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r FfJW W . l A N EN H Vc ffi.tt0SV--'
TVOAY MORh'tNCAtGUST 27. 1861,
Democratic Union Nominations.
HCugli J tTewett,
' . SCPRBMB JUDOS. . ' 5
,wwaj.. tOf . UndMmirf." i .f -
,ay -:.ues.v ' v..."iv
P GEOUtiE W, HlllnAPl !iT
Of Hamilton. r j ui
. - , , 0 &ee. j
Of vyMg
' tvl sv
of the Union Democratic
State Central Committee.
Thf ynloo.Ptocratie State Central Conv
fettter win 'meet at CoJumbht, TJjwDiTA.Or
odt 27th, eft otlwt, P. M. Every member
U.feinwleJ'bprVeD! "d all the
K4htB ma the- lTnlon, Dtmoerittc State Ticket,
tre cordially IttTltea to be preaent . j
WM. S. JOHNSON, Secretary.
August 20, 1861.
For the Campaign.
We WLM furnish thTuiflerent ltso.ee of the Ohio States-
. The Vtilj BUUmao, per month, t......
.. Moenh,
raw iwf it npP) i( ''(' - j
. r.lTmihet tie abom Mati n b famished lor one or
k-ijor nociH), tn tMl .et, tingle opiet, t the-ebort
"'fit,, ,. ,.,.,.,-,( ..-;1K" - .-;.")!.T-
i Tim Weekly Ohie 30tenta will be faraitbed ee fel-
: ! eWte ef S eoptfi; tor two wonthi'.'. .. . . 1 W
j Jaglabi Ueofiee, lor tw 0Blbj..'. M
w -1 etafeeef to eopiee, tat two WMtitbe-; ..'.4k j 3.C0
la elube of 0ooplt, for two ontoi.'...'.w, T-W
The two iconth' Clute will eerer tbe period of the
Otapelgn, end thee pUe our MAMMOTH WBIKtl
la the headi ef ell whe weal r e Cunptlrn ptper,
of very teuoeeble terait.
if i'-let the filende ef the good csnie the .Upt Ualoo
wmb of Ohio (e to work, and ipread the
. C C A M P A 1 0 N ' " S T A. T E S 1W A N
ell ewer tk lud'- We expeet to make It ao efficient akl
: ta the good work of the redmptlor of the State of Ohio.
Let it be well elrcaUtatU. '?
3 j Awatt 10, WJK J ' ?i 1 ':
f' - " '
Business Notice.
' The reoeirt ordet from the Postoffice Depart
ment Canceling thejpoatage itamps of the old
tune will leader ft impjeeible for each tamps
to br fterealter received at this nffice, in pay.
meat of daee.
Do Know Where we are!
NotwithatandiDg the eicitetccnt that per
radee all parte of the -country in regard to the
wkr , lu incidents and conaeqaencM, an intelli
gent foreigner, comprehending pur situation In
iu full leogth aed breadth, might 'reaiooably
aak-rD. jon Amerioins, really know where
Our loyal countrymen are full of 'that ner
: es, aimlete xcitement that strikes at random,
without knowing whether itB blows are effect
"Te'oi'notr.This arises In ireat part from the
lack of a'TullltnowTedge aod'due appreciation
iheleriible peril 'directly before ev A truly j
"bYaTe man who fees Visibly and clearly Impend
iaf 4rer hint s' fearful dangerr momentarily
"toReTJWg'TiTrb'wn JealrucTibn and jthat of all
he hold! 4eVon wart'u. will act with a cool, pra
. dent and 'determined ,courage, as far remoretj
.' rota tbeflaihes of sudden, nertoua excitement
'ias"trouix tbe stolldlndifference of mute de-
" P1' . . . . . .?-.. r. . -
We must tccnstoni onrselres to look the peril
to ourselvef Sd thi etmatry full in tbe face.
worth whileBow to dispute about that), we are
inTolred in acWl war authorized on our part
by the regularly oonttituted authorities of the
.-Jaad.fof Tthe ol purpose of Batting 4own a
rebelIlon"and preaerriDg the Union. For' effect
"nk'th'fs Brea't knd noble bbject, the' evils' 'wblch
wa pecesaarjlj V' 'og') nd .thejbuxdenj :lt, tm
aToyeiiiy.Jnoeee), ahouU ieickeertulJy-aod
iu mtngMdj (nes.i. Tiwrb cm bo aaerlfloea too
great that we cn mk for the preserratioa of
Liberty and the vntmr; for the two are insepar
able. i.Uai d ,.lxi' ;
I'- But hefs is s danger so plain aiid'self-erident
- tbal ewery man who reflecss for fe moment, fnnit
lee and kckabwledge Hs'txiatence.Tt Is . that
the'ar)u8tnted onpurpar( lor.lbe jireser-
vatlon of tbe Unjoa may. Deoeme tue losiru
n ajaemt ef its ajseolBtioaW' It ever bow threatens
MterwtnaMte soon In a complete and total' sever-
'MiuCd ottit iommirciar. social and Dolilicl COO'
n eo ti on, IbiaiwMa h e Northern aad the Southern,
Mr tn greater portion of the Boath'ert States. The
Jaat,tie'eTtin that onites us to (he loyal citlsens o1
all Or most of tbe Souttern States, eeems in lm
mloebi danger of )eipg' entirely cut off ; so that
all the people, of those States, loyal end diH
loyal alike, will be regarded and treated indis
criminately M alta enemiB.:-Wbea this Ukse
plaoe, the Union will be eubstaoHaHy; If Hot
formally dissolved, ir i , . . . ; . i rj
What A required to' save the Country from
thlsmpendlos; caUmTly is, during the progress
ortn wif,1oesere between the sonnd parts
cfHllfboiryolific'; North snd South, some l
. ktal prhel'rVr (oeble. vot'comrBoi jDtSrest
t'rd(f it social lad political1 regar'dkd ' tellow
fhiWatmay jerie Wbsn the war It over, at
a medium of he e-unioo the apparently
disunited "audjSevejij parts in one healthy and
"haraonLuus whole. ... .
tB'S'si'Vf tsi r "i -r ' - - -"' ' "
tr SenaBt TaBMsytx, Illinois, a Repnb
lloan, told Geo. B. Smith, of Wisoonslnrthst
ISiifi waj nof Vlbis"nie",X54b"!net who
tk' onderstood his business or who 'comprehshdtd
the nature and exfeol bt Wr trouble', and eve
Jhls Is getting t be tlie prevailing opinion.
-V V i mt -
Nomination of Senator.
I - ' - - v --
eotTh t'nlon DftnofTncy ef the'conntie of
Seneoa, Crawford and. Wyandot met at Bacyrua
! ! t'n-i'natfd WrLUttf Li9 for Senstof on
tiiO seventeenth ballot. Mr. Laxo 'Is an able
sjiai:. t-iiiuS Union Demourat, and be will be ;
elected. On the first ballot tbe vote stood:
Tjhunas J. Oaa, 65j Lamb, 63j McKbb, 35. I
No Confidence in Democrats.
rThefiBM-cbe"i ?rT. the Abolition Re-
pnbUoari ,orgi of Logs vonty, spuakiugef
the candidate for Governor tays;: y .
Tn'e Cliiofnnatl Citfie. exhibits ItB exces-,
sive magnanimity and Clslntereeteouew j p-
poelng that ao Bepublloaa snau bo u-.ui-.-.
for Governor, by tbe Convention which meets
en the 5th of September. - We dlsliU -rery
much fo.be putdone in, we praot.oo v.
CardioaTwriters, but we confess we are not quite
to be very mucn uae a - .T:.
publlcao party baa committed some grievous
offense that renders It unworthy of public i oonl
deuce,, or that.U li. deetitnta of the mater al
whioh tbe existing ponditwn yf publle affairs
demands for ha important and responsible po
sition.. ' . i t ; ' " 1
We cannot subscribe to either of these propo
sitions, and therefore we will not stultify our
selves, by doofeaeing that we have been eoting
with a'perty which ooouplee any such himiU-
1 atlng position. But this Is by no means our oniy
eiul. Whilst we cheerfully admit that many of
the leading men of tbe Demooratie party are as
loyal and patriotic as any other citiiens, it is not
to be denied that there are many otnere woe
really sympathise w'.th tbe rebels, and are trait
ors atheart.- "V ' '. .'.' " v --
Ia the first place, there Is danger of making
a mistake and getting a traitor, instead of a pa
triot, for Commander-in-Chief of the army and
navy of the State of Ohio. If we ehould escape
this danger, however, we are sure vo get men
hnaatmiitioikl and Dersonal relations with vai-
landlgham.'Pogh, Medary, eto., have been of
the most intimate and friendly character for
twenty years, and who has been engaged in per-
annal and nalitioal conflicts with manv, if not
all the leading Republicans or the State for tbe
line period- " , "''
r With such a inaa 'at the lead of the State
Government, whose counsels would be likely to
control the Administration! it is periecuy oo
vlons that unless the Governor should happen
to be a man of extraordinary force of character
and self reliance, however honest he might be,
tbe Government would at once fall into the
bands and be nnder the control of these leading
ipiriuln the Demooratie party. ,
Dr. Doner Is named by the fBvreioi as
one amongst a number of otbere, who would be
a anltkhla candidate: and We have 00 doubt bot
that be Is a very clever gentleman and honestly
iri favor of a vigorous nroseootioB of the war
against the rebels and traitors who are in arms
aeainst us uovernment. cut ne is a genua
man of war limited exnerlenoe la publlo af
fairs, and not far above mediocrity la point of
intellect and Intelligence, now tail not per-'
fecti v obvious tnat such a man wouia neiuranj
and necessarily, to a greater or lees extent, lean
nnnn crime rlner intellect and Stroneer will than
bis own. In the important and difficult position
In which he would be niaoedt And In making
a aelactlon of Confidential advisers, would be
not naturally fall upon those with whom his for
mer associations bad made htm most intimate
and beat acquainted t " , -
And this would be true to a greater or less
extent of almost any man that might be select
ed from the Democratic party. We frankly
admit, therefore, that re should decidedly pre
fer a Governor who has never baa any amniiy
for: or anv nolitical avmnathv with tbe traitors
who are now ia arms sgMnst the Government,
or their aiders or abettors. "
Tbe Press proueeda to say, "a act tos iseie
of but on ansa in tk$ Dmoerntit raarr that wb
ttnor of Ohio, In this hoar of our country's
peril, and that man is Johb BaoooH." The
Press's reason for being willing to trust Bio wm Is
that he has not participated actively In polities
for the lastten years, etc. . . , :
.This Is decidedly encouraging to the Democ
racy of Ohio. Only onb sub In tbe Democratic
party they would trasL We suppose they have
no objections to as many Democrats as please,
voting for the ticket the Republicans vote, or
will every Democrat have to be examined by a
committee before he win even be trusted to Vote
the ticket! , . ',",''':..'": I ,
Tbe Press concludes aa follows!
' "But the Domination ef a Republican who
has never been contaminated by any euoh asso
ciations, relieves us of all apprehensions of
this sort, and we are most decidedly In favor of
taking a man whose position and sympathies
would enable him to eoiamand the confidence of
all who are in favor of sustaining tbe National
Administration in the maintalnance of the
Constitution and laws of the country." -
1 A Republican Is demanded who has never
been "contaminated" by associating with Dem
ocrats. They alone can be treated by the Abolitionists.'-'
' it
The Pre$$ will undoubtedly be disappointed.
The great object te be attained Is, to procure a
man who Is clear of the taint of Republican
ism, and is willing to be used by them. As to
the "ooclessloa that the Republican Adminis
tration has committed some grievous offenses
that reader It naworthy of public confidence,"
the Prtn need not have any trouble about that
it Is senniversallj conceded that no one baa
the hardihood to deny it. - . ;,,,
Who Favor the Dissolution of the
Who Favor the Dissolution of the Union-A Reminiscence and a Record.
- A friend from Pickaway county wants to know
something concern lug "two petitions present
ed by Johb P. Hau to Congress tn the 1st of
Feb., 1850, praying that some plan might be
devised for the dieaolntici of she Union." Be
says he has got into dispute with a Republi
an concerning the matter. . We bare examined
tbe Journal Of the Senate and the Congression
al Globe of the 7th ef February. 1860, and find
that Mr. Halb, after presenting bioht petitions
for the dissolution of tbe Union, said: .
"I have also received a petition from Inhabi
tants of Pennsylvania and Delaware, stating
that thev believe tbal the federal uonstttnuon
in civioB its support to slavery, violates the
divine law and makes war noon human ricbta.
and is Inconsistent with reecteliov frineipla;
snd that tbe attempt to unite slavery and tree
dom ln'one bodypblltio has already brought
upon the country great and manifold evils, and
baa fullv nroved thai no each on Urn can exist
feat by the sacrifice of freedom to the eupress
any of slaiery. They respectfully ask Congress
to propose without delay some plea for tbe lav
diets and peaceful dissolution of the Amer
ican union." -,-, , , "
'. On Monday, February ll, 1850, the question
wesjaken on. the reception of the petition, and
it wss decided la the negative, as follows: '
Tsae Chase, Seward aad Bala S. i ' 1
Nave Bell, Douglas, Clay, Davis, etc61.
Tor this record, see Cobgreseional Glebe, 31 t
Congress, 1st' Session; Vol. 21, part first, pegs
33?.; Also, see Senate loamelof feame, Coav
gress, page 139. .. ir, ,,
Let anyone loost ap toe record oi inlamy,
and thnS shut the bawling months of nsw
Union iete.
Act of Lieut. Houts, of the Missouri
Sixth—He is Shot in Hardee's
The Missouri Sixtk ReKlment has lost one of
Its members, who was a Oaring soldier ana m
hnivat man. ' We refer M J-ieut. uouu, wnoifi
well known and jbucb eeteemea in this city..
The ciresmeUncea are these i tL Bailed out uu
Colonet of bis regiment, and requested leave to
visit Hardee's csmp la OisgaiM, Dot wss refus
ed permission, which wss Immediately after.,
however, ijrar-ted by Gea. Grant. -
Off last estordsy, at 13 e'siocB at nignt, ne
started on the perilous Journey which ended in
the forfeit o. bis me. un
the way he sapped st
tbe bouss or a maa named Barke, who sent one
of bis mea with him as a gold. The. two,
after a while, fell in with three or four persons,
who said they were Union men, and volunteer
ed teaeeonpaoy them to tbe neighborhood of
Hardee"! em p. ' Bono tbey were ia tbe csmp,
and one of Hardce'l Cftptaics resognlzrd Lieut.
Ilouts. Without much ceremony, hs soon fell
Dlerced bv seven balls, -Whether he was -ar-
rmf ed wrevSoua or Bftsr rettlcc out of (he camn.
do not know. Deceased was In tbe Mexican
war - - ihisearf Dm.
Gov. Dennison's Better to Mr. Payne.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 23, 1861.
Sit: A resolution reed by you, and adopted
at the 7th of Augist Convention, held in wis
oity, charged the War Department or my Aa-
ministration With "corruption, txttaVagaAca,
incompetency and (avoiiuam." , . : r ' 7 "
" On the lath Instant. I addressed TOB 4 letter
repelling the charge, demanding the evidence
upon which it was maae, ana inviting you to an
Investigation, lor which 1 proffered urea trained
access to all the eiucial records, . t
. Ia a note of Anenet 17m von evaded respon
slbtiitr for the resolntion. but on the 19t& pub
lished a letter, In whloh yoa peremptorily de
alined to substantiate ; the accusatiooa of the
Demooratie Convention," oonteoting yourself
with quotations from newspapers, embracing
imputations whioh have been-answered or r-
traetea,arare ao vague Tk-enaracier m so, do
unwortty of reply. j t,
. Yoa seek to gtve yotr resolutioa sbrosj by de
alaiinc that It was founded noon articles la Re
publican newspapers. Tbe truth or falsity of
tbs aocuaatioos, la that resolBtion, Is tbe leans
between: as.: That U neither verified nor dis
proved bv tbe character of the sewepapers In
whioh those aecusatloas assy aava afpad.-
They do not gain In dignity o twee ay Doing
republiabed over your name, ana l ae aes pro
pose to reply, through yen, to newspaper para-
graps.tr whloh apoa theU original publloation
were anaeaervtng oi my regara. ' '
If von are satisfied with the Part yoa have tak
en in thla Correspondence, I have M farther
eontroversy with yoa; bal I give itoiloo that my
Inviiatioa to any member t the eommlttee oa
Resolutions, at tbe 7th of Aognst Coaventlon,
to make a thorough examination ta the uepart-
ment it traduced, is yetopea. v
1! It is to he reirrettad tbal when rebellion, ar
ed aad llleolen threatens the exlsteaoe ef tbe
nation, a gentleman of your intelligence and
poaltkw should so far forget the demands of
patriotism as to he incapaole of raising above
the dead level ef the partisan. " '-' -.';
- , . .. BaanectfBllv.' '
H. B. PAYNE, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio.
H. B. PAYNE, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio. MR. PAYNE'S REPLY.
CLEVELAND, Aug. 24th, 1861.
Diab S'ib: In acknowledging tbe reoetps of yoar
favor of yesterday, it is due to candor , to say
that I am entirely satisfied With the "part which
I have borao la tbia correspondsnee." :- i "
Yon aonaar anxious for a trace between us
Considering tbe alarming state of the country I
will ooneeat to an armlsisee, antll it shall appear
whether tbe bib of September Uonventlon will
indorse your War Administration. r . ;
. , tteepecuutiy yours,
Hon. W. DENNISON, Columbus, Ohio.
We shall wait patiently for the Indorsement of
the Republican Union Convention. . ,
Can't go the Fusion.
' The fusion trap don't go with Demoorats.
Some slsned the call without due consideration!
but when tnev see tnat tne strings are pat tea
bv "old Republican stagers" who think more of
ofDoe then patriotism, they very properly decline
the honor oi being need. The folloyiog sensible
view of the case we received Just aa our paper
[For the Ohio Democrat.]
Mb. EDiToar We should have beea aware of
masked batteries. We are passing through so
many scenes, novel aa well ae extraordinary,
that it requires not only strong nerves, but
sound hearts and well balanced aunda,to avoid
being led astray and Inveigled Into the masked
batteries of politicians, after the manner ef
the masked batteeies laid by strategical minds
on the field of bsttle. The past week has
developed a movement of our political enemies
in Tuscarawas county, wnion wnue tt shows
neither courage or- confidence, exhibits a
vest deal of the ssceesioa tactios of mask
ing deadly weapons te entrap a portion of the
Democratic friends to enlist in the so-called
Union party. We all know that there baa been
a Republican party we all know iu career
we all know it obtained power and seised upon
all the civil offices of tbe country we all know
the consequences of the organixallon of the sec
tional Republican party. If it was honest tn Its
inoeptioa and organisation, and j est in its prac
tices and principles, why does it not sow throw
ltsslf on tbe eoantry for judgment and trust to
that Judgment for iu confirmation or ooademna
lion 7 But what do we seel Tbe Republican
State Central Committee, aa the 25th of July,
called upon tbe Democrats to meet with them
in Convention, to nominate tbe so-oaiiea union
ticket end, also, our county politicians have
given as a call to join with them and partici
pate la a anion ticket. Without dne considera
tion we signed our names calling the so-called
Union Convention in Tuscarawas county. But,
feeling assured that we have always voted with
a party that baa been laitniui to the constitu
tion and the laws of oar country, and that Is yet
willing to oats in the Government la all Its just
snorts to suppress rebellion and treason, we have
firmly resolved not to change our policy of vot
ing, but still to stand by the good aad true old
Union Democracy.
U tbe Republican leaders have found that the
principles and praotices of their party have en
dangered ear glorious Union of States, we are
glad el it, and In all k Inane! implore tbe good
ana conservative union mea of that party to
leave It, and join in .with the Democracy,
whoae history has ever beea consistent with the
beat Interests of tbe Union. :
i As we have stated, our names were attached
to the so-called Union Convention call without
doe consideration. - But we havei resolved not
to taks a leap in the dark nnder ,tbe manage
ment of old Republican leaders, aad sincerely
hone that no good Democrat will aid in their
design to break down the Demooratio party,
which we firmly believe is the only party whose
A Kentucky Union Paper's Opinion
of the Commercial.
-. . . j .i :.
The Msjsvine JEsols says: - "'; " 1 '
' ? On the oontrary, when a secrsiionlet wishea
to sustain himself in an assertion that tbe Re
publicans intend to deny to the citlsens of the
South their constitutional rights, and then to
erueh residence by force of arms, he asvally
prod noes a vtmmtretu or a uaxui . .
' "Such Republieaa sheets are formidable allies
of the Disunioniste in their evil work; they are
neutralizing tbe tffjrts of conservatives In tbe
South bv their vituperation, insulting prooiei
tion of dogmas, and their ibreateof subjugating
ths slave States. Tbey have thus made Dis-
anianists out tu some of our. most pstrtouo au
sens', who, regarding their obstinate persistence
ia rejecting all compromise aa tbe final deter
mination of the Northern people, think there
is a settled purpose to deprive us of tbe rights
guaranteed by the constitution, lo this ex
tent tbey art inflammatory and iooendlary doe
aments." -1 ,.,,.,.,: .:....:-
Tbia. 1 -what we have oftea said. There Is
not a ahadow of a doobt of the fact, that ssch
papers as the Cincinnati Ottttti and Cmmtrtiti
have done more to excite the bad feeling now
sxlstiog, and whloh oaosed dissolaUoii, than any
other papers In the South. 1 -
-. The -SxyrsM and similar ultra Republieaa
A , I III ' .
papers devote mora attention to denouncing
toeis Psmaoratieeotemporaries maa taey oo te
disDreving the allewatioae of freed aaa eorrap
tiea.at the Capital... They covertly arge tbe
proseriptloa of Uemooratle papers and eownsel
BtoW taw ana violence., ror what I for nothing
else than that the Democrats decline aa lay aside
their principles and become the supporters ef
Republic aa partliNUM, end because tbey will not
bs mleat tooohinf the peealalloas, tbe Iraad aad
wrong of Republican officials and eontraetorsi
because they will not sabmit to he mnasled, and
play eeoond fiddle so soeh papers as the Esprm.
of the Commercial. —Buffalo Courier.
A Bbshii, or Whbat fob a Poohb of Cor fib
We understand the merchants of Pern give a
nnnnit of enffee lor a bushel of wheat. Peru Is
in Nemaha eonty,and is the bomeof tbe Hen.
fcktems Or Pally. Did It occur to the Hon.
Skiema, when tbe bill for taxing this Territory
$19,000. was before the House, that hie neigh
bora and const! tnents were obliged to give a
bnabelof wheat for a pound of ooffeet It seems
that Eklsms's thooghts did aot gel back to his
old friends and neighbors, for he didn't a
Nebraska City News.
Butler County Democracy.
t At the reoftfit aximary meetings an 1 election
tor abt&lnatiot of county eSL.-rs, by ths
Damooraoy of Butler county, the largest vote
that tht pno?rcy -eretltolltd hi Ji lltntkt
election, was eaa. AAexoellent oonnty ticket
was nomlaaiad. atid that tne na Btauflch un
Ion Democrat, "Wt"Ji B.f Van "Book, was
nominated for the UgtotWeVlMriT Baoh
ie not only a good aoaad Union Democrat, bat
man of sipsrience, sod In the present condition
of thr. country, will, be valsable and useful
member of tbe General Assembly.-' Tbe ticket
nominated gives general satlsfMttoh.'and will
be elected by an old fashioned majority.
Then had heed some dissatlstaotlon manifest
ed with the proeeedlBgi of the Boiler, unty
meeting whloh appointed Delegates to the Stole
Coevwniloev, bat the rttlaoetioa meeting which
followed the primary eleotioO, accepted and
adopted the" platform ef the Demooratio Stale
Convention, aa ti platform of theButler exrual
iy amoeracy,Tand thos disposed of the qoes
tion. The following are the procssdlngs of tbe
vatlftAatlhR mibMfta '
Q. ( vntTAfT.io.X'.'iA ( . ;
- The Dsmoorsoy of Boiler ecmaty eatet at
Jaeob'e Hell in she city or namuion, on Bator
day, August 94th lost., for ths purpose uf rati
fying the Demooratio nominations for State
and county officers, la pursuance of a call pre
viously made by Its central committee jot eald
The meeting was ewaaised by the appolnt
moat ot Peter Marshy, Preeideai David Marts,
.Vice President, and E. A, Dalton, Secretary.
When oo motion the following sesolotiona were
adoptedi At...r 4 - j
1. That we, tbe Dsmooraey of Butler county,
approve, ratify and accept as the Platform of
tbe Democracy of Ohio, the resolutions passed
bv the late Democratic State Cooveatioa,. ;
2. That the' Democracy of Butler county ac
cept the resolailone passed by their late State
Coeventlon, as tbe platform or the Pemooraoy
Of Butler county. . ' ' ' .' .
. 3. That we ratify, approve and accept the
nominations tor osate oiaoers made by eald con
vention, as also tbe nominations made by oar
county Convention for oonoty officers, and we
hereby pledge to both opr . hearty and united
sapporc , . .--.
Oa motion the meeting adjourned. i
PETER MURPHY, President.
E. A. DALTON, Secretary.
HAMILTON, Aug. 24, 1861.
Coshocton County.
We lean from the Drmstrsf that tbe Union
Democracy of Coshoctoo nominated tbe follow
lag ticket: ' - ' " '
Reotesentalive. James Camble: SkerltT. John
Ueskstl: Treasarer, Samuel Liambersoni Re
corder, A. McNeal, Jr ; Commissioner, Wm.
H anion: Surveyor, T. P. Latham: Infirmary
Director, Wm. Simmons. -'..'
The Convention tbea adjoaraed to the open
air in front of the court house, where the Im
mense multitude were sddresssd bv Judce Sam.
pie and Judge Simmons, la able, patriotic and
stirring speeches. - .-
At aa early hoar tbe people dispersed In good
order, with great enthusiasm, and a full deter-1
mination to make a longpulLa strong pull, and
pull altogether, to elect the whole ticket this
day aomlnated. -, ; , ', '- ! ;4 , .
Mr. Gamsls was a member of tbe late Legis
lature, and is a sound Democrat, and faithful to
the Interests of the people of Us county, State
and Union; . The tioket will be Sleeted.
Highland County.
Tht Union Democracy of Highland .otranry
have nominated H.L. Diciii for re-election as
Representative. Mr. Dicxirls a young man
of decided talent, and as true a patriot and
Union man aa lives In Ohio. ; The Abolition
editor of the Greenfield RefubHemn don't like
Itl , We are not surprised at this, aa Mr. Dice it
has no tincture of the Abolition higher law
fanaticism about him We hope the true Na
tional Union men of Highland will elect him.
Hancock County.
Tbe Union Democracy of Hancock have nom
inated tbe following exeelleot thicket: . ,
Common Pleas Judge, Machlas C. Whltclv:
Representative, William Gribbenj Prosecuting
Attorney, jamee a. nope; county commission
er, Lower Waters. . . . ;
Perry County.
Tbe Dsmooraey of Perry county bare nomi
nated the following tioket: '
Represectative, William H. nolden, of Mon
roes Treasurer, Charles T. Brush, of Thorn;
Prosecuting Attorney, Jacob Costlgaa, of Read
ing: Commissioner, John B. Delong, of Hani-
scat Infirmary Director, Robert Regester, of
TheiTtwascrsfis Uaioa ssys: j - . . r .
"Such Is the ticket whloh ire ire proud to
present to the people ef Perry osunty for their
suffrage al the October election. Elect It, and
yoa elect men of honor end ability men who
stand apon a platform of prlndplejr whloh le
opposes to aisonionism, oeoHooauam, and spend-
tnrin itepuoiioanum. ,. ,. i
Seneca County.
Tbe Union Democracy of Seneca county have
nominated tne following ticset: - - --.
For RepresenUtive, R. R. Titos, of Pleasant;
ror rroeecnting Attorney, Airred Lsodon, of
Clinton: for Commissioner. Robert Bvrne. of
Seneca; foe Infirmary Director, Thoik 8 waader,
oiciintoo... ,,!-. , T-;r:.r
TheAdswrtisertayBt . 1
Tib CoNvxtmoN and tbi Tioxrr. In anoth
or eolsmn will be found tbe proceedings of the
Demooratie Cownty Convention." Old men who
have attended our county Conventions for
twenty years say they never were (ires set at one
better attended, or more unanimous in its senti
ment, 'if 4 .. , H i, .- ;
. For Representative there were four first claas
mea named, but tbe Convention, after a spirited
ooatest, decided apon R R. Titas Esq.. pf
Pleasant township, as our candidate. Mr.Titna
Is an excellent man, and will certainly be elect
ed. He was a member of the last State Board
of EqsalLsatiOB from this District, aad by com
mon emeeot of his associates was deoomioated
the controlling man of the body Mr. Titos Is a
farmer, being tbe owner of one Of tbe largest
farms in Seneca coaoty . Hs Is a praotioal man,
and will well represent our county. , ,. .
'. Alfred Laadon, Esq., the nominee for Pros
ooatini Attorney, is a good and systematle law
yer, and if elected he will bring to thrdischsrge
or nis duties sonny ana punctuality. 'Mr. Lea
doa should receive the hearty support 6f the
Democracy and other Union men, as for years
past be bae beea oee of tbe mott earnest de
fenders of ths Coastiiatloa against the assaults
of fanatics. , . '
Robert Byrne, the best Commiaslonsr tbe
aoanty ever bad, has beea . nominated for re
election. Tbie ie a deserved srlbate to a good
A.M. ..' - . tt-.. .-H...k I' H. V . .,
Thomas Swander was nominated for Infirmary
Diractof. . He is a good officer, aad will of eourse
be re-elected. - '-, .'. Ml t
r . . , , -
CT.Tha Union Democratic meeting at East
Ringgold oa Saturday, last, waa the largest
oo an try meeting we ever attended la jrlckewsy
county. It wee aa eld-fashloned Demooratio
sneetlsg, and reminded us vsry forsibly ot old
times, when such gatherings were premonitory
of victory '.We have the motl ondoubted In
formation that this meeting resulted In good.
The sad eoadltlea of oar eoantry, SO truthfully
portrayed by tbe spsakers, pat some Republi
cans to thinking, end we are Informed tbal sev
eral or tbsm declare tbey win never vote an
other abolition ticket, whether It comes to them
la disguise, aa heretofore, or etherwlee.sr.
A Pitme Onmos! When John Brown wss
executed, we believe It was Taaddens Hyatt
who declared bis belief, through thseolomns ef
the Trteaas, that "tbe martyr bad stepped from
the gallows Into the ooarta of bsaveo. " Well,
Thaddeus bas gone to Ais reward. Be has
been appointed to a foreign oonsnlatei PMn-aWtcr,
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.] WASHINGTON, Saturday, August 24.
Although it woa )tneoied, the arreal 6f
Mayor Jborrett this morning oreated tn lnteoM
exoitement. ".He bad refused to take tbe oath
of .the Police Commissioner- oa the wvowod
that the oath which he had taken as the Mayor
of Washington rendered tbe subscribing to any
new oath auneceesary, as be beld the offioe of
Commissioner only in virtue of . his office as
Mayor. The Commissioners,-after referrles;
the matter to the Attorney-uenerai ana setting
bis opinion, decided that Berrett could- not act
with them, and bis arrest -wss then oeoiaea
opoa by the Exeoutive. ! Accordingly, at four
o 'dock this morning, a detachment of General
Porter's guard proceeded to the residence of the
Mayor and . arrested blm. The arrest was
made for alleged treasonable offensss. sufficient
evldenoeof which Is said to bs in the bands of
the Government.- Berrett has . been- taken to
a-uri aiaiayetto.- . - , ... ,. -. i. ... i
' Troops continue to arrive here In great num
bers, and the greatest confidence in the . safety
Hsre la a precious ssaeraf copied from ' tbe
e York Chppfrt-.u ., v.. :
' 8w Ilia -John Robinson, the circus msni
ana bis son James Kobinion. the equestrian
both hold commissions la the Polish Brigade of
nsw Orleans, Bow1 stationed -at Lynchburg,
Virginia. -The eider Robinson commands a
company la which his son serves as a Lleutoav
ant. i ,'--' i' .trf.i.. . .i.iv. , -
1 We have before denounced this rumor, which
nrst appeared In a Lynchbnrg caper, as an
mitigated calnmny. John Robinson's clrcns is
m tne north-west doing wen. James Robinson
Is with It; and both are si afaunob supporters of
toe Btars and etripes as can be round In the
country. John, himself, Is at present in the
" Cr Fbank Blaib continues to assault the
Seoretary pf War through the St. Louis Dem
wtrat. Mr. Linoolb hss tbe power to remove
him. Why don't hs do sol ' -
la this cltr. oa Mondar. Ana. Ed. ef tnheld fr.
laatcai 0, Boana, aged U rears. , -
Ixlondi aad acquaintance are rerpectfully Invited to
attend bis funeral from bt retldence, corner of Mound
and High streets, to-morrow (Wednetday), Augoit SB, at
half-put two o'olock P. M. J
Oysters! Oysters! !;
no in aaiiy receipt, bj xxpreie, of , ., i
Ir.-m Baltimore and Fair Havtn. '' '
Call at Warner's Orator and Fruit Demit. No. 31 Eut
piaieamei. . - ... - ,
.-(..,...,, f !
Extra Family Flour. '
, ' Bag-ar Cored Hams.
r' ,W. B. Cheese & Batter." . . i ' "
.- ' .1 l ( . .' !.!! ,
In store foretle by-)..,; v j i !.-.'.. ... ,.'
an24-8t -i ' - -t "., IMS South High Street.
. i;
Young Hyson Tea.
:; . Oolong Tea. 1 !
1 1 Powshong Tea,- ': j
r , ;" ; English Breakfast Tea.
Bio and Gov't Java Coffee. '
Vortftleby .
No. 108 Booth High Btreel.
Produce, ! . '.'j.X
. Proviaions",
Foreign and Domestic Liquors, .
. Fruits, etc. etc., .; ;
. has bimotkd eis btobb tbom
" .;No'..L 106, .South High Street,- ,
The old stand reeenlly oeeupied by.WM. McDONALP
, TJe Is In dally receipt of ' j
Whlohhewtlleell r '"74. I
CHeaa for Caala ar CaaaUy Pa-ednce,
H70aoie delivered to Oltj trade free of oharge.crf
.Will !
a dytug Qaeen. Ihel Inch ef tlaie can ho procur
ed at a much cheaper rale, and many Jong years of i
enjoyed by eoneulting Dr.' MtnBTWBATHF.ll.. who
la oaring the most obitlnate and Iodi -,ttii-Uiig diaeares
or tne i.unuo, mam, mtch, biuksibi tii.AO
iHinerAva dm Mna ivl Attn m.d . . -
U1.U..V.B vi mm mtns i
i tt ,. .IT fc. i -f '. , i f M I
Facts are Stahbara Thlatj-st !
' Bear what Ike Philadelphia eerrespoBdent says In the
"Unmmoawealtu," rriimingioa, Delaware, vib of April.
leSO: . v . 1 , '
M Aa laailsk gentlessan, formerly oeuaected with the
British Army, and who . ety lee himself tbe 'Indian
Botanic rnysicun,' cae or late gained aa extensive repu
tatloa here by his tktlL la curing all manner of osm
olatnte. Some of bis patlenta I have oonTsraed wiih
and they pronounee bit remedies and mode of treatment
es very superior- - Some hare bean restored a. It by
magic Tbe medicine he aset tt distilled by himself
rroat venous nerne possessing rare ourattre properties.
- 'While eetlog ta tne army he devoted hit lelf are mo
moots to a thorough smrty of the effects produced by
certain medicinal roots aad harks on all manner of dis
eases. Jt eeeme -he hae found a sure and speedy moo
dy for all the 'Ills that flesh Is heir Jo.' flij praetice it
alrendy extensire and ia dally increasing. In theooia
plalnts to wlik-h Females are anhjeoted, ha has no equal,
es a lanra number here hare testiled that th.r
only their present good health, bnt their lives, to the
skill of UilslBdia Botanic fhstclan." f. r.,,
umoe mi &ast etate otreet, Colombns.
i.iuJA 10 , iif-'
'I J cji. it-' ;
mt. . r.ioe ! .r-r I
TbiToa Onto l5TTiin Plean, apnoS thspams
l muutMm h. Saae ae esadJdeto for re-eleottea lo tbe
SUt LBMura, subjeet to the dsowlsu of the Deaeeay
eyoJrwklnWpty.. V.l-iM )
(kUA-iaiJ UAHT BBatOOftlTB.
"JTwroa Ouui Bit naMi agk'eMOttaoae saas
tt Bt Vfi ASDaswf af.f atrardrilepreeenUtlre,
ashjeat td thtr dtcliloa of the Union Pemooratle Osuaty
- Xorvoa Stvrimuii Plena annoenoe-. the aeaoe of
1. IF .- DDa'iitT." t Tf atenrini'.u a oandllala for Ben-
: ?. .C 'J 4f 1'. -1.4-. 1 ...Li 1 4.1. .--1-1
reaenmuTe m ta hr,innui.r auiq w. iv wm mufv. v.
the yranklib Oountp-Deaaooratla OoaveotloB. I '
t-iahauslc .ieJis-JIABT-hBalOOBATS.
BaTM-0lBT-laeaSnnbe the name
ot fleet te CesaasBSs BssBdldate Ikr BepreentaUve,
labjaet .t the deeliien of the Vulea jMmsojatle Con-
'UtDiToa Oms'fiTimiiuilee the bams
sf Oobb a..awaaM,t HadBva tewsihlas Meaal.
data for BepreeenUUvs, aabjMl to the deeliloa' n the
TMIoaamoeraHeOnvenlloa of Franklin County, and
Xditsb BfiTmciw-AFIeaas announoe In your paper
that many Voter In this dt .ani In TrankllneoSBty,
dedre to have 0r" Baseav, leq f ol their aext Bepre
eeetaw re, . Hr. Preeel le Jt the maa far the place. ' '
BugiatJr i;';.;'.:' Air,.iwoiatiP,-
1 ' swaaBBwa " ,." i '
lorroa 0io Btatbucam: , Sir Pleaae announoe tbe
name ef i.'.w. Vtssa, of JaoaWfewaahlp, aw a raodl
data for. B IjiinitaUrs, auhjewtta tbe- decision of the
fnlop Demoeratlo bomioatlsg oonreutlon, and oblige, -
A J-rf.t .'.-i.l' '.Ik, 4 ml-.l 4t'ti
Iditos STiTitMiH Pleaae announoe thoTsnM. of
Oapt. HfaaV af-Otsoail, ef Wendoa toWnihip, as a
oaadidate for BherlS. subject to. the. aWcMloa of the
Preaklta Ooenty PeatecraAio Ooavaatton, aad oblige-.'
'ssgtB..y .,'' "MAFTDgjlpOBAtB.
Boitos Onto Btatubus Yoa will pleue snsduncs
the bsW of D. 0. BiJtna,f Bamlltoa twwaahlp; as a
candidate for County Oommliitoner, subjeet. te tbe do
elilon of ih TJnlou DemooraUo VJounty - Oohventlon,
and oblige '"" KANT BKMOCaUH.H
lorroa Onto BTATBBair Pleare anaoaote the name
of If. ft. Xiia, of HadlsoB township,' as a oahlldate for
Cesntr CoaBlulossr, subject ta the deelelea ot the
Tnlon Dtneeratle County Oonventloa, and oblige, '
euW '" ' ' ' MINT DBMOCBATB.
.; !tiUw-. 'i' .r.- ,
Xoitos. iTATttXAir Flaue aaaouoce. Batib: D
kooBs as a eaadidae for Ooaaty Auditor, suhjeot to the
dKltlon of ths tTulon Demoeratlo Oonrentlon; and
Oblige., f-z -l-r. JaABX PBafQQBATB
Borroa Ohio BTavsaaTAaw-e1 lease anooBaes the.nams
of Journ FALiawAcs, of this city, who Is st present
clerk In the County Treaiurer's office, ae s suitable can
dldats for County Auditor, subject to the declaloa of the
FraukUa .County Colon Democratic Oonvenlloa; and.
r i - 4f,J"l l'ti. -' 1
Bottob Oaie BxATtiaUK Please aaaoaaoe the name
of 1. B, VfiLSoN ae a eaodldafe for County Auditor,
object to the decliton of the tJnlon Democratic Ooavea-
tiw. aad oblige , v :, HANI EBktOOBATB
O CBIVBD-a the OSUe of the Beoreury of Bute,
antll-' 'i- 1.1 -1 - -i n;'.-. ,4. -... i
Mondatne 1 day or September nut, a 12
, i..o clock W- A
for furalabiog the SUts ef Ohie with fuel, as fellows:
30,000 BuiheH or Coke, to weigh not leie than 40
pounda to tne oniaei.
10,000 Buthela Ocat.te be of the beet quality equal
et least ta the lower vela of Hocking Coal, and free
from slate, eliok and dirt. (
thefdertOBeffenvered, witheal efaarte for such da
llnrr. at the Btata Houaa la Celumbua.
Vfeaoaata te be aseetuaenled bv eemptes, and to pool-
fy thm klsd, quuty aad pnoe el tbe fuel propoeed lo be
tu mil bad. r-r- - - . "
Baoh eentraator will be required to give sonde, with
approved eeoarity, la double the amount of the con
tract, ooiAdlUoaed for the faithful pariormaDce of his
contract, t . r- . .
The bids to te made and tns contract! to be awarded In
emordatme with the tonus of the sot entitled "An aot to
prorlda for the porohaee of Stationery, Fuel, and other
articles ror lam treaerai aeeeaoiy ana etate omoen,-
aaaed aarelv, 11, J843. . Joe Bwaa s Bev. Btaw cue
Inrw. 1W. ' " '
Blda la he indorsed en the envelope. "Propoeila for
lurnuning luei ror tnoBtaie. -
' Fue 1 furnlahed by the contractor must In sit eaeee
be equal la quality to the sample. Tl rut vili 04
y , '!?? v , . ... Seeretaryof State,
fioiumbo,Ohlo, AogmtS.iaOl dtd. . ; . ..
' - COLUIilBUS ,.,
- v : ' -
The Heat Artificial Help lo the
' . lluruan Bifht ever Invented.
i.-aMolef tbe most improved kinds ef Spectacles
All hie eiaseee, whether for near or fat-atghted, are
around ta ooaeavo convex form with toe freateet care,
ao aa to' knit the Ires of all caeee, euiinc Weakness.
Plaeiueee or IaaammwUea ef tbe ayea, aod tapanlni
etMHih frr loaa raadlna or Bae aewlna. .
Oflloe, 13 aaat Btata street, at Bsiuer a n cotters
Hualo Store. V
aaJ-0 1 " ' ",V-
rSErKi.c.Aiv'r -sr tVATBiupRoor
It, CLOAK CLOTHS. Also, other makes of Spring
0 leak: Uloms, tu au oeeiraDie mutares utndinn. laa
sole aad Battens te ma tab. - - BAM BOB,
aprUS t no. S9 South Hlghstree
i mxora or ntRzacLARiTizi atoioio
Tee asoh aatfofsad drlaklag, new haUts aod medet
of life, often prod nee Irregular Ulaa la ths bowels and
general health of the system. ' Bal BSAWpBtn'S Ptixs
will toon Care, ths stomach will regain Its strength, sad
healthy actisa of the. system will be restored. No
MiDicimtSTevtnrallnnMfulnesi to. ths ' J t j
very man of the fIBl ZOVATBS had "box ot
and an ALLOOCK'S POBOOS PLA8TBB pal tn their
knapsack free of expense. - Aad to thll faol tray be at-
trlbuttd the absence of any ot THIS BIQIMBNT from
teeosepitai. n jt j . s-1. ,
BVBBT SOLDIBB thoold havens box ef Brandreth't
rills, a box' of SalVs,' snd k piece of Porous Plaster.
They are 8UBB to hs ttsefal, often llfe-tevlng.
Bold by Jobs'.. Ctoi Dragglst, Oolumbnt, and by
an reipeo table dealers la medloines.:- ,
augi7-dim:, -y
. morrAT'sxiFE ruxir., !
Ia all cases of oostlreaess. dyepeyela, MlUeae aad Href
affeoUons, piles, TbeuiMUtBi,:(feTeni sad agues, sbstl
Bate head schea aad all general, daraeupaaeata et health
these Pills are kevarlably proved a certain and speedy
V5Il- vtBtl trial will plaoe the life Pills beyond
lbi$ oooapetttlee,lB the eetlmatJoB of awry pa-
rant, ic.yi t lkT rr: seed s" ! 7 veil tM.l )
Dr. Moffat's PhoiebxBitsertwUl se fcasA eeraaily ef
scackxt la aJlesseeet Derroea 4llty, tyepepsla, head
aohs,dS siknesttneVlent to femahw In dellcaM baaltb,
and awry kind of weakness of the digestive errans.
For sale by Br. W-B-MOFFAT, 3, Broadways ST. T.
snd by all Drugguta .vw-t,-- ttayg-dhwlF
Thi ollowing it n -oxtraot from' a
letUr wrttteo by the Bev 3, . Holme, paster of ths
PlerNMtat-StraetBsptlst Cbareh, Brooklyn. N. T.,to
"Journal and kTnnengetV ClnclnnaU, 0.,and speaks
volumes Id favor of that World rtnowned medicine, Mat.
Wuaum'a Buoimixo Sraor roa Caiuau Tanarkai 1
"Waeeeaa adTertlaaent ta your eolumns -wf MaS
Wnmew'i Hoo-rtnws Sean.. Mowweneeiermlds word
(rv,r ot a psU'Mi tiiiicjiw neittre in er ie, rat we
cemp-jiled to "T to your rautrrs thai tins l so Bam
w dive vaiKU rr, aaa u it n au it
Ouma. )t is probably one of the meet eucowif'il medl
ciuee of the day, because II Ie one of the beet. And thosS
your feeders wh bare Babies oaa't de wetter than
ln supply.", sOydeif
29 Soath High Street, Columbus,
A, gooo yarde ZiaveUsff Dress Goods stBMi value
HIM s5sawiat' T - '" " "'"
eVoOyardi Traveling Dreat Goods at J2K. va'ue WcU.
SUUS lards Bnglleh Beraee at UH. value Si5 won.
n.L. vnnck Oriandlei at 1K. TaleeSOoenU.
Sm varde Fait Oolortd Lawn, at 10, value IS oente.
1(KH) yardi Foulard Dr.,. Bilk, at 37, value SO cents.
m yards Baper Plain Black Bilk at at 00. v-tae 1 8S,
Babee or urganan oeraf
half their value.
and Bogliih Berage, at one-
J 1
80 South High Street.
Elegant lace Mantillas,
jtSjADT cto SOIXT,
JJN Oa VQV iSUUbU. J a-Axj. ww,
HAVI joit opened an Involoe of very large and
haadacae -.
pusher, french, and chantilla
' .lace mantillas and pointes.
Wide French Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep French Flonnoing Lsoes.
Real Thread, French, Cbantllla & Oeneveee
Valenclennei, Point de Gaze, Bruaiels
and Thread Itoet and Collars,
41441 CI WWUM w WW-,
i In new 8bspes,
-. For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
Ths beat end aioet IWilooable itylet bt the etty,
I l-UH M '.l.l.aMM 4V I .1 r.n.
i ' uain a duct,
SO South High Street.
CBlVBDat the Office of the Secretary of Bute,
until . ..; , ...
Monday, tbe 3d day of September next, at
- - - - - noon,
tot furalahlot piper for the use ot the State ol Ohio, as
follows: . . !
8000 Betas Doable Super Boyal Printing Paper, J7K
by 41 Incbee, to weigh not lest than 1W pounda lo the
100 Bcamf Couble Flat C ip, IS by 87 Inches, to weigh
at least St pounds to the ream .
10O leant Bt-eehare Cover PepOr, snorted colors, SO
by BT lacusi, to weigh al least iffl poondt to the ream,
Tbe quantltlee above named to be Increased at the op
tioa of the Becretary of Stale.
Bide must be aeoompaaled by samples of the paper,
and must specify the price at which each kind and quali
ty will be delivered et the State House in Columbus.
No samples of an Inferior artiola need be presented; the
paper must be of tbe beet qua-lty.
The delivery of the Super Royal aod Cover Paper ft)
eommeaoo on the Bret of NoTaiuaet Beat ensuing, aod
continue as tha paper shall pa seeded.
Tbe delivery o.- the Double Plat Osp to eommenee on
the Bret day of December next, and continue as above.
Bonds, with approved severity to doable the amount of
the eon tract, will be required (accordlog to law), condi
tioned for the faithful performanoe of each contract.
The bids ta be made aod ihe contracts awarded in eo
oerdaaoe with the terms of the "act to provide far the
purchase ef Stationery, Fool, aod other articles for the
General Assembly aad Stole Officers," petsed March 11,
1633. Bee Ourw. 8IS6; Swan 'a SUt. His.
Bldt to bt ladoreed on the envelopes, "Proposals for
furnishing paper for the State."
Bidders are assured that no Baner will be teoelved
unless II conforms in every respect with the samples.
Aiie provmon vvt es strtcny aaaerea in.
. v - - A. P. RU88BLL,
Becretary of State.
Columbus. Ohio. Auf tutS. If fll-dtd
No. 106,. South High. Street,
- Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Jiy .
Steam Between Ireland and America
Ths followini sew aod macnlflcent first-class DeddH
wheel Btsamshlps oompoee the above line:
ADBIATIO, 8,888 tons burthen, . Capt,J.LtDe
(Formerly of the Collins Line.)
HIBKBNIA, d.tOO tons burthen, Oapl. If. Paowea.
OOLUUBU, . 4,4ii0 ." A. Lama.
AHOLIA. ' 4,400 " " . Kioaetaoa
PAOIFI0, ' 8.600 ' " , I. Bbiis.
PHINOB ALBBRT. (Screw.) ',
-'-a,9w - . . j.waukb.
One of the above ships will leave New York ar Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnliht, for Galway; car
rying the government malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
SI. F.
The Steamers et this lloe have been constructed with
the greatest oare, aader the eupervlsloa of the govera
bmbI, aavewater-tlgkt compartments, and are unexcel
led for comfort, safety aad tpeed by any steamers afloat.
They are commanded by able and experienced offioe rs,
and every exertloa will be aad to promote the comfort
. Auparianoed Bargoon attached to each ship. '
Pirtt-elaat K. I. or Boston to Qalway or Lirerpeol 10O
Beooad-clase, 7J
rirst-claas, 44 " to 8t John's
Third-elsss, '" " - " to Oalway or Liverpool.
- or any town la Ireland, oa a Railway, - - - 30
Third-class psseeaters are liberal IvauDDlled with o re
visions of tbe beet quality, cooked and served by the ser
vant! pf ths Company . -,..1.11
i.- BaK-aVSJStH TIlkEIS.
Parties wlthlaa to send for their friends from the old
country oaa obtain tickets from any town en a railway, ia
ireiana, or irom tne principal etttee ol Bogiand end Bool
land, al very low rates. . .,,
S aeseuiera far titer Tork. arrlvlns by tbe- Boston
Steemercwlll be forwarded lo Mew Tork free of charge.
lor passage er further information, apnly to
-x Wm H. WIOKHAbT ,
At the omeo of the Comoanr. oa the wharf, foal ef
Oanal atreeL Slew Tork. .. .
'. .- i UOWLANv m A8PIlVWALI,Agntt.
apniiwooiB. - kuwv.
s fSBBaBawa '
bjost sbisr-
en da mrvmm vtvict avow
v t, "V- AS , BVAB. AUUIt SM4Jk4.
abb NO"vy rori'EniNo
1,000 yards Baoer Plela Bleak Silks at 1 OO-valoe
I td per yard. ' ' ',
SsSOO yards Travslltg Drese aad Mantle Goods st
Ig lcente valne BO sents pcriara, -
S,00O yards vrnlte BrUllsalss al 19 ! 'osnts -
valBS tO eentoperiarl. . .
StOOO yards BiBe sad Doaaeetie Olnghamt greatly an.
aervahte. ' j h
KQZumavzm, amoanriv
-v CKAIilS. TOtJLAED BUM. ' u '
- ,7; LAW5S, ClIICOEl, tovUsi,'
New tvnd faahicmable IDreW ttod
ta the aotldetlrakleetylss aad at vsry lowers prlea.
Of all materlale, mads la ths most styltih.mannsr stei
ths latest Pails Fashlcat ths most elegant tylei Is
aTiljl re- .-iBJAIlW.eBf SIOJS,
ay SO , Ife.SH South High trmt.
. Canton Mattings.
de 64e A-4s tWlalta aad Had atd
; WhiU Casoked of superior quality. For ease by
tlAJM A BON, . , , .
BvnSJ ....... .. , , . . ,Ka.l Sou tk High
BUOflAi, aew Styles, Jeartepeasd by
, BAUf (t BOW,
aprUI ete.MMiklistmtj

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