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alts (Dliirf Statomatu
The Adama Exprewi Coinpany plc til daily
uder obligations to It fur th very tatest paper
-rim tha Aiulnrn fluoa. ' ' 't i ' '
The American; xpres Company has -our
thanks for Its dsitv" favor to the shape otthe
ry latest eastej1 ptujcnr. ,:.f... I
' i ii iai L'H I I ' rfw
, , IT Another Eximruetron fo ArmySurgeoni
will occur In Colombo., 'Sept. er.Candldatis
Should forward their address to toe undersigned
..when a circular will be forwarded containing
,J,foJI particulars. ' - v j yt':- .Tt.i ;
:h- .':'.;-X,'WiJrIAMlLTON,'. r
' " 'Aug. 64. d8t: ' '' 8eo; MedioalJBoar..' .
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
1 Notice is hereby given to the Union Demoo
raoj of FrankltnToilnty, to meet on Friday
August 30, 1861, between the hours of (Arre tad
. n. eur o'clock P.. M, In the township, and st and
,'ripAt o'clock P. M., in the Ward, at the usual
t. place of holding elections (excepting Norwich
townihip, which will be held at Sohofield
'" School House, and tbe Fourth Ward at Gaver'i
iv Ware Room, and the First Ward attho Gait
House) , to appoint delegate toatteud ibe Coon
. ty Convention; to meet at the City Hall, lo.the
' oltyof Columbus! pa Saturday,' the 31M day of
i , August, 18GI, at im o'clock -A, M., fo the pur
posepf patting in BOUa'tIo4 p, Represent
i lives la the . coming' egtslaure, ono Sheriff,
J ono Treasurer, one Auditor, on .Recorder, one
Coroner, one County '. Conmissioner Ind ' ono
Infirmary D!reotor . urn t re
At the same time and piCf ono delegate
rom each Ward and township will be' appolnt-
. ed to the Senatorial and-Judicial Convention tp
nominate a candidate fur.Scnator and Judge for
i this dlstrlot- ;.Tm for holding the Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixe! here
aiter. . . i . , . . , ,.
The following is the numb-4 of Relegates, l-
' lotted to each Ward aud Townshld, baaed upon
tne vote cast lor supreme juoge in iooy, anow
log one for each fifty , and an additional delegate
for each fraction Of twenty Ave vote to cast.
1st Waid, t' . HamlItbn'.u,;.,i1TJ ,
2d " -. 5 Miffln .
3d V-W -Washington
4th ' ... .. , .. 6 .Madiaon,,,,,
6th " - '" , i'm ill BleDdwatVj"
; 3
montsomery j o. - -a o - norwicn -ww rwn
-t-4 i Jefferson - r
" '-y-Jaekson M
Brown .
8 Sharon
l f
; 3
' t. 1
FrankliJ r 'i ;
' ' . :).!. .1.- 6 j
Alkx. Thomson,:
H. Wr MiLLaa, ,VVm. Coon!.; i '
John M. Pcoit,"' J. Bdun, :
i R.PlCKiaiL,. JaM HoKLOCKt,
II. 8. Hioh, ' ' 1 .
'(VintT f!ontrl CnmmittMi.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
The County Central. Committee of Frank-
lin and Pickaway Counties have agreed npon
WlDMUDAT, THE rqbiTH bAT OF StrTtMStl, as
tbe day for the meeting of tbe delegate from
the counties of Franklin, Pickaway and Madi
' ton, for the nomination of a candidate for 6eja'
tor. and a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas,
V It is requested hat onr Democratic friends
In Madison County will send delegate to the
r Judicial Convention- ,r j '
' The Convention' is appointed to meet at Co
nmbus at the City tlall. i. i
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee.
Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861.
. .
i,'," Diatb or Samtol G FosTia.--tJnder our
'" obituary head, we had, yesterday morning, tbe
psinfoLtaek of announcing the, tfe'ath of Samoil
Qa F0RTSK0f oily- e died at his res
idence on Monday last, the S6thjlnst.1df typhoid
fever, after a Beterejllncss of about four weeks
He has paeeed awar Jo the prime of his man
" hood and usefulness, belcg only forty-two years
of age, and leaving a widow and several Chlti.
', tea to mourn their irreparable loss.
? -Not ouly bit kb: death: . made ? af wide
' and ' irreparable ' breach Jn thf "dprne itd and
social circle There, bis presence was more
immediately, ,feltsuid enjoyed i but his loss
l nniTerBatly'Jaroedted by his fellow citiseni
as a publio calamity,,. Uis private virtues were
crowned with a noble, generous and enterprising
publio spirit, which ' eliuiUtl (he, esteem and ad
miration of ellwho'eime Within the oircle of
his acquaintance- v tiT, vrv."
.,'" But tbe character of SiMoti, O. Fobti was
too well known in this- com muni tv to need ant'
newspaper panejrii 5Miyf,.Ji's' yirtueffj be re
1 member td, and bjs etople, 'wherein It 'was
noble .and praiseworthy be. Imitated , by bis
ii survivioir friends and acauaintahcesV':
j. j
i 1.1 uTTho Zinetvllle Csurt'rf of Mondy evening
-states that Capt. Hamilton' company of BO'men
nta rsoeived orders totepOft It Camp UuCktagi
.r''bam, near Mant field, on' yesterday, nci also
that Capt. Haslctt will leave, to morrow morn-
log, wlih 'abont TO men'Jd jqinfhs Second' Ohio
Postman f1..!.. IV.'r..... . .1 "J?.. i -
Shiif and IJtarwAwoi-It is a" notable
fact that aT'the session of .f.b' j pJlPqn)iQl on
Monday evening leitfceTreveletloa was made
oy fresldent aJohalcso that, there is elty
li'etdlnance nhrepealedl.'kjjfl 'qre pstsi d July
S3 1 1839,' prohibttteg;thonBning't large of
sheep, and swine! eicepC. barrows, within the
eornorkta limits Of Jthtyf;)iridef" thepenklty
,ri to such sheep and 'svrino la fonniitnnnng at
large, that they ihaU. be iMtyJs Marshal
'("...IhfJwld to tbslgboit tldder.' 8noh Uweub
tance the ordinance no wlo joiqsltoqi!
i' nu AH
tion Is, whalls q b.r done; ibont ttt
'' u i ii i n iii i mi in I i lin. i r .oh
- f
ji i ajT.uov. AJiiiiipw nas; sppoirjieo juieut.-uoi.
" Mnsow, late of the Seaooa-OhW Regiment, As-
r.i.ta.i jWnar I
IT Dr. W.';P', MoMitttwf ihl 'ortyjhii
oeen appotniea enrgeoa-ueMioi M unia '
: I ., i. in i n I n '
i... IT Tho fiM?MWttiiW)C'll.lJi
, Pleasant VaJIey, Wadlso "cftunty. a irt itory
, frame building, with all, thomaobiaery and fix-
.turee and .a large; gqTtnUty oirhektrmade.
,i stroyed. by Jlre yesterday mornlngVI Tlfi build
f log ie snppostd.io haieheih sefonBre py an
-iji i- mil tub in ill
twenty tnoueann oiiarw.i a nar waa no nsor-
anc.i, ,;i
J3 tM
!" CT Col. CAii6tori'f "RVeht rreeUed.'on
Monday;' eighteen reoruit from urevfcport In
this oountyi
t v i L.
CT Tweoty:Ure
Ohio for Cant. CorrtiVDatterviKFouiUi Ohto
n1 T" vrr-THii tun liUT .it T rt n
r.Cemrbe awrwuaVidl,fii)
I to organlaaUoB of bU Battery.
IT " There' a tide Id the affair of men
Mr. Jaooi MaMi laborer In a rolling mill at
CoTlDgton,Ky , has, oy the demise of a rich
uncle In England, come ink) possession, of an
estate worth thirty thousand poupds ater'iog
fCT Major Sumiia fl Cincinnati, Monday
night to join Gen. RoaoaAss la Western Vlr
a ., i i.
i IT Four regiminal of Indiana Infantry, have
gone to St.:-ouJs since Monday morning.
v. r-en-iji i. i . i m i, . ,'
UTThe Quartermaster in: Cincinnati ha
Wt&iti&lim'Uiuilflnatiii iot the
army slnoe tbe was broke out.
A Good Sttli or Abviitisimo. Mr. Ken'
nsdy, the Proprietor '61 Eeonodyka Medical Dls
covery, has adopted SVeirjf good ptyl of adver
tislng.. He takes a man afflicted with
painful humor, such a 8orofala,.Salt Rhsuai,
Erysipelas, etc., cures bio entirely with tw4
three bottles of hie medioine, and Yetoma hla
to tha oommunlty a sound and teilthy i
He, of course, mentions his recovery to
one he meets who is suffering from a slasilar
disease to the one with which be was troabtedf
this man li also cured, and another advertise
ment if secured.-.-, The oooxtry s full of theat
living ' advertisements,' who ' at any saomoo
art willing to testify to the vlrtusa of .Kenne
dy's Medio! Discovery; 'J'i.'t'
w w. v ; -mmm f I i w. ....
(Kmnidt's Msdioal Dibooviit. We cheer
fully devote to Mr. Kennedy and bis popular
medioine a portion of onroolnmn to day, for
wo are well aware that the "Diteoverr") 1 do
ing more'la one week In the ctjilng of humor
of f ery description, than any remedy that has
ever been got up haa dona la its " tci2i career
We axe prepared to spek of this article in the
most confl(lea( planner, for; we bate taken un
usual pains to find out whether it we all thai;
it professed to belj We have visited the Labotr
atory o,i'MrJ Ronwjy it ftuonioer
rjeru'sed the fcertiflette M those who hatotteen
cured, many of them known to ns as persone of
veracity anej -troth. , In addition to thl we
have bad case of core occur amona; oar own
relatives and .'friends, end without solicitation
nave had persons relate to us what the pis-
eetery" did for them; these are onr reason! lor
tbe bigh estimation In wbloh wo hold this rem
I, , rr f ... ... j ,
Rail Road Time Table.
"-'i "J '-LMNI..VIW Anlrai.
Cincinnati 'XceomaoriAHoa. 00 A.M.i-i 0:10 P. U.
' Bjprm.. ...... .11:40 A. M. : i 11:01 A. M.
Will and Aooommoditloa.. :N t.-htsr- I ;00 P. M,
nifntixpren v vajKTn.iKio nuxaignt- axo a. m.
CoLcmoi fc Cutdjjtd It. B.
Nllht Jhpri........V,...S:0 A. X. P. M.
Km torHExpw..... ...11:10 ATM. lSeA.l,
.0. kO. WAiWprcaij,;. J0 t.W ,J,'t :60P. M.
p -j i .J"" f "aio', Ageat.
CnrraAtOmdB.Ttr 1 I .
WkSjipiia;;,::',.',. iiM'!.;. ,T nA a k.
K1S P. M. !!! A. H.
A",j:9 jiv: v oi . .,WJ J Till. Atont.
Vrrnsotefl, OotwifiDt a -Onoueum k. K. j ; n' t
Utii(raW...k..;Ak;.. A.M. liSA.lf.
ayrvM ?rale VA-t.,.w.ll J a. .
.1 . .'. , 'ku. - 401. BOWK), ABt.
Couiriui As IirDLOrarotA It. B. .-s-j i
(Ocumni Pwoa,IlrKAA. B.) i' I
WO. 1 Iltfwi. : A. M.' t:OS f. U
No. ' J:0 P. BU- ' - 7:90 P. K.
AooomBodation .......... KM1,II,
.' . .C W. Bmith, Agent,
Hall! (or Haw Tor CHtv. mmrnttM Allmv. VaSila.
PltUbarfh, CuabnTtll wip. OlarvUnd, ZmMiUlt,
vimiii., tt ..ii ingma VVJ MiuMn, rmiv
Aclpbi enS MwOrteu, laM'AEllr (Suidari txxpU
d) M B 'loak p. m. ... -v. .
a tnzougn buu lor sew Xort and Olevtlaod eloaei
dally (aundajt aiotpUd) at 8 o'aloek p. a. ' .
C. 0. a 0. R. tt. Wu Mail aloaaa dallv rfimiAea-
oaplad) at S o'oloclt p a. , h-. i j. s,
ueotral Oblo Way Mall elotta dally (Bandars efespted)
10 o'clock a. n. I r
OlneinnaU Way HaU alotat dairy (Bnndayi azeeptsd) at
Oblcwo, Subaamu Stlawar. Harlan and Warlhlnr.
Main olotea daily (oondaya axoeptadl at e'elock
a.- ' 1 i 1 "'
Halli forXanta. BprlDrflald. Divton. Toledo. Clnefc-
Asaiasapoua, -AMUTUia, at. lioala. ana votrolt,
cloaaa daily (Hoadaya axaaptaA) at 8 o'clock p. a. '
A through mall to Xaola, Sprlnrflald and OlBomnatl
eloaea daily (Sandara axoeptad) at 10 o'clock a. m.
uroana, nqna, Timo and Union City mall oloaas dally
Laacaatw, Logan, NalaoavllloJ (Irolsvflli, Chllllooth)
PortamMtfc, Wailungtoa' 0. li., AtnaavlUiiatta as
BilUboroaih Balll eloat dailr (Bnndua axoaotadlaa
o'clock p. m.
Baat Way Hall by Vatlenat Road to Untirllla 1om
dally (Sundaya azcaptad) al 19 o'clock a.
Harrlabanch Mail aloaaa-dalla KmuUMnmnlill alS
'Hu Vera ob Mall, by way of WwUrrilUaad SaaBOrji
slow daily (SOndan aamotart) at B a'akua. . . , .
juoiin auui ciomi oaiiyiDanaaja aaaapiaojat Slock
. a. Ji "
Laaoaitat Way II all Cloaaa daily Sunday! excepted,
auilf from Now York. Boataa. PhllvlalnhU. BnaUa.!
Albany. PMIabnrgh, Olmlacd, Dayton, lolado, Xaaaa,
fiatrolt, Bprtnguald, OlnolnaaU, CallUootha, Bt. Leak,
all Southern oitlu, anira batwsaalli banxaadl
o'clock p- a. and 4 o'clock a. a. iir.i
Maaroa lndlanapolla phioagO aJ,Dnbuqo aaare
HaiU trom Waahlngton pity, Baltimore, Whaaun
uauciTiiia, n,nn. nianDanviiia. at. Tarnon. tarn ln
0. B. B. Way Mall, arrhra at 1 o'clock m. r
Way Mall from. OlneinnaU arrirei at S o'clock p.m.
Lancaster Mail arrlTMatl o'clock 0. a. - ''
Bait Way Mail rer lb Jlatlonai oa arrtraa at U
'oioci a. m. r - . i
lit. VarDon WijafallanlTeiatllOa. m:'"' .
Mail from Dublin arrive! at 19 o'clock a. '-' ' ' i
tJrbana War Mail Brriraa at 0 o'rhvlr n. .
BauiibOigH Mall arrW at 11 o'oloek a, a. ' i
ianoanar way man arrrrw at IS a'olook 0.' ' i
Offloa delivery open' arary day (uoept Bnnlay) rroa
O'clock a: m. td 8 o'clock n. m. Dun an BniHUva
run ia w oxiocr. in in aorning, ana iroa to
.'.In.. I .V.. Al .... . .,.
Front Street, Between State aadTown.
1.I-I ei
SHOP kaUll reoainr. and althaawh
of Uta-yaara hai aal naarlly
apon bar mnnlni teara. abe la atlll torn-"
niaatthoMaplendw PHOTONS, BOOKAWATS, and
BUBBft aid MAiClUr Treaty , reen itaady aaaaaw
taring haa glren onr work .a WioVepeimd npotatioa
inrougn tne Boom ana wat.
we uiere'ore deem it anaeeeaaary ta amy any thing aora
regard tr the enallty of onr work. We wuun
arair Viuicu. Wa oaa salleooa SorBoaein Iroa
llBtoamo. . .
Dealer aan ba rnrnuhai- antb anv aaiAnnt nf arb al
abort notWe. and at priam lover tbaa aaa kebooghtany
w ut- waaii' iaia nann raggm laaen in as
onann for new work. .jC.i ''
iLrBepalrln done rlMttyaaSit abort notioa.' Pad
torjr on, Irani;. betaaaA bate and Town itreeta, Oelma-
Ohio. . , ,1
B-ra'f'aaiiaaaluaUaao wfirnaerf proarpt attention.
-o, wiy . -.. ' n wltiiiAAaa m tKl.
' lorauvpaoaageaoi
fttmtlonerv anil J-w.l . i .
, , , J "J .v. nni pnvaiiip
nlMfl I... in A.. Ihl v .
1 r ""rani! Huanpini oraoaat
Oolnabsi, Obio er r, , ,
(with or without jewelry) lalhataajket. at prices
Iom th.n Mn hi niirohMMt IIi.Ii.m uj - ,A.
ilaPa,loied,.1wl,,,,.,l( ,b
autma, mil iyi,jmiiiDnuiir
r(3 Uugaxet D. Fbillipi' Estate. .
tbe nnawMraaS has been duly ai) pointed ba. aha
PaobatarOeari of rraakHn soonty, Ohio, Admlnutratria
the eiUto of Margaret 0i Phillip, Ml Of aaid ooaaty
le7:dltwSir . .
hula eoai cosq exsti
Frea& SaTta3rA,liv,l
"il im
hpalKiiiRe 'ZJ Tltf,rii.
4sF lot gth aigb etrt,!. otr
Accident to the Steamship Etna.
A Sirca no Loorti, August SoVTbe ship Pow
erful, for Quebec, arrived here this afternoon.
She bring five of the steamship-Etna's pas
sengers. . : - r - V yr' , Tv
eh rerjorU the Etna broke her erank abait
on the 7tb, and waa boarded by the Powerful on
the 11th inetaot, In latitude 49. 1Y longitude
38, 53. v The Etna I in good order, but tbe
engine tompieteiy stopped, ho put oaoK' ir
Queenstown under s. il.
Indian Outrages in Wisconsin.
- MiLWADatii,' AugBrt" 88. Exarrsraled
port reoelred today front UorTiconNin' this
Stale, are to the effect that a. large Dody pi
armed Indiana are marchinc'oa. thit'plade.
killing all white in their way. ; Tbe report
onginatea to tne raot mat a ramiiy, pame un
e...... . m ml
known, livinir ten mueev Nortb-of Horrioon
were murdered by some lodisne.in thai violnity,
an aot of retaliation for shooting a poay be
longing to toe Jnaianuf J j -7 j j
A Skirmish with the Rebels in Virginia.
- fiaia.
GALuroni. 0.. Auk. 28 Our foreeirhave
bad another skirmish near Hawk' Nest wfth
company of rebel oavalry. The rebels were
routed, with a loss of two orisooers. and a eon
slderable somber wounded., A number f the
oavalry threw away their arm m their flight.
From New York.
Nsw Tosc, August 26The U. 8. Marshal
el K.bode Island arrived heroton-day, having as
a prisoner or state Win. Ju. t lake, said ..to Do
lens to Louisiana, charged with uttering sedl
tious and treasonable sentiments at Newport,
Rhode Inland. Tbe gentleman from Louisiana
was dispatobed to Fort Lafayette. iv ' ' J
'Two thousand bags of flour, eaehi eontaiolog
twentj-elaht pouodi, have beeo'Oontributed for
the benefit of the fa sillies of .volunteers now
In the service of tbe United .Statee: one thous
and of these are to be placed at the disposition
01 tne Union JJeiense Committee of tbis city
and the remainder will be distributed In Brook
lynwi .? .-, . ut 1 . .......I .-fit ! I!
The Pblladelbhla Frees of to-dav sava fhat
Generat McClellan went bat seven mile last
rriaay-io review i?eperai Hooker's Brigade.-
He returned to the. city alter dark. Uurtdi
tne review a numDer.ot secessionist! were oi
covered in ambush, and were arrested aeaf Ittae
road between the troops and tbe city. It '1(
thonght their object was to assassinate McQlel
Ian. 1- v-. ( .. -.
The Post ssts alarse auantltv of provisions.
meledlog 9,000 barrels of flour, went last week
to Curaooa and St. Thomas, and bints that they
have gone to fiorts of tbe seceded Btatei, Il
Tbe New York, Pougbkeepsie, Albany, Troy,"
Utica, Bvracriie, Rocheetetiaad Buffilo offices
of the Nets York, Albany ocd Buoa1o. Tle-
graph Line, are now kept open sight arid day,
tor tbe transaction or nuniness, witb tbe excep
tion of tbavSabbath.r.Oo, 8uodavr,jiigh !dis-
patches can be forwarded to and from tbe offices I
abore mentioned, after 10 P. M.-'':!jiw,:' Tfo v'l
1 a 00 rget inrai mat woveromens oaa reiuno
ed to Illinois 40 per cent, of the expendtere of
tne state in ttttioir out the volunteers, which
gives tue Btate i,iuu,0UM. ., . " 1 B.
tfNiw YoK,Aug. 27. Tbe proprielors.ol
oauy 11 ewe, rearing ao aitaca- 00 inr eetap-,
usament, yesterday, appisd to the police adpec
intendent for protection. A force ot 400 police
waa held in reserve Ml ibo lower etattoui but
their servioes were dot called Into rtqaiaitioo.
It is understood that forty men, armed with re.
volvefS. were retained by tbe New .proprietors
to meet any emergencies ' ' ' '- I
It is reported that tbe rebel at Leebursr.
where tbeir force Is now estimated at 13,000,
have taken two of the engine from the Loudod
and Hampshire railroad, toi )eKaedroi that
woe., ,. ., .
By an arrival from Antlaaa. In British Wei
Indie we learn that a demonstration took place
there recently in- consequnoe of the hoisting
uonisaerate saa Bom the building of the
oonsignees ot, a soutuero vessel. I be Amerl
captain in port insisted noon Its belntf haul
down, and the teoole responded bv tearing" -it
puce..: v:,ivrjnn v-zons ;:Z
u.ia.jijaa J i I ,.
Later from California.
Onria Btatiom..- PiCirio TiLioaara. Ana.
The Pooy Eipres, with Sau r'ranciseo
dates to the 17th instant, passed bere at 1 P.
M.-to day..--VMtoria- dates to Aug. Ytb state
that the steamlP Caribee blew uo above tbe
rapids on Frasier rirer-j The captain, and six
(HBers wejta; killed and 'many psdeaiglrs mis
an. . . . y I iV
Tbe 1500 men from California to serve on
the -Blaine are ranidlv oreaniiioe. Nine'com-
panloe of Infantry have already reported 10 Gera.
aumaer, ana tbe ouu cavalry ere nearly ail ad-
These troopj are evidently being orean&ed
a much better nasi than many other voianr
teeri recruited fof tbe War. 1 The eotire' fore
will be provided with the well mads 'audi sub.
stantlal elotblng that tbe regular troops are enti
tled to. t U. 1 r I ui o; I .rr
There bad been a largo tumber of rumor ia
reference tonne movements ef uen. A.a Jobfl
stprf, lata In command ot tbe Paoifio for oes..
stems .that -Gen, . Johnston? started from Los
AogehM ifwith ia company, ostensibly, for the
deatinetlon'of Texas, bat after-- the -party' left
Los Angeiol a aissgrerment occurred and they
divided..-. Gent Johnston,, returned to this city
and took passage la the eteamer, and it portion
the orlelnal bartv ttrooeeded Into Meiioo.--
Tha report thatGen.. Jfobnttoa had arrived In
Virginia, and tbaV bo, bad , accepted the OAm
teandof Ibo late Generai GarneU, are lneor
rtCt." '"' " '' .''ieiuir-i'.i -.i. I i,&
From the South via Louisville.
'iaMHamidN :Adaut;&6,-TherAoama Ex
prevs Company have discontinued sending let
ters sontn, .loose now receiver, ana sou log
from ibe N6r.,wl4,etarnt4 to. the! sepd-
v,..r t h ; MalnwO V. tM , j '"
A flag wis presented al .Camp Joo llolff W
RoaSeau's.bHgadei epWtte'd'', 'The' Leuisviile,
L?gioo,". py. eitissn pf Lobisnue An in,
mense concourse was in attendance.', .t , '"
The Memphis Appeal say tt is intoresstbaf
has completely surrounded 'Roseau in'
Western Virginia, and .would probalT"oaptori
bim.' w,a f '..i- J -"i. - aiaui.'io rt. f ' v.-.--t.
.Tbe Knoxvilir Register eiyr that-Nelson's'
card won't .answer, and . be'wlll have tq visit
Riohmond again before getting ail right!. I "
The Atlanta' Confedevaoy. insists that land
lords mast reduce their "rents, as business 1
stagnant and property largely depreciated.
Tbe Richmond Dispatch Say the Kanawha
Valley Is worth a military expedition en account
Its salt alone. ' ' " 1
The Mobile Register,- of tb.23di' itrongly
nrgee the - Booth no, to let the new Confederate
nbtes sink below par In say pari of -the Confed
eracy, and asks the Atobjle, merchants 'to take
them at par as a duly. -1 ;" .
Tbo'Mempunir Appear Richmond sorres
poadeal aays that tbe fact that French agents
there buying tobacco, I significant of the
futur purposes of the frencb. Goverpmeat. .,
mRosaoso' Brigade, which, 'bad been ordered
mareh 'to 8w Louis, has reoeived a counter
or'dbr. lnd' will emalo 'at Camp' Jo tiolt for
The Pony Express.
idixra, Aua,"Stt V&'RBttilKmh
been abandoned between Ba, Joseph, and ;a sta-
tion 110 miles west.Letters wjli be obliged to
by stage from bere to reach tne pony -at the
starting? pofcit iz?zrjttld ! mjI.jiW j
Matters in Western Missouri.
KAWAsCivr. Aug" 26 On Friday last tUV
009 la gold, belonging to the Meohaotoa'od
Union banks of this plsce, was, Seized, by order
MaJ.RvT. Van Horn.oosamwaiplihe Re-
serve oorpe Uome Guards, t -ewwai ia -ir
Soma exoitemept fr ctHted hevo,M Satan
day, by . ikirmish between SO mounted rebel.
the north bank of the river, and:; the Jerry
guars on tne sentn bank, aided. av.oeix pouuu-
er1' Several shot e exchangedi Mthiobody
n.f.,U) w , .
1 1
From Washington.
nW-d-rtHrosi. Aniraal; 226.aAiiaraI McCki.
has added to hi staff Riohard 3- Jrwiirr as
Aidr with rank of. CaptaLo.saail . Thoa JT.
Ganlt, of St.- Louis, with rank, of Colonel
Colonel Gtult Is a gradoald of Weef Point..
iioa. E. Ward, who has removed to this Vjltv
linee tb adjournment of Congress, leaves.l"or
Welt to morrow. - v(tat i .
(Herald's Correspondence.)
:ha t
Tfotwllhjtatiaing tbe sUtetsrtW tbht th rsb-
retreated iront hofort the Union illoee
outhof tha Potomio, 0B 'ihaJTlrglnU
side, we are led to believe that th contrary?
thsfaot.-; t I
n a.-A.m t. Ollk. tha Nm Vnrlr ..il
ment, Col. Kerrigan,. enoamped near BaQ'l
Cross Road, was ordered to occupy a poiitikrl
on a hill so the left of their oaiap. They hj
no sooner none so, than the enemy, wno ba
battery within ranee, fired fifteen shell li
th new eimp, osuslng them to take a new po
iltion. It waa aubseqdsotly ascertained that
the rebel battery consist of 9 gana of large aid
improved calibre, ana oaa reaon.we iortinoati
00 toe Union side. 1 -A 2
" SecessionisU here as ereatryalarmed
late arrests. They begin to thiaL, th mat
il growing serious to them. Several persons
suepeoted loyalty are under the- surveilance
tbe authorities.
The 79th Regiment". (Highlanders),
been transferred to a new brieade. .
Orders were forwarded to-day to U. V-Pension
Agente to administer theoatn of allegiance
10 an persons drawing pension. ' ' v j
Captain Foote ha been ordered lo'fne Com
mand of ill the naval' foreesf on 'Western wa
ters. " i
. Richard Walllck was . elected JMayor ff
tr..i.: .-' . i i a' .... ' ".'.
Several soldiers olalmios: to be Bntisl
th "jqW
jeots have been dJteftarged from' ha arrrjyi
through the lhtervcntjod'of 'Lord JUj,otiA-':s 1
It is declared td be nseless to sppfy" to the
secretary of War for military -appointments
There are no vacancies, except such M All re
served lor meritoitous conduct.
-' -
Defeat of Col. Tyler in Western Virginia.
.', ..j -. a.ii a, ..a.. alatia ; w:' Jb
' CioiIti. ' Aiiirnst1 il .'Ji'AiiK nrST ihi'!
Kauawba state that Cal..Tjk"t'gJvK wef astir
ronaded and badW defeated, bv bbo labels aofler
Floyd; early yesterday tnOrrilag", eomowi JlgVl
w wttti,yYw jnH a lia I
McClellan's Plans Exposed—Rebel
Forces Increasing in Tennessee—
Forces Increasing in Tennessee— Tennesseeans Joining the Federal
'Washinoton, Aue. 26 Through tbe sgency
some traUocaJho plan of Gen. McClellan lor
making a recuacoieeanoe la Ioks Of artillery,
wfatdf mirht '-bavrv resbltd'tn euttlBs? off the,
the aBaata; ,oa!itheir auddso Uwd i
(.ettfjiw ham ciass-TeDeeaseospOaftot agrow-
rog rebel force al CSnrH Bnone, nsar darkwville,
tbe beadquarterg of ,the,Knigbis.of the Goldap
ClM hAip nlAa. AtfAa VALLinv illljilia aridrf
td; lay lb A ' ctjootry vestee fcoouaaarkbd
Gap, throiign EiatTrfnerref (m! rverttuclj, to
ihsOhiojiaer,,aad aWg th.to PLahailVania
The wbdlo Mroe il Webto
togeutetrOt ia
be diviVed fntoamait msroufllna; nafMem i "1
An attack . on i'Tompklf Ivllle, Tcnd'balgg
appreneneaceosnuy'A4nj. uavis collected near
ly 8,000 Dnronistij-Seoared tbe State arms: for
them, and awarrerrtbe rebels. They disan-
pintea.roaiyi . , .a . ,
.luaoy w, .tajAeDnc8gee.,rijsT( ii)a,r,oi iau
rarsia Mxico.nnda ColviCaplJree:in:
inff'th Onion forces. ( .
.Major GtxeraTfltmter leaves for CblcaerJ to
morrow1 Uvl '"- i.Ui .W i
ahouid be iasaed M
'jrfilelE.iBlcUes1.rt' "tai -
jinianVlwcur);eu uewwcea ouuio wpica
etooithotfaw. Vetk 37ilhud 2J Michigan, and
party ef -tbr rebele. A wivata ot-vbai 87i
was killed nd two of the rebrfSf-aM one at
JeZt &WvJkt?i?J:&i ,
sarsv naoutaer .waoioh set oaoafio: . bouse,
leaf ffarper'l 'Fertfl' 'beforot ''avraaa, and
madd 'ororuse' effsra of toosfiMffty to "General
Banks's officers, and aooajaher suddenir disan-
The Privateer Freely.
BosTotcuAnsu-L The schooner AcricofT,
Captald Hrritb'frem: EllaworthtJ Maine, has
arrived. 1 She reeorH tbarett' thy SStti 'Irat.. at
7,30 P, 1, 80 biilosJNof thi.of iClpej' Ann,
was orarhaaled by th. privateer octsoner
Freely,' OP CDirleefon; riotl"CaroiliiaM ; The
Free)y not. wishing anything we had trST'iiB go.'
wiahed to ta reported in Boston. - Tbe
Freely ioa-LClifpef of-1.40 tons, and hadaboofl
nioa-'tJ .ul 1 303 IA3J") a ' 1
From Fortress Monroe.
- Monaob, aBa'aak'Stf -rif
truce ainrcu iron -rrorioiK' inia- noratng WHO
three ladies and a Climber of torlsorxers caotured
the Confederate ' wwUm-'.' As ,thi..ebieci
senaiog a stagoc traseoatoie umo was
deemed rather i-rjursitrve? Oe'nerat Wool de-
nlAaA tt v.t.ln tb. fl .or rill Lrc:rtir,V.Ar ii .
,,, , aj ..vi..v".. if if n r
ii is oign time q sua was put to tne constant 1
intrusion or-the enemy to obtain Information
whenever they think any. important, movement
on foot, they are rare to be on hand.wltba
nag pr truce.,
i 9u 'it
Latest from Europe.
'rFATH Point, Augdet 86, 1 P.M. The
ateamer Hibernia, from" Liverpool on the ,15th,
J-ondonoerry oa tne-io.n, is in sight.;
Llvtsrooi.1 Aognst 15-CoUoo sales via
'onr days, 26,000 bales, including: 5,500 to spec
ulators aud exiMriersi market closing aulet and
.unchanged, ,,y.uutAtlo. are.ltifl iamaa per.
Uauada.iAdvieeafroa Manohaatar iadiclte an
ioactlre market, bat price oehanrSdei j
Breada'iuffi Wakefield; Nkeh .tJo.'.T.nrl
u..j Ja'.... a, n--- i.-u'l'if,-.....' 'ir.i '
jikieu-uureu,- s7(reuuw ai.vuje; Karpurii-fuur, uuii,
eeiib 'Od lor- AacnaaOwtiioalaqirOtad
S4(327s oJ.- Whd. tale a dsollniatrrfuAlVrt.
and priors' I21 lower.., Red Western 9a 3d
lis; Red Souuiein lliIls6if; White West
eiB White Bowheravl3-i34.6d. Corn;
r; Mixed and -rello Sat ou.uaMy White.
iktn. K4 i.u item wem. i. ....
';Ptoiiong-TrThB samfiluihoNtiealecdrt beef
tjaiet and swadyw 3 Perk .heavy butt quotations
nnsettied-. . icon enii and oaehsuged 4 1 Lard
dalVfh, .tendingownwardat 8Q50 .
Tallow decliuibg. ' Bug' r quiet hut steady.
Rice steicja. "Coffee Inactive., i
LoiUrOft.iJVug.uat, 15. Breadstuff .tsndlno
downward Sugar . steady.. , CoffdOrMrtJ Tea
teady."" Rice flrmf 1 allow UatrtMJ .. , .
U di. l Iki 144 Kewf ark'.Ccotrai.
69(S70. -..Mora a ai ' ,l.jjV- or. !wu ar--! I I
;JUviirp0LiuA flgfJst ' IB. Cotton Broker
Urcular reborts laleiOLtbO wett db.UOO ba et.
laoluding ,500. toaHeQuiai)s.-iud.$l300 to ex
pcvtenfMttlrMexperieaoeaVia) daalin of &
th I4tb'ttircj;beltg; qnrtcr wpanlof bnt tne
market olossd iuUt'dud; ftiy bo, the 15th.--!
Sales Friday estimated at.lQjUOq halesa lnclud-1
3,000 to ipeealatore and exporter The
market closed fltmer knd'prlcr. winoMriged, as
eompared with' (ipse, of f rtifaj ,Va(.T Author
ised qdofaUonl arer - Fan. OrJoana, Sd; rhid.
dling. 81' lair 'M0Mlsv8 middlrag, 6;
nplauds, 8 -'middling, 0 5-1CJ. Stock m
estimated t 944,000 baleoI whioh 679,.
are' American.11 "- v u; 1
Braadsraffii hare, a dcUniDK'ieiidn(!v. vno '
oipally for tbo-iWer qualities. Provision dull
droeptaJn.4i ,rir jHTov-p
a A.I
Lomoon, Aasnst lb. The Jtfanlc or't
, I - i
reduosdJt rati
a to 4. Bullion in thABafdb'SatKar-anta,
Inorea.ed SOT
,ouu. - consols closed dttw
r.r.rut-r-. . . . r .1
90W for money and acwunt., Illinois Ceatra
ahar.38?IEriaS24W: . I -wXlb
lha WrrwtAAStern, from uiiebeo, arrlVafil ctt.
aa S A -l
unilinear! nn inn tain. i .
Tbotohddl Times's cityarttclevoxpaate
t)ie flnanoial difficulties accumllatipg
eainsr tne 'rvueriesii'trovemnent, ana luis
lsa or.nB-Juefade or
Aawria.at b, Ibaj .tbf ,flicuUJetua in
ieht may aconmu
imulate.iita9uitHBt sajHOity eo
briea the iNrjgta sd;SouthW raon. I
The Timee also publlshta aothr iBttor-rom
itnsseii, wnicn is reDeraii rSatcoufaging
tbe iNortn. '"lr"'w - i
The aDeoial acehtl of UeCotton Snnnlv AtotiV
aoeladoa had reached Egypt, and were td hat i
mtervtsw wiHi the Viceroy on tnembjeot
'j" (ft
cotton cnttivatmn
Harvest In Frarite W BrVJcfePlllsf ffblihl
bnt the wheat dtoh will be'defioient.-'
ThOi Para,J3ouMO,.laharjaB JJMteB W4
COfliii fcii Ifl M Wnwi aia iasa kas se-aU I .,.,..?
reaohediShanK&al.. ,,Tb4 .JftTCt.ol ftw
at Foo Chow oontiaued. -)tfe-.,.andvtJlfj.
feiatlVO rareriomy or tne presena sostne pie-
I -
''.Chlflutt- Irfttera saSf ts otlorl ?iile-Url -K
great topio oi tne nay toeie, gnu, every, ji
forl wa being made to encourage ita jcreai4.
nrodootion. I "
The1 relolnAM 81'ltig BrltltbGoTiriment
relative to prlvateeii was etpeeteif to'rilaterlaj-,'
t'Slo djteii) lh IjSIul ayoitche4
Lisbon. ' Tbe -ahiproenWJIoffei tiloev.tb,
ll.QOO bOglKuai bai--iitl llSdb V
fH9 JO-raia;rN;''-
W WMbJDgtortror4aTirBOli ok thoV
14'Jitli Qneenstow oa the 194 fluit-A PMd
uape nace rrni, rridan alterneoo. - tint dates
... rnn. a.,. u.. .k.V.i . ... i..
aaw . aava AJa avAi vjauv irvv1' f ft
Bihiit ootMn li the LiferMb. rtlrkot) o
H. ' . a. An. I . . . a- - - - : ;
nwodayaof iijJWbaij cicsi
icpaogeari t, n a j.. ,- f
Provliroiff" fiifti ''ooioli 0)(tHR) .
PolUrml aawa U Unimportant. .S
Thoolibwing is a copy of the new I
iJV-KVor'VTaaoipgHHii.n a 1 ) .r
4 Th Eoglith papart irre into eogronei with
the Amerleao aaeetieoi -Tbe--London Globe
ptoit-iDk iiiDorix, statement ,tna ia
miral KjIpe.bi.reporte(.tbe blockade of tie
oouthern nort Inewolent, and says that no sea
or I 'mivi An ttiA.nhtank b.a Kan avfflA4.ltw ...
Ibe Leadon Timee. looa-oditorlal. showi
the ; tDormons financial i djfflenhla. which the
waenington .uorarnmant ..will, bare
Boston, Aneuit 26-Order bav been re.
eoived from asbtngtoa ,to rfl t tbe Cosgres
In. htiifr.il(nn liiirhiuui. v - -w
Mr. Holt, of Kentuoky. Ia here.
NEW YORK, Aug. 26.
FLOUB lire eenti lower.-with a mederaia bail-
en ajolur. for export eo4 bom ooaiuoiaea 'at
at tha decline, naiei of 1S8oii btrr.U at 14 30
iae n mt nnernos eat 04 so;a4 ea for mn etate.
4 InSetOrureupnlaewasiorat S0at4 71 for com-
auo to nedium extra weitarn: tS'Si 'in (of ahlnDlaa
or.Doe txia ronoo neap vaa; ana oa toss xo ror trde
Dranaa ao. market cloalnii duil .i. a &... cnuH.a
Bear Baa; be qneaS a .bade easier, with a moderate baai-
i' mi dolnj; tain of 130 barrel! at 14 SO&4 40 for aaper
uur, noa at owai au roroomnion to cnoica extra.
HIK, ri.l'UK HWndTaiai StlOVt M
COttN Mllli-aeklnidMl.1 a.l.a r,t 100 Kofm.1.
Jener at f rJS. . a o '. -
WUlHKV M..Tr and lower' aalea of S0 k.rral.
WllAT-avy lad'nnMttltd. and 1410 MWer.
IDeexireoa ac.rclir of frelibt hue a Ten daiirearfna
effeenytb Barbae, iSat-cMa Sutt bruhala rihln.n
aiHna-at6ua3l OlS S4 SoO o tUctae iprtna at l 03
wi vij n.vuuao anaauaea cino at 1 0331 10; 700
So whli Clilomra aval Ht 7.300 do vera oboic aatr
winaatai mi d'.iuieoaawrKeWfiwriSatSI lbm
1 10; S.llOOdo white watern et l $51 30; 5.060 do
' HXh-.mp eVPeo,,wblia Stocky at
Bin-Urn.., Krei.SrjrOuhli Canada stl
Sfleootal'-' Kt'i.-.-.riA ji..a1 ) 4
i-HnuriiuulIiaiiomliibi v r , rwritf : t.
( 00ft.1-j.aale. Ira, with agios deWi fcriiniior,.r
pi. -uu uviue wueumpiioD. eaiee ot xu.vuu Dninaei a
4SaVac forCBBKa taiair aUxaAweataa.: ABa.r nam.
'tnlpsrog Sor-aaO40(tliifor lafarla ta-prime weelrri
jellow. i
waatern. " n I i
fc, . - - - ........ I .w in, n.i..i
PWItbatrrport.iitrbatret-nlrgorni bbliat 111 for
. i aaii rutfi in , .... .
mmmm, ma euv uuatiu jt or prune. ... I
!.. r-KarH.s,ull mta reij gotVateiflf iCObbli
at 1494 SO for couotry prime; 9593 So fur do nan;
!' ror rapacna aeie; ana S ur SugfV WW tot
extraraffEyrlma aaea beef and btrl aaaa ait quret i'
euiljirlMe oomlually anrluaaad. , ' 1 ' '
w. . . . u .i, .in, uu, priore rw eieaayi we
BA.ON IoactiTe.
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 27.
Butiaua In I ECMral War Ooe'ni i thla week nAtt. iitlli l
yen ins niuo nio inera nae ceen ra-weea hu raotired
MmeiblnroTTptrSlrtll trader ttrtrlTewZork newaof a
lower BreTeirr - -a-r . t I
rboTJa-oriht hither rrad reniirM fira aora at
the baadeal aeneia-ttian 4 barrre. Itie prion hiobr'
preTaura on eainraaj remain Cdrreut to day. I " .
WUEAT Bearatba aaaa onoiMiooa which we gar
In our Lit for atrlctly prime grades, but tbe buyea art
not diapered to ooeret freely, s -ii-e i
- vuBMaura4rierBaMrtawa
tAVa tMagaWlaaaia -
.TiV AND H-Rr.kYA.. .nil ..i-i.j
Cleveland Market.
CINCINNATI, August 26, 1861.
.. rt.0Tjn-DoU and nsahanted.
WHB A Salet of bar ear red oa break at 88c; 8 000
abe a, ln ia brard at Wei'oae eat WbMaea track at
85o. An offer waa made of IS cOO botheli red fret oa
board, aft cant aaUvarabla' in) Use day, without a
boyer. ' ,
'COSlS-iSalaaof anaoax aA '3-S. anA MM at Sit
a.,a .tk-. I....E. - . ... . .
OATS BalMof fouroafiatSJoW-.wv. i i 'M
r-r, Of TH1 " " '!
.11 4KiEAt HiTcma. in roaci AUa.i, leeo.
jHpn Joseph XR; 6wan,f .
vnnjroTKs or tbs Moisioira or TBtjfa
(Contained in twenty-nine roluma of the Ohio and Ohio
.......... gut.Tl,p0rU.j J
a m AND UriBKMOlS 10 PJllOB law..!
Jn Two Royat 8vo.orumeii.4'JPtlQ $li r-.
: ir ... rr Voo.il ho eMnaCtr, A I
Wa mm ... . . . .. , M,i , - i
--- .... ., . - - . MVW M -u. wui.
owmoi ana miaow la an axapeea. u ,,!t I
-it na
bat now lb UataraUrvasnnaav bavtrtv bran an.
orovalby nearly the anaotaea' wot W aatk lonm.
and was ordered to ba eUimeawS lo ibakuasakai Buu
and Onawiy oSlcereM efunn , .r --or i
OoTrrraorvAttaTtnyOeassa.b,1 Sraaranr Jaaea. aten
vry; v -rapsronar, -vtaaaoaav aaa AUUoroCaata, B
u lb rWate Oear s. Ooara tt Cne-ataa.PIas, Uuiwi
lor and Polio Court, Aadttom, aad tb O leeks lot the
rartsul OaarUlo each aountr. to an Marakaraof tha
Saiata and H.us of Bprseottiree of thla Slab), and
ui? WVT.IU.I, ui Kur mini Biaive or tne union. I .
uiThia book, - eoaamhiK. aa M doc a. all af tha Rtatntaa'
aow in fore, and tha auihorttatlr oonatractlon af thenvL,
and of th Hew Constitution, will he found to be especial-1
ty uaeiui in tne perrormano or their eatta, a all
oounti pyytcsRS,
Tbp Publjo, Works of Ohio.
orrfcs er tbs LxnrH y rfta Feare Woac. I
y -- uotuaaoa, jun IJ IOOI, )
rpn nnarslrted hvlogb.eoa th Ltsscssfaf tb
and havagniarad Into lh.Mssssion of aaid tTsiaa
bareby ana aottoa, tOat la oaaraita under aaid leaaa.
a ruoiia worae oi voro. uaoer tn acs ot aav b. inui
ahd drscharxlua Ibebr duties utdsr the..eik -tr- hu.l-
nsawlll tie transacted Vlth tb public tbroutb I agent
appoi .icuay ut -aasee, uoaersacn rvies, teguatli
resirieiions aua iimtationa, as shall b preecrlledV
weir gorarnaieut, .... , . t
Thos Arena tor th present: will onslst of oaa flan
eral Ageob a Treasurer aad. Secretary, for tha Ceatra--J
umce oi (no -leteees at uommouar aaa ia aecassstry
numbsrof BUDertntendenta of Repairs and Golle,ors of
to i is o apr,rat w area ssqrjraoea IB in leas ye
Ttie uencrmi Agent anaii M in principal axaentlv
Officer of thsT.e,sees","lf iTlfltxTt hra cbarreof tb gep
ami baaio ofirb attlaabas. s -la-aharl hare super.
Vasioaever to. baaint of ah Leasees, wllb ihtotil!c;
aad aa aud) agent shall s locals all contraots.texcapt f
tVin. fn. I.HnV .--)-1, -...u 4 muw L j ( '
... . .. .... .h.. . w w wav vraiu . I
rap ol M swtasal WaxX. and k abali audit i
acaa-aanareiasna. , . . , . i
..Thadu lei of th Trsaiowf nd i!rUry'aaaH o
Th. i i
sugu as are nuany uiscnargewDy atatiar oaeera ah other
tsrre".ia in f t a -,
, H.I . ..... I
I.' XUi eWOVbtn4ots oi Repair, ahalt, oa Ualr ra-
ipccilTo dl.ltlops, bar power to employ and discharge
an euwiai.aicw ana aaraeaew. oa ta
I Upas stall 1 tools
rdinarr rrpalt bf each
idsf thsl lueial dl-
-... K4M ill
--MBbra-kl rirw. are
and state!! osasss-jy in th ordi
divlsiuUkand tb same shall b undsi
rbctlon and msnsjreairjti ' "
favraaaAwtilalttae aaiharity and power, nrovMed la
tne iawe or me bum ana tne leguiauone oi tea Moara
of Publfc:WoTts -arad for1 that yajrpa, whet bush Col-
fS'qi TVn f tiyatyd autiavltr fraa the
adrvTRial Babrof th LawsereaaH have th
Hght to.arauaa-t bpslpeaju the nan of th irsaseoa,
wlih any person or psrsoDsVTn any - other banner
tbeappa-atataarenu, an 1ms spaolally aqthotla-1
ao,t doj nor shall any one of aha ept-f
ue name
a bAr authority a traaaaot any baslaeaa
or tnl Laaseef kxcbnt -m tb naairaUr
branch of th bustieaa eonlded to hla. and aublam
.uirreewicriearwasiaiiwinaa. oi aa ario- l
Wko Mtbnrlty t.!borrb aoasyioa tha crsdftlof th
fianeea, aha II avar exist In any Laeee, agent or other
miiioyeoo to Mses,aaieaa tna ahalt aa ood
ferrea by S nnanlhiota vba f tb jails, al a saguUr
areatiMi and US anoan B eathakad ta be aornvwad
acini awtat aa as-areA a tb Joanal
-Osar.-Wr.aawe as toa.Oana.at. Agent. kfJfb'
lAmtnw sawaa ,ssiaainsuaaui.aiia ym
eroa, aaaraiary.-"n' ,-,.,, i,t it.m
rrlnasKiia at aapalr ar:.-! , I
Oa -vaWAa--ala-l W. kA lf .U-i.
ffosaa, toeSrae Baiarsi, Wa. mpi AVttUp
ssaoaa... v-i- .- f-r-ff.ee i-vli .-u I
Oa- tb Ohio, WMboadUg and Qoaklug Canals Af fb
MsMrigwa tasprtieaaaat Boaaav H, au.asi, lerowaa
Maaaa, Drjana IMlaataratoMattwaMaiaaarr and
Ial. ..' ,.i ri-.oi,,,.F..iia.
"Th Oolleetonoa tbaCaaala, MarnsW 1-rvrw--sent
had kttmH Road, ar the aaara that war a the
ttviaaaf tha rJrasO at the tint ot th aaeaUoa af th
asse.i bat all lbaasraial I agenla bild Ul.ir apWkst-
I option of lb Lswees. I
sjliaairi f sui AaMl't SawMm
awa i, i j-ii.-m
asms abtbs plsasur aad
bt nd.iil .AVdmI a. Jf, J.J AUASOH,
i' Aaa -a ar tiin in.
saAi.r,1108 aKOWtf, .Jpsld.
(saatiteai l.'?. I
nu-j ,.ri i
- ijait - f - tawJw
oaTaaolp! Swa atraaarbwa
'li awrf-w a J(a
a taw '.J-t I
niuaraanT.'cy.A vj:o a it
ji w a-aaaa lyfaaieav WW f & i
An eiperreaoaf KluMtSr-l KeaaM nyiVraa, praoankt
whiClreVeatlw nKllltatM tbe-tneBiirf tMUknr, bveoft.
entng ffie g
mi, redaetna fii mnumMtron wu I allay
apannodre aotrbo, and by -.. -- .
bejaad spaa U. aotay, (t.wUl give mt lo yoaraelraa
" I' ml r -):.. ' n I.
ehErejrtnoariili)W tMe-arrlerr fof orer tan yea re,
That' hrtre nffV.r bMrr ahw tn rt .n- w.H ij
?!!SrrJ'5IKn " HI I A OIHOLB weiw
AN0, TO f rrrot A OUBi, wheailaety aard. Haa.
ar did we know an Initanoe of dhaatlafaaMon by arry out
who need it. - On tbe contrary, all aradaHgtrtae) with ia
operation!', ant 'apeak In term ef aommendaOoa of la
magical efteeta and medical- -rirtoee- We apeak ra thla
matter "WHAT Wi DO KHOW;" iMbr Unyaara'
.wn niunn. mt ....... . . .
...TT: u airumiu! rum
FUulul,maMT of WHAT WB tiBHO Dafll.iaa t.
almoet erery inetanoa w bare the Iptaal la lataring fraa
pain and ejh-rmtoov rrW will ba faaaO k tUtaaaor
"uin-iwa anar raaujiua a aaauaMUaaa. n (
-VaaiV'laakl preparatiia M th preaonatuo of oaef
lUaoatBlU'lUlJU-hCKCanABB-lLLgUL NnAaaai-
Nev XnitUuid. and baa been nead. with MBYBB f AU
md B000blrt 111 " ,rr "!. 17,,
1 lyTyAlt3!'- '
aesbaetoaach end boa-tie, aerrae ta aaidlta. aad a-Trai
teaaraaa enaacy Sk-tbawhato Saateaw. ItWiUabaaatlnl
l.nl ll.a. 1
and oreroome cnnTnieione, anion, If not apeedtly reme
na ia wma. -?.e aeiwra it ana Beer aaa inu,
8t MaUlOX IN SHB WORLD. n eileaaee afOV
BUTHttr- as ftiABJUidA IM OHIUiaJIbt, abathai
ariaee fraaa aatbloa, ao faaaa ana othaa aiaaa w.
aay ta awany aotaarwba baaa child rate rise faoa
anyaf ba torawoiax aaaiplatata IK) MOT LBcloCH
etaaaV betaaaa aoa and soar anlerbu ah lid. aaA
Uaf that will be BUtta-ee. AUaOLUCKl.V,aUaAl-to
aiia tmmmm oi ana aaaaieana, n naaif aaaa. - fall Al.
ractloa tot ajlDg will aooomaaoy aarb battle, Hon,
panbaa uakae aba tec -eta lie af tiUBUSat PBB-CIMs,
New York, hi on the onuida wrapper.,, i i
lold by aU Druagltfa ihrooghout the world. .
PrtclpalWirtoaa u Cadar Btreot N.Y.
"""""x" aiaiir-iti im u,w
.1"-' ' t'-,ftT4TTT.'i'"-'
aja Waf if XV 1 1 1 AV t j
p- Rt orlhal color Wilhoat ayaang, aad arrraaliag
j-airiram tarnuaggrare i :i
tih4aring it, when bra fc Te icMt partkla of vital!
l ICVUOI akiwvj ajusiaiw fWrajiaKning.
MMAeuaaraUoM tlrlp.T I
TaxparttBg toU Stianaajalkg gloaaaadbrlUbaiey, Baking
eoft and eilap . in Ita texwra. and earning it to ear
readily. t- .
lAe great celebrity and Inoraaalng damanl for thl an
eqoalecl preparation, oonnacea the proprwtar that one
trial a only au ryaatt.ry a rllarjatiilag paMle ot 1U
aopenorquaiiuoeorer any outer preperaueo m aaa. lt
liiaam the head, and acalp from dandruff and ethor
entaneona dieaaaaa, cauaiug the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, auft, gloaay tad Sexible appearanoa. and
alao, where the half a looeenlng and thinning, It will gtre
itrength and rigor to the rooa and rat to re ibe growth la
hoaa part which hare beooa bald, oaoalnf It ta yktat a
iwiwmiiuw uu. I
Thar are haodrttdiof bvll nnl' geitleBen la iRew
Tork who bare bad iboir hair rwatored by flio aaa of thla
Inrlgorator, whan all other preparations hare tailed. L.
naa In biapqaaealon lattara Innumenhig taeurylng
the abort facia, froa peraona of the blgbsat radaeota.
Mllty. It wlireffecwally prorent the hair rroa turning
antil th lAtexf tverlud o'll'e; and In oaeea where the hair
haa already Chan god ita color, the as of the Inrlgorator
will with eertautf ceatore ft to ft to la original boa, giv
ing It a dark, gloaiy appearanoa. Al I perfume for the
toilet aod a-flair BestoraUra K It particularly renoa-
ided, hnrtng an agreeabia rragranoe; and ta (rant ta-
autiaa II affords Id drealnf the hair, which, whan moist
with the IbIi,.-m.., a draesed 10 aay required
ao aa to p reserve Rt prior: wtretber pta4n)ertn earhn
lb gasatdaatand tor a by th ladies as standard
talis tan tola w bach none ought to ba without- th prioa
pbxwU.fabiJite.rsaihorll.blog fi
:!?:. Only Tweaty-FiTr Cents
par bottle, tab had at at. taepeeubl Drurrtsta dad
. Perfamar. . . .
LMHiLia Woabi call th. atAaationaf Parants aad
Onarnlaris to tb use of his Id rigors tor. In raans when
cbildran'a hair Inclines to ba weak, Tha, us of It
lays tha fonndation lor aooodAaad of lat, as II re
aovas aay aaparines thai nay have beooaw connected
with tha scalp, th ranoral of which is ntnsasij both
th health of the child, aod th latur aoDaaram. af
laaaiai i.' .-. i c !. ; if,,.
Oserlow. Mooe ' -fr-nt tli as aaa lis torjig
diiiu.otid vn in, uu n, wrappon. aaa. It..' MIL.
LIS' DAIE INViaORATOK, H. J.. blown in thl
glMW, (
wxnieew uopat,o ixry gtraat, en aoIJ by all th
principal nercoaoia ana trrurgiaa tnrongnout th world
liibcra,! CtlKXant to pawhiaera by th quandty. -
I J AeafraU preMrU to U-e Aacrioan PabUn .' .
which, aftw fOM-i pcTtrnflffrrrImtnt.n j
hraagaVa prfeotionv-:r 6 Black v Brown Instantly
wlthoutinlurr to th ll&ir or Sklnx w-mni- k...
r,iiiw taeima mw-rtaaoe. . i. Si , .n t i
Deiwt;;- 60'?..;fit; New York.
; I MIWAl-C -HQJm1or t'
s&oufaclaVeTriixrttoTsr9r IPor
table and' SJiatloaarf Htmira . Ba
gtaea, Haw "Illlw, 6rrt Blilu,
UJftmMOPtZl tsadx g at J IJ kSSTMrnOml
'aaS.'Jo C T-Uf f aWsis GOl VMS CS
-j?4$Bzcb:fUmcttr Smdiobd
(Wr Fortabls Xoaina. and law anil -
awafa.taxat OrWaL ef.tili4.tt Indlaci
ralr rbr l'-OO avarLana a Bada-at. aa -u.i -1
osj,, lidiaVr-?,!' ttt. Sliqlt j ,c oot o toy of Joel
and enporlw'vjbaractar of laaber aawetl.
Oar Satlonarv Inrln waa awaiasA m tha aaa lab
Arst prralua "of li i ' -i-
Our Portable Engine wet awarded tbs first prealaa ot
at th ralr at Meaabhs. (aan.. avar Blandv'a Da
Ooloabua Hacbin OoS.i, and Oradford a CoW
a oommltu of araetlrarl asilread ft at Lasers. I
rprtr4aod.brnddrM ' , -w
WU. 1 AUD WASNllV f raasurtr,
.... . '
Hswark. Ohio
Wholeaaaaaaa Kelall Dealer 1st .-
jsv.Aai J 0AJJ5i.ll s7!
jisiji x0r5' lr': 0trewt.t
,)aaT irr, ,tTi4 .A .sTT u . T,-.t !
LiitiaCa.dOT 'UiKaji;: z kT
-aaotantlr am tnaai d tao va
aJ.injt .4 rlaaa BnAJttsIl as. t
evr rewiTd
ii.-"S ij .alt
UknT in a a aaiOarb'ouai or iraaaaroaRHBii
lealnal Weak, baansat Ostullly. aieiroaaoasa, Ia
volunary Baiartoa and Iueaeteaey, neulting froa
eta,-- Br SWbt. J. Oalrarwell. al. D. teat
anaVrasati ra plr uvlopw I amy addraas.posl
ataaaoayh ar. UUAe. J.0 .
ustoisas Boa. a
mitl f.rta wan 1 111 1 1
,JWir -l-3 V3
I'livrl :uv.T-l T1
nttrO ao nr.T 1 1 ui
"They g Kigit U tks BctJr,
lastaal Kollof I J Bta yams Coa.lt t
Zrmr.tr ysvtii' Broetta! ,,
Itraarthaa waa Waleaf
,U K.
-. ar , 4L V
tuu. is nor. iiZ r-.T
, 4ij 'r ia itAj
i ; ....
' '- xutll AU MMOHTKt Win Km
They relieve a Cough lnsUntly. JA if
They elear tb Throat. ' , v . .4 j ,j ;i ;
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They impart a delicious aroma' to toe breath.
They are delightful to the taste. ' '
They are ' mad of elmple berbi and cannot
barn any one. ,
'iadvla every one who has a Ooagh ar a aasky Vote
ore Bad rvath.waoy aiaUaItr( the Throat, t get
a package of ay Thr Oaaiatttaai; tbay wilt rtllev
yoa Instantly, and jM will agre with a that "tb-ry
go right to th spot " Toa wni flod -baa VaryWaJ
asi plea aot while travellnf erattaadtaf pabll aawt.
Ingi far ittlllng yoar Ooagk r allay lag year taint. If
yo try 00 package, I aa safe la aaysafl Aat yoa will
trar aftarwardg eontldar tbaa t-4Uspa-bl.
Toa will tad Oaa at the Oracglste aad Deators la
My signature U ca saoh package. Alt other art
counterfeit. . f.-.M '-.V;
A package will be not by aa!!, prrpaJd, 0 noalpt of
Tarty 0nt.".. , ,.
Hexuy C. Spalding,.
. ' VO. 48 01D A&. ITKIIT,
' ' ' ' r
By Om a of the rills th paslada ettaaki af Jrr-
eost tr me BtodotU any bearvvwabaHaad ef akee
at th eoaaaancaaent aa attack ta-aadlabi nlbtf froa
pain sod slckaeaa will b obtsiiaa. -Xhy
seldom all la naoring the Xamua aad .
OoA to which female ar ao subjeot.
. par aot geatly aaaa the bowels raaov-ag Cbati
aa. . , , ..
lor Xewwy Mm, Suimti, Dalleate Vtaal
and all personi of sa-aatVary kabitt, thay are vaJaa
u LamaUv. laproring the mpptlU, gi r4ng oa
vtpr to th dlgMtlv organs, and restoring the aatar
aluUclty and strength of the whoa ays tea.
THI OaPHALIO PILLS sr th rawlt ef loag lavn
ttgattoa and ear fully oodaeted ezperlacata, having
kn hi aa aany year, daring whak tha OMy bav
prerentad end relbrrad a vast aaoeat af paia aad safw
g froa Heaiaoh, whathar rl(lating a ssa asrwoM
systaa or froa a drangdatat of th atoauieA,
Thy ar earlrtly vegetable ta their aompealUaa, aa
aay b takea at all tLaea with perfkot aassty wltaoal a
naklng any chug of diet, ' awo! SJU aaasstos sV aay '
oWsggrasaM torts roxfars tt aey a aaaslal sr tAasa
Vbtfaarsa.- I
The gsnaln have Bv e4gnataiaof Eanry 0 Spalding
acid by Onarrists and all othar aalas aa 1
A Bos will bt east by axil, prepaid, aa rrlpt.f the
Prloo, QO Oonts.
AU order ahoald be addreand t
4 Coast ltret llW rark.
Iroa th lx-aulnw, IfortbTk, T.
0phali Pills aocoapliih tb ebyMS for wbloh flay
were atada, vra.1 Care of batdaoh la all i fame.
. . Froa tb Ixaailner, KorfoDt, fa.
" Thsy have been tata m aot anas mtaaU aaa
wita soars i
froa rh Danoerat, St- Oload, Wlna,
If yo ar. ar bars been, troubled with. Ba liadmhi
land fo a boa, (Oephaii Plila,) ao that yoa aay bav
tbea la oaa ef aa attack.
. ' rroa th Adrartlasr, ProvidenoC 1. 1.
" "-r'""T MUt an ssH tnbi a laaaaib'sldi efa n.a
raaady for th ..adaah. and an of th vary beat fcr
that vary frequent .oaplalat which baa avar has die.
Pfroa the Western k. . OaaittaT Ob-rago, lu.
We heartily ndoraa Mr. grjanbllna. aaA ba a .a. a
OepbaH riia- '- v . iiiiM,
Fro xUawtaTlley lbar,aUMVa,Ta.
W are sur that asiaaaa aaSTarlna wraSb taa -
who try tbaa, will ask Oa th. .-woiejrfi.'ii
a. lAitf '
IQaaoataeralasutATararl ta. '
Try tbeat yoa that ar afflicted, and are ear aw
roar tasUaaonyoaa a adds to aha already daaaanai
list that haa ttoatvwd bsasda that a thr sseaicinaaa-i
Vroa tit St. Louis Deaaoorat.
' Tb lanaaa dsaand tar- tb arlarajaasai PUa
to rapidly laonsalng. Cru.P:'! UlSfW
... froa the OsatreR, Ibrranport. taw.
Mr. Ivalding wvaM aot aonnaat hla
tiete be Sid oat i-aow aaeaaeea real esariu
&7'.tDw ho1 iPAfcBiHO'a paaPAiaa
v-iua win ssts ran ussaa Ks coat aausxaliy. J
j-. . -. , lara tu riaoau
4 lOUKOOIYl ' . . . . BTjaAM-ri
ID'A iTtrca ns fs Iavbi Hvm-JH
As seeldaaa am kamaa. evaa Is waM laiaaad mm
111, M m vary iaslsaba t haa aasaa eaaaa aad mn
waliaa way tor aaparaa f anttsaa, Taya, Orasksry
i ' , aVALPIKO'aPBIPAltBBGr.r'lV,
aaea all eaob sssai gaasls, aad a ban.. hold aaa aSVag
be wrthtat Is. .. It aalaya mim sad ay a ta ettoh
point. . f
. i-. -T-aasun aa ouaai atwaa.
. a.A Brub araearauiw saak bottle.
arete. - Addreaa, '
', , ; . a... 1U. 4S, Osavlbai.toVldk
,........."i,.i. .
,;.- ",,. ,i -OACTirOIS;
As aartala prioclrbsd
awria ar attaaptln g
Pila o ea in ansaspaatlng pabita. tesaatlaa al aa
aarAaBO OLOa, t waaUaaatiaa all sa.
aala befor purchasing, aad aa tat th fn 1) aaw.
iry'srAjuibi B J.rAtat.LIJn.Jlll
a tLe oataid wrap peas all eter asa aviai-ilus aa,
tawjlbi.!.'i:-.) .! . ' b-is-...i. , .M.- .ii ao
.... riaa
i .-tv.f v ' ,,7r

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