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Tb Adams Express Company places ui daily
under obligations to it for the yery latest paper
from the eastern cities.
Tbe American Express Company bas our
. thaulcs for Us daily favors in (be shape of the
t ery latest eastern papers.
ID" Another Examination for Army Surgeons
will occur in Columbus, Sept. 6. Candidates
should forward their address to tbe undersigned
when a oiroular will be forwarded containing
full particulars. .
Aug, 24 . dHt. . , Sea. Medical Board.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
The County Central Committees of Frank
lin and Pickaway Counties bare agreed opoo
WlDNtSOAT, THE POUKTU PaT or Si masia, aa
the day for tbe msetlog ot the delegates from
tbe oouuties of Fianklin, Pickaway and Madi'
son, for tbe Domination of a candidate for Sena'
tor. and a Judge of tbe Court of Common Pleas
It is requested that onr Democratic friends
in Madison County will send delegates to tbe
Judicial Convention. "
Tbe Convention is appointed to meet at Co
umbos at tbe City Hall.
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
WiuiiS DoaN,
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee.
Columbus, Sept. 83, 1861.
Riuoioos NoTici.-k.Rer. Thomas Gorman,
Pastor of tbe Uuiversitliat Church, baa retura
d to tbe city from tbe summer Taoation, and
the Church will be re opened for publlo worship
Sunday, September 1st.
Services at tbe usual hours.
Probate Court.
Items of business transacted In the Probate
Court of Franklin oouoty during ibe week, end
log Friday noon, August 30, IStih
mabbiaor uccnsxs tuvt o.
Tools Williams and Catharine Ballard
Frank Maiquardt and Elinbeih Souloaffeli
John A. Warner and Luoy Marks. .
Tha last will and testament of Oban Brown
"sow, late of Brown towushlp, deceased, waa ad'
mltted to probateon Thursday , August 99.
Dennis Newman, of Hocking i Bamutl Auld,
ot HarrUoni Johnatbao Brickies, of-Melgsi
Joseph A Bachelor, f JMTcrsea; Berjamia C.
Gibbons, of Vinton, and Henry C. Taneyhlll, of
Noble county, minors and volunteori at Camp
Chase, were all ou writs of habeas corpus
discharged from tbe service, on tbe ground that
they had severally collated without (he content
of parents or guardians.
Frederlo Mebrman, a native of Wirtemberg
admitted to full citizenship.
The Criminal Term of the Probate Court
commenora on Tue:-dy next, 8ept. 3J. There
are but few cases on the Docket.
City and Township Dihoatu The follow
log are the Delegates from the several Wards
is tbe oily aud from Montgomery township to
tha (Juion Democratio Convention, which meets
at the City Hall at ten o'clock this forenoon i
FiasT Ward P. Fits, Joseph Qaloa, A. Wea
ver, James MuGuIre, E. B. Armstrong, John
Earlv, Miobaol Trainor.
Second Ward -J. M. Kasner, John W,
Thompson, Thomas Arnold, Thomas Bergen
H W.Miller.
Third Ward John Stone, Joba Diwson,
Charles A. Wagner, H. W. Drew, H. C. Doron.
Fodrth Waao-O. P. Hinea, A. C. Headley,
Frederiu Fieeer, John Bioktl, K- Klott, Fred
erio Fornoff.
Fifth Ward-John Rader, Lewis Hoster,
Philip Esper.Johu Hartman, Andrew Kreltlein,
Wendell Sellger, David Kcati, Frederic Haoe
wald, J. J. Rick ley, Frederio Bider, Philip
Kuies, Jr., Peter Sebille, Frederio Beck.
TowNBHir A. Moobery, E Livingston, John
Huffman, John Earbart, T. West, Goo. Bchats-man.
Difinsi or Cincinnati. Tha two commit
tees with Mayor Hatch from Cincinnati visited
Governor Dr unison on Thursday to consult with
nim 1b reference to providing for the defense of
tha Queen City. Jo. the evening the Msyor
sent borne tbe following dlepatohi
COLUMBUS, August 29, 1861.
Col. JeAa W.Dudlcj, Chief efth$ Pelict, Cinlin-
noli, OAi.
Governor DeonUoa will forward to-mor
tow, one battery of six pleoes with all tbair
equipments, eiaepting borsee, to Cincinnati, also
one battery and equipments, horses Included, to
Camp Deuolson. Three other full batteries to
Camp Deoolson and Ave regiaents of infantry
re to be forwarded as aoou as possible.
Gin. Lton. The military and civic ovation
in Cincinnati, Oa Thursday, to tha memory of
Brigadier General Nathaniel Ltor, late of tbe
United Slates Army, was quite imposing. The
remains lay in state during tbe greater pari of
the day at Smith at Nixon's Hall, which was
visited by Immenia throngs of people Irom the
oity and country, la the .evening the oorpse
was aent forward on the Cincinnati, Hamilton
DtytottRoadrfo be taken, via Crestline,
PitUbarafand New York, to its last restins
place, near the' graves of tbe brava soldier's
father and mother, In Ashford, Windham coun
y, Connecticut. ,. "
' Friobtfoi. AcDiDtdT. Oj Tburaday evening
last, August 89, Mr. John Ears stopped at tha
Fraukllnten Mills, leaving bis wile and two
small children ia a two-horse wagon near the
door of the mill. While be waa absent In tha
mill, a freight train fiom Cincinnati cime along',
frightening tbe horses so that tbey run in the
dircotion of tha railroad. ' Mrs. Kits sucoeed
ad In brloglog them to a moderate trot for a
few buedred yards. At this Junoturc, aha leap,
ed from tbe wagon, hoping to atop tbe horses
fcy reaching tbair beads. ' '' ' '
Unhappily falling in this, tha Ltd the on
spsakable anguish to asa tha horses tush for
ward to tha railroad crossing, and reach It Just
t tha locomotive came upon It. They turned
and ran along the track a short dlstsaoe, and at
they tnrnad, tha wagon waa struck by one of
tbe oarl and thrown forward on tha hones, kill
log onaof them, ; . ... . , J. .
Tha eldest of the ohllSrsn ' was to seriously
injured tnat it aiea in a lew hours. - Toe yonnr
est reoslved two frightful gashes on the head
with a fracture and depression of tha skull.
Dr. Hamilton removed a piece of tha skull and
elevated the decreased ftortion. ' Tha rhui la
yet living, and some hopes ara entertained of
tti rtoovary. - .
U r (, aim, B.t itlpad haan ffllA.1 angina,
iheelty of Cincinnati, amounting to over thirty
five thousand dollars, lor -damages- earned by
the rain ob the SU.'cl XJi.-'t'and yet sofa, of
tha heaviest aUlstaala have not flUd their stale
' IT A boy fourteen yeart of age, sentenced In
Preble county to tha Penitentiary for burglary,
waa brought to that Institution on Thursday
last. An effort Is making to have him aent to
the Reform farm, near Lancaster.
(TNInety Ave horses were brought from Cin
cinnati to Camp Chase yesterday, for tba use of
the oavalry at the oamp.
O From the Mansfield papers we learn that
Camp Barclay, near that city, bas been changed
to Camp Buckingham. '- '
Sintinoid. Tba man Frederick Grilloah
who it will be remembered robbed several Post
Offices and stores In tha vicinity of Newark,
in March last, and who fought as furiously be
fore ha was arrested, shooting Constable Houg
hey, was tried a few daya since aod sentenced to
twenty years Imprisonment.
O Five new companies ara reported to be
orgaolilog In Licking county, two at Granville,
oca at Newark, one at Klrkersville, and one at
New Way.
' 07 Committees bava gone from PalnesvlIIe
aod Cberlln to Western Virginia, to attend to
to tba dead and wounded of their respeoilve
vicinities In the Seventh Ohio Regiment.
D CoI.Sbirwin hss one hundred and twenty-
five men in his artillery regiment at Camp Den
nlson. About ssven hundred men beside these,
be says, hava enlisted In different parte of the
Stats, and will shortly bs In oamp.
87 Michail 0. Rtaii has been appointed
Colonel, and C. L. Gano Mijor, of the Fiftieth
(Irish) Regiment to be organised at Hamilton.
D Tbe Military Laboratory In this oity, on-
der tba superintendence of Mr. Van Bosin, em
ploja about fifty hands, men and boys. A num
ber of females are engaged In a separate apart
ment preparing the papers for fllllog aod attach
Ing the balls. Tha whole force prepares about
thirty-five thousand cartridges daily.
07 Wa learn that all side shows on or near
the Fair Grounds, will ba prohibited at the
coming County Fair.
07 Tha War Department bas ordered tba
reoruiting officers to cease paving the usual fee
of two dollars for recruits.
07 Tba Thirtieth Regiment, nnder tbe com
mand of Colonel Ewino, son of tba Hon.
Thomas Ewinv, of Lanoiater, left Camp Chase
last evening, and took tha oars at tba depcH in
tbls oity rtutt for tbe "seat of war." Wo
understand their destination is Western Vir
ginia. 07 Eight companies of Colonel Gibbon's
Regiment, organising at Camp Noble, near
Tifflo, are already In camp, and four of them
hava been mostered Into tba service
07 Mrs. GaiiNiow, lately arrested In Wash.
ington for treason, Is tba aiater of Mrs. Com,
and Is, therefore, tba aunt of Mrs. STiraiN A.
1 ,
07 Mr. Dooolu E. Jiirold, son ol tha late
DocOLaa Jirrold, of England, will make bis
first appearanoa in Buffalo on Monday, tba 91
September. Mr. Jirrolb intends devoting
himself entirely to the representation of his
late father's productions.
Snout Pouci. Why la it that tha City
Coonoil in these no party times find It oonven
lent to discharge from tba polioe force Demo
crats, against whom there Is no objeotlon, aod
put other men in tbeir places of no better qual
07 Sixteen prisoners of war were brought
In yesterday from Western Virginia, and taken
to Camp Chase.
07 A deserter from Col. CaaiuiiOTON'a Regi
meat was brought la yesterday, and takan to
Camp Thomas.
A Jost JrDOMiNT. Pablio opinion Is a bar
before which few oare about appearing without
their acta will atand tbe severest scrutinizing;
some ssy that Its verdlcta ara harsh, but never
theless tbey ara generally Just and correct
"Kennedy's Medioal Disoovsry" has now been
on trial for soma twelve years, and during that
period thousands of witnesses have arisen to
speak In its favor. One testifies 'that he waa
cured of Scrofula after sufferiog'six years j an
other that ba found immediate re'lsf after suf
fering with, Salt-Rheum for twenty years, and
ll Is such evidence as this that has caused tba
public to render tba following verdioti Guilty
of exterminating and annihilating from the as
tem every humor with whiob It cornea In con
tact, and wo recommend it to the consideration
of the afflicted. )
GEORGE HATCH. Rail Road Time Table.
Iiittu UiaMI a) Ovlsmsos k Xanu R K.
' w - Leaves. Arrives
OloolimaU Aeeomtnovlatloa. S OD A. ai. 9:10 P. M.
Bxprasa. 11:40 A. 11. 11:14 A. M.
Mall and Aowmnortattoa.. : 10 P. ai. S CO P. at,
MLfktKxprtM vn Daytoa.lfcW akUlfhl. IWi. K.
Jjro. W. DeanTT, Aient.
Coumaoa at Cur mure ft. E.
rlltht aipraw. .,. 1:40 A. H. 11:11 P.M.
New ToraJtipra. M. 11:10 A.M. 10:30 A. M.
0.0.40. War Asvrtss.... mO P.M. T.MP. M.
' Jamis Pattirioh, Asset.
Vo. 3 express........... &M A. M. "" 11:99 A. M.
No. do 8:19 P. M. Iktt A. M.
' ; W. I, Fatx, Agiot.
Pn mis as, OoLcatsvs a OtNctsNATi I. K. '
Malt Train .' S A. M. HAS A. M.
apnea train Il.tJa.M. 6:41 p. It
Jos. BosunoN, Agent.
OoLtTMROS a iRDusorous, ft. ft. : .
(Uobi'Mscs Puica a InouKA B. B.)
Is. 1 CzprcM 0 :n a. M. 8 00 P. M
Mo. 8 " 3.0U P. M. TW P. M
... ....
10;MI A. M.
O. W,
rra. A, tot.
The Boss anirirlei strip to tbe
Human cigut etvsir lavcsstaa
tot of tha nut laaDrona kinds
Alt his Oku, whether for Mar or rar-ifht4, ar
froaad In ooaeav coovea fens wtiH tb gmtett ear,
so as te salt lb rs ot all , rlB( WkaM,
Sissioes r IntaaBstloa of lb Ir, ss4 iapartliM
strength f-T loaf roadlsi or ase swlD(.
umoo, ia as itat stress at asiuwr s Webster's
Mesle ttor..
anai. :
.., tor the IKITAHT BILIBP
' dlstrsssiag soeaplamt ass
,Ua b,0,JLf".TMOD1 00 1 1 It, ,
. .w . rw Mwaf rh m ey po.
arS-akwUlo A A a a ftOIlt.
oCLOaft CLOTHS, aim. .a. k .TIT..
ak Cloih., la all MrtM lawree tilodton, T7
sl d aatlM t saatetj. main a son.
. Mltaatiabfwe
Attempt to Blow Up a Train.
Rolls, Mo., August 29. The correspondent
of tba St. Louis Democrat furnishes the follow
log I
An attempt was made yesterday to blow up
the train due here at 4:60 P. M. As the train
reicbed a point 8 miles east of hers, an explo
sion took place beneath the locomotive, cover
ing It with dirt and gravel, and slightly wound
log the engineer.
On backing tba train 'to the spot, it was dis
covered that a keg of powder had been buried
between the rails, which was exploded in some
unknown manner when tha eogiue passed over
it. Tbe explosion occ irred on an embankment
fifteen or twenty feet high, and had its force
been r pent in an upward direction, instead of
laterally (as waa tbe oase), tbe train would
doubtless have been thrown from tbe track, and
several lives lost.
A company of oavalry, sent down the railroad
to reconnoitre last night, found several rails
torn up in a deep cut near Jamestown, and fired
upon threa suspicious characters on tbe track
close by, but with what result Is not known.
' General Mo Bride, with 1,600 rebel', is re
ported to beoo Spring Creek, 95 miles South
west from here.
Arrest of Maryland Traitors.
Baltimore, Aug. 83. Daniel Drcker, editor
of tbe Hagerstown (MJ J Mail, seossioa paper,
was arrested to-day oy Government Gen. Mo
Kale, Senator fr im Allegheny county, was ar
rested in Washington oouuty. Both will proba
bly be sent to For. McHeory.
Palmyra, Mo., Taken by the Rebels.
[Special to the Chicago Times.]
Qvinct, III., Aug. 529. Lieut. Pinkley, of
Capi. Ralstoo's oumpauy, 8ixeentb Regiment,
Illinois Voluuteers, came to tbis oiiy last even
log and stated that a large body ol rebels, va
rioualjr esiioated at from SiUU to 3UU0, under
the notorious Maiun Greeu, t ok poisseioo ol
Palmyra, Mo , yesterday morning. There were
00 Uulied Statea troops there to defeort It, aod
01' course no resist no made. Some 500 icbela
are in the town and the balance encamped In
lbs uttiektriB.
A train of oars, oontaioiog a considerable
quauticy of musket for lbs troops at St. Joseph,
wblcb let! Huouloal yesterday, was fired into
near Palmyra and foioed to rcurn. No damage
Running the Blocade.
Niw Toss, Aug 30. The etenmer Mataa
is brings Matablis dates to tbe S5ih
A Brtusbsobouner had arrived there, having
run the blockade off Newbern,and sailed again
for Charleston.
A sloop irom Charleston had also arrived,
having run tbe blockade.
Tbe storesbip Release has arrived here from
Fort Pickens, Aug. 7. No news.
New York, Aug. 29 Tbe Commercial says
tbe Captain of a Maine vessel, taken a priva
teerin May, and wno was allowed the largest
liberty by lbs rebels, is sboard the Minnesota.
He obtained valuable Inlormaiion in regard to
tbe fortflatlons at Eatteras Iolet, and doubt
less ere this bas guided tbe Naval Expedition
there, where it will operate In tbe reduction of
the batteries.
Further News from New Mexico.
lNotriNDKNOc, Mo , Aug. S3 Tbe sauta Fe
mail ha arrived with daiee to (bo lTin inst.,
aod $80,U0U worth of gold dust.
Tbe troops, 75U in nomber, who surrendered
to 300 Ttlas rangers, 18 miles from Fort Fill
more, have been released on parole, the Texms
retaining tbeir arms and the horses belonging to
tbe mounted rifles
Gen. Wm. Pelham, formerly Surveyor Gene
ral of New Mexico, aud Col. Clements, were
arrested at Santa Fe.aod couflned in the guard
bouse, by order of Col. Cauby, of tbe Depart
meot of New Mexico. Tbey were suspeoted ol
glvlog improper information to the Texan
troops at Fort Bliss, below El Paso. Col.
Clamenis took tba oath of alltgiauce and was
discharged. Gen Pelham refused to take tbe
oath and ia still confined in the guard house -
lion M A Oiero, of Albuquerque, bas been
sppointed Colonel cf a regiment of Mtlioaul
volunteers that is to bs ralceJ in the Territory.
Col. Cauby bas, by proclamation, suspended
tbe writ of habeas oorpus In New Mex oo.
Fort Siauotou has been abandoned by the L.
S. loro. Tbe Fort waa afterwards fired by
order of Col. Cauby.
New Mexico baa been visited lately with verv
heavy showers of rain, wblcb havs done con
siderable damage to property.
Massachusetts All Alive for the War.
Boston, Auirust S9 The report that th
Secretary of War bad called five additional
regiments from Massachusetts, roused tbe pair!
ousm of our citilens.
Senator WUsol's Regiment started with 300
Tba first Installment of tba Government
loan, ten millions, was formally aooepted at
the meeting of tbe Associated Boston Banks
to day.
From Harper's Ferry.
HfATTSTowN, August 88 A gentleman from
Harper's Ferry reports Uulonibts leaving in
great numbers."' There was no secession lores
In that neighborhood, except ISO cavalry
Newe from Marliosburg says the rebels are
taking up tbe railroad track, takiur down loco
motives, carrying tiff machinery ot the com pa
ny work shops, it ia said tbey will take up
uiboico i,iraca to connect Winchester witb
Strasburg. There are vague rumors oday
that tbe rebele iu tended making a demonstra
tion at Edward's or Nolan's Ferry.
Jeff. Davis and Alex. H. Stephens
Looisvilli, Aug. 99 Surveyor Cotton bat
published a oard threatening to aelts all wagon
vehicles and steamboats trausoorlinc artiolea lor
aiding rebellion alter 8ept. 1st.
Aspscial Richmond dispatch, of thsSTthrays,
"President Davis is still eonfloed witb an attack
of chills and fever whiob may induce Cougreae
io pcmipooe its aoj jurument.
"Vice President Sieoheus laalakat U.n,
"Congress appropriated 1300,000 for float
ing defenses of New Orleans, aud $16X1,000 lor
two Iron-clad gunboats, for tbe deleos' of tbe
mouth oi tbe Mississippi river and the oity of
Tba Memphis Appeal sava Lincoln rsfuiea to
disband bis oamp in Kentucky, and Insists that
the Confederate forces shall advaooo to meet
the foe, Inatesd of awaltiog bla arrival.
From Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
Washinoton, Aug 89 Th Washington Re
publican ol this uufuing, express th opinion
that a battle eorote the I otomae, oannot be
avoided raaoy date longer. '
Mrs Greeobow Is aunt to Mrs. Douglas
Mr Russell, of tbe London Time, has ra.
turned Irom bis exptditioa among th tamos.
and reports that our troops ara wouderfuliy im
proven wuom toe past fortnight
Ii la tbouKbt tbat Gllbu Burrltt will receive
the appointment as Consul to Newoastle, fiug
lacd Advioss received from Virginia, to-day, re-
port tbat eveiytbing Is quies. Considerable
alarm was occasioned to this oity by aooounta of
tbe skirmishing yesterday, but a quiet note fol
lowed. There are etroug Indications, however,
ol an attack Irom the rebel within a very ehot
time. Tbe enemy are la loll possession of Bai
ley's oross roads, and are bringing up tbeir bag
gage from Springfield Station, a uletan.ee of four
miles. - .
Tritmm's Oorreipoodanes.
Last night, at 10 o'clock, General Franklin's
Brigade, tba 15. h, 18ib, 31st 'and 331 New
York, were ordered to advance without kaap
aaeka, aod were within two and a half miles of
Bailey's Cross Roads, Eirly Ibis morning tbe
enemy opened witb two rifled oannoo on them
about ,a quarter ot a mile beyond tbe Croea
Roada, drove In our plokete aod followed them
about half a- mile. General Franklin, witb
abeat 9000 of our troops and five eonnook
marched to a point near tbe Crossing, aud 800
were aent Into a oomfleld. A detachment of
plcketa under Lient. Colonel Washburn, of
tbe Viet, went lorward. Tba ! ensrav ware
eeea about eight hundred yarde beyond onr ad
vaooe guard, aod fired opoo tbem, but with
out doing any Injury. Three rebels were teen
to fall. '
Tha War Deoartmrnt hat Inst binnd tha M.
By tba o7ib article of the aot of Congress
entitled an aot for eatablUbing rules and artl
cles for the government of the armies of tbe
United States, spproved April 10, 18G1, holding
correspondence witb, or giving aid to the cue
mv, either direotly or indirectly, la made pun
iibable by death, or such other punishment as
shall be ordered by the sentenos of a court
martial. Tbe public safety requires the striot
enforcement ol tbis article, it is therefore or
dered that all correspondence and communica
tion, verbally or by writing, printing or by tele
graphing, respecting the operations of the ar
my, or military movements, on iand or water,
or respecting tbe troops, camps, arsenals, en
trenchments or military afftlrs, within the sev
eral military districts, by which Intelligence
shall be direotly or indirectly given to tbe ene
my, without tbe authority and sanction of the
General commanding, be, and the same are ab
solutely prohibited, aod from and after the date
of tMr"order7pYa6us" violating thssame will
be proceeded against under the tmn article or
war." .
Aoother article provides that the commission
ed officers of all volunteer and military organl
atlons, no matter whether established under
the authority of a State or the United Slates,
will bs regarded as having beeu commissioned
oo tbe day when mustered into tbe servioe of
tbe United States, and will take rank io tbeir
respective grades, and will be entitled to pay,
aodba obejed aud respected in tbeir several
positions Irom that day.
Hereafter oo minora will bs mustered Into tbe
service of tbe Uuited States without tbe 0oo
Set I of tbeir pareu't or guardians
It is extremely difficult to obtain reliable lu
telligeucj r,puiUg th result of tbe picket
euoouaier oo ibe oiber aid of tbe river, but
there seems to be truth in the report tbat sev
eral of our troop were killed, aud others
wounded along oar lines ye-terday and hut
fue Postcfflc Department baviog au'beotio
iolormaitou that tbe mail have beeu repeatedly
Vlolaud, aud oitiuol be Oriied talely in tbat
ptilol Keutuatv naued berelo, it I ordered
that tbe prwiotUce ai Hickman, ColuuiDue, and
Pudueab, K., and all giber post ffi-e's aud post
route In Keinuck) wstol th Teuu-sxee nvr,
be ni'O'it.tinueii, exceu lt.g as followit Rouie
No. 9.6.r2 Irom RutaellVllle, via Oadu aud Ma;
field, i ooutiuued us lar-a Milluu, and all
pjsUyfflotS vu that route, esi-f pi Aurora, and
lOuilbuet); also, route No 9 .t!i-t , from rilder.
villa to Olive, aud tbe po.u,mjes thereon are
WasHiNOTOM, Aug. S3 All volunteers In
service abo bava bcou taken prieouer by the
rebel and released on psrole, willbediaobarged
from service. . ,
ITIaos Oorretpsiid'ncs. '
Ntw Tost, Aug 30 Geu. Suoit expressed
the opinion to da; that tbe rehels niuat make
ao attack on our iiues at au earlv dav.
Iulormatlou irom the rebel army says there
srs large numbers ol rebels io and aouut M 1
oassas on lb line of roads leading to Riubmuud
ana toward Btratourg.
There bas been much sickuesr among their
men, owing to wet weather, a deficiency of
oloibiog and camp equipage. They are short
of everything except wheal, fljur aud corn, of
which tbey have an abuudanut; tbeir men were
very reetleae aod there was no discipline. They
were highly elated with their success at Bull
Run, aud ao oouhdeul ol tbeir ability to tbraah
the Abolitionists, tbat tbey Imperatively de
manded to b led to VVai.biugtou. It is proba
bly In obedieoc to this rtquiremeut tbat tbey
are now belug paraded along our Hoes.
Ao intercepted letter from Columbus, Qi.,
shows tbat New York piper were) received rt
tbat point wiihm lioai tcu to twelve days ol ths
date of publication, aud luriher tnt tne rebels
ars basing their luorsmeuta iu the lower tier of
States oo the supposed iuteoiion of ibe military
authorities here, as developed by Id suggestion
of the Northern preaS. -
fiiatr aod Cimsron signify their Intention to
remove every person from their Department,
against whom a charge of disloyalty may bs
brought by the Investigating Committee.
(Herald's Dispatch)
The enemy has not only re-established tbeir
old line of pickets as before tbe battle of Bull
Run, but have aotually cneroeoued on the terri
tory formerly held by us nearly half a mile
nearer our line of for;iduatioo. They now oc
cupy aeveral Important etralegetio points, on
which they arc lorowlog op fonifloitloos.
On M union's Hill tbe enemy is couairuoticg
work, aud have now a temporary battery of ri
fled eaonon, from wbicb, lor tbe last lew days,
tbev have kept up a desultory fire on our troops
at Bailey's Cross Roads. Aloug tbe route re
lerred to, tbe enemy bas several depots of sup
plies and reinloioemenls, aud at least three
new loriifioations, aud nmbablv double that
number concealed and uoder construotlon.
Tbe enemy's toroes at Mason's Hill consist
ed of 700 cavalry, 1U00 iulaulry aod three piects
of field caonon. - .
A gentleman arrived here to day from Rich-
mood via Louisville, Ky. lie bas spent sev.ual
weeks in Vugiuia and visited ths lines of the
rebel army, no estimates the number now iu
arms In Virginia at nearly 300 0U0, and tbe
force on the Potomac above 180.000.
Sinoe tbe first of June immeuse quantities of
arms purohaeea la tbe Ctnl have been carried
luto tbe State through Baltimore, and tbeir
whole army It cow well armed.
Manassas Juuotiou has beeu virtually aban
doned, there being only a guard left there to
look alier the gun of tne baiteriee. Toe prin
cipal body of lteir forces bas been pushed lur
waid to ths Upter Potomac to ba thrown across
into Maryland, for whiob movemeut a column
of 40,000 la prepared witb pontoon bridgts,
upon which tbey otn oross at any point they
fiod tbe least dsfsaded. They are determined
to make an attempt to get Mai y land in tbeir
possession, and tbey believe that will insure
their ultimate possession of Washington and all
tbe immense accumulation of supplies here,
thus enabling them to tranafer tbe war from tbe
Potomao to the Suequebauna, and secure ibem
thslr recognition by Europe. Tbis programme
has been Decided upon. ,, - -.
Tbe Secretary ol tba Treasury contemplates
Issuing an address to tbe publio in behalf of tbe
National Loan.
An army officer stationed on tho Virginia
side of tba Potomao report), tbat while we
have loat ssveral soldiers tbis week ia picket
skirmishing, at laast tsn of the enemy were
killed. :
ClNOlNNATI. Auiust SO Sjmuol B Hirst.
President of tba City Council, died tbls morn
log of consumption.
niannfaclnrera all klnde ef For
tatblo ana Mtatioaarf Htaana Eu
. glaaai taw mHa, uriat ffutla,
t . ... . .. AOaaV ,
T. at . B bVVALL B-tmllt OOIDMBVB
4 CO. BvUmltnr - "
' Our Fortabls Engine and law Mill
Was awarded tk 8nt pvtailua of 830 at th Indiana
Itat lair for vr Laos It Bodley's on aooouot el
Prloe, ligbtnese, aimplTcity, eoonomy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Oar Statlonarr nain waa awarded at tha taaM Fall
th Brat praaalaai ai 8 SUB-
Oar Pert Bnglix waa award'd tbe S re- preealna 01
810 aMrw lair aiampbU.Taa.,oe Bland;' u
van's Columoa, Madhtua Oo't., and Bradrord a O. -
y a eaamttt of praotieal ftallnad BagUwwr, ,
a-or prioa ana nrxit aourwaa -
wiiibaau waxtnan, Tiwaaarer,
XtTAHTID-lO 000 Oaitoaers t bar ft cent Amor
V V leoea at St. WITT'S Chaao AabreUa Itoom. Ha
ci Aiiga sir, voiaaueut vow
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, August 30, 1861.
at th ntaU qaotauuns eorracuxl b
" Mnoaua,wooiesaia and retail trocar, Ho.
100 Boaib High Birret.
Oat tou
OornS on. ..,
Butter V a--"
Lard ft
V O. loear f ..8xcm
Maple do tKSlOe
Holaaas cal SOOs
tyrup tl. C7i
Tea ft....OOo.,eOo.tlUI
Teddo Tea 8 1 00
HloOorTe fft.... 15 18a
Dried Applet bo . . $ 1 9.V
Dried Pucho.i... S 7.tS 00
ara do HKSV&c
Hlos He
Hroomt dos..l OIKl 7S
Hat ton SO IK)
Whlu Uwuuffbu.ai lKKt 85
Potato, now oa.SocatiOc
Suit In lack
Salt 9 bbl
Beef f ewt....
Rams 0) ft
Hoap(oox) a txavtc
Vlour bbl SI2i50
White Wheat do Oil
Shonldan f t,
flt Pork few t.
Wood eorA...
Ky. pioar bbl... as vO
Candlos.Tallow.ba. 12 Ho
Oaodlea, Opal, box.. IHe
Ohoeae S 891
Maokaral Mo.lhfbbl
Mackaral No I qr bbl
Homioy par both a I U i
Hacktrtl No I hits.. $9 50.Wbl.ny par. (all. tMVI tiO
White Pub oar h'f bbl ai .Mil
Kaislot, M R. UOX....X fO
Whit Pith porqr bbl $3 lu
Ood Plan 9 B OKc
' Xayers " .... 8t
Bulua ISHo
Horrini a bill .....J ou riaa a a
Cora Meal rm....3SavW Prases t
leo lb.
i dot BolWool T.ln.
Dried Boef 13k0
!Vtl,,'e, at ,s "d. snd 14 83
W4 JO tor white) mamot uaiettJtd.
HT-dml at 7SoOo.
rona aalet at I6j
0 .ales dull a: .OOB Oo
kro eoxli talee a' iaJue.
iiAV-tlttat 0 Kill
PoTatub aaa t (i
BatNt tales at H7ca I tt.
Balt roles at $ HI par bbl.
Wmra ri,H rule al 80 SOaTOOnerlilil.
Sugars, Xm and OuHaa aJ'aaelug still.
New York Cattle Market
Total aaonrrt or canu or u aiaos. ros t us ws.
Avoiding to th repurta from (he toveral market
plaoat la lb city, thor havs b.so recairod tblwea;
B'vet. 0wt. Veala. l.D0a Bwln. Total
At AllartoD't, I.VOt
8 0 711
Brnwnlrit't.... 33
OUrianV 1:1
Uhajoberllu't.. -IU
Krc'.d 8ounr
Soldbu'ra, Bcr. S5J
8 3.a
71 H7
07 (Out
I'l pr's weak
Av. nan.ber
if n I 8
CM l7,:iut
ti im
Wk.lty'r. 4 30
333 341 8 709 7,0'JO li.9t8
A. M. AlUrtua St Co., Pmprtetort of tba Wanhloetoo
Drnra-yanlt, 44th-tt, report U Oaltl la Market (rou
tie following Btattsl
Now Turk..
New Jaitty...
Oaiidda. ......
lallou t.
1.8 m
feiuxelraula ,
i'e-1'Uri .
Humher reported for this market at Forty-'oBrUi
Street. 8.008.
Th price tu dty sre quoted tt follows:
rirst qua lty ""J( Ordinary GfiU
atedluu T7, soma extra good..
The goneial taraa of th marker at full 70.
Ibe niott of the tale raog Iroa 7eVSto.
Prloe per bead and par puOLd, of different wrlghta,
.HiMiuuMiiamvuiii,,! aaiae or aunar oruve,. .
lnii bumtieruf Bea.ee receired ia the oity llili week, ,
'Int. 1, I JJS h'a.1 lea thin lut te, and 1 141 h-ad
le. than ibcaeeraea of las- va.r. The ...r... ...
btr ol each Wedueadejr market last yeir w,, 3 4-1 head,
wblla to uamber to day heing g 0i,j, thowt 5til brad
I't than the avertge, aud 1,181 head more tuao tula day
W(DBOX. Aut. 88 1 b opening .if the msrktttMs
oiuruiug euwa no oeoMi.e trout in olo, yi-s eriay, but
rather the reveree.aod for tore has pr v. d tn ihe livr.
s all.r that MjLd.y le uot al.t th d.r fur h ghe.t
pr cea taeatll wli, anil io A y at 88 or Sfl a heail iunrt
thto ihe t.mt quality told for on Mnbda. and b-lter
eeeo than vreie di). rometlmte, when m airlv.le uf
xaiS'iar (wriiei is now tu g eais.t .ale day) are very
large, me tclltr, of tl few t .Id on aWay in advance
of ihe regu ar opculrgof the m. net, are rxu tant over
their (nod luck or oute m oageoent. This week lb
tuu Is chan.ed; there La b so a steaily Improvement
from Moud.y m rang to Wednesday murnuie. aid all
the ttook Inoludina at Bute tattle and some fresh ar
rl.aia thit mornlnt, will be disposed i f, and at an ed
vaacof lull, heir a cent on tti auolailo..a n.r n,,unH
net weight, of laat week; and In many carti, lakiog
weight a -d prloe Into th ettlmate.'ttte owner has obtaiu
ed price, equ.l ioicei.li pound for the beef mora than
be g it fur tbe tame elase of bullocks laat wolX that Is,
8 a he.d for bullocbe tntt would avert 7 wt. taoh.
ihle ihiwt what a reaannable supply wouli oo toward
advancing the prloe. Tkait It apparantly on lack ot
ability to pay. uor indltpoaltlop on tl. p.rt of baichtrt
ti buy all that they od diioo.o of. Tha iaiad..ra.
in pilceeentiraly retjt,rrumlheover,opply. Thecliy
oanniitoobiume inch nnmotitof bailooktat hav been
cruwjea upun tne airtn lor teverai Wrcxt paat. If
oroTciioeiir n teep prior up at th rati-a thit week,
tbey can do It if (bey oaa aatiw to keep In weekly
tupply btlcw th averag of cuoberi Net year. W do
not want n-oie, really cann-1 coiitum great a num.
ntr, beoaue tn aver.ge weight of oatil It bijher and
rjumrr ol ber catart l,t; aud thro we hivt thctp ai.d
l.mlw In great atunrianee, and at lower priori than they
hav fur aearal p erlice itare eommaudel. Purk aod
veal, loo, are lower, and why ahould nut btrf rj to loo
pa tl ularly when (rain of all aorta tt to mush cheaper,
at wll at other vetuol loodl
Here ptt tMt week. 15.133
Although icoelptt this wek lr over 5 000 head lete
than laat Week, tb market oootnuts in the ttoe rlr
praaud eondlilon for old ,heep, though It It tlUhtly bet
tar for Iambi of th bat quality; poor on Mil very
low, to tors cant lete thau (I 50 a beat. Tb top pr'oe
of a I it of good lamb It eh ut equal to 8 eenla tor th
mi weight of meat! ortay 83 Si a head for a 1. 1 that
would dreiadu 6 each. A lot, ,iimaied at ISS.80 "t
net, told at 81 W A choice lot part Bouthdows, eau
mated 40'Jit f, average, told at 84.
A lot of Ohio aheap, ihtt weighed 101 f each at home,
and 0"tt $9, aod for traigtil and egptnata 81a head, told
lu Six h atrttt, Tuesday, at (i ill.
A cholo lot or ebep that would dreat 30 each, told
at 43 'J and a lolteid at H we eeilatwd at 60 ach,
lie wei.ht.
snow lot or uniotneep. reoelved at Broanln,'. a
' naTDe0 raid for an adrai.ee anon 83 50,
allien waa aboat tbt flgur thty a &t have told at wh..
Ih flratarrivrd, ani uor thau they will eommaod
! "' keeping them at a eott of over St a day upon
1.1 head forhaj, which ct 81 U V ewt., aod they eat
aouut a pound p r hd a day.
Tb average price of maitoa raitaim at W.thloeton
Mtrkt It noloesrtc ranging from 3 to f a. aod
pens or sheep aod l.ma ihls aonth avera 4u, au ibat
. it not so o wonuarea at ibat th wholesale butcher
are not willing to pay higher ra te than our pitseot quo
ir thsre It sny charge In th .beep mark! this morn
ng, It i In rarer of th owners bit in tleanot it crc
ly perceptible, at Brownina't atari all iha .inee waa
old out on Tutaday. and as unly about 1000 can in ill
morning, ail will ill. At Voriyrourlh meet the lamb
buiart nld r low In on rs. oni. i,m.A . it
utia ai , tuu iunatd to drett tW & .
from New TorkJoho Burld SI; fj. 0 Burdell ftj;
B aarliai); Q 8blmmllM; V.V.u Bremer 40; A. at
UBiVrilr; Cept. J.eml.h IB; J. r-en7t; J. aMrmer
100; era. n. uoimee let; H Howe 180; J DamondSS;
J. Blllott H3: at. L. Barton 1U4: V. alarraa- J.
bariala 181.
Fri.ia New Jeraey Thoe. Coleaan 13.
From Oanada W. II. eklllman lr?!.
Irom Ohm Wajort 4h Moor Wi J. H, Kllgor iTll
W.omliA JW7; W. Cbaaan 1M 1 '
Beoelp't thrs weak StOt.
Tn loll iwiogat the quittttoas of to-day, slvea by
tilt Buperlnteudtnt, Mr tirauU
Corn fed Uogi f , lie weight. 4340.
Cl-tliHryieu Hog not anlviog.
Thit, It will ne teo; t. a rleollo. but th market ea
Tueeday waa quite alrar of no t, end lb Ujh reuorid
all, It la a oalitr eoLdltloa for thipptis loan wbea
uo. W. D irnaa (Ues ths following u the pries ot
lle,i ihla Week j .
Live. Deed weight.
rint quality, eon fed. large tit.. 4 S )
SecvUd qual.ty co-D-4ed 4 a-. XV
ai. haii... ewaii eiav im pr-mw,
- for aark-. nuictier..... 4e(f) H
Larue eiaa. tilll feu. lai... 3jait hH
Seoond quality tilll-frd, lat 341 . HmH
V.Au.',..,,.. .J 1 t . - 1 . , ,
Hogt at the ante atr, ahllt for two wenka Mr. HiaBt
wwi. w ml. ua UVB'W ULtLllJ.r.
aatqaoua "aoi. arrlelog
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 29.
FL0UB-Hratv ooitl4. and Sitllus l. war. with a
modera Ii qui lir bom- ai th deulueluiex.f 13 BOO
oie at aixuaytw ror tapeioi, aiaiv; SI 4iS4U 1 r
(Xlra t i, cl ilog with rursort 1 f a ea at a .untiilnn
un.itrour tneida quo atloa. 14 8v84 80 lor tuperflu
wetrn; 84Uj4 B"for oia.moo to .id.uia tiir.e..i.
ral ti 00 'or tl.lpplog brand eatra ruuud hoop
uuiu, buh w. mai m iir tntu oraaua ao; mrkt olef
ins dull auadeoluiioa. Cauada. Fiuarouiei n,i nji.
bally anchangad. aV Floor tieady at 8s30V38i.
ukx a KAb Hales steady.
Wuldal-A Utti 0rmi; tale of MO bbls at 174
Hi iT tee actle. unsettled, and 198e lower.
Fnlabt hav sllihtly dceiioed. withuat uaiea.ine tbt
export demand, i-alea of S4.COJ ouabalt Ch-caeo aprlog
atc(l OUiO JfOUi Haolna eurli.g at IM; 10 0i9 Oo
Milwufclttbai80-el W;CfMJ do Aaiber I a at
l lt)10t, ibe latter prid- ta-vere choice; I.OIW do
led ataia at 81 10; l.bOOdi Hhittdowl l 3o l OOO do
BlXed wa.tern at (I 14; IB Hi do Winter id etern at
BllOaVllO, tbel.itar prl.efjr extra chol.e; U 400 d
hii Kei.tucay at 81 t)lJ4-, rodO.Oou do white Caa
adialBlls KV atluiet, and without shani IB price).
BaHLk K Dull aud ooail. al.
' CUKN atout Io lower, wuh pret y (tod dented
fnr ttpjit and bom ua.piloa tl 11 edecilaei tale, of
303 0.O mt.it 44 8l7o for iOoboo to ra r ailed
Vreirn:nd 4?at3d lttAi& topnatabippUgd.
u, rs. Quint.
' lOBK-Uuii tod bevvy: silst ef too able si I IS for
ea and 10 for prime, olotlng sail, sad price wad
to ravor in purwna.ar.
at t4Mfureoontrr prime) tSS U for d Ban: $9
911 W for rspaokad ki aod tin MSIS ItH for aatra
ucaa. nunam Beat asa Mr I aaaudall and priaaf
our meats-Id f.i-at lx4Xo for ahoui-
.nwnai1 iiaait.
BAOON tot.va.
o Ml R 'sady, and damand lood) tales cf JOO bbls at
JtUTiaft-Selllni at eVBllo for Ohio; andllOSltH'
OH xieVlteadr at SA7KS.
BUG R Raw eonllnara lair, and Bnarkat Am. mrnlmm
v. i.iv. uuui M)iaig,
aiOLAasis-Qulat aod anohaand: aalra of as hM.
t I IUUJ . i..4h-
rorio alio at a, aod io adds Barbadoea at ma.
UlOCHi at tiuBaoond Board wore aultt, but well
sosialcedi Clilcairo aod Bock J,laod4IX; Oalena aod
unicago B3; Krl Hallioad "Hi Paoirlo Mall 7J
Virirluli fi't 44 k: MUaonrl do dIM: LonlalaiiA do iiu
Unl'Rd SlaiesG't.of 'II. eoa.obs. SHlf: do realatartd
SN rjr.llad kUiesi'a, of "74 eoopooa, 7Rit; New York
uentrai 7.1 X, sr. rrtis, ltMt i lulools Uiuda, of 1870,
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August 30.
PL0CR The bulr.e,a Io Pioar to-day waa about of
mo tame character as that noili-ed yet'erday. Bakers'
teltouoiiaof brands ar in tome reiaeat, but Dot Io a
way io arri-et the anirlt of the market. W quota super
fine at i;33 7J; extra 30S4.
WUKaT Ibtie waa a fair tiale darlaeths mornlne
at ye, terday'a aiaxda.d nf priors, but after the New YorkJ
rawe to uuyrra siona on aia reduced tn raog of tbeir
sauraa. laa.lng tnaquouiiooa raihar Irngalar A th
market now siauda, prime red cat,oot be quotd abov
7to. mr piimt wnl above 8Jr. Balee ot eook grades
warv ujaqc a, a email rauactloo aoner tow Bgarwa.
COitN-Itleti.oljh4at87o. .
OaTS -ie Brin at Jo.
BAKLir-lla do market.
HV B la oealto'td at 4i.
WUL-tRX-tUaiaiua as last quoted UKa with a
guvu Hiaraei.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 29, 1861.
PLrCR n-cllnloe. tl a. nf lOU bula and 61 bbla
eho re rluui.l extra red at 84 W
w ua i -i.uarr aa h' . Bale of 10 ears at 80
on -r -k: i uvn buthit a d 8 lObatbeia afloat at eisi i
car -u v a na. ana oeil (BOIO waite at v..
CO iN--u la 3To
liar 8lle f itOllhutbrlf slat at tie.
Ill HIM' o.i.tm Mbb.ai lij,0.
r"- EOS II , .nth If ff-ra- atSlU
tU I' r h Dull at OaVV.- for kiertor to pilu.
aoO Lull. tOj t
An experienced Nora and ftmaa Pbyeieiaa, preeanti
to is aitaaiioa 01 auuera, or
which gruatly lacllluuea tba proreae ot UMtbuig by aofl.
nlng Iha gnma. radaolng all Inflanimailua -will allay
ALL PAIN and tpaamodic acUua, aud a
Depend opoo it, motbars. It will aim) mt to eoaraelTu
We haee out up ana auld ltd anlola fur orer lau eaara.
aod CaN Hat, IN OuNPIOxnCB AND TaCTH.of it.
what haee over been abi to say 01 any other audi-
AMUK. TO KfrKCT A OUKK, ahao timely aaed. Bar
er did we koow an inetane of dltaatltfaatloa by any one
woo naea 11. uo me contrary, all ar atiigntec witb lu
optraUont. and tpeak In Urmt of oamadaUoa of la
maelcal eiiectt aud medical eirtuw. We spaaa In ib,
matter WHAT WK l)o K'OW;" after leu yean' -xi-rtence
rct.iLLMKNT ur wnar wa hkkb dkclahe is
aimoat eeary In.Unc w liar UM Infant I euderloi froa
palo and axiiauttiou. relief will be found in flftaaa or
twonty mlnut, trtr Iheyrnp it edmlnletered.
Tbla eaiuanie prenanktiob ia tbe prwaonurion of one of
New Kneland. and haa been need with NVBa FAIL-
i HOiiNtnus or oasis.
It not or ly relleroe lb oblld froa palo, uot tnvhror
tea thettomacb and kowele. oorreota acidity, and glv
tone nd enerty to the wbole eyttea. It will alnoet ln
ttuiiy reuee
and overcome convulsions, wntch. if aot speedily reme
tied, eud ia alh We belleee it ibe BBoT and BUU
tUT HKMKDY IN TUB WOHLD, in all oaaea of Of
ariMa from teeuilng, or from any other eaut. v?
would aay to oeery molberwho htaa child enfforlue from
any of tb foteguir( oooplainla DO NOT LET VOIJH
iand between you aod yonr euSaring oblld, and the ra
lief mat win be SUKE yea. AUaOLU tKLT dllria to
lol low the oee of tbla medicine. If timely otd. Fall ai
r;uone for ailng will accompany each bottle. None
genuine unleMtn factlmile of LLK1IS FBHKI.Ns,
New Vork, It 00 the ontaiHe wrapper.
sold by all Uruggiita throughout th world.
Frl clpnl Officer 18 Cedar ktreet N.V.
uct27 ilkwly.
Aa Effective, Safe and Economical
To lit original color without dyeing, and preventing
iialrfron turning gray.
And ouring It, when there a the laaat particle of vttall
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all oulanauuaaflactlou of th Scalp.
Imputing to Itaa nneqaled gloat and brilliancy. Baking
toft and tilky la Ita texture, aud cauulng it to cur'
I be gnat celebrity and Increasing dwaaad for tola aa
iiualod praparatloa, oofiviuot In propraetor that 00
trial a only otmtt try te tali fy a dlacwrnlug public of It
lupertor iualitiea over any otnar praparaUoo la aa It
Oiaaoan tha head aud aoalp from daadrafl aod other
ouiaueoua dliaaici, eaaaing Um hair Io grow laxarlaaily
tog it a rich, tuft, gloaay and flexible appaarauoa, and
alto, where the hair it luoatnlng end Ihlanlng, II will aire
atraugih aod vigor to th roott and rwior ih growth to
hun parte which hair become bald, eaaaing it to yield a
rab covering of balr.
Thar are bund rede of ladlwand swatlnun Id New
Tork who bave bad ibair hair rtalorad by In at of thit
Iovlironitor, when all other preparation! bar (a! tod. L.
M. uaa la hit poateaaloo Mlteit innameranle taatirytng
to ttie above facia, rrom pertont of the tugboat nuaoetv
Wllty. It will tleatualiy preeenl In hair froa taraug
antll lb latttt porl' d ol ma, and In oaaea WMrethe hair
baa already ehangod .ttoolor, Ihe aa of th loeigoralor
win witn oartauity rattur 11 to it to iu ortguai hue. giv
ing it a dark, gluaay appejaranot. At t parfume for tb
toilet aud a Hair Beatoiativ It I part Ira It rly raocm
mtnded, haeing an agreaaOla fragraaoti aod 'Ji great fa
ollitat It afford, la diaaaiag lb hair which, wno molai
with tb loviirorator, aao ba drataad Is any required
rbra to ea topraaarva It ptaot. waether plaioorln turlt;
heooa the great deannd for Ii by tb ladle aa a ttaodard
totlttaritcle which none ought to be wiibonMi the price
place it within th ranch of all, being
Only Twenty Five CenU
per bottle, to fra bad at a1 retpeotabl Vrafgitt and
L. UILLEK would call the attention of Parent and
Qutrrllaut to trie ate ot bit lovlgorator, in eatet where
Ihe childraa't ball laollne Io be ceaa. Th at of It
lata tbe foubdatlon for a piet Aaud aoer, u It re
movea am iaiuritit tbat aa have baauca connect ed
witb tiie ecalp, die removal ol which a oaoaaaary bulb
for Ilia bealtb of tba chlid. and the fulare appearano of
ia Ualr.
OaOTioa. Hon genoln without th fao-slmll LO0IB
MILLER being B be oawr wrap per; alao. L. MIL
LBn'S HaIH INT 100 BA TO a, ti. I., blowa la tb
WholMal Depot, 80 Day ttreet, and toil by all the
principal Herchaou aod Draggle! throahnt tb world
ttloarui dieouttat to pure Uaa r oy lb jaanuty.
I alto detlre I prateat to tb Aovertcab Poblle say
which, aftet yeart ol aoleoan aatwruMaun, I have
brought to parlrctHi It dja Biaoa o, Brown latlaiitly
with .ui injury to tbe Halt 01 Sain! warranted the beat
article of the kino la eaiaiano.
Depot, 66
Dey St New York.
Wholesale aaa Hctalli Ccaler In
So. S3 ytfth S treat.
-onatantlr an han alt SJaa
riaus BuANus ai
XmLipoitoca. OlGa-TiX0.
Oct m ' v
Seminal Weatneee, Saxaal Uablllty, NtrTuaueaa 1
volaoury Batatloo and lapjtoocy, muitlug Iroa
Belt arm a, Bui. By floe. J. UBIrarwell, ai.D.de.
anHcr teal, to a plain uviep, ta any adarwM.sM:
mid. aa roewlnt af two Itauut. be Dr Oil AS. J.J
LtKB. I Hinr.. Maw Taik. Poal Offlna Boa No
ijbM. Baar81:lo4aaw
"They go Kight U the Spot
Inatant Belief I Bteai janr Caj(ht
"Poriff y-fwr Dreatbl
Ktreng-tben fmr Talee!
They relieve a Cough Instantly.
Tbey dear tbe Throat.
Tbey give streaith and ToJome to tbe voice.
Tbey Impart a dellcloas aroma to tbe breatb.
Tbey are delightful to tbe taste.
Tbey are made of aimpU herbs aod oannot
barm any one.
I adrla every oas wtw his a Ooastorg heakv Vcles
or a Bad Braalo, nr ear dlOealty tt lb Throat, t ,t
pw-tgei f ay Throat Ooof.oilont: Uiey alii mllev
yoa Instantly, and yno will with me that "they
r right te the pt " Toa will Bni tbeaj rtry atef I
and plea-ant while trarellog or a'taarilog paMIe aet
logs for stilling yoar 0'iBfti ne allaylr yoar ihlrtl ff
yoa try .oe packag. I aa tafc In taylog that yoa will
vr afterwant eooatdar thea lodlpaeabl.
Toa will Asa uara at t trraaAlsa and Dealer Is
Ky tifaatar it ea each paakage. All ollun ire
A package will be seoi by aali, prepajd, aa receiptor
Thirty Coals.
Henry C. Spalding,
By tb aa ef the PlUa th pertodie attacks of Act
eott or SUit Brndmek aay be prmotad; and If taken
at the ooauaencataeot of an attack inunadlai relief fmrn
pain and aiotnt will beobtaibed.
Tbey nldoa fall la naovtoi th Jfrnm tad
ooh 10 which rmalar ao enbjeet.
Tbey aot rfentlj apoa the bowlx remoelng Cbetia
tot Library JCm, 9MvUmt. Dalicat Female
and all Prtoa of tadanioe-y kabilt, they ar ralua
a Lomotil. Improetug th ajpwHU, glT4n ton
etpar to th dieeetiv organ, aod reaioring th aatur
lattloity and ttreogtb of 'the whole aytteai.
TUB CAPBALIO PILLS ere Ihe rweultof longinvet
Ugattoa and carefally conducted expcrlmenu, having
bean Id ass many year, daring whirl) dm they have
prvnnd and reliered a van amount of pals and tatte
ing fraa Head ton, whatber ortartnatlng ia th mm.
ayttea or froa a draaird tovt f th ttmaoA.
Thy are entirely regetablB In their ooaiiK),ltion, an
may be taJren at all limes with perfect safety without
mixing any dung of diet, and t A abttnet of any
diwturrwwaiU tail rtnitrt tt tan to m&mtuU tr thm.
TtWfnala hav flee tlgnataietof Baary O Spalding
taoh Box.
Bold by DraggUta and all other Dealer In Medicine.
A Box will be tot try mall, prepaid, a receipt of the
Prloe, QS OoritEB.
All erdors aheald b addrwnd to ' '
48 Cedar H treat, Nava Vara.
froa die Bxaaiaor, Norfolk, Ta. .
Oephalle Pill aoranplleb Iha object for which they
Ware auvdo, vra.1 Care of headache la all la form.
froa me Bxamiaer, Norfolk, Ta. .
They have beau seated la awr thaa a ttotaaod eaaee
with ooun 1
froa tbe Democrat, St. Oload, Mion.
If yoa ar, or av bean, mob lad with th headache
nd fur a box, (Oephauo Pill,) so that row Boy bava
Iham la oaa of aa atlaoa.
froa the AdvoeUiw, Pnvidtoce, R. I.
Tb OephalW Ptl' ar said lob a 1 mutably effective
reaedr for ike badca, and oaa of th ewn beat rr
that vary fieqooui oaplaiat rkloh aa erar been da
froa th Westara B. B. Oaaetts, Chicago, III.
Wt heartily adora air. Boaamiiur. and bit aarlTaled
Otphallo fills. .
fro Eanawha Valley Bear, Kaoawta. Ta.
Wt aS tar that proat eaffertiu with lb kaadaoh
who try oara, will ttlok is tbaa. . .
Froci th Boalhara Palb rtaoar, NewOrUauav La.
try theal yea that an aOitd, aad ra ar aire (hat
yoar uibBoycaa b adiiao 'o th already aanwroat
lilt that hat received beaaOa ibat a othag avadicki can
Froa tbt St. Loatt treeinorat.
Ta IsunanM dauaad for th arBwl x0phalto Pill
rapidly inoreaali.g
Froa tb Oaaett. DaTa(iar towa.';
Bf r. Bpaldine woald aot eotiaci ha aaae wiu, aa ar-
lick he did f 4Ma tn mamtrm tteal Mrli. .)
HOT aaaja nw at Pa,utlll' raBPaacD
wi.ua win ear uea uiaee iiaeoar aaaaalty. Jf
BB . - . ... r
JO" A Stitcb ta Tuta Bavat Mara.'-r"
asaaeldooa will bappaa, evaa ta wail aera lata
lira, it a vary attirabM to hav aaaa akeap ud 00a
Veaktot war tor repairing F ara I tars. Toy, Crockery
aa all soab argaale. aad a aamaebeul aaa affoeel
to be wlthaat M. it laalwaya raady. tad up a M atlrA
ins point. - . ,
N. B. A Brath axmapaolas eaah bottle,
eeota. Addr-.
Wo. SH, Cedar Btraet, New To.
" OAUTIOtt ; --I
A a rata anprlaelpM poraoot ar attemptini t
Pi la oa the aurapniue paMia, Uaiuulou uf m
BSfaKHD BLOB, I Waatii aaailoa .11 Weaa ue
Mala bjtor pareluatn and ea that Ihe fall ma
oa iLaoatata wrapper! all ouwra an sviadlug ea
karteita. tut

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