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' AUGUST 30, 1861.
Democratic Union Nominations.
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,t,t! fr
"T Mattel J
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I l.
... f "I.
.. Ill
T3.ugh, T. Jewell, :j
VfTS 1 ':'rUi 1 i ilTliAllT GOVERNOR
7 J
.Tohn Gr. MxirsUaU'
ni nrw
Oj ! '
.la- -
- 4 iHOIBAl ili iriITH
Of. Montgomery.
rrt. m .1 Of Uoiauun. .n.a
UJii.'- " , ,w
0 Seneca.
.!- 11
... .. JkuAAD Of PCBLIO -WOlUkS.
For the Campaign.
wtll lurolih lb dileiena-lane of Hit Ol.lo
- win, during Ike Campaign, 11 follow 1
.4. T4.it. et.rLn1.14' Ttlrnnnlh. V. iOcenlSi
i aw Mfmi.j . - - i i - - -
Th Trt-Weetly Statwmsn, per month, t. ... . . .
Itir of the ihore liiaei will b fumlibed for one. or
.t.. i. .ink. nr .Inrle ronlri. t t" bove
P,4 UilMIMtP, I" .- --- --. - . . ,
1 ret." '
j ThtWfkly thi ilmn will Ihf fiirflnliJ M tul
Iaehibiof 3fopii,fortwomontli.j..
la elubi of II eopin, tot two monthi.-.
- Id etaht of SO (oplw, for two month
t eloht ot 40opM, for two monthi. .
$1 CO
. 3 CO
: 7.oo
- .Tbo two nonlhi' Clabi will cow tie prio4f tbt
'CAmpmlin.toa P1" on' MAMMOTH WI1KLT
la tbohondtof ill who wnl It, Cimpilgn wer,
' i on rtrj leuowobl terai. . . 1 . ,
Ut Iho WenU of tho good tu.e- fh,l' tw
' n cf Ohio go to work, o4 f mi tie
11 Tt the tt Wo eipect to nuko It on tfliclent old
I n tht food work of too rtdmrntloli of tht Jtito of Ohio.
tot It bt well eircoUted. "' 1
AmfoitlO,lU-v-j - v- :
CAMPAIGN STATESMAN The Two Points of Attack and Defense.
If the rebel leader do not seriously contem
rlale an Invasiou of the Northern States, tbey
. ' at least seem determined to extend iheir eway,
If poecible, over the entire area of ..the slave
Sutcs. . Wiib this end in Mew, tbey arq con
. centratldg tboir loicoa at two principal points
i Virginia on the Potomao and in Ssnthern
Than m be said, therefor n, to
form tbe two grand points of, att&ck and d;
Too eucceaa of the rebels in the East woald
ive them the National Capital and the com
mand of the Chesapeake. Tbe latter would
enable them to control the Northern and Weal-
crn trade ccbterlng at BaTtiaore. The prestige
of possessing the Federal City would go far to
ward Inducing foreign powers, to recoguize their
' Confederacy. " ' . ' "-
"" ..." Bat It la nearly or quite aa' important to the
rebela to eet 8t. Louie and Missontl within
their grasp. They could then dispute the nav
tootion of the Mleaieaippi to the mouth of tbe
Ohio, and control It belo that point. The en
tire trade of the. Northwest Southward would
be to a great extent under their direct control.
- TW i.. innrcovcr. a oresalnc want In the
' rebel army, which con b enppUod from tbo
nossession of tbe lead mines of Missouri, i
' The attention of the people of the. loyal
Statee has beenchitfly dirtoted to Wsbhlfigtoo
" and the Potomac, Buf ao rapidly and in such
numbers are Federal troops concentrating in
that quarter, that there does net seem to be the
least ground for apprehension lor the aalety pi
the National Capital. With Fottrees Msnroe,
" "whicbla iSe key ol the Chesapeake, in our poe
session, the designs of the rebels on Baltimore
and Msryland would seem to be effectually
hck-mated. . ,V '
. ' It la to be feared that our government end
th people of the loyal States hardly rate high
enough tbe) Importance ,pf driving the rebel
marauder ot of Misaoeri. It has bee said
r - thai their demonstration Upon Aat StiteTwu
merelf tv feint to draw -tntenlion away from
Washington end "Eutern tlrginia. ' But It
evident that there are almoat aa strong reasenal
- why they ahenld desir tbe "conquest of St
Louis and Missouri, as .of Washington and
Maryland.. ,... .v-!
There can be no question that in Missouri
bat, in m election, wonld be ealled "an over
whelming msjority," den ire to be freed from the
presence of tbe accession forces, and to remain
in the Union.' Tbe- Stat Convention, sailed
through secession Influence, refused to rot tbe
'" State' out of the Onion! . This and other indi
' 1 , cations w could1 name "ciearly sliow. tlyt! the
'"' J'greebody.of the people in Mieenqri. are Jwyal
: to Use DaiM .... - 'oii
Missouri belongs' to the cjreat Northwest.
' K!ry her, w oMhe' other Ndrihf'este'rn. States
1 ' ' '' should sfani ri,' fa.Il. Our interests and hers
,Jir'Wl mutual and inseparable. - Our firat great
nil aarnest efforts, therefore, should be made,
not only lO iaV Misaourl from the grasp of the
. Seeeseioa Confederacy, bnt , ner sou ma p.i
lege, and ber loyal people from destruction, by
tbe reckless and Infuriated bands of the rebel
.. , soldiery. '5 v ' - "' r :
It ia a matter of ceagratalatlon that (he Fed
era! troops are concentrating at St. Louis and
otother points in Miesouri. and that loyal JHis-
cmriant ere tk-greet numbers rallying under
U Union Bag. fluni aeCMSiry, inoreurri
- fore there should be im mediately- lnorea?ed to
ten timea its prefent number. It is dne to the
Northwest as a whole as well as to Missouri as
s sister Cute, that th invaders ahenld at once
be driven beyond her borders.
John Brough.
k Th Ciawionati Csmmevcial announces that
Mr. Baotesi deelieea being a candidate for Gov
What will the Mae-t-epeek Frees do now, as
... Air. Bmoob waa tbe eoly Democrat in Ohio, In
whose patriotism and loyalty t wonld trust us
Governor of the SCat 7. t,f ,
Financial Excitement in Dayton.
Tbe firm of Ditll & Cuppy has been doing aa
O extensive baoklng and real estate business in
Daytoa. Tbe feuiaaa-we principally man
- aged by Davis. Mr Cuppy has flgnred in poli.
tics, and was a member ef the late Legislature.
8onday n!(;bt Mr. Davis dissppeared mysteri
ously, and has not sluce been beard of. It Is
smdvrstood that bis absence represents a loss to
tbe community of about f 100.000 and there is
' a cood deal of excitement la financial olrclesr-.
CtmmtrciiL t;.vjT"
Financial Excitement in Dayton. Coming to the Reargue.
The fo.lowinz from tb ChiUt-(ke
ftqublUn ppef , iroul4 id'r aw tM Gqr
nwr.HjtNNHiojilxAStanieitieoiSa In bU pwn. pi-
There has been about eooKglj i..uuaMDM
TiSi oro.mnloai alomor obonl the incompetency
end crrUDt on 01 our dioio avanuw.-m
- ... r t 1 M m 4. . a luAM
Id ewery e inn Dei oeen iinoq. i
lound tb the cnargei ibmo
groundlesi, or tht the blme Uy lnthw quw-
lerw thn witb,oo .Swte BiecnttTe. -There is
no nun i iheSmu m ono uwu
work, with purer motive, unco ion wr
menced, thtn Gotreroor Dennieon; nd be lu
tot (ewer oki na more cnrc vr
ku done ha eoy In the conntrr. It w
CweUvM ittpped." '. "'. V , - r .
If thief be trne why l he m cnltrely ignored
by Vai pperi,6f bia'jown P'J' -Whr1
thtt the t7(wt4le U not in ffor cf ' lit nomina
tion t ka been cnntflrnofy to nominate Oo;.
ernors fori he" sem4 term ben tei'.'itjaiw,
good onccr(vU'byiaG4ternQi Dmhiaob re
pudiated .by hi eera friendtf --He-le rr.y
inppojtiBB- the National Atfmlntattatlori, ' and
tea war. Tba QaxtlU aajs, 'There U no. ineo,
In toe itftle who ,n4 pue more w wvi.i
with jwer motives, ainee the war tmennei,
taaa Governor 1'tHFMnoa," anq jet ne ,po. p
repudiated by Viajtlwn.lriende!. , W may add,
hehaa not oulr worked hard himself, but many
of W conneotiona have generonsly '$acfifictd
tbmelveinpon ' in altar of. hcirj conutry
Not onlvUiii. but hi porapnal frenl .Bave
gome forward noWv and enronly, ana jta
ui e&t titWen, and ate how ; acting u
ntW.ra faanpply fie wauia of oni galunt men.
?an all t,ui9 disfntereated pattluMom and nobU
aWifioe la otorJooked by a ear titelltnee Vniok
Caovcmmnl Certainly not, The rebel would
bs encouraged' to'ece iucb men repudiated by
tba Vnlin party.'.' Bat alas for fiov. Dmo!
ha ia known Jo be an rtDdinchliig Sepnbrican,
and it la bad policy to npminate a man of inch
antecedents. , Some man must bead tbe ticket
who at least baa bean ueogniied aa a member of
tbe old patriotic Democratic party; none, other
will do. ' Gov.' Disnison waa nominated ,anJ
elected, bteauie fif wit a Repablioan; now, timea
are ao changed, that he mnat be repudiated for
theeame reason. "uy ' ,, ,
From the course'po'lUical matters are joking
now,"lt will soon require a certificate of foa-
tire of tbe Peace to provw that the1 man who is
an aspirant for popular' favor, rjevejr: was a
Repnbirearf. These are the indications of the.
times.. .' ..t . s , k. - '
Gen. Hill.
' Tho Toledo BUdt publuhct letters from Capt.
Kiva, of the, Ringgold Cavalryi and Adjutant
Di Wi'MaantAtt of the 16ih Regiment of
0. V. M '. defcndi'pg 'General Hat. from the
charges and calumnies of the Cincinnati Com
mereitl, OtttttetaA Prat. ' ' ' " "
The BtseV aajs:'; v . :;, , Wj. - -'
"It li. important to near in mind, that none of
tbe newspaper correspondents or others who
have heretofore mads stateeneots of this matter
were within three miles of the point reached by
the dragoons, and of course, were dependent
upon them for all information as to the probable
distance from them to the rebel force. . The
chief ground ot all the criticism of General
Hill having been thus removed.it remains to
be seen whether his assailants will have the
fairness to retract their cbarce and do bim
Justice In the matter. Tbe Cincinnati Cewmer-
nal, Uatttie and I'Tttt nave been prominent in
disparaging bis operations upon what turna out
to be false statements. They can certainly do
no less now than set the facts before their read
ers, and thus in some measure remedy the
wrong tbey have committed .against aw worthy
and patriotic officer of the army, whose opera
tions have met the entire approval, ot .General
McClellan, his superior in command, as w think
they mast that of all others who will eandidly
examine the Iact3.'.' , -, i ; . t .. i -, '
Had we tbe room to spare we wonld publish
th letters. The papers named above have
done the service and many of onr officers great
injury. Tbe attack on General Hill looked
to ns lite tbey were made through malice.
A March in the Mountains.
' The following is from a private letter, writ
ten by a lieutenant of the Tenth Ohio. . The
boys are seeing soldier's life, aurely :
' Our march from Buckhannon to French
town waa a wet and muddy one. It rained all
olgbt. The men stood by tbe camp fires in en
open field, whilst your humble servant,, with
Opts. Hudson and O'Dowd, partook ef aeouple
of rails to lay on. w e leit lor tnia place at :
P. M ,' Monday, and, lust aa usual, as we com
menced onr march, It commenced raining
and such a rain 1 never remember to
have seen! ' We bad a very bad road to
travel, creek crossings at Intervals of a Jmile
or less the wnoie route oi ia. miles. ion
may talk of Napoleon's or Cteur'e marches,
bat onr march from Frenchtown to this place
leaves all of them In tbe shade. Why, we were
aetnally tip to our waists ; men fell in with
their guns, ammunition, and all. , At times I
thnnpht that the force of the watar. comina
dow- tEo -rnggecT side hiltorwvnld sweep me
away. Yon may thick that I am Joking, but
no more than one, aye, more than ten, were
oaet dowa wnta tbe force and rapidity of tbe
water in those creeks. At one crossing I ds
termined to find tbe shallowest part, taking my
sword to Sod bottom ; bnt In attempting to do
so I went in Sword and all so yon msyjedg
of tbe depth, pf . water lo these hellish -creeks.
we intend-to leave lor rrencbtown to-day."
Ci'ntff Timet. . ,
A r fairs at thx Cpstom HotTsc Reports are
current that .collector Barney entertains the
idea of putting tbe notorious Abolitionist Hclp-
r-o tn hn hao dnna mnre -Ahon tn, nthor
individual tefcriop. about the calamities from
which- the-conntrv is suflerine into a promi
nent position in tbe Custom House. We (In
cer!y hope that he will have more patriotism
and ood sense. We also learn tbat a relative
of ci Senator Dickinson has been removed, at
th very moment when that statesman -has'
shown his devotion to tbe country in the most
marked emphatic manner. If. y, Ilirfla
Why not appoint -Hsiml Heia-no worae
than Jomoa R Gipomcsandhnndreds of otbera
appointed by Mr. LmooiM. 'The removal of
DicKtasoia's relatWs Is not eo bad as that of
Col. LAwatacc of the. Fourth Regiment as
Postmaeirr In' Maeeachusetts. ', It Is all of a
piece. :vj .7 . r ' ..s..?
Sharp Practice.
We uudernUnd that some of the Republican
fuglemen ol the fitate are busy writing letters
to their strong Republican counties to look
well to tficTr Senators and Representatives, as a
United Stales Senator is to be elected." "Let
no Democrats get into the Legislators nuder
tbe Union dodge." "Wsdb is a good Union
man, and laboring fo' the war, and be must not
be slaughtered on account of bis anti-slavery
record or opinions."
Tbi Is a pait of the programme, but nothing
will be said abont it in tbe Convention or pa
pers. Ben Wani is a splendid f7rf?" man)
Washington County.
'-TheV tVne .Onlptv democracy o( WaeWngton
eunty have placed in nomination; tbe, following
excellent ticket, which we hop the people will
slooA.- ffsar itttoemed the tt wee eae of the
largest sod most rtitbiiiiasuo Convififiios ever
held In the county i . ,
Repre4Benttlef Harvey Hollaed-, of Ludlow ;
anriibir. A. W. racuormma, oi marietta t
Treasurer, flarley Laflio.of Barlow Recorder,
Jacob Meagel, of Marietta i Commissioner,
Thomas Breckinridge, of Barlow t finrveyofi
CharVee Weeean, ef Belpr Infirmary Dir8
(.4,. iklineon Bean. of Marietta. ,?t?-., J!
Washington County. Charged with Aiding the Secessions
"According to tit dispatches from Washing
Inn to the. Associated Press, several leading
Republican-politicians and edltore are likely to
be arrested tor acts "ia. th interest of tbe
ceea.ionlste.'VIbaiiamsnot tk peaatet
eiveo, but from tbe tenor of the dispatch It la
. . - .4. - tJ Mk,M '4lRAB
whose liea.d the nest blow will fall. tTt par
airranh ta which are Safer la aa follhwl t
'.The severe newspaper strictures upwt the
member of the Cabinet are regarded here aa
attacks upon'the .country, and those who seals
them are now ausptoted or being in tne intereais
of the aeceasionists. This subieot has attracted
aueiiioir at Washington, as welt U the eendnot
of those wbo railing of success in plundering
nurnoses. are sndtavorinr to obtain control l
tbe government, and to Attract from Its efforts
to save the country from ruin and the dselgna
of tb enemy ." , ,'. .
'"Nea It le welr known that the 'strlctearee
pon the members of lbs Cabinet" to w blob
referenew Is here made, have proceeded eblefly
trait certain stepoblicaa editor. ' It la net
suted whether legal .proceedings are to be ln
atisatcd against thoni,' or whether, acting apoa
ta same saopoaed- publie oeeeeaity wbiob, has
caused he arseetof otbef prominent enspeoted
characters, larv will tjesotsed by Ut antiitary
authorities and sent to Fort Lafayette lor eale
keenma. "" -1 ) "
. We da not Kket reludlcj 'a' case of this
oherioierj wut It It no more than atrict Jmftlc to
aay that from no quarter a as toera emanate
aacbi empneti conClemnauon cs tn fdovern
mant. aa from the aaner to which w refer.
One of tbemt In fact, aetaally avdwed a design
to supemeatB rreataentin w -oerwui' ouuua
geney,and to ptac the eountry under a military
diotatar. i It to io b regretted that th Admin
istratioei is plaoed nader the painfot necessity
ol making ao examploof Its hitherto profoMed
frieods. ..Since.--however,' tb -etrongest and
moat bitter opposrtlon to the Govern stent ema
nates Arum thee parties, rt can not oe expeoieo
that tbey UI eaoape, when those leas gallty are
sobjected to reproach, Jtitrtal of Comber n. i
Nebraska Taxes.
' Congress at the late extra session levied a
tax of $19,321 upon tbe real estate of the Ter
ritory or Nebraska. This U in addition tb the
excise lax upon diBtllled and fermented liquors,
tbe tax on carriages and watches, and tke ia
come tax of three per cent, on the excess of all
Incomes, profits or salaries above $800 per an
num.'' J ' " ..
We observe tbat the people of Nebruka are
complaining a good deal about these levies,
pronouncing them nniair, unjust ana nnconeu
tutional Tbe Territory is practically withont
representation J It has, to bs sure, a Delegate
In uongrees; out ne nas no vote, ana is ooiy wd
titled to a hearing on ' tbe business concerning
tbe Territory. " ' '. ' " ' . :
4 . .. .... . . L.-.l
. The proposed taxation win nnaouDieuiy come
bard upon tbe people 01 NeorasKa, now atrug
gling under a beavy burden of county and '1 r-
ritorfal assessments. Lsnd owners are still e
linquent upon tbe real estate and personal levies
of the past two or three, years. . Last season
tbe crops were nearly' or quite a failure, and
this year, when tbe harvests have beea abas,
dant, the farmers find no market for tbsir pro
ducts. We see that in some parts of the Terri
tory the people, having no money br currency,
are compelled to reeort to a system of ex
changes in order to subsist. . Thus ths Nebras
ka City iVewt tells ni tbat In Nemaha county
the merchants sell a pound ol coffee for a
bushel of wbeatand we have no doubt tbat
other commodities are exchanged In tbe fame
primitive manner. If it were possible for Con
gress t baas discriminated in its plans for rais
in mmna tn parr on the war. the oovsrtv.
stricken condition of Nebruka Territory might
well bars deserved consideration at tho bands
of that body.-Sf. Loui$ Rtpubltun. '"; ;
DT Ths Cincinnati Ctomrwrfiel thinks th
Mao-a-cbeck JPrw is ''poverty staioken" in Itsl
view of political matters This may be trne;
bnt if so, it is bo more so than its party.
The Commercial says, "tbat in our Judgment'
the Union candidate for Governor of Ohio this
fall ahoald be a loyal Democrat." ' . i
How can tbat bet Tbe only on the IVsss
will trust Mr. Baocoa decline tb honor
Th CotnrneVcisI no doubt think that if th bait
smells of Republioanlem the Democrats wont
bit. "' r; ..: :. . ',:" 1
.'The frees sayst. t' i; ,-. .1 ',
"It seems to at very much like a eonfes-
sion that the Kepubnesa party ha commit
ted some e-rievone offense that render! it un
worthy of public confidence, or that It I des
titute 01 tb material wnion tne existing con.
oWoa W paletta a fairs demands for that Import.
ant and reepoosiM position.'' " ' -
' This Is undoubtedly th eenelble construc
tion.' Why not be candid and acksovlodg It
The Defeat of the Ohio 7th in Western
We met last eveninr. two members of the
Ohio ?th Regiment Frank Beard, soa of J. H.
Beard, tbe artist, and h a. Afutler, the latter or
tbe regimental band.. They left tbe camp ol
tbe vtb en Saturday, at ten o'clock in toe morn
log. -Tbe camp was at that timeeix mile from
Uauley Bridge, on toe uauiey river, east 01 toe
position of Ueneral lx. Vxoionei Tyler Dad
marched down to that taint from Sammervllle,
because aa attack on General Cox had beea an
ticipated.., Allspprebensionsoo tbat sabisot had
however, passed away, and whoa oar folormants
left, akhi companies of the reslmeot were un
der marching orders for a place known ae'-Croes
lanea.V wbiob is tea miles westof Snmmervllle,
a march of abont tbirty-flv mtiee. : Alero, sc-
cordine- to a disoatcb received last alrht. the
fight , took place .on mooosy atoraiug. ins
troops bad not tb lightest cxpeotatiea of an
attack, and seem to nave been taieo ossapieteiy
by.suxpTis. , Messrs. Beard and Butler could
hardly believe tbe etory ef a fight. Tb 7th
Regiment Is principally made us 01 companies
from iho Western Reserve, tbire being three
companies from Cleveland and one from Ober-
IlO- . '. - . -
A skirmish which coat the Vtb several men
took place Wednesday last, south of Summer-
villa.. A squad of fourteen men of company K,
onder Captain Shatte, lelt eamp to watch at a
fordo! the Gauley liver, four miles south of
Summerville. , Tbey proceeded-eigbti miles,
beyond the ford, and. were .there ambuscaded,
four of them killed on the spot gad six wound
ed. Capt Shutte was shot through the" bowels
and mortally . wounded.. 'The rebel party were
driven off, and ail the woaoded brought In ex
cept the Captain, who (old the ma that be
must very sosa rii. and isey snoaia leave aim.
There was a little I02 house near, and makio
hir& as comfortable as tbey could, they left him
there to die. - '? . . t .
The account which we bare ef.lbe fight on
Mondav mornins: at Croea laae'a, .Is anaaifestly
colored by tbe excitement of tbe occasion. We
have no doubt tb forces ot the enemy aad tbe
losseeoa both sides have been exaggerated
There is no question, however, but. ws hsve
snfferec) a eever Joaa. Ccromtretsl ,
War Department.
. At even sura are hear complaints of this Ds-1
partment,of It inemoieaey an vaatorenerv,
gy. We have bow In thistat six regiments
of manmearly ready, and yet there la not aa
Assistant Quartermaster of the Uaited Butee
in the Bute, not a psrsos aatborixti to do tbe
leaet thing wbiob may be neceesarv to secure
tbe well tolas; f tke volaaUerSi Varloas sur
mises have been mad why this is so,- out aoth
log U kaowa as to ths time whea this want will
be supplied, Ths AdmlaUtratloa should re
member that th sraot erV mtrper Krttetitlea to
tbeee email detail affectrng ths sow. fort of th
men who offer tbsir servloee, etrlkse a blow dl
reotiy at- the oeentry.. Onee let the Idea go
forth that the Deaarttaent doss not took after
tl welfare of she soldiers ss thsy abould be
cared, for, aad ..there will be aa end of volun
teerioB. Dtbmt Frn Pro, u i i
...! tl-TJ.'H'. ' I i I I' V i ,
tt7Ther are- Is tow a on or two eroaksrs,
who a-o about tb streets finding fault with tb
rrmnner In which th President -and general of
th U 8. army ar eomiuetmg tn war. '
'Last yeaf tb ssms gentlemen wet pVed:
ins? th streets of tbe with epe and cap,
and lamp band, in Wide Awake processions.
Sorely, if tbey or patriot. theylll stop their
clamor against the Administration, and join
tbe army, where the can be Of som service to
tBowotrf. ... .
j U Dn,wta1 ewfi Snrmori ins Aaministrauost
In iU efforts strangl rebelllod, thtf ongbt,
War Department. Giving Aid and Comfort co the Enemy.
OAOf e j.J
The HairlsburK traiie aay ft -
To tht end It would 1) advisable for the
Admlniatratloa to hlut to thoae party organs
nbjeet to tuloence, and Instruct others sua
tainea hv" natronaf el to ceas th bitter war,
far wkieh they hare been carrying on against
th Pecatla- party. Man t these newspa
era' bbltoU mallga vend misrepresent tk
people, aeorlahlng bitterneao ana luvuius; ro
taliation.-: Tby affgr aid aad :wasnias.' Jh
common enemy by insisting that the North ia
even on with eoeesioulsw and kympathizors
with Abo rebels, who are only waiting a favor
bl opportunity to thwart tbe government, when
sunk la wot the fact; Tb North Is 'united In
support ef the government, and the rebel
abould be made to understand this great truth.
80 long, however, as tbeee organ of discord
continue t mlaraprcacnt tba North by proclaim
log that a large proportion of its ciiltena are
dlaloyal to the Government, jnst so long will
the rebels be encouraged to persevere in their
iMMntlmu, daalwna. ' A ttumbsr of thee
satsoaievoa nswspapors are aleo engaged In
miarepraeeating tb obieaM 01 mo war. a uej
rafnaa ta IndoM the national platform or Vjoa
greet, hat Insist that ah Admloistr'aiion must
oonvert this struggis, eonaootca oooa natiuuai
principles for a aatioual purpoee, into a great
Joha Browa Hid. Thie suggeeuon, eo aonor
reet to all Ualon men, exoitee disgust and die
eraA uhm tha eeonl. and Inflict serious In-
lun to the coverament.. ThOaAdmlalstratloo
should show its disapproval of all eueh Incen
diary Mblieationa by withdrawing from tbsm
itaMr.liianflaanil nitrofiar. -r Thev are dolfi
more barm to th cause of the ooantry than if
tbey weropea advocates or aisooiom; -j ... .
Sandusky County.
' We se by tht last Jtftf if woir'. flat ahbnt
thirty Democrats, mostly of Woodville1 town
ship, hv beea induced to withdraw 'tneir
Barnes from ths Union call. W have not room
for their statement, but hav .stricken their
names from the call, which we trust will prove
satisfactory. ' W regret to see these persons
Uk this baokward atep. The Union more-
eat In Saoduekv aoontv will uooeea without
their Influence or votes, bnt they ought to be
with qs nevertheless. , , : .,,;".. l1 '.
We clip the above from tbe Sandusky Pemo-
craf, aa abolition paper ia vremoot i We have
do doubt but the -editor regrets ' to see these
atrmn Uk thll oahssrif Bten.That th
Union Democracy will succeed a usual id Ban
dusky county w hav no donbt, They have
nominated th following excellent ticket. Mr.
Powns wu one of th very best Union Demo
crat In the last Legislature, and a valuable
business member. It would be an impeachment
of the loyalty of the people of that county 14
eira dmbf hi rrelectlon i '
Bepresentatlv, Charles Powsraj Auditor, H.
J. MoCord; Treasurer, Solomon' Fought Sher
iff, MichaU Wegstein; Commissioner, Hiram
Haffs Prosscntlog, Attorney, A. B.-Lindssv
Recorderi K. Gramllng; feurvcyor, florae E.'
Clerk J Infirmary Director, Christian ; Reph;
Coroner, Jacob A. LetBoq. A .
' '
Harrison County Nominations.
The true Union Democracy of Harrison coun
ty have nominated tbe following tlckott' .-,
RepreeenUtlre.Samuil Foreman; Treasurer,
Thomas Richeyi :SberitT, M O. . Slemmonst
Commissioner, Samuel Mack; Prosecuting At
torney, P. Donahue! Surveyor, A. B. Moore;
Recorder, Joel eh Lewis' Coroner, Dr. R. H.
Simmons; Infirmary Director r.acoD Leuerty.
''Tha Ranuhlleaaaof Harrlsdn and Columbi
ana counties are performing the "celebrated two
horse, act,"., riding I the Ubolltlctv iopublicar,
pooy in the oountj, and. the Republican Union
gelding In the State. -They will hav RefubH.
con county tickets and "Union' State tickite.
What a ipeotaelet ' Both counties are strong
Abolition..' r,A;-;:";;"-,
' f ; ilia I .
.The Union Democracy of the Belmont district
bar nominated Doci J. D. O'Codnob, of Mon
ro county, for -But Senator, and Judge J on it
W. Okxt for Common Plea Judge. " . .
Tbe Guernsey Jtferoonion says
The Union Democracy of Monroe county
have nominated Doct. J. D. O'Connor, for the
State Senate, and John Kevser for Represents
tlv. - Doct. O'Connor has never mad himself
conspicuous as a politician, though h It well
known throuehont the county as a firm Dsmo-
erat and BDfllnchina Crieod ot tbe Union of
Washinctoo and Jefferson. We understand the
Doctor to be very popular In patriotic old Moo
roe; and in Guernsey, all who favor tbe emi
nently wise and bigh-toned position Uken by the
Deraocratlo Uoion Stat Convention, will yield
bim a strong support.
The destruction of aewspsper offices by mobs,
of which several Instance nave occurred wltbin
tb last few days, U most earnestly reprobated
br every friend or good order ana regular gov-
era meat. These officious and unreasoning mobs
are a disgrace to all who participate ia them or
abet them, and to tbe communities wnere tney
occur. N. T. WorU,
Card from Col. McCook.
CAMP CORWIN, DAYTON, O., Aug. 27, 861.
I hare beea frequently 'asked tbe Question
"Are vo t be th Colonel of tbe First Reel
meet Ohio, Volunteers?' 1 In answer,.! ssy that
I am new- the Uoionei or tne rtrai ueie, and
expect t b during th war. :. My camp it now
roadv to recelv all companies authorized to be
retted for my regiment. Men uniformed and
equipped a toon a sworn into service.
.i .;, itespectiuiiy 1 .
YnnhHint servant, .
We had hoped that CelvMcCoox wonld get
an -ppniTiiT'"' " tuigti. bat It
seems ast.' Volunteers who desire to enlist,
will hav th assuranc that under MoCoox
thoirTttel tin hot b brown away through In
comrtenjcvprcareleseness good Colonel
1 an excellent life-preserver
a Federal Captain and
Killing a Guard.
Accounts from R'eaton.- Va , tepreee.tt that
that section baa bsen in a feverish stale of ex
citement for several days'.'-Messengers hare
beea arriving at brief period, reporting tbe ap
pearance or detachment or renei iniantry ana
cavalry at various points along tha asgon road
leading to onr foroee oa th Kanawha, coming
ven within S3 miles of Weston. No train
goes out withont a guard On Wednesday,
Captain Spragse, of tbe Ohio 7tb, waa on bis
way bom 00 lunougn, wiia, gnara 01 .'our
dragoon. Wheo some 19 miles beyond Button
ttey wers Bred into oy a penyoi renei cavairy,
and one ot th guard, aasaed Joba Dibo't, from
Fayette ooooty, Pa , waa killed J Another,
Hear Brooke, was wound d. - The attackiBt
party was la to strong force to be resisted, and
Captaia bprague, with two others, were captur
ed. One man escaped and brought th intelli
gence. Tbe body of. tb wonnded man wu
afterward discovered, entirely stripped, and left,
lik offal, by th waysid. Capuln Borage
commanded Company X of th Tab, aad is wall
kaowa throughout Nortbera Ohio. The caval-
S company who attacked aad took prisoner
tptalneprague are esld to belong io x Gov.
Vfise't command, and lb fact tbat they have
oomialtted depredation within a short disUno
of ear forces, and thai otaer parties r ma
rauding through th woods between Weston and
Gsaley, Indicate that tblt serfien of th Sut
Is M be the theater of aa ennovlnr and destruc
tive guerrUla wulare, In which) b 'man' life
will be saf.' "
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 28. 1861.
" Brs4 aad AssUtant Bwaeonebio State
Volunteers are required to ettle their aewoonu
with th SorgeoB-Geneval rr acoount ntisfao
torily for all public pioperty that may har oome
Into their hands, bsfore drawiof, their, ffj. ttpu
(be paymaster. ... , ... lx- i :''
order of tbe CommandeMttjChler ; t
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
The Political Conventions.
The proceedings Cf the different local Demo
cratic Conventlona which were In session Jn
our city yesterday will be found In our columns
1.01a morning, in several 01 .nem
.44 .w ?n.t-i v.- 1-, i.k Praaidaiillof
wvi-a inai kvril.iviiaijm WAIt tit -" aaww -
tlal- conCasVwere frieode or Judge vougias,
posscassd. considerable infloenoe, and some of
the nominees selected are exoellent men.
' iTbo Cenvention of tbe No-Psrty movement
also met at the Exchange yeaterdiv, bnt It ha
not yet made any oomleations. Paila'. Pref.;
11 '
, Tbebext Aonnal fair of the Vrantlla County igrl'
onlmral Boolety will be held oh C' ',:"' 1 ''
: c t'.-cr( 1 T!ti 1 i ......
Sept. 3(5, 4th, Stli and fetb!
fhe Premltmie offend amount to ovr ' '
. .. r..' ,'"i;' '..
etivwM'aii rajaeie. ata vawn.
. Th rali.Qrowdhavs beea greatly oprbre by th
lulaneaootof lbs Horn BMng and the erection of a
nsaber ef addltleaal Cattle Stalls. Th Bom Hhif Is
now about a qaarteS of a mils la etrcumference, ," -t.i:
Taeeltlttesof rraoklla Sounfyar sarneitljr torlto
td tare Out to thli" their Aunuer festival; eoq'fcrui
aloof ipwlmeaeot Ibetr ftlll and handiwork for exhibl
tlen. Th entry books an now open, and entries can be
ode at tor, time br ealllDf n-the Secretariat fh
OatetteOfflcei ''". 1 .'.'.
All entries ausf be made, prior to Taesday evenlof ,
kept.- 3d, and all articles, except Putter and; Cut How
ejs,wuit boon the Grounds on the Ant day. ,,.
By order of the Board of JIanagen, . ,. . ; ,.itM
aos3-St( :. .0. g. XTLBIJN. SeereUry..
iV OHAS. WBITTLBSBT, Ootcaaoi,' waa takeo by
boom aoauthoriae perioo from the Barsaf Room of the
Amerlean Houo,:M tba ettyy oa r about tbo. AUib
instant. - . .. .....r- .t.f ;
Ths box aofltaiBed One new BiDSLt (the seat of black
leather), a ellverelroalat plate on the pommel, a Bridle
and Baromalo; one Ooli'e Watt Bevotvaa and Belt: on
Kegnlatlon Hloe inanuy ovaaooaT, aaed with red nB-
nei; one text toot regmauonj in iwo apartment!, one
viae buhst. ana nnereniaii amcies. . - 1
. Any peraon retarnlor eald aos to the Proprletortb'
tne American iiooes win reeeir us above reward, and
an ezpenies paid.! ; ...... r. . angyB-aat
OirVIDet the Offlc ot the Secretary of Btata,
until '"r ; :
Monday, the 3d day of September' next,. at
. ' noon,' "., i.a
for furnUhlnf paper for the use of Ike Btats.ol Ohio, as
'Mlowsi ' j 1
8,000 Beams Don Me Boptr Royal Printing Paper, tTt
. by 41 lnehea, to welsh not lew than 58 poinds to the
ream. "4i"'"1' ' f,; .
10O Beams Double VlatCsp.lC by ? inches, to weigh
atleestSSponnSetotbeream. '...,,
tOO Reaaa Broebure Oover Ppr, assorted solars, 30
. - by 27 Inches, to weigh at least io pound! to tbe ream.
The quantities above named to be Ineraaaed at th op
tion of the Secretary of State. . , .
Bids Boit re acsompanled by samples of the paper,
and mnetspeolfy tbe prioe atwhicheacn kind and quail,
ty will be dollTered at the State Bousa in Colnmbna.
No aamplea of ah Inferior artlole need be pretested; tbe
paper Hull he of the beet qua liy.
The delivery of the Super Roykl and Cover Pflptr to
commence on the Ant of Hovtmbor next ensuing, and
continue as tha paper shall be needed. -
The delivery of the Double flat Cap to commence on
the first day of December next, and eontlnne u above.
Bonds, with appro security In doable the amonot of
th contract, will be required (aocordlng to law), condi
tioned for the faithful perfonnano of aaeh oontract.
The bide to he made and the oontracts awarded In ao
OTjoe with lb term of the act to provide for the
parch, ef Stationery, Fool, eat other article for the
Oeoeral Aiiembly and But Officer," pMeod Alarch 11,
1833. Bee Ourw. 8196; Swan's Stat. 608. '
Bid to bo Indorsed on the envelopes, 'Pfoposals for
furnUhtntpaper for the Slate." . '
Bidden are aaarad thatno paper will be received
en leu It conform! In every respect with Ilia sample.
Thie provlHonvill bt ttrtctly adhered to. - --
, . A. V. KUSSBTTj,
i- Secretary of Stat.
Columbus, Ohio, Agnit9(16Cl-dtd . ...
CEiVEU at the Offlc of ths Secreury of Slate,
nntU . , . ,(,- ;i j .'
Monday, the SJ day of September nett, at 13
.... o'clock ni., - . : .
for furatshini th State of Ohio with tnel, as follow
30,000 Bnihels of Ooks, to weigh not lets than 40
pound, 10 the DUSMl.
10,000 Boihel Goal, to bs of th belt qnallty equal
, t least to th lower vein of Hocking Coal, and free
from elate, Uck and dire,
60 Oordi of Wood, the same to be dry hickory, beeeh or
sugar, roar reel in length, straight and well spill.
Th futl to be delivered, withont charge for inch
livery, at uie stau none in uoiamoaa. .
ProuoeaU to he eoomnBled by samDl. aad te eoeel
fy me kind, quality and prioe of tb fuel proposes to be
larnlihed. . ,
Sash aontractor will be required to give bonJi, with
approved Menrlty, la double the amount of the eon
traet, conditioned for th falthtal performance of his
contrast.- . . t
The bid to be made and th con trie ta to bs awarded In
aeoordanee with th terms of th act entitled "Aa act to
provide for th pnrchas of Stationery, foeli and other
articles lor the ueneral Assembly and State-oncer,"
paaeed larch 11, 1833. Be Swan Bev. Stat. 808,
Ourw. 8188.
Bids to be Indorsed en th envelop. "Fronosils for
furnishing fuel for theState." " - "' -
Fue I famished by th contractor most In all eases
bs equal In quality to th simple. Jkie.ryAe WW h
ngicug onjorota, ,.- ' , , . ., '
. . . ...... a. r. uueatLU,
, Secretary of Stat
Colnmtms. OMrv, Aogn,t 0,1801 did. ', "
1 . : -'.ir -
Oysters I. Oysters!!;
bs la dally receipt, by Xxpreas, of. -. ,. -f ,
fnn Baltimore as fair Haven. - , a yt r.
Oeli at wegovr'i uyeteranu rran repot, no. Ji ssst
B4KIV ,4rr4. , .m 4': '1,1
SUgMtt . ' 4 a Jt - A A ' . ' 1 .
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen.' That inch of time era tie procur
ed at a maon cheaper rate, and many long years of
enjoyed by eowaltln Dr. MISRRTwltTHlTl, who
Is coring the moat eimmat sna long-ai aiming smua
, i8f
''.'.'"Fact" are Btatnt Thlng-st
Ber what th Philadelphia oorrespeadnt earl In the
"OomvonweaUh,'.' Wilmington, Delaware, 8ih of April,
IMOl - ' - ... .
Inh santloman, formerly eoneted with tb
Brtllib Army, end who styles b Use if th 'JstHea
Bolenl Phyewtea b of let gained an xtenilv ra-
tetttm bare by nir sain in curing an manner ot ooa
plelnla.- Bom 4 kt paUOnta f baveenvned Uhi
and they pronoanec hi remedies and mode of treatmeat
very arlr. Boa hav. been Teetered as tt by
unto. Tb medlotoa be wm ta dletllM by ilacelf
from varlona her In paaeaeeiog are ewratira proprtie4
'While acilog tn b aray he dereted bl bsiiare ao
eents to a thorough etniy ( thffeea peedneed by
Certain medicinal nolaaa -tat a ait aawaie ef die
mim. It leem he he found ,a and pardr reme
dy for all Mil that fleib I htlr to.' flu practice I
airtaoy wawnm. mmm m ineraaeing. in tnacoaa.
plaint to wWok 'male f hleted. he ku no uJ,
ae a large aumei bar base teetifle thee imv owe rn
only their pen-jaahiih, bat their llv, t1le
tkUlof MladbBotwlcrbTlela.''.. ', '
' Offlc 37 East But Street, Colotuhue. '
l. ..It., . .1 - I . " .' ' I '
.,vf)"'.J 'r.'l.t,.'!! ' ', 'ill '
CI l5 r ,
11 III 1 1 J
- ... , , , i.nii AaAkt
IsiToa Onto STiTeaaiMyioasa announce thnam
1- m , t . . .
Stat Leglslatnn, suMect to th4ecliIon of theCemocra-
cy of rraakll ooirnty. Jfi" II v
Bniroa Onto Statdiuk Plaaie announce ths asms
of I. W.-AMDuaw i a oandldat fur lUpreetnlillTe,
eiaJeetU h eoilanKihrlormocratlc County
Ooaventlon, and oblige , i!'1'
I JIVJIU ( J i "A AH VMTffliWpiAW.
KniToa Btiiwuiia Plao annoano th aaair' of
1. W. Bdiamt, cf .WesUrvlUs, as h oeadJlet for Rep-
reuntatlTe in (haf-eglilalun enbjwtlo th leolslaa tt
IhSTrarikiln County Demoeratl Oonrentlo.! , , ,
;''gDiToa Ohio BTiTSiMaw-yPIeae announce tho aaa
efh8; I. CoirmsS asaeandldats for RepresentaUT.
rablMt o tb deoltlim of th Talon Dsmoeratw Ooa-
a. "i :"l-',a. ii "U
Sonoa Omo TTtJU"-I'lu" anaounc th pam
.'.f Jnfli amaaana. of kfadwo towwshfp, ts a eandt-
datafor aepnemtatfre, subject to the decision cf th
Union BemocraUc Convention of fnnblin County, and
obliro. " ,J A HOST OF DBaOOaaio
ftrrroB rWTtsii-Pre announe In your pspar
that many 'voters la this city and In fraaklln eoanty,
destmtqhava Orro Oaaan., .,. for Uiiaxl 'aepr-
wntatlT. .Mr. Preeel BJaal tawaanwrmpiace,
'suglfltl " " L, """,'." "AHT tBMOCBAW
' 'fcoma'tfamfiTatmitaN: ,Sr-Plae aanoawsei
nui,l A. fl( Hiss, of Jsaksea tewnahlp, as a eas81
data fcf BpreenUtlre,nbteotto tk deeMoe of. th
tnloVt Btaoerltlc pomlnattfii convsnOoft, an oblige,
SIoa I-.V,A.'a10 Of DH1O0RATS.
S'i it ! 1 I J "'
' Xditob BVATauiasPkMs apneunc ths
Cant. Oiaax tf Onoan, of Blendon. townahlp,
eandidat for Sheriff, subject to the Aeelalan of. th
rraoklla County paoeratloCeBVnlln, and1 oblige
rXoim Osne atwtsj-PI anaoanoeith nam
of John Burnt, of Pleaaant towmhlp, as 4 tandidat
for re-election to the offlc of County OomSilsstonsr,
subject to th declilon ot ths Union Damoeraih County
m o.'J 1 ' 1 1 uist nruorlllTt
uVPTaowufMa lu .t! i'I "i -
.XsTTpaOauo Brattseuii Jfoa will j.lesa knaoune
the name of D. 0. Baaaaa, of namllton'tewnahlp, as a
(andldato for County Commissioner, suhJSot to ths av
liioa of the Union Psaocmtle Oeaatr iCoavsntlcn,
andobUge.' '-' a . MANX BH00RAT.;
t.t.A ...i " .
r Imroa .Onto BTaTssaAa-PIeajs, aanotlnee ths nime
it W.Vi Koa, of Madison iownshlpj as a eablldat for
'County OtaunlM4nrrstrhJet t th dedilon of tb
UmenToetftle County Cowtenfltm, anSrobUg; w 4
Stmt tmttHi & Plesse announe .HoinaMoirD
Caaav.'of ColttWaa, ai a jDaojldato for County Audi
tor, subject to tb decision t.M Vaom Democratk
Convention c Frank Uncemty,aol ebllg " I
.-''' '', MART SIUQCRATS.-
srrtm tta!a-Plea announce-' ' Dane TT.
BaocK a S canAUar for'Offttity. Aplltor, suhjeot to fh
aeeiun 0 in. v,uya .vemosraHe. vTim4ionf aua
isuoa OiaOr B-hw" ft annoBace the.name
of, Joiara fjaaaaaac, of Abls city, who. Is a present
clerk in th Ooanty Treeaorer'i offlcei'as a suitable -
dtdats for Ooanty1 Auditor, subject to tha declsltn of ths
franklin, Couply Union Temoerallo Convention, and
eUifa-..' ,, " tUANY DSMOOXATS.1
! ' i-r-n -r-v-,: '. . ... I
Isrroa Onie BTATtuuR Plea annoaace She nam
f J,. S, Wiuo as a a41dl -for Coanty Audrtor,
abject to th dollob ef the Union Democratic Oonren
tlon.Vnd oblige , ,M " BAHT DKMOOBATS.
b 1)
XouDg.Hyeon Tea. . 7; ; V1
...,'. Powshong Tea,'-r' C,:,j ,ur
.4 , :riEngliBli Breakfast Toa. ,
Bio and .Gov't Java Cofaai
for ale by ' J-
.' ,T ' 4 rti 1"
.,augB4.3l3l.. .. .
Ho. 1M South High Street.
. . . COLUMBUS .
1. ' !. 11 ' 1 11 ,f ' ' ,
Tbe Heat Artirtclal Help 't the
- Marnaua KIga over lawemted.
- vuojii-n d, rxiniini,- 1
mntof th aot Improved ShMto'ef Spectacle.
All his QlasM. whether for near r far-ilahted. an
nn . -j 4 .. ta niDHH eitmvnwl
irottnd In concave eon rex form with th ereatert care,
as to suit tb Rye erf all eases, curing Weekna,
Dinlnee -ef Inflaamatloa of th Bye, and Imparting
strength fnrlog reading or Bn sewlnf . '' ;
uuiea, 13 can srat arrvn, at peimr c wsnsters
Mntlcltar. ... ,, .,.,. ; 1 .
MgS-dlr . . . ........ .. ..
i Boat,' Wrt, Mvrra, d4 ffohth, m'wrery dlnetloh,
James Pvla'a PMell BaUratna is fastaunemdlnc all
othim. ' Itbaatmre'stresgih;' para,' vbolesoa and
harmlea. Beware of adalttrattd Imttatlonif rjepot,
Sal Waliligtcn.Wrel, e Irk,-6W by Grocers
everywhere. ' " ' J." "' " I
Teo'mnch eating aad drinking, nr habit and main
tt tlfbi often". predoov' IrregtarflM It lb bowsls and
gaasrsl health sf.tb sswtea. Jab Baaaaaarsi's. Piu-i
will soon core, h etoaarl will regain Itt etrength, sod
a healthy action of (he ayilsa wilt b rtsrl. No
Mrninms ar ttpul In uafulaM ts lb (,.: ,
malNDtlTHtl PIUJ. I
Rvery aaa of ths fIRR EOVATRS bad a boa of
and an ALI.COOK'S POROUS PLABTXR pat la tbetr
koapaack fret of exfensa: Aad to this fact aay bs at
trirmted th absene ef say of THIS RB0jMIRT from
thehoepiui. '"" .'.';".;:." , V ' , ;
RVIRT SOLSIIR saonld hava boa of Bsandrsth's
Plttara box of Salve, and a piece of Porous Paster.
Theyara BURR tab usral, erten llfe-aavlrg. 1
Sold by ion . Coot, Ihuggtst, Columbus, and by
all nspwtabi dealers la madlclacs.' j a. !
sugl7-dla . ' ' 'J-- '' ."' j
la all eawofBitlvna,Bprfb,btUIewnt' Uves
affwUona, alH rhraamllma,- evrs ta tptt, ebstl
net head achea, and all general ieraagammiti f baaltb
thee PUw nan invariably prared aeartala a4 speedy
rraedy A wr trial will pbms th Lit tills beyond
the reach sfiwarpetltloa la the tstlaaUoa of evsry pe
0,,l4.:. . ,,j,i,a-il. ' ILtCTfiT' -
L Ci-AtoJlafaf kaala BUUn will be Sawn aally f
tjoaotoo a aU aasse t awrveea erauKy, wjwf. a
olaltSNlraawMldat I smmIwi tnncbi health,
an; evbry lh5d of WiaVnes Of thli dlgeeUv orrana.
lot sJ.aiIr.n.'i..aU;i''AT,. Brtadway,!, T
aaribyaHBsatawte.' ' ";'-,'' wJa-al
VI ' ' J ''-
,utte.AvXl4iaii23 is 'aa'axtraoi from a
listMr Wtfttrt by Kv: t. Bola partat. ot tb
Plntot-St Baptist Ohajah, Brooklyn, H, l.,to
U'JwrnalaulMMMfirei,' OlnelnnstLQ., and speak
volnmos In favor f fjat vofld renown aedkttna, ktas,
w iwn.AW Huoymns Braor ra Onuean Tnrrrm! .
. i.wwMa adTrUBnt la peiar'aohiaas'etVas
Wiai4e.'a' "" w we vol 4i word
In tuTor f rwt lkila before la ear IHv pot w
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of yoT reader wht)h,v. bablee caa't do better than
tea suppif.". eoWilyoaf -1
So. 29 Bouth High Street, Columbut,
tOOO yards TiaveUn Dres Ooods at SK, value
8500 yaroe l nrllniym doods allSK, va'us SOele.
9U00 yards Ingllah at UX, vela 83 cent!.
' " .,1.. . mi Min.onMBtB.
luuuyarai ,i.mv.,wyi.. 7
toon lard! fast Colored Lawns at IU, value IS cents.
.r.' ... -. Dl.ln Rl.nk Silk .1 SI 00. IM Bltj.
Robwcf Organdie Bangs, and Bngllih Berage, at one.
half their vain. , . . .TM .nM
, , . j. DAin aw- ovi'
ja ! , t . - ; w 8oBlh 8,reL
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
No. 29 South High St.,
HAVl fust opened an Invoice of very Isrg anit
$faE French Laces fob ' Siiawls.
Very Deep Freueh Flouncing Laces.
Real Thread, French,1 Cbantilla & Osnevese
' VEILS. '
Talanoitxaaea, Point da Gaze, Brust6ls
,aiid Thread Laeet and Collars,
Valenciennes trimmed h-dkfs,
maltese lace collars & sets,
1 -',' In new Shapes,
' ' For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
Ta beat an moat faahloaabl tyl In th city,
jaw a son,
j JaW i S Bouth High Street.
4 -
:L.'.'. DEALER m -
c Protjqce,
, .ni fro h.'1um '
-rii ' : : Provisions,
' Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
. Fruits, etc. etc.,
NO. 34, N 0 R T II H 1 0 II 3TR E F. T,
. r'" ' to
ofTSe, :South High Street,
The old itan recently occupied by.WM. McDONALP
4, - He lain dally receipt or
Which he will sell
Cheap far Caah ar Canntry Prodaee.
JC Goods delivered to City trade free of charg H
Ko. 106, South High Street,-:-
,.'', , , ' ClALKR X
'Foreign and Domestic Fniits,
J'tK .'.
Steam Between Ireland and America
is mseiwagaaaw
Th followlne new and maralflcent flnt-elaasoaddlt
wheel Bteaashlps ceapoe th abov Una:
ADRIATIC, "5.888 tons borthsn, Cpt,J, Macs
(.formerly of tbo Collin tine.)
BIBIRKIA, - 4,400 tons bortheo. Cart. It. Paowes.
COLUMBIA, . 4,4 " " - B. laiTOB.
ANOLIA, , - 4,400 " . . . Mwaouok
PAOIHO, B.etlO . - ' I, Bmuh.
PRINOA ALBIKf , (Screw.)
3,300 .. ij, WalKsm.
On of th above ships Wttl leave New Tork or Boaton
alternately Try Taecday fortnight, for Oalway, car
rying tb goTernment malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
m. ff. t
The Steuntr of this Us hav been constructed with
fh greatMt care, nader th inperrialon cf th govrn
meat, havewalar-tlgbt' eoapartmeot. and ar unexcel
led (eroomfort, aafety and speed by any steam n afloat.
They ar commanded by able and experienced offioers,
and every exertion will be aad to promo I th eomfor
Of passenger.
xpertenotd 8nrgen attached to each ablp.
flrst-eUa N. t. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool 1 100
Beoond-elaas, , - -" - 73
riret-elaee. . V.' " , to St John1 35
Thlrd-claas, " to Oalway or Liverpool,
ot an tow h Inland, oa a Ball war. - - 3U
. Tbird-oaas pajrr ar liberal ry supplied with pro
vision of th beat quality, cooked and stnrd by the ser
vant of th Ooapaay. . , . .
Parties wlihing to tend foribelr friend from th old
onntry can obtain tickets from any town n a railway, In
Intend, or from th principal otiluof Rngland and boot
land, at very low rata.
Passenger for Mew Tork, aevlrtag by tke Roitnn
Steamer, will be forwarded to New York fro of charg.
. for passags or farther Information, apoty
At ths OfflaS oV Tfi 0ompany, on th wharf, foot ol
Osnal street. New Vorkv ,.
-- - HOWLAND AlPIKtr ALL, Agents,
t aarlllftdom. . . 1
. , .. VO. 89 ,01TIH JHQH "ttRilT,
jl ja ar ' it o vr :: O .s. bj ii i n o
1000 farda Saner Plata Blaok Bilks at tl 00 vsli
1 teetrard. ,,,".1 J l.
9100 yards TraveUng Crea and Mantis, Ooods at
If, lt senbj-vala 10 enl pee yard. ,
8,000 yards irhlt Brfllant at lt i;9 eent
- varae to sent per jard.
tOCO yards Frn aad Boaeati Olaghams greatly
,wsrvatse,--y . . ; i. .C.".-
"... -ALSO)-,,.. , ,
tiKGE AkD Desirable' lots of
ztakxmvu, Biiioiii3rn,v'-':''""
" '" ClAUIl, lOTTLaU). illllj "
':: Erarjsa BAisoEi,umiAi; t
tAwjri, tuucozj,' 'toruirs,
m.;w Ail b ALL OTHER, -
tferpr stnti P,arikmai'ble 3rha Crooci
la ths anst dwlrabl stylos sad at vary lovers prloes.
Of alt aaaterats; aaadsia tha'aost stylish mikr after
Q laaaal .Parta. f unlona-ine prestelekaat styles ls
thtetty. ' . -''
.iisil l'; tu i r. BAIIt As SOU ,
Ma. MBMtbBlfk street.
i'J V-4t -4, aaA lie aa
X y all Chaekod ot superior anaitty. Per sat by

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