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Democratic Union Nominations.
ELugli vT.v Jewett,
. ii - ".1.5. j l ' " l
J6bn G-. Marshall. , i
l bonus jr. s. smith, :
' 0 Montjomtru.
Of Hamilton. '
' " ' WH.LIAM "W. ABlMrBOSB,
... .sV..-,, w. vr-.O Amh. "" ' A " ,
. '.'0 i ' ' ' ' '
,-. ..: y it At IV E OKIsWOtb,,', !.
J?"'".- BOARD Of PUBLIC WOMB, ' " J '
jabez w. iiiCMi, ; :'
For the Campaign.
W will faralih the dlftat istuet of the Ohio gtatee
,x dnrUgtiCapalgaBefollo)e 7 ' t . j
thellally SbjleBmen.ter month, t ...... Weentt.
th trKWeily Statesman, vr month, t.... . S3 " I
HOitr of (h abort Imn will be farnlilwd for at
'moH MMlbt, la elabt or liuglo coplei, t tl bore
ThWwUy Ohio Sliteimn will bouned t fot
laotabiof 9 Mpiet,Tortbmonlli.. il-00
taatahaaf II anla. far two oiitb ""..! J 00
loolobiof Sjplt,fbrtwo moatbi.' .......... 36(1
Xa tlubt of 40 ooploi, for two moo On. . 7.00
. - - ' ' ' i ; t - -Or i.
tbo two oatU' CInbi eoYr tho ptriod of !h
CiplB, u thai yUct oar MAMMOrS WKIKLT
lBthhaDh( ollwbo wuttt, M Limpaign paper,
oa Ttrr rutoDtbl teimi. . , , . . . . ,
' lot tho ftfcBdi of Ibo food caiuo the tnw TToloo
taof Ohio --B to work, oad iproi tto 4.
V- C A M P A l O N. S T A T BS M A N j
oil rmtboltoto Wotapeet to biikt It an efficient old
t a tho food work of tie rtdinptloa of Um Bute of Ohio.
1M It be well oliOTkited. ' . ."-r ' ;
Aoiaotio, 1861. - "";
Business Notice.
The recent order from tho f oatoffice Depart
oitaicosoelieg the pooUge etamps of tbe old
, lortiewlll render it lmpoeeible for ench etampa
to be berealter received at this office, in pay
nent of doea. ; , r , ; ;
The Scheme of the Secessionists.
.The Croat object of the Seceuiooietiiia H
tbeif moTemioii, hae been tbo dinoolatiop of
tboUoiun. . ,. .. .-
For till accomplishment, they baverelied main
ly upon tho oaanimitj in their faroe among the
nMiila of tho SoQtberavStates. Secure of that,
the; felt that loceoM wao certain. . ;
Toaeooro that nnaoiaiitT, the; committed ag
greoaioaa opoil the property of ho United 8tales,
and oreaoited' aa armed rebellion against Ue
aathotiiw. Thio,they knew, would indnco the
Federal Administration to aaiert tbe authority
of the Government by repelling force by force
Then, they coold also tho cry of Javeelon ol
their soil, and rally and unite tbe Southern peo
ple in a war for tho defense of their liberties
and their homes. -They
hoped to induce the United State Gov
eminent, nnder a Republican Administration,
to take tbe position of making war upon tbe
people and inatitntioni of the Sonth a war for
tbo extermination of elarery and the subjuga
tion of the Southern people to a atate of colo
nial dependeace upon the North.
They knew fuH well that If they csuld per-
suade tbe Southern people that each was the
character of the war on tbe part of tbe Federal
Government, tbey would to a man unite in de
fense of thel tighte.
Such was and ia the scheme of the Secession
ists foraoitlag the Sooth in their mad DiranTon
project. There are men and journals in tbe
North, that are aiding them ia U is, end desire
ami them aucoeed lo noiting- tbe Southern
neoole In resiatenceto the Federal Government
They aay the rebellion hafanot be put down and
It eanaa removed without tbe'abblilion of
alavery, and, therefore! elavery must be abolish
d. Tbev denv that tbe object of tbe war on
oet pari la to reatore whaiare called taeeeoed'ed
State) to their old place ia the, union, with the
right and Immunities tbey enjoyed before aecei
alc took plaeei kut hllege that if those States
art again form part of tbe Union, it must be
In eonformitv. not with Soutbero, tnt wito
Northern idea of liberty and equality.
The sentiment ba bea widety tpread in tbe
North, that a union with the slave State ob
the old basis, I neither, practicable nor deeir
able, .It 1 predominant ia the mind of many
Wbodere aotgiv It an open and decided ex
preesion. Bat It manifest ftself lb a ttroog de
air) to brand, a Secessionist' and traitor, all
Southern men and all others, who are anxious
to e tbe receded State once more practical ly
ia the Uoion. t t;"1 ' '
The spread of such sentiments ia the North,
will tend dot powerfully than any other eanse
to forward the cheme of the Secessionist. If
the 8oothern people eao be eoavinoed that such
feeling toward tbem are universally prevalent
la tbe North, If wilt consolidate tbem In a com
soon eons. ,v , ' .. . '. ,.
It i tbe doty of the Democracy and U other
Ualoa oiea of tbe North to foil the Seceesion
1st la their chem for uniting . th Booth
egalost our teetion and .against tb Federal
GovernmenU . .Toe Southern people most be
abown, not by word merely, but by act oa the
part of tbe Government and people, that tbe
WarOROorparim lOrtoeeoMODjeci.oi rceuir
lag th seceded State to the aame place and
th same right in th Union that they held and
oojoyed before eloglo act of lecession was
pea). Ta plan alikoot boutbern Secession
lata 'and their Northern lympatbtxer, to array,
fcf il can of thlWr, tbo loyal men of the
North against the loyal men of the South, must
be kveoght to oonght. r -
Tho cbjeet of tbe Seeeftiooiit and. tbelr
,Z" 'bera Diannlon sympathisers I to make tbi
war for the (Jestrucilua of the Unloq r Be It
the sol! Work of Democrat and all other trne
Viihi (nea W, teach them tb at if war alone
jdneaot preeerv tbo Union, it I at least impo
tent for lte destructioD! that there Is a mightier
potency 1a the loyalty of th people, North and
Sooth, and in their attachment to, and regard.
for1 eatd other a sharing a common loherltanoe
and ft common. 4estlsy,'wblch will foil every
oobene or ctnpUacy for making this war war
for Disunion.
The Scheme of the Secessionists. The Journal on Cementing the
The Jonrasl, of Tueeday, ha a leader on
'Loyalty in th South," which i introduced by
starling (he question whether such loyalty ex-
lata. It then sam.-. . - -. ..-;-:;
-"This Is a aiiestlon of no small import. For,
if ever tho American Union I to be re esub
lisbed noon its basis of fraternal tmlty, tbi
element of loyalty in tbe Southern mind must
form tbe medium or tn&t r onion ib
4t mnat h vnintnd aa tha cemeotioe element,
or tbe workmen, nowerer wise bb .m.ww-i
that: nM nnnan riata tha BtTUCtUre, Will UU1J
tanh Kh nctemnered mortar." .wunout wi
they may re adjust, but tbey en never enectu
ally reunite." . , . i . i . ' -
Ths Journal then onter upon an argument
to Drove the (xbtenc of i stroog element of
loyalty In .h Southern State. We are pleased
to see this slimmer of returning reason in th
column's of. the Journal. It is the position of
Union Democrats aud of all conservative Union
men that this element ot loyejty id the Sonth
must be made tbe basis of the cement for the
re uuioo of the States, and that tbe workmen
who are attempting to accomplish a re-union
without that basis, are only "daubing with un
tempered , mortar." We hope to bear further
from tbo JstiraaJ on this subject, and especially
how thie element of loyalty In tbe South 1 to
be made the basis for cementing tbe Union-.
.This task ,1 clearly incumbent upon the
Jeerael to perform, if it is truly repentant of
It distrust of tbe Union men of the South, and
aincerely desire a re union with all tbe (lave
States. It ought, also, in justice to itself, a
well a (o tboee whom it baa maligned, to make
tome amend, by at least a frank and open
confession of it error for reproaching as " se
ceesionlst and sympathizer with th South,"
those who advocated that which it now ad to
oat',';a fra'terniMtion with this element of
Southern ioyalty. Is it so that tbe Journal doe
really ".ijmpathise with tbe SouthT " It must
certainly beeo, or inch a passage a we htve
quoted above would not have appeared in Its
editorial! column. -ti '.I -' ' '
Why is it So!
, . . ;i v li f u ' ' ' ' '
In timca'psat, the opposition to the Democra
cvaavaaelv aiaaulted our President, wittt
tb ferocity of Sepoy, when any deficiency or
corruption waa manife'et in1 the Executiv De-
parlmeoU; but eow.tiusi, Camion, wiLLta,
members of th Cabinet, are abused , without
stint, by the Repmlican paper, for IntfSoiency,
corruption, thieving, etc., and sot one word is
said about the Praident being responsible for
their retention. The Cincinnati Oatttte well
remarks: "This is not a Government where a
responsible ministry receivea tb entire blame
and penalty for administrative errors, and that
combine tho beauties Of a responsible Govern
ment With tbe divine ordination of kings, who
can do no wrong. As far a tbe ooUido world
can know, the Administration i a unit, and
the President himself I tbe only responsible
man in it." '. , , v .-. i f
i We confess that ba always been our view of
the mittcf, bat it wonld appear that Jt ia cbaog
ed. . Tbe President ia no more held responsible
than Queen Victoria; bat the ministry i doomed
to. disgrace.' " "'.'..' ' '' ' ,l
Tbe most able aud candid Boston Journals
without diatinotien of party, have been for some
time urging tbe rreaideut o make some ooange
in bio Cooatitutlonal ' advisers'."1 Now, we ob
serve tb Bostonians bave sent a committee to
tbe Presideob, urging a change, And tbe tele
graph sava the fact produced 'considerable feel
ing " Well, we are glad to hear there w'l a
sensation of some sort. - The Boston movement
should be seconded by all tbe loyal cities of tbe
country. The object of the Bostoniao is, ol
eouree.to procure tbe removal Of Simon Cameron,
and the appointment ot Joaeph Holt; and tbe re
moval of Gideon Welles, and tbe appointment
of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Cincinnati Commer
cial. J ; -' "
Suppose tbe "movement should be seconded
by all the loyal cities of the Country," and loy
al Astasia! should not se fit to act favorably
on th recommendation. What, then, would the
Commtrcial say 7 Is tbe Philadelphia Prat a
loyal piper for defending Camion? Will the
Cemiaw reial inform us I ..
If tbe authorities do not protect tho Admin
istration from tbe attacks of tbe Coemurciaf, they
had better let other newepaper alone. It hae
done tbo Administration ol the nation and
State more damage than any one paper In the
State'. . ;. " '. ' .
Most Impolitic.
- The Cincinnati Commercial, of yesterday.
publisnes a petition lor the removal ot oecre
tart Cameronrald to be circulitiog for aiena.
tore in that city. Such a movement ia most
ill timed end unfortunate and can only work
barm.'"' Tbe Commercial wonld. promote tbe
public interests and Help to save the Union,
more efficiently by Intermitting assaults upon
tbe Administration, and directing its attention
altogether to consolidating public sentiment . in
it hearty support. aanamttj tteguur. ,. . .
This is certainly a very mild aod considerate
rebuke. Wby don't tbe ReoitUr Come down on
tbe Ceiwnwreief with its usual terms, "traitor,!
rebel,"' t " iecesaionlst," etc! , Aboljtio
" traitors'! mnat bo bandied very considerately.
"A fellow feeling mtkee them wondrous kind."
- CT- Tho Detroit Frt Prtii, n able Demo
cratic paper, and a Warm supporter of th, war,
In an article on the "Freedom of the Press,'
asks: .; ;:' ' v ' ' '
"Can we not criticise the acts of .the Admin
strationT Cannot" we' ty tbe nfetv of tb
country demands a chance in tbe Cabinet? Can
not w condemn tbe appointment of civilians to
high aod responelble position a military offi
cers, who are known to be incapable, utterly
wanting go only ia edocatiqirftnt IU. courage.
wunout runnme toe riax or laiiing unocr lue
displeasure of the UovernmentT" -.
W can inform 4b Free Press that It would
appear proper .In this country that it- should be
allowed these privilege but " that tbe under
standing appear to be that tbeso things can
cly be done by Republican paper, without sus
picion of disloyalty. '; ff
Most Impolitic. The Attacks on the Cabinet.
. The sevtre newspaper atricwr opon the
member of tb Cabinet are regarded here a
attack oooo the country, and tboee who make
them aro now ittpcted of beiog ia the interest
of the secessionists ', , . , .", .
W preumo tbo agent of th Associated
Pre who forwarded the above, imagined that
bo was doing something formidable. The faot
ie be is a poor sboat and a pensioner of the
War Department, wboee opinion are ol no pov
sible consequence. jHe should , thertjre ceo
fine himself to fact. Doe bis serene foolinh
nees regard the Boston ottmmtttoo wbo ergo
Mr. Lincoln lo make some ebaae io hi Cabl
nei,a "in the interest ofih secessionist)?" A
a Fire Zauavo wonld leroerk Sy. U. Cm
People bsve just i much reason to regard
these respeotible citixeniof Boston for beiog ia
tl' "interests of tho secessionists," tb Com
wurtUl be fur lying about Democratic paper
and cliixenfr and no mere.- tbey want tn
Government honestly and economically admin
isteredthat ia what Democrat want and for
this tbe CsmnyrcMf M continuaily denouncing
DemocraU aspect isioniat n aiders of the reb
els.; . ,--: ' '? r
Calling "tbo agent of tho Associated Pies a
poorahoat and penelonr,rt 1 omeilme coo
sldered ofTwslv we shall fee whether it 1 so
now. .-, .
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21. George D. Prentice Rebukes the Ultra
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21. George D. Prentice Rebukes the Ultra Republican.
N nn nncattona that Georeo D. Prentice, Of
the Louisville. Journal, I battling mora bravely
and energetically for toe Union, ana nea tnus
battled since the fall of Sumter, than any one
man In Kentucky. ,Ad M we write OMpawa
oomee ialrom new ion tuat.tue ineuua wi
Liberty and, the Constitution in. that city are
getting tp i testimonial foe faint. In a late
number of th Journal, Mr.' Prentlo thus ad
dresses himself to tho men aad preea of tbo
Republican party who contend: mat tma war
must be prosecuted for the abolition of slavery.
—Buffalo Courier.
' Vm acrma kh tha BaltlmorcAmeHe)
when tbe ultra print of .the North, flattered y
tbenpiUlog everywhere in it.eotncaT, nary
land, Western Virginia, etc, mistake that sen
timent, patrlotio in it purpose aad honest In
lta interna, foe a aolrit of '0O0Qe"-Jwben
tbey venture ta speak of making that ubaldla
ry "subjugation," tbey need not suppose that
tbo Union men of Maryland and Kentucky will
keep silence, or that the; will not do all la their
power to sustain noutnera constiuiuouu rigaw
In thl nnaa all nor atrcovtk. . ' ' '
In this relation w are glad to note that loth
speech, on the occasion ot tn ovation oxhdb
ad to the Hon. Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee,
at Cincinnati, tb prominent champion otoon
atltutlooal rights keep all thee point dlreotly
in view. Aod we warn tbe ultra North, when
thev lose aiuhl of these olain cuarentoee, when
they propose to abate one jot or title of wbat 1
honestly due, all Soutbero men, 'they not only
paralyse the arm of the Federal Government to
that txteot.'but at the saae Urn tby airlk a
oeadly blow at all Union sentiment in the8ath
upon which our wisest statesmen must bereal
ter rely for "reoonsuuotion." Titer to another
noint for the consideration of the free State
Let them repeal the last shred of noocstlta-
tlooai legislation boatuc to tn spins oi concilia
tion; let tbem leave nothing undone to set
themselves right, wbila tbey are asking of .the
civilised world a verdict to favor oi toe doosu
tutional Government. hi ' ' it!
ST Ta Buffalo Exprtit1, the leading Repub
lican paper of Western New York, aay: f ,
. It" needs no argomeot to prove that tbereore
polit'oal differences of opinion between Repub
licans and DoiDoorat wnion wonio reooer any
so-called Union ticket in this Stat next fall,
ri..ita f tnnekU on ( i. . Tb Is is so
plaiuly obvious, that suoh a onion I impossible
from tbe start. But we no reason why this
ahould lmoair the claim, of tb Democratic
masses to aa bonest patriotism and sincerity of
belief. But as th waring charm U acknowl
edge and bow down to tbe oroe of Christ, so let
the different political partis of tho country, in
all their contests, remember that tbey are th
people, with ol Union, ooo Constitution, aad
one destiny.. But don't let n deaoend to tb
humbug of pretending to b wnat wo are not.
Let each nertv nominate it ticket; let neither
resort to those tricks which may bo perdooabl
io common election, but wbioh r inexcusable
now; and, aod alter election, let tbo aucceaalul
and unsuccessful party bend all their energlea
to the maijteoance ol th Union . j
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Editoe cr tbi 'STATtsataN I have beard
much recently of "party lines" being abolished,
and conies I was uosopnisticatea enougn to
think there wu torn sincerivy o tbe Republi
cans when they thul talked. But I am now
satisfied that It only means so far a Democrat
are required to vote against their party organi
zation, and not to the aoDolntmtntof person to
official position.' I bave seen several announce
ments made of appointment from onr city, and
have endeavored to find a Democrat who ha
been aeoolnted, but have failed. For instance,
I see tbat ot Gostavus M, Bascom and Henry
Thrall aa Assistant Adjutant-uenerau, Wager
Swavne aaJMaior. Jame M. Comly as Lieut.
Colonel. R P. L. Baber and Dwicbt Bannister
as Paymaster. Tbsre are more but I need not
go farther now in this line ' Tb contractor,
the sailers Ic fact all are Republican. I m
set'sflrd that I bave been pretty nearly ham
L W.
We know par friend did think thee men were
la earnest! bat if he will only oontina to re
flect end observe tbe appointment, bo will b
fully convinced "that the trap ta act to catch
Democratic vote, but not to allow thorn to par.
tidpat ia tho luxurie. Thsr ar two thing
our friend may do vote the Republican ticket,
and enlist In tbe army at private during the war.
W woald advie them to do th latter If either.
If they go and fight well tbey will b honored;
If they join th new Republican party they will
regret it In a abort tint, and no on will pity
or praise them. ' 1 ' '
A Massachusetts Slave-Trader
Thin ' are) cootinnally occurring In tbi
world, which moriifv our nineteenth centur
pride, mak dubious onr civilisation, sod rfut
our arrogance, w no, lor instance, wonia nave
belief sd tbat from the little, Anil Slavery,
ball-Quaker Citvof New Bedford, Mass. a
city In which any attempt to captnr a fugitive
slave i sure to breed a riot a oityln which
black men ar treated nearly like human be
logo, and are admitted quite freely to religion
and educational privilege who wonld bav be
lieved that from this city a llave tbip wu dis
patched to the African coast, there received her
freight of living misery, carried It to Cuba,' and
N. Y. Tribune.
There 1 nothing very, trange in tbi after
all. It bss been well settled that whenever a
bowling Abolitionist aw a chance to make
money in tho slave trade, or out of Iav la
bor, hi blatant proleealons of humanity war
laid aaid. Tbey mak tb most renowned
slaveowners, and are now la tho' South era
States the vilest of tbe vile diaanionUu. They
will work more money oat of the labor of a alar
than any Southern-born man. ' This ta admit
ted. Their humanity evaporate when their
. . .' . B ... ' '
interest connicts. , , v ., .. . , ; ., J:- j..
Aid and Comfort.
' Under date of the Slst, the Ulegraph foform
ed ns that "the several newspaper stricture oa
the Admioistratioa ar regarded aa attack on
tbe country; and many or tbe author ar sus
pected or being In tbe interest of. tbe Meet
elonisti." 'The. severest comment upon 4b
Administration Coma to 0 from journals wblh
supported Mr. Lincoln for President, and which
sjelll clilm to be organ of th dominant party.
We suppose that the assault upon tb War De
parttneat are referred to. io tbe dispatch quoted,
aud w Invite pur' Lpruat street cotemporary to
the Inferences Which Vuch asraulte sueeeet to
th aothoritlc at Waabiogton. , To Democrat
lb other day fired very heavy artillery at Sec
retary Cameron, and tb ecnoet ar now uan
derlnf and reverberating tn mapy direction.
Notpelng behind tbe batilemente, w cannot of
coon account lor tni not ore into toe uaoioet,
but It occur to ns tbat it is Just a treasonable
a if it proceeded from less 'loyal" aources
No better aid and comfort could be clveo to tbo
enemy than to decry th efficiency or waat of
. . ...F T . .
emclencv In tne iieparimeat oi war. rrnat-
tfer tha aim I, tb effect can bard I v b other
wlae tbtn to Inspire confldeoce in th mind of
tbe Confederate and their (ympaiuifer, eon
vineingebenr thai the contest en their part I
with an unusual amount of (dpinoneM and in
oomrjetency.' :a . ' , ,
. "We observe (bat tha bom organ of th Pres
ident, tbe Springfield Journal, take np th
eudgel against tb Drnwerat and .warmly do-
St. Louis Republican.
St. Louis Republican. Tortugas.
; Tb soldier of the New Yotk regiment tho
mntlnied, were ordered and aent to Tortoga to
work a laborer. . It it a bleak, berreo tslaad,
or aand key, over one hundred mile south est
from Cape Sable', in th Golf of Mexico. Sol
dler could not b sent , to more, miserable
place, peopled, only Ay reptile. Jt night bo
called NblebmeBtf their work will be on fortl-
fleation. .. .., , f U, Mj, tv. r.i
: z:: , - r y .
The ilon.' C. C Waehbrrrnt l ttf promt,
icntly spoken of for acxl Govrnoo of Indiana
N. f. Tnhunt.
A rt-M' nt. 'ntd't I.-
Tha mlacbief b la! : That will bo lew Id
Indiav-Cfi. QmmaM ;-u-y. A , -,iv , .
So It will bo la Wisconsin, vhert h resideo.
The Voice of Moneyed Mon—Old Simon
Must Go Out.
Pmi'i Naw York correDondent
on of tb most knowing and trustworthy ot
.am. a. lakaa aoailaka 17 -t
tna le.ter-wruer says in
Bay UM I . K-..";" ''. '"'".ll
Th str est Wall slrsot, oi oourse iuii oi
iiki.H in tha affn that thesirett financial
oporatloa of last week ta a success la do-
y T.. I lit. nn...n nnt'.
dio sens, 11 oi uuij w -aaoeasitlo
geoeroualy provided for, bat th
popular voioe is said to bav found ripresslon
IA ID flOmano, oy toe milt unirici, ir auu-
dry changes la tbe Cabinet-Swltbeat which the
bet, aad iaefficleeoy.' Rom or ay that -tb
name ot nlgn omoial ware moai ireeiy mwutn-
AnJ - - nn.iitltw nf fnrr.ihla SlIDB Iftt liwi
upon tbe tubieot of tbo wat maoagement tbu
far. In OM Bm lurwor auua uai ocurvarj
Chase assured th assembled money bag that
.km .r-kJIii. .mIu-i amnlit MtlM li tha In wi .
tation of latuifnl Abraham himself. It remain
therefore irm ko im a question simply
. ma. .-.j 117.11-111-.-.
whtbr Mr. Cameron and Mr. Will will go
oat or bo put out. , "
Johnston and Beauregard.
, have had th oleaor of teeing Gen. John
Bton. He looks like a general. He is about fiv
feet elsht or nine lnche In beieht, good form,
very erect, handsome face) thick moustache,
and beard. unewbat sprtoklea witn "white.
HI hair ia llghtly gray. His organ of be
nevolence and veneration ar extremely large,
and bis vary full and laree. H should talk
well and speak fluently. He baa tb decided
advantage over General Beauregard as far aa
appesranc goe. Of lb two, at flrst aigbt, I
would orefee General Johnston. . Too differ'
enae between the two are, I Imagine, theeet
Beanrsgard Is strlotly a military man, and looks
chleflr at military result, wonnsiow looae at
nolltiaal aa well a militarv reult. Beaure
card ba moat oaationeneee, and, I think, most
determination; that Is, Beauregard would never
rive np, bat would Sgbl even against nope.
Johnston oo tne contrary, wita nie targe oenev
olence, would look beyond mere resistance, and
would not tacriflo life where there wa no bone
In fighting. ' Politically, the other eonardera-
tlon wonld govern bim. Bat xseauregara wouia
fight on and fight, forever. Johnston, baring
lea eantlousaeaa, I tbiok would make tbe moat
darlog move and tbe moot rath charges, and we
all know tbat even in apoerent ranoee t often
tb extreme of orudeuce, Beauregard would
orobably be tbo safest commands ia defense.
Johnston wonld oreat th greatest entbu-
slam, and In a desperate charge would Succeed
Cor. N. O. Delta.
Beecher's Independent.
Tbi ptstlferon Abolition print I fulminat
ing it Abolition dUunIonlsm,wltb mor feroci
ty tban ever. . Dr. Cjrztvx a Is at tha bellow,
blowinauD k much, mlichlef a possible. Tbe
Nw Tlf World sayet r, i ' i VJS 't2 ' f
Th ladrftndtni of thl week i brimfull of
pestilent Abolitionism, Tb moat objection
abl Part of it, to be tur, i In th article writ-
tea by oorrepondnt, bat tb promlneuqe
signed them in tb make-up of the paper i end
tbo trong lnlng in lb came direction la iu
editorial celomoe, joetify n in attributing to
tb ladrpmdtnt a deliberate purpose to mak
itself a vehicle of Abolition sentiments, it al
low Dr. Cbeever to txpatiatb Oa h irre-
trivabl miecblef prodoeed by tbe Northern
Government and Admlnietratioo ia refusing to
direct toe war aealnst alaverv," aad on the "in-
finite lmporUnc of immediately suiting tbat
blow against slavery, wmcn.wui retrieve our
affairs and onr reputation, and save us from
tbe dreadful disaster," eta. - Jt Rive apac to
a loot article by Charles L. Brae, entitled
"Tbe Key to Victory," which open with th
Inquiry, "Wby will not wo people ice that tbe
only key to victory i a Proclomofion of Eman
cfpefwa." ;,'.';:.
It i olain to people of or act! cat Bse that a
proclamation of emancipation would hav no
other effect thtOTO weaken and break down the
Administration. If it should be stupid aod fool'
hardy enough to venture io this experiment, it
would not only atnltify itself by contradicting
all th profession it ba heretofore mad tbat
tbo war I to Do wgd lor tn attainment ot
none but constitutional objects, bat It woald fa
tally divide tb North, and render powerless all
tb friend' ot tha Union In tha.rebel States
whan th llm (ball oom for It re-coo struotiou
Bat Mr. Brae sees so little need of tbe co oper
ation of loval slaveholder In restoring .the
Union, that he admit that hi plan wonld result
to bloliinc tbem from tbe fee of tb earth
It wonld not bo strange if tbe enemiee of Sec
retary Seward and tbo Administration ahould
infer bit tympatby witn tbi reckiee abolition
lam from the fact tbat alongside of it be order
tb publication of tb law oi tb Uoited State.
Independent journal of larg eircalatiin, how.
ever, ar not dwindled to government org; ant
because the government finds il profitable to
advert! in their columns, ana rreeiaent Lin
coln and Congrea bav left earlier no exeus
for supposing that any authority exist for uoh
utterances or any sympathy with th sentiments
which tb Imdtpendint advocates, exoept among
Abolitionist and tb meet radio! Kepublioan
Beecher's Independent. Release of Hon. T. A. R. Nelson.
Tb following dispatch was received at Knox-
vtlle, by Dr, J. G. At. Ramsey, from. President
Davis: " ...;
RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 13.
T I fl O.mm W'n-..,. t
Your received. Mr. Nelson .he acltoowl-
edeed hi obllsation, as a citissn of tbo 8tate
of Tennessee, to submit to tb late decisloo;
and upon hi promts fo act hereafter In accord
ance therewith, I nave ordered bis release.
Tha Richmond Krcetref la the.'fqilowlcg
notice of tbi gentleman' releat . - v
Hon. T. A. R Nelson, of Tennemoowbo
arrest and arrival her bave been--noticed,
baa been released by onr Confederal Govern
ment. ' Mr. Nelson declared hi purpose to o
ouletc In th attitude and political relation
whioh Tenneesee tiirchoieDtOr herself, and du
tie eoooeqaeot tbereapoo. " He acknowledges
allectaoce both to Teaneesee and tb Confeder
ate GovernmejuUiIiAhlghhafacter give
abundant aseurane that bia ngagmenta and
declaratloa fill bo honorably complied with.
Oar Government, therefore, could have no rea
son for his detention, and we ar pleated tbat
tn Administration na ordered bis discharge.
Wo trust that th generous course of onr Gov
eroment, and tb patriotism of Mr. Nelson will
have a happy effect In promoting the quiet of
the people of East Tennessee.' Mr. Nelsoo will
probably issu an address to bis, people befof
Col. Nelson' arrival home 1 noticed In (he
Joueeboro' Exprett lo the . following laconio
paragraph t
Hon. T. A. R. Nelsoa, who baa been on
Irief tint to Richmond, arrived at bom this
(Thursday) moraisg. ; .-.i-
Tb Kooxville (Tenn ) R'sitUr publisher the
following letter worn Mr. T. Ai R. Nelao t r
. Having been arrested io Lee county, Vs.,
taken to Cumberland Gap, and sent to Rich
mood, Va., I deem M da to oil these who had
m In aetnal eostodv to dtato thy hav treated
me with uniform civility and kindness. - To
Captain Powell, at Cumberland Gap, and Lieu
tenant Plualt and Cook, aad Sergeant Gil
lospis, wbo bad charge of tbo seventy men who
guarded m from the Gap to Abiogton,' and to
tbo soldiers aoder thair command, 1 leel espe
cially indebted for. their reaaaekably good oon
dnot on the wav. and th reeoeotfui treatment I
received it their hand" Of Majof, Lee. aad
fJantananla Plamle aad Cook and tbo men
wbo brought mo from Abiogtoa to Richmond,
aod hat bad obare of m mc I cam her, I
hav no language at my command auffiolent to
exprese my sense of the manner in which .they
discharged their doty, they being a cartful to
protect m tgalott violence and Insult as to pre
vent my resoae or oscape. I hav deemed t
proper to prepare thl Utemeut In th hop
tbat myfrlenu wm enensn a iseiing oi ua
kindness toward kit or either Of the person re
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
Columbus, Aug. 28. 1861.
- Bufgeoee nd Assistani Surgson Ohio State
Volunteer ar required to aewlo tbelr acoonnte
alL Ka 0niffnn.arwn ral and tcoount aatlsfao-
torlly for all peblie property that may have com
Into their band, before urewicj mtr pay iivm
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
Adjutant-General of Ohio. What Ave We Coming To!
A our reader learned by the telegraphic
dispatches of yeeterday. th Unltd Siate Mar
shal In Philadelphia sotted all tbe oopletof tb
New York Dailu New wbloh arrived there, a
well those Intended to be old la Philadelphia,
as tbos Intended for Ulterior points at tbe
South and West.- Th Marshal also took pos
session of th offlc of tb Christian Observer,
in oonstqusnc ot 1st virulent artiole on
"the unholy war." Tb Marshal, tt 1 to be
presumed, acted tinder Instructions from tbe
Government If so. we mutt lay w are sorry
ia aae onr Government In thl resoeot Imitating
com of th moil objectionable proceedings eft
despotism. Ot tbe lour memorable ordinances
which cost Charles X his throne, the first and
most Imcortant ws that which suspended the
liberty of tbe press, and directed tbat no pint
or journal should be published without authorl
aiioD. Are we eomioa to this? I every jour
nal wbloh Inoor tbediaoleasaro of the Govern
ment, to be saDoressed I .' "
Betides that suoh a course Is In eontraventioa
of tbe most elementary principles of civil lib'
rty, It 1 a mistake in policy. By persecuting
a newepaper, you pty It a oompliment; you
make it a martyr; you give an importance to it
view which notbinc else oouto give, r urtoer-
mora, it la really a confession of weakness
What I the government worth tbat cannot
aland , funMMnMmulaf ..
W ar Indignant, and Justly Indignsnt, at
th tone of a portion of tbo bosiisn pres ana
ot the English publlo toward o fast now ) are
we going to strengthen our cause there, ana
care fresh sympathy, by showing how llttl re
tard we bave lor those great principles of Ang
lican liberty out of which th freedom of tbe
pre, carefully protected in wat country, ana
the security ot tne person irom ooibwiqi tio
lence. alike enrlna? Ww are fleeting not mere
Iv for the Union, bat for the Constitution and
the Lawsi If to keen tbe first we must sacrifice
the last two, the question may well arise of
what value will tbe Union then bo to ns, it toy
J CBA. WUITTLBelV, Coiomo,.' waa Ukeo tj
soot naaauboilsad p era oa. Iron tba Banaaire Room of (be
Anarlcaa Hoots, la thai clgr, on or about lbs IBlb
lDSiaot. , . ' r ' '
Tha box eontalsed on bow B.ddls (the tout of black
katbar). a illrof alroolar plate oa tho pornmal. a Brldla
aad Burolnaio; oae uoi.'a r tt mvoLTia ana wain nao
Emulation Bin Infaoiry OvaacoAT, boad wiib rod flas
oel: one Tint (oot roaulatloii) lo two apartments; oao
Bloa SUKMT. auo oit.eraman amoiai
Anv Darana raterniae said box to the Propria tors of
IB a mar co Houae wui noaiv ids awvs nwara.aoa
ail expannt paid. ... . aursa-dJl
OKI VXD at tbe Office of tb Btoretary of Btatt,
aaul, i, , t .... ?. i ,- I
Monday, th SJ day of September' next, at
::ris. -i noon, ' ' '' i
for furabbloi paper for th at of tb Btate of Ohloj u
foliowai - .. .'-. . - ' ''.
8,000 Beams Double 8npr Royal PrloUna Papar,S7)t
by f i inoncs, to weign no. leas uaa oo poanas io iaa
nan. ' . . . t
100 Reamt Doubt Plat 0 p, It by C7 Inohes, to weigh
atleMiWpoudatoiMraam.-'.'i ,
100 Ream Brocbar Oor Papr, assorted colors, SO
by ST locbta, to weigh at least no poands to tn leam.
Th anantttte abo Darned to b Increased at th op-
tlon of tb Boerataiy of Btat.
Bids aaaat tw atoompaowe tir aampi or tn papeis
and moat spaollr lb prloa at which ach kind aad quail,
ty will ba dsllvared at tha Btat liouaa' In Oolaatfrna.
No aaapla of an Inferior artlet need baprtaentedi tbe
ipeeaaaatbtof Iba beat qaa I17. - .
Tba dailrerr uf th Baser Royal an Cover Paper t
command on tba Brat of Mavombar nut enaulog, and
continue as tb papar ahall b neoded.
Tn dallrary t th Doubi rial uap ta eoasBnc on
tb Brat ear of Dosembar aaxt, aod aoo liana aa abov.
Bande, with approve aaoaritj la dtobl tb amowat of
tb contract. Will b raqnlrod (accorduig to la), oondl
ttoBed tor -tb faithful performance of each contraot.
Tb bid to be mad and ,b oootractt awarded In ae.
oordaoc wlib lb term of th "act toprovld for tb
pnrcbaa of Siatlooory. Voal, and other arilsle for th
General Aiiembly and But Otfioai," paatid atarcb 11,
1153. dMOurir. SI08 Bwan'a Btat. 808. "
Bids to b IndoiMd on lb envelop, "Propooall for
farnlahin oaotr for th Btat. " -
Bidden art aewred that no paper will bt retelved
nnieaa It eonrorma in trtry raspeot witn in sample
TMo provtHonvUl U ttrictly adhero to.
.',.. . A. P. RU8BtL
Beontary of Biats.
Oolnmbus, Ohio, August 3, 1E61-4U1 - . . ,
O OJClVKtf at tbe Offlo of tb Beoietary of Blate,
until ... .
Monday, th 2J day of September next, at 12
o. i v ' ' o'clock H.t "
for furnlihlng the Btate of Ohio with Foci, as follows:
80,000 Bnthals of Coke, to weigh not let than 40
pound to tn Duioei.
16,000 Bnibela Ooal, to b of th bttt qnallty-oqaal
at laaat to th lower veto of llookis Coal, and In
from .tat, tick and dirt.
SO Oordi of Wood, tb iaa to b drjhlckorr,bach or
agar, Tonr reet In lengtn, iraint ad wen aput.
Tb foal to be delivered, without charge for such da-
llrery. at tb Mat Uont In C'olnmbn.
Propoaati to bo aeeompanied by aamnl, and to speci
fy lb kind, quality and price of tb fuel proposed to b
lurnitnM. ,
Sach contractor will ba required to lira bonds, with
apprortd e:ortty, in doubt th amount of the con
tract, conditioned for tb faithful pcrfjrmanca of bit
Tb bid to be mad and th contracts to be awarded In
aeeirdane with lb term of th act Milled "An act to
provide for tb pnrcbaaa of Stationery, Tool, and other
article lor tn urnem Aiwmoiy ana Btat ouiaera.'
paaaed Warah II, 1833. Be Bwan s Sv. BUI. eva,
Oar. 8198.
Bid to be Indorsed on tb envelop, "Propoivls for
forntahlni fni for tb8Ut."-. J
, I u 1 f arniahed by tb contractor mnat In all ease
h equal In quality to tb aampi. Thio rvio nii 04
rigidly onforetd. ., ,
..'..; A. P. BU8BELL.
' - '"" Secretary ol Biat.
Colombo!. Ohio. AngnstS. 1801 d:d. . .
Oysters! Oysters!!;;
b la daily receipt, by Xxpreta, of
Tr-Mn Raltlmor and Pair Haven. J
ball at Wagser's Oyster and fruit Hapot, Wo. SI But
Btat street. - - ,: .
angSttf ' '
Fo'r.an Inch Of Time! ;
a dying QaB. Tot Inch of time can be procur;
d at e saaoh ebaaper rate, and many long years of ;' '
enlovel byeenaltlnf Vt. HBRBf WRATHlRrwh
earing tn mot nbttlnat and lone-rtandlog dlMare
or to bUNUeV Haar. livek.- uh, hi.aw
Ainoiioy ov tub m amp ar. . .
" 1Faet WLf StBbberm Trjinajsl .
Hear wbat th Ph(ldlpbi oorreaoondent ya In tht
"Oftmaenwtalih," yTiimlngton, Dslawait, Bib of April,
1890; y: .
"An Inflhh gentlaman, formerly connected with the
Brlllih Army, and who tyle blmaalf th 'Indian
BoknM Phywdan ' ba of lata gained an xlenliT repu
tation bar by kit tktll la rortnc all manoer of oom
plaint. Bom of Bt patients I baft converted with,
and tbey proooao kt ntiedref aad mod tf treatment
u Vary luparior. Bom ht ba rat lore a II ky
maglo. Th medlcln at asat w dlaUllad by kuoMlf
from vartoo btrlut poataaatBg rart coratlr propsftiae.
"Whtl acting In to army h dvotd but leiaar ma-
mnt to a tborongh atudy ot Uki eSeata wrodaoad y
certain medicinal root aod berk on all manner of dje
aue. It awl b ha fnnnd a sar aod pedy reme
dy for all th H Is that Beah I belr tt .' - Hi practM f
already neatr aadtt dallr Inereattnf , In thaeom
plaln twkoh raalrardilid, kehaa no tonal,
a a larx aamkev ben bav tmtlfltd that they tw not
only thair wrean reed health: bat tlwir lives, to the
kill of tula iDdata RoUalo rbyiloUa," .. , ' ""' v ,
Offlc 37 East Stat Street, ColnmbnL
'w.,-.. c.. vieaaa annouocs thaaam
!i Bawaaiia trBai a a oandldat for rs-sHctloe tbs
BUt LaaUlatur. subject tt tht dsolsloB of tb Bmoonv
llTtlU if'iiiy'TjlatOOBATB.' '
.. iTiW.a.1 laaae asnoenee th aass
of B. Wr Akomw at a a6dhfal lor lUprentatlv,
tnbjeot to tb decuion of tb union iiemoorauo vv
n-.llnrL and Mllael I'sl till I .' i ' -
. . r . r;, 1 ji '.ii.j
vmm, Bi-.TMiX Plaaae -annoBDOt tht ast tf
-or ' -nn. '. '. nf Weatanlll. aa a oaadldatt for Bep-
4 . n . w - t - ' -
rttenlanTt In tht Legislator, tabjast to tn etntion ot
th Pranklla County Ptateeratle Ooavtnuoa.
. v.i Omn' flTlmltkMFlua tsntanot th nam
ef Oat.i. Oowrtatatiitanaidate fef Rtprtuntttlv,
tBWwtJOvtbe detlrltaof tht union utmooiKi. on
,Te.BUoDr.B.d-!ll!,' --v MAMt DIU00RAT8.
imwoW VxATjrlkue-SUa the aatst
of Joan 9. lowAaot, ' tf Mtdlsow townsnip, a a
dat for BprtnUUTt, lubjwt to th dcUloa of tht
Pnfon Democratic Convention of franklin County, and
iim, Bi.rTBati'-P1eaa annoanot to your paptr
that sbytotral this" city and to Tranklla tonnty,
deolr WhaT Otto Uaaan..BK , I" uur bim myn
Hntatlve.'' HrDrsiel b jtst tb nan for tb place.
augltw;" '.Vaw wt
Snn-na Oma BTATBaataB: Si Pltatt anaoanesbl
nana r a. a. Ribb. of Jaokaea ttwasbtp, aa a eandl
dau for wvMittttTt. sabjettu ttt deelrfon of the
Union Seoocrttlo nominating convention. andoWlgt, '
. .. ... 1 i . il ir"l A HOST Of PBB100KATB4 r
niTna TiTiaitiX Plea anntanct tht nun of
Oapt.'IInuBt Mi OnoBB. of Bltndoa lownabip, , k
candidal for BboruT, snbjsct tt tbe :olstoB of tht
franklin Otnnty Vtaotratlt oonvtwioo, ana ouxw i
aaglflJ,';'ir r".'..' ( ,;MAJ!'.x;'?I00UT8j
BniTO Ohio BtatbbUB Pit annoanot tb BtuOt
of ion But nta, of Plaawant towntblp, as a eanniaat.
r- Mi.iin. a lha Affle of Oonntv OommlttlOBtT.
nhjeot to lb dcUUn of tb Talon Demoeratic Oonniy
Oonvonuon. a
1 Knrros'OBio BTATttji-x'o will pleat tnnonnet
tht attw ef 9. 0. ! Hamilton township, ata
eandldatt for County CommUlonr, sabjtot to th dt
ition of th pnloB iaavotratl Coanty convtntlo,
aadebllgt ' - T" RllHl fWttAT.il
J loiTt Ohio 8tatxbtaii Pleaia'annoaact the name
of W . fJ. Kua, ef UadUwat Uwnsblp, a a eaadkmU for
Oonritr flomaaitaloaer.aaMtbt to the dtoUloB tf tht
Union Democratic County Convontlon, and tbllgt,'
augSl mil Aaiut;AiB
Wnrma th-iTtmm -Plaaae annonnc ' fiUijtoxb
Caaar, of Coltunbas, at a, candidate for County Aadt
tor.iublMa to tU dtoltloa of , th Coloa Demooratic
OonvaatloB of PimnkUn totnty, aad oblige
'' ' ' HART DK1I0CRAI3.
lama BTiTsawaw Plaaa aeeotmee Davtb Tfy
Baooutt a candidate for County Auditor, sahltot to tht
decl.lon of tbt Union Dtmooratle Convention, Jtnd
obllgt . .; !. J, -... u -MAB1D1M0QBATB.
nrrna Ouia Etxtixmab fleas annouaoa the Bm
of Joexra pAaxMBAcai- ot thw elty, whi it at prtttnt
clerk Is Oil Coatty Trtatarev'V eflloe, a saltablt can
didatt for County Auditor, snteot to th deelaloa or tbt
f rtnkllo 'Cottnty . Tnltn. Demooratic ConTntloo,'and
ebli,.:, in- MAUI DBtfOORATI. ;
InrcoB. Oma Statbul.!---! anooano the Bast
ef Xm Br. Wiuow a caoilAal tor Ooaaty Aadltarj
tabjest M the dedtton ef TJnloe DeBtanrade Ootvetf
tbn and oblige . .J BANT DBatOOaATB. '
. '1
Young fif son' Tea,' trrr." C X..;
uoiong lea. :
f PowshoflTea,
"' 'Englisn Breaklast Tea.
. o Bio and QoV't Java Coffee. ,
formlthy : ..n. .
. -Z-:.r v WM, n 2IBTIIAUX,
.augsi-SI v .. , ' Ho. 104 Souib High Street.
Tbe Beat Artificial Help tw tbo
... jluxuaa bin; tit tvtr Arnvwcited.
JV. ment of tb moat Improved kiadt ot -Opeetaele.
Ail hi Gla, whvtber for Bar or far-slghMd. art
giovntd ta onrav ream rone with the greatest cart,
h h ta niit tht Mjot ot all ctae. carina Wknu.
Duvmttt or Inflaeamatloa of lb By, and Imparting
lrntb frr loo reading or Sot ttwinf .
Office, 11 last Btat street, at Blinr t Wbtttr't
aarly' 1? At
lirB COitlFAaa BOXED K !
! fast, West,, North, and Booth, In tvery dlrutlto.
Jaatef PjlVs Wetetic Balerata it fast sapertsdlnB U
other. It bat mor strength; Is part, wholestmt and
hrmlet. Bewar of adulterated Imltatlontl v Depot,
319 WaahlogUn Btrcet, HW York. Bold by Qrocers
tvtw.hert. .. ,,--;' . , ..,
Too muth eating and drinking, ntw habit aaa anode
of lifooXten prodna Irragnlailllts In tb bowalaajad
general health of tb aysttta. Bat Bajkjioxara's PtiM
will toon cart.'thtttomaeh will regain Its strength, and
bttltby actios of tb jstm will be rater. :So
tfcDianu art aeoal iavtf ulnsi to th
I Rrery man of tht TIBS ZOUATBS had a box ef
and an ALLOOOK'S POROOB PLA8TIR pat la their
knapsack free or expentt. .Aad to thit fart may be at
tributed tht abMoot of any of THIS RS8IHIHT from
the hospital. .i . - " . T . ,. '
BTK&X iOLBIlR should hart "a box tf Brudrtth's
Fitlt, a box of lair, an a piece or Poioat Flatter.
Tbey art BURI ta bt ottral, tftta llfe-savlnf .
: Bold by Joan B.-Coox; Praggltt, Columbus, and by
all rttptotabl dealers la mtdlclat.u Vw ,,'-
'angl7-dlm --' . " vH".'.'',.1, ?
In all oaae of ooUvanam, dytposela, billions aaad Mr
affaetlont, pile, etuwaiatlsts, fevers and art; bttt
aatt head achta, and all ftotral daracgesuots of health
tbeaa Pills bav InvatUUr Hsrevtd a emrhda aad apawdy
raaaady, TA ttagto trial will paw ike 141 Pills bvyond
ttertartfercbniptuuoB a th UuUlo ,ot ertry pa-
atnt. . ,. rt. 4 ro
Br. Moffat's Phcsnli fitter will be foetA qaalbj el .
Rcacl ooa In all tatat f aMrveaii AaUU V, ayapepaaa, at
aakt, the tkkaett taektwil t Batalat I ettteati aeallh,
aad ttt ry kind ef wtaknam) ef tb eigtruve ergta.
for atl by Pr. 'Vr.3.I0f Afc 3S, Broadway, aT. T.
aad by all Prottiata. ' .'' auytjB-datwIf ."
nia foiloitiBf "k'tva exteabt from a
Mtar wrtttew by the Iv. L .BHouna, part ed tt
m.mI r..ntlt Cbarah. Brooklrm. at. T.. ta
ran.r",iu ' . - - -
tha "Journal and MeMTOgar" ChAnaU,0.(aiUpJB
Tolamtt at rtvVr ef thai worA-rnowBd medurln, Ha.
. 1 h adaairtlamsnl at saw aalaimaai-aat afaa-
WlntU'W a v ' - VMww ,wvm
feci eoarrMtled to any to yoar rvadeit tbat tbla ia no boat
omg'W tkiw i., ih K.ww n TV mi4m 1 1
oukiae.-' I la preonbly pot of tbt asoot anrnaatfal rnadt
elneaef Oitday, buat H it ont of tbt teat. Andthot
of yoar reader wh hTt bkbl oaa't 40 betur than
lay ta seppf". . wv'.ww
No. 29 South High Street, ColumDw,
A08 rard Xiavua Drs Goods etfXiTaui'
gSOOyard. Trav.llBg r aood. at 18K, va'ut SO ets.
UOO yard logllah ft! at UX, vain cents.
im yards f ranch Orgatdl. at UK, vain. 80 tantt..
8O0A yards Past Oolored Lawns at 10 value li cent.
avyoyaraa alii.... 171 .lu. &U Mntl.
loou rare rooiani u..-. --
lanyard Bnpar Plain BUok Bilk at S I 01). vain IU.
Robes ot Orgdl Brag, and Rngllah Brag, at on,
tall tbelr val. ., a. .nv'1 '
89 Booth High Street.
Elegant lace Mantillas.
dto SON",
No. 29 South High St.,
HATS Jutt opened an involoe of very large ana
Wide French Laces for SnA-wis.
Very Deep Freoeh Flouncing Laoes.
Real Thread, Frenoh, Cbantllla & Geneveao
Yalenciennei, Point oe Oaze, Brussels
' and Thread Laoes and Collars,
- " In new Shapes,
i For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
' ' Tht bett and moat faabionabl stylet In tht city,
. i ' . . " BAIN A SON,
Jt31 SB eouth Ulgb Street.
Groceries, : ' ' '
. . Produce,
" , . . ' . Provisions,'
Foreign and Domestio Liquors,
Fruits, etc etc.,
NO. 34, NORTH H 10 Ha T R E E T,
':;No. 106, outh High Street,
Tht old stand rectntly occupied by.Wkf. McSONALD
He Is la dally receipt of
Which he will sell -
Ctioaak for Caalt er Conn try Prodnce.
B70otdtdtlivered to City tradt free of chart -TTT
'V" , j
No. 106, South High Street,
ti . OoIjTZnVHJTTS ,
"y . DIALBR I .
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
JljrW - -'
Steam Between Ireland and America
Ths following new and magnificent flrat-classpaddll
wheel Bttamabtp oompoa tb abov Una:
ADRIATIC, 5,888 ton burthen, Capt, J. M act '.
(formerly of tha Oolllnt Lint.) -BIBBRNIA,
4,400 tons burthen. Capt. K. Paowaa,
COLUMBIA, 4 i0 " " H. LaiTon.
ANOLIA. 4,400 " ' Nichouob
PAOirlO, S.ftOO " " I. Bit n H.
. . 1,300 - J.WALXta.
Ont of tht above ship will leave Ntw York or Boston
alternately rry Taatday fortulght. for Oalway, ear
rlng tbe gorernment malls, touching at Bt. John,
Tbt Steamer of this lint hava been oonitrnoted with
tht greatest oar, under tb aprvlalon of tb gorem
aaeat, ban water-tight eompartmenta, aod ar naexotl
led foreomfbrt, aafety and spaed by any ateamara afloat.
They ar commanded by able and experienced olboera,
and rrery txertlon will bt aud to promo tt tbt oomfort
of paaaanger.
, Aa,xprleaot4 BiugMa atttthtd tt each ship. . : '
Plrit-claaaM. y. or Boa ton to Oalway or Liverpool 1100
Second claw, , ' 75
Plnt-claae, u " to St John's 3$
Third-alaaa, ; - : to Oalway or Liverpool. '
or any town bt Inland, oa a Railway, - - - 30
Third-elate paaaaogera ar liberally anpplied with pro
vltlon ot tb bett quality, evoked aad atrvsd by Uwaerw
Vaota of tbt Company. '
1V-'.' '. HETCRlf TICKETS. .
Parbo wlthing to tend for ihoir'lriend from th old
eoantry can obtain llckele from any town on a railway, in
Inland, or from tb principal etiial atogland and boot
land, at Tory low rawa. . .
1 Paattnger for New York, ararvteg by th Bottoa .
pinamart, win a lorwaraaa to new or-frt ortntrg.
i xor passag or iuruier inrormatlon, apn ly to " -
. rt at. wiuauab,
. At tht tfllot of th Company, oa tht wharf, (oot of
Canal atraet, New York.
i aprill:dta. . ;..
i : - ; :r.'...u.
! BAIN" fc SONji t
1,000 yards Baner Plain Black BUkt at ft 00 ral.ie
, 1 Septrjar. : ,
t500 yard Traveling Srtat and lfantM Goods (t
19 1S Bt valat BO tenia per yard.
tj)00 ar4t Whit Brilliant at It 1-f eeotr"
vala BOBtaprard. ' y '
StOCOyards line tod SoaattUt Ginghams greatly
'tot tatat. '-'- '- . ' ' .'"
.... A. f,; ALSO ,!.'.,
XS0LI8H BASS0Z8, U.TSUA8, - 7' I
" ' AND ALL OTHER f ?r-
Ntrw and ITtvth.lonev'blw Irea CKxyA
hi the most dttUablt ttylw aad at very lowtrt prlota,
Ot all stattrlal, atadt la tbt aaoat stylish euaner aft el
th lattat Part Vahloa-th ktott tlegant stylet lo '
theeitr. .r.'.rtr..
v , ' lie. St lath High street. ;
may 5
i ;V O&atoa Mattinsa. r . : . i
M 4, -4 Wlitta bi4 Had atn4r
b.WbltOlMekdftwpriorqaaUiy. Porsalsbw

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