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" ' ... . I " - ' 111 . i i . , ,, , i ., i - i -i . : .,;-.. y, j 4 t .: ' - - j
M?M:?,;-T -BSDA
MQKMIT(r, -AUG. 29
21 .i'2
' ' IMS A UVDFUUV A. Mil FB ' t
ririi . a.v.v w inMiiy
ii, - ,r I
, . v ID" Offio Hoi. 88, 38 aad 40, Jforth High ft
'dally - - . - 8 00 pr pear
. trl-Weekly
BT the Carrier. Tier week. 12 eanta. I
. i .-..., - . s oi
0 per Mi,
. weekly,
erin of Advertising- by tbe Sqattre
si square I yen . . . $20 00
One " 0 inor.ttii 18 00
3ne ' " 8 months 15 00
One " 3 months 10 00
One ' B months 8 00
One ' 1 month. . 3 00
Out square 3 weeke.$4 00
One " 8 week.. 3 00
One' " lweek... 1 7S
One " 3 days. ,.1 1)0
One . 8 dure 75
Oue ., ."' . 1 insertion 30
Displayed advertliomeriU half more than tbe above
ates. . i . . ,j .. .fcw h (
, Advertisements leaded and placed lathe column of
oiiwisi nuiiocn, wnoH ins orainary rat fi
ll II uotieea requires to be published by law, legal rate.
If ordered on the tneldeexcluiively afuir the first week
per cen:, more thin the afore rules; bat all each wit
ip pear In the Tri-Week4y without charge.- i . ,
Business Garde, not exceeding five linos, per year, In
tile, S3 50 per line; outside ,r I'
Notices of meeting, olisri tables or idles, Ore coupon!
Ate, half price.
All tratuienl advtrUumtntt mutt be palifor in
udvanet , Tse rale till not be varlad rWm. I
Weekly, name price ae the Dally, where tie advertiser
' isesthe Weekly alone. Where "be" Dally and Weekly
are bath used, then the charge lr. the iWeekl will be
fialf the raits ul the Dally .... ,,, . , ,
1 No advertisement taken ex cpt for a definite period.'
Attornoy a, JLtifaw
Office Auibos Building, oppoiite Capitol Bqoar. ' i
. . j.;-. :.( ootOMBus. omoj
J.m 0S130I1.IJ"3D, ; ,
Attorney & Counsellor at Lav,
- 4 - - " . Ill
Cutingi!, M1U Gearing, Itaehtnwy. j
H.n,llron,c3L VJToirls!
or irnr Dtsciinioii.
0OA8. AHB08, Bnp't. p. AMB08, Treat,
deoll, l"5B-tf . -
if MM J
VfV To J o o a i) a c o lie e a o e ee ftjigjp'
1861. 1861.
1861. 1861. Summer Arrangements.---Time
Oonneoting at Oreelllne with lbs PlrTSBOHQII, IT.
fbr ntttburgh; Philadelphia and BalMmor. Mt
for Fori Waynt and Vkiaaga. . , J
ConncctlDg at CleTeland with the LA KB SIIORB BAIL
, ROAD ; j V
Fr Dunkirk, lluf falo, Albany- Boa.
Mn,aedNew lork.
Trom Columbui, In eonnecllon wilh Tralnion the
flUdl TRAIN. - -
NIGHT EXPRESS Ltares Columbus at 3.40 A.M ;
will leave paasBegert at all atatlooa south or Gallon,
stop at Delaaere, Aihk-y, Oardlngtoa and Ollrad. and
at all stations north or OalioD, arrtrlng at Olerelaod
at 8:0b A. H., Dunkirk 3:00 P. SI.. Buflalo 4 24 P. H.
Albany I SO a. M., Maw Xora 8:35 A. at.-. Boston S 10
P. M , Pitlsbumn via Oreatliue M0 P. U , Philadel
phia 9:10 A. at. Chicago vU UreaillneatT-oOP. M.
- SECOND TRAIN. - . ,r
NEW TORE EXPREjd Leaves Columbus at 11:10
a. m. Will stop atLcKis Ceutre, (for Whitrj Bulphur
Bprlngt), Delaware, Cardington, Gallon Oreelllne, Bhel
by, New Loudon, Wellington and Grafton, arrive at
Oleveland at 3:33 p. m'. Dunkirk, B:3u p. m. Bol
falo, KM p. a; Albany, b: a. a; NawToik, 1:
E. m. i B stun, Mp.n. This Train oonneete at Shel
y for Sandu-ky, and at GJatton for Toledo, arrlrlDi at
Toleuoat8.4Up.nl. ,. j
at 8.30 p. m. ''Will stop at all statlosa South of
Shelby, aad at New1 London, Wellington, Grafton,
and Bare; arriving at Cleveland at f:M p. m. laii
kirk, 8:1)0 a. m.; Buffalo, SSOa. m.; Albany, S:20 pTm.1
NawVork, 7 SO p. m.; Borton, 11:43 p. m.( PliUlurgbl
wretOre-lllne.at ll:S5p, m.; PhlUdelhiv iOD
Chleaco, via Orestllue. 0:45 a. m. Th,a Tr.1,. o. nn,i.
at abvlby for Banduakjr and Toledo, irlvjbg at Tojwlol
at 8:54 p. m. "' ' ' .J
.r--. K'l-i! H
Patent Sleepinr Cars are ttiaj on all
. Night TiainB to Cluoago, Now -
York and Boston. I V "':"
Eaggag ChtdUd I hrovgh to fnt Tort and Botlon
. via Otrtlundj mlw, to PhUaitlpMand '
, ,. . .:-3ltw iortviaHrtUtnor;
' .'. ; Vi - R ET U RN I NG.J,-'i' (; ','''' .'.
Night Express arrlvcaatCoIBibnaat",ll:15 P. M.
Clueiunatl kaprras arrlns at Columbus at 10:90 A. M.
Accommodation Express arrives at Columbus etTrJO
P.. (J, :.. . . ' ,
f.: 1 in ii i 1 )i ' '- 11
... 1 i ii .
Fare eta Low us bp aur other Route.
JikJy TfelKH via Qttitlin or .tpfeiybiif." '
.'" niPl.r. . ...
-' Superintendent, Cleveland,. Obis'. ,
... ,i ..rAMlS PATTERSOH, Agent,
,' v , Oolumlma,0hlo.
Columbus, June 17, 1861.
n ) jnrtBeteitaarr.ni: fjl X'
1 AA Mf. CM CKt.feN and BLACK
lUv TEAS lOO bags puma Bio Conea.
1 AO pockets old Dutch Government Java Qofee.
1A bags Ceylon Coffee.' r s j t- vj
eoobble, standard White Sngara, oonsMlny ef Pow
dred, Ohraahed, Granulated A and B Coffee.
OU qntotaie ueorge Uatrk Uodnth. . a ;j tt
Obbls. Meaa and No. 1 Mackerel.
6 tea. Pick Salmon. jv.u:
100 bx. Layer Raisins.
r. i it,"
s it
OU nr. boa do do
100 M
vigors, umcreni nranai ana grtjes. ,. , , i
. lf' -T - wm; ModonaId .
-i .insepssaaasani p ia i.tMaWMnl
C. UlLfEY'
a a I M
And Blank-Book Minufantnrer,
jTobth moa iiiiot, m umTOs; osio
ifl'l St tM.'.B.lL
Red, IrVhiteandcBlBJj
DELAitiM,'?! rc?.' tj:t.rj
RECK IllFsiHTO JJk atf!lLK8'
Just opened by ,;i aiodtaoiaf fT f'fjt -?
mm & en
ri' .! vr
no. xa bouu uign street.
- A KKW UOOr ltlRT,
. .v.
, l.'c
No. Brjuia man btrset.
rieve ust received a sew.akt of HOOP IKIBTg
Eblatedlo a manber faf sdpcrlor io.anjjfi.lntfgduced
mm tit tt.:
hull ItHa ff ,A It
.ii.iitu ,4.n-."V be'O iUr?
notert-Tl, latgeiUTliw' Beit.
xiio taeapett eoaoao tn Xeit,
"A lie molt BelUbia atanrd An-
, tborltjrol ttaeEnt-llekltntniitc.
. Stot &mdYo& Mnlmni HbttGoUiTt of OWav
'Hei areapwardfofa Hundred Thoaaaad Word,
whoee rnaltllarlou faeaalngt and derlTatlone, torether
with thai i eonaet awelUaf.aad pronenMlailoa at oleaxly
aet before th
1 1 .'!,':.. tit . Wneinnalt (bmmenlal.
Xtai to Jftelilcini of the Urnbtn of tht OMo StaU
'Tbe nndorehrned, memberi of the Ohio State Teachere'
mcianon, adopt and aim to ute In teaching, writing
and epeakinr, tbe orthography and proaaaclatlow of
noreeatet'e Uovai Quarto Diettoaary. and we Bool ear
dlally reeoiamend It aa (he moot rellabla atandard au
thority of the Ungltah language, as It la bow written and
r iMKm Airmttwi, President Kenyon Oollege. ' !
at. D. Lawwrt, laperlntendeat Eaaeeyille lehobll.
. Tnoe. W. Ham, u't Maaailoa Baton eehoale.
M. p. CoWDiar. Sup't Publlo Schoola, Baadusky. . '
JobkLtkch. IUD'tiablie lehoola. Clralarilla.
B. M.Aajnroao, Principal Clereland lemale Bemlnav
Vn. Mrrcaau, gap'tPabllo Bckoola, Ht. TJnlon.
Jonjt OaDax, Principal ttata Nornal Bchool, Minne.
Orkoe Niton; Principal PourU) Intermediate School,
u a " H . . M -M
t K ltna Prinelpal KeNaely , Dermal ebeol. ,
11 ' rrAjiv rroi. aiaineniaucB, vnio university
W. W. InWAana. Hnn't Tro Dnlon Bchoal.
A. a. Hon lire, Prinelpal West High School, dera
iled, i. . . !.. . ...
B. A. NokToa, Associate Prinelpal High School, Clere-
CtoaoH ?tuum, . Pilodpal High School, Clera
R. P. Hcnirroa, Principal Oleretand Institute.
J. A. flaaruLf Presidtnt of lleelle Iastltuta, HI
Jai '.."' t i: ..... . .
W. L. HAaata. Prof. -frf flhamtitrv. Ohio Viilinn
11. H. llltir. lw.nMHUnMF ft frrm SUhA:
owe. . : "t.
iiirasHomoB, Prof. Rhetoric Oberlln Oollege.
Tbrm. HiLb, Praeldeat Anltoeh Oolleia
, O. w. H. OaTwcaaT, Prof. MaOieaatka, ' High
School, Dayton.
B. O. Crdmbadaw. Prof. LtnniM. Trtcrh ftahnal.
B. M. BacatSt IsmH Dnka Sehoole, Ashland.
Mori ikam Sim BuHdrtd aiW FrtdmU ef Oil.
o&i, Proftuort, Author and JHttitiguliAod JUmca-
wri, xavt tnaorua ui aoovt tmumtnt.
Variitta CoLLxea "It la trulr a nuurnlfloont work.
an honor to the author, tha nnbliihera.and the whole
nuniry.- rreeueni Andrews. ...
"Oft Wml-ta UirrrirrT.-'Tt xoe!i my tipeda-
ena.' it will be Say guide la wrthotrapby and pronnn
olatlon. and will often be onoalled by aa lor Its neat
ana eocureu deanltlone." Preetdent Thompeon.
w. B. loLicno Collssh- "Heretofore we hare need
weDatar e orthography, -At a laaant Beetlng of oar
raculty.lt waadaddsd ta chariia It ta eonform to that
of Wonsester'i Royal Quarto Dictionary." President
Wacrai, Basamvi Ooixeoa. "I And It worthy of
ooraiai approbaUon." President lllteboorc.
Omutt Cotttua. "It mors than meets my emaehv
tlont, I twtoBannd It ae tha atandard aathorlty la
orthoepy U By ehlldran and mj paplla." Pntidemt
Morgan. ' ?, . .
Ann oca Ootuai. "I adopt and aim to ate la tea oh-
(Be, wrldoc and eneaaina. the of thocraohy and nronun.
eiaaoa or woroeetar Moral quarto dictionary."
rraaidcai Ulll. (
-' "In all my wrltlnr. sndakinr. and teachtee. I hare an-
deavwred to eonlora to sua re Ice for ortbegraphy aad
pronunciation aaeeotalntd In Woreester's DloUonary."
Horace Mann, lab) President.
Kawroa Ootiaaa. GAtianm.! most eordlallr Room-
mond U as the meat reliable etaadard authority of the
English language aa It it now written and spoken.'
PM-ldentAqdrerev- j j , "! V l :
yen Sot. Anton Smyth, Ommittiener of Common
BMooit tn vnto. i
Tha Dictionary la aa ImDerlahable meonment to the
learning and Industry of lie each or, and aa honor to the
world of letters. The mechanical eneoutioa Is far supe
rior to that of any other Lexloen wttk which I aa ae-
yqualnled." -
xrvnv AOfv. xr. xi jaimmw. m-jowmttonor or
MootttnOMo. -
"The most reUible atandard authority of the lan
guage." J.il.-.-W '.1 .
. what nre . j'
Leading No-vrarpapero of Ohio Bay.
from tht Olmland Btrald of Mart SS.
The orthography of the Worcester Dictionary la that
used by moat. If not all authors oi distinction la this
country and England, and conforms to the general usage
of ordinary writers end speakere.
Whatever preladteea stay hart seriated1 previously, a
eareful itudy efthle volume will Invariably be followed
by a warm approbation of Its great merits, and a deelre
to add It te the well selected library, be It large or email,
Itiaallbrary In (tacit, and will remain an Imperisha
ble record of the learning of Ita oomptlar.
- Prom tht ObuHnnaH Oomrtial of April M.
Hers art apwarde ef a hundred thousand words good,
bad and Indifferent whose mnlttfartoow aaeanlage and
derivational together with taetr eorreM spelling and pro
nunclatloa. are set elearly ewfora tbeeyis. The work is
unqnaatlonabiy the greatest lasooamaof EogUah Words
ever pabilahed.j-' y r - - ? .
7roe t ht'Vttvtland Platndtaltr ofjStpi. SO, 18N.
Evidently Woacawrsn Rotai. Qoakto Dbotiobabt is
not only tht latt owl (Aa aasr eeorA ey tAe kind tvtr da
etMdt.aud ean by no peaeibillty sufler by eomparlsoa or
opatrorenj. i a , t i- i j
From ttimtttoBaf Mayt: ,'f'
' At to raoROBcuTioa. Woaoaoria u Tea STAmiAaa
followed by our beat authertt In delnltlona aa wavee
nothing to be desired, aad In OaTnoMAfarT It a tafieatnt
to say that Woaoaana tan be aafeiy (allowed. r
'- v! ' '. 'IFCOHAM Ac BBAOG, ' 1
Pnbllahera, Bookaellern Ac atatloaera,
: t-JsVdr-c ! ..Tin s ;"'-ftt.ti J 1 1
...,' - t;-: i v
jvowarlCg 3xr. J.
PlTldena January 1,1881) 48 Par Cent
A8BEis-i ...;r..-..:r..r.;... sjkah ss.
-! Stateoaent Jaaeaair le 186I "
Btlanrw, per statement lan. 1st; ISSO 3,40,J8J 30
twaaited tor. Pramluaa dot . ...
Ing the leer lt0.........70J,Q53
Beoelred for Interest daring .
; the yew 1800 .r 911.014 TO ' ''
i : . ii i i i 1 1 i t . I . '
1 Total reeetpta for 1M0.7T,(K7.7 ., .,
aldClalmebyDeath.tcT,OMfjO ' 1
tmtvUtm semen, t I t"le
; dered 41JU SB , - ; J , V I ' '
Paid Salariea, Pot-
Tvajt laxea, -Bx'- " - ' r-
'change, etc 3IJS0 & ; , -y :.. r ,
Paid Oommlttlonl to , ... ,,,
i Aawnte ........... 51,M 30 ,T 11
raidPhyeMaaa'feeaw S.S0975 ' -' 1
Paid Aoaaltieo.. ...... IJW OK . n ,
Paid Dividends dur- '
j log the year 168,500 73 505,091, 83 t 4H,im 1
Hei . Balaitoe JajiBla'ie9l.,.,,..,ei,SJ8 80
' ' -.rvae-,:i:ASaElS. m-j'i.i .. v:;
Oath on htnd....... 14 6964 IS t. ' -' .;
Bonds and Mortgagee on Beat
Estate, worth double the ' ' -' - '
amount loaned 9,337,841 SS
Premium Notee, on Pollclts
In foros, only drawing ft pat .
leant. Interett.) a........ 1,S7opm ff 1 f
Bent Ittaie,.M..,ntn. ..an.aua t7 " ,i
Lflansonacrip,... ,,t,,,tBil 44 tl ,.. ,
Premlums,NoteeandOath,la.H. , .
course of trantmittlon....' 49,343 7S ' " '"
! v '..v c' - a inrMM. i-fj- rt u-
j t ItaJ Atast..ww.......Mrt (,8Utt3S SO
T,ST5 ronctee la foroa, tnsnring......A,48(,,638
1,435 aew Policies bare beaa leeued daring the year.
' After a sarefal ealoalatloB of tht present value of tha
outataadlat Bolleiea of tha Oosapaay.aad baring the
itexweAiary aasawal In leeerva tharofer, tha Dlreoton
have declared a Divibbwb of 41 per oant. en the Preab
urns paid at the table ratea, to all polknes for life la foroe,
lunad prior lo January 1, 1B60, payable aocording to tha
preeent rata of the Ooapaay. . . .1..
Bates for all kinds of LUa ConUafeneUa, ProapwU
Beea.Slatemente, and Applleatlona, will be farnlahed
wiTonsuae,AAttoOaorA4rswleaoi the Oeaa-
j 1 t. t. n ciovm vi D..M
sm.M v.MAVl'Ka, Beoretaryr
Oiiit ,jii'iH.e,
f. BliBBOHfAftnt,
no, 1 wunnsoa aioca,
..,.... Oolambaa,0.'
P " 1TJJ5 . neitKBB BLACK
Ah ' vnarnj eii.aa, 01 artrv grade. Tha
aasoHaiant In tbe cltr. Bed at
', llilJ. itfuwvi i aa n. w80"'.
SeA . "iv H w " aWAHlghetreaU,
t lUktl vlt '. J'-A" ki. . !.(
L ,1 ... LI .VI , T"'T-"" T w
I aA.-rtl.rvw av
Aver's Sarskoarilla
e . v
. . i
A compound remedy, designed to be tht mot
effectual AUtratit that con be made. It it
a concentrated extract ot Para Sartapaiillfl.
so combined with other tubatAncee of atUI
greater alterative power at to afford an effec
tive antidote for the diaeaaea Samparilla it
reputed to cure. It is believed that tuch a
remedy ia wanted by those who tuffur fiom
Strumous complabU, and that one which Will
accomplish their cure must prove of lmmejise
service to thit large data of our afflicted fellow
citizens. How completely this compound will
do it haa been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints : . m , , -!t ' .
Scrofula and Scnorvtous Covilaint.
Pimples, Blotches, Toxors Salt Khbuu,
Soald IltAD, Stphilis and Srpiiarric Ar
Pbotions, MercuuialDisbasr, Duopsy, PTtu
xaxqia or Tic DocLoonsux, Deuilitt, Drt-
on St. Antiion Ya Ftna, and indeed flirt whole
class of complaints arising Arrjn ImpOuitv of
the Blood. ' '' ' ' .' ' " '
This compound will B0Timd a peat pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at thnt season of the year. By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and' ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not 'assisted 16 do
this through tha natural clmnnol of theody
by ah alterative mcdicino.1 Cleanse, cut the
vitiated blood, whenever you; find its impurities
bursting through the akin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores ; cleanse it whan yoa Kud it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleans it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Evan where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing tho blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health. Sooner 'or later; something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. . ; :
Sariaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing thcte ends,. . But
the world lias been egregious!? deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has riot all the virtue that it 'claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsarmrflla,
w any thing else. i. . - r. i
During late yean tho public have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsapcurilla for one dollar. Most
of these have been frauds tipon the sick, for
they not only, contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla. but often no curative nronertioa whatev
er.. Hence, bitter and painful, disappointment
has followed tho use of tho various extracts of
Sarsnparillti : which flood tho market, until the
name- itself; is justly despised, and lias become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to atipnly such a remedy as shall reteuo the
namo from tho load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And we think We have ground for
believing it has virtues which ere Irresistible
by tho ordinary run of tho diseases it is Intend
ed to cure. In ordcf to secure their complcto
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle.
DR. J. C. A YE It & CO. -
Frlee, $1 per Bottle i Six Bottles for 93.
s .Cherry Pectoral
htt won for itself auih n renown for the lure of
every variety of Throat mid Lung Comprint, tli.it
it ia enuieiy unntcevtary tor us to recount tbe
evidence of ita virtues, nlierovcr it has boen cm.
ployed. As it hat long been in constant use
throughout this suction, we need not do more than
assure tht people itt quality ia kept up to tbe best
it erer hat been, and thnt it may be relied ou to
do for their relief all it hat ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills, .
CtofiMiim, Janntiicc; . Dysptpiia, Itulignlitm,
Dytmlinj, bii Slommh, ' Erijsijieldt, Headache,
Piltt, Ithtumathm, Eruptions and ,Sii Diseases,
Livtr Complaint, Dropsy, Teller, Tiwwis an-t
Salt Jittum, Worms, Cout, yiuralffia, as n
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying the Elood, '
They are sugar-coated, so tluit the most scnsU
tire can t.ilco them pleasantly, and they are the
best aperient in the wotld for nil the purposes of a
family physio.
Prloe 25 oenti por Sox
Fivo lists fo;1 CI 00.
Great nnmbcrii of Clergymen, riivaU'funa, States
men, and eminent personages, li ne lent tlietr
names to certify tho unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our apace here wiU not permit the
inaertion of tliero. The A cents below named f.ir-
nish gratis our AMRlticatf Almanac iri wliiehtlier
ai(ivvn, mm aiav lull uescnjlliuus 01 rue irjuvr
complaints, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure. ,- , T .-. .
Do not be out off be nnrinclnled -oWer with
other, preparntiona.they. make.. mom.. profit on.
Demand Aran's, and take nq ottiort. '. llit k
want the best aid tliereis for them, and they should
have It. - -
Ail our remedies-ard for sale by . '
' B0BBRTS m SAMUEL. Columbus
AadavDraggtsteand Dealers everywhere-. -
bovv: naawstw . -t- . ' r ' .' . -
TO AND FKOn v --v -
,e - '
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
The Montreal Oeesuf BteemaSlp'Oeebpany's Srttlatt
ill-powered Clyde-hulil Bleaniara sail wrerp Sat.
nrday freen PORTLAND, eorryln the Canadian and
united Btataa Ball aad passengera, i
nuuE.ai.in, Anui.u-aajLUN,
fnoraaatt ajnestpwai ana uutciLest Ce)n
j wpke f rant - i
- Rat4M ot Ptsawwure) to EuropeA, -'
' 93Q. moa. mso,
WU1 tall from LIVERPOOL aVeiry Wednaedai-.
and from QUE BIO awerp Saturday , enii'.agat
LONDONDERRY, to raeelvaon board and hind Atailaesd
Pauenirera, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
HTT bate Bteomera art built ot Iron. In erataf thrbt
aompartmeata, carry aech an eaperieaeed Surgeon, aad
every attantioa it paia so. tne eommrt and anaoatmeila
Hon of paasengert. Aa they proofed direct to LONDON
DERT, the fleet risk end, delay toalling at BU John's
It avoided. .1,1 , ;
Olssgow pateenrenare famished wilh rasa passage
Hokala ta and from Londonderry. . . , f , t. i
Beiurn tickets granted at reduced ratae. - '
OertiAcates Issued for carry lug ta and bring! of eat pea
igart from all tha principal towns of Ureal Britain and
ireiana, at raoaoea ratee, oy ime line or eteamert, and
leaving Liverpool every wttk.
Slfkt Draf ta far land upward pay
. able 1st Kaalaad, Iraimnd, acai-
I , (.'-. land tr VValee, --
for paaaare, apply at tba Offloe: -93 BROAD.
WAT, Now, lark, and, 19 WATJiH a'r.t
Ltvarpael,- - 1 ' - r
I , : ' 'BABit ft RXAS1X GB'ri Agents.'
Or to .1 D ADMCTDOMf
vaaaa mimw iivnw, ,
1 aolo-iydfcw Poet Offlos, Oolambaa, Obis.' 1
Copartnership.' ;
tan JAMBS ADOja BAIIf as partner In my burl-
Bees, whteh will
after be enhdueted under the
01 Bala 4b Boa. m p
BAM, 88 South High St.
v '- . 1 SsblS
Ootambw. ab 13. 1881.
1 -.. uEifRT Kt&iiLKaB ;; " r
fUM of Phaloni BsUbllahoMat, I.. T.J PArletM-
th New York Paahlouable Bbavtaw, Bm OwttiBa)
1 aiaunpooninf, varus aud Dreaaut ooloos. Bast But
f4 ,T' u. whore aatlonttSoa WiU
fn" i"" . LxiM aad
aiBiiurawa bois -meing B lata mat sty at.. ri
.j..-uy , , .,, ... 0 a,..V .... .! r .t,i,-
a . gi - t t ' - ' - g r . BP V sal J
1 Ct-T'j.8
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia RAILROADS.
For Cincinnati, TJay ton 4 lndana'poiisl
' ii-, lBii ' .:
Through to Indiaoarxli withoat Change of Care
and but One Change of Cars between " .
..CfllyjDbufAnd St. lotus" ' " ' i '
Four Trwns Daoly lrom Columbus.
;.;... .; hbsT'Train; ::
ACOOMMODATIOrT at 5 i. an. ttopprof at all sta
tions between Columbus ood Oinelnaaitaed Beysen, ar
riving at OUiclnnatl at 10 OS a. and at, Uattooat
8 10 a. m., connectUg at Dayton for Indlanapolia asd
the West ,.
No. llXPR238at 11 40 a.m., elopplng at Jefferson,
London, Cuarleston, Csdarvllle, Alula. Siirloc Valley,
Oorwln, Praepert, Pert Ancient. Morrow St., Lebanon,
Poettr'e, Loveland and AtlKereT, atrlvlog at Cincinnati
an aup. m.,vaytonat ap. m-.tonaaounr witn tbe
Ohio and Uiaaltalpul Railroad for Louisville, Ky., Tin
eeanee. Oalru, St. Louis. Ittw Orleans, elo-f at. Dayton
for lodlanapalie, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Chicago and
aU Wtitern points. , , , e. I: -- iM:j:...., ,
'' THIRD TRAIN..'? !
D. m . atanrjinr At ,11 at.tlnna iAtum
Oolambae an4 Zenla, and at Surlui Tallry. Corwta.
Uorrow and Lovelaad, arrlvior at Cincinnati at 9 a. ta.
Want EXPRE jj-yla Dayton, at 18 00 mkloigbt,
stopping at LoDdea, enia, Dayton, Uludlalowo and
ilaaillten, arrrrlng at Cincinnati at 5.!5 a. m.:atDavV
tea at S.SSa. a.; aoaaeotlaar at CiaHonatf with the
uoioaaa uuainippi Rollnmd sof LoatsvUlw. Brtoarllle,
Vlooennee, Cairo, Hi. Loula. Alefaplllt,. Now Wrbaeat,
and all points Bouih and Bcutb-weat; also, at Dayion
for IndlanapolU, Lafayetta, Terra Haute, Chicago, etc
J A "
' ICT'or further Information and Through fic'lle'ts,
apply to at. L. DOHBRTY, Ticket Agent, Union Depo
General Ticket Agent, Cincinnati, j
i . ! -. r q i b . W0. W. DOHBBTT, 1
Agent, Columbus,
.i . W.W0ODWABD, T '
' ejuperlntendent. Cincinnati. I
Oolumbnj, July 14, 18SI.1 u r i
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia RAILROADS. EAST.
AND Steubenville Short Line
, , V. RAIX.RO AD: 1
' n PORH1NO TBI "' :Lit
Shortest, Quickesl; & Most Reliable
r f IJoute to all Eistern Cities!'
' ' ' "Trains Leave Columbus aa lollows i
o. f
teavet Oolnmbaa S 30 A, M. from Colon Depot via
Dvnaira or nieuoenn w : arrives at Btllalre, IU.XU A.
M Itoabonvtlie 19 10 P. M.: ri Unoreh.3 40 P. M :
aarrhburg. 1.10 A, at.r vin AOmituton, arrive at New
lark 8.00 A. U.I via PhiladttfJiia. ortlvea at Phila
delphia. S.10 A. M.: hew tork. 1U 30 A. al.. Oonaeou
also at narrlaburg ror Baltimore, oi living at 7.43 A, At
Jleeplnj Cars attached t6 tUs Train
PrOia Columhaa. ran directly through t Bellaire or
Pitubargh whhuut enaoge; aud Poasgett Via Allta
towa arrive ta Mew Tort at A. M., -
t !!.: 'Ilium-
I a II ii r. T; .iJl
This Train also connects at Bellaire with the
. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. um
,:.., c-i i "
Leaves Oolambue II 13 A H , from tlnloa Aepot, via
ateubeovllrel arrives at Vrwark, l'J 50 P U.rOothoc
tOB.s.liP. U. dieubeavillo, f. U i Plaabarsj, .4S
P H. ITjrhla It tuannly route by woloh Pataengoes
eta leaveoinclunatl at 7 A. M., go through to tula
burgh In daylight, without ehange of eaiaor delay.'
, , . - 'IT, . r. J
f AtT LINE- ''! ..'-r
Leevet Oolneibal S.IS P. M." from Union Dfpot via
PeiUIre: arrives at Neaik, 3 S3 P. M i ZAocavllle,
4 33P. M I Rellelre 7 S3 . M . r Mi'sHural. II. SS P.
M.; Uarrlakarg, 8.00 A. M.i Wit AUtntoun, ar ira,
at N.w York, 4 r. at t vUi PhitudtliMu. Mrivee-
PbPkdel.hia, 1 10 P. H.i Now York. 0 P. 11. lhie
Tralo aleo connects at UarrMarg lor Ualtlmors, ar
riviogal IF. at . .... . i
Tha Tram runs througb te Bell tire er PIBebnrciw !&
out ehange or Cars! anA fruaa fitlabwa th.re le no
ehenge of Cart to fhl-adelpbia, of via Ailentown to
Mew lota tnueoBeilog v. . .
The only Route from Cotu'tabus to'Bliimore,
Philadelphia, or New York, with only,',.
y (i' oos change of Cars.
By this Trala PasseBgera arrlv. la Kew Toik pre
bears In advonoe of tba Northern line,.
This Train also eonnecte at Bellaire wilh the Baltunore
andOUolUB. -I '
ILTThls Routs It 30 ml fee1 shorter te FUtaburg,
" " and more than 100 .mllea iborter to,,,
!"' ."Now York, than tfortljera jLlnet. ,,' '.
i, .. . . ' , j 1 ,'Lf 'i "i " ''.VI 1-j ri
Bagg-agt Cheoked Through to all im
.-j .iv1 poitint Points East.' ":,Ji;
-. - - "' 0-.
,. '- 'ASK P0R TI0KET8 TIA " "-?,',,;'
tSoad orer
- i i. .i .... ..
either Bouto.
. ... i -Ull 9 '
' . ., ,t , JNO. W. BROWN, -.1-,n
Gen. Ticket Agent Central Ohio . ,
r " ' '' I. A. HCrCIIlNSO'e.,
Oea. Ticket Agent ataobeuvlllebhert Line.
.. i.l rl ! r s . .'. : Ct'l
" J COliVITlBlIS, 01116, , V'"
And Seed Store,' - '
I ; -li'DEALER:":T" ' .
, ", ;BArtb, OLASSj BAfUIptjITxi COBDAOI, ,
6aaa,k?iataut WoodA: Willow YVara,
atharaad aabbee BalUoA late) Leaakar, Hoae and
-king. , A r u.vl!uuA-eUy (i
GOODS. . . ),. .ajtrt'o.iw
I novelties la Neck Ties and Scarfs.- .ra- , .
I B.ra and Oarrot. Ooftare. '-'
i i..el."i S4 l,MaMd Portal RanSVaw-llkrtt.
, . Paris KM Okma aatwrior atakot 'I 4.ujvii.ui.i (,'
luomea uiii anirta, vartBattiiat,Aw . f.
I'Boye'OoldealliU Shlrta, do , , ..,,.
aviivuiBj eatjw HBtaye) uiuvcat, osv
rwsket Basdkevehlef, VBTttioe ryrsh-"'
a and Under tkarmeaa, ro . '! .l of
, Half UfsS
something new;;-
-,J Kji - t.ai 't'eaaayawaa .'..K ' 1
h oHwA up&.ppA m
j lAlA,At.A.VAAS1(i!.fl AA VAAaAJ,,,..
y Uil tlABWiBBJ VIU AASaBI sganlBi IIS
amnnfactartd by : B. tfOWARD i b0 . Botton. Haas.
Thee Watches are tot oapevtar ee any thlbg ever offered
te the publlo, aerstofos.' Barfo; tba etelunlv annev.
I caa eell them at price te salt the tlmas. I bave Jutt
reootvedaktrg tttot ot l."-A fc.u :
""""'AMERicAtf yATC'13, . ;''7 ;:
aanaraotared bp APPLE ION, IRAQI, AGO t alto, a
SBeeatartmentef r . , v . . ,v '., I, ,.,,,.
sb ssosa asm auvar waee,at vm pnoea. , V)l
:vt i-ouir.m 'i .aw.. sutai.
,cl:v U limO-?:u'i'if'A '' ,
tyctyw Statesman
vi.ii. v.: ''!. jT H R K .:
ri-iyv;;;:::::'".t::" -5
,'Wqakly,ipt pear -.. . .1.,...'.,
[From the Cincinnati Gazette.]
Popular Demand for a
hi , ",p0tuJ 'that a petdion, of
i7 ,B OT uo 'orm' 18 10 circulation In this
olty for tba removal of Simon Cameron and tba
MPOlattmeol of JoeepU Holt io his ptaoe, which
ow eotamporary aaya will receive thootauda of
signature here, and thai the pubtio sentiment
oat make itsell to be felt at Wblogtou.
iibfVk f J),!Dtea,T 7 general feeling,
like that of ib boys in the tLuuder atorm, thnS
mwHiiiig ouSjiit to do oone, and tbia might be
toiaed into a vast number of Signature for
breaking down almost any man; but tuch a
preaaura does not always result in tho most in
telligeat meaaure.
'- PeUtioo lor the removal of tha Presldent'a
clerk or adyleert-for they are nothing more
coxept maomuuD at be allows tbem
to advteerara a novelty In this Oovtromeot,
and: may well be. - This id not a Ooveromeot
wbera A responsible ministry receive tbe entire
blaaisi and psnalty for administrative error,
ana tfcat vjombinet the beautlet of a responsible
BovArDUtent wlib trie beautiful idea of tbe di
vine ordioation of Kings,-who ean do do wrong.
At far aathaouuidworld cn know tne Ad
miLlstratiooiij a uo.t, and lb President him
aelrU the only regpontibla man in it. A petl
tioo -for the removal of a Cabinet officer ia
merely petition te tha 'VHnnnaiht f...
Ue removal of an Irresponsible one. 'People
woo save orawn tneir notion ol tbia method of
admiolatraiive reform from England, have not
stopped to tbiok of the diffcreuS formatloo of
r-etwo GovernmenU, aad that there It la the
mialatry tbat it held responsible, while here the
rreaioent nimeeii is tbe only responsible person
tbat tbe people oaa know.
Bat waiving tbia inconsistency, it Is very well
In deriaing a remedy to understand tha natnr
of tbe oomplalnt, so ae to see whether one will
at tbe other. Tba great Want In the conduct of
tbia way ttaa not been in departmental details,
bulla comprehending the magnitude of tbe oo
easlon and io planning operations, accepting
atan an J iIuUIm a r B
" ucimimf uieana on a scale adequate to
meet iu ; A geaertfue enthtisiaam
ol tha people of the North, which if taken at
tne nooa Dy ibe Administration would have en
listed an overwhelming force and a went an tn
eontinual viotory, baa been repressed, Insulted,
auuaeu buu urowa oaoR, and now the Govern
merit, alter a defeat which is without a tingle
excuse, floda iltell heloleaalr thrnorn linnn thji
defensive in erery quarter, and apparently glad
, vuiuiuuiiau tor it own saietv irom day to
day ,:-: . ' . ,.
All this is the result, not of departmental de
tails, but of tbe eeneral noliev. Cn thia
sponslbllity be thrown upon the Secretary of
IVaial 1 U La J a- . . ..a
-i i. no ubu oo more to gay in deciding upon
it than any other member of the Cabinet. . He
nta not so much to say In deciding It as the
Secretary of tbe Treasury bad, lor he, in addi
tion to bis views at a member ot .the Cabinet
that we had troops enough, whtn only about one
hundred regiments had been accepted, bad aleo
to back bla views, the peremptory argamtot of
the treasury Inability, an Inahili
smalt by degrees aa this policy depressed tbe
confidence of tbe country.
A little rtfleoiiou will show tbat the remedy
proposed is oue that doe not fit the complaint.
One member of the Cabinet could not bave been
responsible for tbe loadeqaatenest rf compre
benploe of the emergency, and iosufflaleacv of
plaa aad preparation to meet It. Tbe respon
sibility cannot attach to anything less than tbe
wuuio Aumiuistraiiun, except i tar as Individ
ual euembera may be relieved from it by their
known advocacy of a more comprehensive and
Vigorous DOllOf ,,-Thera la sndmea that Mr
Cameron was la favor of greater vigor and pra 1
para.iuu, at icaet ia iavor oi mora troops, and
this baa been attributed toe in not motives
tbat larger force would make more lubnet
enc and trantporution cootraots. - Tbat will
hardly be aaid. now, although it. bat done it
work In exciting odium against him.
'' 7 Dere le evidence tbat another member of the
Cabiuet did from tbe first oppose tbe increase
ol tbe national -iotoaw, and preparation ou an
adtquate totle. It ia well known that this op
position was made with latal t fleet, even when
the teim Of tbe three montba' voluutiura u
j" plriDg. This opposition wa made in
uauiuet meetings, ana inert deoiaed to wtiOB
of tbe Government. How can tbe Secretary ot
War b beld responsible for tbatt Further
more, tbat member of tbe Cabinet wa more
than an Assistant Secretaiy ot War duifog nil
the lime while tbia lnadtqutt policv wascul
mluailojjlo tbe national Disgrace. - VV speak
this 'torn, knowledge learned from those who
have had business with the Administration coo
uected with the conduct of tbe wa; aud the
raiaibg of troopt ' .
We have to faith In tht efBcaot of tcape-
goata. 1 be nation have come out of th wit
dernem, and nothing can be mad now by Ink-
isg rempwnnoiiiiy irom neaat wBere'it belongs
aud packing It off into the desert on the back
of a ram.. But, while wa declare fur mn.
handed Justice, we desire do man to escaoa hia
jutt liability. Wa bawethown bow cemnreben
aire a coneiatent petition lor a Cabinet reforma
tion muetDe. Wa (bould be merelj affectiojc
the tbtm delicacy of declinine. out of ravard
for the publlo rood, to ear what ia In tv.rt
one's mind, wro we to refrain from taring
mat ms poupip are impreMea WHO In idea tbaS
tn iMOinei la not equal to tbe ocoision.
Tbat belief ia a heavy weight upon tbe deter
mination and enthusiasm of tbe people: It
would be wall for tbe President to nonilap and
consider whether he can affjrd to bave hi Ad
iminietratloa a weight upoo tbe popular energies,
al a time when' the country demands their ut-
moot vigor ana entnusiasm.
Since our band is In we will also remark that
after tbe Manatiaa disaster every memoer of
lbs Cabinet should have held bis office only till
bis aocoetaor wat appointed. Hia resignation
tbtald at once have bees placed al tba aervice
of the President. The disaster was too great,
tbs disgrace too eternal, and tbe reenoosibiliiw
too direct to be tbuffltd off with tbe Imbecile
consolation that defeat may be better than vio
tory. This would bavs enabled tbe President
to bave formed a Cabinet that would have re.
vlved tbe hopes ot the country, and then defeat
might have been turned to good. This would
sot have placed the responsibility on those mem
bers ot the Cabinet who opposed tbe fatal poli
cy; for tbeir re-appointment by the President
would nave Indorsed and vindicated their' ore
Tions course,. . ' , ,
It Is very proper that the members of the
Cabinet thoufd recognise their responsibility for
the event Ot tbeir Doliov. altbooah the neonle.
juttly; can only hold tbs Adminl.t.atloo reepoc
eiDie, bb a unit, ior lauita 01 general poitoy.
it i our impression tbat a great advantage
might be gained to the cans of the aovernmeut
by k change In the Cabiuet; but tbe President
knows better than these petUionera where tbe
great fault II They will know better them
selves on reflection. He knows that to arant
such a petition would bnjy commit iqjustloe
without touching tbe real seat of the reanonaU
billty for the disasters, which t small policy in
a great emergency baa brought npon tbe coun
try. Tbe blundering way in which the publio
preow ua piKuen upon a icapegoai oaa proba
bly prevented publio oplniou from having any
effect On ths President! course In thl mattar.
Jiad publlo oiilnlon been Intelligently direoted,
sua geaarat-ieeiisg mm a Chang la the Cabi
uet wee neeotd, could hardly aave failed of
effect. But It want off on a false scent, and tba
President could only wait for the sober, second
tbeagbti sud that has not eoms yet. "'
i Tbe petitloa inalreulatiea here is Bsrely try
tog to put tbs com cnoa newspaper ecror lato p
oration, aftsr It has about exploded. Tbs Pre.
Ideot know tbat tuoh a petitloo does not touch
ths teat of Tte oomntalot.' Tbe request of tbe
Boart e Banker that took tht loan. It mnch
mora apFTtoprtate ii Ignorltf ' party cr per
sonal eonaideratlona b would se tjondoot bis
AdmtatatTAsioo ta dvery deportment ae try ta
tre vigor, Integrity, eodony Ana tffloleiKy,
1 tAk:) pi - ,t aooo'i b i.l ?1 ..." JI
.uoAriumpoani termination of tbe war., It
li well known tbat tbe Board dealred a whence
lo the Cabinet." Having furnished the money
to carry on the Government, they exprmed
them?elvea with tbe mora delicacy, leal they
might be thought to be diotating terms aa th
rloeof ibelrioan. ' ' '-
The peopl al large may speak with more
J-..UIUB0., out until they apesk more iotelliceot.
a pcuaiiv to oe it.iiicted on one
mow ot in usoioet for tho policy which ba
opposed, it will be of no avail. Nor it It exact-
y pruper ior me petitioner to dictate wbo shall
?k a !!ca2' P4C, Tn Prwident' Cabinet
should be unit, and he must be permitted to
PTIA w A It. oat. 4X7 I k " .
7L L.r " . " already said tbat bad
wi.putino opinion 10 favor of a change In the
k I ueen ntelliKently direoted, it could not
but bave hsd its effect on tbe President. Dpon
thaint.il.B.n.. a! 1.. j. . ... . v .
... 111 uirecnon now will depend
WhAthA I,. Mill k. - r . . .....
- . - . c ,uiue. n would De tur-
Boleot for tbe pwple to petition tbert tbe Preai-
dent Will so ork-auize hia Cahin.i. th.tl. .h.n
command tbe confidence or tbe country. Tha
w,?,u,,.d ,e.aTe hlm ut litjerty to place the reupoo-
A1K1 ira ff.tH )La .a t - t . . T
..u...v vus patt woere it oeiongs, and to
.-.u. wauiuc, tuat wouia oe a unit for tbe lu
lure, both in war aud peace.
[Special Correspondence of the Missouri Democrat.]
From Cairo.
CAIRO, August 24, 1861.
within th Uat
two day around Bird's Point. A (coming par
ty of cavalry, under Capt Bucll, was aeot out
ou Fridaj night to some mile beyond Charles-
returnea ana reported all quiet, with
no rebels In sleht. Since tha anrnnaa hv r.,,1
Dougherty, they bave evidently become more
nauuoaa. : . . ai
A bold robbery was committed at Padneah tv
a party of about fifty aecettionitts, by teizlng
the steamer Samuel Orr, on Friday last. It
wag done In retaliation for tha aelaum nf th.
W. B. Terrv bv tha Unltrl Rial, .nnhn.t
The Orr had Just arrived from Evansville, and
I .a. U a, a t a. . ...
in auuui tea minutes niter she landed, was
boarded by the crowd, armed with rifles, pistols
and bowie knives. The Captain wa command
ed On pain of death to ran hi boat into tbe Ten
nessee river. Before doiog to, the whole crew
and passengers 22 in all were put on shore.
witti no time to get tbeir baggage or clothes.
.Tbe malt bt wa also carried off. Her
cargo, consisting principally of coffee, veined at
over $12,000, was seitud.
Ibe Crew and Daseeneera waraklnrll
by many of the clilzens of Paduoh, who ex
pressed great regret at the occurrence, and
said that th boat tbould be brought back, but
there is little hop of any tuch thing taking
place. They excuse themselves on the ground,
as they allege, that the attack waa an aurir1n
and unexpected to tbem, that they bad no time
to protect tne Deal as Ibej Bbould bave done.
riowever, tbe crew and passengera did not
deem it safe to remain in Paducab, and got in a
jwi auu uroppea aown to uairo, wnere tbey ar
nveo cn Saturday morning. Among tbem It
r. vv. Hrigham, tba mail agent, tie will go
back and try and reoover the mail.
The secessionists have taken the Orr up the
1 eunrBsee river, also tne following boats, to
prevent their seizure by tbe United States Gov
ernment: 'The Eastoort, Sam. Kirkmao, and
tn iunoar. 1 oe Eastrjorl la nwnaii hv Fnv.
ler, a secessionist.
The Dunbar is owned nartlv bv him and
partly by tome Union men In Paducab. who
protested agaiost her seiture. .
Tbe Sam Kirkmao 1 partially owned in Pa
ducab, and the Captain, J. V. Throop, I a
Union mam who alto protested againat her
leisure. Tbe occurrence baa already bad a
very bad effect on tbe trade of toe Obio river,
as, naturally, captains are afraid to lake tbem
past without a tirona euard. Tbe Diadem and
several other boat oomiog down are reported
as awppea at cvaoBviue until tbe gunboats can
convoy tbem., ,
Tbe busmett portion of Peducau express re
gret at tbe aeixore, and promise tbat ilehail not
uAppru AKaiu, u ioey can prevent it. nut it is
feared tbat tbey are completely under eow o.
tbe rebela who swarm Into tbat point from Ten
nessee. It is confidently reported that teveral G4
pouod eieije guos are being b. ought from Co
lumbus, Kentucky, bv tha rebels to Paducab.
sod tbat it ia their intention to seics tbat plaor,
plant a battery wbioh will blockade tbe Oht
river, and also command tha entrance to tbe
Tennessee.' It is a grand atrategio point with
the rebeln, and should be closely watt bed by tbe
i ciicr.ii uovernment.
Toe eunboats are doles- all In their rawer.
but tbey cannot be everywhere at the aame
time, btoce tbeir arrival, excent the Conesto-
go, which ia being repaired, tbey bave been In
con-taut active service.
Tbe Tyler is still at Commerce, where the
rebt-ls are daily gaining etreogtb and boldness.
On Friday tbey crept up to an eminence above
Commerce, kuown as Gravejaid Hill, plantto
a 6-ponnder aod let fly a couple of tbot at tbe
Tyler, wbicb, however, fell abort. Sne imme
diately opened npon tbem with 64-pound abtll,
ana aeot toem ntng 0-clc to tbeir lair.
v Tbe rebels, some 4 1)00 strong, are represent,
ed to be forlltjlne Beutoo. tbe oountr teat.
ome eight miles back of Commerce. Tbey
are Jeff Tbompton't lorcea. The work ol
marauding and pillaging la atill going on ac
tively, and tbe Union people are Seeing in eve
ry direction." Thit port of tbe country needs
a large foroe to clean out the rebel, wbo bave
eatabiiabed a complete reigo of terror.
Report! bave reached Cairo tbat General
folk is sending large re-inforcementa to Pillow
at New Madrid, aud that the Utter will make
a forward movement In full foroe In a day or
two. Mane here think that Bird'a Point will
re bis best, first object, ot attack others that
ne win urm a junction alto Hardee and move
01 irooton. Indications go to show, however!
j thit bb attack 00 Bird's Point it premeditated
dp Bias j '
Tbe health or the oamp is good, with bat
few cases 01 serious tickoess.
The merchaut here are anxiously waiting to
receive toe pay ior auppuaa lurnlsoed lor id
Government. None baa yet been disbursed
1 and the want of it Is very severely felt, and
tells seriously on business.
Prom the Hewl ork Obterver.l '
At all nartiea manufaatnilna ,- ManhlnAa amor.
llged lopap Mr. How a lieene aaeaota aiacblnwesld,
and are a so compelled to make re tarns to bun, ander
oath, at to the number eold, his books give a correct tUK
aent.. Prom this tellable eaare we have obtained the
following etatiattce. Of th maohine mad a th year
1859, there were sold, . - . , .
; ' ' ' By Wheeler k Wilton. ....... ..S1.S05
ilJ 1. At. Singer Co 10,00
-'' flrover Baker H,8W
Shawtnt th tale of Whewler tt WTlton to be aViaVa
then ot any other Oompaay."
' Awarded th Mgheet rireaTiuma at th '
... Doited ttalee Pali vt IbSS, loot aad 1SS0; -.i
, , elsoeMbe . ,
' Ohio Stafe airef 1S5S and 188S; . '
' andat aearlyall th Ooanty Pairs In the BUse.'' ' '
Oar price, at th labs reduetlon, art at low at any
leoi liiek aiacblne new eold. aud bat a tilae hlghar than
the Interior two thrtad than ttich ataoAinu, now
farard anon th market.
The WHSHLKR A WILSON fcUOHTltl nukes the
lam STton the only a ne which eonnot be raveled. It
la A uaa ea Bora Sotaeof th gooda, laaviag a rdg or
thainontAt ndtr.tide.
AUmaeAint VKwanltd I year, and tevrwciioa
given in tneir net, rree or cnarve.- . , . ......
H. 0BABX,B1 High St., Columbus, 0.
- : WM. BUMNBH a OOn "
0e Sawd3mwui Plka'e Opera Beoae. Cloeinuatl.
lU S Tteroee Mm.
I Oaak larlrd Btrtrr.
. SO tarn White Wheat tlodr. ,: u. . ;
.100 .e lied (EiueJ. vr V . , ... .
ltatorat4forealtby C -1
-All vH v-i MsmiTJX.-.'
auglfl St 108 South High Street.
;toTArlablx ill lraneto -
.T-rVin-S '1k .! H-..1
of allTbiwa and Inn fjomplaiatt moTaafng, wh
Bvaetparftot varalta, W 11 00 row Cocoa. Onaomo on)
Oobusob Cocant, Bbobcthav own Tskoat CoapLAia-ra,
always forwrnnaers of Oansumptlon. as a bootbumi
Stbo tt hoe .. ea parlor. Procd from all Opiaw ar
Baetie prptea. tnair belxuM by most delicate oonaUo
tattona, aad with porfeet ooalldooc.
" ClaTOATEl) ,
Tn OaaAiwr Hatbbai. Oviats ever offered ta the
world, containing not a pardoie of Opium, nor any en
stance but iu etiietly vaswtabl and medical propertiea.
A eare Remedy for NacaLaiA, ( Khbomatipm, Ooc-r,
Tootb abb EaB Aona CiTAaea, Rosa ea IIai Povaa,
aad all minor Nervous Complaints.
Sob Lorn or tun, and Headacne In art ia varieties,
It baa no equal, and so which most andonbted tastmoni.
als are offered. ,
Soa Dslibiiih T rioi on It It a moat perfect remedy.
Pob Bowbl Oonruurta. after removina; the pain K aet
as a phytic, a most Important oontrast with the oonstipa
tory ellects ol Opium, .
To Pbyelciana, yormniae and Trial Bottle will be atnt,
and to Dealer or Invalid a descriptive pamphlet wltbant
"poetage-stamp.n - . . T
Prepared ander die special nparvlsloa of X
esontafT aw raABBAOsntty,
Vo 9 CoainMrelei Wharf, Botton, XaM.
., To whom please direst all nommBnlcatUmaT ! At
Priees Lsrye Cough Remedy, 50 tanla per boaaai;
Small 25 .. ,x "
. Tola Anodyne, , 1 SO .? v'. '
P6f sale by tbe usual wholesale and null dealm
verywhet. J n J '
. , : J. m. DBNIQ,
Agents for Columbus. Ohio.
N"o. 4 Gh,vvnne Block.
IER GOODS, and lovimtha nubile ta lnn.ri
tbem. No tach stock ot Goods has everbeea brougbt to
Ibis markrt. Tbe South, In oonaeojueooe of the failure
of the grain erop, haa ot beea able la purchase the us-
miuAiiuiy 01 ncu gooas, ana una ract uaa forced tbe
Importers to etll them at publkt auetlea. Oaw bayer
(Mr. Stone) being in New Tork at these lartm aalaa. luok
advantage of them, and ere ean and wtll sell our goods
uere, a, tmm maa aoy ana wao puronaeea two weave suae,
paid for them in New York. Oar stock UeompUt ia
evary department of
tiLtiUANT DKEa3 8ILK3," "
ORLEANS, ' " '
........ DELAINES.
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
Bought in One Day, " v".'
- I
Hsu's, Ladies and Children's Under Shlrta and D rare rat
lisdlea, Mlseae and Children ll jofcry of all kioda. In
Wool and Lamb's Wool; Pleecy Lined and Cotton Ohivee
of every make.
- also j 1 :;
A complete assortment of all tbe usual varie
ties of :,- ,. .: .,. .,
LADIES' CLOTHS, : v t - 1
. '. TWEEDS,
FLANNELS, ' "... ,
RIBBONS, -i j 1
Ladies and Gent's Linen Cambric Hand-
kerebjefa, 4c., &o. - " '
To persons who call on ns. we olelM aarSnmlt
bo tbem the largest, beat and chie,t atock of Oaodt
ever eeen tn this market, or pay tbem one cLller per
hour while looking. . . ...
awi-oiixiaaltw. HTONS O'u-tRRA-
OW . at1
Summer MilLinery.1
Spring &
The Stools Replenished .nw '
t A T'T'' : 901
J-'XVLJ-d X.M. i:;
;mt stock b;:";;:
Spring eSc Summer Millinery.,
Ia bow ocmplates eomp rising every wartety of Hllfar-'
ery: also, a larga aeeortaeot of Embraedertae, Battery!
and Nouona, Sto., and la quaatltlt aoS prtoea. that oaa? j
not fall to salt all who may favor us witn a oall. Iba
goods have been bought at Panic prices, and will be sold
at a small advance on cost. ' v' " u
.,.., - .... ...i ..,:.:: ;. 1 Iv.loVl
Mitt M. E. YOUNG, lets or New York Cty, Y
wilt euperln tend the Millinery Department. Her lotg '
xperieno In the meet Paahlooabl Esbtblltbtaent "nif'
Broadway will alone b warranty that ah WIU a able
to give entire satisfaction in matters ef lotta to all wbi
Biay favor her with their orders. ,,
Th Ladies of Columbus and vicinity will urease ar- .
opt my since re thanks for their liberal patronage, and''
I would respectfully .elicit a continuance of the tassel 3
R. H. WARE, o J:iri
68 Eaat Tewa St., Colnmbue, O.
a . 1 .1 . ,
ATT0RNBT8 ATtAW. v,;U,,i
K3 Offlcea, 889 Broadway Hew .Tork GUv, ytndul
Piaaoira' Boilsih, Oolumbot, Ohio.
, Oi TJ1
Tr?CtrefulatUotlonpald toOollecUons.. , , .
aprilftdSm ' - ' - ; - ' ,:
iiaitimore Uothin Hons&i
...r i ; .t". :r- v-j iti)i
XXJE3eB 'Ct3 -23XaTJI4oii
1 ,: - HANoraOTeants tiro wuoubuij ou'ina r
v . !,i. I in,iti.,i lo lis3
: No; 08 W,;linio
,, y (srrwsn waamip tUm aowaJtB.) 5 I Mi
. .f. r.A,rf.;ilBASTmE, AaM!
- - ..'t . , " '' i.-.rf. I. .a'ajaJ
Ii tdtg Attortmtut ol Flee and Tarnish ij-
win w 11 ne' ni
V. A flT Tfl TIP AT33 TVnT? TT tT
kU A A. JU AJ XJ All it kj If V It U, (
' ; 'CertierStlH
Oolvxrta'toxia, ffCljct
W. II. J POTTi3 w & COI
tnd Manofacturev of Bras and Oompotittoa Cattlnr
Ur Ptaahed BraatWerk of all Dewrtptiono. : .' f-l
t.,1! ' M "" 1 "U- ft f .rf.-rofi '
Electro Plating and 'Gilding U
ebltl-dlp . .
t .i.r't'w '(I to!

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