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Democratic Union Nominations.
sit- iFPBttMl JTJDuJk . . - t-.4- -
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For the Campaign.
. BfeL.lV. 1 .- ft a J - - - -
W..UI kokk th W-eai hiS'if Wflhto
sun, durlDgtt Campaign M toil s.
Ih.Wlitol-iuo,pei'n.onUi,t.."- -";;
Tftt frf-Weekly Btaie-mtn, er month. . . !
JTZZ H. duV. br a... .bov,
.wi Onto
la lJtait Vopkt, far Wiwi ; j
Inelubsot 11 copies, for two mosrths..
'ii Mobs ef SotopIrS, for two months. .....
J . ' . ... -ii .....ia-. fir two month-. ,
9 60
, in clubs ef 0 '
"' Tk" tenths' '' " 0T" " p"ioJ !L!
, in tbrhJlf U 'i,.lt " C"! W"'
t7nh. Wen-., of tb. ..d .h. tr
oin of Ohio - go to work. .o4 ipretd tie , ,. ,
C A M P A 10 H, .S T A.T 3 N ;
ii m iui. 'W.-ffct U -w U n tt cm . .M
i a! i ' ''t,np,",,, ' ,h8 8,,te 0 18;
I lib well tlfaUi
For the Campaign. August 10, 1861.
IT Toe rMliimon-pur AbobUoniM of th.i
II 'im control th Admiuislratlon f
, LiKCOLM. G.DDii.oi deckrei tbt
. ,iJ.r,li in the w.ri. the policy ol the Al
. . ..... -nr-ih. r!il aDDoiotjntntl
i i. . .. ' .j.r.,k. ;.Mm1btel0ol
!ir '.. Amn,inVDd moUerte KepuWt;
lcuiut- ol -n j k
iV.fi .UanU,'ithH ofcjeBfcen.to tke U
. .. r i. ...i .Ir .nil file 01 me rmj in
d of euch mths bae rtcre e no civil
f rfutinetion for thai. These goto
Joiti Eowi men, ho control lbe policy of the
-'"BMcrt tt be"'t W8liiRtoni. .B. Itf M
""thMe lectloDUl fanatic, favor the war, M t for
h. ..Lrminatlon of ilavery, and nothing ewe.
'i..h.K Yo'ik tr"rW. ol th 12th cf M
'p.,..n Bnaairr. the learned bluckamjlh.
InrelBtion o lke
t be most ultra cbarectef . ' Thli nan bat more
kAw, a influence with Aia.H.M Likcolh aoO
" Salmon P. CH..,Uan all the Davjp .Tone, O
v n.aY.. Jndee Swam, -Jo W. ADaw,
r.'x-i th Union, and Boaiilt
u . th ar muet never e4,BnUl Urery
ta wiped oe, riW!i.tcl.reilbl
"hi i tfoe and vital Rerbllc thai 6.Un bae to
'"live 1q Heaven." and that "the Goi f Juatice
ritt'ittlLilali:ompromiae-lnM (D 1Te
cytietl ir ,lT,00t Wr' tn .
i....iXfA. ..liti 'n.He U ferio' compro-
miae." but lor warthat ihall annihilate
''fogWVeeWve lawja deatroy tbe.wbMeeye
tem. Mr. Boaam ln ' authority and
' .0 ii Own!; od jbotb f peak' the aame lau-
rti.ira. " K ' CJ '
' Now the hombog TJolon Conveotion projose
'So be beldbe're'on the 5.b of September.nd
which Itii eipcfcied that 8wA,lWADKWe,
' DoasiT, SFAioytaj and others of all ihadce and
ala.ua.wUl. mlnRle. dare not . take Uine.iw
VJrttmroi knd Bomutt Its to wkal are the Irue
obieeu mud deeiMS of the wer. - Wo put this
s Dreaietlon od reeof d an eatt the eountry to wit-
je( tj . ' If mUtaktfl we abaii ireeiy ano irani'
'jo'daiitVr 'error. .Time will prove all things,
od show whether we are tigitpr wrong. , . '
ITT The Cinclonati 0m oaonot conceal
want of cocfidenceVtt'lhfl-AdmlnUtraUpn
'vAmHA tiwo'ii,' the R.rf VpU.tter. U
'.:'tueo.thi lSihoOuguVthat'-psper has
. tmkm, ia Ite rosecwtion of the wa, i which
It aaifrU that "tbC M lti THIS
" oSthrrst Tkocort tHts wrt to f iwit ntvura,
av null
aebfaVattoa'ai tuls-iafiir"thm throwing Lt
ZZ.RrmAt. CnniL Co." overBbVrd', It
strange1 tkt;0e 7r should dally abuse
JSPemOTu.or Mertiog thit ib Adntiolstro
' , tio i Inconpeteat to nae tUo affirs el the
eatkoo. bi me prwui
r'TrrionderfuI eight of mecosiiveYmg and
mansslorbsUlrewlf btgmU et. eonkol
' '.nha LinlonConvsntion oa the bik
Septembiirnji.n'Tlfes; tobtaTn tyibmlna.
tlons then to ds maae.- 1 ner wu.
!TBln-and aoubleeAling emoig tt wire
workers, than In all the Convsntlone'of jllljw
m ilea foe tho paat en years Wit together.
"tU manaiei.'.uSerMood tie temperof . the
people, they would save tbemsetvea a worm
, trouble, 'since.there U aota ghost "of ohancel
foe the success of, the ticket, no matter who may
" ha aomlnfctad. The clean, real Union ticket,
--noTirtrrttethm-tbeTtb of August, will be over
- whelrtlitgly elected, with a sound Democratic
Unlra.Jjawlliyi l . - fj
of tbo Sute bavo already settled that matter.
" ' ' '
f ;
CTThe eeerstary of the Treasury is per
mitud b the Loan and Tax1 Laws; passed by
Coneress, to scatter $250,000,00(1 amoiig the
-auksoniie country; giving fcttch pet its
"hW of the Spoils. - He Is not -compelled by
the term of tb4 law to do so, bat avis perniit
. lsd to Belt. If be rhcostV Of eoowe te banks
will elsmor for tMrmoney, and the prcsump
,.'tJi. t1..t aBalr-a leoD-kole for favoritism,
whl Jf aaojled" wS!l:TefuItlndmoralixatlon
and crcat loss to the people, would not have
- been left open except on an arrangement oe
j ? twern lb Secretary ol the Treasury aod the
' ' Uaditig bankers of the eduntry. By this finesse
In legation the Bub-Jreaeory lartually re
pelled, and a door opened for a stupendous syt
ten of fraud and speculation.
S-i' i t ' '.
Th. BatteaU uf tbs eoutitry at ths pint
tlmeil Ike iee.tortlo and preeervaflou of the
Ooioo or Ul the States; upou tne 010 ano en
during fouodatloo of mutual conndenoe and
BThe Union was formed 10 us oegiouw -iu
that foundation; it bas rested ever since upon
th. ..ma haali. and it cau be restored ana main-
ulned :do, no other. '- This U too seir-siasni
to reijulrr rgumnt.r'!! -' - ,, .
1 The' eoaatUatiori. th Union and tbe Uor-
ment are ail i broad and gsaerai seoew iuu
tu.i W- .nk of a violatloH 01 we vouatuB
n i . ..eeaaloD' from' tb Union, and of a
rebellioo against the Government j but hese
are w the main, only Huipen epr-wv. v.
..Jt th. ..ma thiol . Oae ia bo Hioro jusu-
.m.. ,.. tha others if one 1 condemnea an
,,.ti7.Tor,lheVBll Uud lu, the self same dl
reoUoVto everihrow of th Poortitutiou, the
Uolod wild the Ooror-ment.-" - ' " J:
Thne arS in a Wtion of the States organUt
Ihmt of iniividuaU who have committed, "end
are daily, committing overt tettof violatioB of
tbe Constitution, of secession from tne union,
and tit 'rebellion1 against tho Government.-
T.eM.'fLfiiB we pomprehend under the general
same of treason o rebellioo. - This treason or
..h.ittnn mnii 'ha aunoreased. This no man
ILU.inuu w - f I ' . . ...
question'. ."o ;; . . . . t
Bat how is it to be suppress-d tud that ooofl
denee and comity restored between all the
8tates. without which tho preservation of the
Union la manifeull im possible: w
' Wo are already engaged io war for the sup
pression" of ths rebellion. It Is agreed on an
htnds.' that the war with that single object in
wew. aboald be'carrled on with energy and vlg
or; Yet,' at! the war progresees, we w..u
stand's out more and more prominent, that pbys-
if force aUe will nsver quiet, the rebellion,
and save the Union by restoring confidence and
rmonv.' If soOh restoration Is, as we alt pvo-
feato beneve.'the'greatneedof the country at
.l. .nm.nL It la avtdeot that, the ob-
jeot can never be eoomplUhed without the eo'
operation of the loyal ana uoion
States where the rebellious secession organisa
tions exist, and where for the tame being ney
have obtained, to a 9 rUt or a fcss extent, the
control and direction of public sBHrs. 10 me
actively and' voluntarily engaged in pro
moting the objscu of ihese traitoroos organis
ations, no other terms can bo effetsd or aecspt
frnmthem than of unconditional submls-
eion to the Constitution. 'and the laya ol the Un
ion. Nobody but an open ana avowea ouiu-j
lonlst, proposes to offer them any other.
,There can be no doubt wai toe peopie m mc
Sonthcrn Suu wmosv Bnauimuu.
feelbg of opposiUon to the pregen. aanuniswB
tn" 'n,.t it bv no means follows that they
ar all, therefore, secesslonista sdo icoeis, u
ii,.. annirar. itt U rtaini almoat beyond
" ' . . ... '
doubt, h- wer the prejudices, whether well
oV-pl-ldunM.'tltV- .', Fcect; exiseln the
tretlea, f ein-ved, there . would be, fat f many
Kintiiain m na .uwim w-"
the Souther States, a large wjajortt-, no
tne re'mainDeV such ft lrge and groeiogpro-
! "nlJ 'tn aeeMaloQ. and la favor
PLs wivaw 1, varrw'rT C '- tt-v -
Mmaloloa in ths Uiioo, that in less than sixty
d.t. the 'rebellion' would be tffecto&lly sup-
pteMed.and the old connaence ana n-rony
bt-ea the North and South in a fair wsy
toward a ernlant restoration. ' . ' 1
1 feut 11 these prejudices against tho Adminis
tration cannot .be removed from the minds
tha SMthsza people, owing to tho course of
party1 which blaeed K Jn power, it ssay be shown
that incn-iealfncs are .ur.ust, as regards
great body of .the psople at, the North, amoog
wbon tnero 1 exists a determination, wnu pur
Mno' An the rebeinoB'. to opbold their Booth
ern br'eihrsn.In evsrf 'fctffii, coJstltuilonal
lighf they can. demand, o mace w ww
every roajonahle and favorable concession con
sistenl'wlth the "spirit of the Constitution and
the Integrity of, toe Union.
. The seining fall -Jeotioos In this and other
Northern Statew will nfford the people an op
portunity '6 prove to Southern Union men, that
they are their friends and alliee In defense
their righto and of onr common Constitution
and 'Union.' II this dsmonstration oe no
madolf th lojeVand Uplon men In the South
ar not wnoillated nnd brought into active aod
asaleut oe-operatkn witb tne uienos 01 tne
Union in' Ihe porth," then there will be but llt-
fl'eVpe Ift great need of the conn-
4ry-4be restoration and preserraUon ol
UotOn! npon the old basis t eonnaenoe ano
ouhiat good-will t cm ever be eupplled '
,. fJT The Republican papers are Insisting upon
sinkingbeir "partisan" and adopting patriotic
eentlmenU. Good for then. - Better late
never. We wise fbey bad done this one yesr
since and roted with the Democracy r-It would
h..a u.ii a eraai deal of trouble and mucb
blood, money, and tbo Union. .
EirLAlTATOBT. About the time the numerous
umu - riven here bv the troops return
ing from Mtaaasae, we made allusion (In an
to the oondact of offloera, and ia the course
of remark, alluded to Geo. McDowell as having
been Intoxicated. The etntesooni was maae
arrnl neraooa at different times, in our
i. .tract that thv witnessed the move-
minrof Gen. MoDowsU on the field; and.
.hilath accorded to him intrepid daring
they concurred In aaylne that "We mtnntr was
UfMixtKtoV and which they attributed to etim-
ulas.,J mentioning 4bi to a, gentleman
tM. aw. iUirdAT. who Is well acousiiitea wun
i.ai nrDnaall. ha lmmcdlatelr remarked
with a tBiile "ab, tbat explains all; for, when
excited, General MtDo? ell's ntterauce h con
fused, and to Strang en almost nniutelligible;
but this Is from a Mtural pttutiaritg pf tpttck,
and not from effect of stimulus." And this
dnnbtleaa for mad the around of the stemeoU
made In our hearing, and by which we were
misled. And It is with pleasure, as a matter
of lustioe to General. kDsslI,tbt we give
thit exDlanatlon as soon as communicated
-Bo tb "drunken etupldlty" charge of
JMmI, predicated npon ' the eUtemeut
several, persons at ' different times," against
MoDowiiX, It explained,', j. We mu.t
It Is a very bad apology, on alender authority,
fne each a ecrtoal eharge. The friends
Gen. McDowtLtwIll acoept It as the ery
excuse the J.rl might be expected to give
after two wceke'Ttfleotlon,; ... , . 't
Delaware County
The Union Democracy of Delaware county
hnld a nui Convention at Delaware, on WeoV
natd.v. the 31st of .AoKMt, to nominate
coantf ticket.1- '' " ' )
' Delaware wat largely represented in (he State
Convention by anoble band ol Constitutional
Caioa lemooiaU,-.
We bopo tbey wjtl bare a good Convention
and nomlnaUatood ticket.. Good DemoeraU
have no' principles' lh conflict with patriotism,
thererord they have nothing to lay ailde.
' ID"Uoo. S. 8. CoX arrived at home yesterday
fa tood health and ipiriU. He did not go
Bull Rao, but notified the Republican members
of Congress that they bad better sot go, as they,
bold only be In the way ot the eowiere, wnicn
tbey fonnd oot by experience.
m,. .'itMBithlD Perala. CanUIn
Jadklns, whloh sailed from Liverpool at 4 P. M.
o the 3d, and from Uuesnnowa on toe even
ing of the 4th Inst., arrived at New York at 3
The Edlnburg arrived at Queenstowo and tte
Araeo at Southampton on the forenoon .0 fht
3d Inst. 1 I It h If it
i The Ciuarcl Company hsl sold bo-Jura1 U
the Canadian Company ana ano wut piu"""
It. IhaOnahaa Una f.'.-JT - ? ''
The sUamshlp Canada, from Boston, arrived
it Quetostown on the morning of Aug. 3. Ar
rived from New Tork, Black Bea at Helvoct,
0. Marsdeo at Newcastle.
The following is ths epecls list per the Per-
siai, ..
u-v .jr. -1. ri(.M(.il a B i.ntt no. Al
Waku.. uB I. . Oe...... 0
Co.. wi7tMy..""'
loo a; Bcnr.M.k.. IMOJmbm BanMrO; Oa.W.WU
a. r.BwekkCo....
NaialUi eon..',... 1
Wtkemin, Vinton fc .
...... ow
T.l. Pdlhuaut St'
. 1 -Oo ISM
Wav Trtoa.. ...... 1.
luOul'f w 1
;( , ,tojU...... yiVT'-'
Ow. w. Plait.. nt,.nli
ParUameni . vu rapidly disposing A the re
MalJnn rmalnaaa An KaBll.
Jo tbo House of Commons, on the 1st, Mr.
Griffith made soms Inquiries as to the alleged
employment otlorced labor ort the Sues Canal.
Lord Pelmerston said that there was a con
siderable amount of forced labor on those
work. The men were paid liberally lor their
work, but the were brought to the spot fowl-
b'i debate on Naty matters took place. Mr.
Lindsay Said there was a deeire, on the part ot
the French Gorersmeot. tj come to an under
(tandlog with England with regard to tbeir re-
ipeclive.navai lorcn, auu no utfc
meet to meet tbat desire. :
Lord P.lmerntoa pointed out tho Inipraclicabll
icy pf any suoh srraogement with one, Power.
All Naval Powers would hare to be prtles to
inch a prooeediug. '. . , .
Iolhe Houaeof Commons, pu the 21, Lord
Palmeratoo lo reply to an aj peil liom Sir G
Borer that the Briti.h Goveiument would ne
In influence lo atop liieoptHe.suia aud miliury
despotism which prevailed in meneapoi iau
Territories, said tbat the Government would do
nothing ot the kiud; 00 the .contrary, he hoped
the Italian Generals would succeed In effectual.
lar rmttintt HnhTD tha horrible irstem of briittod-
age which prevailed, aod which wai fostered by
emissaries from Rome.
Mr. Griffith sakf d whether there was any in
tention on the part ol the Government to allow
any European Power to obuio jioMeision of
Tetu.o, or any part of the coast of Morocco in
the Mediterranean, with reference to the se
curity of the fortress of Gibralter. . .
Lord P.lmeralou said that the Moorish Gov
ernment, beiag unable to pay the sum agreed
upon under the treaty of peace with Spain, It
bad given rise to looe negotiations, and a pro
tracted occupation of Tetuan by Spanish forces.
These negotutions were etui in progrewi, w
bar Mnjeily's Government were prepared to ue
tbeir good emcee wun a view to u miwu
adjusunent of the deputes In point ot fact,
Mr, Hay bad gone to morocco ior mo puru.
of auinting to atrsnge the nutter; but Ibere
ar.a nn hiiod 10 lUUDOBO tbat trie DDauiSU OUT-
lutcndnd to retain Dtrintneut possession
of, Tetu.o; they only held it until the condition.
were luluUed uuaer wnicn pe.ee n.u uecu rw
tirfi hflcwren the two countiles'. Any appre
hensions, therelore, which tne gentleman niigoi
cn.art.in wcra. bo fir at bfr Mie6tj's Gov
ernment were ldformed, altogether without
TrfB London Ttiws tives place tn tu city
article to au anonymous letter, calluig attention
to the proposed American loan, anil suggesung
tbat British subjects taking part in it will offend
the neutrality proclaimea by tne uoverumeut.
The Tint editorially appends the following
-nmraant: "The annexed communication re
lates to the possibility of an attempt to raise a
portion or too proposea America cmi war
loan In this counlrr. Jt Is not to be supposed.
however, that any house of Influence would be
fonnd wtlllne to act as aeent In such an opera
tion, frapgh. as It would be with every element
of danger to th subscribers, as well as to our
friendly relations with the Union whenever it
shall be reh.bllluted by the return, either com
oulsorvor voluntary, of the Southern Bute."
Tho juVftisy Advertutr asserts that it Is as
sured by a well-informed correspondent, tbat
tha Northern States of America have made an
agreement by which it is Intended to Ignore all
biockadee. and to out vessels off the porta to
collect the dues oh the part of the North against
all traders. (7), . .
Lard Herbert (better known as Sidney nor
bert), Ex-Secreury or War, died on me .d
Inst., at bis seat near Salisbury, In bia fifty first
year, no naa oeen in aeuc.ie uo.nu ivr ovus
lime, aod lately paid a visit to Spa without do
ing any benefit. There was a general convic
tion that he died from over work.
Another cr.nd review 01 ine troops at tne
Curragh of Kildare, in which the Prince ol
Wales went tnrougo au ine maneuver. 01 tue
day on loot, as a Lieutenant of .the Guards,
to jk place on the 1st Inst.
The suspended bi-monthly mail service to
China Is to be resumed on the 20th ol August.
Another lire of considerable magnitude naa
occurred at the wharf or Curling & Co., en
ths Thames, not far from the scene of the late
cotiOsgration. Fortunately the 'firemen suc
ceeded In confining the flsmes within narrow
limits, and the lota wae only aboot 15,000.
The Archduke end Arcnaucness raaximuian
of Austria were at Osborne, on a visit to Qaeen
victoria. . , ,
ticle) Broeck. American hone Btarka,
after runnlnk ateond for the Goodwood Stakes,
od the 81st, succeeded on the following day in
wlnniog the Goodwood Cap. . The race was a
fine one, a Starke only beat the Wliird by a
head.,- The American bone Optimist wae third
fthree -Jtotths behind), and Normaub was
fourth. The American horses had the nsual
liberal allowance to the weighu carried, over
thelt English competitor, and a movement was
on foot to modify tnese allowances 10 lortigo
- - - '
:- The Emperor had returned from Vlcby to
Fonulnblesu. , - - ' ' " v; '
' Psris paper state tbat after Ihe visit of the
Etog of Prusils to Francs, the Emperor Nspo
Icon will' go to Brubl to wi'neas the Prussian
miliUry msnenver. .
The Paris correspondent of the Dtilf JVrtei
says tbat great intrigues were going on at the
French Court to displace Baron Ricasoll from
the Italian Ministry, he aot being supple enough
to pleas Napoleon, j , .. : 1 :
.. The PsrrW sivas a report that tha French and
Eogllsh squadrons will tsmalo off the eoast of
wyriaaottt next winter. .-. . 1 , i
iThe Paris cvreapondenl of the ead a Timet
regards the prsaeat dispute between Gen. Goyoo
sad Manser, do M erode as the forerunner of ths
eoluiloo of the Roman question, i ,
Tha Paris Bourse on the '44 WM firm, and
rente dosed el Wao. , ,
i Pai. Aae. loe tfi)uree,s been firm
and Animated..-Reetes closed at .68.35, or 5
ceaia better than yestei i.y. . i .u i-.- J
, The private eub-crlptlont to the Italian loan
amonnt to 953 000.000 francs. - Among the
principal subscribers there are. Rothschild of
raris lor .ow,uuu,uuu iioiioeaa a DAmoaroux
of Turin for 133.000,000, .. , ; ,
, A diapatch, from Gen. Claidiol aonounoes
that during tbo last three days the Reactionists
had attempted a combined and simultaneous
movement in several provinces, but had every
here been defeated.. In the Province of 'Tar
r di Bsri, Oiranto.and In lbe Btallaeate and
Caoitaoato manv ReaoUoolsU were killed. Gen.
Cialdini say: "Our losses are losignificsnt.
The morale of tbo National Guard has been
raised, they bavlog sustaioed the , brunt of lbe
angegamenU, ' An attempted invasion of Sore
on the Roman frontier has been repulsed. We
have wrested Quatrsbarle of the Papal army,
and two .oolites who have been slaying at N
plea. I here ordered them to quit lbs country,
Tha disbanded soldiers are returning by bund
red-- Two days more of good fortune, snd as
tre mswsrs of the situation." . j '
TbtJflit says th Archbishop of Naples
h.d bean rameved, aa a precautionary measure
II. h.d anna Lo Civile Veccbla. . ,
The Italian Government bad determined to
.lthdaa. tha narmlaslon accorded to tbo Swiss
lately la the service pi toe jiiog 01 n spies, w
r.m.in at NanLta. .-- Th Swiss Minister at
Turin Bad energetically protested against this,
It wa om of tb condition lb
tlon of Gseta that th Swis mig"; ; -Naples.
.'.,- . Jt'ttii.a
It wat reported tbat BfiiotlaI(.t.wai
abont to reelgo; v ' . , ;.
Th Parle oorrespondn o ins ; "
ln HtrM Is assura that M. PlUMP'nUH
firlt half of July m-klng all the neeeesary ar.
raaiementa In the Wendr,aru u.. . v
ralvou oa the snextkm question !
Frenob agent wort busily engaged, hpon- the
same suject al ins latest -?d"-r&.l
Tha Wa'r Budget bad been Carried Hirougts,
tt90r6',, 1 .uhita M makln:r arradee
menu for a solemn high mass 'or ihe scut of
Oavonr.bul the oclee'.asticai nw"
strongly oppowng ine moTooiBu..
The number of parsons Imprisoned fa
quence of the outbreak at iiOj w.
A emlofiiolal arlIolglvs aj denial to the
. . ... in.n-andaavs: "The t inanclal
IUUIV1 WO MWJV ww-r 0 . g
Administration can cover all the expenses or
tbo state nntil the question or w uuaoop.
shall have found a constitutional solution.
r,.n fanm Hnnff.rv no inconsiderable amount
are received, while the mlllury expenditure Is
daoTaaslns;." . ' yjk
strain, on thenliibt of tbo 1st Inst., the tctnf pf
. fpt.a. iwi.h nii.rtAr 01 tnnciiTui irtEuiwfti
disturbtnoe, in which ssveral person ..were
nnndd. The Smaeocus and some bouae
.... H.mi.-d. Fortv-five people were arrested
Psaopi, Aug. 3. No serious disturbance
occurred here yesterday 1 the mob oaif smashed
. f. ladnars of lbe bouses In the neighbor
hood of tbo Ksys Market. : At 10 p. m. Jhe
street were deserted. .... ,r. .-1 ...
Advices from Wamaw asasrt that the c files
of Uoveroor-Geoeral of Pol.no will be sup
pressed. Geu. Limtert, th Military Governor,
.ill ha inirnatrd with the portfolio of the Id
i.,l. 111. also asserted that Gen. Ltprandi
will be appointed Commander-in-Chief of tbe
A.m. nf tha Kinnlom of Poland, and M. Wil-
opolskl President of the Couucll of State. The
eulebration of any moie luneraL aervloce Jo
honor of tbe late I'riooe Adam uairiArytai oaa
beeo prohibited e wur-.w .,"' ; ,
ii ,
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
Columbus Aug. 12, 1861.
The following rules are establlehed for the
government or tbe omerent camps ana ior
mation of new regimenU throughout the State.
Tbe field and staff offioers will, as far as possi
ble, be appointed as soon as the place of the
encampment is designated, and before any com
panies are admitted into the regiment; and will,
at tha earliest moment, be mustered Into tbe
service of th United Sutee. , ' 1 ' vl 1
Laiinra of authorltv will be If sued by the Ad-
lutant-General for tbe enlistment of companies.
. 1 r l 1 1 V. . .
A pplioatlon may ne maue iur sucn iccro, tnut,
directly to the Adjuunt-Gtaeral; et to rhe om-
.1. ...... .r .1.. . V J W U
m.nuiua; vuitc. w, .uv -h
Persona enlisting companies will be permitted
to forward to the c.mp any number 61 reoruiu
over fifty al first, and Averten afterwards, until
tbe company is lull, ir.nfpor.anou- win uc
rnmi.had in comoinies. at tuc expense oi tun
State, from the place ot eullstment to tbe place
of encampment, on tne loner buuiutut is
sued oy tbo Adjutant General; iu which pase
ths person having authoriwy will.Riw tOihe
,.i ih. ir.i.unnrt.ul'nrt cotDDAOV a cerllfi-
cut. BtatlnE the number of men t transported,
nfl .flnrt a aunnaue. oouginiKvc. i mo
agent, to. tho comruandibg jifljccr of the rrg-,
iment. . . i. . - L f -' - .
Tha cnmmandinir oUiccr will compare too ccr
tifiesta with the number of men arrlvicc, aud
will seed It to the Qu.rter-maeter General of
Ohio, with a statement of tbe Dumber arriving
.nd Acennntinir for the missing! .'If trlr.
Companies will take rank In each regiment
according to the date of filiog a full company
mil with tha AdinUnt-General.
Tba affieienev of troop In tbo field depends
directly upon their proper training id camp, for
which the lime, ia very abort theWotlfc, ol
month must be done In weeks, or even days
not a moment muit be lost by .ny ciucertn
oreoarint: himself and men for active ecrvice.
No field officer will absent bimtelf from his
rirlmsnt without exurees Wmissloh of ' the,
commanding officer approved try iheComma'ad
wr-iu vuici. . . v 1. . . 1
- No oompsny officer will absent bimaUf from
dntT. with his comoanvi without the consent Ot
the commander ot Ihe regiment, approved by
th commandant of lbe oamp. t -:
One field officer and two oommissioned offl
cars of each company must beat all times with
Ihe reglmeut io camp, and regular discipline
will o estsiisneo at tne earnest moment put
aible. Offioers' drill, and th study of Tactics
snd the Army Regulations, will he made a reg
dIaf and rromlnent part of camodntv.
All comDaniet In csmp, whethet mastered
into service or not, will conform strictly to ths
rule and regulation or tbe camp established
by tbls order or by tne commsnuiog ouiccr. ,
Pally reports, showing tbs number of compa
ale and lb number ef officer and men in each,
and whether or not mustered Into service, will
be made aod sent to the office of the Adjutant
General at Columbus. ; v , .
When companies arrive Iu camp with less
than the minimum number, tbey will be allow
ed one week to recruit, at tbe end pf which
time, If tbe number Is lsss than a minimum, tbe
company will be distributed among others, or
else discharged. '. Tbe Bute will pay for trtna
portation and subsistence alter leaving the place
of rendesvous, but no return transportation will
be allowed to companies tbat are disbanded.
As sooo as a company has the full pumber of
men, a roil will be sent to tne Aqjoiaoi-uen.
oral, with a list of the names of tha members,
and opposite to each will be written the names
of the parsons who ar tb choice ol that mem
ber for Captain, First Lieutenant -and Second
Lieutenant, and oetiiued by lbe commanding
Ulcer. ,! -If- ,,!.") v -,- ; 7 !
Oo receipt ol the roll, the pCucers will be ap
pointed and 'notified, -whereupon lbe company
can be Immediately mustered Into tbe servioe.
All mustering officers sre requested to decline
mastering In any field ot company offloer, un
til be produces a cm i float e of appointment from
lbe Adjutant-Geuerel." ''' .-.".
Tbe eommaadlog offioer will make bis requi
sition on ths Adjutant General lor such blankets
aa be may need, statlor the kind and number
of each; and on tbe U. 8. Quarter-master at
Cincinnati for clothing and csmp equipage. No.
alloea.ee made for printing blanks.. :
Arme and aocoutrsmenu-will be furnished
by lbs ordnance offioers,' on requisition ef lb,
mustering officer) and subsistence by tbe Com
missary General of the But at Columbus, 00
requisition of tba commanding officer of- the
Regiment. - - -
lo case ol emergency, th commanding offi
cer may purchase rations at a rate not to ex
ceed fouruen cenU each; but 00 officer of any
rank whauver will make: purchases, .r inour
sxpsose on the creditor lbe S ate, without ex
press authority In writing from tbe proper de
partment at these Hsadquartere. "- .-. t.
ths Commander-rn-Cblef.-
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
Each oompany of Infantry will be organized
airoiiowa: , . ;. --,.,.-.,,,.--,
1 CapUlai . -1 ii .r.li-
1 First LleulenaBf.
t. , ,, .. ... .1 Second Mutnat,K,'j:
, 1 First Sergssut. . - .1
' ' ' : 4 Sergeants.
'' 8 Corporals.
. 3 Muelolsos....
, .' f ; Wagoser, i
bt rrlvat
G It
83 Aggregate
I I.
I first Aiieuvauaoe .
. 1 Seoond Llsuteoact. , ,
' 1 First Ssrgeanl. -
4 Bergeanu. v
B Corporals: , ,7
2 Maslciant.
.I i r mti'f
- . . -j,me.n 1
Hti 'j. 1 n I
1 Wagoner.
83 Privates.
101 As-cretate.
. Tha oommissioned. officers, oO?e company
will be appointed by tbe Governor of the Ktste
furnlshlne It.' and the non-commlisloned offl-
cstir, until the company shall be embodied In
Regiment, sr'H be appelated by tbe Captain, af
terwards by tbe Culouul, on recommendation of
tbe Captain. .--4 ... ? I ' ' A -1
Each Regiment will ti otgnplsed at follow:
S30 coDDanV. offioers and enlisted men.
T Lieutenant-Colonel. "
il) Adjutant (lieuteoMii
1 ReKlmental Quarter-Al
Master (a Lieu
tenant).. .. ... - . .. . . -.
J A sals taut Surgeou.
I 1 Setgeaot M.Jor, v. ) '
1 RgimnUl (alerter Mastef Sergeant,
i I Krglmenul Commissary Sergeant. s '
1 Hospital Htewaru,
9 Pi'incipal Musicians.
24 Muelciaos for Band.' :
V.'. U::v. . j
866 Aggregat.1;
-. .i.Viu company owssrs ana tuusiea bbu...,x
fr ;J -.1'Coloeel. .. 'fl 'Tt l?u,f.v- ,--,
L n v 1 Lleuterilt-CulQh.el,f.fr.-iv-v L
an... - m . i t.... j .
V'rrr M.Jorrf r'r4!
f-l I fl. :!.' : I
: I Adjutant (a IJeutenani). rt c
.- 4 Kegtmealat ttluarief-(i.asur . juiuu
. -tenant).. - ; -,
-1 1 Assistant Surgeon. . ,
1 Ji "Ii
.1 -.. ,
1. .: 1
.A -.
j 1 '. '.
1 ergeant major. . , . 1
1 Regimental OaUartrr-Matter Bsrgeaut.
" 1 RegUueotal Uoinmlssarj Ssrgesut, i ;
1 Hosplul Steward.. -j ,.. . , , !
S4 Musician tor Band. . , fl. !;
. 1,045 AggrenU. 1 - . . ,. -. '
Th field officers of the regiment will be ap
pointed by the Governor of the State which
lurnlsbes ihe regiment. ,
The Adjnt.nl and Regimental Quarter mas
ter wll be seleoud from the oompany ofllovrs
of the regiment by the Colonel, aod may be re
aasli(ued to companies at bia pleasure. .
The pon-comwlsslonedalaif will bo tulftolsd
by the Coiuucl from tbo oon-coinmlslouod of
llosrs aod prlvaks of ihe recipient, and the va
caooles so created will be filled by appointment,
as Is .reacrlbcd above. . I
- There will be allowed lo h regiment Onto
C&.plajn, who will beppoiatsd by lbe Regi
mental Commander on tbe vote of tb field of
fioers aod company commanders on duty with
ths regiment at the time tb appointment Is to
bo m.Je. ' .The Phaplaln o sppoidted must be
a regularly ordained Minister of some Christ
ian denomination, and will receive tbepsv and
allowance of 'Captain. .' . --' ' I t.". . ' I f
: "
1 ,
U W.I.. . ......
"We rue.ik to Democrafa and Republicans
when we say that there must be no " dissension.
Let us be of one mind until this war I over;
let us conduct every', canvass as become the
citltens of a menaced republic." . . I
, FoxNir's Pru$ supported O'Nxit, tb late
Republlcsn nominee for Coogresa, against Col.
BiooLt, a Democrati'whO was in th volunteer
service. J he people oeot u-jiil, ana men oe
wanted no more "dissensions."
O The Toledo Bladt contain a line like
this "They recognize but two parties Patriot
and Traitors."" This Is easily stated. The
Darn'ocre."' have alwaj been "Patriots." and
the i'i4;haa suieets beep opposed to tuem
How aocathat leave tbe BltdiT
Alien County, Indiana.
..;. 1
.Tb,e Unioq Democracy of Allen county, In-
diana, hdd a Urge meetrog at Fort Wajne
Tbey adopted the follolngt ' - ' jL
.' 3 That wobultevo another and greater mis
take, If posslblo, was committed by .the Con
gress which ha jusi adourned, Id rejeotlog the
teaolutloos offered by Mr. Cox, of Ohio, having
for their object such amendmenta of our Fede
ral Constitution "as shall assuage all grlevanoee
and bring about a reconstruction of our Na
tional Union," on tbe basis uf tho fundamen
Ul principles of that Constitution: That we
cordially approve the course of the members
who voted tor a suspension of the rule so aa to
receive the resolutions; and while approving
tbeir course, we caunot bat condemn that pur
sued by those who voted against sach suspen
sion, or. below present, declined to vote at all.
IYb therefore subjuio these resolutions, and
adopt tbeovas. put of ibis report.. . '
Tennessee Election.
. We find the- return of the election nearly
complete In th Nashville Unit and Antriean
of yesterday.' Tho following Confederate Con
gressmen have been elected: - Third District,
Welcker; Fourth District, Ds Witt; Fifth. Da
trlct, Caruthers; Sixth District, Thomas; Sev
enth District, Jones; Eighth District, House;
Ninth District. Atkins; Tsoth District, Currln.
Io tbo First Distriot; T. As R. Nelson was
elected to tbo United Sutes Cod er ess, aad it is
suppo-ed that a Uuion man hae been elected to
tbe federal ivongrcaa in ine second vistrioc.
In Macon county, wulch Is In the fourth Dis
trict, four hundred and iblrtv-three votes were
cast for Mr. .Clement;, a Uutoo man, aod in
Ilnndersaa county two hundred and ninety
three votoe were oast for tbe Hon. Emerson
E iheridge. Tb majority in favor of tb rebel
constitution is about 25,000, and lbs m si or it
lor Harris for Governor about 30,000 toule-
l Joumol. - , '
' -. ' . r- - - - ; -
' . ,. . .. I
CtNTaEviLU, Angust C, 18B1. Sis: H vine
voluntarily become a prisoner of the Soathera
Confederacy, for the purpose of alleviating, as
fares it is In ny power, tbe suffering of tbe
wounded or the U . o. soldiers, prisoners at Con
trevllle. and mainly Induced to do so In cons
quonce of some of the Northern doctors leaving
their post, l jeoi myteir called npon to contra
dict such etatemeuu aa have appeared ia North
era papers, representing the treatment ol onr
wounded In an unfavorable lleht. Notbinr
could exceed tbe kindness and attention, both of
oltltene and Soldiers, that have fallen under my
personal 'observation since tbe eventful 2ls
ultltEivcs me piewure. wawaw tne ear
geoneof tbe First Virginia Eegimeot.Dra. Cat
lea and.'Msury. and Dr.- Alexsnder, of thla vil
lace, that Vir.Ise to wbloh they -are justly en
titled. They bave beau nuremittlog in their
attentions. 7 .-1 .r-., .-j. .. .-i
Wlthauchvespcct, I remain, yours truly, etc ,
(.KlCttAKU uurhs, a member or t'Jih
a ,
.Democratic Convention.
Union Mendf Delaware Ooanry, Ohio, Will conveni
at tb Court House In lJJ.li AW ABE.
. -ro-)'aturdayi September 7iji,
at 10 s'eiask A. to aonlBste a Couoty Ticket, to bs
auppsrtsd st tba aosatni Octusar . tlcctleo. Cods oss,
m all. ids t bs n,so v-fiiusr. . ,.- .
The Huh. B. 8. COX. of Columbos, and ether emi
nent spaafcersara kiil aad esnndsntle expected to be
pretenland sJilrtas tha CeoViaUoa on that ooeaslon.
PeiawaraOonniy.. - - ' '-
ny oraer 01 ine avmooraiia ventral uommiiics 01
Delsware, Ubio, august neawis
,1 1 -
4 a QTjt-TAi.- covrtnri," .;
IU 6 Tierces Wj. r. . , . . ,
.... ICsikPsarledtlartsy.".'. 1 .
,,. .50 tarrsbi Wblts Wheat fleuc. ' ,. ' . -,
: loo ned CExirs)..;.,., 7 . .
I a store Sod for sslsby . ,
, i ,WH H. MSTttAOr, !
euglB Jt .; ' ;,10 Boatk Ulsh Rtrest.
' .!
il J
b awepted for THRBM TEABS ta ths Kagular
Brt1sVUa ftaQIMlNT B. JtSI AbIV,.( p
.'i' ,i,.i-' TItLB OIPIOlBBt . tJ
Col. Tl. V. Oarrtngton, late Adjutast-Qsneral of
Ohlnf trentensut-Oolunel, O. B. BbepherS, bits Major
3d BsgioMSH United Btttes iDraalryl Major Henry B.
Barton, tat 4th Regiment United States Artillery) tfajor
Mdmaad tndrwoo, la 4ih tteglanst United State.
Infantry; Major Frederlok Xowntend, Ills Adjutsnt
OsMral st Mw fork. - t. . . .
A large aaaber of tber emosri are alio from ths oil
Bextmeuts in ths Regular Army, This trlpl Kegtmem,
of S,4jl men, Is to be bronght to ths blghsst posilpls
dlKlpllue for treotr fall ssr-rsc. .
It enjoys all ths bounties snd ptlTllerci graotrd to ths
Volaaieero, -With tb eOiltlonai bsacUIS of th fape
rleused smear and perfect system of tbs rsgalaraerVee,
with Ihsbestef Killed arms, Ac. ' i 1 - j .--a, i
- Now need apply balabt bodied, healthy nn.' -!
' Tb bill bss also paised railing the pty t 15 per
month. Th pay of non-eommlsslen4 effloers bss alie
bean locrsAssd. .i I,; ( - :v ,
, ' 'augll-VielWaT 'j,' . , BtcruUlng Ofllcer. -
OLOAIt CLOl'BS. Also, Other mat of Bprtug
0 Uiak Ololhs, l all dcslraU sBlaWreeBiodlnirs,Ts
Mia and Buttons to match. u BAlM a. Bof. '
spritf He. tt Bostb High aire
tni Om. BAT.A-Iilsl anaoar tns nwe
of .. 4. Witsoa as a osadltlato fr Cwnty Adikr,
tbs decision f thsUnloa tnll.0!w'
akPITOK f ". 'A aaajaw w-w... . - i
UMtnun VOtSrs' hlfy and ht IrMblta eounty,
. l k .Ljiu. :i.. ..ri.i ui kMir naoer
dssire raters One Cani.,Eaq., for tbslr nsxt Btprs-
ststativsrt Ut, Ptsstl ft jasi in aaaa (ss the puse. rf
aniietH '1 -rx fr p rMABf PSJSOO ATS. ,
b. Oris hiMSMi-riaiif antumnct In jronr pa-
psi that tr'PT ol ths vstsrs ol Unncrtliera part of Ibis
county dsslrs to bars Cka. flriswold, of Bbaron town-
ablp.foVrnst Repreaesiauv., ,1 ;;vj
oa. awATisMsrl:. JUrfiSHB mnooaBM tn
..m. .11.11. riiua. of Jaohson Icwuibip, u a rsnai
d.i. for BcDreuntsltve. subject to lis decliloo of tbs
tJnion'pBicrrto nominating convention, andobllgs, j
., i. if..l f - fJOBI Of DEsfOOBATB.- .
,., : 1 .' iiniBa '
oXV..u.illla. 'knnrjutiCl IhS BS01S of
Cot. nuaii U. Olios, ot Blscdoa townsuip, aa
.a.au. ,uinmmwm ' . -'
caadldaU tor BhsrUI, mnVJsct to tbs decision or the
franklin Oounty PsaswatleOonvsntlon. aad ooilgs
anilfl' v'i"''.' BiMWUiiATB
For an Inch of .Time!
:VY sSylDiQaetB.' That inch ( Una can be procur
ed at a mucb cbnpar r.te, .nd auny loot years or
.i..j i..Mu.iHn Dr. UKBBYWB ATUIR, who
Is curing tn awat obillnal snd loos stioillog d Issues
or ths LUNUB, itjsrut. it
Atf BOIlOMa OB. 1111 kTB AUtt Sit,
racts are-atahfewrn Tkingsl
new what tba Pblhulslphla asrrsayoe-enl ;sys In ths
Ooaunouwaalta," WlimlDgloa. uclswaia, vu vi apru
u . v I.U A.M..I. annn-ft with th.
icaa. . - .. t ... . . v, ' r -
BrlUik Army, and wbo styles himself lbs 'KngUsb
Botauto PliystcUn' dh of lata gained aaexisnaivsiwpD'
Utloabsrsby his skill In caring .11 manner of coin
.u.int.. Rom. or his D.tisni. I b.vs conr-rssd with,
and tbey pronouoos his remtdies snd mods of treatment
a. van. .iit..rinr. noma nava imcu rawitu aa .
Basic. Tbe medicine be uses is SltttlKd by himself
from Tirtooa bsrbs possessing nrs euratlo properues.
-'W.il. m hi aaa a ray hs aovatsd Bis U liars mp
smbis to a tBotoagb study of IbastboU prodooed by
atrauatBtdastnal roots aod fctltu au manner 01 aa-
.aaaa. 1 1 aa.n. h. hu fnnnd a lure and SDSdy rSSM-
dy (or all lbs 'Ills that Scab Is heir to His praclloo Is
already cxtenaita ano iao.nr wcrcavui. . ui..
Blaioia ta which leawlts are suhiected, bs bas no squal,
ss a large number hers bars tetttBed that they owa not
only tbeir present gcoa oeaun. oui meir .i.e., .
skill of this tDglUh botanic Pbysialsn."- ,
.Office 3.7 East State Street, Columbus.
aug17-dlm ,-;''"""'' ! "
Tho llest Artificial - Help to the
tlnsnan sscsi ever xatwemiea. 1
IV snsot el tbs -most imprered kinds of Bpectaclea,
All his OlaaMs. whether for near or far-sighted, arc
ground 1n sourer convex form with tbs greatest cam,
a ae -to' suit the Ires ef all cases, carina- Weaksese,
Dirslnesa Sr Inflsmmatlon of tbs styes, and Imparting
strength fr long reading si On cewlng.
Office, 13 Bert Bute street, at Beltter fc Webster 1
Muitc Btor. v.. .. 1.
Z 3 al timprc ; Clolhin g Honsc.
'.BaanracTcnai abb wBsueasxa awauaa "ta , '
"2 No.J308 WaTIaltimore-street,
1 -a. ii. 1 l ,
A Urg Ai6rtoenr,ofrTIe and Tarnish In
c . -wootu wOnsunur on liana
OotWdby -.1 1 a,' V" . r !
Too much sating and drinking, new bablu and modes
oflUs, ofUa produce Irregularities intb bowels snd
general health of tba tystsm. , Hut Baajroasra'S JPiixs
will soon curs, ths stomach will rsgala Us ttrtng (h,"aad
a bsiltby action cf tbs systsm will be restored. No
MsBioxts ars. squal iu usefulnesi to the 9 .
" llltAIfDHETn'S PtLVi,
Etsry man'of.tbs fipfi, ZOTJAVEB had a box of
BRANDttEin 8 PlLlvB,. box of UNIVKBBA1. BALV M,
and an ALLOOCK'B POJtOUB PtABtlB put In (heir
koaDsack fn at szpscH. . . And to thU fact may bs at
tributed the absence of any ot THIS HBQIMKNT from
Ihehospllal.""'' ' " ' ' "v
KTEBT B0UIaet shout have; a box of Brandt. tb'
Pills a box ef Baiv, and apiece ef Perots JHatsr
Thar BDRB ta be useful, often llfs-uvlng. ' I
Bold by Jons B. Coot, Druggist, Columbus, an by
all rssptotjhl dealers Iu msdlclnes.-
A TIVZ 70S ALL 131503. 'I , .
Ths venJers ot wsak, adultsratsd Balaratns'hav had
tbeir tlms 'which Is fast coming to a close, an James
Pyle. tt wow having bis Urn la supplying hundreds ot
thousands of famines with bis PlsUtlo Baltratus lbs
bsatavsr mad. Bewars ot Counterfeits. ; Pepot,- i
Waihltgton Street, New York. -s .1 n.'. -j j.
In all eaise of cosUvcnssi, dywpefxi. Mlltssa aad Uvtf
affections, plies, rhraaatlsm, front and agust, ooeu
daU head acbss. and all reseral derangement of health
then Pills bar tnrarlaktjr "ro- a wtla and speedy
remedy.' A single trial will place the Idle Pill beyond
tb reach 01'comneUtlon fat the ssnmauon Tryp
- Br.Moffaf s lrvd BlHrs will b fbwad quallir sf
Uaai. .
Snrlrm. In aTl easel ef wsrvons deWlity, dyvpoptla, hssd
schejth tcWsTridirH te female Indsncat health,
and evsn Ima o weaxness uim eugw.. qu
... ' . ... a. an. w .w
w.w.t.Div VrVii.vira-, oom, vn.,,.. a
abdbyantrnggls-. -r - ::: ;';,,' waarBMfcWU
Ths following: l tvn extract from
latifaJ writtn"bf th Bev. . 1,Houb, paster ot the
pianiolnt-Btret Baptist Church, Brooklyn, K". T.,
IhsJonmal and Messeiigeri'' Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
Totnmes ta favor of that woild-senowntd medloln, Has
Wiaovew'a Bearams Btaor vox Oatuaaw Tsttbimi
-MWMn-advrtlmnt In voir eolamns of Ills
Wmuw'i Boo-rr Braor. Mow w nvrcr said a word
to rarer f w-patsft dlls bsfotw In oar life, bat we
Ml oPlie4 t say t yoar soadnrs that this ta a boss
.u mm n.vs Taiao IT. .jib aiow t . TO AIA n
laihs. It Is orouably on of th most snccsssfal msdi-
sine of thsday, becaues It tsoo ol tbs beet. And those
of year rars wh hav baMea aan't do betur than -lay
In a supply.''. ctl7:lydt
11 w st ;.' si .a. ' r- -' '" '"
.'."' .WW I ' f ' 1 t " r 1
, h , x ; t-'I I - : ' r. ' ,
' if I - I ,. , I .r-. J
, I. . . 1 ., I I. - ' '
J f
ti A 1 ri a. so fl.
t Bbbf -t wi ww r .
jSoj 29 South High Street, ColumbnB,
.;- 1 MAtW AHfw.fW1
8000 yards Iiavsllng Press floods at By,, valus
lSXornls. . , ...
J500vsras TrsTsllnt Dress Goods at 12X.-v. us .owi.
fcoO ros Boill-b 'Hf l-, v.ln. 5 ssnls.
1000 Imrto frsnoh OttSln at KX, value SO osnU.
Km rds fot Oolorsd Lawns al iu, v.ius w j-nn.
iraSnrds Foulsrd Press BlU.at 3TX, vslus 50 er-uts.
liwiards Super PI.IB Bls.k Bilk at I 00. vslo. 1VS.
BosT Orgindls Bsre, and Kugll.h llera(e, at on.
k.uibrtrvats..r!.. ,1 - nil N si RON,
mine iva.
!9 Boalh Uigb 8 treat V
Elegant. lace Mantillas,
UaA-UVT to son.
No. 29 Bouth High' St.,
HAVI Just cpsucd an Involcs of very large ano
handscm . ' ' ' .
W1D15 French Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces. "
Real Thread, French, Cbantllla & Genevcie
Valtjnclaanei, Point de Gaze, Brasuels
and Thread Laces and Collars,
In new Shapes,
' v - For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
The best snd most faahtonable styles In ths city,
TJ Hal Mm Uklaf
)a fttf booth High Bireet.
Produce, ; 1
-. r.-
u 1
. ! . i Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
" y. Fruits, etc. etc., ' '
"' TO
-No.' 106, .South High Street,
Th old stand recently occupied byWM. WcTJOKAI.D
nli In daily receiptor '
. t.
Which he will sell . .
r f ......
Clteap for Cash or Country Produce.
JET floods delivered to City trade free ot charge ,01
No. 10G, South lligh Street,
.Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Jly ' - ' ' .
Steam Between Ireland and America
Tbs following new and magnificent first-clusptfdli
wheel Steamships compos lb aboia Hoe: '
ADRIATIC, 0,888 tons burthen, Capt, J.Mtcs
' (Formerly of the Col Una Lloe .)
TJI6BRNIA, d,400tonsbortben,Cspt.lf. raowta.
COLUMBIA, ", 4,iO ' , K. LsiTt-M.
ANOLIA, . ' 4,400 " Nichouop.
PAGiriO, ' sooo " - I. Sai-iH.,
. 3,$W " " ', " , J.WaIxxii.
Ons of the above ships will lesvs Kew York or Boston
alternatel arerr TueadaV fortoinbt. for Oalway. car
ing th (orarnmest mans, wucniDg at bi. joldj,
Th Steamer ef tbls Ho bar been eonstrueted with
ths greatest ear, under th supervision of th goriin
ms.t,bavs water-tight compartments, and are onucct
led foroemfort, safety and spaed by any steamers aBoat.
Tbey are commanded by able snd saparlenced offloor.,
and svsry xrtloa will be mad lo promote tha comfort
of passenger. 1
i An;sprtenoed Burgeon attached to each ship. ''
First-class N. Y.or Boston to Oalnay er Liverpool H'0
B-ooDd-clas. . " '' ' Ii
rirewlaaa, - " I " . toflt John's ii
Third-class, ' " ' " to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town In Irelatd, b a Railway, - - - 30
Thlrd-c tats passengers ar libamlly eupplled with pro
visions of the best quality, cooked and served by the ser
vants of th Company .
Parties wishing lo send for their friends from ths old
country an obtain tickets from any town on a railway, in
Inland, or from tba principal dtissof England and Scot
land, at vtry low rate. '..
Paasengsrs for New York, srrlvlng by tba Boston
Steamers, will bs forwarttd to NtWTork free of charge.
For passag or further Information, apply to '
At th once of th Company, on the wharf, foot ot
Canal strut. New York,
BpilUBidum. . ;...
1,000 yards Saor Plain Black Bilks at.tt OO-vilas
1 SB pryxr. i - ' ''r k-w - V
9,500 yarax T rare Us g Press and Mantle. Ooods at
19 1"9 osnlsvalue 80 cents per yard.
3,000 yards White BrUUantes at 19 1B cents
' rslM SO cents per jard. y- '.
8,000 yards Fin and Pomettle Olnghamt greatly n-
dr value. -. . . "?
w "J -Aa-tos-..; , o -
CHAlXIfl, IOuXARD . tllZ3iL.'.'J!L.
II WHS, CAU09ZS, , P0FU99.,
Nerw and ITawhlonable Dresisr Good
la ths most deslrabl styles and at very lovers prices.
or all materials, mad lo tb most vtyltsh msnner after
tb latest Parts Fasblons-tb most elegant atylts lo
Ueit,.Av(..,, c;jr -.rCBAlII it BOwj
may 30 : , - : i Ks. 99 Bouth High street
Canton Mattings.
l.d, , -4 Wit I lo tn4L IteAiAnd
4: WtlU CUertedcf Superior ahelliy. Tor sal by
sain ea miji, ,i-a
Ma.Wtath Olgh

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