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Democratic Union Nominations.
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THE OHIO STATESMAN For the Campaign.
We wl'l fprnUh th disitBi'liuea of tbeOMe fctatss-
m.n,.durgUi CUirtl toucmt.
. 1T.1!'.w..J'J.ll."..''. Lnth i' ..... So'eAU.
Th. Weekly Ohio BtoiSiio, will b. furBl.hed fol
low if i ii ,i v. J . .
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In data ftf M cof le.. hf 'two moM: ,;'
i.'.lnhiofWioiitw" oai yv-riWT'w
u- h dUm our MAMMOItt nw
In tl Wf of ill who wint fty Wlf;
....vkla Lai ml. . . 1 t,0 F.i
l.. .h. frlenil of tbo rod CM-th. 4fW
men of Ohio
go to wnrk: ni ird ', ',
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XhHo!wtHffie redempuoo oi
LeUlbowell elrcaUled. . i "fA. n
THE OHIO STATESMAN For the Campaign. August 10, 1861.
of the State Convention
Resolutions of the State Convention —Mr. Sherman.
-Vinkrt'An Semite caa refuse, under oo4,
Mjintkexmcoa'titinl ctt of.-the Pr
eWUta i RipuUibAii 6e.wr r' Ohio,
Mr, Shmban, cab 7 in - plc-in the Sen
to. "I cannoVhere in my ptice, nndir oath, de
clare that ft w A strfcily legal d Wconeonance
with the i)rttsuioii"T.r.ihe Conalitutlon.
iw-Li.filkfcoiiriaUi w ouJomsT
Ho can nlao eTi "I do
I M . mwv.y aw"l - y - - - -
no.lkluviijUiePrt.iaeotiof th. Uulied' Sutee
tbt power to .upcui tbe writ ol kabtu cer
naiiit tnt rowM is kuot xrr-
it rn CoNOI8i. AND CoNOaK-1 ALON'-.He
can gay, "I do not believe that the President of
tbe United States has the power to increMO wc
regular army, sic.osf that raw is ixrsws-
Ati; b4 biefur,I cacnol''TOte fur either
Of thsUrt three propositions the fourth, the
fifth or the sixth."
, .Aad;et, because Demacraflo Convention
'iopted thc'following resolution, men, profess,
fort beConstUational Dtmert, are by thetr
so s condemmog the aotioo cf tie only party
irsstfaition thst 'nXrndt to sustsin th Con
stitutioo. .VViiatis th resolution? . Read Hi
6, Th On privilege) of the writ of hnbtit
tmrpm m one ol (prUbulwtkttf frcsdom,
and that no eitt bo k'gall deprived of
thm r...npfi Liht,L slwpt br Couktoss, and
tbeu only in cise of rebellion or invaeion, when
the publio safety may rtquire it( and ht the
Ule sttempt ot tbe President of tl United
States to suspend the privilege of the same Is
unwarranted by the FodersJ CosatituUon.
Among alliV acts Jidmited to be in viola
tion of tho CouBtimioa' bf Mr. Shiiman, this
is1 tbo mdy on the Cemoiratlc CodveBtiofl by
resolution jondcuBodj. And why -this t Be
eanse it is one of the most Bicreif rights; tbt
right of the citizenVi ;"ioeu to8k anl
"notr Will Ik U i3Mld whether hf i Je's.t;
held la JroDnwnment... ..If te Conventiop a to
,'b.blsBiediW 0TiBg. it . is for dealing too
iBwrelfottysiUa lha Adssinistraiioa.' '
J Other Tesdlutrbns I'M eamptalned Of wlln evi-
dent dlffichlty tij (hose ' Dirmoersfs who cotn-
oUln. which shows s oViirt to find's fanlt rather
tun rsssow. jr J r. I H y
.Thefiewt resolution reads as follows v
" ' Knnlnti. That the civl wsr bV whioh
:' oor country W"t present dlsfTscteo'.lsihe nstii-
"rsl offspring w misguidea seotionaiinn, enjrwn
"dered if fs6stios1 apltatdrs'North 'a well as
8oub i Hurt the Democratic farfy having
equally opposed tbej 'extremists f liotS tto
tiasw, and ThavlB(r' at "ill tlmt CMkraVry sjori
b tenosd -fav Hhr adrolsistraiioH et tbeOMeml
.iOwiSusjiwjtw4UiUiiU ooasoirinUoBailttsiai, tbmt
ptrty Is tavM sry -ronpoowble Lvroalamltlea
that hava-twltf4 from oV -departure from It
etofekr1prM disregiKJ of liar warting and
sdviwi . , , ,
Is hmineItnieo?at who"Joe ot believe
thai wat Wa. brOb'g'hJ 'ajjout bjf 'mlsguii
smkrtsiti.'ingenderefl by I'anitfosf tlta-'
v3orTUtU$oiai't-Most feruUy loi
bw'Wri -teiis of' thonsnnds -of Rnwblieani
timber JJtUoirs; earn thing, sd bsluts not
't declare.'7 10 short, we ask the Democracy
iif.tbi.Msatiitkm Isntrt trio ia every word and
!l.rM9-ii'toinJy ey 7lIf .bot answer in
tbi neeative. Theff why should not t De-
tlSaCvelitMaso speak, tVilfit render the
irf less' vigorous, If Democrat! detjare fb7
' fsisnoAspsisiaIs)loreJStoneei..
. V. M'juM. .Tbst in thf iittonal emer
m$Qcjt Abe JOsmooracy end other Union 4eo of
Unio, baiiKbing all feeling oi psion or roseni--
neflV Will recollect or-ly their dnty to the whole
country'; t'unt ibis war should hot be waged to
fIj"eTfoTroTWeWo of
assooqaeeCJ ef suDJBd'WiuB. ior purpose v ewer
tbrrtsrhwerijiirwlt tke rlgbss or
tabliebtd 'institutions vul (Jie Sutes, but to de
fend and mainuin tbe supremacy of the Con-
''ioatiosf, and to preserve tbe Union with all tbe
i dignity, equality, 'and"' rights of the' several
Suites uritmp.lred,'-rj(i thai as soon as these
Olieeta are aecompliahsd, the war"'ount to
, - 'hi UitfrorAW to- blarnvfor'-kahlshlng ell
feellsgof soo etoAMmtn-eDV and recol-
.Jet-DCff JJ tNpir.-lBty to the, whole .so-rtitry,1
si they have by frrtr-g.down their lives on the
f VeWof baUls, tail paying ill el r tsaes to support
thrjutgyr p.6f tttHooKHif giruij Mid
.(-.Aos-uoettotbesnesnyi'V iWe tbuk eot. t t.
Or art tney to bVamefo'r adopting" this resov
I (lutfrxT, sritlch Is the Critti Nncw resolptioo, and
'ptoposed'M th Wur pot Mori of new Be-
puiici-i ywiV&&n, gAflntwu
war ought to eease" when the ohjeot therein
tatcd are attained.
. ,- V i
ik. .mm Mull kliihi mmmum mm iuiiubi .-
The third feeolatiae. lead aa follows t
'3. That wblls'w dec it tbe' duty of
every tltitsn to support and sustain lbs gOvsrn-
pitnt coostituitonaiiy saminsierao, we rwoum
mend tlnat tit Legislatures of tbe several States
adopt tha proper measures for calling a aatlonal
owsaoUoauc the. purpose of settling out pre-
sent dimoniilet, and restoring ana pre-iug
the Union." . f'J f
W are told that tblt Is proposing to eon
promls with "rebels with arm la their hand."
W propose no compromise or conveniion wua
rift.Is.. Tn do nit propose nor wsot a cpm-
nromise' or a Convention, any more than do th
' V WW . 'm. ul-
AhalltioDUtS ! UK norm, wim """"-l
told thai there ar a sasjorltj of tbe people of
lha "South' whb are for tbe Union, a4,r
aaaioui to save is, a now - -
-1 . rfl wwtmm klnm
Dsmooracy ar trying to strengmsn oy snew
ttrrmnslas' a National ConTentlon. Jt is not to
the rebels. la arms. ,Taet will oppose Con
ntion. as will th AboUtloolsU. W XAot
t flohi hath, as wa have done bscStofore. "' V
"Tbt fourth and fifth resolution are U fol
iOW wm ., jr. f, !, ,-.'k. 'I ll.'ll
,! a ThAi ih oorrnrtlon and extravagancs
itMAmn)itiiv and favoritism shown in th ad-
fclnlstratlon of th War Department of th
8tale ami Federal Governments, deserve ano
receive oof -unqualified condemnation, ana
oufcht to' M Immediately eorreoted ana re
formed; ' 1 '- "' , ' '' ' .
U ft. That th volunteer soldiers who, at tbt
rjaft'of theln country, promptly went forth to
An h.ttu ta rfMu of Ita Constitution and
T.awi. and who. In manv eases, have beea com
pelled to fight under Inexperienced officers, are
entitled to our besrty thank for tbe gallant
manner in which -they Bav discharged tneir
duties."' r"'-
. Th fwtU peed no explanation Tbe wool
RtpUl party .frosa Maine to Iowa, bav bss
mnst' DTomlneht In msklng charges, and proving
them, too, pi 'tfct most Infamous cooduot of the
War Departmsol, to lolling cootraou. inasea
It ha befe so ontragsoi that RspubHoaa pa-
per bs.ve demsnded th sxpulslonor Mr. Cam
caoH from tfa CsbinsU. . : :- '!..'": i
In oor own State, so infassM has beea th
conduct In th (km tract system that, whether he
Is to bU'mo or not, Oov. Da-mwisow Is entirely
Ignored by his parly.,. This being tbe cut
most th loyalty of a Democratic Convention
be questioned, and that by men pnfi-ing to be
Democrats, for denouncing this Infampot .eon-
duct). Ii so, tbsn, Indeed, bav thing oai
to pretty pass, and th people will b ignorant
of what disposal Is made of th mllllorj they
are paying to np'port tb war., . ". , '',' Vi(' ' " '
..The fifth resoisjUoB expresses tb hearuait
thanks of the Democraey to our gallant men of
the army who bavo sd nobly went to tb field to
try and remedy tb groat wrong ow our, uov-
ernment end Constitution by "fanatical agita
tor North and Sooth," and for which th old
National Union Democracy "ar In no way
responsible-'i to ...... j u -u .-
Th Deeaooraey never deserted their gaiian
men in the field, and never will, and when they
leave home, kindred and friends, uey wen
know, from tbe past, that the Democracy will
stand by them, and never tell their enemies "to
welcome tbem with bloody hsfads to hospitable
The Democracy expect elaadcr and . abuse
from abolitionists, that b tbelr roeatlon, but
when Bee men, professing to ba Pemocrat
nd frieods of , the Union and tha Constitation,
deserting tbe ld patriotb organlsatioa ol tbe
country,' seeking' new alliances, and charging
their former friends with disloyalty, w cannot
resist the conclusion that their professions have
been but a "masked battery" for tb dsstriction
pt ,liat party which In ita whol history, has
never proved nnpatriotic,' or avers to the wel
fare ol the aatloa, sod. th luppines and pros
perity of tb people.'-: 1 ; -1 -
The Battle in Missouri.
Oa tb first peg will bo tonnd an Interesting
tccoont'of the 1st battle In Missouri, from th
Missouri Democrat. In anothsr place lb Dem-
tcrtt say oar foroe wet as follows:, 1.300
regulars, 4,000 volunteers, and 9,500 Horn
Guards in all 7,600 men, and that tha Horn
Guards did not em to participate in th fight,
which leave but 5,300 aotually engaged In tb
fight on oor side, while the Confederate troops
numbered 20,000V' This, to as, look liks mad
ness on the part of our officers. What, in th
nam. o( oosasnoa aease, can ear officer think!
De they expect to bo suoceesful In battle with
such odds as this against themt Do they ex
pect our gallant msn to perform miracles T
It oar baUle ar to contiaa to bo sought at
snch odds, we must look for no other Natt
than defeali,aetieAtt. and awful slaughter 6f
onc.mon. iiavo we not bad wpertono nongn
to this linst It Is absolutely arefal to read
accGnirta of our bravo , men : bdn' token Into
th'jpaia', with auq'certainUs or defeat and
death atatrng thBs 4n Ufo. ,;
If these thidgt br Mb coottnoodt we oonien
the sod to us look remote and bloody, and tb
' . .', . - '- ' " '-
Caau OBoayiut, t v; a Xf. i'. l.l.. .t-r.-u,.-.-. -I
I.U ',' II I I M II I III I 1 IJ ..jl) ' -I
1lDlTni''' I w vary singular, If not Tgnlfi
past uWWuMctd with tht oall lor th bogus
Union Cotaantlo of tho 5ih of Bsptsmber
Tb call I not signed by tb Governor ov any
otney of tb Stat officers. ; Why Is thfi so?
Do. -tho maatger tf tho affair repudiate tbo
present offlolal dlgaltarte of tha State, aad '
Int - themT air nnaafa Union menT Or do these
official dignitaries declin to sign thacaJJ for
tb bogus Union Convention t . Will oweotain-
porary of th Jrntl inform a what t tb
cius of th ablenc from tb can or tb name
f Wai,Daiiaioa. Rr W. Tsnxa, A'. P, Sroai.
A. P. Roasau aad Was. B. TsnuLtw th pr eatat
oocupanu of tho 8tet' Hooset Many people
are curloul to know whthef Gov'. DMauori
and hi official associate approve of the bogus
ealt- or wot. aad tho JsswmI may bo able to
1 1
gratify th urIou In rslatioi to th matter
' i -..U I . ' "' . ; ... k .; ! ,1.1, r-
tT U tb RepabUoaa awanagor at really
anxious lor I 'Union of parte to th preseal fall
oampaign,: ther. 1 Ino dlfflcnlt In having It
apon th basis of , dovotioa to. lb Cositltuiipa,
tb Union, and the Enforce. ent of fh Lawaw
Th 7th" of Adgnst Convention nominated a
ticket f trn aid unconditional Union mta
free bom faaatioal MOtiooalism la all iU parte,
and thrfoi the very sjsktt for oil tra Union
men to support. By Joining la Ita snppors.al!
oaiiy line will b oompletely obllUrated, and
tbe State will abow a united front for th
Union, '''"i vu -u vi. in
It Ui plan of gsttlo'g Bp a bogui Conveatfcd
hero oa she 5 lb i t September, .be parried oat.
kwill aaiv aw .taabow that tho aiaaafesm la
the afiVIr br Insincere fa thir protended deW-
tlon to' the Ucon.,J It ts In their poef to unit
tbo people e no jtlokot. If Ihey .wish to do so.
ilir-'J ,m 1 11" . .' .-.! '
j ,97 Tb CladnnaU CewewroisI, on of the
RCpubllcsit' organ of Cincinnati, Is Id i quad
dan as to tb beat manner of getting Democrat
to join it party.'. ,-Ooe day it trie ballylogtbe-
Heat tt floaxse, and fistters, aad Cawasf wbest ft
finds' fat that telther win dorIt wlfl do so'tn'r
thlog Is.' ;W pity It. If th iitpt boubj
oolf meed and hava another tela alia, that
friend from an 'xtrem Sonthera ftyTh
might tell what to do next. Can't h b found t
Mr. Jewett's Letter.
The Cleveland Krrali &;, Vpeaklng of Mr.
Jswsrr's lettef of ccptaqc, "H propose
peso pvoposluons to th rebels well tn7
remain with arm in their hands.''
W ar ntterly aorpilsad to see suoh a falsa
statefoent I the. Cleveland frrsM. Btj
perhaps ought ,-nol to eomplalo, as tha IptPV
publlshe a flat oontradlotlon of it own state-
msnt in th same ooluran. It publlsbss mr
Jiwitt's lettari in Which ha ay,'paklag of
"In on tection of th country a rebellion cz
1st the laws of the land are put at defiance
. . i . .i .... i m . v. - rM.,l
tne union or me oiatee ignorwa ui vwm
tullaa eel ailde. and another, at OOOO the Off
spring of and apology of this rebellion, wngbt
to be uMUtuMa in its aitaa. .ab sue pmmv
tion of their dsslens. the oar ties Instlaalinf and
leading this rebellion have seised upon the prop
erty or our Government, driven ita officers and
soldier from their poste f duty, and by armed
vlolenoa have souehl to humiliate oor flag and
to overawe the iroverhmeot. Tbeee partlee
had.oa doubt, carefully oalouUted thaebanoM
of success, end-, hsvlng'nd sympathy lh com
mon with tb great mas of tbe people, dster
mlnmJ. at all haaards and at anv ooal of treaa
we and of blood, to attempt tbo exmutloa of
their nnwlss and wicked purpose, rvu saea
wuw 1 Aitf as coMsrsmiws e mk-U iuck I
we Isvms U tfftr, Uur tAea aaeoaauisaei
eaOMisstsa y them t th UnUn, las OsiwfilMdea
Mr. Jiwrrr again sayas "I would make any
reasonable and honorable concessions, net ( the
traitor, but to disarm tbe traitor by undeceiving
IhabeU-ayadJ',-, ... .
When a maa tells a falsehood and eontradiote
It Aimer in the ssme breath, ho rs looked upon
as somewhat "rattled,',' and to ba regarded as
harmless ' '
Coming to the Point.
. . . , , -
. Mr, Gioaai,BKsoNsa, tbe editor of tb fcUr
riaborg TtUgrfh. a RspublloM pper, and re
cently appointed postmaster lb that city,' say.
"TJtiu ttnaot and tUn ntmr trill ht ftme
eosia in s-Aa( tnct formed the lniud Stttii, m
lantt liner ixidt in th South., This is tb
decree of God himself, who has declared an
eternal antaffoolam between right and wrong 1
'To talk of pesos, tbsrelore, IngutUtw-
rw en Mts CNta, In cooiuncuou who
freedom, is both foolish and Impraoiieabl'!"
If wa Intend to be free, th ooontr sm oe
wrk tt nertkrt and ee-n'i las teiiiisfwa of
Umrw. the loneer our freedom will last and
the nobler it will become!!!" . -
Snob sentiment are mlsoblevous, and oalcn-
lated to do the Union cause muoh Injury. Mr
Lmootw should remove him Immediately. '.
This is tbe nodarground sentiment which will
control Ibe as w party, whatever may appear oa
the arfsc. -7 ' 1 ' "-'- .' ''"-..
Wouldn't Stay.
i i'
Wstek th following from' tb Iron Valley E-
press, of Jackson oo. It is on of tbe old trick
of tha enemy to carry about paper In th midst
of an excitement to get Dtmoerata to commit
themselves n paper. Paper of this kind were
carried about this city to obtain th name of
Democrat at the time Andrew Jackson re
moved th deposlu and vetoed lb Bank:
To all whom it mat Cowctati. ,
We hereby notify the public, that wa are not
to ba bound by tbe action of tbe so called Grtnd
tTmiouM. Convention, to beheld in Jackson,
on the 17th Instant to th call of which Con
veniioD our names are appended. ' . , , '.
lat. Because we were mistaken in tb object
for which said Convention was called.
3d. Because we are satisfied that the Demo
cratic party is, and always ba bseo, io favor of
maintaining tb Government npon wis and Na
tional principles: j
James Dyer, . , Ephriam Plummer,
Allison Brown. . Stephen Ward, .
John French, t r. Esra Walters,
L. W. French, .-. John Thompson, , .
Jacob Thompson, .. . Joseph Burk, , , ...
Wm. Joyce,': , t , , w. i . wasnam, . , ,
T-J,Hna, , . , Epbriam Gard. , . .
Cwioa ConvnimoR Tb Ohio 8itt Janrnal
of Toeedsy morning eontain an adverUsement
of a Convention of the people, without respect
to party, to be hsld on tbe ota or aeptemoer,
to nominate 6tt officer, in which all loyal
oUlxens, W favor of lb maintenance of th
Govoramont aad a vigorous prosecution ol tb
war. etc.. are Invited to take pari. The basis
of representation is one delegate to every 1000
of the aggregate vote for Slate officer last
year, whick give six delegate for this county.
This oall is not signed by any names, and noth
ing Is said of II in the journal, we oo not
know, therefore, whsno It aaaanatet, or wb
wlilbereeponetblsforlt.J It is' lira that she
Republican Committee should act, a wa eap.
poo ibey will- and we wait to see what I to b
done.'' W doat Ilk tb meaner of getting
out Ihl call. . Il looks too much-like a dodg
of om kind. :; 1 , ' " . ,
W extract tb abort from the Ashtabnla
Sentinel. Ol course il U 'dodg.'! W un
derstand that ther will kVa oommittea ap
pointed to wait oa Gidpihos and th Abolition
ists of Ashtabula, to whisper In tbelr ear4 "that
the thing I all right," font that U I naoeasary
to aide CeyaWisaatm as asaoa aa aosaibka, or
th Democrats won't join tbo oocra "They
ar cettlnr. a stralrht-balrsd ssfj mad to eovor
the woolly bead; bat how tbey will hide lbs
Asrlsisnotyetdetermiaed. t, .i-. '"-'j
( O l l .1 II II i II i
1 17 Dr; Soorr, of tba.labanoa Bur, says,
'et party spirit and party lacks get oat of tb
way,".. Let tb Doctor tak a is nat ana leave.
If there ever was a mora bitter, saaJigaaot,
Abolition "patty kaek" than h, history glvss
no ccoont of bla;' For this b ws despised
by many ofth Repobllcan members la th
Lgislatar, of whioh ho wae a saber.
" '
No Party.
,iO..DoJUy, Postmaster at Dresden, Ohio, has
boon removed, aad Dr; Ftiasi spooinUd In hi
place. Mr. Disjit Is a (bond Union, Prmi
oraL and had tb PoeWSc decoratsd With an
AmerioaaflAg, bnt a It had ail th star on It,
It did not ntt. Dr. Piabsb I a rabid abolltloa-
i jn ' .- ; m i v: -t.it
i I..'W-J
i -' 'U'J
Domorrall papa!
Th TTln TWn, a
bolsu tb nam of David Tod for Gov
ClmelikdL.dtr;'V'" :-- - .... i
n' Thai rich. ; it ihert I k mor Wttor aboil
lion paper la tb Bute than ths Tiffin' Tries,
wedea'tknow It, aalese it M tha
When that paper "support 'Toon, he Will hav
donomthjng which, on year since, h would
have beea aebemtd of.
D" The Cadis ftWioaa contain a call for
aii'JtayaoUesa Coaoiy Caavenlloa," aad about
thirty Rtpoblleaa candidate for iomlnailoa
.ttVflta publlahw bunch of Talteboad about
th Daaaocratia glato rolatioo,aa4. k too
mean to publish them, for fear Its readers ill
aW Ht.i--'-" " "ie I T '" f - '
a-aoiwva s-m-esjbi r , ! ; ' '
,'KJt d n't Van (oblWa'.'or aotrc tl call lot tbo
aaw Aepoblioaa Coavantloa, bat give It tb
1 !.!.
WIU ii.......
;"P Hun. Hiwir O.WBmiA has been hanK
inated by tb Union Democracy for' r tleotba
as Jade of tbe Court of Common Flea for th
dnaiet eampoeed af th msns of Fahrlatd,
ItrJcVW "nd ftttf. ' Mr' WMaw U acknowK
r - - . i --- nLl.' - " J '
fdgedOf oi tn pesasuogw ui y'sr-,.yuiMf )
. 87 Awoeg tba wwaaded la th lata battle la
Missouri f mrf rallahl young Mead, Cd. Roa.
st VLxipiu,, now of Kansas, formrl of
Mt. Tsruea and JMt, iiiat-f wnu, f in rw-
ported waandsd la ib groin andr ,. Oi
East Tennessee.
Tha Admlnlatrattoa haa not Intended to deotrt
tb loyal men of East Tcnoessse; but by do-
1 -m. la
laying to aend them arm, ie biudw vuvpa, it
haa Jeopardised their aafety. When, six weeks
ago-Jenator Johnson, na pmmwa K-moriu8o
Brat plead tbe cans oi weir wdmimtow h
Whlngton, the rebel ooold have doo little
lo preveat th xecstlonf 0'thel: planl jot fh
lellef of th msn of the mountain.- But uow,
aa we learn from unquestionable authority, not
far from 10,000 armed rebels guard all the avo
cues f access, ar driving Union mesvovsr tbe
borderland Insure tbe conversion orau mall
and sxpress routes for tbe purposee of Jefferson
Davis. i Gen. Rosecrena may be .abla' te, reach
lha debatable ground In timet but had East
Tennessee beta vn half armed a' month ago,
her loyal eons would have had les rsason to
complain of th Government Cortardlness in re
sponding to their cry for help. Was. Cor.
Trttaaov, -.!":. i Y & r.v:'.''i .."'ijwo'i "!:1
Will some gentleman of the new Republican
pirty say who Is to blamT W might answer,
bnt some on might say we wer' opposing tbe
war policy of th Administration P
Atrocious Conduct of the State Governments.
W publish to day a statement of th treat
ment of the Twenty-sixth Regiment by the
8tat authorities,'. It oomes from tha vary best
authority, and our reader can rely upon every
word of It. It Is atrocious. We have sssnrarj.
oe that the clothing and ration due th regi
ment have been actually stoiea by tb Stat
Hons thieves. The regiment Ik bow In the
enemy' country, suffering almost beyond endo
ranoe. ; How long must such things be suffered?
:- We clip th sbov from th ClcclnoaH Times, 1
oo of th organs of the new Republican party.
Ths Democracy are blamed because Jhey pss
resolutions condemning such conduct.
Is It Treason?
Tba Cincinnati Prut 'of jfeSirday.'4iad
coudIs of leaders which, ws have no doubt, will
attract no little attention and elicit considerable
eommeot. They take tbe ground that the Union
fs divided, broken to pieces, through tbe anarch-
of its own slemeuts, and that it Is fully to
Ulk of recoostruotiu)- it. it say tbat.tbs iaots
are: first, tbe South wanes to gel rid Of fhe
North: secondly, it :1a :r he Interest', pc'iic'b.
tranquility, honor, safety and respectability of
tbs jNorttj to get rid or. toe aoutn.'; ,wuj tne
Quoxtt and Commercial tell . as whether that is
treason or noil We expeot to see both these
pspsre overflow with Indignation, this morning,
that anv oaner In our midst should give utter
ance to such idea "'
The Vault will recommend instant mobbing,
on the old Idea that tbe best way to refute tbe
arcument of a book was to burn . tb book it-
self. It was supposed that would be an end-of
controversy.., Tb shortest way. in tb opinion
of tbe UattUt, to aispose oi jmper iqat oan'i
b argned down, is to Mar it down by fvlolent
band..' The Cooiwurcmi Will luch forth on
ths reousant head of the Pre all ths strong ad
jectives it csn command denunciatory of trea
son. It win noi jet is woui a do 'oowtruiy so
do so such an opportunity pass for Striking a
blow which might tell lor tbe vigorou preeeou
tiofl of the war.- tVe would, therefore. direct
the reader to both lb Gll and Cosswureial of
this morning for specimens of terrible, withering
denunciation of tbo Fries and Jta treasonable
artiole.- ' - - : A
W tak tb above home thrnst from the Cin
cinnati Enquirer, We looked over the papers
named, but could find nothing indicating their
desire to have the Press torn down. The iress
is not a Demooraic paper. " . ' .' i 11 'Si A
Wyandot Democratic Union Nominations.
i Th Uion Democracy of Wyandot connty
hsv Dominated th following ticket: , , t
For Representative Jonathan Maffett.
For Andltor Peter B Beldlen. ,
For Treasurer David C. Murray.
For 8heriff William Marlow.
For Probate Judge John A-. Morison.,' ',' ,
For Proeeouting Attorney John Berry. ; .'
For Com mlssioner C R Fowler. " ' ,-'
For Coroner Benjamin Williams. " 1 ,
Mr. R. R. McKia received tbe vote of the
county for Senator. v.
The Democrat says:.' f t
Every candidate npon the ticket is unobjec
tionable their characters, publlo and private,
ar Irreproachable men of ' atrlot Integrity,
clear political record, of fine ability and per
sonal worth. No one can say one word against
them. . V" IJ- '
With sucb a ticks! in tb field, tbe JJemo-
ealio Union men are invincible. Every man is
a itraightout Union man, devoted to tbe Stars
and Btripes, tho union, tne uonstitution and
tbe enforcement of the laws, and wa Invite all
men to unite with us In their triumphant elsp-
Ilea. .. :, i-.i,... ,u
If tbe Republican desire to drop part lines,
1st them unite with tbe only Union party now
in th country th Democratic Uolon party,
If thev love Ibeir country If they are devoted
tethe Union, and Veefy desire to drop party
Unas, wa sea no aobd reason why they will not
join hand with thai old reliable Union party
that baa always kept the step and marched to
tbe tnnsiCjOf th Union. Tbe people look to
th old Union Democracy, and to it, alpue, for
tb aalvatioaof oor country.. ..i,.,'i .-' .,
Tbro cheers lor the Democratic Uakn nom
inee, and three cheers for the glorious ' princi
ple af tb old Union Democracy.,! -i -o r.rl
H.iS ),i ' ' Hi
t7Josira Barrr, of Hocking connty, has
heaor dominated for. Lth State Sonata by the
UaitiCt Democracy oi U oonotl of Fairfield,
Hocking and Athens. Tbe Eaglt says of him :
Wkb the nominee for Senator' we hava no
personal acquaintance, but be Is, spoken of by
tbe Democracy of Athens and Hocking as com
ma ap to tb Jefferson ian standard of honesty
aad capability.- : V f yT BfRftK!
Let tbe Dernoeracy-pat tbsir shoulders to
gether, and glvej.be. pomlDeetjjronsIng msjor-
Tb followlag ar lb nominees ..It; Old Fair-
Representative J, C Jsffrlesl - -'
Treararer O. E. Davi.
Commlmlonee Jbsl ShsBfTerr
Ut-m. Wrectot Michael Miller.
About 3,700 votes were polled at tha primary
election a good algn. -Of -the- eonnty- ticket
tba SeeMiey s i J-'XX i.h.x Vv
Th nrooaediasr of the ratification meeting
will show the ticket Dominated. , We say the
Uckal selected I a good ens.. Tbafr' ll wlU be
elected la a axed racw ids nominee nave
reaeoa te be proud of their noses over the
good Democrat, worthy and true men, running
against them for the respective offices. . We do
aot doabt that th defeated candidate will giv
tb nominee tbelr beany support, 'indeed,
those present at tb ratification meeting', In ap
propria remark, pledged ike nisei re to tbs
ticket sea inated. 1 Tbls tsTigbt and Damocrat
le. ' Every Democrat vote for his choice at tb
nrimarV election. " After th nomination- the
watchword of the Demortle' pirty 1, " Tl
tlokst, lb whol ticket, and nothing but tbs
ticiit. - .. 1 i.'r..vwf. i.
State Senator the Ross District.
Tb Union Democracy of th Bos and High
land district havs nominated Wn.tlAi CoLiita
for th State Senate, The Adoertuer (tyai
He Is aaubstantlal and Intelligent fsrmer,
and il deservedly popular with those who have
tbe pleasure of bis acquaintance. I il la known
to tb Democrats as an old and unflinching
msmberoi tbe Democratic party.' Should ;tbe
people ratify his nomination, .and , we have no
doubt they will, tbadistrtot will find Ii him a
representative who will befiuingty 'attend to
tbelr Interest.' , Tb prudence for" whibh h is
proverbial, and tb good common sens and
sterling booesty'wbloa art bis dlstingulihlog
ebaraeterUtloaoommmd bis pewerliUJy to the
support of thw voter. 'm-.-v w v j.irinr
v Th Democratic Senatorial Cooventiimv that
sra hsld at Greenfield on Tuesday, wa largely
attended, and It was distinguished lor its unan
imity and enthusiasm.' -After tb nomination
it tiii Collier; Jc B StevensooHr Erq was
laariiw Miled for. and mad a speeoa that Was
aotenly rapturoaslf apnlanded by ibe Dsmo
oral, bat oomoModod even by Republicans who
heard it. Cbaa. A. aneai, esq., 01 mgmana
followed Mr. Stevsnson, who drew a vivid pic
lure of th condition -of tb country on ye' -
ago anu ro-oays biiuubu v. imuowi w w
texts that produoea ournnnap' y aiuicuiiieei ia
slated that we must prosecute lha war in which
we are now engaged until w shall be able to
oonquer an honorable peace, tie osnevea snsi
ii tb Union per rueconstrncted- U. must
be through tbe agency or the i-emocrauo party,
aad bene thought it the duly of every Demo
oral to Ubot energetically Jot tb suoces of tbe
Democrat!-candidates. '
. After a few remarks by E,B. Eihslman, tb
CrinvABlion adiourned. with three cheer for the
Union, tbe Constitution and Enforcement' of
tSA ... AnJ lhrehSi tnt Mr. Collier. I
J Th deleaates from ill parts of tba Senato
rial District brought cheering Intelligence a to
tb Wdspcota or lb lmorauo party." t'-td p.
- : - - inrr.;il
Southern Items.
: A daror Vwo 1 ago, a flag of truoe'emo to bur
pickets and sent In the -following to Col. J. E.
B. Stuart, of tbe cavalry, commanding at Fair
fax Court Hons : .'" ; ' i'J '' - - - W
mi . -1 - r rr. v -
..40 woom ii .may jouoeri1 ,111- .uccio,
Meewa.'.tiorman, el.Jiltimore,. Applegate and
SterlLhg, viflit Richmond for th lingl purpose
of obtain Air tbe remains of lb late loi. vam
ron. All United Statos troop will show tbem
tha utmost .courtesy aod protection going ana
Secretary of War.
Col. Stoart returned tbe communication with
the' following indorsement .1;' - ,; '
Aug. 2, 1861.
.' The within communioatlon baa bosu sent me,
but being addressed "to whom it may ceaoero,"
is returned for tbe reason that Its, object does
not; concern me, tor any-one else that;!;' am
aware in tha Confederate States of America.
Col. 1st Cavalry Commanding.
- The gentlemen, were also Informed that Gen.
Jobnatoni when properly addressed on tbe ob-
jectj would give aay aid in hls-poweri for ihe
recovery of Col, C.'sreiqains.'.- -. -iri";.--.:-
"iTro'bp' continue! to ''poo'fla sine's the battlo
of Manassas - Says the Lynchburg Virginian :
" Our city is full, nf soldier. We have never
Seen ro many men hurrying forward to tbe rest
Of war." The Lynchburg ptpers also announce
the arrival thsre pf- the first regiment of the
Polish Brigade from New OrlCane,rwhicb was
raised by Geo. Tocbman, but is now eommand
ed by Cot.' Poulaekdwski. On of th companies
Is 'commanded by John Robinson, the well
know circus proprietor, and hts .ton Jamstj the
famous" equestrian, Is a lisatenanl in lb same
company. Tb foitsb Urfgade ssems to m
brsoe almost every nationality under tb sun.:
The arrival ot another Louisiana rsglmtnt,
composed chiefly of French Creoles, ia announc
ed in the Richmond papera. It is commanded
by Col. Maodeville Marieny, who wa educated
at the Polyteobnian school in Franasj waa the
military companion, .'and associate of tb lat
Duke oi Orleans, and la a gentleman renowted
forbia obivalry and soldierly qualities.: Th
Lieutenant Colonel, Jules Denis, I also a fin
offloer, and tbe .Major, Damontel), served with
distinction In the Crimean war.j Tbi regiment
ba marching order for JManassas. - Emlle La
Sere, formerly a distlngnisbed member ot Con
gress from Louisiana, is , Quartermaster.pf abla
regiment. - ; . . . . . .- , , .
Ibe Twolftb Worth Carolina regiment has
also arrived at Richmond. , It numbered 1,000
men.n The regiment ia commanded by Colonel
Peitigrew, an officer of fine attainments.. , . : j
Democratic Ratification Meeting.
PIQUA, Wednesday, Aug. 14.
Tt the Editor of the Entuirtr:
- Tbe Democracy of Ibis place tho horn
Dr. G. Volnev Dorser held a meetins las
night to .ratify the nominations of the. Stat
Convention. It was the largest politioal gath
ering which has met here for several years, and
the utmost enthusiasm pervaded the meeting.-
Speeches were made by J. F. MoKlnnev. Esq..
of Piqua, and Captain Moore, of Fletcher.- 1 '
there is but one sentiment entertained by
the Democracy of Miami, and that Is, that th
Government must be sustained and lb Unio
preserved; and Ihey hold to but one opinion an
lo bow this is to be done which is, by main
talulng unadulterated the time-honored princi
ples of tha .National Democratic party, and put
ting down 'Incompetency end corruption In the
Stataaud Federal Administrations. 1 , j
... ; , ! " I " 1 .- I . -r"t 4
fET The London correspondent-', of the New
York Poll, of Augnst 3d, ys: ' '. ' -"'r1''-
Our gdverrlment should b put eoon Its guard
against a most scandalous deception, which i
now prsctlcrd upon1 a large scale bypartlos in
England, who are filling orders for arms and
equipment for Ibe American market, and ia
soveral instances in behalf of our government.
It has eome within my personal knowledge that
large numbers of Old gun barrels have been ro-
mouuted upon Blocks aud ntted with looks takeo
from old muskeia which It Is the practice of the
British Government to cut up and place in a
useless condition when condemned by the gov
ernment officials.
Tbeaa guns bay been mounted with rifle
sights, so tbst ooles the Inside of th barrel is
closely examined they pass for genuine rifled.
saw -one of tbs gun firmly -secured to a
stand, and several bullets discharged at a tar
get, but not one shot came within aix feet of the
other. The army equipments which are-mad
here by responsible persons are th best in the
world. '"I hav seen patent' water. proof sheets
lor csrarwgning, wmcb. will bt invaluable to
OW'Mier If, the war continues. t '.'' I
1 iiliifi 1 I 'l.l' I '. 1 til' 1 i. ! !.-',- j
Gcnebal Wool. The ..Troy Daik '. Timet
says: We announce with' tbe most lively satis
faction that all' doubt With" reference lolhe ol
der S from Washington ' to General Wool is at
an end. He' this morning ' received from the
War Department a notification that he had.boen
appointed to-tb com a and of tb Department of
Booth-eastern Virginia headquarter. at. f orl-
ress Monroe with directions toeeporf himself
for duty imnreaiateiyr-ti-wtti reaTethtraity
to bis post Ol duly on rv dMidayj ai n J
A Proclamation by the President of
the United States.
A'jolnt om
Congress baa waited on tbs President of tba Uni
ted Siatett-and requested him to reoommend a
day of publlo humiliation, prayer and fasting, to
be observed by tbe people of th United States
with religions sOlefflQitjen, and the offering of
fervent MpplHwtioB te. Alaaicfity -tiod for tba
safety dfl welfare af thee States, hi blessings
on tbelr arms", and d speedy restoration 10 peaci
aad whereas, it is fit and becoming in all people,
at all times, to aoknowledge and rover th su
preme government of God, to bow in humble
submission td His chastisement, to confess and
deplore tbelr sin tod trsnsgresalooe; jn th full
conviction that the' fear of th Lord I th be
ginning of wledom, And to pray with -all fer
vency and contrition to tb pardon of tbelr past
offenses, andr so a blessing upon tbelr pres
ent, and, perspeot.v .eotlooir ' and,- whereas,
when our beloved eonntvy, on, by the bluasius
of God, united, prospetou pd hsppy, 1 now
affiicted with facUooj and, clv)l war, It Is
iiarly at tor aa to reeogoist w nana M Uod In
tbi visitation, and, in sorrowful remembraaee
of our own faults and crimes, at a nation, sod a
individuals, tb humbl ourselves before , H,im
and to pray tor Has mercy to pray that we may
ba (pared all further punishment, though most
Justly deserved;, tbst onr arms' b-sy.tb1ssd
aad msd effectual or r establishment of Jaw,
order-and peaoe threagboot rar eoantsyrand
that tbe Inestimable bood of civil and religions
liberty, earned under Ills guidance and bleisldg
by the labors add (Offerings of .our fathers, may
be restored in all ita original excellency j There
for I, Abraham Lincoln, President of tb
United States do appoint th lst .TharBday In
September next as a day of hnmllldllob prayer
aad fasting for all the people of th nation, apd
I do amcstly rtcommend ,to 'tba people,-aad
especially to all minlstori' and teachers of re
ligion, oi all denominations,, and to all heads Of
families, te observe aad keep that day accordlng
to their ssveral creed and mode of worship,'
in all hbmnfty.aad frRhaHrellgloa soletnlty,!
to the end that the nhlted prayer of th "nation
may.aioend to the jThren of Grao and .bring
down plentiful blessings npon our wa asontry.
In testlnrony-whereof, etc -t - - - - .
BthTrsldtiti-i-i;'u(i f.i
WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.
-(TTAtlTiPT-ld.OOO Onitomers to boy l3 nt Amb-ro
TV types st M. WITT'S Obeap Ambrotyp Itoom, Mo
81 nigh itreet, Oolnmbos, Ohio. 1
Bnrroa Obio BTATmaAB-Ploais annoaoes tbs sans
ol l. Jl, WatoN as a oaadldats or Oopntf auditor,
to ths deolilon of ths Ualoo vemooraus yonvmi
tion. and ohllfO . MANJ BIJ-OOIBATS
lBiTOkfViii trlarit annoaWtaf your papaS
mat many.satsrs Jails. ' -u 'rankun eonnty,
dealrs to bava Otto Dsnn., Biq., for tb-lr next eprt-
ssalstlvs-iaa3rasaBt the suae tot taaplaos. " -
augOW.-( rpi -a-4i--jk;MPCAT.
In. ORW.BTAT-anaai-J'aaN anaosaco la Tour pa.
prthatmlfttViWf HboMUwrparot AU
county deitrs to bays aevrflrlawold, ol Bhiron town--hlnjor
s'sfpsxt. W!tv-T---:;.-iJ J r,:l ':
VBiTeVVtA'llTA-rnaAt 'ikPleisV'annouiioo the
nataeat jiHm-4rfiaslialowBahlp,asa rsndl
date, sir,sprasiatail,va,,sl4ta, d-olilon of tbo
Colon DemocraUo nanlnsUDi CQavsnyon, ana ooiif s,
......... ' -.1 , :t - nai AW VflMnriBATH.
a nv vm .
litiiuiHiavAmoo, lh ams of
n.nt. n,..n m. Oiaoaw. of Bltndoa towasnip, ao-a
caadlavte- row korfnV ouhjsct to ths deolilos of ths
franklin County T-oCri"Convent'on, and oblige
sua tvi -,t.. ..'
pecaPMBttB11 Btmt, New iort
ii,..,:f ; -r .1 ,t . i ,i
tt ' lu. . "
ae .i ;hiw oa . A
A Mini 1 io
ii tnL.t
. w.-.,(--.S oJuU iM.t.;
1tn'. ru.il ti.'
rt'.iVU ll'.l A.
For an Inch of ; Time!
a tying Qmsb. That inch of tiwM oaa bo proem
sd at a much cheaper rata, aod man- loof years 01
iutMSB hveoniiiltln br;"MI.Rs.fT7BkTHf B, Who
Uonrlni; the most obitlnate and loS-atandln dlieafti
of ths IiUNGS, 11JSAKT. I.UER. tlunilB, BL.au.
Ayyk.onowj Of ran Jif AMfl itaa. .
' jVaote ir BXtt,bb ri TalDgs! : ,1. j
Hoar what the Philadelphia correapondent says In ths
"Oomnoawaall'' lyiimiBgton,. Delaware, Sik of April,
'An Soiiuib ganiwDjiS, f'omie'rjy' oonoecled with tbs
British Army, and who stylet hlmwlf the 'Bngllth
Botanlo Pbyilclaa ' hat of late gitm an owlemlT rapa
tationhonby hit Skill In earing all manner of com
plaints. Boms of BIS patients . I have convened with,
and they pronoano Ms remedies and mode of treatment
as venr -antrior. ' Borne hava been rot tore! a If by
maylo.1h medicine he atas ts dUtilled b blmielf
from varloas horbt poataulor Vara onrallvo properties,
i .i'WbUaactlnaln too army b devoted hla uluiromo.
msats to a thorough study of the effects prodnoed by
orttaio medicinal roots and herbs oa All manner of dla
euet. It eeema be hu found a euro and epaedy rem
dy for all the 'Ills that fle-b Is heir to. Hla prutlco Is
alread.exteniiveand!adllr Ineroattss. 1 la the com-
Blalnts to which Females are snbj-eteil, ho has- no equal,
. . t I . Ak.. .U k.M. I
M a ilnre nnnm acre ubtv .n.iucu inn ii.cj ... nu,
only their present good health, bnt their liveSi to ths
skill of tbUBnglUh Botanlo thyelolan." r .-. (
'.'Offlce'STEaat Ststo, Street, ColutDbas, ' 1
Augl7-d3m .:. n ,- w-
- Democratic Convention.
Union lien of Dolawara County, Ohio, will oonvens
atlhsOourtHoMSiaSXIiAWARI, '
.. . . . , Saturday, September 7th,
at 10 o'clock A. HtonomlBate a County Ticket, to be
supported at tbe onanlng October , election. Come one,
oom all, aad lot n reaaoa tnyatlitr.
- Xbeilon, B B.-00X.of Oolumbaa, and other emi
nent speaker ar lovltad and oonftdsntly expected to be
present and addreie the Convention on that occasion. ,
By order of tho Democratic Central Committee of
Delaware County.' .. ' ' ' .
Delaware, Ohio, Aagtit IT dkwlt 1
optical institute:
The Meat , Artificial ; Help to the
Human Siarht ever lav sited.
ent of tbo- most Improved kinds ol Spectacles.
All his Ola-sts, whether for near or fav-slgntsd. are
ground In eoneavo convex form with the greatest care,
e) aa lo suit the lyes of all eases, soring Weakness.
Pliiloess or Isnsa-matloa of tho Kyss, and Imparting
stssagtk for long reading 0 Bos sawing. . -. . . '
. Oaios, Jl Sast Blato tUeet, at Bel Her st Wsbst-rTi
tluilc Store. , ' ,.,.,.,,!
angi-dly .. " ' ' '
l is, r: eT tf
'S R EC r A tli 0 T I C E s
Too stasbr oatat and Irtaklog, sw Dabtts aad modes
of life, oftea prodnos lrrsfatarit.es ia tbs bowels and
general health of tbo system. Bui Baiumot'- tiUA
wilt soon cure, -the stomach will regain Its strength, snd
a healthy wcUom of tha aystoa will bo reslorsd. No
a-aun-mo are equal inwsernineii io tne - v ,
, 1 ... ... . 1 . ; 1
Iter, maa of tha TIBI' tDUAT bat box f
and an ALLOOOK'B P0BOUI PLABTBB pal fn tbelr
knapsack free of expense. Aad to this fact may bo at
tributed lh, ajaesranjr.ef Tnis' -liaiJtVINT from
the hosnltsl. ' "
IVB&T SOIDtti siiMUVSAbiik o'Brandrelh'A
ruih a bob'oT SAltwj and a plaos io( rot-ova Eleitet.
They are BUBS tobs nssfolf sfroa IlrVsaviog. ' 1 ,-- j
Bold by Jtuu.'aUJQpoic, Drugslit,' Colamb-u,"and ay
allrespoetabloaaaloieiB a-sfcloe. i.'-,n ,T
angu-aim ,;.,,.-.
1 1
a ims roR Ait Tdnres." 1
The venders ot week, adalterated BalaiatB aavs had
tbsir Urns, which Is fait oomlDg Is a eloss, and Jsmes
Pyls at now having his )Ju In inpplyUig hondndsof
thonsaads ol tamlllss wtta. Us Dietetic BAleratas a
beet ever suds. Bewaro of CouaUrfelts. Depot, 3iS
raorrAT-a -uirs pilis.
Ia all eases of oosttvonoss, dyspspsia, sUlloos sad Hvor
affeeUoos, piles, -btunalAwa, rover sad asa,toastl
aats head aches, sad all gensral dsrabfmnt ot hoalsh
these puis have lavarlably prov4 a cortsJn s.-posly
iwoiody. A slngl trial aSU-filaeo tb IA PIUS asyocd
lh rsach ofoipaipsUlloa In ths ntlauQoBof srery pa
nsnt. ;ik,.,".- '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'m'-Z, r
Dr. Moffat's Phanlx ntlotswai a ssaod esaally S'
loaetoos la all etiea of asrvoflS debfllty, dyspopsta, bead
aeha.tbsalcknseslnoldenl.'o female lndeUoata Boalth,
BBd-svsry kind of wsaknoa of the algestlvo organ,
for sals by Br. W. . MOTTAf . BSB, Brosdwsw, . T.
sad by an D'gitof., '-" spaytasrwlf
..afQllotlnvta' iji Antxact! ftoa a
Htb-twr1flry tMBsvl" ." '. Hihae, PWr ot Shs
Pieirpolnt Blet fi-plUA Ubnitn, Brooklyn. X. Tm to
tb Joarnal and lAsMaaw,! bkosaanatt, 0 aad psks
vo1WMn rroftKal wrra-rwwiiod medlelt, Mas.
aauiw' Buontu-o Brnroa Cmiosjpi Xs-rnuMi
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WASTtD-JiXl.onO Cnitomer to boy J5 bent Ambro
typ at At. WITT'S Cheap Ambrotyp Aooms,
Hlrblmt,tdoif Mofthof th AaMrloaa Atotal, Co-Inubns.C-hlo.
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So; 29 South High 8reet, Columbui,
Abb now orrmiNo . .
SOOO yards TiarollDg Dresi Goods stBXaluS
ISM oente.
SSOtwd TravsllBg Dross Osods itlSX, va'BSMslS.
21X10 yards BnglUb beragse at 18, value SS cenB.
1000 rsrdi Brssob Organdlos at MX, vain 0 cents.
StiOn vardi But Colored Lawne at 10, value It oente.
vioo jird. Foulard Drsse BiUs at 37K, valus M snti.
1SU0 yard Bnpsr Plain Blaok Silk at a 1 00. value I ..
Robes of Orgindie Berag, and Bnglleh llerego, it en.
halftalrv-4B... BAIN At BON,
J-B9 , - , t J f ? Boalh lllgh Bttset.,
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
i-l . i-Tvr erJb tBOJUT,
No. 29 South High St.,
HAVI jut pod sa Involos of vry larr and
WiDBpRBNCH Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep Freneh Flounoing Lace.
Real Thread, Frenob, Cbantilla 4 Geneveso
-, -"VIEIXS.."
ValenoienneB, Point de Gaze, Brunei
- and Thread Laoes and Collars, 1
In new Sbspes,
" ( i For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
Ths beet and most faehlonabla atyle in tha city,
BAIN Jr. SON,'''"
JeSl SB South High Bireot.
' : 'j '
Groceries, ; - , .
Produce, , -.v. ha
' Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
- ' Fruits, etc. etc.,
No.106, .South High Street,
Thoold stand recently occupied by.WM. McDONALD
no it In dally receipt of '
Which be will sell .k
Cheap for Cash or Country Produce,
ILf" flood delivered to City trad free of ehtrgo cCC
No. 106, South High Street,
. OoXaX73SvXST7,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Steam Between Ireland and America
Tb followlns new and manlfloent flnt-claaioaldli
wheel Bteamahip compose ths abor line: '
ADRIATIC, 5,888 ton burthen, Opt, J. User
trormerly of the Colllni Lin 1 ',.
BIBERNIA. 4.400 ton burthen. Cant. N. Paowas.
COLUMBU, 4 400 . ' K. Lkitcu.
ANOLIA. . 4,400 " ,. Nwaouok
PAOiriO, 8,600 '.' I. Bmiiv.
PlUNCl ALBERT. (Bersw.) ",
s,juv , .tVAUUt.
On of ths abov ahlp will leas New York or Boston
alternately Try Tnsaday fortnight, for Oalway, oar
rylng ths govsrnmsnt malla, touching at Bt. Jjhns,
Th B turner of this lino have been eon-tractM with
tho greatsat ears, nnder tb Snporvlalon of tb govern
ment, hav wator-tlght eoupartment. and ar unexcel
led tor comfort, safety and epsod by any stsamsra afloat.
They ar eommsnded by able and experienced 0 fleers,
and vry exertion will be mad to promote the contort
of psasenger.
An;expnerjoea enrgotn arucnea t eaen snip, ,
f lnt-clan N. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool 10(
Beeond-elasi, " " 75
rirttola, H 14 t toBt John's. 35
Tblrd-olsss, " " . to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town In Inlisd, on a Railway, - - - 31)
Third -! pi Meniere ar liberally supplied with pro
vision of tbs beet quality, oookd aod served by the ser
vants of tb Company.
Par tie wlthing to send for tbsir friend from tbi old
eonntry oan obtain ticket from soy town on a rallwty, in
Irsland, or from th principal rat! of England and sot
land, at vary low rates.
Paasangar for New Tort, arriving by ths Btston
Btesmors, will bt forwardsd to Mew York (re of cfurg.
for pag or further Information, apply to
At ths offloe of tho Oompany, on tho wharf, fcot of '
Canal atnet, New York. - -
' 10. t9 I0TJTH BXQB . sTrSXXT,'
1,000 yards Baser Plata Black Bilki at al 00 alas
tf6 pot yard.- ' J-'V'.V I
ttBOO yards Traveling Dram aad Mantis, Oools st
19 1 sonts valB SO soots peryard.' ;,' -, l
8,000 yards, WUl Brilliant at IB 1-f 'oelu
"vslas tO etnts pr jard. jJll"
StOOOyarda Pins and Domeatl OlngbamsgrsatljBB.
eervala. -: '
X0ZA1OI1.T-ZI, BAUORins,! ,-; -r
-raAixii, rouiAio snijrj :
Nervv and X'susMatia'ble) ,Ifa-e ,Crol
lh most dsatrabl stylo snd st' very lo vers prioa.
Of all materials, mads In ths most rtyltih manBri
thslatoat Parts Veihlon Uis molt slegaof stylttlo
J !.,., ajAIlf ic BON,
ay 3 ; ., i Nov M Soath nigh itr .
Canton lIa
J.4. s4s Ode "wiilte svn leiaasl
Whits Cbsonssoisapsnoranaiity. for alhy
UAIN BON,' il 1
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