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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, August 24, 1861, Image 2

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MBFIrTTniT MUXIE, rbllnrs.
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W. fTI AN xt-fcNN V, EUtr.
Democratic Union Nominations.
4f !rlasklne;aan.
, iljrw ,tb1inl li.mil M'it. . nl.ttt li tt
aueexnO .BTjpBslB JTD0)B,' ' win
- w iu at. il JUoatootf-e. . aulv.jR
TREASURER 01 tiki,' Loi .n.s7ue
bnt w COWPTROUIB, , a ,ll f
4x tut WJKVNH eUWU . ,b.i!w
-'iiui UL off MeBO"V. !1" " 0 '
, ,ikijih1I vJi&.. . T . rim.'! w.
Ydiit Or ttmtic wofn,
Meeting of the Democratic
State Central Committee.
.om4 l:- tflirtofl Ifr1lrr,-n.' tivJ.it 1 ir
'nVWofl Tieaiocrarto Bute CMtrkl Com.
mlttet VUt"fa W ColttmbuavTcsroaT, AoT
87U.i1o;ctpktoKM. Every member
-' ilMHl AO ot'preetntinnw til the tndl.
date ori'ftfintoremocral'cfltiktB Ticket,
iJg3 iv 4Jrj : ,Wla "J 4 fcv.."Vl
art corfliallv IhvHed to be present..
-.. WATNB GRI3WOLD, CbkiviMa.
WiJ t. JohMson, Secretaryv i a p
C'Ati.W BO. 1861.1. S,H.t,' .9
State Central Committee. THE OHIO STATESMAN
For the Campaign.
the different lunei or ue unio
dnriDflte Cunpalfn.ufollpwi:
nrMrVltaAeteuiver south, it.-
SO cent.
J .ipni i im ..jii. iv rf.ir h .at1"''!' r 1
i . BMMrW 4h mm viU bafuraiiM for oof
Show "fflonUiii; tt eltrb t ttngl' Wplei, tOTt
;.JIOl,-' Hi jjjl t.UJ jrt'.i-v ' -1 t" M.'l.(fifl
"tht Wee1y OMo MMkmi Ulfefraibt4 Mfol-
' li'ttaVof ' j copte,1r tow '
Iooloheof li coplet, for two inolh.....Ji.i1,S.W
la clatx of M eo)lM.lar tar tMth 9 M
In clobf of 40 copitt, fax Ida moUu.'.n.i4--. 7.M
U A t ' d J J V v 'I' M T 1
The totWclotoiiill eorer trie period of the
fiwpiifntt U pleoo our MAMMOTH WKIKLT
ut U-bHf ?U.who want it, u Cunptlgn paper,
n n naeonabl teimi. t'i'Ul.lA J '. I
Ut the friend of the good ewitef-; 0) tjroo tnl.
mmmt OtiW l U irtrli.nd.itr4 tb
'h VWtfWtUt We expect tomake it an efficient aid
. A&Jbjoo4 work of thfrtJunptlon of the State, of Ohio.
Business Notice.
t bju j ;; i i.
The recent ordet Uom the Poatoffice Depart
meotfTelinife pi, jeCimJt the ol4
letae will render it impossible for each BUmpt
nent of does
3 I'm!
el -wAagnX,0:05.rN.ii
Business Notice. The Democracy and the War.
...Daeaaevatl. rba. araJayUad to. naite withJ
Republican in forming a grand Union party
are endearingly called, in the centra) Republi
can organ of this city,' ibt 'eartaf of tbt 23d
itL7,uhto Secesbers," and lovingly charao
' tmrtA a the noisv touad wheat ,VOio I
always heard ahoutiogfor war In time of peace,
'lirjti fbf pace In tlmt of war." . . I ,
-iSnilf ikirrdarw''erer., 3W nte,thi Jtwr-
iwfelegealpbfaieln.'.ObioKtbey are to e
vi atBd,aio- too) in ,tht rank n Itt own
rtyiho'lrt trjioj W ebglnee the' war for
the Union into a war for tht diasolulioo oC tbt
V kavihihad. two fortlin wara.sinct we
achitjreJnrJipijlVlpdepeijon with
Great Britain and tout with Mexico. In each
. pt itorpitwu, " BblT tqM
TOlce was always neara huouviuk iur ptmi
fittMaAd-aiuriwtmtJWPoeitiQn.ta the Demo
ratio partavd'Jtht Democratic Administra
tion, that arri4d1tne' Umtry Uinmphantlj
1'riSdgnfoWwH,'dnat tnkde" ft rAaerin
na- rejected .tome'jipd'koawred abroad)
W art now engaged in a war lor tbt anjf
.prtwlon of a Ydrmldablt rebellion against the
T2&&iL CddL?) S&V JUibQ c AaStraiioa,
..fa whose, baaeuration Into nqwer, JPemocratt
rMramaypasadpU at)tk)tta4( tb JJational
Bill" -.The1 'pwbiloaiit ' slatnr to be) sargely
Id1fl5VVJc!rftj lnvOhW nd Id tearrt'aH the
olh'arioyaf Btalet." Tte'AmrnlslValaon-'cant,
lor voianteer troops to am is sappresaioK ae
. rebellion, vlfww ltoljtf ssppose that fee
abjicaasbtinf moft aaalona ia4ha support
a4tBe prepottWo wf at ItaHtwotw tat of
tht Democrata, Butftrteaaorftts. tbe' reverie
.MJMUVf.yi force ajra. JpmosMnatance; made
up in ta prepar Uoa ot two, and often three pr
jnore pemberaU ib, one Repnbllen
V, Ttl thii Democracy jiib tsouolfj Jkrl o f arm
ar its) "aw and aiaew" of tb'ia war for.ibt pre
&&1lM&tVVtV .W WbQtld xot hare
alluded to able abatttw at IhUiime, had we bot
t iwltlbri'al,Wo.eo4 la
tht Jmat trjat tht Detnfterter'Vrt aneiiy
tqnad wko1n'ilmt''df' wa"iare alwawe' heard
i ekaailnt foe peace.'- Tblnlnnation 1 utterly
T... " f
fcr The 6t. LoaT-uRe4' pailwntt the
oaetaitwpaetd abkillati,Mruadd od miia
,iaah 11 Regiment .Mirsoorl, volunteers
U U 'llfcUm tiUetn?; Utkaiei. aeri-
osly 93ao afcrloualy weuaded, 125 missing,
.17. " Total, 313.' Thl regiment numbered 799
' Ben.'Tfirswla" Tvefy largt loss, almost lone
fcBair.W"J"0'1" : .
Meeting County.
jrn ro Vt;JT-rf afeft; I
Tbt Union Democracy of LitttaEtocking
1 lavt poiualea H4 R(lj$TlnT ,eBeerrt-,tlcket:
i R'errreeDuVlf, Mamilng Sfier Proeeeollng
Arf ilatIVrlEhH Jiiwiff, William
--.M Xvyt Commiseionar, Tbeo. Wljlert Coro-
5Mr.TiE arwarawember of the lt .rgie
r lVnre,a flrain nnwivering fcemooraCaad a
fuitfricud of tbt tfnlbo.L'lit wiH be' elected of
W(nli lis tm inn It t.H C !,. r
1 t - -ffT The BivMicanM of tht Rod, and
, . w. i rf ,'ir ...
CCaiofirrTl,aiiftJV;51f. Roatf
r Ran, for Senator. It waa called a- a "ZJoiofl"
Convention, but waa Republican, l might bt
expected. ,
Meeting County. Mr. Cameron—Frank Blair.
W,e ike tlf fj'slotnnf, ft" , - Lo
JDeirwcrat, ao organ of (he AdmlnlitratVio, and
the mouth-Dteoe of Fa am Blah. vTnere ap-
v-..... .. . ... . .-.:r-j,v
peart to oe ijetemaut bw .ujug w
frlendt of Secretary Caua throochnti the
country to compel Mr. Likoolh lot llorn; the.
Stcretarr ot War ont of the Cabinet. ,
It it nnderatood that tht tapitallitt' In New
tork lit Mr.' Cif hare the' loan with the oh-
dertteoding Ibet, xurf; wahihoii am .v y-
ptjeed U. i.Blr..LiiiocrUiBiy KnowewneiD
tr MrVCatottoiilt Io bad m Mt Repoblf.
ufi frlendiiay brfiel or bt t & or fit for
Preeidtot tkan Mr Ciiaoii Iqr.SeoreUry of
W.-- Mr. Lwcom it tht itipoiiiibU man
Mr. Cirnwum U In hit power. " - ' -; ,
I Qaerel . Arebot the bitler atuuiti or ue
.-!.. i- .v.. : ......
Ketablieaai o tht War vejatimtni oaioaiatea
krweaked the GotrntJtot" tod girt "am
iid'toniWt to the tnemjt" 11 Perhape not, at
the art twdt by Repablioans! . '
ivFajiK BtJ U otadoubtedly tht author of thii
,. It weald teen at if that Department, hat not
yet realised tbt fact that a Urge army It really
to be oaiied into the field. And we bare bad U
iaprtatedoa oor mindt that tbt War Depart
meoi bai been giving a larger part of Itt atten
tion to the tubjeot of etoree ana proTiiioot, than
to that of men. '..,(Ve. happen to know that
great difficulty baa been experienced on the
part of aaany persona who hare offered to add
even a regiment 10 oar traau army. -1 enuiu
girt the named if it were proper, of gentlemen
mho anent daia. and even weeka, in Washing
ton, begging at the War Department for tbe
privilege ot, raising a regiment to ngnt toe oae
tie of tht country. , ..." ,
L But the War Department : wanted no more
b-oops! At the time, wt makt ro aouot, e
Mfaai farae waa twice the lire of oar. But for
ibieeoure of tbt, War Department, Miawuri
nulH not hare an inraderoo her toil. Miaaouri,
if rcaueated, wonld at any time ainoe the 4th of
Maron lul Bare lurnisnea me rrcBiueiu. wuij
tbooaand additional men. We know that Oen.
Lion had offer of troona by tbooaand. . W
know ha wanted them, but he bad notaod eonld
not procure the power to accept them. Had tbe
proper eooriebeen pursued, ana nre or ten aaat
Uoeal regimenta raied and added io the little
armr of (be lamented hero, we tbonld not now
be defending aar hwne : against an army .of
60,000 or ijm meo And U lien. Koecran U
not to (bare U. fate of . Lyon, it will not be be
canae the War Department ba not pnriuei io
Western Virginia the identical coarse that it did
in Miss-tori. And unless a different policy pre
rails, tbe war mast either be ebtnifooed or will
be interminable. In the meantime nothing is
easier than to end the war. " The President has
been furnished the meant. We cafrput Into
the field, if we will, twice or thrice the force of
tbe enemy; wt can present everywhere a crash
ing power to tbe foe; '.we never need to fight a
doubtful battle; we need never give the enemy
tbe preatiga ol a (ingle victory; we never j
(honld have suffered him to haveone... If fire
hundred thoaaand men art not enoogb, we
should pat In the field seven hundred and fllty
thousand, or even a million. A million of man
on the field for tlx month would cost less than
half a million for two or three yean. Bat II
tbe War Department la to, fiddle and fool away
its tima with. two or 'three hundred thousand
men,' and drawn' battle and protracted cam
paigns, and that everlastmr buying and selling
of army stores, which rota tbe patriotism of the
land, and ttinks from New York to St. Louis,
and inker marc hmdlj (Asa 8t. Lent, we
can tell tbe President tbe War will be hopeless.
That it ' mar not actually become to, and that
apeedily.the mismanagement of-the War De
partment oe arrestee it snouia oe uone who a
bold, tt-oog band men't, mindt must be tnrn
ed away from speculating on government cn
.-.At '' ' ' ' ' -' . - 11 I ' ' ,
"No Party."
Tbe Po(mater ' Jooeerllle, Mr. Charlea
Gregory, ba juet been removed by tbe Admin
ltation at Washington, and a imall partiian
appointed n nie place, who tingt to toe tnne ol
abolitionism with the fervor of a Howling Der
vish. There it In the 'Bute- no more ardent
suppoYter bf the Administration in iu effort to
preserve the government and omen reDtiiton,
than Mr. Gregory. " II now hat pot or two
sonsHn tbe army at Washington, and w tee
how" their servicer art rewarded at borne. It
hf strange that tbt government can persist in
this course. ' At tbe very timt when tat Ad
ministration are trembling with tear Mat tbe
enemy come thundering to the gatet of tb cap
ital, when tbe existence of tbe government and
iit administrators, it in the greatest peril,
banging, as it were, by a thread, time u yet
found for thie petty ' warfare upon oar mot
loyal citixent, beoanat they do not pta their faith
to the Chicago platform. Ont npon it. , -3.,Tbf
above U. jTroni'jtbe Detroit Fret Frtt.
It ia Dtili tnothat iaiUnct of tht determination
otMr. LmosLa and tbt iUonblleaa Banatora
and Representatives, to place In (bt eivil office
tf he government, none but strenuous abolf
tioa Repablicane of tbe Chioago platform order.
While the are aIng their hypocritical cant la
trying to'persuade Democrata kki thefr party
abouU be abandoned, they are aUadlly jtreogtb
wniag tht eboUtiometa by retawvmg Union Dm-
oerats, and pntting abolitlonleu in their place.
; ' ' .......
V'XoTnW I. M Nah. Of tbe 19th. Colonel
Beattv'e Hesfment. O. V. M t Vht baa been
pending S few days in this city, left this morn
ine for home. 1 Tbt Adintant wu formerly ed.
tor of the Mahoning Srafiarf, and waa clerk of
tha,LegislMUrt in 1858-9." He was a Democrat,
hut now, in tht hour of danger to bt Ooaatry,
escbtwa politic,' and It unconditionally for the
Union. "
"'Mr.'Nfsll'wrtisted aa wlvatt. at-Yeang.
town, Masoning county, waa, soon made Order
iv Jereant.i waa vrt seoa promoted to Ser-
at-Wior, from which be rose rapidly to Ad
jutant of the Regiment. " Wo iHonld bave been
preated if uor, tiefloiton naa ttfpeintea turn to
tbt aamt poiluon in tbt same regiment.', Be
fmoat reriaioly dean re U for .the manner in
whlcn bt eondooted himself la the tarapaign
of ; Western' ..VirKioia, and especially at tbe
battlo ef, Rich . Mountain. a The officer and
Bern of tb 19ib apeak ia high terms of bis
eoarkifeand tfflciencv at an afBoerr We hope
he Jj pol be overlooked. fjAie sutt Journal,
'He it a Demotrat. and it nncondiUoaaUy for
the Union If he ' were not, bt would not be a
DemocrafT ' Bat why was not Mr.' Ne "ap
pointed to tht aamt position." ' Simply because
bt it a Democrat, and bad a competitor hi tbe
person of tbe ion of Ex-Senator Buvta, Re
sublicaa, who wu last winter the fast friend pf
Got.' Pxwicwqri for election to the United State
Stnats. RpublieBim ia a itranqtr claim to
appointment, than all the good qualities of Mr
HI in: ' He I for tbe Union, aa aria theDemoo-
"No Party." Mobbing Newspapers.
.It weald appear that tbe people of Now Eag
land are tVylnt to go ' ahead bf the Southern
people, who they ib long denounced for mobbing
rA1llrtonltr-ln-thr-eowtb. - Speaking -of the
lata affatr at' Haverhill;. Massachusetts, the
Boston Jtiiterift fl
Tbls l tht third. atWBaattr la New England
whl A basbeed iilerally asaailed within tb past
two weeks; and all tnenaa or gooa government
net regret andeensur eucb riotoua procted-
ine. It is hot fewaseotbs since we de-
nounc'piftbd mob In Boirton, which broke so a
John .Brawn meeting at . the Tremont Temple,
and we look wtta equal eoodemnation npon tbe
reeent mobs In Concord, Bangor and Haverhill.
Having, no ayffipatby with the meeting which
waa invaded by rioter, at tbt ewrppex wbicb
have been visited by popular violence, w regret
tbe demonstrations made against them .and hope
never again to be called SpoatopnbtUb accooots
ol similar occurrence ia tb freo States, j No,
good citizen e'ao countenance a moj . I
-Jta Boiton. iPut add:. 'V 1 !
'Xbeae tranaactlou are disgfkcefu! kris? a)arm
tog they trample andar foot tvery civil right, '
and destroy tb purpose for which goverBmtnt
la Instituted, namely, tbt protection of person
and property, and bene lead to tbo abrogation
of all gorerolnent. ' It la de?plcabla for two or
tbret bond red men to let tiDonobtman, ana
maltreat and Injure blm. If Mr. Kimball il
legally exerolsed bit priviiego a a oitiaen, no
waa amenable to the law, and could have been
ptopetlf- pttaiehed by h lr aa to be soisad
bv 4 mob and abused a ha wa. wa an outrage
a lafamoua l any ever Imputed to tb Soatfc
In their dealings with Northern mtn. i Hit pa
per may nava been an evil, but tne remeay was
far worst than tbt diataea, mod tbo offending
parties may aom tima find tbt bitter ebalio
returned to their own lip.' The hjorlee inflict
ed npon Dc How,' were- without palliation and
merit the tevereet condemnation. Mr. John
eon, whose name i introduced, bat had no
connection with Mr. Kimball'a paper aa a
proprietor, or writer for I columns, and wa
no more juatly pbuoxloua to the enmity of the
mob pu tbir -own ground of complaint, than
any other mu, in! HaverbilL Mr Kimball
vUited Mr, Jebaton on Ib .evening ol tbe dis
turbance without Mr. Johnaon' previoat knowl
edge ol bi Intention, aad Mr. Jyhnaan.aoooBt
panied bin home .aa bo would bar aocompa-
nied any ptber man Irom bi tout wno anouia
expres fear, ol personal' barm.'uHe) did not
apprehend that Mr, K. wtuld bt molested, and
had no purpose but tdiscbarg tht duty of, a
good citiren in tndeavoriag to save a neigs
bar' life from Imrvfindinir haiard. if look has
ard ehpuld aie( ; Xbi be did to the fxteot of
hi power when to emergency oceurrea, ana
tha ininlta offered ia hi familv and himself in
oontequenoe, wire gross and Inlamoua.; Ha l
an intelligent, an honorable, and law-abiding
eitlxen, and poasesee tbo bignona meuiy isei
inga wblob distinguish reason and justice from
nasalon and orueltv: he ia respected for ble in
telligence and manly beariug iu every walk of
Hie, ana will receive tne respect sua syupata;
of all good men, wbila to his ssaailants is meted
aa lull a measure o( ooodemnaiion.
. Arain wa anoeal to all men who bave any re
gard for their own aecurity, to ue their influence
to nut a aton to mob outface, unless they are
willina to surrender the advantage and protec
tion ol civilitiiioo, and to e society retiogrsd
into tbe horron ot, barbarism, n . . , ...
The new State of Kanawha.
'' Wt hart looked upon tb course of tbepeo
pit la Northwestern Virginia with great doqbU
as to tbeir propriety br constituttooalityr but as
tt has been considered ratbsr niinopalar to .,!
lude to violations 6,ihe Constltntion, wt bar
waited to sts bow far tbt matter would b .car
ried without being arrested by tbe National
authorities. That time has at last come: and
the urmation pf the new, State Is somewhat
interfered with. v.;iM n V . -V-x .!-"
'Article 4,' secfion 3,f of "the Constitution,
"New States may be admitted bv tbe Con
greaa into this Union; bat, no new State aball
be f ormed or created within the juriadiotion ol
any other .State; nor any State be formed by
the junction of two or more States, or parla of
States, without the consent of lb Legislatures
of the State concerned, as well aa of the Con-
gre." ; ., L ;.. . ,.o .. u ,-,
It. need no further argument to prove tbe
otter unconstitutionality of this proceeding.'
Attorney General Batei.U' appears, has writ
ten an offislal letter to A. F. Rrrcma, a mem
ber of tbt Conveutloft, ' on tbit subject He
. ."The formation of a new State put of West
ern Virginia is an original, independent act of
revolution. .1 do not deny tne power oi revolu
tion (I do not cU it right for it is never pre
scribed, it exists in force only, and ha and can
bave no lav but tbe will of tbe revolutionists.)
Anv at tern Dt to carry it out involves a plain
breach of both tbe Constitutions of Virginia
and of tbe nation. And hence it Is plain that
yon cannot take such course withcut weakening,
if not destroying, your claim upon the sympa
thy and tupport. of (be Geoerai Government;
and without disconcerting tbe plan ..already
adopted both by VtreJnia and the General Gov
ernment, lor the reorganization of the revolted
State and the restoration of the Integrity ol
tbe Union- Tnat plan 1 understand to bo tbiii
When a State, by itt perverted functionaries,
has declared itself out ol tbe Union, we tu
ourselves of all Ibo soqnd and loyal element
of tbe State all who owe allegiance to and
claim protection of the Constitution, to form a
State Government as nearly as may be npon the
farmer modal and claiming to be tbe yery utate
which bad been, in part, overthrown by tbe suc
cessful rebellion., In this way we establish a
constitutional nucleus around which all tbe shat
tered elements ol'tbe Commonwealth may meet
and combine, and thus restore tbe old tpwe., in
ita original integrity.
"This, I verily thought, wag the plan adopted
at Wheeling, and recognized and acted npon by
tbe general Government here.. Your Conven
tion annulled the revolutionary proceedings at
Richmond, both in the Convention and the Gen-
era! Assembly, and yonr new Governor formally
demanded of the President tbe fulfillment of the
constitutional guaranty in favor of Virginia
Virginia, aa .known to our lamer ana to ae.
Tbe President , admitted the obligation and
promised bis best effort to fulfill it . And tbe
Senate admitted your Senators, not aa repre
senting a new and aamelesa State, now for tbe
first time beard of in our history, but aa rpr
enting 'the good old Commonwealth.' .
'i If Muit all this bs undone, and a new ana btv
ardou experiment be ven tared upon, at the mo
ment. when danger) and difficulties art thicken
ing around b! I hope not lor the take of tbe
nation and tbo State, I hope not. I had rejoiced
in tbt movement la .Western ..Virginia, aa a
legal, constitutional and aal reluge from revo
lution and anarchy aa at once an example and
fit instrument for the. restoration of, all the re-
vol tea statee."
, :We thought, soma, tme. since, that the Ad
ministration and Congrte wtrt getting into a
0,1 .'A " '9 !;.
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Muskingum County.
. Ma. EniToat The Democracy of. Masking
urn, with an abiding -faith id their principle,
and believing! that? all men's principles' bf pub-
lie policy, should bo nude public when coming
before tbe people to ask tbeir suffrages, for high
aad importantouoee, aaatkal It is toe Djundeu
duty ol-every man b. love bis country to
know end' understand tbe eriaetple of those for
Whom bo votes, declare -that. If tb principle
or tbe-uotoa Vemocreoy win not stand the
toraiiniBing eye of a free and enlightened peo
pie, Iben let tbera perish! Tbey (bt day have
sporned irons tktua all offer of bribery and
aorruptloa attorn tbeir political opponents, who
tha desire to ooaoeal from tbo public the - ear
raptionaof tbe State and National Adminlstra
tirjosaaaat tba unotindue of tbeir . political
principles, by puuiogi la oooiination a full
ooooty ticket, without a dissenting yolee.i
.Early tbia morning thtrdclegateo began to
poor into thl city, and at one o'clock, wben the
Convention opened, o .fall delegation of five
delegate! wu round to be present from every
township in tbt eoanty. - They? were tht real
aolid men from the oountry. vMany. old men,
who bad tot taken a active put for years, leel
incsoeh a deep interest, were soot ia u del
gates, gthe sons standing back, trusting to tbs
lathers to lorau a. ticket woion uey coma an
aapporti and aouV did tbey do it All Jilt well
pleaaed with to nominations made, both on tbe
State aad -eoanty i ticket, and wlU girt them
their hearty anpport. jTb beet of feeling, and
hilarity prevailed throughout tbe Convention.
Tbe nominations were all made unanimously,
and the Convention adjourned with three hearty
cheers, onf ti.-Mo.' 4 jni& , r,n,.
' The neminatioa ejf H. J. JewettV bu worked
wonder in this oeunly. There art no namee
froaa thucoonty signed to tbe call for a- No
party Republican Convention, and there will be
eon. Tbe people ber. are all la favor of
Jewstt. and tbey belicr that a fit candidate
for a mprincifU Cenvestioa can only b obtain
ed free swa innatie aaylam, (or every, man of
osmmon seoae canst bare, hi prinoiples formed
year ago; apd if he u an Abolitionist, bo will
ba no lee r.Abalitiooisl if elected Governor.
nor will b work any tb lea for the success of
Abolition measure Bd arinciples. TbeBeeolo
bave bad one aevero lesson on tbst head ia tb
fi6l lotlon ol 8. f. 'Chase for Governor on a
pretended peoplee' . ticket, and now tgaia it i
aoaght to v tb party by lb asms deception
by wblob it was fir placed in now in this
Stat. Will thl people again bt deceived? It
remains to be eeear. o e;-i u !,: :.,V f -
rwe.'i L'i-?"-v.- i onrg, etc.,
Zanesville, August 19, 1861.
War-Arrests and Outrages
War-Arrests and Outrages--Generals Degollade and Vaile
8lnce the mmentemebt Of onrlbtitfiut
never has fallen to pur lot to give rboh a sad
record of tbe ewbts of ohth In .'Metioor-r
The awful reality ot JtttXiWa demorallzatloa
hu been made manifest to the most hopeful,
and it oi. no longer be dtoled that neither
life nor property enjoys any tecurity among us.
On Sunday, the d Instant, tbe inhabltanta of
Mexico were thrown Into a stated ooneiderable
agitation by the announcement lost' VaU
Cblor Ooampo, a distinguished oitiaen, and one
of tbo leading member of the par partr. bad
bee aeised at Arroyetaroo by Cagtgas, a Span
ish desperado I tbe aervic of Abe olergy under
Marque. Daring the same day,' the report
reached here that Don FreocUcq Scblafino, a
well known citizen Of Mexloo, and two compan
on, bad been ized In a like manner at the
in.r. nr Ran Joaauld. by the troopt of Galrex,
anotber offloer of Marques.' These report at
first created no special iear for tbo live of the
captured, for it wa believed that, monster a
Marques Is, bs would not tax tbe Hyes of bis
pnsoners tor iear 01 mwreu
nm.t to retaliate by cutting to death hi as
kwii.ta mhn are now in the prison of this cap.
ItaL Messeegers were eot out ana oners were
received Irom the captor of Senor Scblafino (bat
on tbe payment of thirty thousand dollar and
three hundred ride be would be set at liberty,
and hope were entertained that tbe olergy chiefs
In both oases only tought to fill their, pocket
by receiving large ransom for their prisoners.
On tbe morning of Tuesday tbe delusion was
dispelled by tbe arrival of posll:ve advice tnat
Zuloaga had put to death Senor Ocampo, after
submitting him to every imaginabl indignity.
After detaining bim a prisoner for teftays, and
Insulting him by taunts, leers, and scoffs spit
ting in bis faos, kicking, beating, etc be was
taken out and half killed by shots, and then
bug np to terminate an agony which must bave
been all tbe bumm power could endure. Tbe
arrival of this melancholy news in Mexico pro
duced an intense excitement. All business was
forgotten in the palace Tbe members of. Con-'
gress grew eloquent, and tbeir recent (Creation,
tbe "Tribunal de Salnd Publics," demanded
new authorisation to do what they were already
empowered to perform; tbo diplomatic corps
speedily assembled, and, not understanding ex
actly what business tbey id4o mix up in the
movement of tb moment, did not make s, Writ
ten protest, bat sailed In a body on President 'In
arts, whoae ready-made answer of "respect for
the laws." e 0.. put them at rest; guards were
doubled at the point where political prisoners
are eoonnedi mob garnered in tne street; ev
erybody had a revolver, and "blood," "blood,"
was tbe burden ot conversation.
A the shades oi evening settled on tbls city,
the careful observer, unacquainted with the na
ture of tbe people, migt?! have supposed from
outward aicas that tbs next rising . ran - would
shin noon numerous faces cold aud olammv In
death and various smoldering ruins, the Work of
people who could oalmly love and resent, and
wbo could and bad given a proof of tbeir: con
demnation oi men , -who hare brought .. their
oountry to the profoandeat depth of demorali
sation aad anarchy. Bui tht: san wsnt .down,
and tbt and got up again, and' the .only circum
stance to be noted ware the destrucUon of the
printing office of one of tbe clergy newspaper,
and tbo tact tnat everybody naa become percep
tibly cooled oB by the freshness of the night, i
A large sum nu already been paid lor tbe
ransom of Senor Scblafino, but until new be baa
not been aet at liberty, and tbe exciting events
wbioh bave followed, have entirely overshadow
ed individual cases oi robbery and murder..
These proceeding ro bat tbe beginning of
our tale. la consequence ot these, tbe prioci
pal military men of tbe Government came for
ward. Geoeral Don Santos Degollado was first
is the field, and with a division ot men maron
rd toward Teluca in pursuit of the enemy.
wnllo reoonnoiterins with a small narty on the
16th, he waa surprised by Glrez in a barranca
near tbe JLlano da ealazar, aad nia party en
tirely cat to piece and dtepersed, and be bim.
self killed.-. . . . .,.',.
:. Gen. Ortega In .tbe mean tima had .left tbls
and gone in pursuit of Marques, who had uarcb-1
ed by the Llanos de JApm toward ruebla.
Marqnes fled before Gen. Ortega, and from the
14 .b a tbeiMd tbe pursuit waa hotly maintained,
ana me airman from uaeretaro, under com
mud of Gen. Arteaea, and anotber division
from here, under command oi Gen.JValle, were
ordered in different direction to intercept- Mar
quel and lore him to an action. -Gen. Velio
took the road ol tb unfortunate Degollado'. and
bared the same fate. On the 23d, Marquez,
ixaivei and others leu npon nun near , tbe 1,1a
not de Sal tzar, cut his force to pieces, and took
bim and his officers prisoners. It is scarcely
necessary to add tbat poor vaiie and bis officers
were shot and hanged up alterward. But oae
wu saved to tell the tales- Not 'ooly'the
officers, but many of the poor, soldiers were
butchered. .... : .. ,', . " .
These aad tidings spread terror In this com
munity. Tne National Uuard was ealled out.
and tbe eity has been declared-nnder martial
law. Gen. Parrodl. has been named military
commander of tbe city, Gen. Uraga bis second,
sna Juan Jose Bis, tiovernor. These appoint
ments have given some confidence that we are
not to be delivered up to Marques and .hls min
ions, although they were Cot made until the
city waa thrown Into tbe greatest state of ex
i lament, on the 25th, by an attack of some four
nunaroa 01 Marques 1 eavairy, wbo, entering by
San Coeme, earn np to ' near San Fernando,
Tbey were repulsed with tbe loss of several of
their Bomber, among them, m Spaniard,: sup-
posea to oe tneir leaaer. .j; li
Gen. Ortega, after pursuing Marquez to Ma
tamoros Izuear, then to Cautula, then, to Cuer
navaoa, and until the defeat of Gen. Vail, ar
rived hereon tb 25th, aad is new making bis
plana to move on against his enemy; wbo has
retired toward Ban Cristobal. Maianea. fad
bis companion have aom 4,000 meq now to
gether, and against these tb Uorernment will
probably be able to send a large force.
All these thrilling events bave caused great
ebeogea in the public mind, and It la riot Ixnprob-.
able tbai we shall nave a radical cbangt in the
Government, but we eoa4v4here is now n
danger of-our Immediately, falling nnder the
dominion ot msrqutt or any or bis partr
DurlngLihs-month. .lltUn hu-been accom
plished by tha foreign representative, in tbe
settlement of grievances'. The Laguna Stoe
conducta. and tbe British Legation robberies
bake bolh been the aubjeotsv, we hear, of the
tnergeuo aotlon of. ber Majesty'a Minister, but
wilboat any satisfactory result,' so far a we
can learn. There la no use of disguising tb
fact, tnat, lor tne interests 01 an parties coo
earned, the sooner foreign natiooa try a new
medicine for the sick man pf Mexico, tbe better
it will be. Diplomacy ba po looger any rem.
edi f Irtnes for the case. ;.i . 1 j )
H. B. Payne to Gov. Dennison.
We bave published tbe dashing letter ol our
uovernor to tne lion u. u rayne, of Uieve-
lana. Mr. rayne'e mtdeai reply, aod tn Uov
ernor' emphatic rejoinder.' We tboug'bt at the
time tb Governor wu slightly Incautious, sod
wondered at the reserve of .Mr fame, it an
pears, however, tbst Mr. Payne's letter stating
toss no was not tne inairmaa 01 tne. commit
tee on Resolutions of tbt Democratic .Conven
tion,, wu a "masked battery " Opening the
Cleveland nalndealer, yesterday, wo suddenly
eama npon tremeadeus f'Mr, Payne to Got.
DennionM two tolumni In; length, snd tbe
faot Is, Mr Payne has pursued Southern tactics
tbrougbout.. Hs bu not only opened nre with
all manner of artillery muked in various win
ning phrases, but be ha let loo" his Black
noraa cavalry, burnt tbe nospitai and muaa-(red
the wounded left on the field. Commit-
rtwl, -i' '"'" V-' u-'. ii.M y
Richland Count.
The Union Denaoeracy of Richland County
bar nominated tbo following excellent Alcket.,
Mr. Btrckga wu a member e( the, lata Legis
lature. H i a sound Union mtb and a useful
member;- ; '? r f'V)'-
. KepressnUUve William liiecksr; :
tProseeoting Attorney Join Sobraek; V
8beriff-Jobn A. Lf r.'Miwra
Clerk-Eekeli McCcy'' r 1 "
;;Treuurer-Tho.' Wlllettj,;.:;,, I i
County Commissloner-Tilamea Tbompsoaj
Infirmary Director Root., Maloney. !
.Thi' $UM ni Banner says: . '
"Tk whole ticket Is one fit to be msdaun-
xeepwooable ia every jreipest, wboe eharao-
ters and qaaiiooatiops oanoos u asaauea y
any on wbo bu regard lor truth, and wilt be
ratined by tne sovereign voter ot nioniana on
the second Tuesday of October."
Ang. S3J. at the fenllr Kt'.deixs, on tiu 5orthest
oorner of High and fcrlI treal.' Nauis, tofaat dadgk...
Ur of Iambi en. MiKSisrr . Farrsawa, aged on
year and eight 'months.
fnavrtendf ant aoiW'fW WlW''r!
peotlally Invited Io attend the funeral, which will take
plao to-day- (Bturdrt ag 1 clooki I. M.
! OjrsterslF-
XX be tadsUy receipt, by Hapnt,,! Iv -.)': !. i:
frrm Baltlmor and alr Hawn. .. . , !
, C4II at Wagaer uyiwrana it run jvepoi, np. zi uu
Btatetreeti'"i'' '-,' "''. , '.'' '-"-I
" ". 'I A"
t J; '. i. 'n
;::.(, it! p::if
Extra ramily Tloor.
"jtl.'i'.h oi elr.'.'t.. 1 j' ; . f .-
.1". Sugar Cored Hami.
'tii ui". nidi m tii-i i "J !.:?; u
-tin, ri w .1 a., uneeie a iiaiier. v i n
" . ::j-..- ..fi
In l.r tor rat -m -
rl.';i-i ,t!.-h WMM..niA0X,.!
gTaig2t-at..av..o ..'nvj':,, 1409 South High Street.
V)' ,'!'-t'J ' I II'
'.''i-'t Powshong Teii, ' ' . .''
i url'r lnglishpieakfast Tea:
V Eio.'and GpVtlTavsi!.Cofifle. .
'.sWaahy''i.i.v:. .: '. f '' ''. ' ' ;'--v'
u'u - 1 WM, B: B18IUAUX, .
aug?4-3t '...- ;:,;.No. 10t South High Btree.
5: ;
froceries, 0 f J !,
.170 in.' tz tiiV: inr l-M.rl ' "" 1i I'iaj '
-..j tt )l .vln.m.i li'i .' . a , i!:: ProvisiOBS
i ,' ei i.u-,;;.. ; L '; . i j?i:,:i , ; . d ;
-Foreign and Domestio Liquors; i'
. r Fruits, etc. etc., i ' "m ;
. ' t tc BAtrxistOVM Big BTOR1 VEOM 't '
11. r'i:."i ji i.-: ! , 1 in. .i .r- - r. :
-.j. .'. v " .
;:. .I'.M.cUiWI a....... .-; I
S JSfol ibuth jHigh. Street -
Thteliitanfl Taotntly ocoopied by.WMv McD0NilP
!v"'v - !' t: Truch'siwiiiseir; ' ' j;
Cbeap for Casta or Country Produce,
. 9 1. I 1 . ' .1 1 .
IO Goods delivered to City trad rree'of charge..
S.JI" H , jj ,; 1' 4. t, y ..
,0VSheriff's,ale" !
JanuTacker and wife) . . ,1
vs. -. ,. Common Pleai. ''. ' ",, 1
, Jlla 1,. Haihesi . ,. . : J 1
Xj to a dlreoted from the Coin of Comaon Plea of
I rank Us county, I will offer for (an. at th door of
Ins lioarl Mouie, in th oily of Celmakua, aa
.,, Monday, September 30th, 1861, v j -At
on 'otoek. P. .. th followtnr described reel e
late, situate iu th ooooty of franklin, and Srat of
Ohio, to nit: . .' , , i ' . r'
Lot Mo. SO, in John and Henry Millar' Addition. Io
A jf' O. W. BTJfrMAN, Bheriff, h
' Printer'! fees, 14.50, ' " By Id. Davis, Deputy.
"angCft 1" i'-. . .-. .. . V
1 . I. 1. 1 1 1 , I. 1
Sheriff 's Oale.
TCffl. IT. Richards, Odn.) .
ve. Common Fleas,
v Jacob riodt. -
U directed from the Ooart of Common Plea of frank
lin oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sal at the door of tbe
Court House, In the Olty of Columbus, I '
On Saturday, August 524 ih, A. D. 1861,1
at on o'clock, p. m., tha following described real es
late, to wit: '
Lots three (3), eren (7), Ihlrtyfive )', thirty-nine
(39), twentf-tbre (83), nineteen (19)' fifty-one (SI), snd
Buy Bt r&S), In th town of Bom, Pralri township,
in th ceuoty of franklin, snd Btat of Ohio. - Also, a
certain twit situate in Pralri township, and being of
viralnla Military Harvey . 1174, eommnebg at a
stake on IhsM. W. oorner of eaid lot, and running
tstwtrd to th centra of a eonnty road, 24. 0-11,0;
thence sooth 1 1 la dec. St. 19 SO-I0D poles alont the eta-
ter of said road; thence wetrd along the nort line of
tb town plat of Rome 30.91-100 pole) theno north
inppoca to oe; ia xu iu poiee to tb place of oegio
ning.' .Also, 40 ere. ar or leas, which said Jacob
noat nougat 01 rfuua w. jMicr.
. Appraised at Lot No. 3, I 25 00 ,
... - . 7, 80 00
?" 1 ,l ' " ' 33, ' so 00
" :- ' :l . tee. '3, f go CO
!'' '- ' S3,' W SO '
', f J . .. . .I gt ,, jjo 00 9
' . , '',1'". ltJ . SO 00
! ' .. " 55. SO 00
' !').!
. , Ihs csrtaln tract, M 00
"40 acres at 88 00
w. BnrrM am, Bhcntf,
; Pi-p. B,p,i'
..'. V ' ! r- , , : 4 j... ,(1,
Master Commissioner's ''Sale
Owrr H.'Tir.'"IwitoO UJ T.7 jr i
Willhmi . BtMt tt fP t J
Jj to oo. directed franii the ISnuFrior Court! of
franklin eonnty, Ohio, I wllfotferlor eat at the floor of
ue.uooxt Uons, In tka.ilyol oiumwu, tmr j
r Saturday, (be 24th day of Aog i A.'D. 1861,'
between the hnnrs of It o'clock a. m and 4 o'clock a.
ni..'th folloym'ii described rear cetaot. Sltaat Id the
county of franklin and State of Ohio, to wit Parts of lot
No. aad 9 of the oubdWisioa of eamy 138B, Mnr um
enure of sua nuiunrmeciinum iota no. Band .u
aeilgaedand eel ollehloi by she Superior Court of frank
lin county, umo,M ua auy .term, jsjo, u a partition
made of eaid lot between him and hi wife Elisabeth 0.
Brack, to wtt Lot No. two (S) of HI4 partition, com
mencing at the M. W. corner of lot Mo. I of eaid parti
lloa; tbenoe8.37 deg. 30mln. I. 168 80-100 poles to
the centre of the Columbus and Harr!sbnrg Turnpike
Road, tbene ato th enttefsald soad Nj SJ tag. 30
min. E. 35 pole the eV M Aonrnor of lot No. 1 of said
partition; theno M. 47 g. 30 tola. W. 190 pole to
Uie 8. w. corner or said lot No 3; theno 6. 1 degi 30
mi. W. Si (uies to Aa krylnnmg, aMtalamg 39 acre
Irood. 5. ,-r.r, I
Also, lot MlT three (3) of Aldrmrtltlon, eommenclnV at
did M. W. oorne of lot No. ; ttierlo . STdegl 30
tola E. -190 pole to She centre of th Volnmho and
Herri eborr Tampfli Hoadt thence along th oentr wf
eaid raid N. K itt: B9 mini E. 64 pole to Ow t.i ..
cornet of lot Noi 4 of t prmion; tbme N. 67 dec.
Mmift. WSf tW-10e jmlee; tbone 0. Oef . M ain.
weM tit KM 09 poles to the plao of beginning, esntakc
tngSSsere, traorM.SOpoltS '-!
"-Appreiaedosfollower!1 "' ' VJiJJ
Lot No. 8. containing 39 acres, together wRa wJviktea
aw am, !,.-"" 1 -j
LOt 0
. S, oontaihrntfnftW, I" 3n OT
...i .x. 4,; W. nrrrMAM.eiierifij
"fitntertfees, 7 W,"
and MaotprOoaatfiioaer.
''Jly-SltdtwwJ- 'M'W'
3; i
i. i t".j-
.5T 'Bt Artlflctat Help l Ik
numai eiui eter aawas4Ii :
ifiyVI--ii " it-'C-aTi A J.'ni .-. . fi
ttent of Ih most lmprored kinds of Bpertalea.
All his Olaaeee, whether for near or fr-rlgntd, are
ground lb "coufeTo convex form with the greateet tar.
m as ta M ttt, lti ol M ease, oaring Weakiete.
Dluloeaa O lmiuMnn J ,1,. h J i .
Strength fr long r-dlngorfiii.ewii,T: , -Office..
J? East. at strMt, t aJu.Vbstejr
TTJAETIB-10,000 Outloatr to bay 15 rent Amhr
J f typ at M. WITT'S Cheap Aabrotyp ftooa, M
BI High street, Colombo, Ohio, r
' - -';..,..
JEdVt o nip f T.TaAS-Pepie tpponnc m,
ol iomm t lUMinrtf this eitrr who is i present
clerk In fhoOwnnt nsnret' oale. as saltable can
didal fof tlooi'f Aadl(i roVloot to th deoiibn of thf
Irauklen ovaity-TJnlob DemoeratW Contention, and
KDtroB vara iTATMimi-Tma nnnoa u
I. Mt fir ,) oaotMdatev for, foentr )tt,ltr,
DjeeTUtU Ilk4ui i.Ua trWaootUl tma-
tioa, and oblige HART PlklOCBATB. :
SoiToa Onto Jtathiuji f leu anneuno th bus
of I. W Asoaaw ae, a landKate fa. lUpresentailr,
enbleet to tbe d'eoiilon of the Colon Braooratle Coaaty
SiiVentloWiind W X" J ; ;
0 KiVa UratMi-a. WXAHX VlatugajLTB.
. inttbk St'rMii'-Pies aDLOino th nam of
J'.'Ir.Udluhr'ref Wetrvllli, u a eaadldaU for Bep.
Httttttigtlartur, aabjeottolhedeoielon f
toeTranWlri "County Perlloeratre CofcvAtloii . " ;
'lWToafiato DTATtsitAii Pleas announce th nemo
of GeI..Xovgasssaaandlds.for BpTeoUtiv,
subject to tbt.dMlaioaot th. Psion Demooratlo Co
TakW,aadoUiK:ii. "i.ir ' aHHi '
Wlf-M: III Mil 1.1 rr JsAM .SIMQOBAIS. 1
latMi.OBa StATiMua-rfUe anaoune be nam
W JoW w.'sTswik, 'er tladlsoa fsshrpf as a eandl
date for EepreienUtlv,v sutjeot to fh dtcleloa of the
Union EomoexaUcConvrnUoo of rrankun Ooooty, and
oblljr. ';-.c'S: tceva-".. i " ' ' .'Im
11' v tc. .11.11 i:ilwi:wvi, w mwvwmm.m. i
Xdivob tntmtM&Mm annoano la yow paper
that miriy'votenl'ln fhleJ city And Id franklin county
deslmbate PTT pase,.eq., fof their ax Sprs-
eentaUr. vMSrMi is jast tte an fot Ut plana.
itutlO'ai . . J , , WANT PhMOOSATI.
En. Obio BTATuitorP less announce in your pa
per that awry of tb vtt of tlbanojrtbara part of thle
eonnty fletfre to Bar snvflrlrwold, of Sharon Iowa
ship, tot oar xtaprseatUvs.V,iV. : .-J'.,, !
Yours, ttalr, .! 1.., j
'ID ,lgoi.'2iilia:q!Muii..liiU KOBslS BAflB.'
Edit'o 0uio'BtatimW: Ar-PleaM snnohbeatt
Bslsaiea 11, 0. Hius. of Jaekian.townahlD. a S eandl
date to JerrMttlilrvaWt teih deoUlpnef th
Cnlo Democratio Dominating oonrantlon, and obllre,
...... ,4i.. JAB08t of DzsIOOEATB.'
Dim niiiasfiaiifyiss anaonno th asm f
fJairf; ttntaa M. OisoaiiJdf Blodon township,' as
oaodidat 'for Bhsriff, subject to the doclilon of the
franklin County Seoocrauo uonvenuon, ana ooiig
anglfl1 ':'W aciir'J .'KAMT DEMOCRATS
' ' ji ti C -mitt lam i i ii nil I '''
Xuto flau BtAfBHAiVPleaM annoanoa lbs naa
of JoHit BxTDri, of Pleuant iownihln', as a eandldat
rqr.roj-eleetloftio iie1 6fflc f 'pooht Comolsslontr,
snhjeot to the decision! ol. tb toio Jleaoeratl . Coaaty
Oonrwntkm.- m;
. irr trim "J r v J I
Skf H I"
i i.,i.!ij!. l 'io li
EoVrokOm (TaTntfrKlfoa rUI pleosa anaaaaos
the name oT'r)it rUkwajnyer BaallsM towhshlp, as a
candidate for" County poabioner, subject to' those-
MtkM f ih CaloB JHaoeraU VouutJ . tonyeanen,
and oblige o--1 "
. :n 7i kt 1 . ) MAMX PEV0CEAT8.
; EhviroBfOsne TATu(AK-.Pla announce tb naa
of 1tf lUf.t.'ot HadlMn toWDrtlpi a a eandldaU for
County Commiitloher, subject to' th decision' of fhs
0laSavnocmttcCanti Cenrntion. aad obllgt.
twest- trien.tK'i Vd! (JiMAMX SIMOOEATS
CB1VKD t th OfflJ of th Secretary or, Bine,
Mooday-,tb41dey;f September nest, at 13
( o clock in., I
forfurnWog'ni SUM of Oblowltti Tuel, as follows!
gOtOOO BoahtU of Cpke, to weigh not ei ihan 'dO
.jpouoda to ib Brunei., , ',' : ;- " ' 1
10,000 Buihela Coal, to be of ths but quail ty-eqnal
rat let to. th lower vein, of Hocking Coal, and, free
from slate, sites anaam.
T Tbe ful to be delivered, without rharg for such de
llrery, at th Slate Bouse IB Colnabue. "' '
Proposals to be accompanied by samples, and to spef.
fyth kind, quality and prM at (b (iMt proposed ta be
turn tab. ed. '- I "
Eaoh eontraetorwUl raqulred to gtr bond, with
approTe eesarity, In doable the amount of th con
tract, eondiUoned for' the faithful performance of his
contract..-A v, I t.'. ... - - '
. Th bid t bs mad and tbs contracts to be awarded In
accordance with th terms ot th act entitled "An act to
proflii for thnurchs of Stationery, f uel, and other
arncies lor tne uenermi Awemuiy ow wui.i,
paawd .lU,J5J,.peJ8wsn Ber. But. 8U8;
. Bids to be Indorsed on. th' envelope, "Propostls for
famishing fuel for tbe Bute." .
fuel (urnlibed by the contractor tntbt In all eases
bs equal In quality, to, .the sampl. Till rf teW be
rigidly tnfonxi. ' . '
j---. :i. k.'J'. ii! i'"i . rf ' Seorstary of Bute,
Cola-tens, Ohio, Auruat 9, 1SC1 Ud. : .,... ,
ivmi 'lump Brands.)
French and irxrlds- -"runes, Pigs,".
.! -.-Lt i,t.'.l tt,- -i H
-rUrf airr ii Zaata Currants And Eaiiiti.
l 4 inMif'tt (ji vUnrkfJ'v .,- vi I
,u.ii,, t ji..4 n i. , i" ' l- ''
lUai U ' iOO South High Street.
Xrj'JClIB COf-riPB9 BOXEll
But, Weit, North, and South, In every direction.
ArAe'P;l Dlettrtlc Balsratss ,U fsl superseding all
o ers, j.t nas mora oirengin; is pure, wnoiesom sna
barmlen. Bewara of adulterated Imitation! Depot,
3"jrehligfenvSH .lw. prr Said, by Uroeer
everywhere. -
I !' S il .ill I ln.nl III 1
too muoh ptbig and drjoilng, 'new habit and aodc
of life, often pfoduo Irregularities la th bowels and
general health of tb' system.'' Bat Bairora's Plus
jrlll loonworai tbto'oach.nlU lagala'fla atreng'b, and
a healthy action of Ah yesa will he rMtdi ,'Mo
Msmcirin srtjnaMn Sufalnesi toth 't u j
Every man of Ui EIRE Z0TTATE9 had box of
and aa ALLOOCK'B POROUS PLASTER pat 1a their
knapsack free of orpenos. ' And to this fact uy bs at-
triboUd th abeeno f any of IltlS SEQIMEMT from
ththospltal. 'tu. i. ,-;(,.." u
' BtERT BbtDna shonH bars; a box of Braadnth's
Pilla, a box of 8alv aad a pMo of Porous Plaster.
They are SURE to b asslol, ofUa llfc-avtog.
Bold by . Jobs B. Cook, Druggist, Columbus, sol by
all respectable dealer ia aedlelo, Ma j -a .r-(
s.v il .. r I r.u ln I ,
. ....... l-.u , .1 j,.-.... ,
Ia all ease of osUvmoa,iJjr4piUt,bUUoj aid lvr
tffeeUona, pUa,'heunaUa. ferar aal agwea absw
sat head .aches, and all general 6rnnnts of health
thaw Plllsban invariably prewed aoertaln and speedy
and2 vAstngl trial will plao th Llf Pills beyond
'tKrmKrrMooBpeUUoa ia th stlmaUo of yry pa-
1 IImic - - ' 1 i ' i. I ' i
T IA" '!-:.' ,;f.' .'lit : ui
lr.Joffat'srhcenlXBlrwiii o toama oqauiiiysi
kaadens 1 all owe of norvost debility, aysptptls, bad
oh, Wt rlrYr-rf laal trail iaale ia elkae health,
an! every 'kind tbe dlgwrtlT rgan.
for' sal t Dr. If. . 0f f At,. roadway, Vt.l T.
and by ailDruggia. T.-iJ'' " i . aySa4wly
letter written by the Rev. 'J. . Eolae, pasbrr Cm
PUsrrcpoInt Pirt rtl ; Church, Brooklyn, M. T.,to
the "Journal ana aoiwns!-,.1 yinmnnaa, tr.rana (peak
Tditnak kfrkWr of Oiatw'OrldHSkiownod aedldn, Mis.
y wilii ti'l Sooraik Srarr roa Csnxsaaw Tawrarm)
nl ae an aierijaiwitiu yanr ooiumns or wie
TTumxiw's Boothiiio Btaor, Now w never aald a word
r favor ttf mii dlcrtaS before In oar' llf. - Sat we
et emnfxlIM w ay M yar mdare that this la no haa
huir w bvi It, awiwe-'ir we as at rr
oi.. IKK. ' It at probably on of th aot ttr--al andV
nuMrtbDMuslttosMwt uibeet. Sad the
of roar ntz: wot aavt babies eaa'l de better lhaa
lay la a apply." oV7:lrdiw
So. 29 South Higt 3tret, Columbus,
ABE MOW Of f BRIM O oi .
8000 yards Xiarellng Drew flood at 8X, value
ISKornts. ' ".' ' . ' .
iBftO yards IrarellngDraa floods at)2K. va'nsiOotl.
Kio yards Bngliih baragee at MX, vain S3 oents.
inutl nrde freoob Orgaodiet at MX, value SO oents.
lolln yards f aet Colored La mi at 10, valu it eente.
1UUU yaroe oaiaru i. uimh .
1&00 yard Bapor Plain Black Bilk at 1 1 00. vain 1 VS.
Robes of Organdie Berag, and Bngliih Borage, at on,
half their value , . . t
f Ma
80 Soath High Street?
Elegant Lace Mantillas,
3STo. 29 Soutli High St.,
HATE Just opsned an Involos of vry larg snd
handaon .
tVaBE Feench' Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces.
Jieal Thread, French, Cbantilla At Ueoevese
Talenoiennei, Point He Gaze, Irusiels
and Inread Laces and Collars,
. . In new Shapes,
. For traveling.
Traveling: Dress Goods.
Th best and most fashionable styles In ths elty,
JoBl .,i ,. 80 routb High Street.
OKIVEUat Ih Offlc of th secretary of Bute,
Monday, tbe Si day of September next, at
1... . noon, :
for furntihlof paper for tb as of the 8 late of Oblo, as
UeOOO Beams Double Buper Royal Printing Paper, 87
v ny i mnnes, to weiga not lest loan aa pounds to th
ream. " ' i " "
100 Reams Soabl flat 0 ap, 16 by 87 inches, to weigh
atleeetlMpoarKlelothsnam. "
100 Reams Brochure Cover Paper, assorted colors, 80
. by 87 inches, to weigh at least 20 pounds to th ream.
' Tbe quantities abOT named to be Increased at tb op
tion of the Secretary of State.
Bids must he accompanied by samples of the paper,
and mast specify the prloe at which each kind and quali
ty will be delivered at the Slate House In Columbus.
No samples of an Inferior artiole need be presented; tb
paper moat be of the beet qua liy. y
Tb delivery uf th Super Royal and Cover Paper to
commence on th first of November next entulog, and
oontlno ae the paper thai I be needed.
Tb dellrery of the Double flat Cap to commence on
th first day of Dooembor next, and continue as abore.
Bonos, with pprovd security In double the amount of
lb oontraot will be required laoeordioR to taw), condi
tioned for the faithful performance of each contract.
The bids to be mad and ihe contract awarded In ae-
ordanc with the terms of the "act to prorld for the
S arenas or Slatlonory, V nel, and other articles for the
eneral Aesemblyand Bute Ofliceie," passed March II,
1853. Be Ourw. 8)98; Bwan'a But. 80H,
Bids to bs Indorsed on tbe envelopes, "Propoiall for
farnltblng paper for tbe But."
, Bidden ar assarad that no paper will be received
(nlma it conforms In vry respect with the samples.
nit provl'icmviU bt ttrictly adhertd to.
Secretary of SUte.
Columbus. Ohio, AugaitS, UGl-dtd
No. 10G, South High Street,
OoXjTTIwIU us,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
8team Between Ireland and America
Tb following new and magnificent Brst-claapaddU
wheel Steamships compose the abov line:
ADRIATIC, 8,888 ton burthen, Capt, J.Mics
. (formerly of th Collin Lin. )
HIBBRNIA, ' 1,408 tons burthen. Capt.N.Paowaa,
COLUMBIA, 4,4110 " . , h.tsiTcu.
ANOLIA, 4,400 " " . NlonoLsok
PAOIflO, 8,000 " " I. Sana.
PRINCE ALBERT. (Screw.) s a
. - . 1,300 " J.WALaka.
On of th abov ships will leave Mew Tork or Boston
alternately every Tneeday fortnight, for Oalway, oar
rrlng th governarat Balls, touching at Bt. Johns,
Th Bteamere of thl 11 o haviien eonitrueted with
th greatest oar, nnder th supervision of the govern
ment, bave water-tight aompartmenU, and ara nnexool
led forooafori, safety and speed by any steams ri ail oat.
Tbey an eomaaaded by able and experienced officers,
and every exertion will be made to promo I the comfort
Of passengers.
Aa;xperMnod Burgeon attached to each ship. '
flnt-el M. X. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool 100
Beoond-class, " ' . j 7J
first-olass, " " toBt John's 35
Islrd-ol, - - a , r u l0 oalway r Liverpool,
or any town In Inland, on a Railway, - - - 3U
Tblrd-claes passenger ar liberal ly supplied with pro
visions of the beet quality, cooked and served by ths ser
vauU of th Company.
Parties withlng to eend forihelr friends from Ih old
country ean obtain tlckeu from any town on a railway, la
Ireland, or Irom th principal dtiee of England and Soot
land, at very low rle-
faasengers for New Tork, arriving by ths Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge,
for passage ar further Information, apply to .
-w. . - Wav ii. WIUKHAkf,
At th Bee of th Company, on th whrf, foot of
uauai eire.1, new iora.
HOWLAN0 dc A8PIHWALL, Ageats.v
( 10. 99 'aOTTH HIGH BTRIXT,
1,000 yards Baoar Puis Black Bilks at 1 00 valoe
$1 S4yr. :.- 'i:--. - ;--J
fiSOO yards Traveling Drew an! Uantl floods at
It lt osobt Tl go easts perjrd. I .
8,000 yard Whit Brilliant at 18 l- oenU
vain go eenU per yard. .a.v
StOOO yard fin and Domatlo Olngbaa greatly an-
Oesrvalws..' ,
KOZilOIQTJta, BAlZORnriS,- ?oi
' otailis, roTjiaas aiuUri M
.''' nratira baseqes.iaveilAI,
""and all other .
New and XBushionabla, Xh-ovs Oood
ia tb most dsslrebl styles And t vary lower prior.
Of all matrlls, aad la th aost styllsb aantwr af lei
th latest Pari f erhlons Ih aost elegant styles la
tb-.eity,.; ; '
,t -ii-r "
Bey 30 . No. 80 Soath High (treet .
"T; Canton Mattings.
j4. R-4, wflaM u .Mt and
X rVhlt Checked or superior cnnniy. forahiby
-" ' EAIS dt BvM,""'
J ahCT . ; ' ;- " No to Month Bltk
BUCI1SS, new styles, joit opened by '
sprllS I. St Bonis Ulgk stmt.

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