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' nrTrarTfrrrrT
'be Adams Expires CtfwPany'pleee at daily
under obliKatious to It far tbe very latest, paper
The American" Express.' Company bat onl
( bantu for its dally favor in the thapeof the
v.ery latent eastern pupenfi
Senatorial AND Judicial Convention.
Tb County-Central Committee ef Frank
lin and PiekawayYCoMtttiea have agreed npoo
the day for the meeting of the delegate fro
the couutieaof Franklin, Pickaway and Madi-,
boo, for the nomination of a candidate for Sena
tor, and a Judge of the Court of Common float
It is requested that OBf' Defnoorailo frlenda
in Madison Cootrty will send delegate to the
Judicial Convention.
The Convention li appointed to meet at CO'
nmbus at the City Hall.' ' - - '
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee.
Columbus, 23, 1861.
Ritfoioua Notice. Rer. Tnou GoaaiaM,
Pastor of tbe Universalis Church,1 liat return
ed (e the city front the .summer vacation, and
the Church will be re opened for pubtlg worship
oundej, September let. i ivwinii nV.
t. Bcewicea at the usual Wrs. "'tl
' O" Remember thai out Conaty.' Fair , OOD;
mences on Tuesday text, 8epl, and will laat
four dajsi ', A band of 'mnsio baa been engaged
during the Fair. fc . vp . i. i toiVwo'iiU
' 1 1 i" a m m ' ' -'' '
ID- The Public Schools of the city wilt corn-
mence their next term on Monday, Sept. 9, one
week Trora to-morrow. 1. ' t rj ' fl;
11 " i 1 ' i
, ' ItT The schools id the: Asy'rotat lot the Deaf
and Dumb, and for the Blind, after' "a' Vacation
of eleven weeks', will re open on Monday Sef
'! . ." i t i .... .""TTo
Q3 The ColdBtream 2juavea, CaDt, Vr,' B.
Hatdxn, b4Vo',,endered their tert icel to the
Governor for tbo war, and .have been aooepted.
Tbey are assigned to the Forty-alzth Regiment,
finder tbecqmrtand of Col. WoKTBnarov and
Lieut -Col. Ctfr.WAtcoiT.' The company
have Opened d recruiting office at their Armory
on tbe northwest eoroer of High vnd (ay
street. .ii"-.'v .n , V, -r.tXl!
' ' .
ID The sixteen prisoners of war taken to
Camp Chase ou Friday last, were eaptared In
Welero Virgiuia, near Cheat Monntain-, .Oo
of them, a Lieulena'uti'is said to bate'1 beeD
prisoner before, and to bave violated hi parole
of honor. . ,.,w ,,,(,
Eurglai.t. On Friday last about eleven
o'clock, A. M., St. Patrick' Church, wa en
tared by a burglar and a silver eup and plate
toko. . therefrom. , Tbe articles were frortb
about twenty dollars. "The perpetrator of tbe
deed has not been discovered; but tbe cup and
plate bave been found at' tbe Jewelry ttere of
Mr. Bi.tn.n, to whom they were sold for four dol
lar. . " '
O John C. Bland has been appointed . Pro.
bate Judge of Champaign county lo place of
judge Baldwin,' recently deceased, f "'-!.' ! '.'
07 Wm. D, Howiils, for some time past one
of the editor of the Journal in this city, bat
left for Washington City, whence he goet a
Consul to Rome. '
. ID Adam Express Company on Friday last
forwarded through this city for St. Louie four
oar loads of Enfield rifles, makioK ninety fire
car loads of war materiel sent through here by
the same enterprising Company, since General
FatuoNT tojk command of tue Department 01
the West, for the use of his command. , ,
1 ',
ID Over one hundred boxea of " clothing,
knapsacks, haversaok) canteen, spades, axe,
shovel and military ttore generally, bare ar
rived here from Philadelphia for Col CaHuno
xon'e Regiment. J j tj t J j &
ID" We hear a good report ot the health of
the men at Camp Thomas.. Jlot a tingle sol
dier Is confined to the hospital by sickness. '":
, ii -r,';,: ,
ST The Cincinnati TeUgrafh state that
Archbishop Ptractix arrived at Rome within
twenty day after sailing from New Tork, Be
found' the Pope, In excellent health, notwith-
itaoding the newspaper rc(Jort el hie Imminent
oeatn. ,-(.. ,. ..u. . . 4 -.m. .'3
'. . ' .
One Of' tbe humanitarian movement ol ouj
time4,"kUhough' Utile known ss ucb, ean hardly
be over eetioiated iu . Its importance upon the
well-being f our widely aotttttredoommitnltiea.
Tbe population of the American' Staiee I .It
many aectiocs ii spurso, tnat skillful physician
are hardly available to Ahem, Vatunibr of
our people are obliged to employ, laaiokn,1
such. medical relloi as ' they can bear f from
each other, or, indeed, any they can'geV .from
any quarter. Hence artse..tb great. oooaumpj
tion ot Patent Medicine among us, gmte by
lar man in any of tbe old countries, where tkilt
ful physician are acceaiiLJe to atl clasaea. ' ,Uai
principled men bave loag availed tbanaaalve of
ibis necessity, to pim- onr Meir wwtblete not'
trums, until the' word has become eyntmjmout
with Imposition aud obeai ,One.of pur leading
chemist ta the Eaai, lr. Ayar, 1 porsuipg
oourae which deieam "tbie tclqutvy.' He nort
rot oulj bia owh, hilt tbo beat skill Of our tlmas
to bear, for the production of th beai ramadle
which can be made. These are supplied to J h
world, hi a convenient form, at low prleewt and
the people will no more buy poor medicines In
stead ot good at tbe same ooat, than, they will
bran Instead of floor, Tbe inevitable eoaeeqoeoce
of this Is, that tbe vile compounds that flood oof
country are discarded foi.tUoae.wMpU; 1 honestly
accomplish the end in . vie w-t-eiiuk. euro. . D
wej over-estimate it dmportaaee, 1oa believing
that the propped 61, supplanting the1, byword
medicines, with tboie o.ectual worth 'ad vU
Sue. t frauffht-witb Immense' oonaequeneee for
good, to the masM of eur pople,tGM ead
aponicU, PtuVteKSJ tptt-Hlawlw.
Rail Road Time
aiotnMt( ocomdUon. 5flO a; M"i. iw p. i,
: . lDiTM......f.ll:OA. I. ' 'M!f. M.
BHnd Aooonmoil.tloni. :10 f. K. " ''"t:0 tt M,
N lust JKxpms via UJ ton .BU mwnirtt-' tWAi M,
Ntiht trtim.'.'i.':.';'.li.l..3: A. M.' 11)11 . m
New TurliKipre.!. .11:10 A.M.1"' 10-5A.M.,
0. Q. t0. VH iswrtm... M t. Hi T:M t. If.
CwmLU. Ohio a. a ,tA. n(, j , ,. ( .0. ,
Wo. B xpr'-A.' 1Y:( .Hit
En W . jp k : '"ii:e a; i
. ''I.,.',, '."'. .,:.''"'" W.' jr,'Tiu;;ljit. ii
Prrnsuiea. Ootcwsos k CwcwtATl K. k. I
IP. .1 fr
No. 1 Iprtss.:,ivn1; ft' II rj? ! I
a Ixm, Atentt
Malls tor New Tork Olqr, Boston, Albany,' toffilo,
PllUbargli, SUubtnTlllo wty. Oltvaland, KuasTiUs,
Nmark, Oraavllls, WaabtoftoD Olty, Baltimore, Paila
Atiphla and MowOrltaas, sles iUf (Sundays sxeep"
d) at t o'oleok a. n . - -
A threat auU far Ktw Tork and Cleveland tlons
ally (Bandars sxevpud) at 9 o'otook p.m.' i.
' 0. 0. fc 0. it. B. Way Mali olosst dally (aanaays sz
ntdat eAiiook p. n. 1 1 i , , -
OoatMlOblo Way MaU Aidses daill (Sondaai excepted)
at HI o olook a. m.
. OUmMmn Way Mail slows tally (losdayi ameptad) at
OUoiso, Dobaqas, Delaware, Marloa and Worth lair
toaMatie elosss , 411 ttaadays fl?ta pi 'lock
amroriLla, BpnnfaeM, Dayton, Toledo, oiooin
aall, Iodlasapolla, LoaUvllI. ti. Loala, and Detroit,
clotM dallv MudmiimoH ai t a'akixk . m. , ,'1'
A through mull to Xante, Bprtniraald and Cincinnati
tosw dally ( tonday UMpttd) at 10 o'cloak a. m.
Orbaoa, Piqoa, Tlffln aad UoIob Oily nail (Iom dally
(naoay nptM) at a oiooa p.m.
Luoutn, Loca. rMiwnniM, uircuviiie, uoiiiwoun
Poramoach. Wuhiastoa O. U.. Athens. Marietta and
Bllbboroanh Bails eloM dally (gandajs xeptdM a
rtli.a i. .! i n 1,1
ait Way Mall by National Koad to ZanssvlU elesss
dally (aandayXMptcd)atltoloekBi. '
ItarrbAargh MaUolme dally (doadays eaoeptad) atl
e oiooi t n. . !
Mt. Vna Mall, by way ef Wstorrlllaed I anbury.
eloMS dallv (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'eloot p. B. ' v
Dablla Mail sImss dally (aoadays XMpStd)at o'clock
B. B. : l
ttM easier way Mail eioess daily (eanaays eaepwe; at
o oiooap. b.
Malls from Hew Tork, Doaton, Pblladerpbla, Bnffkld,
Albany. Pltuburfb, Olevolaad, Dayton, Toledo, Zenta,
Detroit, Bprtngfiald. ClnolnnatL ChilNcoth. Bt. Loan,
and all Boathtra diiee, arrive bstween the hoars oi t
'lock e B. and 4 o clock a.
Halls mi lnalanacoua. Utuouo and Dabaane urns
at B:M . .,
Malls rroai Washlsrton City. Baltimore. Wbeelbii.
Caneevtlla, Newark, BUabenrllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
V w. way aiaii.aiTiTeat ixo ciocim.
way ataii rroa uioolnnatl arrives at J o clock p. a.
Lancaster MaU arrive at 9 o'clock n. a. '"' "'
last Way Mall over the National Koad arrives at U
O'clock a. B.
Mt. Tsmon Way Mall arrives at 11 Ml. B.
Mall trou Dublin arrives st It o'clock m. "'
grbana Way Mall arrives at t o'clock p. B
irrUba.fh Mall arrives At II o'clock al m
ii ? li.i'ii
t a '-.
' 1 Inn .Ii
'. lull. in.
LaooMisr Wat Mall arrives at 13 o'clock m
fJffloA ilailMrs Amu mvmrw if. ra.Mnl Rnnatl fVnm
7 o'clock a. B. to a o'oloot. p. m. Open on Bondays
irea 7M to v o'oioca ib us mornmi, ana iroa o to o
.: .' .., OOLTJMBTJS
. . ...
The Beat Artificial Help to the
, HoniaB Might eye; Invented.
!'"-' JOSEPH 8, PEK1EY,
Beat of the molt Imeroved kinds of HoccUclea.
All his fllatoes, whether for near or far-ljtatd. are
(roand la eoncavo convex form with the freawst cars,
so as to salt the Eyes or Sll oeees, curler Weeknew.
Diaslocss or Inflaamattoa of tbe Byes, and tnpsrtlnf
strensth fr loc readtnf or trie sewlos.
Offloe, 13 last State street, at Iclissr At Wsbstsr's
Matte ttore..
w-d,iy ....... ;,,.,. ....'",
Irislr linen' Goods.
'TV Linen Bhlrt Bosoms , Pialn and Fancy "'
' ' , Bhlrtlnfand Boson tlnens. ' ' "
,Ii .1 ' """.i.,. I "IV. VMIUgl.
" Iilnen Oambfica and Lont Lawns.' '
(X' '' lllKa rocket harjdk'fa, all tiies.
Linen Table Olothsand Batln DanMkr. ' '"
Linen Towels with colored borders.'1 ""' '
t U i Uneo BtalrOoMrintaaod Orath
h'.tji , i i. loraaloatlowpnoee.p ; . .
ii At BOS,
wbaa Wo. M Booth Hish etraet.
nnnavo . . . .
.jur n vvbi,i new eiee, joei openm oy '
" - ' ' "- " BAlS It loir,
aprllt Vs.etBoathHIeh strl.
U NIW BTTLIS ! dk Sols, No. 8 w Booth
illf D auoec nave liut ononed new if vim nf ntrw n.a.
entaaa. Baeaguns and Baoqoh, Bade la tbe newest end
bom styiian Banner. Also, BHperhi rimin
BlACk Billia, very heavy, designed oxpreasly for
MaotHlaeaadtaaoaliMS' fapril
Extra family Ploarr
.... 4,
(.: 1 1
.: Cheese ft Batter. -
la store for sal by
aog24-St 100 Booth BlihBtrest.
E7! ' . '. .
'. iWSOZ WBaI JlOUB (BeatBrttda.)
Prench ni Torkiia Pnues, Pis,
J4wv a. t vM tT "Ul .
JZ&nte Curranti and Saiiini
l-ii., mil "I !.; .... r ' . ' -ia Me ().; 1
for atlo wholesale aid retail by ' V
' 105 Bowtli High I treat.
I 1 ! 11".
Trout Street. Between State and Town.
IUOP BsttU raonuw, and althoaeh
the preesareof tots years has set heavily
spoo aer ronain rears, see is still tarn'
t( oat thoss splendid PHJiT0N8. BO0KAWAT8. and
BOSKS and BACKS. Twenty years sleady manafao
tnrtnf has given oar1 Work a Wide-spersd reputation
through the Booth and West. '
Ws therefore deem it aaneeesatry to say any thins bon
In regard to the equality of oar work. Ws wisiurr
svwt Vnicu.' We eaa nlleoos lor Bueom froa
Dealers can be fornlined with any amount ef work al
Snort nottoe. and at prloos lower than oan be bought any
where la the Weet. Boooad hand Bactiea taken in sx
ahang for pew work.
JLTRepalrini done aeatty and at short notice, fee
nry on rront, Mtwoen eafs and Town streets, golua-
Vw. rti.ii.. 1 1 . t-
ns. Ohio. . ' ' ' '.'
luTAIl oomaaslcaflon will rseelvopromptitbintloa,
,l-w1' Mitwii w. :
Hi, .i i.Mm.,ttt i i .111 i
""lor the IRSTAiry HBLIII
and PIBMANBNT OUU of tt s
lltilwl.. MMkhi mmM
Mad by 0. B. llTMOOTt k 00., 107 Nassau St., H. ,
rrws si per aoxi atat rree oy poet, i.u .m
to bali .ef eLL OBrjeeiiTt.
J awsVaawtads
Abo. other aakea of Sprint
0 look Clothe, la all desirable Blxturss Blndlnn, Tas
sels and tattoos to Batch. ' BAIN at SON,
apriJB ' - ' Wo. Booth Ul.hetres
V: A." BatoheWe Hair Dye!
. i HAK3 M ft .!?i.m,n'
This splendid Hah Dye lias ae tdnMostadtaneoai'ln
sSeot Beaatifil Black or Natural Brown no staining
Om StlA tftujtrtnf' CiS BalT fobcaiee theaoSar an
sthet ef )A Pyei jmnd nvlrru the, aaly for lira.
loM'ars teaalae .aaka.lgned "W,' Batchelor."
told everywhere. , k
, x : U . aba. eUTOHlLOE, Joprletof
JyUiwly tl Bast toy Stmt, Hew Ton.
Wm. A. Batehslor't Hair Djel
eMsBJa' Jt Bert t tlie WorUf
AU ethers are sasre Imltatioos, and Shovld be avoided
If you wtsa teeasape rldlewlSJ i 1 A J l- . ti . ,,
KAT. US OB BTBTf HATB DysJ Instantly to
tMoAttfoi and Katnral Brbwa or' Black, without Injury to
Halroi Ikia.
, flTTIM MIDAtl ARt'DtttDatAil aavteel
awarded Is Wa.Av Batoaohralnse 1839, and' over 80,00
enltdatfoas kevelwoa Basts te the Bah of bh patroat
ef hut tusoos 4yC" ''" '-' "- i -
: -WM. A. BAXCIXBtOB'l aUiB'itltrodeoeeaeoi
e ao le te eistlagalshoA froa aatare, and Is warraaat
aoi t tnjnre la tb Hast, lowsver leaf K Bay be eoathi
helTand 0111 effects ef Bad Dyes reaedled; the Ball
tviott4 f unt by this sptasdM Dye. ' . . .-
BoidktaU eUtoaeat lovns w tbs United Itats.
I jrjTbtJta11" naae and addrsss wpo a ets
Jr1-wlf tl aarotof stnei. Mew
Dispatches from Washington.
WaSBiNoron, Aagl 10. Ad oil dipl;h
from tbe East Indies, states that ib ttseofllcer
basreoeired tbe orders of tbe Navj Depait
meot for tbe lmaaedlate return ol tbe squadron
to tbe United States. , Ooe ship will, however,
be left there on tbe ooast of Africa and of Bra
ail after tbese squadrons shall, have Been with
draw or blockading porposeBi Tbe Governor
of Fernando Pe baa been ' authorised v.pt tbe
8paDleb Goveroffleot to receive on tbat island
a eertatn" number, of slaves who ma? be oap
turcd by vessel of tbe United States, tbat tbey
mar there acquire tbe benefit of eillation.
Flat offlosr Inman baa coamunioted this pro-
positioa to our Government. , V . i 1 )
It appears trom the Arrloan sqaaaron mat
the secessionist bsvs been sending circulars to
the naval olfiaera of Southern birth, holding out
inducement to leave the United States service
and Join that ot tbe dieuntonlata with equa,lrank.
Tne Government employee, have-received,
one-slxtn Of their present nioath'e salariee tn
treasury soteeand tb remainder In .specie.. ,n
rrlvate parties are exnioiiing tu prominent
official and offering to aapply the arm with
tbe Prussian needle guns. '. tmr
A soeoial diBpatoh to tbe Post says there are
no exciting rumors to-day from the other side
of tbe Potomac Tbe enemy's movement are
believed to be Intended to draw our troops' out
or tbelr entrenchment In small aetaenments.
There is no Indication to-day of an attack upon
w. m I ttf rt.t m tn4
H y. V, U.l HVmi ','11' I I t
''A new army order, to suppresa the publica
tion of alt oblecdooable news, will be issaed,
end Under its provisions Gen. Dix will wk
measures against tbe secession Journals in Bil
llmore. " , '
This niirnine the rebels made a demnmtra
tion in force with three olecesof artillerT'icalnst
our pickets stationed at Fall' -Cross; Rfteds't
Alter retiring a snort distance, our troops re
turned the fire, and finally compelled tpe er.emy
to retire, when they resumed tbe possession ol
their former position. One private of a Michi
gan regiment was slightly wounded., , .,.,
Military antborities think toe present move
menu o( the rebels have no significance except
to keep their teea ectively employed, to prevent
the demoralisation and dissolution of their ar
my, until they are prepared lor a grand move
ment, and one It made against them.. .
i Uapt. rv nipple,' of tbe engineers, accompanied
Mr. Lowe on bis aerial reoonnoisance yesterday.-
Tbey observed nearly 1,000 men at work throw
log up eetrenohmente on Morrison' Hill, be
between Fall' Church and Fairfax, a distance
of eeveo miles.-' j'l'bsp concluded the enemy
must be in large force. . .
me state vepartment will , not iesue; ptisee
to anybody to pass from loyal into rebel State.
Since the passage through Louisville was
stopped, the demand tor passes ha been vary
large, ."duet ot the applicants are women, who
bave been living in tbe North.
The general order lusted by AOintftul-Uener-
al Thomas, oalline attention to the 57tb article
of tbe act entitled en aot for tbe government
of tbe armies of tb United Stale has more
sweeping application than Is generally' sup
posed. It is intended to apply to all persons
in and out of tbe army, aud to newspapers
here and elsewhere throughout the North
Under it, ti Is intended to prohibit tbe publi
cation of movements connected with raising of
troop, toe preparation ol monition of war,
tb trtBjportaiton ot men and the fitting eat of
vessels. ' ' 1 ?.- -l .
Mr. Bates left Wsbhinnton this morning for
St. .Louis, , In. hia .absence, TiiiauL Coffy,
Esq., has been commissioned as Attorney Sen
era!. :
[World's Dispatch.]
A dumber tf leading financier. iocladlBg tbe
r residents ol tome ol tbe flew roi baoka(are
now In tbe city, urging npon tbe f resident cer
tain chances in tbe couducl of the war. "They
propose that the Government shall attempt to
lorce tbe rebels to abandon their, tnreateneil At-1
tack apon .Washington by making counter1 aV
taoks uoon various points In tb boutb.
'Tbe Secretary of the Treasury is gratified to
know that the success ot the National Loan
does not depend- upon banks, corporations, or
other moneyed institutions; but tbat the people
alone are able and willing to subscribe all toe
money that is needed.
It will satisfy the puoiio, and inoreaee popu
lar confidence in tbe Government, to state that
the Attorney-General has decided tbat the loan
is not taxable eitber by state or local author!
f Benator WacI, of Ob'bi before leaving tyBh
Ibgton, was authorised by the Government to
raise a regiment of cavalry and a battery of ar
for tbe war.
(Tribune's Correspondence.)
A letter from rit. Louie atatea that there is
no doubt that the rebels Intended and txpedted
to be to full possession or St. Louis before now,
tad tbat August the 30th va tbe time fixed ap
on lor tbe active cO-operalion of seoeasioniate
Id that city.-'. Nothing could have pieveniedthe
plot from (uoceediog bad tbey been vlptorlous
at Spriogfield. .Gen. Lyon knowing this acri-
Haed bimself and saved the city a second lime.
By bit victory, for inch it wae in fact, our
Irieode bave gained lime and are sale, r . '
Advices received at tbe vvarDepertmenteoa-
firm tbe report tbat the Kiowa and Camauchet,
from whom Government last year withheld lb sir
annual presents on account of previous rascali
ties, bave united tbeir fortunes with the South
ern Cooledereoy. The principal rendezvous of
the tribea is near Fort Bent.. . ).'. ' '
[Herald's Dispatch.]
It la estimated by men entitled to know', thsl
there are-75.000 of the rebel army between
Harper's Ferry and Kd ward's Ferry awaiting an
opportunity tq force a crossing Into Maryland,
end willing to take tbeobanoe there of an in
surrection of tbe' maioooteaia that will enable
them to transfer tbe eotflict tovtbai Bute, and
place Washington between two rebel armies.
ii in toe meantime Dundreds ot Maryland ae-
eesionit ar gathering open tbe Baatera above
tor tbe purpose or osrrylng out tbe programme
of cutting off direct communication, between
Philadelphia and Malliaoro simultaneously to
tbe passage of tbe rebel across the Potomac
Al the little town tr is is too, in Talbot county,
ibese arrival' bave amounted to a many as
fifty per day.- . Tbe rebel are in such a condi
tion that they are compelled either to attempt
to advance or retire from the folomao. ".The
resource of tbie region are exhausted ana they
omhoi much longer subsist their immehro leree
on the Virginia side, ot the Potom0."'Ttiey
must eitber avail themselves or tbe. ricbea or
tbe.aplendid agricultural district of Western
Maryland, or fail back at least upon in Kappa-
bannock. . Tbelr desperation will make lively.
time along ih Potomao la a few day, and
perhapa In a few hour. . ;
WAseiNOTOif. August si It seems certain
that the Administration at present baa nq Inten
tion whatever to eveif itself of tbe permission
sanctioned by Congreee for- the collection of du
ties on tnipMord, or tbe entire closing of
ports which j on the land, side, are. In posses
sion of the Insurrectionary authorities. Our
Government will rely on the existenee an4 eHl
oisoiy of lis blookade for a uffloint answer
to any reclamation which may be made by for
eign Governmente la regard to . their maritime
tight,.' ! 1 ' .v '1 . '!.- " I , ' - , ttti. p :
1 be Intelligencer or to-day contains an arti
ste to the above effect,' and It telegraphic
agency oas sucn aninentio lutormauon aa war
rants the expression of the correctness of the
statement. :' " ' ' -''i 'i
[Special to the Post.]
AU the regular correspondent of. loyal oows-
Ipapera tre now granted passee to cross the ro
Podsao, the temporary reetr ietion having jbeen
removed. -. ' . " i" m,
" The Government la mlog the new Treetnry
doles in pari payment of ue elerKa la th P
nastmefitaK.b in!.,..-: . i ;- . ..,.-) '
Advisee received from Western Virginia state
that the loyal men: of that region are rapidly
enlisting la the velunteet service. , y- '
-A Union meeting ha luet been held in Ales
andrit, Vti" J tui i.4 i- x T!i" ', 1 oi'i
. .. i ,.r .'V )i
The Late Battle at Summerville.
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.]
' CLA BlfMiabl. Va.. An. aQnffini.l a'tlMa
how that tbe affair at Grose Lanes was a mere
skirmish.;' Col. TyletwKhcmo division of bis
m mini, mmm an.n. ..ii k v.i r.u.
and; fea btck. uuder orders, but rather (att)
a enemv aaa got ketweea htm and tbe ether
otvieteo w ni regl meat under Motor Oeeetaent
Bh dlvtslona, escaped with fllteeql Jfrported
....... f .t
A piotee skirasisb occurred tea miles below
tluuonsviu-. on Clkwaur Creak. ,uU,il.,
Tb r,ebU retreated, wish lv killed, . Our loss
was one. ,m -),.,.iii n( ,.., ,,,,,, ;t '
Awigaaier-usnerai Kobcr C. Scheneli 1 or
dered to aetTloe la thlt Deptrtaenh u 'v"
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.] Missouri Proclaimed Under Martial
Law—Proclamation of Major-Gen.
Sti. LouisrAng. 31 Tb following proola.
wa Issued th,i morbjog I
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 31, 1861.
!' (yircumstaocea lnmy judgment ' of aofficlent
urgency isudsr it necessary tbat the Command
ing General of the Department should aseum
the administrative !-powrr. of the. State. Its
dlsQrganiied' ponditien, the . helplessness of the
civil authority, the 'total inaeouiity 0"t life, and
tne devastation or property oy oandaof muraer
Bra hod mataudere woo tafest nearly every
i ht
county in tbe State, and avail themselves
the public BMSlortuoee ens tne vicinity ol
hostile force, to gratify private and neighbor
hood vengeance, and wbo find an enemy wbarev
er tbey Mod pluuder, pnally demand tbe sever
eat measuias ,to .repress , tbec daily tnoraelog
crimes sod outrage wbicb aredrlvtog offiee hi
babitanl and rmomg the.HtlT la Us coodi
tion tbe puelie tafety and the' sucCeS ot our
arms require unity of purpose without let or
tiladreoce for the prompt - admlnletratiolf of
In order, therefor, tq euppr eaa disorder and
main Win, aa fcriaa bow" pmetieab) tbe pablia
;peace, and to give- aeeorltsi tod -psoteeitoa to
'the persona and property ot loyal ci likens, I do
hereby extend and declare established 'martftj
law throughout the'State of' Missouri. " '
The lines of the army of occupation In this
State are for tbe ureses t, dtolered. .to. extend
from LeavsnworUt by way ot .tbe poet Jof-
lersoo City, Roll sad IroetM,' to Cape Glrar
deau en tbe, Mississippi 'River' 'All, ptrsoo
woo snail, do taken: witn, arms u war nana
within toss lineiehall' be tried br eourt-niai"
tial, and if found guilty, will' be' (hot."-'The
property, real and personal, h,f (ill persona 1 tbf
otaie o oiiseouri, iwoo Malt uu ap arm
against tb Uoiled States, or who shall be di
rectly proven tff have taken ac.fve part with
their eqemW the field, is declare! te be ooa
fisoatedi'tw lib poblio use, and tbeir slaves
(if any .they haveyare hereby declared
treemeai - All 'frersona:'Wbo shall be proven
to have destroyed, ;Jter',,,tbe 'pubIlcatloB
ot thl ordsr, railresd tracks, bridge or tele
graphs, shall suffer the extreme penalty of (tie
law, 7( All persons-' en gsged In treasonable cof
resjtOndence, Id giving or procuring aid to the
enemies of tbe United States, in fomenting to
mult, In disturbing the public tranquillity
creating aud circulating false reports, or li.flen
diary dooumebie,are In their own Interest wacor
ed tbat tbey are exposing ibessselve te Bttddea
and severe penlshmeni. " Alt persona wbo balve
been led awty from their' allegtouce are required
to return forthwith to their bomeavi. Any eaek
absence without atffl jieot oanse will be beld to
be presumptive evidence against tbem. Tb ob
ject of this declaration U to place 10 tbe hand
ol tbe military authorities tbe power to give in
etantaneous effect to sxisticg laws tad ta sup
ply sueb'defiotenoiee ae the eoadltlooe of war
demand; but It fs not Intended to suspend the
ordinary tribunals of., the country where the
law. will be administered by the elvil offiees
la the usual manner and witb their eustobaary
authority, while- the asme ean be? peaceably1 ei
ercised.' The Commanding General will labor
vigilantly for ibe public, wellare, and in his
effort for their safety; bopee to obtain not only
the acquiescence but' the attlve support of t,be
people of tbe '. '"
Major-General, Commanding.
From the South, via Louisville.
LtpuvaLt; Aug: 3U Ex President Pierce
arrived here to-day from the NoriheeaU ;
The. Frankfort Commonwealth eaye, tbat the
UomhitBioocre Irom Magoma have returned
from. Wasbioglou. aod 'delivered sealed each-
ages td lbs, poveruor; al,d ivf'daaeeaads tbat
tb President it willuHi to AejAu.ie.eotioa ef
tbe Legislature just euoeen fiwarmerpeople, and
it disoosed tb aocom with (brtrwt.hea: '
Ex-Miriiaie f featon, iu addreasfna; a' pio , bio
at lAiXiogtoni.to day, favored neutrality And
peace, bJt eion't believe abe could preserve
either, and if not, the sooner she joined herself
with the South the better. . ,
It is reported that Hableltef.formerlj express
agent, wbo wae arrested at lisabctatowa yes
terday, was taken In the car toward Camp
Bjodo to day, and. jumped from them while Iq
motion . and Ii Lo, that wooda. Sitml ehiua
were fired at bios, but be escaped unhurt, -,
Sidney Johnson wa In Messllla on iht'SOtti
iu., iue uismii vvu a cuue, suu m purawi I
a! f 1 1 . U.M I . .. I
ui wv. iuwisii i. utt -j ... m i '
From Fortress Monroe.
1 FoRTaais MoNBoa, - Aag. . Sd -Tb goo-boat
Iroquois, iroto the blockade enT Savannah, ar
rlitcd.laqt1 evening. l Sh: reports baring heard
bear -twanoaadiug when off Hatters inlet,
and also (poke a brig Which bad met the red
eral fleet. - We have ad "Other Intelligence' of
Sha-avnArfritAn-''1- '" " -
- One .of tbe a Confederate prisoners, retained
for some- days-- at Old rolnt,' expreestd eke
opinion that the Federal vessels would be blown
uo by submarine, bstterlea, which Lieutenant
Maury hai placed U' Hatira ,"inlet and other
assailable poinia on the Carolina ooaat..'. s
a,8ioce the qdaVrel between the Alabama and
Virginia. troopt at TorktowD.'wt!tch,resued In
the killing of eight men, ihe,, Virginia, regl'
meats have been iraaefsrred to Morlolkv TJs
Alabamiana accused the btttefof cowardice'
'Thl mdroibg a (mail tecesslua tug, mpuated
with a rifled bras cannon, rua out irom Nor
folk to witnio a mile end half -froa : Newport
Newe,' she fired twenty three shot at tbe (Jol
ted 8tatea filgate Savaooati. No. person was
Injured. ', The tug'was In range of but two. ef
tbe Savannah's guns and a Sawyer rifled oeoaoa
on shore; when tbey were bfoutbt'M beeroa
bar sbs ran dowd towards Old roint and fired
two shslls, one of which exploded near the
SeminOle, and the other oloee to the Rip Eaps.
Tbe fire wa reiuroed.wheteupoa the retreated
behind fiewell'e foieb- j'n n-t-1; ,1,. m ...i
General Lyon's Remains at Philadelphia.
fJ . eieipBiav.
FHitaniLMi-. Auc.-30.-Tnt remains ef
Geu. Ljon pasaed thrower tbie City at 8 e'otoek
thfs -mortilog, escorted br the in Hilary to tbe
Treotoa depot., Tbe tUgs of .the elty tre.'at
half . mast. .. Nuabors .crowded tbe. streels
through which the prooessioa passed. ' "
The New York Journal of Commerce
Changed Hands.
New Yoax," Aug. 3lr-David M6too,iong
tbe commercial editor, and Wm. O- Prime bay.
log succeeded to tbe interests of Gerard Hal-
lock, t,q , in the journal ol Commerce, and
will. ln coafjectlod with Messrs; Wm: H, rial-
lock and Wm. A. Bale, hereafter .penduct. the
DBBCrtVI. T1 tt'ilt tJ sr-i JfcioO c lf-
rne uovernmeot aae removed tne interdict
against the circblatloo of the Joarnal Of Com
merce over the mail and exprese roatea of the
united Htatee.,- A
Changed Hands. Arrival of the Arago.
Cam Race, August 30. Tbe steamship Arago
from Havre via Southampton, zist Inst., passed
here to-day,, and, waa, boarded .by tbe-Psess
Yacht. ;
The JEoi, which had broke br shtff wrlen
700 mileAonJier voyage to New Tork. 1ia4 Ar
rived back at QueeostewB j t n i r r ;i r
Liverpool. Aue. SI. Cotlea tale ad Mod
day and Tuesday were 80,001), of 'which 13,000
balee were sold to speculators and toiTxwlert.
The market had advanced iand-elotedquiet
but nrm, tbe tendenoy Being sun .upward, tbe
principal advance Mr.oa (be mUKtiing and lower
qualities r i ' h
. . . i v. t i n a
- nataMTerra. mcuaruson, apenoe m ' Go
report flour Inactive iM Rioter; "Amerjoab
grisieo aeesos. , , , , . .! - i 1 1 ir, j I
Otiiif. Wheat dull and 21 loweri Rio Wee
tem 0s9s 3d red Soetbern llslls Uj wMte
Westeru ll6d(lls fit wbfre tinatherii'lTt'.
Cora easier) mixed tud yallijw, 23d ,$430,
White Ols(jBt t:Ui knwiw
Pan visions Beef qniet and ejoebuged
Pork doll." Bacod Inactive, Lard inactive tt
-Tallow firman sal aKSaiatla..
quiet,, aod steady, toffee, ateedvf
Rice quiet bat steady. Asoss quiets y earns sQot
pott sat.' "
LtNooir. Auf. SO.-COBluTl elosed tt Wffl
Ia Ureal fcistern wa expected ta take
troop te Canada.
A raeritsn ecOuriaee'w-UrvTOkTeS CIii.il
960J6, for monsv ead 81 to? aoejoesatt .Ha
iti aud tea quiet. Coteo aad tallow Araai Rid
tedy,ii-4vj tflC OH 1 o:m
i FaeRoe wTha aeaWleney -ia, the wheet tp
Waageaerally adltto.-Rtitea6Cju.ir-s 'K'
1 lTaLtr-Tb reacUonlata ' wirw vwywhare
beaten. '
Changed Hands. Arrival of the Arago. From Missouri.
j f arnrv Mo., Aug. 29. Apprebenslooa are
Detogt fdt tbat tbabranelf of the State Iit
m ti
would bi robbed. T&e Cashier veev
en tte ApeeieamotiBtiag ;te ebioi
mtfKvuip to ae aitoa aepot, pa tie nonpera
Missouri ft. E . for transportation (o 8i. Louis.
On reachioa A'tou Bepot. the raoaer wa eeiaed
aft ' fi f UleB, . a .a- A . . . A 'Va.
by a partj-jif.SW oeeewlODt!, heaUelby Cap.
Pplodexier, and carried off. Whether it will
br-reevwtd,r la sot now koote. Besne aay
that Potndexter' hat btea induoed to return It
to the back, while other assert that be will at
tertpt to oroWthetilklbsotu'U river and tarry it
o uea. rnoe e army in in southwest
I !Cntt( Aaa;. 80-a-A flsg ef truea -horn. I
iMadrld' Arrived lfi T3ampat Jird'a 'Poiu I
ftrood.'iTbe object' waa the 'exohangi
exchange of
prlsooer. "Tt is reported that tbe rebel ander
Jtff. Thompson and Harder ar falling back on
says mat newa baa beer reoelved at Cape Uir
ardeaq that tbe resela have retreated from
Benton to Bloomfleld.i If tbf' It true, there
are no rebeie within thirty miles of tbe river.
From Western Virginia.
pHiLADaxynia. August 30 The Baltimore
Amerloan baa reliable Information' regarding
uea. K.oaeorao'ivi,ion.l pp t tat t'terooon
of tbe 27 tb Inst Geo. Roseorans was not only
alive and well, bnt Was quietly transacting bis
functions at bit headquarters.: . i ; I ,
Various accounts are given of tbe forces of
Generals Lee, Wise aod Floyd, but no accurate
ialormotloo seems to be poeeessed outside of
Kosecrant' atatr. . Uplnloos diBer verv much
among military men and others, In Western
Virginia! aa,' to the probabilltlee of a general
engagement between tbe respective armies in
that quarter, in', : i. , . i
Gnat ooofidence ie reposed la the ability of
ueneret Kooeorane to maintain btvaelf egaiast
any force likely to be spared to .attack him.
Be a excellanf aids, tad offidera te support
mm, wbo bave doubtless helped hiin in provid
ing an efeeilve army, y ; c ;
e fJ mm i aawa '
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, August. 31.
OROCIBrtS TTia Oranera hmwm hmA lint Otila ui Ar.
foreevml days Boat. . The orders-which tkee havo n
esive are tiled at the oM Mtauas- te M (or fair
op,iBesa(ar,7sloraolasses; HXl4Ho(ur fair to
prlaa coffee - la lots te the eiiy traoe, avohutes eaa bo
boafbt at Joe from store. '
Vi.00 V The tevr aurkst drags. Inperflss Is tea roe
bnt the daataod la lifht. axesptlag at aflsars 109iSc
bsluw oar qunietlone A good awount. of It wouid be
tasen St J W. BJ 63 is ue lw,it notch for a aood
article. Xxira range froa' Bj3 W to at: (aatliy at
s Bt, . n . , , iff . ,
WeiBATi-There wae aatevlal tnereae1 In the to-
celpu of wheat to-day, and a oorro pondlog lacs of
nerve In the market. Priors are generally o,aeee) low
er, though there was note Utile dlrorsl'y to Us views of
dlffarwae operators. e qaota reWat 707Jc for prime
to ebeloe: whits 60 1,8 Jo fjr asme reUnTa srades. .
Ttore wens sales of sirwily prime ted. deilmred.-at
7le, aod a very .ooel artists wassetd atOSr. ' ' - -
COBN Is not In great demand froa distillers bnt
the merket te firm onaah to warroat tellers in asking
He, and la same Instances In getting It. ,
va . are iieeor aa xm 1,01 ii .. !i. khu I
DABLRY A MlaWAemaln nocbanged. t . ,
Wilt Kt-Wasaabitatnx. ' " i
-" '' " OHtuwsrctVat. '
A ,1 1
81 Printing fesiiviAisitttt'
&. JTX. lZ 17 f-'-t
. tt . , " . ... , , . . t j
1 4x.it vsivb i aoihtx-e?;
Is fall prepared to ozeewts ta the
- tt-
t '-iaU:u- 1 s
v..pt .m mt, ,
r S ri t rl H.ii ..,,
;tr-.U U.rAaa'ni Ojua
5j1 H f? '5 3 Vt rH
" v gjjij j g f' g
,'Li li.i.) ,) l
Ci oATAioqns,
1 "'llflTS,' '
cutoriABal j 1 1
, iAiiraiiti, .'' ,
:.,.un nxxvS,
s. ....... ..te
tABtii, cms,
''miiofui,!, '.
Btui tibefa,"
'In; .r ' 1. 1,.
Bat DAM, '
1itot, ' :
a.t saw i'i '".' i ...'. . t -ia
.r 1
(And everf doscrtpUon of
. I-
titTlel'I'i1 -.3 ,-... . I, t k '..
as ni"'"H '.it h, v..:imi- i-i,.. ... jaj
- aasxAis xrasaaa arxaan ajuiw.
. ti . ,
; 'J
...... s.,
lb TI'
tonal to any KstsMUhment In the Stats) and trpoa
,Jus.,A ,.132 tCn!" . KTJiftG.t i
i aVXB which, wlQ eoBpsrs farroraiily with ths
(it U?
rrtnunj H
t f t
r.i u;
n d s . r i t ITS-
1 1 v t , t til
IlaTixxg .wTwry
rkii?iyroWynofi oJ '
ti'UAc mm
.r.iVl iltlJtLiHim? .1.IA ill
Sse.l to 1 au 1 1 s (II11U
t'Pt jO
afT im a am ut.ir.u. -ai
W eMr oa) axMse t til wW rda 'daaar 1Ai
sllitr ei lliriiiiri'l ,;vi I,.,
li asaSraorla jji.1t ,, w c. 1
rnoc.s urnniaraaqisiii i,0, ,si,i
SjU IjaI 4,U W O.I"'l , -.Ul Ii DlilSH il. i ,i j, J
, A !' b-l -. it ill,-i : (ihI, -..-j.
'' J- '"' ' '. ' ' ,-. . v!.-l. at :-.' a,,s . ..,'
;jn(l J,,.j.,, I . rfl'jt-.' rr... I i-.-.',..
eu b-vi) il j ..I- . (,1,'w hj .4 iiA a1;" I '
X J.r lTO,tJ rtt ilnir;--!.. is ,'rl'tn . l.t.irtiT fmu r A
t' ' OUR, .i.TABLItHMBlfT
ill, i ,i:t-T-it.. ....! .it i,'nfi :
,usi.iri,l,., urii m, jiinii
jixttald IttNstasvjttHa sho .O
.qjU' cj :t .)'7 7.-t-.H
;!02A3C ario zmm
awaaj savwa
M inn mi ui -t ea m ristif. t
y .-ar.-.e .!' J !jiMi''i..,M 1
! ) .B fW, ina, mvwa; ,a d), r ,
Ji-j f ., 1 i.,i ..ill ...j imiisi n h i,.s ilii. I
ia 1,, !..: 1.1 i .i,i: . -, r-is si' , ., iJ.
Z:pkTKX jet bBtjAWiAtioir ; ;
f ' V.W4 it" tl.t: jtlf 1. , ,,1 J,n ) trt (jte-ti ilt
.mw i. U tVit Ctty. mi tr wip i.', i ,r...
tn mH i t ,uMa H ,,.,, i t,, ,tV(4i '-.t-
ah . 1 1. . :1 .V ' oMiWil-Maw
IKIIil I' I I l IT , I II r,l l'T7
iPrtto. Utaea ta. jtV-eaiur
li -J V
t. S . I ft
s.klt -:,' .'..im.t hi si I lf,i
.sS (..,'v.u - a,.-vri.Yv ;.etfra"""
,i a r ue '
atsviiasaa. aiM
I'M ice.-t H
iritis. V7mQi6vrt
An esrerlMMsd Khne Snd Veaalo PkysMan, sreaanti
" to the attention of Bothers, bar ' ' -
s o.o ,t;e;i,n.g ;;s ;r k u p ,
''rOll. CWtDREN TEfiTHINCJ. 1 '
which fraatty taoiltauo lbs process of tooiAlac, ky aofV
eoloi Ibe frame, redaclnf all InSsmmelsnq 1 will, allay
;aaie eas epssaoeno swaoa. ana SlL-'. , ,
Depend wpon It, moftwni 1 f wtll fve ree to yoaraetres
We nave palvpandevld Kile artiole for over lea yean,
sad OAN BAY, ill OOXriOCoKJa ABTllDTa.el,
nmww uevor snen ewie e eay ot any unv mscn
ahusi, iu arrKvT A OUtIM, whaa tUMly aard. ov
sr did ws know ao lostaoee of diaaatiametloa be ana ema
who oaed lu , Oa the ooouary, aU are delighted with IB
vwramvwe.ana spoas u Ureas of eoeaaeeadaleaa of la
mifiicai enecis and merllcal virtues, we speak In this
..OT- nuxi nm mt n.uw, arter ten years' expo
almost every Instance where tbe Infant la safferina froa
pain and exhaustion', relief will be found in Alteon el
twenty minaret after thedyrap Is administered.
TO Is valnatiw prepararlnn le the praeerlpMoa of one of
the moat KXBBKllCMOKaaudctKlLUa'IJL NUEItain
Mew Borland, and baa been need With MJtVKat f AUV
:- ' rrssOliflAN D OP CAtJEB). r
It not only relieves the child froa pain, mat Uvlfrov
atas the stomach and bowels, correct acidity, and aim
tone aaa Snarei (0 the Who Is Ivstem. II will aunoat lnl
"' . 3 ,.c 1 . s.j
and ovovooBeeonvwinoae, wniek, tr net eysedlly reese
died, end In death. We keHevo It Obe BBeT on BOB
BUT BBMMDY IN TUB WORLD, m all eaaas of lTt
it arises froa teothiag, or from any etnev oaweo. W
weold say te ovary methorwao has a ohlld aafferiDi
any of the foreiolat eomplainH DO MOT LBT YOIIB
stand kwtwaen yon and yoar enffeiina ebiM, and tha ro
ller Ulat Will M BUKC ye. ABHOliUrBLY BUBB te
follow tbo aso of ohm medicine, V thMly ossd. fall el
ections for asinn will accompany each bottle. Hons
lenaino anlcastU.ree-oiailo ol iiuKXpt m ftUfdMH,
lew York, Is oa In eeuiile wrapper. . , , .r.
Bold by all DrasxiaU ihrooahoat tha world, 1 ,,'.',' . ;
Prl telpmlOfflcw, is Cwetav Strawt H,V.
eeeTT-datwly. '" ii' 1 ' ii' -'i' .
An Effective, Bait and JoonqmlcaJ
. . ., . Compound, ....
To Its orixinai oelos witoont dyoln. and prevantine
uair iroa urnins (ray. .
Andeutinc It, wbsa there la tb least porttslooi Vital!
or recuperative energy remaining.
Anaaiienotneoasaoocuona or us noaip.
Impartlnii to It aa ancqaladloeaand brllllaooy, tnaklny
It soli and silky In its tenure, and oatuing It to ear1
readily. - - "
1 na (Teas aoieeniy ana morsasins tlaasn lor tha aa.
aqoaled preparation, oonTinces tbe proprietor tbat on
trial ia only necessary to eatl-fy a discerning public of its
enpenor qualities oer any otner preparation In oa. It
sieausea the bead and aoalp from 1 dandruff sad other
outaneouo diseases, causing tb hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, flossy and flexible appearance, aad
also, where tlw hair la loosening aad thinning, It will give
strength and vigor to tbo roots and restore the growth to
hose parte which bar become bald, caaaing It to yield a
reso covering oi uair. - -
Tbe re are hundreds of tadiea and geatlemen fn Mew
Tork who bave had ibei; hair restored by the wae of thie
Invlrorator, when all other preparations hare failed. L.
at. lias in bis poeseaslon letters innuasranle testifying
to Cie above facts, from persons of the highest redoecta
Mllty. It will effectually prevent the hair from taming
until tbo laieat period of life; and Id oases where the hair
hao already changed its color, the aa of tbo Invtgorator
will witn oertaiuvy reawrw n to it to ia ongnal hue, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appea ranee. As a perfume for the
toilet aod a Hair BestoraUvo tt Is particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and the great ta
ellitlea It affords In dreorini tne hair, which, when aratai
with the Invt aerator, aaa t draaasd la any required
form so aa to preserve Its place, whether plalofirla carlsl
baaos Ibe areat demand tor U oy the ladies aa a standard
toilet article which none ought to bo without the price
places tl wunin in 1000001 amsotna; ; .7 n
Only Twtnty-FiTe Cent
per bottle, to be had av aJ. roopoetabw Braggists tot
Pert am era.
1. MILIilB wool call tbo attcntlonof Parona and
Ouardlana to the use of nil Invtgorator, In awes where
the children's hair Inclines to be weak. Tbo use of U
lays tbo foundation ft r a pood aana of iatr, aa It ro-
aovas any km pari use that may have become connected
with the sea Id. the removal of which Is nooesaarv both
for ths health of tbe child, and the future .appearance of
in uair. .,'..,. . " , I
Oao-rioa None gennlns without the fao-slmll IiOTTll
hillkh name on tne enter wraDrjer: also. r.. vrr..
LBH't HAXtt ViaOBAIOK, T. ,! blows b Ui
klas. '- ... . vx t-1' .-.
w noiaaaio uapotu vey street, anil sow ny an Uxt
principal alsrchaots aod DraaTi'1 larrouihout the world
I tlaMvUdleovansio pnrntiaeara ay ta qnanttsy. . ,
. I also desire to present Id th Aasrlean PubMa raj) '; '
which, aftat ' years of eoVeatite exueibueutlag, I have
BToogat to perSsoaea, II dye Blank o Browa Instantly
oiiaoot injury to the Uair or Skin; warraaB4 the boat
artiole ef the kind Inexiatanee.. ... . , , '; ' . . - '
- price, Only 6 cent.o.. m. i
Depot, M ; Dey" St.' New" Yort.
eorJftdfcwly. "
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BJaaafracTtarara at all klaaa al Par
takta anal aiailaaarr a la a am Esa.
artaeo. Saw Plillo, vrlat Blllla, -
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CO. Bltnimi - ' '
Oar Portable Sonne tad law Kill
Was awarded the first prauirue, of 50 at tbe Indiana
State Pair foe !tti over Una At Bod ley 'a oa account o
Prioe, lightnea, almpliclty', economy of luel
and euperlor eharaoter of . lumber eawetl.
Oar Stationary Rngine waa avaaaemd as tbe same Pali
tha Brat premium of Bawe. ' , ,i i -v
Our Portable Bngine waa awarded tb trot preraHus l
1U0 at tbo Pair at Memphis, tann., ovwr Blaodj'i Da
Tail's, Columbus Hanbiu Go's., and Bradford At 0.
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineers. ,
Por price and terms addrvas - " :'
- ffuibaau aaaaaa, .nniw.,i -
aarVdawtyeoia. Rowark.Ohl
WaUieaetia ia JBeteJl Jkeualec lat
. Bt ' .1 I 1. . ,. ' vn . .. . ( , ,i - ,
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Uses instatly am tiat all the wa-
rtaaa Bat AN urn at
M ,1 -.. I I r
, .(l, ,(.' ' 1-. ..--. , . . , . ..i .it ! '
Oe tt-ryd
r AATrrnATV '
or tomlnal Weatneva, Beraai Debility, Narrow .ons. Ie
voluntary tmissrrm and Impeeeooy,' rsaulling from
Ball aim , ax, py now. vaivorwau, a. v. Beat
nder wat, la yield oavwtepo, te any artdrses.s.Ht
rid.' on receipt of two Stamps, Bt lr OIIAB. J.J.
LtwjL 1ST Bowery, Mow orb. Post Mew BeK.lt
ABHB. '" ?. aaaralJadAW
aaara-1 JadAW
laataat Relief! ... taw yaar Oaagrk
2 Par Uf f a v Bsatl
throat coiiktmau
-. I II
' !'., A rlri n t
They relieve a Cough InatafUr 3 r)rWAhO
Tbey olear tbe Throat.
Tbey give strength and volume to the rotoe.
The impart a dellctona aroma W the wreath.
Tbey are delightful to tbe taste.
Tbey arc made of limple herb and earoot
barm any one. . ,
- . i1 Ik fSKTASJ
1 1 advlM every on whs na t Oottn.br baaky Tata
r Bad Breath, or any dlAculiy of tb Threat, te get
package of ay Three- Oenftctlwaei Baey.vriU soUaya
yon Instantly, aad you wtll agree with ma that MhVy
go right to th spot" 1 1 will iod taeW vory asaf I
and pleaant while travellaf or attending pabll atooc
big for stllUng yoar Ooagh or allaying ywar tUravLtf
yoa try on package, I aa safe la eeyta( that pea wMJ
ever afterwards consider thoa Indlspoaaablo.
Tea wBl ibd OawaCie Rrng onf $ejOrQh
Medicine a.
,: : .o I'-oi. aC! e!.,i x:l''3m 1
-fUOl 'n-1 ia sbcile
My signature a en'taal
A paetagewlll be sw by aaaQ, prvpald an feierpt of
thirty Cents.
Addreaa, '. n. t-. a uiru pa
: it. i. o.i:, . . -m .jH-vu: .cstmXmtim
' " ' BTO.'dB 01DAB ItkiatsifW
-L'- am'.iaitV-ii
By the aso of thoa Pills tb period! iuMdu'otJ&t-
or aioA ifaarfasts aay b pas remedy aad trtakea
at tbo aoaaoneoaent of an attacasstaaaadiate relief froa
pain and sickness will Iwoatalnod.
Tbey oaldoa Call la removing the jyotMsa and f
oAs to which resales are so aubjaoM J 'Jt. 'j.
: They act gently apoa tt twaa-avlm fcstlo;
IMtr. ' - r.. i,ajarrUl'
Vor liurary Mm, r-rnfr "Tlllml ' tsiaaBi
and all person, otttdtntatf taMAr, Ittay are vmlaa
as a faantfoe, improving the appetite, giving Savas
eapaw ta tiss dlgostlv organs, aad restoring tbs netfar
slastlcity and strength of tbe whole aystaa.
THI OXPB AUO Pni,S sir Out raautS of Wg fcavoa
tlga tion and earefuny eondaetad eTperimawtaS karvxag
been la as saany years, dnrtng' which taa tbey havo
prmiTTl t rr" I -t "t net tf fila-atal saaTBf
lag froa Beadaebo, whether asiginatlag sn tko wavwows
systaxa or froa a daraagaS staas tt Saaat.
Tbey ore entirely vegatabl Iq. their poeapoaitloa, am
may be taken at all times with perfect aafaty wltAeml
making any ehang of diet, asiel Ma exVsaaaa; tf awp
lsairvBstoii raarfaraa avMp aaifiini erlAaaa.
, bivtabj 6t oocrrrtdnrtTtr' ,v
' ..... . . b. MJ-Mejr
Th gonetn axrveAvwslgnataiooof ateory 0 Opaatlag
on each Box. ,,.. ,., k..fc, a
Bold by Praaarawaad all other PeAlaala Madlotp.
A Box will be seart ay Bail, prepaid, oa swratp wt tt
Prioo, i tap 0rit.
All orders should b sirlrssssd to '
-' -1 HBNKT' 0.ALlUlt,
. Oeoltur'Btraat, New artx.
- 1 Iroa tbe Ixaalnsr, Horfoa, Ta, awf
Oapball PliU aoMopllab the object tx thka tW
war made, vhvt Oar of kwdache ia all IM form.
.'-.'! i'j t'" -i !' '-' fy i w
-r . .. frcas th xsanliissBlh, TtWraa,;
Tbey hare baaw tawted la sore baa a thoeawaa etava
with entire suoooos. . l""'i
iimn. I - .rreao
rroa tM Peraoerat, t. Olead, aflnay"-'t
It yoa ar. or bavs been; troubled what the hadaohs
send fur a boa, (Oopbali PUaaJ lhaa raw jaaw Sam
them in case of an attack. " JL, .
m.i rroa the AMrtlscr, Provtdaaea, K'f.1
Th Oenhalw Pills are' said to bo a recaarkablv effeirae
remedy tor tbo headache, and etx of She vary baa lb
that vary frequent complains which aaa ores- boon 4a
ovwrod.1 If I ,' I! , I a TV U j ,
, , , t . i iiii ui If JA11U
froa th Wtstorn A, A..ytta, OhMSgo, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. SiioaWlinx, sal ha amrtsvaM
OephaHcriUs. ,,,..i,ti sr-Tpoo
tr aUnawheTVk'ahtr
W ar rare that persons oatertnx wttb the aVaaAaaXsJ
WhotaavoavwtUgtasfce taaM4Tlalt BuaJ
i - "I' M SKA
Proa ths toathara Path Ptador, KewtWeaa. 1 nmO
Try thoal paw that are aeticted, and are ar enM trixt '
fmtr eaabaoay eaa bo added as tbo saroa Ay Bismiiiaa
list that baa received beowlM ahaSa othor medal ba aa
prod ooe.
Tbs I suae nee demand for tbe aitloU 'XeohaUs Plla
a rapidly inoraaalng. ''"
Proa the Oaaalto, Davwnpen. tosra.
Mr. flvaUloa wtrotd. net eenaect ha en- Wl ha hs
rkle he did aot knov to seesaws real menu "
S7A langB- totaat at PAl,DIKaa..-PUPABB
, , uaiu a win save tap pae na oosi annaauyy i lA
- , - - ' - ., . n , -1 y d-HSiW
. . SPAX-DLNCb PREPAJmn Gti&ar
ATB THA PlJOBai lhaaa
. booiiomti . DWiTnau .
vrjAasrJTsy '
Asaecldants will happen, Sren at Wet! r, rami fsa
lime, II I very aeslraOle t batr aevne sluap a-..' o -a. .
vwaant wajr rJrP, .faral t f .T' V'l
" i-U. . BPALDrWOPBPr!trrt.fflf; '
BaB all aob OBOrgeoeiew, and aa bo!iold awtlM
laaawituowtH, 11 "always roadj, ard upas ttMoatoh
a.TTBlPTrarJv 'vT-Hfcar-'rf
B. AV-sA Ikrash awwmpaaioe ae haWsSvoiw, r '
. M,V.. Wo. ,Cew Btsaai. Now Tea.
" r ' p. ! ft
OAUtWJJ,., mt4
Aa ewrtala wnprlndpied pnMra) tr lnrf
rihai effoo the oneotpeetlm ponlte. h . .,( a '
BBPAMD LOB,lwoaMeiutlTjall p- no.
aaabas before pwnrhaeing, and see t' rt I i,
TrjraPALDiNu'd PBJirAaaii.:
a en ihsoatsldo wrapper! ail otaon as faiu... id"
- " ' a .
' .' - -a J i vU I H I Atl
wrI ....
"I. SV AT AT '

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