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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 18, 1861, Image 1

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Mat;., T"- X jr-O-'li Ay
. r .Mf !. I . . V -Ay
' i) l:aail'ii ell tt''". i
aaawaaaiaaaeaaaaaaaawawaea V-'w-.t i ,j, r, ,01it ,jt u,,y.v, ; i '"' !ttmHt MA -rj-,, v , . , , , ' J '- Vf ! ,
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l.'kJ " ' ' ' T1. j iil , m r 11 mi 1 . . """"'"''''"Bawaaaaaaaaw
MuMING-;:Am:i8:;;ii8fii - ' unua,,,,
r V BLIS H? Sf A I r.( P BOp II $ 1 0 Jt .
' CT Offie Mot. 86, 88 tad 40, Kortl High ft
Daily : v t jen , $8 QQ par year
" By the Crrler, per week, 18)4 eents, . , I
WwUy( v ..J.,, 1 00 ,(J V.'
erm of Advertiainjr f the "qaare.
MHIM 1 yetl...B?frnd
OtetofiareS weeke..4
On " S weeks., 3
On " U months ltt (JO
Jne ,,T 0 months J3 in
One. . ". , 3 months IU 00
One -' e months 90
One T': I noathj ,5 110
One . 'f A 1 frMfc.j 1 Hi
-S days.S
One x
Displayed advertisements half more Dim Vie abort
tot. -77..
'Advertisement leaded end placed I n Old column ol
Bneclal Notices," dotiM (A ordinary raUt.
All notices requires to he published by low, legal ratoi,
If ordered on the tasiaetsclaetvely titer the Irtt week
per cent, more than the above ratetj bat ell tnab wll
tppeer In the Tri-Weekly without charge. .,..
BaslnessCsrtiettieeeiceeediTie; Ave lines, per year, In.
tl le, il illur llnei outeidc -. . . -
Notices of meetings, charlUbles ooletlei, Bre oompanlet,
feet, half price. . , i v. , i . j , 4.
liltrautieni adrtrtlttmtnl mutt bi paid for M
savc The rule will not derailed from. ' '
Weekly, name price ae the Dally, where theadTertlier
ses the Weekly alone. Where 'lie Dally and Weekly
t re both used, then the charge t.rthe Weekly will be
naif ttterstee of tht Dally
No advertisement taken except fort definite period.
p. a. b. smms, '
Attoirnoy at Law
OSot Ambot building, oppoilte Oapltol Square.
. . ,. 00LUMDD8, 0HI0J
-r-v. osnonNin,
Attorney & Counsellor at law
;, . MARION, OHIO. j
r ooiuTxaiijicrEw. i
Machine Manufactnriog Company
Ctitlngi, KiU-eeitrUig, Xaehintry,
H.o,ilron,c3. Worlt
t)oi.umnu8, unio.
OIIAJ. AMB08, Bup't. i . ' i p. AMBOB, Treats' 1
deell. lHjct-if
Summer Arrangement.—Time
Oonntellng at Creilltae HtH the PIIT8DDR0II, FT.
forPitttburgh, PhUadtlpMa and Mainmort'. '' JU
for Tort Wnn M(f Chtoaf.
Connecting at Cleveland with (he tAKB BIIOBI BAIL
... . ROAD -T
rar Danklrk, llnflnlo, AlbanTf Bosi
ion, and New ork. ;
from Columbia, In oonuectlon with Trains on Uie '
urTLf? in i a in i and voltjmbcs
? AMD XfcftIA BAHiHtfU,
"Il8 SKA IN. - ,
' -KIQUT KXPRE9a.-LeaTciColumbuia(3.40A.lb;
will leare paiieogera at all ttatlona eouth of Oalion.
Mop at Delairare, Ashley, Oardlngton and Qllead, ant
at illiUHose north of Gallon, arriving at Cleveland
el M0 A. M., Dunkirk 3:00 f, M., Buffalo 4.iP. M.
Alkany 3 0 A. il., New Vork 8.33 A. M., Boston 8:30
P. M., PltUbuigh via Crestline 3.SU P. M , Phlladelt
ph5:IOA. M. Chicago via OreaUlne at 7:00 P, II. ,
.: SKCOND TRAIN.- , . ... j '
NEW YORK EXPRESS Leavea Colnmbui at 11:10
a. . Will stop at Lewie Centre, (for White Ouluhur
Springe), Delaware, Cardlsgton, Oalion, Oreetllne,Bbel
by. Mew London, Wellington and Grafton, arrive at
Cleveland at 3:33 p. m.; Dnnkirk, 8:50 p. m.f Bu
fale, p. m ; Albany, H:e. ra.; New Yoik, 1:45
5. ; Boston, 4:40 p. m. This Train oonnectoat Bhes
yferBanduaky,and at Qiafton for Toledo, arriving sit
Toledo at 0:40 p. a, . ! ; . : , , ,- 64 1, 1: T.
bi '-'THIRD TRAIN.-"' '; ' j
at 130 p. m, ,,Wm,jtop at all sUUont Boutk tff
Bhelhy, aod at . Nw , London, vTelliugtoii, firaftoo,
and Berea; arriving at Cleveland at 8:30 p. m.i Dun
kl, S:IOa. m. j BuXTalo, 350 a. m.; Albany, S.iO p.
, Newlork, 720 p. m.; Buston. 11:45 p. m.t Piltsburgu,!
itOmtline.at 11:55 p. m.j Philadelphia, 1:00 p. 01.,
Chicago, ota Crestline, 6:45 a. m. This Train connect
at ehelbyfer 8andiuky aU Toledo, arriving M Toledo
Patent Sleeping Can are rnri on all
Kigbt Trains to Chioago, Hew '
: xotk. ana soitoiu,'; ; ,V ' I
JtlQW CiKhfd Tkmuok to Kmt Tort mi Eottm
- '( afttnd; aim. to FMndelphia and ",,
' .Ato Tortvia OrutHtu.-T)- '
... Night BipressarrlvcsatColumbns at-.. 11:15 P. K.'
Ciuelnnatt Jixprutarrivet at Colombia at 10:50 A. M.
AoeommodaUon Izpreea arrives at Coluaibas at 7 50
1m a Low usi bf aiiy otber K6ut
for TickfUtia CfeHlinter, Cleveland.
"' ' M.t. ILINT. .
Superintendent, Cleveland, Okjo.
Columbus, Ohio, j J
Jnt Bceolrtdl , i
WVl i AS IOO wags pries W-0ne.
1 60 pockets old Dutch tea-ennent Jan Coffee.
i IBbanCevlonOoffeer J J D "
1 tpbbls.jtwdtr4 Whit Bo gars, exmilstlng' f fop-
area, unrasnea, uranamtea a ana a uoueo. 1
K BOqaintalseeorgeBank Codfleb.v slmt ti''),l 1
,: gObbls. Mesa and No. 1 MscksreL ... t. 11 ,
1' tea. Pick Salmon. T ' i
: iOO eei. Layer JUasinei . ts:T sb,.v. f. ( . ; .
lioo":b?xld2!pdSOIUT-,!'-1 kl I
IOO W Clean, diffeveht ktmadi tid trades'--!'.
loVJ -,1,T..WJtVJf!oJ)91lAlD.!
..'ij '0 ,;wi
r.i . w.
' And'ElanV-BooillamJaBturor i
( , ."Red, White' infr Bine
Lf n-jlUAeICOES, - ,.
f JuetopBedbyT,) f""'V"''fi al
- BAIN c BOJt,
I apr?9 n. t X a.T X. iU. U 4i High ttieet
r& 1 j v.1) ? ;
' a M B7TS7 IBItllP NKII1T.
Have lost rtoelved t pew make"oriTO0f BrTTR'
fjuah4tatnMiftjt, Introduoed
or - 1
j..tth intmrv ttf no 1 r rrvrr vnu:
1 ..,' V. .;! i( i ,, 1 1, a .i
The latestThe It.rrest.Thfl Bait
The Cheapest Beoaoae the Best,
ttarltf f th BatllwkaAMaPUaffC.vtT
1 -" ' ': SmAwndtaBnirirtJaiiatorty Ohio,
XaYtntry JCsei JkerywAevw. j
"neit) art Howards el a Sattdnal ThMeaad Words.
whoee mnlUratiowt maulun and derlvatlona. toeether
with their eerreot fpolliot, sad proaasolsrtioa are slearly
eetbefon the tyei." , u i,.t.,-e.'j ,u atamt. .v
SaiVi4 bullion cf Me iUnbmrt of VU OUoBtat
savir e jijeootciriofi. . ..
The tradaritgned, aieaoeri of Che Ohio State teachers'
Association. aJont and alia to aaa in taai htn. wrltiat
ixl epeaking; tat rthecmhy and- wrananclatlon of
WoroasUi'e Hovel Qmarto Melionary, and wo most cor
dlally reoommend It as the moat reliable etandard au
thority of the Ingllsh laagaage, at It It now written and
spoken. . 1.a
Loam Arouwa, PsesMenl Ken yon College.
H. D. Ltasarr, Superintendent Zenawvtlle Sehoolt.
Teioe. W. Uabvwt, Sup'tMaeeilonCBloa Schools.
M. f. OoWBsmT, Bup'tPablto Schoola, Sandusky.
Joan Lvaca, Bap'tPublit Schoole, Olrolevllle.
N. Binroao, Ftineioai Cleveland female Bemloa-
wm. Mrrcasa.L, Bnp't TuMIe fleaoolt, Mt. Union.
JOB OuDaN. Prlasinal atata aTormal Sohool. Ulnne.
OntOS Ifnl. triMlnit WaMHI, TtteftnurfbitA tihnnl.
Olnemnatl. . .
U.S. MAiTiif, Bnp't Canton Union SdhootoA
BovrmRrau Principal MeNeoly Normal BekoaliT
Bu X. Tarraa, Prof, cfatheeaalloa, Ohio University.
Wsj. V. iDWAtiM, Bnp't Tmy Union School. -A.
a. Boruxs. Prlnaltial Wett Ulib School. Cleve
land. ; ' 1 s r. . ,
B. A. Notion. AseeoUte Princiijal lucb BehooL CIrve-
. -. - ' '1
i"j.sraooti BTttLUM, rrineipti sign acnooi, viere
lend.'' ' ' '. "
Jtt. Tj HoalaTOK, Principal Cleveland Instltnto.
i. A. Qauw, Pretiden of Ilectio IaeUtaJe, Hi
Vr . Ib TT.aass. Prof, at fihasaUbrV. Ohio waslevaB
Unrvertity. , . , -
B. II. BalKir. Kx-Ceramlasloner of Oammon Bohooll.
Ohio. . ,
Jaifai Moxxna, Prof. Rhetoric, OberHa Oollep,
Taoe. Hub, PreoMent Aattooh College.
O. W. II. Oitioiit. Prof, lsathamatlca. Hllh
School, Day to. . . i
8. O. CtnalBADaai. Prof. Lanmaett. Hurh SchooL
Dayton. ....... 1 . ,- . , .
o. M. Baku, Bupt Union Schools, Aahland.
Mor Mow SU aMdroi oOur rrtH&mO of Con.
fee, Profuor, Author t and ZHtUnguitkod tinea
ton, tndorudl IS abovt ttntintnt. .
fcf AiitTTA CoLLtot "It le trarv a matnlAoant work.
an honor to the author, the publishers, and the whole
oun try. "President Andrews.
Onto WnrtvTAl Uarnsarrr Tt neaede mv emeeta,
tlone. It will be my guide In orthography and pronun
ciation, end will often bo consulted by me for Its) neat
tnd accurate definitions." President Thompson. . ,
W. R. XUDTia Goixmi. "Hantafara we havoneed
Webster's orthography . At a reoeot meeting of our
Paeulty.lt waa decided to chance It to conform to that
of Worcester'! fioyal Quarto. Diotionary," President
Qarteld. , ..... .
Wsrnu Ranava Ooitiaa. "I find It worthy of
ooralal approbauou." i'raeliMot ttitebcoek.
Owtxtrt Coixioa. "It mor than meets ay enecta
tlons. I reoommend It ae the etandard authority la
orthoepy to Of children tnd mj puplle." President
Morgan.''''.;' ., ...
A an oca Cotxaoa. "I adopt and aim to use Is teach'
log, wrltingand speaking, the orthography and pron
ciauon u woroeetert
Boyal Quarto Dictionary
riwouii nuif t ' '( ' '- v., !
"In all my errltlnc.BBeaklnc.and teaching. I have en
deavored to. conform to the rolee for orthography and
pronunciation as contained In Worcester's Dictionary. 7
Horace Mann, late Preeident. 1 -".: ,
Ktwrrnt CoLUBB, Ouramt. 'I moat cordially reoom.
mood It as the meet reliable standard authority of Uis
English langnage tt It it now written and spoken."-.
President Andrews. . . . v - .. . '
Vom Stt. Anton AnyfA, Oommittionor of Common
MeoM eat lAU r i '
"The Dtctlenarr It an IsSerianaM motaasent to the
learning and industry of Irs Minor, aaa ta honor to tho
World of letters. Tho mechanical execution le far supe
rior to that of any other Lexicon with which I am to
ojnalnted." ' . .1
From Son. JT. 'E'. Bamty. Zla-Cbmmittiontr 0
HAoolt Ohio.
The most reliable standard tnthortty' of the lan-
cuago." - r . p -T'.- T, f . '
1 v- ' waut nrt ' - '
Xjeadinz Nywrvil?re of Ohio Bay.
The orthogrtnby of the Woroester Dictionary It that
used by most, if not all. author of distinction In thit
country and England, and oonforasa to the general usage
of ordinary write re tnd speakers. '
Whatever prejudioee may bar wtlatod previously, t
careful Itudy of Ihit volume will Invariably he followed
by a warm appreciation of Its groat merits, and t desire
to add It to tho well selected library, M II largo ot email,
I titt library In Iteelf, tad will twmaln an Imperisha
ble record of the learning of ittoompller.
from tit ObtotntuM OmmtrUal of April SO.
ITere are unwardt of A hundred fbooeand words cood.
bad tnd hrtiffarent 'whoee maltilarieoa mean logs and
derivations, together with their correot spelling and pro
nunciation, ate set clearly before the aye. The work It
unquestionably the greatest Thesaurus of English Words
tver published.', . ; . , ' '
Jrom (At Olttdcmd. Pktinioaltr 8tpi. , 1800..
Evidentlv Woacarm't Bovat Ooaaro Dtorroaitv U
not only th ImL, otU Ukt tare vrk of aAe kx tr t
tuM.wi csn by no possibility sailer by eonparieen or
controversy. " '
Ai to HoirawoiATioit. Wotccern rs m Staxdabb
followed by our beet aathora) la definlUont ke leavoe
nothing to be desired, and tn OtraosBAnv It it lufficleat
to say that Wotcamm aan be tablj followed. .
zsjiyri niaiiAn bbacg, ::v:
Paklltbera, Dookaaiura BUttUaera,
,. : i ;ua'A :
-I 'NO'WCkjelX.m'Nm eTa
MA? I - I .'U 7iv ?J :r :: -,. .v.j-
DirldemB Jnrr 1 186 1 4 Cent.
asbbtb:..:..;..:.':;.!. ::.:.::..:.vjtvja st:
Statement Jmmmkrt tt lteis "r ! .
BtUoee, per statement Jan. lit, 1800..., 13,406 Cl 19
Beoetvea lor premiums our ....... . ,
big tho year lHtiO.... u.7S3,0S3 55 .' .- , 1
Beoeivvd fof tatorttti during ,-t : r ''
. me veat lew . ...... ........ e,v
Total reeelple for 1860....7767 74 r;
Paid Olalmaby Death,907,05U 00
Paid Policlet surren- ' p
- dared ;..-,Ul J9 -
rtia saiariea, a-oh- -a,
, ago, Taxes, Ex-
I rhMire. ete...... 11.020 54
,W 1" I
PaldOomajlaatonJ to ,
Agentt 51, 5 30
Paid Phvsletana fees . fl two T5
'v.l 1
BaM ABBwUlea.ev. '1,617 Vt ' ; v ' ' I :uu ! .
Paid Dividends! dur- - . ,. 1!
lag the year 100,500 75 503,091' 63 411,K l
tl,8K,558 50
WJ f it . 1 AlsBTS. r 4 ,!
Csib oei hd.;k;;.w...v' ig.sasd H
Eendeaad Meetgeejeton Etl .
, Estate, worth double the
amount loaned........... l,JW4l 68
rreaslam Sotee, oa PoSolot
, la lorot, anly dmwint; 8 pee : ,,
cent. Interest............. lTO.PM 17
Beal BsUto W,83 ST
Loans on Scrip ' S,931 dd
Preaaleaia.MoieaMidaajavali iw
, course of traossnlssloa.. , 45,341 75
..;: 1 1
Total Aatott.Ur.':....i.........A l,8l9iM M
TITi tMt ta font, mtartraj. ...ee4j,aa
J.433 mi Policlet have been leeaM during the year.
Aftoi aeaiafnl ealealelioa at tfca 1 t value tl tho
outstanding Polwlet of the uomptiy, aad having aba
ntowary mm aa reeerre therWer, the Diraoteas
bar declared a BtvTjawB of 4 per eeot. ea the Prenil
ui said tt the table rates, to all polklet for life In fore.
Issued prior to January 1, I860, payable tatordmg to tha
presesrt rale of the Oompasy. . 1 ,
, Batetfot til klndtaf Lift CoaUngeadee, ProepeeW
uses, Statements, and AppUettlont, will be furnished
wiTnwt cBAtaa, at the Omot or Agenelet of tho Oceo-
nnws( E0BT. tV. PATTEBSON, PreeHsert.
tm ,-:i ; g,. o.UOTBB,totPrteiaent. n :
BBNf. 0. tflLLRH. Seaietoir. - -.... r-i j
u .h j, 11 at, jBtiJSBOIIe Afnt, .
ii.V. - iiHiA. ... j ,u so, Me. 4 foaaaoB Etoek, '
MaKh8,18l. t , v . - . ClembmsO.
rtitAfN AND
f I7DM88 BTLK8, of avert grade.
vert grade. Tbd moat teleef
assortment In the elty, and tt moat ronnon.hle rate.
.... . 1 -1 i . -1 - . j . . . EAlCf tt SOIl
A compound remedy, dengntMi to be th an out
effectual AUtratin that -can be made. It is
a concentratod extract .ot-Pam Sartaparilla,
so combined 1 with. Other tubsttnoet of still
greater alterative power to afford an eftcc.
Uve antidote fbj tho diaeateg Sartaparilla. it
reputed to cure. , It is believed that luch a
remedy is wanted by those -who suffer Com
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure mutt prove of immense
service to this large clui of our afflicted fellow
citizens; , HW completely this compound will
do it .has teen proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints . , . " ". "" '
ScKorutA, )axd Soropvlous Complaints,
Eruptions and Eiiuftivb Diseases, Ulceus,
Fikples, Blotches, Tumors, Salt Rusvm,
Scald Head, Syphilis and Syphilitic Ar.
eecttons, Mercurial Disease, Dropsy, Keu
SALaiA on Tia DotrLorntECX, Debilitt, Drs
PirtiA 'and IifsiQESTioN, Erysipelas, Rose
ob St. Antront's Fire, and indeed tho whole
class of tomplaints arising Xrcm Ixfurity ot
thb Blootd. '' ' '
' This; eomporind wM Btnund a great pro
moter of health, whert taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in tho
blood at that season of the year. By the time,
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
re nipped in the bud. ' Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it -when you. find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your .feelings -will toll
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
Etbulum of lift disordered, there can bo no
ttting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, find the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. .
. Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little ttf the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else J r - '"
Durinrr late Years the Dublie have been mis-'
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart;
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
wc call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And we think we have ground for
believing it has Virtues which are irresistiblo
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is Intend-,
cd to cure.. In order to secure their complcto
eradication from the system, tho remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle. -
DR. J, C. AYE It e CO.
Price, 91 jpergoUle 1 Six Bottles for $3.
Ayei-'s, Cherry Pectoral
hat won for Itself stich a renown for the euro of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it i entirely unnecessary for ut to recount the
evidence of its .,irtuos, wlicrover it hat been em-i
ployed. As it has long been in constant use
throughout this section, we need hot do more than
asture the people, Ut quality it kept up to the best
it ever has been, tnd that it may be relied oa to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
AyerV, Cathartic Pills, '.1
Costivtness, ' Jaundice, Dyspepsia, ' Tnditeslion,
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache,
Pilet, Rheumatism, Eruptions and SJcin Diseases
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, ' Tumort anil
Salt Itheum, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, as a
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying the Blood. " ' !
They arc sugar-coated, to that the most sensi
tive ctn take them pleasantly, and they are the
best aperient in tho world for all the purnosct of a
family phytic v . . ... , ',
Price 28 cents per Box ; Five boxes for $1.00.
Orett numbers of Clergymen, Fhyuicinns, States
men, and eminent personages, . have lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space hcte wiU not permit thq
hsertion of them. . The Agents below named fur-4
ntah gratis our American Almanac in which they
are given ; with also full descriptions of the ubord
complaints, and thetreatment that should be ful
krwedfor their euir1. i: i ..io:! .v arj.-r. J
Do not be out off br unnnnciDled dealer, with
other preparation- they make more; profit on.
Demand Aren't, and take no others. The sick
want the best aid there is for them, and they shoul l
have it-' , j ' :'', . 1
AUourremedlararefoysaloby ; ' J ' i
' ' . - ROBERTS ft gAMCEX, Columbus.
And by BrargMt and Dealers everywhere.
Mimtmummm; -1. i s,n;. n
', , S'TRA MT5BS . ,
.. TO AND FUOIII ' ' ,'ia
Kv'erpool, 'Montreal, Quebec, .
,-. .... ' fU 11- VI :9n. : '- -i t . I)
. W; YOBK. : j
J The Movfrtal Ooeea RteasDaarp Oomnarry's flrstlsm
fuli-powered Olyde-rraut Bttasuert tail every Hat
rday from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian tad
United BUtes nail and passengers.
: BOHEMIAN, 1 " "''' ANGLO-SAXOll,
r. CANADIAN, .. ., ..' . NOVA B0OTIAN. . . i
Sh4rteety CUat anAQtilckestCoti
, AKEua to iu.mn 01 mopx.!
'I -'l HatM ot Fwmmitce to TBuxov,
ntl eafl frort lltiRPOOL everr Tredaeaday
tad from QOEBEfl avary Slatmrdaay, ealliag at
LONDOMDERBV. to receive on board and land Mailt tad
jrtasengeri, 10 ana iron iniana ana Boouana. 1 -
OTbea Bteamers tn tmttt 01 iron, in witer-tigtit
comvartmoato, carry etcn expet faced Bargeoa, aad
evaryattanuon is paid 10 ut eomrort tod asoommoaa-
uon 01 oaaotnnn. At taeyDroceea airect to J.urtvun
PERT, tht groat risk and delay of calling tt 8t. John's
avoided. ... ,
. Glasgow paesetigera are farrdshad with, ran passag
ttoketeto ana from Andorterry...' 1' t,.,. ,i
Return tieketa tranted at reduced rates.
CcrtiScatet Issued for carrying to tnd brtngthgoat pat
tangert from til tbt prlaeipal uwnt of Sreat Bsitalaaad
Iralaad. at TCttooed ratoe, by tha boo af Site ass rs, and
leaving Liverpool every woei , 1
Slffht Drafte fr tl and StptsrArds par
, able tn a-;nlaad, Ireland, HcaiV ,
af 1 i InnA 4E Wlae . ,s -t ; .i1 , '
' fdr Jt'tMge, tppty at tat Offlot, 8 BlttyAD.
W AVNew Jkark., and 19 VAIBM T.s
1 a '
tprWtw.:'t i i". ; ?. -. ' .? ! ' '
i,ui'iiu BABL ft tXASLX, GeBaral Agut, 'J
prirj J. R. ARM3TRONC. ,
. noIO-Iydetw - Toil Offlot, Oolnmbat, Ohio,' ,
: ' - -i- .
SOB JAHII 1DI1KI1 Bill u nartnar In bi hnal.
nese, which will net titer bt conducted Under the1 firm
or Bala ft Bon.'' - P, BAlA, 99 BOBtk Hlgb Bt.
Oolombae, Sab IB. 1801. - , .i I j feklS
V .1 . :V ' 1. XCENBT KfEHJUEB,
(Utt ef rhaloa's Establishment. ST. T) Bmrktere
tho Bow Xork Baahlonabla ahutna-. Hals OatUa
lampooning. Curling and Dresstng naloon. Beat Btaaf
. tuooH 4v ra j-ooa unraa, wnsre tauatactmn wm
bt given, ta til the variout branohee. Ladles and
vniiarent utu; 'rersmg aont in tot best Itylt. i
Irtl-dlt ' - ' - T Tf
.a i4
.id i
1 f.ey .:
Summer Arrangement.
Summer Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
Summer Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia RAILROADS.
For Cincinnati, Dayton tt Indianapolis!
.' -1. '.--. Jl V; ,.( 4,'i In -i.-Ij.i , -iii-L, ,;.'!
Through to IndiantDolis without Change of Qar
and but; On Changs oC.Cars between l)L.,
tColumbos and 6. Louig, T, . ;q w
Four Trainsl)ailf iWaColumbus.
FIR8T TRAIN J': '? 1 "
AC0OM1IODATION at S t. m., i(opplng af til ihv
tlont between Columbus tnd Cinclnnttl tnd Dayton, ir
rrving tt Ctnolnntti tt 10.09 a m., and tt Peyton at
8.10 a.m., oonntoatg at Dayton; for. ItdlantpolH and
o - -,, ,:,ti, ,.n
....... - j SECOND TRAIif; , tPd M.
Ifo. 1 EXPRESS tt 1I.40t.B.;etopptBgatJeireraon,
London, Charleston, Cedarvllle, Xenta, Mprinr Veil,
Corwin, Import, Port Ancient. Alorrow 8t Lebauon,
ffoater!, Loveland and Mllford, arriving tt Clnctnnarl
at 4.80 p. m., Dayton tt 3.45 p. m.,aonneoUnc wtk the
Ohio tnd atitalssippl Railroad for Loo lev) lie, Ky., Tin.
otnnet, Cairo, Bt, Louis, New Orleans, ete.i at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Tcrre Haute, Chicago tod
alt Western points.
MAIL at 9.10 p. at. stopping at ill stations between
Columbua tnd Xonla, and at Spring Valley, Corwin,
Morrow tod Lovtlaad, arriving atCinclnnatl at 9 t. m.
. ,' , FOURTH TRAIN. . .. V
NIOHT EXPRKdd, via Dayton, tt 1! 00 midnigui,
stopping tt London, Xenia, Dayton, Mlddletowa and
Hamilton, arriving at Cincinnati at 5.25 a. m.; at Day
ton at 2.55 a. m.; connecting at Cincinnati with the
Ohio tad allselatlppt Railroad lor Louisville, Evansvlllt,
VlBcennee, Cairo, St. Louis. Memphis, New Orleans,
tnd all points South and South-west; also, at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Chicago, etc.
Jiyior further Information and Through Tlctett,
tpply to M. L. DOHERTY, Ticket Agent, Union Depot,
Oolumbut. ' -v " i. j . .-t;
. . . . . . P. TV. BTRADBB, ,..,
. . Ti t , Qeneral Ticket Agent, Cincinnati., i
JN0.W,POHBRirr. ..rj;
. n - .. Agent, Columbus,
', , ' ' .' ; B..W. WOODWARD, '
' luperlntcndent, OlnoinnatO :
Columbus. July 14," 1801 c - a..-t-:
AND Steubenville Short Line
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable,
Route to all Eastern Cities !
j- ail ii. l
Traios Leave Columbus as follows Y '
Leaves Columbus 3.30 A.M. from Union fepoti via
Bellaire or Steubenvlllei arrives at Bellalrt,: 10.90 Al
M.i Bteubenvllle, 19.S0P.M.; Pittsburgh, 3.40 P. M.
Harrisburg, 1.10 A. M.t via AUmtovm, arrives at New
Xork H.0O A. M.t via fMlaOtlvMa. anivet at fhlla
delphia. 5.10 A. M.; New York, 10.30 A. M;' -Connects
also tt Htrritburg for Baltimore, trrivingat 7.46 A- M,
Sleeping Cars attached to this Train
Proln Oolnmbat. run directly through to Bellaire or
Pittsburgh without change) and Patieagert via . Allen-
town arrive in new xork at OA. ,,,,
, - ' i.. :.; iLy.j
This Trtin also connects at Bellaire with lb
Hiltlmnpaan Hhtn V.il.na.l
. Vv
Leaves Columbus 11 S3 A. H from Union Depot, via
Bteubenville: arrives at Newark, 13 50 P- M.i Coshoc
lon,S.15P.lM.; Bteubenville, 6 P. M.; Pittsburg, 8.40
P. al. ir FThls It the only route by whloh Passenge
can leave Cincinnati at 7 A. M., go through to Pitt
burgh la daylight, without change of cars or delay,
1 ' BI." : ..'I Ui
FABT1LNB. , ,,: n
Leaves Columbus 2. IS P. M., from Union Depot, tit
Bellaire: arrivet tt Newark. 3.S3 P. U.t Zaneevllle.
4 33 P. M.i Bellalre,7 .55 P.M.: Pittsburgh. 11.25 P.
M.j Harrisburg, 9.00 A. M.; via AUmtown, arrives
tt New York, 4 P. M i ia PkiladtipMOf arrtvee-t-
Philadelphia, 1.19 P. al.: New. York, O P. M,- Ibis
Trtin also connects tt LUrrlaburg for Baltimore,, ar1
living ai ir.a. . . .
Thit Trtin runt througn tn ueuaire or Fittsburtrwiihi-
out change ot Cart; and from Pittsburg then It -no
cnango ot vtrt to rnnadeipnia, or via A lien town
m hi
new rora-mut oueiing , , , ,; ( ,
The only Route from Columbns to Baltimoro,
Philadelphia, or New York, with only
; OR obang64)f.Carg,sl,t(,x
By thit Train Pattenrert arrive la New ,Yoik ire
hours In tdvanca of the Northern lines. ..I
Thit Train thw connect tt Bellaire with ftw Baltlaeer
tnd Ohio B. R ( s . y (. , , t I
OTTbls Route is 30 miles shorter to Pittsburg,
anamore man juu mi let shorter to ,
., New York, thtn lortbera. Lines, V, ) ,
Baggage Checked Through to all im-
. ' , portant JPointi East. ' J I
I :.' -U. ........ - ' , ..i.i.ais-i j
Tickets Oaed rearer- either ,Honto, ,
. - . T j
. JNO. W. BROWN. .
Gen. Ticket Agent Central Ohio ft. R.i
Gen. Ticket Agent Bteubeuvlllo Short Line.
William L.m,,3riXX
i'.y.v. .: :' CJOIilinBVMe DBlUjTrr 9dT ' j
Jd S3t Store,5 .!,
c- ' BEALEB "tat '"''-" t
;' ,
n: ,NAIUl,aLA8Sl SABH.'BUTTt.'boAOi,,;, j
Gnnt, Sflatetls, Vd Willow Ware,
ether and EttfatcEelting; lata btihtev Bote aad
i king. .- i vv, t v s ,':f .-ll t,,fn-.W
i in.
ENTLBBliN "J jt FOI NlSUl jo
A A A U " ' !
Wovoltles InNeciTletand Bctrts." .iy.i
" ' Bjron and Garrote Collars. Mivi !
- w Baateeaered Poeket Handkerchiefs-;
Paris Bid Gloves, superior make.
Golden Hill Bhlrtt, varlont ttyletP ' !
Hn.a AaMm Hill thlrU. do
u Driving and Street elovta, So ri i. , i'J iT
ttemmed rooxet uanakercniers, venous styles. , i
Half Hott tnd Under Ganntntt,' -' - .11
;.j. atl'
.!riM- BAIN A B0K, '
No. S9 South High streeln
.U '
, i ... il ' 11 1 ." v rj't I ... . i
HOWARD & Co!', B .
a w a M neram ' - aT AWTrareaTaT WaT awaw XI
and txamlntournewmakeor;1 ' :M
mtnaftetsrea t B. HOW ABB kWVBoetoai Make'.
These Watohee are far superior to anythlag ever eSered
to the public, heretofore. Having tn axostunvo tgency,
1 aaa ten mem at pnoes so tun me ana. . a , nave
received A large stock of ' " ;'T
?avuc r ,i AMERICAN ATCfl'i".
msaafaeturtd by APFLETOB.TBACI, 00, j sef
Sn aesnitaaentef a ohui I .A .x.l t-t:,i ittl Uc
aneiuen ana ewvu waavitnw
' in Oskf and Bltrtt Oatet, at Puio prtossu r-,
,.pt-i ,ii.'t. ,r .ti- Tf, j. AvAGJLvuvioorn;
j . w-.v, wnw ,wi:tT: - ,irr. r swi-iilr.,!
tn,pI'yttr.,. I..'.':: ,
I TruWeekto, pet , ear..., .............. ,
r Weakly, pel yati ....... .,.t.
.. 00
.. soe
.. loe
[From the Missouri Democrat.]
The Great Battle at Springfield.
The Great Battle at Springfield. THE LATEST INTELLIGENCE.
Gen. Lyon Shot Near the Heart.
Price and McCulloch not Killed, but
SUNDAY, Aug. 11, 1861.
neiu,aaa wpiain riumnteri guiaat
Nicht before last a little armw rf ftfr.v.twA
hundred men moved in twocolumoson a march
Of twelve or fifteen miles, to attack, a body of
rebels twentv-two thousand stronf?. In a mili
tary point ot view, the move was one of doubt
Jul propriety, not to lay tbsolote rashness. The
larger lorce were, with the exeeption of three
thousand men, well armed and equipped, and
they had a very large hodv of otvalrv. Rnt tha
question ef evacuating Springfield, the key of
uo cuuro ouuiuwesv, ota airetdy been discussed
and settled in tbe negative, it was decided
that tbe loyal citizens of Green and the sur
rounding counties should not have cause to sty
we bad left them without a struggle, abandoned
themselves, their famlliM. thele all tn h..t.
less and desperate foe, until tbe enemy bad felt
uur aioci ana wiea me mettle or our troops.
That mottle proved Itself worthy of the great
cause In which it was engaged. The Union
troops who fought and won tbe battle of yester
day need no higher mark, no briehter name
than the- laurels earned justly entitle tbem
to; They fought like brave men, long aod
well. Pi..
Gen. Sigel, with six pieces of cannon, bis
own regiment aod that of Col.. Solomon's.
moved in a eouthurlv directinn. marnhino- shout
fifteen miles, passiog around the extreme south
eastern camp of tbe enemy and halted until
daylight, or for the sound of artillery irom tbe
northwest to announce the opening of tbe
General Lron. with tha vnlnntera
the Missouri First, LieoVCol. Andrews; Iowa
FtrsA, Lieut.-Col. Merritti Ktosas First, Col.
DelUler; and Second, Col. Mitchell; part ot
the Missouri Second, under Major Osterhaus;
ana a detachment of twenty men from Col.
Wy man's Illinois Reelment; three or font com
panies of mounted Uoma Gnardai a fnrna of
regulars about 800 strong, tnd two batteries of
tour ana six pieces respectively, left Springfield
about 8 o'clock P. M.. marchln? slowlv alone?
uutil 2 A. M., when we baited for two boors, at
wmcn time uapt. uubert s company of regulars
and Moinr Oatnrhana'a h affnllnn aw rtr a Insnaln
out as skirmishers on either side of the column,
and we moved forward. '.; ., " ,.
Shortly after S o'clock a party of rebels, acti
tog as a picket, was seen scattering . over the
hills to give the alarm, but a portion of oar
column had already Deoetrated far enouch to
cut off their route, unless tbey took 'a very cir
cqttous one, in which oase we should reach
Camp ahead of tbem. - We soon came In sight
of tbe vtlley in which they were encamped. A
thousand tents stretching off Into the distance
and partially screened from view by d hill Jot
ting into- an angle, of Wilson creek" were be-
lore us, prescntlpg as animated an appearanes
as a young city. Tbe enemy's camp extended
trom the bead or the valley, overlooked on the
north, east and west sides by bills and ridges
two or three bnndred feet in higbt, southward
about a mile, theirce-ea8tward -a mile and a
half, and thea southward half a mile, following
we wiouinga oi tne creek, along wnota Banks
we genu; tiopina bills on tuber side afforded
tho most excellent cam nine? around. I
t Near tbe northern end of the valley fired
Jpbn McNary, formerly from Indiana, whol
finding the rtotlejwithin five miles, on Taesday
last, ptoked no bis few worldly roods, took his
family and started for the good old Hoosiej
State, where it Is not a orime to bs loyal to tbd
Government under which we live. Not let
than twenty or thirty families, living on farms
in the vicinity, started about tbe asms time.
most of tbem bating little or no idea where they
were going, except! to escape iron tbe daogei
wbioh threatened tbem. .r.r .in. . . -
Tbe battle field,: viewed by vonr corresnod
dent, where the most severe fighting waa done,
was along the ridges and hills on either side
(moBtly on the west) of tbe stream for the first
mile mentioned above, where thq creek runs is
a soatneriy direction. i
" As we crossed the hill ob tha north.' movint
in a south-westerly direction, Captain Wright,
wita tne mounted Home yuards, was sent to
the east side so as to cut off a party of rebels
seen In that direction.' Adjutant Hascock, with
a glass, rode- W the brew of tha hill, where.
looking down, be could sea ovary mavemenl of
we enemy oeaeatn turn, uis appearance in full
view caused a treat hubbub in the rebel camn.
which bad airetdy been thoronnhlv aroused bv
our appearance, and eamps and baggage were
nasuiy loaaea ana moved towards tbe tooth.
We bad oomolataly awwiaad Abam. Tha avl
daucs of that CtelWaA everywhere visible, but
tney got quicuy jnto line ot battle their
clouds bf cavalry were visible, and tbeir twenty-one
pieces of cannon were not silent after
ours bad opened tbe encazement. : i ii i
. - Oa lbs sides of the first ridge on tbe western
side of the valley, Col. Blair's regiment, at ten
minutes after sick o'clock, encountered a kstn
. ".. - .. .
tares oi lniantry, not less man a tun regiment.
ana aiur a severe contest tbey gained tbe sum
mit, and the defeated rebels dispersed rapidly,
going in a direetton whioh rendered it impose!-
Die . tor any considerable Dumber of them to
again participate In the battle. Totten't bat
tery then threw a few balls as feelers, to draw
out . tne eaemys cannon.; - .
(vol. Blair's regiment moved forward and
were soon met by a well equipped regiment of
liOuteiana- troops,' Whom, after a bitter eootett
of torty-flvo minutes, tbey succeeded In rout
ine, tnooea sunerine severely tnemseivet.-.
Captain Lathrop't company of rifle recruits now
assisted .them, and together, they, with Major
uttornaui a men, merea ;np toe second bill,
whloh was considerably larger thairthe first, and
meeting a third regiment, finally succeeded in
driving (hem back with tho assistanos of Tot-
ten's battery, and gaining tbe summit. In this
part ot tbs fight tho gallant Mittearl volunteers
sated bravely, indeed, no words of praise could
,i j. ,i . ., . .
Of course many eou of valor were performed
not witnessed by me, bat among1, those I taw
conspicuous were Captain" GratzT leading his
men against overwleming odds, and falling In
death just as he had repulsed tha foe, Lleoasn.
aat Murphy dashing forward ahead of the line,-'
waving bis sword high In the air, shouting on
ward to the almost wavering men, who gained
fresh'eohrags from tbs exhibition, and. nashlnc
forward, dnrr the .enemy Irom' tbe -field. - In
this fight, many ol onr brave soldiers fell to rise
no more, while Colonel Andrews had his horse
shot from bnder him and was -wounded himself
slightly.. Ueneral Lyon suffered In k similar
manner, Captains Ctvender, Ct'le and Yater,
etch slightly, or at least not danEeroutlv wound.
dt Liauts. Brown and Johnston, and Corporals
tvoasnt and nog ers, more . or less , severely
vAnnr!.'" ---r'i "' I ' Si. t- i.
TDorttt thlrnggea)en4twsi ''.ootnMuiite of
vegmiars were l ana to the east aide ot tbe oreek
to .engage, a fores) which was operating against
Uapt. Wright's cavalry, sheltering themselves
behind a fence. " t!apt. Plnmmer and Capt; Gil
bert with their" companies marched close op ta
the-feaoti aoV delrrered ta effeotivw -fire, bat
Were somaelled by area! odds to, retire,, which
thev did. bnt aealn renewed tha attack. The
enemy being lamely reinforced, and httinV bow
at least three1 thousand men, famptd ever Into
I.' ... . ; TT
btnd Was imminently theatanerl arltk anntkll.
tioa. They retreated rapidly, firing as they did
so, when Lieut. Dubois hav.ng got his battery
lu aewiwaj on tne mil near tne Bllttoori
volunteers, seeina tha nosition of affairt on ih
opposite vide oC th vallT. thrtr In iha mut
urcti.r manner several sbeilt, wblcn exploded
just as tbey reached the denstj mast of eeee
sieoistev scattering them lifeless on lbs ground
is scores, while all who could wcra glad to run
tor dear life '
Ths galltot mefj ld Col.' Blair's regiment
were now ordered back and their posit on taken
by the Iowa First., 4?eo. Lyosi had previously
had a poor opinion of, ths fighting qualities of
moee men, lormed more from supposition than
upon any real failure in duty, bnt now the time
m VaVJt.bim p9 fcta Judgment,
' " meir nrst repoiM of tbs ens.
my-! - They fought like tigers, drove the enemy
back, and followed up tbe advantage gained lor
considerable diataooe. Captain Maton, Com
pany C, was killed toon alter his regiment was
cusgcu. lieutenant rurceil wta mortally
wounded. - Maior Porter and Col. Umiti ..1.
lantly cheering on tbeir boys, escaping unharm
ed. .Tne Kansas First and Beoond regiments
were now ordered forward to support the right
UW1B, VI SUB AVWt'tv.., ,
Colooel Green's regiment of Tanneasea rsr
airy, bearing a seoetsion flag, now charged
upon our wouuded, who were partially guarded
uj vuu ur two companies of miontry. seeing
the movement, Cant.- Totten nonred a fear
rounds of canniater into their ranks jast in time
to ssrs our sick men trom being trampled to
aeatn, dispersing tha rebels to completely that
nothing more was seen of them during tbe day.
Gen. Lyon now desired tbe Iowa boys, whom
hs had lound so brave, to prepare to meet the
next onset of the enemy with the bayonet im
mediately after firing. They said, "Give ns a
leader and we will follow to death." Oa came
tbe enemy in overwhelming numbers, confident
of victory over suob a metgra force. No time
could be lost to select a leader. "I will lead
you," exclaims Lyon. "Come on, brave men;"
ana placing himself in the van, received a fa
lsi ballet fust at the pit of tbe stomach wbiob
killed bim instantly, i The Iowa's delivered
their fire and the enemy retired, so there was no
need of charging bayonets. Gen. Lyon's body
wasosrefully picked up and conveyed lifeless
toward the ambulances bv two of hla hodv
guard.. In bis death as in bis Ufa, be was tbe
same devoted, patriotic soldier, regarding bis
own life as of no value if be eould but rescue
bis country. ' His body has been 'brought hither
and embalmed, for conveyance to bis friends in
Connecticut. There was no feeling of denreesion
on the part of tbe troops at the unexpected ca
lamity, but rather a feeling of quiet determin
ation to revenge bis deaths Oa tho Toetdty
night previous be bed arranged for a night
attack upon the enemy, but singularly found
oimaeit aeiajea two nours benina tbe proper
time for storting, by rumors of a skirmish on
the prairie west of town, and the attack was
postponed- Wednesday ha said to me : "Well,
I begin to believe onr term of soldiering Is about
completed. I have tried earnestly to discharge
my whole duty to the government, and appeal
ed to them tor reinforcements aod supplies; bnt
ala, tbey do not come, and tbe enemy is get
ting the advantage of us." lie then called a
council of war, at which there was netrljan
unanimous voloa for evacuating Springfield.
Gen. Sweeney plead eloquently against such a
course, declared it would be tbs rum of tbe
Union causa in that quarter of tbe State, and
nrged a battle as soon is the enemy were with
in striking distance. ' Hs also pointed out tbe
lose of reputation both to tbe General and his
officers that would follow such a step. This
counsel decided the course to be pursued, and
Thursday when the brigade quartermaster in
quired when wa were to leave Springdeld, Gen.
Lyon replied, "JMOI Deiore we are whipped."
This waa the proper course to pursue. If he
retreated without a battle he would certainly
have been pursued by a boastful and unpunish
ed enemy, and very likely nave bis retreat en
tirely cut off. After being wounded he exclaim
ed to Major Schofieldr " The day is lost," but
tne Major :eaio, rjo, ueneral, let as try once
more." So they tr)ed,-and the General fell.
It waa now a liule aftar nine o'clock, and tbe
battle raged with a fierceness seldom if ever
equalled, for over three hours. The smoke
hung like a storm clond over the vallev. a fit
emblem of mourning for ths departed hero.
" He sleeps bis last sleep, he hat fought his last battle,
no sound snail awake nun to glory again."
The battle raged for two hours more, the
command devolving Upon Major Sturgis. The
enemy made repeated attempts to retako tbe
bights from which tbey had been driven, but
were gallantly repulsed each time.: The Kan
sas regiments behaved with a bravery seldom or
nsvtr equaled, forming ambuscades for the ben
efitof the rebels by lying flat oa ths ground
until the enemy earn near enough for them to
see their eve-brows, when tbey would pour a
deadly volley into tbeir opponents, and agaia
remain in possession or tbe Beid. ; Tbe last re
pulse of tbe enemy was tbe most glorious of
all, and was participated in by members of ev
ery regiment on tbe neid. The enemy came
fresh and deceived onr men by bearing a Union
nag, causing tbem to oeiieva Sigel was about
making a junction with onr forces. Discover
ing tbe,. rasa just in time, our gallant boys
rusoea upon tne enemy, wno, witn tour cannon
belching forth loud mouthed thunder, were oa
tbe point of having their efforts crowned with
soeoeee, abd again drove them with great loss
down the slope on the south side of the hill, i
Capt. Totten'a ammunition was now nearly
exhausted, and plaolng Dubois's battery upon
the hill at the north--and of tha vallev. Maior
Sturgis ordered tha ambulances to move toward
town. , Ths Infantry and Totten'a full battery
followed In good order, and were not panned
by the enemy, who was evidently glad to be let
alone. .,i , ; ,
Among tna prisoners taken was a surgeon
living in oi. vnaries county, ae was lmras
diately released, and Dr. Melcher accompanied
him to tha rebel general arranging for tba re
turn ot our wagons to bring in our wounded and
dead. .
Lieut. -Colonel Horace H. Brand, of the First
Regiment, Sixth division, who commanded tha
rebel foroe at Booneville, and wbo said be was
new aoting as aid to Gen. Price, was takea
prisoner early In the day, '' i
The minors Twenty made themselves useful
by guarding tha prisoners. ' One of thsmbad a
horse thot under him. l
.When Gen. Sigel, who commanded the east
ern division, beard the roar of Totten'a artille
ry, he at once attacked the enemy in hla onar-
tr, driving hira back half a mile and taking
possession of his camp, extending westward to
tne r ayeiievuie roaa. uere a terrible Bra wat
noured into his rknksbv ("rectmant whinh h
had permitted to advance within a few paces of
aim, supposing ai to oa we lows First.. Bis
men scattered considerably, and Col. Solomon's
could not be rallied." Consequently, Sleol lost
nve ot nis guns, ana oiner oeing Drosght away
by Capt. Flacg, who. coffiDelled hia ormonera.
some sixty in number, to draw the artillery off
(ha flM ' " .' V .
Onr troops took some" 409 torsos and about 70
prisoners, and aompened ' tha enemy to barn
nearly all of bis baggage to keep it from fall-
Jpglnto our. hands. , . . . .. i
.. The enemy had twenty-one pieces of cannon,
and at the last twenty-six, Including those taken
from Sigel. They ware none of these worked
with precision, every shot for nearly an hoar
going whis twenty feet over onr heads.
Our army reached Springfield In safety, and
are now preparing to move toward Rolla, but
wfthao hopes i whatever at ; reaching there.
.With a baggage traia.five miles long to pro
tect, it will bt singular,, Indeed, .If the enemy
does not prove ebterptisinc eoouffh to cnt off a
portion of ft, having such a -heavy fore of eav.
airy, rvun two mora tegmenta wa should havs
driven the enemy entirely from the valley, and
with a proper cavalry force could gave followed
nD such a victory with decisive reanlu. .
Onr loss Is about BOO killed and 600 or 700
'wounded, while the lets of the enemy must
have been doable our own, . Dr. Sckenok, who
wts In the rebel osmp et a late hoar last se
ning, bringing awty our wounded, reports our
men comparatively few with those of the one-
my,-'Whose -dead were lying i thick under tb
tr,oEa ntyitr
Tnoorte-'f "ii fart muor- r-1 iifw t!-; ' o ;
iiiiw -1
. . - " II L
' ' . ; -.': off
riioxs R1DTJ0IO
Iron tht Hew York Observer.
and are a'se compelled to make re tn mate hia. unaar
. -- - - .-"- wiu, uh mraaa pToatorreetetato
ment. trom this reliaWe aaarat we have totalaad tbt
mi, there were told, , wiaioejear
Bp Wheeler A Wllaoa..... J81,sn
I. M. Singer A Oo., 10,U
u O rover A Baker.. 10889
thAWfntf .1. . WV1 B. tfri, . - . .
those of any other Company."
Awarded the highest premiums at the '
United llatot Iain of 1838, IBM and U00;
Ohio Stare aairs ef 18S( and 18SS(
aad at nearly aU aae Oouaty Iain to tht Stale.
fine MMM .1 lit. lata ul.U. , .
, Vr.-7 1 :. uvo, wrm urn mt aw any
" " " w.u. miw iih. uiue niKnw '" -
the Jnlerior tax. tArtad cAaaa tUck tnoxMiti, now
Tht WRIEI.HB At WtT anrnT uiMtiiwin - -
ElAUaini atMBBBl Pit
Loos Incalhe) ouy o tm whloh esuiDOt be) nrelsMj . ft
la A iwa MB) Dnm O . a a. i
All aaiaflAlfmae .mwuM . .mm m ..
given la their ate, free of oharce.
b. unui,oi nign tl. oolambat 0.
. . Wat. 8UMNBB St CO.,
dec3 Sawd3m AwSm Ptke't Opera House. Cincinnati .
4 Qwvnne Block.
TEH GOODS, and Invito tht public to iaapect
tbtm. No such stock of Goods bat over baea braoeht ta
this market. The South, In consequence of the failure
of the grain crop, hat not boon able to parebaet tht us
ual quantity of rich goods, tnd thit fact has forced tbt
Import re to tell them tt pubrte auction. Oar bayer
(Mr. Stone) being la New York at thact lam Lm toi.
advantage of tbem, and we can tnd will tell oar goods
ui., .. uwuiuroD, wno purcnaeea two weeks eince,
paid for tbem in New York. Oar stock taantnniata t.
every department of
dyed mniifja,
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
Bought in One Day,
hosiery department.
Men's. Ladles tod Children's Under RHrta n-
Ladies, Alissee and Children's Hosiery of all kinds, In
Wool and Lamb's Wool; Fleecy Lined and Ootton Gloves
of every make.
a raft I
A cemulete assortment of all tha usual W At! a.
ties of
CAS31MF.lt E3,
Ladies and Gent's Linen Cambric Hand.
kerchiefs, 4c, &o.
Til DArtoni whn sall At nt. awa n1tajseuB mm BMA. a.
lbOB Lhsm tht. iBmrMt. hmt mnrl fthaarutal ai-rw.kr nf Ahj.
rer weo in thit market, or paj than on dollar Mr
hoar while looking.
aeci-aiTXcawitw. 8TONH e O'HARRA.
OF '
Spring & Summer Millinery.
The Stock Replenlahed
Spring & Summer Millinery
Is now complete, comprising every variety of alllln-
try; alto, a large tasortmtat of Bmbrotdtrtot, Hoatery
and Notions, lwn and in quantitlee and prlcee that can
not tall to suit all who may favor at with a call. The
goods have been bought tt Panic prices, tnd will bt sold
at a small advance on cost.
Miss M. E. YOUNG, late of New York City,
will superintend the Millinery Department. Her long
experience" hi the most lubionahla Establishment la
Broadway will tlont bt a warrant that tbt will bt able
to ive tatlre satisfaction at matters of taste to all ate
majr tkroc hsr with their orders.
Tht ladles of Oolambas and vicinity will praaee ae
eept my sincere thanks for their liberal salimiigs. and
I woald respectfully ae licit a caattaaaate at the auae.
,. ' R. H. 1 WARE,
68 East Tewav 'St., Ctlamkat, O.
Front Street, Between State and Town.
a. enur astiii running, and altbxmgh
tha preatartof Itto yean bat mt heavily t y
ipou n.r running gears, tne u still turn-
ng out those epleodid PHOTONS, ROOKAWATB, and
BUSES and HACKS. Twenty yean steady Buaarae
tarlng hat given onr work a wido-tptrad reputation
throagk the Soatband WeeU
We therefore deem It annecewsary to any any thing mart
to regard ta tht quality of oar work. We Waxbutt
vttv Vbhicu. Wt ota ttll aooa Toy Boaaiat tram
Dealereota bt foralshed wltb any tmoeurt tf work at
short Bottoa. and tt prioat lowat than aaa be boaakt any
where In the West. Second hand Buggies takes la ta
Chan re for new work. . ,
IOEepairlng done neatly and at short notice.' fat
tory aa front, bttwata State and Town atsweto, Oolam
bat. Ohio. - ...
O'All oommaalca tlons will neelvt prompt attoBOoa.
Au. Sl-wl. B. M. WILLIAMS OO
STESJIB OHlTTEtfDEN. . . BEIfaV T. aarrKsioEa
- 8. & H. T. CHITTENDEN ' '
, IG Offloet, (SO Broadway Bew. York' t?H, ae
Puuoas' Boiuiim, Columbua, Ohio. r ,
, O0tnfnl tttontlon paid to Oolltottotu..'' "
aprliadflm, .....,..,, . ., ,-. ., ,1.. V
' '
CarmarSarlwr A Watar Bta-t -.';
OolxxxxatoVLBS, OHlOt
W. ' B. ; POTTS ' 2c CO,
ltd Maanfaotarert tf Brass tad Coasaoelltoei ntttltrs,
; - , finished Brats Work of all DeecripUone.
- rtbl'Sl-diy. ' c.:w '"I'm njil.iKu .
.( ' -' )-. f .-

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