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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 24, 1861, Image 1

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.?(. ' i I 'j!J.i.,'.' liMiV'f-l.: 1 ' ... , . - - ' in. ... i .. ia, ... ... . ., , .- i 1 aa-ws
TOL. yiIi; .NOa,Ni::SERES.:v;
rt Keller, 'i
, arv imrrie wr tar.
Ba-a awiiiin it ar sua iwai
VJinrlably tA llyvitJi
fUBtisHiEs aw d ?r6fbiztobi.
. i.i I., i a i
(0O-0fflc Bos'. S8,-83 nii id.kortJl'Hlgli
ally 1 r' v .rr.-'.'fe 00 piryiat'
By th Carrier, per weekj Mot. 1
frl-Weekly - 8 00 per veal1.
' ' '' rL. 1. '- 1 T n-tT !
ori" of Advertising-by the Sqnajre.
n quan l yeai . . . 90 )
One " VniuLthi W W
One " roonUnUl. Ju
One iqWre 8 week,
14 00
. 3 00
. 1 75
,Oti 8 weeks
lo l week.
Joe 3 Monthly JO 00
-3 days..
One "
Ou f :
ti monthi
8 00
A ' "K
; 1 mouth.
6 00
.'!5TJ llniertlon SO
Displayed advtrtletmenta half more Ifitt the above
.Advertisements leaded and pWd in the ool'omn el
joecial Noticce," double th ordinary rob.
All notices requlreo to be publlthed by law, leijal rateii
' If onlored oa the inaiae exclnairely at ter the drat week
per cent, mure thhn theaters ratoa; twt all anoh wll
.ppeiir Id the Trl-Weekly without charge. i
' Bojlnm Cards, not eaoeedlng five liutf, per year, ia
He, l SO per liner, outside ft, r :-. -,i f ! I
' Notices of meeting, cijiiiyp ocictleiLilre companlM,
fcc, half price.
AU traiuHnt qdmtriintrimtt mwf b paiifor in
tdnnnct T rale will not be wried from. -
Weekly, earn price a the Dally, where the admrtlMr
eathe Weekly alone. .Where 'ha Pally and Weekly
re both naed, then the charge tor the Weekly will be
oalf theratoaof th Dally .
No idverUaenumt taken except for a definite period. :
BUSlS-ESS cards.
J V. ) B. SIMKI3IS, 'iti
Attopsxoy at 3fvj&:
i -i.AND jNOTARY PUBLIC. I.-!.) Cvli
aatceAmboi Building, oppoalte Capitol Bqaars. "'. j'
ZL. OS330n.3NTID,
Attorney & Counsellor at Lax
; at Ltwr,
, .. . . MARION, OHIO.
Mae hinc Manufacturing Company
J- . tavi
hi liiooeoeoecjeee
Viv t 'friiir.-rfnirn
. CaitlBgi, XlU-GotrtaK, Xaeblntry. j
" AltO, .-,
naallxroAcl , Worls,
. r o itmt DtaciurrfoK. 1 " ,A j
0HA8. AHB08, gop'l. 1 r ?. AMBOB, Treat,
decll. USn-tf
1861. 1861.
Summer Arrangements.—Time
Oonnectlng at Crcitllne with ihe FItTSUCfidll, IT.
for Pittsburgh, PhUadtlpMa and BaUimar. Mae
, for Fort Woyn and CMeago. . I
Connecting at Olereland with the LAK1 SH0RS BAIIc
for Dun kirk,1 Ilurralo, Albany,' Boa
ion, aud New York. ;,:
from Columbai, in connection wlIhTralnion th ..
' fIRBI TRAIN, ! ; ,
NIGHT EXPEBSa. Liav.a Columbua at 3.40 A.M J
will leave pewngra at all ataitaua aaath of Oallun,
top at Delaware, Ashley, Cardington and OlUad, and
at all itetloni north of Gallon, arriving at Cleveland
atl:0uA. al., Dunkirk 3:00 V. hi , BnSalo 4 15 P. 11.
Albany 3.80 A. M., New York 8:3.1 A. H., Boston 3:30
P. M , Pltuburgh via Oreatlina 3:20 P. H , Philadel
phia 5: 10 A. M. Chicago via Orcaillntat 7:00 P. M.
. . 8KCOMP THAU. . , -.
NIW YORK EXPItEiS Uavee Colnmboa at 11:10
a. m. Will atop at Lewis C.utre, (for White Buluhar
Springs), Delaware, Cardingien, Oalion. Crestlloe, Shel
by, New Loidon, Wellingtoa and Orafion, arrive at
Cleveland at 3:35 p. m.; Dankirk, t):5U p. m. Bn(
falo, IUM p. m ; Albany, H:i0a. m.;N.wYoik, 145
S. m.; Biston, 4:40 p. m. Tlila Train oonuecteat Sbei
y for Banrluky, and at Qufton for Toledo, arrival at
Toledo at 6:40 p. m. ' , ''
atlt.30 p. m. Will tiop'at all stailoD Booth of
Bhelhy, and at Vtw londoa', ' vf elllngtoB, Orafton,
and Berea; arriving at Cleveland at p. m ; Dan
kirk,:UOa. h.( Buff.lo,3a0a. m.; Albany, -S0 p. rn.;
Newtork, 7:S0 p. m.; Boston, 11:45 p m.( Pfttsbargk,
Wo Orestllne, at 11:5 p. nr.; Phllaitelphia, 1:00 p. m.,
Clileago, Crettlide, 0:41 a na.v Thia Train cornsote
at eh.lby for tandutky and Toledo, arriving a Toledo
at8:56p.m. w .; u.-. :
Patent Sleeping Cart are run -en' all
Migat Trains ttj CMcago, JTew ,
" York and Boston.;
Baggaj Chedud 1 krtwyti la Uno Tort and Botm
via (Mtrtland; alto, to PKiUiitlpMaani
". Uno I'orkvia Cntllin. " . ' .'
RETURNJM Q.i,l-'.- '.)'
Night Express arrives at Columbus at. i. 11:14 M.
Cincinnati kapreis arrives at Columbus at 10:50 A. M.
b Aocommodailon Jtxpresi arrives at, Columbua at 7:50
r. Id. , . ' k' i l i
tf !
Fare aa Low atvfcy any other Route.
i ii ! i.i. ii i
An for TicktU tfa CrtHUnt m CUntland., cfc
' ""' B, B. TLINT. I
r r -i ? -1 IdpOtlareiid'ent, Clevi!asS, Ohle.
' .'"' W HaMZS PATTKRBOrT, AfenfT I 1
Columbus, Ohio. ,
Oolnmbtu, June 17, 1861.,- T f ' ,
Kr,,JnitBeaiT6fU, j
1UU TjUAS 1UO bags prim Rio Coole; i A. 1
. 1 SO pocket old Dutch Government Java Coffee. !
' 18 bag Ceylon Coffee. -' !""
8 01 bills, atandard White Bogr;eousttlng of Pow
. , dred, Ohrushed, Granulated AandBCoffe.
SO aulnlala George Bank CodAsh. -
80 bbU. Mas and No; I alackenlt V I rt
... 8 tea. Pick Salmon. T
100 bi. Layer Ranln.1 '' ''-t
AO hf. box do da ': -Vi f -'i '-''i
100 qr. box do do . , ,:
' 100 M Olgare, dtrTerent brandj and grndfi.l';
Bov!7 WM. boDOMaID..
10 M ; C'.la I L.fa.6 Yt hi
And- Kaiik-Boot'IIannfentnrer, 1 1
aurll-dly I
Ked, JVJiita andjlne
atae irw
MBCtt T1E8.T
- A. Jt,l:
v., wtMHaahy,,.
tf! lit 9I(I ,!i,- J ml
' r ''.prt.
., aiii pun.
' A B1EW 0OT 'UKTi
' nuiriad la a mouf Car tuperior ta an yet introduce
.. : .a i in
.lT,:cya r vv ,...: i u ;
The IftteitTna',laTgeitThe Bait,
The Cheapeat:BeoaoM the Bert, 1
: '.i it.:! .raj.-,.,x r.ir emO w tMX
' thorlty of thia Eavllak'taaatMrt'.'V
. : A A j. l' Stt ffundnd tnlmmi HMoaton tf Ohio,
"TWj BBBT ? KNOItinr wgiioirAaT ktaht.?
f( il ia:f.vv n M ,si
"Bail ra arwavdaof a' Hundrad Thotuaad Woidt,
whoso mtuurarlaaa sMaslap and derlvationa, tofrethar
with thel . correct peWng, ant pronnoeiatlon art clearly
set before th eye." j
ici edi aairr,
OinoimtaU pammtroial.
Rdid iXiliilton of iKtVn&trt 6f itor OUo StaU
J'.iu..aw T$atMrtAttotMlan.''.i c .-t. .is;
The andentgned, memben of th Ohio Stat Teaehtr'
iasoeiatlon, adopt and aha to rue in teaching, writing
and ipeaklng, th orthography and pronunciation t
weieeater'i Rvl Qaarto Dtetteaary. and w anal eor
dlall TOOMUed U at the Boet re liable ataodard au
thority of th English language, aa it la now written and
apokea.', -i ' :.,
" loarit Airrkrwaresldent Eenyon Oollega.' r '' I
M. D. l.wwrrr, Superintendent Zaneavllle Sehooll.
rTaoa. W. lUavtrr, Sap't Maaailon TJnloa School!.
M. f . OowDaar, Sup't Publlo School, Baaduky.
; ioun Lnrca, Bup't P ablte SetKala, Owelevill. , ,
S. N. BuroKD, Principal Ctevolaqd lasaai Bcniof
ry.. I
' Wk, MiTciin.t,BuptPnMle8choel,ll. Tnloa.'
Joan Oeoaii, Jrtatpal state MorauU Sohoal, Mlnn
aor. j. 1
Cvaos Nion, Principal Ponrth Intermediate School,
B. 8. MaiTiK, Bnpt Canton TJnlon School, '' '
Bdwuj Haavu. BrtMlnal MoMeelv Horsaal Sekool.
(U T. Tarraa, Prof. Matbematioa, Ohio Calveralty
vrn. rr. kdwabd, anp'tiroy union bcoooi.
A. O, Boraixs, Principal Wast High School, CHrve
land. . . ..'"': ,
8. A. Notox, Associate Principal High School, 0 leva
land i
Tmtosoaa BTtauM,Prlnclpal High School, Ohrva
land;'"'" .'' " ' :".' ;' 1 j
R. f. HoaurroK.Trtncipal 6lrrlan IiutltaM. ' i
J. A. Aaariau, PntMeat of Btetttt Institute, Hi
ram.,' ' ;; ' ..
ff L. Hsjuts Prof; ct ChamUtry, Ohio Weeleyan
H. II. Bixirrr, IxOnmlanorxrof Couunon School,
Ohio. . . . , i , '.
Jamis Hoiraoa, Prof. Rhetoric, Oberlln College, j
- Taoe. Bux. President AaOock Ootleir. -t:. .!
0. W. U. gTnoAT, Prof. , authetnatlca, High
School, Dayton. . ... ' ' '
B. 0. CaoMBAnaa, Prof. Language, High Sehocl,
Dayton. - ...j r .... i (..
- B. M. Baaaca, Bup't Union School, Ashlaod. 1
Mors (Aa Ma Dnr& oUur PnHdtntt of CotU-
fft; Proftuort, Avtior u& DUUngutsksd Sduoa
tort, hat 4 mdorttd At abo4 imUmmi.
, M Aaurrra Oouaoa "It I traly a augnlftosni work,
an honor to th author, tbo publish r a, and the whole
oantry." Pneident Andrew. . i.
Omo Wanaraa UmvaasiTr .-"It xeda waxpecla
Uona. It will be ay guide la orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often be oonmlted by mo for lla neat
and accural definlUona.'V-Preetdeat Ihempeon,r
W, lourono Oouawavr'fieratotor we havad
Webster's orthography. At a raoent meetlog of our
Paculty, It was decided to chant It to conform to that
of 'Worcester1 Soyal Quart DloUonary." PreaLisnt
Oarrwld. . , I
final Kasntva Ootuoa. "I and It worthy of
cordial approbation. "rrastdent uitcnoock.
Oataua Oott,. "It aor tbaa aut ay eapecta
iloab . I rMoauMnd It as th standard authority In
orthoepy to ay thlldren and ay pupils." President
Morgan. J ' - ' v...... ,
Armoca Coujeo' "I adopt and aha to la leach
ing, vritiai and epeaklag. th orthography ana pronun
ciation ot WoroMtcr Jtoyal. (laarto DlcuonarT."r
tYaaMeat BUI. Z' "T " " "' "''"
In all a wrltlng,'ipakh)g,nd teaching, I hv 4n
dearored to oonforn to th rale for orttograpay and
pronanoiatlon a contained InWoroestei' DteUoaaryj.'
Hurac Mann, late President. , , j-- j -.
Tjwtosl Oouaaa. 8Ajiatta.jk aot cordially reooin-
mond. It as th moat rellabl atandard authority of the
.Bngllsh languag a It I aow wrJuoa and spokea.--
rreeiuent Andrew.
Prom Reo. Anton SmytX, Qmmittiontr Common
ooaooh at v4- 7
'"The Dictionary U aa tapvrtahaoW aaeaaaant I th
learning and industry of Its author; and an hooortoib
world at tatter. Th aaouanicai, txaeatioa a tar aupo-
rlor to that of any other Laxlcoa With Which 1 aa ac
quainted.1' , . . ''-' ' '..
yv-om Bon. JT. S. Xarntif. tt-Qntm(tiontr of
Th Boat raliabl atandard authority of. th laa-
TJeading wpap4rJ of Ohio Say.
Iron th Cltfutand BtralA of JfareA8. .
Th orthography of the Woroeeter Dictionary I that
used bv most. If not all., author ol distinction In this
country and England, and conform to th general ajage
of ordinary writer and speaker,.' ,
Whatever prejudlcM nay bar Misted presently, a
careful study of this volume will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of It great awrlta, ana a aenr
to add it teth well selected library, be It Urge or mull,
It is a library tnltaeir. and will remain an lapcnana'
bio record of th learning of ttj compiler. i
. from Vit OincinncM Oommtroial of Apru SO.
Her are apwards of a bund red thooaand word good.
bad and indifferent whoa awalUfari'. raaanlngs and
derivation, together with their cam apalling and pro
nunciation, are let clearly be for th eye. Th work fa
unquestionably th greatcat ThataarUot XnglUUWord
ever published. , ;
from th Oltvtlmi Plalndtaltr tSipi. 89, 1860.
. Ivbifntlv Wousmt'i Royal, Qoaxto DicnoaaaT is
rtnl onlw dt hut. tut tk won for of (A land tvtrif
twd , and oaa by no poaiblllty aofler by eompariaoa or
oontroveray ,i ., L I j. at j , .. A l-.Ti- 2 -
. Trom tXt ToUd Bladt of ifoy M.
' At to tetewoaoutrwk. Wsaxkma is raa Brajroaaa
followed by onr beat author! In dtHnttioce bo leavaa
nothing to be deal red, and la OaraoaaanrT It I (ufflctenl
to ay that Woacavrat oaa M aainy followM.
V nbliaUera, nookaellera atatlonere,
I t.ftV' J ) I .1 '"I i
oi i., oiiu;y. r -..
nn.il t .
MToTtrarls., N,
DtTldett Joaaary l,188l,4PoCaat.
. . Statement Jaanarr It 1861,
Balance, pertatont ian..lat, 1800.. ...83,408,58) 89
IMceivea lor rremiunui nut-
lag th jear aBr4V..J.'....87JieJ8 88 .
laoaived tor rnteraet during - ,
th yi 1800 ............. 814.014 19 . :
Total rtoeaV tf ,im.-88T7,(7 P4 . i
raio viatraaoy vau,iswov um ajj.uv.
Paid Policies suxren- ' -..,'. ,
dertd i.. ......... sl.Wi ' i
Paid Salaria,;P2it- a ,r ., 4., ,
, age, Tax,. , lx-
- ehang, tcr. ll,BSai'
PaldOoaaasiaalaaa.t. '. t n'j J'l
i Agenoj.. ......v., Jl.SSS 3U
PaMPbyaldW fee. ',! 75' . '
BaldAnnultlee...r. llTWI '
Pstit niviil-nrf. ln
M th tear ,.,-.,1811,500 78 W5,W1 68 411,974 14
Net Balano Jarrnuy 1st. VtSI A.Vv ....8l,l,t8 80
'-"UJ -- AB8ITB. ' 3 L J,
Cash on bnd..i. -4.' A W 88,0984 IB
Bond and Mortgagee on leal p,,,,
state, worth doable the
' 31! "7 lis ..wl i
' 1.
amount loaned.
Pretniaa Mote, t
8,397,841 88
. in rree,onrui wing ,. ,
eent. interwt. Mi IT
teal' Estate ..v....'. w ftoS 87' !'c
Looaan Urf...n4ur ; ljiia 4tn..k I.j
.court of treuutfalonTV ',84S 1i
i Sotal Ajsbj..sa...4...;MM.,. 8U18J58 80
't s5T5 Pollcle ia foreH utJln4:.Jr...8d(,,4iaa,88S
, 1,435 new Policies har bean lawatd 4urhc th year. ,,,
1'rter a careful calculation of the piwaeat rata of th
utetaoding Pollelee ef the Ooaspaaj", and kirtng the
asaasrr mitceai ia it ieiratw an anaaeter
havadeeland prviaanaei t par eeoi. on uw rraenl.
ama naid al the table rates, to all poltot for life In fare.
Issued prior to January 1, 1M4, payable aoeordlng to th
ateaant sad of th Ooaoany. ' l' ' 1
f etatea fM all kiadf Lite CeaUegeaelea, FitaMiit.
nsaa, sutSBtnta, and Appucattoo, win b rarniaoed
WiTaotrf OMAkes, at the vlnae or Agtaoto af In Uoaul
aVtSVMM .auh'U . A V ': Is-Tf
r 14 .!.. JtOBt, I. rATTlBSOrT, PresldeaU t
( .H ,ffi(.N. , obOTib, Tie President, j J
' BUry, 4,mLBri, Heereiary. - - - " i ,.
I .f.nf..i4 L-uiii,-!! 88 JB44ESOI8, Aftttt, .,.
Ooluabaa, 0. ;
..mi., u i.i.jr i i.i ; in ,.
t "li A l H .. A H O riUD BLACaX
17 .DREbB BILK a, w .,. mi, vTh aoat wtleol
ajeortmeot la the aiur. ad aa snianaaaiinnula tame
estiiij lAJitllJ .-d (1 r tw ?t 11 ,ita a98i4UtkVrHttv.'
1 -"id irooi vt:,u.,u ir "n sain asua.
onui iwi-vi !.( rnt- '"rt ii .Hw ti.lint ii h I rf
Wlkb-.l ".X'Wt tei rt
Scrofiilp;. pi SLTug; Evil,
ia a constitutionBi Misease, a corruption of the
UQQ(J,,bywhldi tla,fluid become ritiated,
tveakvHirf pooa? lleintf fat th oiroulation, it
ftrvtdca tha yvhoU boap and nay buret xnt
in disease on any part of it, No oran ia free
fronvita attacks, nor ia there pnt which it may
n6t destroy The scrofulous taint la Tarioualy
caused by, mercurial disease! .iw liring, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habits, the depressing -vice, and,
aboTfr all, bythe TeneTcal infection. - What
ever be its origin, it; ix Jitreditary.ln the con
stitution, descending from parents to children
unto the third and four tit generation'; indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Him who says, " I
will Tialt:lla:iiiuquitj of the futhers upon
their children."
Its effects commence by deposition from the
blood' of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungif liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercle fill the" glands, iwelungs ;- and on
the surfcvee, .eruptions or aorasrj This foul cor
ruption, whichnder in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only siuTer from scrofulous com-
pluints, but they have far less power to with
stand the attacks or otner diseases ; conse
quently vast numbers perish, by disorders
which, although r)6t scrofulous in their nature,
arc still rentlerctjriataLtby wis taint m Uie
syHtem.'1'-Most ef tJid-consumption which de-
ciinnfp3 tlio,Jmrt(in&mily has its origin directly
in this TCroTuluus "contamination; ana many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of nil the organs, arise from or
ar rlrrSravnted br the same cause.
- One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their persons are. invadea by tius lurking in
fection, and their health ia undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by ori alterative' medicine, and in
vigorate it r by , healthy food , and exercise.
tJuch a mtoicin Ave supply in -..; ;
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual: liomedyf which the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remedials that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
srstem from its destructive consequences.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Eruptive
and SkIn Disbaibs, St. Astiiokt's Fiub,
Rosp, or Euysipelar, Pimples, Pustules,
Blotches, Blains and Boils, Tuico.ns, Tetteb
and Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Rinowoiiv
Kkkuvatihm, Syphilitio and Mercuiuai, Dis-
t.kv.. DitopsY. Dyspepsia, Deuility, and,
Indeed. Att Compiaiht aihsuio ruon Vitia
ted oh Impukb Bi.ooi). llio popular belief
m " impurity otht blood ' u founded in tratn,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
poitkultir. purpose and. virtue of this Sarsapo-
ruia ia 10 TiurixTuna rnreriuraw litis tiuu uuiu.
without which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions.
it i- it 'I I '1 i- . , ' i'.- :
gue Cure,
roa the sPEEDr curb or
Iiitermlttent Fever, or Fever and Ague,
rtciiiitteiit Fewer, Chill Fever, Dumb
Agile, Periodical Ilemlarho, or Billon
Henlaclte a sad UlIioM Favor.' ladeerl
for tlio avKolo elaaa of elleen wrltjliiat-.
Inaf lit llllary dcraaeaneat, canted by
th Malaria- of Mlasitaatie Coantrisi.
We are enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it Cure the above lomplaiut
with certainty, i till perfectly harmless in any
quantity.. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
where these afflicting disorders 'prevail. Thia
"Cuitn" exiwla the miasmatic poison of Fevek
and Aquc fiom the system, and prevents th de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premouitorv aymptoma. It is not only
tho best remedy ever yet discovered for this class
of complaints, but also th cheapest.' The large
qttaiiiity we auppiy iur a uuiiar uuuks h wiuun ui
reach of every body ; and in bilioua districts, where
Fever and Aoub prevails, every body should
have it nnd use it freely both for cure ana protec
tion. . A ureal suneriontv of this rcmcdv ovoT anv
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
Other injurious cnccis nuuicvcr upun mc vuiismu
tion. 'Ihose cured by it are left as healthy as if
they bad never hud the disease. .
the niintnintic poison. A nreat variety of disor-
rlnrs arise from its irritation, among which are
Neurntijiit, Hirtnnnh'tm, Cmit, Jltatfaehe, blind
lint, TootfiArfif, Earache, Catarrh, Atthmn. Pal-
pitUionf rC'i'fvl Aflntum fjthe Spleen, IhstT
us, Punt in th Jlo'welt, Volte, Paralyxis and te
rawrtwrii't of Ui$ Stomach, all of which, when
originatiuif iu. this cause, put on the intermittent
typt, ar uectime penoaieai, - mis " uubb " expeis
tlie poison uom tne oioou, anu consequniiiy cures
them all alike... It is an iuvalttnblo nrotectlon to
immigrants and persons' travelling or temporarily
residing in the nmlarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily, while, exposed to the infection,
that will be escorted from the system, and cannot
accumulate M Sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease, llenco ft is own more valuable for protec
tion than cure,' and few will ever suffer from Inter
mittent! if they avail themselves of th protection
tjii rpnedy ati'ordsy, 7i' ' '"
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYES & CO., Lowell, lias.
RUUBKia a gaauab, uoinmnu. .
And by Drtiggiataand Dealer everywhere.
t, n .i. ...yo ano mora , .
, f py.ep6pl,, Montreal,1 Quebec,
; JaTja YORK. :
'Th Montreal Oaaaa Sleaaahtp Ooapaay' flrttlsse
rall-powtrwdOlydv-bulU Bt.amere sail every Hat
arttay ma rotii'LAnn, carryin
Dnlted State Mall and passenger.
May from PORTLAND, carrying th 0 acted ln and
NntTH HRITiln.
Uborteel, Cneapeat and tXalckcatCoB.
. 1 1. oi' j-1 1 vtfaace iroaa . ... .. .
Rateaol Faaataca to Ktaropev
' ' .... 3O,6O.80. .
Will eail froa LIVERPOOL owerw Wednetdav.
tad froa QDBBB0 every kalnrday . eaillng at
LONDONDBRRY, to receive 0 a board and land Mail aad
laaarngar, to aad from Ireland and Scotland 1
' Q7Tha BteatMrs art, built oi Iron, In water-tight
eoapertment, aarry each an expert cooed Burgeon, and
ovary attention ia paM to th aafort aad aocooiaioaa
tlon of naaaennr. A thy proated direot I LON DON-
DEBT, th giaat risk and delay of calling at B. Jobs'
aavoWad-, , --'. .. .. ;
Glasgow paatngr are furnish with rasa paaaag
BOkais to ana iroca booaoaiMiTy. : ,
Rwnra UakaX atanted at reduotd rate.
' OerUacete uwued for carrying t and bringing on t paa
aengera froa all th principal town of threat Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rate, by this line of I learners, and
leaving Uwpaol wary week .,1
Blarbt IJravf to for ATI aad opwards pay
.. a a 81) In l:laal, Iretauad, leOt
1 I X S k .lau4.tr.UUi. r. 1 -1 1 -
Tar naaeeae. anatr at th Offtc. 88 BROAD.
WATrNeW Vark, and 10 WATER T
LlvrHfi'' 'kcui.'h '.
ilSZL ft MXUt, aral Igsntt,-
Of to- : ;a7nARlV!STR0NC.
, MlO-lJdAW-
rIn 0fllo,0olajnbu.0hlo.
Co-Partaersljip. i
ton JAMES ADG1B BAIN aapartaa la mr bust-
em, which will M ; after be eesdacted aadarta Dm)
u.i. a. a - - a n . t , . . . a.
, Columbus. gel) IS. 1B61, , . ... , . ... , , fehlS
Jhm 81 18 kl If sxacuiExt
ftatt ef Phalaow tvaMtetmtrH, N. T.J P merit It r
th New York faabkmabl t having, Hair Oattin
Shaaptonlnt, Curling and VmeMni iafoen, East Stat!
Sir!, ever m Poet OBee, when saUifacttoa will
be given hi all th varioa branenea.- Ladtes and
-vauwtnm leeeuig, tnaa at tn aatl etyMt
.a. . i a t Va At a .
tjIWWtrf oi n i.i-i.'vi.o i:''i af-c.jr'A " i f
,pmM ;-'i't.a ne t"l ri .;j,xi't tf
;; -o' lti ,.'..-)tc,j jii!, .:,) t
RAILROAD. Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia RAILROADS.
For CtodlnnatI,' Dayt fTLiyiaft
Througn jto lndianaoolis withoni ,Chj.ngf of Cars
' and but One Change of Cars between t,,
! ' ' ' 1 ColnmbiM and att. llie. '
u fit h a tt'i q ;
Four TraiDi'Dail Iroiri.Cblombus.
ACCOMMODATfOM at S a. m., atsniaa'at all at.
tlon biwn Columbus and Olnolanatl and Djton, ar
rtvlnc at CinHnnari at inns ft m.. .nrf kt' 1iatnn at
8 10 a. m., connectitg at Dayton for IaaiSnaprllli and
ttWWast . i w : u .1 I -J.f;.i.i. ,,
NO. 1 tYPRER at 11 aO.m '.tnv,nlr. forr-'rni.
London, Obarlwioa, Cedarvlila, Xanla, Spring Vallry,
Gorwin, I reeport. Port Anoleut.. Morsnw Mt.. i-etnouu,
foat.r'a, Loyelaui and all I ford, ai riving at Clrattnaatl
at 4 30 p, m.. Dayton at 8 45 p. m-cooaecUn with the
Obla and Mitsl.slppl Rallroai for Ldoisvllle, Ky., Yth.
Munea. Cairo, Bu Lome. Ntw Orleans, ato.i at Daytmr
for Indlanapelw, Lafayette, Terra fiaute, Chicago and
all Western point. ,,-,., ...
. THIRD TRAIN, - i ' ,
MAIL at 0.10 n. m . atnnnlnir at all atatlnne hetween
Ooluabu and Xenla, aad at Bpring Tallry, Oorwln,
Morrow and Lpvelaad, arriving at Uinclnnall at! a. a.
NIQIIT EXPRKdj, via Dayton, at IS 00 mMnlcbU
topping at London, Zenia, Dayton, M Iodic town and
Hamilton, arriving at OlnclnnaU at S.Vi a. m.; at Day
ton at 2. 55 a. a.j oooneotlng al Cincinnati with the
Ohio and Mississippi liallroad lor Louisville. vansvlllet
Ttnoennee, Cairo, ft. Louis. Memphis, New Orleans,
and all points Bouih and South westi aleo, at Daytoa
forIndlaapollLalayatW, Terr Haute, Chicago, ato.
iry lor farther Information and Tbronih Ticket.
apply to M. I. pOaEiHY, IlcJt,gent Uulon Depot,
yuiwuiuusi . i , ,, 4 , , . i .
, r. W. BTKADEB, ' ' ' 1
: General Ticket Agent, Cincinnati.
'' '" JHO. W. D0HERTY," "' r' j
-.-.' . i Agent, Columbua, i
Buperlntendent, Cloclnn&tt
Colaabtis, July 14, 18B1. . ,, . . .
EAST. CENTRAL OHIO AND Steubenville Short Line
r P0BM1N0 THB ....
Shortest, Quickest &' Most Reliable
Route to all Eastern Cities I
Trains Leave Coluoibos as follows 1
' MORNINO IXPRB88 J, ;','l '
Leavei Colunbu 3 30 A. M. from Union Df pit. 'via
neiiair or Bteobenvi le ! arrive at bVllslrt. IU.X0 A
M Btaabeavilla. 18. SO P. M.; Pliteburgh, 8 40 P. Al I
Uarrtsburg, 1.10 A. M.: via AUtntuvm,. arrive aUNw
Tork 8.00 A. M.; via Philadelphia, arrives at Phila
delphia, S KI A M.j New kork. 10 30 A. M. Connedta
also at Harrlabara for Baltlaior, ariivli.gat T. a. a.
......... ..." ' .1. L-
Bleeping Can attached to this Train
Proln Columbus, raa directly through to Bellalre r
Pittaburgh without change; and Paeagr via Alien'
town arrive In Hew xorkateA. M., .
Thia Train also connects at Bellaire with' tbe
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. . ,,
Leaves Columbua 11 S3 A M , from Colon Depot, Via
BteuDenviiie; arrive at Newark, lx SO P. Bl.; uoanoc
ton, 8.15 P. M.j Steubenvlllo, B P. al ; Pittsburg, S.40
P M. lOThls b tne only route by which Passenger
can leave uinclnnall at 7 A. at., go througn to fills
ourgn in aayiignr, witnout change oi carsor oeiay
.. FAST LIN 8, ! ..
Leaves Oolaobua 8.1S P. M.', from TJnlon Depot, via
Hellelre: .arrive at Newark, J S3 P. M ; anesTlIo,
4 39 r. n ; Bellalre 7 .Si r. 41.; pinshurgh, 11. va y
M.: Harrlsburr. 0.00 A. M.i ria AUtntovm. arrives
New York, 4 V, M.s vfa rkilndtlvMa. arrives'
Pblladeluhia, 1.10 P. M.j New York, a P. M. i-Thl
Train alt eonoecta at Harrlabarg lor Balliaora. tr
rlviugat IP. H. .-. x , I
xnia Train run through to Bellaire or Fittmarr wiin-
oat ebang ef Carat and fro at Pittsburg there 1 b
change of Cars to rhl'edelphia, or via. Allentown ( t
new xora uu oneung , . : , .-j 1 ,
The only Route from Colnmbns to Baltimore,
Philadelphia, or New York, with only ; I -
f ; s 1 , :. ; one ohange of Cars. ) j
By this Train Passenger srrtv In Rew Toik Bv
bonriln advaooof the Northern lines. ' u I '
This Train alto connect at Bellaire with the Baltimore
DdOhla&.R. - .. t;,,a:: e 1- u ...; I
tCTThls Route it 30 miles shorter to Pittsburg,
ana more than iuu miles shorter to 1 .
New York, than Northern Lines. I
BaiTgage Checked Through to all im
poittnt Points East.
: . .. ABK 808 XIOKBTS VIA -sMt
Ticket Oeod arer etiber Hontot
" jo. wrBitowN,0'
' ' ' Oca. Ticket Agent Central ohl R B,
. 1. A. HOrOHINsON,;
.1 Gen. Tloket Agant Steubeuvilie Bkurt Lin.''1
7U-llllAZKl.; ".'A', dill
AGRiciiTURAt Warehouse
And Seed Store, ,;
". .-"Vvl'u'"''';.v"'
Onna, riatola, Wood WlUowr ware
atherand HnhUr Baiting, I' Leather) Ho and
king. ...... 1,. 1 . - j eei-diy
G W T Ii E M E 1 8
NkidilM la aaskTwni SMiajinri i-, ..
,. . Bvroa and BarrotavColIara. 11 ! I'
- ' ' " Embroidered PockM Handktrchlefll
Paris KM Qlovea tup. nor make.
(tolilaa Hill ahlrea. v.rina, .tl. M i! ' H () I
aJ O-lIm Ulll UilM. Aa -n..,...'. It !
Drivln and Street Ulovee, do ,. ... Lit
Menmed rocket uanaxercotei, vnnoai styles. 1 .
Half Hoe and Cndr Garmenta, '. ' - T '
1 .. i. .' 1 , iiwa'tM.
No. W Sooth High atewat.
"" ; - u ". ttf iicui mV '
aad xamuM onr new make of ' , .
manufactured by 8. HOWARD ft CO , .Beaton. MsJt
Tbaae Watoh art fat so pel lor to anything svtt Sred
to lb nubile, heretofore,. Having the exclusive ama.
I oaa all thea at price te suit th tune. I bar Juai
reoeive a arg inw m
4 " AMERICAN WATCnES,1'' ".,
aanafsotarad by APPLErON, TRACT, at PCT j alao,
Bp tavortsMatof 5iw"vin'unii," . 1 -1
'"' ; ' ta ttald an Silver flaaea.at PanionrVee. '
1 iw. t, ..,1 01, BAVXtai,
S';i Uitium jiji)-;i!0)ii.(ri,,i,,i.
-t! t t.,hT fcoo? 9
1 i
ii-l JsJUKaT. hi. , (, .. ,
Daily, per year..,. ......,.... ft ve
Tr-Weekly, per i iar. 3 00
Weekly, per yeai .....'.i,-...,!. 1 00
Exchange of Prisoners.
It !s If ha-.faararlthac tha .AMinnU.....!
wbieit prevent a fall recognition by the Gov
ernaeni of the-broad, patent and locootrorertl
ble faotibaf we are at war, ia saerifieing solid
and Important advantages to a point Of govern
mental etiquette. ' The lawyer, whose tore end
ta tonvictioa, whose Bsustr is decided 8y 'those
b' addressee' and not by himself, lg wary of
maklog anf admlwlons which would imolv an
ackoowledgment of bit adversary's claim, and
oe immediately seisea on and turneor agalotc
him' by the nirable-wltted eounsel, or 4be oppo
site party. -This It alt Very well In' Its place j
batltfeebeurd to manage a great War la the
narrow.'tecbtilonl spirit which eoverns tbe nrot
oeedtegs of wwi priu court. -: In this contest
the Uoveromebt I ite own omptre; tbe contest
it to be decided beltber by arguments addressed
to the rebel leaders nor by arguments addressed
o mreigo powers, but by onr own etrDg arm.
We are not argaine a case In court, but con
ducting tbe most gigsntio war that bu ever oc
curred on this coulinent. It ia lor onr interest,
at well as that ol the other party to the war.
that it should be proeeoated with due rerard to
the established usages of modern warfare. ' 1
Onr Government bat, thus far, refrained
from consenting to an exchange of prisonert
with the ejemy, and bat thereby thrown away
tbe cbantfe of redeeming' from boodage Our sol
diers aod tome distinguished civilian now re
mVetined of their liberty at Richmond. General
Mcolellan released oa parole Drisoners eoousb
ia. Western Virginia to bare exchanged back
all those taken by the rebels at Manassas.
True, the conditions of exchange must have
been arranged between the two Governments,
which wonld have implied a reooBoiUonof
wbatl . Not of tbe Jeff. Davis cabal aa a rov-
eminent it jure, not of any part ot its claim to
excroise jurisdiction over tbe teriitory of tbe
seceded States, but limply of tbe fact that that
caoai, cining itseu a Uovernmeot, bat a large
army ia the field making war upon us. Tne
limited Intercourse between hostile armlet (un
der the proteotioa of fl igs of truce or other
wise;, whion modern usaee has sanctioned, ia
merely in tbe interest of our common humani
ty, and implies no recognition, bv either oartv.
of the rlghtlulneet of tbe cause in which tbo
other is fighting - The recovery of tbe dead,
the rites of sepulture, tbe care of tbe wounded,
ana the welfare of prisoners, deserve tbe at tea
lion ot every Govern meat at war. The rights
ot humanity are precisely tbe lam in a civil aa
in a foreign war. and tbe usage of civilized
warlare apptrtain alike to boih. Bat these
usages imply more or' lees of iotercommnnioa
I Ith t,a- . V, n k.lll M....t. .h.lW ... I A ....
be reluaed on a mere puootilio Al the aawifloeivThe
of important advaataees
Our Government bas, of coarse, no intention
to try and txecute for treason the prisoners tax
en in this war.' Treason, to be aure, It a crime
wbich they bave all committed) it would require
oO straining of tbe statute to inflict tbe penalty
01 aeatn ou every rebel tbat falls into onr ban 3s.
it is true, too, mat oy recognising them aa
prisonert of war, we bring into question onr
tubstquent right td bang them as traitors.
But as tbe boveromenc never bad a tboogbt ol
hanging them, what difference doe it make?
We childishly release them on a trumpery oath,
which they will regard as a piece of ridloutous
mummery, and are pretty certain to violate,
rather than retain them as prisoner of wsr and
hold them subject to exchange. Tbat It to lav
(for ' thia la what It really amounts Jo), rather
than caBt any doubt on onr abstract right to
hang them aa fruiter. set them all at liber
ty without any equivalent. ' We virtually punish
our own captive soldiers with protracted Impris
onment and separation from their friends, be
cause) we bave scruples about treating; oth'
erwiee than as traitors, tbe captive rebelt whom
we actually restore to the tweet ot unpurchas
ed liberty.' We can discern little practical wis
dom In those scruple waicnrneird aurmemiet
and flunfiA our Jritndt. ' We let traitors go tcot
free wnen tney are la our nana iet we thould
compromise our claim to bang tbem by makinr
their enlargement tbe price of resiorlng loyal
men to liberty. If we mean to hang them,
why not do it while they are in our power? If
we do Rot mean to bang tbem, why forego tbe
advantage of an exchange of prisoners!
Oar refusal to accord to tbe rebels the usual
belligerent righta must be Intended (if it baa
any intelligible purpose) to influence either tbe
future ' action of our own government toward
them, or ibe action of foreign governments to
ward tbem, or, lastly, the course of ibe rebels
themselves. "The only impediment It can throw
in the way of Bur own gbvernment is, that it
prevents it trying as traitor prisonert whom
baa, no intention ot treating with extreme
Igor. Foreign government will not look at
thia controversey through our eyes, but will act
on tneir own views or .policy. U is not by
standing on punctilios,' but by successful fight
ing, that we have any chance of itifluencinif
thtm: The same remark applies to the rebels.
wno mast be crushed, if stall, by something
more formidable than "a punctilio, wbich gives
tnem DacK tnetr captured soldiers while they
xecp ours. iY. x. wotta. , t - " i
Treason of the Newspapers—General
General W. S. Roaeorans, oommandinz the
Army of Oeenpeiion- in W cetera Virginia, in
General. Order, bearing date the 20th inat,
"invitee the aid bf the prtaa to prevent tbe ene
my from learning -through it the position,
strength aria movements -ot to troopa under
bl oommand." "Such information," be con
tinues, ''is of the greatest tervice to tbo ene
my, aod deprive! tbe oommander of our own
forces of all tbe advantage which arise from
tbe secrecy of concentration and aurpnte ad
vantage woion are constantly er joyed by the
rebel, MM era near mppnsi t betray
Vawr.' .:... :. ;.-.,-, a
General Roaecrans I an hnmorlst. He In
vile the tengue of rumor, the trumpet ol com
mon tame, tne very embodiment ot xotelD. the
thing which it nothing if not clamorone, to aid
him la holding lit poac 4ctfc it 1 Why doe
bo not go forth into loot ef the valley in the
vicinity of 'hi oamp, and invite the echoe that
inhabit tbe neighboring bill aide to be kind
enough to Intermit tbeir perforaanoee? . W
oan imagine them replying to his solicitations
If we cease to tattle, what are wal Who will
know that we exletf , How shall we know
ourselves T How oaa wet' Are we not tf
Urem wtttJ Tak away the voice, and what re
' Geaeral Roaeorans Invites,''.) It is time he did
something more than invite, "He and bis cpe
riOM and predeooeeov thould hav oomtnanded,
and enioVeed obtdieaoe, tram the day tbat ac
tive operation! egan. 1 attoopt tho rebellloB it
ttlf, there has beeo to engine o mitohief to
onr etnt thai wilt bear a, simparloa to the
Beweptper pre. We bave pat ourselves
trouble about pies, arretted men that looked
auspicious, and let tbem g again; bad vision
of individuals tseklng th rebet potts with let
ters written in eypoer in their pockett, or wo
men wkk plant of oamp bidden Away In tbeir
ttockingt, erblifl a tbouaacd newtpapera from
Btteiott to Su Laula bave been eaob doing the
work ef an hundred spies (arnitbiag daily
the euemy toe latest possible ioforaation
every movement, tbe tut and position of every
reglmtnt and deiaoktmant, and the actual
probable policy and design of its ooaaahdiDg
offioart. lteoald not kmt have nee apparent
to every man or military capacity tbat tbe war
oduld not be carried oa la th face of this mt
sate and persistent aspionager tbat 11 waa the
eceaaloo of perpetual loaa aod danger; that,'
feet, it we plaolng Dot oaly each ceiamo, bat
Mia cauae of the Gurraeaa, ta daily jeopardy
What have the rebel wanted of apice, when
they eould lod dairy to the oolama of a New
York, Philadelphia or' Cincinnati newspaper
mure tellable iotellifese of the very thing
hf Mean ted1 to kaow tbaa hnndreda- ef tpiet
eon Id collect and traoamlil -i .ii .t 4 . -r
..l. . ...... l ai ..1
I D,nB '"-"i "Vi
'they have :ben enooursgd. Erory
,0'J);l:ji ... .,
." p'n CI UtruK e,I.-r,a.2 ! K"-wVjt
from CommandlnaT. General tov Cornoral. haa
seemed to think it desirable to have the oof
respondent or a ' newspaper at bl elbow, to
ting kit praises, put bta right with the" pub
lie, and be the oooveqiaat tskicle to Uansml)
tj the wjirld 8 kuowledg8 of bit exploits
The ver'v Commander-ln Chief of the armv
invites the editor of 'k New ' York journal ta
nianer, ana arveioo ton bias Mel eotiro nran
of a CamDalvu.. which, j on . the next dJ
makes ' its appearance . in ' nrlot. aemi-edi-i
torially and semiofficially, without soy 4ut-
i"" vi -Hjuuirencw iu ana veuaaur.
1 beie-.thirJBS are Dro&tabla ta thenewana-i
pert mar, nave embarked la it II it enterptue;
and enterprise always meets with reward." Tbo
people want newt more than they want -vlcto-j
rieew They can exoaee, nsy, tewwrtT, too newt -J
paper which betrayt at a matter of butiaeasl
wane tney nave nothing but bottled UD-en-
geance for one tbat happeht lo differ
from them id - matter of orrtnlnn. W mni
f ess that we have sometimes iott all tolloitudO
ato th8ft8 or the txhiterice of petty tplet
and Informers, retail dealer in amoggled but.
ter, revolvers, percussion, and quinine, wbll
this hp;1ytem of giving aid aod comfort to
tne etie' nas been going on, hot only unrebek'-
en, bdieucoiiragerl and applauded.'
r Vvneraf RosecrSnS clones bia ' order' with a
pregnant fao. Therdv these thing difTerentW
in seoessiottdom: "The rebel know better-1
hav more consctence mote lore for the cause
In which ihev are entraired. Their nraaa "fianr.
er appear n Betray tnem. 7 Betray It th
word. General Rosecrant puta It npOa'th
right Aground. He calls treason, treaton.-j
it is treason oa tne nan of tne uovernmeot in
permitting It on the part of every officer tbat
toleratee it on the ptrt of every newspaper
mat emc-arKi in 11.' rwty millions of dollar
woaia not compensate lor tbe lott tbat bat ac
omed from this practice, to-day.' It bat retard
ed tbe progress of our arms, glren daily enoonr-
sgementto the Insurrection, constantly served
to miorm toe reoei lesaera wnera to twice ano
when toretreat, and has, in the simple fact tbat
It bas been permitted, done more to dUeoarage
friends of tne Government, and throw a doubt
npon itt ability to oomt np to tbo mighty task
that Hat before it, than atry other cirenmstanoe
"i:i'r 'j 4i n Jr,
that can fie mentioned Ota Prut.' ' 1 -'
aa m m -1 -' ' "- I
steam frigate ban Jaoiato It soon expeot-
Tbo at earn towboat R. B. Forbes, ourchased
by the Government.. now lie at the narv Yard.
wner wxmea are engaged la transforming
her into a gaa-boat. Her armament will cos-
. -' . a.-
stet oi two broadside sunt ot 32 pound calibre,
weighing ouu pounds eaob, and a ruled KU pound
to be muustid aft. ...The Forbes it a Dowerfol
iron boat of great propelling power, and will do
gooa service to oiocKadiog or purampg the rebel
privateers. .,' .., .,.,:. I
1 Ibe bip loo is now 10 the dry dock. Tbe
bark Kingfisher lies at tbe lower ead of tbe
yard diaibarging ballast. Sbo will be Immedi
1 I I hflM. 1 1
ateij ntted tor sea.
ediome L:om AirlOA, to fit for the blockading
tquadron. . , . - t
Tbere are about fifteen hundred men on board
tbe Ohio, from whom a draft will .soon be
made for tbo frigate Sabine, fitting at Fort
mouth. . ' '
Tbe new aloop of war Housatonie will proba
bly be ready to launch 1st September. , . , . 1 ,
Tbe propeUer baik Young Aover will be
ready to sail ln$bout a week or tea dyi The
Gemtbok will b ready to sail ooa after aod
the Fear Not. will toon sail for Fort Pickens aad
tbe Gulf aupolie,.
Tbe pay roll of the navy yard, made no to
the 15. b iost., inolude th name of 9073 men,
O' whom 513 arcrepter. 327 carpenter'
Unortri, 116 blackidthj, lfit machinist, and
226 yard laborer, 1
Samuel N . Freeman, of Boeton, bas been ap
pointed aouog maatet in th Navy, and ordered
to report on board lb Chesapeake. ..
An Assistant Paymaster's Cleik has been ap
pointed for the Ohio. This is a new office, and
ia bow filled by Mr. Charle N. Avery. .
Captain Lamaon, forxalv of tbe abip Cham
pion, ol Boaton, bas beed assigned to the com
mand of 'be ship Pampero, recently purchased
in New .York to join tbo. blockading squadron.
Tbe first of. the twenty-three gunboat lately
ordered to bo built by th Uoited States Gov
erameot, wa laueobetl oa Saturday afternoon
from theebip-yard of John .bogus, tst Hirer,
New York. Another of these gunboat will
be launched from Ibe yard of Mr. Weatervelt
in a lew days . .. ., , 1
. Recruiting (or th Navy is very sncoeasfnl.
No Ues than lau aeamea shipped in New York
last week, aod detaobmeot Irom Buffalo, Erie
and New Bedford bve joined tbeir respective
receiving ships, - Tber ar now over 1200 men
on' board tbe North ' Carolina at Brooklyn
probably 1500 on tbe Ohio At Boston, about 600
to PhiladelpbUvtomt 400 at Portsmouth and'
probaoly aa many at other place, so that we
bare ready for Instant service the manual ma
terlat for seven or eight men-of-war. Io fact,
Onr receivlcg-sltips, rastead of being chiefly re-
oeptaolea for Invalid, as toot la boglasd are,
cooitituie useful naval reserve, which oan be
nuea up ana arawa irom wnen necessity re
qiires u"to do td, and if our dtmand now
probably BXoeede tbe aapply, tbe I act ia owing
more to the magnitude f tbe formw than, to
tbe thortcomingaot . tho Utter.' ' j
' Tbe tem gunboat Montioello, recently re
chartered 7by -the Government, sailed' from th
Brooklyn . Navx Yard, for Fortress Monroe 00
Saturday-. She took out a large mail tor ibe
Cbaeapaakf 1 flotilla, aod several necessaries for
the vestalafot that fleet, , Sb i to be subject
to order from the commander of tbe Norfolk
division oljttbe blockade - tquadrpp. Jfrstea
ivourwr. :,u,l.
C.taiaeA.w n' v-w.-b h-
Irttitsri o K0i!j:-af!; jv'srurri .f.vjjj ...f J
iil v U'lU' r-i tai .xir').- Nr v
VE. CWlttlAMS m
Front Street, between State and Ttrwn,
TUB Otata .O A 88 H I AO B
SHOP I still rnnning, aod although
th pressor of late year hat set heavily
apoo hr running rears, one a atill tare-'
Lf rat tbon splendid PHJITON8, BOO KA WAYS, and
BCBBB and B.ACA8. Twenty 'yeasaeieady raaaufae-
tuting baa given our work a wklewperad. reputation
Ihraugh the South and West. . ' ., s-
W the refor deem It nnneoettary to ay any thing aor
ttt regard to th quality of ear-work WeWaJiaairr
avxnv Vniicu. W can asllapon TorBuasur froa
8lSSro850. ' "' --.-''-
Daalen can be famished with say amount ot work al
short notice, and at prioe lower than oan be bought any
wkwr la th Weat. 8ooad hand aliggiee tahwa In ex
ohange for new work. . ... a !"'
- lLjRepalrtng don neatly and tt therrt iotio. ta
totj oa Tos,:lMtwn BteW and .Town atraata, Coma
bus. Ohio. 1
s-AUlg. Jl ww, , 1
ADYBETISBMltriV '-'-.' -
: H ta msiAJfT BJtUBl
distreaslng cnapalnt ae i
n-BTn - ;,.
Made by O. . BBTMOTJB A CO., 107 Eaaan BL, V, '
tU.j- .rlFuWPaOOJll aanitraw
' aarS-dAwbrki i-" - " h"'v ,v
Irish; Linen Goods
. 1-11 J
Linen Shirt Bosom P.aln and fancy '
;.'- Bhlrtiagand Baata Aiawn,. ! .. 1 I
Hf.; ni.'.iWsJUaaa olavetiut nd PUtow Oaatogs-
.. k L'P Caobrtcaand Long Lawn.!
i -vr-s btY ' iinerl Poeaet-riamdkM, all ehat.
...j- v rH:t.. Lleaa Tiwwllte0awDhuMr
. t : . ansa nspswaaiia .v,im .full
-.it., tuweTJabl Olotraiaai aatla Dacaaaka. .
.. I.lna. Towala Willi eolorad hordara:'
V3 1 iiUiUT! a.lliaw giatrenawnnnana
Libea Stair Oorertngs an Orh
' create at low no.": i. 1
th High gtrMt.
1 A QUINTALS) C(riSa iU ,r.
AU t tlT.4tiall v 1 n- ,;e l(i t v l
. ... s vaaa wim siarics.
- u 1 . is.... n-v , a,..
atr vaw r Bv AP v t) I a8 IlWat 8) IUUI .
'lot ; - Red Barn). . 'vr
an ewrw na iot eaie oy . 1 -. . ' v. im
. -. . war tr. titrTtirrt.
' aagls Jl . . 104 tonta Ulgh BttettV
TXrTBD-10ll.OOO 'Cn.toa.ent to buy 85 ml Aabrt
vv tiD't at a wirxe unean aasorotyv tomar
...... A , ... .),, -
.,, -ri,.v- ,
Por all Throat aod Long Ooaaplalnta, Ineradng, with
aoetperfeot reeult. Wiioora) Oocea, Oaaeana ana
Ooanoa Oociaaa, auvMraauaJr aa Taaoa? OoautAUrra,
always forerunuars of Oouaumption. ' A 1a tawenue
Svacr tt ha u saperter- Irwo froa allOaHaaaor
Baette propertlee, may be and by aost aelleate aariaUf
tuUona, aad with porfeet ramftdenoe a)vt
! ir 1 h 1 ;i 11 . rrr it tt -,-
Th Gaia tot Natural Otut aver oflerad t th
world, oonlaruisg not apartasto ef Oatea, nor say sab
(tanea but iu strictly veawakl ead atadleal properties.
A sure Raaeriy for NaoaaAau, BaumaUTaai, dowr,
Toot ana Ea Aona, CaTaua, Roaa oa BUY tavaa,
and all minor Nervous Oosaplalat. ' '
foa Loss er thuaart and Headache" a -n ta vartetas,
It haa no equal, and t fhlohv aaoat aadaubttd teetaaoai
als ar offend. -
. Poa DeLiaiDsf TxeirmfT!is ana awrfset resaedy.
1 Poa BowOoaiAtriw.afUr savktff oaalaM ata
a a phyete, a aoat lauportaal awairaat with the aasdpa
toryelleeu ol Opium.
Ta Phyeiclana, fomalarand Trial Bottle will be sent,
and to Dealer er Invalid a dienrlnUr paaphtet wlaawat
"poatage-aiaBp." ' 1. i.
Preparad andar Um apaeW eoperrialoa af,
v JOUrt 1,. HCNNEWEtL,
-'"' ' cmuanrr urw raasaaaa iir, "
' - NTs I0caereui WhuLBoaton, BJaga
, To whoa plaae direct all enarannteatloaj. , (
Price Large Cough Remedy, SO oents per aottl.' "
Small .. j ..1 BS ....
Tola Anodyn. 50 "
PornaU by the aaual holsl4 ao4 a tall dealers,
e. DENia a sons. a. t. sohobxlbb son,
aayl7-nl Agentt for. C9luaabaa, Obi.
1 : - . S .''Ti i j ft ! t.i( J TO ' ).
No. 4"Xjrwvnne Block.
' . a " a, , I. V a, 1 '
A. P. . STONE & "0'
TER OOOD8, and Invii the public to Inspect
tbeut. No sack stock of (toad he ever beea kwght 1
this oar art. Th Sooth, la onaqona of th faUar
of the grain rop, has not been able to purahaa the aa
ual quantity of rich good, aod thia fact haa forsad ta
laipertars U sell. them a pakiio watioa. Oar Soyar
(Mr. Stone) being tn New Tork at the large sal, took
advantage of thasa, and wa can and will all oar good
here, at lea than any ana who purcaaeed two weak since,
paid for than tn New Tork. Our stock la eoatplate la
(very department of ' . .. ..i
-OTTOMAN VELOURS, n ,,..it, .-:
.; ' , " , ,., PRINTED MEalNOV '7
' ORLEANS, .. .b.-j t ., . .
. , . ...DELAINES.
Fire Thausand Dollars Wortlr
Bought in One Day,
Men's, Ladles tad Children' Coder Shtrte and Drawerti
Lad lea, Mltsea and Childreo'e Uuelary of u kxeda. In
Wool and Uaab'a Wool; Elaasa Llutd and Cotton Glove
Of evtqr mak. .; a.-i-rtr ...-, si
1LSO 1
A complete tstortment of all th ataal varie-
tie of - J I- 1.. i - -.: ,
LADIES' CLOTHS, - v. t.:, , ,.
.. . , , OVERCOAtlNGS,
FLANNELS, ' ' ' -;
RIBBONS, . - '
ladies and Gent's Linen Cambria Hand-
kercnief, co be. J:
To Bereont who call aa aa. w oavara aor wsraa la
thee thea tb largeet, bast and ohoapest stock of Good
vr seen In ibis market, er pay tbem on dollar ear
boar white looking. J . .
decl-OLrxtawltw. BTONB O H ABBA-
-t .'
OF i.i.
Spring vf &
Summer ' Millinery.
- ' - - r n.w m-inv
' J ' J The) SoolaRrr4anlaAad:
xAxrAT r.:
" ! NE F'YOEK1.'"
- ' ' ' ' ' " ' .toil 014 tV,
Spring c SnrnTner Milliucry
Is aemptste, eonprlslsi every varkHy eV lllusi
try; ale, a larg aaaertaaaat t4 EikialliUat, tTtaiij
ao4 lottona, A., aad ta 8aatltMs sat prlat theAaaar
not tail to suit all who may favor a wtthataU, Tb
goods hav beea bought at Paul prlota, and will I
at a small advano on aost. ' " k" . 1w' '
be sold
, .... -. , .. i. I .1 ,.a " Oi; Htm'K'V Kit
" ! ,-;miiiiXBY'i:M
Miss M. B. Y00NG,ti of Nw York CUy,
wtll npertntenii th Millinery Deparuaaat V laa
expatnoTla th most Taahloattte ttakllslnasirl la
Broadway wUI alone e awamntyvhataw wBjaaahte
to giv entire sadsfacasa bt aaUaai tt aat Aj M wh
stay tavor bw with their order. ,,,.0-fj ,(.
Th Lad tea af Colombo and vktnltr will aaa a
cept ay slnocr thank for tbeir Hberif fatraaAg, aa
X woald respectfully eoUctt a vjantlawitNa or fls state.
: al .WW -al t
68 Eaat Tow a St.,
ikaa, o.
rxawB onrnaWDkvtv . . vbxkst t. aniiritutuxa
w . d ,. ATTOENBTB AX hkWe) NSylU
- T17 Oe, 880 Broaawar Bw. Tefk iCItra aad
11 rcaremi attentioa pua to vouaeuoaa.
"aprll8:doa ' . . "..' " '-
!fr Baltimore 1 Clothing Hoit.
; tu.utMMOieuiu ajq wiiitoiieatAAaaAj . -
,,u No: m WBaltimortreeti
Wr.riU 4a?!f7rT'"W-,k"
A Ur7T.Aietaatol Jflees aa rBntlakta
Oeeds Ob
Oenataatly a Haa.
u-.0 itoi.ij arlT
u 7 '3afe8irrtav'tl8r .'
w: fi. potto ' a co,
tad Maaateetarer af Braaa aad Ooeapooitloa CsarOnat.
rioiahad Hraas Wrk e all Deaoriptaaaa. '
1 ' -..,Ma''Vtw-st'e' Va
' o slvt WW 1 1 liaud t-LiJ
, - , '.
V,,MI T ' i-Atk .-
JVn fO.nas.'cJcrji r,j, l-4., rit.-.T r rfcO '
; hy .

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