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Democratic Union Nominations.
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Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY
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' W will fnrnUb tb 4lffipl HMW Of OH M'BIt
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TtoBtllr BUVnM,Xrtotk, HUw .1.
' V Wlhit th mboVS inaM will to fureWhtd tor mH
" " 1 Wr 1 Bdnkh. in elnla ? lf ,eU Mm
turn. ".ftASJfO
.5-1' fiUW s'rtpli, for tiro moDthi LM
Uhrtr 11 rori. for lw Mwnth. ;t-
I2X"3 siit; eair.f w
Th two obUu' Clobo will eortr u porwa or lot
la the Bu4r BU nt(?t fi'1
aw.7UMWiniu. J"
Lotthe UkzAl of Ve (ooAowm-be trot Caioa,
m9HJ-t'iiomoA.tadUoJ ;,
ilWtto UU expeottoBiika(io4(Betatoli
1 e tood wortrbf pil reitafOon HuU of Ohio.
- Ii. U k ull oWaklii.i inr.V ir. iu.,1 h -in
" Alfut 10, INI. .
TICKET. The Union Whole and Indivisible.
The great body of the f eople in tho, 0ilUd
States arc for tbo VsioB-4bf whole Union, on
, 'Hi;i Vhis is tho popular sentiment, off to-day,
oa U bas been for sorBBty; jears past." If It
r : ootid be tested by a fair and nntrammeled roto,
Bule,'an,aitno(uaAaioiu4-ufrfge, and. In
, ( t &i emalndeiwjih Bcarcely.afl, cuejitloa, a
iJ!Wf00Uy.'3k. !IVI J'O.-Hi VUI..j . I !
tMt ''"tToqtt'oiilanably, tbo popalac .domBad',& for
Afbo UniOtt Vitbont the abatement "ofja sto-
Mtt' Btato. ZThlsjB.wB"Bt to,muB of Mm
BIejhndeTtieitopreserinre Integrity
of the OoernmeqV and tbo integrity of Uo
, Coleaui It ia lo AaintBin tbo authority of; he
- Inderal Uorernment nnner wo uoBaurauon
tor ortry 8tareanITerritorT and etery part
taoroof, ana to Beep ereri duh im itmwj
BB tBO UnulO IimiUnT'"'1" lu lerriwnM U'
TitlOti,liTU(n".l TWTtJ Jlt'i'V
It is sot a new GoTerameBf sad a sew Union
that (be "poop! want, bat the old OovornaMnt
ood tbo old Union: eslabliibod by tbo CooeatV
? MmjMtJ8ti?V CasatutioB
aod, la. tha Union two generatlooB of onr oooa
.Irjoi'ea 'jaayliooald,to. haT Jired eoApreepV
zoaVaavi tho croat aaaeiot Uo tbiel,oBi Uo
' aiaM of aotktn. bell ibat'ConrtHtitidn and
" ""tbat fjaldb lo" friclbd? tte tooerperfeci form of
.... n 'ill'': '
Oorernmeai lor tnemeeirea ana tnoir poaMn.
tt homaa-wiedoa .oadewjso, i
. lime), tho"enthu.1in',that lmost orory
'rwht BtAoiUu lue'ir (or the Uoion, whenetor
w .yi'rr w " , 3 u i .
,uX Be Weerated by a palpaiOe Ib
a. .la.; 1 - -
with It, eepeelally When the1 moSre Aat tndaoed
" iti'ck InfiriotloQ apV V f aVe bpen'Jnonestand
Zifb4iti LW"40' M1"', 'la,.,maiof jwm.
aopeet, I but, temporary, and- Uo beeacb may la
some de'rreo bi beiled bribe subeequmtooorae
jrftlii. Ci)jernniflt- .
,,.eat W acyooo attempt o, ewpaewtiaa f one
rtCKrW'K(Byfr.mal la? extent,
from the otKor,' Of bt'&nt Mepocted of ooerotly
I--.: fawarlcg bcbtA BOtompt, tbo Uoloo eontlaveot
la the great popufar bam birabds Urn at oboe as
oneoeajVud" a'traito' to bis 'eotinirj.' The
. boocIa sh tb-t lf " Idea, -of a probability, ot
e.tbe'orr6iflf4adifialoB'Of he Union
ia oaoo adniiiied, jhero Is no predicting where
S&IWWt.-rT? u BotblagtltrlralB is
Uo froapcriiy of the country and destruction to
its loaUtuUuos. ' ,''
and la this great national, emergency, for trot
ami earnest aien to devote1 their Qm and, tbo It
rwUata tola sAmoto object - tbo preeetTauon
bI ta Cnteti wbolo aad iodiwisiblo.
Is it Possible!
s v'
Tatt 8Adusky Rtguhr, a bitter abellrton pa.
n UaUM na duoes!ttea to cbafrei BOr do we
k.n.M .n.ihln tJ Jhe ,kmd Aaa.' either all
tbf aiembere ol the jih.of Aogait,CooveotIoo,
.crU wbeteavalo the Candidatea ana toe piat
lorm of .'hat Convention, intend to give P atd
" eoaiort" lo tie isoele. We believe very
"J ft tht Intend nothieg pf .Ueeorl.
Is It Boeiib'ta 1 Tt''"don,l. believe.",.
tatree what yen ebarge or aeueve
The South-
era tlnuulonlsu bate, ot years, usee, eeca
! i.....uu papers u the UgUr, at tU "poker
. m . l
to a"r vp t'- f ro which la bow eewramlna; Ud
smtLuu-y Uie fire of. faction and lection! bat,
Is it Possible! Franklin County Democratic Union
4Tli bod mm t t5 City UU on jwwrfl.f
aornii g ( t'ckck. . Cpt.' Atix., 8i-
xbo imllwd iho Conation to order.
. 1. A .
Oo moilon oi Jmi Kawu. imm
lh nd Dail W . Btu 8oroUrei. f
n. nnin.. h. ..nil and towiiUlD wiro
flitted, .nd tho ortdentltU of nttt 'delegitrt
ciTki'Chlf kptwlated Dr. B.maw, a.
1 Wmrbb nd C"i.wi Mt B-id oommitteo.
VaK0iuBoi r" f
of ftro M)Poiat4 todnn twoiuooi.
Tho Cbolr ippoIoWd tbo followlnf M Bold
ODttmUt,! , Job-t;ah Jm: f, Fibbb, Johb
DAwMltoBoDoviBBBd BoooiOuirt. '
Oa tooiloBof LbooAbb Babibb, tbo delegates
from' tb' BTrkl vuos Bad towBhJp were
BatborlBod1 io 4,11 oil TBOBDotos, oboold tberobo
OBfOBobM nam Ju!l -' v " '
!) Dr. BtiiAV, irom the committee oa Cre
dentloU, reported th ntmoB of tbo delegktoe
tron Tot7 word ood township. '
5 Oo Biotloa Of Mr; LtiLB, the Teport wti
odopted'."'! " ,' i..
MrWiATir,Boffrd tbo following roaolatioa
wUohwos'odoptod: -
RototoW.' TliBf tbo Convention proeeed to
Bowrlokto o Meket. by Ullot, In the following
ordorr "Two RtpretenUtlTOB, Sheriff, Auditor,
Treenrwr, ttrooider, CommlMlonir, loflrmrj
Diroetur tod Cbronor. 'J
A Dr'. BuBAw'cffedj'iiie following roBoladeo,
which mi 4opU4n .u '
, . Bmltd, Tbot tbo BBodldatM presented to
iBhtoCoowoBtloo lot BooiloBiton, bo required to
lodBe BBoneoiweS to eopoort tbo nomioMlone
Tbo Okodldttei, U Bonouncd,ome" forwtri)
bi toeTjt BMl weto, eolkd, aod oonpiied with
Uio MaoiatloB of too CooTonUon. Tho Coni
veotloa ihOa poooodod to tbo wowjtnBtlorje with
- , , -I,- i -v 1
KBeproionUUfeBOBOi,Ifc Cohwbbbb, Ofro
DiBBJBli33-iil . '.).
toorlffatokti W. HoflrjjU. "J '
. !,AoAtorttTfUB SUb'tib, u ;..v -
.treoBMOtWeBJi O; Tawiroo, . - ' ! ' "
iTEooo1f3oNaB!w Co'iJb.1",
!' tknntD!Hlooor'-!fAOoi Stfoo;. ' '' , . ',, I ha
Iattrtpry Dieototn Pbhuwo Bbwj
' W to bow, U Franklin oonnty, wltnoa-
KB- nioro barmooioM ConTonUoo. , firtj
towBObiBWU iBiiJ'fOoreeeBieo. w rcwsiu
tlono n4 lilll Btoooodiogs will bo reported' by
thfe offeeri ifad pabllthed In .our next luae .
. The', tlcktk Bomloatod U excellent one,
o4 will rooolro too boarty anpeort of tbo Ddlon
Damoeney ot the ooooty, and be elected by an
OTorwbeltalng nnjorlty Of thU' let tbero ie
no OOUDW 0 a ,,,(, ,. ;., iiUt.',
Convention. The County Convention of the No-Party
oiTloiO-oalled Man Cotmty Contention of the
fio-party Wty mat at Armory Hall In this o(ty
ill the forcnooa of yostorday, Satorday, August
aiakii Jl was a amaU meeting for Maes' la
T0 lie and eompoOel eblefly of resident! of
nbur. At elerea b,clockr the meeting was
oa)led to ordar, John C. Groom, aqw of Colum
bus, boi formerly of Pickaway ooaaty, was ap
aokted Chairman, and M. M. Powers, of Colam'-
bus,eoreUry. -,. . .,' ,-. i n-
, Tho CoAlrsua o taking his Beat, Uanked
sha mooting for the honor done him, a compara
tlTe airabger la Uo county, seylDg.among other
things, uat tnoy aaa oomo togewer, not as
party mtn, bat to ooasalt apon Uo best mean
fmtHaf aeaosto theooBatry. '
Mr. Galloway mored an adjoornment Oil one
raa&L r. U otaor to give time for more
persons to gather in. Bo intimated that Ue
number than pioeent was rather a meager one
tor a Haas Conveatioa,' Hio motion was bar
tied. ... ...- .. ' !.,c
Tho mooting was not, Bowerer, called to or
der la Uo afternoon oalll about two o'clock, at
which time Uo number present was bat slightly
loeroaaod. . V v V ' ' , '
A. P. StoBo offtred a roaolatioa, appointing
W.O. Pesbler,R.B. Warden, John 8. Hall,
lames Park, Bortoa Beward, C. P. Landoo,
Bonrr Eitabtook and J. B. Coffroth a eommlt-
dilltoa lo) joport Uo aamae of ton delegaus -so
rsmeswat Uls county in Uo Union Btato ;Con-
rooUootoBo feoM la uts otty on too ota oi
oeptomoer, n . v.. : o
tLtlL, BAbsr mored to lay Uo resolution on
. If wis iteyt proposed a substitute. ... - , n
Tho motioa to lay oa Us table was then pat
andeavied, t r.-. i -If-' s 1
Dr.rC. tP.,lAam then , mored Uat the
Cr appoint a oommltteoof ei ts report ,Ue
bbbbbb wf deleraleo. Bat Uo Cbalr decided
that Mr. Bejl 'a auhatUate fso Mctoao's re-
aolutloa bad the proferencs.' MrBsyl then
afforod his reeoUtWa, woicb was lo tffeot, Uat
U delegates present from tho sereral wards In
Cotemboe and Ud oeeral townihlpe In Ue
cooaty should i appoint oaoo ono person to oon
sUruta epmmrttoo o nomlnato Uo tea dele
gates to lbs B tots uotTanUon. (
A dloMssloa of oomo longU casaod, In tho
oobrst of which Mi. A. P. Btono said Uat,
Ufosh bo aroforrod ,hl Own. rOsolutlon, bo
should roto for Mr. Bajl's. Bo wanUd it to
not doae by the politicians or lyoiumbas ; h
Mr. Beyl BhoBgbt it weuw do a ucxiisn mat
tar to have any Barnes of deleatesrrtported by
a committee, stricken out by Ue Convention;
Dr. Awl u la favor of aVlng Ue delegates
ohosen directly by Ue Cooventioo, 'for," eaid
ko, "we era Ue peopler"L,v
M.,Ba ebieoted to. Dr-Awl's plan, for
tbat Bright lUreT.Ue) choice f delegates into
Ue heade V persona, of ooe polulcal cont
Mr. Bey la reeotatloa was pat and carried.
After ooafderabte ancsaverlng, delegates
were repoVtod as present from all Ur townships
exooBt Biewn, Jaffersoa, norwloa aad ruin. , -
v.Dr. Undou,,, mored. that Ue nomloating
eeoamlUec hove power to appoint members -of
Ueir'bedjr for tlw 'mlialiig townabips. '.. Thle
iaotfot Wu put aad decided .carried. ' Bat Mr.
Steers and oUeas Immediately ob)eeted to giv
ing lie ; committee that power, and aemo aald
that Uey did not hadertued Us motlon. "tTbe
Chair then recalled his deelfloa aod egain pal
Ue motion, aed H wad lost. .t,'. 1 '-
tR. B.eary offered a raaolatloo, which was
adooted. after bavin t been amended eo aa to
authorUe' thd bowinating eommiueo io .laeas
Mil for ,ar County Cooventloff'to; aonlnaUa
ooaaty ticcaa. . - ';( - , .
Oa mot! so of Mr,PwsrB, ooc' member from
each lownsblp wot repteeeoted was added to tbc
aomloatiog committee 'about; to te. reported
by Ue delegates 4roeB Ue aeveral wards aad
towBsbtok reweeeoted, vtei Brown, B. Francis j
Jeffsreon, Joseph Clerk Norwlob, W. KOberts,
pjaln, George ffay.';;' ' .''" C' . '
-Jadte J. R. Sean, and Messrs. Ulds and Oa.
Iowa then pddressed the meeticg.. The Judge
spoke of Ue irlgbtfal eoEStqaeooBt of die
meurermetit of tea UfcloD, and Mr. Olds farorr
a Tlgnrou? juoeoution of the wai'. Mr. Oal-
loAy laid In bis remiuks 0 .'4 H"1 wu n0
talk pi tho1 freed omi. ftpeoca and of Uo
press, or of the prlrllege of tho writ of habeas
eorpus. .- lis road tbo resuluttoa recently passed
bt Uo Democratlo State Central Committee,
aad d enounced 11 BJ-treAJWh-of 'Uo Uaokeat
Thdmki Ppartow, on bbIf of e ?egalit
from wards and townships represented, reported
lea following as tb-MmeS of Ue'bomlnaUDg
committee undeifMrHeyriloooluUonAi
'ist Word! Cotambisliavee OXanei ltd do.,
George Gere, 3d do., Tbomas parrow eta
H.. .Jn.pnh H. Rllen 5th do . Isaao Dal too:
Montgomery tp., Keely Sawkilli liaro. jonn
Key: Mmtp, James rarai ctieaauD, n. .
Diokaii Bharoo. J. P. Wrlsbtt Clinton. Adam
Haaee, Perry, W.D. Delaebmoti Washington,
Erl PourJamt Prairie, George Oeigerj PleaeBOt,
WIUlnii)jer Jockaon. T. J Adamsi Mtmii-
Un. .W.; Roe: Mdison, Dr. J. B. rot tort
Franklin, Tboma. it Moore. . l ' v j '
Mr. Sparrow; from Ua nominating commlL
tee, reported. ,tba ',the:, sail , commlUea bad
deemed it proper to refer Ue aiaMer of ealltog
a County Conrention to the' ExeouHVo Com'
mlttoe, constituted' as follows: .' " . , j., ,
Joseph H. Rile j. Adam C.HaD.Tbe. Bpar-
row, ueorge y oijor, ua w )
i, This report was accepted. .Tbe nominating
committee then reported tbo following' dele
rate and alternates to the 5th, of September
Joseph H. Riley, Joba W. Asdrews, Thomas
Hoarroe. Adam U. naaee, abt ., ar v.
Redr.ere,loeaihaa Arnett, C V Lindoo, JaS
R WHffht. Chtnncev N. Olds." "
., JiKfots-Joseph M BtoarB, Peter Ambos,
Gee. Gore, W. U. Urlnoell, T. A. Jaekaon, Dr.
J. B. Potter, Joo. CoffrotbTk J Adams, L. G.
Wataoa, Rufae Mala.r. ) r 'M ' "
This report was also adp"ted';' ',",1'
On'.'motloo ,,of W., pay.; a, reaolotion was
adoDted, Uat "Uof.CeaUe CU Feel aewspaper
is entitled to the eonldoace' and upport of Ue
Union men of Ohio." .But nobodt otTred
resolution or saw e.word U .aror (of.h fifei;
Jewraal. . The no party maos' meoBng Uen Bp-
lourned.Beato' ' T 1 " -'"J"41'
b'lrt '
Two Organs.
..'Thepc'w.RepvoUoAuPflioa party appears to
'I '
have two orraaeOa Madison oouaty, aad Uere
appears to be 'a coateat between them as to
which V'tbe1 .'beat.' eerteael Pr
comes back, at. its iepubljcaa brother afl tot
lowei o ii-. -i - -
That a certain ti amber of Demdorats disa
gree with a majority as to the best manner of
presetting the Uuioo, le err trite, but we (thai,
lengo Mr. Sprung to point oat aa' ronance in
which such odcb treason and ' tinbluobirig dla-
aalon sentiments hard been advanced byjaay.
Democrat In Ohio as wore ottered oy u00ea
iral ReoublioB organ 'ol Ue State the OAie
SttU Joataol last wlnt,'' wis s 'Toe Union
between the North end the South Is an unaala
ral one; It has proved a laiinre, nd nobody but
an old dotard would weep orer its downfall.'
Such a treasonable utterance may be tolerated
ae coming from the leading RepubKcia paper
in tbo 8tate; but bad It proceeded Irom a Demo
erAtio source, -would bate aroused toe ioai
natldo of 'every 'loyal Citiaeo ot Ohio, ae It
should havd deee,".. -i. )-. vb Mf i'J , .
Now Ue question arises, which bas ehangeo.
Ue State organ or Ue '"lesser onesf These
quotations are comet front tbo pMe.ifsis Jr-
bmI Oaroptniod le tbu Uoee pepero, whose
anfeoedenu hatyfl Democraflc;
.. ... liiilil.tMl v
'win fare
UaiiiJ 111 u um V 1 Ili'' 1"
U Ik. MAM M.Ul
i .ir j
Party Basle.
.-..f ' inn ; :H IU- .,T
Tho New York Trntt, a leading Republican
paper, ia aa artldd oa- the impoTtance cf. a
change Of policy. In the AdmlnletrafiooaVywr; 1
Up to tne. preecuB time we Aamuueiraueo
has been cooduoted apoa a party , basis. . It bu
received the aupport ootdiai, aaa loos, and mf
feed ve of the eteat. body of Ue Democratic
pant lo the Northern States, and of a great
number of mea ot all parties io the Border
States of Ue South. Neither of these elaeees
baa been loud or importunate ia demanding any
share whatever ia Ue oonduct, ot' the Govern
ment which by words end eats they support
But there are thousaads and tens of thousands
in Ue ranks of, the Kepublioaa party who know
that, in national, affaire as welt aa la everything
else, Ue broadest beais is Ue beet, ead that
neither lustice or good policy will aaaotloa Uo
neglect of element an important to Ue great
struggle la which the natioa U now involved
. That la "true aa preaohlog'.t WUh 'the ex
ception of some military ' appointments that
wwre indispensable to Ue war, the appointment
of Mr. Lwoolm haTO bees axelasiraly . atade
feosa: Republieane -of the extreme Abolition
sump.'1 Only last night we were Informed that
Mr1. Eastman, of Chicago, and old antl-ela very
man, has been appointed at Consul to Bristol
, This dees of mea have been ipreferred ever
Ue conservative men of the Bepubllcao party.
n:r 1 "
Why Mayor Berret did not take the
The SUr of thir evening Rivet Ue oplnloa
of Nr. i. M. cuueie, tbe corporation attorney
oo which Mayor iBerret1 beaed his refusal to
take tbe oath as aa eJW1 BBember of Ue
Board of Police Coamlasioaere. ''Mr. Cerliale
ears: - ' ! , i . 'iii.t i
Pint, Tbe Mayor of Washington Is connect
ed with tbe police board,' not In respect to bit
bereoa or lodi vidaality t but In respect to the of
fice which be holds. It ls,ty tbe exprees terms
of the statute, rar fffiei ibat be it entitled to
vote ta tbe boora" It is only because be le
Mayor that pe bu neb title, and U IB only by
eoaoinrte be Mavor that be cab lose It.
the Mayor, tbe charter say s (sec 2d):
"Ke shall, ts oieto, have ana exercise all too
powers, author i ty 'and jartsdicttoa of a justice
of Ue peace for tbe went - of Wuhtngtoa
within said county." ' The Batne provision Is
found ia Ue charter of 181S. 1 But ft bu never
oooerred to any oae, that before ' Ue Mayor
could exercise tbe' powers of a juetlce of Ue
peace be was required to 'qualify ' himself ea
each "by oath or eteerwfee. ' This being arne, It
follows that no oath abaterer ought to be Bakea
bt the Mayer In addition lo ale offleial oath as
tasisK, The oath df 'alleglaacw pnetsrlbed
bv Abe act of Anrust 6ih, 1661, has ae applica
tion whatever to tbe ntembere of Uls Board of
Polioe, ead certainly net to the Mayor of Weab
lee-ton, u ea VaTsfiele entitled to be a member
a:l ii i?t, i i i A i "v. , tarn J J- ,
The tjotDloo rtves at lenrta the reason wny
Uie act, requiring an Oath of allegiance, etc.,
be admlulatered toeertata persoas hi Ue etr
II service of Ue United" Btatee.- Cau snaely
have no appfloatloo to the Mayor of Waahtpg.
tooi aodia that conneettoa-ooeclodee that the
Mayor Is not la any wenee an execnuveomeerer
emaloveeof elUer'of the Deoartmeato,'' o a
peraoa eoooeeted iBerewiiB,- in nw eenre oi
Ue statute ia queetled,'1 w ' - "
The cummins; up of the whole base Is, Uat
lor the Mayor ee take any Bath whatever would
be a departure front Ue true intent iand mean
lag of Ue act of Congress creating tha Board.
i' .i
COLUMBUS, Friday, August 30.
The necessities ot the public servlee lmpera
livelv rYQulre all persons to bs strictly forblddea
raiae companies or 'enlist mad -for volunteer
service without written orders from tats uepart
meat, t ftom' aome regularly appointed tegl
raahial vommandcr. Information odnoernioB
pereoed thus engaged, with tueaamee and the
facte, is earnestly eonoitea Of toe ommanaer-
- cltiBene. J" "
Adjutant General of Ohio.
ST Same of the Repablioaa- papers are tfowa
tbe Admlaietratioa for its maasremecl of
Lc aharn aroeeed.. -. W e aalieve tteir
deaoaoiatioos are deeaevea Bat oa eeeaaenmiaid
would be act dowa ' to party splat,- iv 11 to
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 31, 1861.
"Grout Injury is don W Us'Trwlirtfucig service
in Ohio by Ue attempts of ansuthorlssd parties
to ewlirt vetaatesrsv This Injury irorirented
by Uo efforts of, Uoae who are dulyBBthoiiasd,
An hIu tiOttBanw akaianiei it ihi lalnl neighr
borhoodPthi result Is lhltv mtny fraotlonl of
companies- ere -formed: and ooe om pitted,
competitioa Noemet, violent, wgry f.oeliogp eif
cited until Ue strife ends in an entire and per?
maoant demoraUnatiqB.- .All goo ltiBna are
invoked W prevent thl dlsastroas oompetlUon,
and exert Uelr InflBUnOB to hBrmonlab and con
solidate Into full and, iffeeUye companies all
Uo patrloUe mes ttspoBSd to ssrvo their ooun-
t. r
No company tbal Is not enlisted under
proper letter of authority will be received Into
amp, act ltd offloers Commlesiobed. Immerjl;
ate infstautloa ai all uaauthorlaad proceedings
of thla kind ia OBroeftly solloited, with Us
aamet of the parties1 ani Ue fasts la the ease
No ono will be aatbotlaed to enlist companies
of volunteers wlUout, producing dvidenoo of
good moral character, and all letters horetofote
latued wilt be1 considered; bs oadcoli ,lpn the
expiration of Ue time to which Uey are Drh!t
d, -i.u.ra' a.ooya . ;
; TbU departttebt: 4Wfres'It '.td? b;:rxprosily
understood Uat erter a company is formed, and
before It I aiasUred feto thesettioo. te' mem
ber will have aw oppMtan'',Ol-lDdlot(ng
Uelr cboloe of offloerti end tbVooiee will, in
all ordinary oases, be approved f the Governor
of Ue Btrtei); ;' .l-iT' . - j"-;
' Tor the Information and eucrJWAgement pi
tbeaa who desire to' enllat the following oondi-,
ttont of Ue service are made known i ' '
, , All volunteers will h disbanded at the oloae
of th 'War,; '' Duilpg'servlqe; tf , allowitncsjf
$3 9 ear mealh le made for clothing, and that
which d upplied yhe GoVernmont. ia of Us
most duHble kind and at Ue'tefeet wholesale
prices. Mounted mea jjao urniah ibeir bwn:
horses and eqeipmente, aad eoelve fotty cents
pet day for the use kad rlaki or the Gorernmsht
will furbish Ucm If desired. Every volunteer
who may be ouoded or otherwise disabled lo
tho servlee will be entitled to the tame benefits
aa are' or stay' be conferred on persons Inrthe
regular service. ' Th widowor legal beirs of
such as die or art killed. In Ue service will re
ceive Uelr pay and allowances due and the eum
f'ne handref dollars Id adfliiibft, Those
enlisted men who serve fo tdo years, or during
Ue war, are
entitled, whea discharged, a
hntantw of fAa hnndroi Jallarsv . 4- O !
' ...rr - - ft-7- v . i ' '
-Vampeot veaoeavoas are esmoiisnea-in va-
riotll parts of UeBtate undsrrthe Idtnmtnd,
usually, of tb .Colone'of.tje regiment there
organiBlng. Persons mayroceed' ilngly or In
rquads, If tbefhoose, to any ft -these, camps
and lelect the company that they prefer to join
or unite with odmptale already forming In their
neighborhood for sbcIj feglrefoU a ba may
choose tp go into. ,TB .Government provides
transportation and subsistence' after leaving the
LA..LJ m 4 :' ; ...
lla.UJ VI ejBjBaBaa7ajV ( f r
Nbeddrtfotjallsavalry br.artlllary companies
can be accepted at Uls lime, but there is press.
big need of all U Ineutry cpmpapies Uat' cab
be recruited. ' ' '.'.' : X
oner or toa commander in Ubier.
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
Adjutant-General of Ohio. Great Excitement near Lacrosse, Wisconsin
Rice's Rhinoceros in
the River.
the River. [From the Lacrosse Democrat, Aug, 27.]
l it will be'reeoUeeted that wis Ue20.4a8tanl
Ue steamer Key Cityr bound down, collided
with tbe steeaW LeBarne, having On poard Dan
Rice s Clreoa troupe, trained animals, ete The
cago eoatolniag the treiaed Rblneceree.weigbing
over four tnoaeaaoi mbucs, wnten was on a Darie
alongside, was knokd into tbe river. ' Toe
door cf the cage was open, the animal being
tied to Ue front end of It by a chain, which wu
futeaed to a ring la the monster's none. Io
hopes that Ue cage might In the accident have
been brokea bo u to allow Us Rhinoceros to
eecape, several of Rloe'e mea were stationed
alnea the beak of Ue river, but when morning
came no signs of him could ta seen, and after
waiting a few dej the men, returned to I Us
oomoear.i . '. ..- ? ' .. ; t?i
Baoday aaorahig, two men living elrinilee be
low here, aaated ti. t rotter ana Uarad Erie
son, aaw from the bank of the river what they
euoeoeed to be a row-ooat aottom aide oa lo tbe
tough.' They aoon got 4 skiff aod pulltd to
tne. piece, ana . waen.wiuin as taey tnougnt,
about aix rods of Ua supposed beat, it sank, and
thevletosaea. .'. "
The pilot of U steamer Golden Era.tomlng
np Saturday, saw near Ue earn place what he
took to be large browa aoree aoatiog In the
aiouih, several rods ahead, but as it eauk Boon
be paid no farther attention and kept on with
thaaoati - - .'..-r- i nt .u.nl ,.) ii' .
y Buaday afternoon, Charldd Wtightson, F. W
Browc aad. Kobart Eggleaton, while roasting
greea corn on tbe bank of Ue aloagh, live milea
below here, were Beit soared, to aeata by bear
I bt a heavy tramp, and la a few moment the
Rhinoceros aa he appeared herd oa the occasion
of hie first visit la July, minus Ue blanket and
chain ia hie aoae. rushed apoa them wltb a ter
rible bellow, catching Egglestoa ea blssoout
sad throwing blm, as bf JS, at isast nrty feet
over and back of blm, breaking an arm and two
rib la tbe rail; "The meaeter plunged into tbe
river, aad Abe other two persons, badly soarsd
bul Bet hartrpreeared a boggy, took Ue seat
out, ansa tne box wun gvaee aoa a oianiot ana
brought Egglestoa to bia home lb; this city,
where be ie now nader tbe care oi Dr. Cameron
Tbe ribe were evidently. broken Ue eaoat.of
tne animal, M ine aseu wae oaaiy torn.
The, "alough" in whlob the animal doubtless
ia at Dreseat, U about Ave Bailee below here,
very deep, with, muddy bottom, and tboagh it it
just such a place as be wa captnred from In Ue
Eesl, there to ae telling bow long be may re
main quiet without taking a potion to prowl
a rowed Ue Country fa eeerca ef better fare.
Tbia toreoooa aeveral of ear sportsmen went
down to tbe spot to max arrangements fqr hi
oapture, wheat If Barceaaf ul,i they psa start a
abew al their own. us was seen in it forenoon,
awlmmlcg la Ua water ol U slough, but sank
after sporting, if we may so call it, a few mo
menta with beck and aoee above water. About
a buBdred oejreon bate tone dowa tber to help
lahtaeaptura."' - o, -uwu ,
The Terms of Enlistment—Important
onset tod ef Ue' termi of enllitment
(wbioh bu beaa the eearce of the recent dis
turbances 1a several rtrlmentsT bu been ludi-
eially aad fiaally beUled. Tab, tSovernmeatV
right to bold tbe eoiaier J .conclusively tea-
totned, and toe fallacy ei proteoses originated
by mlaohief aaakere h- effectually exposed by
tbe deciAloa of Ue Suprem Cobrt of Ue United
State. Tbo following l a copy ef Ue orderf '
E perl. Ia U matter of Edward A. Stev--'
ene, oo petition fat p writ pf habou corputad
. Ordered, Ua the writ ef Asirer eery us ti
eatwcttadeei awarded- oy me oo w-prtor day, to
wlti oa the lOih inataUQ VDOb" the anolloalion
of Edward A BteveueUe petitioner aforesaid,
be, and Ue came ts hereby discharged, and that
Ue afor eeeieL Edward A.' Slovene be, and be I
hereby remitted to aie aiUltary duty la Ah
Firat miaBeeota. regiment, commanded by ui.
Willie A , Gorman, aod Uu autil then he re
mala ia the custody t Ua United States AUr
ahal for thU Dipviot.
Associate Justice Supreme Court U. S.
True copy.
True copy. Test, WM. T. CARROLL,
True copy. Test, WM. T. CARROLL, Clerk Supreme Court U. S.
act dome to band Jam aigas.-"it rctH
l7TnB4on Cottii-f of the S7ih ioataal
ea..- "The Vearaal ef -Cdwrnrfer. end bf tbe
hlrhaat teoed oaoers ever printed in Afnerlcs.
ami arwa fWawm wm mrum twwv tmssgaeww atwai aril vraaea.
Oitiaa has been prohibited by order bf the Admlo
.yittfaxioav at Wajiiington.
The President and Kentucky, Non.
. . ; )
Uoil r the ibovt head 'ig we had an a iclalc
yesteru i'hquii r reirrin- to lufui uatloa
whlah una cl our I oal rDOrtms bi4 reoalvee
from an army ellloer; to the eheot that PteaidiMit
Ltocobt h4 informed the CoinmitBionera deput-
aeUo-wett .We. e Me
would sot In tbo future respect the neutrality oi
KtmtuokrYfbat Usui march troops over toe
Steta to assist j that, Uiiion men of Tennessee
anaoiuor ouuiiicru otftieo. me source "
our ipformation was dexired leflno doubt of its
authenticity. But It seems that our Informant
Vaa himself misinformed. We have the highest
anthrtr tw for aavlne that 'Aha naa de seemed
earnestly deiiroua o uk no steps trial wobkiibe
opposed to the wihes oi theUnton men pt Ken-
r. . 1.. .. J .,..'li'.''IV. .U.
lucxy. It IS -unueniioDij inm db lmruiucu yuv
Commlaslouers with'oaealed lettWto Gov. Ma-
gofflnf which hat been delivered; but Its coa tents
nave not oeen oisoioaea, ana -prowtDiy-wui uu.
until lt shall appear In the Governor's Meesage
to the Legislature, which 'meetsfofl Monduy
iihi. ' Our amiuranoea are- that the President s
course will conform to Ue Wlsbei of the Ueioo
men of Kentucky, and that thnfli' wish WjlL bt
eipreeaed shortly artertBe meeting pi tne ieg
lalaturc i"' in-ni i ' J oi I ,T
We are happy to be able to make UIcorree
bisheM importance' to Ue people of- Kentucky,
Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and aaptotaHv is it
important to the peaoe of our city.1-The Union
men of Kentucky want the State to preserve her
neutrality and peace i and, aa we eaid before,
we nave the nigneet assuranoea tnat rreaioent
Uneoln will respect their wishes. . Aunonor to
. m a . Ait- Vt . r i
Olm lot lll-rtlB Ji'J..Jl V --9 'CI. Ml
Pike County Nominations.
The Union TJemoorAoy of ,riiocouny hate
nominated tie fbllqwiog ticket: ? f;:i
Reoresentatlve.'Tbomu Wilson: "Treasurer',
Hugh C. Addyi Sheriff, Jacob Velletj: Prose
cuting Attorney, George" D. Cole) Recorder,
Edward U. Jonesi Surveyor,' 1 bOmat HulterMeld:
Coroner, Robert B. Anderaoui Gommiesioner,
Joseph L West, Jnflrmary Director, Tbomu
MctJluggage-; ;' n 1: i "i- ' :' -''
. Of the Contention and ticket the Piketoa
rr.-i. ..a.v. .-riii'.''J"" V " ' k'S 1 -t"
7 " . . I. '""f i;'f 1 (;." 1
1 With such, a ticket as the above, tbe advano
of Ue Democracy to tiotory will he irreaiitable.
Tb defeat which await U opposeri. of tbis
grand old -organiaiuou will ,be propiete
otsrf heitning,(,J.p matur what acbemee the
depraved losaomty ot tbe enemy invent, tbey
will be borii to an isaominiouawnd. like chaff
before Ue w1od..(;Lt)t us not Biiffer-OBrselyM.fO;,
ue joectnTea,,- uy.i,uo kuuduvb, uu. , uvuucuiiicai
orj ofi'Uuloo'aad; 'aoarty,' sf up, by4h
enemies 01 tne country. ,. vyq pave aiwayaoeen
lor tbe Luion,ana we ere a strongly lor ll now
a ever. , Our ticket ' U . Uiou picket, and
every good Union man in 'the , county will! sup.
port it. (f thone.'DO-patty' icCu 'waQt'a Union
ticket ' let tbem siippcrt. ours .' 'They cannot
point toapameoa t toe iat tinoiarea witn
disunion. ' They hate . always;, bceq .''Union
avers,' ana are go atiri. , . ?
"'Democrats, no stoda wilt be left untuined to
win yoti from the true fulvh by those who , noW
dennunci Von as traitors, and eO aroniid1 reddv
to hang any one who disputes thtj Infalllfillity ol
r t I Ik. u . M- n.MiJ.'1 tlA V. n r ,1 .
ailUUUIIl Ur Ult uuuro.J Ul vcmimuuf va ugi
eelted by them';i 'If tfiej are eiocefel'ihey' will
vote dot ticket. '-'f ':fi"JJ. '-'f,V ''
Ttfe Democratic Cofetrtitiod which 'cob vered
at Jasper, on last Pa'uid y.' was nndoubiedly
the heel attended Of an Cjnteutlon ever hfcla
at that plic,' between fle and'eix hundred peo
ple bring present. - The unanimity and good
feeling that pretailed In the Convention ' is tout
tbe loreiuoner or an 'overwhelming! defeat that
Is availing duroppooibita on the second "fafr
day of October.-- "t:'" " umv " : 1 ?' f.
.While the friends of tb candidates fod tbe
eteral office seemed anxious for their' nomhi,
at ion, whan the ballot was anoouhced, all! apo-
peared to join wltb tne friend ot tbe nominee,
and gate, evidence- that they were willing to
abide tb decision of tbe people. The Converi-
1100 adjourned with three oneera tor the ticket,
And the Democracy of the county will go to
wot k and; the day of election will proMo-to
our enemies, that the no party dogma cannot be
swallowed by them."1 "V i
'i " -; - "
Marion County.
ur 5t''i - n t - - ", ' ,'3-ii-i-a 1
The Union Democracy of Morion eonntv nxvC
aeaiiaated the (ollbwlcg ficktt V' v .,(
For Representative, A. Du Matthew? Tfet:
orer; John Klogt Sheriff, DaVId Epler; Record-
atm '11 H HAHdaii VensaMil nit a B r-aniatv ' U
VaTn FMtf rnmrnluinnitr. F.hfirt T.n(ti Infl1
taary Director,. John Birnhart Coroner, B. K
' Th Jfirrtr iavsV ' "'ti r -i '
' We think no aithe person will DivVancioubt
al tp the tuccese 01 our ticket. . . The only ques
tton i as to tb number ol majority by Which
n snail ee eieciea. , toe larger tne Dettecopt-
Then let Democrats ana all tru Union mea
who repudiate abolitionism and tjcceaaionlem,
whether bv South Carolina or New Eoclahd:
buckle on their armor and deal a deaiu,tforT, to
both, defeat tbe mongrel abolition ticket put in
nomination by two or three ambtous Reader 4
week agout Saturday, and triumphAOAly elect
tbe ticket put in nomination by the'people' laet
Monday.- 1 he auccesa oi eucc -tiKs ail oyer
tb North will do more toward 1 rettoaing aua
atioa tbe Uoipn thau aoftrmy with bpDra H
The Democratic Uoion Convention which mct
in Marion, on last Monday, to nominate a coun
ty ticket, tbe official proceedings of which will
be found -elsewhere, wat one ol be largest and
most enthusiastic evor. ncJH, tbe, cqunty."
Tbere wa 06 effort .mida to' aUract,. 'a'; crowd,
no bill Issued, uotbing done 5)it simply call
made for a npmioajiog Convcntiw, and yet. the
country people poured in In- delegationa, wIU
banner and hickory pole, and drnms abd fifes,
a though they were uttebdlDg a mast Conven
tion. It wait A'inontaneonauDrlslnrof the neo
pie the sovereign people rallying id their might
a oeatn oiow lorever.tp fusion in the comity.
Every township was represeuted, every "banner
was elprjueot of victaryi and ovary heart beat
high for the Union, the Constitution abd tbe en-forcement-of
-theiaws. '-Tbe waoleprocvedlngs
of the Cobveation were marked ith n unusual
degree o( hairnoqy nd enthusiasm. Immedi,-ately-ifter
-thai Orgaitioa. wu perfected, a
beautiful taetdent aasarred worthy of record.
Mr, Dix, of tMiddjetwp, bearing Vthe flag of
our . country ," appr'dsched Iho Chair, when a
deathlike stillneat aervaded the aanediHIv. Un
folding the flag, Mr. DiX, In an eloquent speech','
presented It to the lybalrman, Dr. Vandeman:
who, itt5 equally eioqaenb -repljt. accepted' tbe
same and praaented It to the Conventioo amid
rounds, of, applansh, and 'cjieji; Xpip. iheer: for
the flg and our Union (oretBri. DurioK it ses
sion the Convention' wae enlivened atintattals
with manic from tbe Middldtewd and Waldo
bands. ; "T-- . ;,-."
i t 1 r. r 1 i aj u 1
IU-, tt'lnittn
l,-H wt h.; i.i,y
Thoaexi Annual lair ( th tmnMia Oountv'Aaal
,r 1
ealtaral SA-WttwIlilfclSeld On ''1 t..it I tfr
snd FfidaTjr U" J
....... '-.n.iiuj a.dl'iinwiw l -
Sept: 3a, ' 4th;' Stli And 6tb.
Premiums epeedamunt''to etar ,!!
11,000-Ail' a.jriBlle' lot Calti
. Jhaf air OiouaOa bat bora graatly. Improved by th
Batertemaatof tho Bortt Bin and the'trettlon fit
comber of arJdttlonaVOattU StallBi Th Borae Blng
BbVAboufa quarter at a mil Ih.elreumftfeBC.
Tht'olllxtni of franklin oounly an aarptitl. Jatld
to tnrp out. to, hie their Anaml leatltal, and brio
aVong ipeclmant of thtlr tkli) and handiwork for exhibi
tion.' ' Th entry bookl On now dpln, and tntiitt can bt
wiaAa at anv time bv eallloa oa tha BaftrAtar at fba
Gootttpmci v;";, .' n ' ,.L
nonwieamoo.imo pnor xo lueiaty eveninf,
Stpt, , attic, ttefpttntte aM Cut 71ow
amttB ett thf Orsutidf'B. In flnt jtay.11 J. j
ayoraerpi aaoBoarupl nanageri,, j, , i ,:i
t't,,30-3td 'l 6! hLIMW, flaeretiry.
i rn ' i'i e-.il i"'i 1
..m..-.i ..waaa.iiifiM 1 1
f AQt
ty t"::u m,h on.
11 a. 'l-U.a-a tilaa
- aw BarftlTjrhittVfciki itrM'n.1
I l.'li:
'niVori",af,,ra.l.hTFV"J ""'t
alB lt ' v 0S geetb'lli.o Mteet.
iEVV ADVFrJlf 21 EfiTS
. -tr-- ttcx- jr, ' V' i x:x:
nunvn piinpnHi I. M C I ILL BE BE.
'W. .
iTnuvHi ii.. nm . nf Hi. HreraUrt of Bute.
Monday, tb
c 31 iav of .September, next, at U
f I r. I j jA.i,i t (, i li v
80)000 Buihels of Coke, to weigh not lets thtn 40
uonnilf to ItM boibl. . -.?j..4cvii'r. fr.Siv."i
,5,MH UnsBcloOiMlrto Uot tiiIUy-rql
ft., Usui so Bio lowei win Of-Hooting Coal
lOtingUoal, aoa.irso
BO Ooiiof Wooii, tit aunt tof ke fslciirymtl or
fMim .III. Blanlr Anil rllrl.
', tapti bar IMS ia lODdUitralilit aad WeU Apllt
Tho fool to bo delivered, without rhtrgs for sod aV
lrrH,.at tbs Diato Uou,o,l Culumbo,.7 , v 1
t roBoosls to as aooampauMAr mnriisf ,aVi to spool-
f ino kjad, aoalJtr.aBa pWit: tteHol. jropo.oB lo bo
Bach contractor wUlboirqo.lrf.il lo 1to boniSs, bl'tk
approttd orlt, tn o aoinoiit of tho eon-
tniet. eomflUonoJ for tbs falthfol perrormanoo ofta
rTho tidi li be mailo aod Uio eontrtcU to be awarded la
aiouodoeso wlta loo tar an of ino am uuui v
ocoTlde tor the purcbaio of liatlooorjr, Fool, aod othor
irtlcl. for the' erneral AiMmblf aod 8iaU oflrtV'
.lie. u 'tm on fb. eavejope, nebe.Jls 'for
iMlfaialetisatiy the eehtfaetof most In all eas
boVual lo qaallty to tho sample. 2T4IS nil Vi
. "., ,. . Boersutryof .laM.i
OXlta a the flan f Abe Boetourr of tats,
uallWa u l a ,5"inl tMo j ?
Monday, Ua 2d day of September next, at
oovioit Jrt'n6ob,,"'J !
1 .-ii....? .v""i tnoti? ' M n ' ...
for furnlahim paMr: If 0f ltU8tatoO Ohio, u
toUewa:. .iuoil'jii wi-iaT yn". .'jkiwo'.) -w I ,,i
tOOO IWoawpof Pr1fiiff1tPr,S7
- aw4itooaisawisBotUMto'MiMaBosto
10Btawobla1fttti, May wKcWeSto Vohj.
at ao to t-adim v Aj-
100 Raatoi Brocharo Oorer Paper, satorted'colerei AO
r T? lottaao. to walghat leatt atO wouridt to th lean.
Tbo quantltlsaabot aantd lof bonaicd at tha op
tion of UiABecrttair Of BtatO. ;... i-ilJ. I
Bide aul b acoonpaoled by Sample of (h Bapott
and ndat Specify tbs prlc. at vblch eaoh lod and tioall
it will be dellrersd af the Stats Ilouas la Ooloajboa.
Mo samples of an Infotlor Article need be pretentcdi th
nins mi.iI ha nf lh. IihL on, ItT. ... '1 I
i-T he delivery of tho Super Royal and Coter Paper to
oemmeoot oa tbs .first of Notembor not, enfulog.
oODtioaa as the pPr ahal) be Deeded. 1
Tbe dalltery of tho Double Flat Cap fo eomwMOeS on
ta Brat Saf of Daoaarbaraeavand eoatlnuo as abOto.
u BaoSa, with appro aaniltr la -daable tb amoeot of
the contrast, will ba raqulrtil (accordlua to la), eonl
tlaned for aa BrKhfiiai psrfotmaaor f ouch eootraot.
The bide to bt made and iht oootraett awarded' la ao
oovdaaca aiih lAa lelial f tb (apiwlda for tbs
porebaat of Statlooory. toel. tod other anleleo for tbo
aoral AdetaablyaaM BtaCiOffloats,' Baatt Marobll,
1B53. BotOarw.BlSBi BwaOW But. BA6V '- f 1
Bull to ae-todo'sad oa OMi-ttweloif, 'fropotali for
furniahlnir paper for the biato." " "
aa Bidden aaa aaaaaad tkatri Bapat will b reoettod
onleat It conforms lo erery nupret with lb Samples,
7-ASa Balatna eaia to UrjatlH iwtVWrwd . 1 I
Colnota. Ohio. Anau.t . XfCMiA r
10 m psosjjaBsc-3;r,?',a'1
!o-tr.'nvi ti -.v ti )V J !' 'r ''"
7. ti el-wir..) II
rt m-i1 O HO
it ..ti-v;
;FOTtaAtInchof Time!
a dTloe a.aan IbatlDch of ttmeain b prieu
td at ajuaon shaaper jitie, and many long years or
aWd,Wrimrr, ft'TIBltfftvniATHBB.;who
Itenrtnf Uia mostbitioat and lonv-itandlng dlMaiet
of the a.UH(i..HBae; uvhk. aiuwaio, runu
aaa. avriManu .RHHcataviaai Diaaaaaa rauu
. w. ktLCtm are Statbttvim ThlUff!
1-iff.11 -'i
"CoajpooKoallb.'iimijpgUin, Delawaie, Dit.of April,
tieur WQvi um rBiiawtMMki. orrowponaeai tBtajBi m uiv
KOJl '
"An InglUh gentleman, formerly eonntcted with the
Brltlih Army, And boatlee Mmtelf tbo 'Indian
BotaaM rbyaslaaftBea of aXa gained aoaxiensits npa
tatlonhtreby bit ekill In curing all manner of com
plaint, Boms of hie Wltnte 1 batt cooTtned with.
awVUKT'Titoooaaa hW wmodits aad aaodt of treatment
aaivoryi euparioa. . Besta ha baeo ratored -as If by
Mta fClia. medlein Ba.-ttteo H diatllled by talma, If
from Taiiooe herho potaattit ran coratito proportiea.
fiafhilAaollM taaaaarmi badotnle hit tatenre mo
M ttaiaafacigh ikuij of lb tfftota prodaoc by
otnaan tawilaaial aaoia aaa atroa. a au maooar or oia-aatas.-r.lt
aatmo a Bee-fatmd a mt aad speedy reme
dy ior all tte that flatk it aalnio HU practice t
already aztnaWaaod ltdallr. taefaaamg.:, Ia the com
plalatt to which yamalrt are tobj toted, Ae,baa-no equal,
ae a largo number here have teiillleA 'ht they ow not
only their ereeeot d -bealth.'fcv thtlr lire, to the
Mtiiiortnmnaian-Botanwrnyiician. - -
:GiBee3:,i:AfcSute reei, ColumbuM,
''Ug1?d3ol' iiirrtv..'.t!"'!i'
I .OA-
Oystiers IvDysters I !
XX be la Suly tetolpt, by Bxpnas, of-
Call at Wftfacr! Oysttrawl Trait Depot, No. tl Keatt
at 14 a. -aaa a-,Ma..,M ft , .- -. J
, AW ..II I
7iv st v'h.ii-:
rttrl ?, B.
li ' 1
aff ' "111 1 . I
TrtIkl lrtihlia at NataJtall." ,
'Thettaay hinds otVomane Saterttnl fonhd In mart!
Art weak, topar aad nteatthy, and defrta; tthe knr
Cbatei atUmoaayJ -'ryW port Dhtetlt Uatirely
fret from all thott oliytotlont. Its great tales prevkita
popnlarlty.,)epot, U Waihjngtpa attest, Ntw Tork.
Blby Iroeert Bttrywhtrs. w v-
To mneh eatloi aad drloklnf . Btw.bablW.and anpdta
of lite, oftes prdaatKUrtgaHl4a to lb boweaad
general health of tb system. . But BaAitnarra's fiiu
will toon care, tbs stoaacji eiUrefaia ItaautnathJaad
a htalthv aetloa 'ot the mM will fee -itatvttd. Ho
HtDicwa arc eqaal'to litefulnsti I ,J I
Btorv Bian of th'tiB',ZOtTATBS'bJ',bo$ of
and an AILOOCK' POBOfJB PLA8TBB pat la their
knanaack fits of oxpont. , And to thll fact oa bt at
tributed tho abaenooof ear of fcflt RMIMBJU from
ik.kA.nll.1. ' Ul aw.l.iiiA . I
TUT anr.nTia ahanlil haTA-k boi of bAndratVa
f ilia, a box ot Balto, and a piece or rorout flu ter.
TBoy art BUBa ta at uaeM ,'fla lira-eatftf,-1 i
Bold by Job Bv Coo Druggist, Columbus, and by
.11 -,.nM,kU Baaldra In medlelnet; - ! . I I
Pa. i.ijI )
anglT-dla - t 4'..i (ir..w
- - inorrA lute ,vix.)Uii'.; i
la all eaaes of oosBtaaw,apttU, MlUoa and DTtl
'kffeotlons,' pftoa, rheamAtlim,' ' ftver 'an sgne't; ebstt
saw head, ache, nd alj gtnerai donuifmaanUaf baalth
theea PUIt bat intarlakUJ print a rtla aad apoadj
remedy. A rlnjflt trial win place tb Lift Wis beyond
In teach pf competition, b) B ttUajatloB of .every1 pa-
tflii.'MnAfi Whefn'tf wrttaw will ft found' iwally ot
lloacroAm all'iatml'of herus oMllt,'oWPi, head
ae',thf Hekhotl 1ncVln1 ' Vfefotlet, in diflloate helth,
IA, ttroryuia.ei aeaiiiit. .ij'i.,iiwi
- ..... , wttv.-n. wik mmm . ii ar v
rot watvi'Twr
and by Ml ttofato?rT?2?.rl! T-awi ,
WtK&t&itf&oM a
Mttarrir krtB Bov. 'J."Wi Holma, Baetof et th
Plsmpblat-Btroot Baptltt' Ohareb,' Brooklyn, B. t , to
ta'W aval tnd BTtwtragen" Cincinnati, 0., and tptsks
yoleskarfe vdt t ttwdriraowntd medicine, Ha.
Wii .iaw's tofnttMi S.t't o Caiuani f arrmiwi .
. "Weeaisa adrertUmenl In your eolnmnt ofBTu
VumuHa't aooraia iTtur. - Mow watmar eaida word
In aval of a aaiamt waioiaa ooioia in .our ma, aat w
feol compelled, to way to your reader, tjut lhl,lno hum
iu('vsntriaatt an kw .rt "ro ttu rr
CMitM.f 'lt b)ppitiaBlyonofth noit nn-wiufnl modi
eh4 Of Bif)Hyl beeaunlt-a On Of Hit 'belt.-' An tbo
lee f B,dHy1 eeoauttlt ono'of I
iewbA'' "
I ao peuir man
.l-. a
l n aim tL Gori.
io. 29 South High Street, Columlmi,
BB NOW OfFiaiB J - ' '
gOOO yarde Tiarelin airtss uooaa nt
KOOtardi 1 rarellnf Dreas Qooda atlSle. va'B Met. .
JuuO janJa lugll.ll E-aaaaaa at tatua Si canU.
1000 yards Branch Orgaodtai at lik, talua KO eenU.
sunn ardt Faat Colore Lawne at I, talae 13 tnntt.
Ifllioyardi foulard Bran Bllkea3rK talaa SO cool.
15WI rare Buyer Plain Black Bilk at B t 00. taluo 1 .
Roteiof Organdie Berago, and Bugllih Borage, at oa.
hatt tholr valao. r f'
' ID South lll.H Btrtet
Elegant lace Mantillas,
a -wmrr . . orrfTVr
kJ J Ba.Ja.J.'M .i . a-a-w-a."-
iNTo. 29 South High St.,
HA VI fuet opened an Intolos . of very larg and
haadaoai -
Vipa', French Laces for1 Shawls.
Vrjr Deep French Flouncing Laces'.'1' w .
Real Thread, Frenoh, Cbantilla b Geoeveee
Valenciennei, Point da Gaze, Brasieli
and Thread Laeei and Collars,
In new Shapes,
. - '- ' ; 'v - For traveling. '
Traveling 'Dress - Gpbds.
UoutiiBtQrjts, fopLiaa, enxpfliRp's checks
' - XAV1LLA8, BBO0BI VAtlNCI At. fco. tc.
' The beat And molt faehionabl stylos la tho dty,
'.wti --ow'" ;-'."r1-' Bail, aa vun,
- S9 Bouib High Bireet.
.. .;...:.( :.it.'' DEALER IN t ;.
. . rr T 1 -.rrO 4 ' '
i.'a .-. -jrroaace,' 1'
.OUf s Proyisions,
Foreign and Doinesfic Liquprs,
106, jSouth High, Street,
Jbe old ituil receolly occupied hy.WM. McDO!f ALD
u He ti In dally neelpt of
rrnKa nc will toil A.yir j
Cbeap gar Cask ar Country Produce.
TJj Goods dellTcied to City trail free of charge QI
lyia ' . .
- - : . '". :
Noa 106, Souths High Street,
, provisions v .
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
i" '" , t j t
Steam Between Ireland and America
. . - '
Tb following new and magnlfleerit flrtt-cIatspaddU
Wboel luamthlpi oompoao tho abort llnet
ADRIATIC, 8,888 tons burthen, Capt,JtMiCS
' (Tormerly of the Colllpt Lint.) .
HIBKRNI Ai 4,400 tons burthen, Oapt. M, Pxowta.
COLUMBLA, 4 4U0 " , a. Lai-rcB.
ANOLIA. . 4,100 ". " . . - MwaoiMR
PAOIrlO, 8 000 .' I. Buna.
PB1MCB A1BXRT. (Screw.) :
8.3(H) . .,..' J.Watasa.
On of Ui aboTe thlps will leave New tork or Botton
alternately ortry Tataday tormtght, for Palway, ear
tying Uio goTtraoeot saalla, touching at St. Johns,
The ' Steamer of this Hoe hat hood conttrnstad with
the greatatt oara, ODdr tha tupenlalonof Um goTOrD-meat,haTawatar-tlght
eomparimenta, and art Baexoal
lad (orcomfort, aafety and tpaed by any ttaamait afloat.
They art oommaoded by able aod experienced, ofltoera,
and trory eatrUoa wiit bt mad to promo I the eomfort
of peaoengert. .
An.axperitnood Surgeon atttchtd to each ablp, '. .
Ptnt elaat M . 1 , or Botton to Gala-ay or Lrnrpool 100
Seoond elate, " h ,i . 7J
riravalaa,.-i'L o1 ' ' "- toBI John's ii
Ibird-olaaa, ,, ' n to Galway or Liverpool.
vt 107 iuwu ia .raiaou, on mii.vi -
, TMrd-oMuw paaaaagart an liberally auppHed with pro
vialooe of tb baet qaallty, evoked and sorted by tbe aer
Tnts of tho OompoDy. . . . ,
Parties wUhing to tend for ihelr Irlondt fcon lh old
soontry can obtain ttcketa from any town en s railway, in
Inland, or from tho principal ettiei of England sud Mot-.
Paatangen for Maw Torkv-arriTlng by tb Bo, ton
pteamaio, will be rorwardod to Mew Tork fn of aJurge.
' lor paataie or furthtr informailon, apn lj to " ---
W, .1 . a ' - Wa U. WICBBAM,
' At the efflooef fh Company, od tb wharf, foot of
Canal street, Haw Tork.
1 VdrfllB:dOBt.
r 10. 89 BOXTTH ; BI01J J BTBEJT,
Ann -'wow '! bFEriiiiro
lyutn januimrraWJiiHi puki bh fj' UUvTBiae
1 Bareryara.-" ' JfV
9,500 yards TravtlUf nt and UaatM Coadt at '
IB l.teents-ralao 20 oentl pwyarf;;;.,
3,000 yard Walt Brilliants u It ff otnU
1 valoa to cent pr ard. ; m ' "m
S,OCO yards Pin ud Dsmsttt Glnghamt greatly aa-
dor tamo. ' '- - -..
. -f C. fiCV WisdiJOO IT .
MOZainXQTrn, laUOBrJWt.UA cw
. - r.inroiMH BAiiaii.UYiitAB,
. .f.'AND.'ALLf OTeiER
Nirvr avnd Eaahionabla Jesepod
la BM awtt dealrablt ttylat and at vary )otra jaice.
Ot tit kiaterlali, mad W pis meat t,tyllih manner after,
th latest Pari fnihlona ths taott elegant afyje In '
may BS :.'f: l;;,'i T; " . Ho. Bt South High ttrett . .
"i'tf i
Oaatoa I.iattings.
44. B4.-d. .aThlte,an4,U
X W bit tlheoked of Mptrwr Btfallfjr. Tur lalt by
BAlN k Hi
-a J
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