beside thcte, there was a very larre
number disabled at private residences LitHe
ooentry and al the point named. On eause of
disease I the Inadequate supply of water at
Manassas, and verv Door quality.
The Treasury Department is abodt b tetbfi
burse tne States of New and Pennsylvania' fat
their advanoesient of fund made in aid of tb
primary preparation lor th wav
Political Movements in Massachusetts.
Boston, Aogust 15. Th Deraocraro"Slale
Committee net yesterday In' Worcester and
greed to call Certventloo to lotnlaaa Start
olUoers. to b held Bent. lOtbs In Woreeetef.
Th prooeeding ef the eommltte htblbtteJ a
a broad and patriotlo policy, and th oall of Abe
Cbnveritloa asserts that tbe present erlei 'de
mand the subordination of the Interest of tne
party to thos of th oountry
NEW YORK, Aug. 14.
i.lnEl-2Qufcl ateady; amili aaies at J3 9 fir
C0T1')N Oonilnooe (ire . ;.! ttOOuOeeit l'W'iC
for mldilling Upland!. J -, V j 4 V f
lulr a uttie more- aotngi common annawaium
IT tm quoUd 00 Dauer
4ft -ror aaDArllaa atatal I
ale IV 800 Mil at
4 p3li
-tor aaparlln etata) 4 70 for extra
Ula; 4 354 S for aapsrdn weetern; 14 SuaitU
for common to mediam-ua weatain;. 4ai5 10 for
hipping) brands extra roaae Jwon. cue; and 3 !
u iu Mr trade brand! dot mernetaiounf qu( unt am!,
CanAdia floor a into flrmar. witn a aioderat demand
alea of TjUbblaat t 4U(4 45 for lupernne, and 4 liu
us of 7jUMi at w tor lupernne, ana oi
7 50 for oommoa to oualce extra. ' ty flouf eteadt ai
! 3o4 ,.-i 'JT j -'
COUN alEAL-QuIetatalientprerbniiirleei. U
Wll IdRY-Dull: aalei S30 DWl at WH16Xo.
W11KAT Tiieiupply la -Hoiiled, with, a (uod export
ueinaua. ana, price! nav again auvancea i to xo per
boihel: laleiol 10 800 henh common to lirlce Ontoaa-e
prina at Kieal Hi; loeo bnib interior No. x aoat
6fic; 39,1(10 buehMilwaukle club at 95c$l 09;300buih
amber (keen Bur at 1 061 16.400liuh winter red weal
ern at a I Kcul xS: tl.OOU biuh weirilly do at I 18. in
tore; 4,500 bnan wait Wealar at 1 87011 i 18)00
eaiu white Canadian at l mi ; l.uuu Dun while
lllcblranat 1 33, and S.'.KJO buh whit Kentucky at
KKK atearty at ahoufpfvlui price.i HI J
. BAItLEV Dnlland numttial.-i-- vi'Li U
COBS Athadanrmtr. with-a fair expert demaaAi
Alee 'of I0.20O bmh at 4C47o for inferior to rood
mixed weitern; 4tj(aVV forpilmsj ibipping do; market
eloting at 4t?o for prime ihlpplng parcel. - 'xU
uniain moderate lequaet aiauxoc lojrvanaaa.
and 3l33o foriuteand weatern.
POUK. Dull, and mew 1 lower; atles of 150 bbli at
15 for meea, and 1U 2S for prime. " ' " 1 ' jLA
utile Oulei. bat nr cs witnoat material enaoxa:
mall aalei al 9494 iO for country prime; 5$3 SO far
oantry men; esxll S tor rapaoked Belt, and 100
1J U (or extra mm. . Vrlma meu beet and Mel nami
dull and nnmin.1. ' ' ' . ' lt- ' '
CUT HliAIi Continue onlit; ihonlden, 4K3Sc;
nam, sWde, - .
BACOii Dull and nom ml.
LARD Ku In ateady , with !!( of 850 bbla al 8(39X0,
UtiKIS JE In food leaueit t'.r export at aVVo.
CUk lf K .-,1111 li-e verv firm, but (hero la Onlr a
lunited bualnen do ne. and we nave only to none nie
of 100 ham Hm at Ho and it baua Alujcovado at 17c.
KICK More active, tad prion advanced Srfjte per
pcun l; ule of 1,500 tierce at Oe, caah. -
tUUAll Haw firm, aid wituout Improvement in
price; aalei of 1,11 kada of Quia at SMdJtfc; an V
boxca llavana at sko. Heflned arm. ' - t X
MOLAHbEo Oiiutlonei firm, with little doing; nlei
or uu aiida, Includiog l"orto Hioo, -t ivaiio, and Bar
Iwdoea at iic. ' ' - '
STOCKS Hiaher. and a moderate barineai: Chicniro
and Boek Ilaud,4D; Cleveland and Toledo 3xi it
llnoli Central Bcrlii. 04; trie, preferred, 40)4; do Bail-
road 3d: New York Central. 7434: Wei no Mail. 77; JCrla
Alii Bond!. 64: aellrr. IU; Miiwurl Bixel, 44; Tennnei-
a Bixt4, 45) Kentucky Pixel, 77 LouUiao BiXel,
U.ri; Xreaaury l'werve per Cent!, lulj; Treaiuiy Bixet,
VOU; Hi I uu state! Sixes, vi, itegiatereu, e", -
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 15.
TREASURY FOTKBPaethntei of Ttnaiarv Mln
continue to be made In af mail way at too). t .
OKOCSHIKS-In tb Grocery Market tberewainot
much trad to-day, ind Hi advance tendency la Uo-
l'LUUH Waa held a Infl more firmly to-day, nt
aolaa a eosaeqnenee of any increaa In Ihe demand.
at 11 ten feel ttuit tbey canuot mann'actnre at a proBt
wltlt wheat at preaeni prlcea. and ar dlapOMdtohold
off. t -.
WHEAT Waa aialn rather Irremltf to dir. Tbe
Itrictly prime quallile of red and white sell readily,
but tbe ordinary qualities are not tn much Mught for.
V)i aire theaame quotationa io&7jo ror rea; x9Ko
for white witb ixuplional nljlirr figure! for itrictly
prime qualities of bulb klnjj. Some of oar local mills
reatotiptd ror a short tune qy an acotaeot a In jntami
Canal. ' --r !t- l3
CUHNWai not offered freely alSSc .
OATS Are qiat at H3 lor an and old .
BAKLWY ANDkYk Arw not quotable " , - '
W1II6KY Wai nimer to-day. ind bard to buy "at
Cleveland Market
CLEVELAND, August 14, 1861.
Ft.OHB Firm, with. only a light demand.
WHEAT Advanced; aalea of can red it W:
track: 1 do at iWc: 1 OOU buah from itore at lame; 4 Ufll
bush do at V7o from atore; 1 ear white at Sjl 00, and
2,000 hmh do. iSoat at 1 1 OS. I
: CORN Sale! of tOO bmh at 53e?- f
OATd In good local demand at ill-
.- BL TTEB Belllog In the mual email wy at So for tbe
, KO03-StJI4 VO
3STQ w;rka 'first. lZ
-'i trt .., oy fDI
Hon- Joseph R. Swan, .
,,-.) I i PRXMS OOVST,' ( j i., .
(Contained In twenty-nine volume! of the Ohio and Ohio
" " Blat Report.) ' ' '
, AND Blf BBENCI8 XO PRIOR Utfg," j'j!
In Two Royal tivo. Volumoe. Price $10 00. -
." Ro care or etpeniehei bean para to make the work
oerfectand reliable in all reapect. r .-.i-. -.
It ha now the Legislative sanction, having been ap
proved by nearly the nnanlmoni vote of boia Houses,
uid was ordered to b! dlitribaWd t tb following Btat
tod Oonnty oflJoers: -. '-. -. , .
flovernor. Attorney General, lopram Judges. Sacra
lary, Onmptroller, Treasurer and Aaaisor of Stat, and
toilie Probate Conrta, Courts M Osaamoo El, Super
ior and Polio Coarts, Andltors, and the Olarti of th
vartoa Coarti In each eannty. to th Members at tbe
Senate and Ilsuae of Representative of Ini Stale, and
ui eoveroeri of tne several States ol toe linum. . ,
Thil book, ontalDlnr, as It do, all of th Statutes
now in force, and th authoritative conetraotkm oi them
tnd of tbe New Consutotion, will n Sound to be sspocial-
ly nserui in the penormance oi men- eatiea, to all . . , t
OOrjUTT OPFIOlRfl, ' ''Jiilt'UUVir tJ.T.t?f
;' , - CLBRK8 OrTOWN8riIP3,abd. .)
:' .... , CHX 0IW0KR8.
. Inasmuch as very many change! have been made la th
Statute! itnee th publication of In last edition, by hh
peal, alter aliona and addition!, and many Important de
cision! have bean given by th Buprean Court .ea eos
troverted points, all I
'' BAN K1I18. HBRCEARTl V ..' ' V i "J
Will And thli an invaluable Work.
2Vo Royal 6to. Yritmt of over1 Jtnttttn fruhdred
i Faget,
In Ittonj Caw Blading Price 110.00. . 1 '
Published bjat It . t i . U ' V
Caw Publishers, Booksellers; Bratlonen and Importer,
no. 68 weal Fonrtn itreet,
febl8:d2m:i ' ' " - ' CtnclnnaU 0.
taearporated by the' Legislature of Pennsylvania,
Betnf Um aaly Oommeralal Oelieg In tb oonatry coa-
uusieo oy ariasHcai mercuain.uver .
O.OOO otudoxitSyV
From'lhlrty BMtei! have Tier earned I tusinaaa-ropntsj
tion eejnai to tint of wasVi'oin.t tiaduata jlor th Ajm
DuO.VwaUmi .f, ui, ,
Mercantilo Book-keeping
Awksded IttUR ULVip AIBDALS and tbe auction or
enacial Committees ol Ihe American Institute and onam-
bsr of Oommerc of Mew York, a lb best know I
tjilio, DuTti4j.f38Tl bWJsl fbssO
Steamboat 'T Dook-keeping,
Pronounced by the late eatbier ot oae of onr banks, "a
perfect ayatam for such bodki and accounts." Alio,
Dos's nw ryitim ot; nt?T 3ri ittt?
Mtuaiwctu wwa-a.ww
Tn alsinMstipt)! lh enly tystenii off this raooh of i
sunt tauaht In the olty. "Also, SuS'snew BysSm i
, Bank' Book-Wepiiig--
(Tn maaaseripl), the. only on in an practically kflaptfl
to r rival Nanking. Thai system ot accounts ar here
taught under. the daily supervision of the author. , with
hlsdaUa lesture drawn from nearly fort yean' exve-
rieno Id buaiqeaa.. 'ihe last United' Htetea and ruts-'J
, k v.t.l&J ... . , t 1 :.. t -l
Hint, first ;phemium9;j'
Id all departments of
Busing & Ornamental Pernarlup
Over all th Veat peamea In the country." -""'".
for tiill particulars, seed for oar elegant new circular,
pp 68, which, with a splendid engraving of the Iron
Buildings, 30 by 39 Inches, and Sample of Measra. Was.
B. lOntt and Ooehran'i. ikistnesa and Ornamental Pen
manship, Is mailed cost paid, on receipt of 85 cent! In
stasunr by4' M :-tr t I i. t r .- t I
T Li 't ,n.,aIl7FJP t aoifr-l
abtWA-wlt " ,ii.- AMaotpal.
-tTT-ANTID-IAO.rjAn C natoarer ' hay 9S eeat Aaakr-
V V type at M. Vf ITT'B tjaeap amovotypap- w
High itreet, I door florth ot th Amaricaa, Hotel, Oo
lambttl, Ohio. 11 "" ''
1 1 'HRsarTSSri-i
Aa eyperieoeeel Ifnra and "Tinnjr foyatelM.wlMlbri
to the attention Of mother, her'
S b 0 T'H f n os y mrp
Which ereatly facUltate the vneeai f lMtbla, b wrv
euuig tli guma, reduclnf all uaaaamatltnwH f aetav
ju.1i j-AiM andipaamodicaoRon, ana ur n ,j
DnMd bnoa Ik motWa. I t'wlll' live rest to yoarVeirai
We bate nntnc rtit now thfa avrlel for wvv tan leaea.
what am have never Iren Mile k lay af amy other eaadk
AHUB, TO BFf KCT A OUBB.Wben tkMlvwwtf. Ha
ar did we know an tmtane of dlantiifaactaa by aay aaar
wooaie it. on tne contrary, all are aartfTHte. with ta
prMopf, abd tpeak In tenns-of eoameadatleat of II
magical enecta and medical virtue, w apeak In tub)
maiier - ha i we vunnurrr' arte tea year' p
almoet every inatance whare the lAtaat la aueertfiy fram
pain and xhaualiaa. relief wlii ba feand la Aftasn e
Thil valuable preparation ii the preacription of one 'of
tae moit BaPBKIKNCBD And SKILLFUL nU&Pl la
ew Jtnciaoa. and naa been need witb Nina aii.
uu auuuEni. m -
Itnolonly rellevwath cbll aroa, aaix. imt kaaiaoa
atea the atomach and bowela. eorrecta aoidltr. and i!m
ton and energy to the whole yitem.j It will almoet kl
stantly relieve. I .'itJl(.'i
and overoeme convninoni, erntcb. If not ipaedliy reisa
aiea, eon in eeatn we Miiev It tne BHSTand BUaV
A'BT KKMBUT IN Till WOULD, la alieaaea of OVA,
IMTl'.RY and DlAKkUKBA IK C11ILV&BA1, wnathea
It arlae from teething, from any other ooaa. Wa
would ny to every motberwkobaue child aofferini
any of tli foregoing complaint IX) MOT LSI YOU
land between yon and yonr auflerlnr ehild. and law n.
lief that will be 8UBB ya. AB80LCTBLY 8UBB to
follow the aw of tblamedicin, Ktinwlyaaad. - Fell al
reotloni for nalng will accompany each bottle. New
genuine aaiau tn lac-aunue or yiuaiiam. irBBBIMB,
new icra, ia onuo ouiaiuv wiappvr.
sold by all VrugKUU thronghoal IM world. "
PrlnclpaM Office)! 13 Ctdu Street N'.V,
oct27-dfcwly.i t.- -,vir Vjciii bZu t. j , ',
'11' --JS .
An EfTeotlre, IC 8afe afi4 Economical
To ii original color without dyeing, and pre venting
u I - v 4-' V" "oa wrning (ray c a ,
And curing lt, when there la the least particle of vltati '
. r ricapcmtive energy remaining.. -,
AndallentaneonsaffecUons of the Scalp. .. .
Imparting to it an nneqaled glosi and brilliancy, makioi
It loft and silky in it texture, and- causing It t our'
readily. . i - .
Tne great celebrity and increasing demand for this on-
equaled preparation, convinces the proprietor that one
trial li only necessary to satis ry a discerning pntrne or Its
superior qualitiei over any other preparation in nse. It
eieanses tne neaa ana scaip irom aanaratr ana other
eataneoni diseases, causing the hair to grow luxuriant!
giving It a rich, soft, glossy sod flexible appearance, and
also-, where the hair H loosening and thinning, it will rive
strength and vigor to the roots and restore the growth to
hose parts which have become bald, causing tt to yield a
rasn covering oi nair. . -
There ar hundreds of ladle and gentlemen hi Mew
York who have had their hair rea to red by the nee of this
Invieorator, when all other preparationa have failed . L.
at. has in his possession letters Innumerable testirylng
to we aoove lacti, rrom person! or to nignen reaaacta
bllityv It will effectually prevent the hair from tnrnln
an til the latest period of life; and In ease wherafth hair
has already changed its color, tne ase or tbe Invteontor
will with certainty restore it te It to it original hue, giv
ing It a dark, glossy appearance, a perfaaa tor the
toUetand a Ilalr Restorative it la particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and ah grea ta-'
dirties it affords in dressing the hair, which, when moist
with the Invigorator, can be dressed In any required
so aa to preserve lta place, wnetherplalnlor In cartel
hence the great demand for lt by the ladles as a standard
tollelarticle which none oaght te be without, as the poos
place it within the reach of all, being
M Only Twenty-rive Centt
per bottle, to be Bad at All respectable Druggist and
i -.-.i: . - jrernsMr. , . . u
I. IdlLLBR wonld call th attention of Parent and
Ooardiani to tbe nse of. his Invigorator, tn cases where
the children'! hair Incited to he weak.-' The ase of it
lava the foandatioa feraooedAexM of Aosts a it re
move any Imparities that may have become connected
with the scalp, the removal of which h naaanary both
for the health ef th child, aal th f otnre appearance of
CirrnoK. None rcnnlne without the fac-timlle tOTTfi
KILLER being on the outer wrapper; alio, L. MrC
Lis K B
UAIR XNVIOOB.ATOR, A. Yv blowa 4a, Urn
Wboleml Depot, M if itreet, and sold by all the
principal kffrehaoBi aad Druggist throughout tne world
I alio desire ti present te the American Pabtle my - '
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broegnato perfection. It dyes uiack or Brown instantly
Withoatiniury to th Hair or Skin; warranted tbe best
article ef th kind tn existence. ,, , " '
fRICE, -ONLY 60 CENTS. . l ,
Depot, ' 6$ -'Dey- St., New York.
ct2B:wry. - - - r-
iiv f r IflflrtARK OHKS.I J VT U..S-
IriannfAeiiirera of all klmde sI Poy
table and Nlatlonary Steam Eur,
i Ktme, saw inilla, ugUt JUllla.
LAKSA iODtn ptatm! A . ilAHmTSealtn
,J. at J. n.' DtTTAtL Stattntil1 COlCVBVt
MACByi CO. StatmUM. 3iUipSI Ka
o 00. atmHlll ts. -1' u.i
Oar. Portable lortin and Saw MU1 -
Wsa awarded th Ant premium' ef 5rj at thtf Indiana
State lair for la60 over Lane Bxllsy',a on aoceantol
Prloe, lightness, simprto, erjoAomy ofc fuel
and superior cnaracter oi lumoeraawett, .
Oar Btatlonary Ingtne way srardrd H. the saa, -Fate
tha Arat nremlnm of AI200. . .
Our Portable Engine wa awarded thetrat premium ot
91M at th Fair at Memphis, Tenn.. over Blandy's Da
all's. Oolnmbns
i Haohtne Uo'l., eKcr Bma-ora u-.' -
by A committee of practical Railroad Bnglnean. Ti .
or priee aad terms iidress
,.,)e oi- WiLltAUB WARNBR, Treasurer,
deeS-deiwlyeoli. Newark. Ohtei-,
cE. lVG OU t ISTE Ri
Wholraale 'ansl Ketalf Dealer in '
I .'-! V r t; r MIliJ Kl (I.
A I tllfA i .I-.') tt"'r' Of. -,-7 (ti
v'No, etf'IfUftH Btrwl,' w- .
, jw- Ii-a' I-
ftuetantry wvrttwmei n-bw t
- 'riaita RH A Nat at f i ja
;."oct.. .
OS gemlnal Weakness, Swraal Debility, Nenruae,l .
V0lnlary Ihsiaslea and Impoteocy, taeoltltig tram
Self-atxiM, Ate. By RW J..Otverwell,.Af.,B.,8at
anderieal, laa'plala eavetoaev 'aay .ddrass,swT
pald,' an- reoelpto swa 'taaapeny Bri OMAS. J.d .
KLINB, 17 owsry New York. Post Offlca Ba. U.
08A. ''' n .-W saartl AmJAja .,.
. . J ' I ; : ) j s T,- -j '
ltiar Ckl
ail f-.i
IfMcsuat Uallef !
trrt1iB l-oair Vlel , ar-rr
tiw srx Saw
TH R O AT Cb N FC!CTI OM' to "
' - '. r-i '( 'rl .,.H...'
-'' ,
'' finnn rno'6ifei ' ; 1 ii1
Ill tli
. - - J .-.-'-,. a T- b t is M
OHiiBBm ory toa - -. ,
They relieve a Cftngh Instantly. ; . .,. j,
The; elear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to fte'votee.
They Impart a delicious aroma to) the breath.
They are delightful to the taste. :
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one. . j .
I adviie every on who ta a Cough, or a hasky Yoloi
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get
package of my Throat Confeotiona; they will reuav
you Instantly, and yon will agree with m that "tbey
go right to th spot.)' - Toa will find theaa very asafa 1
sad pleasant while traveling or attending pnblie meet
fngi for stilling yonr Cough or allaying your tnlrst. If
yoa try one package, I am safe la saying that yon will
ever ifterwardi eonilder them Indispensable.
Tow will Hod meraM lb Pragglsls and Pester l f
kfy lignarar Is en each package. All other ar
A package will be sent fey mall, prepaid, oa receipt of
Thirty Cents.
Henry C. Spalding,
' -HO.'48 C1D1B STRUT,
.. By, the nse of the Hill the periodic attacks ef
ew or did BtadaaU suybe prarea'ted; and If tales
at tbe oommenoemnt of so attack hamedteta relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fail in removing th iifatMM and
ooA to wh(ch yanale area sanjiot. y' .' I
. Tbey aoi gently apsa th bowil removing Ooitit
'For Uttrart Mm, StrnUnU,
and all nenoni of Mdmtarf kaHU, they ar valaa
u ZamaHvt, improving the appttiU, giving too
etoer to th digeitive organ, aad restoring the aatar
lasllettSnd itrength ef th whol ayitem.
- TBI CIPHALIO FILLS r th result of loaf Imi .
ligation and carefully oood acted experisuaia, faariDg y -beeni
In as many years, daring which Um they have
Treves tad and nlkrad a vast aanoaatot fain and sages ,
lug from Headache, whether originating in th aareous
gysbsm or from a deranged state of th HomaeA.
They ar entirely vegetable in their eomposlfioa, tn
may be taken at all Ush with perfect safety wlthoal
making any change of diet, end IA (testate amy
dimfpretablt tatU rsndars oy fc aoVsW ss- (Aw
i BBWARoioanirritiUTSfc i ni-.'.;
The genuine have five dgnatai of Henry 0 Spaldla;"
on each Box. - '-'iJloh
Bold by Drnggtet ad all other Dealers la Hedldnee.r
A Bos will b sent by mail, prepaid, ea receipt at th d
Prioo, QO CoTXta.
All order should b addreased to "' "
. .trcNHV n.-swli.teracu .
Cedar treat, Flaw Varh.
from th Bxamlaar, Norfolk, Ta. u "inti
OephalloPtlli aceompltih the object for whteh taM
were mada, via.: Onr of headache la all H form. v
' I .. Irom th IxaaUaer, Horfolk, TV
Tney nave seen tensa at aasr inaa a auaasaa esasa ,
With entire mcee. . i.t,j.,-J
from th Democrat, St. Oload, Minn, ivujul
yoa are, or have bee,- iruutlsd.wlla the aeadacba
end fur a box, (Oephali FillaJ so that yoa amy have,
them In case of an attack. - - ... -J
t frees the Advertisar, Frsridence, R. I, h.,yjJ
Tb OephaTle Pill! are said to b 4 remarkably effective
remedy for th hesdaeh. and one af th wary best for
that very frequent complaint which has ever been dis
covered. A i r ,r. r iiyi 'iTfrriirr,
-, i' ttr,. r i v,' r. ii r.
i front th Weatern R. K. Gasett. (folcago, IU.
iW heartily sndorae Mr. Bpaalding, and hi! aarrraJad
inhalloPlll. " . , ...
t.. .
, E CUREjr? a G
fiepvousHGadache '
! fro Kanawha Valley Blar, Kanawha, Ya,i .R0
Ws ai anre that person! suffering with the hhchV?.' I
Who try them, wUl stick U team., , .-ct.ji bv-i-.-pi";
"t from th Southern Path finder, Mew Orla
' Try them I yoa thai are affllctaA, and vr ar sum thas- i.x
Kar teat knoayeaake added So ah alia Ay aamsteaa jt4
Ltbat ba reoeived benedtethataeetaar Medicine eaa
prodnos, .....
, ''from the St. IabDtieTatT'7- Wk.iJ
Th ImmenM demand Tor th article 0pafitii'S
I mpMly increasing. , V a 1. i , i
from the OsMtu, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. spaldlag yoald as asaaait his aaM wfth savart C 1
Ucte be did not Anew U aoesesa real meris. '"udj lM
: &I,Ua wiU save tea tsataa It ooet aaaaaMy .JQj. , ttk
. I
I , ii'.i
Jw -V Mi i
iBOOsfOHYl . ....... DIBfATOni
j O" A Britcsl ot ton Bavs no.'jrii
"as mldtsa tiU tens, mate vsll ftfasMa ha
lltee. It I very Seetrabi te have aos aaa aad aaa y
venteni araf Sir ,rplit. lunitarv Xas, vrscamrr-
f i ... . .. BrLUinu arvaraati.uai . - ,
meets all aoh emergeneiea, and an swaseaeid sea asToad
to s witnoat IS., U teal wan sa.aad af as anttk.
Fi-vtMmi is YiiY 'writ' '
ti. B A Brash mtmmfttm each aotfl. " Ot
eeoU: ,- Aedreaa, ' -.a-.- if
!j . - Ke, -H BtrMt, Haw feet.
. 1 .--. I
As aertaln anprinelpled aaraan era attempU
aim eg on the anwupeatioa aablia. ImilailnM
PRRFAHBU HLua, a woaia aautiea ll aiwsoaw le i , u
saafei before parehasing, and see tbat the fu 11 name, t
, ( JDr'SPALDlsia'S PRRrARAPtlWiaV. u7,..,f,
is ea UieeattUe wrapper; all then are wta.i'u a , M
MjltS.(J JMT.iUtM Mtf ,.'
FRBPARHD SLDB, 1 woaM aautiea all ;

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