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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 23, 1861, Image 1

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" - ' n . . i . ,,.,., , ... , 4
InTariably la Adraner J
XT Office Dm. M, S and 40, Worth High it
Daily . ' ' 8 00 per year
jy uie barrier, par WWI, aSf Cents..
00 per mi,
1 00
crisie ol Advertising; bjr,tha Square.
- usquarlyei..,$90 00
On sqnsrt 9 weeks. .4 00
Ont , " 1 weeks. 3 M
One ( " tweet... 1 T5
One is" .iday.,, 100
One , " 5 days... 75
One " ' 1 Insertion ' JO
9u . " V nioi.thi 18 00
One " S monthi IS 00
3u " i months 10 OS
One " !! month! 8 00
One ' 1 month. : 6 00
Delayed advertisements half mora than tba Stove
Advertisements leaded and pieced In the eolunui el
Special Notions," double th ordinary rat.
A II nutioue requlreo to be published by law, legal ratea
It ordered on tbelnslde exclusively after the Drat weak
per cent, more thkn the boy ratea; but all men wil
ptear In the Trt-Weekly without obarge. . , -.-
Buslneai Cards, not exceeding five lines, per year, lu
ll le, -l Super line;" outside
Notices of meetings, charitable! oaletlei, fir companies
to., half price. -
All trantitnt admtrUtemenl mwt paidor n
idvanc The rule will not be varied tram.
Weekly, same price as the Dally, where the dvertti
s the Weekly alone. Where 'he Dally and Weekly
ire both used, then the charge lor the Weekly will be
aalf 'rHtci of the Dally
Na'JWertlaement taken except for a definite period.
. F. A. B. SmXINS,
Attorney at Iaw
Office Ambos Building, opposite Capitol Square.
Attorney & Counsellor at Law,
Machine Mannfactnring Companj
Castings, KiU-Qearlng, Machinery.
Xl.allxo4aca. Work
or (Tier DiaaumoH.
OHAB.AMBOB, Bnp't. P. AMBOS, True,
deoll, IHitt-tf
Wjo o'o oej.eer'
Summer Arrangements.—Time
Connecting at Crestline with the FITTSBUBQH, IT.
for fittetvrgh, PhUaielpMa and Baltimore. Alto
, for tort Wayn and OMaago. i
Connecting at Cleveland with the LAKE BH0BB BAIL
ROAD f i
Far Dunhirlc, Buffalo, Albanr. JDos
lUi and Mew tsri,
From Oolumbui, In oonnectlon with Trains on the !
- mm xbain. , j ('':
NIQHT IXPBESg.-Uaree Colnmbos at 3.40 A. at j
will leara passengers at all etatlon aonth of flallun,
stop at Delaware, Ashley, Cardlngton and Qilead, and
at all station north of Gallon, arriving at Cleveland
at 8:00 A. U., Dunkirk 100 P. M.. Buuelo Ut. M.
Albany 3.SO A. M New Vera 8.35 A. U.. Boston 1:30
P. M PltubnrKh vU Oraatllne .S0 P. H , rhlUdel
pblaSMO A.M. Chicago via OreaUlnaat IMP. M
BBOOND TRAIN. . . . . ) . .. .
NEW T0BS EXPRESS Uavei Columbus at 11:10
a. m. Will stop at Lewis Centre, (for Whit Bnlphur
springs), Delaware, Cardlngton, Gallon. Oraetllna, Bul
, by. Maw Loudon, Wellington and Oraftoa. arrive at
Olsvdand at 3:3S p. m.; Dunkirk, 8:SO p, m.i BaK
falo, lOSU p. m ; Allnoy, H: a. . Newloik, ltti
p. m. Btston, 4:40 p.m. This Train oonnaetaat 8ht
by for Saodniky, and at Olafton for Toledo, arrlvlmt at
Toledo at 8M0 p. m. . i - n . .j l . i
." WMtBiBi;,"
at.30 p. m. Will swp at ell eSatlon Booth lof
ehelhy, and ati New .lAndea. tVeiiingtetv alvafUn.
. and Beraa; arrivlni at Cleveland a faw p. n.tiran
UrMlitlOa. .iMuflaJo,3aia. nui Albany, SiiO p, .;
, Mtwlork, 7:80 p. a. Boatoa. IDat ,s. Vntabarfti,
via Ore.UlM.at U:M p. m.; Phlladelpfela, 1:60 at. at.
Chicago, via Crestline, 6Xi a m. This Trala aenaect
at tbelby for aaadosky and loleds, arriving at Toledo
at ftM ..; . ,jf Att . , , (. j
Patent Bleeping Can' are run:1, on all
, Sight Traini to Chioajo, Sew? J
- - . York and Boitou i ' J
' BagiOgt OitcJbtd ThrtmgKto JW Tort and Boin
via Omeland: otto, to Philadtlvkia md 1
Una Vorkvla OrtttHn. . ' -JJ- ' i
,, ,RETlKN'rN,Gf. . , i
Night Express arTtveaalOoliimbw at.. .1IUS P. M.
'CUietnnatl kapreMarrlvaeat Oolnabwaat 10:e0 A. M.
Aooommodation Ktnr... . ptv.. ubIm.
''1 t: M.i . 'jrr .... i',.'
- Fare a t,e
by any titer Bute
, -o A$k for TicluUvimCrtHliMorCUotUnd.
' ' 1 .'., a. nisiji
Euperlnuodent, Olevelaad, Ohld. 1
Just BeeelTed!
nr OH - GREEN 'aaat BLA
' TbAI 10O ban prime Bie Conte.
ISO pockets old Datcb, (ioTernmecit Java Coffee
- 1 S bai! Cevlon Ooffea. '
- 80lbbU. standard White Bagar; ooniartlnf of PMr
area, unrusuea, Uranuuted A and B Coffee.
80 ojaintala George Bank Oodnsh. v loil
SObbla. Ilesa and No. 1 Mackexal, q f 14
. 5 tea. Plot Salmon.
V lOOka. Layer Baalaa.i il n? iSit ')0Ci.
. lOOer. bos do d
10O M Cigars, different brand and trades. 'r 1
.t-i, -..( .WaVJfeDONAlD.
And BlAnk-Book' Kanafa'litaier, v
XJ ,: liCAUCocfl. r
Jnst opened by
Sen -A"f .'.lb :si.o; ell el I
' , .' ' l' 0XJIH HIOH BIBItT;.-.t f s-
Have lost received a new make of HOOP MtTtTa
finished lb ejauear far uprjr t tlt iatrodeoad
The lateit-Tha largOit-Tlio Beit.
j The Cheapeit Because the Beit, .
The JQoet Uellab.ta Standard An
tkorltf f tt EBKUeb Lannia;e.'
, . , . StoUwndrid Eminent Zlvoatort of OAto,
t-.'i s-i-o-ir- i ii i -j lAttrarf Mm BmmMr' .
"Hi are nmrarda of
e Eundrvd Thoasaad Words.
who majtlfarleo asean
Inn and darlvmttona. tothr
with thei, eormt Relluig,and pronnosatUoa an elearly
set before the ,. ... .". i ,...,: ;! r.. ;
'. K '' ' ' ' " ' OtnobmaU Ommtmiot
Btad tUPtcMM of th ManUrt of U C7AiV BtaU
TxxiwiJt Auociution. n
The undenrtgned, mbr ef the Ohio Stat Teachers'
Association, adopt and sub. to use In teaching, writing
end (peaking, th orthography and. pronaaoiatlon of
Worcester's ttoval Quarto Dictionary, and w most cor
dially recommend It a the moat reliable standard a
thortt of th English laogaag, a It la sow written and
spoken. , . , , , .
to' AJreaiwe, Prastdent Keuyon College.
M. D. Lswirrr, Superintendent Zsneavtll School!.
Too. W. U.avxv. enp't Haaalloo Union Bcbrol.
M. f. Cowoxav. Sup't Pnblio Schools, Sandusky.
John Ltkcb, enp't PuMlc Sohoels, Olrolevlile.
B. N. sVawrots, Principal 0 leva land female Semina
ry. -
Wn. HrrcaaiL, Snp't PubHe Beheola, Mt. TJloo.
Job Oaoan, frlnslpal BUta Normal School, Mlnna
ota Ono Kasok, Principal fourth IntennedlaU School,
H. S. MikTW. Sup't Oantoo TJnkra Schools. -EDwu)HaAL,rriDerpal
kUNeely Normal School.
. Bu T. TaitaM, Prof. HatheaxatM, Ohio University.
Wat. W. KnwaBDs, Sup't Troy Union School.
A. O. Honcun, Principal Wat High Bohool, Oler-'
bud. ..-'..
B. A. NohToM, Axfoelat Principal Elgh School, Olev
land. ... ,
Ibeobou BiiUM, Principal High School, Olere
land. .--
B. r. EtmirroM, Principal Cleveland IniUtnt.
. J. A, Qam nap, Pretiilent ol Eleotio Institute, Hi
ram. W. L. Hajtia, Prof, of Chaasiatryi Ohio Wsalsyan
H. H. lum, Ix-OominiafloDerof Common Bohoola,
Java Homoa, Prof. Bhawrhi, Obtrlla College.
Taoa. Hill, President AaUoch College.
O. W. i H.. Oatboabt, Pnf . MatbaauUca, High
School, Day ton.
B. 0, CltDauuoaa, Prof, lauruage, High School.
Dayton. .
8. M. BsjLaxa, Bupt Tolon Bchoola, Ashland. .
Jfort than Sim Btmdrod oOtor Prttidtnit of Cofl
fit, Proftuori, Author and JHtingutA4d Siuea
lor I, hav4 mdortti 114 bo4 untlmmt.
UtXTT OoLLasa "It I truly a magnificent work,
an honor to the author, th publishers, and the whole
ooatry." President Andrew.
One Wourraxt UirrvxiisiTT.-MIt exceeds meazpeeuv
tloaa. It will be ay guide la orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often be consulted by m for It neat
and accurate d Haitian!."' President Thompeon.
.V. B. Iclxotio OoLLax"Bertcfore w have need
Webstar' orthography. At a recent meeting of oar
Facility, it was decided to chanae It to oonfonn to that
of Worcester' Boyal duarto Diotlonary." President
aarneld. . '- J
Wxmrjte Bamivw Cotjteoi. "I find It worthy of
soruuu approoauon.'- rresiaeni nitcnoooK.
OaxRLta CoLUoa. "It more than mt my exoecta'
Uon. I reoettmearf: It ai the (taadard authority in
ormoepy to my cullditn end ay puplia. ' rraaidant
Morgan, ; 'v ' v
Airrroka Colltoi. tfnpt i4 aim te a la teach
ing, writing aod nf.isU;g, liienrujoraphy and pronun
elation of Woroatwt'g, Jtoyat" Quarto Dictionary."
rresident AUll. .. 1 . ;.
."la all my writing, apenVme;. and tedchln;, have en
deavored to conform to the r ' for orUiokaphy and
pronnnclatlooaioonulned In )onatr'DtuUonary.n
r-Horace Uasa, lata Jraakinnt. . , '
Kxirroa CoLLxaa, Gaxarn.. ''Imost cordially reoom
mood ltaa Lbs eaeet .reliable standard authorltji of th
English langnagea It I now writteo eadapoken."
Presideat Andrew. ' - ' ji
Jfrom Boo: Anton AnyfA, Oommiuitmor of Vommon
i , SsAooi t (Mae. i
''The Dtatlonary la aa isnperlshabi xejounmeat to the
learning and Industry of Its author, and an honor to the
world of letters. - Tha mtchanlcal (xaontloa 1 far supe-
Irlor te that ef any other Lexicon with which I am ac
quainted." - :
rrom Bon.; R. B. Bammg, Jm-Ommmiontr. oj
. aatoou) cte. . -, : .
The mott lettable etandar authority of the las
.. ... WaUta'... i
Zjeadtna N"wBpexpKri of Ohio Bay-.
i romfcU (norland StraM. tU XarAtt.
Th orthography of th Woroeater Dictionary Is that
oaed by moaU If not all. entbor of disUnotloa la this
country and England, end oonformi to the general usage
of ordinary writers and speakers. ; .
Wbauver prejndlcaa may have existed previously, a
careful study of this volume will lnvarlab'y be followed
by a warm appreciation ef It great merits, and a deetr
to and itisus wsn se Leo tea library, pa u large or email,
III a library la Itself, and Will renal an imperisha
ble record of Uie learning si tta compiler.
JhrvmtMo OaietaeaeM OnmurtUfaJpra 80.
Bsre in upwards of A b nod red anneand words wood.
bad and indlfferert4rhoe maltUarWoa aseaalnsa and
derivation, together with their eorrast apelllng and pro
nunciation, are set clearly before the eye. Tb work Is
unquestionably th greatest
vr published. , -. J '
of anguan words
rows (A akmd riaindfitr SS SO, I860,
' Evidently Woxctt, towat Qoaavo IhcTiseataW 4
net onlf 1A4 torf, t4 tAe asst ssert caea nd issr t
svatf ,asd can by aw posaibtlity euSer by aompaaiaoo or
epntroTW,;rt; j,;, I't, ' I
ui ,01; jymn ttotoUtoitad, JfyVi. y ' ;
Aa to nwjrcwau'noii, eriaiaiisi u ea Staxavaaii
followed by our beat aathorat la afiallons be wava
nothing to be deetrad, and In 0kTaaeurt It I lufficient
to say that Woacxrrie sea be eafeiy foOowod. 1. 1
Fnbllsbers, BeebaeUere dk tatleere,
DlTlaend JTaaaxALTT 1 i8(W , ltr Ceat
iSliB'.........'"'.''''! so,
; staUment latter-? It lfMls " I
Balance, per statement Jan. Ut, I860... .".131,400 ,461 3D
stsonvea tor rramiams ear-
Ing th leer t..t....7aV)U S5
Baoelved fee - Intsxeet .derkax -
the ,r, yd!,. U0U
. Teat reeaip's for lW.,,.trj77 M -PaidOlalaxsbylleeaaiJjOOO.,,.
., .
Paid Polkues surren- "
4(ti .i..a....!. 11J11 SO .
raid Baiertes, rot
go, Taxa. "
ehanst, sto..MM tlfitt 94
rsM.ajoeMllaM9ae to
Aral ......... , 30
Paid Physician4 fee. 3,W0 75
Bald Anuultiee 1,517 00
Past Dlvtdaoda dat 1
v.) .
ilivX 14
... ..,.. t
Net Balaeee ,taear M.1801. . . 3,81x53 SO
"'!"" V 'ABIITB. !' ."."it v.M I
Cash on hand...., ....li:i tafoegd It vti ht
Bond and sisrtgageaon Beal , 1
Estate, worth double lbs t!'-' j
smoant loaned f,3ir.Wl 88 - -
PreaMsxa lata. )' Bclas ( g-, lf... .. j
sent. InUrwt.... ijK.M It1 'u
Baal lsui.....!...rt 'i' m.mh k '
lMaaaaorrp.... , 44
Premie ma. Motes and Oash, la ,
1 i i ;
, court of paonnissloe.
3,30 73 ' '
f dtal Ajsets.n............4,..l. !3,8BW SO
T,5TI Psllol la fores, tofnlnf......5,4t6,88
1,433 sew Pollde have been baud during tb yi
, After a cartful calculation ef the present value of th
rat tending Policies of th Company, aad bawtaff the
Heoesesrs oeieeitl hi man the rarer, tbe Direct ers
haveaard Divwewe of 4 per east, oa ths Premi
ums paid at the table rata, to all polWee for Ma In tores,
burned prior te January I, IdoO, payable aeesnUnf aa the
present rule of th Coat parry. - -I
- Pates for alb klade o Lit Ooatlaedev PToepeet
ssas, BtatemanU, and appHcatlona, will be furnished
wiTBOToauejtttheOa wAaneleit tbe Cem-
nir? 0J "L '! '0W t- AWlR80K,irfdent,J.;
tora,.vj,.. u J- o.emiattelteiaaat, ,
anr O. at1I4.aB, taetetarw, ,:t. ,. .-:
-rt-.r UWetfeCESOJCe Affmt,
i-fci i..,."te doonson biook.
Colambns, 0.'
fl ' 1 1 . " "
PHIS! SILKS, ererv graeet . Theaaesl seleot
aseerOaaesU la the etty, aal taesafleaaonabla rata.
' ' .'.:-.... Hi ., w 14 v ,.-( .-. JLAlel AoT.
";pt-1 ".!-: t.iw i lawlaaliatawea.
Scroftila, or King's Evil,
Li k coiutitutionol disease,' corruption of the
blood, br which this fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, and poor. ' Being; in the circulation, it
pervades the whole body and may burst out
in disease on any pert of it. No organ 1 free
from iti attacks, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The ecicfulou taint ia variously
caused by mercurial disease, low living1, die
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy fatbits,, the depressing vice, end,
above oil, by the venereal infection. What
ever be its qngm, it is hereditary in tne con
stitution,' descending " from parent to children
unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed.
it seems to be tlie xou ot JLum who suyi, 1
wilt visit the iniiiuitie of the father upon
their cluluifii.
Its effect commence by deposition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs liver, mid internal organs, is termed
tubercles; in tlie eland, swellings; ana on
the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies tit lilc, to that scrotulous constitu
tions -not only sulfur fruin scrofulous com
plaint?, but they have fur less power to with
stand the attacks of other disease ; conse
quently vast numbers perish by disordor
which, although not scrofulous in their nature,
nro still rendered fatal by tliis taint in the
ivstcm. Most of the consumption which de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in tlii- scrofulous contamination; and lnuny
destructive diseases of th liver, kidneys, brain,
and, iudedd, of all the organs,- arise from or
avo aggrnvutcd bv the sarno cause.
One quarter or nil our people arc scrofulous ;
their persons nro invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health is undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by on alterative medicine, ana tn
vigorata it by healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine wo supply in
- " AYER'S -
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remedial that hftve
been discovered for tlie expurgation of this foul
disorder from (he blood, and the rescue of the
svstem. from its destructive consequence,
rlenc it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Eruptive
and Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Tied,
Rosf, or EnrsfrELAs, Fimpi.es, Pustules,
Iir.oTciii.s, BLAiNsonuDoii.s.Tfsions, ltTTEB
and Salt Eiikvm, Scald Head, Rinoworx,
Kitri'MATisM, Syi'iumtio andMEiicuHiAi.Dis
KAsm, Duorsr, Dyspepsia,' Demlity, and,
tei ou 'Impuhb Ulood. The popular belief
in " imparity of the blood" is founded Dl truth,
for bcroful is a degeneration of tlie blood. The
puvtieulur purpose aud .virtuo of this Sarsnpa
ri!!a U to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible hi
contaminated constitutions.
Ague Cure,
Intermittent Fever, or Fewer anal Ague,
Remittent Fewer, Chill Fewer, Dumb
Asrna, Periodical Headache, or Bilious
Ileadai'lse, and Illliou Fever, indeed
for tile vliete class of dleeaseserrlerinnt
I tip; lu biliary derangement, eemaad by
the DIalariav of Miasmatic Countries.
We are enabled here to offer the communiry a
remedy' which, while it cures tlie above complaint
with ceitaiiity, is still perfectly harmle m any
quantity. : Such a remedv is invaluabl in districts
where 'these' ellflcting disorder prevail. Thi
"CtfjiK" expels the miasmatic poison of Fevek
and Aors from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of tlie disease, if taken on the that ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
tho best remedy ever yet discovered for this dues
of eompluints, but also tlie cheapest. The large
quuntiiy we supply for a dollar btuigs it within the
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where
Fkvimi ami Ac ub prevails, every body should
have it and use" it freely both for cure ana protec
tion. . A grcnt superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered fur the speedy and certain
cure of Iutcrmillenta is that it contains 110 Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other iniuriotis ellocts whatever upon the constitu
tion. ' Those cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never hnd the disease.
1' ever nnd Ague is not alone the consequence of
the miasmatic poison.- A great variety of disor
ders ansa from its irritation, among which are
Xeiirafoia, tthcuntatism, Gmt, llcailacl.e, blind-
nut,. laoUmrte. hitrucht, Catarrh, Asthma,
piti'tn'il. Painful Ajlpctinn of I'm Spleen, Ihittcr-
Id, J Mm in ins iKiwci, (.cue, 1 armusie nnu ue-
ranaemeiit of tin Stimtaci, all of which, when
originatiir.; in tlus cause, put on the iiitimittent
type, or become periodical. This " C'UUB " expels
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the mularious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be exeroted from the snttem, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. : Hence it i even, mora valuable for pro tec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter
nvittentn if there vail themselves of the protection
thiitemtdy affords.' 11 '':. f;
Prepared by Dr. J.C. ATEB & CO.; Lowell, Mask
. B0BERTS h BAMTJBt, Oolambaa.
Aalby Dnirglstsadieln viywbr.,l,,,
aovv:lrd,lww ,;:, ,rr, Jt (-.,., . .
, Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec, ,
1 : -i-vi. , n." and : -,i
The Montreal Oeeaa BtaaouhlD Oomsany' Bnt clas
full-powered Olrde-built Steeaaer sail everr Mat
riir freaa PORTLAND, carrying th Canadian aad
Maltea iuvhb Bau ana paMtngers, , , .
norwtcian. hobtb american,
' bohemian, an0lo-8ax0n,
f north briton, hibernian,
Canadian, - - movasootiah.
Snerteet, Cneeipeat nl QuIckcatOotf
axbbica xo.au rAsri or sTOore.
HAtu ot raaaawneb to gtjurope.
3o, jwet tjao. ,
WIU sail from LIVERPOOL e)vry Wednesday.
and rrom OjUBBBO rf Saturday, calling at
LONDONDERRY, te receive oa board aad tend Mail and
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland
mrtbe Steamer are ball! of Iron, la water-tight
ewmparanaam, aany aaoa so eapenenosa eergeea, ana
every attenUon I paid to th comfort end aoeommeda-
trea of ess sea sera. A they Droeeed direct to LONDON.
DERT, th gi eat risk sod delay of celling at 8t. Joha'
l(votaa. - .. :..-',,
Olasgow paasenren are fumlahad wlih rasa passage
U oasts to and from Lonaonoarry.
. Return tickets (ranted at reduced rates
Certt&oause lasoed for oarrylng t and brtngtiig ont P-
Mngers from all th principal town of (heat Britain and
LnUad, at redueed rates, by this Una of steamers, and
leaving uvtrpooi very weea, , .
Slrbt Draf te far 1 aa aware par--
akle UaaSmKLaaa, I re i samel, Seat
.: line iavud r Waleee - - .
Tor pejeeir, ettry at th OtSee, ft HKOADe
tTAT, Now Varfc, and 19 WaTEK UTm
I. tt: wi- aa.nn.aiaw anaara suu,
m m nnV . navtw 1 ... . -
Or to- j. R. ARMSTRONG,
, .'Foal Ofllos.Colarabas, -Ohio.
id 1
A on JAMES ADOVJRBAIN al partner In bail'
sees, which will hag after be eondueted andertaa firm
Ol ra'o at eon. - r, DAIN, V koutu lilgn et.
Oolumbui, rsb IS, 1881. fehld
..'.i:ir.BEIftT KCEIILEK,
fLate ef Phalea'i attabllsbment, K. T..V rjoortotere
the Hew York tashiuuabi Shaving, Balr Oettiui
haaapotaing, Osu-llng and Dressing Saloon, Bast
street, ever tbe Poet 0oa, whara atlfaotioa will
be riven to ell.th vaiiou branohee. - Ladle aad
Children' Hair "rostuu tone la Ui beat ItyU.
2tltrZ .T -V.TT "
:i:! rlj.il ales J' l ,&
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton t Indianapolis!
Through to lndiaoaoolis withoat Change of Cars
and bot One Change of Cars between -
' Columbus and 8t'. Louis. '.' "
Four Trains Daily, from Columtug.
FIRST TRAIN. ; '.'''
AOCOMMODATIOlf at I a. m.. strninlne at all sta.
Hon becwesn Columboa and OiMinnail and Dayton, at.
rlVloa at OLu:lliBatl at inns a. ...nil at Ila.tnal
J ;W..iOonnectu:f at Dayton for Indlauspolls sid
ni, r, m.
second train. : "
Nn. t WTnnrau .A. .. 1 . t-rr -
London, Charleston, Cedarvllle, Xenla, Boring Valley,
vvnrin, xreeport, yon Ancient, Morrow St., Lebanon,
foster's, Lovcland and MIKord, arrlviog at Cluctonatl
at 4 SO p, m..Davton atB.dA n. ln..nnnn.otln.lin lha
Obi and Missiisippl Railroad for Louisville, Ky., Tin
oeenea. Cairo, It. Louis. NcwOrltans, eto. I at Dayton
r luuiuiapoiia, baiayette, lerre Haute, Chicago and
aU Western points. ,
HAIL at 9.10 Cm. atnnnlns at all .f.llnn. blau.
Oolambaa and Zeula, and at 8pru.g Valley, Oorwln.
Morrow and Loveuud, arriving atOinclnnaUatS a. a.
NIOIIT EXPRESS, via Davton at IS 00 nldni'ht.
stopping at Loudon, Xenla, Dayton, Mlddletown and
Hamilton, arriving at Cincinnati at 5.?J a. m.; at Day
ton at l.ili, m. oonaeotlng at Oioclnoatl with th
Ohio and Mississippi Kail road lor Louisville, Evansvillo,
Vlnotnucs, Cairo, St. Louis. Memphis, New Orleans,
and all point South and Soath-west; also, at Dayton
for Indlantpolla, Lafayette, Terra Haul, Chicago, ate.
117 Por further Information and Through Tickets.
pply to Mr L. D0LTBBTY, TicketAgent. Dawn Depot,
General Ticket Agent, Cincinnati.
Agent, Columbus,
Superintendent, Cincinnati.
Colnmtu. July M, leoi.
AND Steubenville Short Line
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliallti
Koute to all Eastern Cities !
Trains Leave Columbus as follows ;'
Leave Colombo 3.30 A. M. from Union Depot, vis
neiiaire or otaanenvtiia I arrives at Bellaire, 10. KU A
M l Steobenvllle, 18.80 P. M.: Plttabunrh. a 40 P. U.
Harrleburg, 1.10 A. H.! Ha AUmtown, arrives at New
Kork 8.0O A. M. mia jPAUatUlpAla, arrives at Phila
delphia, i. 10 A. M.: Mew York, 10.30 A. M. Connect
also at llarrlstmrg for Baltimore, arriving at 7.45 A. M,
1 - -i
Sleeping; Can attached to tnii Train
Fro la Columbus, rca directly through to Bellalr
ruisDurgn witnoni cnange; and ruKnger via Allen
wwn arrive in new 1 orx at e A, m.,
This Train also oonoecU at Bellaire with tbe
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. , ' 1
Leave Columbus 11 S3 A. M , from Onion Depot,
Dteabenvllle; arriveaat Newark, 13 SO P. M.; Coahoe
ton. 8.15 P. M.; Steubeoville, tt P. M. Pittsburg, B.40
P. M. YTfThia I tne only rout by which Passengers
can leave umcinnau al 7 A. M., go through to rut
ourgn in aayngns, wiuoai cnange of carsor at lay-
Leaves Colombo 9. IS P. M., from Union Depot, via
Bllairt arrive al Newark, 3 S3 P. U ; Sanosville,
e m r. m ; nauaire ,oa r. si.: Fittatmreti. li.aa p.
U.; Harrlsbarg, 9.00 A. M.; via AUtniovm. arrives
at New York, 4 P. M.; via Philadelphia, arrlvea-
rniisaeionia, 1.10 r. M. New York, 0 r. M, This
Trala also aoanact at Ilarrlabarg for Baltimore, ar
riving at 1P.M. . .. . 1
This Train run through to Bellaire or Pittsburg with
oat change of Can; and from Pittsburg there fa
change of Car to Phl'adelphia, or via Allentowa
New York thvu offeilng
The ODly Route from Colnnbusto Baltimore,
: r-biiadeiphla, or New York, with only - j
change of Cars. - - j
Br thle Train Paaaensera arrive In New Toik Sva
boura In (drano of tha Northern line. i
Thl Train also ooncect at Bellalr with th Baltimore
aadOhleB. B. .. .... j
STThts Route Is 30 miles shorter to Pittsburff,
ana more man luu miles snorter to i
, New York, than Northern Lines.
Bagaa Checked Through to all im
nortant Pninta TJaaf.. u.. .-, j
Tickets Oeod aver, either
, JN0.W. BROWN. , l
Qn. Ticket Agent Central Ohio ft. B.
Oen. Ticket Agent Steubeuvlll Short Lia
; .'A : T- H
WlUlom 'Jx.' . Q-lll
Arid Seed StxirB','
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ether and
Rabbet BelUng,
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Bammed rocket Baadkerehief. raitou sty lea. '
Half Hoee aad Under Canned la, . .)
- BAloT A BON,
spillt .' ' No, J9 South High sureet.
something: NEW;
in ;
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j ana examine our new mate
aiaaufaetured by 1. HOWABO A CO J Boatoa. Meat,
Thee Watokea era far superler to anythmf evee- elfared
la tbe subtle, heretofore. Having tbe exclusive acenov.
I can sell them at prices te suit th times. I have
received a urge stoca tu " " ,
uufafaetared by APfUION, tEAQY, A CO ; also,
A aaaortauatof , ' . v
I - "i
t, i , , la old aad Pllrei Pats,at Panle prices. . .
wr. -yj.it, ui n ii fo ;tr;I 9.1: iituai iwia '
Dally, par year.
.a.........,.....,..90 00
3 00
Tri-Weekly, per far.
noaxiy. peryeai
1 00
Mr. Payne to Gov. Dennison.
CLEVELAND, August 20, 1861.
To Hi, Etulltney, W. DtntUton, Governor of
Ohio; ....
Dcak Sia A a member of tha nnmmlttaji
who reported, and a delegate in the Convention
Which UDSnimOUSlV aODreved tha raaolntlnn In
queetlon, I may Lot decline tbe challenge io
your note of yesterday to reply to your ex.raor
diaarw oommuoioatioD of tha ldih inat. I
in mat document you express tbe opinion that
this resolution embrace some "grave charges"
against tbe "State authorities." lnnludlno nur.
eli as tbe "Executive!" and you ak for a bill
ui -particular," sua demand tbe "evidence"
upon which the assault is based. You cour
teously lnvit me to look over the Sire of the
War Department, and pioffor me tbe distin
guished privilege of "interrogating tbe officer
of your staff " I and you more than intimate
tbat a deoltuation of tbe servioe is to be coo.
trued into proof positive of the "simulated
painotiem," political ambition," "party ava
rice," and sundry other nnamiable thiogs of the
Democrallo party. . . ..
My reply may not equal your expectations,
but It ehall leave you do cause to complain of
tbe want of candor or fraukoees; aud if on
pleaeant truths are related, I beg you to remem
ber tbat tbe writer, though a political opponent,
1 more a frieod than an enemy.
And first let me correct one or two errors into
which you have fallen in regard to the purport
and soope of tbe resolution. Yon teem to con
sider lie accusations aimed principally, If not
exclusively at the "Governor of Ohio" and tbe
other "State authorities." But tbe language
expreealy condemns the "corruption, extrava
gance, Incompetency and favoritism ebown io
toe war uepariments ot tbe Slate and Feitrol
Governments." A fair proportion of this cen
sure was intended for, and ebould ba assigned
w, sue war veparimeni at Washington j and
that it wag just and merited requires no further
proof then the declaration of Mr. Van Wyck,
tbe Republican chairman of tbe seleot commit
tee raised at tbe receut soeoial session of Con
gress, to investigate the transactions of that
Department: " 1 hat within two abort months
there has been a system of Dlunder. which, for
audacity and wickedness, baa never been sur
passed." Tbat corruption and favoritism, when
exposed, should be severely condemned, every-
uouy win asseui to; out WhelDer it Is good pol
icy to expose and oorrect them during the pen
dency of the war, le a question on which men
may, ana it would seem do. diner. 1 infer your
opinion to be that such exposure and condemna
tion of abuaei, tends to "deprecate the pnblio
credit, and compel the "National Government
to a disgraceful compromise with armed trea
eon;" while others, with equal sincerity, believe
that this war will never be brought to a success
ful termination, until men of admitted compe
tency and unquestioned integrity are entrusted
with it administration; and lu my opinion the
rresioent, oy no t n act ol bis, would so eneo
tually strengthen the publie credit and marshal
and nerve tbe national forees lor the prompt
suppression of this rebellion, as by the simple
uispiacement oi rar. Ljameron eta tbe appoint
ment oi juogs noit in ma piece.
Another error into which you have fallen ia
In extending the censure of this resolution to
parties for w bom moat palpably, it was never
intended. If these charges are "well founded"
you eay "th Stat AtuAoritit," "ought imme
diately to resign their official trusts." . Tbe
Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary, Comptroller and
Attorney General, as well as the Executive, are
usually classed as State authorities. I am not
aware that any charges have been preferred
against the incumbents of those offices. And
should the validity of these chariea aeainat
your war administration be established I see no
reason why tbey should resign unless It be from
a profound commiseration for the "Executive."
neither was it Intended by those who voted for
the resolution to impeach the capacity or integ
rity of tbe diatingniabed gentlemen who have
more recently been called to the principal posi
tions on your staff. I will go oue step farther
aud eay for myself, that In aDDrovinar the reso
lution 1 had no Intention of imputing "corrup
tion" to yourself nersonallv. i
What was intended bv the Convention and
what a fair construction of its language imports,
ie, tbat in tbe administration of the war de
partment, which from necessity etuDlovs numer
ous subordinates and agents, through the iooom
peteocr or connivance of those aoting in behalf
of tbe State, Improvident contracts bare been
made, extravagant prices paid for inferior arti
cles of olothing and suppliee, frauds have been
perpetrated and personal and partizsn favorites
have profited at tbe expense of tbe publlo Treas
ury. Or It may be paraphrased in these words,
1 be Governor, wbo Is really a verv clever
gentleman, and who with hie staff was abund
antly competent to discharge the duties of
Commander in-Chief of the Ubio militia, while
restricted to the peace -establishment, was in
fact cot qualified by military education or a
previous experienee, for the multiplied difficult
and arduous responsibilities or war emergen
cy, and committing the fatal mistake of not
promptly summoning to his guidance a boatd
of experienced counsellors, be lone oentioued
t.1- ,..LI. . I . . . . . a .
ute leeoie ana lotmoient Administration, until
tbrongb the want of judgment and ineompe
veuoj ui uimseu ana some portion ot ni suDor
dinates, extravagance, fraud and favoritism
were praotloed, w hereby the Dub Ho service was
senouny pre juaicea aoo tne puoiio Treasury at
pienca. i i
As thus defined, the accusation is sufficiently
grave, I admit; and the Democratic Convention
ebould not have given currency to it, except
from an honest conviction of its truth. Whether
tbey had prtbabl etute tot the condemnation
they administered, the nnblia must . doniria.
Judging from the tone ef your letter, stranger
wouiu inter mat you nan not neard the Wisdom
and Integrity of your war management called In
question until yon read the proceeding of tbe
s'emooraiio conventions Whereas. In truth.
these charge of Imbecility and malfeaaance
were originally preferred, and have been tnoat
stontly maintained, by tbe men and the press of
yoar political friends. ' Indeed, your present
move savors of an adroit purpose to rati a
Smoke under the ory ot "party malignity," and
"sympathy for rebels," In order tha you may
withdraw from danger tbe frail bark in which
Is freighted ' whatever of official reDOtatlon
nas aurviveo tne oroadsides ol Republican bat
teries. ' n ' - .... r. -'.; i
' Tbe Democratic Daoers have treated von with
singular forbearance and tenderness. But tbe
Republican press ot the State, ae far back as the
months of May and Juoe, abounded In charges
of mismanagement, favoritism and fraud against
your administration.- They specified tbe acts-
named tne parties gave tbe figures, and de
nounced the dellnquenolee la terms of severity,
tn comparison with which our resolution ia
moderation itself! Lest It may have escaced
your nonce, suuer me to give yon one or two
examples.' The Ashtabula Sentinel, of June
lUtb.eaid: ... . . , i
"We have denounced the manarement of tha
War Department of Ohio, because It was bad
intolerably bad., The Governor, as the head of
tha Department, is responsible, and ae be ha
not ebown that others were at fault, it is prop-
er w ugiu uim so account.- uur aelguDore of
the Watrea Chronklt oomolain that we do not
specify any charges. eWe will speuUy tha ti
ns, ea vera ordered, into tolumbus before there
waa adequate, or even any preparation made
for them. They... weta then sustained at n
enormous .cost, amounting to an aggregate of
at least one hundred thousand dollars more
than It could have been done with proper eoon
omv. With all this outlay, the men were sub.
jeoted . to unnecessary hardships and absolute
suiiering. Tbey ' were not well lea, and taey
were badly lodged. "- Thle state ot things was
oentlnued for a long time after the wroog and
tha saute of it were ufidmtoodV Tbe outrage
bus price lor sustenanoe allowed at Camp Jack
son was not corrected, aed no. prop effort
made to correct It. A eeod aootraet was
J ,171'lSli
10 ,MitU
made at Cincinnati, and a third one at ri.,..
land, at still higher figures, and tbiit when
there was time eneegh to have adopted a cheep,
er plan. Neither of these cootraoto wa revok
ed when they were abused. Tbe clothing con
tract were let without competition j sad those
who took them were allowed to divide them
among tbemeelvee, Instead of belns required to
77 " oixteen donate a suit were
pa a in this manner, where not more than ten
dollars should hare been paid-. So it baa been
with almost everything else.' All waa charac
terixed by tbe moat flagrant waste and extrava
gance. "This was tha fault of the Department, and
tbe Commissary and Quartermaster might bare
been held accountable for it. But tbe fact la,
the Governor usurped their duties and made
coatracte himself, tbat tbey should have made.
He made himself tbe faototum ol tbe whole
Department issued ord
ceived deputations, and sent deoutations to talk
who. oiner uovernor, met in Governors' meet
ings, wrote ltter and proclamations, revised
tbe telegraph dispatches for tbe newspapere,
talked to tbe crowds, and beard the complaints
Of tbe bOnfliatLOe- eanlrantaln ahn.r .11 ih.
office of a Moorish Cadi.
" 1 here wae hurry and bustle, and confusion,
Ol course. 11 aov one faela abla tn Inatife .11
thia be can try. We would specify still farther.
WO LUlflht mention tha lnmlntm.nl nf ..I..
tions, family OJUnentiona ami frianre. tn nffina.
uu. wu let loss pass now."
I his single witneee. if creditable, uhatent!
atee everv obarre amhraoail in fill i VAarilii f ieirt
i a naa leisure and acoess to their files I eouid
una voiame with similar extract from Repub
lican papers. The Cincinnati Cemmerriai, the
leading . and most . influential Rrmhii.n
1 1 I . i. r. . . r
juu.ua.iu vue otaie, was constrained to testify
luu ' "nu" opposed to deal charitably
with tbe Governor, we cannot frame any decent
excuse for tbe reckless extravagance which er
ery day develops." Exposing the "tin cuu"
and "camp kettle" transactions, it declares
th" ,. w.111 J,tifr the "hardeet publio cen
sure (Juoe 8tb) It affirms "that an inordi
nate amount of Dersonal favoritism and Valttl.
oal jobbing were mixed in the conduot of affairs;
ut uuio naa ueeu aiegrseed in tbe incompe
tency Of the executive, nfflnar. anil that .11
kinds of corruption and neglect bad been suffer
ed to infest lor a time the commissariat."
Again (June I3ib), "the people demand in
stant reform. They are ste of Gov. Dtnniiou't
imbeoillty. Wa have heretofnra amtno-lxMl far
the Executive, reminding the people of the
enormous labors devolving upon him, etc., but
the result of Gov. D.'s efforts leaves usoo oth
er motive but to confess that our charit wot
mudirectcd and that h tea tad failure." And
again (June SOthl. in takioe tha Ganff to tank
iur - gioseing over failure aud defending official
malfeaaanoe," it says: "The Gattu knowe as
well as we do that the history of the adminis
tration of military affaire intbie State has been
eminently disgraceful; that the promises of tbe
uovernor were out ot all proportion to bie per
formancei; that corrupt and ewindling con
tract were given out repeatedly through tbe
bliudneee and connivance of officials who ought
to know better; that our volunteers were trl-
uea witu and made tbe victims of ciroum locu
tion, delays sod frauds which good business
management would bare avoided; tbat money
baa been needlessly squandered and precious
time foolishly wasted; and that so great and
glaring has been tha misconduct of affairs that
tne press ol the city bae unanimously, until tbe
Gtxrtte't tardy apology, condemned tbe bead of
the State Administration for inexcusable neg
lect of duty. It is therefore too late in tbe
day, even if there has been great receut im
provements, for the Oaseifs to seek to white
wash the dark chapters of our military arrange
ments or to cover tbe nakedness of our official
malfeaaance by expatiating upon the enthusi
asm and efficiency and accomplishments of our
brave soldiery."
But I forbear to cite further authorities from
tha newspaper press. You will sse tbat if your
Administration has been maligned, It ia tbe
work of your own political friends. They aid
ed in electing you to office, tbey sealously sup
ported you until after tbe commencement of tbe
war, and with reluctance tbey testify to your
incompetency and denounce the corruption, ex
travaganco and favoritism which have been
shown in tbe oonduot of tbe war. It Is certain
tbat tbe people of the State, inoludine- tha Dem.
ooratlo party, hare credited these witnesses.
ror more tban two months tbey have remained
uncontradicted and unchallenged. For renanna
beat known to himself, tbe Governor has called
no one of tbeso accusers to an account. If
Democrats have erred at all, it has been in be
lieving that Republioana tell tbe truth about
each other. Yon are tbe only person in the
State unadvised of tbe "Dertloulere" of those
charges. They commeneed with tbat celebrated
coo trad said to bave been signed by tbe Gov
ernor in person bv which two of hi nollilcal
and personal friends were to be paid 60 cents
per day for subsisting- all the trooos in Colum
bus, or tPAO thoull 6 hrught there during th
tear. Tbev embraced those famous enntrama
for clothing by which exorbitant prices were
paid for Inferior article, as is beat shown by
the rate allowed tbe eoutraotor and the sum
fiaally charged tha volunteer on tbe award of
the regimental board of referees. Tbev bave
regard also to the unnecessary expenses in
curred in transporting troops by way of Colum-
ous, wnen a snorter and cbeaner route was
open. In one instance, I am told tba Cleveland
& fitUburgb Railroad Co. srooosed to earrv
toem free of ohartre. and von neraonallw lnalau
ed oo the loos; route at a cost to tha stata of
l oonld go on and fill a column with items
euetained by these witnesses and the concur-
real testimony of the returned soldiers, and
gentlemen who bave bad occasion to transaot
business with your War Department, such as
the "Tent role," "Tin Cup," "Gunpowder
oontraots," etc., eto. It Is Doaelble these mat
ters may admit of explanation, notwithstanding
the distrust created by your loug silence in re
Kara to mem. nut one thing le certain these
exposure, had utterly demolished your offioial
reputation for competency, long before the Dem
ocratio Convention assembled. With vour own
party you were already politically dead eo dead
mat not a nun or a newspaper o( that party baa
proposed pour reuomloation for Gove. nor.. In
deed, so tar a I bar observed, no oue except
yourself has taken exceptiona to thia very ree
lution which we are considering. Many Re
oublio.na distinctlf SDDroved tt. Tha C.innin.
nail CtMtitMreisf of the 9th Inst., 'while criticis
ing tne other resolutions, tayst ,v
"Th fourth retoUtson it en that thtuld
adopted ly evert Csneeaffon of evert PHTtv thtt
attemblct in the State." " - -
' Thus you see that others muBt be dealt with
beside the Democratic Convention. If yon
would retrieve your publlo reputation, yon must
commence your labors in tbe household of your
politioal essociates aad friend. Convince
these assailants of their error let them with
draw their obareeS, and confess that tbey have
wickedly and falsely aoonsed yew and you need
bave oo fear about tbe Democracy doing you
ample Justice. -
, As to sn Investigation, I agree, you hare
right to demand it; you ought not to rest nuder
tbid general condemnation without an opportu
nity of defending your conduot before tbe peo
ple of tbe State. But u inveatigation will
of uo avail unless it shall be thorough and complete.-
Were I to accept' your invitation
make it myself, nb doubt you would graciously
introduce me to the files of your office, and un
questionably, tbe "gentlemen of your ataff"
would courteously .answer mr interrogatories
(and, I think, with mora directness tban their
etuax replied to tha questions ot the committee
last opting) yet, my dear sir, i am oo more
a military oharacter than yea vera when this
war broke out, and my incompetency would
rendered ss ooespieoous as yours. Moreover,
any report that I ebould make would gain little
creaeuoe with your Kepubuean friends. Tbey
would suspeet me of attempting to whitewash
Jour administration! jj.e i
" Will yon pardon my presumption in tagged
toff A better : method of . aooomnliahina tour
wishes t Meet people will ak, V IVAy dot
vwvernor Aieonteon, u na Deiieree be bae oeea
aojaally assailed, demand a f ntmUaiU at tt
hand ifkiprtf This aooords with preee-
Ot;WiJ f .cesd -;9VI VM 'CiiC.'j f ., '
ueua ,our predecessor was iodoreed by a re- 1
A--. .
uv-m.uatiou, aoo lr you should boldly demand
tbe same measure of justice from the Conven
tion which U to assemble tn Columbus on the
O.h of September, It eould not ba refuted, ex
cept upon the ground that they repudiate and
condemn your war administration. If the oartv
win maaa you lie nominee. I will engage tbat
the Democracy will auffer yon to defend tbe
merits of your offioial condont b afar Ik.
pie, without reply from your opponent, and will
gladly accept their verdict, as a flotlity.
. If, however, your repugnenoe to a second
term is under the oirouoetaneee lovlnnll.ltha
aext alternative for yon le to demand of that
Convention an expression of opinion In regard
to your war admioiatration. Let it ha diraat
and unequivocal, either an approval or condemn
ation. ' Your txperlence may euggeat a better
form, if not, get some friend to offer the fol
lowing: "Retained, That corraptlon, extravagance, In
competency and favoritism have not been thown,
lu the administration of the War Departmentof
Ohio." - . - -. '
When your own friends shall adopt this, tbe
Issue will be fairly joined with the Democratic
Convention, and you may then with soma show
of propriety call on ue for "particulars" and tba
eviueuce. nut ir you shall fail to demand
tbia indorsement from tour own politioal friends,
if your political friends shall fail ta respond to
yvur uciubuu, i eumess your case appears to be
hopilett. If that Convention, lu place ol tba
Crittenden Resolution, adopt some "glitterlog
generality" about "sustaining the Government
in promoting tbe war" which obliges them to
carry along tbe weight of Simon Cameron and
tbey refuse a like office of Cbrietian chanty to
you It would be an aotof unparalleled Ingrat
itude and cruelly. You bare long served your
party with lingular fidelity and devotion vonr
political friends are beet acquainted with the
oharaoter and value of your labors they ought
to be lenient and generous and Juitj but should
tbev In vour present extremity rafuaa ran a oim-
pie indortement of your oompttenc it vould go far
io jusiuy jour political opponents in tbe conclu
sion that in the judgment of your best friende
your war administration ia iaOesiif.
I do not eee what more lean do for you. The
proposed examination, without power to go be
hind the files of tbe office to eend for persons
and papers and to examine witnesses under -oath,
ia a farce In which I moet respectfully de
ollue to engage nor do I share your apprebeb
ion that in conaequenoe thereof the "National
Government will be oompelled to disgraceful
compromise with armed treason."
Very respectfully
No. 4 Ghvvrme Block.
TEB 0O0D8, and Invite the public Io inspect
them. No such stock of Goods has ever beea kroaebt In
this market. Tb South, tn oonsequsoco of the failure
of the grain erop, has not beea able to purchase the us
ual quantity of rich goods, and this fact has forced the
Importer to Mil them at peulio auction. Oar buyu
(Mr. Stone) being In New York at these large sale, took
advantage of them, and we oen and will sell oargeodi
bare, at less than any one who purchased two weeks since,
paid for them in New York. Our stock is complete In
very department of
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
Bought in One Day,
Ben', Ladle and Children's Under Shirt and Unaware:
Ladlas, Muses aad Ohlldren'e Hosiery of all kinds. In
Wool and Lamb' Wool; fleecy Lined and Ootten Glove
of every make.
A complete assortment of all the usual varie
ties of
Ladiei and Gent's Linen Cambria Hand-
aurchiefs, fto &o.
To persona Who nail nn na. mm ni... .
show them tha largest, beat and cheapest stock of Goods
uJ market, er pay tbeaoa sUilar per
honr while looking.
oeci-auxtawitw. BTONB a 0H t BBA.
& Summer JEllinery.
. The Stook Kaplan I Lhaa , ,
U7 ROCK 01
Spring & Summer Millinery
I now eomplete, oomp rising every variety ef atUia
ryj also, a largs assortment of Embroideries, Hosiery
and Notlona, to., and Lu quantities and prices that our
not tall to suit all who may favor as with a sail. The
feeds hav been bought at Facie prion, and will be sold
at a small advance oa eost.
Miss M. E. YOUNG, lata of New York City,
will enperinteod the Millinery Department Bar long
experience" In lb moat VaahloaaM Establishment la
Broadway will alone b a warraaty that ah will be abl
to give entire aatlafacUon hi matters of taare to all who
may favor her with their orders.
Ths Ladle of Columbus and vicinity will plea ao
eept my sincere thank for their liberal patronage, aad
X would respectfully solicit a eatlaaano of the same.
It. H. WAIIB."
68 Eaet Tawrs as., Celamane, O.
srtaNB chittehdin. . . . Hirttr t. owrrrmota
- TO Offirei, a 29 Broadway New York OK, sad
Puteoas' Bmunne, Columboa, Ohio. , . . , . .. ,)
. lO'OaratuI attention paid to Collections. J ...
aprilS.dflei .
1 Baltimore Clothbg Hoiise.
' suamraoTFaa am waousviu aetusi m
' No! 508 W. Baltimore-street,
" - (swreraes ussarr an aowaaa,)""
.''T '"-;; baltibiobe, na
' ii M . . .
A Large Assortment ol ritee acd ran (ah lay
- . ';-' ' t-si .1,.

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