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Th Adam Exerts CompMJV places Bada!lf
uuder obligation,! t for the verf latest Bapcr
' lrom,tb eastern cities,.,, ,,i i ;
V' ,i r i i in
Thn Amnrln''F.fM-- COfflDaDT D
as our
thanks for its dtfy ,favorD Ir the sbap of the
verj latest can-tern paper. j ,j.'J VsA
. i i n i minium nn.d 4- J ,
CT ABothe,r Exkinln"arton'foAjmyfiatgoii
will occur iij (fOlombae, '8epy :6t pandiaate
should forward their address lo ithewd'ergigned
whenaclreujerwlLV be. for wafded,;contatolnl
full particular., r":; IVI"
. . U ... uu j. vt, HAtoLtor:;':
.Aoe. 21. dSt. , . . . 8eo, Medical Boards '
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
police Is berebv glven-to the Union Democ
racy ol Franklin county, td :meel 6n Friday,
August 30. 1861, between the hours ef lArasaad
tit o'clock P. M, (a thfl, townships, and s4 and
igkt o'clock P. M la the Wards, at the-' oal
places of holding elections (excepting Norwich
township, which will be held el Bchofleld'f
8chqol louse, and tbe-Fourth Wat'd at Gaver'
Ware Room, and the First Ward; at the Gelt
House), to aripointdeUgaUS to attend the Coun
t Convention, 'to meet at (be City Hall. Injihe
city of Columbus, on Saturday; the 31st day of
August, 1SG1, at (en o'clock A. M., for the pur
pose of putting In nomination two &pNnta
tlveain the coming ' Legislature', one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one ; Recorder, on
Coroner, one. County Co-nmieewncr, and one
Infirmsry Director. . i
i At the. eatue time and place 6ne ! delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge (or
this district. ' Time for boldlng the,' Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed here
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each' WaiJ and Township, based opon
the vote east for Supreme Judge jo, 18G0, allow
log one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty five.yotes so east "
1st Ward, 1 "
2i " . ' '
3d -i." - .
4th " '
.5th "
Montgomery To,
Tanrn ' "
.7 - Hamilton
5; Miffla-
5 WasbioKton
6' Madisoo rV: . 7
13 Bleudon n &
6 ,Norwiohr "
4 Jefferson'-' :"
Clinton '
3 .Jackson
a . Rhrnn .,:
, . 6
r 2
3 Franklin ' '
nromn .... . ,. ,n ,iiiu .
rerry 4 ' .,
- . Wm. Domigam J4CJ Rxihid;
Sam'l Uoili, Alxx. Thommon,
' II. W. Milw, Wis-Coom.' . 'i
John M. 1'oo.h, J. Bolxn, ,
- R. PicKiaiL, J amis HobLocxis,'
H. S. ilioH, '; n .s
' , , ."' County Central Committee.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
. The County' Central Cammltteer orFfonk
tin and Pickaway Counties bare agreed pen
Wbdnisday, the f outh dat ot SinijiBiR, as
the day for tho meeting of the delegates from
tbe counties of-Franklin, Pickaway and Madi
son, for the nomination of a candidate for Sena
tor, and a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
It is requested that bur Democratic friends
in Madison County will send delegates to the
Judicial Convention..' ' ' iiA.
The Convention is appointed to meet at Co
nmbus at the City Hall..,u... , ,.. t .
Williah Domioan, V.'
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
William Doan.
- Chairman Pickaway Co. CommlUee.
. Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861., : " ,
';' -. ' '.vr
Cod.icil PaociiDiNaj. At tbe meeting ol
the City Council last evening, tho President
etated that he bad received the',resignatlon of
Dr. Blaie as a member of the Council, from tbe
Third Ward. The resignation was accepted by
the Council. , ... " !';;
. A petition waf presented from J. Soluvamt
and several other oitiieos, asking for an ordi
nance prohibiting the sale of meats In market,
la Jess quantities than quarters, txoept In the
market bouse, with a loug trgument la favor
of the proposition , Referred to the committee
on Maikeu and Marked .House. . ,
A petition was preeeated irom F. J, Matthxws
and others;a6king"thd"pTacTngrjf "twa aore
lamp posts on Rich street, between High and
Third streets. " Referred to the committee on
Gas and Gas Lights.
A petition was presented f.'otftC. MiTHori
and others, asking for two more lamp potts on
Mound street between High aod Thjr.d street!
Sm'e reference. '-'. ' '"r.'-
An ordinance for grading and p.ving"the al
ley running from the east end ol Xong; street
front Seventh "street to Cleveland avenue was
read the second tWl' ' "-X. '
'' .The following ordinances i were read the third
time and passed i- -C-p :. ; t-'-i'-'i . i '
r"To grade and pve; on Seventh street; from
Town to Stato street! . , v..?n . (J
grade and pave U)B south 's We of. Mound
street from Scioto to Cttial street. , : " '
To grade and pave- tbe jeast-side pi Water
street from1 Long to North street: '.' r
President DoNALMonr the epeciaii committee
to wnom was re'emed tu ordinance, to. prevent
wine frtuavrunning at lrge,' -made a report,
oiling an ordinance still Jo. force, passed July
S3, mpttbibUing thenhng'ai rarge,
ia the oorporato Hhttt ol tho sltv," t all. sheep
and swine upopt tWt Of r.tl(Cth
iuty of tbo.Marebal to-,errj ,lV!tbh shfepMr
swine, found running at . larger to the highest
(idder.and koep. eiuira.iijMgfifit, jvdb.
Mies, The specter committer waa disohargad
from the lurther consideration ofv the SBbjogtt". ;
t A Witi&n foe pacing; ahd ;gutttrlngf::6traw.!
orry alley, and gMveling tho eidewalksof the
samtg was reierrea ia wr, otauhin..
P Mr". Btrmii offered resolutions which-'was
iloptodt repairing tho City Clerk 'f ..sotliy '. tt
Major of, the vacancy ofcoatoned'li- theCo-un-
oii ny tne resignauoa or ir.-A-0.-JUAiaci
'ui mlxk
. u.&rl'6a"'6tuioyrtor
nersong of. personii. btirglarlonsly entered tbe
"union xiousv" formerly. Mintgomerv).kent
b Papt. Mii4jaiN,:idd,'fartledloff al his silver
ware, eenslstlog of spoons, tea-spoons, eastors,
eW., valued at about ,iG6,'Nolne .ba bee
obtained of )he nrgWr"J,,il -v 'J. f
ITJ1 Captain 'Joei ah Givsnr of the Trentj-
Western Virginia, bar been kppolnted ,by tht
Governor liieuteaaot-ioionel of the Eighteenth
le a lawyer by eofesaloo and serve as Captain
.,. ''' I i . .' I IMMiKJ A
'O A board" fence fifteen feet high -bee-been
rooted ertnAd ft' gVdlf ffiWlf AJflie
MHoa-aeiMeaauw urn u wwi vi wltv
ere to the inmates of that esUbllshm eat. j
Tbi Holt Stoni It Is sUted that tho New
York Ethnological, ? tty, tho highse antl
qnarian authority oni lhl eonOnent, has 'pro
nounoed both tho stoned fwpd y Mr. Wrruci
In the mound aear Newark, to bo gennlao relics
of a time far interior )i ,tbl . dUoovery of Co
ioasffjh .MlibMffertdj purcbaie .'both
'I o f . i r r 17 7-1
DT Six companies of the DearboH Cavalry,
with their koraes, trrlved! Clnolnaatl on Sun
day, from Camp Noble, near Madison, Indiana,
bound for Washington via Pittsburgh. Tho re
malnlng fohf companies 6f fhli regiment- Bare
to St. Louis. ",
BLAoawoo MacaiuTb roa Ao0it 1861.
Wro thai wis fct fcUcdi(Triaof wl missionary
euterprlee twenty and" tbtrty . yoara ago does
not' rememoer'the' eceht:Io Josirk'WpLri,
himself a Jewand 'a Cnrlatlatr Ualoaary or
rathe apostle to Jew and OeatlU la Persia. and
the East? " He la iib wan English vicar, snff last
year published a Bawt'lataraatiag aad plqaant
acoeualof .his. travelsLnd adventures. , A re
view of th ook, which le in Itself a pleasant
and genial essay, Is tho opaalng artloia la toil
number of BUcktoooi Every man should read
It. It will mako bin wleer, better and hap-
. This nnmberrba 'also' ' good arttcler on
'Mannere a revle of Dr. Vaooean's IUvo
lulibns in English' HliloryV relating chiefl, to
religions' chaDgrs-, end tho eoaoladiog chapters
of Norman Sinclair.' ""'"'
Ail essay upon ''Msd Dogs'J exposes popular
errors on 'the subject 1 treat ol bydropnobi
ta" awn, discusses tho Igla n4 symptoms of
the dlseare)' tells stories of asd dogs and eats,
eto atcv .ti- n- ,. . , : . i..' i .
7 A spicy artlole b beaded Another Minister's
Autobiography i" being that of the Rev. Tabs.
Somkvillb, which the Reviewer takes to have
been written la Imitation and rivalry of the au
tobiography of the Rev. Dr, CAatna. " "Three
Days in the Highlands'? flniahe this number of
'Old Ebony." ... ..... ....... r ., , ,". ' :
Blackwood Is re-pbllshed by L. Soorr & Co.,.
New York, at 3 a' year, and. with either of tiie
standard British Quarterlies, at 5.
ID Paaalog yesterday the ; marble , ahop of
Jotara Staicxna, at tho northwest oornet of
Gay and Fourth streets, w notloed everal' of
tho tombstones broken In! pJoooa, an! a large
marble table top broken and - disfigured. The
mischief, we learn was dona aarly yesterday
morning by soms rowdies, who havs so far et
caped detection. ''' : - ...
ST Kknmidt, at bis Periodical Depot on Stale
street, kaa Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's
Itloetrfttea ' Newspaper, filled with portrait of
distinguished military men and pictorial IlIuS'
trations of war aoenea, He baa also tbe "Re
bellion Record," which ooaUnne to be ahead
el all competitors as a faithful and complete
record of the progress of the rebellion and the
war for the Union.) The Atlantlo Monthly and
other Jeadine , perlodicala mar be found at
Kiwfit'e. ' ' ,u':; , .
O Messrs'. Dimmino 4 NriswiNDia, No. 26
North High street, have' Just received . a large
and fresh supply of. sugar, molasses, tobacco
liquors, and of groceries generally of almost
every kind and descripiion'.' Their assortment
Is now extensive, and their-faetlitles for acoom
modeling their enstomera, both as to quality
and price, are equaled by few, if any, In the city.
Give them an early oall.
utT Three young men were arrested on Son-
day- by- ellioer Da Witt for breaking open
freight oars at the depot. They are said to be
old offenders from Cincinnati.
OT Several young men irere fined by the
Mayor, yesterday morning, one dollar each and
costs, for fast driving on Sunday.
i i m iii. f
H7 Capt. Smith, transferred, from the Nine
teenth Regiment, TJ. S." A, krrired at Camp
Thomas from Indianapolis, on Saturday last,
and .was . immediately Jpot ,in oommand of a
H7CoI..Caminotor want forty-eight drum
mers and the same number of flfersA For this
service he will accept twenty boyl from thirteen
to sixteen' years oi age. . i.'. v. ...
117 Major Aoe. Willicr, hitherto attached to
CoL MoCoox's RegimeaW has reived his eon
mission as Colonel of the First Indiana Ger
man Regiment. S
- . i m I -
Capt. Tbiall, late ot Company B, First Ohio
Regiment, and -Capt. Gustavo Bascom, late
Aid to Gen.' Cox, both of thia elty, have each
been appointed by the President to tbe aoet of
AssIstaot'Adjutant-Geoeral In the U. S. Army,
with tberank of Captain."" .'"'.'V','
BT Major StniMBa haa been ordered to join
General RotioaANs's" sttff in ' Western k,Vir-
clnta. ' 'J ."' vn, ,i : .
" ' " ' " ' -" - -"'
Rail Road Time Table.
IiiTTta Muirr k 0wtn k Xsau It. n "'
. ,. .-: i.' "'Aniv
OloalnnaU AoeoaaMdatloa. M A. H. , 1:10 P. M.
" . Xtfnm. ,11:40 A. M. 11:03 A. M.
Hall and AoooiuwHUuoa.. 9:10 P. M. , 8:00 P. M,
Might Expnw via Baytaa.lfcOO Bldalht. . J.W A. U.
if. .
tin. W. Somate. AnaU
OoioaSoi at CuntArt X. . '
Night Ixpnu-. ........... .3:40 A.M. . fl:1JP,H.
New TorkHxprwi........ 11:1 A.M. lOtSOA.M.
o. a. ao.-warnjrprs..-.s-nie Pi at. rse p. m.
,.01 ifi .'iialAPTraa,ArBt.
jnmui,ptoB, at a i u 7 - .
Ho, 3BxprM...:''..'StO A. M. U:9S A. M.
Mo.-5 . da,...,...,... S:iS JsH.. , U:4 A. M.
'V'.:"V . ""W.'j! fax, Atrat. ,
Prnvnaea, Cotoaioi k Oikconuft 1. B.
Hall Train t A. M." 1IM A. H.
Bxprwi Train. ...4.w..v...ll:f3 A.M. :43P.M
i)i r-i'. Jr.'. Jam. Koaia'na. Ant.
Cotcmos fc InDuitoroni, k.Tt. , :
r (OoLoasos Piua kIiiBuaA . .), 1"J,. i
no. i cxpnw....... 9.3n a. a. x:w r, m
No. " I W f, M.. , :S0 P. M.
Aoooawodatlaa ...'', -i r V! I:H A. M.
vaU .: t o. W. lam, Ant. !
Front Street, Eetweea State mi Town.
jl Biurauinmiiio(,aiwlalthoa(hl
tht pronare of Uto jtut hu Mt kTilr t rj
npon hr rnoalnf iara.
, (he aj atlll torn--"
Xf en tboa splendid TH.fTON. mmiwivi .
ttHMOOaAT and O.HOOKaT W aoon-Tiua i f. aiii
BB8M8 and BA0K8. Croaty yMntladj uanfA
to'd HZ ' iaf"1 Patt.a
Wtniten H nimftij tcny'wy rkimf am
la rttard to' Uw taalltr M oar rork. . We WAmuurr
rmr Tnucaav .- We saa ssUeoe I9 ivmmvm trm
$m to ait&o.
,rDlenaa Tknil-hod wtdi any anxnt o irark at
short roUoo, and at prloM lowor thaa aaa b bo octal aav
whm la tha West.- SMiad kaad aogflM Umin 7x
eoantoforBOWwork. ' ,
irBpatrin( done adatt aad at Slwit at1w. taa.
tor ea Ironk wtvtn 8 lata aai Xewa strMta, OoIojb-
boi, Ohio.
IOAII oonuiaalctlo wfll reeorftareaipt atteatloa,
vAui. 8--l- ; r,.:,B.M. WlUOAAt-daCO,
W1UTK ITHKAt JTIOTS (Bart Brandt.)
OK ,:.,.. i it A . .1 ,1
Frwcli (tad Tcrfelah Tnatn,
( -'tZantw Cttrrnti and Saiiiu.
ir'lirlirt.ii'l h.guD i at vc j r.
I , '. '.jit u t'.'.i.T o . . ... -. n . . . f
.tw-isxia .4 wm. a. juaiiiiti-i
itill 10 tatk Blah llmt.
Proclamation by the Governor of
Jirraaaon, Cm. August 26,-t-The following
nroolamatlon baa bean laaaadt f ' . v' ' :f fv
Thepowar of tbe civil autborftiea being ,1a
suffidant to protect the Uvea anl property of
oitlseoe sf the State, I,' Hamilton Mt Wamble,
Governor Of the State of Missoai, dc .hereby
call into the aotive tervic of the flat ; fort
two thousand men of the militia of tha.State,
assigning six thousand as - the quota1 for aach
mlliury district, which Is the same a a Con
greaalonaldistrlot The foroe thus called Jnto
lerricf willbeaa far aa pomrlbla a volunteer
force, and will eonslst of 10,000 eavalry nd
32,000 Infantry. It the number volunteering
should exoeed this requisition, the excess will
be held as a reserve corps, v ,v
If theresbonld be a denoienoy.lt may beodme
necessary to resort to drak.r f.Tpe .Adjutant
General will issue to the Division Inspectors of
tht several military districts tbe order? neoesaa
ry to carry tbls requisition into cnect. ins
force called out will be for six' months, mnlees
peace in tbe State shall b sooner restored
Arms will be furnished as rapidly ea they Can
be had. ::. .:;;. :
Given under my band and the seal oi the
State, at Jtfftraoa -tiitv. wis xtn aav oi.au-
Missouri. (Signed) H. R. GAMBLE.
By the Governor.
M. OLIVER, Secretary of State.
From Missouri.
Rolla. Aoe. 24 .-Lieutenant-Co-obel Albert,
of tbe Tniid Miaourl Jtegiment, ana eigni or
ten other cmaer, who bad been triaooers in tbe
hands of tbe rebels at Boring held arrived here
thla morning.:. Tney ware teleasea on - paroie,
snbjsot, however, to such arrangement a bare
been entered Into between the Confederated and
the United States. A great many contradictory
reports as to the present and future movements
of the rebels are in' circulation, bnt the real
purpose of the enemy can only be conjectured.
Tbev seem now , to be more anxious to obtain
subsistence than to make offensive movements
for that purpose. ;
SraiNoriiLO. Ade. I". The correspondent
of the St. Loui Democrat lurnished tbe follow-
Ingt t :( r
Gen. Rains Issued an order soon after his ar
rival, to ssise all the medioine and hoepltal
stores in the Federal hospital here, thus depriv
ing about four hundred of our wounded troops
of medical treatment.- A part of tbe medicines
were subsequently restored, by order of Gen.
Prlee. ' . - .
With a few exceptions our sick and wounded
are doing well, and will be; able to return, to
tneir homes In a lew days. All our wounded
could not be brought off of the ield, In conse
quence of tb' Scarcity of Wagons, but- they
were treated wnere tney lay. many ot tne
wounded were stripped of tbeir clothes by
the enemv.-and sent -to town' naked; and
every man laying on the field had his pockets
PIcked- ,
'l Sr. Loon, Aug. 25 -David H. Caldwell, in
dioted lor treason by the Grand Jury of tbe last
term of tbe United States Cireuit Court, was
tsken prisoner on Tuesday last, in Lewis coun
ty, by Colonel Woodyard'i Home Guards, while
at the head of a hundred armed men. " He waa
turned ever by the military authoritiea into the
hands of tbe U. S. Marshal, on Saturday, and
lodged In Jail. -. . ' ; ; ) " - - r f T i .' ;' j
Suppression of the Bangor Democrat.
Baoo, Mi., Angus 25. Twenty-flv copies
of tbe Bangor Democrat (extra), deposited In
tbe rostomce, have been stopped by tbe roet
master, who baa notified the Foatoihce Depart
ment. The Democrat waa suppressed by th
people a ween ago.
Launch of a Sloop.
PuiLAOiLraiAcAocnst 25. The steam sloop
of-war Tuscarora was launched p day; it th
Navy Yard. " ' " ' "
A man named Aken was arrested yesterday
ss a Southern agent. - He was conneoted with
Bloat, of Richmond, who is engaged in altering
arms for' the rebels. A coil ot field telegraph
wire wm round in his bsggage.
Dispatches from Washington.
Washington, August 25. The Potter Inves
tigation Committee report about 200 employe!
in the several DdpartmenW that cannot be de
pended upon a loyal.
. Tbe rebels in the vioioit of Taylor's 'Tav
ern, obout five miles from Fort Corcoran, took
fright last night. They fired five rounds of ar
tillery at an Imaginary foe.
. Seven wagon loads of flour were seized this
morning, while on the way to Virginia.
Two prisoner, wbo esoaped from Richmond,
have arrived here.- One' Is Capt. Degolyer, of
the dth Michigan Regiment. He aaye tbe reb
el acknowledge, a lose at Bull's Run greater
than ours." ' ?--' .-.. . ;-. u
McDowell U appointed to command a dirUlon
oompoaed of the brigades of General Key and
Wadsworth. . . ... .;., : .
... Mayor Bcrrett's arrest is not solely for his
refusal to take the oath of allegiance, but also
on other good and sufficient grounds. -
' Several women bare been arrested and others
placed under surveillance .for giving aid and
comlort to the rebels, r. - i - . - - u; i i
Capt. Tansell, Lieut. Wilson of tha Marine
corps, and Midshipmen Claiborne and Lena
have been aent to Fort Hamilton. They bad
tendered their resignations. Their names have
been stricken from the roll. 1 , ; ' . " " ,
, , Thomas W. Canfldld ha been appointed man
ager of Government railroad and teleftraphs
In ptaoe of A. Caraagle, who resumes tbe Hu
perlntendency of the Western1 .Division of the
rooylvaoi Central Railroad.,,, ."-,;: ' :
The entire blame of the recent affair at Lex
ington,' Kentucky, belongs to Senator Breckin
ridge, wbo Incited an, assault, On the; Union
troops.' ob ,. u 1
: Tbe Union men Of Western Virginia and
Eeastern Tennessee prefer Urgent ' requests for
the service of General. Lander in that section.
A collision occurred recently at Norfolk be
tween Alabama and Virginia regiment. Five
or Six were killed. "'. ; r - . ''. .S
.. In ooosequenoe of the Preeident'i proctama
tibn, Adams k Co Iseued orders to all their of-,
floe to oease receiving letters for the Confed
erate States. . - ' , . ; ."".jj, . .
The Postmaster General hae issued tia fol-1
lowing orderi -'' '" ' ' ," w , -j
Tbe President of the' United Statef dlredt
that hi proclamation Qf the iGib, interdicting
commarclal interoour with the South, shall be
applied to correspondences.'. Officers and agents
of Post Office Department will, without further
instructions, loie no time la putting an end to
written intercoaree witbpHboie States, by eaus
Ine the arrest of anv excreta aeent or other
persona who shafl, after this, order,. receive
letters lor transmission to or from said Stale,
and will telle ucb letter and forward tbem to
this Department. f ' r
[Signed,] M. BLAIR,
Postmaster General.
" There was a false alarm dorlnsr tbe 'Btontne
church service to-day; a picket gua,rd reported
the enemy aavanotog uom raiisuaurcn uen,
McDowell telegraphed to MoClellan, and prep
arations were making lor meeting tbe enemy
when another telegram, came, txpUlnjpg, lbit
the first wa unfounded ht h.-.m ? , . i.,.. !
Government I ehsiderlng -the propriety of
organising a National Detective' police foroe.
New York, St. Louis, Chicago and other eitle
were represented; in, the conference. The plan
Is to have agents' distributed through the eonn
ry i forming a net work of aorveilUnee, -
The deteetive force in Washington is largely
Increased by recruit from New York and Phil
adepbla. ' ' "V;-;.;-.-
A woman from Beauregard' headquarters
waa arrest to-day, while passing through oar
line Into Alexandria An Irish woman sedroh
ed her, and found som twenty letters addressed
to and Implicating prominent aitiaena In Waabt
Ington and Alexandria. ' t " -.i ' ml
' All the mutineers still In custody," Including
those of the 2d Maine and 13th and 21st. New
York, were Mat to the. Dry Tortugas this after
noon. ''l''' " fi i-va
Several persons were arrested to-day, among
them Mr. Greenlow, widow of the former li
brarian and, translator at, the. 8 tat. Depart
ment. Mrs. Senator Gain's trunk,' ordered' to
go onto West Point by express, wis examined,
and plans of the fortifications' at the Chain
Bridge and en tbe other aide of 4he Potomao,
traced on paper by some dark in the War De
partment, were found. ' Dr. Manning wa also
arreatea w-nay. ucner arrest -wilt toon '
K 'Mrt. Thlll'ps, wife of a well kcown exninaeV
lof of thlt city, was arrested at her 'residence1,
charged witn Holding treasonable commanlca
tlon with th rebel. It Is said that, when ar
rested, Mrs. .Phillips attempted to swallow a
portion of a lettir she was writing to a rebel.
Mrs, Phillips prepared to IHuminat-ber house
in &mmemoration .mt tbaL rebelaCjtiotory at
ButfRuo.aedwatealy dissuaded 'Jam doing
so by her more prudent rebej frlend It is an
deritood that ordei were sent front here to
cause the arrest of "Mr. 8wln, now at West
Point, and that ber arrest was probably effected
yesterday. . fi , , C
An offlor who caaie fronLBanks'Ulolumo ves-
jterday, sayefth Maryland; side if lied wth
refugee from Loudon county, V who are
keeping out of the wayof-tbe rebels now en
gaged in impressing th men and plundering the
country. ; jj .
It is stated that Lient. KImmell, of the Sec
ond Cavalrywbo was at Bull Run with pajtof
bis regimcnth esiA(liJUlJJomilioa d
aeeepted a captalnoJW ,th.BwlA earajry In
Maryland. He bad received baiasssision
eAuVenaomtaeneVve Manas
sas states, immediately after tbe battle at Bull
Ran the rebel authorities made extraordinary
exertions to brio1 forward troop! reeultlnk In
transportavion of large, force, front, Tonee
to Virgls la. which, had beea held at bom for
defensive operaUon oo the Miaialpl.-The
cotton Siatee haiaUo forwarded large numbers,
all that could epared from borne) and Bedu
regard has now a larger" fbrc than at any pre'
vious time. , However. great the necesaiiy lor
him to commence an onward, movement o pre
vent his army front diaoluiio4)Fye4 no feare are
expressed) that be will ventare an attack oOor
Hoes, ' ' i.ii' 1 ' 'i1'-
" Foreign mail h ;'A'a Ia.WtinerTwer rip
eelved to day at Iba btateUepartaien.-Aavioes
from our Miolsters are written nnoVn" the preee
ure or, the Bull Run disaBter. '.V V-i
. Eurooean Governments apprftcjta tbe dlsaa-
tar at IU fall extent, but there, is a diapositioa
on tb .Coitlneot to give tbe Northern troops
more ereuK lor naanng ana enuurauce uma .our
own paper have claimed, aod tbeir fighting in
front ot heavy worke being considered by milita
ry men aa giving tbem eo great an advantage
as to make it a matter of wonder that' raw re
cruits could have been Induced (d itsaauU f heh
arrow sue anUYumge.ii t :i ,-.now ,
' Oor- Minister do not dhignisw-the faet tbat
tbe Goverbment baa suffered severely 'in tbe es
timation of Europeans by the disaster, but, they
are eonfident that no movement tareeegoiae tbe
rebel aa a nation will be made so- long a the'
Government maintain its lorcea on the ou,qj
tbe rebel States.
i Tbe feeling on the Continent jae generally
that the North would be aroused by the disaster
to ll army, and that the defeat closed the door
to any arrangement with the rebels.
Tbe Brltieb Government officials appear to be
Impressed with the belief that the battle and de
feat would only prolong tbe contest without de
ciding anything. . ., 1 1 w t
Tbe elty waa thrownv into a state ol exalte
ment Ibis morning by th report thar martial
law was to be immediately declared. The
authorities , have not "decide! to take spc a
tep - i . w . i ..rfo i lit.
A committee from Boston ha bf en hr en
deavoring to persuade the President; tbst .be
ought to change ms coostitutlQcal advisers. ,. It
is said these fentlemeu repreaent the aentiment
of certain prominent monetary interest I Bos
ton who demand that the beads or; tne War arm
Navy Department must com off, else they wUl
not .risk, their capital further.' .The presenta
tion of their ease ber ha created considerable
' "'''' 1 'I ; n.M.'.r H.otjflHI '
W AAHiaaroN, Ante. 2uCommandr Porter,
who wa recently deprived of thw-oommand of
the sloop or war St. Marys, on suspIcfoD Of dis
loyalty to the Government, has "voluntarily re
turned to wasniLgtonw-Jt is understood be has
presented to the Navy Department an elaborate
document with prooi feruling tbe charge", and
snowing that torgery Bat been, used to dishonor
him. jjii' , , L ,ii - .j. , . i '
- Tbe results of Gen. Meigs' administration of
tbe viuarter-Master's Department are astonish
ing. . Soldiers on both sides of the Potomac are
not only promptly but. satisfactorily furnished
with everything necessary for tbeir military and
doaeatio want.' J - n -d iaj-j
AH vessels including' schooners 'snd -small
rot boat and skiffs on .(.be Potomid', Rtyer,
nave been taken possession ot by uorernment
authorities. - '' iihu- . -tfj.ir. .ijct s )
Tbe new Treaanr notes are1 laWtoulatlofl lo
this city' to-day..,, They are, eagerly taken for
borne circulation. - ."-r i.' i
mm i 'i ' ' ' ' f"-
. i
Col. Barnes offers his Services.
Boston, Aue.SC. Col. James Barnes, of the
Eighteenth Massachusetts Reeiment.was in the
same class at West Point with Lee and Jeff,
Davis. Col. Barnes was the' first in the claas
and Jeff. Davis the twenty-seventh. The. class
numbered thirty-one.' Colonel Barne wa for
several years Instructor" n', tactics at WeBt
Point, and was an aid td General Scott In the
suppression of the .Aallincauen diiuculue at
Charles to rr in the year 1035, and waa for eoau
urn in Knasia in the service or the liovern
ment there. He has offered his services to
the Government at; jibe suggestion ol General
Scott. ; V!,,if.: Xe.j ,.4 i,.., ,mtjil '.iulT I
mm -' ,Vi I
From the South via Louisville.
gram from faducab, atating that, at .a private
meeting of citizen en. tbe um, resolutions were
passed requesting Governor Magoffin to proper
ly protect the citirena" Of that section , aeainst
such occurances aa tbe lite arrest of two Ken-
tnckiana . in . Ballard , county, bj armsd rufiians
from Cairo, and the aobsequeas capture ei he
steamer ' Terry by the'1 Federal gun-boat Cotaes
toga, and announcing that if Governor Magoffin
doea not give tbat protection they will call 'on
Tennessee and tne uontederate atate. Tb
same paper also state that Magoffin telegraph
ically proffered 'the aid required. Instructing
M. Johnson, Senator, from Pdducah; to vtsit
Cairo and demand o(Gan. Prentlsa by wh&au-
thority tbe arrest and capture waa made and
report-'-"' -r--,M jivi . ..-i nj
T he Appeal trnstr lungomn win issue a proc
lamation aimilai to Ibavof Ciaib Jackson's..' ,
Tha Mayor aad Board ef Aldeemeo mi Mem
phis have appointed -'a' eomtBitree to confer
With General mix, on the subject .br 'impress
ments.... i I..1.S, j. -ijt r MV tl tfd
The Avalanob saji that deck hand of
steamers bavtng refuted to work "Upon Cdnfed
erate teamerV thit 'Comoahdinai Geaeral has
otdeiedaU suokta.b tkea. Dck hand who
have Ooneealed tbemselvee in'eoeaectsee with
farmers, bare been taken ' on 'tbisi order. Last
evening, , James Plunkett,'. deck, hand, . as
arrested, and on attampiine: to escipe, was
seriously wounded by a abofc The Avaiaache
condemns tbis.atate .of things, which iorms the
basis ot the Major and Aldermen1 action. r ; '
. . ... .j..
From Fortress Monroe.
Hortkxss Monrox, Aucust 85. The fori
dable preparations fur a naval expedition from
uid roiut are aoodt eompieuj. its destination
a profound secret. ;
Lieutenant Croaby returned last mghT from
bis third expedition From the eastern shore
of Virginia be webt off Tangier Sound, and
.broughixback pii s(eamer. Mm u mM
From Fortress Monroe. The New York News Again Seized.
-Waw Yeaa, Auauat 36 AtU aa' sarJy-hW
thia morning; a. force e depety marshal ,w
tent to tbe office of the Ameiwoant EcprtCb Cbm
pany, where it waa anoerstoed a. large edition
of disloyal newspspers hsd beeniodfedj.fcf
transmission by express. Tpe oors eeized
nf tbe liry FewrjTbwpnblish.
ewa BndlBil .themselves excluded
from the Postofflce, Adams Express, and Rot
dtvToasy'i sgenelee, had endeavored to 'employ
the- American - Express; eomTjnryr- wbrchj Ktty
supposed was not ,Kbd;tp' VJaJ'fi ij '
. -i ... . ..new i 'J"i '
BsiaoaroiT. Coan.,'Aaeot KIa-ilenir
Mt the office ef the Farmer 1s nights' ' mMi
baarvas found filled, with letters, eto,for tecef-
jieaitts in Alabama and Georaia, aemet ihaai
expeeing treason or noma polttioianev wwno
.fxu 'i 'n . ;
i2B:Wm:"S:'ISh'niKn j
nephew lOtfth rebel General, wa affeatedrat.
the deooi to-oav. aiier paroBaaiuir awjaessor'
Louisville.1 'fit trunk contained a number' of
letUra for he Soutll.-olle'orwhICTllpokeiJXthe
prisoner ai an offlwr lu th Confeeratel.arpy.
The Privateer Jeff. Davis.
!.Ut! aVu&nat 9.-Th"e EtUis? BrlJjQi
Loeett; whisiv antied at iYarmentb, lk.t
tha 19th init.. reports that en tht 1'Jth lnat.Ho
latitude CJ dea. 0 aingitnae ji .ceg., she
was boarded by tb pre Jeff Davl? nod
rrwwt'aftoeafflmat t Ber parparev-f The
boardintr tifflcer Itave bw nam" B"-B.i. H.
NEW YORK, Aug. 24.
LdVBa-Hailiati asotafad nlt And aaa. aad
So lower, wlfh-a atodcrat twluM doia (ot axpart at
tha deolln,uli W,i,u tbi ut t '4tmi 9 npr
In uto; JH ettlr uttt; t t do far
uixrani VVmJ $i HkiHrli tot eummoa toaMdlaa
tra weilern; UUS5 10 for ihlpplnt brsodt axira
nwd Ho'Q)il a4 S HOB M for Ind kranda dot
aarttatolMlnf Ann And qutoe - Canadian Tlonr a trill
better, with a ,dlSMdt m bbU at 4
3S(M dOtTTniWTflri-.-aii St nT aOterwawe to
oholc tfl -BriimriteadYateaafraaee.iAa
OOHN HSAL la wtlhout chaos ta aria) aales oi
300 bbU at f-tu ror Jaray and coo to vet torn
wamuitt Puiu mm or 1.1 sm
i17Mo!'!f!'i I
Wll; Afr-Ootned haivv. and ld SBlt fcwtt.wlil
odly a'modertte demand at th decline! ' t 18 Sue
ou,h (Jhicapj tprlnr at l u; n.swoo atrwtatM eino
at eauitgii id; xil.aco do aaMriowaatfi lawt in;
10,400 do common to fair old and new winter red wattern
at 1 tS; ttrlotly prim lt VIII bring about t
u: 11 70U hutuelt rod ttata at BI o.auv 00 wait
waiter n at SI 31(31 33; 50.000 do wblta Kentucky at
1 Sai 40: 18lOuOOar.adolab pa niirata terna.
JtYl Qnlet, and.pricetwithoat matailal change.
UlAilUr-I an aoathul. V s. -t i'Ji .-i
uuhn la ood rtQnaatiw export, at loperiHianoi
adraooa; aalea ol lOl.bOO buah at 444&8o for common
ana rniXtd weateta; 47(8c (or Mr do.) 40330s. for
ood aod prlao thlppinf do. ! and 46Sit for ia(itor to
tMie wwatra ytllawi '-i sw ..'vv
0T'-la taoderatt raqnatt, at SOSSo for Canada;
and S?S33j for state and weatern.
POKbV-A aoderate kualneat dolnirf imd (h Market
wlittont eaiemlal rhanga; aalea of 530 kbit at 119 for
mata; and SIO 00310 UK tar pruaa..
BKKr Market Willi rule. Terr qnlet: talet of 800 bba
at 4i34 SO forooontrr prime; Hi rordoauwt
!! S3 for repacked men; and I9 501$ 1H for
extra aaot-Print ta btaf Milt rtaaatnt dall and
nomlnalv Beef hajni ai t ouiat and tttadl at 1 14 fit for
M'tarn .v ,i ti nt;i :1 I .'.
CUT MEATS Am Inaetln: aalaa of SS sackaMa at
4X5c for abonlderit and Sto'orhm,.
LakD Iila fclrleaaand.ard iba mrat frail oar
revloda ojooUtloaal aalaa of S4U bbU at IHM ' ?
uuttkh vry Orm. and aelllni quiw Heel atyau
urunio;and iaaiar lor a. , .
CHKEsE- I. In Mr reauett for einort at 0!7Ko.
SL'QAK Bur Ii la lei, asilV reoueat. but prictl atlll
ruit vary nrm, meaoroot nnua unoaai vav'o- -
Firm, but Iba markitlaverr quiet, and
hdveonij to aotlca talet of 30 bblt at40t fol Ilw
Oritanti arKr IU bkdt of Ptt Btco at St "' w
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 26.
flibtTITne tnark'otfftr Floor wat a little flnaer Sar
ins the morning under tht Influence o' a fair local and
order doaaad, but th dltpatcfcct in tb Ohaabas of
Oommarct, noiinf i lui aiafkatlnAtir Xork. eaawd
bnjtri to wltkkraw, sad Mt oalten about when thej
Stood rtsterdaj. .
WBait-taad a toei mpportat she rAnfo tf pi;eaa
duotod ragidrdai , nntil Ihi oondltlsa f th laak
markat wat reported, whtn bnrtrt ttood off. Tbe ofltr
Inm. we aothtary, anrr tellers have u yet loiao ad
VkotAge in prlca b th withdrawing of orderi.
uurtN iiauuitMJo. - . ,.v, , .. i.f,,
0113 Areauttttt 23o for sew.. The ditttoctbri In
ftror ol old It uow nearly remoyed. ' , , ,
Jtx a Thtr wat a ial oi ays at lUc. , ,
WBIBKT-Btd attaady market at 13. . ,
' - t ' ti f Ostaeteretef, .
tv;- - vOfTHl -. -. -,
JW UEJ(ttAl. NATUKB, IN FOBCl AUQ. 1. 1800.
' . , COT.ItATEP B"$" ,; ' 1
Hon. Joseph Rr Swaii!
wm troTsi or tss ssoisioim op tm bv-
.-.j)l rssja OOUBT, i '.'
(Contained la twenty-nine Totumes of tbe Obit; and Ohio
. . Btate npon.j . . , : v
6 1 v 'au'dJ A.'rmx Ajts ooMvsitBNT rjintx.i 1
la Two Royal.8ro. Volumes. Price $10 00.
ilo ear rwxpntehai bean t pared to aaake the Work
oerfect and reliable In all retpecu.
It hat now th Lej Itlatire aanctlon, baring been ap
orored by nearly the nnanlmoot rota of both Bonaet.
and wat ordered to bt diatribe ted t tht followisf Stat
aaa -uoutuy enioerw it- .j .t.. i -
Uorernor, Attorney oeneral, anpreme Jadja, Beere
tary, 0 irnptraller, treat arar and Aoditer of State, and
tut rrooaia uonrtt, uonrta oi uommon rieaa, super
ior aad Polio Coarta, Aaditora, and thtOhtrkt of tht
rarioua Ooartt la each ooonty , to tha Membera of tht
Senate and Haute of Bepreeentatirea of Ihia Btata, aad
la Ooventan of the ttvaral Butat of tbaUnloa.
Thlt book. tontAlnlDi, at it doet, all of tht Statutes
oow la rone, ana the authoritative construction of them
tud of the New Constitution, will be found to be eiptcial
It uaeful in the performance pt their duties, to all
nnntter noomvDU
r;iUBTI0a8 0yTilll?lA0B, $
f"f f
VUJanao vr iww nouil'D, UQ
. CITY OfllCXkS.
Inaamuch ai Terr many chance, have been made is tha
Ztatutti tiact the publioation of tha last edltlont, by rr
peal, alteration! and additiona. and many Important do
elaiona bare been Rivta by th Supreme Court on eon
inverted point, , all - .,, . m.i irf. ,
AnuimarsAi law, t .-, j
Will find thlt an brraluable Work. .:.. .. )
Two. Royal 8vo. Volutin of over Jlnftten Mtiirti
alii. In Btronr Law Binding. Price aiO.00.
Publlthedby ' ;; " ' ' -'"s -"J, 1
Law Publlihera, Booktelltrt) Btationert and Importers.
i , k : . i. . , no. mS Watt loorttt tare,
tobWetaula V- . Cincinnati 0.
Orrici or Tarn liatttn or tw Poatro Woact, :
CoLOHtoai Jana 13, 1861. I ;
ri! undenljmed harinf beoam th Laaaeaa of th
Mobile Worka of Ohio, uadar. tha act of Mar 8. 18ot
Daring entered Into th poaaetalon of aaid Worst,
hereby fly nolle tbat in operating under aald leaae,
discharging their dutiaa under the same, th buait
neat will bt transacted with tb pnbllo through agents
appointed by the Laeseee, under aach rule, Mgalatlona,
retrfotlonv and hmttatropt,t-aamll ba aratuilliail for
tnttr goTtrnmenc . - ' j l ... , I . . I . ,1 r
Tba Aau rot tne present, win oaston v en Min
eral Agedt, a Treaaurer and Beoratary, for th Oantral
Office of lira Llmea a Gaiumeua; aa :tht ntoeuary
numbetaf Bupartntandeata of Bapatraaod Collto.oraof
Tolls on tht aararal Worka embraced In tha lea.a
The Oaneral A rant thall be tha Driacioal axeentlrt
offleer of the Leaaaa, at d aha.ll bars oharvo of tb raa.
eral buiineaa office atOolumbut. Ha ahail hare aupar
Tuion orar tbe bualnest of th Leaseat with tht ouolio.
at taeh agaot thaH txacatavall eoatraott, except
tnott tor aoor aaa auuenait oaattctea win toa t rdin
repair, of Iht aeraral Worka. and he thall audit and
tattle all accounts. . .-,. . ;
Th Ou let of the Treuorer and Becretary thall bt
sucb at are uinally discharged by ala)llar offioera In other
Tba Bnrjertntmdanta f Baoalra ahall. on thalrra.
tpecUre dltialona, hart power ta earploy kni Uobatgt
aubordlnalet and laborera, an to purcbara all tooit
mawrtala Deoaaaary ta til orduutry repair of tuck
division, and th tame thall ba under their special dl-
notion aaa maaagainani. . ....
Tha Colleetora of Tolls, Water Behtt ind I net. ar
lnveated wiihaW th authority and power, prorated la
laws or tna But ana tne leguiauont or tne soar
Public Work mad for that purpoat, whan such Cob
lectin acted tooer appointment ana authority from th
Stat. . . . . j
No ludlrldual member or tbjbeaiet snail bar tht
rhrht' to traoaact oaainett ta th nam f lb Leasee,
aay paraoa or peraana, la aay other taanawr tba
trubha appetataa aa-a iar an Ma tptclally aumorla
ed by the Letetea so to do; nor shall any one of th ap
pointed ecenit hart 'authority to snunaet any baaleaaa.
ta.b bam if tba Leattea eaeopt rn the yarticaWt
prasoaol tbe koainet eonude lo bus, and subjoeti
the reslricttoos ana iimttationt oi nit agency. i
No authority td borrow money on the credit ef the
Least te, ahall erat jcM la any Leatee, agaot or other
employee of th Lataeea, unlets tbe earn ahall be coiw
ferred by a nnanlmout vota of the Loreeea, at a rva-ulat
rateellag. an the aiaaual a aatthariaed ba bortowtd
tpecincd in th order and entered oa the Journal ,
Oao. W. eUrrriHHT it the Oeneial Agent of Ite
teaieet, Bnuaam B). Inn, 'Treasurer,-aad Jon
Jaarcav Secretary.- v t ? j-dd . utva k1" .
Tb Superintendents of Bepalrt art: ,
Oa the tl, B Canal and W. B a kf . Bota1 JoetTS
OoayWA,XBoMA(Bawii W. J.T0tUD tad AL.
BAcaoa. ...
On ih Ohio, welboodlor and Hocking Canals an tha
Maaklntjna Impioremant-JtoBaaT U. Niraaa. TBoaua
MiLua, DsMHta MoOaAtar, BvivatTia HanaibT and
Kowaaa ball.
Te- Qelleotorsoa th Oaoait, Untklnerosa. Imarovt-
isataad Maume Bead, are tlie aunt that wtrt la th
irriceof tho Biat at th Urn of th execution of tb
Leaat; but all th aforesaid agent hld their appolnt-
lenta at W tieasare aau oyuon or me aieaeeae. . . I
XUMlT.. .;UviJ KBNT JAkVllv 16
1 HO J"- J A0K8OH,
4"- iRwni.r, wanouuV
u y i svt r or a. tHoaaa Mooam.
mm .-l.r"t i nl tf. . 'THOMAS BROWNy 1
Lestirtof ihtFobMe Wrfe.
wbtwaw' " " m i-e 1
;v.-: THE COnr A8S BOXED l rw !
eVi w. w.,v. ' w.c . -.
e-av, nw, nyiUA. .puuBvutu, m VTCry uinuuoB,
Pylt'a Ciatttlc Baieratut h (aat tupertedlng all
ethert.'r.lt nat ntbN ttrengtb) is were, wherraemw aad.
aarmiess. 4 Bewars fl. adaiurated unltatlomi , nepw
W WathUgloa Blraet, Hew, lor. iBold ay Ueeeara
t I. ft-M
TTjnCBlfen VrkntKB (orKOpaokaget of
IT., atattonerw. and Jewelrr. for. ml Bt rice at In
voiced, lett Id percent, discount, at tbeexpreat otlctt
(IMnmhlia. Ahl. .' 1 '' - " .
Alto, aceute wtnted to ten tne netipaonnier nariear
TJ (with "r without Jewelry) la the markeS, a prleet
limey Ihtn can be yurchated" elatwhere. Addreet, with
pyiCttw'VU ; V1W 6ort ttrttt, Boston, Meat.
;.;, y.. jwmtnm .... r.ar-,-,.r
1 1 ;mmvm
-a .
AaeayarJapiad im fad . Veeww nytutaramu
to tht amotion of Botaera, bar
8 0 0 H I-N O' S YRUP,
which rraatly hMiiitaaaa tb pneatt af ttaahlar, by aoft
ninK tna maaa, rMaeuc ail anniaaaaaaiua will a
ALL PAIN end aptaoaodt aetata, au bt'. u...
OepenS, upoa'H, 'lV,P.i$'!!1 'h rtjoamttei
aM ,. v .n.. ,1 v,' ., - - .
- WkavepntparMlaM CM avtlolw far wvw taw ywan.
mm van will', n' win vavBnuai n Tauia, arit,
what w have vr -bate aba to tay of any other andl
anua, TO arritOT a OCaa, wlwe Uaaaly aat. Maw
tr did wa know aa rnalaa f dtaaaUanuttoa by any em
wha need It. Oa tha eontrary, all ar delighted wink la
oearatlona.aad apaak tat tame 1 wttaadtUaa of la
magical enaeta and nedleal timet. W tpaak In tbia
mauer-wnAi' na uu ivriVWi" aiwr tea yaara' rxp
almoat every laatanea tbnt th Infant ta taflerlnf fraaa
pain and axnaaauun. ttliaf .will bt fond la Altaaaor
twenty mlnuiea ater theiiyrap It adminittered. .
Thl, raluslile preparation It th preaciipUon of on of
the moat nKPSklBNOKDatd BalLLrUL NTJE-BS In
New Bntland. and haa bran aaed aita. navia f ail.
, , - TI1UJ ANaa P OAHE. ,
Itaotiolt rallerea the aklldtroat naia.' aai Lartaua.
ataa the atomaob and bowelt, oorreota acidity, and tjrtf
ton tad anarrt t thowhola trala . It win alBoaa Inl
stantby Hl.tve . ,1 it' I'lli i --1 : '
aad raroaantawnTBiaioaav watoh. If nat ipaadlby raaa
m end ta death.. Wa haUe M th BBdl and SUB.
a ST HatlaDY IN TUB WORLD, tn all eaaaa af DV
NMTJtai and IlAklUl(IA IN OlIIUaUtM, wbathai
it ariaa from UeHhioi.or front any Maw it aai Wm
woaMaar torry BoOerwbaneaelld teetotal; front
any of b rorefoint; tonplalnaa DO NOV Ut YOUI
ruwuDioaa Noi mk paajrjDioasor otHaaa
Maod bwtwan yoa and yoar taaarln thilo, aad tha ra
lief thai wlU bt 8DAB yea. ABdOiiUCNLK SUAa aa
follow th oat of (harmed totne, bt Uavalr aaad. fall di
rection, for Mint; will accompany each -belli. Nap
snutna unicm Ui tac-aimilt or DUJttiiS a fauKlNB,
ew York, It on tht oulaid wrapper. '
Bold by all SrnggUta thnaghoat the worlli .
Prl 'vetaal Office l Caar Street N.Y,
IS7lfcwJy.,,i lit r.'i ;,.... - ,
An MectiYe,Ee&'fld'
f, r." .ii' Compound, .;
To fta orrgrnal ee4or wUhoot drains, and p reran ling
Hair from taming gray. .... , .
And euring it, whtn there a the leaat particle of ritall
or recuparaUr energy remaining.
And all cutaneous affectlona of the Icalp.
Imparting to It an aoeqaled gloMandbrllluuicy, maklns
toft and silky In it texture, and emualnf it to cur
rsadtiy. -
Tha gnat eelehnty an teoraatlag tlraaaad for tbia aa-
equaled prt pa ration, eonrlnoea tha proprietor that on
trial It only neceeaary to aau.ry a uiaceming public of lta
tuDerioraualitietorerany o
lhar preparauon is oa. It
clean tea tht head and teal f ma dandral and athar
eutantout diaaaaet, cauting tl
the hair to crow Itutorlantl
giving It a rich, toft, gloaay aad flexible appearance, aad
alto, where the hair Is loosening and thinning, It will gtre
strength and rigor to the roota and restore the growth to
bote parte wmcn nare become naia, causing it to yield a
resn oortring oi nair.
There are hundreds of ladies and geatlemea bt New
York who hare had their hair rattored by tht ase of tha
Inritorator. when all other preparation! hare tailed. L.
U. haa in hit possession letters Innumerable testifying
to tne aoore ucia, rrom peraoDe oi its otgneet rooaecta
bilitr. It trill effectually pre rent the hair from turntnr
nntil the latest period of life; and In eaaet where" the hair
haa already changed It color, th ate of to Inrlgorator
will with oertainty restore It to It to la original hue, air
ing It a dark, glossy appearance. As a perfhme for the
toilet and a Hair Keatorattre It It particularly recom
mended, baring an agreeable fragrance; and tbe great fa
cilities It affords In dressing the hair; which, when moist
with the Inrlgorator, ou be dreaead tn any required
form to at to preaerrt lit place, whether plainer in carta;
hence tbe great demand for it by the ladiea aa a ataadard
toilet article which none ought to be wlthout,at the priot
placet it within th reach of all. betng - ,
Only Twenty-Rye Cent
per bottle, to be had at all veepeotabl Druggists and
Ii. MTLLEB would eall the attention of Parent aod
Quardlans to the uae of his Inrlgorator, In eaaet where
th children I hair IneUnea to be weak. Tbe uae of it
lays the foundation lor aooonasad of hair, m it re
oret any unpuriUes that Buy bar become connected
with the acalD. th temoral of which la neoeaaare both
for the health of th child, a&4 the future .appearaooe of
lta atair.
Oionoa-None genalne without th (totimlle LOCIg
niuust eeing oa in outer wrap peri alee, fa. MIL
LKKtV HAIaV INViaOKATOB, a. X., blown lo th
gleet. ' ' - 1 -- - -
Wholesale Depot, M Sey street, aad sold by all the
principal Uerchantt and Druggitta throughout th world
Liberal dltooant toy iiietiatiirt by the quantity.
, I ale desire to pretest to thAmricaaPahlie my '
which, after yean of scientt&o' experimenting, I bar
brought to perleetlea. It dyea Blaok ot Brown Instantly
wtthoutinjury to the Ealr or Bkint warranted tha beat
artloia of tha kind la axiftanoe. . ..... , , - ,
Depot, 56 c Dey SL, New York.
;jotS8ylwly. m
.... uiwitr ADfA .
b.1 r.r ir"''"'"i r t.i i i ,
tamafaetiifere mt all ktatle af Far-
table and Ntotiossary ateaaa Kaa-.
(inea, Saw Rltllo, Urlat milt,
" 1 eVe.. eVCa
. trnfa tDUVAlk Mtmllh C02.UifMUt
MAcmmt co. Mtotmnit' mbjldord
at CO. Samltttr -
Our Portable login end Saw Kill
Was awarded Ut ftrat aremiua et BSD at th bdlana
Btate Yair for 1"0 orar Lehe a Bedlej't ea account ol
Price, lightness, slOpKttty,' wonOmy, of luel
and superior eharaeter of lumbar sawed.
Our Stationary Bnglne was awmrde at the bate fall
the Brat premium of j
Our Portable Bngine waa awarded tht Bret premium ol
eiw at tne ratr at aempnta. Ten., rer Braaayt ua
rail'e, Oolombua Maohlna Oo'tn aad BraaVord 0a.
by a committee of practical Baiiroad Bnglneen.
for price aod trmt addrett . S : ; .
... V71LLABD WABNBB, Ireajurer,
aTeoMatwtyeols. ' Hewark.Ohia
WsVeraaale atfeat BetsUI. Dealer la
Kn : '. r l-Mi all tu wm
v rHf tx) riona SMAPt 0 mt t ;tf
Oot- S6 1- ..j
or Seminal Weakaeaa, Bexaal Debility, Merreaeaawt.la
roluntary Saitetlona aa lmrotDoy, malting from
Self-abate, fee. aryBobt.A. Culrerwell,. at. I. fleat
under teal, tplaia' aaveloa, Sa-aay addnaaypon
naM. oa reeelptertww wtamn try Br. 0UA8. J.9.
B.LTNB, 197 Bewery, Mew Xork foot Office Haw. No
lastasit Belief! - tmp fmmt tTastgaaf
rarlfr ym Breatkf
truf tkeai waa relo'ef
C ri
i i-.i.- .hv'jC '. "! ' - a ja"i'Aj if In iffti
' y . ...'it,.-
OHtlMttir 0T I0K '
They relieve a Congb IneUntly.
f -a :
Tbey clear tb Throat. . XA
They give strength and volume to tht vole.
Tbey impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath,
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and oaanot
barm any one.
ladrlte every en wbe hat a Oougk er a kaeky Tetot
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of tb Threat, t get
package of my Throat Ooa factional they win twUrr
yoa loetantly, and yo4 will agree with as that "they
go right to the spot " Toa wUl Bad rata very etefa I
and pleasant while traveling or attending yohlkt awet
tngs for stilling your Cough or allaying yoar thlrtt. If
yoa try on package, Z am safe to taring that ye will
trtr afterward eonalder them ladles sasslil.
Toa will find them at tb Pragrlttt aeel Baelers ta
Udlelaaa. . , .,
PRIM ' ' ' '-
My slgnatnrt is ea each package. All ether ar
counterfeit. "
A package will be ten t by mall, prepaid, w reeeipto'
Thirty Owe ta. , ,. , . . .
Addrett, , . ..
Hexuy C. Spalding, 1: ,
' NO. 48 CEDAB ITftltT,"
y CURE i
By the at of these Pills th periodic attack ot Ar
one or SUsi Btaiath may be prerantad; and if taken
at th commencement of an attack Immedlat relief frost
pain and aloknese will be obtained.
They seldom fall la removing tb Samtta aod
acX4 to which female, are eo tubj act. j
Tbey set gently apoa th bowelt rttao ring Cesats
lor Literary Mm, ShxlmU, Dtllcatt reaaalt
and all penona of Hdentary habit, they ar value
at a LomaUt. Improving tba appttU, glrtag- Urn
waoev to th direstire organs, and restoring the aatar
ebatlelbr and atreneih of tha whale erateaa.
TBI OBPBALIO PILLS tr th malt of loog Inree
Ugatloa and carefully eondacted experleMnta, baring
beea In at atany years, daring which tim tbey bare
prerenud andrellereda vast amount of ealatmd tuffer
Ing from Headache, whether originaUng ta th tatretw
system or from a deranged ataot of ttV sfawsaoA.
They ar entlraly ragetable fat their eoeapeeittoai, a
may bt take at all Uae with perfect safety wlthoal
making aay ehaag of diet, ead (A srate stay;
diiaorabU ttuU rmKdtrt U taty lo mdmint tr tAewt
oAalaVta. . .
Thtgenuln hare tra ttgnatuieeof Eanry Q Spaidlsg
ea each Box.
told by Druggbtt aau all other Dee tort la Keaaokaee.
A Boa will be tent by stall, prepaid, oa raralpt ef tb
Zxrloo QO Oozxtcia
All rdre aheuld bt addreeeed to . .
4 Cur Btreet, New Vaaa.
from th Bxamlner, Horfola, Ta. I
Oephalle Pllla aovompllah tbe object lor which rbey
went made, rla.1 Oura of headache la all la forsee.
-' ' from th Bxamlner, Werfelk, Ta. -'
Tbey hare beta tatted la mora thaa a tacataad aaats
with entire t
from lbs Democrat, St. Oload, Klaa.'
If yoa ar. or bar been, troubled with tbe
tend lor a boa, (Oephalle Pill,) to that yoa aeay bare
taeaala taaa of an attack. , ' -j
"' from tb Adrertiaer, ProrMnoa, t. X. .'
The Oephalle Plllt ar takt teae a ramaiSalily effect) re
remedy for tb headache, and oa of th Terr beet lor
that eery frequent tnmplalnt.whlch ba erar hat dla
ovared. , '
from th WMtara B. B. Oeattte, Ohiaata, IU.
W heartily eodort Mr. Spauldlng, aa ha tuwtvaM
OephalwPUlt. : . h , . ;
Kanawha Talley Star,
W ar tar that pereoni tafftrlag wRh th
who trj abem, will atiok to tbem. .. : :i-
from the Boathtra Path finder, BtwOrlams, U.
Try them I yoa that ar afflicted, aad we are ear that
yoar ttettmonyeea b added as th already neaaaeoaa
list that haa reotlred btntfla that a other wtaViae aaa
produce. '
. .. - ' ' a
from the St Louie Ptasttat. x r v.--;
Th Immtnat demand for th trtkl yOepheJW PUbj
to rapidly increasing.
from the Oaatttt, Darenport. Ieaaa. ,
. Mr. Spalding would aot eonoeot hto eiBt aa ar
ticle he did aot ewet to eoaeaaa real BMriu
ITJ-A ttngl bottV mt SPAI.Daa PBBPABBB
, OLD will sara taa Usee lta aoet aaa tally.
OBtmrunto nn nm . r. v,mm .
. . oi awuiu o rabraaai; Vlpum I
' i..:.:s I ' ' :yt!-A
' " ' ( ATI THB tlMQMSf -.,.
. BOOMOUTI . . ... .MttAICBI
JO"A Irrro n Tuts Iavsj Bnra.'JtT
A aeoMoaa will aatppaa, va I wall ray bated aa
111, It atrery aaalrakle to kare eame kaat aad eta
reuteot way tor rapalilBg faraltara. Says, Oreekery
. ' . r sfALDnta'SPBBPABraoLtrai r
eete all took emtrgeatiea, aa a keen bald aaa awer
tabawrthout H. It aai way toady, aad apt Shtttiak
mf poiau
"Ugim. at itbbt bomb." '
' at. B.-A Broth acooarpaale eh beta.', 1
aenta. AeVlreaa, .'it
Bo. 48, Oedar B treat, Mew 1
At ertala aaprladpM pereerje are atteaapthat t
rtha okToB the aneaapeating awblla, taalSaUoae of m
naPABBB LUB. I weald oaatlea all pereeat b,
malB before pumhaalnt, an aaa thnt the fvli a,
r.- TrjaPALDiaal pbbp abbb hm avf i;7
h aa tLTeatald wrapper! ell ethers arwisw..;.ea
IttvMlaV ' - i( aam

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