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The Adams ExpreM Company placet tit daily
' . under obligations to It for (be "very latest ptpert
from the eaatorn cities. , ,, "T.'j
' The American Express Company our
lhDks for its dally favors In the shape of the
very lateit eartern papere. i; fi .,i
OT Another Examination for Army Surgeons
will occar ta Columbus, Sept. Candidates
ihould forward tbtlr tddrettto the nndenlgned
when a circular will he forwarded contalnitg
f.ill rwratrnilAra." " " ' ' '" 'f
..... f r; - V , . I
Aug.' 24. dbV
v I.
Geo. Medical Board.
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice Is hereby given to the Union Demoo
raoy of Franklin count;, to" meet on Friday
August 30, 1861 .between the hours of rtrss and
sir o'clock P. M, In the townships, and fix and
yAJ o'clock P. M.,1o the Wards, at the osusl
places of holding elections (excepting Norwich
township, which . will; be held . at Schofield's
School House, and the Fourth Ward at Gaver's
We Room, and the First Ward at the Gait
House), to appoint delegates to attend the Conn
ty Convention,' (o meet at the City Hall, lojlhe
city of Columbus, on Saturday,, the 31 at day of
August, 18GI, at V o'clock A. M., for the par
pose of putting In nomination two Representa
tives in the coming Legislature, one Sheriff,
one Treasurer, one Auditor, one Recorder, one
Coroner1, one County Commissioner, ead . one
Infirmary Director1; " ' ; " " , j '
At tho same time and place brio", delegate
from each Ward and' township will be appoint
ed to the Senatorial and Judicial Convention to
nominate a candidate for Senator and Judge for
this district. Time for holding the, Senatorial
and Judicial Convention will be fixed here
after. t .i i . t, , i i .- ft-'.: .w.i
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each Watd and Township; based upon
the vote east for Supreme Judge in 1860, allow
ing one for each fifty, and an additional delegate
for each fraction of twenty fivd votes so cast.
1st Ward, "
2d " '
3d "
4ih i
' Hamilton
Tp 1 8
' ' - 5
i J.i 5
Washington "
' Madison ... ."
1 Bleodon "
Norwich' - -
Jefferson "
Jackson " "
' Sharon
Franklin . "
Montgomery To.
Truro . - "
Clinton "
Pleasant "
Perry "
- '- '""V
Wm. DoiHoan,
JaCOB RtirlHAtD,
' Sam'l Dotli,
Alkz. Thompson,
II. W. Miller, Wat. Coori," ,
John M. Puort, J. Bolen,
R.Pickircl, Jams Iosxoces,
H. 8. Hioh,
County Central Committee.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
The, County Central Committees of Frank
lin and Pickaway Counties have agreed upon
the day for the meeting of the delegates from
the counties of Franklin, Pickaway and Madi
son, for the nomination of a candidate for1 Sena
tor, and a Judge of the Court of Common Fleas.
It is requested that our Democratic friends
in Madison County wilt send delegates to the
Judicial Convention. . . y -.. ri. . 1
The Convention is appointed to meet at Co
nmbns at the City Hall. '
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
William Doan,' " '
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee. J
Columbus, Sept. S3, 18C1.
0 Commissary General Delano left for
Washington on Wednesday morning, on busl
ness oonneoted with bis Department. , '
ET The Wilstach Regiment, Col. Poechneb,
left Camp' Dennison on Wednesday afternoon,
via the Marietta Railroad, for Western Vir
ginia. ' vi-.J ,
ST The City Conncil of Cincinnati, on Tact
day evening, unanimously adopted measures for
placing the eity in defensive position, and ap
pointed a committee to confer with;. Got. Den
mison and Gen, MoCleuan. The Council also
unanimously adopted a resolution, requesting
the Gorernor toord?r'lheldrft!ng pffifty
thousand men for the defense of the State. . ,
. KtNTccET. NtOTaauw.--The Cincinnati n
qy&rtr informed by a military gentleman,' di
rect from Washington,' and enjoying the confi
dence of the Administration, that Messrs.
DcDLir and Kino, Commissioners from Gov
ernor MAOomw to the President, had an inter
view with the Executive and Cabinet, and were
nrainntt Informed Otnt tha' nrtltrilltv noaltlna
r , r-- : -- 1 r
-of Kentucky would not be respected in future;
-; that Federel (roops wonld'vpass throogh Ken
tucky, and pass through that State for the sup
. nott of ihe Union men of Tennesaeei and hthar
, r - , . .
Southern States. The Commissioners urged
that tha neuteality should be respected, bur the
President waj QbXend decisive In saving "tbt
, no neutrality issue' woun ne retpeotee y mm."
'. " ' ;.!-' ; ' !
' ICT' The cltix'eoe of .Cioojauatl, at an imforrn-
-al meeting onjnrcdlieBdiy, "appointed the fol-
i ' - . . Jl
jowtog-genuemea te iconrer with. Uovernor
. DlNNiaOHOn ita'snlliaht' nP tirnMin rUllni.
for the defense of 'the oity ;: Wml B.Orobck,
Geo, Culislei Roberi BiwbjuMn, Miles ' Green
: wood, Pollock Wilson'. "Theser gehtlemen were
..loaot in eoaoert with another committee ap-
pointed b tb'd Clt.qounciL'r XZk'Z t '
', ' . I a '1 'I l :,.Uu '
U CTThe Artillery Company nnder-CarUln
James Mttoaiu organiud at "fepVinguald. Is
expecteaat.vapF venouon tnis wee:,rt,,
, XT The JPaymaetere are al-work in Western
' Virginia pajlng off tile, toopt'ln fuU.np to-tho
t present tlme"id,", wiw.t .
1 '-i- ....... T. ft
1 ' .Idr.Tne Fifteenth1 Ohio. Regiment, now being
, organised at Hamilton, it to be eompoted en
tirely of Irlsbmen, and fs'lLntendsd to rival the
, famous Sixty-ninth, Regiment of Nw York, j
, IT Capt. MoClilxaw arsived at Camp Chase
yesterday, with , a "company pfCataIry' from
1 Paris, uhiov j-.iu n i- j
H ST li la eali that Capt. C. SSeelui, font
rtj'of lh NeiTv ijfltiie ht.thla . clrj, Is ri om
tmand of Company A, Teatb Uliuoit itegimcnt,
Col. Moioan, and that 'tlie .po'nipany 14 called
'the ".Wagner Oatrds" In hon w f our Aillew-
, townsman, O. A. -wantinc '.' ji ;'.'. f 1
i BT Cot toiiN Andsews, Of the f onrtft; Regi
ment, hat leturncdjo Jilttiieicelinbim.
bier, tevlously HI f rdtn fatigue and txponrt in
Western Tttgu. '2,
- fO Three- Rcgtmtnta-from 'Ohle 'go- 'tnto
. .. '-'I'- ' H '.Mi. II A A I
tCT TNT 'Kentucky LegUlalure mvMtr' at
Frankfort on Monday next.
American Hotel. Messrs. Waeden t Emikti
of the American, bare been busy, with a nam
btr of mechanics, fo about two weeks, putting
in excellent order the spacious ofBoe and soolal
ball of the Hotel. The old floor hat been re
moved, and .a apUodld floor of iron tiling pat
down. The walls bave been newly papered and
varnished, and the psnnel wood-work put np
by Ricsuids, and grained la superb style In oak
by our old citizen painter, Rjohasd Jones, who
aaewa wen now to no such things. The work
bst been well and .quickly done and the old
American.' social room, where so many contro
versies, political and Otherwise, bave been held,
looks beautiful; cheerful and pleasant.v " "
Tho landlords look fatigued by bard work,
bat CorntA looks ee feL.and eomforUblo at
i Fisir uw Walt. FaiLma and Mao. Poher
Tt brought fine lot of the largest base from
the Reeevtoir last night that we have teen, and
distributed then among their friends who tbey
knew were pot good fishermen. J .,. ; "
What GonsNHtwr Pats' roa RailIoad Tsaks-
roaTATion The Government pavs for railroad
transportation according to the following rates!
ror passenger, pet mile, two tents for dis
tance tnored. Equipments, munitions, and mo-
plies aocoapanjloii regimenf, thirty miles or
ess,tenoeots per 100 ponod: flftv sailes. fifteen
esntt'per 100 pounds i 100 miles, twenty five
cent per 100 pounds; 150 miles, forty cents per
100 ponndsi- 900 snlUs, fifty eents per 100
ponndei 900 Bailee, seventy five tents per 100
Donodtx M to UU miles, not exoeedint nlnetv
oente per 100 ponndaj special express train, $1
per mile.r . .. ..
tionsis une animal counts at 3.0U0 pounds:
two animals count as 4,000 pounds; three ani
mals count as 5,000 pounds: Jour animals ooant
as 9,000 pounds; seven animals count as 10,000
pounds; eight animals count at 11,000 pounds;
nine animals oonnt at 19,000 pounds; fourteen
snimals, 18,000 pounds, counts at a fall car
lod. Provisions and heavy .freight, two to
three cents per ton ot 3,000 pounds per mile.
Dry goods, elethieg and light goods, three to
Ave cents per ton of 9,000 pounds per mile.
One large ear-load It reckoned at nine tons. ,
ID" To-morrow will be the last day of August
and the last day of summer. Agricultural Fairs
will toon be in order. In faet tbev have already
commenced. , One wee held In Clermont county
this week'.1 """
Srort OV tub. Sui. Thsrs ate at the present
timer thirteen or fourteen distinct spots and
groups of spots on tbe sua.' Three of fonr of
them- are pretty large. Tbey may all readily be
teen with a telescope of moderate power. . The
largest are advanced nearly half way across the
disc. U. . l , . , .. ., : I"
CT A ItreesblDssent of tentt and other camp
equipments waa tent west from Cincinnati on
Wednesday.- - L - - '-
Coohtt Faib. The attention of the reader
Is directed to the advertisement of the County
Fair in another column. .The Fair ootsmencee
on Toesdsy next, and continues three days
This annas) festival Is one of great Interest to
the citizens of our oounty , and ahould be patron
ized accordingly.
ttr Capt. HAZtt-rr't CompSny, from Z.oet-
villa, passed through here yesterday for Camp
Kenneot's Medical DrfCovtar We cheer
fully devote k Mr., Kenned; and bit popular
medicine a portion' of oureolumns today, for
we are well aware that the "Ditcorerj'' it do-
log more In one week In the owing of humors
of every description; than any remedy that bat
ever been, got up has, done in Its - uholt career
We are prepared to speak of this article in tbe
most confident manner, for wo have taken un
usual pains to find out whether It was all that
it professed to be. We have visited the Labor
atory 'of Mi. Kennedy at Roxbury, and there
perused the certificates of those who bave been
cured, many of them known to us as persons of
veracity and truth. -In 'addition to this we
have had caset of onre occur anions; our own
relatives and friends, and without solicitation
hart had persone relate to as' what the Dis
covery" did for them; these are our reasons for
the high estimation in which we hold this rem
edy. I ?: ' . ? U
Senatorial and Judicial Convention. Rail Road Time Table.
tiTTLa Uuki at OsLonWc k Xmu Bi , ' .
Lmtm. . Aniros
i. . Anfros
. 9:10 P. M.
. 11:03 A.M.
. 1 8:00 P. M.
fht. S:M A. M.
GlDCtnnatl AeoommodtUon. 8:00 A. M
" , Ixpnw 11:40 A. U.
Mall Slid Aoooaaodadoe.. 9:10 t. M.
Night txpnm via Dajtoii.lfcet mldnt!
Im, W. BOHtiTT, Agent .
' Oolchms Ounum A. B. y1
Right Iip...... ....... .140 A'.'M.' 11:13 P. M.
N TorkBxpnM 11:10 A. M. 10:50A.M.
O.O.ttO. WwrJtxirn....t:M P.M. ', 7:40 p. Mt.
' 1 ' : ; i ' ' Jabs Paths ton, Agsnt.;
. OcrrBAiiOjit Jl. B. j
V. t tpnm S A. B- ' 11M A. M.
No. S do S IS P. M. 11: A. M.
' :"l y "," '.'.'7?7:-, J- Agent.
,',PiTTfcaee, Ooumioifc Cnwunun t. B. i
MIITrln............,.... 1A.M. ll.SA.M.
BxpruTnuiA.i..........,.ll:iSA.M. 8:P. M.
': '',";;,. '', ' J'"' : Jof.,Iowtoii, Agent. -
Ootcmaas tt T mtf amotosu. B. B. '
OM.aaese Pioa St LnueA It. B.)
5o.l Izpna. ........... :JO A, M. ,' ' S:WP, M
No. 8 ....3:00 P.M. 7:20 P. M.
AooomaeisUon, lt 10:10 A. H.
: Hilts for Hew York OICv, Botton, Albuv, Buffalo,
Pltlafewgkr -NMahMTllle-way, OUvokud, aneiTtlle,
Newark, OnnTillo. Withlsgtoa Oltjr, JtelUaoro, Phila
delphia and Now OrUane, slom daU (Bandars exoopt
ed) at 8 o'elook p. a. . - ;
A throafth aull for Vow York an Olmlacd slom
Sallp (Ba(d7i txcepted) at S o'oloek p.m.
O. O.aO. B. B. Wa MaUolooea dally (Bonders
oepted) at 3 o'clook-p. .
Central Ohio Way lUilcloieidiTlj (SoQdijt sxeeptsd)
at 10 o'clock a. ra. J - - .
ClDolnuti Wuj Mill dlooeo dally (Bnndayi excepted) at
. o'oloek a.m.
Chicago, Dabnqne, Delawan, Marlon and Worthing
ton Mailt elotn 'dally (Bandajf axeeptod) at It o'oloek
p. SB. " "
Mailt for Ionia, BpringleM, Dayton, Toledo, Clncla
natl, Indlanapolla, LonlTlll, Bt. Lonla, and Detroit,
dooof dally (Bondayt exooplcd) at 8 o'oloek p. m.
A throagh null to Xenla, Iprtogflald and Cincinnati
etoaoo dally (Bandayi oxoaptod) at 10 o'clock a. n.
Uitmaa, Plqaa, Tlfln aod Uoloa Olty nail closes dally
(Bnndayi axeeptod) at 8 o'elook p. a.
Laooaator, Logaa, Nolmnvllle, Olrclorlllo, Ohlllloothe,
PortaaMth, WatkiagtoB O. H., Athona, Marietta aod
BlllbofM,ktaailf aloaa daily (Bandayt exoepted)at8
e slock p. .
Baat Way Mall by National Boad to Zanoirllls elotM
dally (Bandaya oxeeptod) at It o'otock a. i
Barrlslmrgh Maueioatf daUy (dandays sxeeptsd) atS
o'oloek p . - - m.... r '
MU'Jsnoa Mall, by waytf Wntorrtllaand Banbuy,
olooof dally (SaaUmjr. aaeoptod) at o'okiak p. at.
Dablia Mail elojaf tally tfRndays MpUd)l 8 o'clock
'LeaeetteVYay Maf) elsete daily (todays exsepted) at
o'clock m.
Malls frost How Totw, saM, Philadelphia, Boffhio,
Albany, PitMbargh, Otovalaad, Daytoa, Toledo. Xic.
Detroit, Bprlngncld, OlncinsaU, Obilllootha, Bt. Lonta,
and all Bootbora citlea, arrtre botwtoa the hoars oft
o'oloek p- si. and 4 'oiook a. A 1 .
Malli froa IatUanapslis, CMoago sad Dnbaqae antra
at 9:40 a. a. , ... , '
ailf froa WaaWnfW Olty, Baltnaera, WhacllBg,
ZanesTtlls, llewart, BtonbMvllla. Mt. Tornon, ant uto
O. O. B. B. Way MMWarrtro at 19 o'elook a. r ,
way Mall from utacunati amvas at t o'clock p. a.
lancHtor Mail arrlTM at 8 o'elook I. a.
Baat War Mail ever the
STiMnail Ban
e v-Moa a. at.., . - - . t.' i
. VanwaWayMallantves atrl4ta.m.
a Mall tnm PaMiaarrrraa at U o'elook a. . tv -. ,i :
llraata Way Mall arrlTOt at t o'clock p. a. .-.:... j
Hanitbarib iaaH arrtroa at 11 o'clock a. n. ! ' .:?
.lionaaiiar JayJUU arrival at U a'olook a.
Qilioa delTry op a orory day (axoopt Banday) from
T clock a. m. to a o'clock p. a. Open on Bandayi
erm7ttteeoVlow, in the morning, and froa Slot
o'clock id the avonlm- . - . .
.niirKLMTr.iMi .WAtui.pBver
JLatLCiASI Alse, other aakoi of Bpring
Ck tJlotha, baali,Mirablo alxttirao Hiodlnn. Sal-aala
and ballon, to aatoh. baim a eon,
apru Ho. St aik Hlihstree
Particulars of the Battle at Summerville
—Two Hundred Federals Missing.
-lap;. ' g r,:
GALUtoue, O , Ang. 29. The battle at
Croat Lanes, near Summervtlle, on the SOib
Inst. , proved to be nnloody affair. .
The following; are all the particulars we
nave learoeoi ..
Tho Seventh Ohio Regiment, Col. .Tyler,
was sarrounded while tt breakfast, and attack
ed on both flanks snd In front simultaneously
Our- men Immediately formed for' battle and
loeebl bravely, while tbey saw but iitue onanoa
of success, the enemy being too powerful. Col.
Tjier sent forward to tbe baggage train, wnicu
was coming op three miles distant, snd bad, It
turned back toward Oauley, which point it
reached in safety. Companies B,' 0 and I
suffered most severely. ' They particularly went
in the bdttest or tbe Dgnt, and stood up to it
bravely, and finally fought their way through
fearful odds, making dreadful slaughter 1 tbe
enemy's ranks., The rebel foroe consisted of
3.UUU Infantry, 4UU oavalry, and 1U guns. Tbe
Federal-, forces scattered after i thev bad out
their way through, but soon formed again and
fired, but received no reply or pursuit from ths
enemy. Our loss cannot be definitely ascer
tained, though not over 300 are missing out of
the 900 engaged. The fubel loss is fearful.
Lieut.-Cel. .Creighton captured the enemy's
eolors and two prisoners . 1 1 , ..
The following ie a list of the officers knot a
tobe killed t 1 '- 'v.ui:u ,-
''Cant. Dver. Comosnv Di PalnestlllerCint.
Shurtllff, Company C, Oberlin; Capt. Sterling,
(not James) Company I; Adjuttnt U DeForett,
Cleveland:. Lieut. Chas.' Warrent and Ber-
geant-MaJor King, Warren,' O. The Other field
officers are all safe. " " : ' '
Funeral Obsequies of Gen. Lyon in
St. Louis.
8t. Loms, Aue. 23. The funeral ceremonie
aod military display in honor of Gen. Ljon to'
day were most imposing. Tbs procession which
escorted the remains to the railroad depot con
slsted of Gen. Fremont's body gosrd( under Col
Beagongl i Captain Plllman's company of oar'
airy ; a seotlon of Captain Carlin's battery;
First Regiment Mtssourt Volunteers, Colonel
Blair; General rremont aod titan; members
of the army and volunteer ofHoers, city ofBelalsi
and prominent citizens, and the Third Regiment
United States Reserve' Corps,' Colonel McNeil,
all under command of Brigadier General Sigel.
The streets tnrougn which tne procession
passed were thronged with spectators, and the
flags throughout the city were draped in mourn-bog-
' V , ' -if .
Uen. rremoBt having signified to the banks
yesterday bis desire to loan $160,000, the Ex
change Bank took the whole amount to-day.
Another Seizure.
Alianv, August 28. Deputy United States
Marshal Burt this ovenlng seized a package ooo
tainlcg 1,100 copies of Ihe N. Y. Daily News,
which be was notified was in the. American Ex
press office In this city. They were brought
here by Spear's newspaper express, snd Ihe dU
rectioo, A. Gunter, Louisville, excited suspi
cion, when an examination showed the contents
to be as stated. Col. R. L. Johnson, Ihe agent
of tbe exprese company, therefore detained the
Sackage, and notified Mr. Burt, the Deputy
larsbal, who now holds them'subleet to In
structions from Marshal Murray, of New York.
Union Meeting in New York.
Trot, N. Y., August 23. A Union meeting
was neid at smiwater to day, which was ad
dressed by Gen. Bullard and others.
Tbe delegates to the Republican State Con
vention were Instructed to place upon the tioket
patriotio Democrats of tbe stamp of Dickinson
and senator uoivin.' . '
News from the South, via Louisville.
LotnsviixtrAugett 28. Rallrosd travel to
and from the South ie immense. Tbe Tennes
see authorities seized the contents of Adams
Express Company's safe to-day.
' The Memphis Avalanche of the 27th says
that General Folk's agent announces that no
more impressments will bo made. The Con
federate Congress has passed a resolution, ap
proving tho oodrse of planters and factors In
keeping their cotton in the Interior, end the de
termination of Insurance Companies not to in
sure the crop when not retained on the planta
tions. . .. f'0"
Colonel Thomts H.Taylor, of Frankfort. has
been appointed Colonel ot Duncan's ' Kentucky
regiment at Manassas. . , ,
. The Norfolk Herald. baa temporarily suspend
ed, for want oi paper. ' t . I I , .
The Charleston Mercury's correspondent
sayst "we are witnout tne sympathy or friend
ship of any nation on earth. The only ergo.
stent by whioh we ean influence them, Is their
necessities -and fears." - This correspondent
says inac ine uonieoerates sunerecf more In
killed and wounded at Manassas, tbsn the Fed
erals, and complains that advantage Waa' not
taken of the Federal flight. :
A dispatoh from Paducah waa received at
Memphis, stating that a battle is reported to
have taken place at Cape Girardeau, yesterday,
in which the Confederates - were victorious,
creating commoiion el Cairo.
Firing on our Pickets.
Haoxsstoww, Md.. Anirnst 28. Information
has retched here that there hss been moeh
firing across the river by the rebels at our pick,
etc, between Conrad's and Harper's Ferry. It
is reported that an attaok was threatened on
Saturday at Point of Rocks. . ' .'. :' ,
The rebel encampment at Leesbursb has
been moved baok some dieianoe from tbe
river. - - -
The health of onr 'troops has Improved.'
A Boston for
Boston, August 28 The First Massachu
setts Light Battery, late Cook's, has been fully
recruited and will soon be ready to return to tbe
service for three years. ., ;. .. . ' ,-
Capt. Mcuougal.or tho iiritiabehiB Forward.
tow states that he was la error In reporting the
privateer Sumter off Capo Antonio, r Tho ves
sel was the United States ship Crusader. -?
No More
South of Kentucky.
; Niw Yoax, Augnit 38. The Secretary of
War bet ordered the stoppage of all telegraphic
dispatches from points south of Kentucky. . .
Dispatches from Washington.
Washinoton, Aug, 28. The city was rife
last night and tbit morning with a report of a
fight on the other tide of the Potomac, Even
in ususlly well informed quarters there Is con
flicting Information on the subject. ' hit "cer
tain, however, that Gen. MoClellan returned
from thence at ball-past eleven o'clock last
night. r' Nothing of an important or, serious
cbaraoter was elicited. It is probable, howev
er, tbtt a disunion force or three companies of
cavalry and about tbe tame amountof infantry,
wuuiwo neia pieces, nave oeen .novenag in
the vioinlty of Ball's Cross Roads, manosovtr
log with h view to draw detachments' of , our
troops into an ambuscade.-; tie i ' o i
Uen. Moueiian went over tbe Potomac river
to-day, to visit the camps -and Inspect the
trOops. Mr. Russell, of Ihe London Times,
was invited to attend blm. No other corre
spondent was favored with a pass.
, Tbe steamer Philadelphia, arrived from Fort
ress Monroe, reports all quiet at the Potomac,
and navigation unimpeded. Signal rockets from
tbe Maryland shore evidently conveyed the In
telligence of her presence to the Virginians.
She wsiled till morning, but the batteries of the
enemy at Mathlss l'oinl and Acquis, Creek did
not open lire. .
It It now believed teveral of our soldiers were
killed and wounded in a skirmish on the Vir
ginia side yesterdsy.- ' " ,"'"),
. The main object of the fleet which lately left
Fort Monroe- It more effectually to blockade
Southern No Invasion
[Times Dispatch.]
WAiHiitcrroii.Ang. 28. The present rebels
now under arrest were transferred to day to a
commodious dwelling temporarily hired for tbe
purpose of keeping them In confinement. Sev
eral have been arrested besides (bote whose
names have been published.. .-. f. t r
', .""Pselsl to the OwnacrtlaT.J ' ' '
It It Jtuthoritatlvelv stated 'that old nnataire
ttampt are good where the ntw ones ate not ot
. .Mr.. Etstmtn, of Chicago, an. old aatt-t
lavsry man, nas been appointed ea Coasdl to
Mrs. Greennow remains nnder guard lb ber
own oouse acre.
Political arrest ars no longer to be published
hero, ae the purposes or, tbe government are thus
Interfered with. - I L ;
' A cireular letter wad recently sent, it is be: 1
derstood. from the office of thtTAuditor of the
Treasury for tbe Poetofflce Department to pro-1
per persons neat- tne residences oi certain man
contractors in the Btatet of Kentuoky, Missouri
snd Marylaad for tbe purposes of ascertaining
whether those contractors are faithful and loyaj
to the Union, and to guard against an Improper
mo or ineir facilities lor aeccmuu purpurea.
Much valuable "information wasaeoelved: from
this Inquiry. - f -" J I
Washwoton, August 29. Tbe statement
that news had been received Indicating tne cer
tain and eoeedv recognition of the Confederate
States, It unfounded; on tbe contrary, tbe indi
cations are that all tbe European Goveramente
intend to continue to respeot tbe blockade, ard
to await tbe resau ofi tho eentosti .i i-t i ! ,
A messenger from tbe iVrrtibia' side' thil
mornlno? atetM thabous nlohet forces sdranoed
to Baileyf Cfurb Roads yesterday, and drove
lh. iw,... an n mllA tnil a nail, ie la
said ths latter Bare taken.bossesaion of a com
manaing emmenoe. ana are turuwiug op n,
treochmente., There vwae, more .firing: durine
tbe day, bat without fatal result, it It report
ed that a dash ol seoestioh eavsJry'Wat made
at what was suDBoeed to be a deserted csnnon.
after about twelve rounds bad been fired st it
from howitzers. On a near approach, however,
they discovered It to be a shams j .
. DavUi Kim pie, of the 3d Michigan Regiment,
waa killed yesterday by the accidental discharge
of a gu In the hands of tomrafleV, .'"; !.
; For the. future n4 clearanoes jot, 'goodt will be
allowed for Matamecas in Mexico. nTbe , above
ie by order ef the fietretaty ef the Treasnryi J
[Times Dispatch.] Forays of the Rebels in Missouri.
1 LaxisoTos, Me., Au KbSx'lhe rebate en
eouraged by exaggerated "reports ;of the battle
Sprrnefield, ae CQpgregaiing ihiarge nqn -
eonamltiisRf alUkiuds of outrages upon Union
men and tbeir Drooeitv. If they are allowed to
overrun Lafayette, Ray and other such coun
ties in this, part of. 'the .Suta is ifaty are now
doing,' they will steal enough from Union men
to sttbelit thvVr army for months. ' In view of
this . eSndltloV'o-Mbings, assietanct has been
asked of. G enJ Fremont. . ,t i
Ths Home Guards still occupy tbe lOTtluci-
tlon here, and are well supplied with srnsasd
p'rovlslons, and csn probably bold tbe place, but
relnforoemerilt are needed to epsrateoagainst
parties engsged In ravaging tbe country'." Prom
inent Ublod men are now daily threatenelwith
death. 'Ex-Governor Kioe, of Rai couutv, has
been frequently warned, bat his dtvotion to the
Union cause it unshaken, and he and bis sons
are read. " to sbonlder their muskets.
The Notional Loan Rapidly Taken.
Nxw lot. August B8. The' Port Say g that
suDscrii ;ons to tne i av-ivu i reasury notes are
averagi.g to individuals over $100,000 per day,
Mr. Cinco issues daily about 100 certificates.-
we bear of a negotiation On loot for ftvuu.uou,
which will probably be Concluded to-day: ' It it
understood this amount (a wanted Jn .Ukrtlord,
Conn., principally foe tbe 'moneyed institutions
of that city, Mr. Chase bar finally decided to
date all the fifty million 7 30-100 Treasury
notes August 19Ui, that being ihe das the first
payment of tbe ten pes oent. by the banks of
this city wat msde. ' ' ' ';
Boston, August 23.The resigned bfiioers of
tbe frigate Congress '-have 'been tent- under
guard to f ort .LMayette, - , a N , . :
Fire in Illinois.
li Cbioaoo, August 28 A fire at Frecoort. Ill
to-day, destroyed Waddle's lumber yard, and
B.,H.Hjde'wvchouse-ise.$d,UJJO i
Senator Wilson Takes the Field
, BorroN,ug. 28.-f-Sentor , Wilson bat 'bctn
commissioned to organise a regiment oi infan
try, with- battery ot artillery and a company
oi snarp snooiers attacnea. senator w iisoo,
in bis call, asks the loyal young men of Maesv
cbusetts, who fui If comprehend the magnitude
ot this contest, for the unity and existence of
tbe Kepublio, and) the preservation- of Demo'
cratlo Institutions in America, to Inscribe tbetr
names, upon the rolls of bit regiment, and to
leave tneir nomes and their loved ones, and Io
row our nag to tne neid. u , ;";;.' ;a:.,;. j '
Death of a Prominent Canadian.
1 ToaoaTO.'Aug. 29. Win'. Lypn MackeEe,,
ux in. r oieo isc mgnt in tnis city. ineie
ceased was the UoDer Canada leader of the Re
belfton of 1837, which resulted In hit exile to
tho United States for twelve years, during which
time he wat oonneoted with the New York'Tri
bune. Being pardoned In 1849, he 'returned to
C A J ... 1 . J 1' - a .Tl--'.' L L.
unjwm .uu wao wnwu .W iixiuiuiiiuk, wuicn
position he occupied for several years. j,.He was
uniTersany respected.' " ,," ' 7 "nm I
... - 1 , i . . jMj,j
Arrival of the Asia.
Sasdv Hook, Aug. 29. The steamer Aula,
wita dates to the loin, has passed here, She
reports the sfTivsf bat of the Grest Eistern,
arauia, aau ev mi;,. .- . i ,
Cotton declined 4 ) sales 46,000 bales, rlos
Ingquiet. ' ' ' "ii 'i-;
Breadstuff! stilt declining ,' proVijloct'dnJI.
Consols, 90kQ905., .The bank, rate U re
dnoed to 4Jg ,v - " L."
Ihe general news is wholly unimportant. '
News by the Asia.
- Nxw Yosx, Aug 29. iThs newt
Asia is verw rneaorir'' I,-. !
by; the
l 4
A letter lrom the'EmlisJrt 'of , the , Cotton
Supply Association reports the result oi his visit
to Egypt. He gtvee an encouraging prospect
of the cotton productive capacity ot Egypt. The
Viceroy expressed great Interest In the exten
sion, but ean do very little., .f .
tm raris nourse i ncau .W
It was reported tha tho French-Government
had Instructed Goyon not to oppose the entrenct
ot Ciatdlnt Into tbe Fanal Territorrisboald tbe
necessity. of war requite It., u! t3...le
LiTtsrooL, Aug:"l-i-BfexdBtufis' very dull:
provision. quleO'-." ;b
, London, Aug. 18-CoasoU closed vesterdav
at 9U90 far tnwey and-aootmnt. Erie
shares x4ui Jllbole Centrat.39 per cent.
UIWUUUI I- . .4 .A
' St. ' Louw, Ahgnst' 281 The circulation of
newspapers , recently , presented, by tbe "Grand
Jury of New York, bM been interdicted in Sc.
Louis oity and county by order of ihe Provost
iuarenai. . -i
.. .,,-l1:.?t . Hf.- I'.'""l I'fl V
Gen Lyon's Remains at Cincinnati.
- CmoiNitm, Abghst 89 -The remains oi Gen.
Lyon reached heronnst '.irning,, and were es
corted by the military auJ citizen) to Smith &
Nixon's Hall, where they will He In state till
nine P. M."Thoremttps,wil be taken East
to-night. . ,
A large number or people visits the ball
during the forenoon
Arrest a Banker—The Journal of
Ntw You. August 29. Wm., Patrick.' a'
Wall street banker, was arrested Wednesday,
and sent to Fort Lafayette. ; j
Negotiations ere alool to change ths owners
of the Journal of Commeroe, Ihe prcao&t editor
From Fortress Monroe.
FoaTsrjs MoNto-."Abe! 28. We have no
tidings from the naval expedition. t
la. turns out thst the Bring on out flag of
truce from Creney i.tand some-weeks aeo was
entirely unautbbrfMa Bt 0eft.'fTaet: On bear
ing of tha outrage he senf.a'q apology to Com.
Ptnngnam.,: , , ,.?,' ' :i r jw. j 1 1 .
The Proprietor of Berkly Springs
BaLTImoii, August 19 A Drhrato tetter re.
flelved In this' citv says, the secessionists have
arretted CoT. 'Strainer, thef eirkqowh. proprie
tor Of the Berkley Spring-, end. partttf.binr, to
Richmond- : lrt1-t ' f
" Irish Linen Goods,' ;y 7;
- Vmtm tain oaa Plata aat faiap i
r t latrtlng aat Botoa liwion t- . r r rr
a. UnooehootiBai aat WltewCaoMrJ i-
i ft Hfct MaaaOaaarlooaat Lmfimwrni v '
- 1.IMMV ,wMJ.J."l. .11 J '
Line Taalo Olowisaoo? SMln DiinAt. m i
,at W Wi oniorod nlnwtM'T r
.IHin .a SiiomBlalrOovwrlaalaaiiraaai 4
lorsaloatlowprlcei. jfj
B1TH $t 80,
htn tTe.MaVmth High street.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 28.
Ummtkri. lad Wi doallaad five oontl. with
only a aaraa uiaw d.ias fw export and homo
ooDiamytion. tin oi I MX, bwr.ii at t 5t or
ouorSDOataKl tt 5t f. i for oxira ttau, iHt K
for inparfloe weiMrn ; M ttxAt AS (Or eoaaon to acdloar
Ua WMicrn: .v5 wi loriblpplog braoda oxira roano
hoop Ohto. aat KWS tt lor irado brand! So, oarket
clMlss mary; jaxtra iraa ooia cnIC fljat f auxai oj.
OanadlaafloaadaUaaa aenlttal.
At t gUJUtj SMooy at t 30l M. "
aiaAL Oonllnort noady - BnW ef SOU bar
rail cboloa weitan at t Hi; and $3 3 SO for Branty
win. i Wlimt-Doll.wllh Bill of 20t barrels at 18X1
Milt KT Wllhont hnportant ohnge, ant Ihe flrronni
of freight! materially enecki Ini export doaiand. galei
of tV,20V bwholi Chioieo ipring atlrOSDHc; 13,000 buib
eu Baclno ipilng at tj WKIW; 3M)buieli Miiwau
io olob at tl U3l 00 gt,S00 baihoiiaaMr Iowa at
tl ST I 1)9; Stj.tlAt baibeh eiater rod vcinil at gl 15
al 19; H) 004 bo.heU lofoilor to common do at I lOta
I 18; 7.60U katoala wbuo wotMrn at i I )U
4,500 baib.il wbltc KaBUcky at 1 aiXl 35. -
lax ya-ot, and wiuiuoi caaoto la yncc. - - - '
OOUN ODoaedoalio Ina. and cloaod about one cent
better: with onl a moderate iudpIt and falrdoaand fur
export end hoaa oaneumptlan; aarea IMI.OOO bathe Ie at
MS47 rr latarlor to common mixes weatcrn;
fvrguod to yrtao So; tO51o for weitora yellow; I2
or wane weetern, esc ior ruane yeuow, ana no tor cow
mon mtxe4 MorLhern.
OAIS jlot,alMa29forOnadal as4,3S33o ror
state aoa weiurn.
POKK Unite very anil; wa notice l!i of 100 bblsat
IS for men; and t!0 for prime.
BKCr Market aulet and aoonannd: Mlei of 100 bblt
It t44JO for oountry prime t, OS SO for eonntry
mi; tWU 3 lor rcyicked mat; and lleuoni3 18 J
for extra mete. It rUne meu beet and beet hinu dall and
ytioM nominal. , --'
GUI MltAIg In batter reqaeit,and prims re mala
lewly; aalei of 450 packaaei, part laet eroulog, at iX&
30 lur boaiaorei and otgtojxQ lor nami..
aauva loacUTO.
LAHD Quiet, aod prlcci without important cbanee;
Mlei of 35U bbaat8k(S9Ke. ' '
BUIlktt in demand, and. market firm, at PSillo lor
unio, nd llKltolgrlte-
vnfcEE Ii In fair reqaeit for rjrport
,Cf air deound, i bkkI very arm;
BUGA.lt lUwaontinneaflrm. aod demand fair: aalel
of t.lW hbdi of Cuba at 87ko; 35t hhdi Porto Rice at
SX7tj. By suction, 800 had!, 14 tlcrcei, and 17 bbla
at to iv mi vt.
I Bl'OuKS Better thil afternoon, and closed Arm: Oh -
eaxo and Rock Island 41) V; Iilnoii Central icrtp 64 X,
needing ane xix; Hew York Uentra73, ncmc
Mail 79; North Carolina t'l 55, Tlrglnit 6't S3; Mlf
onriS'idlX; Tenneeteoe'i ,; Ireaiury 67; United
Slawi O's, of '81, coastal, 88; do registered, 80 .
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 29.
ttibiesa In a general way did sot amount to moeh to
day. The operations of tbe Government In contract! of
varloai kind!, retail in the dtsbariemeot of a large
taemt xaoaey ana employment, oi many person! In
Tarioai branches of manuraetaros, bat tha main but lit
tie oauide show In laicnrrant of tradct
UllOCEHIES Were very quiet, tut no chanres In
prlcci are noticeable
w buu a ui good qnailty bai a fair market for a regn
lar trade, but acquires none of that life which a bated
upon speculative operation!. Good tUDtrfiuC Is hard to
obtain at any flrnre below 3 7j, mainly for the reason
that there ievcry little icrooiy any in the market.
Extras range as before, at 1 3 CO to 14.
.WMJSAT U In less reque.t. and lower; 75d for red
and So. for while are exception!! Biuret or cell for
choice gradei of each.
UUKN Will not bring over 37o at he hands of tha
OAT8 WereqnrttitSJc. ' J
R a Waa sold at 40o to day, Including delinry.
BARLBY la not quotable. . .
WIllBKI-iiui.rrsilj uli to-
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 28, 1861.
WHEAT Silei on'Ohaniaweia three red atton
tracx; ouvu nuineis ao tree on board at!3c; teren can
white on track at 90c, and 3500 tmtheli southern white
iroa boat at We.
COBM.Btaaa haae deaead at 3.K4c.
OATS galea at '.Oc on track.
C BUTT E B Doll at 509j. ,!,
BaGB Lull at So.
' " Of TBI '
. Hon. Joflepb XL Swan,
(Contained In twenty-nine volnmci of the Ohio and Ohio
J;J . Stale Keporte.)
) and; a rou. aHq convihhht iitnu.
fnTwoftojal 8vo. Volumes. Price $10 00.
No cars or expense haa been ipared to make thi work
perfect and reliable In all resoteu.
It baa now Ihe Legit latlve sanction, having been ap-
proTea dj nearly ue onanunoni vote or Dotn lioases,
and was ordered to be distributed to the following State
aoa voanu omceri:
Uovernor, Attorney Ocneral, Supreme Judges, Becre
larr, Optroll.r, Treasurer and Auditor of State, and
to the Probate Courts. Courts of Common Pleas. Super
ior and Police Courts, Auditors,, and the Clerks of the
rarloul Courts In each county, to the Membenof the
Sonata and ileuse of Representative! of Ibis State, and
ue uovcrnori oi tne several disks or tne union.
Tha book, containing, as It doei. all of Ibe Stabiles
now In force, and the authoritative construction of them
and of tha Now Constitution, will be found to be especial
ly useful in the performanoe of their duties, to all
JUBT10K8 Or TH1PBACE, , . ' r
., 0LBRK3 Of TOWNSHIPS, and, '
. . , j OITT OffflOaBS. , ' i -Inumnch
as very many ehanuee have been made in the
Statntee sinoe the publication of tlw ait edition, ir re
peal; alterations sad addltioaa, and many hnportant de
oisions have been liven by the Supreme Court on con
troverted points, an , , ,
t liATTOHNBTS AT I.AW. - . ,
Will and tbil SBjpvalnbUWork. ;
7ta ifoyeJ 8e. Vvlvnu of over Xlnetuti Hundred
I - .'1 ..In ,
In Strong Law Binding. Price 110.00.
Pnbllihediiy 4 '''" ' v" ) . ".
Law Publlshcrai Booksellers; Btatloneri and Imnorten.
' n No. 65 West fourth street,'
feM8;dSrn:is Cincinnati O.
The Public Works of Ohio.
Orrica or tbs Lxxirs or thi Poiiio Woaxs,
CoLOMBoa, June 13, 18(11,
THI andcnlaned having become tha Lessees ef the
Public Works of Ohio, aider the act of May 8. 18(11.
and having entered Into Ihe possession of laid Worn,
hereby give notice that in operating nnder laid lease,
and discharging their dntles under the same, the holi
ness wil be transacted with tha publlo through agenta
appointed by the Lesseei, nnderiuch rules, regulations,
roairiotioas and limitations, as shall be prescribed for
their government.
Those Agents for the present, will consist of one Gen
eral Agent, a Treasurer and Secretary, for Ihe Central
Office of the Lessees at Colnmbut; and the necessary
number of rTuperint'endenQTSf Repairs and Collector! of
Tolls an the several Work! embrai-ed In the lease. .
The flwierai Agent shall be tha principal executive
otBoegof the Lesosea, and shall hare charge of the gen
eral business office at Columbus, lie ihall have super
vision em the kaeiness ot the Leasee! with tha aablis.
hand ae wach ageat shall execute ail contracts, except
woee ior laoor ana materials oonnecien who tne ordina
ry repair! of the several Worki.and he ahitll audit and
settle all' amounts. - , . . - .
Ths duties of the Treasurer and Secretary shall he
such as are usually discharged by ilmilar officers In other
Tbs Superintendents of Repairs shall, on their ra.
speotive dir lsiona, have power to employ aod disofaarge
all subordinate! and laborers, and to pureharc all toon
and material! neoeoeary in the erdlaery repair of inch
division, and the aame shall be aadar their special di
rection ana management .
The Colleoton of Tolls, Water Rents and Flnei, are
invented with all the tutherily and power, provided in
the lawe of the Btate and the regulations of the Board
ot Publlo Works, made for that purpose, when such Col
lectors acted under appointment and authority from the
No Individual member of Ihe Lesieet shall have the
tight to transact basinet In the name ef the Leasee,
with any person or persons, in any other Banner than
through the appointed agenta, unless ipecislly authoris
ed by the Lessees to to do; nor shall any one of the ap
pointed agents xave authority to transact any buslneei
to the name ot tha Leasees, except la the particular
breach of ths businesa confided to him, and subject to
the reetrlcttont and limitations of his agency.
No authority to borrow money on the credit of the
lessees, shall ever exist m any Lessee, moi or other
employee at tbe Leseeea, nnleea the earn shall as con
ferred ay a aaaauaoua To as or tha Leseeea, at a regular
aeetlag, and the amount so authorised ta be borrowed
apeoMsd hi tho order and entered- oa the Journal.
9ts.'W, Manmiav is Ua Oeneial Agent of Ihe
Leasees. Bamiasii a, . BsUTa, Treasurer, and Joaa
Joycb, Secretary.. . .- i .. , . ,
The Superintendent! ef Repairs aret - i . ' -On
tbe a-a I. Canal and rV.StM.S Jusna
eoovaa, Taoass Baowa, WM. S. iurnnn and AanaL.
- On the Ohio, walhoading and Hooking Oanala and the
Uusktagua Improvewient EoesarH. Moeaar, TaoKa
Mtuta, Dawaa-HcOaBTKY, STLrasm AlaMaav and
Bwaae Bala. ,i,i. j...'
TaeoHeotenw thoCarals, Haakiaaasa laprovs-
meat and alaumee Road, are the came that were in Ihe
service of the rlmce M she time ef the exteuttoa of tha
Lawe, fcnt all tha aforesaid ageaa hold their appoint
BwataAt tba prraiBrs and opUm ef tbe Leneea, .
Li-, itiJtvimwJ,.N,NILl MUOiUirt, ,
,n;--(a ai ' ft luvett awns,
Stft, A'SvS .W .t: THOMAS BBOWN, '
Imsms of tbe Public Worka.
Ah tjttnlvmotil Nurtetnd feiU jn'oUn, preiWDU
- - to nit) aiien lift m mowm aer
whlcli greatly tacilltatas the praceea of teething, by totl
en ing thegnsas, redaciag all mnsmmatiosv wil 1 allay
Aijs, rain anaapaexoawacuoD,Bnu a
Depend upon It, mothers, It wfll give rest to 1-onrselvM
BOO " ' 1
We bave nut an and sold this article for over tea rearm.
and O AN BAY, iU COFliBrlOBANTBDTH,of it.
ANON. TO tCyVHOT A OUH.lt. abea tlmelr aard. tier.
at did we kaow an Instance of diasatismatlon bv snv ana
who nstd iu. On the contrary, all are delighted with Iti
operation!, and speak in terms of commendation ef its
magical enects and medical virtues, we speak in this
nuuer -nniT rr a uu snuw; arter ton yean' expe
almost every Instance where tie infant ii luflerlng froa
pain and exhaustion, relief will he found in flfteen or
twenty minutes after theflyrnp Is administered.
. TbterehisMO preparatroo a the prescription of one of
the moot BXr-aUUKNOBDand BKlLLfUL NORsBIId
New Bnrland. and has been used with NITBU g AIL
It sot only relievoe Ihe child from pain, but Invlgoi.
atee the itomach and Lowell, corraeto acidity, and gives
tone and eneiyy to Ihe whole syitcm, - II will almost in
Stantly relieve
OBjto nr ths bowzis, isd wind coiio
and oreroo me eon n itions, which. If not speedily reme
died, end In death. We believe It the BS1 and SOB
BHT BRMKDV IN TUB WORLD, In ail cease of org
it arises from teething, or froa any other caste. W
would eay to every mother who hsaa child suffering from
ant of the foregoing compleints 1X NOT LET VOUB
stand between yon and your auffering child, and the re
lief that will be SCllB yes. AB80LDTBLY SUItB to
follow the use of this medicine, if timely need.' Pull di
rections ror nsing will acconuany each bottle. None
nnulne unlets the fac-simile of CURTIS PBREINH,
New York, is on the outside wrapper.
Sold by all Druggists throughout tbe world. ,
Principal Office. 13 Cedar Street ft. Y.
An Effective. Safe and EoonomieaJ
To IU original color without dyeing, and preventing
uairuom mnusggray.
And curing It, when there li the lesst particle of rltall
or recuperative energy remaining.
' And all cutaneous affection! of Ihe Scalp.
Imparting to It an uneqaled gloss and brilliancy. Baking
it soft and silky in its texture, and causing it to cur'
The great celebrity and increasing demand for this un
equaied preparation, convinces the proprietor that one
trial ii only necessary to satt-fy a discerning public of its
superior qualities over any other preparation in use. It
eieansea the head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseaeea, causing the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving it a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
alio, where the hair Is loosening and thinning, it will giro
strength and vigor to ths roots and restore the growth to
hose parts which have become bald, causing it to jleld a
resn covering 01 nair.
There are hundred! of ladles and gentlemen in Hew
Tork who have bad their loir restored by the use of this
Iovigorator, when all other preparations have failed. L.
H. haa in his possession letters innumerable testifying
to the above facta, from persona of the highest red socia
bility. It will effectually prevent the hair from turning
until the latest period of life; and in cases where the hair
has already changed ite color, the nse of the Iorigorator
will with certainty restore It to It to IU original hue, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appearance. As a perfume for the
toilet and a Hair Restorative it la ptrlVulerly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance: and the arret fa
cilities it affords in dreaing the hair, which, when moist
with the invigorator, can be dressed in any required
form ao tt topreservs its place-whether plalnjorin curia;
hence the great demand for it by the ladies as a standard
toilet artble which none ought to be without,! the price
places it within the reach of all, being
Cily Twenty-Five Cents
per bottle, tobe had at all respectable Druggists and
L. MILLER would call the attention of Parent! and
Guardians to the nse of his Invigorator. in cases where
the children's hair inclines to be weak. The nse of it
lays tne foundation tor a gooa ntaa of Aatr, as it re
moves any impurities that may have become oonneoted
with the scalp, tbe removal of which is neceasara both
for the health of the child, and thi future .appearance of
in iiair.
Oitrnou. None genuine without the aosialks LOOTS
MILLBR being on the outer wrapper; also, L. MIL
Wholesale Depot, SB Per street, and sold hv ail tha
principal Merehanta and Drucruti throughout the world
liioerat nttoount 10 purcnascn try tne quantity.
I also desire to present to the American Public my
which, after years ol scientific experimenting, I have
brought to perfection. It djos Black or Brown Instantly
wilhoutinjury to Ihe Hair or Skin; warranted the best
article ef the kind in exletanes.-
Depot, 66 Dey St, New York.
oetSfcdtwly. .".'":
Ulaanfnclurcrs of all klada at for
table and Ntationarw Mtoana F.il
. - txiaca, saw Mill, urlat nil la,
. cVc.i Ate. , . .
LAST BODLKi StatonTB. t. BLAXD TBealtnl
- at CO. Beatentllll ,
Our Fortstalt logins snd Saw Kill
Was awarded the first premium of $5U at the Indiana
Suite fair for 1S60 over Lane St Bodley's oa account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, eoonomy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sswetl.
Onr Stationary Bnxine was awarded at tha same tail
the first premium of t iUO.
Our Portable Engine waa awarded the lint premlu.a 01
SjlOO at the Pair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy's lu
van's, Colombo! Machine Co 1., and Bradford a Go's,
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineers.
sor price ana terms addresi
, WIL LARD WARNIR, Treasurer,
decS-dawlyeots. M.wark, Ohio ,
.. Wttelcsalo and Kctall Dealer 1st .
' No. 23 'nftli, Btxeet,
Keep nstnntly an hand all tha wa
rilOl DHANUSSf "
lixi-lportode. Oiaarm.
Oat. W lyd - '.,. ,
Wr MANEIOOD. ' - i
r Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debility, MervoasMea.Ia
voiaakvy Xaasioua aoa uspotency, malting frort
BeK-aaw, Am. By Root. J. Culveraell. ht. D. teal
under seal, la a pisiu envelope, to any addreaa,paM
rll. on recaipt vl.two atamps, by Dr. CHAr). J.J .
I.ISS, m Bowery. New York roat OOlce Box. No
M. reartllJmd
?.Kw7 . gt JUglt iUt3 &.?t .-
lastaat Hellef ? Btap aar I'aagb I
.' '.i : J , . .iZ ji ;i !- , .
-.Zfarllf your preatfef'
i l 1 " i-t f f"lj:T
-Wtrrnft-thea yaur Valrt!
rfM;:v;'r::;v- CS ell -'
'.' ;'.': '' '4
i- ..-I ...afe
LADIIS ABB BKLWnniD Wltft, ., i
- -. . CHILDREN CRT IOR - , 9 m
Thry relieve CoDgh lnstsntlv.
They clear tbe Throat.' ' ; 1 ' ' 1
They give itrenKtii'ti)d voinme lo the voice.
They impart delWons sromt to the breath.
They sre delightful to ths taste.
They srs made of simple bsrbs and csnnot
narm toy one.
. . , . ... .
1 1 advite every one who haa a Oonvh nr . h.i. ri.
orsBadBreath,oranydlffleuIteT of ths Throat, to gel
s package of my Throat Oonfcctioni: thev alii reli.r.
yon Instantly, and yon will agree with as that "they
go right to the epot." Ton wilt lnd then vary aaefu I
and pleasant while traveller or attenrltnr nnhiu
ingi for stilling yonr Cough or allaying yonr thirit. 1 1
you try ono package, I am safe in saying that ju will
ever afterwards eoatieer them Indttpett tabic li
JOU will And them St tbs Drurrllta and Dealer. In
. , PRI01 !:ye 1 .
',.- i
Uy signature is cn each packue. All a then tip
counterfeit. ' '',...:
A pickagi will be tent bv mall, nrenaid. oa racalnt ni
ThlrtyCenU. ... .-., ,
Addr"' . : . .1 -ie j
Henry C. Spalding,
" Tne w tork.
, . ' r , ' t . .Il, 1
By ths use of then Pills ths periodic attacks of h'tr
rotig or $lct Btadache may be prevented; and If taken
at the commencement of to attack Immediate relief froa
pain and sickness will be obtained. - '" ; '.:
They aeldoa fall rn removing the JrVivsra and -ache
to which females are so nhject.
They act gently upon tha bowela removing fottu
for literary Mm, Btndenle, Delicate Pemalt
snd sll person, of tedmiary kaMtt, they are valua
u a tamative. Improving the appetite, giving tone
tiger to the digestive organs, and restoring the natur
elasticity and otrength of the whole ryatea. , N
THB CXPSALI0 PILLS in the result of long lores
ttgatlon snd carefully conducted experiments, harini;
been In nse many years, during which Urns theyhavs
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
Ing froa Headache, whether originating in the narenn 1
srttra or from t dertnred state ef the Hvmaeh.
They are entirely vegeable la their composition, au
maybetakca at all times with perfect. aatety without
making any change of diet, and tile abemee of em
dieagreeabl tatte render St ruy as aeWarnts etthert
, '1
Thegcnnlns have fire signature of Heavy O Spalding
omaehBoz. '-"';"'''.',
Bold by Druggiitl and all other SealiB fjs Vedlclne
A Bos will bt sent by mall, prepaldon receipt of the
Price, S3S Oonts.
All orders should ba. addressed to '
48 Cedar Street, Near Vara.
from ths Ixamlner, Norfolk, V.
OephaHo Pills sccompliah the etrjeot for which they
were made, via.: Cure of hoadschs in all its forai
1 ,n
froa the Ixamlner, Horfolk, Ta.
Tbey have been tested in more than s thousand eases
with entire 1
from tbe Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If you are, or have been, troubled with the headache
send fur a box, (Cephalic PUIS,) so that-vow aiay bars
taenia oaat of an attack. - ':
Iroa ths Advertiser, Provkknca, R. I.
Tbe Oep hallo Pills are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy for tha headache, and on of tha very beat for
tliat very frequent oomplaint.whtcs hm ever bean die
". . - - v '. i h
Iroa the Western R. R. Oaxette, Chicago, III.
Ws heartily endorse Hr. SpanMIng, and hii nsrinled
Ocphalic Pills. - -
f - 1. a. "I
Pro Kanawha Talley Star, rUoy,' Ti
We lie sure that' persone luffertng wilh", the headache
who try them, will stick to tbea. .
. j i , at
Iroa the Southern Path finder, -Hew Orltaaivls.j
Try them I yoa that are afflicted, and ww are tare that
your teetinonyeau be added la the already numerous
list that ba received beoetits that ao.ether sMrtriuecati
produce. ' " - ' ' ' ' " ' "
-"' . UiW
Proa the St. laeai Democrat.
The Immense demand hr the article kOcphalle Pills
li rapidly increasing.
' Proa ths 6-xsetlay Dmaparti Itram L
Sir. Spalding wonld not oonneet hli name, eitk aa a
ticis a did not bwu ta pomm raal mark. J
TTJA single bottle ef SPALDING'S 'PkHIARBD
OLTJl will lave tea timee Its ooat enotaUy jf
OONOKTI, i .1.. . ,' ., 9QPAT0BI
IO"A Itttcu ra rum lavas Bnm.'VCIJ y
Atacoidents will harPB, evea la well vegalaisdtaa
Hies, it It very tosirakl Ie aava mi aheap aad coa
veuleat way for repairing fa rattan. Coys, Oreetery
tat, 1 -
atesta all each easerwenelee. ead no aoemaoid can afford
to 00 without it. It I always raady, and ap Ie the atict
lag point. - .....
Ti.i : . "CBBgrjri, IN BVRAT alOrj."i VT .
' H, A Brash accompane each bottli.
ana. ' -, ' . Addreee,
. . uKrTBt O StALDIfTO,
Ho. wj. Codar Sircat, Mea; Jare.
' ': ' " '' dAUTlOU " K'' H '
Al C4wtaia anprlaeipled ewer ark-SRempUng I
pelia o on the antutpeetlng puMIe, ImHattoiie of a
IMPARK LDK, 1 weald ftnttou aH rrms to
amine ber or pamhasInK, and ere that She full ,, t
a ea the outside wrapper! all elhera are iwia,ilu,,ct
wWrffiteH Bfvt

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