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Democratic Union Nominations.
-Jil-ogb. J. Jewett,
r'i ottdhitmu JTTDGI.
' Of Montsonurn. " ,
eohce V. HOLMES,
;'. .."-.-I
"""'VlUlin ABMSTHOlVOi
V, ri'r . 0 ''.'.:- J ; .;'
, . COMPTROLLER, " " ,
-- OPW"8'?
JABfZ w. eaavnt -
Democratic Union Nominations. Meeting of the Union Democratic
State Central Committee.
Th Union Democratic" State Central Com-
'mittee wiU nieet at Columbus, TcisDAr. Ao-
27th, et 2 o'clock, P. M. Every memoer
ii requested to De present, uu ...
dates on the Union Democratic State Ticket,
re eeeaially invited to be present.
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary.
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary. August 20, 1861.
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary. August 20, 1861. THE OHIO STATESMAN
For the Campaign.
'f ! We will fernUb tho different Hues of the Ohio Stat.t
meb. durlBgtteOampelgn.atfollowe: .
Tke Dairy Statesman, per month, at. "
' Ik f rl Weekly Bta(emn, j.er month, at. ... .
- Sither ol'lha mbor. tiiuw will b. furnlrted for on. or
mora nontii, la club, or iblle cojlea. at tie abort
rata. . , , ,
Ih. Watklj. Oblo SlatMBan be furcUhed n fol
low: .-. t-'-1-' ' '
In olnbi vf S fpl. for to month
In elubi of 1 1 coiet. f or two monilu
In alobi of SO eoplea. for two montba.
In clebf of coptat, for two month!
Tbi two montlia' CluM wlll eorer theprrtod of tba
1 .... i... .... MtMMOTll WEEKLY
OiUnpaign, ana 1"""
Intbabkndiaf allwho w.nttt, at a Ctmpalfn paper,
'Ut fba fcUnda of' the food cinte-tbe trut TJuloD
bid of Oblo (0 to work, and ipreai tta
U or.r tb. ttate W tptet to makt It an efflclent all
In tb food work 01 iLemnmpiiuu .u.
LatltbtweH alitnlaieJ. , . i .
CAMPAIGN STATESMAN. August 10, 1861.
CAMPAIGN STATESMAN. August 10, 1861. The New Party--The Secession Cry.
; T " Tt ta' nndmtood that the new party , which la
' to le bom In Ohio on the 5ih proximo, Is to be
formed out of tbe defunct Republican party as
a whole, and such odis and ends as can be
niw. tin from other oartiea. The Journal el
this city, which holds that "the enthusiasm of
the masses for ths UoIju U more or lees factl
elana:" I ta be the central o.'can of the new
" amalgamation. The Republicans, embracing
all who have been and are clamorous for tbe
extermination of elarcry, or a secession of the
.f free from tiro sUts 6tate e to.be taxen in e
main. lie tHa! organising principle Is to ne
. k.t tiw th aword alone w are to conquer i
1 Union, and theD.'bytho rame lnitrumentallty
booaaer a peice. There is some difference of
. opinion, we believe, among those who propose
to stand as godfathers for the new party, which
of these two eoneeests Is first to bo achieved In
the order of time but all seem to be agreed
'.that one of them ouly'le to be sought at one and
the same time-
Bath a arorramme ie eminently fitted to en
list the ardent and earne&t support of those
men, whose jirofcssed eoth miasm lor tbe union
t "more or less fictitious," and Who desire,
above all things, the complete subjugation oi the
Southern people to Northern anti-slavery nicta
tion and, the annihilation of the institution of
"C :elevefy7of the sepsration of the free and slave
- 8tatec..i-" " '
v But this despotic and disunion scheme cannot
-' succeed, ' at lsast, not without' encountering a
formdble' resittance, unless the! old Uniei
Democratio party, which hie so often blasted
the hopes of disunion ists, can be- annihilated, or
its Influence for tbe preservation of the old Fed-.-
eral Uqfoa effectually crippled. .To this end, a
t ." most ourelentiog and mendacious political wsr
t .far a, as indioated by late issues of tbe Jturnal,
is to be carried on against all Democrats and
" Union men, who refuse to amalgamate with the
new party and obey the dictation of Us leaders.
Such Democrat and Union men, though they
i sney abed -their blood In defense of the Union,
and be ready to make any sacrifices for Its
maintenance, are to be denounced as secession-
'Jjsts, . ; . .
Who are the secessionists, if any there be in
'Ohio, deservlrg that-name? Let the people
. 1 wjudge. On the one hand we have a clique a
v' faction, who declare they will know nothing but
war and iarnas:e . In our eresent national con-
fl;0n oh the other we have a party which has
v ' never flinched from fidelity to tbe Union In the
'hosr'of perllj which Is, in the present erisis,
v ;- aeither exclusively a war party nor exolnsivelj
' ' peace party, but demands that the rebellion
fc sgainst the government shall be suppressed
s that the constitutional and legal rights or an
the people, North and South, shall be" held
aacred,. and effectually gosranteed, ana tnai
" "the' "old Union of free and slave States, as
,T, formed 'by Washwcti ), Madisou,'' JirnasoN,
and tbe men of their generation, shall be re
'stored atd Dreserved. Again, we say, let the
people judge who are secessionists, if any there
it'. eeloOuio-
Judge Nye's Article.
Our readers will find on the first page of this
mornlnr'a Sfsitfman an Interesting article from
the Marietta Xtpublican, written by , Judge
Astra Nrs, of that place.- Judge Nrs Is well
,fv inowa W the citlxens bf Ohio as S conservative
politiolao of tiie old Whig scbool, and as an
eminent lawver anq ,)uage. ice aeuHuiBUM
enlerulnedby It msa of hlf age and experience,
J -who bas been, of late years, . withdrawn from
aoiive participation In the politics,of the dsy,
'and ebgaged In the -ppiition'cf eonstltutlonal
and n-uulcipal law, ejDuot fall to gain a re
. spctfal bearing from every eitlteo who baa the
i gooj of the country ap4 tbe prestfvailoa of its
free Institutions really at heart.. , i '
Tbe Government has decided tliat the three
month's volunteers are sot entitled to bouhty
for re-enlisting.
Dennison's Letter to Henry B.
We pablieh thia -Ornlog the correepondence
of Got. Dimmmor end Hmbt B. Paine, In re-
letkwteeaeel the resolution, of the Deno-
araUa Union ConTentlon. Tne retolotion
fwred to li that denouncing the "cortupUon,
..j f..nrttiam" of the War
Daoartmentof the8tatend neaerei
m.nt It la so Terr ittenae tbet the Gowemor
did not, ptettoue W thle, eddreee letter to the
Clncl-netl CmmtrtM, Qwtt end other or hie
ii.i i t.i.lA. k nhiMt. Since the war
thr-a Datere hee, day a tier day
charged Incompetency." profllgecy. oorroption
n f.n,iti.m. noon the war meneeeri In both
.. . xT-.t .i ..j a.i- Administration!. But
tne iatiuuM
h. r:n.nr has not detaned to notice them
though tbey ere all and each regarded responsi
ble: So palpable wee the incompetency of the men
who were managing the war matter! of the
State, that the Honte of RepreeentatlTee, the
majority of which were political friends of the
Gorernor, paeeed a resolution by nearly a unan
imous rote, requeetlng the Gowernor to dismiei
man of bis "staff," and appoint men who were
competent to discharge the dutlei or tnetr re-
sneotlTe offices.
Whether the outrageous contracts gtwen out
at the commencement of the war, were the
suit of "coriuotion." faTOrltlsm,,, or "Incom
petenoe," time end Inrestlgatlon will determine.
We hare not the space or the inclination, at
present, to go into the matter at this time. The
Gorarnor reported to the Legislature, m re
pome to a reeoluUon, enough to laUsfy any
man that the contract! were outrageously ex-
trawairant and unjustifiable
For instance, he made contraoU without pub-
n notice, for sat Uu tkutMnd uniforms at six.
raw dollars each, two thousand of which were
let to 0 'Haixa C BurwoLi, of uis ciiy
These uniform! eost the oootraotora less than
Un dollm, making a dean profit en the ten
thousand, of sixty thcuiand dollars. A con
tract for tar tkownd orerooaU was let at
$9 65. i We ere informed that the coats eoet
hnnt .It dnllara. learlnc a nrofit of about
tUOOO. These orercoata are now famished
far seren dollere and twenty-fire cents, and we
suppose, et thle, the contraotore bare t respect-
able profit.
We need not allude to the oootrecis ior auo-
siitence, at firty cents per say, ai uis ume.
The whole Bute has condemned them.
Whether these contracts were let througn
motires of "feToritlam," or from IncompeUncy
or corruption, we leare our readers to deter
As to the rery liberal offer made by the Gor-
ernor of the use of his "staff" and the reoords
of the ExecutWe offioe.we will only say, that
all this will no doubt be examined by a Wglsla
tire committee, who' will hare more time to
derote to that subject than the committee on
resolutione. Indeed we hare no malice toward
Got. DufNisow; his fate at the hands of his po
litical friends has exoited our sympathy and
commiseration. When his political Mends
sustain hlm.lt will be time enough for us to
say mote.
Call you this Sustaining the Administration?
Tn r.AiT. There ie a class of quasi
traitors in certain parts of tbe Northern States,
ts. rMT hMdanartere 01 wnom are at naw
York and Albany, who labor to promote the
oause of the rebels by stirring up dissension at
tbe North, and particularly by endeavoring to
break up tbe Cabinet. JAiZ. Bulletin.
And there is a class of editors in Pennsylva
nia and a few other States, wno oetong to ai
mon Camion, and who receive every sugges
tion in favor of removing him from the War
Department, and putting a more able and hon
est man In hie piece, aa high treason and tbe
sin against tbe Holy Ubost mat is unparuona
We think It highly probable that Pennsylva
nia politicians will presently oome to be esti
mated at their true value.
The removal of Cameron, and the appoint
ment of Holt in his place, would carry joy to
every loyal heart la the land.
Eridenoes of the Incompetency and dishon
esty of Simon Cameron are every day apparent.
They arc perfectly appalling. The President
thinks this is not the time to swap horses, but
hs Is mistaken It la tbe very time to make a
wholesome change.
We deelre our friends to distinctly under
stand that the above is from ths Cincinnati
Cmmtreinl, the mouth-piece of ex-Governor
Chase, now the Secretary of the Treasury.
And yet the resolution of the Democratic Union
Convention denouncing corruption in tbe Wm
Department la called Irteseaeoli. Evidence of
incompetency and corruption is "narioTLT ar
rALLMo," but a Dtmtergt must not say so!
.Farther on this point. "'
List of Officers Resigned.
The New York Trttans publishes a list of
officers resigned, and whose resignations have
been recognised two hundred and twenty-five
in all. Ws give those from Ohio:
Benjamin Rush, 1st Lieutenant, 9i Regiment;
P. S. Tower, 1st Lieutenant, 1st Regiment C.
McDermont, Surgeon, 3d Regiment; J. Ross
McMullen. 1st Lieutenant, Sd Regiment; L. M.
Kellogg, Captain, S4th Regiment; Nelson L
Lnt(, 1st Lieutenant, 13th Regiment; A. Lan-
dut Piatt, Colonel, 13th Regiment.
"A Great Nuisance."
A petition Is In circulation amone the Ger
man Republicans of Illinois, preying, the Free!
dent to remove Cameron, aa a "great nui
sance." The following Is a copy of tbe peti
"T U$ ExulUney,Abrhm Lincoln, Pruiitnt
f tae VnUtd Sutm:
t 'The undersigned American eitliens, having
some to tbe conclusion, and sincerely believing,
that Mr. Slmod Cameron, your Excellency's
present Secretary of War, U In every reaped
wholly unfit for the high and, at the present
time, doubly Important position your Excellen
cy intrusted him with, and further believing
that he ie in fact a great nuisance to the coun
try, would most respectfully pray your Excel
lency to rid the nation and yourself of the eald
officer, and to replace him by a nobler and an
abler man, la whom all loyal dtlsens may eon
. "Discharge Simon Cameron, and 70a have
won the country a aosen vioiorieei
Wa. therefore, will ever prav. etc. etc."
The Anttiatr it Wtn$, of Illinois, hopes
tbe petition may be effeetnal la removing the
"public nuisance" irom hs vaoinet.
'' There Is no doubt in our mind but that Fbax
BLAiaias got this up since he went weet. Blair
belongs to the Ciasb sllque, who are determin
ed on driving Cameron out. Bat "Old An"
is determined to keep 4AMfR0 la. All who
fight Caxho are opposed to tbe President's
war policy. . .
Defalcation of George N. Sanders.
ft tht X&ltor cMc Innirtr.
" GtsTLiKKt In my father's absence. In the
South, 1 wish to stats to ths public that bis eo-
eounts were ecrnpuiousiy made square wita ens
Government before ble departure from the
North, and that his prosecution IS political,
baeed opon some unfair construction to punish
ble 'treason" to the Administration, as be is
not available new tor tbe courtesies or tbe Gov
ernment in the hospitalities of Fort Lafayetto.
- I will immediately forward to him intcllh.
geoceof tbe sole; he will promptly vindicate
himself, asking no favors or Indulgence of Mr.
Lincoln. Very respectfully,
Defalcation of George N. Sanders. REID SANDERS.
GRASS HILL, Carrell Con., Ky., Aug. 18, 1861.
The New Republican Union Party.
We taks the following from the Ashtabula
Statist!, the true exponent of the late Repub
llcan organisation In Ohloi
' Below is a call Issued at Columbus for State
Convention. ' For what object the oall Itself
says; and upon what authority, Is to bs deter,
mined by reading tbe samee of thirteen Individ,
uals In Franklin county, thirty-one In Cuyahoga,
eight la Miami, one in Portage, one (David
Tod) In Mahoning, seventeen in Lake, one
(Hocking 11. Hunter) in Fairfield, eeven in
Clark, one tn Champalgne, and three In Mont
gomery. Eighty-three Individuate la all, In
cluding foor or five who may be made eligible
to a nomination for Governor by the aeiembliog
of euch a Convention. (Here lollows the call).
It ie tbe right of any individual to get up a
a.... r.nnniinB ir h east and he may hold
uui himself if be likes. But with our habits of
party organisation, the people expect such things
to come in order. , The Democracy have held a
Convention, declared what i sus they propose to
make, and nominated a ticket. Tbe Republi
can Central Committee has invited tbe Demoo
racr to ioin them in a Union ticket, which they
navedeciinea. u was Dstuwi; w -i
therefore, that the Republlcane would nominate,
. . ..11 . r.nn.ntinn to take some aC'
tion. But the committee has not called a Con
vention, for either purpoee.
xi h.t i. tha Renuhllcan nartv to do
appears to be left for tbem to fall in with this
call as an only alternative. But what ia to be
the effect of such a oourse it ie well for ue to
inquire. The Democraey nave orougo tu
ticket before tbe people on me grouna ot opw
1 v.. nvauint Httte and National Admin
istration, and making this an issue, declaring
that the Republicans are responsible for the
War, and that they are not worthy of publlo
eonfidence-and oflerlng to settle the present
difficulties by compromise with the reoele
Here on the other band ia a oall, which proposes
to repudiate eU party relations, not even offer
log to sustain tba Administration, or Justifying
tbs course it has taken in the conduot of the
war to this time. Is the Adclnlstratioo, sieotea
by the most decided popular expression, tc 1 be
thus ooolly repu Mated in this trying hoort After
voting for Mr. Lincoln, end placing tbe Admin-
P . . . 1 a . 1..,. t n si wr tnaea
Istratlon in nis nanat, arw m. -tbsir
backs upon him, and invite aU who toted
against him to join them In electing local om
cereT We are of thoee wno oeneve was we
Administration ought to be eustained j and we
oannot Join In a movement tnat eo piamij gim
it the go by. It may be that those who got ap
this call did not Intend to do this; but In a new
org anlsstion of thle kind, we must know what
isintenaeato oeaoow. . -
Democracy are. and what the Republicans are,
from their peat record. But tbe elgnty-tbree
gentlemen wbo propose to call e state tj,onven.
lion, must UU us before we can know what lif
propose to do. Their call snouto wereiare in
dioate whether they intend ip euppprt the Ad
.ini.i..iinn. bt not. We demand this ss a
right before we follow their lead
As to tne nepuoiioau v.u--.
.k., . th aboatl Tbey published the other
day that they would issue a call on a certain
basis, if the Democracy did not respond to their
offer Where is that call! Someof them have
signed this call. But are we to regaru tue ap
pearance of their names in that petition as an
order for us to face abaut; or Ie it evidence that
they have lektbeir pariyl iney were appos
ed to oall a frii6a State Conveouoa, and
like party duties; out not 10 mtuauu .u put;
at their pleasure. We deny that they had any
right to make the move they did toward the
other party. But since they have, it was their
business to perfect their proposed plan. How
are we to know that tbey have decided not to
a Rnuhliem Convention 7 Perhaps it may
not be amies to remind them that they have done
an unwarrantable thing, transcenaea tneir pow
m. and krtravd them who out them in place
Their action is without precedent, and without
excuse; and tbey merit tbe denunciation of all
honaat nnliticiana: and tbey will find them
selves held to a further account, for this high-
banded attempt to destroy their party organist
tlnn .
A. tn th ITnlnn nartv. we do not Say WS will
not act with it. We mean to act aa seems right
and beat! and we may see reasons for Joining
this Union party; but till it proposes to support
Mr. Lincoln's administration in its effort to
maintain ths Government, and takes issue with
the Democracy in their opposition to it, we sbsll
stand aloof.
We must be permitted to say that we think
tho Sentinel Is perhaps unnecessarily severe on
the Republican committee. Tbey could not
well do otherwise, though some of tbem strng
gled hard In the committee-room to savs its ex
istence. The order of tbe committee is cer
tainly to "face about." The people of that
party have been so often ordered to "face
about" aid ground arms by committees, that
they are getting used to it. It is supposed they
will obey tho command of some man wbo they
have been la the habit of denouncing as a
"DoujUt iro-Blarery doughfaoe Democrat,"
rather than one wbo has the smell of Republi
canism on him. The men whom tbe tfranati
would favor are behte par just now, la tbe new
movement. They must be kept In the dark for
feu of making the new party unpopular. , '
A Very Broad Hint.
Tbe capitalists who losned the Government
rim million dollars, adopted tbe following res
olutioa: '
"RestM. That this meeting, In assuming
the grave responsibility of furnishing means to
sustaio the Government in this Important crisis,
beg leave respectfully to express to the Presi
dent of tbe United States its confident expecta
tion that the Government will, without respect
to party or personal considerations, so conduct
Its affairs In every department of administration,
as to Insure vigor, Integrity, economy sod effi
ciency to the triumphant termination of tbe
Thia is simply saying in very mild terms, you
have not done right heretofore, but after tbis
try sod do better. The N. I . Times says:
"To the President, this significant resolution
esnoot tail to imply several things. One ie,
that there wee, ia the opinion of the bankers,
ased to live taint tne warning it contains..
Ths capitalists it fear that all ie not right in
tbe administration of tbe Government, or tbey
would never have told the President that be
would be expected to enforce Integrity' and
economy' la ue application ci me atonsy
thsy are advancing But the resolution signifiee
more. - It reaches into tbe future, and means
tbat If tho President ahall (ail to eons alt the ob
vious wiebes of the nation la regard to the
Wlgor, fakorty.eeritewtw and efficiency of the
Administration in too prosecution 01 tne war,
tbs 'grave responsibility of furnishing mesne
to sustain tba Government' will be dropped by
tbo very capitalists by whom it bss beea ss-
MUSSd.. .?,;-. i. 1 .?,."' .-
' Jt Is about time some one should have thrown
oat this Mat.., Ws. hops it may. bo of advan
- ' er ' " -
Come to Think of It.
Gov, Deonlsoo hat somehow come across a
paper which Insinuates that bis war Adminis
tration is not a brilliant sucoess. Hs Is "er
westy ereusd.n He writes to 0. B. Payne, as
obairman 01 tbe uemocrauo convention Com
mittee, asking him to make rood tho Insinua
tions in tbe resolutions. Mr. Payne replies tbat
H. E. Smith ot Stark was ehslrman, and If he
wanted tbe chairman's answer the note should
be re-dlreeted, whereupon the Governor throws
open his files, tenders the assistance of bis staff,
denes tne worm "or sny omer man," end pub
iiahea toe wnoie oorresponuence. inciuaine a re-
loinder to Mr. Payne, which reached Cleveland
in pint before tbe note to Mr. Payne, which
cat off tne possiDiiuy 01 ait. rayns's nnai an
swer, with tne vouchers, Irom appearing at the
eame time. The answer Was ready before boob
to-day, but Is crowded out sod will appear to
morrow. eutnaeaKr. ,
While the Democracy rally around no flag
bat that of tho Union, they wilt never eeese
te fight foe freedom of religion, freedom of
speech, freedom of tbe press, freedom of tbe
nations under the protection of tbe habeas cor
pus, and trial by juries Impartially elected.
Columbus, Aug. 14, 1861.
Mia ana A tYlftn SV tha .aanlntlona reoorted by you
aa Chairman of aoommittee, and adopted by the
"Democratic Confentlon," which met In this
cltv on the 7th Inst.. I find the following:
. "RessW, That tbe corruption, extravagance,
incompetence and favoritism shown in the War
Departments of the State and Federal Govern-
mente, deserve ana receive our uuquanucu u
demnatlon, and ought to be Immediately correct
ed and reformed." 1 J V
Thai ara rave eharcee. . If well founded
the State authorities, and especially myself as
tbe Exeoutive,- ought immediately to -resign
their offioial trusts. If talse, those who have
preferred and those who give currency to tbem,
mnit'.anaim tha merited condemnation of an
Indignant people. Your resolution embodies
general accusations; I call upon you for partio
ulars and demand tbe evidenoe upon which
you base your esiault; the medium through
which it shall be given, I leave you to deter
That you may be prepared for tbe fullest ex
hi hit nr fmMt. 1 Invita von to a thorough exam.
inatlon of everything relating to the War D
partment or my Aamimsirauuu- n wu
trant. mmwnnndenoe. records of appointments
and orders, appertaining to the Department yon
have attacked, snail oe ireeiy pu, jwu
shall be furnished witn copies 01 wuawver pa
mm wan datirnate. I extend you also the lib
erty of Interrogating, at your pleasure, every
effloer la mj staff, and every assistant ia my
own end their offices. ' , J .' . .
If your resolutions are not the exponent of a
purpose, ae old aa tbe war, and as malevolent
aa it la tOViaiOUS, IO SimuintV ptinuireui muM
economy, but instill distrust, by which political
ambition and party avarice may be eubserved,
publlo credit depreciated and tbe National Gov
ernment compelled to a disgracetul compromise
with armed treason, you will promptly seise the
opportunity I give you to show the people that
those you represent are aoiuaicu uj mumw ui
honest antagonism to reoemon, out ten uu vj
amiatv for the nreservatlon of political identi
ty and the snpremscy of doctrines, which by
DODUiar vote tne toyai oiei t muutmuw
H. B. PAYNE, Chairman Com. on Resolutions,
7th Aug. Dem. Con., Cleveland, Ohio.
CLEVELAND, Aug. 17, 1861.
Data 8iai I am in receipt of a communioa.
tion from von under date ot the 14th iost , but
em at a loss wnetner 1 snonio repiy k it, 1
was not "the chairman ot tbe committee on
Resolutions at the 7th of August Democratio
Uf you designed ths letter lor tbe offloui or
gan of tbat committee, 11 anouia nave oeeo au-
dreesed to the Hon. H. E. Smith, of Staikcoun
ty. I read the resolutions before tbe Conven
tion at his rtauest. and thia act probsbly led
you Into tbe error of supposing tbat I was the
"chairman." Unless, therefore, you especially
desire a reply from me, I will return the letter
to you, or forward it to Judge Smith, as you
may prefer. . I', , '
Keepecuuuy yours, eic ,.
Hon WM DENNISON, Columbus, Ohio.
COLUMBUS, August 19, 1861.
Si a: In reply to your letter in
stant. in which you Inform me tbat yon were
not the chairman of tbe oommittee on resolu
tions of the 7tb of August Democratio Conven
tion, as you were understood to nave been, 1
have to say that I intended to address you
only In your reported offlaial capacity as chair
man, w tin you personally 1 nave no contro
versy. ' '"' ' '
I publish the correepondence for tbe purpose
of saying tbat I desire my letter of the 14th
Instant, to you, addressed to any respectable
gentleman, wbo will assume tbe responsibility
of having been tbe chairman of the committee
tbat reported tne reioiutions reterrea to, or to
any other member of tbe committee, or to eay
other member of tbe convention who approves
them. Respectfully,
HENRY B. PAYNE, Esq. Cleveland, Ohio.
Important Railroad Decision.
Recently a brakesman on the Pennsylvania
Railroad, named Frszier, having been injured
by a collision, which he claimed was tbe result
of gross negligence on the part of tbe Com
pany's engineers, brough a suit for damages,
and got a verdict for $5,775. Tbe defendants
sppealed to the Supreme Court, and after a
careful examination of the case, that Court re
versed the decision ol the Court below. Tbe
grounds of the reversal are thus summed up:
"Aa employer is not necessarily responsible
to bis employee for inury arising from tbe
negligence of bis fellow-servant. But if he
knowingly keep la hie employ a rash, careless
and Incompetent servant, and injury is thereby
caused to another servant, tho employer is re
sponsible for tbe damage. If, bowertr, tbe
habitual carelessness or incompetency of the
employee be known to a fellow employee, who
remalne In the service without giving notice
thereof to tbe employer, and receives an injury
therefrom, tbe employer Is not responsible -Character
for care, skill and truth must alike
be proven by Svldenceof general reputation, not
or special aole." 1 . -
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
The Rebels on the Mississippi between
Caire and St. Louis.
Cairo. Aug. 19 A thousand rebels oocupy
and have sacked Commerce, Me. Tbey have
also planted a battery there, compelling the
steamer Deamoinee to return to Cairo and the
Hannibal City to Cape Girardeau. Tba gnn
boats leave Cairo at daylight, to take the
battery and disperse the enemy. Tbere is
considerable excitement. Payne's regiments
leave to night by boat for Commerce.
C. D. M.
Army Appointments.
Tbo Detroit Fru Prttt gives tbs following
sppointmsnts from Miobigan, in ths regular
army: i
Brigadier Generals A. S. Williams, of De
troit, Democrat; I. B. RIcbardson, of Pootiao,
Republican. ' 1 ,
First Re k I meet Artillery Joseph P, Sanger.
Of Detroit, First Lieutenant, Republican.
First Reciment Infantry Jtiozle Sates, of
Detroit, Seoond Lieutenant, Republican.
eleventh Kegiment lnuntry Menry L.
Cblpman, of Detroit, Captain, Republican;
martin cider, or , first lieutenant, Ke
Twelfth Regiment Infantry Samuel S. New
berry, of Detroit, First Lieutenant, Republican.
Thirteenth Kegiment larantry E, W. Clift,
of Detroit, First Lieutenant, Republiean.
Fourteenth Regiment Infantry Richard F.
CBlerne, ot Detroit, Firet Lieutenant, pern,
oerat. , ...
Fifteenth Reglmeut Infantry Edward' A.
Curtenlus,of Kalamazoo, First Lieutenant, Re
publican. . ' : ' i
Sixteenth Regiment Infantry Charles T.
Trowbridge, of Detroit, First lieutenant, Re
rmbllcan. 11
8eveateenth Regiment infantry Jamee W.
Bingham, of Ltvingston, First Lieutenant, Re
publican! Bemaer Howrad, of Geaessee, First
Lieutenant, Democrat. .. r. -
Eighteenth Regiment Infantry Henry B.
Misntr, ot Detroit, Captain, Kepubilean; a.
Denton, of Ann Arbor, Firet Lieutenant, Re
publican. , - - i
Nineteenth Regiment Infantry William J.
Lytter, of Detroit, First .Lieutenant, JRepubll-
Paymasters Joshua Iiowsrd, of Detroit Re-
publican J Anthony Ten fcyex, oi uetroit, Vtm
oerat.' .' . . . vn . . :...v. ,,
Commissary Department Griffith Oweo, of
Detroit, Captain, Rrpubllcan, ; : ' , ,t : .
, The FrtePrete addst 1 " '"" j
It Is true there are a few Dtmocrats selected,
but so lew that It impresses one wita the belief
that they were made from a feeliog of necessity
and not from choice, tbat it would not do te
ignore the existence of the Dsmooratlc party
entirely, but it should bo dons ia such a manner
I as to maks the neglect full as striking as though
I none Bad "tea appointor
Female Traitors.
A faot has Just corns to our knowledge
shows how readily the enemy obtains Wmj;
tion through agendee which are
perform their operations without check or bln-
A lady who lipasBlng the summer at New.
port received, lsBt week, a letter from a lady
friend, dated at Richmond, asd announcing the
writer's sate arrival la tbet city from Baltimore.
The letter was filled with seoeesloa sentiments.
Ths writer, a young Southern woman, espouses
ths oause of 'the rebels with ths utmost fervor,
and expresses an earnest wish that the war
against the Government may suooeed. Bbe
then describes tbe plan by which eho .was en
abled to elude tbe vlgtlanoe of our patrols,
snd maks her way aafely to the rebel capital as
ths bsarer of important dispatohss from the se
ceesloniets of Baltimore to their friends at
Manassas Junotioa and Rlobmond. She lert
Biltimore some ten days sines with no other
baggage than a medium-sized traveling trunk;
tha Ptnm.A In an 0060 bOSt. made bCT
thrnnoh nnvnarded OSSSCS St ft. distance
r.m k ii.,. n i aimv. and bv a circuitous
and fatiguing routs succeeded in entering the
lines or tbe enemy, one usu tuu m ,juv.v
U r..n.,..ilni. An tha aamn at ManSSSSS, having
given tbe enemy's plokets abundant evidences of
her sympathy with tbelr course, and was permit
ted to proceed to Richmond without molestation
of any kind. , ,
Arriving at Richmond, her trunk was Imme
diately sent to the Postoffloe in order that the
Immense number of letters whloh it contained
might be properly assorted and forwarded. The
writer adds, mat ao great , m .u.vm.
the correspondence whloh sac had thus convey
ed from Bltimore to Riohmond that her trunk
was packed with letters so that she had room for
only one light summer dress on the top of them.
In detailing the particulars of this Journey, tbe
writer further saysi "To bs sure, 1 ran some
risk in doing this, but then, if they the Gov
ernment! had caught me what could they have
donel 1 am only a woman, iney wouia eaiy
Asm test miff Wnthtngton."
This story, which comss to us upon the best
authority, simply proves what has been said lor
many weeks past that ths rebels constantly re
ceive Information of the movemente oi tna
Government, and that tbelr faculties ior oom
iDg regular communication with the secession-
1,1. In R.ILImnra and WathinCtOB SUffur BO ma
terlal cbeok from tho euspenslon of the mail ser
vice. .
The young lady in question, however, could
h... ..d haraaif much trouble and considera
ble risk by forwarding tbe letters to Richmond
through tbeiAdams Express Company of this
clty.-iV. Y. Put. :
In a Tight Place.
Hearlne a Republican misrepresenting the
speech of Mr. Vailandigbam tne otner aay, we
remarkea mat we were going to puuuau , tu
let the publlo aee what Mr. V. did say.
Well." said he. "any editor wbo will publish
a aneeoh of Mr. Vailandigbam ought to have
his office mobbed, and Is a secessionist." We
remarked: "Do yon take the New York Trii-
wr1 "Yes. sir. I do." said be, "ana you
don't find Vailandigbam' speech In it, either."
"Why," said we, "we dipped it from the 7ie
n our jell, end we will bet you $10 tbat It Is
In the number you now have in your pocket "i
The TViount waa pulled out of bit pocket, and
the first tblug which met his eje, in large type,
was, "Tbo epeecn ol tbe Hon. i. u vauauuig
ham," etc., cto "I'll give up," said be; and
mizzled. It was patrioiUm for Mr. Greeley to
publish tbe same thing. Was ever bu "buggery
more arrunt7 Afeitoa Drmocreiic Mirror. .
Mr. Giddings waa attacked on Siturdsj
afternoon witb a paroxysm ot the complaint
from whioh be has occasionally suffered (atropbe
ot the heart), and lor a few minutes his symp
toms were really alarming; but ne is now aoing
well, and decided to be out of danger by bis
physician, and likely to be entirely recoverea in
a few days, bver since tne late oeieat at
Manassas, he hae been very much excited, and
has labored nigbt and day, through the recent
hot weather, In getting up tbe iwenty nintn
Reelmeot making two trips to Columbus, and
traveling and speaking all over tbe county
by which bis physical strength nas oeen over
tlxed. Aihttbult Sentinel.
French and Turkish Pruuei, Figi,
Zante Currants and Eaitins
For tale whotetalo and retail by
j)31 106 South High Btreet.
CMVD at the Oflice of tbe Becretary ot State,
Monday, the 2d day of September next, at
for fornlthtnt caper for tbe use ef tbe State of Oblo, ai
2,000 BStmt Donblt Baper Royal Printing Paper, S7X
by 41 idoIiu, to weign not Kte man oo peunaa w uic
100 Reams Double Flat 0 tp, 16 by 97 Inches, te wtlgb
at letttM pounds to ibe ream.
100 Reama Broebnre Oover Paper, ataorted colors, SO
by 87 lacbee. to weigh at leatt 20 pounds to tbe ream,
Tbe quantities above named to be tnoreated at the op
tion ot the Beeretary of Stals.
Bids matt be accompanied by samples of the paper,
and mutt specify the prlo. at which each kind tod quali
ty will bt delivered at the State Boute in Colombot.
No temples of an Inferior article seed be presented; the
paper mntt be of the bett qua liy .
Ibe dtllveiy of the Baper Borel and Oover Paper to
oommtnoe on the first of November next eneulng, and
continue aa the paptr ahall be needed.
Tne delivery of tbe Doable Flat Cap ta commence on
the tint 6ay of Deoembtrsext, asd eontlnue ae above.
Bondt, with approved tesurity In double the amount of
tht contract, will be required (aooordtof to taw), condi
tioned for the faithful performance at each contract.
The bldt to bt made and ihe contraott awarded fat ao-
oordtnot with ibe terms of the -"act te provide for the
purchate of Stationery, Fuel, and other articles for tbe
General Amenably end State Offlowi," pitted March 11,
looj. nee uurw. aim) awan a aui. ooo.
Bldt to be Indorsed on the envelopes, "Proposals for
fumitbina paper for tht fetate."
e Bidden are atturvd that no paper will bs rvoelved
nn late It conforms la every respect with the samplea.
2 Ate jromiHn tmt oe uncut acuurem to. . . , i
Secretary of State.
Cotumbna. Ohio', Ae'gnit f, IfOl-dtd
01VB1 at tbs Offltt of U Secretary of State,
until .-, ,. ,., ... . -i ,.
Monday the 31 day of Septsmber next, at 12
, o'elocK M.,
for furnltblng tbs flats of Ohio with Fuel, at follows:
80,000 Bushels ef Coke, to weigh not lets thaa 40
pound, to tne rmtner. -
10,000 BuebtM Coal, to be of the best quality equal
et leut to the lower vein or iiocting.uoai, ana rrat
from slate, stick arid dirk.- I
The fuel to bs delivered, without ' rhart tor inch de-
llrery, at tbe State Boute In Colon but. , '
' Pronotalt to be accompanied by eunplet.end to tpeol-
fy the kind, quality and price ot tbe fuel proposed to be
innitahaA. - ' !
Bach contractor will be required to give bonds, with
approved taoarlty, in double the amount of the con
tract, conditioned for the faithful performance of hit
eontraot. -
Tbe bldt to be made and the eontraete to bt awarded In
aeeordanoo with the terms of tbe aot entitled "An aet to
provide for tbe pnrahatt of Stationery, Fuel, and ether
articles for the Qrneral Ateemaly and State offioert,"
patted Waroh It 1S5J. See Bwaas Bev. Buu ,$M;
Curw. SIM).' "..
Bids to ke Indorsed oa fbe envelope, "Fropostls for
lunnaniDg inei ior tnvDuita. , , . , , ,
Fue 1 furnltbed by tbe eontractor matt In all eatrs
be ennat ta aaMt o the sample. TM rate WiH te
... t . -.- a. r. .udoauui
; , . . .. - - Secretary el State,
Oolnabus. Ohio. August lMI-td.
TjfJHCIIAlEH WANTED for SCO paektget of
JT. Itarlonerv aod lewelrr, for sale at prioee at In
voiced, tat 10 peretat. dteeeant, at tbe expreat oflice at
Columbul, Ohio.
'Alto, tgente wtarea te ten tne nevt peeaets or Itltitn
try twitu v wimoui jewwiiy
bout Jewelry) tn the market, at prlcee
be puiebatta fleewhare. Address, with
lowtr uaaean
Itamp Saoloeed,
, ... .. .. t. I,. BaILIY,
UiOeart street, Bottou, Mtts. '
XV CLOAK CLOTHS, i Alao, other Dikes ef Spring
u loaa vioina.wau aenraiue mutuiree Hinainn, lee
tell and Buttons to match, . , . BAIN at Suit,
apnia - -
110) M South Hie h atre
XV rierovi ntoe
; 1 Catk Pearlrd Barley. -n
T-1 ...K.i'
BT.it ::
t M-ti'
,llr-l k
' 60 Btrrelt White Wheat Ilotr.
1U0 Bed (Bxtra).
Ia store sod for sale by
106 South Ills b Street-
iDtroa Ohio BTTtt-PleaBe announce lbs earns
of Joaua tiUtaaaACu. jrf this city, wbo Is at prtient
clerk In tbe Count Xreatarer's office, at a taltabls can
didate for Oouaiy Aadltor, ratjeet to tba dtoltlan ef tbs
Vrauklla Oouaiy Union Dtmooratls Convention, and
T'llZ:-:??:' f AKT BEMOOBATI.
gurtea bam lAiraiAX P Uate anBoanoa the .tame
et Im W'Uo at a candidate for County Auditor,
ekbjeet te ths detUlon of tit Union fiemoeratlo Oonren'
tha. and oblige . MANY P1M0QBATS.
iDtToa Dm 'BTATfAB Please announoe the name
of Oso. 1. Convraeaasaoandldete for BtpretenUUre,
snbjeoi te tbe deoUloB of ths TJnloa Betaooratlo Con-VehUo.a.ebUgs,-1l,--
jjjMoOBATS. ,
-Emtob Oaie BTAtaaiuii-rPleaia announce the name
of Jons 0. Idwabds, of Madlaon towntbip, u a candi
date for KepmentaUTS, tnlject to the deolslon of the
rnlonDemoeraUe Oonyentlon of Franklin County, and
oblige, v., . k nogT 0J pEMOOBATS.
KoiToa lTniiai-Ploaie announce In yonr paper
tbat many voters In this bit" and In Franklin county,
dttlre to hare Otto Daaan,, !., for their next Beprf
mtettre.r Mr. prewl U Jut the man for the place.
eugH'M ' ' ' SfANT PaMOCSATI.
, Onio fTKii: Pleats announce la yonr pa
per that many of tbe voters of tbe northern part of this
county dttlre to bare Oen. OrUwold, of Bbaroa town
Ship, for ear aext Bepietentatlva. '
: Koitoi Ohio Btatoimh: , Sir Pleate annoanos tbe
same ef A. 0. Bum, of Jacluon townthlp, tt a randl
data for Bepreteatatlre, eubjeot to tie deoitioa ef tks
Colon Dtmocratlo nominating eonventlon, andoWtfe,
a mm. ar.TMMAii Pleate announoe the namt of
Oapt. Biaaa at. Oisoas.of Blendoa township, at a
oaodldate for Sheriff, subject to the decision of ths
Franklin County Denocratle Convention, and oblige
abiW ie ' MANT D1M0OBATB (
Ioitor 0b Btatsb Pleate announce tht nine
of W. W. Etta, of Madlaon townthlp, at a oandidate for
nnnwtm flaamlMloner. aaUeet te the dedilOB of the
Union Democratio County Convention, and oblige,
eugSl . MAST hgMOCaATB,
For an Inch'of Time!
a eying Queen. Tbat Inch of time etn be procur
ed at a mush cheaper rats, and many long years oi
enjoyed by consulting Dr. MBRBTwB ATHBB, who
ltourlnftnemoatobitlnateand lonf it ending diteyet
of the LUNQ8, Ha ART, HTM. atUBBin,
V , Facts1 airo Stnbbara Thlnga!
Bear what the Philadelphia eorretpondent taya tn the
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, Bib of AprU,
IBM: i
"An Xneilth gentleman, formerly erni netted with the
Briiieh Army, and wbo atylee blmtelf the 'Indian
Botante PhjttcUn,' hae of late gained an extensive repu
tationhereky his skill In curing all manner of com
plalntt. Some of bit patkwts I bare oonverted with,
tnd they proaonnoe hit remedies and mode of treatment
at very superior. Some have been ret to red at U by
matte. Tho medioine be utes It dlttilled by himetlf
from vtrloua horbe poeteailng rare curalira properttea.
"While aotlog In me army he devoted his lelture mo
mentt to a thorough study of the elfeota produced by
certain medlolnal roots and berbe on all manner of die
eaus. It tacmt ft bu found a turn and epeedy reme
dy forall the Milt that fleih is heir to.' flit practice It
already extentlre and la dillr increasing. In the com
plaints to which Females are subjeoted. he bu no equal,
ua large number here have tettifled that they owe not
only their praeent gcod health, but their lives, to ths
skill of thlt Indian Botanic Pbyilln-
Office 37 East State Street, Columbus.
The Best Artificial Help ta tne
Human le;ut aver InTonteol.
merit of the molt Improved kinds ef Bpeetaolee.
Ail hit aiatiee, whether for near or far-ilghted, are
ground In concavo convex form with tbe greateet care,
eo et te suit the Byes of all eases, curing Weaknett.
Drulneas er Indammettoa ef tbe Byes, and Imparling
strength frr long reading or fine sewing. .
Offiee. II Bait State street, St Bellter A Webster's
Mutio Store.
smcTS or irregularities avoided.
Toe mpeb eating and drinking, dsw habits and nodes
of life, often produce irregularities la the bowels and
general health of tbe system. But Baairmura'a Puts
will soon sure, the stomaoh will regain Its strength, and
a bealthy action of ths system will be restored. , Ho
Mteicutas are equal In ussfulnosi te tht
Every man ot ths FIB1 ZOUATIS had a box of
and an ALLCOCK'S POBOUS FXABTBB put in tbelr
knapaaok free of expense. And to this fact may be at
tributed the abttnoe ef any of THIS BBOIMINT from
tbshotpttal. .
ITXBT BOLDIIft should baveU box of Brandreth't
Fills, a box ot Salve, and a pleoe ef Porous Platter.
Tbey are BUBB to be useful, often life-saving.
Bold by 3os Cool, Druggut, Oeluabae, and by
all respectable dealers In medicines. '. . J ! .':' '
augl7-dlm i I : t -::-.ir '
jnurr ats Lire pills.
In all oases ef eostlventes, dyspepsia, bullous sod liver
affeotiont, pilee,' rhtamaUam, fevers aad esaes, ebstl
Bate head aches, and all general derangetnents of health
thsee PIllthATt Invariably proved a etrtaln and speedy
remedy. A single trial will plane ihe Lua Mis beyond
tbs teach pfoompetitlon In the estlmatloa of every pa
tte&tf ' " ' '' " t
Dr. Moffat's PnW ltun will be found equally ef
Boeeious Is aU oases ef bervous debility, dytpepsla, bead
sohe the aVhaeee taoideot U filie la deUaale health,
tnd every km! ef weakaeeS ef the dlgeetlve ergant.
For taU W Dr- W. B. MOFFAT. ?, Broadway, B. I.
and by all DruggkrU. . : amylB-dAwly
Tie foUowlnj; U sn sxtract iron a
letter written by the Bev- S. Holme, paster et ths
pierrepblnt-Btreot Baptist Church, Brooklyn, W. T.,to
the "Journal and Maatenger," Cincinnati, 0 and speaks
velsntoa ia fetor ef that world-renowned medicine, Mas.
WtMiow"! sooraiM Sratrr roa Oaruant TaaTBniei '
"Wt steam advertltment la your columns of Mas
Window's Sooth we Braor. Now ws never talda word
In avor of k patent medicine before In onr life, but we
feat eon pel led to Say to your teadare that thle Ie ne hum
bof wt v vaiea rr, an anow rr v aa atx rr
olaiM. It la probably one of the moat suroaairul medt
ointeef thedar, beoaoas It Is one of the beet. And thoee
of your readers who bays babies seat do better thaa
lay supply." fowaydaf
RAirj& SON.
So. 29 Soutlx High Street, Columbus, 1
AEoS WU-f Pr Good, atex.valu.
fMOrard? TrT'tHns Dress Ooods at 1S. va'us 0 ote.
MOO Jtrds BniHtb Btrasat at WK. value oeoti.
10U0 wrd! French Ornndtes at UU, valoe SO cents,
loon rards Fait OolorJd Uwne at 10 value 11 cents.
?. ,,ra. h.... Hiit..t 37W. value 60 eentt.
MO vari Bnpir FMs BUek lllk at l 00. valas f I .
Boul S OrgSdle Berage, and UnglUh llerage, at one
half their value. fc -0M
; 29 Booth Ulgb Street.
Elegant Lace Mantillas,
cto ON",
ISTo. 29 South High St.,
HATS J tut opsned an Invoice of very Urge and
pusher, french. and cuantilla
lace mantillas and p0inte3.
Wide French Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep Freooh Flouncing Laces.
Real Thread, French, Cbantilla & Oeneveee
Valenciennes, Point de Gaze, Brussels
and Thread Laces and Collars,
In new Shapes,
For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
The belt and moot fashionable styles In tbe city,
JeSl SO South iligh Street.
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
Fruits, etc. etc.,
No.-10G,:$outh High Street,
Thtoldttand ree.-ntly occupied by WM. McDONALD
lie It In daily receipt of
Which he will tell
Cbeap for Caah or Country Produce.
JJjr Ooodt delivered to City trade free of charge JJl
No. 106, South High Street,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Steam Between Ireland and America
Ths following new and magnlfioeut nnt-olaispaddit
wheel Bteamthlpa compote the ebove line:
ADBIATIO, 5,888 tons burthen, Ctpt,J.MiO
(Formerly of the CoUlnt Line.)
BIBERNIA, 4, too tone burthen. Oapt. N. Paoweu.
COLUMBIA, 4,4t0 " - h. LaiTca.
AN0L1A. d,40U " ' " Ntoaouok
PAOiriO, S ttoo " " "I. Burnt.
3,300 " " J.Waumb.
One of the above ships will leave New York or Botton
alternately every Inetday fortnight, for Oalway, ear
rytn the government malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
The Steamers of this llae have been constructed with
the greateet care, undtr the supervision of the govern
ment, have water-tight compartments, and are unexcel
led foreomfort, safety and tpeed by any alternate afloat.
They are commanded by able and experienced officers,
aad every exertion will be made to promote the comfort
ot paeeengert.
An;experlenoed Bargeta attached to each ship.
Flrtt elatt N. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool I1U
Second-class, " " 73
Firet-ouue, to St John'e 33
Third-elate, " ' " to Oalway or Liverpool,
or aay town la Ireland, oa a Railway, - - - 30
Thlrd-emee patioagoie are liberal ly tapplled with pro-.
vttlona of the beet quality, cooked and tervtd by the ser
vants of the Oompaay.
Fartlss witting to tend for their friends from the old
Country can obtain Uckete from any town on a railway, in
Ireland, or from the principal dtlet of Eogland and Boot
lend, at vary low ratet. -
Ptaeengtrt for Mew York, arrlrlng by the Botton
Bteamere, will bs forwarded to New York free of charge.
For passage or further information, apply to "-v
Wa. H. frlCKUAM,
At ths offloe of ths Company, on the wharf, foot of
Canal itreet. New York.
bain & isoN;,
1,000 yards Sapor PUIn Bleak Silks at 00 value
1 par yard.
ttSOO yards Travtllng Irress and Mantle Ooods at
1 1B eeots value SO tents par yard.
,000 yards White Briltlantes at 12 la cents
value SO cents per yard. ' "
StOOO yards Fme sad DessssUe Olngbamt greatly an-
ear value. ;u , ; . ,
MOllaOIQUlS, Biuoxorxs,! .
Nervy and FaabLlonata ZrtnHs Oood
la the a est desirable styles asd at Very lowers frloes.
Of all matarlalt, suds In the most stylish manner after
the latest Paris Fathleaa ae most elegant styles In
ths city.
. .... ., BAIIf a BON,
may X So. 89 South High street .
, Canton Mattings. -
(At 8-4, White ana ileal aad
White V becked of sapeitut quality. For sals by
VAin m Bun,
athst iBo.saesthnih

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