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i.-i 4 J'
Tbe Adams Express Company places as dally
under obligations to it for the. very latest papers
i'rnm th naatorn rltinfl. " " ? ' ' ' ' '
Th American ExDred 'Company
bat our
thanks for Its daily favors in, the sbape of the
very latest eastern papers. , u.i-A
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice Is hereby given to' tbe Union Demob
rioy of Franklin county, to "meet on Friday,
August 30, 1861,betweed the hours of ihrt and
iix o'clock P. M, in tha townships', iind ii and
tight o'clock P. M ip the Wards, at the usual
places of holdiDg elections (excepting Norwich
township, whioh will , be held at Schofield's
Sohool House, and the Fourth Ward (; Gaver'a
Ware Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to" appoint delegates to attend the Conn
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, loathe
city of Columbus, on Saturday, tbe 31st day of
August, 18C1, at ten o'clock A. M.i for tbe pur
pose of potting In nomination two Represent'
tlves in the coming! Lcgtalaturei' one' Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one County Conmifsiouer, and one
Infirmary Director'. "' .v,j
At the same time and place one delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention 'to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holding tbe Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will ..be fixed here,
after. ' ' ' ru-i :ia
Tbe following Is tbe number of delegates al
lotted to each Ward and Township, based upon
the vote cast for Supreme Judge in I860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty fire votes so east.
1st Ward,
4ih , .--' '
6th .
Montgomery To. -
it.'. UMt....
f ' AitiuiuiAJU
5 Mifflri
6 Washington
8' Madison i -
,13;., Blendon
S ' Norwich
,.,4 , Jefferson
it ' ' 1
Prairie , " . , , 3 Jackson
Clinton j " ,.,3. Sliardn
Pleasant " - - 3 Franklin . 5
Brown 1 Plain -f 4
. H. W. Millir, Wm. Coorea.
"""w-rtJoHW M. PUOH, , J. BuXIN, J 1 ,"
R. Pickbsel, James Hoblocibb,
II:-S Hinn"'. ' ' - ''IJ-
. County CWtral'CommUtee'.i.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
The County Central Committees St Frank
lin and' Pickaway Couutles have agreed opon
the day for tbe meeting of the delegates from
tbe counties of Franklin, Pickaway and Madi
son, for the nomination of a candidate for Sena
tor. and a Judge of tbe Court of Common Pleas.
It is requested that onr" Democratic friends
in Madison County will 'send delegates to the
Judicial Convention. ' ,: ' '
Tbe Convention is appointed to meet at Co
umbos at tbe City Hall. ' "
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee
Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861.
D" Another Examination for Army Surgeons
will occur in Columbus, Sept. 6. , Candidates
should forward their address to the undersigned
when a circular will Da forwarded containing
full particulars. . .
Aug, S4.rd8t. . 8ec. Medical. Board.
Probate Court.
Items of business transacted in the Probate
Court of Franklin county during t!e week, end
ing Fiiday, August 23, 1861 ' - '
James Hamilton and Elizabeth Lam, Amby
M. Welch and Mary A. Bivelmy er, John Thomp
son and Tacy O'Harra, James Egan and Bridget
Sullivan, Daniel Christian and Frances Wiggles
; '
'The last will and testament of Conrad
MuELtEa, late of Columbus, deceased, with the
codicil annexed, was admittsd. to Probate, on
Thursday, Aug. 22d.
Board of County Commissioners.
THURSDAY, Aug. 32, 1861.
Tbe following allowances were made from tho
Volunteer fundi v i va . --'i t '
Mary KUri('...'...';'.'.;;....'..V.::..'..s ,
Wlibeimioa UuKh 4 "''
Bartwra A.-tsUim... S
Barbara Clu 8 80
: t So
FastH Ovsreas. FirBt la peace and firat in
war is Crarlet Waoner. among 'Ihose wnose
vocation it Is to calef for the pubtlo appetite.
He has flue fresh ojattra, already pa nana direct
from BaitimoreVand will continue to be sappllfd.
with thorn during- lbs seaHOo. Tbmo wba arcl
fond of these Salt water delicacies, frhoultFlm-
mediately call at( .Charlev Waoner's Oyster
audi Frail Depol. oa dmte atijNit: See adver-
' tlsemeht;1 ''"- ;" ?Sr"e "
- ' j 1 ,...' 1 . i ,, r ,
FAMiLTjGROcEuiumOo of .the largest .and
' best grocery estabHshnieuts'in tbo city ts thai
of W. H. Rmticabx, on the'eaat aide o Iligb
street, a few doorp r.ijontlji 4 'Wrtaer', of, Statw
aad Hlgn streets. Mr. Ri'atd hie-clerks-are
accommodating' and oUliglug,'; a'ui'jcuntomera
oa bava their wants reidll jf applied hud arti
clas ordered sent promptly to ifjefr iiftsidences.
See Mr. Rutieaux's advertisement in aiiotber
ID Captain Ijam3's Company - of one boa.
drsd men, from Caldwell,'. NobU county and
Captain Hilbt's Company of n!pty'men,'fron5
Tnscarawai county, Arrived in tho olt-yesten
day forenoon, and proceeded to Camp Cbasa.
They are both fine looking companies:
r ' ' i .Uit In .v
tT J. & M. V Kosriiir, on tho southeast
comet of Broad and Friend' sireetayna'va on
hand a largo stock of choice, lamll "jgroceries
aod a una lol or exeellent new- wheat floor.
Wa know them to ba aocommbdatUg'atid.obllg'
log, and recoromend 'their ettablishmeDt to the
favor and patronage of the publlel '.Va-i',' "
'''I ''" '' in ; m I.
fT Captain Jmilir ProV Uqo Cornjjarjjff
oayajry,'eoniistlng of, 86 men from Cincinnati,
tbali1 way ,to. Weste.rt yk'nla, ;0lKpolii
to.joio uen. koseobans a aivision.M t.-5 '
KTU Ita.'.War. .pepariment,,rTiW(s
bu a special tslegiapbio d.ispatchJLdated JBalti-j
more,' August xu, waion otaiea tnat "a t reliable
gentleman Jutl arrtveonVfpnn'lblnkB
' ivti. DXvii baa a notion lo' taketWashirigtos
the Bt fBnKiMi,ppnrt,.nfty'""" -n'' '
1 . " 'I ' i I '" ' II ' W ,.
' tr The next Ohio State TIr(.nommeinpat
Paytbn, on Tdeaday, Bepi 10, and will eontinoe
three days. ' '
'.ID E. L. Barber, of Fulton cosnty, has been
appointed Major la tho 38th Regiment, . Mr.
Barber volonteered as a private la Steedhan'i
I4ih Regiment, and served his thrie monlbs In
Western Virginia. This Is much better than
appointing young men, booausa they are ions
of wealthy and influential Republicans and
would not volunteer when tho President Srst
galled lot to!uuteers'f ' ; ' ' j f "
CT.Two oompanies from Washington, Goe.m
sey "county,' have recently arrived at Camp
Obase Capt, LaooMun's Union Cavalry Cobb
nany, and Capt. Gibeaot's TJnlofi Rifle Guards.
'". IL7 The Laboratory la' this' otty, under the
saperintendenoo of Mr.. Van Borcm. turns out
from thirty to. forty thousand 'cartridges dally.
Hi i m i j i) in . .
O It ta Mid thai tb oslebratsd Doowobth,
of Nsw.York City, Is argaoiBing a bant of mu
slofor Col. Cabrinoton's Regiment. The whole
number of musicians in tho regiment will bo
SeVeBty-siX. r:. , r. t -'.!,. - j . -
. ' ..':.-, i.
ID" The Annual Fair of the Franklin Coun
ty Agricultural Soolety oommonoea at tho Fall
Grounds, near this olty, on Tuesday, September
3d. . . . . '
DSamdil V. Baldwin, Probate Judge of
Champaign bounty, died at his residence in Ur
bans on the night of tho 20th Inst. . Ho bad
held tbe position oi Probate Judge of that conn?
ty for many years'. I'''1 ' ' ;' r ' '
ID" The Cleveland Leader states that the U.
S. lttpresi on Thursday night carried over ten
tons of military goods through that city west
ward, and is daily doing tbe same. Most of tho
goods are for. General Fremoht. : f : ' ' ' '
CT The McClellan Dragoons, Captain Bar
ker, of 136 men, from Chicago, passed through
Cleveland On Thursday bight, on their way to
Wasbjngtbiu.; JThey were to .reoelyo their
horses at Bellabr.-' ' v ; -'n .
ID" We understand that Captain Mauia's
Company Recruiting Offloe,' 208 South High
street is now nearly full. A few men only
are wanted: ' As toon U tho ranks art' filled
up, the company will be mastered into the ser-
CTVisltorl are not admitted Into Camp Chae
on Dundaya. ,u ; ,J " t v . . '-
ID" The Madison County Fair will commence
London, .Wednesday, Sept. 4, and last two
days.i""' :.....'.. . i . . .
ID" Col, E.'NroH," of Iron ton, is appointed
Paymaster in. tho army, to bt attached to Gen
Fremont's Division. : -' ; .' -
. i m
, ID The Portsmouth Tribune states that tbe
Thirty third. Regiment, located in Camp Mor
row, near that placet l gradually approaching
the proportions of a full regiment. Five com
panics were In camp on tha 20th Inst. 1
1 ' - ' a -
ID Tbe Forty ninth Regiment, 0. V. U. S.
A., CoL Gibson, at Camp Noble, near Tiffin, is
rapidly tilling , npn To the list oj officers we
gave yesterday, should ba added Van C. Coom
rod, of Tiffin, who baa been appointed Adju
Unt, and II. A. Sramrj also of Tiffin, appoint
Quarter Maeter It la expected that tbe
regiment will join GeflvFirjn?NT-s division. , ;
il.J I , mmem u
'A Good Sttlk or Abvbbtisino. Mr. Kan.
edy, the Proprietor of Kennedy 'a Medical Dls
covery.has adopted yery good atyle of adver
tiling. He takea a man afflioted with some
painful humor, such aa Scrofula, Salt Rheum,
Erysipelas, etc., cures him entirely with two or
three bottle of! bis medicine, and returns him
the community a sound and healthy man.
He, of course; mentions his recovery to every
one he meets who la suffering from a. similar
disease to the one with which he was troubled;
this man is also cured, and another advertise-
ment Is secured;; The country fa full of these
living advertisements, . who at any moment
are willing to testify to tbe virtues of Kenne
dy's Medical .Discovery, r, J . J,v . t .
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Mum at Oslomboi a Zona B. K.
Ijaaws.1, Arrives
OloeuwaU AooMuaodattoa. S:00 A. M. . B:10 P. M.
Bxprrai.. 11:40 A. U. , 11.03 A. Bt.
Uallaad AooonnodaUoB.. 8:10 . M. 9.00 P. M.
Night gxpraa via iHytoa.l&oe atidsigtit. ISO A. M.
Jno. W. SoanTV, Ageat. -
Night Eiprt....tv."...I:40 A.' M. n 1U1SP. M.
Now Tork Bipreti. ...... .11: 10 A.M.' ' 10:40 A. M.
CO. AO. Waylxpren... S:Mt P.M. 7:50 P. M.
: , ... y . ., Kr.,jAfj Pattsmor, Agent. s
OnrraAiOHis B. B. -..-: s i--..m,-. ' ..-..'r
No. 3 Bzpran... 3:30 A. M. HAS A. M.
9 ay ...... . . x:u r. m., , uuw m.. ml.
'J I-S.'vCSj.j. it V W. t. tau Jet.
Prrnaaaat OouMioa Jt fjunnnuTi B. B.
MillTln.vJ---'--n I JO A.M. 11:85 A.M.
Kipron Train 11; A. M. :P.M.
...-n-.i .x aj..r-'. Joe. BownoM, Agent.
CoLovm fc iKDiimroLia, A. B. v. .... , . ,
Ko. i BxprcM.....:.... eM a. m. "' roo p, m.
n ... . j' .oa -. 9.oo r. w
Accommpaatioo ......... , -'; leise a. m.
0.,w. Burrs, Agnt. ,
-..! 1 .'I ttA
;:jrM i ro -
n -i ...... .
'TbrVan lncubf -Time! .
a dying Quetn.. . I bat loch of . tim cin be prooor
at a muoh ohwptr rait, and Ban; long jtara of
enjoyed breonMrtmt Kr, MEERTWIATHJB, who
taradncUM moot bttluM and losg-ttandlng diMuaa
AIIOVJLWH9VI in. ail AAA. J1AA. ' :otr-
IFacta are tnaaarn Tblaarst 'v'
Hear what the Philadelphia oorrupondent aajra In' the
1859: " .
"An Bngllih gentleman, formerly onawM: with tbe
BrWeh Army, and who- etyles hteoelf tho Hadlea
Botanle Phjriiolan ,' hu of la 14 galood an oxtenelT rapa
tatlon ben by hli ekllt ba- earing all auoner of oom
pltinla. Borne of bll patients I bar ooBTerard with,
and they pronoasoS hie MBMdles and node of Imtment
very nportor. Boim hire been netored aa If by
meglo. Tbe medlolne he aiea te distilled by hlneelf
from Tarlone herbs poeaeeebsg rare u retire propertlee.
I' Whilo aotleg la to aney he devoUd his lehiuw
nente to a Ihorongh atudy of the effeoU prodaoed by
certain medtelnal roots and herbs on all Bannerol dts
Suee. It eeem he hu found a ear and speedy reme
dy for ell (he -tile that Sett la heir to.' . Bia praetloe b
already. ezteneWe and le delly IncreaelDg. In tbe oom
plelnti tehtrb fearaU-s ere nbjeeud, he has no equal,
a larj' Bomber here here teetiRed that they m mo
only their reeent oed kM4th, eat thek Uree, 10 th
skiUef tbUladaiaSeXaiimfayaiolaii.? ,.v!,yt.u
Office V Esirt State StrMtColaRjbos.-"
(SnglX-AJni vii r! . .. .. r , V(t
4t , W ATA ll.PHOOF
XV CMTt CLOtita.
loeh Clothe. Iw alt deairettia kii.UM ..l.. t.
end jbutloui to match. BAIN a aorf.
PlU ". U High etree
iw if
From Louisville.
Loouvittc, Aagnat33. The trestle work on
the L. & N. St., R. at Bonora, was washed
awsy last night, 'and the passengers aad malls
detained are Honrs, it will ba repaired to mor
row. '' -j.,- . .
Another trestle bridge on the Lebanon
branch, two miles from Lebanon, was also
washed away. ;. , ' . ..,-..-
AsDeoial disnatoh to the Cornier, dated fa.
dacah, saysi "The gun boat Coaesioga came
here this morning with S50 men, captured the
steame W.B. Terrr and took her to Cairo
yesterday, and that iOUO Lincoln troops oame
to Bianovuie. KentBolc Vi and oantnrea two cm
sens of that) place and took them to Cairo as
The Conner also save the excitement at Ltz-
WRton yesterday was very great on tha arrival
oi gone sent by the federal uovernment, wnicb
was isoreased by the taming ont of tbe Home
Guards and tbe State Guards, and tbe arrival
of cavalry. The Courier lavs difficulty would
have been inaugurated but for the persuasions
Of John C, . Breckinridge, who addressed the
crowd, urging no violence, but to permit the
troops to take and oonvey the guns to their des
tination. The Courier savs the excitement alone
the road Is so great that no further shipment ol
arms will bo attempted at present. , (-
From Cairo.
Cairo. Ausruat 22. The eonboat Lexloeton.
Captain Stemble commandina'. captured the
steamer W. Br Terry at Paducab, Ky., this
morning. The Terry was used in conveying
contraband goods to the rebels up tbe Tennes
see river. She had on board thirty Minle
rifles and one field piece, and a rebel flag was
found on her. She was brought to Cairo.
Colonel Doushertv and Lieutenant-Colonel
Ransom, wounded in the fight at Charleston,
are rapidly recovering. -:-...
JNo news from below to-day. The Lexington
returned to Paducah to night, -
The Skirmish on the Kanawha.
GAMJrOLls. Aneust 29 A skirmish took
place on tbe 20th instant at Hawk's Nest, eight
miles beyond Gauley. The rebels, 4,000 strong,
advanced to where tbe Eleventh Ohio had erect
ed barracks, and were driven back with a loss
of fifty killed and a . considerable number
wounded and taken prisoners. Our loss none
killed, two slightly wounded and one missing.
Our foroea captured auite a number ot horses
and equipments.- . . v .
Another report by a steamer from the Ka
nawha to-night says that O. Jennings Wise was
taken prisoner. This la only a report doubted
by some. ' .
Newspapers Suppressed in Philadelphia.
PmLAOELraiA. Auk. 82. On the arrival of
toe new Xork train this morning, tbe U.S.
Marshal examined all bundles of papers brought
on the train, and seized every copy of tbe New
i ore uaiiy jxews. its sale is totally sup
pressed. .
Tbe Marshal also seized all the bundles of
the Dally News at the express offloe in this city
for the West and iSoutb, including over one
thousand oopiea for' Louisville, and nearly five
hundred for Baltimore, Washington, Alexan
dria and Annapolla. U. S. Marshal Millward
took possession, this evening, of the office of
the Christian Observer, in consequence of a late
viruieni article on "tne unnoly war' '
i Private information from Gen. Banks's col-
nma say be baa advanced to Winchester, and
taken possession, notwithstanding tbe opposl
tion of 4,000 rebels.
Proclamation from the Governor of
New York.
Albany, August 22. Gov. Morgan baa is
sued a proclamation. He says:
"As Chief-Magistrate of tbe State, It Is my
eolemn duty to warn all good and loyal men of
the dangers to which our institutions aie ex
posed, and to urge upon them the necessity of
earnest and zealous co operation with the au
thorities of the State end General Government,
ot cheerful contribution ot their means to sup
port tbe public credit and oi active enrollment
in tbe toroea now being organized for tbe de
fense of the Union. Convinced that the tran
quility of the country so wantonly disturbed,
can only be restored by tbe prompt and vigorous
suppression of rebellion and treason, wherever
euner may appear." a
After alluding to the loralty of New York,
and what tne state bas already done, he savs
"Another stage' In the-great rebellion has
been reached, and tbe Government, appreciating
the dangers now menaoing, appeals for aid.
The wholecountry, the civilised world, now
looks to tbe State ot Mew York. Let the re
aponse be worthy of bar history.' Lee her an
awer go back in full ranka of earnest men, who,
justly valuing the magnitude ot tbe interests
involved, temporarily relinquish their pursuits
ana prepare to meet toe crisis."
From Missouri.
SratNOf bld, Aug. IS. The following procla
mation has been Uuoedt. . .
Tt the People of Mietouri:
Having been called by the Governor of your
State to assist in driving the Federal forces out
of the State, and in restoring (he people to their
just rights, I have come among yon simply with
tne view or. making war upon our northern
foea and driving them back. -1 give the oppres
sed of your State an opportunity of again stand
ing up as treemen and ottering tnelr true senti
ments. . Yea have been overrun and trampled
opon or tbe mercenary hordes of the North:
your beautiful State, bas been nearly subjugated
out tnoae true sons oi Missouri who bave con
tinues) in arras, together- with my force, came
back opon the enemy; and we bare gained over
them a great and signal victory i their General
in-Chiel is slain, and many ot their other: gen-'
oral officers wounded; their army is in fall
flight, and no w, if the .roe men of Missouri will
rise up, and rally around their standard, the
Btate will be redeemed. -1 do not some among
yon to-make war' upon any of your people,
whether Union or otherwise. The Union peo
pie will all bo protected in their rights and prop
arty. -r' r 'V '!" "f J t' '-I ; )
At is earnestly recommended to item tore
(urn to their homes. Prisoners of the Union
party who have been arrested by the army, will
be released, and allowed to retarn to their
friends., 'Missouri, must be allowed to choose
her own dealiuy, ' No.oaths bindiug your oou
eoieooee will be administered. 1 have driven
tbe enemy from among you. - Tbe time baa
te arrived for (he people of the- State to act.
Yute.oaunut longer procrastinate. . Missouri
must now take tier position, be tt Morlb or
' Tbe following general . order has been pro-
muigaieu: .. . .. ( ,-,
CAMP near Springfield, Mo., Aug. 12.
' The General Commanding takes great pleas
ure in announcing to the army under his com
mand,' the aignal victory it has Just gained.
Boidieri of Louisiana, of Arkansas, ot MIs
ivorl and pf. Texas, nobly have you sui
t ainea . yourselves i . shoulder to .. shoulder
v ou have met the enemy and driven him
biifore you.'. Your first battle baa been glori
ous, and your General la proud of you. Tbe
op.ooalng soroe, oomposed mostly of the old reg
ular army of tbe North, have thrown them
soiree upon you ooofident of victory, but- with
great gallantry and determined courage you en
tirely routed them with great slaughter. ' Sev
eral pieces of artillery and many prisoners are
now la your hands. The Commander-in-Chief
of the enemy is slain, and many of tbe general
officers wounded. The flag of the Confederacy
now floats over Springfield, tbe stronghold of
the aaesay. . The friends ot our cause who have
been imprisoned there are released.-. While
announcing to tbe army . the great victory, the
General hopes that tbe laurels you have gained
will not he tarnished by a alngle outrage. . .The
private' property of citizens of either party must
be respected.' 8oldlera who fought aa you did
day he-fore jeeterday cannot rob or plunder.
,M.i,k. .! order of ;-' "-y
Capt. G. S. A., and Adj't. Gen'
' As an evldenee of how the private property
of "either party will be resnsoted. we mav man.
Uen that tha farm of Hon.. John S. Phelps
was visited fcy- the rebels, and all hie cattle,
norsea ana mnios, and everything else valuable
on tbe premises, was driven away or destroyed.
Kansas Crrr Mo.VAu'gT 227-Ioformationbf
me orgamxauon oi large forces of secessionist
is received here. From 1.&00 to 3,000 will leaf e
Jackson county wis week, rind aa many more
from Lafayette county, en route for secession
headquarters. Rumcrs of an attack on this
olty are current.
Sr. Lows, Aug. 22. John A. Brownlee was
released from custody to-day, upon conditions
that be resign bis position aa President of tbe
Board of Police Commissioners, leave tbe city,
remain In some free State, and not return here
without the consent of the military authorities.
Rolla, Augpst 23. Accounts from Spring.
field are to tbo effect tbat trom six to tea tbous-r
and of . McCullocb's army have leftjor tha
North.- A small force lias reached Lebanon oh
tne Kolla road, and is engaged in making re
prisals and committing depredations on Unloo"
men.-.. -'
About seven hundred oi .the exiles from'
Springfield have Joined Colonel Boyd's regi
msnt. " -
Thousands of Union men have been obliged
to abandon their home in the Southwest, and.
leave their nroDertv at the mercy ol the' rebels
There is much distress amoDg theie people,
large numbers Of them having neither money
nor provisions. -
1 The train of the Federal army which was
brought from SDnngBeld bv, Major Bturuu, is
said to be worth a million and a nail oi dollars.
Tbe passage of the rebel army north Will en
able our forces, when they move backto.Spring
fleld, to cut off its communication and retreat
with Arkansas, and completely Inclose it In tho
western counties ot tne btate
From Washington.
Washington. August 22. The Intelligencer
bas advices via Kentucky, that rebels are pre
paring to attempt . an invasion of Maryland,
and intend offensive movement on Cheat Mouo
tain Pass. " - .-.; r . i,
Twenty-three DriBdners wefe released to-day,
eaptured at Pbillippi, They profess Union sen
timents.. Deserters from the. rebel army say
all tbe enemy's troops have moved np from
men mono, to Manassas. Mucti sickness exists
among the men. . . , ,
Under tbe orders of the War Department.
the United States army will soon be completely
uniformed in blue.
Senator Wilson bas accented an aDDjlntmcnt
on McClellaifs stuff,- . s . ,.. ..,.
A feeling of nerfeot security prevails our en
tire community. '" ' 1 "
i ne leiots or. tho Coofedeutes on tbe line oi
tbe Potonuo are now better understood, and
military men say that, even with the ordi
nary dependence on raw troops, tbev would do
sire ootaing better than for Geuerals Job us ton
ana Beauregard to attempt tbat part of tbe
Confederate "programme which contemplates
an advance on Washington. It la eusBected
mat tnis rallying cry la adopted, to sustain the
nagging spirits of tbe rebel troops, whose num
bers it is positively known are fast diminishing
by small etc.
[Special to the Commercial.]
Mach indignation Is manifested at thereleara
or rebel prisoners, who go. to day to Norfolk
under a flag ot truce. Una (Jolouel and one
Captain are among them. -
Br order or tbe Secretary of War, a fugitive
slave was yesterday arrested near Rockvillo,
and surrendered to his master. '
Government is satisfied tbat General Fremont
could not have sent reinforcements to General
Lyon, previous to tbe battle near SDrlnefleld.
without endangering the safety of southeastern
Missouri. 1
No signs of hostilities from the enemv.
Lieut-Colonel Ripley, of tho Ordnance', De
partment, Is appointed Brigadier UencraUj
We are permitted to publish the following
private message, received by a gentleman in
ui;iwiju,.;,,; ,,,, lU. J
"Ths Tenneeseosas seized at Padnoah to-day
tbe Evansville and Paducah mailboat. and took
her, together with her cargo, up the Tennessee
i i
[Special to the Tribune.]
The cauee of tbe " retrograde .'"movement
uj iue reoeis . w a poiui one ,mu beyond
Fairfax Court House it still a f matter of
coniectnre Some think them annreheniiive of
being flanked by troops landed from our fleet
on tne rotomac; others, tbat Bull Run Is so
swollen by rains aa to lead to fear that they
might be cutoff their supplies. j --.i'J- .
It Is proved by official intelligence that there
is no considerable force near tbe river above or
below. The report tbat a body haa crossed at
Harper's Ferry is false." r.-:
Mr. Russell, of the Lobdon Times; reports
sumicia iue xcrry ib nigot, at euner
side. j :nu i. ...
The fords below there are writ guarded, and
even when the river falls so low as to make it
possible to cross above" Leesburgb, it would
oe useless, oecauae or tbe stsepnesa of (b
bank. . ... .,'....' . . . :' .
Deserters' stories about tbe rebel force being
150,000 are discredited. -; -
Gen. Hunter bas almost recovered from his
wounds.- He will to-morrow take command of
the Illinois troops ,,
Gen. Helntzelman has suffered a relame
Richard B. Irwin, late of the War Depart
ment, nas been appointed aid de-camp to Geo
McCle. Ian, with rank of Captain.
Major-General Boiler, of Fortress Monroe,
nas been detailed by Oeneral Wool to- the com
mand of tbe volunteer forces at tbat point. ..
.. Captain Fabels of tbe Royal Dutch Navy,
bearer of. dispatches to tbe Government. Is m
istered among the arrivals at Willard'i Hotel
tonight. . -a r
loogressmsn Potter's oommittee reported to
day to the Secretary of War the uamts of '12
disloyal clerks, and of not a few disaffected
army officsrs; to tbe Secretary of tbe Ttcaanrv,
the names of SI dislayal beyond doubt, and 10
suspected; to tbe Secretary of the Interior. 30
disloyal and 6 suspected. Similar reports will
be sent to the other Secretaries this week; :,
Wm. U. Russell, correspondent of the London
Times, applied yesterday to provost Marshal
Peter for a pass to croee the Potomao and was
flatly refused.' " ' ' o ' ' j'v) v n ir
D. E 8lckel8 is autborlzsd ' to raise an artil
lery regiment aod a reglmont of cavalry;.';,,,.'.
[Times' Dispatch.]
Trustworthy intelligence from northwestern
Virginia states tbat Gen. Roseorans is securely
eniroDcneu and witn sumoient Torce to remove
any cause of apprehension for his safety., , '
ins reoeis are reported enlrenobiog them
selves at a distance of from 13 to 20 miles, with
a force various! estimated at itom 9,000 to
20.000 mem . . .... ..-;.V,.:V,'
The stage coach to Leonardstown, from here,
was Intercepted this morning by a small detach
ment of bur troops bt order of Gen. Porter.:'. A
eloee examination wee made of the passeogers
ana oaggege ana a quantity ot correspondeooe,
designed for rebels In Virginia, much of It wm
written in a mysterious language, and none had
the signatures of the writers attached. 'The
party was arrested, and are now In custody. q
Washinoton, Aug. 23, The continued im
provement ol the troois ia all respects is a sub
ject ui cnugrejiuiBiion id iub army as weu as.in
executive quarters, resulting mainly from strict'
discipline. . . . , , ,, , . , , ,
t he line or tbe upoer 1'oiomaO Is now well
guarded, and at the lafest reliable accounts
General Banks was stilt resisting on the' Mon-
aoba.' .- -i . i
Tne administration of the oath of allegiance
as presented by Congress, was a matter of -in
terest to the Clerks in tbe Bureau or the Audit
tor, of the Treasury, and tbe Post Office Depart
ments this morniog . - -.''U-.
From New York.
New Yobe. August 22-Tt seems certain
tbat the privateer Sumter is still at Ji Serif1 .w
A letter dated at Curaooa, Auguat.'TUi. la re
ceived, saying tbat the Sumter had taken two
vessels off Ltguayra; Jhe-Schooner Abbey
Bradford and tne bark James Maxwell. ...
It appears that the .Yenexuela.Gavetnment
acta differently frora tbe author Was. Jieralo
Curacoa, having refused her admlttanee and dij
patcned a vessel seventy miles north of La
guayra, which la anchbred among those, Keji,
The case ei the Baltimore Police. Commit
sloners was -disposed' of this morning, Judge
Garrison submitting to the inevitable netjetBltyj
and dismissing tbe prisoners. " ' ' ' 1 V-.-
- The Britlsn brig Andovsr arrived. thl morn
log from Savaoaah. 'he- reports tbat art the
17th inst,, off Cape Hatteras, she wa boarded
from a privateer ateemeri could nottcam her
name; was none oh her steraLShe was side
wheel tlver boat, about 2U0:teta. and meuotsd
two guns on a- small pivot, and ihe other a
large stationary gun, amidships. They re
ported bavins; aeseral - priaeav in.HaUexai in
le."Tbey fuftheV staled Mhk they expiated
air. R. brig of war-atone thai Way an If aha
eama. with two other- vessels tbcvrntenrtf.il m
attack herl- The offioere' ot tha boat's erew of
tho prlvateef "wer" all, apparently,4' Eastern
men.',' ' ' il ,ri' c,k JlSu4
New Yobi, Ang. 23. The seoood new gun-
boat was launched yesterday,
A letter from aboard the United States steam.
er Crusader, savs the Mlaslsslonl baa taken two
small privateers and driven two steamers back
into Mooiie. , t, t , v ' '.
ThejTrlbune learne that tbe President bss
agthortzsd lion. John S. Phelps, of Springfield
lq Sooth western MiBsoure.to.embedy.be ciil-
z4ns and form Cve rrgidipnts of infantry and
oae or cavalry, to serve Under tbe Jewe of Mia
Bdurl for fix jnooths.
Ilo-.the roeao'ttme. orders have gone out
aathorizing fifteen full regiments to be raised
in mifsoori.ior tae war.. , ....
'A pretty teiiabld dispatch, received here yes
terday, contradicts the rumor of Major Lynde's
surrender to "Texans, and it is said hia petition
Is imprtgnsbie to any force tbe enemy could
bring against him." He la a'Vermonter, and
known as one of tbe most loyal men in tbe ser
vice. ': ' -1 '
An Irish brigade, 5,000 strong, is to be Imme
diately raised here, to be commanded by Gen.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, August 23, 1861.
fallewlnc ere Ihe retail nnnminn
Wm. H. Keetleanz. wholesale abil ratfl nm... Ha.
106 South llljh Street. '
Wheat 753e0ciX O.Eaear e
Oata bn...... SOc
Maple do U4IOo
Oern en SiOc
Moleeeee :ral 4l50e
Better w fc J012Xc
Lerd a I0j
Tailow e a e.e-
imp sl......SOii7ia
Tea aJ..aOe.,BOe.luo
Yeddo Tea.... 81 00
Dried Applee wba.. 01231
ttio Coffee fit.... 1518c
Dried reecliei... a 75f3 00
lava do BUCalvM
White Been, e ba . UiOa. 1 !J
Rice a 8o
Broome doi..tl 00l 75
fetaiaei, new na.4ii0c
Bait In tack 15 art.
iia, ton aa 00
Bait v bbl e 1.601
veer e ewt ail or
riour f bbl...4 23(S4 50
Hanur h , ...,12ic:
White Wheat do SS 00
enouKiere e a..
Rye rionr bbl... 04 00
BaltPorkWcwt.... IfVaiOo
uandlee.Tallow.hH. UXo
C and lea, Opel, box. . lUe
Oheeee t BA12X
Wood e cord.... a'A$'i5
Mackerel'Ito.lhfMil BDk
Mackerel Ne 1 qr l-bl B.'il
Hominj per bneh - a I 00
Mackerel No I kite.. 8V 50
White fiih per h'fbM aS SO
White Ilehperqrbbl $1 10
Ood Vieh ewe
Whiikv per. gall. 23 1 00
OaliiDS, M R. DOX....S 80
Layere " KO
f - Sultan tr a. 12
Herring bbl ..r...tJ uo
OornMeel f bu....3Mil40c
I'runea a.
-Wo f Ib.
Km w aoi...,
Dried Beef....
Be wool Twine
fi -itia talet at S0S14 Mfn. tt in
T-. J . L... . . ....
i, wuim, asareec nntettied. - .
WMUT-dnllat7IKi)e0c. - -
Coax ealee at Bo
Ok a tales dull et'lSaifie. ' (
Kre email ealee et B50c. t il ! .
Bar sales at SjSigfl. . ' ' :''"(
PoTAToae lae et 303)330.' " 7 V .-
Beaae eeltt at87c$li5.
Bifcr rnlet et 81 W per Mil.'' ' '
Whiti f uh rule at to 507 00 per bbl. "
Bugan, Teat and Coffee adTanelngitill.
New York Cattle Market.
According to the report! from' the ureral marka
placet In the city, there hiTS been received thliweek: -
eneep end
Oowt. Veale. Lewbt Swine. Total
At Allertoa't. 4.09S - 65
440 1.178
Brownlng'e....- 49 ' 9
O'Bnen'e. 37 .63
14 BM '.
m 3.474. . .
71 4,451 .
Ohamberlin'e.. ' 87 - 47
Kec'ed Sunday ..
Bold bu n, Ikr. 4UO - ..
Total... 4 608
T'lpr'tweek 1419
174 050 17,301 - 5.620 38 419
.145 470 13.107. 3,328 81,108
av. number
W',rtrr. . MO ) 34J 9.709 .7,699 13,868
A. M. Allerton k. Co.. Pronrietort of the Waahlnirtm
vivTH-jaiua, nvuat, trfurlue UMlie 10, JUarkel IrOB
NewYork."..'.'.....1.'' 4'Oonectieiit. .T..
Ohio , 817ewJerter 14
iniana..M.i., ........ wu reze. ............ ,
llltaota. ........ .'.... ,S,4!Oenade.. -7$
neniueay ve.airh ran
Iowa....... llOlMltteorl..... ....... 33
remnyiTania Virginia
WtsxkinAT. Aueutt. 31 Owinc to the narfaai.
terpen of a Ball Kun paale, which ladoaad arar ana
t-j be tare and some out hindmoit, there were nor bul
lockeeoldjetterdajtbatltwu thought poeilble couli
be done, to that there it a rather imaller ttock than
utual on hand for ihe olotlni da, and nrteee do not ri..
clitie. One broker declared that he would get 853 a
bead to-dey for a lot oft red at tM yetterday. Ws
think light got.d rat ateere will eell to-day wiihout any
decline, at leatt, and all the ttock will be told much bet
ter than ownere er brokers eoaeidered poatible at noon
yetterday when there eppeared to be an almoat tuial a.
tauon oi traoe; ana opon tne alarm that prevailed that
an me eauie woma oat oe eoia, tne buyers got then at
lower piiret per bead, according to their weight, than at
any prevlout time, though paying nominally the eeme
raica per uuuuu. do war quotation!, wnich enow nearly
ei they did lait week, do not glre the real decline, which
appear! more in tne fast mat t-ullrcte havw been eold la
the market this week at 7Xo. e net , which would
hae brought 8o laet week quite aaea.llj , and to of the
lowerg atitt, tome or wnicn bare told almott eqoal to
pncee utually prevalent abont the time enow fliee. If
the tame orertuppiy oontinuet thlt year to be crowded
on the market up to Ihe begionlng of winter, the oroa.
pect of eellimi lean atoct loranr more than the hide ia
worm at none, aeoucting cott or tramporuilon and oth
er expenaet. It a lean one. Steert thet the ownen'thlnk
would oiaktScwt. of beef each, hive told thlt week at
825 a head. We have no doubt that eoma nr.n m..i
onet hare told at lett thin 6o. net, a pound. We tare
noticed teveral lota at 30each, which wonld net over S
ewt. average.
ProbahK every eneenlator that went ' ont aftm rha
eloteof lait market to buy cattle la transits hae loot
money, and tome or tbe wettorn owners wbo refuted the
low offera of buyera have lotl Hill hearltr. We kn
one cate of an Iowa drover of JO head, which the owner
had an offer for tt Albany ot 833 etoh, which eold here
at a trifle over 850, out of which, deducting conmUtioo
and ext-tDtrt, will make a difference of $t ahead between
net reoeipM and the offer; and it le teld that the owner
wee ecred la Chicago ae maota as the drove brou.ht here,
loe:ng all the ezpenaae of traoaporlatloa. . ..
from the pretent rodicatiooe. we think thai ft la nnl
tata- te calculate upon over 8o. net a pound, ae tbe top
of the market during autumn. Certainly aot while III
luoiaeaa furnlah from 8,000 to 3.000 head nrr.i h,,n...
aweek.whlchatyreMntltappcaraable to eontlnua to
eelDdelurtelyl t 4 !, ., t h i
Although the men In anas at Ihe West require eome fat
cattle, that duet not make up for the number that have
heretofore beta required for trade dowa the' Mtulittppl
and thlt will leave a larger balanee'to come here. '
Receipts this week, 17 361.
We bare never eeen the abetp market In a mors de
pteeaed ettte thaa U It now. It la entirely overetacked.
particularly jellli ihvnhe, ,aad the price hae na wry low
-lew than 8i SO a head for good, telr-looklng lots of
lamee. A lot that would wel(h orer SO S each, were
held at 85 a head, bat boyere would not come to It. A
lot tneludlng a few old eheeo. eold t aa i
mated at 05 fc eiob- ItU difflenll to make good loll of
muiu. c,.t pnuca ni win make tne meat bo a,
eUklo offal. Tha pelte are worth say 40o arerage. and
kuthearcataaare toiling, or vera on Tueaiae mo rain..
from the bookt at So a pound. . If the beet old tbeep net
centt. It itjutt at mach ae eaa be expected.
It lino wonder that the price ruoi law when we look
at the rereiptt. It Is eeUaateit that more aheep and
limbo were on eale on Monday than ever before in tha
tly Uu any dy. . At Browning'! aloee there were
" man, mil oyer x,uuu at O B-lea e oa Mondav
and Tueeday. Alt the pena at Ihe latter piece we found
crowded I uetday morning, with no proepect of their be
ing oleared. . -
41 Urowaing'a ha haa now to auich room, thai then It
uo cmina 01 Kctung to many at to make It Inconvenient.
manga mere were quite too merry for the demand, and all
soaid aoi be told, aartiealarle II ail awna.a 11.
1th aa ana, who, diuaUautd with tha broker't aale on
Monday, b.uiiht back the drove and held it nil r.....
he could not cet-wlihln IS eenra a h r tk.
price. If owners of stock will take good advice, they
will, let Uieii broken alooe, and trutt lo their Judgment
ae to what price the state of the market will bear. At
preorni it m low, and low It will eontlnua aa oh aw ere
hate 1 aa average of or or 18.000 head a week, ae wa have
uu ivji uu, -ui i.o mooine. and we never bare had
so great a proportion of bunbe aa wa are getting at pree
sai,aad that to the reaeoa of the low prioea. AdSII
Will be eeea that the tout reoclnta of ibis week it above
all prectdlna onet. 1 ' "
The Olerk of tho Market at Brownlne'iMa' Wa aw
jaiuo 1 mi mica iraan ateea m eaaday a en at oaaay kett
3,078, the aeereet to It waa on lha 83d of Auguit,
185t, when we had 8,711 in the pent. - the name hold!
good for the weekly receipt, 8 255, agalnat 7,738 (or the
uui week in Anguic. 1K. The dally reeeipta were'
Aug . 14, t Aug. IS, l.istr Aug. 10, ,W; Aap- IT,
a.w, ug. i, o,vio; Aflg. av, J.Od.
Raostpts this week, S.fBOl (- .. .. W k.J
1 Dare it a great tailing on la ths price of hogs since
our lait report.
tfrtnr D. Or.nl ' BefuT4nL.Mjt.A iv. ari. ' -
r"1" " """"-"i "B". iua current rateeio-aay 1
Cora fW Bbgt, a f,, nn.....t.etl;a4!(o.
DietlHeryaioge, f htgrotar..A lZi.
ifbls weak his . aaataU.ae lor tha aajna , , .v, ,
.,. quality are for Oorn-fed Hogt....,,3xi4tc. .
, DUtUlery-.fii4,nonearrlTing7 ,.; ' , 7'
Mm no r-reepeot of tapraveaat, aa than an largo lea
raroron war. - wenoa oar rapevt of number, we
bear of odM 8,W0hradef mall aim aad JeneyUogt
that hare arrived by the market boat. Tneeealwaye
eell higher than Weatara. Uoga al the ana epperaa
ejaaltqr. 1 There are .complaints of reeqaeat leeeea of
uoga-iraai ne neat oy eoca auaaea lba atrues dowa
aow and then one ke apparent good heallh.aomelimis
with Joel enough waning to plea the owner aa oppet lev
nlty to pat a knife hi the throat while life etiU etreulales.
Then of coarse the Hog will stake pork, and a ba did net
die a aetata! deaiti not quite the meat will go the wey
or etretkerpoi. rt a. we don't cat ally dreaeed
park BMda front Weetera Hoge- We pre eome Ills vary
good, butwoowata e iligni prejudice. ,
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 22.
, FI.OnB There lea Httle aisn doing far export, and
lh marke. le e ahade- Snawr, wIMimI, hewaeer, "V
material ebai.tr- avieei, tha taleeaaaanl 1 H.Wi
bble, al 84 Si4 40 for auperfloe etatel 84 5(H4 6 for
litraaaU! 84 aoa4 w M luperBne wettorn; 84 BOA
4 80 for commoa te medium extra wootera; tl 00(85 it
'or ehlpptng brands extra roandboop0bl aad fJSOS
s xi lot trade Brandt do; aiarkel elo.tnt steexr. -vana-
dlan Vlnur rather more etaedv: eelee of SMI bble
4 40 foeorMrflne;and H xe7 60 rbreonuBoa
toonmoe nre. Bye w loor eteadv, at aa busi t.
OOftN H a Ati la qelet and MCBiaallv obanted
WHHK Y e7thejas. ketaat ahaj aBlee o B
DOia at iftavifo.
wai -f-Nu derldei ahaata la arte, txrt tbe market
mar oe quoted e in an. nrmeri etiee or 48, wm btun Mil
waukee elub at tl 0091 14; 7 Sua da Bertbe-eetera elah
at 01 Ox; 11,500 d . Amber I- we at (I 171 W BOO
do Amber Oieen Bayep'lnf e a i ib; B.7U0 do new win
ter ted weetem at 81 18 f Ml 18 "UO do eld winter ted
wettera al 81 2ft 1 la. 60 40 red rate at 81 in 10
do while uaiirornie at f i ana i.xuu so wail a.en
tsrk.at Bt 35(Bt40.
HYarireM. aita sale or aauu cutn at enwooe let
weetaro. aad n&Aoaa for itate
ahlby vail and nominally ancnaninai weaencs
saleiof S.OUObaea aurley BUiloa private termt.
OORNvatae bt Quoted a chad Armor, with a fair d.
4 fur export and bona ooaauaptloa; telee of 141 ,000
ouiholi al 4ikat47a let lottrloi 10 lair auixta wetiern;
48&4efoe good aod choice ablpplog dot aud 4U(S51e for
Inferior In good weatern yellow. ,
SOAIa eiradr, at SCuWa (os Canada i.an4, 3S4e
r elate aed waategumu - -
ruaa-fawKp Uanly a moderate batineta doing, bat
uie mantel le r-aerallr vunoat laporiaaicnauie, aavti
af 7ia bll Ble foreaeaeiaad 810 for prime.
raair vanitaue ileaor and aneningeu: eaiea 01
300 aerreliat 84aV460 for oounlry prima; 835 Ml for
country meie: BU4II1 85 for repacked ma, and 8' 80
WIS I3K forealra meea. Prima mees beef iDaeilva.
Bear UAMa la maderata. demani al anehaared
ertoao: we aoilet aalaa af 100 barrel witen at 814 SO.
OUT UlAT8-Quletandetradr:aaleeof M paokaccs
at .iavoc 1 or inguiden; and UKo Rr oamt.
pauun vjoiet, and price are nominally noonaagea.
L ARD Iter aotlr. and mar ba a noted a eaada Arm
sr; etlre of 250 bbla et 8Ha0Ua.
BUTTB& Helliue at8a.ll for Ohio: and 10014 W for
vuiio.. .... ... t
VHtft gte1. at aa7 Ko. 11 '" 1
OofyBB-SHIIIeontiButa very trmt aalaa of 308 bags
moat iitwioo; iuu oagest. vomingo at lto. .
BUQaa llaw In betier demand, and market very
Arm; -alai of 3 P39 hhdt Cm a at 6(37c: 82S bhdt Hew
uripans at 9!io)ie By auetlpa, 88 abd Cab at is
AiuI,aSSKS--Haa been very qolet. batprleea an still
very arm. Bales of 5 bhdt forte ale at af. . .
a . .. 4 . .
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 23.
There wm not much don by Ihe grocer, to-dty, bat
the treneaottoet made reveal the ae sutadard af f rV
cet ror ie4log elepies - - "mt .
f LOU a Of tha low (rades, Is bat Httle iaaalred tor,
and can be parebaied it 5 to B)j pc bbl lower Ihaa far
aom day! peat. Tha good qualities of extra on rn mead
eema attention from local buyers at 3 8 la 94 Oil par
bbl. n. ..
WHBAT-We lees freely offend, to-dav, sod Ihe
prime gradet ware a trifle firmer. Bed we quote at 7
7o, aod white ti;j to BOo. Ths latter figure require
tupei lor or eooioe artMM or grain. ,,-..-!
(JOHN Wee rather more eaally had at 88e. 1
. OATS An leas Arm. aad 84a la balk Is an exception
al figure for old. - - lt, ',.,
baulk Y anb r a Are neglected.
WQUlaV-Uad a firmer market, to-W, bt 13c. ,
. ..... j, ,,),,. Vemmtrtm.
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. CLEVELAND, August 22, 1861.
FLOTJB Sales of 108 bble inperBneai 83 SO, and a
small lot of red doable ei treat 84 62 X.
. WHEAT Thlt morning the merket til still further
depretted and nles 10 a coaaiderabla aaaoaat ware and
at 80o. Thlt afterneoa there Is a better feeling, and
aom 16.000 baabel ar reported sold at 32c. free on
board. Two cart while told at 93c oa track, and t do at
91 00. .
COBH Bales of 1 car on track at 35o.
, OAT- Quletat 84(il25o. 'f ' "' f I
1 BCfTltB-Deleiot 8 Arklrn thclos at 8V.
B808 sal of 4 bbl at 60.
LABD Dull at 7i8o for country rendered. " '
' 5 i ' i ' ' . r ' . -awdtfev. ,
Aa experienced Nun and Temal Phyetdan, preaenU
10 toe attention 01 mouera, nr
run, 1nii.uar.i! iiibiuuiv,
which greatly faoilitate tha proeee of U thing, by toft
cning the game, reducing all Inflammation wll 1 allay
ALL PAIN aad epiaawdle action, and is
Depend apofl ft, mothers, it will give rest to yoamlvw
We have put ap aad eold able arilete tor over ten yean,
what we hate narer been an I ta tav of anv other mode-
ANCE, TO BrraOT A OCaa, when thnaiy aard. Mav
r did we know an inatano of diaaatlifae tion by any on
who need IL On the contrary, all an delighted with Its
cperaUona, and. Ipeak ta term of exwroafdaUon ot It
magical enecti and medical virtue, w epeaa in uie
matter "WHAT WS l0 ENOW t" after tea van' erne
lULlLLatltNTtir WHAT Wt USES OIUliAaS. in
almoi t even Initancc where the Infant ts to (Terror freaa
pain nd axhanaUor, relief wilt be fonnd In fifteen or
twen jr minutee alter ineayrup u aammiatereu.
I'll valuable preparation a the praecrtpttoe of eaeof
Newlngland. and has been aaed with MITBB FAIL
It not on Ij nliev tha child from pain, bat tavlgor
a tea the tlomach and towel,, oorreot acidity, and give
tone and energy to lha She 14 tjateaiV. UK will almoat lol
atantiT relieve , v-rro, M( . r .
OB JlsTO T5 THS B0WU8, in WINfl 0OU0
and overoom aonvawona, which. If not tpeedlly reme
died, end in death, we be'iere 11 toe bbbi ana eus
B8T REMEDY IN TBI WORLD, In all caeca ofDY
it ariaee from teethinc, or from any other ctun. W
would lay to every mothctwho hue child oa (ferine from
any of tbe foregoiog cooplaintt DO NOT LET YOUB
stand between you and yoar euffertngehlld, and tha re
lief that will be 80 RaWyaS. ABsoLCrai, auaa-a
follow tne ute of thUmedleiMf If UaMly aaed. fall air
nctlontfor aetng will - aaoeaipaay each battle. Hon
genuine unlet the fac-timil of OCRI18 dt PBRKINB,
New York, ii on the onUlda wrapper. . 1
Bold by alLDniggtats lArougnout in world.
Pri ncipal Office, 13 Cedlsut reet H..
octS7-da:wly. ,i ;.oiv, ,N
An Effective, Safe avni EeonomioaJ
to Its original color without wy4ine and prVvtatlat
J.- 7.iTv . -iarironi urninggray,
And curing U, whan than is th laaat particl of vitall .
- Andallcutaneoataffoctiona of tha Scalp.
Itapartlog to It an naetalod gloat and brilliancy, diktat
U aott and silky in Its) ft xtura, and eauin It to ftt
"tbinki celebrity and lncreaifng demand for Bus in
eaualed d re rn ration, eonvincet the proprietor that on
trial m only neoetaary to tatl-fy a dimming public of It
tuperior quel Itiet over any omer preparauon in an. it
clean act the bead and ecalp froao daadraS? and blhar
cuuneont dleeaeer, cauelng tbe hatr at gww laaartantly
rivine it rich. tofU gloaar and Boalbl aaaearaa. aod
aleo. where Uie btir It looeening and thinning, It will glv
etreoglb and vigor to tha mat and neeon ihaavowth la
hot part which have kavoiaabald. casting UteylaMa
raiheorerlnawf hair. 1
Therw an kind red ol ladle ant) evejtleaaen In Maw
York who have had their hair nttorad by the at of tM
Invitorator, whan all other prepere-looi have railed. L.
M. ba ia hat paeaawlon lauera Umamraul teetlfying
to Cm above fact, from pereoa of the highest reonecW
blllty- It will eSeatuaUy prevent tha hair from taming
antll the latatt partod of Uie; and (a ante where th hair
hat already ehangod ltaoolor, tha ate ol the Invigontor
will with certainty ntton It to It to Its original hu, giv
ing It a dark, floaty appearance. .. As a perfume for th
toilet ana a uatr ateeurauve 11 a particaiirif reoom
ended, having an agrenbte fragranoe; and tk great fa
ailiti it alto nil In dreetlni th Balr, which, when aaolol
with th Invigontor, can be dreeeed la any nqaired
form so a to prenrv It plaoe, whether plainer la earl;
heno the treat aud mr It by the kvdiW aaaetaadard
loiMlarttcie wbKb non ougni to e vitDoov; urn p ne
places H wtkbla toe nana 01 ait, oetng
" Only Iwenty-PiTt Canti
per bottle, to be bad aT-arr rnpSoiabts Dnggltbi an
, rfdmer.
L. BfTXLBB wonld' call th "attention of Parenri and
eaardlanst tbennef hl Inrhrorator, In raeea where
thechlldren'ehalruicllnnto be week. Tha an at It
htv4 tho aanaatlon tor ay i a : aa St va
move any hapariuaa that aaay have htctaaa aaaaaotad
uh ik aralo. lb natoval of which le-aaooeaar bath
lee th haalth of lha child, a4 tb future .appaamjuo al
Ma Hair. 1 if vji-i h--xi, .-:,, ,
Oicnou. Hon genuine without the fas aaalBi LOUIS
MILLER being an uie oarer wrapper; m, 1,. MIL
LER'S HAIR' 111 VIllOBTORTlV trtoern tata
''whl-l 'Depot, 88 tV Mvoet, aad sold by all wit
principal Mertbante aod trrtrrvw, ahnaghiwitkwworid
, Liberal diecounl to purchaaera by lb quantity.. ,- r
..... -t w .... - I tl
I ti1 -'-' ' r"' ' tw It1- t'-Mi my
nrvT Xin-i iwwved i?TjflTAjrni
which, after years of ' Vrtentlfie xVrhfian; P hav
brought to parfectlnn. it diet Blaok or BroWe Initaatly
withoaUriJury to th Balr or Bklnl warraaled h k
artlcl of th hind Id ealitane. ..
--sPxtlCE. ONLY 5ft CENtS-'r.
cB.dwly." "r
"Thejr go Right to tte-SrstL,
instant Keller f . atom rear Coach I
ZPttklf f ram alreataf ,
'' tttrenftliea year Tttfxei j -r-
' -it',:' i. il rt -,. ,
1. 1 'I
0BILDR1N CRT tOt ' -
Thej relieve a Coneh Instantly.' ' ' i v 1 f.
They clear tbe Throat. . .
. . . -'!... r .
The; give streottb and volume to the voice.
They impart a delioloos aroma to tbe breath.
They are delightful to (he iaate.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
barm any one. t
Iadrlt every oa who-haa a Osotnera hutky Yolo
or a Bad Breath, or any dlSLcolty of th Throat, te get
package of my Throat Confections; thaw will rellev
yon lawtaatly, aad you will agree with me that "they
f 0 right to th spot1 Yon will Aod Uient very aaafe 1
and pleamnt whll tnvtllof er attandlna pablls saaat .
tngt for tlllllng yoar Cough or allaying yoar think '1 f
you try oae package. I am saft la eayktg that you will
ever afterwards eemlder then ladltpaanbl.
Yea will And thtnaat th Dnagi aad Dealen In
Mdlcias. . ..... ; .,.,. v.
'' r- i r - ' -7 . .4. .
My tignatur Is cn each package. Alf ethert an '
ounterfelt. . - -
A package will a seal by mail, pnnaia, an awaelpt f
Thirty Osnts. . ;.
Addree, . , .
Henry C. Epaldiag, ; ;
KO. 48 OIDAE BTtllT,
.... NEW YORK.'
By the an of then Pill th periodic attacks af thf
wont or 8lsJt BtttdotXt may be pi rented; tad If take
at the ooameoaeaient of an attack Immediate relief from
pain and ikkneta will beebralned.
, Thy teldem fail la Mawrtng the Homtta and j
acto to which femahii ante snhlact. 1 - '
They act gntly open the aovnla- nttovtnt Oasfa ''
lor LUtrary Mtn, Bud-tit, Dellcabi Peaul
and allpenoni of fdmtary habttt, tby an vain
as a lamaHmt, Improving the uppttUt, giving ten
Oder ts lha dlgnstiv tnjaas, aad netcring the aatnr
laatkity aadatnogth of the whole tyltam.
IBB C1PHAXI0 PILL8 trs tk recall of lost) lav
tlgatlos and carefully conducted experimaata, baviiig
bean la at many years, during which tuns tbeyhav
prevenud and relieved a vast amount ot pa la aad infer
leg from Haadaeh, whether originating ta lha awrnona
tjttem or from a derantod rate of the setenaaa.
Tlwy an eatlnry vegetabl ta thatr caanpoaitian, aa
may be takea at all ttavas with perfeot safely with oat
aukisg any shang f diet, emd fas irfifac etf
ditaartaiU tatU rendert tt oey le mdmlnU trtXtm
eMidrm, .. . . vr 1 .. .... ....,,
!)-. ....
Tb genuine bava 8n atanataioici Henry 0 BpaleUng
jisaehBea. ' '' ' 1 i.,-,. -1
old by Drmggtttiand all ther Dln tn BtedkbNS.
A Box will ba aaai by mall, prepaid, an (tealat af lb
All otaers wawnM b eldntetd tn vy , -UENIXX.C.
Cr Btraet, Mew forts.
r "
from tha aUasahver, Norfolk, Ta.'..T.
Cephalic PIIU aonompllah th eblae taw whieh they
weramaoj, viavl Onn haadaeh In all tat nrx.
';' Prwia the Ixamlnar, BTorfblk, ?;
They have bean kettad ia mon thaa a thouaad 1
with entire soocwa. , i. ,..
from th Daaoerai, Bi. Cload, Mlna.
If yoa an, or have been, troubled with th haadaeh
aad jr a bo (Cephalio Fill,) sathat ran atay have
tbneaeaaf aaattackt... ,4 ,:v
y j. rnaa the AdveTtiaer, trovldtno, R. L 1",
Th Oephall PHI an said tob a aaataihally effective
remedy for lha haadaoha, and one of th very beat far
that very freqoevl caeapralnt.whlea has evar been die
frsaOktWaatawat. aWtJksatta, OaJoaga, IU.
Wa heartily sadont Itr.'ffpauldlng, and his unrivaled
Oephallc Pill. 'v, nt.' , '.-vi- ..-iiJ
fro Kanawha Talxey Bean Esaaaaa. r
W ar sun that ptrtons towering with th haadatxW
wbotry tbemUletlok to them. ',
. aanamaxaS! V a A. A. wVe
Prom th Boathera Path Pindar, MewOrleaat, U.'',
: Try theatl pan that n aflleted. and, we an aan that
yoar kattmwnyean ba added ee th already aumeroaa
lietthat hat received heneflts that a athar ttediriae en
"fA .CTl ni3il.0T aA 3.tii.i
from th Bk Louis Deaoewat. -t , o, a
Th Immaoae demand for the arttott vtphalls Pills
. Proa tb Oanttt, Dawn part, Iowa,, -,
BpaUlog waeOd act oannaethhi aaeaaaitiaa
did not maoe I ooaaeae real merit.
Hole he
JJja singva bottU' af' BPUDmrj-B MtPatl
OLUB will m bn tun lbaoatnHt.lryrjr 0-
.,' .j vsrarnmi o.a men m vrw -l
pa aui111 vol aci aaav wirfV 4j f
O" A tam ga .Tuai Bava, Ifiica."-
Attocklenla will happen, evaa a well mraavw-4 aMa
lllea, U I vary detlrabl to hav aom cheap an eoaV
vanlaal way for npalrlof 'nmltan, Xoya, Oroekary
trpALDrtis'i pRiPiMD etrjij;;
meatl all aeoh mneevMclet, and no houaelwld aan afford
to be without iu , It malway ready, and up I th (tick
ing point.
CBlPOli tS ITlRI .BOTjam." .
t . .- Braab niinnpanis oaB baUBweV t
cent. , . i-.- Aadreae, -. - .,. -
u'l- '.:-.tl ' na-rini u. rnLr)Ia
V-Jt-J.- ' i- :- aa.4B,jeaar Btrat,tlee Tor.
A atrial a unprincipled pertonaam altmafirt'l
palm of on the naeaapeclmg puiilio, h uu. uol
PRBPARbD JL0,l would oautWn all pm.onata.
amto N-'-r ynrii.n, r,d e 1
alalda wvftr-perull other an uiu... , cca
aa s ' 1 1 . 1
atC cure n

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