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THURSDAY" jtfORNING, AUOi 29, 1861.
Tb Adams Express Company pUoes ul datljr
wider obligations to it lor ins Yery iea. paper.
torn toe eastern oities. j "
Tbe Amerioau Exprew. Company baa onr
lhsuk for its daily favor In th snaps of ths
ry latest eastern papers.-: '.; , y
(" Another Examination for Army Surgeon
will occur lu Columbus,' Sept.'' 6." Candidate
should forward their address to the undersigned
when a elroular will be forwarded containing
full particular. -:..u '...'. V'.W ... "
Aug. 24. dRt.' " : 8eb. Medical.Board.
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice la hereby given to the Union Damoo
racy of Franklin county, to meet on Friday',
August 30, 1861, between the hour of three and
six o'clock P. M, in the township, and ai and
tight o'clock r. M., in tbs Wards, at the usoal
place of holding elections (excepting Norwich
township, which will be held at Sohofield'f
School Rouse, and the Fourth Ward at Oarer'
. Ware Room, and tbe First Ward at th Gait
House), to appoint delegate to attend the Conn
ty Convention, to meet at the City Hall, In.the
city of Columbus, on Saturday, the 81st day of
August, 1861, at ten o'clock A. M., for th pur
pose of putting in nomination' two Representa
tives in the coming Legislature, on. Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner, one County Commissioner,, and .on
Infirmary Director. '. ' , ;!.
At the same time and place on delegate
from each Ward and township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Jodge for
this district. Time for holding the Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will he fixed here
alter, i ... .. v i4i-i-o j ,
The following is the number of delegate al
lotted to each Waid and TownBhlp, based upon
the vote cast for Supreme Judgein I860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty fiv vote to oast.
1st Ward,
3d... :
3d t "
4ih "
5th ' M,
7 Hamilton '
.6 Miffln ......
5 Washington
Tp 3
i .. 8
6 Madison ' -1
13 fileddon y, : " ; 3
6 Norwich' ,' " 3
Montgomery ip,
Truro .'"t- .4 Jefferson - 4
Prairie' " " 8-Jaekson 6
Clinton ; " - '13 Sbaron '',t"t t
Pleasant . ' " 3 trans.lIlI'JN. "' 1
Brown 1 Plain - 4
Porry.. " , 4 ... .
Wat. DoMiaitM, Jacob Rrnvsuao,
' Sam'l Doyle, Alxx. Thompson,
H. W. Miiakr, Wm. Coon. .
John M. Puoh, J. Bolkn,
R. Pickisil, ' Jams Hoilocxib.
II. S. Hioh, . " '
County Central Committee.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
The County Central Committees of Frank-I
lin and Pickaway Counties have agreed npon
' Wbdnhdat, tax ronsTM vav of SimnBia, a
tne aay lor tne meeting or. to aeiegaies irom
tbe "coautics of Franklin, Pickaway and Mad!
son. for the nomination of a candidate far Sena.
tor. and a Judge of the Court of Common Flea.
It is requested that onr Democratic friend
in Madison County will. lend delegate to tb
Judicial Convention. t ; f j "TT T
Th Convention is appointed to meet at Co
nmbus at the Hall. '
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee.
Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861.
Orchid to Wxstxrm ViiginIa. A ; great
commotion was oreated at Camp Dennisoo
Tuesday afternoon bv the sudden arrival of
Gov. Diunisok, on the three o'clock train. The
Governor speedily announced that his business
was to send tbe Wilstach (German) Regiment
10 western Virginia at tne earnest possioie mo
ment. He had been telegraphed for reinforce
mentu, and. they must go. The boy bad let
their hearts on Fsemont, and growled i little at
tbe fate for sending them to Virginia, but
promptly began the work ot preparation. Mr,
Gtjro.iT said hi orders were to' send every man
to Mi on.- But tbe .Governor would hav
his own way. In fiv minutes everything was
hurly-burly officers making out muster rolls-
men packing up their choree Uommissariss
and Quartermasters running hither, thither and
yonder after requisition for various store and
equipments-: ''.' ,'.' .'".-t '
Preparations were made for leaving at- an
early hour for Western Virginia by. tbe Mariet'
ta Railroad. : '
"v ;
w i. , : ..
DucBAaciD. The Court-Martial in the case
of Lieutenant Stratton and his men, met 'In
this city on Tuesday, Col. Wiliis, of the Gov
ernor' ataff, presiding. No witness or epeoifl
cations of charges having been ssnt from Vir
ginia, tbe accused were discharged.
It WiQ be remembered that Lieut. Strat-ton.
and hi 1 men were sent here some time sine in
disgrace from Western Virginia, on charge of
pillage. , They dininded an. Investigation. : A
Court-AIartial was oonveu4 yesterday to try
1 if : .i . ' IS .... J
tusir yav, jo ao sqim uuo awvou.
.Wfl Inninn.li f.tn, hmmJLht .i . K't If
The inatter should not be allowed (o.'drOD
thus It guilty, the respocdents should be pun
lehed ' This the cpmmnntty demands: It' In
nocent, they sboujd nave bid an impartial trial
and an honorable acquittals 1 At prseent, like
those pfnons' wbdm ecoten "Juries, uoablo to-
convlcna&d unwilling to' acqnit. let at lib'
erty with the verdict "not . proven,", these men
are in 4 dubious and far from comfortable po
sition. 1 - '' '
! "1 ' 1 1 1 a. t i
Tbi Whio 1 EiodiloKlt; MTHiT-'rr The
September number contains th Inaugural Ad.
dress ot'Dr. A. D, Loan, President if tba Stat
Teaohers' Aisoclattop. and derm Other artf
cles of great value and importanoei to- edoea
tors, partioutayi'th note'at bf a diacnaaion at
Elyrla on primary instrnotion.-. Th ' Monthly
I published by E. . Whits & Co Vof this city,
at $1 a year. "f"""" '-."
CTTh U. S. Express Company sent forward
from Cleveland, on Tuesday morning.'lhirteen
too of military good('fof Cincinnati, St. Lonls
ana opringneia, mo. and una Amerioaa Kx
press Company fewwarded from the 'iimf pt)lnt,
on Tuesday evtnlhg, forty1 boxes1 of earbloeas
i-t, I n Artn ' J'i'. 1- ai tl- ,, n
weiguiDf! ,vuu puuaua, JO.iJOVt IOC MSB.
tT Ool Tuesday "morplngi 'forty lures Va
loads of llrw stock tarn into Clef eland on th
ColumbW f ndlCJanRsto&TJw
our army lam eu.i- soi:.t w ..hj.
' ' ' " ' 1 r 11 ij ) 1
Dr Th compafij bf Grayir icc'rultiid r.ij
Cleveland by Caplilniiil'jOKTeft tat DafWnTjn
Tuesday aUeru'oon,7 iJereoVmaniI,'of Ffr&i
Luut. Gao. L. Uavwasd, Capt. IIamtion be
Ing sick with chills and fever. The company
will b Co. A, of th First Ohio Regiment, un
der Col, MoCoox, .
ICT They hav on xbibltion at Cleveland
man who eat (tone. Th looal of th Liedtr
aver that he law him swallow tea fide stones.
He put a piec of a gsnnln rock Into the
Strang gourmand' maw, and It disappeared to
part unknown. Th mutloator of stone as
sured th local that h had (wallowed a many
as 160 a day, oaeh a large a a blekorynnt
l Th.Tocoo Tbadi. Thr la an estsb
lisbment In this slty where the abov trade I
flonriiblng and I destined to Continue to flour.
ish, because the proprietor has the flnesl (took
in his line ofvry klndr quality, preparation
and variety, and at th loweat price, snob as
choice chewing tobtooo, Lop and other popu
lar cigars; also, pipe and pipe-etems of every
ehape and variety, and everything els to be
fonnd In anv similar establishment. The on
we speak of I that of C. C. Cox, No. 77 Sonth
High street, where lovers of the weed delight
to congregate. ' " ''.'.;.'',"'. ".
' 07 Major Slimm br, of Fort Flcken fame,
ha been appointed Inspector-General of the
Department of Ohio la Virginia. It I laid
this appolntmrnt greatly improve Gen. Ros
OBANC' Staff.' ' " ' '
ST Capt, WaaiiN P. Eooaarow, of Ibe Clev.
lsnd Artillery, has been appointed Major of
Col. SriiwiN'a Artillery Regiment. ,:'
CO When a yonng lady down South i seen
waving a secession flag, Pbintiob think It a
sure sign that she want an engagement with a
good looking Union man.
SnrHEM Giaaio'i Tibort or Adviktiiino.
The example aqd precept of one. of the most
successful business men America ha teen, may
be worthy of attention at th present time. Mr.
Giaaio wrot: "I have alwaj considered ad
vertising, liberally and long, to be a great auo
cess in business and prelud to walta. And I
have made It an Invariable rule, too, to adver
tise In the dullest time, long experience having
tanght me that money thu spent is wall laid
out; as, by keeping my business before the
people, it has secured, me . msny . sale that I
would otherwise have lost." ; ' " -
ET A trot will com off over t tbs Circleville
track, on Friday next, for a purs of $300, best
three beats in flvs, to wagons., Th following
entries have been made: :' ' ' '
A. G. Black names b. m. Fanny.. :
j W. J, McFsely names b. m, Augusta.
1 O Lleutenant Colons Tusodois Jones, of
the Thirtieth Regiment, was yesterday present
ed, with a splendid bay charger by David Pairt
on behalf of many friends of th Lieutenant.
Colonel, who will soon leave with his Regiment
for Western Virginia. ' -. .' '
A3". The Thirteenth Ohio Regiment, Colonel
Ewim, is under marching: orders for Western
Prisoner., or Was Sergesutt 'Moonsv of
Company F, Twenty-third OhKy Regiment,
with a squad oreleren men, arrived In the city
oti Tuesday evening having In custody twenty
three prisoners, captured by Capt. Daans's
command, near Rich Mountain. The prisoners
were taken to Camp Chase. '
HT The pole for tb tents sent from Cincln
natl are made at the Ohio Penitentiary.
'.; Kehnidt's Medical Disooveht. We cheer
fully devote to Mr. Kennedy and his .popular
medicine a portion of our columns to day, for
we are well aware that the "Discovery " is do
ing more in one week In tbe cuiing of humors
of every description, than any remedy that has
ever been got up has don In its uhU career
W ar prepared to speak of this artiole in tbe
most confident manner, for we bare taken nn
usual pains to find out whether1 It was all that
it professed to be. We have visited the Labor
atory of Mr. Kennedy at Roxbury, and there
perused ibe certificates of those who have been
eured, many of them known to us as person of
veracity and truth. In addition to this we
have bad' cases of cure occur among our own
relatives and friends, snd without solicitation
havs bad persons rslate to us what the " Dis
covery'' did for them; these are our reasons for
ths high estimation in which we hold tbis rem
edy. h - ' : '
Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861. Rail Road Time Table.
Iiinii Mum k 0.ucs as ?nu S. '
Lmtc. Arrive
Oinolnnatl Accommodation. 8:00 A. M. S:10 t. U.
BxortM 11:40 A. M. ., 11:U3 A. M.
Hall and Aooommodttioa.. ft 10 P. If. ' ' 1:00 P. M,
NlKhtXxprMS via Dnjton.WW S9IOolnt. WA. M.
,i ; ,,-u'i .... ... i. 3. W. Bobrbtt, Agent.
I Columns fc Clstolakd K. E.
Nlnht ltpren.... 1:40 A.M. 11:15?. M.
Ne TorKKxpra JIMOA.M. IfrMA.M.
O.C.AO. Wyiprtn.... SiJO P.M. 7:4 P. af.
1 .i ' ' . T.' : 3amu Pattemr, Aftnu
.'OnmuOmoS. k. ' .
Ns.3Ixpnn.........Je 1:911 A. M. . ' ' 11.-25 A. K.
No. S do :U p. M. 11:49 A. at.
..,r .',..; v, W. J. Pan, Assak
' PrRiaoaaw, Ooumi Jr. OmcmATi R.K.
Mall train iWA.U. 1145 A. V.
tmpnn Tratn. i............vll; M. . 8:43 P.M.
: i . i o?i -i" '..' '' -. , Sosimoa, Ank
Counnrm St ImiAont4, . B." '"
A (Ooi,o o PiqeA t JspiARA B; .) '
M,l ZxptMa....,....'. S:3 A. U. :00 P. If
No.S 1,00 P. M. -7:0P. M.
AsoommodatlOD ..
law A. M.
I'.'. ' ......
. 0. W, tarni, Ant.
Halls for New York Oltj, Boston Albany; Bofaio,
PHtsbargh, euabSnvllU way, Olavalaad, Ztnnlll,
Mawtrk, OranTilla, Waialnfton City, BalUmora, Phila
delphia and Hew Orliana, clote daily (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m. ; i i . i-i ' i -'i
A throoih mall (or New TaitanA OWreUad eloses
Sally (Buiidaye excepted) at S e'elook p. . '
O.O.aO. R. H. Way tUllelcaes dally (Snndays ex
cepted) M o'clock p. m. .
Central Ohio Way kail eloeee dally (Saadays excepted)
atlSo'otoeka. aai'.
CinolDna Way UaUelOMs tally (gaBdejnexeepted) si
ijf'clock a. m.
')riioao, Dubuqne, Belawsn, Marion and 'Worthier
ton Mails eloeee daily gkmoayr eaweptsd) all e'elock
alls forXenla, 8prtncM, Dayton, Toledo, Olnetn
Bkrt, Indlanapolla, LoolaTtllt," St. Loola, aod Detroit,
eloaae dally 4Jiaday eaeepied) n 8 e'clook p.m.
A throaih njaU to Xenla, Hprloftlaid and Olsolonatl
eloeee daily (Sandayaaaeapted) lOo'eloeka. B.
Orbana, Piqoa, 1'ifflu aod Union City null clone dally
(Bonders aacnpied) at a'otoeji p. na
Usoaaler, Loean, MelevnTille, Olrclerllle, Ohlllloothe,
Portamouth, Waahmxtoo 'O. H., Alaenni Mariana aad
Blllatwroaah Bulla lea daty fflnMsjs exeepUd) it
o'clock p. n. ' v f - -'
ul Way Hall by sTattoaal Bead ta EaastvUle elosss
dally (landaye excepted) at It e'olook m.
Harriebnrgli MaUcleee daily (Aoodayi excepted) at 9
o'olook p. a-" ....
Ht, Vemoa stall, by way of Weeterrllle and lanbnry,
eloaee dally (Snndaya excepted) at I e'olook p. m.
., aun Mail a local ally(Bandays aseeptedM t 'dock
p.ta. . .
. Lancaster Way Mall eloeee dally (luadays excepted) at
e'oJpekn..m,.. . .
froaa Boatoa,
Albany, Pittsbnrfh, Oleveiaad, friyton, Toledo, Xeata,
T..l. 1 A-u nilnMl nhllllmth at. T I-
and all BoaUiero olllee, arrlre batmen th boar ef i
'cluck p. ea. and 4 o'clock a. as. ' . ,'
Uallafroraindianapolla,Obioaie andDataqM Attire
Malls from WaiUnirtoa City, Balttmrs, WheeUn,
EaneeTille. Newark. BiaabenvUle, Mi. Teraon, and the
O. 9. B. R. Way Mall, arrlre at It o'clock ai.
' 'Way Mail from ctaetnnarl arrtv at B o'eleek , pi nt-
lancaatw Mail arfiven atB e'eleoh . m. .
' Mi Way JiaU arru Ika KmtUmmX Sea entoaa al 11
'Moka. nv. i -, - r ,
Mt. Vemoa Way ValUrrtves at VtM a. St.
Mall froaa .Dublin aniTaa ai 18 a'alookia
TJCrtaaa Way Mall arrive at S o'etook s t i,
a iurrkbaig alaii arrlre at 11 o'clock a. , .. . .
lncaie Way Uail arrlrn at ISo'olock '
Offlo delivery open erery day (axeepl nday) from
e'alock a. m. to o olock p. m. Open en Bandars
from J to S o'clock ta th ssorninf, and from to
cloak la the "
News from the South, via Louisville.
Louisville. Auk. 37. Gov. Moor, in the
New Orleans Ploavun, ealU on each family to
cjctrlbnte blankets tor toe soialera.
The Savannah Republican save that tbs Con
federate authorities, within a week, would com.
Diets tb defenses so that no Federal fleet ean
enter a harbor or inlet, or land troops, on th
coast or ueorgia. . . , '.
Th Vicksbure Wble advocate th masufao-
ture of cotton seed oil for burning, tbe block
ade having deprived thtm of material for light.
Th Charleston Courier says that an iron
clad steamer, named the Randolph, of 15S ton,
has been purchased at Savannah, for the coast
service of South Carolina. Bhe makes from 13
to 14 knots per boor. 1
The Little Rock True Democrat, of the 32d,
learn that tbe Missouri Stat troops, under
command of Prioe.Jeft Springfield lor-Camp
Walker on tbe I6ih, and . that MoCulloch and
force have gone to Camp 8cott.
A second battalion ot cavalry has bsen organ
ised t Knoxllle, Tenn. - ; .. .
Tbe fort Smith Times says thatanabund-
aooe of military stores are being convened to
MoCulloch' army in Missouri. ..:,, ..';''
J he Memphis Appears. Kicnmood corre
spondent eajs. that there la , much sickness
among the Confederate troop in tbe neighbor-
nooa or raaoassasi that tbe water is lull ot
Virginia red mud, and that ic I extremely
scaroe t 10 cents per pound. .-'. ' 1.
' Ltnobburg paper say that it is impossible to
loreard all tbe trelgbt passing to Virginia irom
tbe west and south. A large portion Is daily
shipped by the James River snd Kanawha
canal. : ' '- ' -V '
A third Texas regiment Is en route for Mc-
Culloch's army in Missouri, , -.
From Missouri.
Mo., Auc. 26. Scouts lust in report
tbe enemy 1,61)0 strong on Cedar Crtekj also
in considerable foroe on Castor Creek, with but
few at Greenville. .Tney report their own
strength ia tbis seotibh of the State to be 8.000.
Tney subsist on corn meal and fresh beef, and
are nearly destitute of clothing, and are poorly
A deserter from New Madrid save the forces
under Pillow, except, perhaps, tbe f enneiseeans
and Alabamlans, ar muob demoralized, and
are mainly beld together by tbe belief that 8t.
Louis will soon tall Into' their bands. Tbe
fore at New Madrid, under Pillow, is abont
20,000; at Benton, Scott county, under Jeff.
Thompson, 8,000; and at Charleston, under
Hunter, ouu.
Our Informant also tats that two masked bat
teries, not before beard of, ar on tb Missouri
bank of the Mississippi river, one fire miles
above New Madrid, and the other abont tbe
same distance below. Another masksd battery
is ui be constructed at Djg Tooth Island, about
IB miles above Cairo, where tbe river Is narrow
and deep. Lead, liquor and many other things
were reaching New Madrid in large quantities,
by way of PaUuoah and Columbus, Ky.
An Expedition from Fortress Monroe.
.-it ' '.: T '" ' '
Philadelphia, August 27. The Baltimore
evening papers bave tbe following:
Fort Monboe, August 37. Tbs expected ex
pedition has sailed under eomnaana of Oeaerel
Butler. It consists of the frigate Minnesota,
Wabash and Pawnee, tbe sunbosts Mintlcello.
Harriet Lane, and several steamer, propellers,
schooner and barges. Tb vessels oarried over
100 guns and 4,000 men. Destination un
known Commodore Striogbam and Colonels
Max Weber and Hawkim lake part la the ex
pedition." '
Explosion of a Powder Mill—A Union
Speech from Joe Holt.
Boston, Aug. 37. The pswder mills In New
Durhsm have blown np, killing five men. ' The
mills had a large contract for Government.
Ia Halt, of Kentucky, made a Union sneech
In this city. In lbs course of his remarks be
said be bad nowbere beard tne word compro
mise, which was now only uttered by traitors;
so long as rebels had arms in tbeir hands, there
was nothing to compromise. He concluded by
saying that it was In vain to toil at the pnmps,
while men were kept on boatd boring holes in
the bottom of the ship. -
Fight Near Edward's Ferry on the
Htattstown, Md., Aug. 27. It is reported
that Col. Gray has anticipated an attack from
tbe rebels. An officer reported hearing firing
near Roalsville. supposed to havs been between
Gen. Stone's advanced guard and soms of Gen.
Johnston's forces. A lull battery and the Tam
many Hall Regiment, N. Y., departed for tbe
scene of. actlou. The. mail messenger also
reported bearing firing in tbs same direction;
he believed a light was going on near Edward's
Propose Union of Parties.
Boston, Aogust 37 Tbe Republican State
Convention la called to meet al Worcester, Uo
tober 1st. Tbe call Is addressed to all citixeos
of the commonwealth who are in favor of tbs
Union, for tbs support of lbs Government, and
a vigorous prosecution of tbe war against tbis
wicked snd unprovoked rebellion, and wbo are
deteimined, in good faith and without reserva
tion, to support tbe constituted authorities io
all attempts to resiors the sway ot the Consti
tution snd laws to every portion of tbe country;
The Sumter Again.
Boston, August 27. The British brig For
ward, arrived here to day from Cianfuegos, re
port "Saw off Cape Ootario, August 4th, tbe
privateer Sumter, laying off and on." ' ,
Explosion at Pittsburg.
PmnsoRO. Annual 27 An Infernal machine,
placed In a car ot the Adam Exprees Company,
exploded on arrival of tbe (rain at lb depot at
o'olock tbis morning, killing 'two employees,
one named McLaughlin, and wounding one In
tbe leg named Biwnelor. ... . ,j , , . . ,, ...
New Yore, August 27. Samnel J. Ander
son, a peisou well known among sporting men.
was arrested this morning on suspicion ot osing
in oorrespoodenoe with the rebels. . Anderson
was lately Deputy Sheriff, and was onoe In tb
Custom Home, and for some tim aoted aa olerk
In lb Houee of Representatives In Washing
ton. It is raid that most of bis appointments
wer obtained through tbe Influence ot Alex
under II. Stephens, Vice President of the rebel
sovernment, and that be baa constantly been In
correspondence with him since the commence
ment of th Southern rebellion.
J, A. Machaee, a welt known ilav dealer,
was arrested to-day and bold to bail.
John Cacbrane s Kcelment snd the bight-
eenth Massachusetts' Regiment loft to-day lor
The Pittsburg Explosion.
PHiLADiLrRia. Aueust 37 A dlsnateh from
Pittebnrg to Mr. Bingham, of Adams Express,
states that the explosion. there I supposed to
bave been caused by tbe explosion ot a box ot
percussion priming for cannon, addressed to
Gen. Jobn C. Fremont, St. Louis. , , ; ' 1. .'
The Rebel Army about to Evacuate
North-cast Missouri.
Bt. Louis, A ub. 27. General Pop has infor
mation from North east Missouri that Martin
Green, Instead of threatening to Attack Kirks
ville Snd Athena, a hereto for reported, 1 rap
Idly retreating toward the Missouri river. Gea.
Hurlbut Is pursuing blm from Kirksvlllo and
Col. Moore from Athens. Green's fores is es
timated at 1,200, and ia supposed now to bs In
ths lower part of Monroe county, moving south,
and will probably attempt to cross ths river io
Calloway or Boons counties. . Tola will rid
north eass Miesoart ot i Bt presence, ana re
store quiet to that portion of the State. '" '
Anderson's Confession—Another of
Jeff. Davis's Privateers Runs the
'New Ysre. Aussst 38, Accordict to ths
confession of Anderson, arrested her yesterdsy,
baa for months past contributed editorial arti
ole for the Neoa, Day Book and Journal of
Sommeroe. An intercepted letter from Wash
ington, advised him to go South via Kentucky,
a passport oould not be obtained from tbe
Government.- He states -that Ben Wood snd
Isaiah Rynders, have communicated with the
South a extensively ss be bas dons, -
Anderson's correspondence gives a great deal
ot important political lntormatioo, besides lm
plieating parties wsll known In this 8tate.
A dispatch lays th (hip Ulmonds, a British
Tl, owned In St, Johns, New Brunswick, has
been lying in tbe port of Qaebeo some three
wee, living a secession nag..
Thw Tribune's Washington correspondent
says, Mr. Adams, Minister to England,' writes
that in tbe British mind tbe Independsnosof tbe
rebels k fully admitted as a military and polltl-
oal necessity; tnat tneir acknowledgment by
England Is but a question of lime and prudent
courtesy; that while B.itain ia impatient
to get ootton from the South in exchange for
manufactured, goods,-she is anxious not to
lose tbe Northern market. She is unwllln; to
part wlib her bone of breaking down the Mor
rill tariff br the same means with which sb
ohained tbe North with tne Walker tariff, and
that two or three more successes like that of
Bull Run would entitle the slaveooracy to Im
mediate recognition...
Tbe steamer Jameston, by rebel baptism the
Patrick Henrv, is said to have run. the blockade
at Fortress Mosroe, and gone out to see on the
night of tbe 18th.' She Is fast and must prove
Suppression of Newspapers in
New Yore,' August 2S.f be Herald says
notwithstanding tbe apparent quietness on the
part of Ibe United Suttee authorities In this
city, la relation to- tbe suppression of newspa
pers, it is not true that they are not doing any
thing In the matter.' This morning every mail
and express train which leaves this oity, oairies
a detective officer, wbpse.duty It Is to search
all packages andU suapeoted baggage, with- a
View to ascertain 'If there are any secession
papers In tbe train, aid if so, to seize tbun.
and if any suoh journals should be lound .ua
the possession of any person to befog hint back
to the city to be properly cared for. '.Also, as
soon as the District Attorney, 'Mr. BcUttels
Smith, returns to the city, measures will bs
taken to suppress the ' publication of papers
which administer " aid and contort " to the
Tbe British war steamer Renaldo is below.
Another Flag of Trace—Rebels Near
Another Flag of Trace—Rebels Near Sewell's Point.
FoariEsB Monroe, Ane. 27. Another fluff
of Jroce came from Norfolk to-day. to inquire
after that which eaese yesterday, and was de
tained till 4 P. M. This flig or true brought1
Capt. Husaeyand crew of th ship O. B.Tbouip
son, of Brunswick, Me captured May 19 tb, off
Savannah bar, and taken into Beaufort, N. C.i
by th privateer Lady Devtsv u.
two laaie from . norroir lav that tb Con-
federate bave .lately assembled io-larg force
near Sewell'a Point, ntlcipating An attack from
Old Point. ',- ','" '
Dispatches from Washington.
Washinoton, August 27i A letfer received
hers Irom .Tennessee , sajs twenty thousand
rebels are under arms in that State. In tbe
Lagrange district all but twenty-four male In
habitant have enlisted in the rebel arm'. , ' -
The picket of Seauregard'e arm ar nearer
Arllngtoo flights than ever before; but tbis
faot, it is believed, doe aot indicate an attack.
Amos KendJl snd family have' abandoned
their home near this city, and removed to Tren
ton, N.J. . 0 . v . . 1 J - .f .-.! )
Is is reported tbs Engtlih snd French fleets on
our coast are Intended for service at Vera Cruz
intervention ia Mexican affairs being . the
probable deelga of tbos governments.- a --'
Richard Wallaeh, wbowas yesterday appoint
ed Mayor of this city In place Of Borrett. I a
strong Unionist, and will use all bis power id
support of tbe Government. - '
Captain Keyes, of the District of Columbia
militia, was arrested (bis A. M. at the Chain
Bridge, and li now in Jail. T,n , , :rT -M
An alarm was oocasiontd at the Chain Brido-e.
over the Potomac, last night, by a report that the
enemy was aovanciog. no enemy appeared. y
Secretary Seward left the oitv this mnrrjioo
for New York, whither he goes to arrange
new pawpori yiiem.
. Washington is Quiet to day.
Private advices from Kentucky represent that
State as being on the verge of oivil war.-. Tbe
Union men are ready for whatever lssn'eees
slon may force upon tbem. ' "
Tbe Secretary of the Treasury nai- just' ia-
susa a circular oi instruction to (xul colors and
other officers of tbe euetoms, calling their' at
tention to the act of Congress further to nro.
vide for the collection ol duties on imposts aod
tor other purposes, approve' on tbe 13th of
Joly last, and to tbe proclamation: of the Presi
dent of the United State of the 16:b of Au
gust, made In pursuance thereof, botb of which
are annexed. "
In view of this set snd proclamation, the
Secretary directs and instructs .tbe offloers of
tbe customs to use sll vigilance In preventing
intercourse witn tne mnaoitants ol tbe States
In Insurrection, excepting in the special cases
In whiub it may be allowed by license and per
tun, inerein set rortn. me instrnctiops or
the Sisf May and 12th of July last, heretofore
in force, will be regarded as superseded by the
more oomprenensive provisions ot ins set aod
proclamation. . - -
Tbe Collectors and other officers of tbe cus
toms will report all seisures mad under ths
proclamation to tbe proper District Attorney,
for such proceedings ss the law and facts may
justiry in eaoo case, ana as irequenuy. alter
wards a may bs convenient, report their views
In relation to tbe commercial lotercoureefeon
templated, and the permit proper to be granted
or withheld, in the formsaccompanymg the
weekly returns required, by circulars of the Sth
Of August lait, to be made to ibe Treasury De
partment.' Collector and other officers ot tbe
customs will be careful to state what 'permit
are asked for, th shipment of goods, by whom
asked, aod lb ground on wniob the applica
tions are based. The Secretary especially di
rect tb attention of Collector and other offl
cers to tb Stb and subsequent sections of the
act commonly known ss tbe Force Bill.
The Ntvy Department is saUfied with ths
sbnndaol proof wbloh Commander- Porter has
prDtd In mutation or' ine chsrge against
bis loyali. , ' His on affidavit shoes tbe alleg
ed secession leUer to bis sua to b a forgery. .,
' Tb follewins; officers hav been ordered to
duty as the itaff of General Robert Anderson!
Tbey are to report at Cincinnati on the 30tb
Inst. t Captain Green, A. A. G.i Captain ILtu
oock, A Q M. Captaiatitmoods, Cummiry
of subsistence; Captain Prince, Corps of Engl'
neers; First Lisnteoant Michln,Topograpblol
Biogmseri Burgeon Oulr, or. tbe . Medical
Kaff, ( ' ' 1 ! .- i'i i . -
The following named officers have been sp'
pointed on Major GenersLHunter's staff: Cap
tain Fry, A. A. G. Captain. J.W. . Turner,
Commissary of Subsistenoe; and CapUln Shaf
fer, of tbs volunteers, Lieutenaul Edward
Smith, 15th Infantry, and Lieutenant Stockton,
4th Cavalry, as Aids... ..; . . ,
WatHiNOTON, Aucust 23. The recent altera
tloas to tbe tariff prevents the lurtber exporta
tion of the Belgian cloth known as Shoddy.
A special to tbe Post says tbe enemy's forces
are concentrated in large numbers a abort dis
tance liom tb Chain nrldg on tbe Virginia
side of the Potomao, between the Chain Bridge
and Ltesburg, , ; y, tt, , ....
The Baltimore Sun of tbis morning states
that no-Journal In Baltimore hae been rqueted
to withhold th publication of army news, q
The Remains of Gen. Lyon.
Sr. Lows, Aug. 28. Tbe remaius of. Can.
. mil WUVI. ..U, ww. u av h.uw . V-
Lyon will be eaoortd,.with proper ceremoui
al on o'clock, from Geo. r'ressotrt' headqu
tr to th Ohio and MisslMippt- railroad depot,
where tbev will be delivered to the' Adam Ex
press Company, to b eoorsyed east by the three
eVIcok train- Tb 4orat etMoaapaa U
body east consists of. Major Ul A. Conaba, t
0b, Ljon's Maff, Captains Plnmmer and Ed
gar, ol the Doited States army; Lieut. CUrk
and eight pilvatw of Col. MoNeUV regiment
Unitoel Blai rsrv orp. u. ta
1. 1 li - 1 11 i -. i:,4 t-.
' New YoeY .Auv 23 The brig- Grace
Worthineton. Cant. Trethaj, at Beliie, Houdu-
rus, Augusriih, reports that on her passage out
she was boarded by a full risied.brig cslltow
hsrsslf a privateer and belonging to lbs South!'
srn Confederaoy. Arter examining ner papers,
the Grace Worthlngton was allowed to proceei.
v.'T. -ijrish nnen-Q3.Tr.'
YV .inea Bhlrl Boeoms lain 4 f anay,. r H ro
SnirtiDI ana noeoea . ,, . , .,iJ
Linen rjneetinira ana rnn f atng. ..,-!
.. 1.100 roeeet-aauat artiiaa. 11
mlb 1 Vaiiktns , and P Oy ,u.. ., A
Inen Table Olouiaand latin Damaaxs.
Linen Tawela with colored border.
Linen Btalr Oorerlnrs and Crash,
for l at law true).
hVti Rs. M Boeith Hlxh itreeU
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 27.
ILOOE into Irs coat lower, xeltbt a rood boal
nties dolof fur export and horn eonenmpdon.
The ad ranee In freibl maierally ohrcks tb ex
port ,it fat, Balee vt IT 40m barrel, at 14 30
I1 33 roreapernoe state; S4 504 SO for extra siata,
14 3W84 35 for averfla weewmi B4 04 10 for com.
raon t nedlnai extra weatarn; ISOI 10 for ahlpplnf
brand extra mat keop Ohio; and SS 109 SS (or trad
oranas do, market loam- dntl. nxtr atat sold abler-
ly at S4 iim I iS. Canadian Soar dull and nominal.
JttB lUOUft Steady. , ,
inOUN MBALUimlnallv rjnnhuiwA.
WUIHKT fleary and lower; sales ot 400 bbla at
18Xl7o. -- -WHU
t Heavy and nntattlel and ISS lowir.
i lane advaooe In frelibta bad very deoreaa na- in.
flnenc uo tbe market. Balm of 1700 boahel Ohlcan
price at U(c: 84 SOD do Kacln aprii y al SI 0'1 03;
Sa.UHOdo Mllaraateeclub! Bl Oitl 07; KBliOdo as
berlowa at Bl 0691 07, BuOQ do very ebolc anter
Oreea Bay at ft 13; 25,1 0 do wloter red Weaiern at
SI lUHWt le; KioO do white Weatern ac f I nisi 30;
oiwao wniw uanenaat 1 xu; andijuu do wnu Ken
tucaratSI 3I1 31,
Jtrs tlaletaod terv firm.
OOKM.Vallvone aent tuvar. with a maaA axnort mnA
falriequlry for home ronaamption; sale of S33 0O0
hi bale at 44B47o for lnfaikir ta ma 4 mixed Wcaiam.-
47$48o for good aod prime ahlpplnf do; 43500 lor
weaten reuow; and Oxc for white Waaler n. -
OATS Qilat,
POUK Uull and nivhanwed. with r jinn kki
IS lormraa and S10 103110 SS for niinia the l.tlrr
pricw lor very cnoice.
BKKy-Marketatllleontlnne Inietlrc; rale of 100
ooia.aiiB(e euroroonntry prloaei $3 0039 Sit for do
men; SI) WkgiO SS for repacked meeei and BIS SO
tm lorrxtra meal.
OUT MEATS Oontlnne dull: aala at OS njkaa .t
41 a- . . . . i mei . J r " - .
in iiuniuera; ior nami.
nauun uaiet. . .
LaED Only In very noiterata reaneat at nrevlnna
price,; aalea of 100 bbla at 6X$9Ko.
'BUTTER More aollra at Kdll In fnrOhln mm v.
C U E 'E fjteady at IJc.
OurrEE Bio still rerr firm, with a morlrrat hn.l.
nciDg; akor 1160b.. at 143 !5o for Bto.ardina-
pnm) j.iatiae-oruKiiayraaan alaraoalb; 109
7o for Jar. j 19hS0c for St. Domingo.
&10E Quiet and ktaadiii laluAf lltfl . t nt9l
( r - - ..i mm
8D04H Raw rerr Srm and In fair damanif! nt
uvu onda. nc id ni I JHii hhde r nnh. Aiat7 ojm
htldtFurtO Kicoat7W(al7ta: IS hhna Naar n.u...
- - -T . "
MUbasBEB tjulet and nnchanied. . '
TALLOW CODtlnura qnlet.
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 28.
rroeere hare anlr had i.mj..
trade itnrinx tb weak. V.icee of aianla artui.. k...
ben iteady a reporlfd In onr last r.naw. tnoaeb um
of the dealer would be Ire (ellers at tli S.nnt at
which they ere now lllioe; tbeir , mall order. . -
VLOUB ' b aurket acqalre no life, and has throoxh
out ta weak bea very doll. Tb doataa only lor
the, apply of en(ularniaiBtlv or order trade.
Miller, manege to adapt their oarailona to thi kind of
a market and do not run akaad of th demand. Th
stock in ttore here Is ooetquently vary llarht. W oaot
eanerflno at S3 70A3 75i extra at al sn ai nn. i.n.
at B4 SS. A va,y eood quality of extta Mil at S3 9V,
ana ordinary wxwfloxt S3 6u3 C5.
wtiB at A goad bntlne baa keen done thronjhont
tbe week In wheat, and tb ma.ket baa had bat little
ymyaib with tb ooaree ef the New Tork trad In
grain. There la bat Mill wheat anvwkera markaianle
amongst tbe loyal States that eqatla the Kentuoky that
la being handled bei. and oonaeqoerjtly there la a steady
demand for it from abroad, lb ordinary htavy trad
at th laat la Bombrn wheat ia at all point ent off,
aod Kentucky npproaoh th ceareet In qnalily to- that
farorit grain of any that miller ean now gel bold . or.
Tb buyer bar contendrd for lower ngura lor two or
three day with only partial auoceaa their effort af
fecting Ui eoamon grade mor than tb good. We
supnminaawMiix; prim wnlt at 3?Se
.'bete Sgare wonld probably be mora readily naid than
CORN n doll, and effort ar making to buy at S7c,
bnt we heard of no aalea at lea than So. . .
uatb ilav a better market at 23c.
BTB We enid to-day wood qaailty at 40c.
BAULKY Hae no market In a larva era. The amall
salea that ar making rang In price irom 40c to 4Se. ;
. W B 1SKY Wa In teller requeat to-day. and tb rlc
nM,.. up M, llU.
i ... , . Of TBI ....
state op orno
; Hon. Joseph R. Swan,
tfirn yorss of Tax Dicisioim or rmcsu-
i.Contalasd la twenty-ntn relume of th Ordo and Ohio
' ' "' BUU Be porta.)
Id Two Rojal 8ro. Volumes. Files $10 00.
No car or expense ha beoa apt red to make the work
oerfrct and reliable to al I reapeeia.
It ha now tb Legialatlv aasotnn, bavins been ap-
'prored by nearly Ibe unantmoa vote of both Hon,
ana wee oraarea to n aiatnoaua to to following Stat
gad County officer,:
Oavernor. Attorney General, Supreme Jndge. Secre
tary, u .mpironer, ireaanrer ana Auditor ol Stat, and
totn Probata Court. OoarUof Common Plea, Super
ior and Police Oourla, Auditor, and th Olerk of tb
ariou Court in each county , to ah Member ot tbe
Serial and Hen of Bcpraaentativ of thla Slat, and
the Oorernera of th' vial B la tea of th Union.
' Thi book, containing, aa It doea.all of li Statute
aow in tore, and in aatnontatir oaaatrnctioa of them
and of tb New Uonailiaiion, will be fonnd to b epeelal
If nnfoi In tbe pcrformano of their dntl, to all
Inumnch as very many ohann hav been mad In th
Statute alccethe publication of the laat ditinn, by re
eel, almatlM and additton. and man Imnortant da
elaions have been glren by tbe Supreme Court on aon
trorarted point all -
Will find tbi an taraloable Work. ,
Too Jry4 8vo. FwwtM of ever JHmteem Simdrei
In Strong' law Binding. ' Prio 110.00.
Publlihd by " " ' .
Law Pabllsbars, BookMIKr; BUtioner and Importer.
' no. oa wtt yourta atreet.
febl8:ii:ki j ; "t ,-. f CinclnnaU 0.
i' m , a, h.m'iMi i
The Public Works of Ohio.
Owicn oy ru Lxt
or Taa Poatto Woai.)
OuLuano. June IS iHtJI. I
nn IIS nnderalnvd karlug bwm tli La aw a of th
S Pnbli Work of Ohio, under the act of May 8 ISajl
and baring entered Into tb poaaaaalon of said Worae,
btrcby give wofle Mat la optrailrg under ad leaa.
and diacbarging their dnliee utder tb earn, tb buai
aaaa anil tranaacted with tb pebito inrouib agrnta
appol .led by ibe Leuee, under auch rule, tegulation.
reirtction ana nsiuiian, as aaaii be preacrlbed for
their government. - v
Thoa Agent for tb pmrot, will eontM of on Gen
eral Agent, a Treaaaaar an Beeretary, lor tb Oentral
OrBce of tb Ltaaeet at Coluabua; and tb ntceteary
number of Superintendent of Sepal re and Collec or of
Tolls ob tb evrl Work aebreeed In th lea
Tb Uaaeral Agent shall th principal exeauttr
efflcer of the Leaaae, at d ahall bar eharya of tb gen
eral bnaluee effle at Columbu. He shall bar euper-
vlaioa etar tbe kueiMt of th Leaa arith th paolie,
and a each aged tball execute all eontraet, except
tbow for labor and material oonteoted with tb erdloa
ry repair of tb aeraral Work, and h shall audit and
Kill all acoeanie. r. ' ..... i
Th ua le ot th Traaiarer and Beeretary ahall be
ntok a ar uiually discharged by almllar orncer In other
jea. .. - - . . . -. .
lb. Buparin tec deal of Bapalr thalU eev tbeir re-
reilre dtvUieu. bare power io tmploy and dlacbanr
all tubordinate and laborer, and to parchw all tool
end matertale neceeaary in lb ordinary repair M aucb
dlvialon, and the awn ahall be under, thai special di
rection and aaanagemant.
TheCelltetoreof Toll, water Bants and Pine, are
lnreated wiib all th authority and power, provided in
the law of the But and th tcgulatloa o! the Board
of Publlo Work, mad for that parpsa. whan uob Col
lect r acted nnder appointment aod authority frum the
Stat. . . : . ' .
N IndlvMaal simbr of tb Itnern Aall have the
right to transact boalnea In lb nam of lb Loeaeea,
Wlibaoypereeo r pareona, la any etkar manner tbaa
throUb tb appeleted aeeais, unleaa spaeially autkeria
d by th L,ere io to do; nor ahall any on of th ap
pointed ageniS Bar tnlawribytn tranaact any bnaln
in ta cam of tn viaaiaa, ioept in In panml.r
ruth f law kwain eennded to blm, an aabjeot
tne rectrloUooe and limltatioua of bl gney ,
Mo authority to borrow auoney oa tb credit af th
!. aall aver exlat ta any Lima, airant ar other
xaploy ( lb Leaaae. aatoa lb aam aball be oo-.
fame y a ananimau vol or tn I meats, at a regular
meal io. and the eraeenl as autboriaad to be borrowed
(peelaad la lha order and ntred oa Ibe Journal- ,
tie-- W. MjilrjiT t th Oanaial Axaul ef tb
Latee Bnuaats, J. BatiTa, Xiwasurar, and Jon
dorca, eury, . , . . i, ., , ..,.,
Ih Buprtnundnte of Btpalr art:
On tbaM. .B Canal and W. B A kf . Bead Joaava
Cooraa, Ixtoxue Baows, W at. i. Jagum and Aajuati,.
Ban. ..... -
On In Ohio, Walbondin and Hocking Canal and th
nutklngura lmprorementBoaaat U. Bdmx, laoaa.:
Vuwa. Damut MoOaaTarr, BTLvama Haunr and
iDtasrUiiH ' .( ' .! '
Is Oolteotoi oa tb Canals, Mitkinguxi improvw
merH and Maame Boad. are tb ara that were In th
eervlottt the Siat at th Urn of lb execution of tb
aai but 111 tlia eforeaalJ agaau n-id tnatr aypoist-
at tb pieaiuiaand opuon oi tne Maeee. ,, . .
KK.tT J a BY 18,
tit o n , . iw"' JAOKSOW,
.Jmjf HtJ !, !.' ARNOLD MSDBSaT,
of the Pablla Woikl.
j 14-d3twJ
An expcrlnioed Nnr and Temale Phyelclan, pre aent
to th attention of Bother, her
which greatly facilitate tbe oroceee of teethlne. be aofi,
voinx toe x
ma, redncing all inflammation wll I alia
anq apaamoaie acuoo, ana u.
Depend neon lLmothera. II will alvaraatto
We bare nnt unandaotd thla article for ovarian .mm
hit aia h.n... 1 . ... ... , ,
- --. k.u mutw w aaj vi auj aiwr meul-
Anuc, TO KrTKCT A CUKK, when timely need. Ner
r did wa know an inatanc of dtaaatlafaetton by any on
wbo need lu On U.e eontrary, ail are delighted with it
operation, aod apeak In term of commendation of lb)
magicai e urcui an.i oenicai rtrtue. We apeak In thi
" I " Wl aww .' arter ten veara' ma,
almoat every inatanc where the infant le eulleriog from
F..u niu iiauiLiou, reHei win db tound in Blteea or
iwamy minuiea alter inetiyrup te aumlniatered.
Tbi raluabl preparation ia the ureaertptton of one of
New Bueland. and baa been naed with NkVIK Wan-
It not only relieve th child from nain. out inw..
ate tb atoinach and bowela. norrecm aoidlte. ana
ton and energy to th whole ayalem. It will almoat In!
Btmntla mllawa
and orereomeeonvuiaiona, wnieh. If not apeedlly rem-
uicu. cuu in neaui. n penev it tn ttant and 8DH.
BST RKMKDV IN TUB WORLD, tn all eaae of Of
it ariae from teething, or from an other caua. w.
would tay to erery mother who ha a child coffering from
any of the foregoing complaint DO NOT LBT YOUH
land between yon and yonr (uffcring child, and the re
lief that will be 8TJRB ye. ABSOLDfBLT 8UBB to
follow th nn of thla medicine, If timely naed. Pull di
rections for nalng will accompany each bottle, ffnna
genuine unleaa the fac-etmlle or (J tJKIIS A PBBKINB,
New York, ic on th onuld wrapper.
Bom by an uruggiau throughout the world.
PriacipalUlflce, 13 Cedar Street N.V.
An Effective, Safe and EoonomieaJ
Te it original color without dyeing, and preventing
nair irom iurning gray
And curing It, whan ther I tb laatt particle of vital!
or rewperatita nrgy nmainlng.
Andallcntaneouaaffoctlons of the Scalp.
Imparting to it an uneaaled glos andbrllllancv. makine
It aoft and tllky In lu texture, and causing it to cur'
l b great celebrity and Increasing demand for this an
equaled preparation, convince th proprietor that one
trial la only neceeaary to aatl-fy a diaoerning public of lu
auuerior qualitt over any other preparation in ua. It
eieanae the head and scalp from dandruff and other
oaten eona aiaeaae. eanaing lb hair to grow lnxnrlantlv
giving It a hob, Kit, gloeay aod flexible appearance, and
abra, where the hair I looaeningand thinning, It will give
strength and vigor to the root aod rector the growth to
hos part which hav become bald, caruing it to yield a
reaii oovenug vi uarr.
Ther are hundred of ladle and gtatlemca In New
Tork who have had their hair restored by th uae of this
Inrlgorator, when all other preparation bar failed. L.
M. ha in hi poeeeaaioa letter Innumerable testifying
io wiv awn lauia, iruin peraone oi in nigneat reaaecta
blllty. It will edectually prevent th hair from turning
anlil th latent period of life; and In ee where' the hair
ha already changed Kacoior, th aa of th Invlgorator
will with certainty reatoro it to it to ft original bu, giv
ing it a dark, gloaay appearance. Aa a perfum for th
toilet and a llair Beatoratlv tt I particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and the great fa
cilities it afford in dreaaing th hair, which, when molal
with th Invlgorator, can b drcaaed in any required
form o a to preeerv lu place, whether plainer In curia;
banc th great demand for It by th ladic aa a a tan da rd
toilet article which none ought to be without, the prio
place it within th. reach of all, being
Only Twenty-Fire Cent ..
pr bottle, to be had at all reepec table DruggUtg and
. . Pert oa era,
L. HILLEB would call th attention of Parann and
Guardian to thenaaof bit Invlgorator, in caaea where
thehlldren'( hair incline to b weak. Th ua of It
lay in rounaauon ror a groa eaa of Aafr, a It re
move any imparl tie that may have becom connected
with tb acalp, th removal of which I neceaaarv both
for the health of th child, and the future .appearance of
ia iiair.
Oaotiod. Non genuine without th fac rJmlle L0TJI8
MILLER being on th outer wrapper; alao, L. MIL
W hdlaaal Depot, 58 Day itreat, and ol,l by all th
principal MerchanU and DruggUt throughout th world
Liberal diacbunt to purchaaere by tb quantity.
I alio dealre to preeent to th American Publlo my
which, after year of scientific experimenting, I hav
brought to perfection. It dye Black or Brown instantly
wlthoutlxjjury to th Hair or Skin; warranted th beat
artlclt of th kind in exlaiano.
Depot, . 56 Dey St, New York.
nb'wabk onto,
natiMfnclnrer et all kinds af Pay
table and MaMonary learn F.n
Blnea, saw Mill, Urlat Plilla,
. AC, dec. "
LiKIS SODIS1 Sealent B. at 1. SHH2 YBeateni
. 4 CO. BeatmUllt
Onr FoxUbls Soann sad law Hill
Wa awarded tb first premium of SJ50 at the Indian
tat Pair for 160 ovr Lan A Bodley'i en account ol
Prioe, lightness, simplicity, .economy of fuel
sod superior charaoter of lumber sawetl.
Our Stationary Inxin wa awarded al tb aam tall
firat premium of BMW.
Our Portable Boftn wa awarded th first premium al
101) at th Pair at Mauapbta. Tenn., over Blandy'a Da
vall's, Columbus Machine Co1., and Bradford A Oo".
a committee of practical Ballroad BoglnMri.
yor price aud term audreae
W1LLABD WABNBB, Treasurer,
BeoS-dAwlyecU. Newark, Ohio
'wkoleaal aa Ketall Sealer In
No. ISO PUlh Btret,
Kr taastantly an hand all tn v
rluBKANUSf -
1 . - '... . . ....
Xxiaoxrtoc3. OijjevriBi.
Oct. lyd ..... t ,
Baalnal Weakne, Baxoal Debility, Nervoune,Ia
voluntary Kmuwloo and Impotaaoy, rtaulilng frora
Blf-abut, Ac. By Row. . vutvrwit, a. v. aent
adar i, la a plain envelope, to any aiira,o
Fid, oa reeelnt M two nampa, oy ir. uuan. j.u
L1NBV IV Bowtry, tiW Irk Poat Offle Box. He
JU, : aaarWAavJA
("TJicf go Right to the Spot
Instant KUef!
8tp war Csaflkl
"Pnrlfy- jmnv Breath!
StrenrmsBi 7-wr swleel
cniiDRirr cry iob ,
Tbey relieve s Cough instantly.
Tbey clear the Throat.
Tbey give strength add volume to the yolce.
They Impart s delicious aroma to the breath.
Tbey are delightful to the tests. "
They srs mads of simple herbs snd cannot
harm any one. x
IT I advtn every one who has a Cough or a bnaky Pole
or Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to i I
package of my Throat Confections; they will re 1 lev -
yon initantly, and yen will agre with ma that "they
go right to th spot. Ton will Bod thtm very uaefu I
aod pleasant wbll traveling or attending public meet
ing for itllllngyotir Cough or allaying yonr thlrat. f
yon try on package, I aa af In saying that yon will
ver afterward eonaider tbm Indlapentable. , .. .
Toa will find them at tt Drugglat and Dealer in
My signature Is cn each package. AU other r
A paekag will be sent by mail, prepaid, en receipt oi
Thirty CDt. '
Addr, . . . .
Henry C. Spalding, .'
c2r CURE
By th uae of the Pills th periodic attack of AVr
otts or Stct Beaiaehe may be pre rented; and if taken
at th eoiamuement of an attack Immediate relief from
pain and eVjknea will be obtained.
They aaldoa fail In removing th Xauita and
ocA to which female are to subject.
Tbey act gently epos the bowels removing Ooetie
tot Literary Mm, StmUnie. Delicate Pm1
and all nron, oteedentary kabiie, they are valoa -ta
a LamaUee. Improving th OfpetUe, giving lone
VXQer to the direntiv organ, and factoring th natur
elaatlcity and strength of the whole tyatem. -
THB CBPBALI0 PILLS are the retail of long Inrc
ligation and car fully conducted experiment, having
been in a many year, during which Urn they bave
prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and (offer
tnf from Headache, whether originating in the ittrwotit
system or from a deranged state of th etomaeX.
They are entirety vegelablt ta their oompoaition, an
may b takes at all time with ptrfeot aafety witboal
making any change of diet, and the abetnee ot oriy
dUaortabis UuU rmdert U aarv to mdmin.it trtKem
Th genuln have flvtlgnataiof Henry O Spalding
each Box .
Bold by Draggttts and all other Dtalere ta Hediclna. .
A Box will bs sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt f th
Zxrloev 133 Ooxxts.
All order ehoold be addreand to
IgCedar Htrest, Nw frk.
Front th Bxamlmr, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalic Pill aorompllah th object for which Ihey
wer made, vla-t Car of beadach in all It form.
Prom th Bxaminer, Norfolk, Ta.
Tbey hav been tatted In mor than a thousand eaae
with entire I
From th Democrat, 8t. Cloud, Minn.
If you ar, or hav been, troubled with th headache
tend fur a box, (Cepbailo Pill,) o that yoa may hav
them In cat ot an attack.
From tb AdverrJr, Providence, B. I.
Tb Cephalic Pill are laid to be a remarkably effective
remedy for the headache, and on of th very beat for
that very frequent complaint whieb ha ever been dla
re red.
From the We tern R. B. Oaaette, Chicago, III,
W heartily ndore Mr. Bpaalding, and hi unrivaled
Oephalio Pill. , '
Fro Kanawha T alley Star, Kanawha, Ta.
W ai tare that person Buffering with the beadach
Who try tharn, will ttick to them.
From the Southern Path Pindar, Hew Orleans, La.
Try them I you that 'ar afifcted. and w are ear that
your teat lmony can b added to th already aumeroa :
lilt that ha received benefit that a other medicine can
produo. t ...
Proa the St. Loui Daaoorat.
Th iBmena daaaacB tor St artiste ;fJephaU rtlBa .
rapidly Increasing.
Proa th Oaattte, Davanport. Iowa.
Mr. Bpaidtn would not eonrMel hi naa with aa ar
tlcle h did aot Aaaaa w aaaaa real mrlU , f
OLD will aava ten time It oot annually., J
Uj"A Btttcji ta Tim Bavx lrjr."TJj
A accident will happen, art la wall nrulaud Ian
Hie. It 1 vary OMlrabl to hav eom cheap nd aoa
reelect way for repairing Furniture, Toya, 0rookry
meat all eueb aritnele, and no how. bold caa afford
to b without It. It iaaJvaa read, aud up to the atkal
ing point. .
; '-CBBPTJl Vf BTBBf HOnBl." :
I. B. A Srwah aeooapanl Sack attth)
No. 4(4, Cedar Stnei, M Tark.
I - 0 ACTIOS . . - a .
At rtais anprlnclpld ptnons ar attentptl:
air off on the uueuaiHatlna uabiln. bnlLtUnn. ,
RSPARBD QLDB, I would Mellon all
I pen
before urohuin
nx, arm e mat tn run antra,
a uanam wrappanau otMrsar twina.iugto
btrhlt, nor

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