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... x.w. jr.-, jr
Tbe Adinna Express Company us
under obligations to it for the very lotesl papers
'irom the eastern oitioa. ,"",,,..' J . -;
Tie American Express Company bat ouf
I hank for its daily favors lo the shape of the
very latest eautern papers. . i . ' (
the Union Democracy of Franklin
- .- -. ..
Notice is hereby given to the Union Demoo
racy oi Franklin county, to meet on Friday,
August 30, 1861, between tbe hours of thret aad.
fix o'clock F. M, In the township, and luf and
tight o'clock P. M., in the Wards, at tbe nanal
.places of holding elections (excepting Norwich
townihip, which wijl be held at' Schofleld'e
.' , School House, and the Fourth Ward at Gaver's
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend the Couu
. ty Convention, to meet at tbe City Hall, iottbe
city of Columbus, ou Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 18C1, at ten o'clock A. M., for the par
pose of pntting in nomination two: Rirprotanta
tivce iu the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner,-one County Commissioner, and one
Infirmary Direotor. . . .-...'
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will bo appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judiuiitl Convention will be fixed here-
after. ' .'. ' ;
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each Wind aud Township, based upon
tbe vote ciot for Supreme Judge in 1860, allow
log one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five votes so east. ,
1st Ward,
24 -3J
4tb "
Montgomery Tu,
Truro "'
Prairio "
Clinton "
Pleasant "
Perry "
Hamilton . ,
Madison '
JrfTerson : " '
Jacka'on ' -
Sharon ' '
Tp 3
" 3
., 3
" , 1
" 4
Wm. Domiqan,
Jacob Rsinhard, ...
Sah'l Po'tli,
Alii. Thommon,
Wm. Cooria,
John M. Pooh, '
J. BffLM, "
K. Picksril,
Janis HoaLOciia,
H. S. High,
County Central Committee.
Fro bate Court.
Items of business transacted in the Probate
Court of Franklin county, during the week end
iug Friday, August 16, 1861: : '
Jacob WillUmaon and Susan Felty; Charles
Longlcy and Ljdift Ann Bebb; John W. Hare
and Mmilla A. Ferrin; Charles C. Weaver and
Sarah J. Rarey; Jacob Berger and Martha A.
Taylor; Edward Huffman and Anna Hock;
William H. Kreizinger andSir&h Lelb; Edwin
H. Walden and Kito H. Stevenson j George
Hitmuion and Margaret Green; David Hntson
ixnd CAtharine Ddle; Caldwell Temple and
Sicab E. Andrick; William Hemslein and
Margaret Bccnm; James Hiscr and Elixabeth
MuKillips; Edward C Blush and Mary Lold;
Leonard F. Kilzclman and Louisa Morrison;
Andrew D. Kraner and Elizabeth J. Wallace.
Sixteen marriage licenses were issued daring
the wetk ending Friday, August 16, aud only
three during the preceding week. Six were is
sued in one day, Thursday, August 15th. -
Willum H. Dunnick, Administrator on .the
ostate oi. John Phillin, lalo a coQvlct in the
Ohio Penitentiary, deceased.
Edmund Datm, Guardian of William H.
DontaTT, to enable the latter to enlist as a vol
unteer in the army; Jacob HorriiAN, ol Ed
ward Hoffman, to enable tbo latter to obtain
a marriage license; J. II. Moonr, of Wester
vllle, of William II. Ksetzinoer, for a like
Evan L. Jones, a minor under sixteen years
of age, who hatfrun away from home and en
listed in Company F, Capt. Culbirtson, Twenty-seventh
Regiment, at Camp Chase," was, on
Friday, August 16, discharged on iabeai corpu$,
issued on the application of ths father, John
L. Jones, of Licking county. , ' . , . 's
The Rebellion Record. This serial, pub
lisbsd by G. P. Putnam, 532 Broadway, Now
York, in weekly numbers and monthly parts,
contains a Diary of actual occurrences; Docu
ments, Narratives, etc., and Union aud rebel
songs, anecdotes and incidents, giving a com
plete history of the Great Rebellion cow in
progress in this country, aud illustrating the
spirit which animates the two parties in tbe
contest. Possessed of this serial, yon will hive
. a mass of information relative to current events
in tbe United States, that can no where else be
obtained in so small a compass or for tbo asm
money, 'a notlcdm the last or July number
,of ibe London Quarterly Review, that ths "Re
bellion Record," which Is republished )n Lon
don t is placed st tbe head at an article on
American affairs, as one of the works on wbleb
the writer relied for Information, v ;
t, Twenty -four weekly number or six monthly
parts will make a voume," illustrated with
twelve plates. The price of the weekly num
bers is 10 cents each, and of two extra jhom
bers of six plates each, 30 cents each; the price
of the monthly parte with the plate's, is 5Q cents
each, making tbe volumo. with the twelfenlates
ooat$3.. . ..:; .:,.,."
Seveentcen weekly nnmberis of Ihe.Record"
have been already Issued, and an extra nam
ber, containing six plates,, namely, 'a map of
the United States, and pdrtralts of Generals'
Scott, Fremont, Anderson, Butler and Jirr
Davis. , , v, (.
0"We are requested toVtato that the breach
,1 !'
ee in tbe Ohio Canal above and below Massilion
occasioned by the flood on the night of the 13th
t i-4 tn t. L- j- ' ' . ' V'; .."'1 '
"""i e eo tar repairaa as tto let wn wa
ter into tbe levels on Monday, so that Isaviga-
tlon may be resumed on Tuesday next. " Some
of the breaks were of a very serious character,
but by tbe energy of Col. Moxoaw and his assis
tants, they have been rapidly repaired.
- I O ,
BT"F. D. G., in Field tout, thM reek, has
the following: ; r ,.,l J ,i
"Iu time of peaoe prepare, for war'," is the
Injunction of the statesman. In tIme"bTwar
prepare for peace, should be the advice of every
Wiseman and woman., :;. ,;, 'K'f;
t 07 The Morgan county Valley Guard, late
of the 17th Regiment, "passed tbrpugTftne" elfy
yesterday morning, on their, way homplh'oy
were mastered out of service and paid off at
; 'tt.u -ii HitJ.iarvl
'uishtimcc CoKTAicr. Contracts for sup
plying rations to tin troops at different camps
In this Stats save been awarded by Commiata
ry-General Dblano as follows: ,
Lct-ellon oi
SctMenoe of I
Price Dtr
100 rations.
0- A. rilokeugei
Defiance. .
Our laud
S13 60
13 70
. sonnaen....,
tnger Jr. Fox..
H.mW. Bread.
13 60
St eager at rax..
do ..
do ,
14 80
Samuel B. Ordtc
at. Johnson....
14 it)
' 14 88
i i M 0
Ohilllcoth .
Butler St Brothir
Oolumbus .
Bteanr rex .
Morrow ....
. X. Oidta.....
14 00
Find ley ....
U -
do i .
l :
Bj. Wa Invite tbe attention of ths afflldted
to tbe advertisement of Dr. Mebrtwiathib
headed with "Millions of Money for an Inch of
Time!"' . .'; w ' " . : V
The Doctor's office is at 37 East State street,
where persons laboring under chronio complaints
dito call end test his curative powers. '
ET Thomas C. Bowles, of tbis city, has
been appointed Regimental Quarter-master of
the Filteenth Regiment. .
, STFsssiog slohf Fourth street last evening,
wt found the east side of that street Hoed with
market wagons almost the whole distance be'
tween Friend and Broad streets. Wa inferred,
therefore, that there would be an abundant mar
ket this morning. "Go early," as the locals
say when they puff a leoture or a show.
i 07 About four hundred sewing women are
employed by the Quarter-master at Clnolnnati
la the manufacture of tents.
Camf Bbowm.A new Camp nnder this name
was opened at Cleveland on Thursday est, on
der the charge of Major Ancilb, of tha Ohio
German, Reglmert. One company organized
in Cleveland has gone into tha Camp.
CT Tbe Marietta Intelligencer states that the
Thirty-sixth Regiment, at Camp Putnam, is fill
ing np rapidly. Oa Thursday last, there were
seven full companies in camp. ,
' CT On Tuesday evening, tha 13th Inst, the
dwelling-bouse of Dr. S. H. Porter, of Clear
port, Fairfield . County, was coosnmed by fire,
with all its contents, ' save one bed. The fire
was doubtless the work of an incendiary.
HT A company of 86 men from Washington
Guernsey connty, arrived at Camp Chase yes
terday. . . ; ,
Kennedy's Medical Discovery. We cheer
fully devote to Mr., Kennedy and his popular
medicine a portion of pur oolumne to day, for
we are well aware that tha "Discovery", is do-
tog" moid (Iq one week In the ttuiDg of bnmors
of every description, than any remedy that has
ever been got pp baa pone in its tcnoit career'
We are prepared to speak of this article In the
moat confident wanner, for we have taken an
usual p&ine to find .out whether it was all that
It professed to be. YWe have visited the Labor
atory of Mr. Kennedy at Rozbdry, and there
perused the certificates of those who hare been
cured, many of them known to us as persons of
veracity and truth. In addition to thle we
have bad casee of onre occur anions; our own
relatives and friends, and without solicitation
have had persons relate to na what the " Dis
covery" did for them; these are our reaaons for
tbe high estimation in which we bold tbla rem
Immortal J. N." This fearless orator, philos
opher and satirist, left this city lsst evening for
Newark, where he lectnrea this evening, and at
Zjnesvilie on tbe SOth. He wilt' return to tbis
city on the 3d of September. Prepare to bear
this fearless. Intellectual ."Conqueror" of tbe
world. He would sooner die than "renounce"
any philosophical view he entertains.
Los oKHiiRv-Much of this deprivation is
i- Si' . t ;
caused by sheer neglect after iHnese, or some
other temporary drain upon tbe follicles at the
root of the nair. JJr.' Ueinoabam, of London,
baa identmed bis great name with a "Simula
ting Onpunt," invented by kirn expressly to
meet sue a emereenoiee. Messrs. H. L. Hege-
man & Co., of New York, now have tbe enure
sgency for the American continent. ' This is
quite a sufficient indorsement of the universal
reputation or tbe article, see their advertise
ment. -
OBlVEDat the Office of the Bacntary ot State,
Monday,' the Sd day of September next, at
i -'' HOOOj.iT . j-. u-. , ; ,,
for furnhhW paper Tor tha ns or the Bute ot Dhto, as
follows: . . . " V . '
8,000 Baanu Double Super ftoal Printing Paper,S7X
tr l taeuM, to weign sot lass tnaa as pounds lo u
ream. ...... , .
100 Kaaaia IHmWe Flat Cap, 18 bj 87 ioqhta, to wslgh
al leaat to poosai lo us nun .
100 iUama Broabura Oovtr Paper, assorted colors, 20
b S7 Inches, to weign at least ft) pounds to the ream.
Tha quantities above naiatd to be Inereaatd et the op.
Uon of the BeerataiT of State, i :
Bide -nasi be eooonpeaied hj aaaptee of the paper,
and Boat epeoHy toe prleoetwatcneaofe klod and ajaali.
ly will ba dallrered at tha fltata Honae in Oolnmaua.
No aajaplcs of an Infeiior arUola ntad ba preaantedi the
paper wait bo of the beel eea'tivkv i :
The delivery cf the Super Hajl and Cover Paper to
eommance on the' flrat of Neramber next enanlng, and
oontinna aa toe paparanait oa naauea. r .
Tne dellrarj of the Poable Plat Cap to commence on
tha first dar of Deoembernext, and oootlnae aa above.
Bonda, with approved oeowity lo Souble the) anoant of
tha contract, will be required (according to lav), condi
tioned for tha falthfel performance of each contract.
Toe belt to be made and the eontracte awarded ta ac
cordance with the terms of tbe "act to provide for the
S archaic of Stationery, fuel, and other articles for the
enerat Alterably ami lute Offlccie," passed March 11,
1653. Bee Curw. 2198; Swan's Stat. (Kid. -
Bids to be Indorsed on tha envelope!, "Propotalt for
farnlthlng paper for the State."
' Bidden are atsared that no paper will be received
an leas It conforms In every reaped with tbe aamplee.
IAH provltionviil tlrietiy adXer4d to. -r
i.-., v.j . , .A. P,K0881t.L,
Baoretary of Bite.
Oolumbnt, Ohio, Augait i, 11 01-dtd :.. '-vj
0lVDtjhe Offloa of the Secretary of State,
Monday, the 21 day 'bf September next, t IS
vr- QJOIOCJC. M.i" ', '
for farnlthlng tbe Elate et Onto with loal. as follows; ,
80)t00 BuhelS 'of Coke, to weiga net lees thaw 40
povndt to tbe Snahet. ' ""i"-..- y a. i
10,000 Bushels Ooal, te be et the best vnaHty-eqaal
at leaat to the lover vein, of Booking Coal, end free
iron aiatev aiicK Bvm.
"the fuel to be delivered, wlthdht 'charge for nch de
livery, at 0 State House In Celambb , c 'y
ProDoaala to be aoaompanM y aanptee. and to anect
fy tbe kind, qnaUty and pries t the lael pro pond to be
furnlibed. . .
Xaoh aontraotor win be required to gtre bondt.Wiik
approved taenrlty, In double the aaonnt of theeon
traot, oondltloned fof the faithful performance of hie
tontraot. .-,,-.-',' i i ' '
The bids to be made and the eeatraets to be awarded In
aeoordaace with the atrsas of the act entitled "Aa aol to
nravlda for lb a narahaaa ox atlonarv. real, and other
articiae lor toe uenerai jtuemoiy ana oimw omocm,--
paaaed Janih 11, loI. Bee Swans jtev,- Stat, eve;
Onrw. Biee. . . '
Bids te be IndoneA on the envelope, ''Propostli for
fturnlahlog fuel for the State." ' "
. Ine 1 furnlthed by the contractor nest In all casee
be ceual la quality la the sample. TMi rvi vnil t
u r " SUf eeeretarotBiate.
' Colninbns, Ohio; ngnrt 9, 18o1-td. .
CPtiirfo ciloaks Ann basqinesi
O - K W Si JLiSUaU et AcJKOB, No. SB South
mgn ttraet, nave jaai opened new styles of Currn Cuv
oPLAka. BieqoiKaa aud Jicqura, ande ta the aeweet an
asoM tyllh maoner.N Alao. aiuwarb Saaiiai
H latch, kllkwt very heavy, deatgi expnulr for
iiierejeaawtnitwe, aprtie
From Missouri.
Bt. Lotus, Ang. 15. Tbs fleet of ten steam
era which has been laid up fifteen miles below
here for some time oast, was brought here to
dav. bv order of Gen. Fremont, to prevent the
possibility ol their being taken by the secession
ists. -1 " " . ''
Gen. Pone has about completed the appoint
ment ot toe committee oi oaiety in ine conn
ties of bis Department, according to special or
der already telegraphed. ; ' - .
Bince the adopUoa of this plan for tbe preser
vation of orooertr. acts of violence have mate
rially diminished, and it is believed In a short
time will entirely cease. 1. " ,
- It le stated that some 7000 rebel troops are
approaching Ironton from the South. The feder
al troops In the region are posted at Pilot Knob,
ironton and Arcadia, three small villages which
lie two miles apart ia e narrow i valley, the en
trance to which can easily be defended by ar
tillery, and a flank movement is Dot apprehend
ed in consequence of the Impassible condition
oi tbe roads around tbe valley. w
VoU Stair arrived here to dev. ,
The . Provost Marshal, has issued Stringent
orders against wearing congealed weapons by
cuiEens, ana has interdicted tbe sale or giving
away of any descriptions of &i9 arms by gun
smiths or other dealers, except by special per
Sr. LodiS. Aua. 16. A meeiadneer from Gen.
Slgel, who arrived early this morning, reports
wen. oigei niteen miles mis side ot Lebanon,
expecting to reaoh . Bolla to-day, He bad not
been molested en the route. v ,
Gen. Lvon was buried on Col, Phelo's farm.
near Springfield.'
It was reported that tbe rebels had entered
opringneia, ana were encamped in and around
the town. i 'i i . i i,"
The messenger also states the whole number
of killed, wounded snd missing on the Federal
side aoes not sxceed a.uuu, and that McCullocb
and a number of rebel officers were killed
From New York.
NEW. YOKE. Au. 15. It la aatd that JnAam
Garrison made formal application to General
Duryea, td ascertain what force oonld ' ba oh.
talced In Kings county to execute a writ of ba
beas corpus in tbe cise of the Biltlmore Police
CommissioDers. Duryea replied about 1.400
men. But the connty was in . toaseasion of no
artillery sufficiently powerful to make any Im
pression on tbe walls of Fort Lafayette. It
Would require between 5,00(1 and 10,000 men to
take tbem, So the matter rests for the nremt.
Judge Garrison has sued a writ of habeas cor
pus on application of Jack, in bebalf of abont
150 U. 8. Troops at Fort Hamilton, surrender
ed by Gen. Twiggs, snd were released on par.
ole. Their counsel has written to tbe Secreta
ry of War, requesting that the Government
allow the execution of the writ, as it will save
tbe necessity of indirectlr redi)inliinir th,'oirl.
lty of tbe obligation which was imposed oa tbe
men by the rebels.-
tieo. N. Sanders. IateJfavv A pent here, la a
defaulter to tbe amount of $21,000. A process
s Issued against bis sureties. R. J. Walker and
Benj. Scudder. r .
Washington specials sav it is understood
that Secretary Seward lntende informing Laid
Lyons Immediately that British subisots are
engaged in furnishing aid to the rebels, In
direct violation of the Queen's proclamation.
: The Crmmercial has Information that Gtn.
Pillow broke up camp at New Madrid, Friday,
precipitately, and moved baok to Randolph.
Seven steamers were seised at Memphis on
Thursday, and went to New Madrid, bringing
Pillow's command back; arriving Friday noon.
During the Intermediate time the passengers
were aetamea as juemprus ana suffered severe
ly. Toe movement is snpnosed to be on ac
count of the active preparations of Fremont at
Cairo. - ' '
Muir, the bearer of rebel dbpatches is im
prisoned in Fort Lafayette. . ...
A anecial Waahino-tnn dianatnh 'In Ihm Trl.
bum eaya 62 recusants of the 79th will be sent
to the Tortugas to work out their three years
in me lortinoatioos.
Ex Minister Fsulkoer has requested an in
terview with Secretaxj'.Camcrout . . .
Southern Report of a Battle.
Maurais, Aa'sf. 15. A telegram from Hick'
man says there has been a battle at Charleston,
Mou.betir.eea Jeff.'Thompson's and Fremont's
forces, and the latter were driven back with se
vere loss. Two gunboats are now chasing tbe
sieamer equality, captured to-aay oy uspt. Jas
Erwin, froni Cairo. ' 1 ' J - ' - '
rosTSEss Monroe, Aug. 15. The report
that tbe rebels beyond Fox Hill have connected
a wire .with tbe telegraph from Old Point to
Newport news, and thus obtained our dls
patches, is found to be entirely without foun
dationr ;
New Yobk. August 16. J. A. King. a Cath
olio Priest, was last evening taken into custody
ana taken into the detective police oiuce by a
number of excited Germans, who alleged that
he was a secessionist, Thev obarged that he
partook of lager beer with a number of volun
teers, and then tried to Induce them to desert
their companies. , He abased the government
outrageously,' contending that the Southern
ionieaeracy ought to be recognized, and finally
became so bold . in bis assertions as to enrsge
tbe Germans, and they at once arrested him.
More Rebel Destructiveness in Missouri.
Caiao, Aug. 15. Since the withdrawal of tha
18th Regiment from the vicinity of Charleston,
tbe rebels bave torn up the traek and destroyed
tbe oulverta on the Cairo and Fnlton Railroad.
Nothing hae been beard irom Pillow 'a com
mand.' ' "' " ' : . : '
BTbe government steamers, N.. W. Graham
and Empress' arrived to-day with supplies.
More Rebel Destructiveness in Missouri. Arrest of a Rebel Agent with 40,000
Pounds Sterling Rank of
New York! Aug, 16. The first of the new
gun boats wilt be launched to-morrow, another
next Week, and four others in fifteen days. -
inomas a. berili, a violent secessionist, was
arrested on tbe arrival of the Persia, with 40,
000 In Bank of England notes, tbe proceeds of
a loan lor the Coniedsrate states. Berill is a
native of Hew Orleans, abont 50 years old, sod
very wealthy. A number of letters and import
ant, papers, were also found upon him. "
Gen. Wool Under Way.
BuryiLO, Aug, 15. General Wool left Troy
to-day, i( is said, to take command at Fortress
Monroe.'- ... t.i
- - r,i
Gen. Wool Under Way. Court Martial of Col. Miles.
Alexandria' Aug: 15 Tbe court martial
of -Col. Miles, charged with Unofflcer like eon
duct, on the day of tbe battle at. Bull Sun, Is
progressing- Uis counsel Is Keverdy Johnson,
It If again'' reported the rebels are engaged
In errcting batteries at White House Point
aad Quantiooe, ten miles this side f, Acquis
threes. i
Confederates Prohibiting Transportation
over the Nashville Railroad.
LooiiviLLE, August 15. A passenger from
Nashville reports that tbe military authorities
of Tennessee are about to prohibit the entrance
of any kind of goods' into the State over the
Louisville & Nashville Railroad, and tbis is
seemingly confirmed by Memphis advices -te
their agsnts, to purchase , no more goods in
LouisVille at present. I 'Ia ., , ..,',, .V
For two or three nights past, wagons, sup
posed to contain munitions of war, inoludlng
powder, have gone from here1 ia the direction of
Teiuueaeei. For. 4wo nights the Surveyor's
posse were overpowered Last night tbe force
was Increased, but the wagons Were attended
witn oavalrr. and got awav. . .. . ,
Measures are being taken to prevent similar
occurrences in future.
Turpentine and Cotton.
Bostom Anrnst 18. The British' sieamer
Eaatera State.- from Yarmouth. N. S.. whish
arrived this morning, brought four bhds snd 3
ddis spirits or turpentine ana xi Deiee or nortn
Carolina cotton, which ia oresnmed to bave es
oaped the blockade,, and was taken to Yar
mouth. ' ii is said tbe owners of the turpentine
win ciear $u,vuu prout.
; Bti'acpW Ad just 16. Mndlock; on the Os
wego Canal, la repaired, and navigation re
turned lsst night. Navigation on the Erie ta
From Washington.
[Tribune's Special.]
Wasbinotoh Aug. 15. Gen. Rosencrsns is
authorised to accept regiments from. Western
Virginia, which he does aa fast ss they are
readv for service. ' :
Gen. Sumner wae ordered to day to rates with
out delav a oolumn of 6,000 or 10,000 Califor
nians, ana marca into 1 exaa ana Arxausas.
Tbe dispatch went by telegraph to Ft. Kearney
thenca bv the Ponv EzoresS.
Another order will soon be sent to California
for a reeiment of cavalrv.
An order bas gone to curppe ror - iou,uuu
more arms.
It is rumored tbst a rebel force is moving
from Morefleld to Great Savage Mountain
Pats, to re-enforce Gen Wise. Tbe troops
which bold the Pass are ready for tbem.
The Tribune says the Southern pirstts are
plavinK a desperate and bloody 'game. - , Our
North Carolina correspondent tbis morning
gives tbe statement of a British sailor, named
Boas, who had been Impressed to serve as gun
ner on board the Speed, by which It appears
that on the 31st of July, near Nag's Head, the
pirate attacked snd took possession ot a untisn
vessel, which they burned alter destroying the
entire crew. ' Ross having refused to fight
against his countrymen, was shot at and wound
ed by the Captain of tbe Speed, and afterwards
confined in irons. He escaped by tbe aid 1 of a
fellow sailor, who nad also been impressed.
Ross ia endeavoring to make his way North,
ana wiebee to Uy tbe subject Dclure tna proper
nruisn oinciais. . , ,( : t.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Mel. Gen. Butler has been authorised to
raise a division of 5 000 men in Massachusetts,
and is to bs granted leave of absence to super
intend In person the organization of tbe di
vision. Gen. Butter will have lull power to
thoroughly appoint the new division, providing
it does not cost more in Massachusetts than it
would cost here.
It is reported bv ptseengers arrived to-night
from the west dv way ot Harper s rerry, mat
Gen. Rosocrans, with a small command, in a
precarious position in a mountain gap, in the
neighborhood of Big Spring, ond that a rebel
iorce bad cut bimolf from wa'er.. . i'...
Evidences of au advance ot the enimy to'
ward our Hues are daily multiplying ' Tenter
day a resideut from Virginia, living user Clear
mont, five miles fiom Alexandria, reports the
rebels at Bush Hill and Clearmont. J-: "" '
Tbe efforts ol the rebelt.tp Katber Maryland
into tbe secession told have nut been abandoned,
It was noticed some weeks ago that a consid
erable rebel force had been' concentrated In tbe
npper part of Aocomao county, ou the Eastern
Shore of Virginia- It appears that .there are
about 1,5UU or X.uuu armed rebels tbcre.
Gen. Telgeman, who was deposed from bis
militia rank last spring by Gov Hicks, and sub-
cquently restored by. tbe Bute Legislature, is
organizing the aisumonists ta tne lower coun
ties of Maryland.
He is sbout to proceed to Accomae to take
command of the Virginia forces tbere, and
march tbem into the middle of the eastern shore
of Virainia, as the nucleus for a formation of a
rebel armv there, which shalf. if it can dd rlothi
log else, control the eleotiont iu full, td.aa to
secure a disunion majority in tbe Legislature,
and enable the secessionists to pass a secession
ordinance; or, perhaps, to force an ofliuanco oi
secession that may bo passed .by the present
Legislature at Its adjourned eweeion. - i , .
[World's Special.]
The Btates of Kentucky and Tennessee have
been constituted a separate military command,
to be called the uepartment oi uun.bcri3.nd. , .
Brigadier-General Raft Aniiersou, command'
Ing six vessels of war, lav off Aquia Creek
yesterday, among them the Yankee which had
a collision witn tbe rebel steamer Leo rage.
Washington, Aug. 15. Tbe most reliable
information concerning the rebels is that they
are slowly moving their forces to the line of tbe
Potomac in force, and that they are certain oi
their programme to enter Maryland aud eucour
age and rnpport the revolutionary spirit in that
state, with ultimate designs on wanning ton.
An order was issuod from tbe Adjutant Gen
eral's office to day,' appointing tbe officers of
tbe regular army in tbe principal cities dis
bursing officers of the funds appropriated by
Congteasfor collecting, drilling, and organizing
the volunteers, under the act authorizing the
President to accept tbe services of 500,000 men,
etc. They are charged with tbe payment ot all
proper olaima presented to tbem under trim act,
and duly authenticated and certified by the ya
rious recruiting officers. Tbe premium lor ac
cepted recruits, aa laid down In paragraph 1315
in uenerai Keguiaiionsrwiii, nowever, not no
allowed In the volunteer service.
The Treaanrv DeDtrtment Is about to re) 1m
bnrse the States of New York and Pennsylvania
for tbeir advancement in funds, mads iu aid oi
tbe primary preparations for tbe war. ' : '' '
[Special to the Post.]
It Is resorted that evidence bas been discov
ered, showing that when Jeff. Davis resigned his
seal in the U. S. Senate, he made out a list
of the men who were to be made officers in tbe
rebel army.
Mr- Maynard, of Tennessee, arrived here- yes
terday, He was not molested oa his way . '
The Evening Star publishes a disustoli deny
ing that Ben. MoCulloob was killed In the
battle. :
Peases are now required on all toads leading
to Washington. -i. v
Thirty thousand letters for our troops are re
ceived here daily. J V -'
[Special to the Post.]
Washington, Ask- 16. Our foreign rela
tions attract the attention of the Government
at present; the Administration, at ll banrds,
will maintain ita right to close the rebel porta.
Tbe question la how nnder discussion between
our uovernraent ana those oi bagiana ana
France, and it la believed our rights will be ful
ly conceded.
Tbe National Intelligencer baa a theory that
ex-MInlater Faulkner ie no (imprisoned because
he Intended to Join tbe rebel army, but that be
la held as hostage for Congressman Ely, and
Messrs. Magraw- and iloru, non-combatauts,
nqw in the bands of tbe enemy. " . -n
A party of six men left the steamer Resolute
and landed at' Mathlaa Coint . yesterday, for the
purpose of reconnoiteringi they were fired on
by a party 'of rebels, - conoealed -in . tbe
bush, and four of them killed. ' Tbo bodies of
tbe dead seamen arrived at tbe Navy, Yard to
day. ':- ' ' li '"-!': ,-.
Meeting of the N. Y. Breckinridge
State Central Committee.
Alsanv, Aus,. 15. The Breoklnridee State
Central Committee met at the Delavan House,
in this city yesterday; twelve members out of
seventeen were present. -- ' u i . . .
Air. John A. urecn, Uhairmsn, ceiled the
Committee to order. After an interchange of
views tbe following resolutions were adopted
unanimously i . . .r . i ; i ' l ' (
Rtiolted, That this btate Convention, rep
resenting that portion of the Democratic
party of tbe State of New York which sus
tained the Maryland substitute platlurm at
the last election, witness with deep' concern
and apprehension, the long predioted result ol
the Northern sectional aggressions upon the
righte of the Southern States; that aa werbere
uniformly opposed In tbe past the policy wbiob
we foresaw must produce' disunion s we are
equally prompt to raise out voices against civil
wax: that the worst aud most ineffectual argu
ment that can be addressed , la thai seceding
States leweri tbat we aeny mat tne present
struggle is in any sense a war for the jUuieu,
and lusisttbat those who have precipitated Ahe
States into hostilities, neither care nor desire to
restore the Union thereby. ,
RcHlvtd, That wa advocate the proposition
of an armistice between tbe now contending
srmies, North snd South, and the immediate
convocation of a" convention of delegates from
all tbe States which acknowledged themselves
members of ths Union in November, I860, to
tbe end that all differences may be peacelully
adjusted,' our land saved from bloodshed, and
mitirarl in neaoa. fionoard and union.' ' A '
Rtttlatd, That tbia State Committee has
learned with muoh satisfaction of the refusal of
the State Committee, of which Dean Richmond
la Chairman, to: accept the 'overturee' of the
Reoubllcana for coalition with them noon
single Bute ticket at tbe approaching eledtion;
tbat for this declared determination to. continue
to labor for the - overthrow of . the Re
publican party and policy, wa respectfully
tender to them the right hand of fellow
ship! that, , sacrificing all minor, considera
tions, end buning-past dissensions in a deirS
to' see a consolidated front opposed to'lho He
publican party, thle State Committee wtll not
call a aeparate state convention at una lime,
and that we recommend those Democrats who
haver recognised this organisation td unite In
the election of delegatee to the .State Conven
tion called to meet at Syracuse oo the 4th day
of September,' believing thaf ConvenUoav-wUl
distinctly declare lelf for meaaurea of peace
anl reconciliation. s Liu
Aresolutlosv wse naniatouslr 'adoitted, ex
pelling Matthew JuoMshon rom the Commit
teq, il laving kcoepted afflctf under the Federal
Government, and declared himself a supporter
or its policy, ir ,jh v vr"S V
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, August 16, 1861.
The futlovlni are the retail onoutlona eorraeud be
LWnt. Tjr.aeeUeattx, wholesale anal retail groter. no.
iuo Boats iiiKt tireei. i ' , i . ,
I i
Wheat. ,..65$?5c: tf.Bugar
I i
oate W ba....... ...... .sue I Maple oo
Oorae oaA ' SOc
Batter J03Xci
lloUaaee r.saU. . tOeUOa
eyran w sal oia
Tea I)..i.e0o..e0e.ol 00
fallow ........
BSIIMYedde lee...
at oo
Dried Applet ba.. SlOoi
Dried Peaohei... 3 73(93 00
aioOotree oa..... l&sise
Java do., SOiiSe
White eeeno Sekf 1 0U 1 2S
aioe e a, 8c
Fotetoei, new e tm.sofssuc1
Broons e doe. .11 OOAITS
Bait in tm:k...
15g4elUa O ion $H W
eait t not rr...-f i.ou
Beef tew&7....llilOl
,Sl,ouooap(Dox) 9 o&na
Flour W bbK. .. . 4 xe oe
White Wheat do. .....Si OS
Haeas J.,.lHt
BOouldert 'l
Hre ricmr bbl..
Salt vort fcvu.1 aVMle
Oandies.TalloW.bx. . ,12Xo
Wood 0 oord.... ai Hoi
Mackerel No.lhfbbl $4:
Mackerel No lqr 11 aj
Oaiidlea, Opal. box. . lbo
Oheeee e ft oVSlSX
Hominy per bath- SI 00
Whlaky per. all. ij&l 00
ttaliins, M R. Box.... U 60
Mackerel Not kits-, t SO
White Flth perh'tbht S3 50!
White riah per ar bbl t'i W
.. " t Myers xa
Ood Vith o sxq
Uerrlnr hbl ...... 5 OO
" Bultan O l(o
Fire 9 S,-.......12K(15
uorntieal e 6n....3SiftiWe
Prunes e 6lt2XO
HKt f dot
Dried Beef
So Wool Twine,. ..18o o lb.
Frici-alea at 3V0i4 00 lor new red. and tiij
O'l iv ior wnite; market nniettiea.
vtHkAT doll at i So.
Coxk ealee at i8e " .,
0it talrtduliat l5Wo
Kvc-ram ai Sulci at 4.VS50C. . , , "
llii-talftat So(3fi. . , V 't.
PoTATona wlM at 30i?n5c.
Beahi tales at b7eai$lS5
Cut nilea at $L 10 per bbl. x v
Wuiti Vita rule at SU Wtf 7 00 per bM.
Begars, Teat and Ooflee aivauelnf atill
New York Cattle Market
Oirinx to the eold itorm the cattle ' to-day wore a
pinched np appearance, and owners generally declare
that the ettlmatea of weight by burera Is mnoh bale
what the actual weight lll be. In the followlnx ao-
couot of talet of avet of the prloolpal owrjert, the et
tlmatea of weight put upon the bullocks, by tha biokera,
la what they have told at:
Ibe beat drove here this week,' among 'many good
onea, It tuppoted to be 40 head of mature, vlx; Durhamt,
S and 0 yean old, fed by Jac. Haehet, end etUmated te
average 10 ct net, and not tell at ever cVs O fc . this
lotwat bought at Albiay, of Jat. Ware, by P. Q. Drli-
ooll. Twenty were told to Weeks at leu than So on II
et. aay 10X ewt; end It. vtry fine aualitr. at 9a on
tay 9i ewt, te Isaac Valentine, ana 9 to - Pete Lowry on
tne taiLO terot.
Henry WetUielmer alio told a very fine lot of 43 Dur
ham tteere, fed by one of the beil leeders in Ohio, Jaek
Knoch,, ot Logan county, which will hardly averar Bo.
bat will make him a aandtoue eemmbwion atfKo on
8K ewt, aa It ia nuderttood that he bought them at
too ii each, of - Hanoi & vo., who will doabtleae
Receiptt this week, 3,028. -- . -
Tna auotattons riven by the Superintendent of tha
Market are for s.. . .? s V-.
! Corn led Uort, O ft, lire weight. 434c.
i Dtttlllery Hogs, fc, rrota......j.'...3Xo.
There are not over 300 head on hand, with prospective
light arrival,, but the market as dull. t.
ueo. W. Dormant, gives be following aa the price of
uoga ibis wee..-.. .,, ,l-,.-t . ,
1 -. ' iare.'. Dtad welrht
Pint quality, corn feu, large size. .4X SX35)(
occona quality com-iea .xaift ., 3Jiwo ,
Vint quality small tlae fat St prime.
for market batchen...... 435 S
urge sue, etui-rea, rat. ,. 3t(a - - 4
Second quality ttlll-fed, fat. ...... .3X ,---i
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 15.
A8nG-nd : rales of SO hblr at S SS for pots
and 85 37K for pearls,
COTTON CoDltnuet qnlet, with "li
18 for mlddllni Colandi.
all sahuat 18(S
yLODK-Market 10!Oe better, and tomewhat oaet-
tled. The demand ror export ia aethre, and there it alto
a fair inquiry for homeconiumptlon. Private eeeeouto
from Vranee are said to bo favorable; rale tl ,000 bbia at
4.45314 5S for luperflrje itate; (4 bS4 74 for extra
tuter choice 4 ov; S4 4o94 SO for euperune western!
4 60S4 90 for common to median extra weaiern;
i Oioti SO for thippinr brands extra roand hoop Ohio:
and Si SUttS SO for wade brands do; market doting very
firm, with aa upward tendency.: Canadian Plour actio
tlightry advanced, with mare knaineta doing; talea of
44j jbblt at 4 45$4 SO for tupernne, and t4 6S7 50
for common to c bo loo extra. Bye Soar steady at t 30
4 8S. . .
UORN UBALi-eteady; sties ISO bole at J 20. tor
Brandywine, and tt 75 for Jeney. " : - '-
w uidKX rirms sales 7iiu btiia at iexa?ivo.
WBE AT Tbere ia a brltk demand, and private ao
eonnti from franco are reoorted aulte favorable. Tbe
market ia So better, and somewhat unaettled;' sales of
0,000 baa anioana Uhlc&io spring at Mo; 17,1)00 do In
ferior doat 70; olub OUAMo; b0,000 da good to prime do
at a l uooau l3)i;7,3Udoureen Bay tpnng at SI U;
13 000 So winter red wettera at 91 871 38; Sfl,900 do
Amlierlowaattl 14(S)1 15; v.500 do red atateat fl IB;
S.SOOdo white Obio at tl 33) 3500 do white Vkhlnan
at 1 1 VS&l 34; and 1.800 do white Kentucky at tl 359
137. - - , , , ..... , ,,c
KVI Oniet and unchanged. ' , ,. .".
BAKLE1 Dull and nominal. .
OOBN Opened firm, and cioiad liSo better, with tn
active export demand; talea of liKOW) buah at ii&HH'
tor antouad mixed nettemi 45al47o for fair to good do;
4t)34Vo lor ahipoioe- do; 4iii0 for very oholce do. clue-
log firm at the latter figures; and 49ile for, weetexn
yello. ,
0 AT:) Steady, at 2G(328e (or Canada; and X!233a for
state and western.
fOKii Contlbuee dull end heavy; tales S00 bhls.at
15 far mete, and SIO lii (or prime.,
BEEF Very quiet, and tha market tt flrmt sales 100
bbli at S 50 foroountry prime; $55 50 forooantry
meac atr&ll i lot repacked meat; end 13 5013 Uk
for extra meat. Prime mew beet Inactive. Beef hamt
quiet and unchanged ; aalee of xS able tt $ 14 50 for
wettera. Btate uauit ana nominal ai S' auosix 73.
OCT MKATS Very dull; shoulden. (X5e: hams.
hauo viuiet ana inactire. . .
LARO Verr oulet, aa4 ettcea without fhtnee: tshtt
of 100 tiercel at t,o. .
BUIIBB Uachanred: 7aiKe for OUa! saita for
C H E E 3K In goael rtqueet for expert at SS'Vo.
COPrsiK Oantlnaet hrm. bat nutlneto Itadtaa: salea
of 500 bags Bio at 14K15c; and abont 10S matt Java
at lbc.
, BIOS In good demand at fall piicee; sales of 500
tierces of Bait India on private lermi.
BUOAE Kaw continue firm, with a very rood bail-
nett deinr to the trade; sales 844 bhda Cuba at 4Jt
0X0; and SO boxes Havana at 7c. v ? ,.
aiOL ASBEB Balee or o hhai roito Bico at 302B3U;
and 34 hh-li Cuba on private terma. .
BiuuftD uoderateiy active, but rather lower; Ohica-
go and Hock Itland, 3VH; Ohleago, Burlington and
Qulncy,58X; lllinoie OeMral acriu,04; ranama, 107;
mlcblgao Southern, guaranWed, W, do Central, 41;
llarlem. prtierred, ItSX; Brie, preferred. 48t raetne
Mall, 77W; IUlnoiaCeniral Bonda. eotf; Mlatourl Slxea,
41(; Vlnrinla Sixes, 40X: treaeary Twelve per Ceote,
I01; Treaiuiy SUea, SOU; United SUtes bilet. '81.
Beglttered,, ,t)7V do 4o coupous, Be. ,
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati Market. CINCINNATI, August 16.
Our Grocers bad soma trade to-dai.sttt they are not
actively engared. Molaues takee a . real after Ibe ad-
vinee made en atondey, and cannot be quottd now over
55o. r- ' ;.
The ttock of Ooffee ta few Totk oa thi 'Slh wet stat
ed atabeat 138,000 bagtl ef whtoh lit 000 Bio, ll,eO0
mtraoaioo, a xuv avaanaa.wu st. vomingo.
PLOUB The market seems tobeqntle bare of rood
qoulttlrt of tupaiflue, end tbe wrteee tor tt are firmer
than for other gradee. Buyern limit their tflera for It
generally te S3 bu. Bxlra teqnoted at i 75 4; lami-
ly at f 4 xO(04 9U. Ti)e demand is ligni ana tneie w ee
little Dlrit In the tradeaervey.. . ...' .a:, . j . .
WIlBAT Oaa etut oeneidarab'e range I price. The
demand for ablment, though not large ts atill fair, and
tbe market In good lone at fOcarfM for reS) StkJMSo tar
white. Bxtnt qoalltlee ot otbar grade brought from
to 3e per butltal higher. Oholoe Kentucky white would
oommaod 90 o. Tqe receipts continue to be large main'
l f ron Kentuokr. ' v ..'.i':- "u ' .
OOBN la light receipt aad afeo saolerate demand,
so that tha market It ratbar Unlet, at USo. ..
OATS A trifle firmer and taiel to bay In talk at leit
than Mo. A tale of several hundred bushels from store
waa maite at S3a.
BARLET AND XTI-Bemtiriwleeie4, both kavlag
a nominal quotation of SOgttSen
WHISKY Lott another Jo to-day, and, as Is usual
onaritue. u aaii. IlIY rfl '
. ; . v?.v .U Jv ViCbaqmereiat.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 15, 1861.
PLOUB StUt.totqnUt.f - j ' '
WB BAT Market better and eloimg fine.- teles of 3
ears rev oa wane at wo ana x oJam etoat St . ,
CORN-tedy at 33(s34e. - .... , .ra ' j
.OATS la Ihthltuppiyaod wmatedatS5d, .,;. a,s,.
JHIiiHWlNMa-Haleeof 60 bble at 15),c. j.,.,
MtWS Lower, aad telling at 77e. , ,. , t
DRI8D APl"LBB-8aleeat3t.'
i ;r -... i r-.. : . a ,lif JLmi0!sr
Philadelphia Market.
' fLOVR Advanced lKo; talea ,vue aateraeu-
naTSna at ae 75 i , . t .; . i - x .
W ns AT cavanoea xcaioo; rami tu,vw onoaia m mt
VI last 10; white l S7iel 35.
CORN Advanced So; oalei 8,000 buthelf at 554.
WBISKX-Bteady at IftSiexo.
.mi Dissolution.
rpH io-PAtttiii5nhiP tiEBKti
'i. foreexleting between the nndertlgoed, nndeV the
firm name ef AHKeTRONQ m TUOMPoON, was dltenlv
ed by mutual eonaent on tbe Brit aay et April, lent,
the baaiaeae of lb late firm will be settled by B. B.
AsJUTaoaw. who continues the butinets at tbe old stand,
.'! .J '
. . , m. n. jitBDinvnn.
ty 18-43.
'A H
An experleaead Kurte sad female Jbyt1elas.giresaau
- totbeattweionof awtaers,aar-. ii..
which greatly facilitate the nroeeee of teetalag, by toft
enlog the rum, redooing all tnflamtntlne -wUl aUf
ALL PA In anavauaodiacUoa,aa4 le : tWn ,. .,,,,
8TJUE i O UEX ttATl! Tft$ BVXI Eis.
Depend' boon If. mothers. It Wilt v rest toydanelves
and - ' "' . ' u ( i . i f b ,. ... r .
BELIEF AID.. oJSAttB-ta tott ttf Alll.
We have natnu and wH Urle article for over tea yearn,
what w tiara nerrrr brea able to aay of any other medt.
ANCI, T0BKPBUSAAlUB,whBtlmeljrBt4. Bev.
er did we know em inetaoee otdlnttietaeUon by any one
whe ntad itJ Oa tha contrary, all eradaliejued with lu
operations, and. apeak lo tar in of eemmecoatloa ef lie
magical effect and medical virtue. W speak In thle
matter "w ua r iwjt wt Ktvt ;' artar ten year' ern'
alraoat every inatance when the inlaat it uflrlng from
pain and eibaoition, relief will be found In fifteen or
twentynunutet arter tnesyrnv. it tdmtniitered. -
' Thitvalnble preparatlnn the preer1ntin of one of
the moil BXPBRIBNOKDend SKlliLirai tiOBSBS la
newanyiand. and baa been uaed witn BS)BB (AUr
1T1U in
: 'S'Sltt;8ANl OFCA8ITS."
It not only ralk-ve tbeeblld Irom pain, but tnvtrer.
at the ttomach and bowela. oorreot acidity, and eive.
toae and eaeny to the whole an tern. II will almost In
MU.IJ IVUVVW ,.. , J , A ' l '
and overcome oouvniiiona, which. If not ipeedlly reme
died, end in death. . We believe It theBBsT aud 8UH
1 81 KKalBDY IU THS WORLD, in all cuea ofDVa
it aruea rrum taaihiag, or from any outer eauee. W
would my to avary malhair who baaa child entering from
any of the foregoing complaint DO NOT LBT I"0UB
atand between roa and your anfferlni child, and the ra-
tief that will be 80HB yea. ABSOLOIf LT SUBB-to
follow the naa of thi madidne, if timely need, fall dl
reetlontfor ming will accompany eai-h bottle. Bone
ennine unitm tne rae-auntie or uutmnrn -cb&uib,
ew Tork, 1 on the ontlde wrapprr. " ;
told by al) DrngTlit throughout theworUV ' '" l '
Pri tclpal Officoy 13 Cedar Street N.T,
00127-dkwly. . ,. ' .
An EiTeotive. , Safa and Economic)
i Compound, .
To Its original color without dyelng.'and preVfnttrr
.. t uatr irom turnmg gray. .'. i.
And caring If, when there le the lean pertteleo vital!
. or reouBerative energy remaining,
And all ontaneon aOactton of the Scalp. ( , -
Imparting to It an uneqale gloa and brilliancy, malting
It aoft aad silky In Ita texture, and canting tt tu ear'
The great celebrity and increasing demand ror this no-
equaled preparation, convinces the proprietor that on
trial 1 only neneaaary to nti-fy a diaoamia pubiie ef It
eperlor qualitie over any other preparation in ate. It
ckauteo in neaa ana ataip rrom aanorua ana other
eutaneoua diaeate. mulng the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving it a rich, toft, aloaar aad lexible anpearanoa. and
alto, where the hair la loosening and thinning. It will gir
trength aud vigor to the room and reetore the growth to
bom parte wbicti navw teoeme bald, causing it la yield a
rein covering oi nair. .
'There are ouodreili of bullet and gentlemen la New
Tork. who bare bad their hair restored by the ate of thle
bvigorator, when all other preparation have failed. L.
B. naa in hit puateasua letter Innumerable laatifylng
to the above facta, from pertoae of the hJgheet ntiteota.
Ulity- It will eifeotnally prevent the hair from taming
aotll the lateat period of lite; and ia eaoee where'tao hair
haa already changed itaoolor, the ate of tan Invigorator
will witn certainty re lot u to it to iw original nue, giv
ing tt a dark, gloeiy appearance. A perfume for the
toilet and a flair Bealorative It la particularly reoom-
mended. '-n "r '"it"; ---1 t-t tmii, la-1
eilltiee II affonlt In arc avail g ta nair, wluo, when moiat
with the Invirorator; eur fee dremed In any required
form to at to pmerre tt pUee. whether alainlor m curia:
hence the great demand for U by the mdiet aa a atandard
tolletarticie wrucn none ougnt to no witnoutai tbe price
Placet ll wttnin tne reacn ot ail, wring '
Only Twenty-Five Centa
per bottle, to be had al all espectaMe Brnggiats and
, , i , . jrenumara.
L. HILLEB would call the attention of Parent aad
Guardians to the ute of hit Invigorator, tn case where
tbe childrea' hair lnatine ta he weak. The ate of it
lavs tha foundation foraffoodAaod of Aair, aa It re
move any imparl Ilea that may hare become connected
with the sculp, the rvmovul of which la atnimetv eoth
forth health ef (he rhild, and the future :eptearana of
Iteaair ' . ' :-i vobji.
Oarmow. None genuine without the fac-ttmlm TjOTTTB
MILLER beinr on tne tmter wianuei . arnr. ir.-allL
LEU'S HAItt. XNVIGOBATOK, N. y k!e,wa to th
Wholaml Depot, Sff Dey'street, and sold bv all the
pntoipai atareaanta ami Druggut urongnout the world
tiiMrai oiactiunt to purcnuert oy m quanuty.
I alto deeire to prevent to the Amerteaa Pablie sty -
kiw . ajtd ikpsovhj ' creTirrmoiri
which, after rears oi scientific exDerimentlrjr. I have
brooght to perfection. It dyes Black or Brewa inttaetly
wlthoutinjurytothe Hair or Skint warranted the beat
article of the tine in eiwttnoe. '. -
Depot,"-06 '. Dey x St, New York.
iHaanfaciurora of all klnda ol For
table, aud Siia tlonary wieorm .n
llasti hiur. Millet tjirttt Mine,
. , ,rr
A S. B. bUTAXt vBioimt1f COIC3CSCS I
Oar Portable Xortrie and Saw Kill
as awarded the Bret prtuilam nf fte at tbe Indiana
lata Fair tor 1"S0 nVer Lane k BodleyS on aeooontol
Price, lightnoaa, simplicity, eoonomy ef luel
and saoerlor character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Bngine wae ewarted tt. the ttm Fall
the flrat premium of t lM. "
uur rortaoie angine wa twaraea ue nrm praniw v
at iw. - . ... - u.i u i. Mi-KK - m.n.'. Dm
vallt, Ootamtu Maehlne 0ot., aad Sradfor St Oe'a,
by a oomraitte of practical Railroad Inguieem. r,-r
Torvrlce an terma addreet
, WILL ABU. vTABNBB, Treuarer,
aeoS-dkwlyeolt. Newark. Ohio
Wltolceaie an Retail Dealer in
t I i e,i -a Ul
oaetantiyvtr ft and all tttej rtt
' .., Merits Bit AN S o( -'-)
.' r
lradi3ol?toca. Olcar.
Oct WWIyd-
ar Seminal Weekneea, Beatal Debility. Nerseaea,Ia
volantary Bmlmtoni and impouocy, reiultlng Irom
Beir-abuv, e. By ItoM.' J. Vulrerweli, M. t. Sent
under seal. In t pinio wovwiope, n any waurwea,pii.
Firl. on reoelpleftwe atampe, by Dr. Oil AS. i.O .
LINH, 127 Bowery, KeWTork poatOffle Boi.Mo,
4i8tf. maraliSmdAtw
Ift' "l
Jhj .n.Siglt ttltts Erst " '
luesamt Belief J ! yotir Cettarli t
Psirlff rows' JBrcatki
Btreaartxtoti yotur Voice!' ,L
GOOb FOR" SINGERS,' '?av ''
I- i -fc f ", . ,. ? - t"VVr
- ' ' rwii i. - - to,
They relieve a Coogh InsUnUy.
Tbey clear tbe Throat. '
They give strength and volume to the vrtoe.
They Impart fc ielidoas aroma to the breath. '
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs aod cannot
' harm any one.
'' 't ' -
It advlte every on whe ta a Ooagh er a entity Teloe
or a Bad Breath, er any dlfflcnlty of the Throat, te get
a package of my Throat Oosfieiroas; they will relieve
you Instantly, and yon wilt agree with me that "fhry
to right to the spot." To wtlf flndTbam very asera 1
and pleamnt while traveling or attending pablie meet.
ing for stilling yoar Ooagh or allaying year thirst.? II
yoa try one package, I am safe in saying that yea wUl
ever afterwards consider them Indltpenseble.
Tow will tmd them at the Druggists aad Sealers at '
Medicines. '"
, PBIOB , ,
Kjr algnatare 1 ea each package. i Alt otheat are 'i
A package will be teat by mail, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cent.
Addrtat, ' '" '.' - - ...-
' ... .- ...
Henry O. Spaldin g,
. KO. 48 CBDAE ITBBt t,' ,
- nine
CURE ',e
By the tue of the Pills tbe periodic attacks ot A'r '
aow or Btct B$mdacl may be prevented; and If taken
at the commencement ol aa attack Immediate relief from
pain and ticks im wtll be obtained.
They seMosa fall la removing tb Kmum and
acAaUftiloli femaieearesb enbjeet. . ,.
Chay tot gently aaea the towele removing ttwti
sis. " . - o,r. ,.:
lor LUtrary Mm, SudtnU, DeUoata rtmale."1 1
and all penon, of MxLmtory habit, Mrey art valua
at a Lattati, Improving the uppetUs, giving for
naer to the dlgeetive ergtne, aad reetorlng the aatar
lattlclty and ttrength of the whole system.
TBI CBMIALIO VILLS ere tb reeatt of kmg taivee
HgarJon and carefully eendneted experlmeabj, kavtag
been la aee many fears, daring which time they here
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pata aad emfler :
Ing from Headache, whether originating in the aerouan
ayitea or from a deranged attetef the eArmweA.
They are entirely vegetable tn their eompoelttea, an
may be taken at all timet with perfect safety' without
Baking any change of diet, and SAe aownce of awy
dUaorttabUUuUrmdtmfat t saftiteatt eftaft
The genuine Imvwflveelgaataieeof Henry 0 Spaidtag
oaeaohBox. ' '
Sold by Drag-gists aad all other Dealer la Mediatnaa,
A Box will be oat by mail, prepaid, aa terelpt etthe
JTrioo, QO Ooxxtai.
AU orders should be tddretssd to
. v.-., BENUV O. BPALawintt,
4t Cedar Street, Now fork..
rrom the Bxamtner, Norfolk, Ta. . ' '- I
Cephalic Pill acromplhu the eojeet tor whieh they
were made, via.t Care of headache ia all It fbrme.
I rem the Bxamtner, atorfalk, Va.' .. ...
They hare beta tested fa more that a thoaaand
with entire
- from the Democrat, St. Oleod, Ulna." - 'J
If yon are, or have been, troubled with the Aetdocbe
aeud fur a box, (Cephalic Fill,) oo that yea amy hare
them In case of an attack. '
" " Irom the Adverttrer, Prevldanee, B. V"
The Oephalle Pill art mid to be a remarkably effective
remedy for the headaoh. and en -of tha van beat tar
that very frequent eomplelat.whlch hag ever keen dle-
oovered. , t , . :.. '.; , , ,
. . mi i. ;. i -. n f, 1 t.n'ji
from the Western B. B. QtieUe, ObScacq, IU.
We heartily eodora Mr. Bpaalding, tad hi anrlvaled
Oepealierllie. . , -7 "1 .T.o
fro aUnawUTalmrItw,Baaawha.ta.?:r'?
Wt ar sure that penoat Mfertng with tb aaeamvasi
who try taem, will etkk t tbem. . ... i i. ; i- a
.- ; f
from the Southera Path finder, BtwOrlssee, Ia r- j
Try thtml yoa that an aOleted, and ar are Sure that"
year aMttmonyeaa be added a the already ere mare eaV
. liet that haa received ttrnta mat a other mod wine raw
produce. -
' tram tha It. Looii Democrat. '- n '
The Immmw detail for the article iCephaBe Fills
it rapidly inoreaaing. i I : . I
rrom the Qatetta, Davenport. Iowa. '
atv. SpaWuig would not eoanest hie aaaas !
ttole he did tot artote lo eoeeom rati merit.
1X7 ttngtt kvttM t SPALDIBd-a PBIPaBBB
BLOB wUl sav tea time Ira ecat aa allyvjl im A
.A'l"-. t , m . fr i pm,, .. .... i a
" tV!.'' B omamaavawa' -A
. . B00KOMTI . .... BUPATOBJ
Hj'A Trrca at Tuts Bavas Mum."J1t .
Ai ace Idea ta will aawpea, even at well fagalaard htm
111, It m very aealrabw t Bave tome aheap aad
vcnmal way for repairing ffanattara, Toy. Caecae.-j '
dm. ' ' ' ' " .'
meet all ench emergen elee. aad a benaeid aa afford
to be wltboat la. It itaivajr raady.and up to tUetloh
log paint. i . -. ' -
'-csirrjl Ul BTBBT BOOl., T
B. S.-A Bnm tenempanta tack bottlt. ,',
aente. AiWrem, ''
. BBHBf 0. tPALDIMd.
Be. ttt, Cedar Street, Mm Tort.
i i'tf
At certain anprtaelpmS
ate attempting! tt
palm off on the aatatpeetlng pnblla, Imitatwae ef m
rairtaiu vtiia, i w
aailni belova pareruwlng,
Uoaall Bireeaa ta.
I belova purchaeln , and aa that the full aama,
. Il rSPALliN I PujtPAkKOui.ua wi
Is eaweeataldewrappartaUetbwrtareewjBiuiugeea'
mrttltr, ... i .... : , aw i

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