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Kite (Dl)io StlX5itmB
. ,y -...n ... .ar-,
m, j c- r..n1.nii.Hall
ODdcr oblieationa to It for theory-latest papers
from the eastern cities. ; : ! -i If;..'"
mt a t CI T.. -Mates hnB AI1B
ine American wprra wm),
has our
thank for Its dully favors In the shape of the
very latest eastern papers. . ,.(,.. ;,,,
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice is hereby given to the Union Demoo-
racy oi Franklin county, to meet on Friday,
August 30, 181)1, between the hours of thrtt aad
sur o'clock P. M, in the townships, and tlx and
tight o'clock P. M , in the Wards, at the usual
places of boldiog elections (excepting Norwich
township, which , will be held at Schofleld's
School House, and the Fourth .Watd at Gaver's
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend the Conn-
ty convention, to meet at me City Han, lnne
eiiy oi yoiumDus, on ouiuroay, me am aay pi
Aneust, lUbl, at ten o'clock A. M for the pur
pose of patting 1o nomination two Represent -
tivesin the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, oue Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one Conntv Commissioner, and one
InBrmarv Director. rt .. ,
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint-
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Jndge for
this district. Time for holding the, Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will, b'e fixed here'
The following ia the number of delegates aK
lotted to each Waid and Township, based upon
the vote cist for Supremo Jndge in 1860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty lire votes so cast....
1st Ward,
2d "
4ih "
Montgomery To
Truro . .
Prairie . "
Clinton "
Pleasant "
Brown- "
7 Hamilton Tp.T
6' Miffln :. ?' i
6 Washington V
Madison "
Blendon "
Norwich .,
Jefferson " ' "
- 7
. 3
" . 3
. 3
" 1-
Wm. Dohigan,
Sam'l Diiyi.ic,
ii wrMitwit,
John M. Pucm,
iL I'lCKKIltL,
Sharon ,
Plain :
Jacob Rsinhard,
Atsxi Thommon
Ws, Coort.;i
" J- BULCN, "
II. S High, r ". ."
County Central CommlUsp
Autluror "Oliver TdhI.' 'Pwkwwk fiqiars." "UIU
Ouriutily Pimp," "Uiiviil CoiiimtUtlil," "Martla
"Oliuulewll." '.-kpicliei. Iiy lioi," CUrttlmu Bio
riei," Douilnyanil 8-u," "Bleak llnnia," etc., elc.
ruiliulelhia: X. 11 I'r. nu a. Uhuthuu, 3ltt Cheat
nut street.
Gieat were the public (xpictatlons when it
was announced (hat Charms Dickbnb had com
menced the publicatiou of another of his inim
itable tales, under the title of "Great Expecta
tions." The long looked for volume has' just
beeu issued from the prena of T, B. rmtRgow
& Broth leas, of Philadelphia, in advance of ita
publication in Europe. , The great reading pub-
lie who have rated Dickcmb's former worke so
high, will not be disappointed lathis new effort
to contribute to their instruction and amuse-
meot. " - .
Au English Reviewer describes "Great Ex
pectations" as containing as much force as 'ia
to be found in tho most forcible passages of
"Oliver Twist" as much delicacy as in the
most delicate passages of
David Copperfield'M
and as much quaint humor as in- "Pick-;
wick." ., 1 ;
The opening chapters arrest attention by Ibeir
qna'ntQess'aud novelty. Then, whenithe story
Is fairly begun, tho interest in it Increases with
.every page, and "adventure follows adventure"
from the beginning to the close.
The work will be sent to any one, free of
postage, on remitting the price, fifty cents, lo
the publishers. T. B. Peterson & Brothers
have also published cheap editious of all Dick
ens's works at the same price. - -
' Rebellion Record. The doublo number
(Nos. Xyill and XIX) of this serial which we
noticed at length the other! day, has j'nst been
Issued by the publisher, G. P.' Fotnaw, New
York. The value of its diary of current events
and collection of important documents, .oaqnot
be estimated: The "Record" should be In the
possession of every one. Pt ico only ten cents a
number, . , - ..
Lkcture on Japan and the Japanese The
locturo delivered by Dr. Belselheim last eve
ning was so well received as to induce the Rev
erend lecturer. to' continue bis subject' this
evening at 7 o'clock, in the lecture room ow
the Westminster Church (Rev. pr, Smith's.) ,
Dr. Belselheih's lectures are highly spoken
of throughout our land as being, Indeed, the
only reliable lulormatiou obtiaable on' the
strange country and people of Japan.1; They
derive, also, special interest from the fact that
Dr. B. combines in himself the rare qualifica
tions of a Gospel minister, medical man, ex
tensive traveler and good linguist. Dr'alaol
was nine years resident missionary lif Loo-Choo,
and interpreter to CommodoreTerry.- ' ,
The present leolure belDg Intfioded as intro
ductory "to" arrangements for a whole eonrse,
seaU will be free, but a collection will be taken
up as a lecture fee, and aso to, defray expeascs.
Camps. Camps are multiplying all over the
State. ' There. 'are two 'ncarbiCty "Camp
Chase and Camp Thomas; two in ' Gieveraadwj
Camp .Brown and Camp Wooderera);,wej
don't know how many, In Cindbontl attfvlelBj-'
ty; and besides, almost every considerable town
has a camp or two. They appeaiTjLc; j almost,
the only business' establishments that appear to
be Increasing and flourishing at .'the present
time;-- :,:
T. Hoo(.ORDmARc.--We expeo a lively
disoussion at the meeting of 'the Cit 'CouhVil
on next Monday ' evening, on the Ordinance to
prevent hogs from running at large, President
Donaldson, the seleot committee; jrjll probably
report en amendment to the ordinance now be
fore the Council, or a new one, whioh'' will
doubtless open up an Interesting land Blrlted
debate.'.' '. ' ' "nOt i ..n';i'-
, . m " ' '' i i ' .if i W'-
Sherman's U. S. Artillery .Com PAni-The
Cleaveland Leader states that remnrkable Suc
cess haa attended the organization of this regi
ment that nine batteries, have, already been
tendered and accepted, aijd hatbe. tenth Ijj
now organizing In that oity. i tk.W.i;'
; ' ii i .j-) .
Vetirinarv. Persons owning or dealing 'id
horses are referred to tho card, of DrlyajooTi
Veterinary Surgeon in soother parL of this
paper. ..The "Doctor "may '.be consulted at hip
cflloe at Kin's Livery Stable, In the rear of the
N nouse.
H7 Prioee Natoleon aud suite left ClefeTantf
on Monday evening, on the steamer North Star,
for a season at Lake Supsrior.
T, fitoota. formerly pastor
Char, Cinotanatl, dld
I oft Monday last, Angus! J9th, at his residence
ill Springfield, Ohio, at the age of sixty-one.
: Camp CiutB. The Messrs CakriNTia,
tbla elty, have been' deposed at peal autlera at
lr.. ru-M- ...j tir ...... T -. .LI.
t." "" ,, ui turn
-II.- 1-J ' irt. . . J
- noj tuis m we w
f n9 Lno-"f .Wggit, among (he Kepubll
leans for inch - Dlseas haa bam biuer.bat kens
M rt rm,- .. i,.p..j ,.,, i.
I ,t
terfering in this matter; -mv u t . -
P It ti estimate that three thousand volun
teers bare been raised ia Cioelnnati allies the
war broke put.
O" Captain Four's cavalry company were
mustered into the United States service y ester
day at Cincinnati, and were to leave Immediate
ly lor at. Liooie.'t-.'" - -
07. Captain Sthin J.' McGioarty, of the
Tenth Regiment, was shot end hla aria broken,
few day i since, by an attack from rebels be-
hind an. ambuscade noon hia train, while nass
i. from weilon to Kelton. His ininrles ware
no, 0f B lo,,, character,
ST It Is reported that a skirmish' had taken
p'ce between a detachment of Oenerah Cox's
brigade and a iqnad or rebel cavalry, near
Guley Bridge, on Thursday Iwt, In whioh
were wounaea on ootn siaes, ana uree
renew JUllea
ET Cspt. Howard's battery, Fourth Regular
Artillery, left Cincinnati on Saturday for St.
Louie. : The troops followed on Monde.
tT On Saturday last, $3,150 were dietributsd
in Cincinnati to the families of volunteers. .
8fortins) Min in Taooats-A shooting affray
occurred in, St. Louis, oh' Friday afternoon, be
tween two sporting men, Jamas I Prustts and
C..L. Dolson. They met on, the sidewalk, and
commenced blazing away at eaoh other with
revolvers. Five or six shots were firtd by' each
party, resulting In Dolaon receiving a slight
wonnd below the knee. Pruetts escaped
unhurt. The difficulty had Ite origin at the
gaming table. Subsequently Colonel MoDon-
ough, the Chief of PoHce, arrested Andrew
By era, Charles Andrews, William Case, Ed
ward Dowllng, Henry Godfrey, W. H. Cham-
berlain and Joseph Koerner as vagrants. These
are all sporting characters. u It is said Pruette
and' Dolson will be sent to Cairo' to work
in tho trenches, for carrying concealed weapons.
...... aisjes a i
07! The Third, Regiment, Col. . Maiaow, Is
rioif entrenched at Cheat Mountain Pass. Re
cruiting offices for this regiment are to be open
ed in this city and at Sprlngfieldf ' ri1
nB r r i . i c .l rr T t
iu uumpsuj , or saw cianria i n-cgimeui,
Uuiled' Status Artillery, arrivel In this city,
from the Newport,- Ky., Barracks, on: Monday
evening,, and yesterday morning left in tbf cars
oq the Central Kallroad n route via Bellalre
for Western- Virginia, . Thes company, consists
of 84 men. ' ' K
, ET The Twenty seventh Regiment left Camp
1 l m . r W r -
VD". eariy . jesieruay morning ror oi. uwn
T,' 'ncinnaii. vt. iHaaw, son oi juage
1Httna-iroul. 01 PKn'
Burgeon in this regiment
ttjT The twenty-three secession prisoners of
war who were here on parole, and were quarter
ed for several days at the American, left the
city yesterday morning for Richmond.....
STTesterday, a Rifle Company, under com-
mand of Capt. Jibiaot, of Washington, Fay
ette county, aftd . nnmberlng 74 men, Arrived at
Camp Chase. . . ,,.( ,
ILT The entrance ball in the new
building is to be 1? by. 60 feet, and
the office
proper 40 by 75 feet. ' y ' 1 !i " k -
' UTThe new building of Headlev Sc. Eberlv,
now rapidly approaching completion, is 47 by
1C0 feet, and four stories high.' ''fljji-)
f0n Monday last. Aur
Rail Road Time Table.
Littli Mum it Oeumacs k. Zou B. K. . . ,
i : Lsstis.1 Antvest
OiDclonaU Aoeomaodatlon. 5 00 A. M. i , ,0:10 F. II.
Iiprasfc 1L-40A. M.i . J1:U3 k.K.
Hail and Aocommodatlon. . 9:10 P. II. 8:00 P. M,
Night Kxprew via Dayton. 18:00 midnight. M.
,'J 'rr , ; f ' . ( Jho. W.. Dohkrtt, Ageat...
Oolomim St Oiavum R. B. '. ' -. i -
NIRht Express 3:40 A. MY lt:15 P. H.
Ne Vork Express.. ...... 11:10 A.M. 10:30 A. M.
C.O.tC. Way Express.,.. S:30 P.M. 7:50 P. M.
. ' J amis Pattirsor, Agent.' ,
'OwTRiLOnio U. B. , . I
No, 3 Kxprewoi.r,!..;.' 1:30 A.' " U:t5 A. M.
lip. 6 da 2:1$ P.M. 11:43 A. M.
; : . iri':-' t. ti Agent-
Prrrisoaon, Ooldmbo h Owcuimati K. Jt. .
Mall Train .'....;.....'. 3 JO A.M. 11S5A. M.
Xxprass Triln........All;25A. M. S:45P. M.
'"i tiVflWj'JV. BO..RSOW; Apt.
Gotomos : InntAHoreuih R. E-.t : , .i ,.
(Oolcasos YntSA fc imiiAJUk K. B.)- -No.
1 pxpte$,' :30 A.' M. " S:00 P, M.
No. , ..v.. 3:00 P. M. ' 7:SO P. M.
Aceommodatjoa ;..;;.?. .' ". vM:Se A. M.
v n nr a . .
City, Alrny, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, Kteubenvlll wax, OlsTeland, ZanetTlllo,
Newark, OranvUlt, Washington Oisy, Baltlraoca, Phila
delphia and Nsw OrUtoA, oloso dsiljf (Bandana axoopt
il) at 8 o'clock p. m. . , . N
A through sail for Now Tork And Olerolani closes
dally (Sandaji excepted) at SJ o'etoak p. nw
X). 0. At 0. B. B. War MaUlasM dally (Bandars
oeptad) at S o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Waj Uoil closes daily (8 on days saceopted)
10 o'olock a. m. ..
Oinolnnatl Way Mail close dally (Sundays excepted) at
'o'clock a. m. ..;;-' .
Chicago, Dubaqae, Delewar, Marion and Worthing-
ton Mails close dally (bonday excepted) at o'clock
Mails forXenla, SpringHHd, Taytoa, Toledo, Clncla
bsUL Indianapolis, Loulsrllle, Su IkmI, and Detroit,
40se dally (Bnnday excepted) at S o'otoak p. a. :
A through mall lo Xonla, Springfleld and Oinclnaatl
tpees daily (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'eteok a. a.
Urbana, Piqna, Tiffin and TJalea Oity mall closes dally
Bnnday aueptod) at 8 o'clock p. m.
UnoHtar, Logan, Hekwnrllto, OlrclrrllMVOhllllsothN
Portsmouth, Washington 0. H., Athena, Marietta and
JlllUboroa,h mtiit- eleee dally (Bnnday Mosptod) at
o'clock p. m. .T.- , - .
M M,H onal Boad to ZanesvUl slow
(Wly (8nnday eptee)M ISVetat.
Harrisburgh Mallolose MaUy Mnadays sxoapted) at )
o'olock p. m. ,.. , , ' -
Mt. Ternon Mall, by way of Westervlll and Sudbary,
eioses daily (Sunday except' i o'clock p. m.
BnbUa Mail cloo Sally(B4w fpxijpljat S 'elock
tanoatter Way Kafl closes' dally (Snaday axcottodl at
wiook p..in., i vi "
UalU from New York Boston TUUfehAla, finfftto.
Albany, Pittsburgh, OlSTeland, J)yton, Toledo, Xenla,
vccroii, Dpnngneia, uincinnau, uruuicetne. Ml. ImIu,
and all Southern cities, arrive between the bom of
o'clock p.m. and 4 o'olock a.
Malls from IndlanaaaUa. Chiasm and Snbnonn snhe
a.ef)a. m.'- - ...-...;-..
Mall from Washlnrton Oity. Xaltbnor. Wbetllna.
Eanesrille, Newark, Btenbenvill, Mt. Vernon, and the
. u. wsry Mali, arrives UcfelMkB. -.: -
Way Mail from Cincinnati arrive at ii o'clock p. so.
lancaeter Mall arrive atOo'elook p. "-'
Kast Way Mall over the Kakteaai Aoal arrive at 11
"elock a. m. , , - ...
,Ht. Vernonay Malf arrive atfl:0B a." sr. t'-"-'
Mail from Dublin arrive at 19 o'clock m. -!"!
TJrbana War Mall arrives at e'srock. m.k , j
BarrUburgh Mail arrive at 11 o'clock a. m.'
J tanoasier Way Mall arrive at IS o'olock a.
Office delieery open- every day (except Bonder) frera
L? '??r Jeeesj p. a, Opea on Sunday
V,, yT'Tv" ""Km 4 aoraing, pd Irons to
bcloc to jh, ''
Ia street, ke Juatojxoed u
wLAaa. MutKwaod Baimum, mad in the newest and
BOOSI BUllsn nuniur. AIM- Hb ai.i
V B,,T7i elned expressly for
-"" " " wmimm apn
Dispatches from Washington.
1 Washington, Aeguit 19.Soldiets in
violnity now reoeive their letters at their several
eocamDments instead or tnerost umoe. rack-
are containiae them are sent there in charge
ot responsible person! henoe, the Importance
or their distant correspondents Deintr paruouiar
In designating the name and company of their
regiments. iv, . - r -
7 W. C. flanna and 8. C. Stevenson, of Indl
ana, have been appointed additional Faymas
tors. . ', - ... -: ; - ...
The fears for the safety of the steamer Bal
timore, In the employ of the Government, are
relieved; she having been detained at fortress
Monroe, In a storm. .
There was considerable unnecessary excite
ment, to day; respecting: an alleged movement
of the rebels on the oily. -.Washington Is safe
now, but if offensive operations are ever to be
resumed, more soldiers are neoeseary.
" The President Is about to issue proclama
tion declaring certain ports ia the rebel States
are no longer ports ot entry, under, the provis
ions of the Force bill - - i-
CsDt. Holly. Quarter-master of the Kentucky
Regiment or uavairy, was arrested to-oay lor
non-performanoe of duty, ...
Uoal ana wood, in this city, is high and
scarce. lf the navigation of the Potomac is
oloeed, foe! will rise in prioe nearly double the
usual rates. .:' .. ..-'.! ,
Cbas.i Hinman, of Connecticut, has been re
moved as Ass't Librarian of the Congressional
Library. ' . . -
The War Department has received from the
Governors of loyal States responses to the late
General Order for additional troops of the most
enthuslastio and patriotic charaoter.
As it s known the Cabinet are a unit on the
measnrea for the prosecution of hostilities, the
attacks on the Administration here are regard
ed as intended to thwart its policy of effective
operations. .. ; , ;r
' Commander Llvtngstoni of the steamer Pen
(win, writing to the Navy Department, under
date of the 15tb instant, communicates interest-
ng particulars of his blockading operations off
Cane Fear Station. Among other things that
of chasing the Louisa, of Wilmington, North
Corolina; he brought her 'within reach of his
guns, when she ran ashore, keeled over, filled
with water, and became a wreck. . She intended
going to the Weal Indies with a cargo of lum
ber, and return with coffee. .The Captain of
the British ship Gladiator has Sent him a com
munication, pointing out several localitiea un-
bloekaded, a fact as well known to Commander
Livingston as to Her Majesty's oifloer. ' - -
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
Commander HIcklcy,' of the British ship
Gladiator, has sent, a.-note to Commodore
Stringbam, which has been forwarded to the
Navy Department, representing that the block
ade is dpen at the entrance of Cape Fear River,
Wilmlngtoni also the port ot ueautort and Vo-
eraoo, the inlet to ramiico sound, ana all on
the coast of North Carolina.
The oath of fidelity was this morning taken
by all the clerks in the lower room of the
Treasury building, without objection on the
part of any ooe. 1 -
UongreBsman neison nas not yea oeen re
leased from oeptivity in Richmond he is only
on parole, ilis colleague, Mr. Bridges, was en
snared last week, and is under military arrest.
On bis way here, while traveling to Kentucky,
to wnica state juu oi nis.coDBuiuenis esconea
bim. a messenger with tho news of the illness
of his family induced him to turn bis horse and
ride Into fen amboiU of Tennepaeeaus, within
three miles af the lines. . . . .
James S, Wadsworth, yielding to the en
treaties of Gen. Scott, has accepted the com
mission of Brleadier General. - '. - ' , t
Thirteen United States vessels, seven of them
steamers, carrying 20,000 men, are expected
home within forty or fatty days, and will be add
ed to the blockading force. '
From the) Brazil squadron the frigate Con
gress and another are expected daily.-' From the
African squadron, three vessels, one the Mohi
ean, equal to the Iroquois, should be here early
in September. ine umnese squadron win ar
rive a month later. - ..':' i.
[Tribune's Correspondence.] [Herald's Dispatch.]
'. The vessels of the Potomac flotilla have been
recalled. There are now on duty In the vi
olnity of Aquia Creek eight U.S. vessels, three
more have just arrived at the Navy Yard and
will be' added to" the-licet. The Baltimore
brought up from Old Point' fwenty launches,
oaoable of earning twenty men. and one twelve
pound howitaer, eaoif for sheai water service,
and to complete the river police.. The fleet is
lying out of range of the rebel rifled cannon
battery, bat in full view of the river from Aquia
Creek to Potomac Creek, and are ready to pre'
vent any crossing, even w small Doata. ..
Thomas M. Key of Ohio, is appointed Aid to
McClellan, with rank of Colonel. The com
mission is dated August 19, 1860, as an award
for services in Western Virginia as a civilian,
The appointment is the first and only one made
under act ot August 5, 1861. Colonel Key is a
Western man, born in Mason county, Kentucky.
The Privateer Sumter at it Again.
New York; Aug. 19. The bark Maxwell, of
Philadelphia,, was captured Dy the privateer
Sumter July 27th, off Porto Cabello. She was
taken into Cienfuegos, but ordered to leave
within twenty-four hours. She was then run
ashore near Cienfuegos, and her cargo taken to
Cienfuegos and sold..'. The prize crew were sent
by the Governor to Havana, as shipwrecked
seamen.,;., ,'.. ... , '..,.; ' , . "; '. ;;.
Riot in Easton, Pennsylvania.
Eastow.Pa:, Aug.' 1910 P. M The office
of the Sentinel, a paper advocating peace and
compromise, is now being gutted, by a mob.
Col. Phillips Johnson, M. C. elect, from this
district, hag been burned -in efflgy and made to
show bis eolors. The clot still proceeds. There
Is great excitement. -i": -....:.: ,.- i
- ,,' - :' - '
ALtXANDRU,Aug, , 19. The court martial
against Col. Miles has been postponed until
September l-nb, by aq order from Washington.
Russell's Description of the Bull
Rum Panic.
New Tork. Ana. 19. Russell's Utter to the
Timee says, the repulse of the Federals, decided
It was, might have had no serious effects
whatever,' beyond the mere failure, which po
litically was of greater consequence than it was
In a military sense, but for the disgraceful con
duct of the troops.' The retreat on their lines
at Ceotreville seems to have ended In a cow
ardly rout, miserable, oauseless panic Such
scandalous behavior on the part of the soldiers
should have. considered, impossible. 1 have
never, evea among camp followers, seen the
use St II' ..wi.M (1 tl :,'l..l ' t.'c -y- .' --.fj i ,v i
If, In the present state of lbs troops, the Con
federates were to make a march aoross the Po
tomac above Washington, the Capital. might
fall Into their hands., JDelay may place that
event out of the range of probability. The
North will no doubt recover from' the ebock
Hitherto she has.on1ysaId,"Go and fight for
the Union.!? The Sodth has exclaimed, "Let
ns fight for our rights." : The North must put
her best men Into the battle, or she will inevi
tably fail before the energy, oersonal hatred and
superior fighting powers of the enemy. . ; . ...
Arrest of Pierce Butter.
PHiLanxi.rHU, August 19. Pierce. Butler
was arrested, this afternoon, by order of Sec
retary Cameron. He was taken to New York
this evening, e reuf lot tort Hamilton., , . .
iTpe arrest was in eonseqnenoe oi intercepted
letters, giving information to the enemy.' --
W. B. Reed, Ei-mlolater to China, George
M.Wharton, late United States District Attor
ney, Charles Brown, Ex-collector, and David
Salmon were tlso arrested. ' ' ' " '
There are at (least fifteen thousand avail
able troops in Philadelphia,. The military eu
thuslasm is increasing. & ' ..- - - .-
- - si ' ' '
Movement of New Jersey Troops.
Tarn to is. N. Ja Aur net 19. The New Jersey
troops have orders to leave to-morrow at eight
o'olock, whether, the companies are full, are
equippeu, or not. u produots no nttis exoi la
ment, The State authorities are very active
Ten companies are now. here and. filled, and
overt coming. -;mr u - i ,rV ,
. ,."'.t' ' ' i " l i i ,
i Philadrlphia, August 20 The Jeffersonlan
newSDaoer offloein West Cheater was nnUtle
visited by a crowd last night and cleaned out.
i nere was nwamnrrmrwej mostet tne residents
of the place were Ignorant of 'what was going
eh uhtU fbf work was effected. ' -"'
Rumors are afloat of arrests of suspected ett
Isens, but that of Pieros Butler Is believed to
be lbs only one made.
Affairs in Missouri.
Jgrrt rsou Crrr, August 18. While Colonel
stifles, 5 in Regiment Missouri Reserve Corps
and Colonel Worthlngtoo, 5ih Regiment Iowa
were coming down Ate rlvefon the Government
steamer, they were frequently fired upon with
cannon and small arms by secessionists from the
banks, killing: one and wounding seven or eight
oi tee troops. , : f
mere is great exoitement among me peo
pie slong the river In consequence of greatly ex
aggerated accounts of the battle near Spring
field, which is represented as a great victory tor
me secessionists. .- "
Ironton. Aur-. 17. Messengers bring intelli
gence that Col. flecker, who left here on TBurs
day evening with his regiment . surprised a body
of some four hundred rebels near Fredericktown,
early yesterday morning, captured all their
camp equipage, and' ate the breakfast Whlch,
they had just prepared. Twelve prbuners were
also taken. ... ...
General Prentiss has arrived; and taken com
mand of all the foroes In this section.
Roll a, Mo.. Aug. 18 Captain Emnett Me-
uonald was in town to-day. tie reports captain
Charles C. Rogers, Aid-de-camp to Governor
Jackson, and Capt. Stephen A, Celemaa, both,
of St. Louis, killed in the battle of the. lfltbi
also that MoCullocb's force before the battle
was 22,000 strong, and their killed end wound
ed 2,500 to 3.000. ; "'' '
Gen. Sigel received his comnuseion as Brig
adier General on Saturday and assumed com
mand ot the federal foroes yesterday.-:.- t
MoDonald was escorted beyond the lines yes
terday, and sent on his way to Springfield. He
no doubt gained much valuable Information of
tne strength and position of our loroes, eto as
it is said be bad the freedom of our esrap under
his flag of truce. " . :; ". ,.
Our wounded at Snrinrfieli arerenorted to be
doing well. -i
' Tde correspondent of the St. Lonls Republi
can turnisbes the following: .
Gen. Sterling Prioe has issued a proclamation
at Springfield, to the eneot that a great victory
has been won, that the northern oppressors of
Missouri have been driven back; -that every
one belonging to tbo Home Guard organization
win be regarded ana treated as an enemy. to
the Southern Confederacy; but that his protec
tion would extend to such of the guilty as re
turn to their homes, and allow the Southern
sway to prevail) and that whoever recognizee
the Provisional Government of Missouri, will
be considered as an enemy to the State, and
dealt with accordingly. . .-i-t., . .,.,
Capt. McDonald reports that Generals Prioe
snd Clark were slightly, and Brig.. Gen. Slack
severely wounded in the late engagement; also
uoi. xtay, formerly Uaptain ot Jaokson's liody
Guard. McDonald was very anxious lo go to
St. Louis, but bis application was refused.
He asked many questions, with a view of as
certaining how many troops, cannon, eta., there,
are In that city, and what preparations are being
made to resist an attack. . ,-. , . ,
St. Louis, Aug. 18. Gen. Sigel, Major Co-
nant, and several other ouicera, arrived from
Rolla to-night. The train also brought a large
number of the wounded in the different regi
ments engaged in the late battle near Spring-,
field, who were taken to hospitale or taken in
charge by friends or relative!. '' i '
Capt. Maurice was detailed this morning to
proceed to Springfield, under, a flag of trnoe.
with a guard and ambulances, to brine in Can-
tain Cavender and Corporal Cavant, and . the
body of General Lyou.,.: ... ;l. ; y . ... 3 ,'
JirFKRSON City, Aug.' 20 TUC following
proclamation issued at SprW. field una been re
ceived here: IMt- . , .
Tothe PtopUof Mis$mrli,r,M' ' 1 :
Fellow-Citizens The army under my com
mand has beeu organized under tho laws of the
Slate for the protection of your" homes and fire
sides, and lor tne maintenance ot tbe rictus.
dignity and honor of Missouri, it is kept in thv
field for those purposes alone. To aid in nC
oomptisbiug them our gallant 8outheru broth
ers have come into.-our State. With these
we have Jaet achieved a glorious victory bver
tbe foe, and scattered tat and wide tbe well
appointed army which the usurper at Washing
ton has been more than ' six months gather
ing for your subjugation.', and- enslave-
meut. This victory trees a large portion
of the State, from the power of the Invaders,
and restores it to the protection of Us army.
It consequently becomes my duty to assure you
that It is my firm determination to protect every
peaceable and law abiding citizen id the full
enjoyment of all bis rights, whatever may have
been bis sympathies in .the., present unhappy
struggle, if he has not takes an active part in
tne cruel warlare wbicn nas been waged
against the good people of this State by tbe
ruthless enemies. whom we have just defeated.
1 therefore invite all good citizens to Ireturn to
their homes and the practice of their ordinary
avocations, with tbe full assurance that they,
their families, their homes and their nroDerty
shall be oaretully protected. .., I at the same
time warn ail evil disposed persons wbo may
support tne usurpation of any one claiming to
be provisional or temporary Governor of Mis
souri, or who shall in any other way give aid
or comfort to tbe enemy, that they will be hold
as enemies snd treated -
Major-General Com. Mo. State Guard.
Information has reached here that Warsaw.
Bollivar and Ooolo points, in the Southwest,
have been occupied by portions of Price's srmy.
also that tbe secessionists, under lol, staples,
have gathered considerable foroe ia Pettis and
Johnston counties, and have military possession
or w arrensburg, in Johnson, and ueorgetown
and Sedalia in Pettis county. . Squads and com
panies ot men are constantly leaving tbe North
ern counties and pushing Southward to join the
State forces. Much excitement exists among
the people west of here, and many of tbem are
leaving their homes. , It is stated Col. Staples
can concentrate a force ot 3,000 men, and will
co-operate in a movement upon the city should
one be determined upon. . We have about
thirty-five hundred troops here now, which foroe
will doubtless be considerably augmented ia a
few days, r , " ' - "
as tns train wbioh ieit Syracuse this morn
ing,' having on board 25 passengers and about
250U. 8. soldiers, passed a point two miles
west of Lookout Station, about 30 shots wre
fired at it from . behind a wood-pile and the
brush skirting the road, killing one of the troops ,
and wounding six, one of them fatally.' Tbe
conductor, wbo was eitticg on, the top of the
locomotive cab, bad me bat anot ou by a Dsn,
The train stopped about balf a mile from the
point of attack, and 300 'soldbjrs were put off
ana sent alter tne miscreant, une or tbe se
cessionists is known to, have been killed, .
-Guerrilla parties are scouring the country id
every dirsotion in the countiea west, of here.
seising property and arresting prominent per
""J if. roc
Sandy Hook, Mo., August 19. Three hun
dred rebel cavalry came to the landing of the
ferry to-day. They were fired on by two com
panies of the Second Massachusetts Regiment.
Two rebels were killed and fire wounded. None
of our forces were hurt.-" The rebels are still on
tbe outskirts of Harper s rerry watching our
movements. " -
News From the South.
Louisvilu," Aueust 19. The Charleston
Courier save that ibe Fayettevlile. N C. Ar
mory wants 25,000 rifle stocks. ""'
The Sbrevenort Gazette save that Texas let
ters state that MoCullooh oin have" 10,000
mounted men in ten devs, It be wants 'them.
The Texas Kanger reports sjrsat aavoo, trom
the Dan worm, on tbe eolton orop, in tbe vloin
Ity or Brenham. ' -. ,
Tne lndianoia Uourter sayg saU.enoueh.6an
os gathered on tbe Texas coast marshes io-epp-
piy tne wnoie uonieaeracy.. .f 1 1 - ;ri
... Tbe Houston xelegrapn says that Texas has
made wheat and corn enough this tsar to last
two years, wool enough to clothe half the Con
federacy! and shall make naif a million bales of
cotton. :", " "' ' "
Tbe Attakapas Register says the tagar crop
is more pronuo tnaa ever neiore.
The Charleston Courier asks the Confederate
Commissary Department to recognize officially
and practically, rice and oorn tor making bread t
also urges Jhtf estabUtbmeotjrf a locomotive j
i The earns paper says the C6nfederate Con--gress
In secret session appropriated $1,000,000
for supplying; elothinri enbsistenoererne-tMid
smmuultiou to the Missouri" troopi, suhieot 14
... . ji '. ., n - i . t . ! .
tuw ttiaure taut mv frenulum vnp., y r -tf
BorrALOi An. 90. Steeabere'l ; Elevator.
destroyed by fire last sight, eontaiaad hot ZiA
uu Dusbei or gmitn insttetror itiu.uuir. as re
ported j half of which only wet wbeeta-The
bunding ana maobinery were Insured for tw
nnn ,nA ...in eon nun .
" V , Ml, g I . IU .WVVV MlVtV,
From California.
OUTER TELEGRAPH STATION, (80 miles west of Fort Kearney.)
August 19, 1861.
The tW Express, with San Fraucisow Istes
to the 10th inst. pasted here, this afternoon.
The steamer Sonura tor ranams look f8a .uo
In treasure. V- ' 'w U.) t!
A ne at inor, i uaiiomi county, on the 7tD
destroyed rooertf valned at I8S.000 .-. .
ThelOVerland Telegranh Company nave ex
tended their.line to Rase River;-140 mile east
or fort ChureaflUAU tb wire required "r
tbe lioe between Carson, City and Salt A-ake has
gone out an -the odfc
- f
Responses to the Call for Troops.
Boston. Aueusn9.Thsrorder-from the
War Department to hasten troops te tbe seat
OL war, is Being actively reepocoX) to and M f
prooaoie. umk i Ave new .regiments win leave
Massachusetts during the present week.
New, Hampshire wilt shortly send forward
tnres new-regtmenti ana Battery or Rrtitry:
New York. Aueustl9 The Peat says seven
thousand meugo this weekr sad In case of ne
cessity seven or eight thousand of , the mflitla
ree menu mieht be sent.' -1 . v o v. aJ
. -Berrell, the stale prisoner, bos been sent te
TV ..
rort laiayett. It ; T1tf" t ;"
1 Over six hnmlrprt men rrtnonded at "roll eall
or the Ellsworth tire Zouaves. i Mea are con
tinually reporting lor the re-offeanizition of the
regiment, wbioh will oe eneotea without qip
'. r:,:-y.i -.:st..j3 via
r DlTRoir.'MiCH.: Abirbst 19-Five reiriments
of - inf'sntry under State authority, and two Inde
pendent regiments, wbich bave been accepted
by the War Department, are partially filled up,
and" officers and men in camp in different parts
of .the State. None of these regiments have
been unilormed as yet, but it is understood all
ine available men In tbe camp win be moved
forward during the week, under tbe recent or
der of tbe War, Department, , : '
Boston. Ane. 20 The Seoond and Fourth
Battalion of "Boston have voted unanimously 10
oiler their services to tbe Government for three
months. i - . ' .
Gov.' Andrew, in a brfef proclamation : calls
on tbe citizens of Massachusetts to come tor-
ward and fill up the regiments already accepted
for the war. - .....
.' Between 3,000 and 4,000 mea will be for
warded .dnring the present week.
' Nxw York, Aug. 20. Troops are beine tort
warded in great numbers by every convevarfte.
and by Saturday next about 75,001) men. in ad
dition to those already there, will be ia 'tbe
ispiwi, irom ue ten slates just called on by
the Secretary of War.
Enlistments:' We I now made' raoidlv: 'the
Grays' order having given it Iresh stimulus.
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 20.
HOUR The narlMt lost It serve asalu todsf.aa'd
tat tew transaction wsrs made. Saperftne we quot si
a75, extra at 4, faatly at 94 3313410 -
1 W.HKAr rhere was a weaker market' for wheat.
Tbe advance attempte 1 bysellces on Batnrdsy was not
reiHKed, ana prices are sbonl aaqaoted nrFrliny, nsa-
iy, ivsKvo iur n:a, ctuuc lor wane
A sample of new sprint wheat, grown In Ptttnsm
ooanty, Nebraska Territory, by a brother of Dr. fries,
of tbis city, was shown ns on 'Change to-day. ' Theqml.
Ity was superior, eauali fully to the aTeraire oi the
winter red offered here. Th yield was aid to b very
largo. - - -' i '4
CUKN Was rather more easily had- to-day at S8c
Distillers supply -their wants at tint fiiars.
OATS Old, are quoted at 'Ma In bulav Bliss from
store are msde at a. jc.
DtKI.KY AND ItlK-Bemain dull Md nlnlrf1.
WBIqK.i?rUad a llrm nke t day ai !,.
t Commeretil.
Cleveland Market
CLEVELAND, August 19, 1861.
-Salea of 300 barrels doubt extra red a
WHEAT tower snd dull. Sales of five cars 'rod on
track at SI 00;. three can de at 1 1 02. and 30VU bnshels
free on hoard at ( 1 3, .. .,-., " .... w -'
COHN Hales o( two cars at die and on car at 35a, ail
on tracK . . . , .
' OATS Bales of two car at 23o, and one do at 3o. "
' HIGHWUIiiJ Sales iubbls at 15Xo.
BUT l'Ktt-Bales of six kegs good quallly at 9c."
" 0QS Dnll at 7c. ,. -.: -. . u - ? .11 1-,
i WiA5 iatohelot'i'Hair Dye!
- Ibis splendid Hair Pre ha a equal Instantaneous
tffeot Beautlfal Block or Nataral Brown so ataintng
uMsmoTimo'inguieuair' remeaies tne ante -wa
effect of Bad Dyes, and Invigorate th hair for life
Bon era genuine unless signed "W. A. Batehelor."
Sold : everywhere." 1 ' ' ' . - '.' , - '
" ( : OHAB. BATOHBLOB, Proprietor, ;
, ylwly ' ' 81 Barclay Street, Hew Tort.
Wm. A; Batohelor'f Hair Dyel .
'- The Original and Best la the Worldl
All other are mere imiiation, and should be avoided
If you with I escape ridicule. . '. , .' -'i" '
' GBAT, RBD OB BTJ8T7 BAIB Dyed lnftutly to
beaatlful and Natural Brown or Black, without IrJJury to
BairorBkln,. .... '.. . . ', " ,'V,,7 .". '
awarded lo Wm, A.. Batehelor shiee ffm, amTovsrflO.SS
application have been made to th Hair of his patrons
of hla ramou dyei - i . -w,..t :...
or oot to be dUUngnlshed from nature, and. I warranted
not to Injure U th least, however long It may be contln-
l,and the 111 effect of. Bad Dyes remedied; tbBalr
(nvlgorated ftrr'tlfe by this splendid Dye. ' J w '
Bold in all cities and town of the United State.
Druggist and Fancy Goods Dealers. ,,,M
lEJTheQenalnsbasthenamaandaddrta upon a steel
plate nmrvingfla fcnr side of each box, of.WUMAM
' )y!3-wlv .- Barelay street. Hew Jork .
-" Irish Linen Goods.
Linen Bhrrt Botom - Plata anlfanoy
BBtrtinf and Botom linen. - ")
, t Linen Sheeting! and Pillow 0asimt.
' Linen Cambrics and Long Lawns
i Llnea Pocket-handkTa, all sites.
I 1 - Linen Towelling and Diapers
! Linon Napkini aad Dtliea.
; Llaen Table Cloths and Batln Damaskt.
, . a linen Tows It with oalored border. . ,
i, Linen Btair Ooveringt and Crash. ' ' ' '
i nHTnemle at low prions. "
p . BAiir st bom;
W-'S . tv ., Wo: South High street.
"& A KT 1 V Of THB nrrrr- iti;ic
aTA.T3ii OUT omo
j) I i OfclfllRAt NAToTtlJ, IN POKOB itTO. 1, tMO.
fh frond Tins iscisiom op tbs so-
iCcoUi'n.M In twenty-nine volume of tie Ohio snd Ohio
Stat Reports.)
la TwotRoyaJ ro.uBr$lftf0O.;
. So ears orexpemsthat been spared to make th wert
serfeet aad leliable in all mmoU.
t ha now the Legttlativ tauction, having been ap
proved by nearly the unanimous vtt of both Houses,
and waeerdered to bt dittribatod te th tojiowlna Btaht
and Coantti omoara; ' S J i -: .:.,(...:
Qoveroor, Attorney General. Bunrem 3odiss. Vsere.
lary, Comptroller, Treasurer and Auditor of Stat, and
to the Probata Oourts, Court f Caramon Plea, lipeo
Itr aad Police Ooarts, Aadltora. and the Clerks of the
Various Court ia each county, to th Member of th
senate ana ntuse or aeejretontatlves of Ihls But, and
IhA OnnmBH Af Ilia mwam! .V . TT 1 '
,Thir book,' eontalnlmr, as K does. alto thaSktaiaa
sow In force, and the aathorltatlve ooeetnetlnn mt these
aas or tne newuonstltntlon, will he found to be ewpeclai
if useiui 10 ure penonuance oi weir auue. t ii:i
oountt orrioitrtg. .-....,,.. n
1 . JCSTICB8 Of THBfKA01t.h t-t- - f s
1 riT.ffnira nm TAnrNatrm . v
K.;. V i Of f 10BB8, (v,i . ",
lrrasmhcti M very taanveh ante haveteea asadeln the
Statute sloee the publication ot Skelast edIUons, by r
petit aitotation and addition, and maay tmportaat de-
siona nave neea given by th soprani uoart ea eoi
trovtrted point, all . .
hl find this an'lnvatnabl WoTk.'-' 'Jh.l.
litq'Jtotfdt.'too'. Toivnif t Hr'Jfidtm ff4dri
..U flttwiut. taw Binding.! Frloi BlO.te.
xrunutnea w'w M i .n. ..- un -. v,.j .
Law PuoUbrj, iBokllrs; Stationer and Importers,
no. oa nest ronrtn nreei,
hbl8:3m:is Clnclnntti 0
As experienced Nuns anot tern.- TfeyeteUn, yreesnts
r i . i , . . . . , ...
wklth neatly facilitates e inimel teeUtisw, by oft
ning tbe rann redeetnS all- lesltiMtlon will a)lt
ALLPAInaodpsSMdieaeloa,aalst ii
8TJHB fun ByVVATB,Ti RP W 14-
Oepead 'upon ILpiotiert; it will tvs reef ti ytmrservss
We barrrrrnt nnithi4aM tMeastlele tor eves tew Mnse.
wvas sav, in ounnnasiuweni, i nut turn it,
wiwt we imve never eeew ame te say as mnj ewe Been-
AHC, TO ltrfKOT A OUBI, when ttasety wsl. sievs
er did we tnrm in Instane of SissallafMassa kw env eae
whe ased H. ' On the contrary, all are delicti led with It
operauons, ana speak in terms or commendation of lis
magical enecu sad wrtM-Tlrtye ,w (peak i this
maiterrnuAT wEuuanuw arter ten vsara exne-
almost tvenr iostanoa when theinlaat 1 snnerlne fraaa
pete and exhaustion. . relief will be found in fifteen or
twemy minntes after thegyruo is administered
This valuable tinmaratlon tl the Dresortntton ef eneaf
e most KXPaRIKNOKOand SKILLVUL Nnnjiaai.
newaagiami, amthaanxaa aiea woa A lAilr
I THOlttrlIS'OF OASEIr ).:
Itnntonly relieves the child from pain, out tnvivof-
ate thS stomaoh and bewe). con-tots acidity, and rWet
tone nd enerinr la tho whole sjetera.' It will almost lnl
stantly reliev w
OBlFilTrj 15 pa f 0VILS; AIll WINU OOUO
and overaonw eon vnisioa, waieh.lt not speedily rests
died, etid in death j We believe U the B SSI and BUtV
BBT hKMKDV IN TUB WORLD, la all ease cIDti
It arise from teethier, er from any other eaese Wt
Would say lo every anther who bta a ohlld nuTerioe from
any of the foregolnc eomplatate 1)0 NOT LBT YOUk
stand between yon and yonr snfTerlng child, and the re
lief that will be 8U UK-yes, ABSOLCIBLY SUBS-to
follow the use of this medicine, If timely used. loll di
rections for using will accompany each bottle. None
genuine unless the fac-slmll of CtJEIIB PIBItlNB,
New York, Is on the antsid wrapper.
Sou by aU Draralats througbont th world.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street M.T
octet dfcwly.
: .. -,i. i.. .
. ) a us s. ,
flROF. L."MlL.Lbl RS
An EnectlT, . Safe aad. Eoonopaieal
J ','" Compound, '"'';'; ;
ta it 'original oolor witnoel dyeing, aad ereveattfy
XTa( fsnM ftirnlnweaw' 'j
And earing it, when there I the fesst perttcl o( vlall .
- or lecuperaava energy remaining. , . .-
AndalleuUuieonsalacUon of th Bcalp.
t to It an nnequled sloes and brilliancy, nektor
( silky in it tcxtere, and aulg U to aar'
it soft am
The great ceienrity ana increasing demand ror this on-
equaled preparation, convince! the proprietor that Oct
trial Is only necessary to aatlify a diseeraing anbllc of it
snpenorqoamies over any ouer nreparauon in nee. It
cieantes the head and scalp from dandruff and other
vtaneons diseases, causing tne hair to grow luxuriant!
giving it a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
alto, where the hair Is loosening and thinning, it will give
strength and vigor to the roots and restore the growth to
hose parte which have become bald, causing it to yield t
resn sovering oi nair.
Thtre are hundreds or ladle and gentlemen In New
Tork who bave bad their hair restored by tbe ae of this
invigorator, when ail other preparations have failed. L
H. nas in his possession letter Innamcnbl testifying
to i. is nnove lacis. i rjiu jjcraons oi wis nignest reqtecia
bility- It will eilectually prevent the hair from turning
nnUl the latest period of lire; and In eases wheiethe hair
his already changed Its color, the ate of the Invigorator
wTU with certainty restore it to It lo It original hoe. liv
ing it a dark, glossy appearance. As a nerfum for the
toilet and a liair Bestorartve-it it parties ttny recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance) and the great ta
cilitiet it affords in dressing the hair, which, when moltl
with th Invigorator, ean be dreaaed la any required
form to as to preserve IU place, whether nlalnlor in carls:
hence the great demand for It by the ladle a a standard
toilet article wuicn none ought to be without the price
placet it wicuin uio reaca ui, ssag
Only Twettty-rive CenteV z'rr'i
per bottle, to Iw bad at all rupee Utile Drngglst and
; rcnamer.
. L. MILLEB woaldcall th attention of Parent and
Guard I vis to the o of his Invigorator, in ease where
the children' hair inollnet to be weak. The ue of it
lava the foundation lor aaooa Aeaa of Mir. as It re
move any ImpnrlUe that may have become connected
with the scalp, the removal or which I necessarw both
for the health of the child, and tb future Appearance of
' CaoTioii. Ness igeniCaa without tha'bo-iImlTeXOITIS
SllLufiK neing on tnr eostr wmnnert. also, L. MIL
(las. .......... ... ,
Was Weal Depot, SS Dey street, and told by til th
principal altrahaar and Druggist tbroughoat the world
Liberal diseooniu poichaasrs by the a,oanUty. 4.i ,
I alto desire to prcient to th American Public my
. t,r, I.,,,
which, altar rear of tcltntlAo axDtrimentln. I hav
brought to perfection. It dye Black or Brown Instantly
witheatlnjury to th Hair or Bktnj warranted th best
aniciioi uie siihi ibuimun. (
mKMTiWSBXm works,
kw abb: ohio, 1 " ;
Rfannfaclnrera wf all kinds ! Post
table tMa-tm.rw msm am. -
gtnea, haw
jniiie, vrlt jattja,
LAMS BbbtTk iMkl V.St.'MUCXD f JsatMf
. e . jr. Duvjxt Xtatmtrt coLtnavg
tl AC HI ITS CO, MmlliU M&mDJQJlD 'J
CO. BMttnltttl
Our Portable XoKlne and Saw VU1
Wat awarded the Ant premium of B59 at th Indiana
Stau fair for lc60 over Lane k Bodlsy oa aeooant l
Price, lightness, simplicity; economy ef iuel
; ana superior cnaracter ei lumoer sawett.
Our Stationary Bngine was awarded at. Ike war f ah
th first premium of S-00. i.v ' I in :. ;
Our Portehl Bngine waa awarded, the tint premloa el
100 at the Fair at Memphis. Tenn., over Brandy's Da
vail', Oolumbus Machine Go ., and Bradford a Co'. '
by a committee of practical Railroad Xnglnetre.
Torprieeaaatormsaddrs -
W1LLARO WARNBB, Treasurer, f
dkWIyeolt. Hewerk, Ohio
ii f
j wVftttieesiiwkiitd etailearsk
t i . f l V - A - 'is 1 K al"t r '-j. -iv
No. BO , Fifth , BtreeV -' l''
.i J ' i- - ... i - . ,. ...1
: p.ix. a .it, jp
Keeftf'on'etniitty Vn kattet all the V
,'' M,Art9u "BAN OS v .- . ...
I -.-cut i..i
r TTif tsj ito rm p
or Seminal Wenknete, ftmruat Dshllitr, MamnsneM.la
voluntary Emissions and Impetenoy, resulting from
8elf-abnie. Au). By .'-'. Owlverwelt, M. to. Soot
under acal, in a piata eavetope, to any adilrsentpem
ptld. on reeclpi of two stxmps, by Dr. OUASi 1.0
KI'INB, Yll Bowery, Bow Ym Po Omo Box.
4rWS. aartUmdlie
"lliej; gt;Rigt-ti ike ?Er;t
4svuat Ueltef I Btef) 7mr Owagrltl
K:i(J brutitufrtjA aire
OWD FOR Jm.lM i ' m
QUTtmi OAXET .? rri'tAH
They relieve a Congh Instantly! 'AiflJlAO
They elear tbe Tbroai. .r : . .yr-ar'VUSe) ha
They give strentth and volume to the veioe.
They Impart a delialous aroma to. the breath.
They are delightful to tbe taste.
They are made of simple' herbs and cannot
barm anyone.7' - - ' I 'l ,uiill jj
I advii evsry on who hu a Cough oVa bosky Tele
a Bad Breath, or any dlfflcalty of th Throat, ta gt
racksg of ny Throat Oonbotlons; they win relieve
yon Instantly, and yoa will agre with at that "(key
right to th spot." Ton will find tbos very are I
and pleasant while traveling or attending pabfl MeV'l
ingt for sUliingyonr Ooagh or allaying your thirst If
yea try one package, I am af la saying that yea will
ever afterward oonaidev them tndlspeajdble. , , u
Ton wtH find them at tb Dragglsti and Dsalen la
HedlclD. " ' .'t i. -iiieeu
i. 4 j, Liu- .j'.5W. ri3Xf'
My tlgnatur Is cn each package.
All othsrs art
oaaterfelt. .
r r ; ( " H-ilI
A pacta gs will be tent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt df
Thirty Oentt. ' ' ivo
iAddrem, j . ; - - f . j, .-- ..'i , ; ., a .x.wfj;,
: ''' '' "' ' ' ' '"' " . ' ." ':-'-'it
Henry O. Spalding, . u.
.. .... i,i'U,!I0.T0
, By th as of the P11U tb periodic attack of Jftn 1
txmt or Blot Btodaeto amy k freventod; at if taken
at th orimmenotment of an attack ImstodiaU relief from
pain and slcknts wlU bs obtained. '
They Uom fall IS ratovtac th i4tMaadJ V. r,
0(0 towhiahfeautosareso nhjeet,
Tktyaet gently aaoa tb bewel teme-vinf GU
- . ci. " ; i oji.h
for LiUrory Jfae, Sudntt, Delieat female
udalliMrtofuofasaeitfawv AaMfa, they are value
a Zamaiii, improving tb apptttU, giving ten
wyr lo th dlgettiv organs, and restoring th eater
slastieity and strength of th whole system. J-Ati
. THB OBPHALIO PILLS sr th reeult ef long krfM i
ligation and carefully eondoctod sanstrljaenU, having
beta ta at many years, daring whiek .-aim they havex,
prevented and relieved a van amoant of sain and safer
Ing from Headache, whether originating n the eervoa
system or from a dsrangedstat of tb stomaeA, ',
Thy an tntlrely vegetable to their eompotiUon', an
may be taken at all tiaite with perfect aHty wlthoat
making any ehaag of diet, smJ as.etesjt Xt ejry
aVsoyesott tatU rtndert tt srwy lo mdniitU sr Uum
oAiWrsn. "'.'(liiii.iS
Th gennln bar Ave stgnatites of Henry 0"tiiMla - -i
oaeaehBoK. . - - . . --.,tj
Bold by Draggtot and ell ether Dealer U-MtdMajsaj
A Box will be tent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt;
Prioo, CO Obn.ts.
AU order tbevOd k addtesnd te ? YOr1ArI
l nanBi v raaii;iiiii
41 Cetlar Straet, new r
1 i i I I !
j from the Bxambsr, Norfolk. Tav!' ''"rsxr
Oephalle Pills accomplish the object for wtfc")iejr
were made, via.: Oar ot headache m all nt IbsaavX
; - -' "' - . . t -.wtvoJ
from tb Bsamlnsr, Rorfotk, Ta. n.
They bar beta totted Is mora lhaa a Siooaaad W
With entire tuoces. - .u
Prom ths Democrat, St. Olead, luta.
II yo are. v have beta, trtakkti with, the ksssltrht .
tend for a box, (Cephalic Pill,) to that yoa may bav
thsm In case of an attack. -''-'
rroa u aaTeruser, i-tovumbo, a. 1
The Oephalle Pill are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy for tb headache, and ooe of the very beet for
that very frequent eoasplelai.whica baa et be dij
oovered. - '....-.. .. 0t 1 1 2ui
' , yroa tn wsswra a. a. ueattts, Chicago, in.
Ws heartily tndortt Mr. Ipaoldiai. aad bis anrrvaM
ephallePUls. c.
1 fro BwhaTallylter,BanawWa,aj
W are sore that psreoae taiMac WWr UtBsnh.,d
who try them, WlU stick to them. . s-jtti fA
I - ' ?VAl.-i.j(
' ik. mam nuii, inj.A w-n.i tu .....
Trytheml yoa that era afflicted, mid thai Aw
year testimony ou be added e the el ready auserea
Usl that os reeeivM eeneam matao tner aediria eaa
prodae. ..a.! J i ' . l.ia tit OJ UtU. dWiLM
from th It. Loal Dsmoeretf -'JCO fTtZSIT
Th Imment dtmand tor the irtsoto 1JaahaHa Ptlla
rapidly fasn -.- i
. from the OMetto, Bawtiaott, fcarfe,rt
Mr. Spalding wokld not oooneatbl name aim
ttcle be did not laott to weeseeo realmeru. , ,, , . n
. 1"
Q7A single bottle of SPALDWa'A PRBPABftt,
puvm wiueavassa umesiuaomianujyXwitWw
! ..pLb&Gii 6K1TAJ
; boobomti ttniwrn"
, rnA ttrres n fiun vas um1nXlt . '
As accident will kapyea, eraa ht weil rteo trtsd tna
III, it la i
very teaaraoie to Bare snae iMp mm.
veaieot way for sepalrtog f artutsu,. tea.Orsksqg
i arAtiviBiu'arjuiraiuavJi.u,., a g, -
asmM all sack eattrgeswie. and ae kdanoiwid eaa DTor
to at wlthoat tW It ilway easd, and at-totaeotick
ta.,otaUciBffirt Est Brtii uovuUiw .,, 1
t. . A Braab aeeemaaas each tntttry. " Of
I -
As rtia unprincipled Mtaei'swa'ueiwVtliia',d
pane en oa sne iiiihii peftiaa hRiu.u.M ui
rasraaas wi.ua, a weaia eaultaa all fntwt t.
aaaiae eerore eeirenaeine. ane see ua iht..n ........ .
WT"' wis wiasn are wtnan( s

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