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Democratic Union Nominations.
v. '"" " TpTr,T;y !
-ii).UA8 J. S, IXITut ;....., ;
.i4..CJLS-ABUIi '' r.oiu
tltf Sllrllr.T m -T 'W"5,-a.n tux nrn. -J
MI vl l et-v '". JO ' V :hi
C0MPTROLL1R. ,hi.inM'J,
r jnw CbwWbU.iw
eeting of the Union Democratic
State Central Committee.
Th? tfnloueiocraVo iUaUtJeptral .Com-
mill ,
ar ettrffiay IrMed To tx'prwent.
State Central Committee. WAYNE GRISWOLD, Chairman
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary August 20, 1861.
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary August 20, 1861. THE OHIO STATESMAN
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary August 20, 1861. THE OHIO STATESMAN For the Campaign.
WUI tank she iiCMMtinnl ol lb Ohi Statsa-
- .J.Vn.rmln.lkMIll!'- T" r J
wikjiia..triikr Month. et..--soawaoe.
KUriii' o lim wlil furolhd for opi of
nor Bentbi, to elnb or lingl ooplMt
ntw. .f 7Jifi i-'-'d ;.! ;t
Th Weekly Oo Bltei t! '"'fi'W S',-
,boia:'y. c;3Ti.:-:ri
lnokKi'rlwth 1M
Ib1bI4 Ucalfbr tw month.
la elbi of M copies. for to aonlbt.
la elabi of 0 eoplee, for two booUh..-'...'. c '.W
i 11 f' ' '"
Tb twoaMoUlo' 1aU wlil oover the period of the
CHi.'" tbaa plaoKonr MAMMOTH WCIELT
in thakaBdavf aUvho want It, n a Campaign paper,
oa vary rcasonabla teina.
EM )ho 1d eaH ik IrueUoJori
e4'k-i.,P,Mdik.? l)i J
all oret tha ttrff "f to ake ll a c&Vient ah)
in tho food vorrof tt redtniptlon of the Bute of Ohio.
lMtkkwUlrlala- ,, ,trl . ,
August 10, 1861.
August 10, 1861. Mr. Harrison's Declination.
tWafloiJaiaii.f:fiVf i jeaterdaj MWCBitrg,
a letter from th Hoo J. Scott IUHi90M, de-
bV the Union Democratic
....j.if . ,.--, ; . . ... i
Stat CoofCDtioo aa candidate for Lieuteaaot
Go? ernor. The letter la dated tha J 3th lost.,
and tha Etqwttr Ute thai the delay lo (ecd
ing U Oiijrru owing to domeatie caret
aod Mieiie. r. . v, ,
Mr. Haibuo take, we doubt : noti an 'hoo-
etAJMt; ltblLk, v :adukn ?ie of the
caio-fcjl,jBU,lor.ttie JJian first. nd
ftmtk aYterVardT It appears to us that the two
honld be aongbi Vlmurtapeouilj, a correla
tlnaavv A MatoratiM Jlh OjjIob will, tntw
peae,' nl ' legTriaitl peace' mtiet loduif the
rMWtrMlvkvf hCon. .'
There co, tje 09 quealiSq that l Jhe rrescot
time aifiion-loyK; fcUixem
ahould onite in comara toort lot toe sup
prakw of fbj reMluanfMM the festoratloij f
the TJoion and the return of peace, uui we see
not the most dUtua proaptct tbat these desira
ble object ce'njtffeijicdr by nniun n the
proposed BO-partnweirA v-Oii the contrary,
w rw petaded tf be controlled y
soeb elementa d, tmrtue such -a policy, as to
aggrsTat the rebellioo, and render the pros
pect of n adjostmenf of our national difficol
diila than. trtt. We most, tberelor. respect'
fall) beg le todi'fW with Ut.J.vnil-,
aoaMa'vtww a4br-.rt7 qaesiieai . I :
1 ' '
How the Union was Formed and has
been Maintained.
Aooordlnc toJrI.JIiiio,thFederl Union
neolted aeithe lom" ftectildnr majority
of 1h toDteof'tb'e'wD(ile'Uu!ted SUtKcon-
rfdwedtf,rforrjf!rJ'? one n'atiftilndT from' the
rlf a boat tbaawwiwimil copttit4 ail the
Sutee that were partie W ia.n -Em StaU, ia
retifvtnr nCbnetifntioto;',ts eonIderl wt
iOTe!en:1fiW,Tnae"pendDt oflrie!4tnew:
and anlt bound br it own Toldntary act.
Iaearreotieae eWant thai Inderal Gorern
Beni kll Wolm ottal oifferenYpertod of ur
klstory prior to IB6I1 a lare jiroporflod Of tb
p.i'aralt.BUtVbMdi8sC and
p!rt&fKwJn:6t yieaf
betll. tbaj iieresvaa&t; jbu, kiUierto.tbe
Ciiluo a' fct!i Vortg1aJ
fbrncrh bf tha "mmmtmim ctealnaBi H&Ued
acaOTof a'lltli"8W.',
Ml H'l
1 T IA It-li't
f a th formatlot T ty Unioi tb unanimous
eaaatJti f th fUtetV ' obtain bi ooscea
slim In3 obmprVtmife. ATJ hf gve yoto"
seaaieseniewsaat haw sine rJsn, ? the
iimvAmik WaWa aoia(4 rn'yi urns way,
and tb States bar remained in th Ubloa by
eaaeeatMat U aea eai all.. InsorrcoUoos hare
bl(q:uelWi lndiTtdoall lare Wft' pnolshed
few tbetfdisottedleeee and reeistaoee rederai
Iasi' tuf th Union has been 'maintained, In
ItA ttU-grlty br'holene by th unanimity of
k, Thai unanimity low broken np,rt Wl ether
it eanbe t-OTed and rUa Uic f raserjed, as
heretofore, by' .-ineiisaoo consent "of the
Jiatesvle the great problem now (9 be solred
by th Amorlcan peapl
17 Tb Clerelaod Lnder, tb JoM Baowa
aOTTtnnjrjrorgsri, dont Mk tb ?ottrow of
A &aai or thatDemecraUa Etat CattT
tion... That kali -TlgholU 14 didw should
Lr has got as mb an ta'od as It can well
taUtaJ to UU .sax f ftat C5ngreahAn
who-ftmtM th jofj rMir out of bl ear
!ag(,iq bis flight rom Bull ftin."'; As Kiddli
appelated the editor Postssaeter, in positloa
(t tb vVhes of, near!) all the peopl of-Clere-Uad,
ea aocouniaf lis Abeliiisolsm, regard
th LrT a chsrtared and paid fot tpof years,
to pas' aud defend him. It will pror a hard
job at that. "Browa and I" need all the iteeaV
aa do
The Signs of Rebellion—The New
The Signs of Rebellion—The New York World.
'cf 5fc.Vr W, hlcl.bM been 00a-
sldVtd lb organ or BecreUry UaOM, woo
has bestowed official position on the editor and
his tons, eeyr "
'The wholesale denunciation of the Admin
istration kept up by the Timee and 2Vi6ms dur
ing the Brat months 01 tne war, waa "
not uly ia It miscbleToa effect at tba time,
but still " more on ccouoV Of tb loss Of lonu-
nce, wttion oisaoie woe pap- ----iug-
taib country tb setfiaa tt f.';",
txpeot from the prof.saed' organ of pobllo lopln,
ion In a season 0? gf PWlo peril. Thelf
lnotlTe waa so sweeping and erTgant as
to blunt the edee ot any subsequent een"';
bowWr deserU blcb they th'Bkl1
topubnsh, ' They are sUlpp4 of that authority,
.. .rn.ni. ,J nuhlia aeotiment, Which wouia
enable thm to administer to the Government
timely and salutary warning, U they should see
it falling below, the Just eipectatlone of the
-,.. fl 1. nntof thaa lournais. In the
kiii..,,ui' ni in namiliation. made a formarl
abdication oi on 1 of the moot Important fuoc
.1.. ..... K..rtil ItMir. h a r
ouug $11, iu ucmiwi v ... -j -
xnunt nromiaa. from the exercise of that ra
souabl oritlciaia Of governmental proceedings
which may at say time be demanded by a regaid
tor the publla welfare. The Worli, which de
fended the Administration against wanton as
persions when It was unjustly assailed, will, with
equal freedom, Call attention to it shortcomings
when .they seem calculated to weaken Ut lnflu
eooe and Impair the efficiency with which the
country baa a right to demand that the war shall
be conducted., And now, when tne Aamiuiaira
tion seems ex'erlin Itself to infuse additional
energy Into the public aerfice, It may not be
amiss for it to learn from friendly sonroes what
is thonght of it by the people, and what mis
takes the people expect to see rectified ia the
more rigorous era that seems to be dawning.".
' Altai thusraDPlnK tba Jim and Tribute
0Tr tb knaeklee for their denunciation of the
Administrationand reminding Gsirtir of his
"hsmiliatiag'J abdication, the ( TForW proceeds
' "Bat tb Administration has now been long
enough in power to her acquired a reasonable
aconaintance with Its datlee, to bar teeted the
capacity or its sunorainaie, ana nr riaww -to
a roll comprenensioa 01 in greii engrocy
which it la called to act.' Tb country feel
that thMm has coat wbea tb head of the
several Departmeate meet furnish unequivocal
Drool tb at thev are eaual to the crisis. Jt mutt
not mac lawyer ee eoaeUerrd dVlermiae
garsfi, 'irAeiaer tot at rVMtf tea aa aa
mii$trttion ttvthU er e4ctig a orewf vmr.
Thus far. It Is felt by wery many competent
judges that there has been a Isck of energy,
system, and or that easy aad prompt mastery
of details without which tber can be n admin
istrative effiofeney. Th country feels that la
the disastere that have attended oar arms It has
paid hs high a price as It can afford to pay for
eeVeti a Government! and that ir, wttn tne
resources which Congress and our capitalists
have Dlaeed etils commend, it cannot demon
strete, a (As firld, that w are superior to the
rebels, the Goverameat to a failure. If, with
mora than doublatb wrewlaUo an tea Told
the monetary resoarceo t the rebel S latest it,
with the command 01 I tie ea, ana or enperior
ity In all the mechanical arte that conduce to
success In war, we eaooet beat them In battle,
It will b because nr reaoorees are not well
managed! It will be taken a an Incontroverd
bid proof that the Government at Washington
s Inferior 10 tb cabal at luenmooa in aamio-
iftritiv ability:"- - - 1
' We eall attention of the Stnte Jounul to
this article from the World, and inquire whether
it is considered loyal to publish seen sentiment
these. The ueetion arise whether the
PrVMil not fairly llabl (taking other Cases
as a precedent) to be prcot4 by th Grand
Jurv. ..W acre wUb th WtrU, that the
country has paid dearly nongh for ea'iieerise
the officers of th Government..
I ,We hope the. World will not, GasiLsr like,
crawl dowa from this position and disown tb
editorial responsibility Of the article
; ttT The, sharp' shot of the Eseirirrf have
brought the Cosmwreial down at last". .The
Commercial aja- m
"We ate aot disposed te disown our reword In
that -particular, Ji is iro that we urged the
employment of all honorable means to stay the
mad rush of the South .to ruin. We supported
ererv propoailion for the aottlement of sec
tional difficulties that the manhood of the peo
pi of the North could tolerate. , We were the
early And emphetio advocates of a National
Convention, te settle sectional differences upon
a square and permanent basis, or to allow the
Cotton States, if jro tber must, to go In peace,
and try. their experiment of self-government,
confident that tber won ia soon ne tirea ot it
But w were never willing to acknowledge the
neht of Seceaeion. for tnat was to aDanaon tne
Constitution and throw away the Government."
1 Xhi was th &rcir position, aa it was
that of Gov. Cause. 1 1t ia well understood that
whenever he to6k a pinch of snuff the Cswrmer
c csmmenced sneezing. v '. ,', , t '
I We bar never known pnblie journal more
completely tbe 'toot ' Bora" of a public
than, (he PsmmrrewJ is of Gov. Chi st.' "That
paper waa willing tolei the South 'gb In peace
aad try Hthaie xperisaat of self government,"
&urMI wal hevef willing to acknowledge the
ffght( J , Recession, That Is a very small
hoi Ao crawl 4ul at, ao4 as opnslstent at usual
with that paper-i .atom tins siaoatb Coin our'
etalsaid: 1 "'
'.'VWr'S'WtTn fv'or"6r hTockadlbg th
Southern coast. are not m favor, or re
taking by. Iorche property of tb United
State, now in possession of the tecedert. ' We
would recognize the existence of a government
formed of all the elaveholding Statee, and at
tempt to cultivate amicable relatione with It."
, Tola was preoUely Mr.. Chase's peeitlon,
That paper would aol blocked the fionthein
Ctiatr..' It would not retake by fore the property
0: tne .uniua states ; in possession 01 tne se
eedere. - Bat U sseaM "recognise the existence
it fe government formed of all th elaveboldlog
States, and attempt' to cultlvat smkable re
lations with it.iL-ThaJi. paper has been loud'
obtbad ia bellowing traitor, rebel, aeoessJonlst,
and all suoh Staff at PemoCratis tatemn and
pkperf , and w de'fy any mao to pnt bis Soger
on.ny snob propositions coming from them., JJ
tber ara ,Ji Ceaisasi sssf ha ao doubt da
abaneed It as treasonable. It whole eoaree has
been disgrapefulla th extreme " ' 'T
Jhi Wuhlngton oorreapoodent of the New
York tribuM of the 18th eaye; ; . ." , . ',
Rely srpoa it th Capital 1 aot oat ef dent er.
aar will any amoant of aeorsey a to army
moveeaants, nowevar jaatcloea atob a eeare
mar be, las prove tba s attar. Th rebel for
la Virginia aBaaaab aar, aad I ia daily in-
inc. is auasaaiauea gousg ao at tba
nronesaed.or are wa aa varr occasion to
sepowa a greatly superior force, aa in the ease of
th brar i.yon, aad 19 aisaost every siaos
tbvwar bgBi i't u .'(!.. : v
CTiTbsSaadoaky ReguterhU all other of
the abolition paper, doa't Ilk tha platform of
Our Convention on the candidate. ' Mr. Jiwrrr
is the "second isr." Very digninsa: reopie wno
know Mr, JzeiTr will ,appreclsl IhisRefysfrr
areperZf "Thai paper Mts Mt. Jiwrrt "would
uphold the' Federal GoVcrataeat ; i wenld do
nothing to weaken it'-cte., and yet th Regiittr
don't Kk his; .-W iV loog sloe despaired
of tha JtefUfcr. balog pleased with aaytbibg
don by. good Union Democrat. "Let the
Iowa' Pourw.--,rha Jacobinical, Abolition
wine of the Republican party of Iowa, held e
Convention bll tbe 31st of last month, and nom
inated Chsh- oandidat for S tat officer . Sen
ator Grime and Harlaa, aad Gov. Kirkaood,
head .aad direct this band of tis. Kirk-
wood was renominated for Governor; and Rev.
Mr. Grinnell, of "John Brown" notoriety, it
mad Chairman of their Stat Central Commute.
The Late Missouri Battle.
The St. Louis Drmeersf, a an.artlole headed
Tb Usaon of Lyon'a Sacrifirt,"
"Bat there must be heroism In the Cabinet
st well as In the field.., JEipecilly la Ihe .Wat
Department at Washington most there be the
lodmitblvWiU that rie Into tb light f
genius, and nave with Ahe etep of destiny to
success. ' Victory should at tne be wade a
foregone conclusion, and failure placed among
the thlnge utterly Impossible. - We have nodls
positlpu to brood over the past, except to point
to th significant lessee wbloh It teach.--The
extent of -the eoemy'c effort In Miesoari
baa been aoderratcd; Lyon and hi band ware
lert to cope with four time tkalf number long
after he bad represented bis need of reinforce
ment, aad until, in desperation, he felt compell
ed to attack hie dally fnoreasing enemy, to eveid
having to con lend with etUI heavier add. W hat
a peg or blaiory this! ; With aaytalng like a
reasonable lore, General Lyon would soon bar
driven the laeelent uvaaer s Irosa tne ooatawoot
ern portloa ef tha But.; As It was, bis for
lorn bops of a army, with almost laoredtble
valor, gained a victory lull of glory to them,
but of ead reproof to their . country. May this
monrnlul leeeon, written with the blood of 00
many of her brave sons, snd sealed with th
life f JttiasoBrt's beet beloved hero, lak deep
into the haarts ot our rulers I n,
- "W cannot think otherwise that that , th
future will b the richer for this xprleno.-
Th past wUl soon b meat gloriously attoaed
tor. But mere snouia remain ne mrwer um
alon. Tha cnemt ia 'in dead earnest', la Mis
souri. I f the Government only sends force to
eopewiib bie present etrength, they wiU soon
find him far sponger. A grand army is needed
to awaea the ereai valley tot the Gall. Thlsin-
diaMmabJa armv should b mustered at ooeelin
Misaonri-and doubtleee will be. On all hands
thar riaea a lust sod wis cry for thorough
work. Tb idea of failure, or of anything that
ean possibly be mistaken for It, must b utterly
and lorovw eet aside, ana euco meawirea imaia
dialely iniiiated as will make it perfectly plain
to tb universe, tbat th destiny of Missouri ss
an integral pari ot tb American nation u irre
VOOebly llxd." ; .-.m ' v . it
The Late Missouri Battle. How Names are Got to the Bogus
The Late Missouri Battle. How Names are Got to the Bogus Call.
We have receivtd the fallowing letter, which
explain itself. 8uoh conduct 00 the part of the
Kepublieens, who are engaged in burying their
nartv, Is very reprehensible.. Can't they even
put under ground their misbegotten , and. mis
raided, oreanisstion, without socb a resort to
deception and fraud as It indicated by this com.
muoicatlooT .' v . .' . '' '. ' ' '"' '.' '' ' "
On thing will appear by this' and similar
exposures: tnat true uemocreis auu patriots
will, sooner or later, Bod that the only wsy te
preserve their country, is to preserve their pirty.
Without the complete and fijal extermination
of all sectionalism, there is no hope. " '
We append the letter:' " '' , ' ' . ' " ' ' '
' . . , Washisotob, 0.; Aug. 19, 1861 '
EBiToaSTATisaaN Dtar Sir: lace my name,
connection with Peter Windle'e aud G B.
Gardner's ef this place, 00 the list Calling a
Republican Convention. How tbry got there I
am uuOle to say. Oao thing Is certain, they
are there without uur coDeul r koowledge;
being Democrats, we expect to vole the Demo
cratic ticket, beiioviug, by so doing, we can
better promote the interest of our ouce happy,
but now mined aud distracted cooniry..
yours, truly,
J. F. ELY.
The Renublican Diess has assailed Gen.' Pat
terson with the same precipitancy and reckless
ness that it is n tne habit of assailing every
body who does not keep step to the nowiiogs or
abolitionism.. We bare no defense to make of
General Patterson. We are nof at tbie moment
competent to pronounce whether be deserves
censure .or praise, iiut mis is certain, inat
nothing eonld be more unjust than to condemn
bim,ae tba Kepuoucan journals nave oone,
until all the fact of bis conduct are understood.
It is not at all impossible tbat he did tbat which
waa altogether for the beet. Certainly there Is
a view of his case which is highly favorable to
him, as follows, stated by the Delaware Kerne
Kmm nkiemtm Tuaa.
W bave belore ns a letter iron an Adjutant
of one of the united states regime
nephew ol the editor of this paper, now encamp
ed near Sandy Hook, on the upper Potomac in
course or which be alludes to tne censures
cast by many uninformel men Ufon General Pat
"i suddos ion. like very many others, think
w ought to bar gons on and fought General
Johnston. - It would not bave been safe for ns.
We should have been cat to pieces, and whipped
far worse than the army at Manassas was. .
"We bad no washumton to tail oaca upon
no entrenched position to go to after defeat; but
would bave been driven oat 01 Virginia, witn
scarcely one of ns left to tell the tale.
"General raiteraon nas been terrioiy aousea,
and very wrongly, too. If the truth was known,
be eaved hie army and. Washington by hi
nrudent and wis course.
. "What. do you think or twenty tnousana men
mar china asainst forty thousand, oebina en
trenohmeate,' end engaging them, which would
have been really the case, as far aa .we , were
concerned.,... t- . ,.- k , . ,
"Why, ten thousand men, behind .entrench
ments can whin double that, number outside.
Ge. Johnston hsd a very pice trap, for ns, snd
if Gen. Patterson had not moved with so muoh
cautitn, be would bave cut him to pieces, and
then taken an bis line of march (0 Washington
setting in the rear, and .while Beauregard en
gaged McDowvll be would have made his way
to ana iwuwi me capita,. ,iuis was uia, in
tention, and . be could , bare carried it Into
effect .".. , . 1 ..v,a.-l ,', i,-''
The Memphis Appeal and the Cincinnati
The Cemwierelel cnblishes an article from the
Memphis Appeal, secession paper, In which It
treat aa useless th effort of the Democracy
to bring about peace and Unioa through a Na
ttojul Convention. This is just what we ex
pectedand the CtmswcMl and it Republican
Abolltioa ooUmporarie agree with th Arrral
We expect, aed have so stated, thst we eball
be compelled tb fight the secessionists of th
Sooth and th Abolitionists of th North. The
true Ueioo papers, North and Sooth, doa't talk
as tha Apprefahd Coimnrrctaf do." They feed
end fatten 00 pur national trouDie. ,. ..
i i tT Tb New Totk Tribune, after disgracing
itself, then getting dwa en ita belly and apolq
gisiog for it coarsr, is now busy finding fault
wlthl and lecturing ethers as to what cours
they should pursue. ' This i (he climax of Im
pudence and arrogance, ''Shame, where it thy
blush!" Gaxrxir would rather see tb country
go to tb d 1 tban tbat be and ble Abou-
tlon satellites should not rule It, and handle the
apolls.j f.,t'i , ...... .in'..; lij.o
Territorial and Diplomatic Appointments.
:.t i.i ... .."r sss.
Th President baa mads th following eppoint-
mentat ' - "j . a. f.u
A. S. Paddock, Nebraska, Seeretary of N-
faska Temtarr, ' ' to- . ; '! w
fe. H. wauaoe, Waatilnt tan 1 err Kerr,
Oovemor, and under j. . Torrcy, eeerstary
or vrssniegtoa lerritory. , w .t.t -.
Samuel Whltiog, Mew Jersey, ColsuI at waa
Sad. W. r.'-. ' 1 .-M.a-n,;. t r.ctu a J
Wm. Walton Murphy, Mich., Cossul for fh
Daehte of Hess Ceeeel,' Heaae Darmstadt,
Naaeas, and neesa tlamb jrg TtUruntl , ,
'Let soms on pick sae Union Democrat 001 of
this list of sppolntees. '
IirrianTiaa : to Dcsistssi Hereafter all
deserter from tb army are to be arrested1 kv
the polic or , citizens, taken . to Governor's
Island, sad tried by eourt-maitial. la esse a
eitireo captureea deserter, be will rcceiv tbe
earn of thirty dollars, whioh will b deducted
from th psy of tb soldier ; Every soldier
a loses hi too. whether in cowardlr throw
inc . it away on the flold of battle, or through
eglot, ia to. bare f 12, the price of tb gun,
deducted from hi pay. , This will show the
en that guns or aot acts to b thrown away
whenever It it inconvenient to carry them.-w
Correspondence—Declination of Hon.
John Scott Harrison.
How. J. Scorr Hauisoii--S'rJ I ha.y. tne
pleasure i aonounclog your nomloatM by tf. j
Veuooratio Union Convention ot uuiu ufir
oandidaia fnr tha office of Lieutenant-Governor
at tboaosulog elelioo-ilopio Aha y...aUU
aocena thia aa a raror 01 too vvuuiuu, auu
for tb Interest Of the Bthta pMcOOdtry, L ae
John Scott Harrison. WM. S. JOHNSON,
Sectary of State Central Committee.
MORROW, Ohio, August 8, 1861.
MORROW, Ohio, August 8, 1861. Pont farm, August 13, 1861.
Dsab Sist The extreme illness of a member
01 lay family nae tor eererai 'waess w
nrroud ait attention, as to leave me but llt-
tUtimfne other anrakemente, and will ac
count for this tardy acknowledgment. your
favor of the 6th ineunt: J ' ' i ---'-'-'
1 had noticed In the city papers the proceed
ing of the Democratic Unioa Convention, late
ly assembled at Columbus, and was not a little
surprised to find tbat my nam bad bee need
In conneotloith the Lieutenant Governorship
of th Stats. I deeply regretted thst 1 had not
Dean consulted in tne matter, auu now ucsiro
in aa. that I raanectfullv decline the nomina
tlon. I have no inclination to be a candidate
fot way office. If I erer-oheriebed ambition
for sucn distinction I have been eared or it, aud
reel entirely reconciled to the qulo and retire
men of priveta life. But it is, perhaps, due
myself to ssy that If this were not tne oaee,
and I felt entlrelr free to enter sgatn the field
of nelitical conflict, I could not consent to be
" . . . . I- . I . k . . . .1 1
aarfy canoiaate lor ouice, iu mo (jrcocu tyuui
Hon of the countrv. Party spirit, In my opin,'
Inn. has dona more than anything else to bring
about tbe sad calamities which now so seriously
effect as. and tha poison which bas induced
this national paralysis would pot prove to cin
elenk ramadv in tba restoration of the patient.
The time baa come when we should forget party,
throw off its trammels and obligations, and
stand up for the Country, Its Union, Constitu-
sion ana isw. , .. . .:
, I ouudlu 1011 know, e supporter, of Mr.
Lincoln lor the Presidency 'neither do I ap
prove ol all the acta of bis Administration.
But It seems to me tbat this Is not the proper
time 'to srraign the Administration for these
errors Of policy; end that it is neither tbe part
bl wisdom or patriotism to assail ine govern
ment when tbe enemy is thundering at the gates
of tha Capital. Let us firet settle tbe great
queetioos of Country or no Country, Uovern-
man 1 or do uovernment, union or. Aisumooi
and having accomplished this great work 'of
dutv and patriotism, we will have ample time
to inquire into these alleged delinquencies of
our rulers; ana u we nna mem wanting iu toe
Jefferaonian reauirementa for office, let them be
condemned by verdict of tbe people.
I certainly owe the Republicans, as a party,
no debt of political obligation, and yet I ao
not hesitate to say tbat tbe Administration bae
mv warmest svmnathfee in ita efDrts to put
down ibis rebellion, and I am in favor of. doing
this effectively and permAnenlly--in peac if
we ceo, In war If we must. . j" IV 1. -i
A distinguished member or Congress Is re
ported to have said in bis place in the House
ol Repreeentailvea during the last session tbst.i
be was lor "peace riace sorosi the ubion
l.fioo, am for peace, bat 1 am lor the Union ae-
rose rsacr, lot 1 Know wit dob t me union we
oan have bo peace Y '."""'yvT "", - 'j
In repeating my deei uiluatiou lo dicHiio the
nomination wnicb, as tbe organ of IbeOonveb-
tion, you su kindly tender me,1 beg to HsrUra
you ot my proper appreciaiiuo or tbi mar ot
respect! ul coiibdenco on toe part, o ( 1 conven
tlonv' ! ( Very respectfulljf, i ! '; : i
1 our opeoient gervuni,
Secretary of State Central Committee.
It will be eeen br the annexed proceeding.
that three daily papers in this cityand On in
Brooklyn, together with several weeklies, have
benif nresented bv the Grand Jury of the United
Statee Circuit Court whereofCharles Gould is
Foreman. We do not complain of this, but
rather congratulate ourselves and the commu
nity, that a legal ana constitutional course das
been adopted to determine wnetner. in auy luing
we bave transoenued our rignts ae pumio jour
naliata instead of resortinir to mob violence,
as has been done In tbe case of several jouKnals
elsewhere in defiance of la w and of the Con
stitution. If the Presentment .should lead, to
an indictment and a trial, it will then be seen
whether the allegations of the Grand Jury can
be sustained by any lair souetraotlou 01 ..our
lancuire. or whether .-the allegaaons. tl
selves, If made by an individual not shielded by
bis official position, would not aflord a valid
ground ol kctlou against blm in any court of.
Justice, we snail be ready to dispose of them
eflectuaiiy wnen iue proper lime comes, we
will only remark now, upon an ezpreesiou which
tb Grand Jury quote apparently as capping tbe
climax ol our oflense, viz., vine aruseni an
holy, war." Although tho paragraph in which
this expression occurs, was copied from another
paper, and by mere accident tailed to be credit
ed to it, we do not see wherein the expression is
so objectionable. It will bardly be contended tbat
tb war is a o'y one, at least on Dptn sides; and
the more Just it is on one side.the more ug j uet and
wicked It must be on tbe other. Tbe paragraph
did not attempt to apportion the right and Wrong
of tbe war between the parties, but In general
terms declared it to be an "unholy war." in
bur opinion it is even so. . Indeed, It is difficult
to imagine a war where greater emit Must ne
eeeasrwy be Incurred on one side or lbs other,
or on both, than tbe present one; lorrtbecon
tending parlies were bound to each other , br a
thousand sacred tie,, and all these ties they
hare broken; they owed eacn other a thousand
obligations, and all these tbey bave discarded
Their plighted latin to eacn otoer tney bave re
nounced. Iutlead of doing to each other all
tb good they can, they are trying to distress
and destroy each other. Already thousands
bar fallen ou tbe field of battle; and If tbe war
oontlnues, tbe number will be Increased to tens
of thousands, and tben to hundreds Of thou
sands. Including those who will havs perished
br disease and exnauBtion.i satuit. tone no
lims will represent desolated tiorue; eacb will
bave felt in bis own petson the pangs of death.
And how many of them will have been hurried
Into etcrsity unprepared! . Tell us that this is a
boly war! or that it ia not "an unholy war?'
No authority short of theAIniighEv can con
vince us tbat It is not ad unholy war. ' Bat we
bave not said, and we do not believe, that the
guilt ot Ids all on one side.r We are far from
believing that tbe North Is guiltless in the case.
or tbat la South is; aeither bare -w any dis
position, if we had the power, to measure the
relative proportion of guilt on each side. Our
opinion is, . . tbat it is . sufficient r on
both sides to provoke the wrath of Heaven,
and bring severe and ' terrible judgments
epon both,' aoiess tney : reptbt, When
therefore t ask for peace, we simply ask that
tbis monstrous wickedness mar cease on both
sides; our appeal is to ths South as well as tj
tneflortn. we mas rational men will
lietan to reason: that Christian men wilL be
gnlded by tbe prieoiples f their rsiigior; that
tbis great dlsgrac to republicanism and to civ
ilisation be don away; and tbat the peaceful
reign of Justice, order, law, the Constitution,
fraternity and Union may be restored. "If this
I treason, make tb most, of It.!' 'J' i
1 answer 10 an Inquiry by Judge Sbinrnan,'
whether tbe Grand Jury now. dwueed. lastrne-
tlons on the subject or their presentment, or
whether they wished to bare the Court call tbe
attention of their successors to the matter; tbe
foreman replied tbat the latter . was what, they
wished. Accordingly, Judg whipmao an
nounced that st the next session of the Court,
in uotober, when Judge nelson would preside,
a oopy ot the presentment would be banded to
hi m for bis oossideratlon. "t
Great events mar occar before "Oetobers-but
whatever they are, we shall be found, -as ever
in time past, battling for the best intefesle of
oar country, whose Independence- mast or ox
ancestors of tbe Revolutionary period elded In
achieving, and for whioh one ot tbem rave his
life. We shaO do this, so long Providence
hall suable us, svsn though oar. only reward
(except the consciousness or endeavoring to dd
onrdaty) ie misrepresentation,! reproach, pe
cuniary loss, personal inconvenience, the alien
ation of friends, and other fisroeless and nam
betless Ills connected with a course of unappre
ciated i
self-dental for the public good.rKrf
of Vmmertt, ,-j?i.mu,(ii
Democrats, von have' a State ticket, compos!
ed of good Uoien men, all of whom are compe
tent.. No better candidates were ever present-
d to tb voters of Ohio. Your platform Inn
braces the correct principle; 'Stead' py th
ticket; It la worthy th support of all Union
men Leeanoii Dm, CUixtn,
.If 1 '
lh anhlnlnltd llimmir bf
amiikwn m tram out latest files: . IV. j .
ne maao ui
An Ala at PsaooLa.--Wc ieam from
she Pensacola Obotrwr of the 1st, thkt ths
prows wnrrjfnw-abtrBt i Wok4 a-allael
fired bis gun, which was responded to by all the
satinets on dity. Thefe was a fltlse ,umor, to
(be effect thsfi graal army wal crossing the
bay in boats. Jo less than half an hour from
to first firing tha enure military force stationed
in and arpuud Pensacola waa under arms and
stood ip front of. Col. Jackson's quarters. . Tt"
citizens .'of Prneacoid also turned outsit ie,i
armed with soy kind of gun 0 'other weapon'
they .coujd lay hands bn.. .
r RiisHia Voluntiiss iri . Sooth Couna.
Governor Pickens having called for', three
thousand volunteers, in response to 'the call of
President Davie, Mr. James D.. Tradewell,
Columbia, proposes to respond to the same by
raising' a rine company, 01 one nunurea men.
He says that In all cases when it Is necessary,
be will furnish 'uniforms, snd -pay the expense
of transporting each member from ' his home
to the oamp. of Instruction, at Llghtwood Knot
Springs, near Colombia, on the Charlotte and
South Carolina Railroad; the volunteer to re
main at borne until summoned to the camp.
He also Says, "that In order that family neces
sities may not deter the patriotlo citizen from
engaging in the service' of his country, In all
cases of proper' consideration, ewe wicafVs ey
of the volunteer will be advanced toward the
enppott of his family, in anticipation of his
clsimnwn tb confederate Biatee."
A Soothmn PitvAtnr. Boinio.A ichoon-
tr, which bad been captured by the Jeff. Davis,
attempted to co Into Fernandlna on ' Monday
last, ana was run asoore oa too peaca aoout
mile from the town She was chased some
distance bv the Government fleet, who fired in
to her a number or times before she grounded
oa the beach. - As soon as possible ;after eh
touched, she was abandoned by her 'price crew,
with their prisoner. '- - 8obSequentrv the fleet
sent men In email boats, wnoset net on fire and
burned her up. The schooner wss from South
America, and was loaded with bides and cop
SzizoRt or tbk Pamlico.' The New Orleans
Ddtt says thst, In pursuance of orders received
therefrom Mr. . Secretary Mallorv. tb Coast
steamer Pamlico was taken possession of on
7 uesday lor tne conieaerate service py a ae
tacbment or tne continental uuirds. ,- "
Nnv Cotton. The steamer Mary T which
arrived at ..New Orleans on Sunday week,
brought down the first bale of ' cotton of ibis
season's growth. . It was from the plantation of
Ayiett Bucxner, rensas rarian, and. delivered
at Natchez to await (with many other thous
ands of bales) the opening of. the seaports of
New cotton, the first of ' the season,' from
Shelby couniy, Tennessee,' was received at
Memphis on Tuesday.' ..
AoouiTA 'Arsenal A large number of on
era tires are now employed at tbe Augusta (Ga )
arsenal, manufacturing cartridges, balls and oth
er munitions of war, which are sent to tbe differ
rn( points of;.the Confederacy to Richmond,
J'ebsacola, Savannah, Charleston, etc. " The
amount of work of this kind daily done there i
prodigious. , Tho arsenal at Augusta is to be
made the' princlpil ammunition depot for the
Cijifedirite Statee ' '
We learn from tbe Arkansas Herald, tbat a
large and well organized baud of ciuatcrfeUers,
horse luieves ana cut-tnroais in roinsett ooun-
l.y, was broken up last week through the agencv
ni a military company Stationed at Harrieburg.
Tbey were nrca upon Dy tne company, and a
great many killed, and the rest captured and
immediately bung. Not one out ot thirty es
caped the , entire gang with the exception
of two, who were out on a trading expedition.
' A Tofht raoaf Manassas. Captain A. La
roBe, of the ' Bienville Rifles, has sent home to
Hon. S- P. DeXabare, of New Orleans, the
flag staff and tassel of tbe New York Tire
Zuave Regiment, which will be presented to
the Sons of the Louisiana Association, at the
request of the captors. - ; '
: Alabama Stat Elections Thomas H
Watts, candidal fat Governor, beat Shorter
In Mobile county br a majority of about 1,300.
Boylea, Lingdou. and Woolf are elected to tbe
legislature. The contest between Taylor and
Riley is 'doubtful. Higley is elected sheriff of
tbe county or MoDiie. ' v
1 ' --" c I 'i 1
: m n ,-'
; O. There are some few gentlemen who have
proteased to be JJemoctats, but made ftirUAaai
ion's nomination a pretext for joining the new
Republican parly. Tbey arc now relieved, of
that difficulty. Wonder what .they will have
. ' O-raduate oi tho School of
Vetertnary Medicine 4c Surgevyvl
TA18EA8ES 0? HORSES iclenliflcallr treated; either
XJ in my infirmary, or at th ataoies of owners. -Office
at Kirk 'a Livery Btable, m the rear of too Nell
llonae, Unlumbua, Ohio. ' ; ,
Animal, at a ditlaoce vliiteil. - r.
auaSH3" . " "I '
O 0B1VBD at ths Office of the BecnUry ol State,
the 2 J. day' of September . next) at
- coon, " - - . '
for furnlaUtng paper, for ths use of ths State ol Ohio, a
follows:,.,, ", , '. . .
8)00 Beams Double Super Royal Printing Paper.STM
by 41 iucbee,.lo weiih not leas than 58 pound, tp UiJ
ream. .i .. . . .....
10O Keams Doable Flat C tpi 10 by !7. Inches, to Weigh
at leaat HO pound, to lbs ream
100 Keame Brochara Cover Paper, aatortel colon. 30
by xt incner, so wetgn at leaat i poonds ta tho ream.
The quantities above named to be Increased at tha op
Don of the Beeretarr of Btate.-
i Kids must bo aroompanled by samples of ths paper.
and mutt apeclly the price atwhlch each kind and quali
ty will bs delivered at Ike Slate Bouse ia Oolnmboe.
No aamples of an Inferior article need be presented; the
paper muat be of the beat quality. " '
The delivery of the Super B-oyal and Cover Paper to
commence on ins nrttoi itovemMr next enralog, -aas
continue aa tho paper ahall bs needed. . T
Tho dellvary bf the Double flat Cap to esmalSnce on
uie nrat day or oecemhernexi, ana eontlnae at above.
Bondt, with approved aeoorlty In double the amoant of
me contract, fin ne requurea laccoMias; to raw), condi
tioned for the faithful performance of each contract.
th bide to be mad and i he eontracts awarded In ao
conbmea wilhiha terms of tho "act to provide for the
pwauaee w-piauonery, jruei, anaotntr articles ror.ins
Oeoeral Auemblyaod State Ofiicera,'' paased March II,
1833. . See Qurw. 2108; Swan's But, 8G8. ' '
Bids to be Indorsed on the envelopes. Trtmoral, for
fnrnlthlns paper for tbe Blate." . ' '
era are satured that no paper will be received
on leu It conform, In every respect with th samples.
jtt prwimm via o vrrieiay wovieraa to. .itK
to 4 : a. r. RUbbBLL,
:s V'r "v v--- . Botretarr ot State.
Coluoilui.Ohlo, AuguitS, nct-dtd - -
,ii,ii; i i. i i i t,
S 'e a i.k d PAAts'res alb wi be beL
CEIVBO at. tbsi OOUs of the Beeretarr of Slate,
nil! '! t Ul i - ..'.. ...:..; '
Monday, the 24 . day of September next, at 12
i..,. ... b i o'cioca ., , ,
for furnithlDg th Slate of Ohio with fool, as follows:
30,000 Bushels of Coke, to weigh not lets ththW
uuugui w aiio vusuai, , , .
10,000 Bothels Coal, to bs Of the best qnallty-eqnal
st least to the lower vein er UPCting tioai, anq ireo
, from alate, slick and dirt. ',,-,!,., .'.,', ,
Tba faal to bo dalivorad, wlthoat hara for Suoh de
livery, at the BUta Honee In Colambaa. :!-'",.,,
Pronoaala to be acoomDaate br aajnsle,ad to spool.
fy the kind, qaaUty and prteo of the luai. proposed to be
Bach conlraolor-wlUs required to live bonds, with
aDnroved lesnrltv. In double the amoant of Ihe con
tract, conditioned, for Iue falthfal performaiMO of his
cohlraet. ' ' ' ' ' M ; '-"
Tbe blda to be made and th eontracts to be awarded In
aeonrdraoa with the tenus of Mm wet emitted "An aot to
provide for the pnronue of Stationery, fuel, and other
arlloM fee uo uenerai Aeeomoiy ana eiate orncere,"
pwMd Wareb, At, Jb. Be Swan a Hov. Slat. SC8;
f!..r. SlIlH.
Bide to be Indoraed on ths envelope, J'JropoeiU for
rnrnianina mm wr imoaw.- -,!,.
& a f Ufl I luruunu uj ui. wuimuii uiun iu an am
hbTeqnal tn qaalny So the Sample. - Ale rul tail fj
- -' a. . anais!r.T
. i.-. !.. . i; SMI- Beeretarr! Blate.-'
' Columbus. Ohio, Anguttg, tasiStd. f.. ...
PUHCMAtlEH WANTED for SCO pack, jee of
Stationery -and Jewelry, for aale at nriceiu in.
votceil, lets to percent, dlacount, at the expire, office at
voiumwi, viiiu. . .
jllso. agenu wanted io ssll ths heat packers of staHen
sry (with or without Jewelry) In ths market, at prtoes
lower tluui can bs purchased elsewhere. Addres,, With
stamp encloaed, -'
JlyI5rttw Ut Court street, Boston, Uses.
I IVnmta Isisrn kTilwlWiH-PtfiUal aVDllOUDOt
uujrui mj iu TJeuuivn Ui uituniua rwa.w.t.
tlon, and oblliwjr j J Qr W MllOfllt1-?''
XniTna ftn, STiA-HKiaPrcAu annoUaco lbs ilaBte
Li l 11 1 -i-i A At tTl.. li.nA.,lU llaaaVata
of Joaira I lwaoh, of this cltj, who Is at present
clerk In ths Cnuaty Srsasarsr's oflle. ss a saHahr eaa
m.i. rTuitita atiititAM AMhttAt'tfl-rhaAaniAlaji of the
Frmiklln County UnliinDemotrailo" Convection, and
ant imocBAara.
rJlri r
tfte name
of qo. L. Cosvraeiiataoandjdato for Bopreaentative,
SJee. Je the deolilpBOt lhji."tfnlon Demowatlo Oon-
1 au.tlunn ' Strut ltllrr. " Ait .
7T " VR-i i i ! atAIJMQOATS, ,
icorrosf bib BTAta&ASrrtaanaoohce the same
?,f J O.DtriASa. bf HsdMod . towaaalp, ss a eanqi
Ji.,. r... BMrauntatlva. anblaot to ths decision of ths
Union Democratic Convention pf f ranklin County, and
i) Enno J.TAT)nuiA-Pleaaa announce In your paper
. l A.!. 1 1 1 . J Im Mnlr1ln MtintV.
inat many voion id i"
aesrreMkaveOtDasatkJasq (oitheU.Mxt Beprr
aehtatlve. Mr. Dresei ajoeauwmaaror tnepiaoe.
augie'M'""1 '"'"'' " ' IAllT DfcMOOI'aT.',
. ', jHTrrt - " - .!.. i
n. Ohim g-rVrrWiiii'-Pleaee announee 'ln year pa
per that many ef tbe voters ef the northern part ot Ibis
county dettr to havs flea. artewoM, of Sbaroa town
ship, for our next Bepreaentative.
. i .v.i J-. -- 1 ' .'i.ttll YMu.rir 'l i
VniT. rhtut StintmiiK'' tTMm anBanstb
nm f A.'r). Tfiai,'. tit aolfoii township, u A rahdl
date for BepressntaUv.bjetUiJtt dsolsloaef ths
TJnlon Democrat lo neaimnnf eonvaaoon, aaooourr,
tii-.. ADnr)une lb
n.. n..w ar rwMi. nf' niandoa sownahlo.'as
candidate for Sheriff, tubject to the dectalon of th
rraeklln County DsMoeraU Convention, and oblige
ianglO, . . , , .., MART DIM0CRAT8
Xprroa OwlO BAesiAN PMaso anaoanoo lbs nam
of W. W. Kiul of Madison towashln. as candidate for
County .(JommUsIoner, subject to ths decision of the
Union Democratic County Convention, And oblige,- -'
- - i TiTi,'y.- , i
!, For,an Inch of: Time!
TTfAS ONCE Till: EkctAMt ATIOlt or
II i dvlni Oueen. That inch of time can be procur
ed at a much cheaper rate, and many long years of
Snloved bv eonaultlnf Dr. MKRRTWKATBKR, who
lacurlDg the moat obitlnatrwmT'long'etandlng diieaies
I'actare Stnbbertt Tblstga!
Hear what ths Philadelphia aarreepondent aays In the
"CoounoawaaUa,", WllmingtoQ, Delawaie, Oih of April,
"An logliih gentleman, ormerly connected with the
British Army, and who. styles himself tba 'Indian
Botanic Physician ,' hi, of late gained an exlenelve repu
tation here by hi, akin hi ewrlog -all manner of com
plalola. Some of hia patients 1 bave converted with,
and they proaonnoe his seeaedlee and mode of treatment
aa yen aunerlar.. some have been reetored aa if by
maito. The medicine be sees 'IS distilled by blmaell
from various aorbe poawsalng tare curative propertiea.
. "While acting in tne army he devoted his leiiure mo
ment, to a thorough Study of the effects produced by
certain medicinal roots and herbs on all manner of dls
eawe. It aeetnc he has fnnnd a rare and epeedy reme
dy for all the 'JU thst fleth It hdr to.r Hie practice la
already extenaive and is dally Increasing, in the com
nlalnta to which Pomatee are subjected, he haa no eqnal.
aaa lame number here have testified that they -ewe not
only their, preaeui gooa neaitn, nut tneir lives, to tne
skill of this IndlaQ Botanic Phytldan.'' " . i
Office 37 fAtt Suta Street,. Colambus1,.. .,'
augU-dteir b.lei ! tn!,r:'! ,. V '.- r v.- i(
Ii in ii m . n hi ii i i , i
:,t -i.l T
- '- - . '. ..j a.M ..I--. .
The Belt Arurteial Helai?tortai
Huntnts is;htver lavaaited v
f- V.:. ... i I .u . VVili. w:j . .
ment of ths met Improved' kinds 'Of Spectacles.
All his Glaaeee, whether for near or far-aighled, are
round la concavouconvex farm with ths greatest care.
eo aa to suit the Bye, of all caaee, curing Weakneas,
Dlulneawwlnflaiamatloa eftbe Bves.-an. Imparting
strength for long reading Inieewior- 1 ,'.
Ouice, 13 a,t Btate street, at Seiner k Webster's
S P E CI A Lff 0 T 1 C E S
"TtltVti i)P "TBKiafJiABlTrEB'ATOlDllD.' '
lowssbck StlDg snd drlaklng,.new habits and Kodes
of life, ettew SplBxnaarlarltlaa- ta tha bowel, and
general baallk of the. syitasa. 3qt BaaiiBSsra's PiU.s
will soon cure, the stomach Wilt regain Its atrength, aw
a healthy action of ihe'systett'trin bo'foted. o
mipiciniiare qaA UBIUID?H io. iy 7, tiv't f.j
BBtwyjKETU't PIUI,. . , ,
Every man of ths rilUB 20UAtXS hsd a box 'of
and an ALLOOOK'B POEOUS PtABTER put In their
knapsack free ot sxpenss. ' Aad to this fact may be at
tributed ths absenoe of any ot THIS KfllMBNT fNea
i EVIEX SOIDISR. should haveja box of Brandrsth's
Prrrer-a or Salve, and a piece of Porous Plaster.
They ar BUR! to bs useful, often llte-savlng.' '
Sold by 'oa R. Cook, Druggist, Columbus, and by
all re rpec table dealers bf medicines.
L aagl7-dlm
. Lt e m
'1 U.
jnoFFAT's liire niiiB. '
Is all caass of csavsaes, dyspepsia, hinious and liver
affections, pilea, (hecaaatUm, fevers aad agmea, obati
aata head ache; and all general derangements of health
these Pills have la variably proved oertal and speedy
remedy. A single trial will place the Lire Puis beyond
tbe reach'ofoompeHUoa In the sathBattea of srary pa-
''i'-fy nnf.ii si r" e-"v'to ''I
.r.MoU'sPliolxlUsrswllI bs roan qnIlref
Boastoas laallcase of aarvoas debUity. dyipeprJv head
cht,tracicnaatntde ta teiMles inaeliss health,
aq(TveV'1a ofwoaWts f h dlfSStlv brgana.
lor'saia syDfvjratlAt,,!,, JJrdadway.l.T.;
sad by ait DrasHatax-,
v .t ,i , .ii vSnarW-dawl
"JLXbM fcllbwlns" M A oxtraot froa 'ti
fetbtr wfltteBwr th sr.. k Bobae, raster of the
Plerrspolnt-Btrost Baptist Chnroh, Brooklya,". T.,te
the ' Joaraal aed MeMengwn" Obwinaatl, 0., and speaks
volsuaesln, favor of that world-renowaa ssedldoe, Kas.
aimtow's' jSooTnue Stacy ro oarxnatw TavraiMi
"Woseoaa.sdvertlement io your oolunne of Mas
Wieutw'8MTaiBBur.. Mow we never said a word
In favor pf a patent medicine before In our life, bat we
fml eompelled to aay to your reaaers that tril, la bo bam
If wa VTarB rr, An aaow t to at rr
ouun. ' It Is probablr so of ths atoat soeeeeaful ed
olnee of the day. beoante It Is one of tha beet. And those
nf yoor reader wk ktrr keMee caa't de bettor thaa.
Cay In supply." edO.lydfcw
i x
I .mi'! A i'wtVHenrH." Jl r. ie. , -
I .tmr,.B' aMlA.-..,:-.-- V J
i 'cn,o i'i - Iv'-j ria(-.r.--jfesi':-'
' ' --I--. ' -'awjSBaB-aw-- 'ril.l'vl
. . j . . , v am aw
A I PI Si Cfl M
1 O MIls UCv KM v isj,
to. 29 Soutli High Street, Columbus,
Am ow oriKRiMO , ,
tOW yards Traveling Dress Goods at8X,valus
yxla cents.
n.n i.T.lln. TlU Osoill ailSW. Ta'US SO SlA,
eiHW yarda Bngllfh Boragee at IUX. value SS .rente.
1000 yard, Prench Or.andlee at KX, value SO cents.
SOtriyaadt Past Colored Lawn, at 111, value 1J oents. - . .
. . . . n alii.. R71 wain Minfl. .
Itiut) rarut jroumrq vmn "-m. ------ , -
ISM vardi Super Plain Black 811k at I UO. value 1 US.
Rob., of Orsandle Berago, and BnglUh Uerage, at one-.
haU ihelrVBlBe. " . ' - '.."a. .aw
JeSS, t. ,( ft? Boutb High Street. I rV
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
- JLSUXJLJm i spa-J KfWJ-w wti
No. 29 Soutli' HlghSt.;
HATB Jaat opened so Invoice of very large, and
handac hie . -
Wip French Laces for SnAWLs,h i
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces. "' '
Real Thread, French, Cbantill & Genevcse .
Valenciennes, Point de Gaze, Brussels
and Thread Ltoes and Collars,
j .... , j Mw shapes,
. ; For traveling.
! . f !
Traveling Dress Goods.
. 1AVKLLAS, BR0CH1 TAL1NCIA8, Ae. dec. ,
i Ths best and moat fashionable styles In ths elty,
- BAIN at SON,
SO South High Street.
- j ' " -
' j . :. i .: ; . DEALER IN
Groceries, : 7
- ' Produce, 1
'-h . Provioions,
! Foreign arid Domestic Liquors,
j ': : Fruits, etc. etc.,
j No i)6, .South High Street,
old stand recently occupied by.WH. McDONAtD
! . " ; :
Tie Is In dally receipt of
' i
, ... ,. . ,( Which he will Mil -
Cbeap for Cash or Country Produce.
Jj Goods delivered to City trads free'of charge. JH
, lyK
j No. 106, South High Street,
' Foreign and Domestic Fruits,.,
Jiyt! .'.
Steam between Ireland and America
Ths following new and magnlfloent flnt-clasapsddll
wheel Steamsbius compoao the above line: J
ADRIATIC S.888 burthen, Capt, J. Had,
1 . (Pormerly of tbe Collins Line.) .,. '
HIBERNIA, i t,400 tons burthen, Capt. N. Pnowaa, ...
COLUMBIA, 4,4U0 " ' ll. LniTcu. ,j
ANQLIA. 4.4IKI ' . ' ; Nicnoieoh
PA01HO, .- S,(iOO " - " I. Sarin.
PRIaClf AtBERT. (Screw.)
i. . x,j,iii " . j.WAUtaa. ,,
Ons of tho above ships will leave New York or Boator,
alternately every Tneaday fortnight, for Galway. car
rying ths government mails, touching at Bt. Johna,
The Steamer, of this tins have been oonalrncted with
the greatest car., under the supervision of tho govern
ment, nave watar-ttght compartments, and ere unexcel
led lorcomfort, safety and apeed by any eteamers afloat
They are commanded by able and experienced oflicert, -and
every exertion will bs mads to promo la the comfort,
of puaengers.
An;experienoM surgeon attached to each ship. ' .
-Plrst-claes N. X.tir Bostoa to Galway or Liverpool (10
Booood-claja. ' " 75
riratpclaaa, l ; to St John's 35
Thlrd-olaaa, " " - to Galway or Liverpool.
or any town ro Ireland, on a naiiway, - - - ao
Thlrd-olae. aaeaeniera are liberally anpplled with pro-.
vliiona of the boat quality, oooked and served by the ser
vanta of tba Company.
Parties wishing to aend for their frlenda from the old
country can obtain ticket, from any town on a railway, In
ireiaaa, or irom in. principal cine, or England ana Boot
Hull a. . .1 J iu. IB wa. --mw
Paaaemere for Mew York, arriving hr the Boston
a f.MHii .n j v i- i -i
pmuwin w u. vm u. ..iikm tv I'I" llll. 1 1 a Ml BJiarK..
' i- if '
. ... W.U. WICKHAM,
At the bffloS Of ths Comoanv. on the wharf, font of
Canal street, New York.
Alii; NO.' "QB,B'E JIXNO I
1,000 yards Saner Plata Bias. Silks at at 00-rAlas
t perrard.' ;'":'. . :';...,
2,500 yards Traveling Dreas and Mantle Goods' at
IS ! oents value 80 oents per yard. . .
3,000 yards Whits Jtrtlltsates at 13 1-J cents
TSlu 0 cents per yard. .,,..
8,000 yards Viae and Doaaeatle Ginghams greatly un
der value. ' " - 1 '"'
-.1 . 1: i. !t'2r K:.r-Axto- 'r. C c i. r.
Now and yaahlonsibl DreM Goofi,
la the most dsstrabls stylee and at very lowers prices.
Ot all materlala, nude In ths most sfylbn manhef iflrt
the latsst Parte Peihlcna th most elegant ilylo
OAlll MM, VJ
Bij30 " ' 'i h: hi JTe. S9 BMth HLfb f tmt
Canton XMattings. 1
14, , -, dfattta and :rts sta
t Whit Cheeked of superior quality, for sals by
a aim bon, . r
avaSS tNaSBkoathBlgk

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