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' Tb e Adams Express Company place us dally
under obligations to it lor lb Tory latest ppr
Irom tbe eastern cities. , , (, , t , ,
Ti.a AitiffricRn Exorese Company bai out
Chaaksfor its daily favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.' , ',;',
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice is hereby given to the Union Dcmoo
racy oi Franklin county, to, meet on Friday,
Angast 30, 1861, between the boun or thm and
six o'clock P. M, in the townships, and ei and
ton! o'clock P. M , in the Wards, at the usual
places of holding elections (excepting Norwich
township, which will be held at Schofleld's
Sohool House, and the Fourth Ward at Oarer's
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend the Coun
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, Injlhe
olty of Columbus, on Saturday, the 31st day of
August, 18C1, at ten o'clock A. M., fot the pat
pose of putting in nomination two Reprcsenta
tivesln the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recordet, one
Coroner, one County Coumiasioner, and one
Infirmary Director.
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate fot Senator and Judge fot
this dlstriot. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed here
after. , '
The following is the number of delegate! al
lotted to each Waid and Township, based upon
the vote cast for Supreme Judge in 1860, allow
ing one fot each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five votes so oast
1st Ward, ; 7 Hamilton Tp ;3
2d ' 5 ' Miffln 3
3d " 5 Washington " 3
4ih '" . '6 Madison '' .'7 1
5th " 13 Mlendon " 3
Montgomery Tp. C Norwich 8
Trnro ' 4 Jefferson '"' 4
Prairie " 3 Jackson , " 6
Clinton , " 3 Sharon " 3
Pleasant " 3 Franklin . " 5
Brown ' 1 1 Plain .... " 4
Wm. Dobhqan, ' Jacob Riinhabd,
Sam'l Dotli, Aui. Tbonmon,
H VV. Millm, Wm. Coona, '
John M. Pooh,. J. Colin,
R.Piciiril, Jamii IIoblocibb,
II. S. Hioh,
' County Central Committee.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
The County Central Committees of Frank
lin and Pickaway Counties have agreed upon
the day for the meeting of the delegates from
the counties of Franklin, Pickaway and Madi
son, lor the nomination of a candidate for Sena
tor, and a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
It is rcquesttd that our Democratic friend
to AUriiaou County will send delegates to the
Judicial Couvention. . ,., . '-.i.
The Conventiou is appsinted ' to meet at Co
lxnbus at the City Hall. '
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee. Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861.
ET R- P. L. Babes has been appointed fay'
master in the army with the rank, of Major.
Mr. Baicr went to Washington with, the it'
monstrances of citizens against the removal 01
the Postoffloe. The Postoffloe Department re
fused to change the order, and the matter, we
suppose, was compromised by giving him a Pay'
master's commission. On the whole, Basis
made a pretty good thing of the trip. ' This Is
better than going as Consul to Mataozas. ''
O While the traia was conveying the Groes
beck Regiment to St. Louis the other day, one
of the soldiers was knocked by a bridge from
the deck of a car on which he was riding, and
Instantly killed. This has become a common
occurrence. - - - -
ST Niwtom Marsh, a member of the Twenty-seventh
Regiment, 0. V M. waa brought
before the Police Court In .Cincinnati oa Wed
nesday, and sentenced to pay a floe of twenty
dollars and to spend fifteen days in the City
Prison, for needlessly tanning hilLbsyonet into
the tboulder of a fine horse. . . ,. .
HJ It is said that nearly two thousand me
chanics have gone from Cincinnati to St. Louis,
to work on the new gun-boats nowj belrJjf con
structed In the latter city.' '"'"wpv , ,
h, ' :. K
O" Two steamers, loaded with Government
seppllta, fiorec, wagons, etc., left' Cincinnati
on Wednesday bight for Western 'Virginia. .
MaiTAir ArroiM-MiNTa.rrThe following" , ap
polutmenU have been made by the Governor!
Owen P. Ransom, Colonel 1st Ohio Cavalry
Regiment, Cincirnati.j r
J,..'V. roaTT-aiNTH aioiMiRT. ;,
W. H. Gibson, Colonel, Tlfflnj A. M.'DlaeaV
man, Lt.-Colonel, Foetoriat Levi Drake, Major,
Ottawa i R. W, Tbriti, Sargosn.Kalida; W. II.
Park, Aaslstant SurgeoniTiflin; -" .w '
.,'"tr.TWNTITM IMIMaaT', , 'i !" ?,
ChaKWhUUay, ColonelCleveland; Wm.
H. Hay ird,JU -ColotwU, Cleveland! Manning
Force; Major, Cincinnati." .u . t , , , u. ;.j
Joslahpiven, Lt.-Colptieli Coshooton. :.
';! atvawTiiaTH miwmi,' j n
Dutbln Ward, MaJoriJX"baBbni':jWarshaH P
Moore, Lt.-Colootl, Laaeaateri .J0 w m. '
I Anson O. MoCook,' Steubenville.- Major,
transferred to 2d Regiment.' -k ;
.Stoughtira Billos, Clnolnnatl. MaM'jr 10t
Regiment. - i. )..: ,:u ir iuwi.-. m'
i. A. Tarley, Portemodth', Lt.-Colonel of 2W
Regiment. , 7 :, T. H
O Captain Bdsdsaul's Wmpany.pf cavalry,
having been mustered 6nt orservfc' llDd' paid
off, left Camp Chase hut night ei iUit return
; CT Mr. A. V. Banuawu. ef this eity, las
been appointed a Commissar in the limy, aaS
wm ivare w-uey ro join weneral HouoaaMH
TbUiaa good appointmiinl.t. XUttitmail
ia a th6rough b'njlnesi mab,1 and Mff ompe
ten so discharge, the dutiaa'.o"hia..ai5ioa for
the Interest, ol the, OoverhfflrirM'llliwn
credit. with (bete were mote a'achJ.''.'
' ' . . c ... I, i l i i Oa i.,. n
,tr The slab eoapany fton' fkkaway L'u
iy, joooaisung 04 aid men, aJnTJOT aV,tJani
Chase on Wedneedey . : ..v-i"
. UT Arohblshop Pubcill, or Cikcianatlwho
rtcintly started on a visit- te Rome, arrived' at
Soajthamptoni England, after voyage' acton
thtJatIantio.of ien dayjjndjpeventeen liou'ra.
He 4AS his companions were walk .t t n jtr".
- - , 1 1 (11 1 ,i.iA, , 1, imntfa V
. OTTie Delaware &tMtri arfateYttirt a'vo'l
snteer fh Western Virgala on e linen
Coti, one o"th qmmTiJbner'r ofThal jSoTimj;
was reeeanv auie ny-.acwaentAUy.JMQflri
k!rt.Alf vnH"n el . , .J,
Otnons or thb Gbouuck Rioimmt.
The following la a Hit of the offloeri of the
Groesbeck Regiment (No. 39, 0. 7. V. 8. A ),
formed In Cinoinnatl and no at St. Louis:
John Groeebeck, Colonelj
A. W. Gilbert, Lieutenant-Colonel;
Ed. F. Noyee, Malor . .
- Cbarlea 8edon, Adjutant
' Harlon A. Edwards, Quarter-master;
' H. A. Babbitt, Sergeant-Msjor; -'. ;
l Samuel A.Hale, Qaarter-master.8ergea.it;
,.. Oliver W. Nixon, Sargeooj
,rThoe. W. M'Artbur, Assistant Burgeon j
John HatbowAT. Hoaoltal Steward.
Cantaina Henrv T. MoDowell. Pottamoatbt
John C. Fell. Marletui John 8. Jenkins. Ml
Carmelj Chas. W.Pomeroy, Cincinnati 1 David
C. fienjamin, Ml. Union Adam Keogle, Wit
mlnstont ChriAtoohar .A. Morian. Cincinnati 1
Jaoon JioBolg, Marietta) John Knonaes, irojj
Geo. W. Baker, Athena. .''. , , -
1 t
A Gbcat Flooo. A young delnge waa sud
denly poured down on Cinoinnatl and vicinity,
on Wednesday afternoon. The streets were
overflowed) and the Great and Little Miami
Rlvtrs,,the Miami Canal, Deer Crk, and other
water courses were swollen to a terrible extent.
Horses, hogs and other animals were drowned,
and Immense damage was done to other prop
erty. Two women were drowned In the eity,
and a woman and two children in Storr's town
ship. ; , The damage done to property is estimat
ed at one hundred thousand dollars. -
ETMayor Thomas, yeaterday morning, bound
Chbjstian KiLLia over to the next term of the
Court of Common Pleas, to answer the charge
of an assault upon Evan Hoouib.
' BT There are now four full companies at
Camp Thomas, uniformed and equipped.
CCapt. STArroao'a Company of ninety men,
from Lancaster, arrived 1A the city yesterday,
on their way to Camp Cor win, near Dayton, to
oin the First Regiment.
BTCapt. OrrTiB, of the Fourth Ohio Battery,
arrived In the eity yesterday, with twenty men
from Cleveland. Hie company now consists of
105 men.
ET Camp Chase ia accessible to civilians be
tween the hours of and 6 P. M. only.. ,
ZT Twenty teamsters left Ravenna yeaterday
morning, to be attached to Col. Ttlib's com
mand on the Eanawba.
OT Hon. J. A. GaariiLB has accepted tb.
appointment of Lieutenant-Colonel, tendered
him by the Governor. ' " -
IT Company A, Captain Robinson, of the
First Ohio Cavalry, came to the city, yesterday
afternoon, from Camp Chase, and were uni
formed and equipped. There are now ninety-
seven men In the company, and It will soon be
full. ' -
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Blum OotCMBCi k Iota It, R.
v Leant. Arrives
Cincinnati AccoaiaodaMoa. 5.00 A. M. . , 8:10 P. M.
Sweat 11:40 A. at. 11:113 A. at.
Mall and AccommodaUon.. K10 P. M. 00 p. M,
NlfbtBxpnas via DajrfeD.lKW aaUaight. I.WA. M.
' 1 ' JiW. W. Dotott, Afltat.
CouiHari 4 Ouriuaa B. B. " -: '
Night KxtRi......;..'.w..8:40 A. M. 1 - 11:11 P. U.
Hew Tort Bipretl. ....... lfcie A.M.' 10:50 A. At.
,o.ao. wajr azpressv. am P. at. . tmi. at.
' cnrrRALUaitBV. B. - . .
No. Sfjqntti 1:10 A. M. ' 115 A. M.
No. i do S:U t, kt. : li:tf A. at.
; : w. j. tbj, Agtt, '
Prmaoaon, OeuMaca . Cuacuouxi B. B. -..' ' c
Htll Train S 10 A.M. 11MA.M.
xpreu Train ILtt A. M; .1.46 P.M..
, , s , , Jo. BeannoR, Agent.
Coumaos at ImtAaoroua, B. B. ' ,
(Ootoo Vmoa 4t Ikdujia B. B.J . .
No. 1 Bxpreai 61 Ar U. -V 8:00 P. M .
Ho. 9 " 1:00 P.M. I 7:80 P. B).
Aeoomaodatloa ..........
lUi4 Aj. M.
. W1. BMrra, Agent.
Milli (or New York Olty, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
PltUbargh, t tan beo Till waj. Olavelaad, S4neillle,
delnbla and New Orleans, eloaa 4au7 (SoBdaji ezeepU
d) at a o'clock p. m.
A tnroagli Ball for Hew York and OlrreUcd eloaa
dill7(8uixt7iesoepted) aA I e'eloak p. su 1
0. 0. At 0. B. B. Way Hill aleiee eaily (flHaiarsas-
eepiod) at S o'olock p. at.
Central Ohio Wa Mall eloies dally (Sandays excepted)
10 o'clock a. at. . . . . , , - -
Cincinnati Way Mall elotte daltl1 (tandaji ejoepUd) at
ObJoNIo, Dabaqoe, Setawara, Kariot aai Worthloff
loa Malta eleoos daily (Saadaya ocavtodj at o'clock
p.m. ...
Malli forXenla, Iprinffleld, Dayton, Toledo, OlBcla
Dtil, IndianApoUe, Louurrllle, 8k Lonlt, and Detroit,
dotes dally (Sundays ezoepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through Ball to -Zona. HprtaKilehl and OlooUisatl
sloeea dally (Sandaye excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urbana, Plqaa, llffln and Unloe Olty mall closes dally
(gondays exoepud) at 8 o'clock p.
Unouwr, Lofin, NchjoDTlllo, Olrclevllle, ObllllooUe,
PorUnoath, Wuhtnittoa O. H , Athene, Marietta and
BlllAboroaih Balls cloee dally (Sandays excepted at S
o'olock p. ax. . . 1 -
Bait Way Kail tw BaUoaxT Bead to ZantavUl cloeet
daily (Saodxyt excepted) at IB o'oloek b.
Ilarrleourib MaUtloae. dally (Sanlajt excepted) at I
eolook p. at. - j - -f . . .. .
Mt. Veruoa Hall, by way of Wetterrtlleand Santmry,
cloeee delry (Sandaya axeedted) at 8 a'elott p. at. 1
DooUn Mali oloeoe dally(B daya aannidW 8 o'clock
P.B.'""" t. .' l.:. 1 '. s I-. ... :
LaaoeetoT Way ktall alosce dally (Bandaya aaoeptad) at
Q'Clodip. St.?.- 't- ruv . i.i v ,w
Kails fron New York. Bottoaw Thlladelphla, Bnffala,
Albany, llttebarth, Orerelud, Payton, Tolede, Xeota,
Detroit, Bprlnffleld, Cincinnati, Chilltootae, St. Leale,
and all BonUiern attlea. arrlr Dttweca the hoanaf
o'olock p. b. and 4 o'clock a. a. ..... ..,
Mai It froa Indianapolis, Ohkam sad Dnbaqne arrive
at9:0a.m. - -
Malla from WuMiiftoij City, Belttoora, ' Wneellnfc
EanatvlUa. Newark. Bteabeonile, Ml. Vernon, and In
0. 0. B. B. Way Mall, arrive at ia o'clock. - -Way
Mail froa Olndnaatl arrives at S o'clock p. at.
Lancaetcr Mall arrives l O'clock p. a.
Bait Way MaU over the National Koad arrival at 11
o'clock a. b. --
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrival at 11 M a. at. ' '
-MaU Ire DaUeiee at U o'clock a. -
Urbana Way Mall arrlToa at 8 o'clock p. bv
BarrUbartk MaU errkro at 11 o'oloek a avl
lABeaater way uau arrival at in o'clock at
Oiilea AeUvery opoa every dap (accept Saudey) froa
o'clook) a, a. to 8 o'olock p. a. Open on Bandaya
from 7X t t o'clock In toe aurnjnf, aaA troa S to 6
o'clock la the evening.
Mi i.
PtOsiwMBowtertOBaivat.l .
AaTl parties feanafaetwrtat Bswtef BtaoMae are
Used lo pay Mr. Howe a Uowee on eeoh aaotiiM eeld,
and are a o eonpelM to ak retamato hla, ander
oath, as to nnaosr sold, ale koohs l re a comet Mate
aenf. Proa thlc rollakl on roe wo kare oktainod the
rollowlnk atatlttics. ' Of the aaohlnos and la the ymt
lt, then were esld, - .
" wni WiMoa.r.r.A.t,n,srav
r ' I. M. Singer a Oe...A.nrie,eM-
aroTtr a Sakor....kM.,oro
Piwte tie tale Wkoe4if WUoeake k 44
soon of any etbar Ooapany." - - -' t.v A
Awarded the highest piawilea 'rt the
Culled Sua I airs of 1049, 18M and 1800; ,
. Onto llat lr of IMdandlBoei .,
1 ' and at nearly aU m Ooaaty fairs la the Ital. " ''
Out price, at tb late reduction, ar low oi any
(ocA tiiA auehln now told, and bat a kla higher than
tb talorler Mrowd oAoo Mo aenXaia, now
forced neow the oMrkel. ..- , - . , ,
Tb WHIkLB A Ac WTtftOW M AOHTM aakas the
Looc i-nca theonlyeve wkioheannet benreled. It
Ainu ce Bam Suae ol sn gscda, lvlaa redse or
JKiuili. t.i . . 'l-T . it ..
fltenin their hm, fre of entree.' " - s 4
"'Vii 9?'.!" ' 'waart.oM
e3&kiDaWflnt Pike's Optra Boa, Oinetanebl.
Tt TA NTH D )Oft.Wl ., kAnalA!
V V- ttpr jtaf.vW(Vl"A UlHiflMM,.,.
Blrb door stottkat aha, Aaerea AUtok, 0
laaAaataia.1 ,0k .( 0
Loss of the Missourians at Springfield—
Death of Ben. McCulioch—
Movements of the Rebels—Federal
Troops, etc.
St. Loom, Aug. 31. General Price's official
report ot the battle near Springfield, says the
Missouri forces in that engagement numbered
5,221, of wbioh, 156 were killed and 517
wounded. . . - .
Among the killed are Colonel Wtightman,
Uolonel Drown, . Adjutant Bennett, Captain
Blackwell, Lieutenant Colonel Austin, Captain
Eojart, Lieutenant Hughes, Captain Farrls,
Captain Halleck, Lieutenant Haskins, Captain
toieman, ma or Kocers ana Uoionei Alien.
Wounded Brigadier-General Clark, Colonel
Burbrldne. Colonel Foster. Cantaina Niohols.
vougberty, Armstrong and Melee, colonel
Kelly, Colonel Cawthorn and Captain MoCar
tny. Many or the wounds, both omoers and
men, are reported mortal. ' r "
rrlce makes no mention of MeCnlioch's forces
in the battle. 1 The entire rebel army bad been
ordered to move forward on Lyon in four
columns, at 9 o'olock on the night previous to
toe nattie, so as to surround BonneOeld, and be
fin a simultaneous attack at daybreak, bnt tbe
ordet was countermanded in consequence of
toe darkness 01 ine night, and a threatened
Storm. -' .1
Canton Coma Minks, Franklin Co . Mo..
Auk. SO. Tbe eortesoondent of the Su Louis
Uemoorat furnishes the following Intelligence:
A sergeant belonging to company E, U. 8.
Dragoons arrived here to-day. bavins etcsted
from tbe rtbels by whom he was taken prisoner
in ine late Dattie near opriGgneid. lie reports
that Gen. McCulloch waa mortally wounded
and dUd at Springfield tbe morning after the
battle. His body was placed in a tin-lined oof
fin, which waa filled with whisky and closely
sealed, and sent southward on Tuesday eveuiog,
accompanied by bis body guard and a few com
panlea of soldiers.
tie says ben. rrlce was badly wounded and
thinks be will not be able to take oommand
again very soon.
Ine rebels were reinforced on Satnrdav nlcht
after tbe battle by 9,01)0 men under McBride,
very many or whom had no arms.
It wag current amone tbe rebels that 10 000
of their army would make forced marches on
Jefferson City and take it.
My informant says that the last chareea bv
the Kansas and Iowa regiments and the dra
goons, forced the enemy to retreat three miles,
wnere tbey raited till nlgbl In constant expect
ation of again being attacked.
lie says two more regiments would have driv
en the euemy to Arkansas.
ine terrible bavoo made bv Totten'a and
Dubois' batteries filled them with dismay. He
thinks 6,01)0 s low estimate or theit killed and
The troops with whom this dragoon traveled
kept him in ignoranoe of the route nureued,
but told blm they were going to join General
From the description of tbe counlrv throoeh
wmon tney moved it is believed tbey were mak
ing for some point near Pilot Knob. -
..... ....... ' w
St. Loch, Aug. 21. Tbe Committees of
bafety appointed by Gen. Pope In Calloway, Lin
coln, and Pike oonntiee, report satisfaotorv ac
counts of affalra in their counties. Many lawless
charactera bavo been driven outof that region.
and the counties north of the river .being depriv
ed of their presence, are becoming quiet and
: Glasoow, Mo.' Aug, 21. Abont 1.50O se
oestioniets have assembled in Saline county,
and are organising,- either to lain General
frice's army in the South, or for local opera
tiona in tbe surrounding counties. In view
ofihe lattet purpose, tbe Union citizens of
this place Bave sent to Uen. t remoot for pro
tection. -
Some . thousand or more secessionists of
Christian county, oroesed the Missouri river at
Brunswick, on Saturday, and marched south'
ward, to loin Price's forces lu the aontheaat
They took a large number of h.rses and wag
on wun mem.:
, IaoNTON, Mo., Aug. 20. Tbe correspondent
of tbe St. Louis Democrat learns that General
Prent Ss has been assigned te command a dlvis
ion embracing tbe several points In this vicinl
ty, Cape Girardeau, Cairo and Birds' Point.
Gen. Grant, who was formerly in command
here, has been ordered to Jcfferton City, where
ne win establish His headquarters.
Col. Roee' regiment started fot Frederick-
town, Madison county, to-day.
Tbe enemy la reported to be on St. Francis
river to day, having left Cedar Creek. Thev
bave received reinforcements from Hardee with
artillery, and aro waiting to cut off Col. Hecker,
woo is at ftiarow ureek. Their force ia said lo
be 2000 stron;. Hardee's oommand still re
mains at Greenville.
A rebel camp, 1000 strong, is reported near
Lestervllle, on Black Creek,,about 15 miles
eouth-west of here, with forces at Centreviile,
Marble breek and frederlcatown.
Pennsylvania's Response to the Call
for More Troops.
IIabbib sogo, Pa., August 21 The proclama
tion of Governor Curtin has been nobly res
ponded to. More than 3.000 men bave already
been forwarded 1 the firat, commanded by Colo
nel Black, ex-Go vero or of Nebraska, left for
Washington last evening, and two other are
fully eautpped and will march In a few days.
Tb remainder will be made up and dispatched
at the rate of two regiments a week. Ail reg
iments will be officered by experienced men, se
lected with great caution by Governor Curtin.
Most ef them bave aeen active service fn the
fields, and abont two-thirds of the tank and file
are recruited from returned volunteer." r :
Boston. August 21 Mr. Motley. Minister to
Aastrla, was penger on tha Europe, which
Union Convention in Vermont.
'1 MonTriLiia, Vr., Aug. 21. The Union Con
vention nominated fot Governor Hon. Andrew
Tracy, of Woodstock. 'The Convention' was
unanimous and enlhusiaitio. z ' , ' l.t,
Operations of the Privateers.
'Ntw Yoa. Aug.! 21. Tha John Webster
has arrived and report having been chased . by
a privateetln lat. Si), long, bi; alto, tbe barque
Cordelia was cnased in lat. w, long. o
The gunboat Keystone State left St. Thomas
en the 8tb inst. te search for privateers- -
r The Bumter put into tne port ot Trinidad to
coal, and tbe Jeff. Davis was seen In the Mona
passage on the. 10th . luat., .where she took a
schooDorw - ' '-
' Nw Yobc, Aug. 21 A British schooner
baa attived Irom Bermuda with 607 barrels
spirits turpentine, probably tun over from North
Carolina; :y ; ' ';' ';
' Tbe schooner Fharaon, from Curacoa the 6th,
has repotted that the capture of the Sumter is
untrue,' nothing having been beard from bet
sinoe she left on the 4tb nit. it w rumored
that the Governor waa recalled for allowing her
to enter porta, n , . ,,. . .n.J,,
Reception of Three Months's Men at
Whiiuno,' Aue, 21 -Th 1st Virginia reel
msnt, three tuenth men, returned to-day The
reception was enthusiastic and Imposing. . Tbe
people tuned out en masse. A sumptuous din
ner waa served np. ,..... !.,
The Convention adionrned to-dav. and unless
called together by the first Thursday in January,
tnelr adjournment la sine me, ; . ; .;.: .;V . ?
Wheeling. The Rebel Army of the Potomac.
Auxandbia, Va ' August 2I.The largest
SeXMesioa force between Manassas ana ont Hoes
Is peat Fairfax Court Bouse. All oulel on the
rotomae" w,- r- .. ii ..,.tf f
Wheeling. The Rebel Army of the Potomac. Arrival of the Frigate Congress.
"Bpatom; Aua 23. Tha United Staiea frigate
Ceenese. from Rio Janeiro la belowj i
The schooner Thomas Woodward, at this port
irom JUerogovlne, reports tbat tbe uritisn war
ateaaier aabote taere la tbe unver.
' Baltimobi. Aue: SX From information be.
Ueved te be reliable, there Is good warrant fot
eying Mat tbe ttport ot Gen. Johnston eross
Ing the Potomao ia false.' ' .?-;t av ...
V. Ill . II-' -!
Wheeling. The Rebel Army of the Potomac. Arrival of the Frigate Congress. Needs Confirmation.
FantAMxtnu Aog, fi3.-The Inquirer of
this City bas a creunded Waahlneton dltoatcb
desorlblng a flank movement ot the column of
Gen.'B auirfroin "Harper's Ttttt xni Sandy
Boor, and th -HeuDatlon of tha Parr tt th
rebeU, and the passsge of th Pototnae pj Gen.
Johnson's forces. - .
From the South via Louisville.
. LouiaviLti, Aog. 21. The Memphis Ava
lancbe of tbe 20th, says Gen. Wm. II. Crow
sll returned from a brief visit to East Tennessee.
He reports that Bridges, the Federal Represent
ative, addressed the Bradley county volunteers
at Kooxville, saying he. would enlist to fight
against Lincoln's horde; also that Nelson would
shortly Issue an address, advising acquiescence
lu tbe will of tbe majority or tbe state; that
Brownlow will soon issue tbe Whig and advo
oate the cause of the South against her. oppres
sors. Tbe Nas'jvllle Gazette says, a number of
Northern printers, engaged at tbe Southern
Methodist Publishing House, left for the North.
John Clark, a Northern man, but a resident
ot Tennessee for. some time past, Is now a
Captain of a Federal company in Cumberland
county, and was arrested for treason and brought
to Nashville for trial.
The Memphis Avalanche strongly appeals fot
aid to wives and children of volunteers who are
left destitute by the absence of husbands and
fathers. , ;;.- tlJ
. Travel southward from here (Louisville)
continues uninterrupted, although energetic
measures are adopted to prevent tbe transporta
tion of contrabrnd goods.
no 1 ' i .
Fobtriss Monioe, August .21. There is
nothing of Interest proper to communicato
from this point to-day. Gen . Wool held a
grand review and inspection this morning. He
took into bis hands every musket belonging to
tbe garrison.
Federal Loss at the Rattle of Wilson's
St. Lome, August 22. Two member of tbe
First Kansas Regiment bere from SDringfleld,
having been released by General Prioe; tbey re
port that on the Thursday following the retreat
lrom Springfield, McCulloch started in pursuit
of Sigel with 8000 cavalry and oioepioce of ar
tillery, but after one day's march, learning that
Slgel bad been reinforced, he gave up the pur
suit and marched toward Jefferson City. Quite
a number of wounded on both sides have died
since out forces left Springfield Colonel Cop
pio, who was a prisoner iu the Federal camp
and releaaed on parole by General Lyon a abort
time since, was wouoded on tbe rebel side and
has since, lost a leg. Official reports foot up
tbe Federal loss at tbe battle of Wilson's Creek
as follows; Killed, 223: wounded. 721. miss
ing, 291. A large number of missing were ta
ken prisoners bv tbe rebels and have aince been
released. -.. ,
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
Washington, August 21. The Navy Decirt-
ment entertaiua no doubt of Its ability to keen
open tbe navigation of tbe Potomac, which li
uninterrupted, and vessel are constantly arriving.
[Special to Commercial.]
feeling among military authorities is ¬
tense against Russell, of the London Times
They assert that some of bis statements are
There is less anxiety tesrJeotios an Attack on
Washington. All la quiet to-day .
Alt. Boteler, late M. C. from the Haroer's
Ferry District, baa been arretted.. It is report
ed he will be tent to Fort Lafayette.
i ne statements ot Kusseil, or tbe London
Times, that there was no hand to band fight
ing;, end no batterv taken bv Our trnnna. At
stone unoge, is aeniea nere ny bigb military
autuurity. '
Mr. Russell's report that the Smithsonian
legaoy naa been iquandered in the purchase
of Arkansas bonds, and that tb Government
ia dishonored by tbo transaction, in also ialne
Tbe Government is now sending arms to East
Tbe severe newspaper strictures on tbe Admin'
Istratlon aro regarded as attacks on tbecouutry,
and many are suspected of beiuc In the interest
oi me secessionists, ine subject is uttractins
attention in Wanhiueton. .
Major Btrry, on Geo. McCIelirtn's staff, is
to-day promoted lirigadier General of Volun
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
Tbe Washington department has Information
wbicn leada to tbe bellcl that tbe rebels bave
withdrawn a mile beyond Frirfax. Court House.
leaving only pickets in tne valley. '' The move
ment was made wun precipitation. . .
It isreported the rebel strength at Leesburg
was increasing ana consists ot several thousand
men supported by artillery. - Gen. Banks is near
enough to the point to prevent them from arose
ing, even if tbe river were fordable, wbiob it
will not be lor a day or two yet.
xo morrow ien xuotiieiian assumes com
mand of all the troops on the Potomac.
Senator Wilson has been offered a place on
uen. naouieiian'a stall, end is urged by Secre
tary Cameron to take it. He has not yet do.
elded to accept. - - - - -
Private advidea from Kentucky state, that
Union men there are rapiJIy receiving arms
and organizing. Four or five regiments ere
now reedy. . 1
It is believed that in a few days 20,000 loyal
citizens of Kentucky , and Eastern Tennessee
will be on the line, from which hundreds of fu
gitive are prepared to fight their way back. '
Last night a muuny Drone out in , the New
York Twenty-first Regiment, from Buffalo.
stationed at Fort Reunion- Forty of its mem
bers were arrested and are to bi sent to the
Dry Fort. ' ' L
General rremont bas been authoriztdto take
and use the Illinois Central Railroad for mili
tary purposes. ' -' - ' -i ' -' -'.
[Tribune's Correspondence.] [Times Dispatch.]
The Department bas aocepted a regiment
of Mounted Rangers, to be raised In- Colorado
Territory, tendered by Judge mils. , , ' "
J as. Kocers, one of tbe deserters from the
rebel rauks, and a member of the Polish Le
gion, says that when bis regiment left New Or
leans, there was not another regiment remain
ing in tbe city, and that It was almost impossi
ble to obtain tecruiis, though moat active efforts
weremakiog-. - . tw. .j,i
information baf been teoeived at neadauar.
tets, that the tecent rains' had entirely broken
up the plans of the rebel lot a movement on
tb olty, by their having so swollen th Poto
mac, making it unlordable: ' There In no point
between Georgetown aud Ilarper'a Ferry which
oan be forded. . . ,",; , ,.
Intelligence is reoeived of tbe intended na
tive intervention of England, France and Spain
in tbe affaira ot Mexico. It is also stated that
their- aotion is to embraoe . in some form
the recognition of the Southern Conledereoy,
provided assurance (can be had '.that the
South will not make any attempt at conquest
in that direction. I do not learu that any offi
cial representation on the aubjeot baa . been re
ceived by our Government, but tbe . foreign le
gations are well informed. . H;'
A formidable Insurrection occurred among the
alavea in Orange couuty, ten days since, set on
foot by a negro preacher. Several negroes were
bung, having taken part in the movement.
There are very lew whites in mat county, neat
ly all having been drafted into the service of
the State. '-" '
(Herald's Correspondence.)
Maior Francis W. Crane, Paymaster of the
United States army, has been ordered to Mis
souri to pay off the volunteers who are waiting
for their pay in that section.' The Union nnen
of Maryland ar At last fully aroused to. the
neoeesity ef defending their soil, against inva
sion from the South. In addition to,the Cooper
Brigade of thre years' soldiers, uon, rrancis
Thomas, in the western part ot. the State,
and Col. Wallace, on the eastern shore, are
rapidly organising borne Brigades,- and fost
master rumen, asaistea ojxvi. x.. n. retner
bride. Is raising two companies ol light artillery
and a regiment of in I an try In the centre, for
three years' service. . ""T7T"'
.' " center tprins; wttti sta., -
Oolvi.rraT3ViJBi, Otxlo,
W. ; D. POTTS & GO,
ind ItUnaftKtnrvrf of BnH ixA Oonpoftftkm OmUih.
a,,. l n. 117AI, .11 rk. lai - . . '
eTlflUllCQ Xllaww truiBk va at a a Avaajgip NUDW ' '
Electro " Plating
nidia 2 1 1
(iprtino cloaki Ann basqiivi.w t
O H8W BTILSBBsilB on, No. 8 Bonth
High street, aae)t epeaed atw tyte ef Cfcorw Out
onLABa. BAtwawa and Bmmob, ari an lb aert and
mot tynM- aaaaan . aOT-) afica . araaua
It luck Itllk, very UTy,oetgue4. ewreealy for
M..,III...JB.m.Imm f . . 1
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 21.
ILOTJ1 Heavy, and 510s lower with more doing
for export at th lower drolln. To-day'i tales amoant
to l&.uou barrel at St 10 AH 40 for luperflne tUlei 84 SO
! ou lor extra ttate) o-t 4U lor lupernoo wet em;
84 3034 80 for coamoa lo medium extra wettorn; 85 OU
5 IS for ihippuif brand extia round hoop Ohio, and
SSSOiSfliUlur Wade bitndt do) market oloelng heavy,
with outer! cenerallv lefailna to operate at anything
over the IntUie prion. Canadian floor lower; telei of
SOU barrels at 84 40 for superfine; and 84 S07 so for
common to choice extra.
- KYK f L'JDhV Steady at 81 S083 80.
' OORN atlAL Steady; tale of 500 bob choke weetern
at ihi.
WH18KY-Dall; sales 330 bbis at 17 H,e, chiefly
at the IntldODrice.
WHKA t A elude lower, with onlv a moderate export
demand; ttlee of 4,900 butbels Milwaukee club tt 8 1 US
'i la; lu.suu buaheli Kaclns tpnng at iu;
buehela new winter rod weetern at 81161 SO;
6,000 bullion winter red itat at 81 8; 14 buaheli
old winter red wettern at 81 81 28; 1 S000 buabe:i
Amber Delaware at 81 29: 12.E0O butbolt white weetern
at 81 31(ail 34, and 1,400 buaheU wblio Kentucky at
EYI Firm, but quiet at fl0Oci
VAKLBI Dull and noalnai. , f-
OOHN A trifle eaiiar, with a moderate demand for
export and homo oonaumDtiou; la let of SS.000 buaheli at
41AU7o for Inferior to goud mixed wettern; 47X49ofor
gooa to prime imppuig ao, oioiing ot xaia; ana sxc
tor western vcllow.
OATS In moderate requett, at S203S9s for Canada;
3234c for etnte and wettern.
i-OKK licit active, bat prices generally Without
material obtnge ; aalei of 7,550 libit at 8 IS for meu; and
liEEf In moderate requett tod nnchanred; itlei of
mo Barrels at 84(94 SU for country prime; aawosu lor
country meat; 891150 for repacked meat, andSH SO
13 Vi for extra men. Prim mesa beef dull, and
print entirely nominal.
DEEP HAMS email sales choice wettern at 814 SO.
CUT il BAI 8 More acUr. but pricee elightly favor
the purchaeer; ealet of 140 package! Including ihoaiden
at45o; SSSioforbami.
bauun yuiet and pncea nncbaiigea.
BUIIK R-BelUnx at 83111 for Ohio: and 10$14 for
OUEEHJ In moderate renueat for eiDort. at 69
OOFFEE There hat been a better butlnen doing In
Elo tincc oor last, at lull prerloua pricet; ealet of 8,450
rngi nio at iaiao; inciuoea in taiet are wis nags, per
Kll-n, told la.t cTentng.at He.
BUdAK In fair reouett. without Imnorttnt cbanEe:
ealet of 1,129 hogaheadt of Cuba, at 837c; 150 hogahwde
Porto Rico at 6&7xo; 00 hogiheade New Orleans at
a; njOEOfrineaaeAielAUO, part neio; ana u noxet
Havana at S6)4e.
mULABBKS finn, and demand moderate; taiet or
100 hogiheadi Cab Maicorado at S4dat25ct 10 bogaheadt
Porto lco, at 30c; and 10 bogibeadt Bartadoct at
88o. -
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 22.
Builcen In a iieseral wav wat exreedlndv aulea. Th
Produce market bad leal of stir In it than baa been no
ticed for eereral daft patt.
f LOUB Wat la but little rcauoit and nles were
aoetly confined to the local trade. Buperfln wo still
quota at 83 73, but It Is much tatter to buy at (hit figure
man to ten. extra raoiet from f 3 eu to 84; family,
84 2S to 84 40.
wubai Tne escrlngt war rather heavier to day.
and tbere was leal eacrnea on tbo part of bujert,
eo mat me maraet u a inao nrmer, but not qootably
CORN Was sold at S9c aealn from canal boat, bnt at
hrreiofore distiller will not par over 2Hc.
OATS A trifle more firm at 21o for old; new ranges
fromtltoS3o. ' - :. i.
BARLEY AND RYE Remain neilacted anil drill.
Stcb are caoted nominal at 40c. .
w u trm Dropped to lJo.atwblcbflure the market
wn firra.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 21, 1861.
".OUR Inactive; no aalei.
WBE AT The market hat fallen to 83j. frte on hoerd.
Th receipt wen large, and about one-third of tbe
wboie dunged btndi. Sal are ae follow: 9.401) and
3,00 buaheli red, tree.on board at SUc; tlx car loadt white
OAId Sal one oar on track at SSo.
HIBHWINHi Bale 10 hblaatUXc
8SKU8 Salei imallt cat timothy at tiSi.
RQQ8 Dull at 7c.
I AKD Country rendered nomln al at 7 8c.
VORK No demand, and nominal at an SO. '
BCITKR Bemalnt Inactive, with only an occasional
aue ei otgtw lot common to cnoto. .
lor all Throat and Lang; Oomplelnte, meladng, with
mott perfect reeultt, Whootikb Ooosb, Ohrohio ajip
alwayi forerunner of Contnmptlon. A a bootbim
8taop it ha no luperlor. treed from all Oniato or
Bmetlopropertlet, mayb nted by mott delicate oonatb
tauoni, ana wun pertcci oonUdence.
Tbi GRiiTnT Katdbal OrUT ever offered to th
world, oonUining not a particle of Opium, nor any sab
ttance but It ttrlctly vegetable and medical propertiea.
A tur Remedy for NioaAtsu. Kiln avniv. Goot.
Tootb AHO Kit Acs. Oatabbh. Boaa oa Hat Inn.
and all minor Nervous Complaint.
Foa Loee or SLtxr, and Headache In ail ira varieties,
It hat no equal, and to which moat undoubted teatmoni
all ar offered.
Foa Dexiaic Taucm it It most perfect remedy.
Foa Bowxl OcKTLAurro, after removtne the nain It aefat
as a phytic, a mott Important oostratl with th conatlpa-
lo rnytlctaus, rormulaa and Trial BottletwllI be tent
and to Dealer or Invalid a dcecrlpUve pamphlet without
. Crepared under tha ipedal tupervlaton of "
-i ... - JUUN L.. HlfNNBwELL, .';
cBKBturt ajtb twBJtowoner,
..j,So 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Xass
To whoni pleaa dlreot all ooBaenieation.
Price Large Cough Remedy, SO oena per bottle,
'-" Baall .-- - - g -m
. i .m Tola Anodyne, . SO "
For ul by In utual wholenl and retail iah.
everywhere. ....
ROBERTS Av 8UT01I,, . L N. B7HARP4v7.
10119 K. COOK, r r n. M. DBNIO,
mayl7-wly ,f j,-, tt AgenUfor Colombo. Ohio.
E; M. WILLIAMS & CO... ;i
Front Street, Between State and Town.
ttUOP la still running, end althnn.h
the preetur of late yeara hat let heavily
upon her running gears, ahe tt ttlll turn-'
ig out moee iniendia J-HJITONS, BOOKAWAT8. and
BOSKS and BAOKSv Twenty year Heady aanofa
turing baa given onr work a wido-operad reputation
through th South and West. . . i i
We therefore deem It anneceatary to ny any thing more
In regard to th quality ef oar work. Wo wuiun
vim , Yimou. W can tell eoon Tor Buwuta from
ltstoe-JM. ' . . ... , :,
Dealera can be furniehed vtlth
hort notlo. and at price lower than can be bought any
where In th Wat, 8eoo4 hand Buggies taken In ex
change for new work.
Ujr5 Be peering don neatly anoftTlSorTiottc. Tac
tory oa Front, between Bate and Town itreete, Oolum-
i lLrAll commanleatloa will receive prompt attention.
Jig. 31-wly 4 , , U. WILLIAMS At 00.
. -t I o th INSTANT BXL1BI
.. andPIBItANKNTOtJBBoftte
M , dUtreaing omplalnt..BM .. ,r.
Biff DTtff - ' ' t.'.,
MadebyfJ. . BIYMOTJB 00., lOTNaaaa St., N. -:
frloe S 1 per eoxi eent tree ey poet.
, AV AJ.JU ,BBDf w,tT;
Irish- Linen Goods,
. Linen Shirt Botomi Pialn and Taney
. ,11 Bhlrilng and Bosom Llntos. 11
'"' imen Bheettngt and Ptllow Oatlng. -
Linen Oambrtct and Long Lawna.
l f , 1 ' ' 1 ", I ' roektanda'ie, aU itte.
All"':' , "t Linen Towelltnp and Plaptrt
Linen Napkin and D'Oyllea.
Linen Table Cloth and Satin Damasks, r
Linen Towels with colored DonHrei -
"f l.'t' Lines StaliOoverinnaadOnth. a ,
.t. .J V For aal at low price. - . . 1
.- - -. .w ...... i '.-v. !. ... BAIS a tOH, -",
rtabtt i : , .i v NcSaaoathHUhtireet;
-. .
PIRSONAL property belonging to the trtat f Fnak
0 raven r. deceased, oaniiitlne ehrtSeef a HOBBI
end DBAY, will be told at pabllo vend, at th eeraer
or utgn ana unerry itrettt, in votaaea, ew nw axa
itj of July, A D. 1W11, eoamenclng at IS Mk at
tn rorenoen . - -
Warden A Sretel, Att'rt. Admlntitrslor.
Sl' wlf "
Uargaret S. PhilUps' Estate.
th nndenlitoed bts be duly anolt4 by th
probata Oourt ot Franklrn eoenty, Ohte, AdalnlitnAris
ortiiveauin oiaarganvx.. rnniipe, ate oi vara ooeaiy
ovceaeea. - - - -- -.....
Dated Jtrri ,TBJ1.'1- v '' MABT MATllBB.
Je7:dltw3w., . J - '
mrs, ! wrriSLOW,
An etperlenoed Hurt Mid Tcnato PhyilcLtn, preMaU
t!.h lulltlate. "- fcMthfTW. h eofl.
ening the gam, reducing all InSaaaatlon will allay
ALL PAIN and tpeaaodlc aeOon, and 1
Depend upon U, mothers, It Will five mt to yoarMivw
We have out on and euld this articl fnr over ten yan.
wnat w nave never been able to mt oi any outer meai
ANCI, TO KFFKOT A OUBM, when timely nted. Nev
er did we know tn Inttanoo of diaaUifaetton by any one
who ied It. On tn eontrary, all are delighted with It
operatlont, and tpeak In terme of eoameBdation of lit
mag teal efleott tnd medical virtual. Wa apeak In this
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten yean' expe
tlmoet every initanc where tbe Infant 1 tutoring from
pain aud exbarution, relief will be found In Blieen or
twenty minutes titer wenyrup te aominitierea.
Thlt valuable preparation It the prescription of one of
New Bntland. and has been uted with NIVBtt FAIL-
Itnotonlv relieve th child from Daln. out lnvhror.
atet the ttomach and bo we la, oorrect acidity, and glva
ton and energy to the whole tyitem. It will almost In)
stsntly relieve
eBirixa a thb bowels, aid wind colic
and overcome convnuiont, which. If not ipeedlly reme
died, end in death. Wo believe It tha BUST and SUB-
tt aritei from teething, or from any other caaae. Wa
would to every mother who haaa child tuffertDf from
any of the foregoing oompuinta DO NOT LET YOCB
land between yoa and your tuffering child, and th re
lief that will be SUBS yet, ABSOLUTELY SUKM-to
follow the ate of thij medicine, If timely uted. Full di
notlont for ating will aooompany each bottle. Nope
genuine an lea the fao-lmil of (IUBTIB A PIBKIN8,
New York, it on the onteide wrapper. .
Bold by all Draggttta thronghout tn worm.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street fl.T.
octS7fcwly. , " . " . ' ' ' " -
An Effective, Safe and Economical
Compound,' '
To its, original color without dyeing, and proven ting
iiair irom turning gray.
And oaring It, Whan there I th least particle ef vital
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all cataneout affections of th Scalp.
Imparting to It an nneqaled gloat and brilliancy, making
aoft and tilky In Ita taaturs, and cauiing It to curr
Tb croat celebrity and Increasing demand for thlt nu-
eaualed preparation, convince the proprietor that one
trial ia only Decenary to tatbfy a discerning public of It
tuperlor qualities over any other preparation la nee. It
cleanse the head and tcalp from dandruff and other
oataneoua dlteaaea. eanalnxth hair to now luxariantlv
itvlnt: it a rich, toft, gloat and flexible appearanoa, and
also, where the hair la loosening and thinning, it will give
itrength and vigor to th room and reetore lh growth to
note parti which have become bald, cauiing It to yield a
reah covering oi nair.
There are hundred! of ladle end gentlemen In New
York who bave had their hair restored by th ate of thlt
Inrlgorator, when all other preparation! bav failed. L
M. ha In hit potaeaaloa lettara innumerable tettllylng
to th abov fact, from perton of the highest redaecta
blllty. It will effectually prevent the hair from turning
until tha lateat period of life; and In catee where' the hair
ha already changud lti color, the at of the Inrlgorator
will wltn certainly retwr it to to ltt original nue, giv
ing it a dark, glutty appearance. As a perfume for the
toilet and a Iiair Beatoratlv It 1 particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragranoe; and tne great fa
oillUet It afford In droning the hair, which, when molel
with th Inrlgorator, can b dreeted In any required
form to aa to preserve lit place, whether plalnor In curia;
hence the great demand for It by th ladita at a ttaudtrd
toilet article which none ought to bo without,! the prioe
place It within th reach ot all, being
Only Twenty-Kvw Cents
perbottl, to be had at ail reipectabl Drugglttt and
L. 1IILLEB would call th attention of Parents and
Guard tana to the at of hit Inrigorator, In caaae where
the children'! hair Incline to be weak. Th na of tt
layi the foundation for a food ad of kair, ae U re
move any Impuritie that may have become oonneoted
with the ecalu, the removal of which la neoetiary both
for the health of th child, and tha (utare.appearanoe of
It uau.
Oatjtioii. Nod genuine without th fac-ilmlle LOUTS
MILLIK being on th outer wrapper; alto, L. MIL
LBB's BAIB INYIOOBATOB, N. Y., blown in th
glee. - -
Whole Depot, SS Dty itreet, and told by all th
principal Merchant and Draggle ta throughout th world
Liberal dloccant to parcher by th quantity.
. I all detir to pretent to tb American Fublia my
which, after year of sdenUflo erperhnentlng, I have
brought to perfactian. H djee Black or Brown inttantly
wlthoutlnjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted the best
artwi i to una in
Depot,' 56 Dey St, New York.
". NKWABS OmO, , ;. .., ,,
Rlannfaeiarera of all kind ! -
table anel Ntatloaarp- tlteaaa B5U- .
srlnee. Maw Nllla rla mile, i
Ji JT.. a. JUTALL UatmllL, G0LV31BV8
JtACmSS CO. Slate It 1 1 'SSlBOSD
" '- 00. ieatmttlll ' ' '
Onr Portable Snwlna ant Bav Kill '
Wat awarded th first premium, of S50 at the Indiana
Stat Fair for 100 over Lane tt Bodley't on acooant ol
Price, Ughtaess, simplicity, eoonoray of iuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Oar Stationary Inline wa awarded at th am Tall
the firtt premium ot S)0. ' 1 1
Our Portable Ingine wa awarded tb Brit prtmlavi 04
100 at th Fair et Mempbte, Tena-ever Blandy' Da
vall'e, Columbua Machine Co't., and Bradford A Oy't.
by a oommltte of practical Baluroad Jngtneera.
BOiprMtaaaanneadaret . . .
W1LLA&D WAB5IB, Treuurer.
docS-dAtwlyeol. Newark, Ohw':
Wholesale stttd Ketttll Dealer la
Vvf.'V' i'' AN"oJ,.ja5. FUUi Street. '..
P I T S B U R Cf H,;PV
Keep -oaatantly en itanel all tbe va
-. . ritttte.HHANUN ,
Octets lyd 'M,, . ' t-
Mty manhood; -3
- ittr.07- ion, HOW BEirORID t
or Seminal Weakaea, Beiual Debility, NarrouMCat.la
volantary Imlalooe aad ImpoMney, rtaoltlog froa
Rlf-bM,Asa ByBM. i. Oulwrwell, M. D. Sent
andereeaLUa piaa aivwwp w ny maanmpvn
paid, oa roolptofw kaape, byDr. OUAS. .0.
kl TNBV 187 Bee-err, AiWIak..A'((tOiSo Box.ll
404. jit4 aaralmdaw
M rj,: , I;? r j
"TteT go Right to the Spot
' ' r ' it i i i . iii
ItteUttt Hellel! itep year Cental
I TPnrlf jr year Breatbl j
Btrenajtbegt wear Flee!
Tbey relieve a Cough instantly.
Tbey cleat tbe Throat.
They give strength end volume to the voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
Tbey are delightful to tbs taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm anyone.
. I advlie every on who hu a Cough or a husky Vole
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throat, to get
a package of my Throat Confections; they will alley
yoa inttantly, and yoa will agree with a that "tbey
go right to tb spot." Yoa will find them very atefa I
and pltaant while traveling or attending pabile Bett
ing far itllllng yoar Cough or allaying your thlnt. I f
yoa try on package, I am aft In saying that yoa will
ever afterward eontidtr them Indltpenabl.
Ton will find them at tb Druggist and Dealers In
My ilgnature Is on each package. AU othert art
A packag will be seat by mall, prepaid, on receipt ot
Thirty Cent.
Henry C. Spalding,
By the at of the F1IU th periodic attack! of A'r
on or Blot Etadath may be prevented; and If taken
at fh oommenoement of an attack Immediate relief froa
pain and rlcknea will be obtained.
They seldoa fall In removing tha Sauna and
acJu to which femalei are to inbjeot.
Thty act gently po th bowtlt removing Oottit
For UUrary Mm, Btudmti, Delicat Female '
and all pertont of ttdtntary kabit$, they ar vain
as Xoaaffo, Improving th appdiU, giving foa
vtoor to th dlgeitlve rgan, and restoring the natnr
euuUcity and itrength of th whol tyttea.
THB CIFHALIO PILLS art tht malt of long Invet
ligation and carefully eonducted expert roenta, having
been la a many years, daring which tun they have
pre rented and relieved a vest amoant of pain and inter
Ing from Headache, whether originating tn IU aervotit
tyttea or froa a deranged itat of th ttomaek.
They ar intlrely vegetable tn their eoapoaltloa, an
may k taken at all tlma with perfeet afty without
making any change of diet, and l obtmot of my
dUtaarttabU tatU rmdtrt tt ay lo udminii tr Vim
Thtpnnln hare Bv signatai of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealer ia Metasln.
A Box will b ant by nail, prepaid, eo receipt ef the
Fxloo, 133 Oexxtaw ,
AU order shoald k add rawed to
tBCeastr Street, New rflt.
From th Ixamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephallo Pills aecompllah tb object tor whloh they
were mad, via.! Onr of headaob in all Ita to rue.
. From the Kzaainar, Norfolk, V.
They hare been tee ted In mora than a thotuand earn
With entire aacceaa.
Troa fh Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If yoa are, or have been, troubled with tb headache
and fur a box, (Gepbalkt PillaO eo that yoa Bay have
them in oaae of tn attack.
From th Advertiaer, Frovideno, B. L.
The Cephallo Pill art aU to be a ramarkablv tctlve
remedy for the headache, and on of th very beet for
that very frequent complaint which baa arer been die
oo re red.
from the Wrttern R, B. Oaaette, Chicago, 111. -W
heartily endorte Mr. Spauldlng, and hit anrrraled
OephalloFUl. '
fro Kanawha T alley Star, Kanairaa, Ta. . ,
Wa ar tor that perton rafferlni with th haaacb"'
who try tnero, will stick to theea. . f. i-
From the Southern Fath tinder, NewOrteeae, La.
Try theml yoa that ar afflicted, and w art ear that
Knr tettlmonycan be added to the already nnmermt
tthat bat received benefit tbatna other medidM can
prod no.
Froa th St. Loan Democrat.
The lament demand for th' articl vthphalr fill
Is rapidly Incresting. ; , , (,
. Froa th Qaaette, Davenport, low.
Mr. Bmldlnt wonld not connect hi naa wltk a ar-
tlcltht did not toioi too oeeea real meriL , .
Uj-A tingle bottV of SPALDINfl'S FBIFABBD
uus wiueavetea umee iu oon annaaityv j
XT7"A Stitcx ra Tim Bavbb NTja.nXS il..
At seetdtnt will happtn, eve U well regelated faa
lliet. It 1 vary desirable to bav oa cheep and eea
vaaant way for repairing f arnitart, Toye, Crockery
aattt all euch enMrgencle, and no hootebold eaa afore
tebewlthoat it. It Itaiwayt ready, and apt tb stick
1lp0l,,''CSBfUL lif 1TXBT BOtTBl." : ,
N. B. A Broth aeeaapanM each bottle,
cent. - Addreee, ' H
K. ta, Cedar Street, Bew Tork,
V'- - . - OAOTioa ' . '
A certain nnprlnclpled peraon r attempting
rila off on th anraapeatlug pabllo, Imitatlen or a
BBPABBD ttLUB, 1 would eaulto all pmona to,
amin before panhatin, and ae that the full ne
Is a UaoaUM wrapper; aU tbr are (wlndnug eea
"rhlu' - O'.-fcif

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