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KA51FEJTST MOLES, Publisher.
Democratic Union Nominations.
Htigli J Jewett,
fV" 'T"'t Wu.Tilnm. '
,' eq s a . .- . .
d: .J .J gUPKlSMi JtHWH. .
m - 0 Mohfcomery.' 1 ' '
ti'. J . ' - v1-'
Of Hamilton. ,
Alois f 1 t XCRITABT Off STATE.
... - iiimrl
- 0 Ste. , v
I.: i-. : A . rJOMPTROLLBRr -'
j!,c 0 ffciawey.' ' - "'
,.(, iir.rr i .. ' " ?v
.-a.inoiB Of POBLIO WORKS, .
JABEZ W. fllClit
s.i),ffj of Cuvakog:
', r J
' O..''
Meeting of the Union Democratic
State Central Committee.
.O.r. i i; :;t"- i '.' . ' i i
. i rv. Statu Central
1. :i B UOtOW UBWWWkv
miuei l!fl mee at Columbus, TowoaT,
ii' reaueeled to be present, ana
date on the Union Uemocreiic
.".'Auii invited to be present. ' -
S. JOHNSON, Secretary.
August 20, 1861.
For the Campaign.
' W. -Ill hroMi tb. different taue. of IbeOb.o State,
mm. daringfte Campaign, follows: ' : 1 ' ;
fie Dalhr Statesman, per month, at.. . ceJj"'
Th f rl-Weekly gtajian,j.erBioalh.st...:.- .
.1 .... i..nM will be farnlibil for one oi
k.r. otb.In cluU .r .IngJ. eopte., it the abow
"tte Weekly Obis 8lateuMn 'm U furLiibei fol-
lowai . i a .i
UUibt of TS ebplei for tiret)Btrw.
Inolublof llcle,folw mmth.,-Y..-r.- ,
-.-i.ui .im mi fnr two months. I.....'..' aw
Uelabtof oopl,rtwo monUn . 'w
" 'Tha,tomonlbi,'Clnts 'lll eoier the period of the
Ounp.tsn.and tbui pl.c'car MAMMOTH WKKKLT
In tb hndf of H no nnt, .
OB very rtMon"" !"" . ,
,1 iet thi frienO. of to. g.l cause - the trae.TJulon
la oCOnlo gU wor. ana jiwuun.
Oil over tbe Plate J Ve peet to mV a It an efficient aid
la tae 'gisd prkuf JU'iWopUoo oi me bom "
t K oewell lroaUtel : a. ' ,:
'Augaftio.iwi. ";;."'.;'.'.;q
Henry B. Payne's Letter to Gov. Dennison.
r Ij'.."""' iJv"
.erfeiiM .welmWea tie letter l Uov
h.uKi.wui to"H..Ii Tatni. E:u , and Mr.
PTri rfDlv. We this morDbs publ'nh en
other letter, from Mr. Vkwir iiblch will be
.c ' " a . 1V t. nAMaalll
tOUOp,OU QUr nrB pago. . v uoto "
falMo read it. aBO that ill our Kcpuotican co
tlmriefa'rie will nubliib it. When we read
CUff pijwiioii'e leUer,.we weroecrrj that he
'bid ibna'esnjid fciiaf e X to complete annihila
tion. Xiiie letter of Mr. Payne utterly ex-
tinguieaes the overnor. tie w provoato, auu
has no out ioJ)lame but blmieu.: -
Practical Secessionists.
A thcoreiicAl Secesalouist i6 one who believes
j .;.!, ! r,:! '1: j. .u.ri.
in laerrijiuf oiu a.-eio icur "w u
Ji. Th ptoetici! Secessionist labor to effect the
diasolution of the Union'. Tni may be oocom-
pliahed in two wajet in-"-"Tirirt.
By fwterlng, oiding ini and accotn.
plishiog a euooeaaful rebellion against the Ted
eral Gorernment, the. Constitution and the
law.,. Ttiij ifltbe position 61 Jarr. Datu and
Lhil compeers.
Seoond. By nuking a war for the euppreision
of a rebellion, a war of one seotlon of the UO'
' ion against the whole people and. Institution! oi
" the other, thns converting the effort of the Got.
eminent to pat down and pnnieh individual trai
Ji tOrtlia .rebels idto' a' war' of Bectlona or of
ifiUte offoiaot State. Thii ia what certain
politioiaie ore praotloally doingr woo are very
1 luaJlu theli gertforthe 8nppr of "the Gov.
eroment'oud; iiVKt!y fierce in denouncing
those wbo do Co't partake of their eectiooai an
imoaltv. oj SecessioniSta.
. 1 fh two claeses-o praotical Beceaeioniats we
have described obover work Into each other'
haudsV fhethe olf who are drawn into their
ranks, ore afteTe6fft tor .faot, both classes ore
working to a common ecu. , , . . ...
39 The rebellion'was grounded upon, and nas been
sustelnedt'inoinly by a belief ia the alleged boo
tllity of o majority, of, tbe Northern people to
the poopl and ipstitutiont oi the Soatb. .Notn
t log can tend mote directly to make that rebaj
c Hon effleieas prolonged and ' suceessful in the
'wrl, than to einvmee the SouthorrJ people that
Ijftat alleged bomllity u real, byconveiting i
.war undertakea to disperse combinations oi ia
dlvlduali la arms ogalnst the Government, into
o war against tbo-wbole people of o aectlon of
the country or against entire States considered
. - aa aanattca add duOihcl Communities. ; i . ri
,: .They who take up orms ogoinst iho Govern.
aseai, and they who sow the seeds of lasting
''"and deadly fend between two section of the
" "countryi ore alike , pradticol . Secessionists, and
. , oreworking in common for, the dissolution of
u UtO Unioni'V ,', rJ.-.-.i'; r-yn " ' ' i .
.fiA ft. J y ft. wi ii iwtw iiihii,i , r
27 Tke Toledo BiadtU wonderfully out of
,;Aumo,oiid tal(ts abou ,V'" i W.UI . muon
flippaaoy, a to convince ony man that the edl
tor poo. "brought up" where such waa the com
mowteo-tobrrk. ;ye,mke,all allowance
for the disagreeable position of the DUdil ; It
i.er must b very humiliating to a paper that bis
been so devoted to Abolition Republicanism as
it has, riov to be compelled to disown and obaa
don Uon Account ofahe. Injury it lias been,to
thacoantrv. Fallv convinced that "its princl
plea r in tonfiict 'with potrlotiim," it sink
them. That I right oil each paper should
.J. tV'e or of the opinion, however, that
it I from the force of necessity , rather than
hplce.. Pail oway we will forgive you... ,
Republican Nominations.
The Republicans of Harrison county have
t gtominated tb following Bounty ticket: '
prMenUtiver- Juho Latham ; Treasurer,
if if Jf'ranii GraeeSherifr,,S. E,Mgees Prosecnting
Attorn'Tr Amon .Ltmmonj Recorder, Joerpo
Rest Cuuimlssioner, J. J. Billlugeley; Sarvey
or, Jacob Jarvli; Infirmary Direotor, John N.
Baverfleldi Coroner, Dr. J. B. MoCullough.
Gen. Lyon—Why was he not Reinforced!
.v .- r ;,
ftn. I ton betrced In vain for reinforcements.
The night before, hi death he said, "Alas!
tbev do not come !" Since hie death, seven reg-
- a a.. .....! thai
intent, novo been lorwaroea w,au
troop whieh he commanded. Xswaeitfs Uem.
Gen. Lton sent messenger to ramorrior
reinforcements several time, but they were not
eat until ofter he was killed. Gen. Foimoiit
must explain thl matterr Pillow' msnosuvre
wa ' no doubt intended to catch FauioNT.ond
he did it weU. Gen. Lioh (aid on the bottle-
fieldt -...-. v ' .- '.'"V
"I beain to believe our term of oldiering
I obout completed. I have tried earnestly to
j.-.v rintvto the Government,
and appealed to them for relnforcemente and
..mnii: but. alas! tbev did not come, and the
.n.m. i 0ttln- the advantage of us.
. The wrrespoodent of the NewiYork Hit aid
in his oceount of the battle says:
"For two or three days before tbe bottle,
Gecerol Ljon changed much In appearance
Since it became apparent to blm that be must
abandon the Southwest or have his army out to
pieces, he had lort muoh of hi former energy
and decision. To one of hi staff be remark-
ed, the day before the battle, 'lorn o man o-
ii;n in nrMAntlninnta. and ever since this
night surprise was planned, I have bad a feeling
I cannot get rid Of, that it would result disas
trously. Through the refusal of Government
properly to reinforce me, 1 am oougra w
don tn couDiTT. 11 i wnuwm o.b-B
.k- M.m. h nnMifl will o.U me a cow
ard. Ii I engage him, I may be defeated and
my command cut to piece. I am too weak to
bold Springfield, and yet the people will demand
that I bring about bittle with the very enemy
I Mnnni k.An a town aralnat. How Can this
.oanlr KltMaln than ft.rft.inet US?' '
"On the way to the field I frequently rode
near him. He secmea nee one oewiiucrw,
v.n -hn mAA,M,A. failed to elve any recog
nition, and eeemed totolly nnoware that he was
..k.. . . n. iia hattl field be save bis or-
ders promptly, ond seemed (ollcliou for the
welfare of hie men, but utterly regardless of
hi own afety. while be wa oaing wnere
bullets flew thickest, just ofter his favorite horse
was shot from under mm, some oi ui wu.
Interposed and begged that be would retire
from the spot and seek one lee exposea
Scaroelv raisinr hi eye from the enemy, be
old - '- . ' ' t ' '
'ft ( pnnneh thot I stand here. I am
While tbe line wo forming for the charge
tgclnst the rebels In which be lost bis me, uen,
Lyon turned to Major Sturgls, who stood near
bim, and remarked:
r f. that th dav la lost: If Colonel Sleel
bad been successful he would have Joined us be
fore this. I think I will lead this charge."
He bad been wounded in the leg in an early
Ant a flash wound merely
-rmm -hirh tha blood flowed orofoselt.- Ma
jor Sturgls, during the conversation, noticed
blood on uenerat Lyon-i nai, auu .up
posed he had been touching It with hi hand,
wbica wa wet wiinoioou irum ui mS. u.v
ment after, perceiving that It wo fresh, be re
moved the General' bat ond asked the cause of
its appearance. "It is nothing, Msjor, nothing
but o wound in the bead," laid General Lvon,
turning owoy ond mounting bl Dorse, witn
out taking the bat held out to bim by Maor
Sturgi. he addressed the Iowan he wa to
command with
"Forward, men! I will lead jou!"
Tea mlnntea afterwards be lay dead on tbe
field, killed by ( rifle ball through tbe breast,
jost above the heart. Io death bl teatures
.1 1 1 1 A .nuutA.
wore the same trouoiea ana ponicu AprTOiiw.
that had been fixed upon them for tbe past weei.
Hi hod waa hronrht to town in the afternoon,
and will be forwarded to bis friends in Connec
ticut for interment. ' ''
We Progress.
Tbe Democracy of Ohio at many of their
count; meetingsin Knox, Licking, Stark, etc.
have indorsed tbe propositions of Mr. Cox. In
Indiana and other States they bove don the
nmi tBintr. Al I union mat neeiing
Terre Haute, Iodiana, they were read ond
unanlmon&ly indorsed. They or receiving the
general concurrence of oil true Union men ond
even tbe Republican press, not from inclination
but from necessity bag been compelled, ond tbe
Administration will be compelled, to carry on
the war ond conclude o peace on the basis of
those propositions." Tb New York organ of
the Administration, tbe VTtrld ond the Times,
wheee orticle we copy to-day, ore beginning to
acknowledge tbe sens and propriety of the first
proposition, that the war must be carried on ac
cording to the roles of international law the
laws ef moderation, justio ond honor suoh as
are observed between two alien nation. In no
other way can flags of truce, exchange of pris
oners ond foil treatment on tb field of. bottle
to the wounded be bad. Tbe other proposition
that, some mean should be left open for the
restoration of peace, is but o corollary from the
first proposition. Congress will sooner or later
be compelled to act upon It. Tbe Administra
tion will of necessity be compelled to adopt It
Bat they must remember its full meaning. No
such restoration of peace by separation no
peace, without Union I " -
' 87 We see It often atated, that "It will be
time enough to revive the Republican and
Demooratlo parties when we know that we have
o Government." This would look like de
termination on the part of tha Republicans to
revive that party, after the Democracy have
saved the Government.. For tbe lake of hu
manity, don't talk about reviving that party, if
we now succeed In uvlog tbe Government.
If. we get over .this trouble, don't revive the
cause that produced it. . - '
. ' m i a ' . '
Some of the Republican are beginning to
see that they were much mistaken In tbe
South in manv respects. They sneered ot tbe
threat of o dissolution of the Union j they now
see it a danger not to be sneered at. They
thonffht th South week: contemptibly weoki
rather a mistake, as they see now. W recom
mend ta tbem, ofter that grove mistake, to
abandon Republicanism and lie porpoftftft. It will
not do to depend on it.' - - i
We clip the above from the Louisville Dim
crti, edited by that polld Union Democrat, Col
Hasnxt, who hu just been elected by tb : Un
ion men of Jefferson county7, Kentucky, to tb
Legislature. Tbe earns man so beautifully
oompUmented by the Cincinnati Commtreitl,
Zanesvillo Ccurur, and. other Republican ptr
ten. " - -1 -.1 !
"Let H. J. Jswett come on with bis Central
Ohio Railroad Jruh mud dtogtn, all be con
buy ond hire, ond we will cleon them out next
Uctober." xvayuo wenmet, avjmk ij., .
It If perhaps oil very well for tbe editor of tbe
Dayton Journal, while he is comfortably stowed
oway in hi sng berth in the PojtofEoe, to cut
hie dirty slurs ot th "Irish mad-digger," while
tens of thoussnds of gallant irishmen or In
arms ot tbe call Of the President to protect (he
Capital of the nation, and "maintain tbe Con
stitution and the Union." The Dayton Jearael
is a very proper organ of th new Republican
party.;. ' ' ' ' ; '.'
UTTh eecesaloolsU or , canning in their
menaeemeot, ond resort to meay ioeeoloa de
vice to deceive tbe Federal Government. W
believe moo v of tb pretended deserters from
their arm v or spies ssnt lo deceive. Some
com oe Northern men who eay they -were
pressed into the Confederate ormy, ond pretend
to give minute detail f tb toroee, position,
defense ond intention of the eoerayj bat so
far a these statements hev been tested tbey
hove generally proved notrn. Tb other day
son escaped iNortnern saan iron jtionmoad.
affirmed that th fortifications obout that city
were not oil formidable or extensive, where
there is lndubltabl evidence that tbey or pf
tmatens strength, ond extend many mile
eome accounts soy fifteen beyond tbe metropo-lis.
BMton Pt.
Arrest for Treason in Philadelphia—
Pierce Butler in Custody.
[From the Philadelphia Inquirer of this morning.]
Yesterday morning o dispatch was resolved
from Secretary Cameron ordering the orreat of
Mr. Pierce Butler, one of the most noted men
oi the country, iormarly o resident of this oity,
but recently o resident of too South, and on
alleged extensive slave owner. . Tbe order of
Arrest wa accompanied with o "description of
tbe probable locality in which Mr. Bailer would
be found. Marshal Mill ward immediately set
out upon the search, ond, ofter dxing upon the
exoot premise designated (a large boarding
house iu Broad atreet, above Pine), disposed of
hi deputies, Messrs. Sharkey, Jenkins and
Sohuyler, in a manner most likely to prevent
the etcspe of the prospective ond distinguished
prisoner. Tbe marshal then prooured o ear
riage, which was placed In a convenient position.
He then taog the bell, which wa answered by
the ladv of tha house, who nroduced Mr. But
ler. The Marshal read the order for arrest, and
placed bands upon the gentlemen, in the name
and by the authority of tbe United States Gov
ernment. Mr. Butler looked somewhat crest
fallen, but delivered himself up without remoo
Pierce Butler, o prisoner of the Uolted States
government, was then placed in tbe bands of
tbe deputy marshals, whilst raarsnai lumwaru
proceeded to overhaul tbe trunks ond furniture
of the prisoner. After on extended ond diligent
search of the entire premise, nothing was found
to directly implicate Butler in any desigo against
tbe government.' -As
tbe prisoner waa placed in tbe carriage tbe
lady of tbe houae aaked .
" When will you return, Mr. Batlerl"
Aod tbe person addressed replied in
CAafanl way .
"Oh. as soon as the war i over, Madam."
Tbe carriage, with the company, then drove
down to Wabmt atreet wharf, where the Cam
den and Amboy boat wa taken for tbe railroad
depot. Here the deputy marshal took their
leave, and Marshal Millward proceeded on to
flew York, where tbe prisoner wilioepiaeea
in durance vile at Fort Hamilton, New' York
harbor. , -... . . . i
Tbe antecedent of Fierce. Bailer or well
known to our citnens. . He is, we blieve, o na
tive of Philadelphia, ond woo educated to the
bar. lie is repotted to be very wealthy. .
General Fremont.
' There Is on unusual amount of good sense In
the following from the New York WetU, the
orgsn of the Administration:
Tbe St Louie ond Chicago newspapers ot re
cent date come to ns filled with complimentary
notice ef Geo. John C. rremoot, who, If these
journals ore to be believed, boo olready proven
ooe or toe most remarkeoie men oi moaern
times. It msy be tbst be is: bnt the faou
given In these notices hardly warrant tb ex
travagant eulogies indulged in by oar Western
friend. It seems the General ia not given to
eoeecb making, he attends olosely to his bull
ae, ond has on excellent habit of keeping bis
appointments. All these things seem to sur
prise tbe editors "beyond tbe Mississippi," but
w can assure them that ont this wsy there ore
thooBend of men that have been doing the
same for years, without anybody thinkiog it
worth a newspaper pun.
We refer to this matter to protest against the
whole system of showering anticipatory honors
on Gsnerals before they have eeeo a thot fired
in ooger. We have had quite enough ot this
eoneeaae.' Tbe nation expect great things ol
General Fremont; but let ue be chary of our
praises until be doe something to merit them.
With a battle lost ond tbe union lurces in ion
retreat before tbe rebels, it is no time to be
boasting ef tbe genies ot the commanding
General When the rebels ore cleared out of
Missouri it will do to begin that sort of thing.
Until then let us watch and wait.
Eicbanox ot Poisonim. A teh-gram from
Washington ujsr ' '
"The question of the exchange of prisoners,
which has been the subject ol considerable con
elderatioo, has not yet been decided. 1'rnidmt
Lineal it firmly op'puid to any recoynifMit eA
rtbtl es a 6eUtytrnt poierr "
However disagreeable It may be, President
Lincoln will probably be under the same necee
slty of recognlxiog this fact, as hs is of recog
nixing any other. Even he most be tolerably
well satisfied by this time that the country la ot
wor with tomtbodw that ia entitled to be called
0 "Power." He can neither cheat himself nor
tbe coootry Into any delusion as to the magni
tude of the contest, by refusing it 0 belligerent
name. Tbe exebsnee of prisoners I on inci
dent of oil wars; not because both sides, or eith
er side, can claim lo be legally in tbe right, but
because it Is much more humane to exobange
prisoner than it is to hang them. Tbe country
will be much better satisfied to support this con
test, with both men and money, when it learn
that it i to b waged in accordance with the
usages of civilized and Christian nations.
We copy the above from the New York
Timet, a Republican paper. It recogoiseo tbe
inevitable truth which hag long stored sensible
people In the face ond urged upon the oountry
by the Democratic party, that there must of be
ceaslty be ouch Intercourse between tbe bellig
erents 01 will mitigate tbe horror of war ond
enable those who ore taken prisoners to return
to their respective home by exchange.
ST Tbe following w olip frsm the New
York Werliond the Pott: .
The Wor W has not concealed' one jot or tittle
of tbe truth concerning tbe disgraceful panic
and defeat ot Bull Run. It lost no opportunity
to oppose ond decry tbe oeiess clamor, "Uo
to Richmond," which precipitated our army In.
to it defeat, and it bos also don what wo in
it power to enforce tbe leatoo wblob that de
feat must teach us if w would follow it with
vlotoriee. To tell the truth about oar defeat
wu, therefore, the first duty. Oar specie! cor
respondent's graphic account of that battle, and
tbe rout in which it ended, though the earliest.
wa not lest a most faithful account of that
eventful day. The official reports, end tbe let
ter ef Mr. KusmU which we published tester
day, confirm its statement in all particulars.
Tbe defeat was 0 defeat, and the rout a ebame
ful rout, ond it only remains for us to swallow
as we best may tbe exultation of tbe victor
th jeer from those who sympathiz with them
and let lb future tpsak for us with deede( not
Tbe eeat Pott, though late In learning the
fact, 00 longer attenuate our defeat ana dle-
graoe. lteayo: .i; :
. Tbe rout at Stone Bridge wa 0 disgrace
Let ut own that, it ia nothing to lay that our
aoldiere were brave la aotion, out miauied ond
badly offioered. .Bravery ie honorable, but it I
tb commonest quality God hu given men
We may beap exuuse upon exouu, and ' opon
if, ond. ofter oil it said, it remain true that,
with the eye of th whole eivllized world upon
01, with th opplout of every Christian people
ready to ball our success, we onereq battle and
ran away from tbe enemy.
,- It is tru that ponio may strike tb bravest
army, and it bu often been said' that to run
away moy happen to ony man., So it may: but
let us obow ourselvee men by accepting in ti
leoee tb contumely that is sent by iboe who
look only to tbe end; Jet ns not pule ond maun
der Impotent rejoinders, let ut t onr lips firm
ly together, shut down every word, ond look to
it tbat hereafter we wipe out thi bitter dla
grac. , ,,, . j
Monroe County.
, The Union Democracy of Monroe county
hove nominated tbe following ticket: -. -.
' Senator,1 J. DO'Cennort Reoiweenutive,
John Keyaeri Clerk, Daniel Walton 1 for Treas
urer, WUllam Kud lor Bberifr, Ueorg W
Carrotherei for CommMiiooer, Baraett Mann
for Recorder, Daniel O'Connor 1 for Proeecut.
iog Attorney, Jamee O. Amos; for Coroner,
Mlchoel Fogerl; for Infirmary Director, Arthur
Smyth.' -' ' . ' ' " ' x - :
Muskingum County.
The Union Democracy of Muskingum county
have nominated tbe followlpg excellent ticket t
Treasurer Joo. M,- Lane; of. Muskiorum
township; Representative Iboe. MaxUeld, of
Waahinc-ton. and Frank Ewlng, of Meigs: Pros
ecnting Attorney I L Copelaad, of Springfield ;
Ramwdar-A-David Ilarrl. of Waynei Commls-.
sioner-Ccphu Hanks, of Highland! Surveyor
t-tdword Betbel.of Melgi Infirmary Director
T. Stemler, of Ztnwvillei Coroner Daniel
8mlth,of Zanetvlll.
Comments of the Press on the Battle
of Bail Run.
[From the London Times, Aug. 7.]
"Th discussion which arose some months
ago in tbe United Statu of North America
have unfortunately assumed the chorooter of
open wor.w.. gueb. is the tranquil oommente of
the foyol speech upon tbe event In the New
World which bar fallen unexpectedly pon
the ear of Europe. Our queen be reflected,
with on excellent fidelity,' the feeling of her
people. After the first surprlu wo over, and
tbe "God bleu me! you don't ay oT bad
been said, we think we never heard of a bottle
In which 75,000 men icem to have been eogag
ed on each tide, and which fell eo blank upon
the pubUo ear, and engaged eo little European
Intereat. The fact ii, tbat we do not like to
laugh, and lb tense of th ridiculous come
too strong over n when we would be serious.
it is a great batue witnout we uigiu. v u.u
ger and tbe painful interest of great oaroage.
There are all the ridiculous Incident or stork
fear and rabid terror, without much real peril,
ond with very little actual suffering. 1 W begin
to feel thot we bove been cheated out of our
sympathies. When this war broke out, we Eng.
liab all pictured to ourselve two earneet aeo
tiona of tha aama Doonlatioo. interlaced in mor-,
tal combat, warring to the knife ond to the
death. We received by every mail little samples
of an atmosphere of blood and thunder and war
and wounda. All America appeared to ns, poor
dupeel like o fresh exploded mine all emoke
ond rragmenle ond torn umos. we rancieu our
kinsmen reckless, furious, flying ot eaoh others'
throats, and careless of their own safety. At
the same time that they were shaking .their
knives at each other, tbey were shaking their
fist ot us. W trembled for what we were fated
to ue. W held our breath for tbe first shock
nf battle betwaen these two Voung giant. W
but our eve against the deadly struggle. . We
are calmer now. We ore oil calmer. We are
satisfied that these warlike athletes, who were
lsauiog suoh dire threats againal any one who
should dare offer to separate them, are not eo
very recklese. . Since their dissensions have
assumed "tbe character of opto war'.' they have
been carried on upon strictly humanitarian prin
ciple. If we ore to believe tbe American preBi,
u American battle bu never yet been so dan'
gerous as on American passenger boat, ond not
much more eo than on American railway. The
hostile forces shell eaoh other out of strong for
tresses without losing a single life. They fight
a battle In Western Virginia, which determines
tbe fate or a district ot tbe expense or less than
0 score of casualties! and o great stand -up bat
tle is fought between ISO.OOU men, ending in 0
panioond o twenty mile run; and wneo toe
"Grand Army of tbe Potomao" reaches Alex
andria, th New York Herald reports that "the
killed ond wounded on our side will be between
three and five hundred."
' It Is very difficult to gauge the solidity of
anything American even of a great .battle.
We know fiat there wa a great rout In front of
that gap wbleb rune up into the bill, lor we
were reoruented In tbe ruck." and mav ear tbat
we taw It with our own eyes and beard the can
nonade with our own ear. There ie o proba
bility, also, tbat the number of men presrot at
the battle mounts to tbe high figure of 100,000,
for both account aeem to agree opon this. Be
yond these foots, however, everything seems
vagus and uncertain. - The advance or tbe
"lirend Army or the Potomac"- reads ia tb
American papers like 0 burlesque of the prog
ress of Xerxes to the Hellespont. Tbe great
notional vlotory or null Kan, which was Hash
ed over the Northern States and recorded In
the Northern papers, was a thing hovering for
hours, while yet in print, upon the connnes or
fancy and possibility. The abject rout, the ul
timate reality, was what we could bave least
believed. Perhaps we ought to have anticipated
that the tame ferocious men who bad burnt up
the homesteads on their line, of march, would
speed back over the embers with palo' laces in
their oanlo flight. But thi never did occur to
us. It require the testimony of the Americans
tbtmselvee and the wituesa of our owu corres
pondent to suggest to u tbat 75,000. A Bier ican
patriots neo lor twenty mues in on agony 01
fear, although no one was pursuing tbcm, aid
that 75,000 other American patriots abstaictd
from pursuing tbse 75.000 enemies, becTuse
they were not informed bow e'urk frightened
these were. Even tb riiliery wore out capt
ured, but plckad up. . Tbe guus were left be
hind, because they impeded tbe flight of the at
tillerymen, and tbey might have been to a gTcat
extent carried eff, if the .apprehension ot the
gaoner would bave allowed them; to take, ad
vantage ot ,ne leisure wnicn toe prudent cou
queror wot to ready to afford. On tho other
band, our correspondent tninu mat. tbe pauie
had gone so right to lb heart of the North,
that if Gen. Beauregard bad tbe enterprise to
follow up hi advantage, he might bave gone
elmoet unresisted Into Washington City itself.
All that tbe Northern press says upon ibis sub-
Jeot, I to congratulate themselves that tbe ene
my did not know to wnato ingot toey were.
This ia not our account oi the battle, it is
the American account.. It Is the account oi the
New York papers, alternating, as tbey do, be
tween shrieks of vlotory, of agony, and of Tin-
diotlv despair. If they bave only loot between
300 and 500 men, it teems to us to be a very
cheap lesson. Sse wbot they hove gained by it.
Tbey bove found out row that the spirit of
patriotism, ond even lb vostinot or combat,
doe not prevent Northern volunteers from go
big off in o body, under pretense of their time
of enlistment being up, oitnougn tne morning
of tb combat may b come, and the eannou
maybe toundlog in their ears. - -Tbey bave
found out also that even a Northern army can,
without much good military reason given, lose
It attraction of oohealon, and dissolve into a
mob. They bave also found out that the Sostb
ernert are not to be walked over like a part.
ridge manor, and that they bave eome military
bead among tbem. Ot course, we must ex
pect them to meet these bard facta by a certain
quantity of bluster. Tbey must call out a few
more million of volunteer, and they . must
make a confident demand upon an incredulous
world for a few more hundred millions sterling.
But bthind eU (Aia Acr winsf rif gathering
doubt that thit Southern nut it too hart to crick.
ond that On military lint, ut a matter of sulfites,
dot not answer. The Worth bat now made it
experiment, and not only bu it not answered,
but tbe process has not been, jcncouragiog. As
a matter of bablt, and-to eue tbe Amerioao
mind, certain quantity of threat ot.d tall
word may ba necessary, and' they may pas.
But tbey will be of small avail against tbe faote
u tbev now stand. In the face of the picture
or that screaming crowd the Grand Army of
tbe rotomaO, etc. tneee great words irout the
expectant gentlemen at Washington lose every
charm. ...--.:. .'.-:;.-
[From the Times, Aug. 5.]
It is o complete victory as much victory
os Austerllt. - All tbe looideot ol o victory
ore frankly stated to we new York telegram
All tbe artillery, arms, stores, ond small arms,
have been captured by tb Confederates. 'And
now, what next I No one can hope that this Is
one of those vlotoriee wbleb produce a peace
There will be shout of exultation all over the
8outh, ond there will be frensy all over tbe
North j bat w cannot hope tbat there will be
ony thought of peace. W may be lure tbat
the flrtt thought will b for revenge. We will
moke no remark upon tb number of casualties
recorded, except to toy that other teUcram
bar arrived which put It muoh higher; lor w
(hall be glad to hear that loch a fight can bove
been fought at th ooet of 600 men. ' Every ope
of these will have hit circle of friend and hit
worn league of avenger.. The army which
hu jut been routed ba bad H it plrlt brok
en, and u a military bdy hu booted to exist;
but there ore ten timet at 0017 ready to come
00, perhaps to the tame fat. .We wish we
oeeld find unsettling in thit vlotory upon whioh
to congratulate either the victor or the van
quished. We wish we eould see in It the prob.
abla cansa of that humility or that content.
meat which might focllitot peace. We can.
however, unhappily, tte in it nothing but what
mutt stimulate tbe evil passions or botbcom
[From the London News.]
, The defeat of tb North 'sbota the door to
compromise or to acquiescence on any terms the
Booth can oner. I D union ouuna to con
quer now. The spirit of New England and tbe
Northwest will ris1 to tb occasion and we of
tb old race, tried aod strengthened by many
rverM,tball not be turpriudif our kinsmen
sever rest nntil they have turned defeat Into
"victory." ; . ,j .,T(;,j,
[From the London Telegraph.]
Tbe battle of Boll Rub was a battle whioh,
if second to Magenta or Solferino In tctuol
slaughter, wat marked, with-' to or envenomed
hoaulitv. The dominant feeling' lb England In
thia unhappy quarrel I on of unfeigned and
bitter sorrow. If American labor for on mo
ment under tht Impression tbat th successes or
reversu or one or 01 uw. .v..v-
l!k.,..,. .111 A.Aken anvthlns 11 k partisan
feeling in thi eountry, they are moot grlevou
ly mistaken, y ; j )J '
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
Aug. 21, 1861.
luformallonlh been received that money has
been demanded by the commanding offloers 01
certain regimnts, a the price of their Influence
lo eecure to pertlea seeking them, " ubordlnot
appointments of the regiments, r Tbl he been
done for tbe ostensible purpose of osslstlng to
pay tha expense of recruiting. All ttch bar
gaining 1 in the higbeet degree disgraceful, ond
i positively forbidden. Should ony uch ce
hereafter be brought to the notice of the Com-monder-ln
Chief, oil partie oonoerned will be
promptly, reported, ond tbelr dismissal from
service imperatively demanded.
; Bv order of the Commander in Chief.
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
' KgHKiwr'a MtDioAt. DuooTxai. We obeee
fulty devote to Mr. Kennedy and bit. popular
medicine 'o portion, of ouroolomnt today, for
we are well aware that the "Diecovery" 1 no
log more) Id one week In tbe cuting of humor
of every description, then any remedy that ha
ever been got up has done In It trneu career
We are prepared to speak of thia article in the
meet oonfident manner, for we have taken un
usual pain to find out whether it wee oil that
it professed to be. We bave visited the Labor;.
atory or Mr. Kennedy ot Roxbury, ond there
perused the certificates of those who hove been
cured, many of them known to nt 01 persons of
veracity and truth. In addition to tbl we
hove had cue of enre occur among our own
relative ond friend, ond without solicitation
have had persona relate to us what the " Dis
covery n did for them; these ore onr reasons for
the high estimation in which we bold this rem
edy. .-;.!... . ; : :
'At Cincinnati, on the 15th lost., Josxra If. 8awi
gidl7ar8 months, son of William 8aw, laq.
late of tbts count.'
'.. ; .... ; '
Settlement of Accounts.
bsen Sled In tha Probata Ooart of Franklin eonn
ir. Ohio, and will bft bftard for uttl.mftnt on WJIONB8.
lal, tb 18lb day or t?IMUElt, A. O. 1861, to
Tha flnt Account of J. "B. Bur, adm'r of Oottleib
Wtlbftl. dee'd; tht Snt aooouat of Jam Aft Heed, adm'r of
Rcnlamln Head, dce'd: th. flrtt AOftOUnt Of John Jonftft,
adm'r with tbe will annexftd, of Kdward Jones, deo'd,
the flnt account or Hargaret neiier. aam-x wiio iu
will annexed, ef Abraham Keller, daa'd, tbe drat ao-
eonnt of J. II. OroU and James Dongbsrtjr, axacatori
of tbe will of Jacob Keller, dc'd; tne nrst acoonat 01
Bamuftt T Baddlck.adm'rof the ftUt of James A. Sad
dle, deo'd; tbe second aceoont of Wa. U. Bolles and
Bloh.td . Uatbar, tb administrator of W. W. Mathftr,
dfto'd; the second aoconnt of AbelOlark, adm'r of Har
mon Dlidlne, deo'd; the fourth acoouat ot Robert Nell,
Adm'r of Joihna Baldwin, deo'd; and tbe filth account of
W. A. J O. McCoy, exesnwrs or Uift will ol aonert
W.MoC.,,dec'd.- H;B:AtBgRTt .
, aug38-dAwll " ' Probate Judge. '
; - - i .
Tlin "Ht Artificial Hlp tw lh
Human Mgbt ever Invented.
ment ot tbe laost Improved kluda ol Opectacle.
All hie OlAAfttA, whfttber for near or far-lighted, are
ground In coneav coartx form with th graateet car,
o a to lutt Hie Ejes of all cases, curing Weaanftts.
Dintae or Inflammation of tha Byes, and Imparting
airanvih fii. 1a tMjllnv at Sna aewlnff.
umce, ij sail riaie ma, a neimr m nraur,
Moilc Store
' WHITE WHEAT FLOUR (Beet Brands.)
French and Turkish Prunes, Figs, i
- Zante Currants and Eaiiina
Fnr salewbolssal and retail by .
: ' ' '"' ' WM. 0. BBBTIBATJX, j
Jl31 ' 108 South Blgb Street; ,
O OI1VBD at th Offlc of tha Bftcretary of
the SJ day of September next, at
noon, .
for furnlahlBg paper for th us of tb State ot Ohio, as
lollowi: . I
e .nno Baaau Double SuMr Koyal Printing Papr. S7X
by 41 locoes, to weigh not im tbao 48 pound to th
lOOKeami Double Plat Cap, 16 by 37 laches, to weigh
at la.af nnnnria fta IhA raam.
lOl) Reams Brochure Corer Paper, assorted colors, SS0
by 87 iniba, to walgh at least i pouad to th ream.
Th quaotltlMabOT named to be Increased at tb p-
uon ot Lbft secretary oi etaie r ... ....
Blda unit be amompanled by Minples of th paper,
and mmt speeiry ins prioe at waioo eaoa sine ana wau
t will b delivered at lb. Btala Houat In Colambus.
No ample of an Inferior artlelw-weed bft f miau I tbe
paper auetkoef UMbftstua-tip. v. j , - - - I
The delivery vt the Super Boyml aOd" Cow Paper to
oommeno oa tb Bret of Movwmaer ! ensuing, and
sontmua aa Iha nanfti shall ba Dftculd. i
Tbe delivery of lb Deual But Cap to oomtnenae on
tha Aral daw at Saaftmbfttsftat. aod continue as abov.
Bond, with acprond eeoaritj la double tb ftcaoant of
lbft oontract. will b required (aocordlng to law), condl
lioaed lor th faiuuai perronnano caea ooniraci,
Tha bida M he ib ad a and i lift oontraota awardtd In ae
oordanc with lb terms af tb "act to provide for the
pureuaaft af aiatlanftry, PuftL aod other arUclea for the
General AMembly and Bute Offieftift," paatd March II,
1863. He Ourw. WW); ewan's etat. eue.
BMi to bft lodonodftn the eavelopfte, "Propoftali for
rurniihlnepaperrormesiate. -'
Bidden an asard that no papsr will kereolved
nn leia II eonronas m very mpftot who iu eaaspie
nil pr&tiHon, tetU bt UricUy adAtroi tot-
'. A. P. BUBSRLl,
" : . Secretary of Stat.
Colombo, Ohio, August 9, UOMtd. " y ,
OB1VE1) jw p; Ofas(.f ,te Becreury of But,
nntil ,,vf, , . 1T, ... .... .ru, (
Monday, tbe 2d day ef September tisxt, at 12
' :'. 'dock M.,v- ''-. u
for fursUhlDg lb Stat of Ohio with fuel, al followir
80,000 Basbat of Ook, to wgh net las titan 40
pound, to the atubftl. s; .!.-.. -10,000
Buikels Coal, to b of tkftbftst quality equal
vt least to th lower vta of Hook teg Goal, aad Irftft
from data, sltck and dirt. .It. . . rn.'.l
' Th faftl to be delivered,' without' Wait for Bach d
livery, at tb Stat House In Columbus; - ' - ' -
. Propoaals to b aeoompanied byaarnpl,and to speci
fy tbe kind, quality and price of th luel propottd lo be
lurnlshed. . (-. ' - . .;
Each contractor will bs required to gtte bondwlth
approved tejurlty, in double th amount of Ut eon
tract, eondlUoned for tb faithful prformano of bis
Oontract. t ' !' I t "1 riu. .-- . f i
Tb bids to b md aad the eontraets tb awarded In
acordaaos wHB to Urtas of tb ftjst eaUtlod "Ao aot to
pro Tide for tb parobav of Stationary , Vaal, aod other
artlele for to tsneral AftmlyaadStaw offiewre,''
paseftd Naroh ll, lt3. Be Bwao ftv.. Btat. 668;
Curw. SltW. -
Bids to be Indorsed en fb wnvelop, "Proposals for
fumtfthlng fuelfffr ibeSUta.'' . . .
' Put 1 farntshsd by th Contractor must lo all eases
be equal In quality io the (ample. TAto mil vHU os
rigidly tnfimrit,- ;
f r.f o-. rf ii- ,TA.'t, BUS8BLL,
....vJJJIa. -sJeeretaryof Btat: r
Columbus. Ohio,' August B, 1801 did. -. - - '
. OLOAJL CU)IUB.., Also, other snakes of Spring
0 toak Olotha, lo all desirable mixtures Binding. Tea
aU and Bottnns ta mstrh... . BAIN At BON.
aprlli v r-cr; j, Mo, 29 SoutbiUgfisU
1 a qcihtals coprian, ) ' ie 'ji; J
IU t Tierces Blue.- - w't u ) "1
. 1 Cask rearttd Bsflejl. ' ,kwi!,u. .71
' : 50 Barrels Whit Wheat yicur."' '""
""WO . , . ' Jied (Ixtro). '
la store ond for sale by '.' '"' ;"-
108 Soutk High Street.
... . a.....apiAAuknnaaaee thfnams
a t.ot r thia eitv. who Is at present
stark laObaOetwaly- treason VefBosJ-ssi tuttabls can
didal for Oouatg Aadltar, niejftot to lb deolsum i u
fraukllo OUnlj VntMl TMmaeratKr OanVanUoa, and
oblige, -- J. M.W.i "'li,ma
uuii(a, .., TisMnnniTa.
tnitoa 0819 BtaihMaji-PIsaja annoaoc (tit name
6f L. wruea oaodldau fa County aaaitor,
nhleetto th Ula ( lh Talo peawwatie Oeayea
lloa, sal oWlgsi Kii'l 0 JtAHX MMOOlUta. .
i.n. a-f.ntaAH Plea aajMaoet the -nam of
J. W. DMA", of Westsrvllle, u a eaadldate for Hep
resenUUve la lb legislators, subject to w dwlslwpf
tb Franklin County moorau
, yi u Tf j.i. j, i': . . : jsaris yaflivvn1-'
isiToa Ortio 8T2wtAWsWoce the
.. -r' n,..M...aaaeaiadidati for BepreseBtathn,
sublet to tbe: dMWon ef lb Valon Democratic Con-
TTr1. "Ma jIM0bBAI8.
1 BDitoa Ohio 8TATtJWA-Pleas"nBoune tb's
a iii al If idison townihlp, as a oanui
.... ... D.u.i.tla.-aaMst to the dCClSlOO Of tb
URHl III! .iismmiw.i -
TJnloB SemoeraUc OoBVentlo" of trankllo County, and
Wi. oi ; . .. A Bon Of MMO0BAT8
'Ebrrol BTATsaniw-Heaas annouoe to yr paper
tbat aaasy votara In tbl city ana in rnuwua 'ii
e1itehav0TT0lann.Bq., for theU next epre-
sBtativ. Mr. Dreiells Just tb master in piaoft.
Tf. Omia BTATtiiiAii'tr-FlaaM anooanc is your pa
per that many of tb voters of th northern part of tbl
county deilre to bav. Geo. Griiwoia,- ot enaron rown
ship, tor ur oext Eepresnlative. . , , ..... r "
: .. i. i .. r . Tmra, traly, .. .'. . 1 '' '
- M03E8 PAVI8.'
VarB AHM BflTfltfllfl AiwPleas aoBOonceth
nam f A. w. Hi, f Jaoasoo Uwnshlp, u a ndl
daU for KpreienUrtv, ubJeotte tb deolilonef the
w w ai. .'t..li..w AAnetnllnn . iA oh. Itrtt. ,
UDlOn VCUV7vTllU HUiHtwtw j
IriToa BtatbiCaU Pleas announce the name of
n.n( Titft.vt V. Oaaoaa.'af BlftndoB tOWDIblP, S
eandldat for Sheriff, subject to the decision of , tb
franklin County VenMcietle convention, ado gangs
. Miv TiiMnnmT.' '
angiu , . - .. . V. 2
Edit OSTO BraTtsiuH-Teu wUl pli onoooncl
the nam of D. 0. Baxsio, of Hamilton township,' ass
;.ta fnr danntT Cammtiiloner subltct to the at-
eUion of the ntou DimoorttK) Oouoty . onvBtlon,
snoooiig , 7M .vv nminPRATd.
:;:'.!r.- :-- i . . ' a i I
r nnin BTTiiinl,leai announc Ihtnaa
of yr. W Kn, orMgdlson township, as a eandldat for
rnnr.t. Oommliitoner.'rnMecrne the dedilon ef the
Union Democratle County Convention, and oblige.
augH 1. . ,.MAHX BJUWVW.-UO.
u:.'" s vl :
v:.;ve ! tr.t '--
enf '.e f
'Foflfi Inch of. Time!
. rf.in.On.an.. Tkatlnhof tlmft ctn be procur
ed Bt a amok ibnpir aalo, aad many ion ?
enjoyed by eonsulllng5 brJ'MEREYWB ATHKR, wko
H hearing ta most ftb.ttnat and long-stsndlng dlieam
of the f CN08, HBART. UVEB, KIDNXYo, BbAD
Fact are itwkberm Thlngsl " .
' ' Hta'r what (h Phfladelphla eorrnnondent ay In th
0onunonwltb,VtWilpi!ngton,. Deiawat, Bib of April,
"An tDglltli gentleman, formerly connected with th
British Army, nd who It j left blmelf th 'Indian
Botaalo Pbyiicun ' has of lata gained an xtnsrve rspu.
tationotraky bU ftktlt In eurlng all jaaaMrof cum
plAiatft. Boat of bla patient 1 bar convened with,
aad tha raBooao bit nmadtcs and mod of treatment
a vary auaorlw. Boa, bar been mtorsd a If by
magi- Tb medlcin bft. una Is distilled by blmesir
fnm various bebtposeftlngrar euratlre, properties.
While acting In tna army he devoted bis leisure Bo
rneo Is to a (borough study of tb sleets produoed by
cerutn Bssdlsinal roots aa barb oa all suaaaer of dla-
It aftftoM ba baa found a sure ud spaedy rwsc
y lor all tbe 'ilia tbat Huh Is b.lr to.' - His praollo Is
already eyxttoalv aad Is dailr, Inerusing. In the com
plaints to wbleb Pcmalee are snbjeeted, be ba 00 equal,
as a Urge number hen bar testified that tbey owe not
only tbelr -areftin good hlih, but their lives, to the
UUf tbtoinuPbyilaB."w;t t; ,A
2 Office, 37 East. State Street, Colombut; ' j
augl7HL3m' , l ...&-''" : .
PURCHASER WAITED for SCO packages of
8tatlonry and Jewelry, for sal at prises to
voiced, lew It peroent. dlsceoat, at tb eipresi sfflo at
Columbus, Ohio.
Also, agenu wanted to aell lb best packsts of ststlio
ary (with or without Jewelry) In th market, -at prises
lower thftAteaa-b putahasftd alsawhsr. , Addnss, wtb
stswp SnoloftAd.'X UiijiJi . I '
JkyBVtty,' r0oortstret,Boteu,llfS. .
- xtroti or ntRsauusiziEi avoided.
Toe much eatleg and drinking, new habile aod modes
of life, often produce Irregularities lu th', bowels and
general health of tb system.' Bui BaakDOsra' Ptixs
will soon cure, the stomach will regain IU streogthf and
a healthy action of tb systtm will, he rsatored. No
MsBicinn ar equal la ujefulaes te th 1 .- -.J j
Ivry man of lb URI SOUATES bad o box' of
ud oo ALtOOOK'S POBOCB JU8TIB pot ia their
knapsack fit of txpen. Aod ta thia fast may bt at
tributed tht absence of any bf THIS RBQIMEWT from
thshospltsl. A. Tic r ' I, M !
KTEBT SOLDIERlhouli bar J a box af BraodreUi'i
PiJlAA box of Balvti1, sod o plee of Porous Fluter.
Tbey are 8TJBE to b njafal, f to llfs-ssrlog. ; .
Bold by Jobs B. Ooogt, Druggist, Columbus, and by
all raipoo table (salon to medicines. . t ro tut)
OUgl7-dlm !'''. -ViiifAeLaoa
noFFAT life ni.t.o ; :
lo oft case ef cos tires es, dyrpetwta, btlBea Mid uv
affftcUcns, pll, tbeumaUaat,. Jrn aad aguft, bstt
oat bead acbe, end oil geoeral aftraugeaaftat i oamltb
thftft Fills bar Invariably proved 0 eertebl and tpewdy
remedy. XatngU trial will place tne Uf Pills beyond
braolrompetlUoo lo tb aMmetwt f every pw
'ttenl. -.7 r! .
Dr.rotft's J?hoJnli Bitters alii b foand .qttfly sf .
Bcactoo In aUoasea of nervous debility, djtpepsla, head
Achc ihAAicknAes todjent U fenutsstadsUcat hftalth,
?TrT tba 41(ttvs arsons.
ana wwmrj ahm. va .
for aali by Dr. Wi BMOPtAT, twaoy, II. Y.
oudby all prugiiib'. i -- t - aerg-qwi ;.
Tht fallowttf U aa wAtraot .from
'mt wrlttAaby the BtV;i Bebse, SOSta' th
rurrepotot-Strert Baptist Churob, Brooklyn, T.,l
Toiun In favor af tbtwtd-iaaWDd mediotn, Mm.
yf iiotw' gocrm Stacr ro CmmaDi TaTrii .
"Wssreaa 'advertlsaMnt ba roar eolumnt otMaa
Wiuiw' Booth 'x Sracr. NoWW never said word
In fnror of a patent ttftdlolnsbefors In onr lire, but W
laol ampellAd Maey to yoar rdrs tbat tbl Is bo hum
q. .. bavb tins it, aji bmiw . iw To as Al rr
tuns. Is tft peAAufely oaft ( tl sssaS Mwefafal sndt.
dBsf tbodoy, beoausw II Is on of tb bftftt. Andtooot
ot yaaa readars wko kT babies caa't do bftttor Ibaa
lay lna supply. ecs7:lydJt
n a 1 rj Sl SON,
Ifj. 23 Soutlx High Street, ColumbM,
AiT.rS""vM2, Sr.. flood. atBX.valu.
MOOyerds TrevftllngDr.! Good. atl3, va'n. SOett
iingUsbLratl2,vala.SM. -mo
Jarda fr.nob Orgaodl at WX. value 20 onts.
una IaaI TOolored Uwns at 10, value 14 onU.
n..-mlwa.l value 40 eents.
15,: Ba" PUIS ilieb Mlk at Bl W. whs
BouJ ot OrgKdl. Berag. and Bngliib Borage, at one-
ran mr -T " BAIN Ac BON,
I ,M 'i 89 South Ulgh Street.
Elegant .Lace Mantillas,
No. 29 Bouth High St.,
HAV JuSt opened an tovoloe orvry iarg. .u
baodftoaa - ' ' ' -
Wuds '''yha'Zjsstitw. Shawls.
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces.
Real Thread, French, Cbautlllo & Genevese
Valenciennes, Point it Gaze, Brussels
ana Tnreaa L&ces ana touars,
In new Shape,
For traveling.
prices tj mrsTJ a list ixdw,
Travelitti? Dresa Goods.
; The beat and most fuhlonable styles In the city, .
. t,r-.I - . BAIN At BON,- -
j,8l 89 Booth High Btreet. -
Groceries," " '. .
, . "if - . Produce,
; : , i . :. i Provisions,
Foreign find Domestic Liquors,
; . ; Fruits, etc. etc.,
-"'' ro
No. lOeouth High Street,
Tbe old stand recently oocupled by.WM McDONALD
.. ' He Is In dally receipt of
Which he will sell
sjueup lor Catah or Country Produce.
JXJOoudi delivered to City trade free of charge. .OI
;No. i'0C, South High ' Street, '
Foreign and Domestic Fruity
JlyW -
Steam Between Ireland and America
i .. , ,i ,i
Tb following new and magnlfioent firat-elaaspaddli
wbeel Bteamablps oompoaa th abuv line:
ADRIATIC, 3,888 ton burthen, Capt, 3. Mao
.... (Formerly of the Collins Line.)
HTBERNIA, 4,400 tons burthen, Capt. N. Paowsa.
COLUMBIA,'1, 4,4li ' B.LaiTon.
ANOLIA. ' ' 4,400 " ' " NicHoiaua
PAOIPIO, '' s ew " " " 1. 8am H.
- .3,300 ' . ' J.WAtXiB.
One of th above ahlpa will leave New York or Boston
alternately vry loesday fortnight, for Oalway, oar
rylnn tbe gorernment mails, touching at Bt. Johns,
It. W. ....
Tb Btsaoiass ef this Una have bn eonet rooted with
tbe greatatan, under lbs supervWoo of tb govtrn-aMat,barftWatr-tlgbt
aompartmftnta, and are unexcel
led foreomfort, safety and speed by any steamer, afloat.
TMp ar aommaoded by able and xpriftnod oOieers,
and vry aarUoa will bt mads to promeu tba oomfort
ef paifteagers. . '
- An;experieaoed Surgeon attscbtd to each ship.'
Plrst-clan N. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool ttno
Seeond-elass, " " '- 7S
rirseolaaa,. to 8t John's 3i
Third-class, '" " ' to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town ta Ireland, oo a Hallway, - - - 30
Thlrd-olAAO paaaeogtrft ire liberally supplied with pro
vlslous of tbe beat quality, cooked and servsd by the ftftr
vanU) vf tbe Company.
Partial wishing to tend for their friend, from the old
eountry oan obtala Ikkftla from any town on a railway, la
Inlaad, or from tb priaetpal ottlao of England aod Boot
land) al vry low rale. - v,. - n
Paaeengera for New York, arriving by lb Boston
Steamera, wtlt be forwarded to New York free of charge.
. For paaaag r farther Information, apply to-
At Ui oBe ef the Company, en the wharf, foot of
Canal sirwt, New York. -
' B AJN" fc SON;"
lrOOO yard Baper PUut Black Bilks at tl OO-valo
1 apyor. -ttBOO
yards Traveling Dress and Mantl' Qeoda ot
19 1-B oenta-ralu 80 eents per yard.
,000 yard Walt Brilliant at 18 19 eents,
Tale fOeaot per jard.
8,000 yard fin and Domestic Ginghams greatly oa
der Tela.' .J .' .
v fjrcxT&Tk ai.w-': i'--.o? t
XOZlUWrXfl, BALZORDIRS,! . . , .
. .C&aXUl, UJU,,:LL
' .RjrouBH baseqes, itmui,
Iff w ttnd FMhiona'blei Dreasa Good.
In tb moat dwtmbl tylea sod al very lower prices.
' MiVTiXAiisa i .
Of all matertals, mad In tb most stylish manner aflat
the latest Pari ftihton ihs most elegant styles lo-
th. tyrK-" f 7. T - Mja icso
Buy 10 -; : . i . Afe. W Booth nigh tUeel.
l4. 4 Wblt s4.Kd and
t Wblt Obacked of Superior quality.1 Tor tal by
' , . Mm aa mTSA i
Jit. t Oeoi

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