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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 03, 1861, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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VOL; Till . NO; 73. " NEW SEEIES,
in" i"
A v. ,
II ' jk.-o . Av ' f f A. .- A .....,.... A. 4
I- J I - "Vif "A - J 1 - a l l-l U. j. vC 7 -A. ' m . ' mf . .-A. .:f . - A A M
- . ;;.-.. a j ,i ...:. i uj.-i . l -sia . ' " .a a. r r ' tr rr .... ..-r .'vat v
' i
O" Offio 8m. 88, St n4 40, Vordl Higk ft
olly " , " .. " ' . - fS 00 pr year
" By ih Carrier, per WMk, etnta. 1
trt-wM v - v r., .'.a- ii k 06 par yW.
Wwkly; . - I 00 ,, " .
crniK C AdTerUaln br lb 8qre.
Onqnr S weeki..4 00
Om v Swtoka.. 3 00
On iatLviV.l 100
One C".C daii.. 75
tine " Hmoi.th.18 00
Joe " 0 monUia .15 00
' Ii months -10 U0
-.8 month 0 OU
' .) month. . 5 00
1 1 HA
Diapltyed sdrarttitmenti lf mora tluiu th toT
ulm. .i .. ; ;; j j 'j j'.l ;,1 .
AiWettlnemenU leaded nd placed, la 4h calamn !
aMclul Notices, " dotiite (W oriWmry rattl. i
All uotloea reqntrea to be published by Isw. legtlntef.
If ordered on the insMeescliMiTely after tbefiritwfck
per cent, more thin the above raise; hot all aueh wil
ipiwtiY In the Trt-Weokly without charge.
Beninese Oardr, not eioowlirg jlye Une, per Jreaf , lu
ll le, fi SO per line; outside ,.
Notiuesot meetlngs.cliarl table oeletTeaTB re eompantel,
Jlc half prlee. n'.r' t p p ) - i ' i
Ail transient hdrnnttigmmu mutt h 7palS for III
mlmmet $Se rale will not be varied tram.
Weekly, same price aa the Daily, where the advertta
ies the Weekly alone.-' Wher' DallJ and Weekly
arebotbuwd, then ttie abarire-let tba Weekly will be
italf the ratesof Uie Daily r. k ,
No advertisement taken, axcept (ar a dafinlta period. '
. F. A. B.' SIMEIMS, " j
Attorney of 1tw
AND. NOTARY f JIJBW-, , -, , i
, OBoe Amboi fiuildlng, opposite Capitol Square. ' .
-A.. OEH30JFl3Nrin, ;
Attorney & Counsellor at lav,'
. . .. MARION, OHIO.
Machine Mannfactnriug Compasj
CMtlngi, Kill-Oaarlng, Kaehlntry.
a t a o , ' J ' ;
XletllroAcaL WorU.
. or ivr Dtsciimow. . , , , , . ' -
0HA8. AMB0B, Bnpt. P. AMB08. Treaa.
.dooll. IHStf ...
VVJa o a a g.oc.o u.o.ti.o e.o'e.ej jjr ;
1861. 1861.
Summer Arrangements.—Time
Connecting at Crestline with the PIIT8BUBQR, FT.
Ar FUUbMifh, PhUwUtyhia end Mainmort. Alto
for Fort Waynt and Chicago.
Connecting at Cleveland with the LAKH griORB RAIL
For Dunkirk, ItnffaWo, Albany Boa
ton, and New lork. .
- EXCKPt SUNDAY, .... '
from Oolnmboa, in eonneotiom with Trains on the '
. flKBI XaUIN.
NIGHT EXPRESS. Leave Oolumbai at 3.40 A, M
will leave puawger at U etatlons) south of Gallon,
atop at Delasrare. Ashley, Cardiagton and Gilead, and
' at all stations north or Oalion, arriving at Cleveland
al:0OA. M., Dunkirk 3:00 P. M., Buffalo 4 S3 P. U.
Albany 3.20 it. U., New York 8:35 A. M., Baton 8:3U
P. At , Pittsburgh via Crestline 3:80 P. M , Philadel
phia 5:10 A. at. Colcego via Crestline at 7:U0 P. M. ,
. : BECOND TRAIN. " " '
'. NEW YORE EXPRESS Leavei Colnmbni at 11:10
a.m. Will atop at Lewis Centre, (for White Sulphur
Springs), Delaware, Cardlngtoo, Gallon, Oreslliue, tjhel
by, New London. Wellington and Grafton, arrive at
Cleveland at 3:33 p. m.; Dunkirk, 8:30 p. m.f Buf
falo, 10:25 p. m ; Albany, :43 a. m.; New Yoik, 1:45
S. sa.; Boston, 4:40 p. m. This Train oonneetsat Shel
t for Sandusky, and at Guftonfor Toledo, arriving at
Toledo at 0:40 p. m.
1 r t : , third WiiN.?f; .
attt.90 p. m. Will stop at all station South of
Shelby, and at New tapaoo, Wtllingtoa, - Arafton,
, , and Berea; arriving at Vleveiand at 8:30 p. m. Dan
, . kirk, SiUOa. n. Buffalo, 3.90 a m. ; Albany, :S0 p-. m.;
;. NawYork, 7:80 p. a.) Boslon, 11:45 p.ea.i Piitsbargh,
: tia Orestline, at 11:55 p. m.f Philadelphia, 1:00 p. m.,
..Chicago, via Crestline, 0:4 a. m. Shi fmin csnaeeil
at fchelbyfor Sandusky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at8:5p r, (j .! fr u-.u j ( j r-A i
Patent Sleeping Cart art run on all
Night Trains to Chicago, Ke ; i "
-.7 iw...iJork and Boston. : Xlr'
MajoaQ OUtehed Through to Note York and Morton
o) Utmiami; alto, to Philadelphia and j
'' -Now XorkviaOrttttnt. , 'JS
. .. Night Eipreas arrives at Oolorobusat.MaitlS P. M.
... Oinetnnatl fciDMMuHH..tflniHmhniu inan a. af
AeeesnanodaUon Expreaa arrives at Columbus al 7.-30
f. h .c . - ,v t.i ;
y. Tar aixew ai by any Uer Boa i.
Ak ftr Ticlutt via Cretlline or OneLtid. J '
, " B. S. tLINT,-.",i'' v0
i . . i lapwitottaoaBi, Ototwland, OUo.
'. . . . . . ffiiipjiTaVii Ohio
OoJnmSitu, Jon 7, 1801, , , ,
" Juki Received!
1VV maiAS tutl bagi prime km oonee. j
ISO pocket old Dutch Government Java Coffee '
7ft b(r Ceylon Ceffeei ' . t f:t 1
SOObbi. standard Whlta Sugar, consisting of Pow
' V: ' dred.Ohroshed, Granulated A and B OoffeK , i'
SO quintals George Bank Codfish. . . :
' -Obblt Mesa and No. 1 Mackerel. -'r H'O. I
ft tea. Pick Salmon. . . i . T' 1 f I
" 100 bx. Layer Raielna. - . ,
At 4':-Ostf.-ko i '! f-tj
lOOqr.boa do dan t Jl I
100 at Cigar, different brand and grades. I
aawWP U. ,.. WM. McDOrfALD.--
n ,JUi: Blrvcioivatitiireft' j '?
JJ0MH HI0H TBS,tnjratTS 0BI0
I. HECK MKS.MBrc letrl itr.t, vv'.l '
j , T,tl ; ya.W)nUBlihatraetr.!
n i-A NEW HOOt BllIBT.-.tK'ojs,,! tu ,
.'. Ban loal raoslvad a ow. soak af-HOOP SKIRTS
InlaMd ujasaaanet mruperlpr tgaay yet Introdaaed
.,.''. jlJM.l iwJti.Tf )
laid. 11 1'' "P -'' ? f ' '
. It . ' '
X7'"P'ITT'Oir'i'H in vr-v i
-tt w J. vvOiiO X XLiJCV O CI ;
The latsitTha Iarst-.Tho Best.
; The Cheapest Beeanse the Best,
awamaaama. . - 2 '
Tli , mroitt HUW Standard ' In
1 thorny of the Eng-Un Laaraaa;e.a
BlBwn4rXmmiBitit4orf Ohi),
V''"5 :?" '"'. '' '.Xdfarary Vf tttvyiehtrst
"Hoie are upward of a Hundred Thooaaod Werds,
Who mnltHarlo rnaankM aA Aarrntton. teMthar
with the! eorreot pllinf,aad nmunUUoa ar olearly
t baton tha ay.
.". . . .... r . .... , .
OinolnnaU Qmmtretat.
Rtad thtDtcUkmi of tht Xmbtrt f tht Ohio BtaU
- Ttaehr' AtooUMo.
. Tha andentgned, members ofihe Ohio StaU Taaohar'
Association, adoot and aha tan in teachinsr. writinR
and speak inv, the tonography aad pronanelatloa f
Worcester's Roval Quarto Dictionary, and w most cor
dially reoonmead It a In meet reUable itaadardaa
therity of tha EnglUh langaago, aalt i now written and
Loam Axdbiws, President Kenyan Coll.
M. D. Ltoorrr, Superintendent tsneavtll Sohooli.
Tho. W. U.aviY, Vap't Uaasllon Union Schools.
at. V. Oowuev. Snp't PaUla Sohoola, Baadaaky.
Johr Lynch, Bnp't Puhllo Schools, Olrolovllla.
' 8. N. Sajmrna, Prlselpal Cleveland feaaala Semina
ry. w. HrrcnLt, Snp't Pnblle School, Mt. Ualou.
'Joan 0du, Principal BUM Normal School, kttmi
aota. Cvaos Naei, Principal fonrth latarmedlaU SohooJ,
Cincinnati. -., v -. ... . , (..,:- .,
H. 8. Uartw, Snp't Canton Union School.
Eowm kcsaL, Principal KcNealy Normal School.
Eu T. Iiru, Prof, ktathematici, Ohio University.
,' Wat, W. Eowajtaa, Bnp't Troy Union School.
. A. 0. Horauiu, Principal Wait High Bohool, Olsva-
8. A. Norton, iiaoolat Principal High School, Clevw
, TBionota 8Txaun, Principal High School, Oleva
land. ! '. i
. R. t. Hoatirrow, Principal Cleveland InaUrata.
J. A. GAJtrutu, President ( Sleotlo InaUtata, HI
rtni.i i 't 1 1'- - i ; et
W. L. HAUi,Prof. of Chemistry, Oaia Wssleyafl
University. :.... . ..!
H. 11. Baamr, lavOcamlsakmarcf Oommcn School,
Jaara Uonaoa, Prof. Rhetoric, Oberlln 0llg : i
' Tao. Hax. Prealriant Antsoeh Oollaaw. . . , 1
0. W. H. OATHoaST, Prof. . kuthematlca, Blgh
School, Dayton. - . - ' .
B. 0. CoiiAOr Prof. Laagaaga, High School.
if ay ton. . .t ., ,,v
B. M. Baama, Snp't Uatoa School, Ashland
Mart than aim Bunirtt oOur Frttidtntt of OoTU
gti, Proftttort; Authori and DUUngUhd Xduoa-
tori, nam tnaorta tAt aovtt unttrntni. .
M akiitta Oouawa -"It a trolv a auurnlflotnt work.
an honor to tha author, tha publishers, and tha whole
country.- f resident Anrtwa.
Ohio Wtn.nAa UarvaMiTT .-" It exceeds my ixpecta
tlons. It will be my anide In orthography and pronun
ciation, and will ..often be aoualted by m for It neat
and accurate definition. "-PfeatAent Thompson
W. R. loiRTio Coiis. "Heretofore we haveoaad
Webster' orthoiraDhv. At a taoent meeting of our
Faculty.lt was decided to change It to conform to that
of. Woroaater'e- Royal Quart Dictionary,!' President
Garfield. . y '. .. i
rarea Ramva Oouaaa-4!- n lt worthy of
cordial approbation." PresWeol uitchooaK. ;
r Oaaatm Cotisoa. "It mora than meat axpeota-
uona. 'l recommend It aa the standard authority in
orthoepy to my children aad my papll." President
.llorgan. .Iv ' - . .
Aimocw OotuaMar-I adopt and aha to aa fa teach
ing, writing and speaking, the orthography and pronon-
ewuoa or Worcester . noyai uttarto liteuonary.-
rrasueni mil, , , . k ". i !
' "In all n writlnr. aneaklna. and teaohlnr. I have en.
dearored 'to conform to tha rule for orthography and
pronunciation as contained la Wonntera Dictionary.
Horace Mann, late Presldeat. -
. KamroH OoLtaaa. GaJimia. ! moat cordially reootn-
mtmdr tt a the most reliable standard authority of the
English language a II la. sow written and spoksn."
r resident Andrew. .. . ; f '
from Set.' Anton Smyih, Otmmlutontr of Common
"The Dictionary I as tapavWasMe aaennmeat to the
learning and Industry of its author, aad aa honor to the
world of letter. . The mechanical execution is rar supe
rior to that of any other Laaieoa with which I ant ac
quainted." .-..!.,.. k,
from. Hon. S. B. Barney. Zkt-Committiontr of
tiohooU in Ohio.- ,
"The moat reliable standard authority of the lan
wauTTaa .
TJeiadins Xenpapnra of Ohio Snry,
. Im. tfi mJnmA IJmmJA at Vitrei
The orthecranhy of the Wereaster IHeMonary i oSat
ased bv moat. If aot all. anther of distinction In this
country and England, and eon forms to tha ganeaal usage
of ordinary writers and speeier. r
Whatever Dretudlce aaay have xitd prevteaaly.
oareful study of this volam will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of It great mania, ana a awsire
to add It to to well miocim Horary, as is targs ar mnaii,
It tea library la itself, and will remata aa I at perish'
Me record oi tn learning or tu compiler. .:.
Iromthi Cincinnati 0mmtrMal qf Aprs 80. ; .
Ber ar no ward of a hundred thousand words rood
bad and indifferent whose multifarious meaning and
derivation, tonthar with their correct snalllnc and I
nunclatlon, are set clearly before the eye. The work I
unquestionably the kreateat Iheaauruaof English Word
ever published. ..
trom tht OUvtland PlaindtaUr1 of Sept. 80, 1860,
Evident! Wnammrs's Rovu Odabto Dionoaitt 1
not only t ht tatt, ttU tht bust ecort of tht kmdttfU.
MMd.andcaa bjr no possibility suSer by comparison er
eoaircveray," : , s.:. v f . .. s.. - j
I : Jrwit thtlbltdoSladtaf JCfySV. ' t 1
A to raoaDBOiATica. Wsacvartt. is raa STamAaa
followed by our beat author; la definition be leave
nothiag to be dehwd, and la OaTowrT it le sufficient
to say that woacawraa stiH aaieiy anuowea. ... , '
' INOHARI BRAGG, : ' J . !
Pnbllahers, Bookaellera Btattaneft
mai'7"T "' ;
3iroT7crtarls., 3NT- eT
DlTldetwi Javnary l186l45PorCnt.
... Statemont Janaairr l, 1861s
Balance, "per ttemnt Ja. 1st, 1860.....3,40i 30
Bcoeiscd lor fremmm. anr- .,
tag the j ear 18r0 B7S,03J 3S '' ,v
Received, for Intereat : during : . .. . i
the year I860 .......-r- 814,014 19
Torai vaeaipra ion isw.vt
Paid Olalma by DeaU67,05 V
$077167 74
D.1J DaIIaU. .n.an.
7M aWAaviva) iain , aa
dered..'. .T.dl.lliS
Paid Salaries, -Pest- j ; '..j, .;
-age, Taa, . JUr,
. change, ale.. 31,62 54
Paid Caaailmlon to ' '" :iT 'v ' '
Agent 11,323 30 ...
Paid Physicians' tees. 5,W1 ?S '
Paid Annuities.. .. 1I7 00 ' ' V
Paid Dividend dur-
.. Jng abo gear vn16S,S00 7$ 565,001 63
Bet Balance January 1st, 1801. v. eMl58 M
. ..wuas-;l t,. AjnHj,l a j j r-., ..
Cash on hand..."', ,5.'..... a,S2B4 IV ' i
Bond aad Mortgagesea Real. ji.-'t
atate, worth double the v
amount loaned.. U37J41681 '' '
Premium Hot, on Policies . , .
In force, only drawing per ' " " -.
'' sent. latvst......M., VOT.W4 17 :;.! '
Real Etaa.,,:fl, St893 87 ti
Loansoooorlp... ........... ,031 44 , ' ' .
rremloms, Notes and Caah, tn !: ; ' .
-eeanaer tranamamtaa. b343 73 '. r v , .
SJ.818,536; SO
75T5 Pollclei la foroa, totarlnf. S,4t,S3S
: 135 hew PoHcUe hava baaa laaael f :mf the year.
' Arter a careful eekalattoa ef the preseerf ralae eg the
oat landing Palleleaot the Oeatjiaay. aad having the
ntotttary amount la reserr therefor, the Director
have declared a Diviana of 43 per cent, aa the Premt
aa paid si the table rata, ta all peltete far Urn la force,
kerned prior to January I, ltiCO, payable according to the
,in,l rule f tli Qompaayi - .
Rate for al l kind of Life Oeatutanelct, Prcapeo.
usee, Bmtcmenta, and Applications, will be furnished
winiose; caeaea, at the Omea o Ageacte et Iks Cam-
f''-a''- BOOT. ii. TATTBRSOrT, President. .
lj " h. O. BROVlit, Vice Presidaal.
" B1NJ, O.HILLKrt, Seoreeary. - m , , '
. N. Jehneea Block, ..
' Blareh 58,1881. . - Columbaa,0.
A DRESS BILES, ef evsry evade .
Tkessewt eeleet
aassrtsaent sn the ally, and at meet seasonable if. .
.-M..,i'. . i - - BAIN ss SON,
spffl .. nawsjtaattieU'
sr.--..,. . ; . .' - - vi . ,
A compound remedy, designed to be the most
effectual Mtratm that can be made. ' It L
at oonoentrated extract of fara barsaparuia,
to combined with other , tubntancee of atlll
B-eater alterative oower as to afford an elec
tive antidote for tha diseases Sarsaparilla ia
reputed to cure. It ia believed that such a
remedy ia .wanted by thota who suffer from
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure mart prove of immense
service to this large class ot our auucieu iciiow
citixetn. How completely this compound v21
do It hat been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints i O ,vr. if -' . ' '
Fuiplbs, Blotckbs, Ttmons, Bait Hiuum,
Scaid Hbad. brrarLis aii bTPHiLmo A.r-
raloia ou Tic DocLouREtrr, JJjiuilitt, Uia-
nrsiA and IirmorsTtorr. EntstPELAS, Boss
on St. AjfTHONVs Fimi. and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising irnm Iuttjiuty or
tub Blood. i .
lliia comoound will tre-ftund a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
xpel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season or uia Year. r. xiyuie time
ly expulsion of them man rankling disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes con, by
the aid of tins remedy, snare themselves irom
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to-do
this through the natural channels ot me oouy
bv "an alterative medicine. Ulennso out tne
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
ourBUiig uiruugu utu iuu ui iiuifiv9, uuuhd,
or sorest cleanse it when vow find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings win tea
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and ail is well i but witn uus
nabulum of life disordered, there con be no
lasting health, i Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. . .. : '
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been etrrciriouslr deceived by
preparation of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all tha virtue that it claims a
for it. but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extract of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else. '
Dunne late year tn pubuo nave oeen mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of barsaDaruia lor on aouar. most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa-
Tilla. but often no curative properties wnatev.
er. Hence, bitter and painful ausappointment
has followed the nse of the various extraots of
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a. remedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And we think wo have ground for
believingt has virtues which ar irresistible
by the ordinary run of too diseases it is intend'
ed to cure. ' In order to securo their complete
eradication from the system, "the remedy should
bo judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle.
DR. J. C. AYE It & CO.
Price, f 1 per Bottle Six Bottle for $9.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown for the cure of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it ik entirely unnecessary for us to recount tho
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has bean cm-
nloved. As it lins lunrr boon in constant use
throughout this section, tre need not do more than
assure the people its quality is kept up to the best
it ever has been, and that It may be relied on to
do fur their relief all it has ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
son tuji cmks or .
Costiveness, JaitncHcc, Ditpepna, Indinestioii,
D'jtenttry, Foul Slomach, Erysipelas, Headache,
Ptlti, Rheumatism, Eruptions and b'.t)t Diseases,
Liver Complaint,' Dropsy, ' Tetter, Tumors and
Salt Rhewn, ITbmiy, Cotif, Neuralgia, as a
Dinner Pill, and fir Pttrifyiny tin Blood.
Ther are'sttcar-coated. so thnt the most sensi
tive can take them pleasantly, and they are the
best aperient in the world for all the purposca of a
family physic.
Pric 25 cents per Box; Fivo boxes for $1.00.
, Oreatnumbersof Clergymen, Tlivsicians, States
men, and eminent personages, have lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of those
remedies, but. our spneo here will not permit the
Insertion of them. The A rents below named fur
nish gratis our AMEtttcAir Almanac in which they
. :.l -1 . - r. . , i A -t .1- - V
rvgiTwn miu aisu iuii uvaunpuuii ui .uv uv"i-
eomplalnts, and the treatment that should be fol
krwdfor their sure, ij iv- ..v.. i '
Do not be put oa bv unsnneinled dealers with
ther preparations they make more, profit, on.
Demand Ateb's, and take no others. The sick
want the best aid there is tor them, and they should
haveit. ' ' - 1 I
Z. AUourwmediss-arfbraleby' f-r "
And by Druggist and. Dealers everywhere. . t j . .
aev:iMw. . . i .:
Liverpool.' Montreal, Quebec,
; '-' and: ' l
th atohtreat Ocean Steamship Company' flratlam
rall-powered Clyde-built Btcamera aal) everr Data
ardar from PORTLAND, carrying th Canadian and
united n tales mail ana passenger, -
Sbrtet Cheapest andtlalcsxcatCoii
. t. . j .veyauce aroasa
Rataaot j?n n to gtayopaw .',
' ' ' 930, SjeO, 9QO. ;... i: : l
Wilt tall from tITERPOOL every Wedaesdart
and from QUBR80 every Batardajr. calling at
LONDONDE RRT , to receive on board and land Mails and
Passer (re rs, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
. JjjfTbes Steamers are built ef Iron, In watertight
compartment, carry each an experienced Burgeon, aad
every attention ur paid to th comfort and accommoda
tion of Dastenier. As they proceed direct to LONDON-
DERT, the gieet risk and delay of calling at St. Joan's
ta avoided.- . ..
Glasgow passengers are furnished with ran paasaje
UCKuj io anu irom ajonaonuerry.
Ocrtiacate is sued for carrying to and bringing out paa-.l
nt.ra from all u principal town or ureal Britain aad
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this line of s teaman, and
Jeavlag uvai-peoi every wte. ,. k j s,
Sight Drafts far t and apwardt paf
, .Mt) la England, Ireland, Beat-, ...
, . . Wail..' ' ?,i
1 pssmge, arpiy as in umoe. s nsawaua
T, NJT Iforks and 19WAJEK SIX.,
eraaol -w . .We
i : -r -a. gABXti Js BZAaUiX, Beneral igesu,
Or y-.;Sej. R, ARMSTRONG, !
elO-lirdAw Post Office, Columbus. Ohio.
r. r..iu Co-Paztnership. .km
Iff AVE tntn DAv'ADmtiTTEbTinir
on 3 AMES ADO a BAIN a partner In mt buri-
oene, whloh Will hat after be conducted smder the firm
or nam Boa. P. BAIN, 89 Koalh High 8t.
Oolembu, fsk 15. 1S61. . - J v fibl
fMSt er rnaiea-s aisbbushmeat, N. T) Pjoprietdra
tbe Mew York PaahMnabi Bhawliu.. Hal. Cou..
, uariissas yrasnigaaioon, sum state
' w row vim, Wbars saustacuoa will
a given m ail in vmrioa branehe. Ladles sa
Children's Hair reing ds u toe beet 11 k. I
Summer Arrangement
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
Through to LmLadadoU withoat.Pbange of CarB
i and bat On Chang of Cars between .. ,
'-; ' ' Columbdi and 81. Lduls.?-' .
' "tj1-.n .. t u i 1 jtiS ' -l ','! I
Four Trams paily'fcqmolmbus.
i. i. ' 'r. t'.r' V k , . r
.. '. r,i.FlRST..Tl4lN.v
AOOOMMOSATIOsT at S a... itODcin at allsta-
Uena between Columbus and Oincinnail and Dayton, ar-
rivtog at C'lonatl at 10 03 a. m., and at Dayton at
8 10a.m., eonneotltg at Dayton for Indianapolis atd
use wees. . - , - n v
V -v. i "' SECOND TRAIlf.":':,' -
lendoa, Obarleston, Oedarville, xenia, r)pnng valley,
Corwln, Iraepcrt, Irt Aaetcoi. Morrow St., Lebanon,
foeter', Lovlad aad Mllferd, arriving at Cincinnati
at 4.30 p. m., Dayton at 8 45 p. m.,oounectUia with the
Ohio and M.silntppl (Ullroalfof Louisville, Ky.i Vlu
c ones. Cairo, St. Lcuia. NewOrtrsns, eto.t at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette Terre llauta. Cbleago.and
aU Western polnu. j 4 . i t. ,J fc ....... J ;
' ' THIRD TRAIN; lo -j.jji.:;.
MAIL at 1.10 p.m. itoDulna at air action between
Oolombu and Zoia,aad at Spring Vallen Corwln,
Korrsw and itoteiaad, arriving at Cinclooatl at 9 a. m
BfQHT BXPHE83. vis Davton. at 13 00 mldnlirht.
lopping at London, Xsnla, Dayton, Miodletown and
listallto. arriving at Cincinnati at i.M a.' m.; at Day
ton at 9.65a. m. oonaectlng at Cineionati with the
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad lor Louisville. EraniYllle,
Vlocennes, Cairo, St. Louis. Memphis, New Urleana,
and all point Boaih and Sonth-wat also, at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terra Haute, Chicago, etc.
TTWFor further Information and Thnwh. Ticket.
apply to M.L. D0HEBTX, Ticket AgeaJ, Union Depot,
Columbus. .rf
, P. W. BTRAdBk, ' "v" !
Oeneral Ticket Agent, Olnelnnatl.
' . " Ageni, Cohsrnbu.
03 X B. W. WOODWARD, : !
i ic
a it', traperintendent, Clnoinnau.
Oalnmbus, July 14, 1801.
AND Steubenville' Short Line
s ' ro&MiNa mi' 11 l ;
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Koute to all Eastern Cities! ;
Trains Leave Columbus as ioliows :
Leaves Oolumbae 3 30 A. M. from Union Depit
Belial re or Bteubeovl'le I arrive at Bellaire, 10.20 A.
M. ; Bteubenvllle. 18.80 P. M. : Plitsburuh. 3 40 P. M.
BsrrUburg, 1.1 A. M.: via AUmtown, arrive! New
Terk 8.00 A. M. via Pkiladtlphia. arrive at Phila
delphia, 3.10 A. at. Mew lork, 10.30 A. M. Oeaaecta
also at llarrisburg lor Baltimore, arriving at 7.45 A. M
81eeplnff Cars, attached' to this Train
f rein Oolumbua, rua directly through to Bellaire or
rtttsburgn witnout change; and raawnger via Alien,
town arrive In New York at 8 A. M., "
' LINEs.
This Train also connect at Bellaire with tbe
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Leaves Columbus 11 S3 A M , from Union Depot, via
Bteubenvllle; arrive at Newirk, 18 50 P. M.; Coshoc
ton, 9.15 P. M.; Bteobentlll, P. M.; Pltuburg, 9.40
P, at. TTTThis I tneenly rout by which Pusena-er
can leaveClnclnnatl at 7 A. at., go through to Pi lie
Durga in aayiignt, witnout change or ear or aeiay.
' I
... ';; iait line.,;. ., ; ;.- j ;'
Leaves Columbus 3.15 P. H., from Union Depot, via
Bellaire; arrive at Newark, 3.83 P. M S Zancsville,
83 P. M l Bellaire 7. 53 P. M.i Pittsburgh, 11.85 P.
.1 Harrlebura-. 8.00 A. M.: Ha AUtntown. arrive
at New Tork,4 P. at.: via Philadelphia, arrives
Philadelphia. 1.10 P. M.: New York. 6 P. M. This
Train also connects st llarrisburg for Baltimore, ar
riving at jr. m. ; ...
This t ram run tnrongn to Bellaire or Pltutmrg with
out change of Can; and. from Plttabarg then 1 n
change of Car to Phl'adelphia, or via A Ilea town to
wew lork tnusoasnng . j"
Th only Route from .Columbus to Baltimore,
. Philadelphia, ot New X or k, with only u.
. - one change of , Car., ,.',,, ;,,!.(
By this Tralur Ptamnters ' arrive In Mew- York five
honr In advance of the Northern lines. - " -. 1
This Train also connects at Bellaire with the Baltimore
and Ohio R. R. ,
- - , . -' 'l -as- i
STTblt Rout is 30 mire shorter to Pittsburg,
ana mor man iuu mile shorter to i
; New York, than-Northern LioeB. i t
2tLggg Checked Through to all im-
pottut rolnti East. .
r". i.u. 1 -'..-.
? t ASK fOB TICKETS VIA ' : ' ' , '
Ticket Oocd ever either Honte,
.... - 7. JNO. W.BROWN,"!
, ' Gen. Ticket Agent Oen tral Ohio R. R.
-a: If. - i ... ,4 f. A. HUTCHINSON.
flea. Tloket Agent Steubeuvllle Short Lin.
JelO :
1 1 TT r
"William k,. ca-ui'
'Aiid Seed Store,,
i,.j vt rMALER IN. mi) ,'tt;t .
Ohbs. f IiUs Wod Willaw Wer(
ptbar aad Rabber Belting, lae Leather, Boa aad
tit Luj
v.wwt va ri . . . . i ... i , ,
' Novelties la Noel TBaand Bearr; - " i
Ii.vu.j.., Byres and Garrot Cellar. ,
'.,' .! ' Bmbeotdercd Pocket Handkeeehkf
rmiais prio nil. JtB( pvjMl
v, uome uiu anirta. venoua stjics.,. . n
Duya ouran uni Diiiria, uv .
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aMITing van vmn .mm, wv ut .
i , Hemmed rocket HatuBcfehwrs. Various styles,
, : Half Hoa asd Under Garment;. , . , , -
llpHB v:.sa ia, d,;...
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,-. vf r.l til ovir-vfTi.Wvi' KATAflB
" rwH v.t;:U'e') !!( '
''''.- TIE MS.
Dally, per year. - ,.
To-Weekly, per far...............
, Weekly, per yaai .....
..ft 00
.. 3 00
Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.
tTh abolition pre of tb North i engaged
in the treasonable business of giving aid and
comfort to tb enemy in two waj . First, by
endeavoring to pervert this war lor the Consti
tution aad tb Union into a crusade against
slavery, and thereby utterly destroying tha re
maining Union sentiment io th Southern Btates.
Second, by wickedly and maliciously represent,
ing the Democrats or tb North a secret sym
pathizers with rebellion, ready to revolt against
the Government upon the first favorable oppor
tunity, and thereby encouraging, the Southern
peopl to persevere in rebellion with tb hope
of ultimately obtaining assistance from the
Northern Democracy.,, . .
No areument ia neceaaar tn rlt.mnn.ti.. in
that th dissemination of such trM&nrmhl.
views throughout the South would be followed
by disastrous-consequences to the oaose of the
union, ana , -perhaps poetpooe indefinitely the
prospect t reoonatrnetioa. Su anxioua waa
(Jungree that the object of tb Governmrnt
should be set belore ibe Southern people in tb
pruuer ugm, mat it aoopted witb aiogular una-.
Dimity, the resolution of Mr. Crittnrln. rlit.
clariug that tb war was ptosecuted lor tb sole
purpose of maintaining the Constitution and
the Union jet lo tb lace of this official decla
ration such abolition organs as that of the Sec
retary of War, published at this place, by an
officer of tb Govermieut, insiat that the war
shall b prosecuted for abolition and revenge,
and that tbe rtconstruciioo ot the Union is uo
longer th Nation' watchword ....
Io reply to tbe oft repeated charge that th
Northern Democracy etmnathim witn thaaffWtii
of rebels to destroy tbe Union, we ask the que'.
UTI.- I , . rv . . -
j..u , uy Buuuia a democrat Da a traitor 7
Tbe Democratic party bas everything to lose
and nothing to gain by tbe dissolution of the
UMiop. Aa mil tte tact that tb strength of the
Democratio patty is la the Southern btates, and
so mneh stronger tb reason why Democrat
honld desire and labor and fight for the main-
ivunuco or me union. Those who seek to
affix the stigma of treason to th Demooratie
party because It bss stood up lor Southern
rights ia tbe Union, reason most illogically,
when they conclude that this nartv mum neces
sarily sympathize witb the Southern States la
toeir efforts to eel out of the Uninn. Nut nnlv
duty to tbe government, but tbe highest inter-
ret oi me Liemocratta party, impels it to wish
lor and tO Work for tha nrMnrvatinn of tha
Tons takios a cnrelv selfish view of the case.
it is evident that the Democraoy a a party have
an. interest in tb preservation of the Union
bejond that of any other party organization.
pus toe grei mas 01 Northern Democrats
bo were ready to make every sacrifice for the
Union when tbe Abolitionists talked oi "lcttiug
it slide," and when tbe Republicans exclaimed
"not aa inch' of concession for tbe Union,
were governed by higher, nobler, more patrl
otic impulses, when they filled up tbe rank of
tbe army aod rushed to the defense of the Gov
ernment. Tbey are now a ever loyal to tb
uonsiiiuuon and constitutional government,
and as determinedly hostile to abolitionism ia
all Its phases as tbey were dating tbe last cam
paign, when they predicted the bilter fruits of
sectional domination. . , :
Tbe Democratic party is loyal to the Consti-
tutioo and tbe Union and tbe only traitors at
th North are those who seek' to destroy the
Constitution aod to give such aid and comfort
to tbe enemy as to render th reconntraetion of
tne union Impossible. MiitsatiAee iVews. ,
Letter from J. R. Giddings.
JEFFERSON, OHIO, Aug. 17, 1861.
- Dear Sir 1 was Blessed to hear from von..
It is scarcely probable that abali again meet
in otate isonvenuon where our most interesting
acquaintance has taken place. Yet I feel as in
tensely as ever on subjects pertaining to tbe wel
fare ot our uovemment, and luliy sympathize
witn yoo in yonr apprenecaions as to the eBeei
of forming a new political party at this time.
It Is little more than four years since the or-
ganlntioa of our Republican alliance, and lets
than ten months since tbe election ot onr Fresi-
dent upon the very doctrines on which the Un
ion was founded. He and his Cabinet with
great unanimity have honestly and ably en
deavored to carry but those doctrine. The
people of the free States with a unanimity of
sentiment, a spontaneity of patriotism unknown
in the history ot the world have rushed to. bis
support; while rebellion has reared its horrid
rront,.and unexampled effort are made bv the
slave States to overturn tbe Government. At
a moment, apparently more important than any
other in our history, we are called oa to tern
asiae nom tne support or th war now raging,
to form a new political party, to abandon tbe
Administration whom we ; have elected, tbe
priuclples on which the Union was founded, and
unite in a . new political organization without
avowing any cause for so extraordinary a move
ment, or asserting any principle or fundament
al truta as the basis or this new party." 1
This movement Is said to bare originated with
member of Congress who united in a recom
mendation to' onr State Com mi tte to call no
Republican ' Convention "These ' member ol
Congress did not form the Republican orirani-
ration, nor were they elected for the purpose of
aisoanaing it. 1 ney were sent to Washington
under the most solemn nledee to us their con
stitutional power to' maintain the "right of
man to live' and to uphold all collateral and
Incidental principles which Ajw from this semi
nal truth. 1 The denial of this doctrine and In
cidental lesoes1 flowing therefrom, have consti
tuted th only real question before the Ameri
can people for the last quarter of a century.
1 rue, enoria nave Deen constantly made to
keep this issue oat of tight, to tarn public at
-.. I. A . . t. .. i . . ... .
cu.iuu .rum iv, m, ucuoire suw piHfpicx wnjlt IB
truth and ia fact the subject of laser, or free
dom has been th life-giving element in all. our
political controversies. Davis, Wise, Smith,
Toombs "and Stevens, were no less anxious to
overthrow th Constitution while serving in the
nous 01 Representatives, man they ar now on
tbe battle field. Bat the people were told that
we should say nothing of freedom or si a very
that these men were true friends of the Union.
Silence in regard to faedamentat traths was
then tha order or tb Whip; and Democratio
panic as it Is to be In this third party about to
oeiormeo. - " 1 ,:
I assert at a truth not to be denied or doubt
ed, that bad Congress for th last twenty, fif
teen, ten. fit or even three vearl boldlv and
properly done its duty, there xetutd haw been we
reMiioa. , v ' ....
But to propitiate th enemies of onr Govern
ment, Congress annexed Texas, ptld ber debt,
the peopl erectd teceeeieo' Presidents, Judges
and Marshals, aod placed tbm in tlldeoart-
meets 01 toe uoverpmeot witnout knowinir their
.. r. .... . . . .
doctrines pitcisely, aa it is now proposed to da
la tbit new or tnira party. :r we were then asked
to do so, to save tb Union and uphold the Gov
ernment tfwoltely as we now are. 1 And tha his
tory of 1840 and 1843 appears to bar been fof-
-4 1 now more lhao, twenty years since,
taw, or thought I saw t most , clearly that our
Government would be. overthrown anieet 'the
people could be aroused to th support, of tb
primal objeata tod ulterior designs. 04 whloh
was founded; and the highest enjoyment of my
me occurrea wuen tne ttepuhiican .uonventtoo
al Philadelphia enunciated tb right of all men
to. lit end .liberty at the basis 01 its, organisa
tion., .Th issue waa formed . by. (ha .Supreme
Court, who, anting on behalf of4tb Democratio
party, denied th self-evident truths on which
our father challenged the sympathies of civil
ised meu. Tbe Chicago Convention re assert
ed these doctrine and on (hem - the President,
tbe Vtce President, and all Republican, mem
bers or Congress wer ejected., " ... ", t,
.1 This) rebellion in behalf of slavery brought
out a new phase In human depravity, and im
parted to U a barbarous, a piratical character.
European covernmenw, seeing this, gladly
tought other spurijes lor their supply of cotton-
showing olearly that a government based upon'
human servitude coold not exist amid th Christ
ian civilisation or tne present sge. - - - ;
' Oa oonsideratioa only marred th elorv of
our posiUoo. - Th attempt jpf public men to
evade tne fact thtt the government end tltvery
had closed in tbe death atrneele: thatni.lv nna
oouid survive th conflict. ' The statesmen of
othe nations saw this clearly and wondered at
the efforts of Congress to ignore tb important
Oar military officers were also active In can.
tuiing and sendine bsck fuaitlv alavaa to aid
and assist tb rebel army. It ia historio fact
mat mis outrage upon law, tbit treason to our
government, was practiced by our officers in
Western Virginia, until the soldiers from tbit
and Geauga eounty mutinously resisted it per
petration. Then, aid not till tbeo, Congress
resolved that "capturing and sending back lugl
tive slaves constituted no' part of tbe duty of
miuutrv o uicrrs or soldiers;" but tbey entirely
tailed 10 provide for. tbe nunishment of that
species of treasun by death of . the traitors.
un tne contrary they maintained their own en
actments which made It the doty of civil of
ficers ia Washington City-knd In the fre
States to eend back such fugitive, thus lending
their Legislative iLfliience in favor of slavery,
and against the government" which they wer
sworn to support. Tbeo tbey turned around
and asked our sons and neighbors to go to Man
assas and sacrifice their live la front of the
batteries ereotcd by lugitives sent thr Vndr
Congressional authority. , ,.r . , , ...,-. 1
1 aa Niaves ot both Union men and secession
Bts of Virginia were seised upon and constrained
to furnish provision, nurse tb tick, and act as
body servant for tbe secession army. , Otber
were armed, drilled aod ioeirocted in tbe art of
war, for tbe destruction, of ear rovercment -
While Washington city was threatened bv tbit
rebel trmy, and tb President waa calling for
troops to defend it, and the Congresa then in
session, that body continued to maintain its own
euactmcnts by which tbe rebel force was dally
strengthened, for their destruction. '
At length, constrained by the popular vote,
they provided by law, that all slaves who should
laDor lor tbe secession army should thereafter bet
free) tons offering tbe bounty of freedom to all
wno SDonio 0 mtribnt tbtlr labor to thedeewue
tioa ot our Government. Say cot that J judge
them with severity. I am stating faots, just as
history will bear them to posterity. Nor can
I fail to remember that a quarter of a eeotury
since, Mr. Adams was laboring to show Con
gress and tha country, that slavery and freedom
couia not ootn De supported by our f ederal
Government. By an able and official renort
from bis pen as chairman of t select committee,
he demonstrated that tb Union r slavery must
be. discarded by tbe people. I aigned that
report, and Irom that dav until I left Concrea.
in icsti, 1 aevotea my energies to consummate
the work which be commenced. 1 .
Oeneral Bailer, a life lone: Democrat, ex
posed the ab-urdity of sendi.E back fugitive
slaves, and the Secretary of War peremotorilv
oroerea tnose coennea at Alexandria to be set
at liberty and employ ed, at wages, by our troops.
Tb liberated alavea, while attending lb troop
through the oity of Washington, wer seized
nnder Cc.jressional authority lor re-enslavement.
Thus wer tb efforts of the Execatit
paralysed, and when tb friends of the Admin
istration in Congress offered a resolution, ap
proving the action of the President, it was given
the go-by, and that body adjourned without
striking a legislative blow al the cause ef sev
cesei"q, or takipg on step towaads wiping oat
that disgrace of our nation which has drenched
onr land io fraternal blood And u they retired
from CoHgreei, (Aey united in rtctmmtndUg tht
uMoanumtr.t 0 ia Mend in tltcttd thtm to
(ifficet the surrender of tht principle! on tokich
(key toere tleetrd. and that tee trsife in 'caaobwie
raie party with tlaet catchers and thoet mho have
ever ttt onr doctrines et defiance. .1 o
; Tbey assign no reason lor tbit extraordinary
movement, except the assuranoe that it la nec
essary to get up a mto political party, to in
crease the number of parties, in order to dispel
party leelings from tbe public mind; (a se
quence not very aleer t my understanding
borne editors and politician declare it not de
sirable to nnit in support of the wtr. Bat
history fails to inform as of so perfect a union
of any people in favor of war as that which ex
isted under tbe Republican organisation up to
tbe moment of putting forth this advice. That
unanimity waa baaed on self-evident truths, on
immutable prinoicle, and nothing could so ef
fectually destroy it as the getting np a new
party without asserting any principle." But it is
aid that we ar at war. . , That is an argument
why we should stand on truth and justice; a
basis equally safe ia peace aod war, in pros
perity and in adversity, tn life and In death.
Tbe effect of this movement eannot be mis
taken. It is an attempt Wohang front in fact)
of tbe enemy, an acknowledgment that w
have been wrong, it is a total surrender of
our prestige of political succeig. "It Is worse
than a crime; it Is apolitical blonder!" To ac
knowledge that tbe war on oar part i Aot a war
tor justice, for liberty, for hamea rigkte, for all
that man holds dear in lif, would simply be
to advise our peopl no longer to enter tb mil
itary service- - For intelligent laborer of the
free States will only volunteer to maintain tb
pnnoipies oa. which tbe Union was founded,
without which it were worthless. It I there
fore with deep feelings that I giv It a my
opinion, that if we abandon tho Administration,
and tbe doctrines on whloh It was elected, the
dissolution of the Union must fnetriailv foUso
Indeed, I think it now too late to regain tb
bigh moral position which w held two weekt
since, , .. .. . .. ... , . : ..
This , pusillanimity cf Contrresa hat lost ns
the sympathy of other nations, tod paralysed
the confidence of ottr -army and of tb people,
ana. 11 ta eavice now giva oy that body b
carried out, must result ia the permanent disso
lution ot the Union., . ' . 1 ' " -1
Aod if tbe rebels succeed, they willow tbelr
triumph to tb inefficiency, tb timidity of Con
gress. ., .; i-. c. t ; T- . ... ...'-'
j- It were hardly proper for me to suggest the
course wnicn 1 tninx our irienot should tdopt,
under these circumstance, as I shall not k witb
them In th cosing oamptigo, aad oouid not
artloipat la it it present.. Hut wer A to act,
should certainly Invite those who adhere to
truth, liberty and justice at the proper baal of
governments, 'and parties, to tuna' Irmly on
that doctrine, and to vote tor no man to any
office who bat not the moral aad political aour
ag to avow his honest conviction. 1
Ana now,, ot. Aayo written mor tuny ana
frankly then I should have don, bad not other
gentlemen written stAon this subject; and bad
not recent event reminded me tbat I may not
aoaln ses you, o again exptes th conviction
of my own mind on a eubjeet that hat engrossed
any fo.mcai tun. ....., . tv.
Trusting tbat yon may long live to maintain
th doctrines, which; you have so faithfully sup
ports. i
I remtln your friend and tervtnt, -4; " ! -
CftatNU uiuakti anu UASUlfkfeei
O NEW 8TTLES Hala & B)aa, No. wNBentb
High toseet, hawe jaa 1 opened new style of Ctera Cut.
or la a. BAeqmn and Bacqdbs, mad In the caw est and
moot ttll,h -manner. Ab,- naaerrB flala
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Slantlllasand Basqatoas 'ar-oia
Exfra ,-?aiDilysriour,
WM"5t ! nri
'-STlfiraf Cared :Hanu.
k ell. t r.t .".) WOR "ft f.y -It
. . A. Ch-M St KntfAr.
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-k1 . . . ,
for all Throat an Long Ckaerp Uinta, hiehulna. wish
moot perfect pesults, Wsuonaa Coeea, Oamesos am
Oowaioa Cor, BaoayjsiiAi. 0 TsniTflwiinmi
slway forerunners ef Cam ptloa. a a Busiauae
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and all mine lff vem Ceaiplalat. - , ?
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It ha no equal, and io which most aadoabwd tee Usual
sis an offered. ...
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as a physio, a moot Important eon treat with th wavaUpa
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To PhyeicUn, renMleaaad Trial BeUleasrlll hesmt,
and to Dsaatr or Invalid a deeeeipUv awpntot Wlthastt
"postaav-stamp." - ? . .v r. . . ,. ,
Prepared ander theajislil eanerrhdoaef .
OOcrt-jamiU BThsrtVBostoa, Kasa
To when plus direct all samii)oallsa.
Price Larr Coagh BesMdy, (0 eeots per bottle.
Small " r-.u , 8t "
Toln Aaodyne, ", MM -for
sale by the- asaal wbohssal aad mtail dealers,
msyl7-wly Agents for Ooluba. OU.
HS"o. 4 Grwvnne Block.
TER GOODS, and Invtta th publle to Inspect
them. No inch Meek of Ooed basever been broaght to
this market. Tbe South, In consequence of the failure
of the grain crop, kas aot baaa able to purohae the aa-
ual quantity or rtcn good, nd thla tact baa reread the
Importer to cell them at publle auction. Oar buyer
(Mr. Stone) being in New York at thee targe sales, took
aavaamc or tnam, aaa we obb an will sell car feed
here, at Low than any one who purchased two week since,
paid for them la New Terk. Our etook I eewapleto la
every eeaa-toacst ef . . , 1 C '.i
. . , PRINTED C0BUR08,
..''.... .' 1 FOrLINs, PRINTS,
' Five Thansand Dollars Worth
; ' Bonght in One Day, .
Men's, Ladle aad Children's Under Shirt sad Drawers;
Ladiea, Misses aad Children's Hosiery of all kind. In
Wool and Lamb's Wool; fleecy Lined and Cotton Glove
ot every make.
A complete assortment of all th usual varie
ties of
FLANNELS, ' . -.
Ladies and Gent's Linen Cambria Hand
. ; - kerohiett, Ac, &o, ; r .
To persons who call oa a, we oledi ear word to
show them the larrest, beet and ohoaeeet etock Geede
ever ens lathi market, or pay Uma ea dolla per
nour wane looaing.
Spring ,&
ow. -- ;
Summer lWRUinery.
. 1 -1
The Stoclt Koplanlahed ,
iMPOKTATioits or
n, e,w;:j 0 r k;;
'o,r. n VX STOCK Of nlt, J
Spring & Summer Millinery
, It now compute, comprising svery variety of MUla
s'ry; also, a large aatortmcnl of Eabroidari, Hswtary
and Notion, Sec., and In quantttt and b rices that can
not rail to salt allwh may savior ta with a ssJl.i. The
goods have been boaghtat Panto price, sod wlUhasold
ataaialladvaaoaot. :j,i,1
.Mis M. E, YOUNG, UM of Nw JTorkClty,
W1U enperintead the Millinery Pspartment, , Bjer long
txiieriesua lu the most fsshlesiable Estahllsbmeat In
Broadway wUI alone bs a warraaty tbat she will bs sals
to gire entire satisfaction In mattars of but t n wto
tw-kvot her with aMrecdert. c j t trmU A
ChldtMoreelaakbasaa vletaRy wlH Jaas so
eept my sincere thanks for their Vheral patroa, end
I would respectfully solicit a eeallaaana of tb same.
R. - EL WARE, m3,
6S East Taw. St ,CaaaaBa p.
eTIarlE OH1TTCNDM. . . . BCNtr t. OBtTRNDB
, S. iH.T.CHimNDltM0
lrp OiBoss, ISS Brodwy B Tork ' Olcy," sod
Piaow KmatWB, Oetambas, Okie. -if illl . -
TrjnralMtntieapaidto Oalle Semi 3 ba
aprllKdtks. , 1 1 . . r 1 ...-.:. .
J5 al timbre (i C1q tluiig HdiafseT '
aajmBBBaasBBw " aaBaaaaBi h
' - V l. ..il.J,
a, , jc
. '.. .aBararrei
No. 308 W 'BaltimtrrtiTeet,
(BBTwasa Msaan aa bwwaMbvP7?
i i t r,' i, ,-, 11 11 in ii. rbmi
A Larg AsmtSBa ol PHea-aad runatshln
' - fmU Osaiuatlf a Btaioi-a
Ml0atll ti ;J ,.. f;, ... .,, ..r
U ii a SrUstr eVlfaar Bs.
j ivteaoxoxjrzaxw
kri htsneraosarers ef Brasa and Oompewrttoa (itisga.
gin ished Bras Work of all DeaulpUen.
,:! e , . ..-v i , A ,
.I... errHfti riif-re1"
fbbl fil-dly" .,0,
of si4aj ui ! rT'v tn-urtrt ""i.-l

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