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KinrxavT atoiis, rubiuhart .
OKU. V. MANtKNlt 1511 tor.
Democratic Union Nominations,
... aoamaammBBmm e h -
ELxigh J. J ewet t,
, Of Jtluaklnajoni.
John G. Marshall
Ol Biowa. -
xnona J. . smith, .
Of Mattymtrf.
Of Hamilton.
0 Ssace.
Of iieAioy.
JiBtl W. riTOfrt .
Of CwyeAoy.
For the Campaign.
W will furnlih th dlgoieot lsiuee of lbs Ohio Etatet
mad, during ll Campaign, as folio!
Tb Dally tutwrnia, per Booth, t
Tb Irt--WtlyStaieama,ermonib,at
, SO cents.
Either of tho sbov Ivsues will bo furalsusd for on, or
mam moatha. la clubs or slials copies, l Uo above
Too Weekly OUo SiAtcmaa will be furilahed u fol
loot: In slabs of S copies, for two months.
la flab, of 1 1 sols. for two month,. . -
Io otb of M ooutf. for two months. .
la elub of 40 copies for two months.
I 00
tbo (wo months' Olobo will covsr the period of the
! Campuisa, aod that piece oar lUMMOrtt WSIKLT
la tbo hands of all who want It, ai a Campaign paper,
oa verv reasonable toai.
lot tho friends of tho good cause the true Union
awa f Ohlo-0 to work, aodapread tlo
all over th Fiat Wo aspeot to sake It an efficient aid
I a tbo food wort of Uo redemption of the State of OMo.
Lot U bo well elitjalaied.
Aagast 10. INI.
The Seat of War.
Taking op tbe map of the Uaitd States, acd
bfulnnlng at Fortres Monroe, aod following
the WtBtern shore of the Chesapeake to the
month of tbe Potomac, then procetdiug op tbe
Western aide of that rircr to Washington City
and tbenoe ttretebiug far Westward along lb
Northern border of Virginia abd Kentucky to
the mouth of the Ohio, and thence Souibwatd
through Southern Missouri to the Western
boundary of that State, we bare a bird's-eye
riew of the Tact belt of country, the whole ol
. which 17 either at present or in immediate pros
pect, lb seat of war.
Erea this doe not incluio the whole field of
boitile operations. Recent advice inform u
that a large rebel force from Texas bas inradtd
New Mexico, and that a conflict is now going
oa there between tbe Secession and tbe Uniou
It i probible that the Federal Government
has already taken step for sending across Ken
tacky a Urge and effective military force to
lueoor th Union men In East Tennessee who.
from tbe return of the election on tbe first ol
August, sppear to be largely la the mojorlty in
that section of tbe State Should this force
Baoceed in reaching Tennessee without serious
OOitrastiou,tbeeeatof war will bo transferred
to Bore Sjuthern point tbau It hi heretofore
ttalued, and more decisive result may be ei
Recent account elite that the rebel have
OOaoentrated a force In Tennessee of from Illty
to Mventy-fire tbousiod. It I probable that
this if an over estimate. But one tblug 1 prei
--i- that the will make a virorons and
deter dined reaiitence to th ntranoe of Fed
era! troop Into Tnnsee, for it seem Ironi
tho beginning of tbe rebellion to have been tbe
plan of lb Confederal leader to make tbe
border tlav Statee bear the brunt and bsoome
tbo arena of the bloody conflict, whiob ie to de
cide tbo lacees or failure of tbe conspiracy
gainst tbo Union. Tbey will, therefore, doubt
less endeavor to make staud in Kentucky,
Bod W nay before many days eee that noble
9taM, a majority of whose citisens are true aod
loyal 10 the Union, cn verted from a neutral
isM "dark and bloody ground."
- Should the) ntieipationl be realised, the
field lor tb decision of tbi civil war maybe
lo tb West Instead of the Eist. Ia that event.
tha whole Northwest will be aroused. - The
vital Interest of Ohio and tb other North
wesUrn State, a well a of tbo emir Uuioo,
demand that tb rebels should not make bead
way In Kentucky, and that tb loyal y of tbat
Slate should b protected and preserved. We
trust that this will b done. "
' t"TTha Wooatar RraaUiesw. on of tb rar.k
tit Abolition, dlianlon sheet In the State, pub-
lUbaeasolumn of paulotio xtxao , and not
'oa of tbeas from any member of It own parT?
ll from Democrats, W admire lie taste for
good diog, but protest againat lbs ttTort to
pervert tb words of tbe Demorracy to advene
tho earn of AbolltionUm, so long acd vainly
advocated by tbo Wootter RpMUtn. Why
doot It publish som txtrso1 frvm Giodikos,
WaoB, LoviiiT, AsBif r, H tit in, John Baown,
Ot.FaBD. D-BOLa men of It own partyY
Daring lb lael Campaign tbeir SajingS wer
gospel to th RrfuiUetnt, tbey are too vile
vta to be seen. Why this change J 0, ye
The Seat of War. Muskingum and Perry.
Tb Union Democratic ejeoatorlal Convection
for tho district composed of th conutle of
Moaklngnm sad Prry, aaaembled at Now Lx
logton, no Toerday lad, aud nominated Wat.
S. Flag, Eiq , of Perry county, for the Senate.
Tb nomination wal mad with entire unanim
ity. Mr. Firm 1 vary abl man, sod will
mak falib nl and upright Senator. II will
bo oloctcd by a deoided majority.
Belmont and Harrison.
Tbo Union Democraiio District Convention
for th above eoootiee met at Fiwbiog on
Wedoetdry last, Bed Dominated RoBsaT E
CiaMBai, E q , of Belmont eoooty, for tb
See at Tb Domination 1 a good one, and
th olMtort of tb district would do well-to
ratify It by electing Mr Csuaasas. .
ST Taoias 0. Cuvblaiid, M. D., bas Wo
appolated Surgeon of tfcs 41st reglmeot, ; , ( . .
Showing their Teeth—What Democrats
may Expect.
Tha C1v1d. i HerM baa becD one of tbo
busiest" papers la Ohio bswllug lo Democrats
about ths necessity of abandoning their politi
cal organisation and Jjlnlug tbo Republican.
Id ila itaue of the 27th wo flud a communica-
lion which plain j and unmistakably indicate
the real opinion aud desteb of these men to-
ward .Democrais, eepecUlljr th ie. whom uie
writer says have, "from bo;bood, drank at the
Diluted fouoWo, aud walloifod la ine.nun oi
that kind of DemouTAoy that breeds and edu
cates traitors," cto.
The writer, who eigne himself "Union For
ever," and is, no doubt, a wool-dyed Abolition
Ut, e7 t
T th. feea and lova.1 Statee there ii not a
aiogle Democraiio Uuveroor. None ol theee
State have attempted to seoede, or to giro aid
aod cumfort to Southern traltore. In tbie state
ol things, we are about to select a candidate (or
Governor of Onto. It ie not poeeibl to over
eatiuiete tbe Importance ol the eltotion tble fall,
e-peoiaUy iu reftrenoelo tbe office ol Governor
I am not wiUiug acd do not believe the people
at ihij Sti r wilhua lo auoDort a man who
h.a .lama been an uti&.nobtuir advocate for
lavery eiteueiou, aud a remorseless opposer el
Trihdw whn would crofcr Ireedotn to alaTe
rj. To do ao, would be a baae earreoder of
cberiehed priDO plee that would juitlj otarcp
tbe giult; party wlits tbe character oi aoauuuu
ed prca Hoj. It would not be prudent or eale
to report for that uflko, any man who bas,
from UojDooa, OraUB at toe ponuiou iuuuv.u,
aud wallowed iu tbefiltb f that klid of De-
mocracf that breeda aud educate traitor to
tbe GuVerumeai that protect aod abeltera
tbem. It i poeaibl aucb a wo my be fouud
wbo will o junto i lo lk tbe tfflco U the loyal
on eua ol tbe ataia will vuie lor Dim, aua
cuti.eut lo eict 10 pledge ol bi tlJeluj lo the
priiioiploe ou wbioa tbe war against Southern
rebola muat be nro::ulcd and ended E'en a
udoeu cubfetetun la not to Oe truaieo, tor
mat not hi, aluufcttt and latiua.
Tba Dulit.cal anteceoruia of oar candidate
for Guveiiiur thould coaimaud public ODnUdebC
ud rtimo.. aud bis character and alauoiiig
abould ba uob a lo secure tbe eaiueet and Beal
ou support of all good meu. aucb a ouu lu
tbie appalling crima ol our iLtiiiutlou, can be
louod, and abould bo uomluatedi lor tbie la not
tbe time to. ruu rlk ari l trj exp rimeuie.
Aud mcb a rum la Jobu W. Audrawe of jo
lumoua. He ia a man ol flue attainments, ol
uuduubied luUitrtiv. and unbltmiabed moral
cnaracier, and puueare iiood buiuti-s talent
tin is, to facr, jaal ib mau lor tbe tlmee aud
no other obou'u now bo uueied. Uolore you
eouture lo tr.flii Ub tbe fiper's tall, common
piudeiice woulJ admooirh Juu to cut off bia
btad. And before job make up jour mind to
surrender tbe moat lnipoitaLt vffijial trunt In
the loval Diaiaa to b. noted DaOioOraU, whose
lead era are in opeu rtbelllou to tbe Govvrnmeul,
let those leader b brought 10 COUUIKO puuioa
meut the puniahuicut due to traltore.
Tbi is dearly lutended to mean Mr. Tod. It
was, when be was making speeches when a
Democraiio candidate for Governor, hie boast
that' be bad oftoaji becu a Democrat; tbat be
had "taken to It iu the natural way, Bud that hit
gold old Democratic ino.ber bad always warned
him not to depart therefom " Tb writer bad
no doubl baard torn of Mr. Tub's speeches and
knew whore tooirike.
Tbe writer says: "I an not willing, sod I do
not believ the people of the State arc wilting
to support a man wbo bas always ben an an1
flinching advocate for slavery extension." This
of course includes every man wbo supported
DoDOLas, a it will not b denied ibat M. Duro
las, aod every Democrat wbo supported him
was charged by th Republican s beiog In
favur ol slavery cX entsioo.
Judge 8f aldiko, wbo is regarded as an ex
cellent fugleman, seeing in a moment the prob
able tflY-ct and damage of pulling tb lion's
skin off tb animal o soon, comes to tbe rescue,
aud attempts to cover up the imprudent act of
his fellow Republican, who is more honest than
himself In Ibis b play th dm character
be piajed in tbe Convention of 1654, when tbe
Republican pirty wa organised.
Th Judge says:
Messrs. Editoss: A a faithful member of
the Republican orgaoisition from Its inoeptton
to tbe fall of Sumter, but more especially as a
devoted friend of tbe Union movement now lo
progress in our State, I respectfully aek leave
to remonstrate against "tbe spirit aod temper"
of tbe article published in your evening's isue
of the 37ih lust., over tbe signature oi "union
Forever "
Tbe writer can by no possibility hsv greater
reeptct tor John W. Andrews than myself, and
be bae an undoubted right to commend this dis
tinguished cltiseo '0 tbe notice of tbe public as
a prominent candidate for lb gubernatorial
chair, but. from tbe Indulgence of wbat motive,
and in tb exercise of wbat right dees be
take occasion to vilily and abuse tbe members
of the Democratic organistlion who sre pa
Motlc uouga to rally around the flag of tbe
Union i
Let it be remembered that tb Union Con
vention of Ibe 6 b of September ie as much
Convention of Deal' oral as It is of Republl
oans. Tb call emanates from cltiseo of both
organistiions, or rather from eins-ns who have
hitherto beloogei to ootn parties, aua is is un
derstood and ixpected thai the Convention will
be mad up of an equal number or omscnt
from tbe Republican aud Democratic ranks.
With wbat grace, leaving alone tb sense of
oroorietv. can a man uofessiug Republicanism
attempt lo proscribe a Democratic CitiSen before
men a Convention? How will tb oooverse of
the nrooosition readT Suppose a Democrat
takes it into bis bead to auggest tbat, before
you undertake to play with the serpent of Re
nubllnanl.-m, voc naa Doner estreat tie langm
ihat the nomination for Urate officer mav woil
enough bo made by a Uulon Coaventioo, but we
.houid be vary oarelul to see tbst fcpne bat
Democrat are placed in nomination I
Wbat tbeo becomes of your patriotic disln
terestcduees? Wber I jour UuionT
I hop I may bo understood, end tbat nothing
more need be said lu order to Inculcate tbat
spirit of forbearance eo necessary to be ub;etv
ed tbi momentous crisis.
may Expect. R. P. SPALDING.
Tbe Judge is much mistaken when be says
that the Convention of tbe C.h "i as much
CoovtM of -LHmwta"tl of Republl
cans," and no one knows 1c better than to.
Tb Dsmoaracy will tustain this ibtlr demo
oralis Government and Union to tho last ex
trroiij which Judg SraLOlN and bi Aboil
lion friends have done so muoti to destroy bat
to do this, ihy do not regard Is a necessary to
join tb Abolitionist, wber he belong.
1 bee two letter speac volumes to utmo
Or an.
Proclamation by the Governor.
Torts PratUtfOhUS v
Iu jour toons to aid tc ueneral uovernment
In tb suuwresaion oi to unnatural reooiitou
now waged ag-'0t It, you bav anticipated tbe
want ol that Ojverotiout, aud bave promptlv
resounded to whatever demands It made upon
jou As liberal ia tb expenditure of treasure
a In th lurnisnmg ot ooiuiers, rue puouo ser
vie bas not languished for on day when your
resources wer competeut to meet it require
ment. - Without a regiment ol troop at the
opening of hostilities, jou bave sent upwards
ol thirty thousand mn into tu seia, armea
and equipped. By tbe magnitude of your force
jou lave assisted tb loval men of Kentucky
in protecting tbat elate Iron tb domination of
rebele The presenot of jour troop, and tb
victories In which tbev shared In Western Vir
ginia, bav preserved it for lb Uuioo and
ured it a a barricade against threatened in
vasioti of your own (oil, thus maintaining
unbroken tbe peace of a border nearlt five bun
drew mil In extent, and protecting lb heart
of ibe republic from tbe Immediate bavoa of
war. - -
Tu Federal Oovsrnmenl again call Dpon
yoa foreoluLr. Tbalat diouster at. Manas-
a, serious a it was la many retpeot to th
rebel: hi added to their audacity and Into
icttoev acouged by apparent buooms, they
hsv augmeottd their forces, and enhanosd th
necessity foe vigtlano and power at Washing
ton. In Western Virginia aod In Missouri.
.- Tweolv-nlo regiment of Infantry, together
with a proportional foro of artillery and cav
airy, are now being organised In jour But.
As lb Executive of tb Stat ll become my
duty to appeal to you to perfect thee organisa
tions a rapidly a poatmi. i invoao you w
give uo ear to any counsels unfrUndly to th
prompt and tffectiv consolidation of tb mili
tary lore which tb ueneral uovaroment re
quires to repel the threatened assault of th
enemy ana crutn in reoeiiton. n uu
suppressed or tb Government I ub verted. Its
suppression can only b effected by vigorous
measure on th part oi mat uovernmout,
promptly sustained by tb people, animated by
a positive and oomprehenslv polioy. - I cotjur
jou to give no hed to any propoltlon, nndr
whatever sanotloo It may come, for negotiation
or compromise with armed rebellion. Tho on
ly condition upon wmou negouauuu uu
erated, ie lb oomplete surrender of th rebel
to tb Natiooal Government, aud an unqualified
return of tbeir allegiance to It supreme au
thority. Without tbat there should b do ad
lustment without It there oau be ao po.
It 1 grotirjlog to m to o ante vo aasurw you
tbat many of tb hardship aod privation to
which vour drat leviee wer subjected, In coo-
ttqueno of th suddenness of tb Call for tbm,
aud th unprepared condition of tb Govern
ments, f ederal aod State, will not oe eoooun
tered by jour troop now being prepared for tbo
field. Tbe amplest arrangement ar mad for
tb clothing, armlug and equlpplog ol oar Mi
dlers. No regiment will b sent from It Camp
uutil It is provided with everything r.Seotial to
tb comfort and effioieocy of It men. Regular
ntvmeut, at Increased ratee, and al anort intr-
vale, will beroaltor DC maua to an iu rcuerai
auldiersi aud with allotments and bounties
provision I proffered for tb upport
of fatnillH.
1 u promptness of jour response to in pre
vious oall of tb Government, Is He aaeuraoc
tbat all It now expect of Ohio will b Immodl
atelv realised, by tbe enrollment of volunteer
enough to complei th regiment belog form
ed A general order will forthwith be Issued from
tbe iffi;e ol the AJjutaut-Geoeral, defining the
coodtilona of the service, tbe mode of roorull
iog snd the places of rendesrons.
Governor of Ohio.
[Correspondence of Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, August 29.
Tbere is continued tktrmiibing between
picket frora Harper Ferry to Arlington
The skirmish at Bailey's Cross Rosdt yeetsr
day, be ween Beauregard's advanoe at Man
son's Hill snd Brigadier-General Franklin's ad
vabCs, lasted several tours, the rebele firing
hell abd answering Iniantry with Infantry.
None of ibe Federals were killed. About tbe
same time a body of cavalry and Infantry, near
Ml Olive Cl-urch, fired on our pickets. Near
Bill's Cross Roads tbe picket kept op a skir
mish till dark, and fell back on Fort Corcoran.
Three of tbe pickets were wounded, snd some
ten of Geary's cavalry arc reported captured by
tbe rebel.
Tb rebels have taken Bmcrofi's Mills and
erected a battery near Ball's Cross Roads
Their Hues ore continatlly drawing closer.
Tbev have re-loforced at Leesburg
Professor Lowe made a recounolslaOO tbi
afternoon from Arlington Higuts with his Dew
mammoth balloon.
Tb reoort that on or two Europeaa Gov.
ernmeote intend lo recognise tbe Confederacy,
ie author 1 tail v.l; deuied. No dlspatcbee bave
been received from Mr. Adams tor some Bays
Toe poemffioes at Hickman, Columbus and
Paducab, Ivy , and post roates westoi tne ten
nessee river, have been discontinued.
It bas rained incessan Iv for two da). Civil
lane aod members of-tbe press are not allowed
to arose tbe river at all. City very quiet, and
87 Tb voaogest daughter of Hon. A. L
Backus, of this city, while at play In tbe rear
yard of ber fatber'e reeidence, oorner of Sum
mil and Bush streets, yesterday, at about five
o'clock P. M .wa found, by ber soreams, to
bave been most horribly burned, supposed by
matohee with which it ie conjectured en wa at
play. Her clothing In front was almost entire
ly consumed, shockingly crisping tb flesh all
over the breast and diaphragm. Medical aid
was Instantly called, bat it was feared, however,
it would prove of no avail. Tbe little aufferer
is just past four year of age. 72(0 Hirald
and Tim$.
Allen County Nominations.
Tbe Union Democracy of Allen county Lom-
Inated th following ticket:
For Representative, John Monroe. of Marlon
for Auditor, John P. ifaller, or Ottawa for
Sheriff. SemJfel Collin, of Ottawa; for Treas
urer, Miles W. Vance, of Rioblandt for Pros
eating Attorney, Georg M. BaX'erof Ottawa;
for Commissioner, Freeman Bell, of Marion;
for Surveyor, S. J. Brand, of German; for In
firmary Director, John B.Rseder, of Monroe.
Tbe Dewiecrsl say of th ticket!
Tb vol wa th largest ever polled la this
county, at tb Primary Election, bsing over
sixteen hundred, and tb Democratic vol I
only about 1860. Tbi, too, at th busiest tea
soo of the jear. Tbe large vole ws. empbsti
cally, the voice of tbe people, snd he ticket I
lb ticket of lb popi.
Th ticket ss a whole, snd avery Individual
nam upon it, will secur tb cordial copport of
every man who baa th public walfciw at betrt.
No objection can b urged against any of
if tb Republican duir fo drop party line,
let them unite with the only -Union party now
in the country the Democraiio Union party,
If tbey love ibtlr oouotry If tbey ar davoted
to ibe Uulon, and really dosir to drop party
lint, w see no good reason why tbey should
not join band with tbat old and rallabl Union
pariy tbat bat always "kept etep and marched
to the mnalc of tbe Union." Tba people look
to tbe old Uolon Democracy, and to It alone
for tbe salvation of our country.
Now, Demoorats, go to work, gird on voar
armor for tbe fl ht, aod never give up until we
bave touted the enemy, "horse, foot and dra
goons." .
Tba Convention was addressed by Judg
MsTOALf snd Hod. T. K- Jacobs, after which
the following resolutions were adopted:
Rented, Tbat we re affirm th. resolutions
pasted by the Democracy of Alleo county, Au
gust 31. 1801, aod lb resolution of the Demo
oratio 8tae Convention of Augusi 7th, 1861,
Ibat we will Cardlally aupport tbe eeveral Stat
aud county nominee ot lb Democracy for
State aod counts efficca, aud invite all true
Union lovin meu to co-operat ailb us In tb
maintenance of sound and oapabl men In office
aod lo ibe reservation of tb integrity of tb
American Uuioo.
Rcdttd. Tbat w ar la favor of th vigor
ous and honest prosecution of the war 10 preserve
ibe asceodALOy of tb I ederal ivouslltution sod
tha Union of lb United S.ate-; and that, wbll
we will make do war upon tb lusillulloo of
lb eeoeded Stat, w ar yet opposed to
eomproml" with traitors in arms against tb
General Government.
RfUotd. Tbat every Democrat In tb county
be appointed a delegate to tbe Senatorial Con
vention to be held at Dclphot, on th SOtb day
of August, 1861.
The Wrong Wolfe.
Tbe Republican Uulon Convention of Co
shocton county nominated Fbanois WoLfa, a
true Union Democrat, for County Commission
er. Mr. woLff senas toem me lonowing osra
greeting; . "'
T ( Crma of th Ifetoa Coneraffoa tf Gt
k$cton GswRiji .
Sis: Having learned tbat my Dim wt a led
without mv consent lo Bald Convention; aod
Sh.l I received the nomination for County Com
missioner, I hereby respectful! j lororm yoa that
f rJaclina said nomination. I BXpeOttO VOt lb
Democraiio tlket now In th field.
. Yours, rspeminuy,
FRANKLIN TP., Aug. 27, 1861.
rrTha OtnUi af tbe CtrnmrtUl "hss
doos lu utmost by wbolosal doounoiallon and
vituperation, without a alogl ft or peoiloe.
tlon, to destroy public cotifiJcuc ia tba Got-
emateat." . , -. t
ST A oorrepondnt of tu Cincinnati Ot-seffs,
from St. Louis, dstd th 7th, saytt
It sppears tbst after the death of Gen. Lyon,
whiob occurred about nine o'clock on tha morn
in hf rha hattl. his bodv was plaoed la an am-
bnlaaoe for removal to th town, bat th driver,
or torn on else, ootlog upon tbe pr loci pi that
a living eas Is bettor than a dead lion" (no
pun intended;, laid ll on in grouuu again, iu
make room tor a wounded soldier, and there It
remained till evening, wbeo a flag of true was
tsnt out for It, which wa successful In recover
ing It. It wa laid upon a taoi in nta former
headquarters, and after th wounded soldier
had received wbst little attention oould be be.
stowed upon tbem In tha hurry of the hour, an
effort was mads to preserve it by injecting arie
nio Into the veins; bat a retreat had been or
dered, and th surgeon rllnquitd th under
taking. The next morning, Mr. Phelps, learn
ing tbat tb body ol th General wa still ly
ing in town, asked and obtained permission to
bury it. She first plaoed it in a kind of safe
near ber boose, but entertaining fears, moet prob
ably groundless, that It would bs disturbed by
.t i . . a n l I...nn. k.l.ii Mh
toe sol more ui vww a - - - -I
encamped on ber farm, sh quUlly had It re
saovad and buried. It bad been placed in an
ordinary coffin, covered with velvet, th wbol
Inclosed In an ttr-tigni tin cat, w oeo un
to tarred, It bad undergone considerable de
composition, almost enough to prevent recog
nition. '
Tho Qsneral was killed by a small riOs ball.
wblob Passed eotlrelr through his body, enter-
lug oo tb Uft side, la tb region ot tb heart.
Ho bad previously been wounded In the tblgb,
but continued to fight aa tboagh nothing bad
happened -
Major 8turgls, who assumed command of th
army after tb first day' retrsat, for th reason
that Ueneral Bigel bad net, as wa generally
supposed, tbea received hie commieaton a a
General, saye that he bad oo Idea toot tbe re
mains of General Lyon were not with tbe army
uotll tbey wer twenty-five mllea from Springfield.
It cannot bs denied tbat tba reeott of tbe bat
tle at Springfield, aod tbe withdrawal of our
lorees from the Southwest, bave bad a blight
lug tffeut upon tbe Union cause in Missouri.
It will now require twenty ove tnoueaoa more
men to redeem the Stale tban It would have
dooe three weeks ago. 1 speak tbat which 1
know when 1 tsv that hundreds, not to say
thousands are now flocking around tbe rebel
standard, and will flgbt with all tbe seat of re
ligions fsnatios, and that, too, without asking
or expecting a dollar of remuneration. Tbe
rebele oow consist cbir-oy on green corn, oui
tbey will tell you tbat Marlon lived on potatoee
and roo'fl Of course I bave so abiding faith to
the ultimate succsis of Ibe Union cause; but
Geo. Fremont especially, bas just oow a larger
contract In band Ibao le generally supposed
Tbe Government oaooot afford to lose or even
draw another battle In. Missouri.
EFFECT OF THE BATTLE. [For the Ohio Statesman.]
Col. MAmiNNT Sir: Tbe mutations of
msnkind to wbicb humanity Is belr, induced tbe
irreoreaslbles of JeftVeoo, Aebtabula county,
including tb Court House clique, tbe John
Brown aympitbiters. ana i. n. uiudings s pu
pi Is, peeled sticks and all, to resolve to make a
virtue of necessity, and which tbey bave done
by appending tbeir name, to th n imber ot
forty-four, to a paper announoiog tootr intention
to go lo for the black no-party Convention lo be
hold at Columbus oa tb Bib day ol September.
Among tbe name are three or four of thoee
wbo have generally nereioiote rotea tne uem
ooratic ticket, probably unaware of tbe con
demnation tbey were bringing upon themselves
by sympathising or acting with tb higher or
mob law Abolitionists, tb real provoker and
non-com oromissrs of the 8outhrn secessionists.
who ar oow In Insurrection. Tbe intolerable
malice ebown at all time by their leader, Gld
ding, galnt everything aad everybody south
ot Maaoo and Dixon's line, would and abould
dise race Hottentot, lo asy nothing of negroe.
- Giddiogsaass beat to control lb Ohio elec
tion, and beeuppoeed tb majority wblcb Ash
tabula ci'Uuiy generally give, would enable
bim to do lias heretofore; but hi pup'l bav
warily left off bit and bi ton's names, since
the apparent rebellion of Cleveland, Portsge,
Mabonlog and Trumbull counties, wber tbey
bave had tbe hardihood to recommend David
Tod for Governor. Anything In the shape of a
platform and any person wbo denies tbe doc
trine tbat tbe negro I born fr and equal, will
be (snored by tbeoe pupils ol tb bigbor law.
Pomaroy' bill before Congres wa tb true
Interpretation of Abolition higher law, which
ignore tb Constitution and Federal law mad
under It. I think we loan e lively limes
wbeo tbo retultof th Kepublioaa oo party Con
vention transpires I think the priesthood North
and South, generally, are playing a game which,
after tbe war I over, tbey would be very glad
to Ignore aod get out of wbeu the people at
larg ar bumbled in tne oast who aents ana
poverty, and when their brother and son ar
lost lo tb war. 1 ben and ioa only, i suppose
thoy will bav rource lo Christ' eeruiou on
tb Mount. It teem to m tbat if tbey believe
anything at all of what they preach from th
Now Teotament, usually, thoy mutt feel self
oocdemned io blowing up strife and bloodshed
for th very temporary applaute of politluian
and speculators.
I congratulate yoa and all other true friends
or tbe oountrv on tbe proceedings or tb Democ
racy of New York of 1st. Tbey must I think
aoooor or later at the North, aod I
Clermont County Nominations.
Th Ualoo Democracy of Clermont county,
bav Dominated th following tickcti
For Repreteatallve, John Ferguson , of Pierce;
for Sheriff. Jam Crneeou of Waynei for
Treasurer, Darlington E. Fee, of Franklin; for
Auditor, N. M. Treble, ot Ohio; for Commit
sloner, Ftr M. Snail, of Williamsburg; for
Infirmary Director, Jonathan Johnson, of Bv
lavia; for Surveyor, Oeo. W. Feller, of Ba
tavla; for Corosor, Joha Sim, of Ohio.
Tbe Sao says of Mr. Ftscrjsom ". '
Thar It no bur or worthier man lo com
mually -thee Job Faraaoen, candidal for Rep-
riniativ In tbo Legislature. He possess a
nor I ecu y moral, upright character, and is on
aa-alnet whom there Can nothing be atd. A
true Unloa man and ao unfaltering Di mocrat,
be commend himself to the cordial support of
every mau wbo Iovs bis oouotry and admires
parity and uprightness of character. He will
receive tbe cordial aupport of tbe Union Demoo
racr of Clermont county. He will make a
safe, Judicious and industriou Representative
. Of the ticket the Sua tiysi
Here, Democrats, Union men of Clermont
county. I tb llokel presented lor your tupport
Let o go to work and not only elect it, but
give It a routing mslorlty In CUrmoDt, such a
will striae terror to toe aooiiuoh r unionists,
wbo are attempting to get up a Fo,1jd ticket,
gotten op aod formed by and for the Abolition
party. I be contest oow it oetweec toe ueruo
oratio Uolnn party ticket and Ibe Abolition Dis
union aea-Futlon ticket.
Oo of lb humanitarian movement of onr
tlma't although lit I koowu sucb.c.nbtrdly
pa over voiiuiaivu tu auipwi.-uwv .iv. .u
well-being of our wldaty Mattered Communities.
To population of tba American Statee 1 lo
...ilnna ai anaraa. that aklllful nhvaiciarja
ara hardly available to tbem. Vast numbers nf
our people era obliged to employ, In tloknes,
sucb medical relief as tbey Can bear of from
..-1. ..il.. u. IfutaaH. am the nan act from
C.VU . . - m-
any quarter. Hoaco arise tb great coosamp-
tlon ol Patent MeOlOlow among a, greater oy
I.. than la an of ih old couotrle. where tkill-
al .ka.Ui.na a. a aMIaaulhla tit all claaBM. Uo-
principled meo bava long availed tbemeelv of
tbi necessity, to psim oa vowir swuinw
.... 1 1 tha mmi haa kiffimi avnonemona
riiuaa, ttu.u " " - - - " 4 .
with Imposition aod cheat. On of our loading
. . r a... I. ... .
ChmitIU IB cast, isr. Jaer, ia pui.uiu
mure wbicb deloat tbi iniquity. H bring
aot oely bl ewo, but tb boot kill of our time
to br, for tb production of th bt remedies
Wbloil 0B 0 mad. I ow are a-uppneu to iuc
world, lo a convenient form, at low prioes, sod
tha popl will mor bay poor msdlaloc In-
. ... A at. aa, alaaaaai aa. t It
((I 01 gOoa At IDA m wmtt tuu ucj win
Tha Inaviublacooseaueuee
of tbi b, that tb vile ompouod that fljod our
country ar discarded for tbo which . honestly
accomplish, tbe eod lo lw-whlch cure. Do
.-..a.ilm.aa ita lasDortanee. In belisviol
tbat the prospect ot supplaailosj tha by word
msatcines, wito inosw si mm -tu,
Is fraught with tmmao oonecauenew for
aood, to th masses of OM popl. 0aff aad
brvfiW.,rr-,. tHptl-dawlir.
Master Commissioner's Kale.
Joha L. 0111
mi v ' ' 1 ; ' "' '
luperlor Court,
Amos &1. Uall
to no directed, from the Superior Court of frank
lin County, Ohio, I will offer fur sale, at the door of
tho Oourt House, la the oil of Colombo, on -'
Saturday, the 6th day of Oct., A. D.18CI,
at I o'clock. P. if., tho followlna described real estate,
situate In lbs eouotj of Iraakllo, and State o Ohio, to
wit : Lot number 1:1. or Jutaa Morrison s saoaivision 01
lots i. B. 7, B aod S3 of Jobs alorrlsoa's addition to tho
oily of Colombo,. -
appraueaai r.sao.
Printers fees 4,0U.
. . . v . W.HGffMAK.Bherig
and Mastor OommUiicnar.
B. fl. Noble, Atty.
The next Annual fair of the franklin County Afrl-
enltural Booisly will beheld pa .. " '
Tuesdajv Wednesday, Thursday
and .Friday,
Sept; 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th,
ths Prtsalttmi offered amount to ovsr .
1,000-A11 Payabl In CaU.
Tb fair Orounds have been greatly Improved by the
lolarf cnant of to Horse ttlsg and the ereotlon of a
LUaiber of additional Cattle Bulls. Th florae Blof Is
now ab30(t a quarter of a mile la olioumfertnce.
Ths ettlssns of frsnklla ooun'y ar earreitly Isvlled
to turn out to this tbeir AnbBal festival, aud brlog
aloof rpeclmens of their tkiil aod handiwork for SBbibi-
tlon. The entry books are bow open, aod eo(rlei can be
made at any time by calling oa the Beoretary at the
Ossette Office.
All entries eutt be mads prior lo Tossdsy srenlai,
Bepl. Id, and all artlolea, exc;pt Batter sod Cut flow
ers, mail be on the Orouod, oo the Bret day.
By oider of the Board of Managers,
susSO-Sid 0- B. QLBNV, Beoretary.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
0. Barringsr's Administrators.
vs. Baporlor Ooart
D. 0. Suniuck, at al. I
BT virtue of aa order of eale to no dlreotol from the
Sui-enor 0ort of f raukllo oointy, Ohio. I will of
fer for eeloattbedcor of the Ooart Uouet la the City of
Oo Saturday, tbe 31st day of August, 1861,
hotrn tho hirs of 10 o'olook A. at. on 1 4 o'clock P.
M, . the f il'iwlmdrserlhed pientisi, allnxlelo franklin
0-iOui,, Btiio ol tihlo town: Tbe three equal undlvid.
ed tour n pens or ail the laom, KDomeu's aad water
power l.a-ad ny wsyno unawoia acting numorror tne
Hoard of Public Works, to Christian Barrtnirrr, and Lortn
Torrlnstun by lease btariai daie May lit. IBM, toa.thar
with the undivided three-feuith parte of all Ibettiucturoo,
Imoioreinents and machinery on said lands aod of ibe
appurteoencostho eaob belonging, and of all tho rbrhts,
beneats arid prl.llexee whateoever oeourvd by eald Iraoe
to aaid leeNO. The preml etabivo referred to aro tituar
on tbe Coluobos feeder at tbe look commonly known ai
fisher's lock, and said preaiiaos sre oommonly knows as
the UoluBlms Mills.
Terms of eale one-half cash on day of sale, one-fourth
In one year, aod one-fourth In two years, bearing Interest
at per cent., delercd payments sec u rod by mortgtgs oa
premises. . . . -
Appiauea si t,uw.
H. B. The renalnlos nndivlded one fourth part of tho
propert, win be eold at tbe sam time and puce, and up
eo the sao tenna.
AppralMd at Bt,333 U 100. j
U, W. HCffMAW, fhsrlff.
Prla'or's fo BT 00. aod Master CommUiioues.
OUAn. WUITrt-aoEV. CulomSU., was Uksn hy
some unauihoilsed pers in from rbe Bang Room of the
American iiuaie. In this city, on or about the 18th
The bos contained one oow B.ooia (tho ssat of black
leather), a silver circular plate oo the pommel, a Bridle
and Snroinglot one CuK's r-AW H.VoLVtaand Belt) one
Herniation Bias Infaotry OvucoaT, hnrd with red Ban
Bel; one Tsar (not reflation) lo two apartment,) one
Blue BLasaar. and nicer email artloleo.
Any pers n returning said boa to tbe Proprietor o'
in American houm will reoetv tne above reward, an
all sxpeoKS paid. . , aogVB dJt
CBlVJtll at tho 01BJS of the Beoretary of State,
Monday, ths SJ day of September nut, at 12
o'clock M.
for furnlehlof Ih State ef Ohio with fuel, as follows;
80,000 Baahsls of Coke, to weigh sot lets Una 40
puundi lo the bushel.
10,000 Bmhels Coal, to bs of ths best qoallty equal
si le.it to the lower vein of Uuokiog Coal, and free
from .late, oi-ck and dirt.
gO Uordt of Wood, the tamo to bo dry hickory, beach or
eager, lour reel la l.nxib, oirolfBt and well spill.
Ths fuel to bs delivered, without charge fur such de
livery, at the Mate iiobm In uolumbui.
PruDoisli to be acaomnanled be aamolee.and to soool
fy tbe kind, quality aud price of the luel propoied lo be
Bach eonlraetor will bo required to give bonds, wiik
approved ,o:urity. la doubt the amount of tho con
tract, condltlOLod fur the lalthful pert jnoaues of his
Tho bids to bs aad aod tho contracts to be awarded In
aeoirdaaoe with ibe torus of the aot entitle I "An aot to
provide for the plrchaae of Stationery, feel, snd other
articles for tbo Urn. tut Aeeemoiy ao mate omotre,"
psMd March ll, 1S4J. Bee Swans Rev. But. BUS;
tur. sive.
Bids to be Indorsed on ths envelop, "Proposils for
furnlshlos fael for the Stale."
Pu. I farnlehod by thocontraolor mul' In all easet
bs equal la qutilty to lbs aaaiple. Tais rul4 tU Oe
HaMby eoerofd.
a. P. ROasftt,"- '
Secretary of Bute.
Colambu, Ohio, Augusts, lWl-d.d.
Oysters! Oysters!!
bs lu dally receipt, by Bsprets, of
fr.-m Baltimore and fair Hann.
C .ll ai Wifasr'i Oystsraud f roll Depot, Ho. II Xast
State tlreat. .
augSlif ','
For an Inch of Time!
ft . Ims ft .imm n . f K.I l..h Hf llMliBlanmiA
ed at a mu-b eb.aper rat, and many Ions years ef
enjoyed by eor-sultlng Br. MtRBTWB tTBIrl, who
Is soring tne ssost rb-tlnato and long standing dtioaios
. . . ...... . .. k . k m r . . n .I.H.I. u. . r.
Of tne blinus, nw.m. il i a . ainnni.) uu.u
nan irnairn RtlBTTMaTiaaf iifSCaaaa PBnTT
AiravilOMS us xtta m ahu ata,
Facta are -tsTtebera Thlngal
Bear what Ibe Philadelphia oorrvinondantaays Is ths
"flnmnonweaiib," Wilmington. Dataware, Via of April,
l-9! , -.
'Mo I DSllah gentleman, formerly connected with ths
British Army, and wbo styles hlmeslf the 'Indian
Bntanle Phstclan ' haa of late gained an oiiensive rer a
ration hero by his skill In coring all manner of eons
plaints. Btms of hit patients I have oonvened with,
and iboy pronoooeo hie ttmedies and Bode of treatment
as very superior. Borne have bees rwtorod as 11 by
mails. Tbe medietas he Bsae Ie dlitllled by himself
from various be, bo poeootalng rar eorailve pmnartln.
" While scili g lo too army he dovored his leisure sao-.
moats lo a r borough stony of tho efeeri produoed by
cerula medteiosl roots aod herbs eo all manner of die
i arte. It teems ho has foaod a ears aa speedy rear
dv f'-retl the -III, that leah'ls belr to .til practice Is
already esrenrivo and I, d-OI Increasing. In Ihoeom
plain's le vb oh femal-o are sunjmied. ht hwa ao equal,
ao a lanro nember her bare leetilHI that tbry owe Dt
only their pre lent acod health, bat their Uvea, to the
ohiilef tblttndata Bolaolsrhyslgma."' -
Offlc 87 East But But, Columbus. ',
WniTAK Ohio uwwaa Please anaoaao th name
of BiMAMiM L. Bra as a oandldalo for re election to the
State UsUlatara, stthjest t Ih dosisloa of tbaBossoora-
CJ Off rankiln oouoty.
e.iM Autn a..w.MAaPlaa.a AnBAUBOO tbe BSme
of B.W. Akosiwi a s oandliaU for KspressntatlTO,
eanjeot to to eetsiea or tne union venooraiio vuuu.j
OoBVSntioa, ana obllg '
Xorroa BTa-rwut Pleas annoono th name' of
J. W. Dcsart, of Wsstorvllle, as a candidate for Rep
raientatlve to tho legislature, suhjsot to tho decision of
tbe franklin County Dimooratlo Convention. . .
IniToa Oato Statmka Plssse annoonee the same
of Oio. I. Cosvsnsasisoandldate for Representative,
subieot to the deoliton of the Union Somooratlo Con.
vontloa, snd obllf; nANT BIUOOEATB.
iMToa Oat BtaTssaAii-Pleses announce the name
, jnu. a. i.a.iDi u Madlaoa tewnihlp, as a eaodl-
date for BaprssoBtotlv, satjeot to the deolslo of the
Colon Democrat! Contention or frank lin uoumy, ana
oblige, . A HOIT Of DEU00BAT8.
Bbitob BTiTsmas-Pleas announce In four paper
tbst many voters lo this city and la rraoann eoaoty,
daalro to have Otto Psiscl. Bi , for their neat Beprw
senUtlvs. sir, Droaellsjustthe ssaafor theplao.
augiB'61 ' ' MAST DiugoftAis.
iDrroB Oato BTATksair: 5r-Plsas nBounolh
BSD of A 0. Btsss. of Jaokion township, a s randl
date for HepreseBtailv. subjett to It dopliloa of tbo
Colon Bwatooralls aoaloatlag sonvsotlon, aad obllf,
Qant. n is alt M. OiBoSK. of Blindon towosblp
ss a
candidate for Sheriff, tuhjsct to ibe deolsloa of Ibe
franklin County Deaoeratle Convection, and obllf
Ssitos Ohio BTATaaaa fleue aaoounoe the nam
of Jons Bntpsa, of Ploasaal towosblp, as a etndldate
lor ro-eleetlon to Ibe offiee of Oouoty Commlsiitnor,
suhjret to th declsba of tbe Colon Democratic Ooanty
Cenveutlon. MaMI DEMOORATB
BorrosOsi BrATtsBAB You will (less announce
the Bume of D. 0 Basbm, of Hamilton township, at
oandidatefor County Commluloaer, subject to ihede-
slilon of tb Colon Ssmoeratlo Ooonty Oooventlon
aodobllga .. , .. . MaKI SEMOCRATC.
XmtoB Oato BTATtaatiH Pleai announce ths nuns
of W. YT. Etui, of Madlion towosblp, as a oandldtte for
County Oommlitlonsr, luijeot to tbe dcdaloa of tb
Colon Democratic County Convention, and oblige,
au.51 - V. -. MANY DEMOCRAT.
Ioitob wTaristf as PlssM announc EolsaXosb
Caaat, of Colombns. at a eandldst for County Audi
tor, subjsct to ths dsuisloa of. th Colon Demoorstlo
OoavsnUsa ol. f rankiln oountg, aod obllg
lorroa fiTaTtiitair Please aneouoo DaVtSW;
Baooao as a candidate for Oooaty Auditor, subject. to ths
dec! .too of th Colon Dsmoerttl Convention, and
oblige . . ', . , . MABY DCMOORATS.
XoiToa Oato STATaaaM Please announce the name
of Josara f AUtisSAoe, of this city, wbo Is st present
clerk la the County T restorer's offlo, as a suitable can
didato far County Auditor, ,01101 to lb deelilos of the
franklin Coanty Union Democraiio Convention, and
Xorroa Oau Btatbm.s Pleas annoanc th nam
of L. E. Wilms as a eeidtdat for County Auditor,
subject to ths declaioa ef the UnlonDomooratio Ooowa
tho aad oblige
O CKlVgl) at lbs OlBo of lb secretary of State,
uotll f
Motidsy, th Si day of 8ptmber next, at
. noon, . ,
for furalahlof paper for th as of tbe Btste of Ohio, at
9,000 Beams Double Super Royst Printing Pspsr.SfH
by 41 Incites, I weigh not less than SB pounds to the
100 Reams Doubl flat 0 tp, 18 by BT leches, to weigh
at least at) pounds to tbo ream .
10(1 Reams Brochure Oovor'Panor, anortcd Colors. SO
by Inchss, to wolf h at least C pound) to tho ream
The quaotttios above named to bs Ineroascd at th op
tioo ef Um Beoretary of Bute.
Bids must h a-eompeoled by samples of tho paper,
snd must Spoclty lbs prrae at woicn eacn kind and quail
ty will be delivered at tha State Houss lo Oolumbas.
No samplee of an Inferior artlolo need be presented; tb
paper miit boor tbe best qus ly.
Ths delivery of tho Super Roysl and Cover Paper lo
oommeooe on the first of November next ansulog, and
continue aa Ibe paper snail bs needed.
Tne delivery of the Doubl flat Cap to Oomraooco on
the first dav of Deoember neat, and continue ae above
Bonda. with approved security lo double the amount of
ine contract, will so required (according io law), condi
tioned fjr tne teitaiat perrons an oe er each eo a tract.
The bids to bo made and ibs sontraeta awarded ia ao-
oordanc with iho terms of Ibe "aot lo provide for the
narchaae ol Stationery, luel. ead other artlclei ror tho
Oeneral Aeeemblyand Bute OBtoeis," passed March 11,
IBiJ. HeoOurw. 1188; swab's tat. Oca.
Bide to bo lodoreod oa the eovelopes, ''Proposals for
funiishln omuer for the Btato."
.. Blddtr, ar aeears that no paper will bs received
onieio It oonrorms la every reepeet wlia to samples
TAl protlHmvVl SertotV aUUrti tn.
. A. P. BUttBSLL,
, Beoretary of Bute
Columbes, Ohio, Auf sit i, lfOl-dtd
Kuuurs, sew stylos, jast opooM try
r - Bain st sun.
, No. BB Boath Hlch eirool.
ttTttaTrnttt IB a If ntdtell.t
Th aaay kbids ef oomsua Saliralut found la atari
ar weak. Impure abd Unhealthy, and defraud th pur
chaser f bis mossy. Pyle's pur Dletetlt Is enUrely
free from all thorn ofjootloos. Its great sals provs It
popultrlty. Dtpot, SIS Waihlngtou street, Msw York,
told by grostrs sverywher. . "-v.
Too muoh eating and drinking, aw habits and mode
of life, often prodaot IrrtfUlsrlllsi la th bowels tod
geosral beslth of th system. But Bsaaoaara' Flu
will toon r, th a to ouch wlU regala lb) strength, and
a hsUthy actios of lb tysitot will bs restored. No
Minimus ar qaal Iu asefalnea, to lb . -'
Every ma ef ths I1R1 zaUATEg had a bos of
and an AI LCOCg'B POROUS PLASTER pat ia tbeir
knapsack free ot eapens. . And to this fact may b at
tributed th ebssao of soy of IUIB RB9IMINT from
lb hospital.
BYE BY B3LDIBR should havs"boi( Braadraib's
Pills, a boa of Bale, aad a pkw -of Porout Platter.
Tbejare SURE I be assfol, oft a llfs-vln.
" Bold hy Jobs R. Coos, Drag-flat, Columbus, and by
all rstpectabl dealers la msdloloes. 1.
s'OflT-dlra - -iu'.1 i
- MOri AT'S LIFE F1LL8. .
Ia all oases of oosUveoess, sppl, atlUoas and Uvw
affooUoaa, plies, rbawaiallsm, fvi aad aga, obstl
Bale head aches, and all gwnsral deru resents of health
thsa Fills bav InrarUbly proved a certain and speedy
remedy. A slngl trial will pkos tbo Uf Fill boyocd
thomcBereompstltloa la th atlautloa of rrary pa-
Utnt, '
Dr. Moffat's Phssali Btttss will at foaad egaally t
SxiaotoaaUailoaoesot aorvou dIUt, dyepepeta, head
echo, tho aiakasm ktotdeat le fame to sadoUoat hoalth,
and every kltd ol ivoakaos of Sh llgestlv rgans.
for sal by Dr, W. BtOffAt, 135, Brordway, U. Y.
and br all Drarkrt ' aay-dAalw
Tag) followlPs? M tvxtiRCt from
uti.. rttua kw tho Rev. i. B.' Helm, paster 4 th
rterrepotat ttreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, K. Y.,to
Ih "Joarwal aad ateaeraifer," OUMtaaatt, 0.,and speaks
TtlsmTI IB wear oe wa wwriu-rwowneo meowoaw, auto.
Wmtvow's BooTBiMa Iran roe Caiusaw Tsbtbuiw '
t.dtr. M.ut advertlemODl la soar anlnnaa ni Maa
WISWWW W"'". .vw W W.I
la favor of a paiaal modloiae before la aui Ufa. bat w
(eel ompollod totay lo yoai readers lhal Uuaatao haa
hug wa aavataia rr, aw - rr To a alA rr
olaimo. It lo probably ene ef the moet saroessfal medl
Wrsewow't Bootbib Svaor. Now w Beret said a word
styowr readers wa bT baMo aa' d hototr Uuta
lay las If ss7iLy4ty-
No. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
SOW yards Tiavelln Brest Ooodt at 8K1 valus
IV J Of D Wo
B500 yards Traveling Dross Goods at JSX, va'as tOets.
tuoo ysrds Iollab Bign at lK, value SS oants.
1000 yards frenob Organdies at WX, value 80 cents.
90Uo ysrds fut Oolond Lawns at IU. valus It seats.
luouysrai soniara uiwmm on. v .'ai --'"
a.DI.ln Ul.ak klillr at B I IUI V.llia Al'ji.
I.iv yara. vhw. - .- " - .
Rous of Org andls Berago, and Bngllth liorsae, at one
half their valus. .. . ... .. .
sain m po.
jj 29 South High street.
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
cto SOW,
No. 29 South High St.,
HAYB Jntt opened an Involo of very Urge aod
pu3hbr, french. and chantilla
- lace mantillas and p0inte3.
Wide Feench Laces foe Shawls.
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces
Real Thread, French, Cbantilla & Geneves
Valonoiennef, Point co Gaze, Erusieli
and Thread Laeea and t oll an,
In new Shapes,
For traveling.
Traveling Dreas Goods.
Th beat aod moot fatblonahl stylos In ths city,
BAlie A BON,
. JeaU - 1 aooth High Btrt.
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
Fruits, etc. etc ,
N 0. 34, N 0 R.T H H I Q H B T R E E T, '
S""'' TO
.NoTl06,South High Street,
Th old stand reoenlly occupied by.WM. McDOKALD
Hs Is In dally receipt of '
Whlsh b will nil
Cheap for Caab or Country Produce.
TJ7 Goods delivered to City trsd free of chsrs.V7I
No. 106, South High Street,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Stam Betweon Ireland and America
Th following new and magnlfloent flnt-slaatpaldll
wheel Bteamahlp oompoa the above lino;
ADRIATIC, 1,888 tons barthea, Cspt, i. Macs
(formerly of tho Collins Hot.)
BIBERRIA, 4,400 tone burthen. Cast. BT. Paowss.
COLUMBIA, 4HC " ' it. LaiTOM.
AMOLt A. 4.4U0 ' Nroaouwh
PAOUIO, BbUO u I, Ban a.
1,300 " " ' " . J.VAian.
On of tbo above ehip will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday foruilght. forOalway. oar-,
ryln tbe government Bulls, tuuehlng at ill. Jonas,
The I reamers of this line bav bean eonatrnoted with
the greatest euro, under the luporviaiooof Iho govern
moot, have Water tlfbt. oompartmeots, and ar uneaoal
le foroomfort, safely aod speed by any steamers afloat.
Tbey ar commanded by able and oxperienood officers,
aad every eaorUoa will bs made to promote tb comfort
Of passengers.
An.oiperienoed Barpoe attached to aah ship.
flrst-elsas N. Y. o BottoB le Oalway or Liverpool 1100
BeooBd-laM, .. 7j
rirot-elaae, - toM John's M
Thlrd-siaas, " " u Oalway or Liverpool,
r aoy tows In Iralaid, ob a Railway, - - - 30
Tbird-Mua paetsngor ar liberally supplied with pro
Visions of tho beat qaallty, evoked and served by Ibe aer
vanta of tha Company.
Parts wishing to ecu fur their irieide from Ih old
Oouotry oaa obtain Itcketa from any town oo a railway, in
Ireland, or from Iho principal 04 lie, of Xngland and boot
land, al very low rata.
Passengers for New Yorlh.arrlvlng by Iho Boston
Sbnmtrf, win bs forwarded toNew York free of obarge.
for poeMfO or further Information, apfty to
At th (Be of the Company, on th wharf, foot of
Caaalareoi wow York. '
1,000 yards BanorPUlaBlaok Bilk at fl 00 valie
1 t POf yard.
(,S00 yard TraveiiBf Dras acd Ifastl Ooodt at
it tat-ala 10 B ( pr)rl.
t,000 yards WUs BrIUiantes tt 19 1B etmti
vu1m tO eenU perjard. 1
ttOCO yard fin and Domsstl Gingham, greatly pn-
or Vaiao. t -
i , nretisa BAnzozi, utxllas,
uwib, CAU03ZS, muss,
Nrw and Fatablonnhl) Z7raa) Oood
la th moat desirable stylos tad at Very lr prices.
Of all saatsrlah), made la th matt (tyttsh niaoer after
the latest Fart rhlca-ib mod loaat styles I
. i asjaan m avn,
saaftO Ms. BJBooU Hlah street,
: OeUiton Mattings.
4e S4t 0-4 v tiii Ht nat
k WbU Cheeked eJ Wpoilor uallty. for eale oy
AvalR A BUN, '

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