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The Adam Exprest Company placet us dally
under obligations to It for the very latest papers
Irora toe eastern cities. . . , , ...... j
The American Eipresa Company has our
thanks for its daily favors In the shape of the
very latest eastern papers, i . '. '
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notios U hereby given td the Union Demoo
raoy of Franklin county, to meet on Friday,
August 30, 18G1, between the hours of thru and
six o'clock P. M, In the townships, and it and
tight o'clock P. M., In the Wards, at the oinal
plaoes of holding eleotlons (excepting Norwich
township, which will be held at Schofield's
Bchool House, and the Fourth Ward at Oarer's
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend the Conn-
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, injtbe
elty of Columbus, on Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 1861, at ten o'olock A. M., for the pur
pose of putting In nomination two Representa
tives in the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one County Conmissioner, and one
"infirmary Director.
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judicial Conventlod will be fixed here
The following Is the number of delegate! al
lotted to each Waid aud Township, based upon
the vote cast for Supreme Judge in I860, allow
ing one for eaoh fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five votes so oast.
1st Ward,
3d "
4ih "
5th "
Montgomery To.
Truro '
Prairie "
Pleasant "
Perry .
' Hamilton
Mlffln r
Madison ' '
Plain .
. 3
. 1
a 4
Wm. Doiiioan,
Sam'l Dotle,
Jacos RamaaBD,
Alcx. Thompjon, '
H W. Millkr, Wm. Coomb.
John M. 1'uoh, J. Bulem,
R PicKr.iEC,- Jamcs Horlociis,
if o r i J -
II. S.
muii, i .
County Central Committee.
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 21, 1861.
loformaiiou.hits oe n received that money has
been demanded by the commanding officers of
certain regiment, s the price oi their influence
to secure to parties netking them, subordinate
appointments of tho regimuots. Tbis has been
done for the ostensible purpuae of assisting to
pay the expense of recruiting. All euoh bar
gaiuiog Is in tbe highest degree disgraceful, and
is pasiuvely forbidden. Should any such case
hereafter be brought to the notice of the Com-mander-in
Chief, all parties concerned will be
promptly reported, and their dismissal from
service Imperatively demanded.
order of the Commander in Chief.
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
Quarts RLr Rgroar or rut Organs' ilowl.
During tbe third quarter ending August 6th,
1861, six children have been received at the
Home- Four of whom were placed there tem
porarily and were returned to their friends.
Fire have been placed in good homes leav
ing twelve now in tbe Home, all of whom are
doing well.
We have had no siokness durlDg the quarter,
for which we are very thankful, as our means
have been exceedingly limited, and we most
earnestly hope that our efforts to replenish our
treasury at the coming County Fair may be
orownedwith success.
Amount In Treasury at clou it 84 quarter
,. 147 67
,. 7H 40
Amount now on hind
Mrs K. Mees, Mrs. E.Flint, Mrs. J. E. Hurl
burt, Mrs. Alex Houstan, Mrs. H. Fitch, Mrs.
A. M. Gangswer, Mrs. Todd, Mia. Hopperton,
Ooebox clothing and bed quilts, from "the
Sewing Society i Johnson.
Mrs. Ruahmer, of Blendon, clothing.
Mrs. Chapman, of Blendon, clothing.
Mrs. Waabburne of Blendon, clothing and
Mrs. Gangewer, clothing. '. ' ;
Mrs. Champion, provisions. .
Mrs. Kmnck, soap. ...
Mrs. Fell ond Mrs. Champion, milk.-1 '
Brooks & 33 bushels ot coal.
Gen. MoCook'b Camp. The new camp for
the musterlcg in of Brigadier-General A. Mo
Dowell MoCoox's Brigade, la to be established
In a pleasant and ' healthy location on the Mad
River, about two miles above Dayton.' General
McCoox, as Colonel of the First Ohio Regi
ment of three months'' men, won the esteem
and confidence of all under his command. His
brigade will no doubt be speedily filled up. '. It
will consist f 0D regiment from Cincinnati,
and of others from the central portions of the
Stat. :!'' .V lr" :i '
- in '-' 1 1 .
'CT On Tuesday Ustr in' the jvloinity . the
city, some three or four mllot pnt on the Worth'
Ington road, German laborer, Mr. John Ham,
had his left arm caught la machine for clean
ing broom corn, and so badly mangled that am
putation became necessary The operation was
performed by Dr., McMillan,, who, cut Off the
arm close to tbe shoulder. 'v .-
O Col. Foltok will soon proceed
to re-or-
organise the Sixteenth Regiment, at Camp
Goddard, near Zinesrlllet and Col. Bttnr, the
Nineteenth, at Camp Ford, near Alliance, Stark
oounty.V ' , :nj
! ; f..-,. n. . 1 1 . i u.
Tai Twjwtt-Sxvxnth RmhIiint. The fol
lowing are the officers of this. Regiment, whloh
left Camp Chase on Tuesday morning, August
SO, for St. Louis " o -, .. , nr. t,.,-.
ColbnelJonn W.' Fuller, Toledo! ' T 1
Lleot-Col Henry G. Kennett, Cincinnati,
t Major Z. Swift Spalding, Cleveland. - "' 1
Burgeon William R. Thrall, Columbui.1" , '
Asst. 8urgeon-J. C. Denise, Dayton. ,. ! r
. Adjutant Philip B.Cioon, Cincinnati. ..". ,
Quartermaster William M. Voirlenon .' -.
n,.nUtnN. I. T...I. ' - A I
J. B. Menken, ., ,B ,
E. Nichols, ! J- I'll ,s..o
f 1
M, Wells. '' "u 'Dv.
- -; M. Churohiir, , , E,''
" , W. Vfi Culbertson,' t'l ... V ;
V ' " ' ' " F. Lynch, m :. .1
.' i" W. Bayers; ' l f-O, "
, ' N. Tucker, , ':! i
- Wm. Ferney, - K
, ... ' ,' I 4. J I
Gband Pio Nio -There will be a grand, pio
nto on tbe farm of A. . Bhith, Etq ,nsar
Genoa, Delaware county.Ott'AdarJcfitU
August 24th. - Independent mUltia. companies
will be' present wUh martial ' mutl(f.'Ex-pof
Mxpabt will speak in the forenoon, and la tbe
afternoon, muslo and danclpg nay bf fxptottd
The Romantic in Miutabt Lute. Captain
Swain's company of United States troops from
Newport Barraoks passed through the olty
yesterday on their way to Washington.
The wife oi a corporal belonging to the oom
pany had Insisted upon aecompsoylng her hue
band, but ber request wm refused. Thereupon,
the husband threatened to desert. , Hearing of
this threat, Capl. Swain telegraphed to this
point to have band-cuffs prepared on tbe arrival
of the company. " They were made ready ac
cordingly, and when the company arrived at
the depot, were placed upon the limbs ot the
refraotory soldier, and the wife, who had, in
some way managed to come up with her bus
band from Cincinnati, was summarily elected
from the cars. ' 1 1
As tbe train which was to convey tbe compa
by onward, was about starting, at the earnest
entreaty of the corporal, and upon promises oi
future fidelity, tbe shacklee were removed. Ha
seated himself by, an open window of the ear,
his wife standing on tbe outside, to whom he
offered all the money he had. This she refused,
saying she intended to go On with him.
As the oars moved off, she msde a spring for
the window, and was caught by her husband,
who drew her, crinoline and all, through the
open window Into the car. Away went the
train, and this is tbe last we have heard of the
twain. 'i V-' i ,
ICT Mr. Georqe Fisher, an aged man, who
has for many years past been a workman in
Hatden'i wiro mill, met with a serious accident
yesterday morning. While engaged In oiling
some of the gearing, his right arm was acci
dentally caught by a portion of the machinery
which was In motion. The musolee and ten
doni of the arm were torn off, and the bones
broken and crashed. We understand that Dr.
Gat has amputated the arm some two. or three
Inches below the elbow. , ;.
Aid Sooimr. The ladles of BIgelow Chapel
will have their Aid Society this (Thursday)
evening in the lecture room of the Church,
where they will be glad to meet all their
friends. . r ,
ST The Newport, Ky., Barraoks are getting
thinned out. On Tuesday morning quite a
number of troops left for Western Virginia,
and yesterday morning Capt, Swain left with
156 men for Washington. Very few soldiers
remain In tbe barracks.
A Milk at Sradeviui. Rumor says that
near BhadevllI on Tuesday last, a difficulty
occurred between a number of white meu and
some three or font Umesttheir number of color
ed men, all of whom were at work In a broom
corn field. The colored party bad ordered the
white meu to leave the field, which order tbe
latter - were so contumacious as to disobey.
thereupon a general fight ensued, in which sev
era! persons were severely wounded.
ST Col. Carrjnoton has opened a recruiiine;
office In the South Engine House.
ICTCapt.. PAUiEa's company, of Utbana,
eame Into, the elty last evening from Camp
Chase, and this morning took the carl for
Mansfield, to join Col. Foao's new regiment.
O" Two convlots were brought to the Peni
tentiary on Tuesday, from1 Licking county one
convicted of forgery and sentenoed for three
years, and the other of burglary on two separate
Indictments, and sentenced fori ten years on
m i
DT The Eighth Regiment, now at Webster,
Va., four miles from Urafton, la under order
proceed to Cheat Mountain Pass.'Y
ID" The Twenty fifth Regiment, Col. Jones,
in company with a Virginia Regiment, is guard
log the bridges between Grafton and Oakland
O In the Campbell County, Ky., Circuit
Court, the case of Messrs. HirraxN and Mooor,
of Indiana, indioted for duelling, has been con
tinued to the February term. , Mr. Hiffren is
in Western Virginia, la command of an In
diana Regiment, and Mr. Moodi is In ill health.
Secretary. Rail Road Time Table.
Lima Miami it Oolomscs 4s Iota B. It.
Lsavas. I
Olnelnnatt Aooomaodatlso. 8:00 A. U
9:10 r. M.
" Xipnia 11:40 A. M,
and AooommodatloD.. 9:10 P. M
11:10 A. M.
9:00 P. M,
ill 1:90 A. M.
Might XzuiM) vU Day ton. 19:00 midnight
S . i . r . , J No. yr. DoaniTT, Agtot.
Counties Ouvilans B. B.
Night Kzpna 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P. M.
Nw TorkEzpres 11:10 A.M. KhWA.M.
O.O.StO. VyXxprtt.... S:J0 P.M. 7:40 P. M.
Jams Patrmon, Agent.
CbtoalOrisR. B. .
No. SXzpitH........... 3:30 A. M. U5 A. M.
Mo. 4o 9:U t. M. 11:44 A. M.
.-j .. , i, , w, j, ta 4gMt
PrrruoMN, Oouikbos tt CninnuTt B. B. '
MUTrl.....-i.......i 3.30A.M. U:SSA.M.
BzprnTnl. 1 l:tj A. M . , 8:45 P.M.
"'" ..''',"-! Jo Kownso. Agoat 1
Couhios A: ImuNorelia. B. B.
(Oounuoa Pinoa Sv Indiana B. B.)
Ho. 1 Xxprsss.. 0 A. H. 9 00 P, H .
No. 9 " 1:00P.M. 7:90 P. M.
Aoconuaodatlon ' 10-.W A. M.
. . 0. W. Bkiti, Agsat.
MaIIs tor New York Oily, Boston, Albany, Buffilo,
PIUAbargh, EUuIwitUU way. OUTtUnd, KircitIU,
Nswark, OranvlMo, Wathlngtoa Olty, BIUa.ora, Phil,
delphla and Now Orleans, sloas dau ((andays exeopt
d) at 8 o'ctoek p. B. - v.
A through mall tor Kow Tort and OlirvUnd elotos
dally (Bandayi axotptai at I o'clock p.m.
O.O.StO. B. B. Way Mall oloM dally (laadays
oepMd) at i s'olook p. m, .. ,
Oontiml Ohio Way Mall elosei dally (BSadays sxcepttdj
10 o'clock a. .
Olnolnnatl Way Mall eloios daily (Baadays eaotptsd) at
o'clock a. m.
Chicago, Dttbaqae, Delaware, Marion and Worthing
too Mails sloiea daily (Sandays sotptodj at o'olock
p.m. - ; .i-i
Malls tor Zsnla, tpringflold, fiayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, iiouiavllla, St. LonU, and Votrott,
cloMi dally (Bondaya oxoapttd) at 8 o'clock p. at.
A through mall to Zonia, BpiingfiaM and OlnotanaU
alooM daily (Baadaya anaptad) at 10 o'olock a. m.
' Orbaaa, Fkjui, Ilffln and Colon Olty mall eloaas dally
(Baadaya anaptad) at 9 o'olock p. m.
Laooattar, Logan, NalfonTlllc, ClrolaTilla, CbJUIcotha,
Portamoath, Waihlngtoa 0. H., Athens, Marietta and
Hlll,boroB,h mails alow daily (Baadays ajoaptad) at 8
clock p.m. , . r
!!MLWV 11(11 National Boad to Zanairllle eloaas
dally (Bnndaya azoeptad) at l4 o'olock m.
lUrrUburga MaUewta Uatly (swdaysaaMptadJ at 8
o'olookp. m. r. w . , . t
Mt. Tamon Mall, ky way of Wastarville and Bunbory ,
SloMS aally (Bandaya aaoaptad) at 8 o'akoak p.m.
DubUa Mall slows daUyCdaiKUra axwptd)at 9 o'clock
laooasUr Way MaU claaaa dally ((andays axcapM) at
e'eisska.sa.A.. .v, ... i -
Malls from New Tort, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittaburgh, Qlavalaod. Say too, Xolado, Xania,
Detroit, (pflDgfiald, ClnclnnaO, Cbilllootha, 8t. LoaU,
and all Boathera cltioi, antra wtwaaa tM boars of 9
o'olock p. m. and 4 o'olock a.m.
Valla from Indianapolis, OhtasfO Bad DakMaa antra
3:40 a.m.
Malls from Wsihlagtoa Olty, Batttmora, Whatung,
ZaoaavlUa. Newark, BtaubtnTlUe, Mi. Varaaa, and tha
0. 0. B. B. Way MalUarrlvsat Uo'cloekm. i ..
, Way Mall tram Cincinnati antral at I o'clock p.m.
" tancaatar Mail arrtvw at I o'clock p.m. -But
Way MaU ever tbe NaUoaal Boad arrtvw at tl
o'clock a. m., .. . , . ..... .
Mt. V anion Way Mall arrtvw at 11 .00 a. m. ' '-''
Hall from Dublin axrlTM at 19 o'clock m. ' - .-
Crbana Way Mail arrirw at 9 o'oloak p, m.
Uarrbborgh MaU atrivw at 11 o'olock a. m. .
Lanoaatar Way MaU arrtvw at 19 o'clock m.
Offloa dallmy opaa every day (sxoapt Bnaday) from
To'clocta. m. to 8 a'olook p. m. Opan o Sondaya
frws 7M to 8 o'oloak la the monlaf, aad trot
. , .
. HiW HITiI.S-jSitm Ac koa. No. Ji B BoalU
Igh arMt, kara ) ui t ovaoad naw atylw of Clora Out-.
tonLaaa. kAnijpna and Baoow, mada la tha oemat and
moat atylUn maonar. Alao, mwptrh A'lalm
The Rebels Whipped in Two Sharp
Cairo, August 30 A battle took place last
night, at twelve o'oiocK, at Charleston, between
tbe Federal forces, about two hundred and fifty
strong, of tbe 22i Illinois Regiment, under
command of Colonel Dougherty, accompanied
by iiieutenant colonel Kausom or the litn Illi
nois Regiment, and the rebel forcee estimated
at between 600 and 700, commanded by Colonel
Hunter, of Jeff. Thompson's army, In which the
Federal loroee were victorious, completely rout
ing toe enemy, Killing torty, ana taking seven
teen prisoners. The loss on our side is one
killed William P. Sharp, of Company A.-
Among the wounded are Colonel Dougherty
lightly t Lieut. Colonel Ransom, shot in tbe
shoulder, not serious; Captain Johnson, or Co.
A, shot in the leei Georse G. Perry, sllsht
wound In the arm. The wounded are all doing
well.- . .,
Caot. Holman. who. with fifty mounted men,
left Bird'e Point about six o'clock last evening
for Charleston, to join the forces under Colonel
Dougherty, failed to make a junction,
i Col. Donarherlv mat a nartv of rebels, about
one Hundred strong, and gave them battle, kill
ing two and taking thirty-three prisoners, and
oaptured thirty-five horses without tbe loss of a
man- '
The Wheeling Convention.
WHiittMo.Va.. Aue. 30. The Convention
to-day passsd an ordinance creating a new
State, reported by tho select committee on the
division oi the State, by a vote of 50 to 28.
ine Dounasry, as axed, moiudea tne counties
of Logan, Wyoming, Raleleh, Fayette, Nich
olas, Webster, Randolph, Tucker, Preston,
Monongalia, Marion, Taylor, Barbour, Upshur,
Harrisoo, Lewis, Braxton. Clay. Kanawha.
Boone, Wayne. Cabell, Putnam, Mason, Jack
son, Roane, Calhoun, Wirt, Gilmer, Ritchie,
Wood, Pleasants, Tyler, Doddridge, Welzell,
marsnaii, umo, Brooke and Hancock.
A provision wss incorporated, permitting
certain adjoining counties to come In if they
should desire, by expression of a majority, to
do so. Tbe ordinance also provides for tbe
election of delegates to a Convention to form a
Constitution; at the same time tbe questions
for a new State, or against a new State, shall
be submitted to tbe people within the proposed
boundary. The election is to be held on the
24th of October next. Tbe name of the State
ia to be Kinawba. The utmost harmony pre
vailed. Tbe Convention will adjourn to-morrow.
Tbe First Virginia Regiment is expected
to return to-morrow. Great preparations have
been made to give them a brilliant reception,
Feeling at Fortress Monroe—A Dutch
Feeling at Fortress Monroe—A Dutch Ship-of-War Ashore.
Fortribs Monroe, August 19. via Baltimore.
SO. An excellent state of feeling beglne to
prevail, and our troops are anxious for an ad
A ninety gnu Dutch shin is ashore at Cana
Henry. . .
An Editor Tarred and Feathered.
Boston, August SO. In Haverhill. Massa
chusetts, last night. Ambrose L. Kimball, edi
tor of tbe Essex County Democrat, a secession
sheet, wss foroibly taken' Irom his bouse by
an excited mob, and covered with a coat of tar
and feathers and ridden on a rail through the
town. . '
Subsequently, under threats ol violence, Mr.
K promised to keep bis pen dry in aid of rebel
lion, and wae liberated. .
The town authorities and many old citizens
unsuccessiuuy attempted to quiet the mob. Mr,
Kimball, alter suffering the abuse and Indignity
of the mob for a long time, made the following
affirmation on his knees: "I am sorry that I
have published what I have, and promise that I
will never again either publish articles against
toe norm or in lavor oi secession, so help me
God." After this, he was oonduoted to bis
From the South via Louisville.
Looisvilli, August SO. A dispatch to the
youner says ine steamer Hannibal City, with
Federal troops, southward bound, was fired
into by the Confederates at Commerce, Mo.,
ana budk, ana juu reaerais taken prisoner.
The Frankfort Yeoman says Governor Ma
goffin deputes W. A. Dudley and F. Hunt, as
Commissioners to President Lincoln, to request
the withdrawal of troops from Kentucky, and
Geo. Johnston to Jeff. Davis, to request him to
respect AeniucKya neutrality.
Tne New Orleans Bulletin, of the 13tb, saya,
Capt. Olden bad informed the Galveston au
thorities that unless the two botas which are al-
ledged to belong to citizens of Massachusetts,
should be returned to him, he would fire the
The Richmond pipers of the lGth. clace no
reliance upon tbe report of the battle at Lovetts-
The Nashville Banner of the SOtb, says,
indications point to a speedy reconciliation
of the conflicting elements in Eastern Tennes
see. Tbe Ablngton ViryWan says: There is
trouble in Johnston ouunty. Tbe Union men
are overawing and making prisoners of the
secessionists, and there are reports of passages
at arms. Several secessionists hare msde a
basty retreat from the county. Tbe secession
vote In the oounty was 100, and tbe Union vote
1,000. It is reported that the Unionists de
sign driving the secessionists out of tbe county.
n. vv. jaroweu,in a letter irom uiarlotts
vllle, Aug. 12th, says:
' "The supplies of clothing for the armv la not
half enough. The destitution of our army in
clothing and food la terrible. Applications are
made to us by well men who wish to escape
sickness, for an extra pair of drawers, sacks,
or undershirt. It will require every nerve to
be strained by yon at home, and ourselves here,
to meet the exegencies, of the fall and winter,
should war last so long."
ine Charleston trtr has a letter from
Richmond, saying: -
" mere is a great deal of sickness in our
army. , It la said that at Charlottsvllle and Cul
pepper there are over 3.0U0 sick. . A great
many or tbe sick have been brought to this
city, and at Norfolk and Yorktown there Is more
disease than with ns. ' The measlea haa swept
and is sweeping through every division of the
An Injustice Repaired.
Philamithia, August SO. Injustice has been
done Col. Walton, Trsaaurer of tbe Philadel
phia Mint, by reeent reports that charges
against him ot being a secessionist were to be
Investigated. His Union sentiments are well
authenticated. .-.
Another Arrest of a Secesh—The Fire
Another Arrest of a Secesh—The Fire Zouaves
Nxw York, August SO. Louis De Beblan. a
Frenchman, and resident of Wilmington, N.
C-, a rebel emissary, was arrested at Newport,
ana is now counnea atrort juaiayette.
'ins ire zraavee nave gone into quarters at
the Bowery, to reorganlsa. -
The Rebels Driven out of Commerce,
" Sr. Loots, Aug, S0.-The town of Commerce,
Mo., torty miles above Cairo, whloh was ' taken
on Sunday. and a battery planted, by the rebels,
was retaken last night, by 500 troops, asm
down from Cape Girardeau, by order of Gen.
fremont. The rebels made no stand, but re
treated with their battery, on the approach of
our troops. Their force waa about 150 infantry,
and tbe same number or cavalry, . . ,
From the Plains-Fight between the
Federal Troops and Texas Rangers.
T iNDErtNDfNoc, Aug. 19. The Santa Fe Mall
and Carson City Express arrived here last even
ing, three daya ahead of time, bringing dates
from Santa Fe to the 6th Inst.
' A report resohed Santa Fe two days before
tha mail left, that Major Lynd, of the 7th In
fantry U. S. A. la command of about lite hun
dred Federal troops, surrendered to the Texas
troops, three thousand in nnmber,with out Bring
a Shot. ,: r, , , .
Majoi1 Lynd abandoned Fort Fillmore on the
26tb alt., and marched towards Fort Staunton,
eighteen miles from Fort Fillmore. He sur
rendered his whole command to the Texas
troops.. . ,. .J, v.
li ia believed in Santa Fe that the Texans
hare alio taken the stock and ooachea belong
ing to the Santa Fe & El Passo Mail Company,
ae their coach failed to arrive ia Santa Fa on
tbe Id mat. . .J Ua.?;i:: r t. .-. ?
An engagement took place at Messilla, be
tween a body of Federal troooe and seven hun
dred Confederates, under command of Captain
Baylor. Captain MoNealy and Lieutenant
Brooke, of tbe Federal Army, were wounded in
the engagement. Twelve of the Confederates
killed, Night put an end to .the engagement,
the Texans remaining at Messilla, and the Fed
eral forcee going to Fort Fillmore, about 1U0
mues distant. i.
Considerable fear was entertained for the
safety of Fort Union, and tbe commanding of-
floer of that post was having it fortified and
entrenched. !
Colonel Lorinir. formerly of the United States
Army, la said to be In command ot a body of
lexis Hangers. ;
Ihe weather on the plains was very warm
snd buffalo were abundant. In many places
the mall party found it difficult to get through
the large herds which covered the roads and
oiama. .
Gen. Rosecrans and the Press.
The General Commanding the Army of Oc
cupation in Western Virginia and tbe Depart
ment of the Ohio, Invites the aid of tbe press
to prsvent tbe enemy from learning through It
the position, strength and movements ot the
troops under my command.' ' ' ; ',.';
Such information is of the groatest service to
the enemy, and deprives the commander of our
own foroes of all tbe advantages which arise
irom ine soorecy or concentration and surprise-
advantages are constantly enjoyed by tbe rebels,
wnoie press never appear to betray them.
Arrest of a Secessionist—Official Confirmation
of the Battle at Charleston,
Pbilaoilphia, Aug. SI Augnst Douglases
merchant of Baltimore, was arrested her at 13
O'clock last night, charged with an attempt to
Indune Lieut. Hayne to join the rebels. ' -
Tbe continued alarms about 'the designs of
the insurgents against the Caoital are now de
clared by gentlemen In high quarters as fabrics
tlons of secession emissaries. Opinions, how
ever, are divided upon this subject. Whatever
may be the truth respecting it, the Administra
tion wants to reinforoe and be ready for active
operations. The volunteers while left la Nor
thern cities and towns can do no service, but
they can be organized here and readv for ear.
vies Immediately, hence the call made on (the
1010 luSi. "
A dispatch recslved at headauartars. dated
St.. Louis, 90th. states that tba commandina
officer at Cairo reports to Gen. Fremont that
voi. vonerty witn auu men went out tbe day
before at 7 o'olock from Bird's Point, attacked
tbe enemy at Charleston 1,300 stroug, drove
him back, killed 40 and took 17 prisoners, cap
tured IS horses and returned at S o'clock iu the
morning to Bird's Point with tbe lots of one
man killed and six wounded. , .
The Privateer Jeff. Davis.
Niw York. Aog. SI. The nrlrateer Jeff.
Davis was at St. Johns, Porto Rico, July S6th.
She took in wood and water, and proceeded to
sea next day, laying on and off tbe island. She
was supposed to be waiting for a baroue. ex
pected from tbe United States with provisions
for her. Tbe authorities of the island aent an
officer to her and ordered her away.
Uapt. Uivis.ot the BritUb brig J. N. Johnson.
arrived to day from Arago, Porto Rico.- He re
ports seeing a vessel in Crooked Island patssge,
wuica ue was certain was ner.
Niw Yobk, Aug. SI Ordeis are already Is-
usuior tne movement irom tbu city to Wash
logtoo of eight regiments. ,) ',;
Federal Scouts at Jefferson City—
Gov. Gamble Calis on the Citizens
to Take up Arms and Enforce Order.
JirrRtoN CiTf , Aug. Si An extra tiain sr
rived bere last night, bringing tho scouting
party wnicn was put on tne train nred into yes
terday morning. They report having killed
two and wounded several of tbe secessionists,
cringing in nity prisoners.
Gov. Gamble has appointed division Inspect
ors In five of the seven military districts in tbe
State, for the purpoae of mustering men into
service under tbe militia law oi lew, revived
by the State Convention.
The Governor calls upon the citizens to
oome forward promptly to sustain the neace bv
the suppression and dispersion of the bands of
armed men who are now committing violence
in the differeLt parts of the State. Aa soon as
troops are enrolled they wiil hold themselves
in readiness to match at the call of the Execu
tive to enforce order. Any regular organiza
tions will be permitted to volunteer in the ser
vice of the United States, if the members
thereof so desire.
Tbe following is the form of oath to be ad
ministered to tbe militia: i -i
You each and every one of you do solemnly
swear that you will honestly and faithfully
serve t'uo State ot Missouri against all ber ene
mies, and that you will do your utmoat to sus
tain the Constitution and the laws of tbe Unit
ed States and tbis State, and you do further
swear that you will well and t.-ulv execute and
obey the legal orders of all officers properly
piacea over you whilst ou duty, so beio vou
Kansas, Aog. SO. Intelligence from reliable
sources states there is an organized force of ten
tboueand secessionists in Sniebstr tp . lu the
southeastern part of the county.
the prevailing rumor that fort Scott, has
been taken and ie now in the hands of the rebels
haa been contradicted by the Fort Scott express
messenger, just arrived. He states all is quiet
at that place. ....
m 1 i
Prince Napoleon at Detroit.
DxTRorr, August SO. Prince Napoleon ar
rived early this morning and left this after
noon. He was the guest of Gen. Cass while
here. ' ' ' '
Dispatches from Washington.
Washinoton, August SO As much is said
about tbe attitude of tbe European . powers
threatening tha blockade, after special Inquiry
at the State Department, there la authority for
saying that, in tbe Instance when the Niagara
was off the station of Charleston harbor for 24
hours, Lord Lyons brought the subject to the
notice of the United States Government. With
that exception, whiob happened twelve weeks
sgo, no foreign Government baa expressed a
word of discontent concerning tbe blockade.
On the contrary, tt la universally respected by
foreign- Governments, although some of their
subjects are very aotlve In endeavoring to
evade the blockade, and are very clamorous
sgainstit. . niT .
[Special to the Advertiser.]
Ex-Mayor Barrett yesterday refused to take
the oath ot allegiance aa one of the new Board
of Polioe Commiasionere. This act excites at
tention, but no surprise, .....
Tbe question of the' exohsoge of prisoners.
which baa been a project of considerable consid
eration, baa not yet been decided.' President
Linooln it firmly opposed to any recognition of
the rebels as a belligerent power.'- :
It is rumored that tbe Government dislikes
Russell's attempt to ridicule the Bull Run
battle, and will refuse him passee over" the
Potomac. This undoubtedly ia base fabrica
tion. ... ', . " '- ,r - r" I
There are rumors of fighting at Cham Bridge
to day, doubtless untrue. .. ... :I i
Tbe iVelwnai Republican, speaking ror . the
supposed intention of the rebels to- erase tho
fotomao tor the purpoae oi 'invading lower
Maryland, aaya that the rising , of tbe negroes
la much mora, probable than a demonstration
by the secessionists, and threatens a formidable
emancipation, if the slaveholders In that region
do not remain loyal. '- ' i
Tbe Navy Department are busily at work.-
It Is expected that hulks, etc., will be sunk
as tbe month or a number or tbe talete In
North Carolina, and other places on Our coast.
Senator Wilson, ot Massachusetts, Baa re-
oeived'authority to raise a regiment in Massa
chusetts, with a battery of fl;tng artillery at
tached. . . . . . . . .
The court martial In the case oT CoI.'Mo-
Cann, of the New York 37th Regiment, have
lound the Coloael guilty of the charges, and he
is consequently deposed from bla Coloneley and
broken of Ms military rank. ' ' ,x
[Times Dispatch.]
Captain Alexander H. Shulta talli from New
Tork for Europe to-morrow; i He la entrusted
with an important mission to tne porta ot Jbsa
land and France, and will be abaent for two
montba.:. 1 1 ii-; c ' KiT.i -"O'.iitj
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
On Gen.'MoCleilan' orfary" alk'th' women
In tbe camp across tbe Potomao were tent away
last night, savs two hospital nurses for eaoh
regiment. Johnston and Beauregard hare been
re-inforced by some 15.000 to SO.000 sines tbe
BqU Ran battle. It la reported to-day that
xorittown, norfoii and Klohmond nave neen
almost denuded of troops, whose altimate des
tldatioa a presumed to be Maryland add Wash
ington, in toe oeiier that they design to cross
the Potomao below and above the elty, ample
precautions are taken. ' ;..-'. ,
l oe roiomao notiiia nas Deen enlarged, ana
the present foice oould be largely increased on
short notlco." " - '
Tbe chain bridges and fords above, for the
present. are uiclsis irom tbe high rains. . 1
The Potomao fleet now consists of eleven
well armed steamers and eleven launches, each
carrying fifteen. men and a.Cihlgreu twelve
ponnder.' -" ' - . i-' 1 . , t
Commander Wm. D. Porter has not been sent
home In irons;1 be nas been dismissed from bis
command, but not stricken from tbe rolls. .
Gov, Hicks le bere to night, He has no ap
prehensions or the result ot any effort to cap.
ture Washington with the assistance of Mary
land. . Tha secessionists in St. . Mary's and
Charles' counties are numerous enough, but
disorganized and unarmed. Governor Morton,
of Indiana; now there, ssya bla State will bave
eighteen more regiments in the field in three
weeks, making tbe quota of the State d7 reg
iment. , . .
WABHiNeroN, Aug. 21 General Blair, in re
sponse to an inquiry on the sdbjeot, saya he haa
no power to int-rdlct nor euepend intercourse
between tbe loyal and rebel States by private
expresa or otherwise-. This power rests with
the War and Treasury Departments alone, and
so long as those departments forboar to exer
cise it, correspondence between tbe insurgents
of tbe South aud their friends and abettors in
tbe North,; may be lawfully continued. His
power over the matter extends only to the pro
tection of tbe revenues of tbe department from
fraud, and tbe oanvevance of this circuitous
correspondence over the post routes of the Uni
ted States partly in tbe mail aud partly by pri
vate express is unlawful. He oonoludes by say
ing You have doubtless observed that tbe
President, in pursuance of an act of Congress,
pissed at tbe recent session, bss, by bis procla
mation of the 10th instant, doolared tbat all tbe
commercial interoouse between the insurgent
States, is unlawful. It is presumed tbat in
structions will be Issued by the Treasury De
partment. ....
Latest News by the Canada.
' Nxw York. Aueuat SO. Tha Canada has
3tj,000 in specie. ... , ..:
ine Asia arrived at Uueenstown on the lUtb
instant. : . tm
Tbe Cotton market waa aoiet on Sstuidiv.
Prices were firm; Bales, 8,000 bales.
ureaustuui heavy. Weather favorable for
crops. -''-'I, ' ....
Provisions dull and unchanged.
Consols closed at 90 9U. ".' -'.'
Livirfool. Angust 1U. Ricnardson. Soence
& Co., Wakefield, Nash & Co., and Bigland,
Athya St Co.. report flour dull and tendinc
downward. American is quoted at 24($28s. -
Wheat ouiet. with a declining tendenoi red
Western 9s 3Jaila: red Southern 11a 3drai!i
61 j white Western 18j; and white Southern
UIQldj. ..... '
Corn firm and unchanged: mixed 30if230i
6d; yellow 30. 6J30j 9d; white 31s 6d.
Ltviarooi. Provision Markxt. The same
authorities report beef steady for better quali
ties, du( interior Descriptions not so nrm. Ba
con deoltced S3i. Lard dull . at 4349j.
1 allow Uat at 4b(ai7s. Cd.
.broker's circular reports sugar steady and
unchanged,. Coffee ouiet and unchanged.
London Marxct. Baring & Co.'a circular
reports breadstuff with an Improving tendenoy,
anu active demand lor trance. Sugar quiet
and unchanged. Tea heavy and Irregular 1 Id.
uonee urm, witn upward tendency, -
American stocks very dull. The latest quo
tations arc: Illinois uentral 4U(34a diccount;
crio shares i-j3. ... .. . .
Livcrfool, Aug. 10. Cotton Sales ves-
terday 8U00 bales, Including SOOO to sneculatora
ana exporters, market closed quiet, but pricea
nrm. iireaastuUd neavv and drooDins-. -
London. Aug. 10. I. C. shares 37Urai39:
discount: Erie shares 22(323.
navre marxet report lor tbe week ending
nue. oiu. sava cotton Bales or the week.
7500 bales; New Orleans tree ordinaire 118f.;
do. baa 113f. Market closed quiet but firm
at an advance of If. Stook in port 270,000
bales. ,,, , .
The London Times, in an editorial, takes tbe
recent speech of Mr. Vallandigham, of Ohio,
as evidence of tbe charges that will be brought
against Mr. Lincoln, if the South U suooeaalul.
it aaya that only a viotory by which the statu of
raanassas may De eiiAeed, and tbe south induo-
ed to come to. terms, can secure the President
irom tbe consequences of having begun ths
civil war. ,
The London Globe observes, with rerard to
tbe blockade Question, that tbe blockade is a
right of war, but by what right, whether ot
war or peace, can Congress empower the ex
ecutive to desist from the blockade, and sub
stitute the levying cf fiscal duties on goods
about to be landed In territories where tbat
Executive oan afford no promotion to them 7
The hiootog Gazette comnlains that, the
blockading squadron, on the cjaat of America,
appears determined to interrupt marine oom-
meroe, in denance of tbe best understood
maxima of international law, and at the rhk ol
colliding with tbe forces of a maritime power.
ine iionaon rose, in en editorial en the
blockade question, aaya if , unfortunately Eng
land should be compelled to drift into the quar
rel, it will not rest with England, but with a
Government which haa endeavored bv the ruin
of innocent oammerce to enforce the validity of
a Diccxaue, wnicn it is manifestly incompetent
to maintain.! I i ;,' i .,;) 1
The Times of tbe 10th remarks, that the
Americana of the North even, take pleasure in
the sensation caused by their recent unparallel
ed defeat. Another letter from Mr. Rusaell
says, he having acquired further information In
regard to toe nght, baa come to the conclusion
that there waa not a bayonet charge made by
the Federal infantry during tbe day. There
was not a charge of any kind made by the Con
federate cavalry upon any regiment of tbe ene
my, until they began to retreat.
Gen. Anderson to Assume Command.
Washinoton, Aug. SO. Brigadier-General
Anderson left here yesterday afternoon for
Kentucky, His health is not fully re-established;
but bo is anxlcus to be on ' active duty,
and will atonoe assume command of bis department.
NEW YORK, Aug. 20.
ABHB8 Ouiat and iteadv. with modarata ulaa at
9 i suior pott, ana 3 aim, lor pear u. -
COTTOM-Ia itaady; sales of bales at IBs for
ladling apiaaaa. 1 1 . . t . vi : . , ......
. IfLOUH Uaavy and So lower. wlUionlv a Terr mod-
orate tmtineai for export and home eonanmptlon; salta
ar liJ-wBDia ei awsa sv ror anparOna ataui a-
SOSt 8o for extra iiata; at 40?4 SO for auperflne wait-
am; ouaia n or .common to maoism extra wee'ern;
IS 103)3 lStbr eUpptaf brands extra round hoop Onto;
and S BSiSC tS for trade brands da; markat elosinf dall
aad ireopinf, Canadian flour dnll, heavy, and rather
aaaiar; ealeaof 800 bbla at 40014 SO for lupeifltiOi
and $4 S53V7 90 for eonmoa la eiiofos extra. - ---
KYa rtijUHr-is steady at s SUV3 63. . . . r
UOKtf ME AD Ie iteadT, with a moderate demand:
alts of SM bbla Brandywloa at S3 SO. -.-r r
WHISKY More aoilvo, but unchisred: sales ot 1400
bbla at 17X"Ki-
WUK Ai xnata is ramsraore some;, wnlle tba mar
ker fanarally hu undergone no decided obange: iala of
ov,UUUDuanaiaaiuwaaawciaa ai wi uewi loi lt,VJU
do Northweitern oluti at 1 OS; 13,000 do Bacloa aprinf
atSl 03(91 Hi 18 500 do amber Iowa at 91 171 18,
ISOOaoaiaMruraeaiMurateixv. S4V0dorad alai at
1 26; 3d,lU0 do hifertor U prims winter rod weitara at,
Bl S3J&1 98: 9600 do white wrotem at SI Sliau 33:
3000 do white Oanada at 1 32; 4300 do white Kentucky
at si sswt v; ana ivwiao new rea waeteraos private
iariae i i -
UYIrirm at 48(SD0e for weaema and exafi3a i
state; ealea of U .000 buabala duaaaged. waitern si 40o,
AKbHiuaii ana nominally aaonanatd. .
OIMN About lo lower, with a fair auaiaaae dalnc for
axoort and home ooantmpUouj lalae of 140 000 bwliela
ataatsM'Sioraoauaoa mtxaa weetern; ifWiwtoi giu
ebiDDlnx do: and 4iKilo for weaura vailow, ,
i.uai'b ia moaeraia reqoeat at MWeWM for Canaoa
SDdeqBi)4aror itata and woaiara. i .. ,t ,
POall atoiaaeUve.bat prlaea lanarallv without da-
aided onanfa; sales or vouu noia at 14 0713 for auta;
B13 37rornntneDaeteddo: aad Blu for crime. .
Kitrmaraiaonunueaauiat ana aieaoy; aaiea
lOObbUat B4S4 SO foreountrv nrlme: S5 5 50 for do
meeai IS11 Hi for repacked mem; and (IS 5U11 U
tot extra mau. Prima mees beat dulUJlee bame
oontinua onlet at a 1315. aa la aualltv.
CUT StBAlB uoaunaseiuiK aaiea si ov paanges ai
aXiBMaforahoalderai atsoMo lor iiaas ( (
sauuovuii ana nominal. , . . .
LAilP-A abada fuaer; salas of 330 Wreli at B W
.. UU JlIEH firmer, wiin moaeraia. u.ema, ai c
uuKa.sa-in lair reaueeiaio(a3.0.
00Vlt DUll aonUnnea quiet, but prices remain
firm! aaiea of 140 bags ills at 14e; an) B30 bass 0ov
sroment Java at iw.
BtTtJAB Raw la Arm, with a food demand! sales of
ip.i7 nnai uooa ai ooo, cntcny at oxatoxo.
BtOLASBBS Cotidnuea Arm. with nuher mora dolna:
salt of 60 bbdi Ouha Haaoovado at tOe; 85 bhds Porto
Hloiat:; and 10 b We Bjarhadoea at en.. r. -
HTIXJKS Hither better, batqalet; Cb'onfocnd Eoac
'Inland 3X( ttalenaaod Cbicao 61 X; Cleveland and
Toledo w; Haadingiu; uaoiaa ; Krla preferred S;
Bria 834; New Yora Central 73; Paelao,Uail70X; Kan
tuofcf slxa77( allieuor1oo42: Tlrglnla do S4; 'fennea-
aeaaoex, ina-ana nroa ; usuta oiaiae aixea, si,
eoupona, n; unites oiaiaeeroe, -u, rtgnieiea, ov.
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 21.
OROOIRIIB Iaalobbincwav tha arooars haia bad
a very fair trad daring tba weak- bat In large lots tba
aaiea nava natneea numervoa. xaa pnant win aian
dard of prists dawn buyara from awl tbaa aapplylog
tliaoarrant wants ol tneir traaa. -uoiaera nava in.
areued aanfldanaa aa to tha futaia aooraa of tha trade
and would not sail any of tba leading staplei at preeeot
quoted prloee ia more leu. sagare are quoim at oo to
Uo tor lo . fair to prune; oonea at lX w Jx, swiaa-
tXOU Haa bnt llttls of tha aapport It got the other
day under better Eastern report. She epaaa waa only
temporary, and It la aitalo down to abuat Its old dall
condition 13 75 lor auperflne; $4 fur extra; and t4 U
for family. Knows fuvorita braads af each of tbeae
sradea will brlna (beta arlcea. but for ordinary there I,
not much requett. Vaney branda are, of eoorss, not la.
eluded in the above ranee, i. .
whs at a steady anipptng asmana aaa aapa ih
wnear market in good condition tnrouanoai ins weex.
Together with flour It wae aUmulattd and somewhat ipoa
nlativcly exalted on Friday and Saturday, but the trade
in it if aaaia on lte true workinr level, xne aauv re-
eelpta are In great part abeorbed by a demand from ship
para, but the buyer, are &xrd to their views. The aaiea
reported to-day ebowed quite a range of price, aad
make ltdiuloultto quote Uie market with accuracy- We
give tbe figure, for red at 75c to 78.-; for while at 83o to
80e. kxcepllontl lain would probably be found above
and below Iheea quotations, but the represent the fair
mean el prloee. - .. . - ...
CORN Hetalne the old flcura, 88a the variation!
from which nave lately beau ao few as to laara that aa a
sort of fixed etandard. A little cloaeneiS in tba market
quickly incraaiaa tha receipt!, aad makes It easy at the
rata named, 't o-oay mere waa a eaie irom ouoai ai xvo,
but dlitllleti aay tbat they aupply themaelres eerily at
28c. Tbe growing crop eeeiue everywhere to bare had
a moat favorable eeaiuu, and promiiei a yield exceeding
In amount and quality any erer before known. lis per
fecUoo la now almoit lecured belog axpoted to only
one onl.nary contingency of damage, namely : tha early
froii; but it la not probable that It will be subject to
OATS Command 24c, but not with an scura market,
altnoueh receipts are light.
UAKlifc la icarceiy menuonea in ine marie t, ana
no quotation oan bo fairly given.
KYIS Haa anomlnai ngura oi iuo.
WHISKY Blnca reduced to 13ko. hu a Iteadv mar
ket, vibrating in tone a Utile, In accordance with tha
alii tipeilencfci Nurte aod Fern 4 1 e PhytlcUa, preictsti
"W UW fttMOUOB OI aUUtaUCEsaalaQr .
which greatly faoilltate tbe proceaa ot taeuung, oy eou.
snlng the gums, raduclng all Inflammation wll 1 allJ
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, aad Is
Depend upon It, mothers, tt will give rait to yoarselvei
We have put up and aold thie article ror over ten yean,
what mm h.Ta never been abla to aav ol anv other medi-
ANCB, TO EFFECT A OUBB, when Umely nard. Nov.
ar did wa know an Inatanea of dlaaatlifaetion bv an v one
who need It. On the contrary, all are delighted with lta
operation!, and apeak In terms of commendation of lta
magical etteeti ana meaioai virtue., na in ui
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten yeara expe
almoet every Imtanca when the infant I luflering from
pain and exhaustion, reilel win do lonnu iu niicen or
twenty mlnutei after tbedyrup ia admintiterad.
Tbi valuable preparation la tbe praacrlption af one of
New England, and baa been need with NEVXK IAIL-
lNOBUCCK88tn .
T110IJ8AN119 ur UAStl,
It ont onlv relieve! the child from pain, but Invigor
ate tha itomaoh and boweli, correct acidity, and give
tone and energy to the whole ajiUjm. ..It will almoit Inl
stantly relieve - , .,
qbip:b(j a the bowels, avo win o colic
and overcome convuinona, which. If not ipaedlly r-tma
died, end In death. Wa believe it toe nan ana bub
It artiee from teething, or from any other cauas. W
would aiy to every mother who hu a child Buffering from
anv of the foregoing complaint DO NOT LET YOUB
t.ml hatveen von and vour Buffering ohlld, and the re
lief tbat will M BORE yea. ABSOLUTELY 8UK3-M
foUowtheaMoftb.il medicine, If timely nied. fall dl
rootlom for aiing will eaeompeayeaeh bottle. Nope
genuine unleaa lb fae-almil of OCRIIS fx-RUmi,
New York, la on tba ouuide wrapper.
Bold by all Drugglats tbrougnoui mm woria.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar street M.Y.
An Effeotlve,. Bafa and . EconomioaJ
. ; . ComponnO, ,
"for restoring gray hair
To It origins! color without dyeing, and preventing '
. . uturirom turning gray.
A&dcurlsg It, when there Is tbe leait particle of vital!
or recuperauva energy remaining.
And all on taneon affections of th Scalp. .
Imnartlnc to it an uneqaled aloii andbrllllaoar, maklsi
It toft and illlty In iu texture, snd earning It to cut)
Ihe gnat celebrity and tnoreaalng demand for this aa.
qoaled preparation, oonvtnoee tha proprietor that on
trial Is only neceuary to aatlify a dlioornlng public of it
superior qualitle over any other preparation In at. It
eleanae tbe head and toalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous dlaaaaee, earning tha hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, toft, glouy and flexible appaaranoe, and
alio, where the hair I looaaning and thinning. It will give
strength ana vigor to we room ana restore ue growin to
ho part which have become bald, earning it to ylald a
reah covering of hair. .
There ara nunareaa oi isoiei ana gentlemen m new
York who have had their hair restored bv th nee of thla
Invlgorator, when all other preparation have failed. L.
Al. baa in nia poneasion lettara innumeraoja vasniying
to the above fact, from persons of th highest redaaota-
bllity. It will efleotually prevent the hair from turning
until tne lataat porioa oi tue; ana maaiea wnera.tne nair
hu already changed it color, the uie of tha Invlgorator
will with certainty mtore it to it to It original bus, giv
ing It a dark. I low appearano. Aa a perfume for tha
toilet and a lialr Beatorativ If ia particularly Room
BMided. havtn an aaraabl frmrranee; and ah sreal fa-
cllltlei It afford In dreaalng tha hair, which, wbam motet
with ths Invlgorator, can ca on-ana in any required
form so as toprwerv tt plaoe. whether puUnkir In ourl;
hence the great demand for it by th ladias aa a ataadard
totletartlcle wluoh none ought to be without. the prlo
placailt wllhtoUio reach ot all, being ... ;
' Only Twentj-RrB Cent
per bottle, to be bad at ai. rupactable DruggUt and
. jrcciaunvK.
u. MILLEB woutd call th attention cf Parents and
Guardian thou of hi Invlgorator, la aaaea where
the obUdraa's hair kaaline to be weakv Tha tue ot It
lay the foundation for tgoo&htaA of Aafr, aa It re
move any Imaurltie that may have baoom connected
with the aralD. tha removal of which b aeseaaarv both
for th health of ths child, and the future ppearxict of
It Hair. , ... . ...
OioTtox. No genuine without th ba-almil LOUIS
MILLER being on the tmiar wrapper : alao, L. MIL
LER'S QA1U lNVKJORATOR, K.X., blowa In the
glaa. ii ' . -i ..-.
- Wholesale Depot, 58 Day street, and sold by all ths
principal Merchant and I regulate throughout the world
Aiioanu uiaoouni w puronaaer ox anaquaBui-. -I
alto deilre to pre lent to the American Pabllo my
which, after years ot sdentine experimenting', I hv
L . . . M .l 11 J Wl H M
DrOOgnl W pfirittOllOO A wa nmwu iuvauij
wlthoutlnjury to th Hair or Bkin; warriDttd th best
iepot,r56 vl)ey"'St' New !Tork.
estSRiiMaWiy.i .. '-IV. '" "
Wholetale anl Retail -Healer tm
C -..... t. ,1 . i v 1 1 i , .
.y No. taJTmh Street
Keep umatanllw aiit band all 4 me wa
rsoaa JJU Alalia eg, .....
Xxxxjp oca. a&ixrm.
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TttASTaD 100,000 CaiMnT to bay SS bent Ambro-
VT types St at. Will's uneap Ambrwtyp flooma
Illgli street, i door North ol th Amarwaa llotal, Oc
lumbu, unto. ..
"They! go-KigU to the Bprt
laatant Hellef f ate yeaur Oefai
I r"Hff yewr Breatk! J
tresiftbesi esir Telcel 1 ".'
ax '..
They relieve a Cough Instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They impart a dellclons aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to tbe taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
barm any one.
I adviaa even on who haa a Oonih era hnalr VoIa.
or a Bad Breath, or anv diffloultv af tha Throat, a. .at
a package of ay Throat Oonfeotiom: tlmv will nil '
yoa instantly, and you will agree with at that "they
go right to the spot." Toil will find them vary nfa 1
and pleamnt while traveling or attending pool! meet- "
log for stilling your Cough or allaying your think I f
yoa try on packag. I am saf In savin- that vow will
ever afterwards oonilder them lndbpeaaahle.
Ton will find them at tt Druggujts aad Dealer In
Hy ilgnatur Is cn each packag. All other are
A packag will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cent.
Henry C. Spalding,
By the ua of thus Pills tha periodic attack of Ar
eou or Mot Btaiaeto may be preventad; and If taken
at tha aommanoament of an attack immediate relief from
pain and sickness will b obtained.
Thay seldom tall in removing the Hautta and
aoht t which female ar so snbjeot.
They set gently upoa tha bow la removing Cbeeiv
Tor Literary Mm, BtwUnlt, Deliaat female
and all person of Hdmtarjt habitt, thay ara valoa
u a laaaUtt, Improving the appmtUt, giving ton
vyr to th dlgestivB organs, and restoring th natur
ekuUclty and strength of the whole system.
TH1 CEPHALIC FILLS sre tha reault of long Inva
ligation and carefully oonduoted axptrlmanta, having
been In ass many years, during which time they have
prevented and rallevad a vast amount of pain and uffr
Ing from Headache, wbathw originating in th arao
lyitem or from a daraaged itata of tha afowuisA.
Tbay ar entirely vegetable ia their eompoaltion, an
may b taken at all Unas with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, and th oiama of any
dlsttormmabU UuU rmndtr U maty Ie mdminU urVum
Th genuine hav flv ilgnatui of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box.
Bold by Druggiat and ai) other Dealer In tf aaieaaaa.
A Box will be tent by mall, prepaid, en receipt af th
Prloo, Q3 Oontn.
All erdus rhonld be addreaaed to
48 Cealar Street, Sew Vera.
Irom tha Ixamlner, Norfolk, Ta. '
war mads, via.: Our of headache In all lta forms.
Irom th Ixamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
Thy havs ban tea tad in mors than a thousand
With en tin
from th Democrat, Bt. Oloud, Ulna.
If you ar. mt hav been, troubled with th aeadaoha
sand fur a box, (Oephallo Pill,) so that yoa may have
them in ou of an attack. .
from tha Advartlxar, Providinoe, a. I. 1 -The
Oephallo PHI ar said tob a nmarkablv effaetrn
remedy for tba headioha, and on at tba vary beat for
that vary frequent oomplaint. whloh haa ever bean dla-
from th Wntern E. ft. Oasette, Ohlcago, III,
Wa heartilv Sndon Sir. BDanldlni. and bla nrtaalaA
Oephallo Fill.
fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Ta
Wa ais sur that panon stiaTerln with tha headanha
who try them, will aUcfc to tham.
from th Boataera Path findr, NrwOrieaaa, La. :
Trv thoml yoa that ar afBletad. and we ara an that
your teat tmony oan be added to tne already namarou
llit that has reoelved benefit that no other medicine can
from th BL Loali Democrat1 - "
Tba unman demand for th artlci Oaphall Pill
Is rapidly hiereaaiag. -
: From th Saaetta, Davanpart. Iaayt. -
-1 n ... mb wim mm mr
Ucle b did not inatm to raal aaiit
1CTA lngl bottl ot BP ALDIHd'l FRIPAEf B
tu.ua wm aave tan tinn luauatauaaaiij' .
Cy'A BTrrca ui Tun Atvaa aa."JTT
Ai accldenta will happen, m In wall ragnUud tmm
Ulaa, It la vary ..lirable lo havw aoaa abaap and eon
vanleot way for repairing fsraltara, Toys, Oraokary
meet all such mvrganalea, and ao bona, bo id aaa afford
to b without It. It laalwayi read, and up te tbe it6ok
Ing point.
B A Brush aeeompanl aanh bottle.
Ns. 48, Cedar Btraet, Maw Tots.
A wUlo vnprlDelpM pron n ttnBthif I
tlaaa fllT SA iKaa nnsm TlSkeit i II einklU B-a.SA.al.' T
mm w r iiviaaj n lean a aajxaai anw ana
u ii pa re n oi.nn. i tinnu Vniul7.ii r"7.T.
amla before parahaalng, and e tbat thafnll name.
en tbe aauide wrappirt all othar ar swlndlE? mwm
aarfaits. na

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