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9l)i0 Stntimiji
Democratic Union Nominations.
Sxjgli J. Jewett, "s
.i-nS ",.' Mkiir v., ." .V f
UICriMAt ooverkoV p.)
: John Scott Harrison '
' " -" of BnllUB.1 il; - :'t
."VO Mwfotrwrrjf. , M
' "Of JfaOfMK '- '
:-.. w. . , . . " s - a ' ' -'
' - 0 ! '
,i Of CawaAece. ,i
Meeting of the Union Democratic
State Central Committee.
eawtwma . - ' w. 1 " ' ;
The Union Danrocratto State Central Com
mlttee wllVineot Columbus, Toisdat, Ao
oot S7th. l 9 O'clock, P. M. Erery ember
to rteele4 U-b preeeot, and aitbeteodl
dtet oo ihaTJnlooJJein'uuutro State Ticket,
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary.
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary. August 20, 1861.
For the Campaign.
' f We will fnrnlili tb dlftrtnt
Caplrn'olloT: , v. 7. ' . " ,
TheSallr Stetonaa, poraoolh. at SOitnti.
Ibo f rl-Wooklj ItatcfBU, jor mootji, e.... S3 "
IlLbor of the .ot wt fumMwd for on or
tare oosthi, n p robe or tloflo ooplet, at tho abow
rataa. ' ' ' '
Tho Weekly Ohio Slatetman wili b farDUhc4 ai fol-
Ion: i- t t .1.4
InotaWof 4leisiorUoinonai...
la cMo t 1 om. for two month
ta Mabt af 10 eoottt, for two montba. ...
la elabo of 40 ooplei, for two months.
i t;J waJOll, Ola U1 corer.tho perto of tho
!Caaalta.aa4 tafei klaaa.oar MAMlIpTlLWHKlT
la the haada of all oho wast It, aa a campaign paper,
oa wry oaaaoaaMe tern i '1 I '.)' '
lot the frlaada of tho goad canae the tnio Unloa
awa of Ohio go to work, and iprnd tie
11 oror the Itato Wo epot to make it an efficient ale
la the food Work of tho eodeaptioa ef the Smu of Ohio.
Let lib well olrcalated
August 10, 1861.
The Union Men in the South.
Tber existed 1m winter, In the Southern
SUtee, a large party opposed to immediate
teoeeeioo, beoaoie IU adherent! betlefed , that
therlghtethe 8oni ele'imed -eould be better
eedre bf remaining in the Union than 07
' going out of it. Toey were in fewof exhanel
lot ererr other remedy for a redrew of real or
eappeeed griewinoee, before resorting to the ez-
, tieM oee of aeoeeeioa. . . . : ' 1 :. r. I
Had tbia Union party, as it was oiled in the
., South, bee, enebltd to maintain iu position,
by the passage in Congreee of the Ceimnwe
'or aimilmr prepowitlonw, iWa aaoeaoloa. mare
merit, would JhtTO been paralyzed; the forma
Hoa"ot.tkaSeotbem Cenfederaoy, at least in
Its prwMtW VargO proportions, would bare been
prevented; the country would hare been eared
. from the horrors of elril warj and tho rebell
ion, if any bad continued to exist, would have
been reduced to a saere petty Insurrection
Bat tho CarrrCNae propoeition and all others
of a elmilar nature1 were tejscted by Congress.
Tho Union BCD f "what are' now called the
seceded States,' beeamoVdisheartened; their
numbers dwindled away . And many of the
weeo oompeiled.'ao'they thought, to accept ee
eeeseow 4a the only reiaedy left for tho eocority
oC tholr tights la future. They doubtless in
i tnle'oowm.tted a gra?o mletakoi bat the saerl
- loco they then made, and are 1 now making;
teat at leiat their sincerity ff.. ' .
ThU Union aeailmeat,, b comparisoa with
what it en six or eight months ago, is now
a mothered anl: kept In (ho back -ground in the
. aeoeded btate. ; fiat It U1I erUU there, latent
... In. (honsands of hearts, od ready to apring into
aaaivwtxeredae ttpoo the reey slightest enoour
- aewateeiti ' The people are not ll rebels, eten
In what some Of our Northern politicians are in
, tho habit, 0 calling tho'Kebej'States.;' ' A
1 Jargo jropottion of their .citiicne would at this
saoeaeoa tftaitly prafer tho Old Unloa to hn;
new Confederacy Ibo moet'itDgalae lecession
1st hare dreamed of.. 'mrt r 1 , i. ' '
7k.i iTn;. fwtj itttilL strong la tho noo-
sectdeeV elaTeboldlcg Btateo. I has recently,
la tbo otsetlono ta Kentucky, obtained a decided
"sriamph But this tlotory Is tht't 'of A'party
v ' whidtf whljo Opposed to fccesslon, Is In farpr of
- asaldtolnlng tao poaow and aeatrality of Ken-
toiXyttntU soas roasonaWs an4 bouetable eet
fJossoB of tbo groat controreey between 'the
Sortb and Bonis oao do had., Similar to this
,! tbo main," the position of 'tbeTnlon men
lathe other aoo-eeceded alawo States. Bat If
'. , tho wse should be protracted, and all proepeot
f of a poaeeable adjustment should, Tanish, many
jal tboao Uaiosj aaea may bo drireo, as assay of
their former oo-Uboren further South . tare
boon, to aoite their fortunes for weal or wo with
' Jtho'oactaeloBiata. AXt 'V'o'
Jf it bo deelrablo to retain the Southern
Buses la the Union, and thas sere 4i front fiaal
dieearatiofirO it wjoeifeot that tho Unloa men
tm tboM States at oat receive tbo hearty cseonr
sgemtu)rs4 WrOperillauj&f thd Unloa men in
Ibo North era giateo.-' ' Tbry most all, while op
' sealog a)eoessioA and rofirlDg todlviperae tho
rebelo In arm against tho Govern meht'.'unlts
their efforts to a oommon end the settlement of
at great. Mtioaal dispute by otuh-ssainal con
'.. ceMlm acd adjostmonts, as shall; bo oonatltu
" ttonai, Jiooorable and Just, and thus restore
peace to tie country and safety to tbo Union, I
O a 1 1 . - l- t : -1
ST We have e"rtcd that tbo Abolition I
. pulillcanism of let) wee dead that that phase
of fieynbllearjiom cm J 4 pever admiatoter the
Uovernmeut eatialactorUy. wo were partially
tuietnkea. Ills not dead, it i only dying. It
I, djiug, and of this there can be no mistake.
1 S It 1 a iult rnoat devoutly to be wished, and
. . .... result la teachiiug as wltlt alow bat sure
' fxintp?e. Tho South can . only attack our,
phTkl fbrcfc, bat tho Pomeroy, Lorejoy Bo
The Philadelphia Press-The Democracy
of Ohio.
As a epcoltaen of looie, wt cannot avoid pUc-
ing tbo following oa record, from Fosmr's
Philadelphia Preee. Wo make all reasonable
allowance, for "Hue aiieaJy of the Free going
further tofcustaln tbo Republicans, thai thoorig
Inal nanara of that defunct party. This Is el
was the oass New converts are lnvariaoij
o imIoo. knd anserunulous. Tbo Repuou
Cin IeAders, airs expecting more of Col. fOAHxi
thn moot nthu 'men. as he has been better
oaU. HesayiSr i')
"If the Democraoy of Ohio condemns ons act
of the Administration, they muit condemn every
act. If II wae wrong for tbo President to sue
peed tho writ of aee eorjae, it wae wrong for
t.i .H.ni a oalnlorcement of rort Sumter;
to reinforce Fort Pickens; to call out the three
months' volunteers; to open tho road to Wash
ington; to occupy Alexandria; to erect fortlB
eof ltwi si An Ariinrtnu tleiirhtat to blockade toe
Southern port1! w rrert Bllltlnior Com
mliaioners; and drive traitors from tbo Capital.
Every one of these measures was undertaken
tor tbo public good. They wore necessary as
means ot national self-defense. It one is to be
ecaeured, all are to bo censured."
t There It ie. The Democracy must swallow
the whole hog, bristles ;end all, or elae they
mint not take a alnsle bile of the animal. The
Democracy are,' and always have been, ungues
tionablyfor the Constitution, and thereby main
talniair the Union, bnl wo doubt if, because this
is so, tbey have come to the conclusion tbat
Mr. Lincoln Is btohtth Infallible. That, we
verily believe, would bo repudiated, not only by
tbo Democracy, but by a large number of people
who have heretofore acted with tbo Republican
. Tbo attempt to do what the Fri piopoaee,
was too etrong for tho east iron stomachs ol Mr-
BMSMiit ana a mijorivj f ----tors,'
and it can kardly be expected that Demo
.... nM aMllow what tbey could not. It
will not bo long before tbo Prttt will desire the
Democracy to swear with uplifted band tbat
Sjmom CiaHsoN is conduoting the Wsr Depart
meat honestly and economically, whea Foaasr
knows, and no one batter than bo, that Simon
actually defeated him for the United States Sen
ate after bo was nominated, by pure, unadulter
ated corruption
Wo are not surprised, nor displeased at too
Preri giving out authoritatively, what In expect-
ed of tho Democrats. It U well to see the dose
beforehand. . , . , 1
Fount, with his usual modesty, proposes a
platform for the Democrats who unite with
iiTkt nrantad ai a mutual blatfof m this
simple principle: Loyalty to tbo Union confi
dence in the Administration and an unqualified
support of its war measures."
To make tho matter more complete, we wouio
suggest to the Press the propriety of adding the
following, from a Vermont Abolition paper:
'T.t tha Democrats come in and Ukt tki oath
tfiUegianct to the aaWy, and they shall share-in
tne spoils, aei oiaericiic. ....
; Then the party would be as a 'Union ' Con
vention In Vermont ie desribed by tho Vermont
Freeman ; . .
la in fact and in result a Republican
Convention, and those. Democrats who ectea
hnnMtl in It and wo Dresome all who acted
at all did an and who agree heartily with the
resnlt reaebsd by tbo Convention, and support
the ticket nomioated, will come so near being
Republicans tbat it will be sate to v. eat mem as
suoh." . ,
Democrats would then eorne to near being
Republicans that it "will be safe to treat tbem
at such." ..
Oioduos and Lovuot ooakd gather tbem nn
der their wings see hen gathereth her brood. ,
How the North is to be Populated.
One of the New York regiments, says the
New York Pes , when leaving Washington for
home,' bad ioDtnra negroes with them who
thee were taking to the North. "But at the
depot these negroes were tamed back by an of
ficer of the United States army, who informed
them that they could not bo permitted to aocom
pacy thelempioye!TlwF be Tea
sets up sn abolition nowi over 11. 1 oe aeeigus
of these men are perfectly clear they are de
termined to overran the North with the run.
away negroes of the Soath. This will bo one
of the understandings of the now Republican
Union party. SraLmao will manage that.
Shall We Commence Hanging Prisoners.
.. amors.
We copy the following article from tho Cin
cinnati 0Ue. Wo are glad to hear that
there art some men of tense in the Cabinet.
Weheve no doubt but that Mr. Elt and every
crieenet In'the bands of the "Confederates"
would Vote with Mr. Sew aid on this question
si would every sensible man in the country
We have spokea of this matter before. We
then entered our humble protest against it, in
behalf of our gallant men now prisoners of war,
If they should fU victims by inch a policy,
the haada of tho Administration will bo red
with their blood,
,'Afl admit that tho Constitution has been yio
lated, aad it is insisted that sjrseseUy mast be
pleaded In extenuation.' -Will that plea not
avail to save our gallant soldiers' IivesT
, ' What is to as Doxi wrw thb Pioatis. A
Waabington eorrespondent of the Philadelphia
Inquirer, aays tbat some time since the Govern
ment bad decided not to hang any of the sailors
taken on Southern privateers. This was true at
the time, the decision being made from motives
of nolicv. Witbln a few days, however, the
question baa again been raised ia tbo Cabinet.
At least one memoer 01 ansa oouy ia in isvor,
as ho expresses it, of discarding all squeamish
nonsense, and of banging every rebel found in
arms sgaiast the Uoverntnent, whether taken
on the aeajor land
This is undoubtedly the course that ought to
be taken, tt tbo Uovomment regards tbie met.
tea as simply an "Insurrection." This is the
view taken of it by President Lincoln; and ho
too, although be deplores tha aeosssity or such
dreaded measuree, is in favor of such a course
as will show ta tbo world that we are in earnest
la tbls matter, and tbat traitors found in arms
against the Government, must expect and re
ceive a traitor's doom. Bat the Becretary of
State is in favor of a milder, and, aa be thinks,
of. a wiser, course of policy. He admits
tbat. bv the strict rales of law, the Booth
era -privateer aaea are pirates, an4 to -bang
them mlgbl be jostinaoie; oat no says, ne
cessity ha , led us tot disregard former con.
atitntional provisions, since the commence
ment of this strife. ' Id this iostance, tbo same
areeifff would seem to dictate a relaxa
tioo et the eta-lot rata of law- If we hang
thai man. tha rebels will banc Mr. Ely, . Col.
Corcoran and Col. Wilcox; and than we, la re
taliation, will hang Mr. Faulkner and the pris
oners at Fort Lafayette, 1 Thao Ibere will be
ao end to horrors. To avoid this, Mr. Seward
favors a mors lentent coarse than be would re
commend under ordinary circumstances. Bli
ODinioa has treat weight with the President;
bat tha mattes is by ao meaos yet decided. .The
other members of the Cabinet are divided la
sentiment on the subject. Mr. Welles sides
with Me. Seward, aod the Becretary of War
bolds abont tbo tamo views, only be objects to
any fortbe release of the prisoners, as la the
ease or Col. regraore men. nr. Bates and
Mr. Blair both go for extreme meaeareserard-
leee of conscqoences; and Mr. Smith also en
teiUins the soma views. . ,'
The Democratic State Central Committee of
ttr i.wvm. T Ima mIUI tha Kt ta finnmmttnn - a
Mdison c. tho Moond Tharad.y J
October. Tbo electloa Is held In November.
The correenondent of the Memphis
m.iHn at Rirhmond on the lOch.'eavet
There has been a good deal of discussion bete
in militarv circles and' other clreles, about ths
operaiioorin the Western part of the Bute un-
da uenerai nearv a. w ise. 1 nat oe iw
have fallen baok as far as the Whits 8ulphur
Springs oreatee surprise and disaatlsracuon.
Clearly the mission of this officer to tho dlseaf
footod nortion of Virginia has been a failure.
I r . - ' " .. , ,
1 say this wlin no disposiuon to uoaorvaiue too
services or tbo talents or us ex-goveruor.
Oreat ezoectations were aroused by bis depart.
nra. Hia lesion was to be called into being as
ho advanced, by the magical potency ti nis
nams aud tbs electrlo Inspiration 01 nis peroonui
qualities Mis friends claimed for bim a popu-
larit wild all claaaea 01 100 DOODie 01 irKiuia
beyond that of any man ia the commonwealth.
It was preatotea aba oeiievea loai oe wuuiu
cam ever thing before bim. from the Alle
ghany mountains to the Ohio river, and that be
weald take no atep backward until the laal eup
potter of tbe Lincoln government had been
driven from the bordere of tbe Old Dominion.
Of tbe ex-governor'a lofty courage, enthusiasm
for independence, and whole souled devotion to
the cause of bis native Stale, no doubt could be
entertained. Bat mark tbe result or bis expo
dltion. Instead of ths thousands that should
flock to bis standard, be with great difficulty
collected men enongb to organize Into a brigade,
and mini of these have now deserted him.
Without the ability to hold Charleston, on the
Kanawha, he fell back toGauley Bridge, which
in turn be abandoned, after burning tne struc
ture; and from ibis point to Lewisburg hia re
treat is said to have bten attended by as much
confufion almost as If tbe enemy under Cox had
been close upon bis rear. Tbe truth has been
made apparent tbat Henry A. Wise haa not the
military capacity fur a geueral, and, indeed,
hen we consider that his acauaintanoe w.tb
military afftlis has hitherto beeu ron&aed to the
militia musters 01 Accomac, suu iuo nwo rpi
audeof tbe execution of John iirowo, oe tnaj
bol wonder tbat be should. bare small knowledge
of what is demanded of a general 01 civiaioo
in times of active hostilities.
. The Nashville Union srf Amriein has tbs
following: ; .
T. A. R Nimon We understand ibat Mr.
Nelson has acknowledged his obligation a s
eiiisen of the State ol Tennessee, to submit to
her late decision; and upon his promise to act
hereafter in accordance therewith, tbe rreai
dent of the Confederate States has ordered his
reletss. :
Tbo Savannah Republican has ths following
Ganr Bethil. August 9 The town ol
Hampton was destroyed on Wednesdsy by the
Confederate forces under Magruder. Lvery
house, including the old Colonial Church, tbe
oldest on the Continent, was burnt. Tbo Fede
ral rackets were driven in bv the Virginia cav
alry and infantry, and Are of the enemy killed
and one of our men wounded. The torch was
applied t3 Hampton by the Virginia troops and
Uamptonians. - ..
Tat roi RoseiLi. The last that we seen of
Russell, Banister, LL. D. and S.N. O B , he
was In full retreat from Manassas We hope
that he managed to preserve bis notes, and not
"draw on bis imagination lor his fncts," as hs
did during his Southern tour. If be is ever
caught south or niasou et uixon again, we oe
speak a warm reception lor him warm tar,
covered with feathere. another essentially
Vicksburg Sun.
Death or Ma. Srooma. It is with sincere
regret tbat we record tbe death 01 Mr. J.
Spooner, lor many years past tne launiui ana
obliging agent of the Adams Express, in tbie
city. The circumstances attending his demise
render the event still more afflictive to his
friende. Tbe telegraph announces tbat be
hung blmsell in bis room, at ibe Burnet House
in Cincinnati, on Saturday last.
Wo have no particulars ot tbe sad affair, ex
cept that he wal on bis way to Georgia from
tbs Worth with a numoer 01 private letters anu
packages, and arriving at Cincinnati, he wae
Arrested and taken into custody by the Black
Republican Vigilance Committee of tbat place.
He was suffering at tbe time, too, from a dis
fressing attack of dyspepsia, which, combined
with tho unhappy, if not perilous position, in
which he was placed, doubtless Induced him to
Savannah Republican, 12th.
The N. 0. DiUt says:
Bv the Galveston iVetei, we learn that in con
sequence of the approach of tbe schooner Dart,
of tho enemy's mosquito fleet, within two mile
of the batteries of Galveston, on the 31 Inst.,
the blockadere having been warned they would
be fired upon if tbey camo witbln range, two
batteriaa,oua at tit loot of Tremont street and
the other st tbe foot of Twentieth street, were
Sromptly manned by Capt. Schneider's Tomer
ifles and opened fire, and after five shots from
the schooner and six from tbe batteries, tbe
cannonade eeased without injnry on either side,
sad ths schooner moved oat of range.
According to tbo newt, toere was a differ
ence of opinion among tbe citizens as to the
wisdom of the challenge to the enemy the
older people considering it auselees demonstra
tion, calculated to expose tbe city to retaliation;
which, by tbe younger ana more ardent, the
morning's proceedings were enthusiastically ap
provedthe close approach of the Dart, after
warning, being considered justification enough
for commencing tne engagement., what
followed in the afternoon ia thus related by the
The Dart oame.sailing down in front af the
batteries, doubtless to draw their fire, but of no
avail. The steamer had almost come to a stand
still. She was within range, and seemed to
dare attack. She had not long to wait. Col.
Moore sighted No. 1 at her, and la a moment
after (be white smoke rose above the breast
works, and the thundering report that shook tbo
earth and filled tbe air, announced that the con
test had begun. '.
All eyes now turned (0 the steamer. ' In a
minute, a puff of white smoke Issued from her
bow. a she still continued to move slowly on;
tbe report rang out, and then the sharp bom ol
a shell wss distinctly heard.
Again, again and again this slow Interchange
of shots took place, the intervale pretty regu
larly between each. Our first shots were deliv
ered steadily, and evidently with care; tbey
were in Hoe and went near tbo propeller each
time, and one struck so near ber, amidships,
tbat from various parts of the city, far dis
tant from each other, as we have since learned,
the remark was simultaneous; That hit
ber!" ' " " ' '
Capt. Alden now began, however much to
oar mingled astonishment and Indignation to
fire shells over the city. He had endeavored to
enfilade the gtns In tbe bstteriee.but his gunners
failed to hit either tbe Sa.nd-bags or tho men
around and near them. ' Hedonbtlese then be
thought bim tbat, as be bad succeeded so well In
opening ladles' letters, he would be ss triumph
ant in frlshtanlna or Inlnrlng some of our women
and children. May his name be infamous for
tbe dastardly deed.
Several large shells exploded high in the air,
the pieces Hying in an directions, far ana near,
One piece traversed the roof of Mr. Tankers
ley's bouse, one square In tho rear of Mr
Brown's and General Nichols's residence, on
Broadway. - It went through the outer plank
wall into tne yard, we neara a piece-01 11
falling at the Booth side of Ibe Public Square,
penetrating tbo roof and floor of Mr. J. Dike
man's portico; and an entire bomb at Mr. Clos's
foundry, a piece going to the First Ward Mar
ket, and one shell burying Itself near Smyth's
Garden, but none, fortunately, bitting any one,
though soma narrow ' escapes were bad.-: We
were shown a 32-ponna bail tbat was said to
have been picked Ob Id tbe street, near Broad
way and Tremont. We have been Informed,
also tbat some of the' shells wera found nnex
ploded; bat wo cannot hear thai any of the gal
lant Alden-e missiles came nearer man tne far
ther cart of Mr. League's new hotel lot, on Tre
moot street, Sooth of tbe Bayou, or about half
i mile from the Uuir. i bis is eonelderea by
eov as tbe range ol the propeller's cans, Irom
her nearest approach to the shore, opposite the
beach batteries m . S. - ;
Tbo British Cooeul'o residence 1s new Mr.
Leasee's, end bis flig was flying, as it has been
for a month, at- an elevation that it can easily
be seen at a great dietaries. - Another consular
flg-was up, further in the city, northeast of Mr.
Leegue'si but the hostile shell paid no atten
tion to them.- Of coarse, a msa who would flee
at women and child re a would eere bat little for
other observance of civilised warfare.
A large number or people aavmr collected
ob and near tbe saad kills, a little to the east
ward of tbe batteries, to gratify their curiosity,
hell fell among tbem. apparently directed
for thai Mirnma. emttinff one man In two,-and
aarrvlne awav moat of hia body between the
anouiaers ana nips, ana expiouius
same time. - Some two or three others were
. . . . . k.t 11..
lllohtlw arnnndod with the nleCCS. OOC Of Whom
wae the son of Mr. Menard, our worthy Deputy
Collector. The name of tho man killed was
Frank S-lve.en Italian, or. Portuguese, whose
occupation, we anderstand, was selling fruits,
sto. The remainder of his body wat burled the
aama evcnlnv.
This, we believe, was all tbe harm tbat waal
dona by. this first attempt to DomDera our
oity. " The firing continued half an hour.
8ome of the shells measured ten inches In
diameter, and must have .'been thrown by a
68-pounder, said to be tbe steamer's pivot
During this cannon duello the booses of our
oltv wera crowded with ceople locking at tbe
spectacle, which was in full view from most of
our larger buildings, and from many of the up
per balconies. Many who could not there get a
view went to the beacn or near mere, meir oa
rioelty overpowering their sense of danger.
Tout-hint o PaiBONHS OF WAB AT TBI
Sooth Many leltere from Federal prisoners of
. . . . a.- ....I..J L
war at Klobmond continue to do rwiutu uj
their friends at the North vis Louisville, .ibe
letters all speak the same language in reference
to their treatment by their captors. The fol
lowing Is an extract from one received fiom a
member ol tbe New York Sixty-nintbi
In retreating, our men were thrown into
oonfusion, and a oompany of cavalry riding in
among usil wss taken prisoner, together with
tha Colonel and aome sixteen others. I must
say that myself and my comrades have been
treated with the greatest kindness and humani
ty by our captors. There were six hundred of
ue token nriaoners 00 tbe day of tbe battle. We
all trust the Government will take steps to have
us exchanged, as tho tbreo months' men are
anxious to return Dome.
The Case or Ma Eir. The correspondent
of tbe Philadelphia Uquirer says:
I am able ta ute that the story of Air. Ely
having been employed in ditching, or In any
other mct,il employment, is entirely uutruu
He has been uniformly w.11 treated, aud has
fared sumptuouslr every day. Surgeon Nor
mal, of the New Yoik Seveuty ninth, brought
a letter from bim to President Lincoln. He
Ibat a persouul acquaintance with 'the
Southern people tai greatly modified bis viows
in regard to them; auJ b t.Ut,K0ata, in view of
the thirteen hundred aud fifty prisoners con
fined at Richmond, the propriety of adopting,
in the future progress of tbs war, tbe nsaal
rules of belligerent nations, particularly witb
regard to flags of truce, treatment and ex
change of prisoners of war, burial ef tbe dead,
etc Being personally iuteiojted, be speaks
A meeting of Back Presidents and Commit
tees renreseuting the Banks ot New York,
Boston and Philadelphia, was yesterday held
in this oity. Secretary Chsse was present
Tbe report of tbe committee of Ten was con
sidered, and a portion adopted, whereby it ia
agreed by tbe banks to take $50,000,000 at par
at nnea. with the nrlviletre of taking another
$50,000,000 on the 15th ol October, and $50,
000,000 00 the l.rth of December. Tbe amount
allotted to tho three .cities,' in proportion to
their capital, will give to New York $30.000,.
000, to Boston $15,000,000, and to Philadelphia
$5,000,000. The meeting was adjourned to
convene again this morning. ineuae.
Columbiana County.
Tbo Republican County Central Committee
have Issued a call for a County Convention, ae
follows; . ,
"Retohtd, That the Republican Central Com
mittee of Columbiana county deem It expedient
to call a primary eleotioo for tbe nomination of
candidates, to be eupported at tbe fall eleotlon,
In accordance with rules and regulations hereto
fore observed by tbat party. Therefore,
"Keiolttt. Tbat tbe republicans or Colum
biana county be requested to meet on Saturday,
ths 7th day of September, in their respective
townabips, between the nonrs 01 0 0 clock a.
M. and 7 o'clock r . M to vote lor their choice
of candidates for the various county and other
office, aud a record of the votes polled be re
turaed to a County Convention, to be held on
Monday, tho 9tn of September, at New-Lis
bon." . .J
Columbiana county ia largely. Republican
hence the etpee'waeyf
The Salem Republican refuses to pnblith the
call of the visible admixture paity.
RxoaomNO in Philadelphia. It seems tbat
but little progress is making Id recruiting at
Philadelphia at present, the Inquirer or yes
terday remarks:
The whole system of recruiting volunteers is
bad. Many thousands enlisted men are wander
ing about this city, and cannot be mustered in
because "tbe regiment is cot full;" meanwhile
tbey get no pay, bave no work, are not drilled,
and are learning habits of idleness and intoxica
tion. While tbe unhappy colonels in embryo
are bunting for more men to make up the full
number, tbe others fall off, join other regiments
which seem more likely to fill up, and the colo
nel perhaps fails at last, after spending lime,
labor aLd money.
That "Baltimore Dinner."
We have received a private loiter from Mr.
Vallandigham authorising us to say that the
statement in tbe Baltimore dispatch the other
day, that he had partaken of a grand dinner at
tbe Eutaw House given by tha secessionists of
that city is a deliberate and downright falsehood.
Not only was hs not present at any such dinner,
but none such waa given to Mr. Breckinridge.
As for tbe serenade Mr. Vallandicbam bad
nothing to do with it and was not even present
at it. It seems to be impossible lor tbe telegraph
to tell a word of troth about him.
That "Baltimore Dinner." Dayton
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Profession vs. Practice.
EniToa or Statesman: I see a call alined by
several perrons, some of whom are Democrats,
in the Ohio Stati Journal, for a' Convention, to
beheld In your city, on tbe 6th day of Septem
ber next, for the purpose of nominating candi
dates for the various State offices; said Conven
tion to be held without regard to party, but to
sustain tbs present Administration. Now If we
were to look no farther than the call, we might
be led to believe tbat nothing but patriotism and
love of country dictated it, and I bave no doubt
that such was the oate on tbe part of the few
Democrats who bave signed it; but to show to
such men that the professions of tbe Republiosns
are all billow, and that lArv are to be used only
to sustain and keep thtt party In power, I give
you the case of the removal of tbe Postmaster In
tbls place.
The. gentleman who has heretofore been
Postmaster at this place has been, and is now;
a strong Union man, spending bis money freely
to get troops into the field to sustain the conn
try, and could, 00 doubt, receive nearly the
unanimous vote of our citizens for that posi
tlon. No complaints from any quarter; liked
by all; moderate In politics; never mentioning
ths subjeot only when spoken to; yet on yester
day ho was removed, and a gentleman, against
whose moral character I bare nothing to say,
bat one of the most bitter partisans In our coun
ty, appointed In his place. ' Indeed so ultra are
his politics, that bis own party ars ashamed to
aooept him as an exponent of their views. As
an illustration, I have frequently heard him
witbln the last six months proolalm tbat it the
Supreme Court of the Uolted States gave a de
cIsIob tbat be believed to be anceeiAitutlonal,
that it was bis right ahd duty to resist and rebel
against any such decision, thus showing that he
takes the same v'.ew of bis dutlas as a citizen
that Jeff, Davis snd his frisnds do. Yet in face
of all the professions made by the wire-pullere
of tbe Republicans In Columbus, we see s good
Union man removed, and a man who by his own
showing, believes rebellion In certain oases to
be rlgot, put la bis place. i ' v: A -,
' I think that If those . who ere In danger of
being caught la this trap will look .before they
leap, tbey will see that the Republicans are sim
ply at their old tricks.' Tbelr call for Conten
tions nsed to be, "all tbat are opposed to tbe
present Administration" but now, having a
Slat and Federal Govsrnment, and belog de
sirous to keep them, they Issue their call lor all
woo are la raver or sustaining tne prsseni uov-
ernmanl or Administration, but not one word
about preserving tbo Constitution.
a umun n ah,
DRESDEN, Aug. 16, 1861.
CAMP CHASE, Aug. 16, 1861.
. n.....i n.Aop Nn. S.'dated 15, 1661,
In force In this camp, provides that 'officers of
tbo State government, military omcers ana par
ties specially conducted by them, may be admit
ted to the camp at any time between RevfUe
and TeWeo. Persons bringing supplies to the
camp, or engaged in thepubllo service, or In the
transportation of publlo property, may be ad
mitted and pass out at all reasonable hours.
Rut .a aiW aiiiier sniff rectified or remain in
camp except between thi hour of two and a haf
snd sir ant a half s ctseg r. m.
' "Tbs field offioer of ths day and theoffloer of
the guat d will eee tbat the quarters and grounds
required lor tne use 01 m troops are not eu
croached noon, nor tbe streets obstructed by vis
itors. Tbey will also, as far as Is necessary, see
that visitors are informed of tbe Spaces, street
and drivel they may use without interrupting
tbe duties of Ibe earn p."
- Tbe hours assigned for the admission of gen
oral visitors will include Company drills of In
lantry, Artillery snd Cavalry; Camp Inspection
and for Infantry sufficiently advanced, Battal
ion drill and Dress Parade. . These srs the reg
ulations for week days. On Sundays no visitors
will be admitted to the camp. -
No huckster or peddler will be admitted at
any time.
Visitors will enter on McClellan street, teams
connected with the Quarter Master, or Commis
sary Department, or In the service of the Sutler,
will pass in and out on ecott street..
, By command of Brig.-Gen. Cbae. W. Hill.
Assistant Adjutant-General.
The following act of Congress In relatioo to
tbe Corps of Medical Cadets, is published for
the Information of all concerned: . - ,
Seo. 7. , And be it further inaeUd, Tbat there
be added to the Medical Staff of the Army a
Corps of Medical Cadets, whose duly it shall
be to act as dressers lu tbe general hospitals and
as ambulance attendants in tbe field, under ibe
direction and contiol of medical tllicera alone
They shall have the same rank aud pay a the
mi limy cadets at West Point. Their uu ruber
shall bo regulated by the exigencies of the nut
vico, at no time to exoetd fifty. , It shall be
composed of young men of liberal education,
students of medicine, between tbe sges of
eighteen and twenty Ihree, who bave been read
ing medicine for two years and bave attended
at least one course of lectures In a medical col
lege. Tbey shall enljst for one year, and be
eubject to the rules and articles of war. On
tbe fifteenth day of tbe last month of tbeir ser
vice tbe near approach or tbelr discharge shall
be reported to the Surgeon General, in order,
If desired, that tbey may be relieved by another
detail of applicants.
Application must be made to the Burgeon
General for admission into tbe xorpi, In con
formity with tbe above act, stating tbe date and
place of birth, place of residence, period of
medical studies, and Inclosing the certificate of
the dean of the oollege (or, when not obtainable,
other satislaotory evidence of the fact) tbat the
applloant has attended one full course ia a med
ical college.
Tboso applications must also be accompanied
with testimonials of the good moral character
and sound physical condition of tbe candidate.
Wben an application la favorably considered,
the candidate will receive a letter authorizing
him to appear before an Army Board of Medi
cal Examiners, who will make a special report
Ineaobcaee; from among those approved by
the Board, the Burgeon-General will select snob
a number as tbe service may require.
As the services 01 tbls class or medical and
surgical assistants are at once required, appli
cations, to be snccesslul, should be promptly
made to tbe burgeon Uenerai, wbo will direct
tbe candidate to appear before one of toe Army
Medical Boards now In session in Washington
Acting Surgeon-General.
Superior Court of Franklin Coun
ty, Ohio.
Pianola M. Story, by klt'noxl friend, 1
Mar, Story, potiliouer,.
Joseph Story tt others, respondents. J - : '
X the said Court to mo directed, I will offer lor salo at
publlo atuiioB at the door o( ths Court Ilosse, In tot
en 01 uommoai, on
Saturday, the 28th day of Sept. A. D. 18C1,
ottwttn tho hoar ot It o'clock H. sod S o'clock P. U.,
tho following d.tcribed real ottalo, illnato In B leaianl
lowDihip, U ranium ooooty, Ohio, and bounded and do-
scribeaai roiiowt:
Part of lurT.jr No. IW09. of the Virginia Militarv lur-
reja, beiiinuiofiat a siako in Ibo soolhweit eornor of tho
iraci or iana, containing ono nnndrcd tore, cunnyed iu
Jnjiah Binni by Jotepb. Story br dood hearing data May
7, IbJO: tbeoce louin 07k nolea to a itako andfourimall
hickories and elm; tlienca out Hi poles to a stake In a
prairie, thence nortn x poles to a stake 00 tho wool
ido of an elm marked u corner In the line of the Kim's
lot; thtnrs watt Hi poles to tho beginning, containing
nfij-tvo and a half acres, mora or lata; lubjeot to a
aower citato ntretoioro 001 on ana asugncd 10 Mary
PtotT, widow of laid Marmaduke Story In said premlaet,
described as follow: 17 67-100 acne of said lnd, boond
ad at follow,: Beginning at a stake from which a black
walnut 13 iuchei 10 diametor bean N. iiotg.t 111
links: thooco 8. 1 dee. W. 81 Dole and 80 llnta to a
take; thence . 88 deg. K. lit poire to a stake In tho
west lioo of neomin s laid; thence N. xt pales and 80
lioki to a sLko la tha wart aide of as elm marked aa a
corner! tbenco It. co erg. west 1S4 poles to tho begin1
AppralMdat S)13 00 pernor.
gkohub w. ncriMiN, tberur.
Printer's fees 8 00.
angSOtd !
OH1VBD at tho Office of tbo Secretary of Slate,
Monday; tbe 31 day of September next, at
for furnhhlDf paper for the tut of lb Btats ot Ohio, as
follows; ...
BtflOO Seams Poobl Sopor Bora Printing Partr.87K
by 41 locoes, to weigh not less than W pounds to the
ream. - - . .
100 steam Doubt Vial Cap, It by 87 leohes, to weigh
at least pounds to the nam. - - -
10U Heani Brochure Cover Paper, assorted colors, SO
by 87 Indies, to woigh at watt 80 pounds to tho reaa
The quantities above named to be Increased at ths op.
Hon of tho gaorstaur of State. .
Bids matt ho accompanied by samples of tho paper,
and must specify the prlo at whloh each kind and quali
ty will b delivered at tha Slat House la Columbus.
No samples of an Inferior article need Represented; Ibe
paper mo.it be of the beet qua'lty.
Ihs'dellvory of the Baper Royal and Cover Paper lo
commence on lb nrst 01 novemrjer next ensuing, and
continue at ins paper anau 00 neeuou. . .-
Tk delivery of lbs Double Plat Cap to commence on
the first day of Daosmbernext, and oontioue as abore.
Bonds, with approved soouiity lo double the amount of
lb contract, win no required (according to law, condi
tioned for tht faithful performane of each contract.
The bids to be made and iho oontractt awarded In ae
eordanc with iho terms of the "act to provide for the
purchase of Stationery, fuel, and other articles for Iho
General Assembly and State Offloers," passed March 11,
1833. See Ourw. 9190; Swan's Stat. 808.
- Bids to bo Indorsed on the euTelopes, ''Proposals for
furnishing paper for the State." 1
a Bidders are assured that no paper wilt be received
nn lets It conforms In eyary respect with the samples.
Thte protMon wiU be etrictlu adhered to.
' A. P. RUS8BM,
... . v u Becretary of Stale.
. Colombo.!, Ohio, Auguit 1, lfOUdtd ' -
CE1YKD at th Office of lb BeoreUry of State.
until " ,
Monday, ths 2i day of September next, at 19
' .i 1 o'clock M.,' - v ,
for furnlthlog He gut of Ohio with lust, as follows
80,000 Buthtls of Coke, to- wtlgh not lest thao 40
iron ml, to Ibe bushel. v. 1 , . , ,- -,.
10,000 Bushels Coal, to be of th best duality equal
tt least to th lower vein of Hooking Goal, and fro
from slate, alack aad dirt, i.- .
th foal to be delivered, without charge for tech de
livery, at tut But nous In Colombo. -. , .
Proposals to be accompanied by tamp let, and to speci
fy tho kind, quality end prlo of th fuel proposed to be
furnished.' '" . -- ,
Bach eonlrarlor will be required lo give bond, with
approved terorlty, In double th amount of the eon
tract, oonditioned for the faithful perfermane ef bit
oontraet. - -
Tht bidt t h mad and th eontraoti to be awarded fn
accorrlano with (ho terms of foe act entitled "An act to
provide for tho parobas of Stationery , fuel, aad other
triiclet tal thi General Assembly aad Slate offlotrt,'
patted Men 1, ioS.. Be Hui Bv, Slat. 608:
Corw. SIKH. , ,. '
Bide to be Indorsed on th envelotx. "ProDOSvls for
furnishing fuel for the State."
a Pue Uarnlsbed by Die contractor mutt in all eatet
he equal la Quality to the tamula. TAIa rWa mil be
..10 j . ... ...v.... .. .. . a. P. BDSBBbLi, )
i ,. t tf. 1 - . ... Barwtry( Btatd. I"!
Columbof, Obte, AogutH, 18C1 dvd. .1-. v,
RUOiiKS, new stylet, lust epentd by '
aprlU . V. BQ Soath High Ureal.
t, J T. -' . ! . .t.
i .SdiVoh Obis SiATitaUB-Pleas anpeuno.
f I. M, Wtttog aa a eendldale for Ooenty auotior,
subjeot to the deolslon of tho Unloa DemootaHo Convention,
aad oblige MiNf MM00ATS.
.,.. lThu annoaha In your paper
ih.tm.nvwntara fhla'oltv and In Prank 110 county,
dttlro to have Otto Ditto., Isq., for their next Repre
senuttvo, - MrV rrel a Just the man forth plaoe;
augWfil - jj.muut.
En. Ohio tyiiftankni-tleetoi anneance'ln yoar pa
.., r tha votera of IS northern part of Ibis
mm. ...
county deslrs to bars Oen, Grltwold, of Sharon town
ship, tor oar next BepresaaUrlve.1 - s -' 1
... f -v' noars, uniy. n 1 i-
nOnioBTATisai! 'Wr-Please announce Ike
name of A-. Haas, of eaaksoa township, at a eandl
date for BspresenUtlve, subjeot to tie decision of ths
Colon Democratla nominating; eonvantlon, and oblige,
XMToa BTATOMAJtPlaaee announc the nam of
Capt. HiiiM M. Osioaa, of Blsndon township, aa a
candidate for BhrhT, subject to ths deolslon of the
Franklin County Deoomtle Convention, and oblige
auglO ' - 'S MAST DBMO0BAT8
For ah Inch of Time! !
in a 11 mmn . That inrh nf tlma aan bo Droour
ed at a muoh obeaper rate, and many long years of
enjoyed byeoosulttng Dr. MBRRTfrB ATpIR, who
la ourtng tne most ooiiini ma ,obh-i." "'r
of th 10NQS, HEART, ttVBR.- KIDNBYrt, Bl.AD
.. '. ' Facta are tubberit Tblqgs!
Hetr what the Philadelphia eorrespondent says In the
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delawai, th of April,
"An English gentlomah, formerly connected with Iho
British Army, and who stylet himself the 'Indian
Botanic Physician hat of late gained ao extensive repu
tation hen by hit Skill In coring all manner of com
ninir.il. Some of hit natienta I bav conversed wlih.
and they pronoono hi remedies and mode of treatment
van inMrinr. Bom liaT been restored at If by
magic. Tbo medlcln be use la distilled by himself
from various norbs posssssicg rar earaura propiruca.
Whllt aotlog in to army h devoted hit Jefture mo
ment to a thorough ttudy or the effects produced by
certain medicinal root and herbs on all manner of (lit
um. It uiu ha hs found a sure and speedy reme
dy for all the 'ilia that flesh It heir to.' His practice U
already txtentiye ano it aauy increasing, u ucib
nialnis to which f emaleo art lubiteted, he bat no equal,
as targe number her bave teetiSsd that they aw not
only their present gcoa neaun, out weir lira, 10 iu
skill of this Indian Botanlo Physician." "- i
' Office 37 East State Street, Columbus.
1 .
agl7-d3m . : .
& lieroet Bis.': . . .
1 Cask retried Barley.
M Barrels Wbit Wheat flour.
100 ' Red (Extra).
Io store and for sale by
auglCSt '
100 South Uigh Btitot.
WHITE WHEAT riniB (Best Brands.)
v,. - - '
French and Turkish Prunes, Figs,
Zante Currants and Eaitins
for title wholesale and reUll by r '
- '. WM. n. RISTIBAUX, ,
jlj31 108 South High Street.
The Heat Artificial ' Help to She
Human sight ever Invented.
llUHllALi S DUl.I1tirio uriivmi'i
mtnt of th most. Improved kinds of Spectacle.
All hit Oktttet, whether for near or far-slghtd, are
ground In ooneavo eonvex form with lb greatest care,
en a to salt th I re of all.eatet. enring Weaknatt,
Dittinest or InSammatian 'of tho Byes, and Imparting
strength for long reading or Sn tewing.
OIBce. 13 East State street, at Seiner A Webster
ao-dly-e .I 'ao"). A . 1 J
Too much eating and drinking, new habits and nodes
of life, oftea iprodnot Irregulaiillas in tht bowels and
general health of the system. But BaaMDatraV Tius
will toon cure, th stomach will regain its strength, and
a betlthy action of the lyttim will be restored. Ko
Midicthis are equal In naefulnesi to the
' " 'nitANDKETII'S PILLS, ' '
Everr man of lbs TIR1 EQUATES had a baa of
and an ALLOOCK'S POROUS PLA8TBR pat in tbeir
knapsack free of expense. And to this fact may be at
tributed ths absence pf any of THIS BBOIMENT from
ths hospital. ,i . I,. ,1". ', , . ,1
ETERT SOLDIER should have 'a boa of Braadreth's
Pills, a box of Salve, and a piece of Porous Pluter.
They are SURE to be useful, oftea lire-taring. '
- Sold by Jong R. C00K, Druggist, Columbut, and by
all retptoUble dealers In medicines. .,
angl7-dln ' '. ' ' ' '
, " A TIME JOB ALT, 1311018." '
the venders of weak, adulterated S tier tne have bad
their llmd, which Is fast coming, to a Close, and Jan
Pyl It now having his time In supplying hundred of
thousands of families with bit Dietetic Baleratut tbe
best tvsr mads. Beware of Counterfeits. .Depot,' SIS
Washington Street, New York. !', ,
In all eatts of ooatlventn, dytpepsta, MlUons an4 liver
asootlont, plies, rbeumaUtm, fivers sad ago, obttl
nate head aches, aod all general dsittigsmswl ef kealth
thas PUlabgysJovartably proved aeerbUn anitpeedy
taandjr. . A tlngls trial will plan toe life Fllle beyond
thimdlorcompetlUoa In lb eetltaadoa of every pa
e.. 4 ..jitJtj . ;
; DrV'MoB,atvsPllnl'BlrUrt found Sqaally ef
Scaclou in ah pates of pervoa dchlllty, etpeptla, bead
aoa,thtlces woidool to ttmalas ladtlloate beaUb,
end every kind of weakness ef the dlgeettve evgaas.
lor sale by Dr. Wi M??'.9! . T.
and by all DmggleU.' , ,,J .r.,.c, ',. Biaro-dwl
; ' Ths' followinff It an tract from a
Utter written by tht tUv. 3. t. Bolne, pasUr el the
Plerrepolnt Btret Baptist Chorea, Brooklyn, W. T.,to
the 'Journal and1 Mtatscgert" OineianaU, 0., aad sptaks
woltmits Id favef et aiat world-sea owned medicine, Mas.
Wniuxjw't Sootoim Svao roa CauMta Tawranrsi '
"Wt tee an advertltment in your columns of Mat
Wimlow'i SooTHiw Bto. How we neyer aald a word
In fame of a patmt tMdldrjbeftrln onr II'. but we
faal eoapelleo to eay to yonr reader that thleien hota
bng wt wave Twmrv, ana awow rr ss au rr
cumt' It ts probably one of th moot toeoeasral medl
otnet of the day, beeaoa It It en of th beet.- And that
et your readers who have twbto eaa't do Utter than
ylBaapply.,. eo7ilydw
f P f Y
?( n -si
Ho. 29 Boutli High Street, Columbus,
iV. I000 yards Tiavollnf Dress Goods et revalue
.. 18X cants. .1.
B5O0 yards TraTOling Dress Ooodg at IS, va'aeiOeta.
8000 yards English Borages at lSX, value 85 cents.
1000 yards franob Organdies at lUtf, value 80 cents.
StiOn yards Peal Colored Lawns at 10, value I J cents,
if MM) yards Poulard Dress Silks at 37K, value SO cents.
1S00 yards Super Plain Black Silk at 01 VO. r-tlne f 1VS.
Robes of Organdlt Be rage, and Boglith Barage, at on,
half their V.I... . BAIN fc SON,' . ,
JeS8 ,' ;' 1 M South Digit Street, -
Elegant lace Mantillas.
13A.TN cto SON, ,
Nb. 29 South High St.,
HATI Just opened an Invoice of very large and
handsome ...
Wide French Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep Freoeh Flouncing Laces.
Real Thread, French, Chantilla & Geneveae
Valenciennes, Point. 3e Gaze, Brussels
and Thread Laces and Collars,
Ia new Shapes,
For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
1 The best aod Best fashionable styles In the eliy,
JeSI - SO south High Street.
'dealer in
. Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
Fruits, etc. etc ,
, uno ,aa i v v viJ Dtviin (ilUJU t."
NO. 34, NORTH II itfnTs T R E E T,
NoriOG, .South High Street,
The old stand recently occupied It WJI. McTONAI.D
lie Is In dally receipt of
Which he will tell
Cbeap for Cash or Conntry Trodnco.
Jj Goods delivered to City trad free of charge JT
No. 106, South High Street,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
JlyU. ,
Steam Between Ireland and America
The following new and magnificent first-clatspa'UK
wheel Stsamtblpi compos the above line: .
ADRIATIC, 5,888 tons burthen, Cspt, J.Miur
(Formerly of the Collins Line )
HIBERNIA, 4,400 hint burthen, Capt. Jf. Paowan.
COLUMBIA, 4 -WO " " " k.LtiTcu.
LANOLIA, 4.4U0 " ' ' NicBolaoa
PAOIIIO, S 60O " " " I. gaum.
S,0 " J.WalKta.
On of th abov ship- will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Oalway, car
rying the government mailt, touohing at St. Johns,
N. P.
The Steamers of thlt Hoe hav been constructed with
the greatest ear, under the tnpervislon of the govern
ment, have water-tight compartments, and are unexcel
led for comfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
They ar commanded by able and experienced officers,
and every rtloa will be mad to promote th comfort
Of paatengert.
An.experienoed Burgeon attached to each ship.
Tlnt-clauN. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool ll
Becood-olaaf, " " ., " 1 J
rirtt-claae, " " to 81 John's . 33
Thlrd-olaat, " to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town In Inlaid, on a Railway, - - - 30
'Thlrd-olaat paatengert ar liberally supplied with pro
visions of the best quality, oooked aud served by the ser
vant of the Company.
' Parties wishing to tend for their frlendt from tht old
country can obtain licks It from any sown on a railway, in
Inland, or from tbe principal eltlea of Engltnd tnd hoot
land, at very low ratet. - H
Pamngen for New York, arriving by th Boston
BlM-.r. will In, fnrwanlmt A If .w Vnrlr fraa it aharaa.
or puMu, vr iwruivr .uivrw.iivu, afi'ij
At tht oflo of the Oompany, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street. New York.
BAXisr & soisr,.
, 10. 89 I0UTH HIGH 8IBEIT,
1,000 yards Saner Plata BUek Silks at 1 00 val e
tt e per yard. . .
ttSOO yards Traveling Dress and Mantle Ooods at
It ! cents valae CO cents per yard, lk
8,000 yards Whits BrUllante at I? ! cents
valae tO ttnU per jard.
1,000 yards Bine' and Domeatlc Oie'gnamt greatly on
; Sat valae. - a j- f - rX
" ALSO: . .
lawis, CAUOOZS, . lrorii5l,
New and jruthitmablei Dre GKxxl
ta she meet deelrablt stykJ and at very low'ert prices.
Of all taaterlalt, mad la the most stylish manner af tti
the latett Parle teahlonaUie most, elegant styles lo
Ibe dtp." ' ' ' -" '
-v.-. a c: UAINfcSoiv,
. may 30 ' He. W South High street.
v. "t'z.;i-z.i
Oantoa Iaatting
i.de ".
a-A. Whit sts4 Uett'sksiel
X W hit
OlNOked of saptrlor quality. Portal by
sain s Dun,
sahSt . iM. St Boats. OltB

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