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Tbe Adams Express Company place us daily
under obligations to It for the very latest papers
from the eastern cities. '
tbo American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in the Bbape of the
very latest eastern papers
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice la hereby given to" the Union Demoo
' racy ol Franklin county, to meet on Friday,
August 30, 1861, between the hours of thru and
sis o'clock P. M, in the townships, and tix and
tight o'clock P. M , In tbo Wards, at the nsoal
places of holding elections (excepting worwicn
township, which will be held at Schofleld's
Sohool House, and tbo Fourth Ward at Gaver's
Ware Room, and the- First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoiut delegates to attend theCoun
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, lnlhe
city of Columbus, on Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 18C1, at tea o'clock A. M., for the pur
pose of putting in nomination two Represents-
tives in the coming. Legislature, Ono Sheriff,
ono Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one County Commies'iouer, and one
Iufirruuiy Director
At tba same lime and place one delegate
trom each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Con edition to
nominate a ciudlJate for Senator and Judge for
this district Time fur holding ibe Senatorial
und Judici il Cunveiitiuu will be fixed here
after The fulluinK ia ihe number of delegate al
lotted tu uatn Watd nnd Towubhio, baaed. upon
the vote cist for Supreme Jude in 18C0, allow
ing one fur each fifty, aud an additional delegate
for each fnctiou of twenty five votes so cast
1st Ward,
Si "
4ih "
5:h "
7 Hamilton Tp '3
5 Miffla " 3
5 Washington 3
l Madison " 7
13 Blcndon " 2
To. C Norwich " 3
4 Jefferson " 4
3 Jackson " C
3 Sharon ' " 2
3 Franklin '.. 5
1 Plain " 4
ii 4
Wm, Domioan, Jacob Reinhaid, ...
Sam'l Djtl, Alex. Thompso",
- -, II W. Miller, Wm. Coorts.
' Jowi M. Tuch, J. EuXEN, ,
R Pickerel, Jimh Hoslocks,
II. S. fliaii,
County Central Committee.
Council PaucxiDiNos. At the meeting of the
City Council, last evening, President Donald
son boing abRent, Mr. Dturr was chosen Presi
dent pro tim.
The City Civil Eagineer reported the plats
aud estimates ordered at the last meeting, on
Mr. Wilson presented a petition from mem
bers of the Capital City Fire Engine Company,
No. 2, In which they etato that at the time of
tlieir organisation, it was understood that the
City was to give tbera three hundred dollars
aud tho room fur the ebgino and bose. They
also state that they hive received but City dol
lars of the three hundred that the present
comaiitteo on the Fire Department have refus
ed to allow tbat amount without tho sanction of
tbe Council; and they, therefore, pray the Coun
cil to instruct the committee on the Fire De
partment to allow and Direct an order to be
drawn in favor of the Treasurer of said Fire
Company fur the sum of three hundred dollars.
Tbe petition was referred to tho committee
on the Fire Department.
Petitions wero presented lor improvements
on different streets aud alley, which were re
ferred to the Stunjfug Committees in tHo differ
ent Wards iu wuicU tbe improvements were
asked for.
A communication fiom members of tho In
dependent Hook and Ladder Company No. 1,
stated that the members of the Company held
a mee'.iug'ou Monday evening, August 12, and
resolved to bffer for sale to the city the Hook
and Liddcr Carriage belonging to said Compa
ny. Referred' to the committee on tbe Fire
Department. .
Several ordinances lor the improvement of
etreetB and allejs were ted the first and sec
ond times. -
Tbe urdioanco to prevent hogs from running
at .large, was read the third time.
The question being on its passage, Mr. Wil
son hUted tbat tbe ordinance was originally
drawn up by Dr. Blair, and that at the Dootor's
request, be, Mr'. Wilson had introduced it; but
tbat the ordinance was detective, and that be,
Mr. WiL30N, was opposed to it on principle,'
President Donaldson spoko in favor of such
an ordinance; but ou account of this One not
being in the proper shape, be moved Its refer
ence to a select committee of one. The ordi
nance was referred to Mr. Donaldson as such
Tbe following ordimuce was read the third
time and passed) - . .
To grade and pave tho. North side of State
street from Third to Fourth street. -. '
Tbe City Civil Engineer was authorized to
contract with JaooR Snider for the construction
of a sewer In the.ftlrny between State end Oak
Streeteyrunnjng from Elm alley to Filth street
Mr, DoOTV-offered ft resolution, which was
adopted, Instructing the committee on Go and
Gas Lights io receive proposala'for furnishing
tbe olty lamp posts and lamps, complete, from
September 1st, 18CI, to April 1st, 18G3, s the
committee may require within said time. " ,
Adjourned. - '
Prisoners or War. Captain Way, of 'the
Thirty-fifth Ohio Regiment, arrived here on
Sunday morning, with twentry-tbrea Virginians
on parole, en route for New Vorlt.under orders
from General Roseorans. : Among them were
P. S.Doaerrr, H. L. Hoover, and S. P. Cuaar,
officers ia the secession ranks. Capt.CtjRRt was
formerly ft law partner of Gov. Letcher.
Captain Fletcher, of the Fifth Ohio Regt
ment also arrived with several other prisoners
of war captured In Western Virginia, who were
taken to Camp Chase.;';'.;.','"; ; 'V " 1
Captain J. L. Hills and Llentenant Hanlino,
of the Twelfth Ohio Regiment,' arrivedat Camp
Chase yesterday, having let charge "fl vel seces
sion prisoners captured on the Kanawha" Oae
of them says be was' employed by .Wrii 'to
"pick off" Federal scouts at five dollars ft held
Another named IIoldeiman asserts thai he oap
turcd Lieut. Col, Nxrr, of lie Kentucky Rcgl
ment. Tbe Captain and Lieutenant were ac
companied by four men to guard the prisoners.
Aid Sooiett The ladies of Blgelow Chapel
will have their Aid Society meeting In the Ice
ture room of tbe church, on next Thursday
evening, August 23, at which time and "place
they will be glad to meet all their friends.;
BTA camp meeting will be held In "thevloln
ity of West Jefferson, fW one week, comment-
log on Wednesday next, August 91.
' S3 T. B, Lincoln, of Texas, was arrested in
Cincinnati, on Saturday, u ft ipy. He claims
to be the Inventor ot breech-loading cannon.
He had on bis- person ft letter of Introduction
from Jesse D. Bright to Jxrriuon Davis, and
t pass from L. P. Walier, Davis'i Secretary
of War. '. . :
Payinq Orr. Major Maloom McDowell is
engaged In paying off the three months' volun
teers. His headquarters srt in this city, and
to this point all officers of the 0. V. M. should
oome forthwith, bringing the rolls and records
of their companies, for the purpose of having
them mustered out and paid off Immediately.
Mi.' Randall'- Lecture. The First Baptist
Chnroh was not only densely crowded and pack
ed on Sunday evening, but rnsny went way
uuable to obtain seats or standing room. Mr.
Randall gave, in Lis usual pleasing and unaf
fected style, ftri Account of his trip down the
valley of the Jordan to Jeriobo and the Dead
Sea. His description of these and other inter
eeting localities In the same region, with fre
auent allusions to the ereat event, both In
sacred aud profane history, that had transpired
there, made ft deep impression upon the large
audienoe, whom at the oonclosion of the lecture
he left thirsting for more.
Wo do not profess to be qualified to give ad.
vice in such matters, but would suggest whether
the frequent introduction of euota topics into the
pulpit would not be more profitable, both to the
oauie of sound morality end true religion, to
say nothing of intellectual culture, than the dry
disoussion of. controverted points ia polemical
theology. '
Tbe publio will be pleased to learn that Mr.
Randall intends to resume bis lecture on tbe
Floly Land in two or three weeks, of whion due
notice will be given. '; .'.
O We gave tbe other day the postoffloe ad
dress oi tbe members of tbe Democratic State
Central Committee so far as known. Tbe ad
dress of Mr. Meeker, one of tbe Committee,
we loarn, is Greenville, Ohio.
ET Dug sin Ward, of Warren eonnty, who
has served out hli time as ft private in three
months' volunteer company, has been appointed
Major in tbe Seventh, Col. Cornell', Regi
ment. 1 -
O We learn that cavalry and artillery com
panies have left Camp Chase for St. Louie vis
Cinolnnati, end that the Twenty seventh Regi
ment leaves the camp this morning. "
O Henrt Sntder, proprietor of tbe Canal
Hotel at Lancaster, broke bis leg, on Wednes
day last, in attempting to (amp from ft wagon.
ETA fire occurred, on last Wednesday night,
ftt the Fair Grounds, neV Lancaster, burning
down the Agricultural Hall and tbe Sutler's
O" Prince Nafolion and suite were expected
at Cincinnati Sunday morning; bnt the pro
gramme was changed, and they visit Chicago
and St. Louis first. They were at Cleveland
on Sunday.
ET The Groesbeck Regiment left Camp
Dennison on Sunday for Si. Louis. CapU Hoff
man's obmpany of ISO first class artillerists' ac
companied the Regiment. V
O" The Mayor of ZinesvIUe publishes tbe
names of some seventy oltlzeni i of that place,
wh Dm he request to hold themselves in readi
ness to assist In suppressing mobi or riotous as
semblages. He directs them, at the tapping of
tbe Conrt House bell six times in ripid succes
sion, to repair to tbe vicinity of tbe watch-
HT Early Saturday morning, Billt Lewis,
while asleep on sofa at hii establishment, No.
1G3 Vine street, Cincinnati, had $,000 and a
gold watch and chain, valued at $400, stolen
from his person. ,-4
O Tbe Circuit and District Courts of tbe
United States for tbe Southern District of Ohio,
will meet In Cincinnati on Tuesday, Septem
ber 10.
03 The new oamp at Mansfield ii called
Bartley. Colonel Ford hftS six companies of
his new regiment encamped there, f
OT The new camp at Tiffin is called Camp
Noble. Capt. Mills, U. 8. A., Is mustering
tbe companies there into the service! Beside
Col. Gibson's Regiment, which is fast fiiiiog
np, there are nearly enough other companies in
the camp to make regiment. "
Rail Road Time Table.
Littli Mia! Ii Ooldhids fc Xnru B. R.
r,MM.. AirtaM.
Oloolsnatl Aononraodatkm. 8.00 A. at. . . 0:10 P. M.
KipraM ...1L4UA. M. 11:113 A IS.
Mail tnd AooummortaUoa.. 0:10 P. M. . S CO P. M,
Night itxpraw via 1oWd.12:00 atldoliht. 3:20 A. M.
. . -".'' J no. W. BsanTT, Agent.
Comnius St OttvfttAirD B. R.
Night Ixpm .....3:40 A. H. 11:15 P.M.
new lorn JsxprtM.. ...... u:iu A. t. . jikwa. u.
0.0.OvWaKjtpw.... 8:10 P.M. 7: JO P. at.
( Jamb Patterson, Atnt.
ComuLOmoB. R. ' ' ' "
No. 3 Bxprtat....w 3:30 1. M. . 11:23 A. V.
do, 8:13 P. At. IMS A. M.
- ' W. J. Vox. Afsok
' PimicRsw, Counties as CrwcmuTt R. R.
Hall Train..... 330 A.M. 1I4SA.M.
Bxprou Train,.., 11:83 A.M. :4P.M.
I c-j . Jm. Ronmo, AfeoU
Cotvnns Sc IirriiAWontn, R. R. '
(CoLtmius PiqoA.a InuMS.E.) t
No. 1 Xxprtai 0.30 A. M , , C:00 P. M
W K. At. , , :xv r. M.
. 10:10 A. M.
O. W. lam, Aftnt.
$100 BOUNTY.
J.V b accepted for TURNS XBAftS In Ihs Hfignlar
Bervtctieth bbqihint u. a. iNrAniax.
FI1M) OrriORBS I 1
Ool. B. B. OtrrtnttoD. lata Adjntaat-QtMnl of
Ohio; LleatODAnt-Colontl, 0. 8. Shepherd, Ml Major
3d Meclment United Btatee iDfAnlnri Major Henry
Bartoa, late 4th Beslment 0nlled Stales ArrtHery; Major
Bdmnnd Underoo, late 4th HeflBMl Celled States
tniiniry; najor rnuerloK xowoeend. late Adjuaoi
Oenarel of New York. , . .
A larg aaaberof other offioera era alio tnm the eld
BeHlmealAla Ihe Regular. Ami. This triple Reslmonl,
ef 8,4)3 men, le to be brought to the highest poeelble
discipline for effeetlTe Pall eerrlce. '
Itenjojs all the bounllra and prlrllffes frented to the
voiumoen, win in Nnnoiti woenie or tne expe
rleneed offloers and perfect eyetea of the regular service.
flintninnin nuin cnai, cs, - - -None
need apply but able bodied: health ne.
The bill bee alw peeeed raiting the pey M SIS per
month. The pay of non-eommleeioned Blears hat alto
been increased.
- - Cspt. L W. KBIXOO.
; Augll-dOtwll , i - . -- BeemlUng OAoer.
r m w tiv Aiaa Anrna nAnvw?at
. NIW STTLJt-Uta at. No. B South
utgn nreee, neTejuetoprow. uwm vi men vul
onLARs. BAeonune and tAMoae, aade la the newest and
. AIM. tfla.Fh Pl.la
Black Milks, very heavy, deigned sxpreeely for
aanuiiM ana cuquiaae . , iwib
Irish. linen Goods. ...
Linen. Shirt Bosoms . Plata and lanes' ,
,, Bblrllngand Boeoaalaaene.
. 1 Lines Shmttage U PUlow Oealngi.
i .' ) ii'i Mnew Oembrtce and hut Lawns.
,, Linen Pooket-handli'fe, all ities,
'n . . ' Linen Towellings and Diapers
1 1-, . -i,inea papKineenawyuef. i i . i
,;..i Linen Table OlotAa and Seta Daauek.
i , Llaen Towels with eolored border, f - i, .
i . " 1 - Linen BtelrOorerlnge and OrathV
, -I--'.i .-is .-. fereale at lev prices.'
- ' . . BADT bom, , .
ifebW. .',. w j r? . Ro.ty South Hiibetrett.
VTTaSTSID 10 009 Cnatomere ta do 13 nt imhrt
TV typee at M. WITT'S Cheep Aabrety ps Room, He
II Sigh stmt, OolaaUms, Onto.
Union Meeting in Louisville.
Louisville, Aog. 17. A young man from
Richmond, of secession proclivities, apparently
well informed ot the designs or the uonteaersis
army, says tbey Intend an immediate advance,
and predict fighting at the Relay House on the
18th. He says the Southern army is well pro
vided with blankets, eto., for the winter cam-l
oalsn. and in ft bleb state of discipline. He
save also, It II the universal desire to attack
Washington. '
' A neace meetiosr. called bv prominent seces
sionists, for this evening, was held at the court
house. At tbe orowd entered the ball many
were singing tbe Star Spangled Banner.
Jaa. Soeed. Unionist, was called to the chair
James Trabue, secessionist, was also nominated
bv tbe Dersons calling: the meeting. A division
of the bouse took place, when Speed was
eleoted. t ' - t
Tbe secessionists, numbering 100, withdrew
shouting for the Southern Confederacy. Speech
e were made br Messrs. Speed, Wolfe, Har
lan and others, and resolutions adopted without
dissentimr voice. After the preamble, stat
Ins that there ia no mistaking tbe position of
Kentucky In the present civil war, ana mat in is
is unalterably for peace, it was resolved, first,
tbat while this State desires to be true to the
Union, it also desires to have peace with the
people of all tbe States; second, tbat we earn
estly desire tbe restoration ot peace In every
part of our beloved country, and as toe
speediest and surest mode or erreoting tnat re
sult, we appeal for cessation of tbe war now
being made lor the Union; third, that we be
hold in tbe dissolution of tbe Union remedy
for no evils, but aggravation of all; fourth,
that we do not see bow peace, enduring and
substantial, is to be obtained by the establish
ment of two Independent Governments within
the present Union; tbe fifth, tbat we deprecate
the attempt .being made to produoe by force
disruption of the Union; sixtb, that for tbe
purpose of restoring peace, all patriotio men
should abandon sectional parties, North and
South, and tbe rights of tbe Government sbonld
not be abandoned at tbe dictates of armed re
bellion; seventh, tbat Kentucky neutrality but
foreshadowed ber love or peace; that all nego
tiations lookiue to the Constitutional settlement
of seotional differences lor the preservation of
the Union should recoive her hearty co opera
tion; eighth, tbat we aro unwilling that any
foreign power shall own tbe mouib of the Mis
sissippi river or any parts of tbe Union, and
therefore we are unalterably opposed to tbe dis
solution of the Union. We are for the country
now and forever, whether assailed by foreign or
domestio enemies.
The resolutions were unanimously passed by
ft crowd filling tbe hall to overflowing
Prince Napoleon at Cleveland, going
to Lake Superior.
Cleveland, Aug. 18. Prince Napoleon and
suite arrived here laat night, and look rooms
at the Angler House. Tbey sail for Lake Su
perior to-morrow evening, on tbe steamer North
Boston, Aucust 16. Tbe schooner Windward,
from Turks Island, Aug. 1, arrived ftt Holmes
Hole on the 17th Inst. Tbe Windward was
captured by tbe Jeff. Davis on the 4th Inst. Tbe
next day the Jeff. Davis captured the brig Santa
uiara ot Kastport.
More Troops to Join Claib. Jackson.
Kansas Crrr, A nit. 17. We learn from re
liable sources tbat 600 State troops, well armed
and equipped, leave Fogest, Howard county, to
day, with tbe intention or joining Jackson's
forces in the southern part of the State. Four
hundred of tbem are said to be mounted.
From the South via Louisville.
Louisville, Aug. 17. It is denied along the
Nashville Railroad tbat the Confederate author-
itles take money passing Northward, but it is
known tbat tbey take all tbe gold In transitu, In
some cases giving the owners currency there
for, which Is at ft discount ot about eight per
A dispatch from tbo Nashvillo Union to tbe
Louisville Courier says that President Davis
baa issued a proclamation ordering all tbe resi
dents of tbe Confederate States, who do not
eooeoize tbe Confederacy, to depart within
forty days, under pain of being condemned as
alien enemies. . .
Tbe same dispatch corrects yesterday's, sav
ior a battle took place tt Lorettsville, Va., in
stead of Leesburg, wherein i&O Federals and
80 Confederates were killed, and 1,150 Federals
were made prisoners, the Utter not being able
to recross the river, it having swollen.
Tbe Richmond bxtmlner says, from official
sources it Is indicated there would be 210,000
Confederates in the field at the time of the
passage of tbe bill authorizing 400,000 volun
Tbe Richmond Dispatch is advocating Nor
folk as the great Atlantic port of America.
Tbe Confederate Congress resolved to ad-
onrn on the 19th instant to meet in November
Louisville, Aug. 18. The Handsboro (Mits.)
Democrat says Horn Island, on Pascagonift Bay,
is being fortified.
Batteries will do erected on cat isiana.
There was no blockading vessel off Ship Isl
and. The Memphis Appeal of the 17th, says that
the prize boat Equality, reported captured by
Captain Irwin ftt Cairo, was handed over to the
military authorities at New Madrid. Tbe Fed
eral gunboats continued tbe pursuit within
three miles , of New Madrid. The steamer
Cheney and seven prisonere are also reported
Tbe Courier this morning learns tbat ft com
mittee of citizens of Harrison oounty waited on
the owner of tbe Covington and Lexington Rail
road, and informed him It shipment of guns be
not stopped, tbe road would be destroyed. The
owner promised to obey, and six cannon and
thirteen oar loads ol small arms were returned
to Covington. ' ' ; '
The First Iowa Regiment—Losses of
the First Missouri Regiment at
St. Louis, Aug. 13. The First lows Regi
ment arrived last night from Rolla. Il Is un
derstood they will be paid off here. A large
number of them express determination to re-
The First Missouri Regiment, Lieutenant-
Col. Andrews commanding, went into aotion 720
strong, of which number 77 were killed, 918
wuunded.aJ severely, if missing, adoui one-
tblrd of tbe wounded in this regiment were left
la hospital at Springfield, and are now prison
Dispatches from Washington.
Washington, Aug. 17. It is eharged tbat
Wm. Walton, V. a. Treasurer at miadeipnie
is a secessionist. . This will be Investigated by
the Treasury Department.
[Special to the Post.]
The rebel regiments were at Fall's Church
The rebel pickets are in tight from tbe Chain
Bridge on tbe fotomao.
Ex-Minister raoixner is noi, as nae neon sta
ted, merely detained as ft hostage for tbe re
turn of Messrs. Harris and MoCraw, but for
good and satisfactory reasons to Ihe Govern
. .... . i j .
ment apart irom any suoo cousiacrauonn.
The reporter ot tbs Associated Press at
Washington learns, tbat ft statement is pub
lished In the Philadelphia and perhaps other
o inert this morning, as oomlng from htm, that
Secretary Cameron is to be removed. No
thing ot this kino was tranemuiea oy me re
porter. The conieaerate loroee nave nniriv an iaueu
back to Fairfax Court House, thus widening
the distance separating tbe hostile loroes
The piokete of both armies, however, oocnpy
nearly tbo tarns advanced positions as nerew
fore. - - . .'
[Special to the Tribune.]
WatniirrooN. August 18. All tbs
diract attacks on Washington are mnre feints
to cover Davis's real Durnose, wbloa is ins
olosinc of . tbs lower Potomac and throwing.
strong army across ths river Into Mary ud
inaries counties, DOin or wnioa are wen
tlon. This done tbey will march on Annapo
lis, oonntlns on s formidable rising of Mary
lsnd secessionists for ths investment ol Wash
lnrton. '- ' ... ,
Ths minimum standard of the regnltr army
nat oeen reduced to fire feet three inches
[Times' Dispatch.]
A teliure of goods for ths rebels was
made near Annapolis Junction tu day. Tbe
goods were bouabt in Baltimore for Richmond
dealers. A draft for $4,975 was sent to p for
mem. teams ana wagons were also scuta,
i and ft number or letters to rebel offloers.
Tbe steamer Freeborn hae shelled the woods
neir Math las Folnt to-day, from wnicn tne reb-
ele fired on the Resolute's boat, cleaning them
out and rendering tbem untenantable, for a time
tt least. -
f'aulkner's place of imprisonment- will be
chanced to Fort Hamilton, New York. He
will not be examined nntil the evidence upon
which he was arrested ie used to secure the ar
rest ot others Imnllcated with him
A close observation indicates tbat the rebels
are closing In our lines. The ait is full of se
cession rumors to-day.
We have various accounts of the rapid and
near approach of from 170.0UU to 200,000 rebels
under Beauregard, Lee, Johnston and t en. u
vis, but all agree tbat tbey are coming lmmedl
ately down on Washington. Our military gen
tlemen don't eeem to be alarmed.
Tbe startling announcement made recently
tbat England and France had formed an am.
ance with ft view to combined action on Ameil
can affairs, was untrue, but the tacts are tbat
three weeks ago, Al. Thou venal the rrencn
Minister of forelsn affairs, transmitted ft note
to tbe English Government, proposing tbat tbe
two Cabiuete oome to ft eloser understanding
with respeot to tbe United States.
To this note tbe Enellsn Uabinei sent ft mes
sage asking for more sxpllclt statement. Tbe
reply received was nroDoeltion that Eoeland
should unite with France tor tbe purpose of
procuring in the autumn supply ot tobacco
and cotton Irom the United States, ine&ng.
lish Government then responded tbat it could
enter into no such engagement.
Order of the War Department.
Washington, Aug. 18. Tbe statement made
several days ago that tbe Confederates were
slowly moving their forces to the line of tbe
Potomao, with ft view of entering Maryland and
supporting the revolutionary spirit therewith
ultimate designs on Washington, is now repeat
ed with an increased assurance of its truth,
with such evidences as cannot be disregarded.
With ft view ot meeting all possible contingen
cies which may arise in counr-ctiou with this
subject, tbs Admiaistration bits just issued the
lollowlng important order. A prompt response,
it il not doubled, w ill be given, at once securing
the Capital ngiuet Invasion, and at the same
time affording additional cotiQdenco to tbo
country of the earnestness of the Government
in tbe proltciion ol the general welfare:
WASHINGTON, Aug. 19, '61.
All commanders of regiments of volunteers
accepted by this Department in the States of
Pennsylvania, new York, Connecticut, Massa-
cbusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hamp
shire, Maine and Michigan, will take notice of
and coniorm to general orders this day directed
to tho Governors of tbe States above named,
which was as lollowj:
To the Governor ol tbe State of :
By direction of the President of the United
States you are urgently requested to forward or
cause to be forwarded, to the City of Washing
ton, all volunteer regiments or parts of regi
ments at tbe expense of the United States Gov
ernment tbat may be now enrolled in your State;
and all clothing and supplies belonging to or
contracted for the several regiments shall be
forwarded to Washington for their use, detailed
reports ot whicb shall be made to tbe Command
Secretary of War.
All the military departments of tbe State ot
Delaware, Maryland and portions of Virginia,
together with 'the City of Washington have
been united In one grand department under
command of General McClellau. Major-Gen-erals
Dix and Banks are thus placed iu sub
ordinate military positions. Fortress Mon
roe is not included iu this new arrangement.
Tho State Department has issued notico tbat
until further notice, no person will be allowed
to go abroad from a port ot tbe United States
wltbont a piseport issued by the Secretary ol
State; nor will any person be .allowed to land
in tbe United States without a paenport from a
Minister or ft Consul of tbe United States; or
if foreigner, from bis own Government, coun
tersigned by such Minister or Consul. This
regulation, however, is not to take effect io re
gard to persons coming from abroad, until
reasonable time shall have, elapied for it to bo
come known, ' "' 1 ,
Secretary of War. A Train of Troops Fired into--Penalty
for the Outrage.
St. Loois, Aug. 17. It appears now that the
money seized at St. Genevieve, yesterday, was
al the request of the Directors ot tbe parent
Bank here, to whom it was transferrei to day
by General Fremont.
Dispatches reached here to-day that a train
conveying troops on tbe Hannibal and St. Jo
seph Railroad, was fired into by secessionists
near' Palmyra, and one soldier killed and sev
eral wounded. Gen. Pope immeJIately eeol or
ders to Gen. Hurlbut to take such force as be
deemed necessary to Marion county, and quar
ter them on the people, and levy contributions
of horses, mules, provisions and such other
things as are useful to soldiers, amounting to
ten thousand dollars, on tbe inhabitants of the
county and ciliiens oi Palmyra as penalty for
ibis ontrage.
Case of the Baltimore Police Commissioners.
New YotK, Aug. 17. Counsel for the Balti
more l ollce Commissioners have given notice
of their intention to apply for an attachment
gainst the sheriff, for not having used all
mesne in bis power to execute tbo writ against
Col. Burke, he having power to call out tbe
Fears of an Attack on Washington.
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
Wabhinoton, Aug. 18. An attack on Wash
ington is looked for by many of tbe best in
formed officers. The rebels have advanced
their lines and are in force within a short dis
tance of the river, and are. gathering .means of
transportation. Tbey nave large encampments
this side of Fairfax, but probably ths bulk of
tbe advance corps is on the Upper Potomao.
Tbs JNavv Lepartm9nt naa advices tnat com
mander Porter, ol the St. Marys, Paoifio squad
ron, whose letter to his father, avowing rebel
vmoathv, found Its way to Washington, Is In
irons, according to orders, and will be sent hers
toon. '
Secretarv Welles expresses himself in favor
t( closing Southern ports by proclamation at
once, ws nave tne nigneai authority lor say
lug tbat not ono Government in Europe bas re
monstrated against closing tno reoci ports.
[World's Correspondence.]
There are no well authenticated accounts of
ths movements of ths rebels In this viciulty.
Until the Government scouts bring in more de
cisive reports, tbers noed be no fear of a dlreot
attack on Washington., rue enemy's natteries
down tbe river are assuming formidable pro
portions; sod if tbey succeed in closing ths
navigation of the Potomac, it will be bard to
prevent them erosslng into Maryland.
Tbs report of tbs death of Booteler, late Rep
resentative in Congress from Virginia, is incor
rect: it was his son who was' wounded at Bull
Run. and died of lockiaw- Air. uooteier, mm
self, it is stated, bas been arrested. . Tbe reason
ilsaid to be tbat Booteler was with tbe armed
band wbo seized Harper s rerry Armory, on toe
ioui ui npru - . .
Arrival of the Bohemian.
Fiirthes Point. Aug. 18. Tbe Bohemian
hat srrlved with Liverpool dates to ths blh. yia
Londonderry on the tn. . - i t '
Tbe London Times nas a oitteriy sarcastio
trticls on tho battle ot null ttou. it tays
donbta muat arise tbat the Southern nut is too
hard to oraok, and fears that tne question of
blockade In Amerloa may involve England tn
Jim I ..MnllMllAlll ' J
On tbs last day oi tne session, oi rariiament,
Lord Palmerston expressed his views. . Ho said
if tbs blockading fleet should sllow any vessel
to enter any blockaded port on paying duties,
from that moment lbs blockade was raised.' A
belligerent may seal np a port, but whsn hs lets
single vesselin, his right la gons. '
An anonymous auvertiseineue appeara in tne
Liverpool Post for shilling - testimonial
Beauregard. ,1 ' "
Tha London Herald says that Napoleon. On
the reoeiot ot the news ef ths North's defeat at
ths battle of Hull nun, resuivea to reaogniss
ths Southern Confederacy. - This hi doubtful
and unconfirmed. . ,
. T. R.n.k man ths Brlihton ataks.
Tbs Paris Bourse was very firm tt 68f.lk)o.ti
T.ivumoL. Anr. 9. Cotton opened ' sMth
an adranoe of fid. Closed 'easier,' Prices
.... , ..... .:, , i . Cr K 57. 3 J SO. 3
.Manshester tdvices tre favorable, '"Bretf-
atnffi are oulet and steady. Wheal dalett tea.
dency downwtrds. Provisions Steady and an
I - Lomdom Market. Consols closed 91Ji91.
Atoerloan eeonritles are flat,
l4vEtrooi, August 9th. Cotton Brokers
circnlar reports sales of the wets, ftt 63.000
bales. Market opened with an advanoo of K
pdnce, but closed easier, with bst little Inquiry,
add prices wek speculators took 1,UW, sod
exporters 11 SOU batee to-day. Friday sales
estimated at 10,000 bales; market closing
steady. Tbe following are authorized quota
tions! Fair Orleans, 9d; middling do. Sd;
Fair Mobile, 8d; middling do. 8d. . Stock
in port estimated at 990,000 bales, of which
700,000 are Amerlosn Orleans from ft Manches
ter firm. Breadstuff quiet bnt steady. Wheat
quiet with downward tendenor, and quota
tions barely maintained. . Provisions steady aud
unchanged. ( ....... .
loNooN.Frida v. Consols 90(3901 i AmOr
lean stcnrlites flat. Tbe bullion in ins Bank
of England has increased 153,000. Tbe spe
cie in the Bank of Franoe has deoreaced seven
million franca. -
Liverpool, Aug. 8 The cotton market open
ed unsettled and excited under Canada advices
from Amerloa, and prices advanced Sales
of three davt. 38.000 bales including 17.000 to
speculators aud exporters. Market closing quiet
and steady.
I here was almost t collision In the Liverpool
News Room.
Mr. Russell's letter to the Times was confin
ed to graphie details of tbs rout ot ths North
ern army. He calls It ft cowardly rout. A mis
erable, causeless paole, and disgraceful to men
In uniform, not soldiers. ,' i -
The Times editorially says tbe victory was s
complete one. Tbe Union army lost all their
military bonor, and wishes it could find some
thing in it to congratulate either victors or
vanquished, but sees nothing but what must
stimulate all the evil p&saiuns of both com
batants. Tbe Duil j News denounces tbe Titnes'a crit
icism; but says nothing happened which was not
auticlpited us possible
All tbe journals think the event bat closed
the door ol compromieo, aud must embitter and
prolong the struggle.
A fans letter eats tbe success ot toe boutu-
erncrs powerfully operated on tbe Parisian
opinions in favor ol tbe secMsionists. -
Parliament closed on the bth instant. Ibe
Queen's speech was read. It says our for
eign relations are friendly and satisfactory, and
trusts there ie to danger to tbe peace of Ed
rope. bhe says of American amirs that she has de
termined, in common with ihe other powers of
Europe, to obaerve strict neutrality between
the contending parties.
Tbe Danish Government granted important
modifications In 8 haff tier's North Atlantic Tel
egraph by extending the time till 1&74, and re
turuel tbs caution money.
London, August 9 The London shipping
Gazette complains of tbe blockading forces and
points to tho risk of a collision with maratime
powers. Other Journals speak of the earns dan-'
New Yoik, August 19. Tbe schooner Han
nibal, from St. Thomas, reports the privateer
Sumter as captured by one of our men-of-war
and tuken bick to Curacoa.
Fortress Monroe, Aug. 18. General Wool
assumed command at Old Point this morning.
Heavv firing was beard this morning at Wil-
lougbby Point.
La Croeef, Aug. 19. List night tho steam
et Key City collided with Dan Rice's steamer,
4U miles below nere.and knocked tne oage wnicn
contained the trained rhinoceros overboard
Tho -rneo sunk immediately, drowning the
rhinoceros, valued at $90,000. Neither boat
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 19.
Tbe better condition of the Floor market noticed ee-
terdar. Is etill maintained, tnoash there ie not io moon
doinK. Some of the dealers hold for higher flgniei, bnt
no further adTMoe eta bo quoted. -
WHEAT- Iaaoaroelr taken ae freelj as jeeterday.irat
the market le very firm, and some of the lOlleis hold at
at II miner nzuree
CORN It more firm, bnt can not be quoted above 28c
in bam
OATS Were sold at 33c, bnt It ii tard to get thtm at
ltu than o.
BtRLEY AND EYE Remain as last quoted.
WHISKY Was more firm to day at 13jc.
Malle for Mow York Olty, Boaton, Albany, Buffalo,
i-HUburgn, tieuoenTiiie way. viikiuu, zuieeviiie,
Newark. oranTllle. wasninKton uity, Maittmore, mile-
delphta and New Orleani, cloae daily (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mail for New York and Cleveland eloaei
da Iv (Bunrt&vi excepted at x o'clock n
O. O.fcO.R. K. Way Mailelosei dally (Sundays ex-
eebtedl at 3 o'clock o. m
Central Ohio Way Stall eloees daily (Sundays excepted)
at 10 o'clock a
Cincinnati Way Mall cloies dally (Sundays excepted) at
o clock a. m.
Chicairo. Snbnaue. Delaware. If arion and Worthier
ton Stalls eloees dally (Sundays excepted) al o'clock
p. m.
Maili forZenia, BDrlnifleld, Dayton. Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, Louiiville, 8t, Louie, anil Detroit,
cloaee dally (Buntlays excepted) at s o'clock p. m.c
A through mail to Xenta, Springfield and Cincinnati
sloaee dallv (sundave executed) at iu o clock a.
urnana. nana. Xlmn and union Uity mail oioeee aauy
Bundan exoenled) at B o clook o
Lancaster, Logan, Nelaonvllle, Uircleville. OMlllcotne,
Fortemonth, Wuhlnxtoa O.ll., Athene, Marietta and
nilliboroaeh mails eloee dally (Sundays excepted) at 8
clock p.m.
Eait Way Mall bv National Road to Zanervllle clotea
dallv (Suodave exoented) at 12 o'clock m
Harriiburgu Mali eloees dally teuadays exeeptej) at
dock p.m.
jit. vernon mail, cy way or vveitemtie ana nunoary,
oloeeo daily (Sundays excepted) at 9 o'elook n. m.
jmoiin nan closes aauyiBnnaays excepted jet x o oioci
Urn outer Way Stall closes dally (8undays excepted) a
'clock p. m. 1
nana iron new lore. iMjeron, rauaueipina, ouuiu,
Albany. Pitubunth, Cleveland. Barton. Toledo. Xenla,
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Chllllcothe, Bt. Louie,
and all Southern citiee, arrive between Ibe hours ol V
clock p- m. and 4 o clock a. m.
Mai le Trom ludianapoiie. unisag and uoouque arrive
at 3:eu a. m.
Mails from Waahlnxtoa Olty. Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneerille, Newark. BUsabenville, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. R. it. Way Mall, arrive at 15! o'clock m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrives at 3 o'clock p m.
Lancaeter Mail arrivee at 0 o'clock p. m.
Eaat Way. Mail ever the National Koad arrives at 11
'i-lock a. m. "
Sit. Vernon Way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m. ,
Mail from Dublin arrivee at 19 o'clock . ' '
Urhana Way Mall arrivee at 9 o'clock p, m.
Ilarrliburgh Mail arrives at 11 o'olook a. m.
Lancaiter Wav Mall arrivee at 19 o'clock m
OAloe delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
o'clock a. m. to e) o'olock p. a. Open on Sundays
from 7X to It o'olook In tbs monitor ,
kna irom a to
' ' W.' A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dye has ne equal Instantaneous Is
effect Beautiful Black er Natural Brows as staining
the skis erlujuilDg tiieiiair remedies uenceur aa
effect of Bad Dyes, and Invigorates the hair for life.
Hons are genuine unless signet "W., A. Batchelor."
Sold everywhere. , , .. ,
, . ,4 . . CHAS. BATCHELOR, Proprietor,
Jylftwly n., 81 Barclay Btreet, Hew Tors,
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dyer - -
Tbs Original snd Best In tbs-Worldt
All others are mere Imitations, and should be avoided
Ifyou wish te escape ridicule.- ' .-" v
ORAT, RED OR RUBTT HAIR Dyed Instantly to
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
Hair er Skin. , '. .- 1 1 . , ;
awarded te Wm. A. Batchelor since 1889, and over 80,00
applications have bees made to the Heir, of, his patrons
of hie iblnoas ay - - . - ... ...
WM. A. BATOHELORI HAIR TB prod aoee a col
er sot to be distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
sot to Injure in the least, however long It may be eon tin
ned, and the fll effects of Bad Dyes remedied 1 the Hair
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dye. '
1 Bold In all eltiee and towns of the United States.
Druggists and fancy Goods Dealers. '. . '-
iTPThe Q en nine has the name snd address upon a steel
plate engraving on four sides of each bos, of WILLIAM
A. HATUllSbUK, jMinrese
, ...... UUASLSB UAXUllciAls rJopnnnr,
i JyU wlT l Barolay street. New Toil.
rm and Jewelry. lot eats at prioee aa in
voiced, leee lfl per oenU discount, at the exprcmomoe av
Also, egeuls wanted to sell its heal packets ot rtalleo
. raith or without lewslrv) m tbe market, at prtcei
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""iriT1;-..;. .i.:BAiLtT.
JlylMtw " 1M Ooart street, Bostoa, Mass
An experienced II arte and Tenure ftyeletan, prvseste
to tne attention oi xaowen, ner
which nanti faallliAtea the Dtoeees of teethlnc, by sort.
entng the gums, reducing all Inflammation wil I allay
ALL TAIN and fpatmouio acaon, ana u .
DepenS noon ILmothere. It wtU irlve rest ioyoureelvee
ana . , ! . i ..,-1
We nave nut u n and old thli article for over ten years,
anuv&n bAx , in cunrmaataaaiiiBuiiitnn,
what we have never been able to my of any other medi
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er did we know an lnetanee of dkwatlafaetlon by any one
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operations, and (peak In terms of, oommendaUon of Its
magical eUeoti and medical vlrtuee. We speak In this
matter "WHAT WSJ DO KNOW;" after tea years' expe
almoet every ineunca where - Ihe Infant le entering tnm
lain ana exnauiuon. relief win ne toana in niwwa or
wenty mlnatee alter tbeSyrap le edmlnialeredr
This valuable nrenaratkm If tbe preeeriptMn of one at
New Enitland. and has been uted with MSVBft FAIL
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a tee the stomach and bowela, corrects acidity, and glvet
tone and eneny to tbe whole system. It will alaaoal lul
stantly relieve - v. . , ... ;
obip:hq xs ths bowxis,.atd wind couo
and overcome oonvuinons, wMoh, If not speedily rem'
died, end In death. We believe It tbe BBtiT and SUB
BST RKMMDY IN TnB WORLD, In all eaees of DYS
It arleee from teething, or from any other eaoee. We
wonld eay to every molberwhohata child taffering from
any of the foregoing eomphtinte DO NOT LET IOTJB
etand between you and yoarotttTerlng child, and the re
lief that will be BURB yes. ABSOLUTELY SURE U
follow the uee ot thtemedletne, If timely aaed. Tall di
rections for ua n will accompany each bottle, none
rennlne nnleee the faaimile of CURTIS PERKINS,
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Sold by all Prugglets tbrongiMwt tne world.
Prl id pnl Office, IS CeaawSltrsetM.Y.
An Effective, Safe and Economical
, : . , Compound,
To IU original color without dyeing, and preventing
, uair irom turning gray.
And curing It, when there Is the least partloleof Vital!
or recuperative energy remaining.
Andallcutaneoosaffoctioiis ef the Scarp.
Imparting to It an sneqttled gloee and brilliancy, maklns
It aoft and silky In Its texture, and canting It to cur
Ibe great celebrity ana increasing demand for this an
equaled preparation, convinces tbe proprietor that one
trial ia only neceuary to tatMy a diacersing public of ita
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oieanaea the bead and ecalp from dandruff and other
cataneoue ulieaaea, earning ths hair to grow luxuriantly
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also, where tne hair is loosening and thinning, It will give
trength and vigor to the rooks and restore & growth to
hoee parte which have become bald, canting It to yield a
ren covering oi nair.
There are hnndreda of ladles and gentlemen In Hew
York who have bad their hair reatored by tbe nee of this
Invlrorator. when all other preparations have tailed. L.
11. lua in bia posaetiion letters Innumerable leatlfytng
to me anova lacn, mm perione oi tne nigneai reoaecu
billty. It will effectually prevent the hair from turning
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toilet and a Hair Restorative It Is particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and the great fa
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L. MILLER would call the attention of Parents and
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moves any Impurities that may have become connected
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Oio-non. None genuine without the fac ahnile LOUIS
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Depot, 56 Dey .St, New York.
sotsftdkwly. e
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Iflnnnrncliirers f mil St In els ( !
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- wtnsiB. Mw Wf UrtSt RlillSl.
I eve, x.i . , ,
lAJOt fiOVLXl StattiiilLA t. BLAND TStaleiU
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et CO. BuOnltUt - '
Oar Portsbls Xoglss snd Saw XIII
Was awarded the first premium of ISO at the Indiana
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Prloe, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
snd superior character of lumber sewed.
Our 8tationarv Xnirine waa awarded at the suae fall
the Silt premium of S00.
Our Portable Engine waa awarded the Sret prwalua el
100 at the Fair at mempnta. lens., over jsianoy a v
vall'e, Columbus Machine Go's., and Bradford a Oo Y .
by a eommlttee of nmcttoal Railroad Engineers.
yor prwe snu nnni annrees
... . W1LLAR0 WARNER, Treasurer,
dec5-dkwlyeols. . Newark, Ohk
Wliolcsale and He tall
Dealer In
P I T : B R Q Tl , Paw.
natantlirori Tiaael alt lite' Ta
nsss uHAnvs si
Ixxajpoxtoca. Oiortt.
Oct- SS lyd
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voluntary Emissions and luipotenoy, resulting (root
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; ': i ? iiirrrv.
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