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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 18, 1861, Image 3

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She (Diiia Mdttmm
Tbe Adams Express Company places us dally
under obligations to It for the very litest paper
from ttie eastern cities. t. .,(' .
Tbe American Express
(JOmpany uae uur
thanks fur iu duly
furor lu lb shape qfthe
verj latest eastern PP'C
,.( l .!) ... ... J
Goon's Ldy's Bobk"fd'iStrTmB Cgfl
ba obtained al KiwiBDr's, oeir." ibb Ppetofflce,
at th nuJflr.her'ff orice. This number bat
annerb eucmvlne, the Wide' Mitej a Ppuble
' ' . b . . w, .. pi.,.. rv.iM.We
Extension Colored aBiorx Plate; Children s
Paahlnna. and oumerous otbarlfluBtratlonB.' ' '
rUD DQBi iUU uuuit.v.a ...HU..-..VUH.
Two or three interesting; jtorles are com-
meneed In this number. Mr . and Mr. Rashh
re appear to tbe dellgbrcf Trery one who lores
the exquisite humor ui, the author ol Mis
Slemmons." The poetry and tnlsoellany of
this number are excellent. - Godit, tn getting
upsccha mag.zin.as the ladies want. IB ahead
of all COmDetilora in WIS country. . .- "
LlCTDEE ON THC Hon tiH. Mf-.v? AM,
Randall will continue, this erenmg, .
JTiret Ua;
last Sui
ionrnerinea throueb
ibis ereniug's lecture will be the Valley of the
Jordan, it ith It description pi the Dead Bo4,-
Mr. Ranill hM seen yit no aeaurium.;
i a ' -''.tnan
IT Druokcuue'ssaud disordi-rly conduct seem
to be rife ki our citj. Uld stagera are Bru'8
worse, and apprentices learning 'The
station-house Is orowued to .oreiflowlu. Per
haps it is almost unless to try to reform the
old bard casts; but'oabriot something be done
tnaara th rouoc. from' the contamination t(
their example? -
ST Our city
market waa very extensive anal
abundantly supplied yesterday morning, as we
were informed, lot wo coufeBS we did not lollow
the lojunoiion we gave our city readers to "go
early " We tau' ouiy pload, In extenuation, the
common iofiimlty of human nature, to preach
and not practise
i Nib CviiNASTica Tb1s Is v monthlj
. t i .i,.. .,hii.n;dit' BoJ
journal di pu,... .r -----
MaaaAchusette. by Dr. UlO liXWlBi at one uunar i
a ,. ' W hare frcouently commended H,
' . a. I.. ..A.BinM rn..as tn nu readers
na agma vao.u w , - I.
IDat it is one o iuu5iiui . " ' I
in. iMPhino- crmuastlcs to ladles, gentlemen
and children, and the laws or health ana com:
fort generally. ii '.
ID The new Postoffice building on High
, , a
street, is progressing rapidly under tho snperln-
tendence oi Messrs. Aold & Miller Tbe en-
' .n ' ..j .tn
trance Is to be ou oy it leet, auu . f
building CO by40 feet. It wilr be completed
early in September. I
irril.'iika nther ofvour fellow-citisens,
. .. . ' fl.j i. innnn. i
vunioivvo itiuu ..v. ... , j . . i
venient aometimes io go to market, or can't get
ptlat unuren, mix 1
....!. nt ki. ani riait to. audi
nday evening, of his reosnt nsn w, ana .
Palaatine. Toe SUDject 0T r
I v-wwii,
suited when there.or are in need when the mar
ket la won f, just call at CHaaur Waqnir s,
near the Postoffice, and get a supply of fresh
vegetables and fruit. .
DiecHAROE or a SoLD.tR.-About a mouth
ago, ThortonT. Van' McTMlAHinor a little
orer elghteeu years oi age, iei. iuo uvwm yt
his mother, Mrs. Marv Ann Caldwill, in
Pickaway county, and enlisted, in Company A,
Capt. Lutz, 27th Regiment, at Camp Chase,
without the knowledge or consent of his mother,
who is a widow and dependent on bis labor lor
support Yesterday Judge Aldsrry ditobarged
the Vountr man from tlio sc. vice on a writ of
l.k.-. nn tl.o annlloilinn nf thai
....... -
(LT Capt. McELLita has already between sixty
and serentv men enlisted.' He wants about
twenty more. Give him a lift, young then.
Recruiting office ou the eaat side of High street,
a few doors north of Rich street. ;
UT The novelties, "Varieties", po
should say,' at Apollo Hall, m KANNkenr's
1 ... i it . L, Tk.
ouuainK, continue to auraci me puunu. tne
Inventive faculties of the proprietors IStem to I
be fully adequate to the public taste or caprice,
" 8
in tbe way of changing, modifying and varying
their entertainments,
D" Two hundred and fifty toot of supplies,
fifty wagons and tea,' Qtls of , powder wer
shipped oo Friday, from Cincinnati to the army l-
i air . ir,i i " J. . i i"l M . ... I
in aern rirgioia. ft
ID Hon. John A. Gualiy haa been ootpnua
sioned as Colouel'.in tbVJudltnt Legion. 1 The
Cincinnati Ertetrirvr tays lie foes with tha Uoa.
P. C. Shanks, iota., Ce'ner'iil ' raiMONT's; staff,
and will probably tldV ;"3hatlk'a mare," as he
did at Bull Run. .v . u , -.J. ''.."I,
LT President" Lincoln bad appointed J.
Smith, ton of Calis. aotlog Seoretary of tbo
Interior, during hit father's absence In Indiana
for the benefit of nls health J1 Y'
O!' "A fine oompatiy ' from'. Lexington' Perry
COan'tTr arrived In the oit n'nF,lr1a nlffht.'anrl
marched out to CamW Chate."'"' n . 'it. . ma. H
..- ' - a." '. . . . V.' 'it':''--
Picnic On Tuesday, the 20th inat tiie' 6dd
Fallows of Ttnhlin will havifjlliclr 'second an
nnal tlcnlc at Thomas Grove, one mile-east of
Dahlia. -" 's ' u.e !. .u
KT On Friday morning, the wife-of Chalm
OtiAM, a German, was found, dttaa w.at
den adjolnlrig, thelf rtsldcnce,' '8r)uA 6rhrltyy1
Bear tha Btaroh t aotory. . JShe it aupposea to
hare died of dlteasf of ta 'hart.?1,,.,,
Li HiV'' wajajmja8ejt I
KT.Xhw'Jwrkal "stateytfiaVa' W1 bWher'
pocket picked Of slxteeq dollars, at the Town Bt.
Churoa.last -wsekl by' awei.lay.,.wli0j
utiM'" t'---.,igie,. I. tr.lW. ,itl
ITCtpi. Weoo;tV. S. .y It n fc
I.M Mit tk. tK.AA InAnlli. man. . . . .
CT Call ob W. H.lseruAUX, at IDS South
High street, Wi. MctoHAX)b'i,01d 'stahd, for
choice family groceries and geod bargain.'".
TLindimA" St. Rrrrs,alAmboa,t eld stand,
bare oa hand a lot of those'deUciout .peiclies
whose ruddy buet and, rich flavor are not easily
tnrpatted. rw' ,iiwT, 4 . tA..w ,o
. .. .i ... ,ij ,i 'i'la, f a.i.lt .11 .' T
bril it stated that the Groet'be'ok Reglmsftt
Bumbertng 9G3 men rank and file, leate Clnctn
naU, tofryot MiMQuri,, T r
B'i'Camp.,iVIating M, M&i&C&il
aUeaftett the; jty, bfl tt'"r;
rr M.na Tamaia roaUrdav. morn!a2 hoiin
: "',,"r,T..''-TU. I'll.Ui.il J
Mr. MarOnt ofef to iU Const at -CoohboA
Pleas, to answer the charge of an assault upon
MlOHABI, Harb.
Malls for Now York City, Bolton, Alhafiy, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, eteubeovllle way, Cleveland, Zaneovllle,
Newark, ttranvlli, Waehlng tea City, BalUmore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, Loee daily (Bundayi except
ed) at 8 o'look a. B. - . . . . .
i A tnrougu mail lor Haw York and Cleveland closes
ai iy lounoaya exoepieuj as a o'olook p. ra.
0. 0.4:0. B. B. War Meilaloaaa ibllfflluhHn.
wpwu; a. v oiwi p. in. ..
at M4itk 'a
o"ctoeke '''"i (snndap SX-osptod) M
. , . ' "4'i "win, aunoa ami waramir
Chicago,- Dubuque. Delaware, Marion en Worthing.
i. . " " u""7 xoep-.i .c.oc
..Mall for Xenta,8prlngfleld, Dayton, Toledo, Clnoln
aail, Indianapolis, Xoulerlllo, St. Lowla, and Detroit
eloaaa dally (Handaya axoaptad) al 8 o'olook p.m.
im wiufu mail io jiraiav Bpruunuia ana uutaiaaan
oIomi dally (Soadaya axoapted) at Jo o'clock a. m.
uiiwis, riqna, xunn aaa union vug inau oiotet oatiy
(Bnadayi aieaptod) at 8 o'olook p.m.:
Portsmouth, Washington O.H., Atlana, Marietta and
HI lUiwoush mails elo dally (Sunday axcaptodJat.S
o'clock p. , . .., .,. . TV , r
' WayKatt'fcy Vadoaal toaa to Bata'abaea
Lauuuler, Logan, NeUonvlllo, ClrcliTillO, Obllllcotha,
. . . - , . .
luirUourgn uuo1m itoiiy (dandaysaaetptodja
lit. Varcon UalL b war of Waatarrllla and lanbnr.
oloaas dallv I Hundava axeaDtad) at 3 o'clock n. m.
Pnblia alail oIomi dally (taadays axoaptadlat 8 o'clock
Maautar way aUM oloaa daUy (Sundays sxcaptad) at
. --
w viwfe Mil
unenuw, aawanr, aiMacaTIlM, ak vara an, and too
v.u. a. n. nay nau.arnraai ivociocam.
jm, oiMtnnatl arrlres at 8 o'clock p.m.
Iianeutn Mall arrlvaa at 8 o'clock a.m. - . . . j.
Bpnngnaia, uinoinnau, uuiiiooum, hi. Mala,
O'clock . . Uul 4 n'nlnnk
Alalia from IndlaaapoUa, Ohiaago and Pnaaqme antra
WMBIttea.clt,t BmHtaMfc
Baat Wa Mall mi that MaMOKal knarf urimU II
a. m : ... . i
Mt.Yornoa Way Mall arrlree at lima. m. . I
Mall from Dublin anlvaa at IS a'alnsk t- ,
Urbana Way Mail arrlTaa at 8 o'clock p. aa. .c
narranmrin ataii amraa at lie'elooka. m. . .-
Lanoaawr War Mall aniraa at 18 a'oloak au -
OiBoe dellrery opaa arary day (except Banday) from
o'oloek a. m. to o'clock p. m. Opaa on Bnadaya
from 7X to 9 o'clock in tbe aaaralnf , aad from t to t
vtiuuB iu uieeTeniDB 1, ' .
Rail Road Time Table.
Littls Muni b. OoLraaoa k Xnu K. B.
IiaaTaa. Arrival.
uiocinnatl AocommOdatlOB. 5:00 A. . :10 P. M.
" Bxpreaa 11.40 A.M.,' 11:08 A.M.
M&ll and invimmiiflilfm.. a.lO 9. If. O.nft O U
nigmjsxpreaa ria Vayloa.lk:00 mldaigbt. 3:20 A. M.
Jno. w. VoutuTT, AftnL .
Oolomidi k OutviLAjro B. R. '
Klghl (xpres ..V....,.8:40 A. M. ; ' 11:13 1. M.
YorkExpreai 11:10 A.M. 10:50 A.M.
0.0. StO. WayBxprtai.... 8:A0 P.M. 7:30 P. M.
JiMia PirmioH, Agent.
Cuitaai Ohio B. E.
8 Bxpreas.. 3:38 Ai
do Slti t
11:85 A. U.
: :lkii A. M.
fau, Agent.
Train .UAM A. U. . 11:85 A.M.
s)x.reaa Tnln...wvbiXKl AV at 8:4P.M
, ':i Joi. Bosimwa, Agent.
OoLcases aV iRnaROrOtia. B
, (Ootoaaoi Piqca a ianuiia R. B.)
1 Xxpren 8 30 A. M. 8:00 P.M.
3:oo p. m. 7;o p. m
Accommodation .
.Uf 10:50 A. M.
' 0. V; Bum, Agent.
Loss or Haik Much of this deprlralion ia
caused by sheer bcglect after illness, or some
vumuvm mrj euvvi uvgjivvs siiioi stiuonv UI SPVUAO
otDM temporary flroln npon the folllolee at the
of the balr. - Dr.Bellingbaa, of London,
Irlphllllad hla err. r.atA wilh. a. HStimtmlm
- " - .! " 7T."
& Co., of New York, now hare the entire
agency xor toe American continent. i oia la
quite a sufficient indorsement of the unirersal
repuiaiiou or tne article, oee tneir aarertise
0B1YBD at the Offloe of tbe Bocretery of Bute,
Utll .-.!.. -. . - . .v. .-
Monday"," tbe2d dayof September next, at
iioiiowi - i ' 1 1( " t i : 1
BtOOO Beams Double Sopor Royal Printing Paper, 17
by 41 inonee, to weign not leas tnan so pounds to tne
10O Beams Double Flat Oap, 18 by 87 inches, to weigh
at leaetM pounds to Iboreaaa. . , .
100 Hcame Brochure Ooror Paper, ataorted colors, SB
jxi lncnes, to weign at least m pooooa to ue ream
Tha auantitlea abors named to be lncraaatd at the on
Uen of the necratarr of Blals. . , w
Blda moat he accompanied- by Sample of the paper,
ana mnnapecny ine prieaaiwnicneacn aina ana quail.
ty will ba delirered at tho State Bona in Oolnmbne.
Ko ,, ..,-,,,,,.,. ., . lmA, 4hJ,
mn.. mmt h. af (h KmI analilv.
The dellrery t the Honor Royal1 act Oarer Paper to
commence on ine nraioi noremoeraexs enanmg, ana
continue ae tbe paper ahall bt needed.
The dellrery or tno Uoublo Plat Oap to oomaenos on
the a rat day f Deeamber aaott. and eontiane a aaore.
Bonds, with approred aeourity in double the amount of
the contract, will be required (aooordlng to law), condi
tioned for the faithful Mrforaaanee of each oonanoa.
The bids to be made and the eoatraots-awarded ia ae
oordance with the termaof the act W prorlil for Ue
purchaae of Slatlonery, Fuel, and other articles for tbe
Bl.UtoHladaVaodoit Uieeirjlopea, 'Propoi
... tiM,i,r. ... ih.tnn rr,r iiik.mi
"leas w sonionns w erwrp ntpoot witn ine samples,
TUt vrovLtwKviUU Urictiv adAtrtd to.
At. jr. BUDBILb,
Boeretarr of State.
Columbus. Ohio, Aagast 3, UOl-dtd ;
ON1VBIV at the OBlo af the Seeretar of Btaaa.
ttoHf " ",-V ; .-., .,.- J u ....
Monday th j day of September ntxt, Bt 12
"a ..vo'olock IU.. ,., .
for furnUhlng'tfle BUM of Ohh) with Fwsl, Bsfoltews:
30,000 Buahala of Coke, to, wtLgh not Ins than 40
poo una to tne ouanei.
10,000 Buahels Coal, to ba of the bast quality equal
I laaat to the lower rem of Mocking Uoal, ana me
from aUte, alack and dirt.
Yin fttel to be dellrered. wlthowA rharta Ma anah do-
llrery, al She Btato Honaa f Ooliiaiai .
Ftopeaala to ke aoooaatanted a aaaulee. aaal to aoeel-
fylbw kiwi, aallty aadprtoal abe kaat propoaad to bt
lurniineo. . -a , i v , , - , , v . .
Bach oontraotokwlH be raautrad to aire bond, with
approred aecurtty, Us datable the aaioant of the eon-
tract, ooaotuonaa id tMifattaru pertoraunce Ol Lis
contract. ..
Tbe bid to be mad and th eontraota to b awarded la
accordance wKS the terms of th act n titled MAn not to
prOTlde for the purabaa el Stationery, fuel, and other
article for the Qnaenl Aaaombly and State offioen,"
paaied March 11, 1833. Ba Bwaos Bar, Stat. BUS;
Onrw.SltB.-' , ... .. , . . , ...
Bid to be Indorsed en the eorelope, "Proposals for
fnrniahlng fuel forth BUM. " :
rue I f uroiihed by the contractor auM ia all ae
be equal la duality to the saaon. TM$ ml teitf U
rigidly tryfontd,, '
7 fi f "1 V eerttary el Btat.
Jolaas,Opl,ugT.t!o.W-" . .' i
nsnian ri niKI Air n RASQINES l
D NSW STYLUS -Hal a 4c Hon. Ho. South
Blik otnet, har u t oponed aew tyle of Cum cia-
ni . a.inn,.n,l Moonua. made in the Beweet ana
ainat atvltih Mnn. - Aho. SUDtrD riaia
lllacl kUk., Tory, hoary, fcrtgued tipreealy tor
naouiiaaaaa Baaquine . ... iwnv
Xt CLOAK CLOTHS. Also, other Bakes of Spring
0 Kwk Clothe, In all dmirabl atktmi- Blndlma, tat
aali and Buttons to naatciif ' ' B AIM a son,
, prUS . .-Vls - 'BfcHteuUiHlshatree
j I- Irisli Ijincn Goods. .' t
tirf akRAN-nsi f A BRIO
VV ,llo-a Bblrt Bbsoaas Plata and Paocy
Hnimna ana bxwim. ran,
Linen Bheetingstnd rillowOtatnrr.
- If i Llao OacabrWaan Was, Lawaa.
. V f J. tlnew Poekotaj'a.allalaa.
.-: -w.' I hi-n T 'HawnndTtlapars
. Lines nap una an u vyuaa. (
.67 Iheafcabl Olotbaand Batla Daaaaka; ID
tlnen Towol wlU oolored border.
Linen Stab? Oovwrlags and Oraah.
. . anvBaTiaBMBHT.
-.1 aw . " : ' 7 1
lot the lntTAJiT suuitar
. a4 PBBJfAHBBt 0U1LB of til
,,4wtalng soaplalnl ass
I u no h tin I A i. c i (f4 1 11 M
WeXnWoifi ih co.'.wU. at..:
,lt.-po A V01 oo ai me oy yon.
lea BALBnrAw- AIL BBDaaistB, .
wars stitola .
t 6 X )i n M i UUtnuKS TAU9, AMP
Si jbUCUaJs, jsw si. jutfljd hj-
Xt. SB loath Blh atreel,
From Washington.
Wahhinstoh, Aur. 16.-Quar1er-inaBtf Gen.
Meigs has gone, to 'Mew York, to Inrestigate
toe eontraota for armr olotblc ,
Tbe Congressional' Inrestlgetton Committee
bas made important disooreriee, showing that
traitors aad.spiea flatly frequent tbe Uepart-
ments of the Gorernment, procuring Informa
tion, wnion 18 regularly transmittea to toe ene
The Mb eT steamer Page bss been regnlarly
oommisaionea la tno Uoniederate nary, ana
hoisted the rebel flag. Firing was heard this
forenoon lb tbe direction of Acana Cteek.
xesterday the steamer Resolute wae ordered
to Matblat Creek for tbe purpose or reoonooi
tertne. Seeing a batteaa filled with barrels-on
shore, a boat was sent from the Resolute with
Is men to bring it off. v No sooner had the boat
touched the beach than a rolleybf muBket balls
was fired Into1 it by ooneaaied rebels in tbe
woods, killing three of the men instantly, and
womdine one in tbe head. The Resolute wat
about 700 yards from the shore, and fired Into
the mMat nf tha rrhala mnn atr and ofihrannal.
nib, It is thought, extensive bavoo, as the vs-
nous woods skirting the Fetomao rirer offered
fine ambuBcade lor. tbe enemy. Officers are
urging tbe application ot fire as the most effeo-
tual meant of doetroylpg these assailing adren
ttBef. ' ' " . ' -
This morning: manr rumorl oretailed is to
the effect of a battle at Aqula Creek, at having
taxen piaoe in the day, but an oinoer just re
turned from that vicinity, stated at the Nary
1spartment mat tne secessionist nrea several
shots at the Pawnee, probably from rifled ean
oon, wnion sne returned, ins forces were too
far apart to ioflist' damage, and tbhi is all the
story.,.. . , , ....
Proclamation by the President.
ty thc rauibENT or rut Unitid dtates
' AMiaiCA,
Wiiiua. . Ou llin IfiLh daw of Anrll th
rreBideqt ol the United States, in view of an io-
surreotion agamsi tne. taws, Vionstnution and
Gorernment of the United States, which had
brokeq out within tbe States of South Carolina,
beoriria, Alabama, tforlda, Mississippi. Louis
iana and Texas, and in pursuance of the pro
visions of an aot entitled an. act to provide fur
calling forth the'mllitia to execute the laws ol
ik. r ) .. . i i
rations, and to repeal the aot now In force for
that purpose, aporored Febrnarv 28th. 1795. did
call iortb the militia to suppress iosnrreotioo,
and cause the laws of the Union to be duly ex
ecuted, and the insurgents hare failed to dis
perse by the time directed by tbe President;
and whereas, eucb Insurrection has since broken
out, and still exists in tbe States of Virginia,
North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas ; and
whereas, the insurgents in all tbe said States
claim to act under authority thereof, and suoh
olaim Is not disclaimed or repudiated, by tbe
persons exeroising the funotions of tbe Govern
ment in each State or States, or in part or parts
thereof io which combinations exist, nor has
such Insurrections been suppressed br tucb
States. ,
iVeie, Thtrtfore, I, Abraham Lincoln. Pres
ident of the United States, In pursuance of
an aot of Congress July 8th, 1861, do hereby
declare to th inhabitants of the said States
of Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia. North
Carolina,. '.Tennessee,' Alabama,' ? Louisiana.
lexas, Arkansas, ' Mississippi and - Florida,
exoept inhabitants of a part of the State of
Virginia, lying west of the Allegheny Moun
tains, and of such ofherWts' of that State
sad other States hereinbefore named as msy
maintain a loyal adhesion to tbe Union and the
Conitltutiod, or may be front time to time oc
cupied and controlled by the foroe engaged in
tbe dispersion of said insurgents, are in a state
of insurrection against tne united Htatee, and
that commercial intercourse between the same
and the inbabitaota thereof, with tbe exception
aforesaid, and the eitisns oi other Stales and
other parts of the, United States, is unlawful,
and will remain nnlawful until such Insurrec
tion shall cease or shall have been suppressed;
that all goods and chattels, wares and mer
chandise comiog from any of tbe States, with
the exceptions aforesaid, into other parts of
the United States, without the special license
and permission of tbe President through the
Seoretary of the Treasury; or proceeding to
any .of tbe said States, with tbo exceptions
aforesaid, by land or water herewith, the vessel
or vehicle conveying, the tame, or conveying
persons to and from said States, with said ex
ceptions, will' be forfeited to the United States;
and that from and alter fifteen days from
the Issuing of this proclamation, all ships and
vessels belonging iu whole or la part to anr
citizen or inhabitant ol any oi the States, with
said exceptions, found at sea or in any port of
tbe United States, will be forfeited to tbe Uni
ted States; and I hereby enjoin on all distriot
attorneys, marshals, and officers of the rerenue
and military and naval forces of tha United
States, tb be vigilant in the execution of said
aot, and in the enforcement of the penalties
and forleltures Imposed or declared by it, leav
ing any party who may think himself aggrieved
thereby to his application, to tbe Secretary of
tbe Treasury for the remission of anr penalty
or forfeiture which tbe said Secretary is author
ised by. law . to grant, U in his judgment tbe
circumstances of aoy ease shall require such
remission. ' 1
Ia w tin ess whereof, I have set my hand sod
caused, the seal, of the United Sates to be
affixed. ' Done in tha City of Washington, this,
tha lGtb day of August, A. D., 1861, of the In
of the United States, the 86th.
By tbe President,'
WM. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.
'Modcllan has issued general orders about
passes; be says tbal strict military surveillance
will ba exercised within the lines, army and all
avenues of every kind leading to and from
Washington. .
. Regarding, the new loan, eren fifty dollar
notes will bvar interest of one per cent.jier day,
and larger amoaou at the same rate. - JJooks of
subicrlptlon wiH soon be opened ta all principal
titles and towns. VV',' , -
Tha Resolute was again seat down the Poto
mao this afternoon; ' Tba Ml. Vsrnon has. ar
tired.1 An quiet od the rirer. - '. '
Tha Confederate forces hare nearly all fallen
ack' to Fairfax Court House,' . thus widening
tbe distance .separating tbo hostile forces
The pickets of both armlet, howerer, oocapy
nearly the same' advanced positions at here
tofore. '''I - I .. i I "... '.VJ. .1
iNMANarous, Aug. 16. Two Indiana regi
ments left for Missouri yesterday. Two more
are to go to-.day. ..... ''
The 23d andSii'lodiana ReglmenU, Colt.
Jeff i C. Deris aad WauF. Sanderson, left acre
this afternooa for Missouri' The 18th, Colonel
rnw.'nnd th first batlallooTof earalry, compri-
slug eight eompasiee, oommanaea py uoionst
Baker, leave Mondays all for tbe samedeeUaa.
Three battauons or artillery, commanaeq, oy
Captoia Klaus. Rabb and Frlbarger, twa of
air vans saoh. and' one of lour guns, James's
mad cannon, are in aoiira preparuon ia iuia
olty, and, will be ready ,ln a few days former
rice. ;. v'L. ''-
Malor Willioh. from Col. McCook's German
Ohio Regiment, is hers organising, a regiment
of GermansrSrhicA will bs ready in twenty
"Tha last auota 01 ine ten rcKimenta irom - ih
liana la fast ftlltna no at various camps tai the
State. There is also an lrah raglsaent being
raited.' The second battalion1 of cavalry, five
oomnAntes of which are encamped at Madison
- a . ... i . 8 J t ...At
aad one in mis ony, ana neariy reauy tor r.
.v ) a
Reported Fight in Texas.
. TJ,w nii.iin. August 16 Extra Houston
Talamnh. 10th. rsports a fiebt on. tha 25th at
July, between Col. Baylor's command and Fed-;
oral troops at Fort Filmore, resulting in me de
feat of tha latter with. 30 killed and wounded i
two liutnante-kllld. - Southerners unhurt.
Tha Federal fled, and were pursued, and .the
whole command, consisting of 300, taken priso
ners ' ' m at 'H i K I
:The'ian tb" ;Tsesob waa;plcaned oui
Apaeoas. au nanus Jtiued.i m t
in -' - -: - --ii - - - '
r na
Baltimobi, Aog. 16. A letter from Sandy
Hooktaysi Yesterday a gentleman from Mar
tlnsbarg reports parUee a? eaasty's cavalry dal
ly firing en our piektut, and yesterday approach
td witnia two miies oi uarper s rerry. lie re
ported that last nlghUhey captured two of our
Another Southern Humbug.
New OaLBAifs, Ana;. 16. Otn. Erans, with
the 17th and 18th Mississippi Regiments, the
8th Virginia and a Rlobmond howitzer,- pasted
Leesbarg on Tbarsday morning In pnrsuit of
t.uumenot uen. iianks's amsion, aepredat
log on this side of tbe Potomac Tbe" enemy
will probably be captured, aa tbe riVer has
-,X5fe " 't0 tbe
o"eo, prerenting their escape to tbe other
Rumors at Richmond.
Richmond, Aog. 15. Ia tbe absence. J i real
battler, the nubtto mind is considerably, excited
aoout troubles or ngms at Aquia ureek. a
battle is said to bare come off st Leesbarg on
wednesdar moraine. In which dun federal!
were killed and wounded and 1,40(1 taken oris
oners. Neither report baa been oonnrmed,'bax
Wey furoleh abandant food Jot-tali
Release of the T. A. R. Nelson—
Brownlow Still at Large, etc.
on at smitniana and raducan, and then ship
a ped np tbe Cumberland and Tennessee rif era, fur
LooisriLLC, Aug. 16. passengers
report that Representative iNeieon has beeq re
leased, and that BrowBlow.liVstill atlrfle... '
The Louisrille Journal ears men proteoslng
(0 DO Unionists. It D CTOOde tflarkSI Tor Union
en at Cairo and other places; which are put
tne railroad crossing them. j
Tbe Richmond Enauirer lavs the pledges of
rice, cotton, and money are good, and cannot
fall short of 20 to 30 millions of dollar,
orl'tcrnoon, report this news . current tuere, and
. I l ea I I
'Richmond. Va.. Anr. U..Tha reDorted bat
I tie near Leesburg gradually aarames the air of
piausioiuiv. . it annears that 7uu r eaerais lord-
ed tbe Potomao near or opposite Loeaburg, but
auring tne meat tbe river rose, and the Uonled
erate forces surrounded them. '-The Federals
lost about 300 killed and wounded and 1,400
I taken prisoners. I Rather a hearv loss for 700
I man In 1 .'k i'.Kr..u...i. . I
small. Several pasBcnecrs irom Manassas this
I generally credited. .- Some say that a Urge
I number or waeona bare been sent no to conrer
"own the property captured.
The Privateer Jeff. Davis.
New York, Auk. 16 The orivateur Jeff.
Davis ariived at Sin Juan. Porto Rico, July
Kbtb, lor provialous and water. .
Martial law is proclaimed in Vcntjuela.
Alixawdria, Aug. 16 The court maatial oi
Col McCown, of the 38th
new xern, com
'I. I.
.- 1 -. .; , ).'
n,ooe( -J- ...
Southern Account of the Battle Near
MturBis, Aug. 15. Little Rock dispatches
of the 14th tay: Fort Smith, 14th. McCul
loch's victory fully confirmed. ; Fight occurred
on Saturday, eight miles south of. Springfield.
Tbe enemy took the Confederate pickets prig,
oners snd surprised the main boJy. A bloody
and desperate encounter ensued, with great loss
on both sides. Five regiments of MiBsoorJans,
panio struck,' were thrown into disorder and
fled. Price made two Ineffectual attempts to
rally tbem. The Louisiana regiment fought
gallantly and suffered muohv Price led. the
Third and Fifth Arkansas to a splendid charge,
mciuiiocn-s letter or me inn Baya: , '.,
" viotory ours., Battle six and a half hours.
Our loss great Lyon among the dead..- Touk
six pieces or artillery from Blegel; destroyed
his command, and took many prisoners, small
arms, eto. Confederate lues two to three hun
dred killed, and four to five buudred wounded.
Siegel'a forces pursued to Springfield. It was
thought MoCulloch would there attack tbem.
A captain caught Siegel, but be was retftued--sbot
at, and be thought wounded. Col. Swee
ney, of tho Federal army, killed. Enemy's
loss, 2,300 to 3.000."-,'' ' - - -FAvrrnrviM.i,
Ark., August 10 MjCulloob
tent forcet after' Slegcl's command, about 20
miles from Springaeia. . Uen., Hardee, met hod
captured tbe wbole Federal force, and is now
bringing them back.
The Possession of Springfield by the
Rebels—Seigel's Column Also.
We are indebted to tbe correspondent of the
St. Louis Democrat for the following' Intelli
gence. Mr. Ingrabam, a Union clerk in a se
cession store In Springfield, reached 'here this
morning. .. , ; . ..' "
He reports that four regiments of rebel oar-
alry, nnder General Rains, entered Springfield
Sunday noon, and hoisted a secession' flng on
the Court House amidst the nolty demonstra-
tioos of tbe troop, auoTa few resident seces
sionists. ,-. . .
Our wounded soldiers in the hospital had not
been molested, and it was announced that oujy
the Home Guards would be tbe subjects of re
sentments. . .
Tbe rebels purchased everything In the stores,
paying any price demanded In. Oonfedesuta
scrip. Tbsy were particularly anxlouf to- tret
shoes, some of their regiments being .entirely
Captain Indest, one of General Slgel's skir
mishers, who was wounded In tbe battle, reports
that Sigel's attack on the rear of the rebels'
csmp was a - complete surprise to them, that
they were baok towards Uen. ' JLyon'a command
with great slaughter, and their dead lying in
heaps oo tbe field, and that for half an hour be
did not lose a man. Sigel's command is only
about fifteen miles from here (Rolla). His ar
rival may be expected to-day or to morrow.'-
From Baltimore.
Baltimors, August 17. Federal scouts last
Sunday- suocoeded in capturing three notorioaa
secession bridge burners at New Creek.
' A foroe of 1,100 seceselonlBtS It reported near
Romney. The Federal troops are at New Creek
bridge, and expected to be attacked by tbem.
The Federals have been reinforced.
A large number of fugitlvea from Virginia,
men, women and children, in great distress, are
daily passing through the western part. , "
, The British brig of. wat. Gladiator, was yes
terday cruising off tba Cape, .r- ca .
A' flag of truce yesterday conveyed Mr.
Wheeler, formerly United. SUtct Minister to
Nioaragua, to tha Confederate pickets beyond
New Market Bridge. - i:. .i-i
A flag of truce just In from Norfolk, with
Corporal Hurlbut, of tbe Connecticut regiment
released for attentioo to Cou Gardner a i tor. tha
battle at Bull Ron II saya a considerable
number of released prlsonerB, Inclndim sevefal
chaplains, will reach Old Point to-morrow. . He
thinks tha Lonrederatet are preparing to attack
Fortress Monroe, that , measure ta bow popular
In the Confederate camps, and appropriate ma
terial is being collected in large quantities at
Norfolk. Tbe stuck will be, made within a
week he thinks, v-i ( ,. '1., i
Tbs report about an attack on Fortress Mon
roe Is a perfeot absurdity. ' ' J- -v.t
The Grand Jury Presents Treacherous
Newspapers in New York.
luB'tw Ynair. Ananat Jlv Tka-Cuo" Juurnai
r nommeroe. News. Dav Book. Ereemans'
Journal, snd tbe Brooklyn Lagle, lor express-
log sympathy with the rebels, and eak advloe of
tbs Court in the matter, saying tney win oe
clad to learn if their oonduot is subject to. in
diotment and coodigo punishment. ,
8. Loma. Aaa. 17 A detaohmeurof Lt. 6.
trooos. Irom Cape Uirardeeti, .seiieat soo.uuu
belonriBg to a bank at St. Genevieve,, yester
day, by order of Gen. Fremont, and .brought it
to this city to day. it is uuoeraiow. waa
being, or would oe, usea ror ine orubu, m me
...... i ,1,., .opfihtr- '
The statement front CaUiorOia tnat J.
Palmar left that State for tbe purpose of taking
charge of tbe CommisearyDepartment, ander
uen. rremont, is uu.ruc), u,iu."l),w'IIJ'
. J.kf..;!"-1 r. i,iii;
Philaoblphu. Aug. 17. Thai Chariaatofl
Courier of the 6th Inst, announeea.nb frtval"
of ths bark Powers from Laguagara,, papturca
hw a nrlrataer. and also slates that the psiraleer
Jeff. Daris has oaptured a large Philadelphia
brig from Havana knd taken her into rlrunawlct,
. ... .: - rit.Li i it t..ij
Ueorgia, ia tne aosencv ui iu uiuvaauiuK urig
: Na'w Yoaa. August 16. Tba HeraloTe"poiis
tho discovery of an attempt to blow np Fort
Columbus on Governor's Island.4 Four torn
are represented to have gone lb ere on Monday
.tth th Intention of laving A-traln to blow
th. mavaaina and dastror several haadyed toas
0f patter and a ?,"??31
Niw YoB, Anr. 19.-A;tlegfaph mratotf
baa been reoelved IrOia Gen FremSnl aSuouno-
inv that in the battle al Wilson Cre-VGti
Sweeney received a flseti wound In Ike 1'
. . ....... L I . k . r.Ol
was able to riae oaca ou ui uurea w rm
Newspapers in New York. War and other Rumors from Washington
the New York Press.
(Tribune's Correspondence.)
tVliiiNDlONf Asg.J lflWThe dlflSttlsfaciiotj
In farions rBgitnenu It a ooeseqilrocucf aun
rxftea'erjUatuiaiit' for three months i Those
olpiers who oania to open mutiny, csetf. Mo
Dosrell deoldej ahould bsont to the Tortugas.
Generals AlcClallan aod Scott indorsed tbe de
cielon, and th Piesident ordered it to bs car
.iedJBto.05clf -
(Herald's Correspondence.)
NunJUerless , Incjdents tend to show that t,b,
rebels are on the eve of atacktng our lines.-
Last aieht It was discovered the rebel lines had
been 'juifaneed In all directions towards tbe
Potomac (Their force at Fairfax Court Honse
has been largely increased. -Heavy forces have
oeeta thrown out on all tne roaos. a large
bodr ia nrooeadine toward the Point of Rocks.
Their-ooo,tlD parties are in the immediate
rlclnfty of our tlnct along the whole extent of
tbe fotomao. A a :
Th jtAa tn . Bait mora to-dav received In
ielligence that "tbe rebels were then marching
upon Washington, ana tne miormauoa wa
pubHsbed U an extra, r It it thought that tbey
were stily a Utile premature, 'i n ', '
' Gen. ooott does not totnK tne attacs win d
made, but Gen. McClellan, who was a class
mate of Beauregard's, and is" familiar with bis
mode of combination, is well convinced that be
will make an attack on some point on tbe f oto
man. . n, . . . , f .
It Is said the rebels have nearly 100,000 men
between here and Richmond. They have not
tha means to nroride for this Immense army
Ther know that under tbs management of
MnlllpllAn aiii armr is becoming daily more
formidable lb nombers end discipline, and our
works mora nearlr impregnable, while tneir
forces are getting mora disorganized and demor
alized br delav and the poor- prospect of provi
sion for their comfort and malutonance during
wintor, Thar cannot afford to wait lor tbe re
sole of Gen 8:ott'. plan of aturving tliera but,
Rn. MrClpUan's nroeramme to have tbe ar
my perfectly disciplined and prepared peiore se
begins to advance, l ney man ouuer uui cow
see their, army melt away . from necessity,
without another blow being airuca. p i i -That
an attack will be made within a very
abort time la generally conceded : . 1 1 ..
One of a regiment of negroes who- took part
tha hm of Bull Rua,awaiob time be
mtdeJils saoivpe and hat since wandered 'abont
antil finally he got within our lines; asserts tnat
there are In the rebel army in Virginia 2.000 or
DIM noarnea armed With Hftll'S fineSimOBt M
tbem are from further south tban Virginia.
heeroea down South, be says, have been
taught that they would be butchered if they
into tha hands of tbe Unionists; but those
picked up in Virginia have a different idea, and
would allrun away if they could. ' '
[Special to the Post.]
KWashinoton," Augdst 17 A new battery bas
been erected bv the enemy at a point a mile
two below' Aquia Creek. Tbe rebels yes-
terday suddenly opened 'fire on the steamer
Pocahontas, but inflicted no damage. This is
fourth battery which baS been erected at
that point: ' Its situation is very near tbe shore
the' rivet. ' ''' 'r- . r.i
Officers report that utiles Government takes
immediate action to expel the rebels from these
portion! of the "banks of the river- navigation
fill be completely closed", the enemy's cat
teries already command a large portion of tbe
Potomao. . - . - . -
Since our capitalists have taken tbe ce Gov
ernment loan so.lresly, the Treasury Depart
ment entertains oo doubt that it will be largely
taken, abroad, in spite of the croaking ot the
newspapers. ' ...''.
Advices which have been received here from
Kentucky sUM" that the new Union Legislature
will rrquesl Breckinridge and Powell to resign
rtiieir seats ia the United States Senate. .
iThe Union men iu Kentucky and Tennessee
that a great fodeial victory; In Virginia,
whin tbe" next battle occur, will extinguish tbs
rebellion in those States. , . . . .
.The rebels coutinue their barbarous practice
of firing oo our pickets; oases or this kind oo
cur nearly every night. -
Judge Nelson,, of Tennessee,' is id ' Jail at
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 16.
A!-nES Steady; inlet of 73 bbls at S3 21 for pots.
and t 37X forpoarla. . ' - ,
. tioiTON Hteaiiy, with a moderate demand; salts of
jjiio Mica at itXBHBXO ror middling Uplanda
i'LOUU Market again ad.ancod ajtlvo per barrel.
with lea doing for ex nor t and bom eoniumption; aalea
of M.Hmbhl ,t 9i 504 J5 for auperflo ataM; 84
734 00 for extra tlate; tt 404 60 for aupertloo weet
ern; 84 MSS 00 for common to aediam extra western;
85 15 a 3 ." for ahippins brand extra round hoop Ohio;
and 8 " 33(918 83 for trade brand, do; market doting quite.
Cenn.linn llnnr alao aahade firmer; aalea of WW tola at
S4 30 At 35 for euperflne, and 84 0097 30 for oom
mnn to choice extra.' Bye floor ateady at 88 SOiAt
3 85. . - .... .
CORN MBAt Steady; tales 100 bbh) at 83 78 for
Jerney. and f SVOforBraodywroo, ' -1- j i.
' WUIBKV More actire and flrai ; aalreef 1100 bbliat
17c.-' ... . . ,. .j. , , .. .
WHBAT Excited, and 53,hirhe,, with a briak ex
port demand; ealreof 15 300 bmh Milwankeo Club at
(1 tfiiflil 15; 10 oi u interior at 8SflrJe; X.OOU do
Amber Iowa all KK1 ITX, 1000o6ra Baylprlng
al tl 15 for extrat ISOOdo BaotM Soatfl 13A1 14;
lfl 00do winter red Western at 81 30; St.OuO do
white Kentucky at 1 3591 40; aad TrtlO do whit Can
aria t 81 S4QSI 3li.
, RVB Kiraior, with'a fklr export deoaaod; aalSs'attl
C3io for Weaterni and 63 for prim Stat.
...iir . tt i u n .fir rt,i . . 1
COliA Ha adraaoed lo, with a fair oVauaJ for ex
port and hm ooniumpilon; aalea of 133 000 bnah at
4tK330o for prime ahipplng mixed weitern; 43348 for
Aiaitern; and oio lor wettern yellow. -
OATS In moderate reqneir, at .SStSTSc fDr-CtotdST
and8183efi.atateandweitniJ. , .. ,.. ,
POKli-MJentlDUM dull and hoary; tales 893 bbls at
(IS for men, and 810 I'iSlO 85 for prime.
BKKP Tbo msraer conilnoee a a let and Brm. fwlth
mail aale at 84(34 SO foroountry prim; $5(93 SO for
oountry meee: 811 H3 (or repacked meia; and $13 50
it S3 for extra meae. Prim meaa beef noaiaal. But
bama quiet; aale of 40 bbl good (and prim wcatera
at 814 31.(414 75
CUT M SATS Mor totTf eatos or SOOpkfra,- part
hama , al So, aa they rut i ran.4K(S3o for ahouidere:
SAoKe for kaa; , v ... ,t,i, )
LAUD Quiet and steady; sales of 150 barrels at 8
90- ' . ' ' 't'i
buitek unchauged; T910X0 for Ohio; &314a lot
State. T
CHEESE Io good request for export at 87X
OfU'gH Qatet and the market renialna firm: atlet
Of tOO bags Mio at UX313e sod SO bag' Saaloa at
ID cenia. . - .....
. 8U8AB Raw Arm; talea of 1397 Mid of Cnba at 6
aO.Sc; 170 boxea Harana, part at 70, and the remain
der on priaat teraa; . .. . r t .-.,-.'.'
MULASSES in hotter demand, and prices rery firm;,
woaoiieeaale of 33 bbl New orlean at 40s; Pertol
Rioo at SIS3JKo; and 75 hhds common Cuba at l&S
lvo. ; r --
STOCKS Lower, and only in limited reoneit: Chica
go and Rock Iiland, 88$ j- Chleaao Burlington and
Qaiacy, 9; Olereland and I oledo.HU; Oalene and Chi
cago. ifihiii llllnoia Central Scrip, Michigan
Snnthern, guaranteed, 88; do Railroad.-IS; do Central,
41t Beading, SO; Hodaon,33X; Brlo,preterred, 49M'.
biio firoi, m; Kew..x9)fij, U.jra.'r'r.tiHh-Oareito
llilSi, tfto Treaeury Blxte, 7Jt Voltrd Btat Shmt,
'HL,cipm, Wi jaoyt-,ot iS5iIB ( ,
iZii ..l
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 17.
fj'rooers ware firmer again te-flay hi' melt Views f Mo
laatea. aad norlly aaot 86 aa the ruling eric. .1
sat at lM ibbla waa made at last figure an 100 barrels
were sold yaeterday at 3SXo. Aoy material demand
would quickly spring th market. Sugar Bad a steady
market al bV39o fcr fair to atrtctly prim. Holders ar
not read, sellers at that rame feeling that their stocks
are KU-eety adequate to the supply of their rfwu
nnira unn at rtnt nrm at mkw nue.
V LOUR Wu very favorably imp rested by th report
oPthe New York marheand tker waa sadden klndllog
ot vitality, too, that ha laid dormant so long as to nv
been regarded M about extli.et. There was quite a ready
i, .... .. n. all in. air.ra anil U1M rmu. nrt Ian.
er though generally in small lot than they have far
a long Una. , aprae ocwigeoarcsH aae aaoreiaronr
hl, afTectedm Brie. aa could not t had SeloW 81 75
Bxtn told reauny at e, ana lamny av a xo. xaa
boatneas th day la Uite artlcl would show that
neculadr feelln ean ttlll be rry euilranmatd. But
tu BMMU oil-aniTTW .. iu. nuui,(He, wsasa m
full tkat there an a reuaral esinloB that Sour wat relv
tinly oelow the prtoe of wheat, aad kept ae by tba goad
export demand foe the latter. , : .a. i f
i W MB AV On th etreagth ef lb news. Bad an ad
vene ef JBSo par boab the torsaar flgara probably tb
actual buying advaaoe so that w bow qaote livsUO
for red, B4(aoo lor white. - laase flgur an excaeuc
Ultle by ealleraln their aikiagprieea. -i-m I ,m4
OOSN rirai, but doe net go above WW. .t-
' 'OATSOomeaand Stein bulk. ' n
BARLBV Dull at every al 494So Bomkaally.r. a
RYS UaAaoms tnqalrers te-atay. bet n Ut were
reported'-" v.-,.,. v.;iV:,e-... i
wuiuat iia a good manei ai jjo,
lrVRHAS,E! WAIST11B fcrSOSpatkagetot
JC Stawopny aad-Jpwelry, for eal t prieeas to.
roload, lea 10 pccn4. discount, at thApreaoffie
. .auL .null arante& to' aell Ih beat packets of ttstfai
ery (with or without jewelry) la the aaarket. at prices
lowc tbaa oan b jtufchaet elsawher,.. AiMrsts, wim
tamp ovaseT,Ad - ; b.ttwt
i. J. tl f ,- " t,f , J. L. BtlLBT,
Jlyltlw 1 (' J; Ml flourt strH Boston, Mass,
. r. "''; T'tV,I ' " - '-,
1 1
la exporkmetd Mnn aad f aaal PhyaWaa, preaeoti
I w uio aiteuuun oi juututra, an
S 0 O .T.H I ;ITG: STYRU P ,
which neatlr facilitate th pneoa tt toe thine, by of !
nlng- th gum, reducing ill laSammaltoa will allay
ALif f AIH ndipaimodie eaoa, ana is
Depead nioa it. aotbora. It. will clrt real to youiMlra
, - - .tt'... , , -j v. ... . '
We haw trat un and wilrt tbl artier for rer ten Taarm.
aoo uab bat, IN fjiriiriuaiiiuwAnuTiMjxu,orit,
what we hare nerer ben able to ay of any other modi
ahub, TO KePKOT A CURB, whoa timely aed. Mer
r did we know in InaCkaee of diantlaSMtton by any on
wko a led It. On the contrary, all aredellihted with la
oyerauona, and apeak In term or ooameadauee or Ita
magioai enect, and medical Tlrtnee. We (peak In tbli
mauer - w hat W S Utl a NOW after ten year' expe
almoet e,ery Iniunc wher tbe Infant ia loitering froa
pain and exhauiioa. relief will be found in Uta or
iweniy minutaa alter tuonyrup u admlnutered
This ,alualle nreoaration ia the ureacrlntton or nn nf
the moat KXPgitlKNCKDaod BKlLLrTJL NORTHS Id
new anyiand. and haa been need wltb MBVBB lAIIr
ItnotonlyTeliereetbeeMldfroai pal, out Inrleor.
ales the etomacb and bowels, correota aoidlty, and aire.
tone and enenrr to Ih whole nretam. It will almoat irf
""J iwmw Tit.I i ' Kv i . tt
and orereonMeonruietoni, wnleh. if not ipeedlly rem
nieorenoi in neatn. wo net mto n in u mes and BUB
arue rrnm teetninr, or from any otter oaaae.. W.
woald ea to ererr BoUerwhohaahlldufferinefnMa
any ot wis rorenolne eomplalnta uo KOI LSI YOUk
atana twen you ana you (unertngcniid,and the r
Uef that will be eOKB yea, AB80LCIBLY 8URB-to
roilow meuM of UiMawdloia. If Hmaly uaod. Bull dl-
rectlonifor uainir will aooompany earb bottle,' Nana
genuine aniaae tne lac-timue or uuariB a f ItttMNS,
...w ivri, le on uie ouiauie wrapper.
Bold by au Druggists uuougnout in world.
Pri id pa I Office, 13 Ceai- Street JH.lf,
Effective, ' Safe and Economical
.. A- Compound,
I run iimiu
Ita oiiaical color without dyeing, and preyenUng
. , . : y Ilair from turning gray. .
curing It, when there I th leut particle of rttall
i or recaptratir energy remaining.
And all ntaneouiaffeotlona of th Scalp.
Imparting to It an uneqaled gloaa and brilliancy, making
aoft and silky In Ita texture, and earning it to earl
readily. - - . , .
Tba great celebrity and Increasing demand for this an.
equaled preparation, eonvtnoee the proprietor that on
trial ia only neceuary to aatUfy a discerning public of It
nperior qualities orer any other preparation in lue. It
cimne the bead and tcalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous dlaeaaea, oanatcgtn hair to grow luxuriant).
giving it a rich, aoft. gloasy and flexible appearance, and
alao, where the hair talooaenlng and thinning, It will gl,
staength and vigor to the foofc and reetore th growth to
base parte which have become bald, causing it to yield a
rein oorering oi nair.
Thera are hundreds of ladle and gentlemen ia New
York wbo bare Dud their niur restored by the nee of this
Inrigorator, when all other prapa rations have failed . L.
has in his possession letters innumerable testifying
ue aoo to lacis, mm peraons or ue nigneet reaaacta
bility. It will effectually prerent th hair from turning
until th lateat period of lire; and in case wnere'the hair
already changed Itaeolflr, th ae of tbe Inrigorator
with certainty restore it to it to its original hue, giv
ing It dark, glossy appearance. A a perfume for thc
toilet and a Balr Restorative It la particularly recom
mended, baring an agreeable fragraneei and aae great fa
cilities it affords in drawing th hair, wnioh, when moist
the Inrigorator, can be dressed In any required
io aa to preserve ita place, whether plainer In curia:
tbe great demand for it by the ladle aa a standard
article which son ought to bo without, Ui price
it within th reach of all, being
Only Twenty-Five Cents
bottle, to be had at all reepeetabie Druggists and
iv . m.;..i.'. JJerfSBurs. . . . ( .
L. MILLER would call th attention of Parana and
Onardiaus to tne use or nls inrigorator, in cases where
children's hair Inclines to be weak. Th on of It
th foundation for a pood Mod qf -, ss it re
moves any Imparities that may have become connected
the scalp, the removal of which I aeeeswrr both
th health of the child, and tbe future ppea ranee of
Oadtios. None genuine without the hc-slmtle tOtTIS
MILLBR being on the outer wrapper: alio, I. ITIL
IiEH'S UAIR 1NVIOOBAX0B, U. I., blown Is th
glass. .
Wboleaal Bepet.Sa ! street, end aold br all the
prineipalMercbaatfand Druggieta thsoag boat th werld
LuaauaisaMUki w pvscaaecra by, ui quanu ty . .,
I also desire to present U th Amerteaa Publlo ay
whletx attar gear ot- eienUflo exparinwnting, I bar
brought to perfection. It dyes Black or Brown Instantly
without injury to th Uair or Skin; warranted the beat
artiol of the kind luexistance.
Depot 56 Dey St., New York.
-'H rti ' WBWABK OHIO, ' ' w I
' - s .....
Idanafaciurera af all Alada al4
.a, 1.1a J -jtrtf.. AeA. .
llmCAlBOblJri Xeatml ff.SJ.SLAXVTltattnl
1U.CBLXS CO. Staimlllf MIUtlOBD,. ;
O0:MtmllUI . - , .
Onr Portabla EoKlna and Saw Kill '
Wu awarded the first premium of $50 at th Indiana
Sate Pair for VtO orer tan ABodley'l obi aeaouatol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy af fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Bnrlne was awarded at th saane Pali
the first premium of 8 -WO. -
Our rorani engine waa mm uu, an. prapnuar, u.
100 at th fair at Memphis, Tenn., onr Blandy'a Da
rail's, Columbus MasbineOo's,, and Bradford CV
a committee of practical Railroad Bnginrv ti ' '
Fos pce na mrana aanrnii
..,-.. , iiU .Will LARD WARNER, Treasurer,
dci-dkwlyota. Newark, Ohi
e. rr cot LISTER,
.V- l.A.i0b' - ' '-... a-
Vlolcal nd Hetall J)aler
n. t n ,tl t'TTST 'fl TT . Tk " 1 .
ri i -"OU U WU 11 rT It '
naVantly'aktlana all tae fa
Will Tl
;i(l,rim hhahvs si n
Oct-."s-iyd -. i
.,B0,.10B1.S0W 1ZSIORK0
nr.. nTT-a, Ytfltve AW (WrVW -W t Hfflt W .an, t
,UOI rv. IH'l-'lll'l'i t .... ..a. , . ivnn
Bamlaal Waaknets. Sexual Debility. Nerrousnsss.Ia
wolnntenr loaUslons' and Jmpotoncy, rasnltlni froa
Bolf-abus. o..,Br Robt. J. Cuirerwell, M. D. Sent
under. s tin a plain envelope, to any addreM,poei
paid, on rolptoftwo stamps, by Dr. OUAS. J.O,
KLUra. Ill Bo wary. Now York Post OfBoe Box. H
4,j6t, ' marill:amdaa
f" They r go Eight to,tha Jpot'
m i m m Is -. ;4, t-
I Instant KeMet! Btaa rear Caarhl
Parlff year Breathlj
' Btrearthen year Taleet '
'- ' , ' "I ' - '
.. . XA v,
They relieve a Cough Instantly. ; ; ; . ,
Tbey dear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to tba vofoe.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
Tbey are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one.
I adrla every on wbo has a Oough or a husky Voice
or a Bad Breath, or any diffloulty of th Throat, to tst
package of my Throat Oonhstlons; tbsy will relieve
you instantly, and you will agre with as that "tbey
go right to the spot." Toa will find then very useft 1
and pleaant while traveling or attending pobtl at-
lags for stilling your Oough or allaying year thirst. 14
yoa try n packag. I am safe io saying that you will
srr afterwards consider thea lndlspensabi.
Tea will Snd tbem at tb Brnggtats and Ptalars la
My signature Is en each package. AU others are
A packag will be. sent by mill, prepaid, oa receipt of
Thirty Cents.
Address, ,
Henry C. Spalding, ,
By the uae of then PilU ih periodie attack of Jbr
eetis or Slat StadaeXt nay be prevented; aiai if takes
the oommenoement of an attack lanedate relief fn. a
pain and aickness will be obtained.
They seldta fall in teaoring tb Hautta sad
ocA to which female are eo satyeot. t
They act gently apoa th bowel removing OwWe .
lor Literary AVt, Sudtntt, Delicate
aad all persons of ttdantary kabitt, they are nine
a taeaMes. lmprorlng the apfttiit, giving Umt
er to th digestive organs, and restoring ths astur '
alaiUoity aad strength of th whol system.
THB CBPHALIO PILLS sre th malt of long lures
tigation and earefully conducted expeiimente, baring
been in uae many yean, during which Urn tbey hers
prevented and relieved s vast amount of pais aad safer
from Headache, whether originating in Ih arou
syitem or from a deranged state of th tteastiA.
They ar entirely v ere labia in their pom position, aa
may be takes at all timee with perfeet aafety without
aaking any Changs of diet, and tht abttmst qf ant
ditagrnabU UuU rmdtri it tatf to mdminit arUem
genuine htr fire itgnatute of Henry 0 Spalding
Sold by Druggists and all other Dealer la MeMdaaa. ',
A Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt af th
AU order should as addraaaad te
48 Oeaar Street, Haw Yarh.
Prom th Ixsmistr, Norfolk, T.
Cephalic Pills accomplish tp object far wbAak they
were mad, via.: Our of headache la all la Forms.
. . Proa Ih Bxsalntr, Norfolk, Ta. -
Tbey have been tasted m more than a thoaaaad
With entire
from Ih Democrat, 8t. Closd, Mine.
If you are. or hare been, troubled with th I
end fur a box, (Op hallo PUieJ that ye . aaay have
them in oase ef an attack. f,
frea th Advertiser, Preridano, A. V ' ",
Th Oephallo Pill an said to ba a remarkably effective
remedy for th headache, and on of th very best for
that rery frequent oomplalnt.whlch has ver been dla-
overed. .'
, - . ' , i 1 1 j
Prom tha Western a. B. aetU, Ohleage, IU.
W heartily ndor Mr. BoaaMia
giat, Kaaawha, Ta.
We aie sure that petwns saBering with th hssdaae '
ho try tb, will (tick to them.
from the Southern Path nnder, New Orlem,U. Mi)
Try theal yoa that are afflicted, and w ar (art that
your testimony oaa be added to' th already auaewoae
list that ha reoelved beneSta that a ethar aaedldue caa
rrom tMBt. bonis i) awe oral , . ,.,f
Th Immanse demand for th artiol .Cephalic Pill '
I rapidly Inereaaing.
Prom the Gasette, Davenport. Iowa. I
Mr. BnaMlna woald aot coanacthla naaas ttt aa
Bote he did aot iaoa to a oasssa real merit.
)J-jA Singh bottle ot SPALDING'S PBBPABB9
i VJ.ua ,ui an m hb-m ia m BiReiilj
. -1 1 - ' ; i i -'. ;vl
' ' j' t ' - '
JIj"A Stitcx is Tihs JUras Ktn."JTl
As accident will happen, eras la well lanatad laa
Hie, it I vary desirable la hare aoasa i if aadaaa
vi a leal way lor repairing garniture, Taya, Oieuauiy '
BB ill eaoh emerjenoie, aad ae beaaakaai sea aaTord
tobewitboatiu , it aaiways rdy. awe up t n ataca
UDaauai JU, ..... mvvmm.
fl. B A Braaa ceeBpaarat each bottle. ''
Addrne, - -.
' ' . No. 48, Cedar Street, Maw tark.
: " ' ' ' caption - ; .
. Aa certala uoprlaelpUd peraoas are attempting 'i
pela off on the uneuspeetlng pafalio, aiatoe tl a
PRBPARBD 8LCB, I waald oaalloa aU paaan ta,
saslaa before porohaaiog, and ae that th full earn.
Is oa the outside Wrapper; all others are swinauug eaa
lerfeita, , . aoe

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